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Chapter 73

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Michelle was the last one to take her turn giving me a lap dance. Even with all the pauses, by the time she strolled and sashayed her way into the room for her turn, I felt as if anything stronger than a light breeze was liable to send my cock shooting.

She realized that, and thus she started her lap dance in a slow and relaxed mood. She didn't really perform a lap dance so much as slowly slide her bare jutting boobs all over my upper body while kissing my lips and rubbing her panty-clad pussy on my thigh.

The kicker was that her torpedo tits, and much of the rest of her, were so oiled up they were shining. Damn! My shirt was already up around my shoulders, so it wouldn't get oiled up from the earlier equally shiny and oily lap dances.

I was as out of my mind with lusty desire as I'd ever be, and she decided to take advantage of that.

"Daddy?" she purred.

"Yes, my beautiful Shelle?"

She was avoiding my penis, knowing how close I was to cumming. But she tenderly stroked my back and kept rubbing her nipples into my chest. "You gotta admit, being a slave master is a lot of fun. Isn't it?"

I chuckled. "Yeah. You could say that." I brought my hands up to her shiny melons and gave them a good slippery squeeze.

"Heh! I can only imagine how much fun you have, and it makes my heart sing. That's what I love to do more than anything else, keeping you erect and giving you lots of orgasms!"

"Why?" I foolishly asked.

"You're the man who made me. Half of me is you. You and Mom raised me. Think of all the things you did for me, all the diapers you changed, all the places you drove me, all the things you taught me. Isn't it only right that I pay you back for almost twenty years of great parenting with twenty or more years of devoted sexual slavery?"

"Um, no. Not fair." That was the best I could manage, since my brain had pretty much flown the coop. My hands were kneading her jutting jugs like a kid experimenting with the feel of water balloons for the first time. I know, I know, I'd been doing this a lot lately, but they were endlessly fun and fascinating. It was especially neat seeing the results of what my hands were doing instantly showing up in the lusty looks on her face.

And don't even get me started on how much more fun they were to play with when they were all oiled up like this!

"Fair? Sure, it's fair," she said. "You've given me everything! I wouldn't even exist if you hadn't fucked Mom that good and powerfully way back when. So it's only fair that I give myself to you, forever. These big fun bags in your hands, don't you think it's just RIGHT that they should be yours, and yours alone, to play with? Forever? I certainly do! Sure, Ruby, Mom, and the others can play with them too, but they'll never OWN them. That's because I belong to you, and only you! You're the only man I've ever wanted! The only man I've ever needed! The one I live for! Live to serve!"

I groaned in blissful agreement. I was pulling on her erect nipples with unusual force, pulling them towards me.

"Every last inch of my gorgeous body - it's ALL yours!" She pulled back from me a bit. She struck a pose, with her arms bent behind her head like she wanted to rest her head on them. She tilted her head alluringly and closed her eyes. It would have made an awesome album cover for a sexy artist like Shania Twain, except for the fact that my hands were still latched onto her huge heaving tits.

I groaned like some kind of lusty caveman and pulled her tits towards me, stretching them out.

She tilted her head back and let out her own lusty groan.

With her point made - as if I didn't already know just how gorgeous she was! - she pulled my shirt off me altogether. "Let's get rid of this pesky thing," she said. "We don't want to get oil on it."

As soon as it was off, she enveloped me in a big hug. Except she didn't stay in one place, like with a normal hug. Her whole body slid up and down mine like she was a cat up against a scratching post. She had her hand under my erection, but surprisingly, her fingers weren't curled around it. That meant it was protruding away from me even with her body grinding against mine. As her body slid all over, her lower tummy continually rubbed my hard-on, from top to bottom.

I was surprised how great it felt to my stiff dick - not to mention the rest of me! It was almost as good as a blowjob, even the she wasn't doing much to it, probably because I was so close to climax that even the slightest touch seemed electric.

She cooed contentedly, "Mmmm! Daddy, this is bliss! THIS is what I've been working for these past five years. This is what I've been dreaming about - to have my hunky, handsome Daddy holding my defenseless naked body in his strong arms, with his hands on my ass and tits, and his fat cock, well, totally dominating and controlling me! Bliss!"

I wasn't sure how my dick was "totally dominating and controlling" her, when she seemed to be the one who was using every trick in the book to turn me into a drooling, gibbering idiot. But hey, if it made her that happy to think that, I wasn't going to complain. However, her "past five years" comment made me curious.

Despite her all out erotic assault on all my senses, I had to ask, "Um, Shelle? How did your plan start, anyway? You were like, thirteen! How could you be so certain this would work?"

She paused in her all over body grind, and looked me seriously in my eyes. "You want to know? You really want to know?"

"No, I don't," I said sarcastically. "Please lie to me." I dropped the sarcasm, and exclaimed, "Of COURSE I want to know! Why would I ask if I didn't?!"

"Okay." She was lost in thought now, and wasn't doing much to me except squeeze my cock with her hand trapped underneath it.

After some obvious, careful pondering, she said, "It all started with a dream. Mom's dream. I'd been having a streak of nightmares, and Mom and I had been sharing our dreams when I got home after school. I think she was only telling me her dreams so I'd open up and reciprocate, and then we could get to the bottom of my nightmare problem. But anyway, one day, she told me about this really weird dream she had. In it, she came home unexpectedly one day, and found you having sex with another woman."

I asked, "Did she mention the name of the woman?"

"Hold on! If I tell you that, I'll get ahead of myself. Anyway, it turns out she had the occasional nightmare of you fooling around on her."

That upset me. "I would NEVER-"

"Ssssh!" She laid a finger across my lip. "Dreams are irrational, okay?" She slipped that finger in my mouth, and started playing around with it, letting me suck on it. "Anyway, with this particular dream, it was different. She caught you cheating, like she did in other dreams, but instead of getting angry, she joined in! She was too embarrassed to tell me what happened in the dream after that, except that she blushed and said it was, and I quote, 'disturbingly arousing,' unquote. I found out later that was one of many erotic threesome dreams she started having around that time."

"Whoa," I said. "She never told me any of this! Why didn't she tell me?!"

"Hey, think about some of your erotic dreams. Now think of some of the really weird ones. How many of those did you tell Mom about?"

I was silent. She had me there. I've had some pretty embarrassing dreams that I still didn't want to describe to Mindy, Michelle, or anyone else.

"Exactly," she said triumphantly, while still jacking me off a little bit. "Normally, she never would have told me either, except we were in a habit of talking about our dreams. And maybe it was fate, or luck, or whatever, but that's what started everything. I'd been lusting after you already, big time, but I never would have acted on it, because of Mom. But when I realized she had a thing for sharing you, that's when I started to allow myself to hope. The rest is history." Satisfied, she resumed her all over body rubbing.

"Wait a sec," I said, even as my hands resumed squeezing her huge tits. "Did she mention who the other woman in the dream was?"

"No. She only kind of teased me with hints of those kinds of dreams. She skipped any sexual content, I guess figuring it was too prurient for my innocent young ears. But we've stayed dream confidantes since then, even to today. It's a great source of intel."

I laughed. "'Intel?' You sound like a professional spy!"

"I am," she said proudly. "I'm a spy in the house of love. Not because I want to hurt anybody, but it took years and years of machinations and manipulations to get me where I needed to be, lying on top of you right now as your devoted naked sex slave. I did what had to be done, and I'm not going to apologize for it. Do you realize how much time and effort that took, especially when I had to fight your pigheaded moral attitude?! Grrr! Don't get me started!"

She actually shook her fist, like she was railing against a great social injustice. "But in any case, I only had hints of Mom's cucquean-type dreams back then. But as the years passed and she became a full confederate in the Plan, I learned more about them."

"And?!" I was fascinated. I was learning all kinds of things my wife had been too embarrassed to ever tell me.

"And, I don't know who was in that dream, per se. But there were a few woman who kept popping up in her reoccurring threesome dreams. Delilah Jensen,-"

"A-ha!" I thought, That helps explain why she kept pestering me to really have a threesome with her, a year or two after that.

"Right. And the others were names you'd expect, like Samantha Simmons. Remember her, the woman who came onto you in the famous campfire incident? And Jane Corlin, of course. She was in a lot of dreams. Between her sultry face and her huge rack, it'll be a CRIME if you don't fuck her, and soon! But you may be surprised that Cindy was the most common 'other woman' in her dreams, by far."

"Really? Wow!"

Michelle rubbed my sweet spot with two fingers while her tummy slid against it from the other side. "I've never gotten the complete straight scoop on these dreams. I gather though that the threesome sex involved as much Mindy-on-woman sex as it did Dan-on-woman sex, or Dan-on-Mindy-and-woman sex. So of course her mind picked the women she was most attracted to. And later, as we all got older, things got REALLY murky. She stopped naming names and details as much, even though we were more open with each other. Some dreams she would, and others she wouldn't. I gather her dreams began to involve some of my classmates, and even Ruby and me. But she never really admitted that."

"Whoa. That's amazing. But why are you telling me all this now? What if I go to Min and tell her to stop sharing her dreams with you, because it's a key 'intel leak?'"

"You could," she conceded. "But my work is basically done. My Plan is almost complete. I don't need to be so underhanded anymore. I'd rather be more honest with you and Mom, 'cos I love you both. We're all on the same side now, right? Since you're my daddy and my master, it's my duty to completely obey you. I'm hoping Mom and I can continue sharing our dreams and other fun things like that. But now we can do it in a new and more fully forthcoming way, as two honest sex slaves sharing all our fantasies and secrets with each other so we can better serve you and please you."

I mentally noted to myself that, technically, Mindy wasn't a sex slave. Her exact status beyond being my wife was unclear, and maybe that was for the best. But with the way Michelle was rubbing all over me, especially her tummy sliding over my cock from top to bottom, with assistance from her fingers, I didn't want to start up a whole other topic.

I thought, This is so fascinating. I'm peeling back another layer of the onion, and getting closer and closer to the truth. I thought that Shelle had somehow turned Min into a cucquean, but it turns out my wife had those tendencies going way back. That makes me feel a little bit better about things, somehow. I'm definitely going to have to talk to Min about it, and hear her side of the story. I can't blame her for not telling me about her dream fantasies though. Heck, I basically never tell anyone about my dreams, even now.

I was lost in thought for a few moments, but I was jolted back to reality when I realized Michelle had scooted down my body and had my dick trapped in her prodigious cleavage. Her whole body was still sliding up and down mine, except that her focus had switched to what that was doing to my squeezed erection. Since her tits were so oily it was hard to get a good grip on them, it goes without saying that feeling all that slippery tit-flesh slide all around my cock was pleasurable beyond description.

But to Michelle it was no big deal, and just the next way to rock my boat while she kept talking. She said with surprising intensity, "Daddy, one thing I want to make clear is that I NEVER was going to come between Mom and you, and I never will. That's really, really important to me."

I nodded. I had no doubt about that. Michelle could be very selfish at times, but not at the expense of the people she loved.

She continued explaining, "I love how much you two love each other, and I didn't want a broken home. I knew what needed to be done and I did it. But progress was maddeningly slow, even with the breakthrough of her cucquean dreams. I had to figure things out mostly by what she did NOT say, like when she'd get really defensive when I asked her a question. She didn't want to talk about sexual stuff with a mere fourteen or fifteen year old girl."

"Go figure," I said stiffly, trying not to let her titfucking overwhelm me.

"I know, that's easy for you to say, but you don't understand! By the time I was fifteen, virtually all my friends except Ruby had boyfriends and were getting fucked regularly. But we kept our virginities, holding out for you, the ultimate prize. Do you have any idea how LONG we've had to wait?! Years and years and years! It's been torture! Pure torture!"

"It really was."

I heard somebody say that, but it wasn't Michelle. I figured out it had to Ruby, who had to be listening to us and talking to the others in the next room. "Is that you, Ruby?" I asked loudly. "You're not eavesdropping, are you?"

"Um, I am, kind of," she admitted, obviously not having any choice. She walked in the room since she'd been outed anyway, and went to the CD player. The music had stopped, and she put in the reggae CD soundtrack, "The Harder They Come."

I just admired Ruby's body as she walked around and bent over, while Michelle kept the titfuck going on. Ruby had to know I was watching, because she did a hell of a lot of bending over. She bent over about four or five times in a wonderfully scanty outfit, as if putting on a CD was an extremely drawn out and complicated process. Even after the music started, she stayed bent over, wiggling her bare ass in time to the music.

While Ruby was doing that, Michelle said to me comfortingly, "Don't sweat that she and the others are listening and looking in." Her tits kept slithering and sliding all over my throbbing boner, now that she sensed I'd recovered enough to be ready for more action.

"Looking?!" I looked all around the room, but I couldn't see any signs of anyone doing that. Even Ruby had her back turned, as she supposedly had discovered some lint or dust on the carpet, and was bending over to get it. Or something. That didn't really explain why her legs were so straight and stiff or spread so wide though. She was so close that I could have reached out and run a finger down her wet pussy lips.

Michelle's shiny tits kept up their relentless sliding. "Of course. We're new to this lap dance stuff. We have to watch what works best, so we can learn the best cock-pleasing techniques. We're not just any kind of flash in the pan sex slaves; we're dedicated to our craft!"

I couldn't help but laugh at that. Talking about such a 'craft' sounded silly to me, but I refrained from making any jokes about it.

Ruby was still bent over in front of me in the lewdest way imaginable, and she looked at me from between her legs. "Don't laugh! Michelle is dead serious, and so am I! Maybe we're a little overenthusiastic at times..."

I laughed again. "You think? I mean, I'm totally overloading on arousal here. You don't have to bend over like that to help out. It's physically impossible for me to get any MORE aroused!"

She turned around and stood up, grinning a bit sheepishly. "Sorry. But it's all about that long wait Michelle is talking about. I mean, we were in prison for FIVE YEARS! Not a real prison with bars, but a prison just the same. We wanted to love you, and please you, and be dominated by you so very much, and we couldn't even let on! Now that we've been unleashed, it's easy for us to carried away. Just showing off my cunt to your view makes me tingle and shiver all over!" She shivered, as apparently just the thought of that aroused her a lot.

She continued, "Please have patience with us. Speaking of which, I'd better go. Daddy, I'm drawn to your powerful cock like it's a powerful magnet, but this is Michelle's time. Do it, girl, do it! Now's the time!"

She quickly bolted out of the room, before Michelle or I had anything to say to that.

"She's right," Michelle said to me in an extra-sexy voice. "You do have a powerful cock. How is it that I've been doing so much to it for at least ten minutes now, and that's after all your other slaves had a turn with it, and you're STILL not close to cumming?! It's incredible! King Dong worthy, even!"

I looked down at my crotch. I could only see the tip of my dick peeking out the top of her fuck tunnel when she happened to slide down on me a bit lower than usual. I considered myself to have good sexual stamina, but this beggared belief.

But then the truth hit me, and I said, "It's not me, it's you! All of you! You ARE dedicated to your craft, and it shows. I'm only lasting this long because you all are playing me like a fiddle. You know my moods so well. You know just when to pump me up, or when to calm me down. Look! Right now, I'm feeling such a steady stream of pleasure thanks to your busy, slippery tits that it's like one endless orgasm for me. But I'm still calm enough to think and talk fairly normally. Hell, at this rate, I could stay on the edge of orgasm, well, basically forever!"

Michelle really liked that. Her smile was so big that it seemed like her face widened by a couple of inches just to contain it. "Cool! ... So fuckin' cool! You have no idea how happy that makes me. Wouldn't it be awesome to really keep doing this, well, basically forever?"

As she was talking, she broke the titfuck. Her body drifted further down mine. I could see her mouth and my cock were going to make contact pretty soon. I didn't know if my hard-on could handle that much more intense pleasure, but she seemed to be the expert.

She continued, "We could take turns when we get tired, and literally spend the ENTIRE DAY serving your constantly hard cock! That's been such a dream of mine, and it's kind of really happening right now! Isn't that awesome?!" She squealed with delight.

"Yeah," I said. I was starting to get a bit too excited from all this. I was closer to orgasm, and my breath was more labored. Knowing what her talented tongue and lips could do, I figured her "ENTIRE DAY" dreams were bound to be shattered in a matter of minutes, if I could even hold out that long. After all this, I certainly would be wiped out for a while.

She waited until she was licking in corkscrew fashion around my cockhead before she spoke again. Even though her entire body was resting on my legs, she managed to make her ass sit up ridiculously high, just to present me with a perfect heart-shaped ass to look at beyond her head and hair.

Finally, she said, "Look at me! I love to suck cock as much as you love to be sucked. We all do. This is me, now and forever. With my lips and tongue on your cock, doing what I do best. Your cock slave! So if we all enjoy it so much, why can't we keep doing it a lot, every single day? Wouldn't it be fun to be just like this, with your naked, big-titted daughter slurping happily on your cock, a year from now? Or ten years from now?"

I didn't answer that, but just luxuriated in the talented work of her tongue and lips for the next couple of minutes and thought about what she was saying.

It was pretty hard to deny reality. It hadn't been that many days, but it already seemed like this was how it always had been. My brain had been adjusting, and I was getting to pretty much take it as a given that Michelle and my other cock slaves would have their noses buried in my pubic hair pretty much every day, whether I wanted them to or not. Why fight it? It just feels too good. And she makes a good point: if they love it as much as I do, then what's the problem? It's not like they're being pressured to do something they don't like.

She continued to alternate between licking and bobbing. She seemed tireless. But when the song "The Harder They Come" by Jimmy Cliff started, she said, "Ruby came up with some words for this one, you know."

"Oh really? Can you sing them?"

"I can't. That's Ruby's thing. My voice..." But the song's vocals were about to begin, and she had to make a snap decision in order to sing along with the record.

She sang:

"Well, you heard about that bat between his legs
But to lick it, drop to your knees and beg
From between your tits down to your juicy slit
Every orifice, Daddy's gonna hit
So as sure as the sun will shine
Every inch of you, Daddy says 'It's mine!'
And then the harder he cums, the harder we fall, cock slaves all
Oh, the harder he cums, the harder we fall, cocks slaves all"

She grinned shy, and mumbled, "I forget the rest."

I doubted that though, judging by how easily she remembered that much. It seemed much more likely she was impatient to get back to her cocksucking, which is exactly what she did. Her voice was good, but not great like Ruby's.

While she was still just licking her way around my cockhead and not yet bobbing, I asked, "How long ago did Ruby come up with those words?"

"I dunno. Year or two ago." She repositioned her mouth to take my cockhead all the way in.

But I said, "Wait! Isn't the phrase 'cock slave' a recent invention? That was something that came up spontaneously after Mindy mentioned the phrase 'pussy slave.' Right?"

Michelle didn't reply, but closed her eyes and redoubled her licking efforts.

"Uh-oh. Don't tell me that was staged too!"

She stopped her licking and looked up at me with concern. "It wasn't staged! Not at all! In truth, what happened was that Ruby and I started talking about ourselves as your slaves. A lot. Pussy slaves, tit slaves, cock slaves, slut slaves, daughter slaves, fuck slaves... We had all kinds of names. We liked 'em all equally, to be honest, just so long as the word 'slave' was included."

She flashed a wicked grin, and gave my cockhead a nice long lick to show how much she loved that idea. Then she continued, "Mom picked up on that vibe a little bit, even though we tried not to call ourselves that kind of thing very much around her. We were afraid she'd take it the wrong way. But it turns out we didn't have to worry, as she instinctively realized our desire for sexual slavery was the right and natural thing to do. Things developed naturally from there."

She went back to licking on and around my sweet spot as she kept talking. "In fact, you're the one who chose the phrase 'cock slave' over the others, if you remember. Which, by the way, I think was the BEST choice! I love to think of myself naked and on my knees, looking up at your powerful cock and worshipping it with my tongue!" She looked down at herself and giggled. "Kind of like I am right now, in fact. So it's all good."

After another long lick or two, another thought hit her. "As for that particular song, I honestly don't remember if it mentioned 'cock slave' originally or some other kind of slave, but naturally, those are the words I use singing it now."

Satisfied she'd put my concerns to rest, she went back to her happy licking.

However, I asked, "Are there any song lyrics you and Ruby have come up with that DON'T talk about having sex with me in the most obscene ways humanly possible? And do they all have some kind of slavery or submission theme?"

"Nope! And yep!" She giggled as she licked. And as if that wasn't stimulating enough, her hand was slowly sliding up and down my shaft now too.

I luxuriated in the erotic feelings tingling through my cock as I thought about what she had just said. Man, just when I think it can't get any weirder, it does! What's next? I wouldn't be surprised that at age eight she secretly got a PhD in genetics so she could make the research breakthroughs that allowed her to grow the world's most perfect pair of tits. I mean, seriously! This is too weird. How long were they thinking of themselves as my slaves? Shoot, I don't even want to know. It'll probably turn out Shelle started her plans to seduce me while she was still in Mindy's womb. Good grief!

But those song lyric alterations were well timed, because they helped sink into my thick head just how serious they are about all this. I don't know who's crazy, or who's the craziest in this family, but it's kind of a moot point by now. This cock slave stuff isn't going to go away. I'm beginning to understand their aggravation when I kept saying to them they were only going through a passing phase. But they couldn't say much about it, because they were scared they'd frighten me if they revealed the whole truth.

Holy crap! I just realized something: there are probably even MORE secrets they still have and are afraid to tell me for fear of scaring me off with their intense, slavish devotion! That, plus things they did to further their Plan that were immoral or just plain illegal. Stuff I probably DON'T want to ever know! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!

Time passed while I thought about such things.

Shelle seemed to realize that I needed time to think, or maybe she just sensed my dick needed a break, because she simply sat still on me for a while.

But once she saw my focus come back to her, she repositioned herself, and took my hands and placed them on her well-oiled breasts. Then she began to move up and down over my very erect pole. With all the sliding up and down, she just about drove me out of my mind. My hands were kept very busy kneading her enormous breasts.

All the while, she kept whispering into my ear things like, "Daddy, don't you want to do this to me every day? Don't you just love feeling my ass rubbing the King and sending him into complete ecstasy?"

I was rapidly going out of my mind with lust that I didn't know up from down, although it was hard not to look at her ass and notice a hell of a lot of up and down going on. The only thing I was sure of was that her ass was riding my pole to the very heights of pleasure. It slid along the deep groove of her ass crack, but it was easy for me to close my eyes and imagine I was really fucking her ass.

Then, as my oversexed daughter continued to lick, she tilted her head up again so she could look up into my eyes at the same time. She asked me, "Well? Don't you want us to have fun like this forever and ever?"

I nodded, and smiled. I was really, really out of it by now. It was like I was drunk on lust. Actually, it was more like I was absolutely wasted. It wasn't a matter of needing to cum or not, so much as I'd surrendered to everything but enjoying the pleasure. I was feeling giddy.

She asked, "Soooo... What kind of cock slave would kiss or even have sex with another man? A bad one, that's what! A terrible one! A cock slave only knows absolute loyalty to her master, right? A big-titted daughter-slave should never even THINK about looking at another man! Right?"

I nodded. I was ready to agree to just about anything.

"Soooo... It's pretty silly to want Ruby or I to so much as touch any filthy boy, isn't it? I think it's best you finally drop that silly, silly idea that we have to date boys. We'd rather die! Wouldn't we, Ruby?"

Without my noticing, Ruby had appeared next to me. I looked to her, and wasn't too surprised to see her nude and horny.

She slid her equally oiled up body up mine until she had her face pretty much right over mine. "Yes! I literally would rather die! Daddy, the thought of anyone but YOU touching me makes me sick."

She purred right into my ear, "My body was built for YOU. I was born and bred for YOU. You feel these big tits of mine, all oiled up and sliding on your chest? They're just for YOU. Do you want a filthy boy to put his grubby hands on them?"

I shook my head no. I was thinking about her oiled up tits much more than her words.

"Of course not!" Ruby said emphatically. "That would be silly. After all, we're YOUR slaves exclusively! Daddy, when I say I'm your slave, you understand I'm not just saying that as a sexy thing, right? I hope you know I mean it down to the depths of my soul! All I can think about is how to serve you, how to serve your COCK!" She stuck her hand out, reaching out over me.

Michelle grabbed that hand, and then drew it down to her. I thought that was strange, until Michelle guided it to my crotch. (Ruby couldn't see it, because her face up next to mine and so it was mostly behind her). Once Michelle had Ruby's hand stroking me around the root of my shaft, Michelle went back to licking and bobbing around the top.

"That's better," Ruby said. "I honestly feel so much happier, knowing I'm touching the King. You see, as one of your cock slaves, I'm not truly happy unless I'm somehow giving you sexual pleasure. It's what I do now. It's my life! If I had to kiss some awful boy, I don't know what I'd do. I'd just die! I'd... I'd, go crazy!"

"Listen to her," Michelle said as she passionately licked my shaft. "We both would die. Can you imagine any worse punishment than having to cheat on the one you love? What if someone blackmailed you and forced you to cheat on Mom? Or forced her to cheat on you? Wouldn't that drive you to madness?"

"Yeah!" I said. In my current mindset, that seemed beyond terrible. (Never mind that I was 'cheating' on Mindy pretty much all day long with two of our daughters, her "breastest friend," and one more woman we'd picked up at a diner. That all seemed very different somehow.)

Michelle concluded, "So you agree we shouldn't have to do that stupid dating thing, right? If so, there's no reason why you shouldn't fuck my cunt, or Ruby's cunt, now and forever! Then we wouldn't have to wear these stupid panties."

Michelle stopped licking long enough to pull her panties off.

She handed them to Ruby, who brought them right to my face.

Michelle prodded, "Show 'em to him, Ruby! Show 'em how wet I get, just sucking Daddy's dick! I'm fuckin' soaked!"

It was true. Her panties were as soaked as can be in the crotch. I took a deep whiff or two. The smell of aroused pussy was intense and intoxicating. But most of all there was something uniquely... Michelle... about them. I don't know what made it unique, but I loved it.

Michelle continued, "So why not fuck all of us, in any hole you want, any time you want? We're your cock slaves! That's what we're here for! For you to fuck! For you to drive you hard cock in until you achieve total satisfaction! Don't you see? Don't you understand what I'm trying to say?"

Ruby added as she kissed all around my face, "So there'll be no more talk about this dating boys silliness, right? If you agree, just nod your head."

It all seemed so sensible. It seemed like I was the crazy one for ever suggesting that dating idea in the first place. I couldn't even really remember what the idea was for, exactly, except that it was silly and dumb. Why did I ever want them to do that? It didn't make any sense. I must have had some reason, but it didn't matter now. All that mattered was the endless waves of pleasure washing over me. All the mattered was the need to cum. Michelle was expertly tending my cock, keeping me as close to the edge of orgasm as one could get, pretty much indefinitely. Soon, I'd be able to spill my seed all over her, and we'd both drown in ecstasy! Who cared about anything else! This was heaven on Earth!

But still, there was a nagging in my brain that wouldn't go away, something that was telling me to watch out.

I tried desperately to think, but it was no good. Between Ruby sliding her big, oiled-up tits all over me and jacking me off, and Michelle's busy tongue and lips, I was utterly incapable of coherent thought.

But I had vague, stubborn, fractured ideas floating through my brain. I muttered, "No... no good... Love you! ... Love you both!"

Ruby said, passionately, "We love you too! So much! You're the only man we love, or will ever love! That's why you should nod your head. Nod your head just once, and this whole dating idea will be over."

I didn't nod. Instead, again, I mumbled, "Love you... Want... good future... normal... for you... normal... not slave... have... have babies... husband..."

Michelle pulled back from me and let out a truly agonized moan. She looked at Ruby and yelled, "ARRRGGH! He's sooooo stubborn!"

A part of me was struggling to be a good, responsible father, yes. True, I'd let my daughters become cock slaves, but I was trying to make up for that by holding on to some shred of hope they'd have normal futures. But another part of me just wanted to cum, and wanted it badly. I sensed that Michelle was so frustrated that she was going to talk a lot instead of licking me. So I decided to let go.

Just as Michelle was building up a head of steam to give me a piece of her mind, my cum rocketed out of the tip of my dick.

She froze for a second. Her eyes went wide.

Then, like a pouncing tiger, she shifted her head, moving so her face was directly in the line of fire for the onslaught of flying cum.

Our dispute about dating was temporarily forgotten as she basked and bathed in the cum that rapidly turned her face pearly white.

Ruby, unfortunately, was in a terrible position to get similarly nailed by the cum fountain. She did her best to get down next to Michelle, but she mostly missed the boat.

However, Michelle graciously aimed the last few ropes at Ruby's face, so it wouldn't be a total loss for her. Still, Michelle wound up with three or four times as much cum covering her.

Both of them were beaming with happiness, and for a minute or two the dating thing truly was forgotten by all of us as they licked up cum gobs and even fed them to each other. At one point, they actually smeared their cum-covered cheeks against each other, spreading the cum around even more, like it was manna from Heaven.. They were as happy as they could be.

Naturally, I was loving life too.

But I could see the exact moment Michelle remembered. Her smile vanished, and a profound sadness filled her eyes. It was strange to see her face both sad and liberally doused with my cum.

Ruby's frown followed a couple of seconds later.

The cum blast dampened their emotions. Had it not been for that, I'm sure Michelle in particular would have been fighting mad. I could imagine her yelling "I hate you, I hate you!" as she'd done so often during our disputes while she was growing up. But she was only resigned and sad now, which in a way seemed much worse somehow.

Tears came to both their eyes as they stood up together.

Michelle remorsefully said, "Daddy, you don't understand. You don't! I love you! So much! How could I ever kiss a boy? It's just not right!"

She dropped her head and dragged herself across the room and up the stairs. Because her head was bent down, the occasional drop of cum slid off her chin and fell to the floor.

Ruby gave me a look that was even more heartbreaking, although less cum-soaked. "Look at her, Daddy. You're breaking her heart. And you're breaking mine too, just as badly. Why? Why, Daddy, why?!"

She suddenly burst into tears as well. But unlike Michelle, who was slowly walking as if to her own funeral, Ruby bolted away from me and ran up the stairs past Michelle as fast as she could go, crying all the way.

Michelle was gasping with heavy sobs as I last saw her dragging herself and her cummy face up the stairs and out of sight.

Shit! I feel like a loser. I feel terrible. Why had I hurt them so badly? Why am I so damn insistent with this stupid idea?

As if I didn't feel bad enough, the post-orgasmic blues hit me, magnifying my woes.

In fact, I felt so bad that I found it hard to think at all. Everything was too painful. I decided, I can't think now; I'm not in my right mind. It wasn't fair of them to try to change my mind when they knew I was literally temporarily insane with lust. I have to clearly think this out, but later. Right now, I need a distraction. I can't breathe! Making them as sad as this is killing me!

I rushed up to my bedroom, zooming up the stairs almost as fast as Ruby had. I quickly changed shirts, and then put on my running shorts. Making sure I had my keys, I jogged out of the house and down the street.

I kept jogging and jogging, running to get away from the awful situation, and jogging to forget. But I was crying. And I couldn't stop crying. I jogged or walked for miles and miles, and I kept on crying.

I could only imagine all the terrible wailing and moaning and sobbing that was going on in Michelle's room. I didn't know where Sue Ellen and Cindy had gone to, but I hoped they were in that room too, trying to give Ruby and Michelle some comfort and support.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, gmbusman, Yellow Peril, ric, Johnny Galt, and Wayac, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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