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Chapter 74

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I ran and ran until I felt like my body would collapse, but all the while, I kept thinking about my wife. I really needed to talk to her. She and I are so close that for her not to know what was happening felt all wrong. Unfortunately, I'd left my cell phone at home in my rush to leave the house. I looked all over for public phone booths, but they'd been phased out.

I was dreading going back home, but I had to, in order to call her. I came into the house and didn't see any sign of anyone. I was sweaty from my head to my toes, but I went straight to the phone.

"Min? Hey. It's me."

"Uh-oh! What's wrong?" she replied.

"How did you know something's wrong?"

"Hey, I'm your wife, remember? I already knew something was bad just from the way you said 'Min.' You have exactly 27 different ways you say my name."


"You're so easy to fool, it almost isn't any fun. Almost. In truth, there are only 16."

I saw that was a joke, at least, but I wasn't in a laughing mood. "Well, you're right. It's bad. It's really bad." I spent a minute or two giving her a brief summary of what had happened.

She responded, "Okay, that's it. I'm coming home."

I tried to talk her out of it, but I didn't try that hard. I needed her, but more importantly, Michelle needed her. Besides, it wasn't like her boss would fire her if she left for home a couple of hours early every once in a blue moon.

Mindy hurried into the house about fifteen minutes later, looking gorgeous as usual in a dark blue business suit. I'd taken a shower in the meantime, but I still hadn't gone out of my way to search for anyone.

My wife and I hugged and kissed a little, giving each other support.

She asked me, "You okay?"

"No. I feel like shit."

"Good! You should. You're gonna get a big ol' piece of my mind in a little while, buster, but first I need to speak to Michelle. Is she in her room?"

"That's what I'm guessing. To be honest, I haven't checked."

"Well, at least you did one thing right. She shouldn't see you now. Are your other cock slaves in there?"

I nodded, but shrugged. I wasn't sure.

She left to go upstairs.

The casual way that she'd mentioned "cock slaves" in a completely non-sexual context really hit home for me: This IS a permanent arrangement. To Mindy, that's what they are, full stop. Yes, obviously, as individuals, they're each the same loving people they've always been, but now they're my sex slaves too. Actually, now that I think about it, she'd called them MY cock slaves, as if she had to differentiate them from other cock slaves in the neighborhood. I have to admit that's kind of amusing.

I had to sit down. There was no way I could work, so I put my clothes back on and went to the kitchen to get something to drink.

While I was standing there, Sue Ellen rushed in, wearing ordinary clothes. She hugged me tight, and she spoke quietly and urgently. "Master! I can only speak for a minute. I'm not supposed to be here!"

"What's up?"

She looked around furtively, and dropped her voice even lower. "I heard the Gruesome Twosome talking earlier, and I wanted to warn you, but I never got a chance until now. I get the feeling they're planning something dastardly, and it's gonna go down today! I'm sorry I don't have any specifics because they didn't include me in their plans, but I heard something about how they're going to 'take care of the stinky boys problem once and for all.''"

I sighed with relief. "Ah. Thanks, but don't worry. They did try something pretty sneaky, and just a little while ago, in fact, but it didn't work."

"Oh no! My warning came too late! I should have-"

I could tell Sue Ellen was going to get herself worked up, so I said, "Please. Don't worry about it. It was my bad for not noticing the message to call you until just now. But can you do me a favor?"

She whispered in an excited pant, "Anything for you, Master!"

It was hard not to get swept up in her breathless enthusiasm. I longed to kiss her and play with her, but she'd seemed sincere about being in a hurry. So I said calmly and quietly, "Please keep a close eye on those two. They just tried to get me so horny I literally couldn't think straight, and then while they had me like that, they almost managed to get me to agree they wouldn't have to date boys. But I think they were close enough to being successful that they'll only be emboldened to try something like that again. So it would be great if you could be my eyes and ears and allow me to stay one step ahead of them."

"Certainly! No problem!"

"Great. So, what's going on upstairs, and why are you in such a hurry?"

"Oh, you can probably guess, we're having a cock slave pow wow. Actually, everyone just got together, so far all that's happened is that Michelle and Ruby are crying a lot. I had no idea what they were crying about, but I figured I'd find out soon enough, once-"

"Wait. Weren't you and Cindy watching everything? I didn't see either of you, but it was hinted there were others watching, and who else could that be?"

Sue Ellen turned her head down shyly and she blushed. "Um, yeah, I was. At first. But Cindy and I were naked and watching sitting right next to each other, and somehow we went from fingering our own pussies to fingering each other's pussies, 'cos that felt better... And one thing led to another, and before I knew it, we were kissing. I kind of lost track of what was happening to you after that."

She looked up with sorrowful eyes. "I'm so sorry! I should have paid better attention! I was already thinking of myself as your eyes and ears before we had this conversation. I figure that with all the power struggles and different selfish agendas going on here, you need at least one cock slave you can rely on completely."

Her Southern twang suddenly switched to a sultry purr. "Someone you can keep close to your heart and close to your cock." With that, she slid a hand under my waistband.

But my penis was still totally flaccid. I said, "Sorry, I just came a little while ago, from what you'd been watching. There's no way it would be hard again already."

She withdrew her hand with a sad look. "Oh well. It's just as well. I'm only supposed to be getting drinks and a snack for everyone, and even then Mindy made me promise to wear clothes so I wouldn't get sidetracked. Anyway, I really am sorry."

She started to go from sad to lusty as she continued, "If you only knew what it's like to look across the room and see your two daughters rubbing their perfect, naked bodies all over you while you just sit there and totally dominate them with everything you do and say! And then, to have Cindy sitting next to me, still looking like a young, hot centerfold. I do declare, I don't care how straight a girl may think she is, there's just no way to resist! I was about to roast! It was like I was caught up in some sort of sex tornado!"

I chuckled. "Well, never you mind that. You tried your best, and that's what's important."

She squealed, like she'd never been complimented in her life. About one millisecond later, she was up on her tiptoes, kissing my lips for all she was worth.

But then just as suddenly, she pulled away. "Oh my gosh! I really do have to go. They'll start talking soon, and this is a great chance for me to get some key intel for you. They could even be planning their next attack while we speak, especially if they'd rather do it when I'm not there!"

She was so startled by this idea that she completely disengaged and started to rush out of the room.

"Wait!" I said. "What about the drink and snack?"

I helped her get that ready, so she could make up for lost time. All the while, she kept apologizing for her 'bad behavior.' It would have been too slavish for my tastes, except that it was so obvious she was angling for a spanking. (And it didn't take a genius to figure that out, since she mentioned the need for a spanking about three times.)

I found that kind of cute, but it reminded me that I needed to get them all to understand that a sexy spanking was a reward, not a punishment.

After she finally scurried off, I thought about what she'd said. She's right that everyone has a selfish agenda. But actually, her attempt to be totally selfless and loyal is in and of itself a kind of selfish agenda. She even stated that by doing so, she hoped to stay "close to my heart" and "close to my cock." Furthermore, she's the one 'newbie,' the total outsider to our two families. It figures that she's the most insecure about her long-term position, by far. So it makes perfect sense that she'd go the "total obedience" route.

Although, I'm not sure it's just an act. Nobody could be that good of an actress. It fits her submissive personality so well. Plus I doubt if she's even thought this out strategically. But I figure that on some subconscious level, her insecurity in her position is making her even more loyal to me than she otherwise would have been.

And, to be brutally frank, she has reason to be insecure, because if someone put a gun to my head and demanded that I reduce to size of the harem by one, she would have to be the first to go. She just can't compete with the decades of closeness I've had with the others. But I hope that will change in time and she'll become a full member of our group in every way.

I also found it interesting that she spoke of getting "good intel," since Michelle also used the word "intel" just a short while before. Hmmm. Sounds to me like a full on spy war is brewing. This could get interesting! Shelle talked about gathering "intel" like she was some kind of professional spy, and I highly doubt her spying days are done. She's not gonna be happy until she can kill this "dating boys" idea, an even then she'll probably have some new stage in her plan kick in. But hopefully I have two spies in that meeting, since I assume Min is on my side too. She is, isn't she? Sometimes lately I wonder!

I got a bottle of vanilla cream soda, went to the living room, and turned on the TV. I just spaced out instead of really watching anything though, since my thoughts were elsewhere.

I went over everything that had happened since the lap dances began. At one point, Ruby had said to Shelle just before she left the room, "Do it, girl, do it! Now's the time!" Obviously, I'd been set up like a bowling pin. They'd planned the whole thing in advance together, and that was the final okay from Ruby, encouraging Shelle to go ahead. It was right after that when Michelle started bringing up the dating boys topic.

So much for Shelle's pledge to be more honest with me. Although, she did say she was giving up her sneaky ways because her "Plan" was almost accomplished. Not already accomplished, but almost accomplished. Maybe once she gets her way on the dating boys thing, she'll stop jerking me around? Ha! Not likely! Although, what more could she want from me?

Hmmm. And those lyrics to "The Harder They Come" that Ruby thought up. Is it really coincidence that that song just happened to play at the perfect time and helped convince me that resisting their desire for slave status is pointless? I think not! After all, Ruby was the one who picked that CD to play in the first place. They know how much I like that album, and that song in particular. I'll bet they thought up those lyrics just a couple of days ago, specifically for this occasion. That would explain why the term 'cock slave' was mentioned. They're punking me again, making me think they were talking about being slaves a year or two ago!

Shit! That peels back another layer of the onion. This is one motherfuckin' huge onion! How many more layers can there be?! I feel like I'm in some porno novel, but written by Phillip K. Dick, where the reality of your existence gets pulled out from under your feet.

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter much if my hunches on these things are right. So what if Ruby made up the lyrics to that particular song recently? I fully believe she's been coming up with erotic versions of other song lyrics for a long time now. And when the phrase 'cock slave' was first used is academic. Whatever the answer is, it doesn't change the very real passion they have for being cock slaves - correction, MY cock slaves - one whit.

Basically, I'm fucked, and in more ways than one. They're running circles around me, and giving me too much pleasure for me to even want to resist. This is the Gruesome Twosome world and I'm just living in it. But I suppose I shouldn't feel too bad about being outsmarted. After all, they've been working on this for five years. That doesn't mean I'm not going to give in on everything without a fight. Not for me, but for them, to at least put a damper on their willful ways.

About two hours later, Mindy came back down the stairs. It was a little after five, and close to the typical time she came home (now that she was coming home earlier than she used to). She had her jacket off, but otherwise she still wore her same outfit. It looked like she'd been crying a lot, as her eyes were red. But her face was dry now.

I'd been vegging and doing household chores. But mostly vegging. She walked into the room, grabbed the TV remote, turned the TV off, and then plopped down next to me. I didn't even have to ask to know she was upset with me.

There was a long silence. Then she said, "I ought to slap you silly, you know. And I would have, except I know you're hurting too."

I hoped and assumed she was exaggerating, since we never slapped each other like that. But then again, we'd never been in a situation like this either, and lately, my assumptions had been wrong more often than not.

After she sighed, she continued, "You really fucked up, you know that? I've never seen her so upset. Both of them, actually."

"I fucked up? It's not my fault! They ambushed me. They deliberately tricked me, trying to get me to make a rash decision when they had me out of my mind with crazy lust!"

She grinned, but only briefly. "Yeah, the lap dances. Sounds like fun. You gotta give 'em credit for creativity though. They know what they want, and they know how to use their feminine wiles to get it."

"I am not giving them any credit! You want me to compliment them for such a dirty trick? What's wrong with you? Who's side are you on, anyway?"

"Your side, of course. And I admire you greatly for trying to hold true to your principles. You clearly think that you're doing the right thing. Unfortunately, it so happens that you're wrong."

"A-ha! You're on THEIR side!" I griped.

"It's not a matter of sides," she countered. "Okay... maybe I am on this particular point, if you insist on looking at it in a narrow-minded way. After all, I've just had to sit through two hours of the most pitiable and heart-wrenching crying you could possibly imagine. Of course I want to support you, but I also don't want to see my daughters suffer so terribly."

"Shelle could be faking," I pointed out. "Remember how she put on that big drama a while back, where she cried and cried for days?"

"Daniel Cooper!" Mindy chastised me, honestly shocked. "Shame on you. She wasn't faking then, and she isn't faking now!"

"Okay, not faking. Her feelings certainly are real. But I think she overdoes the crying in an effort to get her way. It's a common female trick. Heck, you're not the crying type, but even you have used it on me from time to time."

"And to good effect, I might point out," Mindy happily smirked. Then her face turned mournful, and downright weepy. "Honey, I, I... I can't go on... Unless you lick my pussy!" She held her hands over her eyes, like she was trying to stem the tears.

But then she turned to me and grinned from ear to ear. "See? A piece of cake."

I gave her an annoyed look, although I was impressed with her acting skills.

Then she turned deathly serious again. "Maybe, maaaaybe, she was playing to the gallery a little bit last time. I don't really know. But definitely not this time. It's not just a matter of crying. She's hurting so bad right now that I can't even put it into words. Just look into her eyes. Look into the depth of pain and despair there, and then tell me again that she's faking!

Something occurred to her, causing her face to light up. "And what about Ruby? She has it just as bad! Don't you DARE forget about her!" She pointed a finger at me accusingly. "Sure, Michelle is more of an attention seeker so she gets more attention, but Ruby is hurting JUST as much!"

"Okay, okay!" I leaned forward and buried my head in my hands. "I'm grasping at straws. The truth is, I feel like shit, and I don't know what to do."

"I know exactly what you should do, but I don't want to lecture you. At least not yet. Let's go out to the hot tub and you can tell me what you're thinking."

"Why there?" I asked.

"Because you need to relax, and the hot water will help. Besides, we need more privacy."

I thought back to when I'd spied on Ruby and Michelle in the hot tub. That seemed ages ago, although it hadn't been long at all. However, not long after that incident, I'd boarded over the small window that allowed the spying, so neither I nor anyone else would be tempted to do that again.

I got to the hot tub a few minutes later, after using the bathroom and gulping down a drink.

Mindy was already there, sitting with her feet in the water and wearing just a skimpy red bikini. She patted her hand on the wood boards next to her. "Come, my love, have a seat and talk to me."

I realized I was still in my usual clothes, having changed after my shower. "Um, I forgot about the bathing suit."

She laughed. "Oh my goodness! I just might have to see you naked!" She found that quite funny and kept on laughing a bit more.

I stripped, and sat down on the edge of the hot tub, dangling my feet in it. For once, I figured I didn't have to worry about getting an erection or not, because of the hot water in the tub.

She scooted next to me and put her arm around me.

Staring into the bubbly water, I told her, "Min, I know what you're going to say. You think I should give in, and give her what she wants. What both of them want. Throw away my dating boys plan."

"Damn straight!" she concurred with unusual vigor.

I made eye contact. "Let me tell you why I can't do that. I understand that the two of them are dead serious about wanting to be my cock slaves. Heck, all four of them are."

She raised an eyebrow. "What's with this 'wanting to be' bullshit? They are already!"

"Okay, okay. I get it. Not all the time, mind you. I have to force myself to think that way, because it's still so alien to me. I mean, do you remember how Michelle broke her arm on her thirteenth birthday, and she held me the whole time we rushed her to the hospital? Or how I taught Ruby how to ride a bike because her real dad wasn't there to do it?"

"You're her real dad," Mindy said with irritation. "And don't let me ever hear you say otherwise!"

"You know what I mean: her biological father. Anyway, I think about all that... All the countless sporting events we drove them to and watched... And I wonder: how did those girls become my sex slaves? I feel like some kind of pervert! A weakling! I should have resisted harder. Then I wouldn't be in this fix now."

Mindy said, "And may I remind you, that all the time you and I were driving them to all those games, they were secretly plotting how to get in your pants, and counting the days until they both turned eighteen so they could have you. No, so YOU could have THEM, and take their virginities. So this Norman Rockwell vision you have of them is skewed, to the point of being a complete illusion. They're fully sexual creatures and have been for years now. Besides, you don't seem to mind when they stroke or suck your cock."

"No." I stared off towards the fading sun, feeling sad. I knew she was right about how long they'd been plotting, but I was grasping at straws. "But I did at first. I'm weak. The sex is just too pleasurable. Every time it happens, I feel less guilt. I'm a terrible father."

Min grabbed my hand. "Fuck that shit! You're an unbelievably GREAT father! You think they'd live to suck your cock if you were just an okay one? I hate to rehash old arguments, but it looks like I have to. It can't be denied the girls are submissive. Deeply submissive. You didn't force anything on them. That's just their true nature, and they've embraced it with a passion. They're the ones leading the way in this, and pretty much handing you a paddle with a heartfelt demand to be spanked. Do you disagree?"

"No. Except take away the words 'pretty much.' They ARE handing me the paddle."

"Okay, then! Let's talk about that. But first, let's enjoy the hot tub too."

So the two of us slipped all the way into the water. Mindy had already turned on the heat and the jets. It felt pretty good, and I sank down to my neck. She did too.

I liked this situation a lot better. Believe it or not, I'd felt a bit strange talking to a dressed woman (if you could call a bikini dressed!). That's how sex-mad I'd been lately.

She continued, "Do you think that if they didn't get sexually involved with you, they'd stay virgins forever? Of course not! They'd find someone else to dominate them. In fact, they'd probably find some older guy who reminds them of you, except he wouldn't know them, so he wouldn't truly care about them or love them. With a guy like that, they'd be sex slaves, but in all the worst ways. Can you picture your daughters being treated just like whores by some fat old slob?"

Her words were stabbing me like knives. I wanted her to stop, but she didn't.

"Hell, they'd probably BE whores before long. With their strong sex drives, they'd be easy prey to all kinds of evil sharks out there. But, by keeping them as YOUR sex slaves, you're being the best father you possibly can be. You're protecting them from evil. Let's face it - they're not gonna decide to become nuns tomorrow. They'll always be highly sexed and submissive. You're not being selfish. Sure, your dick is getting blown more times in a week than most guys get blown in a lifetime, but that's irrelevant to what I'm talking about. There's no reason why doing good and feeling good have to conflict."

I said, "Yeah. You make it sound so simple and easy. But it's more complicated than that. If they were fixated on someone else, their feelings wouldn't be NEARLY as intense as they are now. I've validated all their fantasies, and let them run wild. By bringing Sue Ellen and Cindy into this, that's only validated things even more, and given them people to talk to who only reinforce all their most outlandish ideas. It becomes a vicious circle. We're soooo far removed from reality!"

"Honey, you are so wrong! This is reality! Why is this any less real than whatever the neighbors are doing across the street right now? It's not. But that's a moot point. Would you throw your two girls to the wolves and let them turn into porn stars or crack whores turning tricks on street corners because you have lingering moral qualms about your role? That's bullshit! THAT is being a bad parent. That's not the loving Daniel Cooper I know. You're a better man than that."

I gave her an exasperated look. "You make it sound like taking on four cock slaves is a noble deed."

Mindy just rolled her eyes at me as if I were the dumbest rock on the shelf. "It IS! You're blinded by all the sexual pleasure you're receiving right now, and you think that biases you or something. But at the risk of repeating myself, what you're doing for them IS a noble deed. It IS a noble deed. You're wrong if you think this'll be nothing but endless orgasms. Sure, there's that, but having four slaves to take care of is TOUGH!"

She went on, "Just look at what's happening today. You're basically an introverted type who doesn't need a lot of friends. You definitely need your alone time. And yet, now you've got a whole harem clamoring for your attention and your cock. You're not going to have much peace and quiet from now on, that's for sure. But that's life. Things change. We have to adjust. Michelle and Ruby aren't eleven years old anymore, and they never will be again. They're fully mature, beautiful, big-titted, horny, and submissive women, and they NEED to have a master. Look into your heart. Can you deny that?"

"No," I admitted.

"So what's the problem?"

"I guess I've been deceiving myself. I'm still clinging to my notion that this is just a phase they're going through, despite all the evidence, because to think any other way is too... enormous! As in, I can't wrap my head around the implications. I mean, forget my future, or your future. That's small potatoes. What about THEIR future? Since before Michelle was even born, I've always had this idea of her growing up to be a great doctor, or inventor, or scientist, or reporter... whatever it was that she wanted to do. Something she could be proud of! Something where she could say she made the world a better place."

I gave Mindy a sharp look. "And don't tell me that making me cum a lot is making the world a better place."

"It is, actually, but I know what you mean. That's not exactly what you'd envisioned for her as her life's calling."

"Exactly!" I sighed with great frustration. "She's got a ton of potential. Rudy does too."

"Okay. So there's the career issue. What if they can find meaningful creative outlets that will give them viable income streams AND enough free time to stay happy and busy as your cock slaves? What then? Would that solve this impasse?"

"Well, not completely. But it sure would help a whole lot! But that's hardly-"

She cut me off. "Okay, then! Let's break this problem into pieces, and tackle them one by one. Kind of like how I tackle Kit-Kat bars." She grinned, because she knew I knew she actually did love eating those. "First off, you can't imagine how much they love you. Don't argue with me, because you just admitted it. And when I say 'them,' I mean all four of your slaves. You somehow inspire that kind of love and devotion. Look how quickly Sue Ellen came to love you."

I complained, "She doesn't love me, she loves the idea of me. She loves having a master, and she's been brainwashed to think I'm a perfect master."

My wife replied, "You're half right, but all wrong. Let's not get off track though; we'll discuss her later. I know the Hellions at least are kind of at loose ends right now, career-wise. Their video jobs are obviously just busy work. You know it, I know it, and they know it. I think you're being unreasonable expecting them to have direction at their age already. But if having a career is what it takes to be able to stay your cock slaves, I'm confident they'll throw their considerable energies into that problem and figure something out with shocking speed. So what else is bothering you?"

I sighed heavily. "There's the whole family issue. Not ours, I mean theirs. Their future husbands. Their future children. Our grandchildren! That's been part of my vision for so long. And frankly, that's the essential part. I wouldn't mind if they weren't that happy with their jobs, so long as they were happy with their marriages and children. That's the most important thing in life, in my opinion. And, dammit, I want grandchildren! That's the main reason I keep pushing this dating boys idea. I don't want them to be so locked into this cock slave idea that they-"

She cut me off again. "Sorry, Honey. That train has left the station. It left a long time ago, and in your heart of hearts, you know it. It's just that it's such a shock to your system that it's taking you time to admit it. Normally, that would be okay, and perfectly understandable, but they're hurting terribly in the meanwhile. If you really want to be a great dad, and you are, then accept what is."

"I just can't! I've been able to have fun through all these great sex adventures lately, because I've stayed focused on the now. Yes, I love having cock slaves to keep me so happy and aroused. I totally fucking love it, okay? Who wouldn't? But if I think about that too much - you know, the fact this isn't just some elaborate, days-long role-play - and then think about the future they'll be denied, suddenly I feel sad. For instance, today at lunch, Ruby literally fed me, putting each bite of food in my mouth like I was a baby, while Sue Ellen jacked me off! Can you believe it?"

She closed her eyes and apparently savored the idea. "Mmmm. Sounds sexy. And while I had to work in the office too. I likey!" She opened her eyes and said matter-of-factly, "Continue."

I shook my head at her weird cucquean ways. "And yes, I felt like a king, and it was great, but it was SO over the top that it brought back guilty feelings. I mean, I'm fully capable of feeding myself, and I don't need a handjob to enjoy a good meal. They should be doing MORE with their time! With their lives!"

By this time, we'd been in the hot tub a while, and I was feeling the desire to get out of the hot water. Mindy had the same idea, and told me so. The two of us got out and sat on the wood deck. It had been a nice summer day in Southern California, so we didn't have to worry that much about getting too cold. Besides, the steam from the hot tub helped to keep the nearby air extra warm.

But Mindy didn't just sit next to me, she sat ON me, right on my lap, face to face. Suddenly, I was very aware of the fact that I was naked, and she was only wearing a skimpy bikini. She brought her face within inches of mine.

"Uh, Min, what are you doing?"

"Trying to seduce you," she replied matter-of-factly. She took my flaccid penis in her hand.

My hands were supporting my weight, so I wasn't able to quickly stop her. "This is definitely not the time for that. I feel terrible. I can't even think about sex."

"I know. But please bear with me." She started to rub her thumb on my sweet spot, knowing that almost always got me hard fast. "I have a bold suggestion. First off, we have to face reality. It can't be denied that you have four hot, busty, sexy slaves, who adore having sex with you. Specifically, they absolutely adore sucking your cock. All four of them could spend hours and hours running their hot little tongues up and down your big, manly shaft."

Already, my dick was starting to grow.

"And of course you know how their lips are. Think of those puffy, pouty red lips, perfect for cocksucking. On all four of them! They haven't really mastered deep throating yet, given how thick and scary your cock is, but they will soon. They told me what they did to you today. It sounds like it'll be the rare moment I'll see you WITHOUT one or more of your cock slaves kneeling between your legs in the nude, slurping and gobbling on your fat fuck stick!"

Just like that, my dick was fully engorged.

Mindy draped an arm around my shoulders. She let her hand rest on the back of my neck, which she gently stroked with her fingers, while her other hand continued to jack me off. "And speaking as your loving and adoring wife," she continued quietly, but with a sexy purr in her voice, "I want you to know that not only do I support and endorse this sort of behavior, without regret, remorse or reservation, but I absolutely want to encourage it. You'll never ever hear me complain about having to speak up over the sound of all their slurping tongues, sloshing fingers, and tightly sucking lips!"

I groaned lustily. For some reason, I imagined Michelle nearly choking on my thickness.

My wife went on relentlessly, while rubbing my sweet spot more vigorously, "And I want you to feel more relaxed and comfortable about doing whatever you want to them, with or without my presence. Or to put it another way, I want you to feel like you can have a normal conversation with me about anything while you've got both your hands tangled in the hair of one of your submissive cock slaves to guide her head as you feed your thick hard cock deep into her mouth and down her throat, face fucking her while we talk about whatever's on your mind!"

She seemed to be getting herself excited, judging by her flushed face and how her fingers slid all over my shaft. She continued, "In fact, it would actually sadden me if we sat down to dinner on any given night and I DIDN'T see one of your cock slaves under the table, keeping your fat knob covered in saliva. There ought to be a rule that dinner can't be served until your cock slave is in position. Hell, one cock slave? Two would be better!"

Her words were incredibly arousing to me, mainly because I knew how little she was exaggerating. Oh God! That's such an intoxicating, tempting vision. Something like that could actually happen every dinner if I let it!

Still, I pretended disinterest. "Min, what's your point? You're not saying anything new."

"I know, but bear with me. We also have to admit that they also love to jack you off. That's good, because their jaws get tired. And isn't it fun when one of them blows you while another jacks you off? I heard about their little 'round robin' they did on you in the backyard, with Michelle licking your ass too. Gaawwwd, that sounded HOT! I wish I could have seen it!"

"Min..." Despite my sad mood, her stroking fingers had gotten me so aroused that I was having a hard time coming up with something to say. I nodded impatiently, hoping the more that she talked, the less she'd stroke.

"Hey, I'm getting there. It also can't be denied how much they all love it when you fuck their tits. Especially Michelle! Think about those huge, creamy, gloriously improbable 'torpedoes' she has. Think about the King sliding in her oiled up cleavage. Isn't it neat how you can shoot a load from right there, all comfy and nested in her soft tit-flesh, and have it squirt all over her face?"

"Mindy! This is nothing more than a fiendish plot to get me hard and horny!"

"It is," she smirked. "And one that's working quite well, I should add." Her face was so close to mine that she kissed my nose after only moving her head forward a few inches.

I kissed her back on her cheek, but then I growled impatiently.

"But there IS a serious point coming. I should also point out that Cindy and Sue Ellen absolutely LOVE IT when you fuck their slutty cunts! They can't get enough of that. And you can't deny that the Gruesome Twosome would love that kind of treatment as much or even more. Can you imagine bending them over your desk and fucking them? Daily? Wow! I think our whole house would just up and burst into flames. And then there's anal sex..."

I growled irritably, although my boner was throbbing with ecstasy. Her fingers were doing some very talented things. She even rubbed my cock against the silky fabric of her bikini bottoms.

"Okay, okay," she relented, "we'll skip that for now. Although it goes without saying that we ALL would love you to fuck our asses! Me included. Me especially!" She giggled. "But my point is... Hmmm... Did I have a point?"


"Okay! I'm just yankin' your chain. Or, well, I'm definitely yankin' something." She grinned as she looked down at her busy hand.

I rolled my eyes, causing her to smirk.

"My point is, these are very, very dedicated cock slaves that you have. And that title is so perfect, because they are literally ENSLAVED to your cock! When they wake up in the morning, their first thought is, 'How can I stimulate my master even MORE than yesterday? How can I make him feel better? How can I coax even more thick and creamy loads of hot and tasty cum out of the King and into my holes and onto my face and tits?' I know this because they tell me. Regardless of everything else, you've gotta admire their dedication to their craft."

I griped, "That's your point? That's no point!"

"No, that's not my point. It's coming up. I also have a theory about the brontosaurus. Would you like to hear my theory?" She started to cough and clear her throat.

That comment sounded weird, unless you knew the Monty Python skit she was referring to. I had a very good laugh.

It was hard to stay sad or upset around my great wife, especially when she was jacking me off.

She continued, "My point is, these are your cock slaves FOR LIFE! Sure, they'll have careers, if you insist, but their true passion will always be pleasuring your cock. That's who they are. That's what they want to be. That's how they think of themselves. They take the 'cock slave' name very literally. So, that being the case, it's highly unlikely they'll find boyfriends or husbands any time soon. Maybe later. Twenty or more years from now, when your sex drive has gone down, it may become time to find some altered arrangement, where they don't spend quite so much time sucking and fucking you as they used to. Possibly. Who knows? But that's a long time down the road."

"My point exactly," I grumbled. "That's the problem!"

"Yes, it is. Now, if we say twenty or even twenty-five years from now, they still could have time to have children with some other man. True, that would be pushing it, given their ages, but medical technology is allowing women to have babies later and later. I heard there was some woman recently who was sixty or something like that, and gave birth for the first time. That many years from now, we can't even imagine the kinds of medical advances there'll be."

"Yeah, maybe," I conceded. "But that still seems messed up."

"True. It would be better all around for them to have babies when they're younger. Which fiiiiiiinally brings me to my real point, which is also my bold suggestion. What if YOU were to give them the sperm to have their babies?"

"WHAT?!" My whole body jerked with shock.

"You heard me. What was that I felt? A sudden lurch? You may not like the idea, but the King loves it!"

"A-ha," I grumbled. "Now I find out why you're jacking me off. You're trying to catch me in a horny mood."

"Hey, it basically worked for the Hellions this afternoon. They at least got your stubborn ass in the right mood to listen. I figure they've got a good idea going, why can't I use it too?" She giggled.

"You're evil."

"True. I just got off the phone with Pol Pot and Dick Cheney, and they gave me some tips. But in any case, think about it. True, it's breathtakingly bold. You need to think outside the box while drilling into the box! Sorry, I couldn't resist that. But if you can handle the idea, it could solve everything. You can have your grandchildren and eat your cock slaves' pussies too. Sorry, I couldn't resist that either."

"Sweetheart, this is no time to be joking. Or jacking me off, for that matter! This is serious!"

She slid down me as she deadpanned, "True. This is more of a time to be sucking you off. I've noticed you do all your best thinking while you're being blown."

I groaned with frustration, "Miiiiindy!"

I was sitting near the edge of the hot tub. She moved back into the tub and also untied her bikini top. Then she rested her tits on the wooden deck between my legs and started licking my shaft.

"Honey, you think I'm joking, but I'm not when it comes to this. You DO do your best thinking while you're being blown. You know why? You're naturally conservative, but only in the old fashioned sense of the word. Thank God, since I really would have to spank you if you were pals with the likes of Cheney. You tend to like things the way they are, and you're slow to change. When you're aroused, you put some of that reticence aside and are more open to good ideas and suggestions."

"You mean sexual ideas and suggestions."

"Same thing." She snickered. "But seriously... okay, I really am putting on my serious hat now, although it clashes with my outfit." She reached down and tugged off her bikini bottoms, placing them atop her head. "See?"

I growled unhappily.

"Sorry, I can't stop." She threw the scrap of cloth off onto the deck. "Okay, NOW I'm putting on my serious hat." Her eyes looked up towards the top of her head. "It's invisible." She grinned like a naughty little kid.

Then she wiped the smirky smile off her face. "Sorry, but it really is on now. I'm making a very sincere suggestion here. You HAVE to know that your boyfriend plan is doomed. Do you seriously expect that to work? I mean, these are YOUR girls... yours and mine. You're their role model of the ideal man, THEIR ideal man, and you've been loyal to me beyond the point of fault. Do you really think that their sense of loyalty and devotion to the one they love, learned from both you and me, is really that weak?"

I grunted. That was a good point, but I wasn't eager to admit it.

"They all love you so much that there's no way they'd let any boy so much as touch them. If you forced them pretty much over pain of death, they just might do a little bit, but it would very literally be kicking and screaming and crying. There's no way in hell there would be any real dating or romance. It's more likely they'll sprout wings and fly away! Tell me I'm wrong!"

I moaned and groaned in agony. Finally, I burst out, "No, dammit! You're not wrong! I'm in serious, serious denial. I know that. I'm fighting a battle that's already been lost, and it's so frustrating that I want to scream. I should never have let things reach this point! Never!"

"But they have. You've already let them and they have. And it's been nothing but good for all involved."

Keep in mind that Mindy was continuing to lick her way around my cockhead. I knew full well she was trying to addle my brain. An idea came to me. I declared, "Two can play that game!"


I suddenly picked her up and lifted her completely out of the tub. Then, after readjusting my position and kneeing her legs apart, I slowly dropped her down onto my erection.

As she slid down it, I grunted, "See? Two can play that game!"

I wasn't really sure what I was trying to accomplish, but it felt damn good. Even after all these years, sliding into my wife's pussy was a wonderfully snug fit. My ostensible purpose was that if I kept my boner completely impaled in her and just held still without any thrusting, she wouldn't be able to do anything naughty to it to addle my brain even more. I knew that logic was flawed, to say the least, but that was my mental fig leaf.

Mindy seemed unfazed, and didn't even acknowledge what had just happened. She continued, "Honey, you just have to face facts. Fact: you have one wife and four cock slaves. And I'm an honorary cock slave of sorts. Fact: you-"

I interrupted, "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" I said that because she was starting to rhythmically squeeze my hard-on with her pussy walls. She's really good at that.

She just smirked. "I think you know. Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was saying, fact: your cock slaves love you, heart and soul. I dare say they may just love you as much as I do, and that's saying a whole lot! Fact: your cock slaves all have big tits. As does your loving wife." She hefted up a tit and winked at me. Then we both watched with great interest as it ever so slowly bounced and jiggled back into place.

I asked, "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Not much, to be honest. I just like to point it out a lot." She chuckled and smirked. "You have to admit it's pretty remarkable though. I mean, when I think about Michelle's jutting, well... watermelons! They're like soft watermelons! They're that big!"

This idea really turned her on (even though it wasn't anatomically true), and she started gyrating her hips a little bit. She had this special talent where she could do that without really moving my erection much, allowing her to keep squeezing it internally at the same time.

She settled down a bit, and continued, "Anyway, it's hard to tell at this point since they're keeping their hymens intact just for you, but I think we can assume that their cunts are going to be totally amazing to fuck as well. Actually, I know that's a given since I taught them how to do Kegel exercises, and you better believe they took to that like ducks to water! So that's fact four. You already know this to be true with Sue Ellen and Cindy, since you've already started fucking them, but just think about pummeling and hammering Ruby and Michelle's precious little cunts every single day!"

She continued, "Can't you picture going to Michelle's room and finding them both bound and collared, lying on her bed with their asses high up in the air, just waiting for their daily Daddy fuck? Believe me, they will stop at NOTHING to be the best and hottest fucks you've ever had! You know it, I know it, everybody knows it! And to top it all off, they're still virgins! How great is that? Their pussies already belong to you, and you alone!"

With fucking on her mind, Mindy suddenly stopped her squeezing and churning combo, and started bouncing up and down on me instead. I was more than happy to go along with that, and I thrust my hips as best as I could.

But still, the pace was slow so she could keep talking. She spoke heatedly. "Close your eyes! Imagine you're not fucking MY pussy, you're fucking Michelle's!"

I groaned with intense arousal. There was no way Mindy could have missed the way my hardness somehow stiffened up even more inside of her.

"Here!" She took my hand and held it out about a foot in front of her chest. Before I could ask what she was doing, she explained, "Now you're fondling her tits too! They're THAT big! They really are!"

Of course they weren't, but it fired my imagination even more just the same. Naturally, I brought my hand back to her rack, because it was a lot more fun fondling her than grasping at air.

She added, "Now, let me get back to the 'thrust' of my discussion, so to speak." She giggled. "Fact five: you're gonna fuck those two in every hole, including their cunts and asses! Over and over and over and over and over and over again! We both know it's just a matter of time, so don't even try to deny it. Fact six: you'll fuck them so much that all their holes will permanently smell like your cum! And fact seven by the way is that they have cunts and tits, not pussies and breasts. That's the kind of girls they are and most definitely the kind of girls they want to be!"

I wasn't sure what she meant by that, but it sounded great at the time.

"Fact eight: your cock slaves are supremely loyal! They take their slave vows seriously! If you want them to all wear 'Property of Dan's Cock' T-shirts in public all the time, they will!" She drew closer, and added conspiratorially, "Or even better, two of them could have shirts saying 'Property of Daddy's Cock!'"

I should have been jaded already, but that idea powerfully shocked and aroused me. I had to fight not to shoot off in her. I would have been embarrassed to lose control right after she'd said that.

She continued in her normal voice at first, "That's how happy they are to serve you, and your cock! So, given all that, that leads me to fact nine: it's your DUTY, Daniel Cooper, sweet husband o' mine, to fucking BREED them!"

I nearly fell over at that one, even though she'd introduced the idea already a short time before, and we were sitting down. That's how floored I was. And incredibly aroused, I must admit. I had to frantically squeeze my PC muscle to prevent myself from shooting off at an even more embarrassing moment.

I gasped, "Don't say that word!"

Like a cobra going for the kill, she started to bounce faster. The only problem for her was that the idea had aroused her as much or more than it aroused me, and saying it out loud took her to a higher level still. Suddenly, she was having difficulty talking. "YES! Breed! Breeding! Breed! Bred! As in, 'My Daddy-Master bred me.' ... You, Daddy, you're, you're gonna... Oh God! Your daughters! ... Impregnate! ... Think of them, all four... swelling tits... Bigger tits! UNH! Big... big bellies!"

And with that, she completely lost it. She started bucking, whining, and writhing wildly as a powerful orgasm rippled and surged within her.

Whenever she does this, it's even more stimulating than any kind of regular rhythm, because the clenching and squeezing of her pussy is so delightfully unpredictable. It gets me to climax pretty much every time, and that's a good thing, because it's a nice bonding experience whenever we come together.

However, I had other plans forming in my head, so I still struggled with all my might to resist. I felt if I came, then she would have won this round, or argument, or whatever you might call it. I wasn't about to lose! It was a near miracle, and a very near thing, but I somehow managed to hold out.

God, the sensations felt great though!

Mindy wound up hugging me. Funnily enough, she'd been talking like a cool cucumber just a couple of minutes earlier, but now she was sweating like a pig, gasping for breath, and totally wiped out.

She just wanted to be held for a while, so that's what we did.

My penis remained fully erect, and fully impaled in her. But finally, once I judged her to be more or less recovered, I pulled out and said, "You're in big trouble, you know."

"Why?" she asked. "You know everything I said was true. Okay, maybe one or two 'facts' were a stretch. But it was basically all true."

"Nope. I disagree. Now, get on all fours, you naughty bitch."

To my surprise, she didn't complain or resist. She didn't even say anything about being called a 'bitch,' which was something I never said to her even before, at least not counting joking. Instead, as she struck a sexy pose on her hands and knees right next to the hot tub, she asked me, "What are you going to do to me?"

As I positioned myself kneeling behind her ass, I said, "It's time for your spanking. You have to admit you were terribly naughty with all your breeding talk."

She seemed to like that, and even raised her ass higher, arching her back in a very sexy manner. "Yes, that's true. Even though you know I'm right!"

I put my hands on her ass. I just wanted to feel her up for a bit before I got started. I even swiped my fingers through her wet and drooling pussy lips, causing visible shivers all over her body. "No you're not. For one thing, Cindy's already too old. She's not gonna want another baby."

"Please never call her 'too old.' That's a sensitive issue for her. And she will, if you'll be the father/"

"You're just talking out of your ass. I can hear you speaking... right... here." I poked at her anus as I said that. I inserted my pussy-lubed finger into it briefly, but pulled out.

She laughed, but also trembled with arousal. "Okay, maybe I am just guessing about that. And yeah, there are issues about you breeding your own daughters, so I'll drop that - for now." The way she said that made clear this wasn't the last I'd be hearing about this, not by a long shot.

She spoke huskily and enticingly. "But what about Sue Ellen? She's prime breeding stock. Can't you picture her nude with a big belly and your cum running down her thighs?"

As I raised my hand back to start the spanking, I also started to comment, "What's with you and this big belly image that..." But my words faded as it occurred to me we weren't alone. I'd heard a gasp somewhere, and it was dawning on me that the gasp didn't come from my wife.

I looked all around. By now, it had grown dark, and since we'd been occupied, we hadn't turned the porch lights on. Mindy also craned her head up and looked around, but otherwise remained in her lewd position, naked on all fours with her ass up high.

As a result of the darkness, we were only able to see a dark shape lurking a ways away on the other side of the hot tub. I couldn't tell who it was, but judging by the curvy outline, I knew it had to be one of my cock slaves.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, gmbusman, ric, Johnny Galt, and Wayac, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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