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Chapter 75

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I spoke loudly. "Come on out of the darkness. We know you're there... Sue Ellen." I added 'Sue Ellen' at the last second. I still couldn't see who it was, but it occurred to me that she was the one most likely to gasp when the subject of Sue Ellen being impregnated was being discussed.

It had been a good guess. Sue Ellen stepped out of the shadows. She was wearing street clothes, as if she were ready to leave, yet she had her hands and arms crossed over her chest like she was covering up her nakedness.

"Come closer," Mindy said, her body humming and wiggling with the anticipation of being spanked. "We don't bite. Well, actually, Dan does a little bit." She chuckled.

Sue Ellen came closer, walking around the hot tub until she was only about ten feet away from us. She looked like a wary deer ready to bolt at any second. Now that I could see her better, I noticed just how red and embarrassed her face looked.

"What are you doing, spying on us?" I asked in a harsh tone.

She dropped her head in shame. "Sorry, Master. Actually, I wasn't spying. I just came by to ask y'all for permission to work tonight. But I didn't want to disturb you while you were, you know..."

I suggested, "Fucking my wife."

"Yes, and-"

"Say it," I insisted. I wasn't trying to be mean; I simply knew that it would arouse her against her will even more than she obviously was already.

She closed her eyes, even though her head was already bowed. "Yes. Uh, when you were, uh, fucking your wife."

I pressed, "Does it embarrass you to be sexually enslaved to a married man?"

"So much!" she passionately exclaimed. She seemed more aroused and excited by that than distressed. "But that's your right and privilege as master. In any case, I, uh, I didn't know what to do. I thought I'd come back later, but I really needed to talk to you now, and, uh, then I heard y'all talking, and well..." Now her face turned just about as red as a fire engine. She looked so cute and innocent, I couldn't stand it.

Mindy asked, "So you heard us talking about having Dan breed you?"

"Yes, ma'am." Somehow, she managed to drop her head down even though it was bowed down already.

"And what do you think about that?" Mindy pressed, although not so forcefully as to make the decision for her, I noticed.

"Don't answer that!" I quickly shouted. "That idea is off the table, so the answer is moot. I don't want to know what you think about that, 'cos it's not gonna happen! And Min, maybe this'll shut you up!" I raised my hand back up and slapped my wife's ass hard.

"OH! OWW! One! Thank you, Master! May I please have another?"

I got a big kick out of hearing my wife call me 'Master.' She'd only done that in role-plays before. I wasn't sure if this counted as a role-play or not, and it probably did, but I loved it just the same.

Suddenly, Mindy barked at Sue Ellen, "Get your sexy ass over here! NOW!"

Sue Ellen hesitated. "But, I..." She walked closer just the same, but halted a few feet away, uncertain what to do or where to go.

Mindy complained to her, "Your master is naked and the King is stiff, hot, and throbbing. You know what to do; what a good cock slave does. Drop to your knees, take off those stupid clothes already, and help him enjoy this spanking to its fullest!"

Sue Ellen came closer still and dropped to her knees. I noticed that one of her hands protectively covering her breasts dropped down to her crotch. It looked like she was protecting that spot from my gaze too, except for the fact that her fingers were wiggling about in a very suggestive and revealing motion.

Seeing that Sue Ellen was still wearing her clothes, Mindy griped at her, "Get to it! What's your problem?"

Still blushing furiously, Sue Ellen dropped her head down again. "Michelle, she... she made us agree to a pact. She was feeling so terrible about everything, and the idea of her and Ruby having to date boys is just so wrong!"

She suddenly looked up and made eye contact with me. "I'm sorry, Master, but it is! I know I promised to serve you without question, and I want to be your most loyal and devoted cock slave so much that I can't even put it into words, but this is a very special exception. I just can't sit by and let her kiss a boy when we all know the only proper place for a cock slave's lips to be is wrapped around her Master's cock!"

I still wasn't sure what Sue Ellen was talking about, although it didn't sound good. But I could see her willpower was at a breaking point, and I wanted to push her over. I spanked Mindy again.

Mindy was taken by complete surprise. As a result, her ass cheeks weren't clenched up to brace for the pain and she let out a howl. But she quickly followed it with, "Two! Thank you, Master! May I please have another?"

She added to Sue Ellen, "Hurry up and spit it out, or he'll be spanking you next! And take those damn clothes off, already!"

Sue Ellen pulled her blouse off over her head, and then started working on her bra. She was blushing and flustered. "M-Mi-Michelle, she insisted! I, I can't do this! She says that all of us cock slaves have to stick together, to force you to see the light." Once she had her bra off, she began taking off her skirt while remaining kneeling. "She says that we should refrain-"

"Wait!" Mindy shouted at her. "Finish stripping for your master, and then begin licking his cock. Only then can you continue your story."

Sue Ellen was deeply ashamed, but she did just that.

Because I was kneeling behind Mindy, I was nearly in position to fuck her doggy-style. That didn't leave much room for Sue Ellen, but she made do, as she wiggled into the space between us. She knelt so she was facing my crotch, with her legs stretched out between mine. But this left her head literally resting against the lower curves of Mindy's ass.

As Sue Ellen started to lick my shaft, Mindy giggled, and said, "Sue Ellen, your hair is tickling my ass crack! Your dirty blonde hair is just as dirty as the rest of you, because it loves my ass!"

That just made Sue Ellen even more mortified, but it turned her on powerfully as well. She was so aroused that the smell of her gushing pussy even overwhelmed Mindy's pungent pussy smell.

Sue Ellen resumed talking. "So, uh... Michelle talked and talked, and Ruby chimed in, but at first I just resisted. I wanted... I wanted... to, uh..." She was distracted, since her enthusiastic licking all over my hard-on was taking up most of her concentration. "I, uh, I wanted to be your loyal... mmmm! Your best, your loyal... cock slave! Mmmm!"

Mindy said impatiently, "Please get on with it."

Sue Ellen cut down on her licking. "Sorry. Uh, I was holding firm, remembering my devotion to you and the King, until Ruby asked me to imagine that I was the one forced to date boys! She even had me picture myself kissing boys, and even sucking their yucky penises!"

Sue Ellen was so alarmed by these thoughts that she stopped licking for the moment and looked up beseechingly. "Master, it was terrible! The very thought of having to touch one of those smelly boys even stinkier cocks practically made me ill! There's only one cock in the world that rules me and owns me, and demands total obedience!"

Overcome by lust, she took a big breath and then crammed all of my bulbous knob in her mouth.

Clearly, that still was no easy thing for her to do. I could hear and feel her struggling at first as she tried to cope with my thickness. But, as always, she was a determined and devoted trooper. It wasn't long before she was bobbing with a steady rhythm, using lots of suction.

Mindy was intrigued. She spoke to me like Sue Ellen wasn't there. "Her devotion to you is quite inspirational, isn't it? And to think: it wasn't that long ago when she was just some busty cutie serving you in a restaurant."

"Yeah, how did that happen?" I wondered aloud. I was too overcome with lust from Sue Ellen's talented and relentless bobbing to say more, but I thought, What did I do to deserve this? I mean, to get any kind of blowjob ever is a special treat. But she's already going all out with her hands, tongue, AND lips! Damn, she's good! And furthermore, have male hygiene standards dropped like a rock or something? Every time any of the girls talk about boys, they have to mention how stinky they are. Weird!

Strangely, Mindy was still on all fours seemed content to stay that way. I remained kneeling right behind her, so close that Sue Ellen was forced to be wedged between us, with the back of her head pressing into Mindy's ass.

But it was like my wife had eyes on the back of her head, because she said, "Enough! Sue Ellen, stop your cocksucking this instant or Dan's gonna blow! And finish your story."

She was right, since I was frantically fighting off the urge to blow my load. I wasn't sure how Min knew that, although maybe I was making telltale panting and moaning sounds. Plus, she might have been tipped off tell how rapidly Sue Ellen's head was bobbing by the hair brushing up and down her ass cheeks.

Sue Ellen clearly was disappointed. She pulled her lips off and wiped her cheeks of the tears of exertion that had started to leak out. As soon as she was able to talk again, she asked shyly, "Mindy, please, can't I just suck on it for a couple of minutes first? It's just that it's soooo big and delicious! It's like I neeeeed to wrap my lips around it!"

Mindy chuckled. "No, sorry. 'A couple of minutes' will just be the start. But you can keep licking him, so long as you don't make him cum."

"Okay. Sorry. " Sue Ellen continued while just licking my sweet spot, "The two of them, they made me see that my highest loyalty to you is to keep my body pure for only your hands, lips, and cock to plunder. And the same goes for keeping my sister cock slaves pure. So I have to make a temporary exception to obeying your orders. Very, very temporary only! Michelle made us all agree to band together, just until we solve this one problem. And, uh, promise..."

Her story telling was wavering as her cock licking was taking more of her concentration. "Um, promise... She, uh, she made all of us promise, uh, that we'd refrain from any sexual contact with you, Master, until you agreed to drop this dating boys idea. We're all in agreement on that."

Mindy was tickled pink. She said, "Need I point out the delicious irony of you saying that even while you're licking Dan's fat cock? Care to explain that?" My wife couldn't directly see what Sue Ellen was doing, but apparently she could hear and even feel enough to know exactly what was going on. All the action still was taking place mere inches from her ass, with a lot of incidental contact.

Sue Ellen had been red-faced and greatly embarrassed already, but now she looked like she wanted a hole to come and swallow her up so she could disappear. "Um, no!" She kept right on licking though.

My wife was in her element, absolutely loving the whole situation. She crowed, "How does that taste? Does it taste a little funny? Because the King has just been in my very wet pussy, you know. Do you like that?"

Sue Ellen just whimpered miserably as she kept licking. But it looked to me like she licked with even more gusto.

Mindy, still on all fours and thus unable to see Sue Ellen directly, nonetheless kept pressing her, "Admit it! You're completely helpless and hopeless! You can't resist my husband's cock, no matter what the circumstance! You love it too much! You love pleasing him too much! You love feeling it fill your mouth and drive down your throat! You'll betray your promise to your sister cock slaves just to feel it sliding between your lips! You love running your tongue all over it while you bob deeper and deeper down!"

"YES! YES! YES!" But those were the last words Sue Ellen said for a while, because she took my erection in her mouth again and passionately bobbed on it just as Mindy had described. Even though she knew she didn't have permission to do that, she simply couldn't resist. She was even more vocal than before with her eager slurping.

I was somehow reminded that I was supposed to be spanking my wife. I brought my hand up and then back down again, but I was so distracted by Sue Ellen's quality cocksucking that I didn't put much force into it. It was like trying to read a book while riding a wild roller coaster - I could only manage a couple of token efforts at best.

Still, Mindy enthusiastically shouted, "Three! Thank you, Master! May I have another?"

Then she added to Sue Ellen, "How do you like that? You're sucking Master's cock while he's properly disciplining and spanking his wife! You're nothing but a perfect sex slave for him, are you? You have NO willpower! You betrayed your promise to Michelle the instant you saw his hard cock, didn't you?"

"MMMM!" was all Sue Ellen could reply. Her head was bobbing relentlessly, going further down my shaft than she'd ever been before.

My sexy, sneaky wife prodded, "You deliberately defied my command not to suck him because you simply HAVE to have it! You live to suck! You live to serve!"

Sue Ellen responded with even louder moaning and slurping. She sounded like she was choking on it, although she wasn't going that deep.

Seeing how effective Mindy's post-spank words were, I slapped her behind again to see what she'd say next.

"OWW! Oh! Four! Thank you, Master! May I have another?" She gasped for a few seconds, and then said, "Think about it, Sue Ellen! Your life as a free woman with free will is over! Your only purpose now is to SERVE! To serve Dan, to serve the King! If he wants to breed you, you'll just have to spread your legs and say, 'Knock me up, my master, my love! Let me give you a baby! Our baby!'"

That was too much for Sue Ellen. She'd been tripping her gag reflex a bit, as she was lunging deeper down my shaft with each pass, but as soon as Mindy told her that, she lunged again and blew right past her gag reflex like it wasn't even there.

And just like that, she was deep throating me!


Need I mention just how fucking fantastic it felt?! I was truly amazed. I could tell that it was a constant struggle for her to merely keep my unusual thickness in her mouth, since she was just starting to adjust to its size. So for her to do this as well almost seemed impossible.

Mindy had done just about everything to me sexually that I could have ever wanted (not counting anal sex, since neither of us had been open to try that until recently). But she'd never shown much interest in deep throating. After trying and failing a couple of times to get past her gag reflex, she'd told me, "I'll try that again just as soon as you get penis reduction surgery. That thing is way too thick. You'll choke me to death, for sure." And that had been years and years ago.

True, in recent days, both Ruby and Michelle had tried deep throating me. But despite extensive practice on models to prepare themselves well before they seduced me, they'd been having a lot of trouble. Michelle had gotten closer in her two attempts, but she'd been gagging, choking, and struggling so much that it wasn't very pleasurable for me, even though she had done it for a few seconds here and there.

So in a way, this was my first real deep throating experience, because Sue Ellen literally wound up with her nose up against the bottom of my lower abdomen, and my erection had pulled a disappearing trick. More shocking still, she was able to maintain that position for some long moments.

Even though I was far from finished spanking Mindy, I told her, "Hey, Sweetheart. Come here. You have to check this out!"

Mindy managed to turn herself around while remaining on all fours. She twisted more so she could have an even better of Sue Ellen sliding back and forth over my shaft. "Wow! Impressive!"

Sue Ellen maintained that position for about twenty seconds, if not thirty. (I was too excited to keep good time.) Already, that beat Michelle's best effort. Then, suddenly, she pulled her lips all the way off and gasped desperately for air. There were tears freely rolling down her cheeks. I gathered they were neither tears of joy nor tears of sadness, but more tears of exertion. She was truly giving this her all.

As soon as she was more or less recovered, she closed her eyes and steeled her willpower. Then she opened her mouth seemingly as wide as a whale's and dove back down my shaft. With one long bob, her lips slid all the way down to the root of my shaft again.

"WOW!" Mindy exclaimed. "That just gave me chills! She just did it AGAIN, and as soon as she could manage! My GOD! Look at her! I think she's in love with you and your cock! Sue Ellen, does that feel good?"

Sue Ellen had no way of answering that. She couldn't even nod her head up and down a little bit, because my dick was pretty much inside her like a steel bar all the way down to her stomach. (Okay, maybe that wasn't completely anatomically accurate, but it sure felt like that to me!) She opened her eyes and tried to make some kind of meaningful eye contact with Mindy, but Mindy didn't understand. Finally, a new idea came to her. She brought a hand up, and flashed Mindy a thumbs up sign.

"AAARGH!" I suddenly shouted.

"What?!" Mindy asked. "What's happening now?!"

I panted, "She's... starting to lick! How...?! Too good!" Sure enough, her tongue was lapping near the base of my shaft in her mouth, since the cockhead was somehow deep down her throat. It felt great, of course, but what really astounded me was that she was managing to do that much so soon.

My wife laughed. "Poor you. Here, let me help. That is, if there's anything to help with." She finally quit maintaining her all fours position and crawled around to where the action was. "Shoot. I was really enjoying feeling Sue Ellen's head rubbing against my ass. It was like an all-over ass tickle."

She started licking my balls a little bit. Sue Ellen still had my cock all the way down her throat, and was experimenting with how much she could move her lips and tongue in that position, so Min didn't really have access to any other fun naughty bits but my balls.

Another thirty seconds or so passed. The look on Sue Ellen's face wowed me all over again. Tears were freely flowing down her cheeks, and it looked like she was in the middle of a mighty struggle. But one could clearly see her fierce determination to keep going.

Finally, Sue Ellen started to pull back, and she kept on going back. It was impressive that she was pulling off in a slow and controlled manner this time.

Mindy saw that, and immediately followed Sue Ellen's lips with her tongue. My cucquean wife licked and swirled her tongue so close to what Sue Ellen was doing that sometimes her tongue licked up against Sue Ellen's lips. I'm sure neither of them exactly minded that.

It all felt so great that I can't even begin to describe the waves of pleasure that washed over me and threatened to drive me insane with lust. I would have cum in short order, except Mindy happened to mutter as she licked, "Come on, Sue Ellen! Let's make him cum, so he won't have to keep spanking me."

I couldn't let her "get away" with that. I resolved to last longer so I'd be able to keep spanking her while in a horny and excited mood.

It appeared that once Sue Ellen had just my cockhead in her mouth, she was able to get enough oxygen to keep going. But still, she seemed determined to keep going with her new deep throating technique, so she finally pulled her lips all the way off to gather a new breath. Then she'd opened her mouth like she was planning to swallow an entire foot-long subway sandwich in one gulp. Only this time, she went down my shaft in short bobs, so Mindy could lead the way with her tongue.

But I roared, "Oh, no you don't! Min, stop that this instant! And Sue Ellen, take another breather! NOW!"

Sue Ellen did just that, after slowly bobbing her way back up and off me.

I lay back on the wooden slats, panting and gasping. My heart was pounding in my ears.

After a minute or so, Mindy asked me, "Honey, what was that all about?"

I didn't want to admit how close I was to cumming, but I had to say something. So I replied, "You think you're going to get out of your spanking? HA! No way! And neither will you, Sue Ellen."

Sue Ellen gasped, and even held her hand over her mouth. "Master?! You're going to spank me too?!"

I nodded, with my head still on the ground. I was too pooped and over-aroused to do anything more. The spanking plan would have to wait a little bit.

She said with amazement. "Gaawwwd! That's too hot! I just deep throated the KING! I can't even believe it's physically possible to get it down my throat! That was just about the most difficult thing I've ever done! But am I rewarded or even complimented?! NO! I'm told he's going to whale on my ass!"

Mindy spoke with genuine concern before I could, since I was still gasping for air. "You're right. Sorry. That's not nice."

However, Sue Ellen was emphatic. "NO! Don't apologize! I love it! I totally love it! Nothing could make me happier! I'm as hot as blue blazes! I've never felt so completely, wonderfully enslaved!"

But then her voice turned regretful. "But I'm violating my agreement with Michelle already. I completely crumbled! Mindy is right; I'm utterly incapable of resisting your cock! Just look at it! It's so thick and powerful and wonderful that all I can think about is getting it back in my mouth, all the way down my throat! Just seeing it all stiff like that always makes me salivate." She looked at it so hungrily that I didn't doubt she was salivating at that very moment.

I said, "Regardless, you did agree with her initially. And that means betraying your master."

That was a harsh thing to tell her, because she reacted like I'd just accused her of murdering a loved one, and with the evidence to prove it. Tears were still flowing from her eyes, but she broke into outright sobbing, and covered her face with her hands. "I'm so... so sorry! But I feel so terribly conflicted! I love you, Master, and I want to do nothing but please you, but, but... the whole dating boys thing is so WRONG! What if you wanted ME to do that?! I'd just DIE!"

She sobbed ever harder. "But I can't resist you! You're my master! And you're just too strong and lovable and sexy! Please, please, don't make me do that! Don't leave me all torn and confused!"

I felt awful. I put my arms around her and purred in her ear, "Hush, hush. Don't cry. That's an order. Everything's going to be all right. I'd never make you do that. In fact, I'm not going to make Michelle or Ruby do that either."

Tears still streaming down her face, she moved her hands a bit so she could look at me from between her fingers. "You're not?!"

"No, I'm not."

I looked over at my wife, who was suddenly looking very interested. Her eyebrow was raised.

I looked back at Sue Ellen. "Can you keep a secret? I mean really keep a secret, and not tell a soul, even if they tried to torture it out of you?"

She nodded gravely. "For you. For you, anything."

It occurred to me that it was interesting Sue Ellen seemed the most loyal of my cock slaves, and yet she was the one who knew me the least, by far. I wondered if those facts weren't related. After all, she'd never seen my bad side. She'd never witnessed me picking my nose, loudly farting, or doing a million other little embarrassing things, so she could hold a more idealized vision of me. I just hoped I could let her down slowly as she realized I was made of flesh and blood after all. But her unwavering devotion came in handy right now.

I asked Mindy, "And can you make the same promise? Can you keep this secret, no matter what?"

My wife nodded, wide eyed. "Absolutely. I know I've let you down doing some things behind your back, but that's all over. I won't let you down again."

I nodded back, and said to both of them, "The truth is, I'm not going to follow through on the dating boys idea. Sue Ellen, I don't know how much of my conversation with Mindy you overheard, but I was already coming around to that realization from talking to her. Seeing you act so loyally and yet feel so sad for Michelle confirms it in my mind that that's the wrong thing to do."

"Thank GOD!" Sue Ellen gasped. "That was tearing me apart!" Her tears had stopped flowing, she dropped her hands from her face, and she even managed a smile. She looked remarkably beautiful, with the contrast of tears on her cheeks and a joyous expression, not to mention her perky yet sizable tits bouncing around with every little move she made.

Mindy also commented, "Amen to that! What a HUGE load off my mind too!" She wiggled her eyes suggestively. "And speaking of huge loads, Sue Ellen, just look at Dan's fat fuckstick, needing your oral attention."

But I added, "Hold your horses. That doesn't mean everything is peachy keen. You can't tell any of the others I just told you that, because I want them to still think I'm going to go through with it."

Both of them looked very puzzled. Mindy, though, nearly exploded at me. "For God's sake, why?!"

"Because it's a power struggle issue," I replied. "I want to give in, but if I do, Michelle's willfulness will run wild. She's bad enough as it is, but if that happens, she'll be completely impossible to deal with. And most definitely not like an obedient cock slave should be."

"Hmmm," my wife said, lost in thought after reconsidering. "That is true."

We were all silent for some moments. I still held Sue Ellen's naked body in my arms while Mindy sat next to us. All this crying and seriousness had ruined the erotic mood, and my dick was deflating.

Finally, Mindy asked, "So... what, then?"

I added, "As far as what I'm going to do about it, I haven't decided yet. Ideally, I'd like the girls to give in. Then I'd tell them they don't have to do it after all. ONLY after they've given in. But I'm going to need to sleep on it. I'm very torn and uneasy about all this. But I do feel that Shelle needs to be brought to heel, or this whole harem thing will be unworkable. She can't be a cock slave and effectively in charge of what everyone does at the same time. That just doesn't work."

Mindy thought some more, and then pronounced, "I can sort of see where you're coming from there. I'm kind of torn over the best way to handle it too, but know that I'll support you in whatever you do."

"Thanks." I reached out to hold her hand, but she took it and pulled herself into the hug instead.

Sue Ellen moved a bit so the three of us could hug each other comfortably.

I noticed that our group hug accidentally left Sue Ellen and Mindy's bare racks pressing against each other in a most delightful way. Or was it accidental after all? Seeing the happy smirks on their faces as they pulled apart, I doubted it.

Jokingly, I said, "Boob break!" I buried my face in Mindy's big melons, and then in Sue Ellen's. And both my hands were soon full of squeezable tit-flesh. Actually, it started out as a joke, but it felt really good. Judging by their happy cooing noises, they liked it too. It seemed to break some of the tension all of us were feeling.

But finally I pulled away. Then I saw Mindy look at Sue Ellen, catch her eye, and nod significantly at my penis.

I asked Sue Ellen, "Well, what do you think? Can you keep this secret, and help me out if I need your help?"

As Sue Ellen casually took my now half-hard penis in her hands, she responded, "Of course, Master. I feel soooo much better now, that I can't even tell you! I was feeling this tremendous conflict between obedience towards you and fidelity towards you. Plus, I want to be loyal to my slave-sisters. But now it's all resolved. Phew! It's like... I was being ripped apart!"

"Fidelity?" I asked as I toyed with her belly button with one hand and my wife's ample rack with my other one.

As Sue Ellen stroked my penis back to full size, she said, "Yeah. I mean, it was Ruby and Michelle you were asking to kiss a boy, and possibly do even MORE yucky things with them, but after Ruby said it could have been ME, that's all I could think about. What if you wanted ME to kiss a boy? It's not right!"

She shuddered with disgust. "My body belongs to you and only you, forever and ever!" She pulled back and thrust her chest out while holding her head up high and keeping her hands sliding over my erection. "I'm so proud to be one of your cock slaves." Her firm globes jutted forward in an almost Michelle-like manner. "I feel like I've discovered my true calling. I'm so happy all the time that I already can't imagine living any other way."

Then she frowned. "But then, if you ordered me to be with another man, then I must obey. ... I suppose... I mean, it's my duty to obey without question. But what a terrible order!" She looked up at my face with a desperate intensity. "Please don't ever make me have to choose like that?! Please?!"

I hugged her again, and kissed her down her nose. "Of course not, my little cupcake. I'm a selfish bastard, and I don't care who knows. You're mine and only mine. I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Oh! Dan! MASTER!" Sue Ellen was so ecstatic that she started kissing me with such passion that I nearly died for lack of oxygen. She forgot all about my dick for a while as she grabbed my head with both hands. It was less like a kiss and more like she was trying to absorb me into her body through her mouth! I couldn't break the kiss or otherwise pull away if I'd tried. But I didn't mind. It was a great kiss.

However, my boner wasn't left alone. I noticed as the kiss went on that there was a feminine hand holding it and stroking it. It had to be Mindy's since Sue Ellen still had both of her hands on the back of my head.

I looked at Mindy out of the corner of my eyes.

My blonde bombshell wife looked back at me sheepishly, "Hey, I can't help it. Do you have any idea how exciting this all is for me? This is like a cucquean dream come true. I'm like the queen of the cucqueans! Hey, I like the sound of that. First off, you've all but admitted you're going to make two of your daughters your permanent sex slaves. That's HUGE! That's bigger than King Dong destroying all the women in Tokyo in one of his spermy rages! That's bigger than Mount Everest! That's one of the most pivotal decisions in our lives, because it means it's just a matter of time before you're fucking both of them in every hole! Think about that for a minute!"

I did, even though Sue Ellen was still trying to suck my soul out of me with her kiss. It was a pretty heady thought. It almost made me dizzy, thinking about my stiff dick sliding in and out of their delectable bodies while they lay underneath me, clawing, scratching, and screaming. I had a very slight preference to fuck Michelle, maybe because she was my natural daughter, but honestly, both of them were just about equally arousing and appealing. Sure, Michelle's jutting torpedoes demanded attention, but I was learning Ruby was just as much of a feisty tigress in bed. I just knew she'd be a great, tight fuck.

Then it hit me: Incest! That means I'd really commit incest, all the way! There's no denying that!

I felt a big stab of guilt, but also a secret, forbidden thrill. I was slipping far from what the Catholic Church would approve of, but I didn't really think of what we were doing as a sin, so long as everyone involved loved doing it.

Sue Ellen seemed to be aroused by the thought of me fucking her "slave-sisters," whatever that meant. In fact, she was so bowled over, she very nearly literally bowled me over. Her body surged up against mine, nearly causing me to fall backwards from my sitting position.

Mindy continued, "But that's not all! Sue Ellen, I'm SO terribly impressed with your fierce loyalty to your master. For instance, the way you deep throated him was truly inspirational. You've set an example for the other cock slaves to follow. How do you do it?"

Naturally, Sue Ellen loved that. She broke her latest kiss with me, but only to say, "Thank you, Mindy! But can we talk about that later?" She reached down and put her hands on Mindy's, which of course were stroking over my shaft. "I have so much master cock here that needs some serious, SERIOUS serving and pleasuring!"

Before anyone could say or do anything, Sue Ellen had repositioned herself so quickly it was like she'd been transported like they do in Star Trek. One second, she was hugging me, the next second, she was lying down, with Mindy's hands out of the way and her mouth about four inches down my cock! I suppose it was her athleticism that enabled her to move like that.

Mindy laughed heartily, even as Sue Ellen groaned loudly and lustily. "Good God, I'm loving this! Honey, when this started, I must admit, I'd hoped you'd regularly be fucking every female in our family and Cindy's family before long, but I never imagined all this cock slave stuff would come to be. It's so... precious! And just perfect!" She giggled and laughed gleefully even more.

It's weird how the women in my life had a habit of leaving little clues for me by making technically honest but cleverly worded or misleading statements. I should have thought through just what "fucking every female in our family" meant. But I had good reason to be distracted, with the way Sue Ellen was licking and bobbing her way down and down and down my shaft.

My wife then started clapping enthusiastically like she'd just witnessed an incredible touchdown pass by her favorite team to win the Super Bowl. But she was clapping for the way Sue Ellen was deep throating me again. "YES!" She pumped her fist, just like she really was watching an exciting sporting event. "You go, girl! ... Damn! Just look at that! Honey, I'm so dizzy! Knowing that your fat cock is literally IN HER NECK! I can actually SEE THE BULGE it's making in the front of her throat!"

She added a little calmer (but only a little), "I'd written deep throating off as impossible to do, or, at the very least, extremely unpleasant, when it came to a super thick cock like yours. But maybe I should reconsider. I feel like I'm missing out. Sue Ellen looks like she's having a ball!"

Sue Ellen gave another thumbs up in Mindy's general direction. Sue Ellen had her eyes closed, and was so preoccupied sliding back and forth on me that she probably only had the vaguest idea where Mindy was even sitting.

Min giggled. She reached out and lightly tugged on my balls. "Oooh! I'm having a ball too. Actually, two of them!" She giggled some more.

I was so far gone with pleasure that I was speechless. Forget what my wife was doing to my balls - Sue Ellen's deep throating was like the best of pussy fucking and blowjobs, combined. This was especially true now that Sue Ellen was getting used to it, and she managed to get her tongue fully involved. It seemed like my cockhead was fucking a tight tunnel (which it in fact was), while Sue Ellen's lips and tongue were able to deliver all the moves and pleasures of a blowjob on top of that. I had no idea what I'd been missing all these years!

Mindy, though, was talkative enough for both of us. She had her face nearly on the wood floor, so she could watch Sue Ellen's deep throat from only inches away and keep playing with my balls for good measure.

She exclaimed, "If anyone ever asks me why I love being a cucquean, I wish there was some way I could just reply, 'This!' And then let them see what I'm seeing right now. Honey, I'm so hot that if you touch me, your hand is gonna burn off. I might just spontaneously burst into flames! This fuckin' ROCKS! Look at the tears streaming down her face some more. Look at her lusty expression. She NEEDS that cock! But most of all, l look at that fat thing disappear again! ALL THE FUCKING WAY DOWN HER NECK! Shit! I wouldn't believe it if I couldn't see it with my own eyes!"

Still fascinated even more than I was, Mindy let go of my balls and placed her hand lightly on the front of Sue Ellen's neck. She asked her, "Is it okay if I can do this?"

Sue Ellen made another thumbs up.

Mindy squealed excitedly, "Oh God! Ohmigod! I can actually feel it! Dan, I can FEEL your cock in her neck! I can feel it! How crazy great is THAT?!"

I still didn't understand my wife's cucquean fetish in the slightest, but, as usual, I wasn't about to complain. Looking at the child-like joy on Mindy's face, you'd think Sue Ellen had managed to levitate my entire body or something. Bizarre!

"Oh. My. GOD!" Mindy breathed, awestruck. "It's going so far down!"

I realized then that my wife still had her hand caressing Sue Ellen's neck, distended due to my thickness. I could even lightly feel the pressure of her fingers stroking my penis through Sue Ellen's neck.

Sue Ellen flashed another silent thumbs up sign, since she didn't even have the freedom to nod in her position. Despite her flowing tears, one could see the lust and joy on her face.

"Wow..." Mindy whispered, reverently.

I was pretty awed as well. I found myself idly wondering just how many inches there were to go between the tip of my cockhead and the opening to her stomach. This whole deep throating was an anatomical miracle that was beyond my understanding.

I stiffened and struggled, trying to prolong the joy. I muttered encouragingly, "That's good, Cupcake. Just like that!"

Mindy was astute. "Hey! That's the second time you've called her that. Is that your new nickname for her? Cupcake?"

"Yep," I replied happily.

Thinking about Mindy, I remembered that I still needed to finish the spanking. But I also realized that with the way Sue Ellen was sucking me like it was her last act on Earth, the rest of the spanking would just have to be finished after I'd climaxed. I was fine with that. It wouldn't be as much fun for me that way, but Sue Ellen's Hoover vacuum mouth was more than making up for that. I could still feel Mindy doing her best to massage my boner while it was inside Sue Ellen's throat.

I ask you: how could any male not cum in such a situation?!

The inevitable soon happened. As I screamed like someone had just ripped my arms off, Sue Ellen realized she couldn't hold back from breathing anymore, and pulled back. It was just in time too, as I started shooting off into her mouth right as she finished pulling back.

But she wasn't done. After she gasped for air, she went right back bobbing, somehow managing to increase my pleasure even though I was already in the midst of an Earth-shaking orgasm.

Mindy, not surprisingly, was laughing and clapping like she was a five-year-old being shown a new magic trick. "Look! Look! Keep sliding, girl! Faster! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Honey, see how her cheeks collapsed? God, she must be sucking with the force of a hurricane!"

She was. Damn! I felt like my dick was actually stretching and lengthening, she was sucking it so intensely. Even after I ran out of cum and my penis started to go flaccid, she still kept going as long as she could.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, gmbusman, Yellow Peril, Ric, Johnny Galt, and Wayac, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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