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Chapter 76

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

But after all of my wife's laughing (admittedly, good natured laughing), I was the one who got the last laugh. Once my orgasm had ended and Sue Ellen and I had somewhat recovered, I said to Sue Ellen, "Now, kiss my wife on her lips, Cupcake. Share any cum, if you've still got it. That's an order."

"Yes, Master!" With a delighted giggle and a great big smile, Sue Ellen sat up and mashed her big tits against Mindy's.

Mindy held her hands up defensively, and tried to scoot back, but all in vain. "No, no, you don't really have to do that. Really!"

But Sue Ellen wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, and soon, the two of them were necking like they'd been lesbian lovers for years.

The sight before me would have given even a mummy an erection. Unfortunately, at the moment, my penis was deader than that of a thousands-of-years old mummified pharaoh. As for the rest of me, I had to harbor my strength for the spanking I was planning on giving my smirky wife. I would have loved to feel up their curvy and athletic bodies as they kissed and mashed their big tits together, but I was too wiped out to even do that.

The two of them were so into it that they might have kissed all night, but Mindy was curious about the deep throating. Between kisses, she asked Sue Ellen, "That was so cool! How did you do that? Did you like it? No, did you love it?!"

She squealed, and shook my wife excitedly. "YES! I totally loved it! It's even BETTER than sucking him in the normal way!"

They kissed for a while after that, so I had to wait before the questioning continued. I noticed my wife was kneading Sue Ellen's boobs like she was a baker kneading bread. Sue Ellen by contrast was running her hand all over Mindy's backside, including as much of her bare ass as she could reach, given that Mindy was sitting.

As soon as that kiss was broken, Sue Ellen turned to me and went after my lips like it was a life or death matter. Her kiss literally took my breath away, because I was too overwhelmed to remember to breathe at first.

She broke it off to let me catch my breath, and gushed, "Master! Oh, Master! I don't know why you're calling me 'Cupcake' of all things, but I totally love it! That makes me love you even more than before! Say it again, please!"


"Oooh! I'm getting goose bumps all over! Say it again!"


She kissed my lips once more, nearly suffocating me again with her ardent passion. It was like she was trying to stick her tongue as far down my throat as my cock had just been down hers.

Mindy asked me, "Honey, why 'Cupcake' and not something else?"

Sue Ellen released me from her nuclear kiss, very curious to hear the answer.

"I dunno, it just popped into my head. Sue Ellen, maybe it's because you're so cute, and sweet, and when I look at you, I wanna eat you all up."

Sure, I was being a little flowery, but I still meant it all sincerely. She inspired me, especially when she smiled. She was smart, but what I really liked was that her emotions were simple, direct, and honest. Whenever she smiled, one could see her radiant happiness as plain as day. And she somehow remained innocent and pure despite all the lewd sex acts she loved so much.

Her reaction could only be described as a non-physical orgasm. She squealed, and hugged and kissed me some more. The joyous look on her face was priceless.

She might have kissed me forever, except Mindy tapped her shoulder and asked her, "So, how did the deep throating feel exactly? Was it hard to do? How did it start? Tell me everything!"

Sue Ellen was all puffed up and proud, like someone who had just been a hero and was able to tell the heroic tale to an adoring crowd. "Well, it wasn't that hard, surprisingly enough, considering his thickness. It's just that I was sucking on the King, and I got so excited that I knew I had to have more! Do more! I just wasn't making love to Dan's cock ENOUGH, you know? Michelle proved that getting him in her throat was physically possible, so I reckoned if she could do it, I could do it too. I lunged down deeper, and all of a sudden, I could feel his thickness all the way down inside my neck!"

"I KNOW!" Mindy said excitedly. "I could see it, and even feel it! That was the coolest thing ever!"

Sue Ellen beamed. She was holding my penis and playing with it, even though it was completely flaccid. It was like she felt happier just to be touching it, no matter what its state was. "Yeah. It was pretty cool. I got so excited, and I came really hard, because I knew right then, I mean, I KNEW, that I was deep throating my master! And from talking to Ruby and Michelle, I knew no one had really done that successfully before, at least more than a few seconds." She turned to me. "Is it true? Was I your first?!"

I nodded, but clarified, "Kind of. I'd have to say you tie with Michelle. I imagine she told you already, but just to confirm, she got it down her throat, but only for a couple of seconds before she freaked out about breathing. She and Ruby kept trying, but not really succeeding. But you, you took it to a whole 'nother level."

Apparently, that answer was good enough for her, and then some.

"YES!" She pumped a fist high in the air again, setting her big melons flying. Then she kissed Mindy on the lips again, probably because those lips happened to be right there for her.

I waited patiently until the next break between kisses. I was still recovering from my supernova orgasm.

This time, Sue Ellen didn't even wait for another question, but gushed, "At first, it was pretty freaky, especially because the King is so unusually thick. I was thinking that I could actually choke to death, for real! But then I heard Dan moaning loudly, and I knew just how good I was making my master feel, and I knew I had to keep going! I just HAD to! And the amazing thing is, after a few seconds, the panic passed and I realized it wasn't that hard to do after all. I mean, yeah sure, it was super hard, and scary, but doable. It was like the first time I went bungee jumping, but that's a whole other story. Anyway, Mindy, you totally have to try it! It's a blast!"

Mindy chuckled and said, "Literally." She brought a hand down from Sue Ellen's tits and patted her tummy. "I'll bet your stomach is a little lake of sperm now."

Not surprisingly, Sue Ellen really loved that idea (and seemed to take it literally!). "You think? Ain't that the berries!" She kissed my wife again.

They necked like two long-lost lovers. Sue Ellen's hands wandered all over Mindy, while Mindy's focused just on Sue Ellen's magnificent tits.

When that kiss ended, I spoke up. "So, Min, I'm sorry to have made Sue Ellen kiss you like that. You must have hated it."

Mindy suddenly blushed, and took her hands off Sue Ellen's soft and squeezable tits like they'd been scalded. Then she disengaged from the rest of Sue Ellen as politely as she could. "Uh, er... Well... Sorry!"

I chuckled. "Don't worry about it." I could have said more to mollify her, but I got a kick out of her being so conflicted about lesbian activity, and didn't want her to get over that too fast. Instead, I said, "Frankly, I wouldn't mind if you kissed each other all night, except for one thing. You both have a spanking you're trying to wiggle out of."

"Oh yeah," they both said contritely. But they seemed a lot more enthusiastic than disappointed about it.

I directed them, "Mindy, you get back on all fours like the way you were before. And Sue Ellen, you get on all fours too, and imitate her pose."

In mere seconds, the two of them were positioned side by side. I hadn't even mentioned that part, but they knew that was what I wanted. I thought, Damn! Life is fuckin' good! I can easily see all of this going to my head, but I'll worry about that later. Right now, I'm gonna enjoy every last minute of pure bliss. Hell yeah!

I positioned myself on my knees between them. I think we all knew this was a sexy spanking, and not a 'real' spanking, but to point that out explicitly would ruin a lot of the fun. So I just said, "Min, I believe you were up to four. But now I'll have to start over."

She asked me with some concern, "Just how many times are you planning on smacking me? My ass is still red from what you did last night, you evil brute."

Sue Ellen quietly whispered to her with great concern, "You can't call him that!" She obviously didn't yet understand all of the teasing or joking verbal rapport my wife and I shared.

"As many as I feel like," I replied to my wife, pretending I hadn't heard that whisper. "Got a problem with that?"

"No... Master."

I spoke to Mindy, but only in my thoughts, Damn you! You're a devil woman, you know that? If you keep that up, you're gonna make me hard again, and I thought for sure that was physically impossible. But do you really mean it, or is this just more role-play talk? To have even you, my loving wife, call me "Master" would be the ultimate!

I reconsidered, Even though that's not what I really want, since I much prefer her as my soulmate and best friend, not a slave. Still, it would be fun if she could slip in and out of that mode from time to time.

Surging with a sense of power, I turned Sue Ellen's way, and said to her, "As for you, your devotion to me is greatly appreciated. However, we cannot forget your planned treachery."

That comment immediately destroyed her jubilant mood as quickly as popping a bubble. "I'm so sorry!"

It looked like she was going to tear up again, and I didn't want that to happen. Her face was still wet with various tears of sadness, joy, and exertion. I quickly added, "Silence! And don't worry about it. You are forgiven. But just to make sure you don't slip up again, a firm spanking is called for."

"Yes, Master! I've been bad. Very bad! I'll do anything you want me to do. Anything!" Suddenly, her sadness was mostly forgotten in her eagerness to experience a sexy spanking, and she started to wiggle her ass excitedly.

I thought, not for the first time, and not for the last, Wow, what luck, stumbling onto her. She's a master's wet dream! And what a fine, firm ass!

I added, "I don't think one spanking will be enough, especially since your deep throat has left me in far too happy a mood to really spank you like you need to be spanked. But I'll give you one now, just to remind you what you'll have to endure tomorrow."

"Yes!" she hissed excitedly. Then, remembering the spanking was supposed to be a punishment, she quickly added, "Er, I mean, whatever you say, Master. If you must. You're the boss. No, that's not enough. You're the slave owner." Her pretend distress was comical, because her real emotions were always so easy to read.

I began spanking both of them at once. I could have systematically taken turns on them, always one and then the other, but instead I struck at random. I might give Mindy three whacks in a row before giving Sue Ellen one, for instance. But I gave Sue Ellen more, since I was supposed to be "madder" at her. (In fact, I'd temporarily forgotten why I was spanking Mindy in the first place.)

And I varied up my timing, so they never knew when the next slap would come. The only certainty was that I always gave them time to say the number of the spank, and then, "Thank you, Master. May I please have another?" This actually became a challenge for them: since there were two spank counts going on at the same time, plus everyone was so horny, that it was easy for them to get confused with the numbering.

This was especially true the longer the spankings went on, because I wasn't just smacking their asses. I spent as much time or more fingering their pussies, clits, and assholes. Sometimes, I would finger one while delivering the next slap to the other. Both of them slipped up and had to repeat their counts on several different occasions. It was a constant and continually unpredictable mixture of pleasure and pain.

Mindy and I had both dried out from being in the hot tub. But still, we should have been cold just from the fact that we were naked outside and night had fallen. This may sound corny, but I believe the sexual heat warmed us up.

I was pretty much able to tell when each of them came the first time, and then the second time. Before long, it seemed like both of them were pretty much cumming non-stop, and I don't think that was far from the truth.

In fact, eventually Mindy cried, "No more! Please! I can't take it anymore!" She wasn't referring to the number of smacks, but to the number of orgasms. "Have mercy on my pussy! Too sensitive!"

Sue Ellen was in a similar state, especially since I'd slapped her ass more. Mindy got over fifty smacks, but Sue Ellen got closer to seventy-five. And while that sounds like a lot, keep in mind the spanking was designed for pleasure, not to really hurt. Still, their asses were a nice cherry red by the end. I was beginning to really like that particular shade and color of spanked skin.

They both collapsed from their raised positions down to the floor. Soon, Sue Ellen reached out, found Mindy's hand, and squeezed it. "Can you believe we survived that?"

"I know!" Mindy replied, with sweat pouring down her face like she'd just run a 10K race. (However, she didn't show any tears, unlike Sue Ellen's very teary face.) "I thought I was going to orgasm to death!"

Sue Ellen gushed, "Is Dan the greatest master ever, or what?! This was a totally great bonding experience between us. Do you feel closer to me? 'Cos I feel closer to you. It's like... we're bonded together in perfect submission before our master! It's so loving, yet, really sexy!"

Min looked a bit uncomfortable with that. "Well, I don't know about all that. But it was sexy, that's for sure. And I do feel bonded closer to you."

By process of elimination, it seemed my wife didn't feel comfortable thinking of me as her master. That was fine with me, since I thought of her and wanted her much more as a wife than a cock slave. But I could guess it would cause trouble with the harem in the future.

Sue Ellen finally wiped the tears from her face as she eagerly asked, "Do you think other masters are anywhere this good?"

"No. Definitely not." My wife confessed, "I did a little Internet research out of curiosity after DL, er, I mean Michelle, started e-mailing me a lot of stories of an erotic nature. And I got the definite impression that we've got a real one in a million. But he's like that as a husband too."

I snorted, even though I was pleased. "You're just saying that 'cos you know I'm listening."


Sue Ellen pointed out, "But that was before he became a master, right?"

Mindy said, "Yes, I should have been clearer. What I mean is, surfing around the Internet, trying to learn more about dominance and submission, I got the impression most so-called 'masters' are jerks. A lot of them get off on hurting others. A typical submissive moves from master to master, rarely finding one she's happy with."

Sue Ellen looked surprised. "Really? That is so weird! I can't even conceive of belonging to anyone but Dan. Mike is already starting to fade from my memory like a bad dream."

She abruptly switched topics. "You know what I loved most about that spanking? Even better than all the orgasms was knowing that Dan was taking firm and total control of both of us, and showing us our place! Oh, but that's not all! Almost as great as that was the bonding."

She grasped Mindy's hand again and squeezed it tightly. "We share the same bond of being totally and utterly dominated and loved by the same man. Can you still feel it? It's like a... glow!"

"I can," Mindy replied, seemingly very sincere and emotional about it. There was a startled yet pleased expression on her face.

Sue Ellen continued, "You know what? You should consider becoming an official cock slave. I know it must be beyond a living dream being his wife-"

"Well, except for when he leaves the toilet seat up," Mindy joked.

But Sue Ellen was in such a serious mood that it was like she didn't even hear that. "But there's no reason why you can't be his wife AND one of his cock slaves too! Then you'd have the best of both worlds!"

Min replied tolerantly, "Thanks, but I like it as it is. But now that you mention it, technically speaking, Cindy is the only official cock slave. Only she has gone through a formal ceremony and officially pledged her body and soul to serve her master."

Sue Ellen abruptly sat up and turned to look at me. Her face was full of concern. "Master, is that true? Am I one of your official slaves, or not?" As if to influence my decision, she sat up on her heels, pinned her arms back, thrust her ample tits out, and bowed her head submissively.

I gave her a dismissive look, like she had nothing to worry about. "You are. If you remember the first time I fucked you, you made a pledge."

She looked almost disappointed to hear that, which surprised me.

Luckily, I quickly deduced what she wanted, and added, "However, we could have a ceremony like the one Cindy had, to make it more official for you. That is, if you'd like that, my sweet Cupcake."

"Yes, I'd love that! So very, very much!" She crawled over to me, her tits hanging low the whole way, and pretty much enveloped me like a horny octopus. "Could we do it tomorrow already? Please? Pretty please?! Now that Mindy's brought it up, I just won't feel right until it's all as official and legal as can be."

I replied, "Well, it's certainly not legal. I don't think the state of California would approve! But as for official... I dunno. What do you think, Sweetheart? Is tomorrow wise, given this ongoing conflict with the Gruesome Twosome?"

Mindy sat up. "Tomorrow, definitely! I'd been about to make that very suggestion. We could actually use that as leverage to help get them to crack. Once they see what's happening to Sue Ellen, they'll want their own ceremony so badly that they'll just about lose their minds. It'll be perfect."

I suspected she had a good point with that. I looked at Sue Ellen. "What do you think? Can you help us bring those two to heel?"

"Certainly! Now that I know you're not really going to go through with your terrible plan, I'm in total support. I'm your eyes and ears, and anything else you want me to be. A cock slave belongs at her master's feet, totally broken, tamed, controlled, and loving it! Just like me! I love Michelle and Ruby like sisters already, but they do need to be brought to heel. I can't wait to see you put those two in their proper place!"

She kissed me on my lips, but tenderly and lovingly.

I could relate to this bonding talk, because kisses like that were certainly bonding us together. I had known her for such a short time, but I already would have been crushed to do without her. She was more than just another buxom, sexy girl to fuck and dominate; I truly liked her and cared about her. Maybe that's why I gave her the 'Cupcake' name, to help show she was special to me. If you could just see her smile, it was impossible not to feel like you were falling in love with her.

A few minutes later, after some small talk, I suggested, "I'm starting to feel cold. I suggest we either get back in the hot water, or go inside. Hey, by the way, Sue Ellen, what brought you out here in the first place? Weren't you going to ask us something?"

"Yes, Master. I got a call on my cell phone from a coworker. She wanted to see if I could take her shift at the restaurant tonight. I thought I might, since I was nervous being around with the whole crisis going on. But I wanted to ask permission and see if I was needed for anything. It's a moot point now, though."

"Oh," I replied, feeling a bit foolish for only finding out about that now. "You should have spoken up earlier, if it was time sensitive. But speaking of jobs, what about the others? Don't tell me they all skipped work!"

"No," Sue Ellen explained. "Cindy left hours ago, well before Mindy got home. She's going to hand in her resignation today, you know. She wanted to talk to you about it, but decided not to with the whole crisis thing going on. She's vowed to stick with the others too."

"Has she?" I asked. "Hmmm. We'll see about that. And the Gruesome Twosome?"

"Ruby was supposed to work, but she was able to call someone else and swap shifts. Michelle didn't have to work today, luckily. So I imagine the two of them are still upstairs, consoling each other."

Our little hot tub gathering broke up not long after that.

Sue Ellen washed up, put her clothes back on, and went to work helping Mindy make dinner. Actually, she ended up making most of the dinner, since my wife was still overwhelmed from her orgasmic overload. Sue Ellen had gone through the same thing (and actually more smacks), but her athletic and younger body apparently was able to recover faster.

As for me, I went to the kitchen and asked Mindy, "Sweetheart, could I borrow Sue Ellen for a few minutes?"

Mindy spun around to me and barked, "How DARE you!"

That surprised the heck out of me, until she continued, "How dare you treat her like that, as if you don't totally own her already? Since she's your possession, how can you borrow her? It's not possible."

Sue Ellen just about melted with pure lust, hearing those words.

Smirking at me, Mindy slapped Sue Ellen on her tender behind and said, "Go to your master, you sexy little slut. I'll handle the rest of making dinner just fine. But let me know if an extra hand or tongue or pussy is needed."

Wow, I thought. Things are definitely... different around here!

Sue Ellen gashed, "Mindy, you're soooo cool! I love it! Thanks for being so understanding."

"No sweat." Mindy waved a hand dismissively. I could see that she was very delighted, but she tried to act cool about it.

Sue Ellen and I headed to the den, but before we even had a chance to sit down, I said to her, "Please, keep your clothes on. I want to talk, and just talk. Before our hot tub fun, you were part of the cock slave 'pow wow' as I think you called it. Do you have any good info on their future schemes, or anything like that?"

She considered that, but then she shook her head no. "Unfortunately, not really, Master. I mean, a lot of it was Mindy, Cindy, and I consoling them and trying to get them to stop crying. But they cried and cried and cried. After that, they turned their attention to getting the rest of us to pledge to support them in defeating your 'stupid dating stinky boys plan' as they called it. Michelle eventually perked up, but only to deliver an inspiring speech of sorts about the need for unity on this. It ended with a big, platonic, group hug and some inspiring proclamations. You know, 'We cock slaves will stand together forever,' complete with punching our fists in the air. She could make a really good inspirational speaker, by the way. She's so passionate and heartfelt."

I grumbled, "I know. That's the problem, in this case. So they didn't discuss future plans at all?"

"No. Nothing beyond platitudes like 'this injustice will not stand,' and 'we've got to do something soon.' There were lots of vague comments like that. But, frankly, I reckon they don't fully trust Mindy or me. They're very clever. Why should they tell any of us unless they specifically need our help? 'Loose lips sink ships' and all that."

"Hmmm," I replied, pondering that. "That's what I feared. They're both smart, there's no doubt about that. I just wish they used their smarts for more than just cock slave plotting. But maybe if you talk to them some more tonight you might learn more?"

"Possibly," she said. "Especially if Mindy isn't there. Hey, Master, you know what? What if I go up there right now and tell them all about what we did out by the hot tub? Minus all the talk, of course. No way will I reveal what you told us, not even if they torture me. But I'm sure they're dying to hear what happened. Remember that her bedroom isn't that far from the hot tub. It's a bit too far to hear any normal conversation, especially when the hot tub was running, but they must have heard all the sexy screaming. And once they get all horny, they're more likely to open up on their plans."

"Good thinking. The only downside is that dinner is almost ready. Why don't you try that after we eat?"

She nodded happily.

I took a long shower, and decided to spend most of the rest of the evening chilling out. It had been an intense and emotional day, to say the least.

After the shower, I went to Michelle's door and knocked on it. "Shelle? Ruby? It's me. Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"NO!" Michelle shouted. "You're mean! You're terrible! I hate you!"

That distressed me, even though I knew she was prone to getting very emotional and overreacting easily. I said, "Well, I know we're having a big disagreement, but remember that I love you no matter what. And also remember that we all still need to eat food. Dinner will be ready soon."

Michelle said dramatically, "I have no need for food! If my master is going to pawn me out to filthy boys like a whore, I'd rather die of starvation than slowly dying of shame and heartbreak! Go away!"

"What about you, Ruby?"

"Um, what she said."

I could tell from Ruby's voice that she was much more interested in eating, but she felt obliged to support her sister. I decided not to push it. "Well, we'll bring you both trays and leave them outside the door. You can decide what to do with them. Oh, and by the way, are you both still my cock slaves, or not?"

There was a long pause. Apparently, they hadn't really given that any thought yet.

Finally, Michelle said, "Well, yes, but under protest!"

Then her voice turned soft and wistful. "I'll always be your cock slave, Daddy. Always! You should know that by now, I hope. I love you so much! My body was built to serve you and give you pleasure. That's why God gave me these big honkin' tits, and just all around superior genetics."

Then her voice turned harsh again. "But if you persist in your, your... insanity, there's no telling! I might do something drastic! I love you, and I love serving you, but I'm not going to obey you if you ask me to jump off a cliff, and that's exactly what you're doing!"

"What about you, Red?" I asked Ruby.

"I feel the same. And I'm sticking with her!" she said with defiant spirit. "And don't try to weaken my resolve by calling me 'Red.' Your tricks won't work on me, so there!" She was sounding much more passionate than her tone just moments before; apparently Michelle's little speech had inspired her.

I spoke through the door, "Well, here's how it is. As long as I'm still your master and you're my slaves, you need to obey my commands. Now, I haven't actually asked either of you to immediately date boys, so you don't have to worry about what to do on that just yet. If you want to shut yourself in your room and starve tonight, I'll let that slide, since you're upset and need time alone. But you've been difficult slaves today, so keep in mind that you will pay tomorrow. Know that I plan to tie you both up with lots of rope and give you the spanking of your lives to remind you that I'm still your master!"

I let that sink in. I knew both of them loved being spanked and bound too much to turn that opportunity down. In fact, that would probably be in their thoughts and fantasies in the hours to come.

"Well?" I prodded. When there was no reply, I said, "If you've got a problem with that, say something now. Otherwise, expect to get properly spanked tomorrow, and every day until you stop your foolish complaining. I'm your master, and I know what's best for you."

"It's not 'foolish complaining!'" Michelle yelled through the door. "You're the one who's being foolish and crazy! We have a legitimate complaint. Sex slaves should NEVER be shared, period!"

"We'll see. Are you both working tomorrow? And when? I need to know so I'll know when to spank your asses."

Ruby grudgingly said, "I'm supposed to have a shift that starts at noon."

After a pause, Michelle said, "I am too, but I'm not going! That job sucks! It's totally lame and stupid and foolish, just like you!"

"We'll see about that. Get a good night's sleep tonight, because I don't think you'll be able to sit or lie down very much tomorrow."

There was no reply to that, so I walked away.

Later, I considered the result of that discussion. I don't think either of them realized I would try to continue to assert my master privileges while they were "rebelling." I realized I could use their spanking lusts as a foot in the door to interact with them face to face and perhaps weaken their willpower. At the very least, it wouldn't hurt to try. I wasn't used to all these wild "cock slave" beliefs, but I had to try to use them to my advantage.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, gmbusman, Yellow Peril, Ric, Johnny Galt, and Wayac, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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