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Chapter 77

(Wednesday, May 29th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

The rest of the evening turned out to be fairly uneventful for me, at least from a sexual point of view. Sue Ellen's amazing deep throat action had pretty much sucked every last shred of sexual energy out of me, so there was no further hanky panky.

Mindy, Sue Ellen, and I had a nice, non-sexual dinner. We had no shortage of things to talk about. Imagine you married someone you barely knew. Then, after the wedding night, you have a million questions about the person you know you're going to spend the rest of your life with. That's just how it felt.

The more time I spent with Sue Ellen, the more she impressed me. It was becoming clear that she'd had a very sheltered and isolated childhood growing up in her rural hamlet in Georgia. As a result, she hadn't been able to reach her full potential. Now that she was out in the wider world, she was making up for lost time and taking in everything like a sponge. I got the impression that she was unusually smart and perceptive. She should have gone to higher ranked college, except the poor quality of her schools had held her back some.

It was a real delight talking to her and discovering just what a diamond in the rough she was. She also was very interested in my career as an author and wanted to know all about it. Naturally, that was flattering and fun to discuss. In fact, I would have been happy to talk to her all evening, but she had a "spy mission" to accomplish.

Ruby and Michelle didn't leave Michelle's room that evening, as far as I could see (although Mindy told me they did eat some food from the trays we left them - so much for the hunger strike idea). Ruby slept there rather than going back to her own home.

In a way, that was a relief for me, because it gave me a respite from more emotional drama.

Sue Ellen's 'spy mission' was to go to Michelle's room and try to get them to reveal future plans, using the description of what Mindy, she, and I did by the hot tub to get things going.

As Sue Ellen later explained to me the next day, things didn't go as hoped. The Gruesome Twosome certainly were eager enough to hear her tale. In fact, they hit her with a barrage of questions about it pretty much as soon as she started knocking on their door. It was just as Sue Ellen had thought: Michelle's room was close enough to the hot tub so they could hear our sexual cries, but it was far enough so they couldn't hear the conversation. Sue Ellen gave them a detailed blow by blow, with all the conversation relating to my secret intentions about the 'dating boys' idea I had revealed left out.

I wasn't too surprised to hear that got all three of them extremely horny. Michelle, being as stubborn as she is, tried to hold out. She said it broke the spirit of their 'sex boycott' to masturbate while hearing a hot story about me controlling and spanking two of my women. However, Sue Ellen's account was so arousing that it destroyed Michelle's resistance like a mine blowing a rowboat out of the water. Before long, all three of them were naked and frantically masturbating.

But even that wasn't enough. When Sue Ellen got to describing how I spanked and fingerbanged both her and Mindy at the same time, and even got up and turned around to show off her still-red ass, the Gruesome Twosome lost it. They both launched themselves at her ass, and suddenly a three-way lesbian orgy was on.

Unfortunately, Sue Ellen was skimpy on the details after that. She said it wouldn't do to tell me a "totally hot story" when my penis was in no condition to appreciate it. She also said that she didn't want to rob the impact from when I saw something like that in the flesh for the first time.

So that was a bummer, although I had to agree with her reasoning. But the even more disappointing thing was she said they got into each other so much that she forgot all about her 'spy mission' and the topic of future schemes never even came up.

I had to talk Sue Ellen down from beating herself up about it. I told her that one has to walk before one can run, and it was good for her to sexually and emotionally bond with them in any case. She felt a lot better after hearing that. (Plus, calling her 'Cupcake' a lot helped cheer her up.) And it was a valid point, especially since it sounded like they did bond in both ways. Sue Ellen even wound up spending the night, sleeping in the middle of a sweaty and exhausted tangle of bodies.

There was some drama from Cindy later that night too. She came back to our house after we'd finished dinner, dressed in only slightly sexy clothes. Her attitude towards me was conflicted, to say the least. She defiantly announced that she was sticking with her 'sister cock slaves' (they were all calling each other 'sisters' lately, even though none of them were genetically related), and she would have nothing to do with me until I gave up my 'absurd demand' for the two girls to date boys.

I pointed out to Cindy that she'd been the only one to fully support me on the dating boys plan up until a couple of days ago.

"Yes," she grudgingly admitted. "But things were different then. I hadn't been fully tamed and enslaved back then. I hadn't even begun to understand what it means to be a sex slave, YOUR slave. Besides, even then I felt it wasn't going to happen, but I went along with what you said so you wouldn't think I was weird. It was a, uh, difficult transitional time for me. But I know better now."

Hearing Cindy, for so long a good friend yet a seemingly unobtainable, secret object of desire, casually talk about being 'a sex slave, YOUR slave,' sent shivers down my spine. What a thrill! But I kept my cool, and said, "If you've been 'fully tamed and enslaved,' as you just said, then you should obey me on this too."

"Yes, I'm still your cock slave; that'll never change. But I'm not so blinded by your incredible cock and your all around sexual prowess and loving ways to think you'd never make a mistake. This is a huge mistake, and you know it! I believe it's just a matter of time until you see the light. You're a smart guy. Asking those two adorable slaves to kiss boys - or more! - is just nuts! Sheesh."

She shook her head sadly, as if in total disbelief of my stupidity. "If we stick together in sisterly solidarity, hopefully you'll come to your senses faster. No master is perfect, you know."

I was actually glad to hear that kind of attitude, even though it was a bother in the short term. It looked like Cindy had her head screwed on right more than any of the others, including my wife (or maybe I should say especially my wife!). I needed help from her with that kind of reality check thinking. But, unfortunately, I couldn't tell her that just yet. It suited my purposes to have her on their side for now.

She asked, "Mindy, where do you stand? You're with us, right? The cool girls." She smiled and winked.

Mindy replied, "Well, to be honest, I'm kind of sitting on the fence. On one hand, I also agree that Dan is totally wrong on this. You don't make your sex slaves kiss boys, period, no matter how well meaning you are. But on the other hand, I'm his wife, and we support each other and present a united front. Luckily, he's allowed me to sit this one out as much as I can."

"Fair enough," Cindy replied, shrugging.

Actually, that wasn't entirely true. We'd decided that Mindy and Sue Ellen should hide the fact they were with me, for the time being. That way, when they 'flipped' during Sue Ellen's initiation ceremony and other such events, it would be more shocking and influential.

I also felt I could 'flip' Cindy if I really pushed the issue, but I knew I'd need to be in top form to do so. Most importantly, I needed to be sexually active and tempting, and I was neither right now. (Give me a break - I needed a rest!) Also, it would have more impact if she flipped later. So I let her 'rebellion' slide without much comment.

Even though Cindy was trying to defy me on that, she was still feeling very needy towards me, especially because of her job. I'd been the one who'd told her she needed to quit her job immediately, due to both her slimy boss and her lousy pay. Plus, it was only part-time, and she needed better hours than that.

I'd been surprised that she'd gone and quit right in the middle of the 'rebellion.' But since she had, it was something I needed to help her with. I immediately made that clear to her. After she'd explained her last day at work in detail, I said, "Cin, I was the one who said you should quit. I also said I'd help get you a new job. I stand by that. I'm proud of you for acting so decisively, especially given your history of waffling."

She replied, "To be honest, you've given me strength. I know it sounds corny, but now that I'm your cock slave, I look at everything differently. For instance, even though my boss was a louse with wandering hands, I still looked up to him and even respected him just because he was my superior. Now I realize that was my natural submissiveness being channeled in the wrong direction. I feel soooo much better tonight! I couldn't care less about him now. And I'm not even afraid about finding a new job, because you're my master and I know you won't let me down."

I thought, Uh-oh. I have a feeling there's gonna be some blowback from unrealistic expectations. I don't walk on water! I'm gonna have to redouble my efforts to get her a good job, and fast. And that's double of nothing, 'cos I haven't done jack yet.

I said, "Remember, I may be your master, but I still put my pants on one leg at a time every morning, like everyone else."

Cindy joked, "Except you have three legs." She looked knowingly towards my crotch.

Mindy laughed. "Good one!" She high-fived Cindy, since she happened to be sitting next to her. Running with the joke, she acted all annoyed as she explained, "It's so hard trying to buy clothes for him, you know. You should see the looks on the faces of the employees at The Gap when I go in there and ask for three-legged jeans for my husband. But it's not so bad, now that they've opened that specialty store for well-hung men at the local mall. You know the one: 'Big and Thick.'"

We all had a good laugh at that, especially her play on the 'Big and Tall' specialty stores.

However, I tried to seriously resume the conversation. "Cindy, I'm going to do all I can to get you a new job, right away. In fact, I'll devote my full attention to that tomorrow. Between your looks, your smarts, your talents, and your all around desirability, we should have no problem at all."

Cindy looked away, delightfully embarrassed with the praise. "I'm not all that."

I took her hand. "Yes you are."

Mindy coughed. "Cindy, before the two of you start fucking like bunnies, you're supposed to be mad at Dan, remember? What's with that lovey-dovey look on your face?"

She laughed at Cindy's fingers-caught-in-the-cookie-jar expression, and then spoke to me. "But in any case, I have a suggestion that could solve Cindy's problem. Honey, the fact is, whether you allow Ruby, Sue Ellen, and/or Cindy to live here or not - and I definitely think you should - the fact is, they're going to be here many hours of the day regardless. And that means a lot more work, more cooking and cleaning that needs to be done. But who's gonna do it? Me, with my full time job already? No thanks."

Getting to her point, she said, "Remember when you initiated Cindy into her slavery, and you gave her that spanking? Remember how the idea came up that she should be your full time maid, catering to your every need?"

"The idea didn't just 'come up' all by itself," I pointed out. "You were the one who suggested it."

My wife played dumb, but she couldn't help but grin a little bit. "I did? Oh yeah, perhaps it was me."

I needled her playfully, "You have the most interesting selective memory."

"Do I? Oh, what was that? Did you just say something to me just now? I forget already."

We all chuckled at that.

She went on. "But in any case, Honey, why can't Cindy be a maid in reality? Can't you just picture her in a French maid outfit with a duster and frilly white cap and everything? And I don't mean a regular French maid outfit, either. I'm talking about the erotic kind, like the one Sue Ellen was wearing that day."

"That was a Halloween costume," I pointed out.

"Yeah, but so what? It's sexy! It's exactly the sort of think a slave maid should wear. We could even use that very outfit, at least for the time being until we get some really nice ones. Just picture her bending over your desk, ostensibly cleaning with it her duster, but really focusing on showing off her huge tits spilling out her top, and her ass and pussy peeking out back as she bends. Naturally, you'd slip your fingers up her hot gash and-"

I cut in, "Whoa! Whoa! Hold on! Cin, why are you so quiet? What do you think of this idea?"

Cindy stared off into space, uncertain. "To be honest, this is the first I've heard of it. I'll have to think about it. On one hand, I like the idea of working here, and being near you so much, but on the other hand, a lot of real work would need to be done, and I have no love of cleaning house."

I said, "It's settled then. Nope! No dice. Not to knock the importance of housework, but I feel Cindy's smarts and talents could be put to better use."

Undeterred, Mindy asked her, "What about the French maid outfit though? Doesn't that make you hot and horny?"

"Of course it does," Cindy replied. "My pussy is getting moist just thinking about bending, preening, and tempting Dan until he can't take it anymore, and gives me the deep and powerful fucking I crave. But I - or any of the rest of us - can do that at any time, just for fun. And I'm sure we will. But to do that as a full-time job is an entirely different thing. I wouldn't be happy with that. I want to feel productive and not just have sex all the time."

Again, I was pleased that Cindy was at least keeping a foot in the real world. I wished my wife were as grounded as she was.

I took Cindy's hand again. "Cin, I think you're really special. I'm not saying housework isn't real work. But it's not intellectually challenging, and with your smarts, you need a job you can really sink your teeth into, and enjoy."

Cindy nodded, looking relieved.

I glanced over my shoulder towards my wife, and said to Cindy, "You've gotta be careful with her. She means well, but ever since she's been infected with this cucquean thing, she thinks from between her legs far too much. Min, were you really thinking about what kind of job would work best for Cin, or were you thinking what would be really hot?"

Mindy blushed. "Unfortunately, you know the answer. I'm guilty as sin. It's just that, ever since we were talking about it that day, I've had an image of her in that outfit." She turned to Cindy. "It would look soooo sexy on you!"

I slapped my forehead to show my chagrin. "Be that as it may, that's not how you pick a job for your best friend! Am I going to be the only sensible one around here? Sheesh!"

Cindy patted my hand. "Don't worry, I can help. I'm not as totally cock crazy as the young'uns," - she grinned at that silly word - "and I'm not a cucquean like Mindy. So I'll try to be a reality check, if you need one."

Then her face turned upset, and she poked me aggressively in the chest. "Also, like I said before, I realize you're not perfect either, mister. So if you go astray, like, say, forcing your daughters to date boys, I'm gonna call you on it, and take action!"

"Well, thank you," I replied. "Even though I disagree with you on that particular issue, I respect your position." Again, I couldn't tell her my true position, since it wasn't time to 'flip' her just yet. "As for French maid outfits, I fully support your suggestion to use them in role-plays from time to time." I winked at both of them over that idea. "And as for REAL jobs, let's do some brainstorming on that."

The three of us spent the next couple of hours discussing possibilities, and looking up information on the Internet. Unfortunately, while Cindy was very smart, she'd spent years at dead-end jobs, learning few new skills. It would be tough to get her a good job unless someone could hire her based on potential, instead of what she actually knew already. But if worse came to worst, we could always fall back on her secretarial skills.

Wednesday morning started out a bit disappointing for me, I must admit. I woke up out of a very erotic dream to find my wife sitting on top of me, fully impaled on my erect cock.

Normally, I would have loved that, but lately I'd been spoiled with all my special wake up tickle attacks. How spoiled is that? I love little traditions like that, especially that tradition.

Mindy, bless her soul, realized this, and said, "Good morning, hubby! Unfortunately for you, it's just little ol' me today." She bent down and whispered in my ear, "Sue Ellen really wanted to help me out, since she'd spent the night here, but I insisted she couldn't. It just might blow her cover. She left already."

My sexy, naked wife started to sit back up, but then she said, "Wait. While I'm down here... tickle attack!" My arms had been out from my sides, and she relentlessly tickled my armpits, while continuing to lightly bounce on my pole.

I quickly got over my initial disappointment - it's funny, but I felt much better after hearing this was part of the tickle attack tradition after all.

We proceeded to have a very fun time together, and a nice, long fuck, with Mindy riding me cowgirl style for most of it. It reminded me of our many years before the cock slave lifestyle started to happen. I'd been plenty happy with just her, and it was good to remind both of us that we didn't need a second woman (or more!) involved to have great sex together.

The only downside was that we couldn't romp around in bed as much as we'd wanted, since Mindy had to go to work. She left when I got up to take a shower.

But I wasn't alone for long. Cindy came over, and even though she was technically part of the 'rebellion,' she fixed me breakfast and we ate together. It was nice, but she stayed fully dressed and made clear that nothing sexual was going to happen between us.

I was fine with that, actually. I'd never been so sexually sated in my life as I was lately, and Mindy had fucked my brains out shortly before Cindy came over, so it wasn't like I was needy. I was glad to have a break from all the harem craziness and do some writing for a change. I was having a lot of fun writing the X-rated version of my swashbuckler novel, and I wanted to see what would happen next to John, Morgana, and Roxanna.

Before I could start writing, though, I had to spend the rest of the morning helping Cindy find a new job. I made some calls, including a private one to Sue Ellen when she reported to me on her 'spy mission' from the night before, but most of the calls were to help Cindy's job search. We also searched the Internet some more, looking for leads and tips. I had a lot of ideas, but most of them took time to pan out.

While we did that, Michelle and Ruby stayed locked in Michelle's bedroom. I didn't know what they were doing in there, but they ate the breakfasts from the trays that we left for them.

Also, since Cindy was on 'their side,' she was allowed in. She didn't tell me much, except they'd cried that morning when they'd realized they'd been unable to give me their usual tickle attack. Then, when Cindy told them what Mindy had done with me instead, they'd cried some more.

I found myself thinking, I don't know why my women cry so much, but they do! If they're not crying tears of joy, they're crying tears of struggle and exertion, and if they're not doing that, they're crying tears of sadness. It's like a never-ending weepy soap opera around here lately. I thought back to last night when Sue Ellen cried all three ways, sometimes more than one at a time.

I decided that Sue Ellen's initiation ceremony should be postponed, after finding out that she needed to work at the restaurant all day. We could have done it later in the evening, but Ruby and Michelle would still be working at the video shop, and I wanted them there to witness it. That was a big reason for having it in the first place, at least from my point of view. In fact, I considered it would be best if it could take place at a time all six of us were together, but getting that to work was going to be tricky.

I'd learned from Cindy the girls were 'resigned' to being spanked by me later. But I decided to put off their spankings as well, mostly because they needed to go to work, but also because I had had to spend so much time helping Cindy and I had some other 'real life' errands to do. I could have squeezed it in, but it was better to do these things properly or not do them at all.

I ate lunch, ran some errands, and then caught up on bills and e-mails for a while. But then I began to get worried about the girls, since I knew they had to go to work at three, and it was past two and they had yet to leave their room. (I figured they were sneaking off for bathroom breaks when no one was around.)

I went to their door and knocked on it. There was no response. I said, "Hello, girls. I know you're in there. Soon, you're going to have to get ready for work. Are you going or not?"

Michelle exclaimed, "Go away! I'm not talking to you!"

I responded, "Hate me all you want, but you have to go to work just the same."

Michelle asked, "What are you going to do if I don't? Force me to make out with a boy? Oh, wait, you're going to do that already! So do your worst!"

This did present a dilemma. Under the circumstances, I didn't have much to hold over her if she didn't come to work. But then an idea came to me. "Shelle-"

"Don't 'Shelle' me!"

"Shelle," I insisted, "The dating boys idea is just that right now, an idea. It doesn't have to happen today, tomorrow, or next week. But if you fail me in any way with your job, there's no telling. I may have to do something about that very quickly."

Michelle wailed, "ARRRGH! I hate you! My dream is turning into a nightmare!"

Ruby said through the door, "Master, please don't! I'll go to work, I will! And I'll get her to go too!"

I heard some urgent, loud, and angry 'whispering' after that, but I couldn't make out what was being said at all.

I knocked on the door again. "Are you going to open up, or do I have to force myself in?"

"You wouldn't dare!" Michelle proclaimed.

I pulled out a paperclip that I had in my shorts, just in case it came to this. "You know something interesting? It turns out these interior doors don't have very good locks. You can open them in a matter of seconds with a hairpin." I'd already unlocked the door before I started that last sentence, but I waited until I finished talking, and then I dramatically opened it.

Both Michelle and Ruby looked genuinely shocked to see me standing there. They were nude and sitting in chairs.

Michelle covered her big tits, and screamed, "Aaaah! Daddy's raping me!"

But I just continued to stand there at the doorway looking annoyed, and it was obvious to everyone her claim was ridiculous. She said with chagrin in a much calmer tone, "Actually, the problem is you're NOT raping me. I'd love it if you rape me!" She shouted semi-jokingly, "Help! Daddy's NOT raping me! For God's sake, somebody help him stick his cock in my cunt!"

She was just being dramatic, but after she said that, I saw a light go on in her head. I could figure out exactly what she was thinking: "If I can get Daddy to fuck me, it'll be a done deal, and maybe he'll drop this dating idea." I didn't want her to know that I'd already figured out her thinking, or else she might get even more underhanded and sneaky. I decided I would need to be vigilant to make sure she didn't sneak up on me in my sleep and slip my dick into her slit or something like that.

I said, "Ssssh! Keep it down! Some neighbor might actually hear you and get the wrong idea." I figured that wasn't going to happen unless she somehow managed to get much, much louder, but I didn't want to take any chances with cries of "rape."

She pouted, "Well then, I'll scream even louder! I'll scream all kinds of scandalous things until you come to your senses." But it was obvious she was just being petulant. She bared her jutting tits and proudly thrust them out.

"No, you will not! Shelle, I know you're upset, and you are too, Red. But we still need to live with each other. If you did something like that, the police could get involved, and we might never see each other again. Is that what you want?"

Michelle deflated. "No. Of course not. But I'm just so upset that I can't help myself!"

Ruby, who was still covering her privates, said, "And I am too. I'm just not so vocal and dramatic about it."

I said to Ruby, "And I thank you for that. Real life still has to go on. I understand you're trying a sex boycott, and I wish you luck with that. You're gonna need it. But it could take a long time before I supposedly break down, and in the meantime, you need to work, eat, and do many other 'normal' things. So no more locking yourselves in this room. Is that clear?"

They both sullenly nodded. Ruby uncovered her tits, but she slumped in her chair like Michelle did.

I said, softly, "Girls, I know this is a tough time for you. But don't say this is a 'dream turning into a nightmare' or anything like that. We're family, and family comes first. We love each other. We'll figure something out eventually. Right? We're all together, even in times of trouble, aren't we?"

Michelle rolled her eyes, folded her arms under her torpedo tits, and looked away. "Well, you and Cupcake are all together, at least." She said the word "Cupcake" with obvious bitterness and disdain.

She turned her head and gave me a very direct and annoyed look. "Yeah, I heard all about that name last night, and this morning too. Sue Ellen couldn't stop talking about it." She mimicked Sue Ellen's voice in an annoying sing-song tone, "'Cupcake, cupcake, cupcake! My master loves me! I'm his sweet Cupcake. Blah de blah blah blah!' Hrmph!" She looked away dramatically again.

Ruby reached out and caressed Michelle's upper arm consolingly without saying a word.

After a long pause, I asked Shelle, "You're not upset at Sue Ellen, are you?"

My blonde bombshell daughter gave me a deadly glare. "No! I'm mad at YOU! Okay, I'm a little jealous, but she's cool. It's nice having her in the harem; she'll make a good sister-slave. But why do you have to give HER a nickname, and not us?!"

"You mean neither of the Gruesome Twosome have a nickname? Shelle?" I looked to Ruby. "Red?"

Michelle pouted, "Okay. But I mean a new, cool nickname." She added sadly in a tiny voice, "I want to be your Cupcake!"

Ruby piped up. She looked away as she shyly explained, "I have to admit... I really like it when you call me 'Red.' I only let you call me that, and I wish you'd say it more often. But, even so... I kind of like the nickname 'Cupcake' better. 'Red' is just the color of my hair. But with 'Cupcake,' it like you're saying you treasure and adore her, like a sweet, well... cupcake."

"There's some truth to that," I replied, folding my arms across my chest too. "But think about it. The rest of us are all family, or close to it. We've been close since the two of you were born. And then Sue Ellen comes into this close-knit little clan. It has to be scary for her. I'm just trying to make her feel more at ease, by giving her something special like that to cling on to. That can't even begin to compare to the deep, life-long love we share, but it helps her feel like she really belongs. You should do something similar to show you truly welcome her as part of the harem."

"Fair enough," Michelle grumbled. She looked down at the floor and muttered, "I'll try to be more tolerant. I guess."

"Me too," Ruby said. "When you put it that way, I don't feel so envious. Especially because I actually really do like her. A lot."

I grinned while looking back and forth between their enormous racks. "Yeah, and I hear you three did a lot of liking of each other last night."

Michelle scowled. "Don't talk to him, Ruby! He's the enemy!" She turned her glare back at me. "And what did 'Cupcake' tell you about last night, anyway?"

"Just that, a mention of some threesome action. No details. As for nicknames for you two, maybe inspiration will strike me. But not until you end your little rebellion. On a different note, I'd been planning on giving both of you hard spankings since you've been so difficult, but I didn't see you all morning, and now there's no time before you have to get ready for work."

As I mentioned previously, in reality I'd been too busy helping Cindy, but I preferred for them to think this, so they'd think twice about staying locked in their room in the future. I knew they'd be keen on getting spanked. I figured Michelle at least still only thought of spanking as an arousing thing, and I was willing to take advantage of that misconception.

Michelle stood up and struck a ready pose. She hastily said, "No, wait! There's still plenty of time. We can get ready fast, right, Ruby?" She even turned a bit, showing off her ass to me.

Ruby, though, wasn't keen, and stayed in her seat. She'd experienced one of my painful spankings, and wasn't ready for another. Caught between a rock and a hard place, she made a vague noise she hoped Michelle would interpret one way while I'd interpret it another. It was a pretty clever move, actually.

I came to a new decision. "You know what? Shelle, you've been especially difficult. So I'm going to spank just you this time. Let me go get my paddle. I'll be back in a minute."

When I came back, Michelle had a hard time hiding her eagerness. Her nipples were suddenly erect. She looked especially keen to lie down in my lap, except for the problem that I remained standing.

I said, "This isn't an across the lap spanking. This one is really, really going to hurt. Bend over your bed, with your face in a pillow and your knees on the ground."

She was still bursting with eagerness as she got into position. She jutted her ass out and wiggled it around eagerly, just like she was ready to get fucked. I really hated to disappoint her, but I had no choice. No other discipline method had worked, and we'd tried them all over the years, believe me.

I won't go into the details, but I whaled on her ass with my ping pong paddle like I'd never whaied on any ass before. And that might not sound like much considering I was new to this spanking stuff, but I'd given Ruby, Cindy, and Mindy about as hard a spanking as I possibly could recently. This one was much the same, except it went on much longer.

By the time I was done with the paddle, I practically expected to see smoke rising from her ass cheeks and/or the paddle. It wasn't pretty, and I wasn't proud. I told myself this was a necessary evil.

I checked her ass afterwards, and to my dismay, I saw that her pussy had leaked quite a lot. Apparently even a spanking that hard and painful had turned her on! But she also was crying without restraint, so hopefully it had had at least some disciplinary effect.

Kneeling down, I touched her ass cheeks a little bit. Her skin was hot to the touch. I said, "I'm sorry I had to do that to you my love, but it had to be done. Now, normally, I'd follow even a harsh punishment spanking like that with some soothing caresses, but you're having a sexual boycott, so that wouldn't be right, correct?"

I knew that would distress her a lot. But, as they say, all's fair in love and war.

Michelle and Ruby were very subdued after that. They hardly said a word to me, although Michelle did mumble out some brief apology for 'being a difficult cock slave.' She confessed that she'd climaxed a couple of times early in the spanking, but that the longer the spanking went on, the more the pain outweighed the pleasure. I think she was beginning to rethink her stance that she loved any spanking, no matter how painful it was.

That pleased me, because I'd been worried she might have a pain fetish.

I let them be while they showered and dressed.

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