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Chapter 78

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I drove them to their job, and in the car, Ruby started to get a bit talkative. "Daddy, I think you're totally wrong about this dating boys thing."

I frowned and rolled my eyes. "Can we please not talk about that right now? I think we're just going to be repeating ourselves."

"No, wait, hear me out. You've got a couple of concerns. One is that both of us marry and have kids. That I don't have any easy answer to. But the other is you want us to have quote 'real careers' unquote. That's what I want to talk about."

"Okay," I said, feeling cautiously hopeful. I briefly looked to Michelle.

She was looking out the window, trying to pretend she wasn't sitting in the front seat next to me. She was in the front because she had the seat tilted all the way back and was more lying on her side than sitting, so her red ass wouldn't have to touch the seat.

Ruby continued, "Michelle and I have been thinking about what kinds of jobs we could have that would allow us to stay at home most of the time, so it wouldn't conflict with our extensive cock pleasing duties."

Michelle bitterly commented, while still staring away, "Not that it matters, since he doesn't even want us. All I want to do is slurp and bob and choke on his great big cock all day long, but does he want that? Does he even appreciate it? NoooOOOoooo!"

"Not true," Ruby replied. "He's just filled with antiquated, misguided notions about what normal is. Girl, you gotta have faith that everything's gonna get better."

Michelle just silently stewed while staring at the passing cars.

Ruby then said to me, "Anyway, Daddy, as you know, I'm a pretty good singer. And a good dancer too. And I've never told you this, or anyone else for that matter except for Michelle of course, but I don't just write erotic lyrics to famous songs. I write some pretty good songs of my own too. So, all that, plus my big breasts and my looks in general, I figure I could try to be some kind of professional singer. And as for Michelle, you know she's a really talented artist. So we're thinking we could both go into the arts. What do you think?" She looked at me expectantly.

Even Michelle turned to gauge my reaction, even though it obviously pained her ass as she moved around.

I thought about all that, and then expressed my sincere thoughts. "Hmmm. Those are some possible ideas. Both of you do have a lot of really great natural talents, which is one reason why it distresses me so much that you'd be happy to throw away all ambition and be nothing but cock slaves."

Michelle's face turned into an agonized grimace. She clutched air in front of her like she was in her death throes. "ARRRRGH! GRRR! Daddy, you're so frustrating! We wouldn't be 'throwing away all ambition'... that IS our ambition! Nothing could make us happier than to serve your cock, and isn't that the ideal job, to find something you truly love? GRRRR!"

I said, "Well, that may be true, as far as these things go, but you'd still need to find some way of making money to live, and there's no pay at all in being my cock slaves."

"There's the cum," Ruby said semi-jokingly. She wiggled her eyebrows and licked her lips.

"Yeah!" Michelle said brightly. "We get paid in lots and lots of yummy cum!" But then she remembered she was supposed to be mad at me, and she tried to force a scowl on her face.

I was going to say something about how they couldn't live on cum, but then I realized that wasn't wise. Either they'd argue they could, or they'd get all dreamy eyed just thinking about it. Instead, I continued, "And as far as being a singer or painter, you usually have to pay a lot of dues working for next to nothing before you get any kind of break. That is, if you get a break, which almost never happens."

Michelle went back to looking out the window, scowling. But she remained engaged in the conversation. She waved a hand dismissively. "That's true for normal people, but not us. With our extraordinary looks we'll get all the breaks, and you know it. And if there's any money problems, we can just do a little modeling here and there. And it doesn't have to be anything big, either. We can be foot or hand models for a Sears catalog or something. With our flawless and curvy bodies, the possibilities are endless. Money will never be a problem. We could make more in a couple days of G-rated modeling than a whole summer working at this crap video store job, if you'd only let us."

I considered that. I was secretly frustrated, because they were probably right. But I didn't want them to go through life just coasting on their looks. "True. Although the music business in particular is so fickle there are no guarantees for anybody. But unfortunately, I worry more that you're right than that you're wrong. I'm such a selfish asshole. I'm not fit to be a parent!"

I probably looked as anguished as I felt. Both girls looked at me with great concern. Michelle even put a hand on my shoulder.

Luckily, we were getting to their workplace, so I could pull to the side of the road and try to get my act together. We were still a couple of blocks away, but I wanted to finish this important conversation before we got there.

I sighed, and said, "The problem is, I worry about both of you not being successful, but I also worry about you being TOO successful. Especially you, Ruby. With your voice and looks, yes, you could be a pop star. But what then? If you start to get any level of fame at all, you'll be swarmed with fans and attention. It'll become completely impossible for us to keep the harem going. Can you imagine the scandal if we did and got caught? It would be front page news! Heck, even if either or both of you became reasonably successful models, there could be scandal."

They both frowned sadly at that.

Ruby said, "I know. I've thought about that a lot. Actually, I don't have any desires to be famous or be a star; I just want to love you and be near you. That's my dream. But maybe there's some way we could make it work. Like, I could tell everyone I'm afraid of crowds, and just work as a backup singer in studios or something? I dunno! ... Something! I'm just throwing ideas out there."

I spoke off the top of my head. "You know what I would really love? If there were some way you two could combine your artistic talents, so you could work together and work at home. You both love each other so much and make a great team. What if... I dunno... I'm pulling this out of my ass as an example, but what if you wrote a children's book together? Ruby, with your talent for lyrics and rhyming, you could come up with the words. And Michelle, with your drawing skills, you could illustrate. And that's something where you could do quite well and even be famous, and yet remain anonymous."

I added, "Nobody knows what authors look like or care about their personal lives, believe me. I've written over a dozen books, and many have been on yearly best seller lists for their genre. And my picture has shown up on the inside cover and even the back cover sometimes, since my publisher thinks my 'handsome looks' could help with sales. I've done promotional tours and been on the TV and radio, and so on. Yet the ONLY time I EVER had anyone recognize me is when I've been somewhere I was supposed to be, like a convention or a bookstore appearance. I can't recall a single time when someone came up to me from out of the blue and said, 'Hey, you're Daniel Cooper, the author.'"

Ruby replied with surprising emotion, "That's not true! I've seen that sort of thing happen lots of times, like at parties or a church."

I said, "That's different, because those are cases where someone knew me and then pointed me out to someone else who then decided to talk to me. That's not at all like a total stranger who didn't get any sort of tip off."

Ruby reluctantly conceded, "I suppose."

I said, "That aside, what do you think about my children's books suggestion?"

Both seemed quite intrigued by that idea. I looked back and forth between them and could practically see the wheels turning in their heads.

Surprisingly, Ruby spoke first. "I like it! A whole bunch!"

Michelle said enthusiastically, "Me too! And, if we did that, we could follow in our Daddy's footsteps as authors. Wouldn't that be cool, Ruby?"

"Way cool!"

"Well, it's just one idea out of many," I said. "That's the first thing that just popped into my mind. There are a lot of ways to use the artistic talents you both have. I'm sure that, if we brainstorm, we can think of even more."

They both hugged me (or as much as they could in a car), and gushed over what great ideas I had. Then they both moved in to kiss me at the same time, but they also caught themselves at the same time, and held back.

Michelle's joyous smile turned sour, although she couldn't completely hide her excitement. "I'm supposed to be mad at you, you know," she griped, but in a playful way. She still sat in a way that kept most of her hurting ass off the seat.

Ruby added, "How can we stay mad at you, Daddy? That's the best idea ever! I wish I could squeeze in there under the steering wheel and just suck that big fat cock of yours for so many-"

Michelle cut in, "Hold it! Ruby, you know how much we both long to do that, but we have to be strong. We're at war, remember? Don't think about his fat knob totally filling your mouth, or how good it would feel to slide your lips all over his sweet spot. Especially don't think about the joy of his hot cum splattering all over your skin or down your throat. Be strong! Remember the filthy boys who want to touch our private places?"

"Oh yeah. Yuck!" Ruby slapped the top of my head from her spot in the back seat. "Shame on you!"

I dropped them off not long after that.

I think all three of us left each other in much better moods. It was particularly amusing watching Michelle walk away. She was sort of skipping joyously, but at the same time staggering or limping from the harsh spanking. It resulted in a sort of happy lurching. I trusted she'd give a good excuse if someone asked her about it, but I did worry there might be a perception problem if I had to keep giving her harsh spankings like that.

Back at home, I spent to rest of the afternoon doing some actual work on my novels. With everyone else out of the house, I was shockingly free of distractions. However, I knew I only had a few hours until dinner, and that wasn't enough time to get into a good writing groove on my harem-swashbuckler novel. So I used most of the time to do more research and take notes on what I found. Some of the research was on daily life in the Roman Empire for my most popular Centurion series. I needed to start work on the next sequel in that series, since that was my main "bread and butter," and I usually worked on two or even three novels at once.

But I also did some research on Middle Eastern harems to help me write more about John and his adventures with Morgana and Roxanna. I must admit that I was particularly interested in that, because I had a feeling what I learned could actually be applicable to my real life harem situation. However, what I learned was depressing. It seemed most harems of that time and region were fairly miserable places for the women involved. There was constant intriguing and backstabbing, to the point that it practically seemed as if there were more murders than actual sex. Of course, much of that was a bias about what got most written about. Still, the main practical lessons I was learning were more of how NOT to run a harem.

With no immediate problems at hand, I also had a chance to talk to Mindy about something on my mind when she came home. With just the two of us out in the back patio, enjoying watching the sun set (over the trees, though we couldn't it see go down over the ocean from here), I answered her questions about what I'd done and worked on all day.

Then I said, "Min, I've got a question. How do you think all this sex craziness came to be? I know you've said that you only recently realized that you're a cucquean, but weren't there some kinds of hints or signs of that in the years before?"

Her body stiffened, and she looked a bit nervous. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, it seems like a natural condition, like being naturally submissive or dominant. You've said you started feeling that way in response to being bored with the limits of our sex life. But there are a lot of different ways you could have gone with that. Why the cucquean route? Did you maybe have some fantasies or dreams or secret desires that go further back?"

I was trying to sound like I was vaguely fishing, but I really wanted her to talk about her cucquean dreams that Michelle had revealed to me. At the very least, I wanted to see if Michelle was being honest about all that, and also find out how honest my wife would be with me.

She looked exceedingly uncomfortable by that line of discussion, although she tried to hide it. She sipped her glass of sangria as she contemplated and stared into the orange-red cloudy sky. Finally, she said, "To be honest, I did have the occasional dream along those lines. Some daydreams too, if you really want to know." She looked very abashed.

"I'm not too surprised. How far back?" I was trying to sound mildly amused, and not at all accusatory.

"I don't remember exactly, but it was well before I started bringing up any threesome ideas with you. I guess you could say that's where I got the itch for a threesome with another woman in the first place."

"What were these dreams like? Can you describe one?"

Her face scrunched up in dismay. "I was afraid you'd ask that. Basically, I had a recurring dream for a while that always followed the same pattern. I'd catch you cheating with some beautiful woman, and rather than be appalled, I'd join right in! The rest of the dream would be pretty, er, pornographic."

She suddenly went from embarrassed to aggressive. She pointed at me, "Mind you, this does NOT mean I'd ever approve of you cheating on me! Period! I think it's just that, back then, I assumed all sex you'd have with anyone but me was cheating. But slowly, over time, my dreams changed. Oftentimes, we'd start in bed without any shocking discoveries, or, er... Well, never mind."

"What?" I asked eagerly. "You know you can't do that, just start to say something and then say 'never mind.' Things have changed. I can spank the truth out of you!"

She grinned at me wickedly. "Oh, you think you can, do you? We'll see about that. But in any case, there were dreams where... let's just say we seduced a particular woman together. Or... Sometimes I..." She suddenly buried her face in her hands.


"No! Please don't ask me! It's too embarrassing!"

That really intrigued me, naturally. I figured it had something to do with her lesbian urges. I decided not to press her about it for now. Instead, I asked, "Who were these women in your dreams? Do I know any of them?"

Relieved at the shift of topic, she took her hands from her face and sipped on her sangria. "Oh yes. They were always real people we knew. Women like Jane Corlin, Delilah Jensen, and even Cindy. Especially Cindy, in fact. Basically, if there were any beautiful women in our lives who showed an interest in you, and there are, you've fucked 'em already in my dreams! Lots of times! Unfortunately, just in my dreams though!" She stuck her tongue out at me playfully.

I said sincerely, "I'm kind of chagrined, because it sounds like your dreams were a lot more arousing than mine."

"They probably were. Really graphic and vivid stuff. When I see a someone like Jane in real life, I feel a bit funny, because it's like I've seen her and felt her naked body already." A worried look crossed her face, probably fearing I'd ask more about that woman-on-woman touching. But she quickly continued, "Gaawwwd, that woman has such a body! And such a face. She looks even better naked, I'll have you know."

I asked, "Have you seen her naked, for real?"

She frowned. "Sadly, no. Not in anything less than a bikini. But that's the great thing about dreams. I can take her absolutely gi-normous breasts, remove the bikini, and add your hands instead! I swear, she might be even more stacked than Michelle is! Personality-wise, I doubt she'd be a good fit for the harem. But you should totally fuck the shit out of her! And especially titfuck her! For real. And often! You've done that plenty of times in my dreams already."

I grumbled, "Damn. I wish I had more of your dreams. She's hardly ever appeared in my dreams, maybe because it would feel too much like cheating. I certainly don't even recall titfucking her."

She smirked knowingly. "That's gonna change, believe me. And I'm not just talking about dreams. Now that I'm a card-carrying cucquean-"

I laughed. "They have cards?"

She ran with that. "Oh yes! They're laminated, and everything. I'm a full-fledged member of the National Totally Sex-mad Cucquean Union! Or C.U.N.T.S. for short. I know, I know, it should be N.T.S.C.U., but we're dyslexic spellers. You should hear when I talk about you and your harem in our union meetings. There's not a dry seat in the house!"

After we had a good laugh about that, she continued, "Seriously though, why feel left out? Why not just go out and fuck the SHIT out of those women? Okay, not Delilah and the others who are married, but there are plenty of great non-married ones you need to bone. I'll give you my full approval, so it's not cheating. Think about a woman like Jane. She's sexy, big-titted, and never married. In fact, she'd make a great mistress for you. If not even a full-on cock slave!"

I complained, "I thought you just said her personality made her a bad fit for the harem?"

"I know, but that was then. A full minute or two ago. I'm getting horny thinking about it, so I'm changing my mind!"

I laughed.

"Personality, schmersonality. I'd just love to see her big jugs swinging as she crawls to you on all fours, begging for you to shoot another thick, creamy load all over her face! Can you imagine going to the next neighborhood party and seeing her in one of her regal, low-cut sequin dresses, only to have her furtively whisk you away to a private bedroom so she can strip naked and greet you with a long slurpy blowjob and titfuck combo? As any good mistress should!"

I interrupted, "Whoa! Stop right there! That is NOT happening! Can't you see I'm totally happy with our current situation? What on Earth would I need a mistress for, when I have four cock slaves already?"

"Hmmm. Good point."

I thought she might back down, but I was wrong.

She smirked, knowing full well what she was about to say would annoy me. "You're right - it's better to make her another cock slave then."

That turned into an argument of sorts. I was a bit regretful about bringing the topic up in the first place, because now Mindy was all gung-ho to get Jane and me together. She kept suggesting she needed "more help keeping the King happy while the Gruesome Twosome are on strike."

She was so graphic with some of her sexual descriptions that I don't know how I managed to avoid getting erect. Apparently, even after a few non-sexual hours, my penis was still tired out from earlier activities.

I finally managed to talk her out of her latest insanity, but it wasn't easy. I got her to pledge not to engage in any schemes involving Jane or anyone else new, nor let anyone else engage in those kinds of schemes. I even worded it several different ways, and had her agree to each, so I wouldn't leave some loophole. (I know my wife too well!)

As a result, I didn't get a chance to question her more about her early cucquean related dreams. I resolved to do that later, as I figured she needed some time to think about it and gradually open up to me. But what I'd heard so far matched Michelle's version of events. That was a relief.

Later that same evening, one important distraction did come up. With Mindy and me still the only ones home, we got a call from Nicky. Normally, that wouldn't have been a big deal, and I always loved to hearing from our wonderful daughter. It was a minor surprise, in that she was supposed to be in the middle of her Lake Tahoe trip and she wasn't likely to be able to call us while on the road in the mountains. But not only did she call us, she told us she'd be coming home for the summer in just two days' time!

This was a big, big problem!

Her freshman year at U. C. Berkeley had ended a less than a week ago. We knew she'd left for a week-long trip to Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains on the morning of May 26th, and today was May 29th. If she came home in two days, that was only May 31st. That was less than a week. We weren't ready for that!

I asked her, "Why are you only spending five days at Tahoe? It's a lovely place, a great place! Since you're still there now, stay! What's the rush in coming home?"

Nicky replied, "Sorry Dad, I completely agree. But you know I came up here in my friend Gina's car. It was her plan and I'm just along for the ride. It turns out she decided that she's not a nature lover like she thought she was, and she wants to get back to the comforts of home. So I have no choice but to do what she wants."

"That's no fair for you," I griped. I was desperate for any kind of reason to keep her up north. "What if you stay the full week in Tahoe and then we're arrange for you to fly back or something?"

"Nah. It's no fun being here without friends. You know me and how shy I am; it's not like I'd just turn around and make new friends with some strangers. Besides, I'm eager to come home and see you guys. Berkeley has been great but I miss home sweet home, you know? And I miss my family. It's like Michelle always says, 'Nothing's more important than family.'"

That was both heartening and disturbing. I had distressing thoughts of Nicky walking in on Michelle and Ruby giving me a double blowjob, and even more distressing thoughts imagining myself getting erect from seeing her in a bikini. After all I'd done with Michelle especially, I wondered how I'd manage to avoid looking at Nicky in a sexual way.

But I put those thoughts aside and replied, "Fair enough about cutting the Tahoe trip short. I suppose that can't be helped. But don't you need to get back to Berkeley and take a few days to get your things together?"

"Nope!" she said happily. "I'm so keen to get home that I had all my things packed before I left for Tahoe. All my friends have scattered to the winds, so why would I even stay one day? I'm just going to pile my stuff in my car and drive south. Not even a team of wild horses could keep me away from home!"

Shit! That's the LAST thing I wanted to hear. Mindy and I were counting on being able to stall her for another week. But now she'll be home while she was still supposed to be in Tahoe. We'll have no time to prepare or adjust! We're so fucked!

Nicky planned to spend the rest of the summer living with us at home to save on expenses, while working at some simple summer job to make some spending money. I sensed it was futile, but still I asked, "Do you really want to rush back here? To work in a minimum wage service job like Michelle and Ruby are doing? Why not stay up there and have fun? Explore the Bay Area, for starters. You only live once, you know."

She giggled, apparently because she found that idea so silly. "And who would I do that with? Myself? Steve is long gone. No, I'm keen to go home. I love you guys! I can't wait. I haven't seen any of you for six whole months! That is, unless you don't want me there?"

I wanted her home, just not NOW. But I couldn't say that. "Oh no. We'd love to have you. Of course! We can't wait either. It's just kind of a surprise that you cut your Tahoe trip short and all that. We'll have to scramble to get things ready, is all. We've been renting out your room."

She laughed. "You have not!"

I joked, "Okay, maybe not, per se. It's just that a bunch of drunken hobos have been squatting there. You should see what they've done with your vinyl record collection."

She laughed again. "Oh no! You didn't let them touch my records, did you?" She laughed some more, and said, "See? This is why I can't wait to come home. We have such fun. We're not like normal families."

I thought, If you only knew how true THAT is!

Mindy and I knew that Nicky would be coming home soon, even if we did stall her a little more. But, needless to say, a lot had changed in a short amount of time. In the last couple of weeks, I'd been wondering what was going to happen when Nicky got back, but I'd kept myself from thinking about it very much because I couldn't come up with a good plan on what to do. Now, given all that had happened since, the situation was threatening to turn into a full-scale disaster!

As if the sudden existence of an actual, full-blown harem in our house weren't bad enough, we had the 'rebellion' going on as well. I had had plans to wear the Gruesome Twosome down, but that would be thrown into complete disarray by Nicky's presence. And trying to keep her from finding out about the harem seemed like an impossible task. I couldn't bear to think about her finding out about all that.

Mindy and I both talked to Nicky on the phone some more, and we pretended to be friendly enough, but we kept flashing worried looks at each other.

When the call ended, Mindy said to me, "Uh-oh! Break out the shovels, 'cos we're neck deep in shit now. Two days?! I thought she'd be gone at least another week!"

"Me too! This is a disaster!"

Mindy covered her face in her hands and shook her head in dismay.

I stood up and started pacing around. "Hmmm. Lovely image about the shit pile, but unfortunately, it's true. Sweetheart, we can't let her come here that soon! We just can't. Everything is in flux. It'll be a total shit storm. She'll probably find out about the harem within an hour of arriving, and I can't even imagine how she'll react!"

Min was pacing around too. "I know! I agree. And by the way, during a shit storm, does it rain pee?"

"Miiiindy!" I couldn't help but laugh, despite being annoyed by her silly question.

"Sorry. Even if your cock slaves manage to keep their mouths shut, which is a dubious prospect at best, she'll see something's up just from the extra loving and adoring looks they all give you. Not to mention all the blatantly lusty looks."

"I know!" I complained. "The plan, if you can even call it that, was to delay her long enough until the sexual euphoria calmed down enough so it wouldn't be totally obvious. But since we last talked about this, things have gotten even MORE blatantly obvious! Shit! Shit, shit, shit! We are so screwed!"

Mindy said sadly, "We should have prepared more and tried to change the atmosphere around here. But I was like you, just kind of hoping the Nicky problem would go away if we didn't think or talk about it."

I stated forcefully, "We have to get rid of her somehow. For a little while, to buy us some time."

She put a hand on her chin. "But how? Maybe we could give her a gift of an all expenses paid vacation for a couple of weeks, effective immediately? Or is that not subtle enough?"

"That's about as subtle as a flying mallet," I said ruefully. "But are you in agreement that we've got to keep her out of the house for a while?"

"Oh, definitely! She can't come home in the middle of this mess. This is an absolutely critical time. Especially with all those mallets flying around." She grinned impishly. "You've got to firm up your hold over your cock slaves and stamp out this rebellion, or everything will fly apart. I shudder to think what could happen. No. Let's not go there." She actually did shudder as she said that.

Then she added, "Obviously, I'd love to see her, but not in two days! We've got to keep her out of town, at least until this 'rebellion' situation is resolved. Then, everybody's gotta calm the hell down and try to get back to a semi-normal routine. As we discussed before, you can keep having sexual fun from time to time, but at the McGrath house."

I nodded. "With Cindy and Ruby living just down the street, that should work out fine. The problem is that everyone is so excitable. Heck, it would be an ordeal just to get the girls to keep their clothes on for a few hours!"

Mindy giggled a little bit. "Funny, but true." She grew serious again. "Maybe we could, I dunno, tell Nicky that she's won a contest and the prize is a two-week vacation to Hawaii?"

I practically leaped at my wife in my eagerness. "I like it! She's just been traveling around the Sierras, so normally she wouldn't want to travel more. But Hawaii? There's no way she can turn THAT down!"

That idea gave us another vexing problem. We sat down and brainstormed about how to make the Hawaiian vacation idea work. To make it at least somewhat plausible, we came up with a story that a friend had a time-share condo there that was being unused at the moment due to a last-minute cancellation. Mindy and I had been offered a chance to use it, but we couldn't get away. However, if Nicky hurried, she could use it for free. The sooner she left, the more days she could use it. Supposedly, her call to us jogged our memories and made us think of her for the vacation.

I called Nicky back later that evening and presented the idea to her. If she said no, we didn't really have a back-up plan. But luckily, she was all over the idea, like white on rice. She had no reason to suspect anything was out of the ordinary, especially since we'd worked out the details to make it sound believable. For instance, we made the point that everyone else in the family was unable to go due to job commitments, whereas she still hadn't found her summer job and she could start that a little bit later.

Mindy and I both breathed a big sigh of relief when the call ended and we had Nicky's agreement to go to Hawaii. Unfortunately, our feelings of relief didn't last very long, since we had to act quickly to make the fake 'time-share condo' idea a reality.

Luckily, we found out that wasn't hard to do, it was just a matter of spending money to rent a nice place for two weeks at a real time-share location. We found a great hotel of sorts on the island of Maui that had an immediate opening at a very reasonable price.

Once that arrangement was made, we grew a little more contemplative. I pointed out, "This only temporarily delays 'the Nicky problem,' you know. It doesn't solve it. She's going to be home for most of the summer, and what then?"

"I know," Mindy sighed. "But let's not worry about that just yet, okay? I have faith that things will work out. If worse comes to worst and she does find out about the incest and whatnot, I think she'll be much more understanding than you fear. I feel very strongly about that. The bonds we all share are very, very strong. Well, she might not understand, exactly, but she would at least be able to overlook certain things."

I muttered, "I wish I could share your confidence. I seriously doubt that!"

She responded, "Let's try to focus on only one thing at a time, okay? We need to move faster to solve the 'rebellion' problem, so that's not lingering when Nicky really does get back. We'll have two weeks to get our house in order. What are the plans for tomorrow? Are you going to move ahead with Sue Ellen's initiation ceremony?"

I sighed, and slumped in my easy chair. "I dunno. This close call with Nicky makes me wonder: what are we doing? A sex slave initiation ceremony? I mean, really! That can't be for real, can it? Maybe we should dial back, way back."

I thought about what I was willing to get rid of, or perhaps more accurately who I could get rid of, and found it wasn't very much at all. For instance, I was already so attached to Sue Ellen that I couldn't bear to let her go. And she was the new one. There was absolutely no way I could turn my back on Michelle, Ruby, or Cindy, or even just stop having sexual fun with them.

I said, "Okay, keep all our sexual relationships going. There's no turning back from that; I love them all too much. But do we really need all this 'cock slave' stuff? Can't we just have a normal, non-slave harem? If any harem can be called normal, that is. At least that wouldn't be quite AS shocking to Nicky, if and when she finds out. More likely when."

Mindy shot me a nasty look from where she sat across the table. "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. And don't you dare say that to any of the others, not even as a random musing! You think you have a rebellion on your hands now, buster? Just try telling them that! This whole place will completely erupt into chaos and dismay!"

Her expression softened, and her tone did too. "Look. What's done is done. You own four cock slaves. Period. I know sometimes the enormity of what's happened hits you like a ton of bricks, but there's just no going back. You can't tell someone who's fully committed in her heart to eternally serve you as your sex slave that you've changed your mind and merely want some normal sexual relationship."

"But the initiation ceremonies-" I started to say.

"Posh! That's just pomp and circumstance, and you know it. Whether they've been through a formal ceremony yet or not is just a technicality. The key thing is that they're all fully committed in their hearts and minds, and they would be absolutely shattered if you told them, 'Oh, by the way, never mind.'"

She added, "Think about Cindy. Consider how tough it was for her to suddenly change absolutely everything in her life to become your slave and accept the same happening to her daughter as well. To parachute out of a plane for the first time would have been a lot easier. You weren't there when she cried and cried and I had to talk her out of changing her mind. Now, it's like she HAS jumped out of that airplane, she has made that huge leap into the unknown. And then you'd tell her, 'Oh, by the way, nevermind?' Please!"

I sighed heavily. "Okay, okay. I get it."

She shot me a disparaging look. "No, I don't think you do, not fully, or you wouldn't have even made that suggestion. Might I remind you that, in a lot of ways, committing to be someone's sex slave is a much bigger commitment than marriage? With marriage, it's an equal partnership, and you can get a divorce or annulment at any time. But these girls have put their entire lives in your hands. As far as they're concerned, there is no way out. And don't give them one, dammit, 'cos they don't want one! They live to serve your every whim, unless you tell them something totally stupid like your dating boys idea."

"Okay, okay, already. Are you going to beat me up with that forever?"

"Yes, probably." But she winked playfully. "Seriously, reminders like that will keep you humble and remind you that your power over them is not absolute. In any case, I've talked to all of them, one on one and in groups, and they're all in agreement that their enslavement is a life-long commitment. There's no turning back. There's NO divorce option! Even now, in the middle of this so-called rebellion, note how none of them even suggest they would ever stop being your cock slaves. That idea doesn't even come up in their thoughts. I know, because they're still talking to me. Merely defying you and temporarily denying you their sexual talents and their busy hands, lips, and tongues is causing them a tremendous amount of dissonance, stress, and guilt. I hope you keep all that in mind when you formally initiate Sue Ellen tomorrow."

"Wow. Those are a lot of heavy thoughts to drop on me." I was particularly wowed by her comment that becoming a slave was more serious than marriage. What had I gotten myself into?

She said, "You're right. No one says that being a harem master is all wine and roses and endless blowjobs." She joked, "Okay, it is endless blowjobs, but not so much the wine and roses part. But in any case, I know you have trouble with the whole slavery concept, so if it helps you, imagine that you're married to them all. Give them all the love you'd give them if they were your wives."

"Whoa! Is that supposed to make me feel better? Now I feel an even bigger burden. You know I've always needed my space. That's the main reason I became an author, so I could be my own boss and work alone. But to say I have four more de facto wives?! Yeouch!"

"Live with it. There are some pretty huge perks, you know. Including some perky perks." She smirked, holding her hands in front of her chest as if she were cupping boobs. "Most importantly, don't start throwing around your wild and reckless guilty musings just because you're feeling bad about Nicky possibly finding out. If any of your slaves had been here and listening to that, they would have been traumatized. You have to take this seriously! It's not a game! And as for your worries about Nicky, don't worry, I'm sure you'll feel better after a good night's sleep. We've got time to come up with a long-term solution."

"You think?"

"Absolutely. These things have a way of working out."

"I hope so. She pointed out that she'll have to stop by home on her way to Hawaii to drop off her car and belongings here for the summer and pick up her stuff for Hawaii. So we'll have to deal with her for at least 24 hours."

Mindy waved a hand through the air. "Pshaw. That's nothing. I know we're a horny bunch, but even we can keep it cool for a day or two."

"Yeah. You're right. I'm probably worrying too much. All this has been stressing me out too much. At least I was able to get on a good writing tear today. In fact, maybe I'll burn the midnight oil and write some more tonight."

So another day ended - after I did stay up late and get some good work done. It had been the least sexual day in a long while, by far. The only sex had been Mindy's tickle attack in the morning. But I was okay with that. My body needed the rest. As to what would happen tomorrow, I had no idea.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, gmbusman, Yellow Peril, Arthvr, Johnny Galt, and Wayac, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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