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Chapter 79

(Thursday, May 30th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

When I woke up the next morning, a Thursday, I felt a strange sense of déjà vu. I was lying naked in my bed, with my wife naked and curled up next to me. The déjà vu was because this was how we used to wake up all the time, but never did anymore - not counting yesterday. It wasn't just a change since the advent of the harem. Mindy and I had had very different sleep schedules for a long time, so I'd gotten used to waking up alone.

For once, I sensed that I'd woken up with a flaccid penis. The poor little guy was probably needing a break.

I rolled over and saw that my wife was awake and looking at me. I smiled at her. As she smiled back, I ran my finger playfully down her nose. "This is a nice surprise again. To what do I owe this pleasure?"

She ran her fingers up to my face too, like she was exploring it for the first time. "No special reason. Of course, we do have to keep the tickle attack tradition going in some form. It would be wrong for you to wake up alone."

I chuckled. "Wrong? Not hardly."

But she was serious, and adamant. "Yes! Wrong! You're a harem master now. You don't wake up alone, period. Besides, I can't let you sleep alone for practical reasons."

She didn't elaborate, but I knew exactly what she was talking about - the worry that Michelle could sneak in and put my morning wood into her pussy, and thus completely change the "dating boys" conflict (or so Michelle hoped). Knowing Michelle, even a locked door might not be enough to stop her.

I said, "I'm glad you're helping to protect me, but I'm a bit surprised too. I don't know what to think anymore. You're so far gone into this cucquean thing that I half expect you to be the one to guide me into her as I sleep."

Mindy sat up, looking shocked. She was naked, and her large breasts jiggled around enticingly. "Is that what you think?"

Her facial expression turned to annoyance and even anger, but that was quickly replaced by sadness and defeat. "It hurts me, but I can understand why you feel that way. I've been a bit out of control lately, haven't I?"

I could only roll my eyes at her. "Just a tad."

She sat up straighter, striking a sexy pose that proudly displayed her bare breasts. "I'm sorry. I know I've been wildly irresponsible. But that's because you've taken up the slack and been responsible enough for both of us."

She knew I was going to respond to that, and held her hand up. "I know, I know. It's not fair of me to put it all on you. I'm going to try to be better and get my act together. I don't want you to start questioning my loyalty like that. You know, I'm NOT going to throw everything away for cheap thrills... although those thrills sometimes overwhelm me when I'm lost in the moment. If you weren't the one there saying 'no' when someone had to say it, then I would have picked up the slack and done the right thing. At least, I hope I would have." She frowned, questioning herself.

"See?" I said. "That's what happens when you let your lusts run completely unchecked. You don't know what'll happen."

"Well, I'll try to be better," she said with new resolve. "Really. To be honest, I'm not as out of control as you think. I have an ultimate vision, kind of like the Hellions with their Plan. It's simple: you get your harem of cock slaves, who are our newly enlarged family. And then, just for shits and giggles, you go out and fuck the occasional extra hottie. Although when you do, I hope there's more giggling than shitting going on."

She smirked happily. "So, since my vision has nearly totally come true already, I don't think we'll be disagreeing as much."

"Is that so?" I responded. "I disagree. You're going to want to increase the number of cock slaves until we need our own zip code, totally ignoring all the practical and even physical limits. And I don't agree with the second idea about 'extra hotties' in the first place. In sounds great, in theory, but it's asking for trouble. It's like putting out a welcome mat for Trouble with a capital T that says, 'Wipe your feet on me.'"

"Okay!" She kicked the covers off, and playfully ran her feet up my legs. Her toes tickled my penis, which was still only in a half-engorged state.

"I walked right into that one," I noted. "But what if you think about the problem seriously?"

She contemplated that. "Hmmm." She stared off into space.

After some long moments, I asked, "What are you thinking, exactly?"

"I'm trying to figure out who to call so we can set up our own zip code."

I chuckled, remembering my comment about the harem needing its own zip code. "Seriously, what are you thinking?"

"Deep thoughts. Really. ... Let me think about this at work today. I'll get back to you. I'm going to try to see things through your eyes better than before."

She abruptly switched gears, striking a sultry tone as well as a sexy pose while still sitting up in bed. "But speaking about busty babes wanting to jump into your bed and get royally fucked, Michelle probably isn't the only one wishing you were balls-deep in her right now. Sue Ellen practically begged me to let her do the tickle attack honors this morning. I would have been happy to have her join us, but there's no easy way to sneak her in and out without the others knowing. Besides, she's proving very useful as a mole in the 'enemy camp' right now."

"Oh really? What have you learned?"

"Not much yet, but she's gonna give me a full report later. Anyway, I figure we can use our morning tradition to help defeat the 'rebellion.' Here's my deviously sneaky plan. As usual, I can't stay long, due to my inflexible work hours. You don't even want to know how early it is, by the way. I figure we can skip the usual bedroom fun, and take the fun down to the dining room. Your four cock slaves have been taking their duty to get in shape for their master extremely seriously, so they just got back from running."

I laughed. "'Get in shape?' You're kidding me, right? If they're out of shape, then I'm a monkey's uncle!"

She sighed theatrically. "You have such a shaky grasp of evolution. Yes, you're related to monkeys, but not THAT directly related!"

I laughed again. I came back with, "I just thought that my nephew Rodney, you know the way he scratches himself and makes funny noises, not to mention all that back hair, and he loves eating bananas... Are you telling me he's... human?"

She had a good laugh at that. "Hey, funny guy, here's the plan. Cindy and Sue Ellen just left, so the timing is perfect. I say we just get it on in front of the Gruesome Twosome while they're eating breakfast, and see what happens."

"That's the extent of your 'deviously sneaky plan?' Go downstairs, fuck like teenagers in front of the kids, and see what happens? Remind me never to plan a bank robbery with you. I can hear it now: 'Hey Honey, let's walk into a bank, wave our guns around, and take some money. Oh, and maybe cover our faces with a costume or something. Oh, and also, leave with the money.'"

She was all smiles. "Hey, that's a great plan! What more do you need? The best plans are the simplest ones. It's all about timing, and this is the perfect timing for us to work on breaking their rebellious resolve. We can't do it all at once, but we can start chipping away. Then we'll work on your 'rob the bank' plan in the afternoon."

Actually, there were a lot of clever details in her plans she'd come up with. We went over them, and came up with some more.

We went downstairs hand in hand, both of us dressed in robes. Mindy had made sure that my penis was erect before we left the bedroom. As she said, "We're going to be using that thing for some serious pounding veeerry soon. And I'm not talking about hammering in nails, although it's usually hard enough for that too."

Although my dick woke up a bit "sleepy," she didn't have to do anything at all to me to get it erect, since it was plenty hard from my thinking about the possibilities of what could happen downstairs.

Michelle and Ruby were at the dining table, just finishing up some bowls of cereal. They were dressed in ordinary clothes that were in no way revealing or sexy.

They looked surprised to see us coming. Michelle immediately stood up. "Come on, Ruby, let's go. I just lost my appetite."

But Mindy wouldn't have that. She swept into the room, let go of my hand, walked right up to Michelle, and slapped her on the cheek.

I was shocked! She'd never done anything like that before. She's nothing but kind and good-natured. She doesn't even yell, not even when severely provoked. About the worst she ever gets is grouchy.

But Mindy wasn't done. She looked aghast. "Michelle, how dare you?! I know you're having a conflict with Dan, but he's still your father and your master! Now, you apologize to him immediately, like a good slave!"

Michelle's eyes flashed angrily while she rubbed her sore cheek, but she seemed to think again, and changed her demeanor. She dropped her head just a little bit and said, "Sorry, Daddy."

"That's better!" Mindy said, still acting indignant. "Now, is that any kind of way for a cock slave to act?"

"No." Her head dropped a little more.

"Good. No, that's not enough. Both of you, drop to your knees and apologize properly. I'll let you keep your clothes on this time, since you're still on strike."

The two of them walked up to me and assumed Position Number Three, which was kneeling with their knees spread wide, chests proudly out, and hands pinned behind their backs. "Sorry, Daddy," they said in perfect union. (They were getting almost eerily good at the whole saying-the-same-thing-at-the-same-time thing.)

If I hadn't been aroused yet, that would have done the trick. But my wife was clever, as she wasn't doing this for me. She understood her daughters' submissive minds, and knew that getting them to submit to me like that would start their pussy juices flowing.

Mindy looked around, as if surveying the situation for the first time. "Now, I don't want to hear anymore talk about leaving. We're a family, and we'll eat breakfast as a family. Is that understood?"

Both Ruby and Michelle replied in union, using that bored monotone of surly teenagers. "Yes, Mom."

Mindy nodded. She added to Michelle, "Sorry for slapping you, my darling. I would never had done that when you were just my daughter, but you're a sex slave now too, and you have to be held to a higher standard. Dan, bless his big heart, is willing to tolerate your little mutinous sex ban, for now, but I hope I don't need to remind you that you both are still his slaves, and still live to serve him. If he says 'jump,' you know what to say."

Again in that disinterested voice, they replied at the same time, "How high, Master."

"Very good," Mindy concluded. "You may rise."

My wife certainly is an interesting character. True, most of the time, she's liked to act as if she was one of the cock slaves. But she also always made clear that she had a higher status in the family than the others did. As I watched my daughters return to the table, I was starting to see that she got off on dominating them sometimes too. She was looking even more smirky and satisfied than usual.

Mindy and I went to the kitchen to get breakfast. My clever wife already had some waffles prepared, so she could just heat them up and not waste a lot of time. While she did that, I brought the juice, glasses, and the rest to the table, and sat down at the head of the table, with my daughters sitting next to me.

They warmed up to me just a tad, and we chatted a bit. They admitted they had plans to work on my 'big idea' for much of the day.

I nodded my head knowingly, but I had to search my brain to figure out what idea that was. Then it occurred to me they were probably referring to my suggestion that they use their artistic talents on some kind of collaborative project. I was pleased to hear that.

Once Mindy brought the rest of the food to the table, she stood near the table with her hands on her hips, frowning. The gesture opened her robe quite a lot, exposing a tremendous amount of nicely tanned cleavage. "Something's not right. Can anyone tell me what it is?"

Ruby asked in a sour and snarky tone, "Is it that Daddy is clinging to his foolish notions?"

I was surprised, since that was the kind of comment I would have expected Michelle to say. But it also showed that Ruby wasn't just following Michelle on this sex ban; she had her own strong feelings on the matter too.

Mindy just rolled her eyes. "No. Honey, please pull your chair away from the table."

I did so. As we'd prearranged, I pulled far from the table, so Michelle and Ruby would have a good view of what would happen next.

Mindy pointed dramatically at my crotch. "Look! You see that bulge in his robe? I don't have to tell you what that is. Do you think it's right that your Daddy-Master eats his breakfast without at least getting blown?"

Ruby replied, "Well, no, of course not. He can't fully enjoy his meal without his cock getting sucked. But these are difficult times."

Mindy gave her an annoyed look. "Since you two are shirking your most important cock slave duties, I guess it's up to me to pleasure him while he eats."

With that, she shucked her robe off her shoulders and stood there naked, except for her high heels. (I'd argued if she wore them, it would be a tip off that we were up to something unusual, but she insisted they would help the girls get uncontrollably horny.) Then she undid my sash, leaving my front side effectively completely naked. She knelt down between my legs and took my turgid cock into her mouth.

Michelle and Ruby were so shocked that it looked like their eyes were going to pop out of their heads. Their waffles were forgotten. Within seconds, despite their effort to remain disinterested for the sake of their strike, they both leaned closer for a better look.

Mindy didn't disappoint. She'd cleverly positioned herself so both girls could see pretty much all of my erection. My legs were spread very wide, and my dick was pointing straight down. Mindy came up to it from directly below, where she was propped up with a single elbow. She bobbed on it, but really just the cockhead, and not even all of that. She was also careful to hold it in place in such a way that her hand wouldn't spoil any of the view.

I closed my eyes so I could focus on enjoying Mindy's tongue and lips to the fullest. But the Hellions were just a few feet away, and I had no trouble hearing them whisper to each other.

Michelle said urgently, "Look! She's wearing high heels, even!"

"I know!" Ruby gasped in reply. "God, it's so hot!"

It looked like Min had been right about the psychological importance of wearing high heels. Personally, I didn't get it, since she wasn't even standing. I doubted they could even see the heels from where they were.

Michelle gasped back, "I have to get out of here!"

Ruby replied, "No you don't! You heard what your mom said before. Have you ever seen her that mad? Do you want to make her even madder?"

"She shouldn't have slapped me."

"It was only a light slap. And just because we're having a fight with him doesn't mean you can disrespect him like that. He's still our master, you know."

"I know, but... Oh God! I have to get out of here!"

I opened my eyes a peek, and saw Michelle standing up at the table.

Ruby said to her sternly, "Sit down! We have to obey the rules of cock slavery, even during our rebellion. If you can't stand to look, then don't. Eat your waffles before they get cold."

Still peeking, I watched Michelle reluctantly sit back down.

"How can you be that blasé?" Michelle complained to her sister. "I mean, do you not see Daddy's great fat cock, just poking out there, looking all throbby and tasty? Or what Mom is doing to it?!"

Ruby's chest was heaving. "Of course I can see it! I can't tear my eyes away! And look at me: I'm drooling! My mouth can't stop making saliva! It's so THICK that all I can think about is slobbering and choking on it! It's all I can do not to rip my clothes off and dive in!"

Michelle just groaned needfully. Like Ruby, she was forgetting to stay quiet.

Ruby's voice turned husky. "Gaawwwd! Just imagine: Mindy licking up one side, and me down the other, and you slurping your way all over his balls, proving ourselves as nothing but his three busty fuck pets while he casually eats his breakfast! ... Ohhh... That's the kind of breakfast enjoyment Daddy deserves!"

"Don't!" Michelle said, nearly hysterically. She reached across the table and swatted Ruby's hand, which had just started frigging her pussy through her clothes. "Please! We have to be strong! Think about, I dunno, yucky things!"

"Like what?" Ruby asked, nearly as desperate. "And tell me fast, 'cos I have this irresistible urge to play with my pussy!" They were talking quite loudly by now, no longer noticing or caring who heard them.

Michelle looked in horror as one of her own hands dropped into her lap. "Oh God! I do too! I can't stop myself! Good Lord, the King is just too big and too long, and too suckable!"

But then she glanced back at my crotch, and froze. Her voice dropped down, and she said with annoyance, "And Mom, excuse me, but what do you think you're doing?"

When Mindy didn't reply, Michelle continued in a disapproving tone, "Since you've started, all you've been doing is bob over the very end of my master's cockhead! I mean, uh, Daddy's cockhead. That's nice for him, for like, a few seconds, but what about all the other inches and inches of untended cock? You're not even stroking them!" She gesticulated in agitation.

Ruby saw what was bothering Michelle, and exclaimed, "Yeah! You're not even doing ANYthing to his sweet spot! The frenulum! That's the very best spot of all! It's ALL about stimulating that spot, constantly! Come on! YOU were the one who taught us that!" She shook her fists in frustration.

Mindy turned her head, and looked at them like she didn't know a thing and wanted to learn from their experience. She bobbed deeper, and made several passes over my sweet spot. Then she went back to just bobbing on the tip of the cockhead. "Like that?" she asked.

Michelle answered, "Yeah, exactly, but why did you stop already?! You only bobbed on it, like, twice! That's nothing!" She was so frustrated that she stood up and sort of paced around without really moving from her spot.

Ruby found herself standing as well, but she was bending over and drawing nearer. Since her hand was still over her pussy, she looked like she really had to go to the bathroom. She was close enough to reach out and tap Mindy's shoulders, and it looked like she wanted to. "Yeah! Seriously! Mindy, what are you thinking?!"

Mindy replied between licks, "I'm just getting warmed up, so I want to start slowly. The goal is to..." - she paused to lick a little more - "to blow him all through his breakfast, so I have to pace myself and build up to better things." That was a good cover story. In truth, she was doing a deliberately bad job.

Michelle ran her hands through her hair. It looked like she was ready to tear her hair out. "Yeah, but not THAT slow! I mean, come ON! Daddy's got great stamina. He can take it! You can lap right on his sweet spot for ages, and he'll totally love it!"

"Like this?" Mindy licked her way up to my sweet spot, and gave it a few extra licks, but then she kept on licking up higher.

Michelle was hopeful at first, and started saying, "Yes... Yes!" But then, when Mindy went too high, Michelle threw her head back in dismay and tore at her hair some more. "No! NO! Not THERE! Sheesh! Daddy hardly has any nerve endings there! Lower! Down! Back to right around the edge of the crown!"

Ruby had stopped grasping at her pussy mound because was clutching at air with her hands, too frustrated for words. She felt a little better when Mindy went back to licking my sweet spot a little more (since Mindy knew it wouldn't be plausible if she were too clueless). But then Ruby complained, "And Mindy, what's with the way you're holding it? You can stroke it and hold it for support at the same time. But you're holding it like you're afraid to touch it or something!"

"Yeah!" Michelle agreed emphatically. "As long as your hand is there, wrapped around his thickness, why not use it to stroke it too? I mean, sure, start slow, but not like you're in a COMA! Arrrgh!"

Finally, they were more or less mollified when Mindy began jacking off my shaft while licking in the right area on and around my sweet spot. However, by now, they were really hot and bothered. I peeked at them again, and saw both of them were pinching their nipples AND playing with their pussies. True, they were touching themselves over their clothes, but they were obviously getting very worked up just the same.

Suddenly, Mindy let go of my boner altogether and stood up. She said brightly, "I'm thirsty. I'm going to take a break and get myself a glass of milk. Does anyone else want anything?"

The girls stared at her in disbelief, like her whole head had just turned turquoise blue with pink stripes. They shook their heads no.

After Mindy headed to the kitchen, the girls whispered quietly to each other, but they were so frazzled that they didn't realize I was still close enough to hear even quiet whispering. (Plus, I think it helped that I kept my eyes closed - perhaps they thought I was off in some erotic la-la land.)

Michelle hissed at Ruby, "What's up with Mom? You call THAT a blowjob? She's supposed to be the sex expert around here. PATHETIC! And then she just gets up and leaves him hanging, like it's no big deal!"

Ruby hissed back, "And not only that, but to get milk? If that were me, I wouldn't need any milk. The best tasting creamy, milky refreshment is churning in his balls, ready to be splattered down my throat!"

"I know! Her only thirst should be for Daddy's tasty cum!" Michelle grew a bit more contemplative. "But then again, she refuses to become a full cock slave. She just doesn't have the true cock slave spirit. No self-respecting cock slave is just gonna leave him hanging like that after such a short time!"

There was a longer pause, and then Ruby asked in a quieter whisper that I could only just hear, "Do you think we should help out?"

"NO! Definitely not! What kind of boycott would that be, if we gave up that easily?"

Ruby spoke with obvious frustration. "True. This exposes a big hole in our plan, you know. I mean, how can he get desperate enough to give in, if she's helping him out all the time? I didn't expect her to blow him through breakfast. She's having an off day or something, but we know how effective she is normally."

"I know, but we just have to do our best. What else can we do? Besides, if her blowjobs are as lame as..." Her voice trailed off, because Mindy walked back.

Mindy gulped down most of a glass of milk, and then wiped her upper lip clean as she sighed in satisfaction. As she put her glass on the table, she looked at the girls with dismay, as if she was seeing them for the first time that morning. "What's wrong with you?"

Michelle and Ruby looked around, puzzled. "What?" Michelle asked.

"Those clothes. Where'd you get them from, The Gap? Old Navy? They're so generic. You look positively... normal!"

"That's the point," Ruby said defensively. "After all, with the sex boycott-"

Mindy interrupted, "Boycott or no boycott, you're still Daddy's eternal cock slaves, are you not? If you are, you need to dress like it! Besides, your whole goal is to tempt him to give in. How will he ever be tempted, if you dress like THAT?" She pointed at their clothes with undisguised derision.

Michelle stammered, "Uh, well..."

Mindy acted really annoyed. "Take them all off right now. And give him a nice striptease while you're at it. You're cock slaves, so start acting like it! But if you'll excuse me, I've got some more yummy cocksucking to do."

As my nude wife started to drop down, she noticed my plate of food and pretended dismay over that too. "Why, Honey! You've hardly touched your breakfast. At this rate, I'll have to suck your cock all morning. And since I've got to go to work, the girls will eventually have to take over. Not to mention, you've got important things to do, starting with spanking those very same wayward daughters."

I'd opened my eyes while my wife was talking to me. That enabled me to glance at my girls, who luckily weren't looking towards my face. The expressions crossing Michelle's face were amusing, to say the least. I swear, her eyeballs doubled in size when Mindy suggested they might have to take over. And when the spanking was mentioned, I could see her big torpedo tits start to bounce and heave so much that it was like she'd started jogging in place. Her cheeks got a little pink too, which was not only cute, but it reminded me of what her other set of cheeks would look like after I got done spanking them.

The Hellions were planning on dressing sexily (or not at all) in order to tempt me until I was forced to give in. But Mindy had turned that logic on its head, since they were the desperately horny ones at the moment, not me. They were smart girls and should have known better, but their lust was obviously short-circuiting their thinking. Plus, they didn't have the experience at sexual manipulation that my wife had.

Both of them slowly took their clothes off, giving me a nice strip show to watch while Mindy resumed blowing me. They were so horny that they couldn't help but get into it, and yet they showed an obvious reluctance, which somehow made everything that much hotter for me to watch. They seemed to be moving to the same slow rhythm, and yet there was no music playing.

This time, Mindy was intent on arousing me instead of putting on a good show to arouse the girls. She knew they were too preoccupied with their stripping to look at much more than the back of her bobbing head. However, she made up for that by being extra noisy. She slurped and slurped like she was sipping through a straw to get at the very last of a milkshake.

My pleasure level was soaring higher and higher! I must admit, watching the Gruesome Twosome gradually give in to their lusts was just as arousing as the talented things my wife was doing with her mouth and fingers.

Ruby seemed to be in a sort of sexual daze. I heard her whispering the words "Oh Daddy!" or "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," or some variant pretty much the entire time. I don't think she was aware she was saying that, either.

Michelle seemed particularly reluctant to do an arousing striptease, since we were supposed to be "at war." But her lust betrayed her, mostly. Her striptease could only be described as halting and spasmodic. The way her brain kept fighting her body made her actions that much more arousing. She kept on caressing her fully exposed torpedo tits, as if she was discovering them for the first time.

Since the girls were standing next to each other, it was only natural that they started to help each other disrobe. That quickly turned into all out lesbian caresses. When they ran out of clothes to take off, they kept on running their hands over each other's perfect nude bodies. They were within inches of French kissing when they seemed to snap to and remembered where they were and what the situation was.

I had a hard time understanding their thinking - and the way Mindy was expertly sucking my cock now made it hard to think at all. But I guessed they figured they wanted to 'tempt me' but not get so aroused that they lost their own sense of self-control.

However, while they were trying not to touch me, they were too hot to avoid touching each other. When they stopped their sexy dancing, they pulled into a close embrace. I heard Ruby desperately whisper to Michelle, "Help me! I'm too hot!"

Michelle whispered back, "Me too!" She looked down. "We shouldn't be doing this!" She was referring to the fact that both of them had started fingering the other one's wet slit.

Suddenly, and somewhat surprisingly, they managed to break apart.

They staggered around a bit, as if drunk, and then found their way back to their chairs. Then, pretty much within seconds of doing that, they resumed playing with their own nipples and pussies. Now that they were naked, there were no obstructions preventing them from slipping their fingers up and down their slits, and that's exactly what they did.

I no longer pretended to keep my eyes closed. I'd been staring openly at them since they'd started stripping. I don't know if they were just too horny to stop themselves, or thought that they were somehow tempting me and weakening my resolve. Either way, they made no effort to hide what they were doing, and stared back alternately at my face and my crotch with wanton desire. Ruby kept mouthing the word "Daddy!" as her fingers worked her slit and clit.

Michelle also lifted her heavy melons up, as if offering them up to me.

Ruby saw that, and hefted hers up too, while continuing to masturbate with her other hand, of course.

The look on their faces - wow! Pure sexual desire. They kept licking their lips and salivating, obviously imagining themselves in Mindy's place.

Before long, I was struggling not to cum. Funnily enough, I think I was more aroused by my girls' faces and the sheer size and perfection of their globular tits than what my wife was doing with her tongue and lips. And that wasn't because Mindy was doing a poor job. With the stripteases over, she'd changed her technique again. I guess she didn't want to be seen as a bad cocksucker, because she was going at it with fervor. But she also was cleverly back in the same position she'd been in prior to the stripteases, which was designed to give the girls a great view of my boner and what her lips and fingers were doing to it.

No one spoke, but entire conversations were said non-verbally. I know I mentioned it already, but the passion in my daughters' eyes would have knocked me backwards had I not been used to it already. It was like non-contact fucking.

My two teenage bombshells attempted to sit on the edges of their seats, but they didn't stay there for long, because their view of my erection from there was occasionally blocked by Mindy's head. Soon, they were standing with their hands still running all over their tits and pussies. I don't think they even realized that their feet were drawing them closer to the action, until one of them and then the other actually bumped into my outstretched legs.

That gave them pause, but only briefly. Before long, one of Michelle's bare legs was resting against one of my knees, while one of Ruby's legs was resting against my other knee. That put them so close that I could hear their occasional muttering. True, it wasn't very coherent, just little phrases like, "Oh God! So hot! So hot!" or "I need it!" or "So fuckin' thick!" or "Take it deeper, Mom! Choke on it!" But these little comments really turned me on, especially since I knew I wasn't supposed to be hearing them.

My wife, bless her, knew all the signs of when I'd climax. But she had even more diabolical schemes in mind, so she pulled her tongue and lips off my slicked up shaft at the very last second, when I was right on the very cusp of cumming.

The girls were so out of control horny that they were beyond the point of being able to complain coherently about this. They only shouted variations on "Cum!" and "Please, cum!" and "Daddy, cum!"

To my great amusement, Michelle reached out and slapped the back of Mindy's head in irritation. This was poetic justice for the slap she'd gotten from Mindy earlier. She glared at Mindy with great emotion, but Mindy was turned towards me so she didn't see. "Mom! Are you nuts?! You can't stop now!"

With my erection bouncing and twitching in the air, dripping pre-cum, Mindy seemingly ignored that, and casually glanced at her watch. "Oh shoot," she said in an equally casual tone. "As I thought, I've got to leave for work right now. Honey, will you be okay?"

Ruby exploded with frustration, pointing to my now lightly bobbing boner. "NO! He will NOT be okay! Just, just, just... LOOK at that!" She was licking her lips over and over, and even gulping.

It looked like Michelle had been about to say something similar, because she also was pointing wildly, so wildly that she only occasionally aimed at my crotch. Judging from the way she was trembling, struggling to stand, and how she had to step back and clutch the table edge for support, I gathered she was too distracted by an orgasm soaring through her.

Mindy started to stand, and faced the girls. "Since I have to go, can you two finish him off?"

Ruby squealed, and fell to one knee. She poked a finger in her slit to her hymen, even as she tilted her head back and let out a silent scream.

Michelle's knees buckled, and she used a second hand to hold onto the table for dear life.

Ruby pointed incredulously again. "Look! It's like, it's like... five feet tall! And throbbing, and red, and so, so... so fuckin' DELICIOUS!"

Michelle exclaimed, "You know what it is? It's KING DONG!"

That caused both of them to scream and shriek like overexcited teenybopper girls at a Beatles concert.

I must say, I really, really failed to understand this whole 'King Dong' thing. Wasn't it the same penis the whole time? I honestly didn't get it. But they looked upon it with something approaching fear and awe, like this little eight-inch tube of flesh was going to up and attack them.

I grasped Mindy's wrist and pulled her back to me. Obviously, she wanted the girls to take over to help destroy their sex boycott plan. I admired her deviousness, but it didn't seem right to me. If their boycott collapsed so completely so quickly, they might resort to even more drastic measures that I couldn't predict or control.

I said to my wife, "I'm almost there. You can stay another minute, can't you?"

Kneeling, she brought her hands back to my erection. But, knowing the girls couldn't see her face, she looked at me quizzically, as if she was asking me, "Are you sure? Don't you want them to do it?"

I nodded firmly, making clear to her that I was sure.

She bent down and trapped my dick in her deep cleavage. There was no need for lubrication, since my boner was positively soaked with pre-cum and saliva. As she started churning her big tits up and down on either side of my rod in a random pattern, giving me an unspeakably huge amount of pleasure, she said, "Oh, very well. But there's one problem. If you cum on me, it's going to take a long time to clean up. And I really do have to go. Maybe you should cum on the girls. Wouldn't you like that? Wouldn't you like to splatter their faces and big tanned tits with your hot seed?"

Both Ruby and Michelle were no longer capable of any verbal coherence. But they certainly let out some extremely loud and passionate moans. I couldn't tell if that meant they wanted me to do it to them or were aghast at the idea. Maybe even they didn't know.

My hard-on hadn't had that long of a break, and I was rapidly reaching a boiling point again. I had to quickly decide where I should cum. Maybe Mindy mostly just enjoyed the idea of seeing our daughters' faces dripping with gooey cum, but she did have a genuine clean up problem if I came on her (assuming she really was about to go to work). So I wasn't keen on doing that, but I also felt reluctant to cum on the girls, for the same reasons I was reluctant for them to take over.

Then a new idea came to me. I shouted, "Cup! A cup!"

Mindy understood. I'm sure she had ideas of tempting the girls some more with the "yummy goo" gambit. She reached behind her, attempting to grab a cup from the table without letting my pole slip from her cleavage. But my seat was so far from the table that my place setting was the only one within her reach. I'd never made much progress on eating my food, and my glass was nearly fully with orange juice too.

"For Christ's sake," Mindy complained. She had to twist around and disengage from me to reach further down the table, but even with her greater reach, there were no empty cups to be had. Both Ruby and Michelle had hardly touched their waffles or their drinks either, since they were so busy watching and masturbating.

However, Mindy used both hands to pick up Ruby's plate full of food, and then Michelle's plate. Without explanation, she twisted back to me and held the plates next to each other right below my erection. With a smirk, she suggested, "Here! Give them an extra dose of protein!"

That thought was so arousing that all I needed to do was reach down and touch my erection, and it shuddered in an orgasmic explosion. I felt a head rush so overwhelming that I had to close my eyes briefly, and my entire body was tingling with energy and pure pleasure. Yet I somehow managed to hold on to my stiff boner.

After a few seconds, I even recovered enough to guide the direction of my cum ropes firing out of me like bullets. It was a bit like trying to walk through a hurricane, which meant my aim was approximate at best. But I managed to hit the plates with most of my cum. (A little bit landed on the carpet or Mindy, especially when I occasionally changed my aim from one plate to another.)

Slowly but surely, we all recovered from our orgasmic highs. Everyone, that is, except for Mindy, who probably didn't have one, considering how calm and collected she looked. Her appearance was in complete contrast to that of the girls - they looked utterly DESTROYED. Both wound up sitting on their asses, like there had been a hurricane and it had knocked them over. The way their hair was tousled, with long strands hanging down their faces or matted to their foreheads, also made it looked like they'd just survived a natural disaster. Either that, or a very intense and prolonged fucking.

Mindy sat between my legs for a minute or two, still holding the plates of food, and seemingly trying to win some sort of 'most satisfied smirk of the year' award. She waited until the wild panting behind her had come down to mere heavy breathing, and then she turned around.

Triumphantly, she stood up, and then put the plates back where she'd picked them up. "Come on, girls," she said, sounding motherly all of a sudden. "Just look! You've barely touched your food. I'm not going to go until I see you at least start to eat."

The girls somehow picked themselves up and dragged their naked asses back to their chairs. Still panting, with their big racks heaving, they stared intently at their plates.

I had to scoot my chair closer to the table so I could get a good look as well. I had to pat myself on the back at just how much cum I'd managed to eject in the first place, and how much of that had actually landed on top of their waffles.

Mindy stood at my end of the table, enabling her to easily reach both girls. She did just that as she patted their nearest tits at the same time. "Eat up, girls. The more you eat, the bigger your tits will grow for your master."

But it was like they didn't hear her, since they were so transfixed by what was on their plates. Even when Mindy started caressing their tit-flesh more than just patting it, they still paid her no mind.

Michelle whispered in awe as she gawked, "That is so hot!"

Ruby's eyes were even bigger. She whispered, "I think I'm gonna faint!"

I knew Mindy really did have to go to work now, but I also knew she wasn't going to go anywhere until she saw her daughters at least starting to eat their cum-covered waffles. I figured the image of that would fuel her fantasies for a long time to come.

Ruby smirked. "Look! I have more on my plate. So there!" She stuck her tongue out at Michelle playfully.

Michelle was panting pretty hard, but she had to concede Ruby's plate had a bit more cum on it. She tried to act nonchalant, but failed miserably. "So what? It's not like I care." All the while, she was licking her lips, just as Ruby was (yet again).

Since neither of them were moving towards their plates, Mindy encouraged them with more friendly tit caresses, "Come on! Don't be shy. It's only Daddy's cum. You love the taste. I imagine it'll be a rare day from now on when your stomachs aren't at least half full with millions of his little spermies."

Michelle stared at the plate as if it was radioactive. "I know! That's not the point." After some more panting, she explained between still more pants, "I know that as soon as I taste it, I'll cum hard! A gigantic multiple orgasm! And it won't stop, ever! I'll just keep cumming and cumming and cumming until... I don't know what! Maybe I'll dehydrate." She looked up at Mindy with real concern. "I could die!"

Mindy laughed. She pinched all four of their nipples, one after another, and caressed the steep and curvy slopes of their huge orbs a bit more.

I think the girls hardly noticed, because they were panting and heaving so much, and staring intently at their cum-covered food.

Mindy finally tore her hands away from their hefty melons so she could push their plates closer to them. "You're not gonna die. If a woman could die from too many orgasms, I never would have survived my honeymoon. Now, you KNOW I want to see you eat, and you KNOW I'm about to be late, so won't you at least eat a little bit? For me?"

Michelle and Ruby looked at each other, cut themselves bites out of the waffles, and started eating. Both of them had little orgasms, I think, but not the 'life-threatening' monster orgasms Michelle had feared. However, they made up for that with their near-constant moans of ecstasy. Each time they took a new bite, it was as if their pussies were being split anew by my big erection thrusting deep inside.

Mindy watched intently while putting her robe back on. As she finished doing that, she bent over me and conspiratorially whispered in my ear, "Am I a fuckin' genius or what? I really could have reached the cups - which would also have been hot, by the way - but that idea just came to me on the spot. Which is pretty much what's happening to them with every bite. You know, cumming on the spot."

I chuckled. "Yeah. I got it."

She whispered, "Well, I hope you've got it, and a hell of a lot of it. You realize they're gonna want to have your sperm on ALL their food from now on?" She chuckled as an image came to her. "I can just picture a see-through ketchup bottle filled to the brim with your whitish, gooey cum. Can you imagine that?" She laughed some more.

The girls heard that, and moaned erotically again, right on cue.

She bent down and kissed my hair. "Have fun. And call me. Let me know what the girls eat for lunch." She laughed again, and walked off.

The busty Hellions didn't notice that Mindy was leaving; they were busy turning waffle eating into a sex act. Both were savoring each bite, and then staring at each other and making erotic faces as they ate. Honestly, they barely noticed I was still there.

With nothing else to do, I pulled my chair up closer to the table and started eating my own (thankfully cum-free) waffles.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, gmbusman, Yellow Peril, Ric, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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