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Chapter 80

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

After that rather bizarre breakfast finished, I took a shower, dressed, and got busy with my writing. Fortunately, for both my work and sanity, I didn't see the girls for the rest of the morning.

I happily resumed work on my swashbuckler novel about John, Morgana, and Roxanna. Since so much of the story was set in a harem, I decided it was time to get more serious about it. Yesterday, I'd done some research on how actual harems operated in the Middle East in past centuries, and it was distressing and depressing. Harems had been much more centers of cutthroat intrigues than non-stop sex romps. But still, that was helpful for making interesting plots. I decided to go back to what I'd written in recent days, which was almost entirely pornographic, and add in more realistic details and beef up the power struggle elements.

As a result, I didn't get any further in the story's plot. But I felt that the most recent chapters were improved, and more of what I'd written would be salvagable for the censored version that would eventually get published.

We all got together for lunch. However, the two Hellions were dressed on the conservative side, and acted that way as well (aside from making several jokes about needing my 'special sauce' on their food). They weren't particularly friendly or unfriendly, but mostly seemed distracted. They made a few veiled hints about a 'big project' they'd spent the morning working on. Whatever it was, it was obviously taking up most of their attention. Even as we ate, I could tell that new ideas about their project were coming to them, ideas they wanted to share but couldn't because I was there. There was a lot of furtive whispering though.

They also had a habit of humming 'The Imperial March' whenever I walked to or from the kitchen. That's the tune usually played when Darth Vader appeared in the Star Wars movies. It was amusing - the first couple of times.

Still, overall, it was kind of nice to have things back to the 'old ways,' where they more or less dressed and behaved like ordinary teenage girls, rather than sex crazed nymphomaniacs desperate to drain my life force out of me through my penis. I needed a break to absorb all the tectonic changes that had happened recently, plus time to catch up on my writing and actually make progress on my novel.

At the end of the meal, I got their full attention and made an announcement. I reminded them about Nicky's plans to come home soon, and then explained how Mindy and I had come up with a scheme to divert Nicky to Hawaii for the next two weeks.

My vixen daughters appeared both amused and relieved. Michelle snickered, "Looks like the shoe's on the other foot - now YOU get to be the schemer!"

I pointed out, "However, Nicky's not going directly there. She's driving home tomorrow. She'll be spending the night here, as she has some last minute errands, and of course she has to pack for tropical weather." (Even though Nicky was off at college, her bedroom was more or less unchanged, and she still had a majority of her clothes and other possessions in there.)

We discussed the problems of Nicky being here, even if only for one night. I made it clear that there would be a total sex ban during that time, and there shouldn't be even the tiniest hint about something sexual going on.

Michelle pointed out, "That's no problem. We've got our sex boycott going on anyway, so the timing is perfect. Besides, we'll be totally busy with our project, not to mention our crap job. We'll hardly have a chance to see her anyway."

I said, "You mean your video job, not your 'crap job.'"

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

I repeated myself a bit, stressing the importance of not giving Nicky any chance to figure out what was going on. I even did some finger wagging and pointing to emphasize my concerns.

That led Ruby to ask, "But she's only gonna be in Hawaii for two weeks. What then?"

I really hated that question, because I had no answer. I admitted, "I honestly don't know. She's at Berkeley most of the year, obviously. It's only two months that we have to deal with. Maybe we'll just have to cool down and be very discreet for the rest of the summer until she goes back north. I dunno. At least, we'll have two weeks to talk about it and come up with a plan."

"That's totally unacceptable!" Michelle complained. "I have no doubt you'll come to your senses about this dating stinky boys thing. Eventually. Even though you can be as slow and as stubborn as a mule when it comes to changing your misguided ways. So that means we'll have to go without pleasuring the King for the ENTIRE summer? I SO don't fucking think so!" She folded her arms underneath her rack to emphasize her point (not to mention bolster her humongous tits!).

Ruby turned to Michelle and said, "You mean get by with less pleasuring. Like, we may only get to suck on the King once or twice a day. We could sneak out of the house and do it at my house or something. But not go without completely! Come on. That's just crazy talk!"

Michelle's eyes went wide. "Oh GOD! What if Daddy doesn't give in for THE ENTIRE TWO WEEKS, and then Nicky comes back?!"

Ruby put a hand on Michelle's arm, as she clutched her for support. "Don't even go there! Think of all the Daddy cock left unsucked! You're scaring me!"

Michelle was alarmed. "I know! We'll never be able to get those lost boners back!"

Ruby pointed out, "Thank God that at least my mom and Sue Ellen will be there to at least take care of some of those. And he can freely fuck both of them already."

Michelle groaned unhappily. "Don't remind me! This is going to be torture, endless torture!"

I said, "Let's not 'go there' for now. But be warned. I'm willing to go to some pretty extreme lengths to keep Nicky out of our sordid little harem world. So let me know if you have any ideas."

Michelle suddenly and dramatically stood up and pulled her top off. She'd been wearing a bra, but she quickly got rid of that too. As she was doing, she told Ruby, "Quick! Take off all your clothes!"

Ruby asked her in confusion, "What are you doing?! What about the boycott?!"

Michelle continued to quickly strip as she explained, "I've discovered that Daddy does all his best thinking when he's horny. So we need to put the boycott on hold for just a few minute to get him in the right mindset."

Ruby started stripping too, though reluctantly. "Okay... but no touching. Right?"

"Um..." Michelle was torn about that. "I don't know if he's horny enough for what I'm going to suggest. What if you just sit in his lap and kiss him and rub your big tits all over his chest?"

"I can do that!!" Ruby immediately plopped herself on my lap without asking me first. She still had her skirt and panties on, but she was able to remove them while snuggling up to me.

I belatedly protested, "Hey! Isn't anyone going to ask me if I want this?"

They both spoke as one: "No!" Then they burst into laughter.

I didn't have a chance to reply because Ruby planted her lips on mine and gave me a big French kiss.

My dick swiftly engorged and I found my hands clutching and fondling Ruby's bare ass cheeks.

I was unable to see what devilry Michelle was up to during the kiss. But it came to an abrupt end when Ruby pulled her lips away in distress and said, "Oh no! Michelle, I'm sorry, but this somehow happened."

She was referring to the fact that one of her hands had found its way into my shorts during the kiss. She'd begun jacking me off without even thinking about it. She still didn't stop stroking my boner, but she repositioned slightly to show Michelle what she was doing.

Michelle said to her, "Don't worry about it. In fact, I was about to ask you to do that. As long as you stop there and keep your mouth and tits away from the King, we'll be okay. He really does his best thinking like this."

Ruby exhaled with relief. "Phew! I'm so glad to hear that. Gaawwwd! I've missed this so much!" She brought a second hand down to unzip my fly. Once she took care of that, she pumped and fondled my boner with both hands.

I was too overwhelmed by their raw sexuality to even think whether I wanted them to violate the sex boycott like this or not. They were unstoppable forces of nature in any case. All I could manage was to complain to Ruby, "You sound like it's been ages, but it's only been a matter of hours."

She replied, "True, but it's been a lot of hours. And you don't know what it's like to be a cock slave. When you live to serve Daddy cock, going without for even a few hours is almost unbearable!"

I started to say, "Come on. It's can't be..." But my voice trailed off, because of what Michelle was doing. I'd lost sight of her, with Ruby right in my face. So it was unexpected when Michelle also appeared in my face. Or, more accurately, her jutting torpedoes did. She stood directly behind where Ruby was sitting in my lap, probably pressing much of her body directly against Ruby's backside. Then her enormous F-cups suddenly loomed large right in my face. She clutched their outer sides, pushing them forward so they were practically enveloping my face!

Ruby couldn't fail to notice that. She lowered her head slightly so those giant globes really could envelop my face. She giggled. "Nice one, Michelle!"

I couldn't see a thing, because my nose was suddenly buried deep in Michelle's very deep cleavage. Nearly all of my face was feeling her soft and spongy tit-flesh. But I certainly could feel a lot, including Ruby's erect nipples poking through my shirt and her hands slipping and sliding all over my hot pole.

Although I was unable to see Michelle's face, I could hear the smirky satisfaction as she said, "Okay, that's better. Like I said, Daddy, you do all your best thinking in this sort of thinking. Which brings me back to what I wanted to say about the Nicky problem."

I muttered, "Uh-oh!" I had a foreboding feeling. I kept on unthinkingly kneading Ruby's ass cheeks as I waited for what I was certain would be a bad suggestion. If it was something I would readily agree with, she wouldn't have to go through all this to try to soften me up first.

Michelle said, carefully, "Okay, Daddy, don't be alarmed, but... wouldn't it be easier if you just were honest with Nicky? You should just tell her the truth. All of it!" As she spoke, she was caressing my face with her gigantic knockers.

I unhappily responded, "A-ha! I knew you were going to say something like that. I suppose I should tell her what I'm doing to you and Ruby too?"

"Of course!"

Trying to ignore their combined sexy attack, especially the way Ruby was rubbing my sweet spot, I asked, "And I imagine you want me to just mention to her that I've got four sex slaves, including you two?"

"Of course!" Michelle said happily again. "Why the heck not? You've always told us that honesty is the best policy. And wouldn't it be easier for everyone involved? That way, we won't have to sneak around."

I groaned unhappily, even though I was flying high from the handjob and all the rest. "Shelle, all you ever do is think about yourself. That would work out great for you, but what about Nicky?! She'll be devastated! It would be worse than finding out her family joined some strange cult."

"I beg to differ," Michelle responded while continuing to give my face a strange sort of gentle titty massage. "Sure, she'll be shocked at first, but she'll get over it soon enough. You think she's totally prudish and sexless, but she's not. She actually has a really hot body! And her tits are a lot bigger than you probably think. You need to see her in a bikini."

I tried to groan unhappily again, although I fear it might have sounded more erotic. I suddenly had disturbing visions of Nicky in a very skimpy red bikini, with breasts as large as Ruby's, or even Michelle's. To mask my arousal, I loudly complained, "Shut up! What the hell does that have to do with anything?!"

Michelle slid her jutting tits so I unexpectedly found a hard nipple right in front of my mouth. Without thinking, I began suckling on it. I just couldn't resist!

Once she had me hooked on that, she replied, "It's very relevant, because I think you completely misunderstand her. You still think of her as your innocent, virgin, little girl. But she's been going out with Steve for, like, a year. They've definitely had sex! She's been fucked, many times, I'm sure! She knows exactly how it feels to have a hot, throbbing cock slide into her burning, needy, tight cunt! Of course, the odds are a million to one that Steve's cock is as thick and powerful as yours, but still, I'm sure she's enjoyed herself. She's cried out in orgasmic ecstasy as she-"

I pulled my lips off Michelle's nipple to exclaim, "Where are you going with this?! Get to your point already!"

She used her hands to guide my mouth to her other nipple. Once I was latched on, she continued, "Fine. My point is, she's not the sexual prude you think she is. In fact, she's a total hottie! She's got a body that's built for sex, just like mine! Since we're sisters, that's no surprise. I think she's VERY sexual, it's just that she's scared of the power of her sexual desires so she covers up and tries to deny her true nature. Which means that she will understand if we tell her the full truth, eventually. It's the best way, and you know it!"

"In fact..." She paused. Then I felt more fingers on my stiff erection, suggesting that at least one of her hands had joined with Ruby's. Once her fingers were slipping and sliding in my pre-cum, she continued, "In fact, since we are sisters, the odds are very good that she's sexually submissive just like me. Just like Mom. Admit it, Mom must be somewhat submissive to have that whole cucquean thing going on. So it runs in the family, through the women. Which means that, once she gets over her initial shock, she'll probably want to join in! Join the harem! Learn to serve your great big cock!"

That distressed me so very much that I was able to pull my lips off Michelle's nipple and push her massive tits away from my face. But I didn't stop there. I slowly and carefully stood up. Since Ruby was on my lap, she was unable to do anything but slide off.

Somehow, my two relentless vixen daughters wound up with their hands still wrapped around my boner, even after we all ended up standing.

Having accomplished that much, I practically yelled, "A-ha! I knew it! I knew you were going to go there. But you couldn't be more wrong. That's sick! She's nothing like you! Don't drag her down into this!"

Michelle had claimed the prime spot at my cockhead, and she rubbed my sweet spot aggressively as she said, "A-ha! Your mouth says one thing, but your big fat cock says another. If you're so outraged, why aren't you going flaccid?"

I protested, "How can I, with you two stuck on me like leeches?! Even after I stood up, I still can't get you to stop!"

Ruby had been curiously silent all along, but unfortunately she spoke up to say, "That's because we're young, hot, busty, and in our sexual prime! Just like Nicky. If you could see her entire body, you'd realize that she's a perfect ten. Which means she's incredibly fit and athletic, which means she has to have an energetic sex drive."

"No it doesn't!" I was panting hard, and not just from the still continuing dual handjob. Standing up hadn't helped me much, except to get their enormous racks off my face and chest.

Ruby said, "Daddy, I've been jacking you off all along. As soon as Michelle mentioned making Nicky one of your sex slaves, your cock started twitching wildly. What does that mean?"

"It doesn't mean anything! That's just coincidence, 'cos you're slowly wearing me down!" Finding a new burst of resolve, I managed to take a couple of steps back while pushing them away. That finally freed my boner from their relentlessly sliding fingers. I quickly secured this victory by covering my crotch with both hands. Of course I was flying high with arousal, but I wasn't about to give them the satisfaction of making me cum while they talked about Nicky like this.

Now that I was regaining control of the situation, I spoke loudly and firmly. "Listen to me, and listen to me good! Those ideas of yours about Nicky... they're out of bounds! They're misguided and crazy, and a disaster waiting to happen! So don't let me catch you saying them ever again! And especially don't you dare suggest them to anyone else, most especially Nicky herself! Do you want to ruin everything we have going here?!"

Michelle and Ruby seemed chastened. They dropped their heads and acted contrite. Michelle said, "Sorry, Daddy. You're right. That was probably uncalled for. It's just that I was kind of... brainstorming. I mean, it is a logical option to simply tell her the truth, at least, isn't it?"

Ruby quickly added, "You've always encouraged us to be honest. Stuff like that made you a better dad than my supposed real dad."

I responded somewhat uncomfortably, "Yeah, well, that's definitely true most of the time. But there are times for white lies or lies of omission. Everybody knows that. Nobody is 100 percent honest all the time. It's just not practical or possible. This is a time where we have no choice but to keep certain facts from her."

I continued, with my hands still covering my raging erection, "Because you're totally wrong about her being like you, Shelle. Don't take this badly, but you're off the charts, sexually. I'm not really sure what the exact definition of a 'nympho' is, but you'd probably qualify."

Her face lit up. "Thanks! I take that as a compliment."

Ruby shifted into a sexy pose, showing off her nude body. "Daddy, am I a nympho too? Please say 'yes!'"

I groaned with lust and frustration. "Probably. If Michelle is, then you are too. But my point is, you two are extreme outliers. Nicky, by contrast, is right down the middle. Totally normal sexually in every way! Which means she's NOT going to be predisposed to be understanding about this. In fact, if you go by the way conservative way she dresses, she's way more prudish than most girls her age. So please! NO MORE talk along those lines! We'll just have to think of something else."

I was pleasantly surprised when Michelle nodded obediently. "Whatever you say, Daddy. You are our master, after all. We have to obey you. And you may well be right. Sometimes, I let my lust run wild and that can affect my judgment."

I asked sarcastically, "You think?! Geez! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! I officially declare any talk of Nicky along those lines to be off limits! Is that clear?"

They both nodded, even as they stood side by side in all their naked glory.

I suggested, "If you must grapple with this Nicky problem, put your devious minds to figuring out ways to keep our sexual lifestyle from her for the rest of the summer. Okay? There are things we can do, ways we can continue to have fun without getting caught. Let's make that our goal."

Michelle nodded. "Yes, Master. We'll be good."

Ruby put a hand on Michelle's bare shoulder. "Before we get too good, Daddy still has a big time boner. Since we kind of temporarily broke our sex boycott anyway, shouldn't we kind of help him finish? I'm thinking a long, slurpy, glorious dual blowjob! On our knees, of course, and with lots of titfucking action!"

Michelle bit her lip as she stared at my hands covering my crotch. "That would be... fairly... awesome! Gaawwwd! We could spend like the next hour slobbering and slurping all over that massive monster! Together! And I really want to take another crack at deep throating. And you should too."

But then she appeared to have a change of heart. "But... no!" She clutched at Ruby's nearest shoulder. "We have to be strong! Strong! Think of the sex boycott! Think of the stinky boys! Think of STEVE!"

That surprised Ruby. "Steve? Why Steve? He seems like a relatively nice, normal guy."

"True, but that's just the thing. Do you have a 'nice, normal guy' for a BOYFRIEND?! Do you want Daddy to force you to date somebody like him?"

Ruby caught on, and her face soured. "Oh, no! Oh, HELL NO! Pardon my French, but no fucking way! My heart belongs to Daddy! And my entire body!" She quickly assumed Position Number Two, which meant hands on head, legs spread wide, and chest thrust out.

Michelle saw that and immediately struck the same pose, careful to do it side by side. With her head slightly bowed, he said to me, "Master, you have NO IDEA how tough it is for me to resist the siren call of your great big cock! Even though you're covering it, I can tell that it's wonderfully stiff. That's literally what I live for, to serve you, to keep the King throbbing with pleasure! But that's also why I'm forced to leave you hanging this time. A cock slave can only have ONE master!"

Ruby chimed in, "To even have our bodies defiled with the touch of another man would be a travesty! A tragedy! It would be a trauma, like a rape! It could never be undone! So that's why I have to stick with Michelle. We have to be strong and stand united until you see the light!"

They dropped their hands from the tops of their heads to face each other and clasp hands.

I sighed. I must admit I was disappointed that they'd shown such resolve. That suggested it wouldn't be so easy to get them to crack. Furthermore, my hard-on was urgently crying out for sexual satisfaction.

However, I was resolved to show my willpower too. It finally occurred to me to pull my shorts up, as they were still hanging down around my knees. I did so, and carefully tucked my boner away. I huffed, "Okay, fine. That's probably for the best. I'm going to go wash the dishes."

That threw them for a loop. Michelle asked, incredulously, "Wash the dishes?!"

I played dumb. "Yeah. We just had breakfast. There are some dirty dishes that aren't going to clean themselves."

Ruby protested, "But I could see as you pulled your shorts up that you still have a serious stiff boner problem. It's practically a King Dong crisis! Don't you want to go upstairs and masturbate or something like that?!"

I very much wanted to do just that. But I shrugged as if I was indifferent. "Nah. If I ignore it, it'll just go away after a while."

Michelle in particular was distraught to hear that. She ran her fingers through her hair, which setting her immense jugs wobbling. "Oh God! Daddy, you can't just, just... let it DIE! That goes against everything we believe in!"

I shrugged again. "Well, them's the breaks. Believe me, I'm not happy about it, but I respect your strong stance." With that, I walked out of the room towards the kitchen.

The two Hellions were chagrined, to say the least. Michelle even said to my back as I left the room, "Well, you don't have to respect us THAT much!"

But after some quiet muttering between the two of them, they gathered their clothes and went upstairs together.

I was secretly relieved. I really did wash the dishes, as it helped me come down from my sexual high. My erection didn't go away immediately, but at least some sort of calmness and self-control returned.

As I scrubbed the dishes, I thought, This is going to be some kind of battle. It would be oh-so-easy to just admit to them that I've given up entirely on the dating stinky boys idea... Hell, now they've got me saying 'stinky boys.' Anyway, that would be so very easy, and tempting, but I've got to win the battle of wills. The harem won't function unless I can establish real, firm control.

For instance, their crazy thoughts about Nicky. I'm not surprised, even though they were totally projecting about her. She's not like them whatsoever, but they're blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Just like Mindy has been doing lately, actually. Somebody needs to maintain some grip on reality, and that apparently has to be me! If I let them have their way, things will totally spin out of control, and fast! Nobody wants that.

Unfortunately, even after I finished the dishes and then cleaning the kitchen in general, by erection still hadn't subsided. I was very careful not to allow myself to think of Nicky in a sexual way or really think about her at all. But simply remembering the Gruesome Twosome standing side by side in Position Number Two pretty much kept me erect no matter what. And when I thought of what else they'd done, for instance Michelle's titty face massage, I only got more aroused.

However, I was determined not to masturbate. I figured that if I did, they'd somehow find out, and they would see that as a kind of victory. Plus, I wasn't sure I'd be able to avoid jacking off while picturing Nicky naked, since they'd put that forbidden thought in my mind.

As a result, I tried something else entirely and went jogging around the neighborhood instead. I figured I needed the exercise anyway.

It was difficult at first running with a stiff boner, but whenever I jog I tend to go into a sort of mental state that's almost like a trance, where I'm able to empty my mind of nearly all my thoughts. Thankfully, that happened and my dick finally went flaccid. I was able to continue with the rest of my jog as normal.

By the time I was back home, I felt like my old self. It was a good feeling.

I went upstairs to shower and then resume my writing. However, on my way to my room, I stopped by Michelle's room to check on them. I noticed the door was open just a crack, and they were listening to the radio. It wasn't enough of a crack for me to peek in, but it showed that they hadn't locked the door. I walked away without alerting them to my presence.

That crack encouraged me. It suggested they were no longer insisting on locking themselves away and were back to acting relatively normally around me (except perhaps for them singing or humming the 'Imperial March' tune whenever they saw me). That made the sex boycott a lot more bearable.

I put my nose back to the grindstone and resumed my work on my swashbuckler novel. Just as I'd done before lunch, I utilized my recent research to add more realism and "local color" to the harem scenes I'd written in the past few days.

A couple of hours later, I decided it was a good time for me to take an extended break. I went to a nearby sex shop and bought a variety of sex toys, clothes, and other items. I'd been thinking about making such a trip for a while, and I'd compiled quite a long want list of things to use on, or give to, my lovely ladies. I probably should have waited until after Nicky had come and gone, but I have to admit that my sexual enthusiasm got the best of me.

Most of the purchases I hid away very carefully, because I wasn't going to need them for a while (and I certainly didn't want Nicky to see them!). But there was one set of matching items I'd bought that I planned on showing off almost immediately.

Still dressed in my usual clothes, I went down the hall and knocked on Michelle's door.

"Don't come in, Daddy!" Michelle shouted through the door. "We're working on our big project, and you're not allowed to see it until it's ready."

The door had been opened just a crack, but within moments of hearing me knock, one of them got up and closed the door all the way. Even so, I was pleased at how quickly Michelle had gone back to leaving her door unlocked. (Either that, or they'd noticed from yesterday that locking it was a futile gesture.) I said, "Okay, fine. I don't need to go in, but the two of you need to come out. Both of you, report to my room immediately. Naked!"

Ruby said, "But Daddy! You know about the sex boycott!"

"Yeah!" Michelle agreed emphatically.

I told them, "Don't worry, you won't be doing anything special with my penis. But both of you need to show up completely nude, because it's time for your daily spanking. So long as you're obedient and don't misbehave, you WILL be spanked. You know the drill."

There was a long pause, and then Michelle asked shyly and with obvious interest, "Position Number Two, followed by Position Number One?"

"That's right. Oh, and I want both of you to crawl on all fours to my room before assuming any position. That'll be part of the spanking tradition from now on. And the longer you take to start crawling, the more whacks you'll get."

"Oh shit!" I heard one of them mutter. I lingered by the door long enough to hear the rustling sounds indicating they were following orders.

I went back to my room and stood in the middle of it. I made sure my door was wide open, and I was standing in a spot where I could see Michelle's door all the way at the other end of the hall.

I didn't have to wait long. I'd only just found the perfect spot to stand in when I saw Michelle's door open a little bit. Her head peeked out at shoulder level. But then she made eye contact with me, and her head disappeared again. Seconds later, the door opened all the way, and her absolutely incredible nude body appeared in full. Then she started crawling down the hall with her head bowed.

Ruby followed right behind her. Unfortunately, I couldn't see much of her with Michelle being in the way.

My penis was half-hard from anticipation, and it grew fully hard as soon as I saw Michelle's embarrassed face and her drooping tits swinging wildly underneath her. I unzipped my fly, and let my erection out.

I thought, This is awesome! They're fucking CRAWLING naked! For me! Sex boycott or not, I need to find more excuses to get these two naked. I know, the general rule is that it's sexier if a woman wears at least some clothes. But that rule is more for normal women. These two are like goddesses! Their perfect bodies are works of art that demand to be seen in their entirety!

Michelle heard my zipping sound all the way down the hall, and looked up with concern. Seeing my fully engorged dick, she frowned and dropped her head back down, and then kept crawling. Obviously, she was worried about maintaining her sex boycott in the face of such temptation.

I noticed that, as she crawled, she wasn't avoiding letting her already erect nipples rub against the carpet. In fact, at times, she seemed to deliberately lower herself just to let them roughly brush against it. From the look on her face, I could only imagine the kind of sensations she was feeling from letting her nipples stroke the carpet like that as she crawled towards me. It looked like she was shivering with delight every time. At one point, she even had to stop and bite her lip with her eyes closed before she could continue crawling towards me.

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! How many girls her age would be so endowed to even have the problem of nipples dragging on the carpet?! Not even Ruby is quite that busty, not unless she slouches down as she crawls. She lacks the jutting factor.

I can't tell you how much fun I was having watching them crawl to me. I started stroking my erection to enjoy it all the more. The only problem was that I still could only really see Michelle, since she was in front. I quickly fixed that by saying, "Hey! You two crawl side by side so I can see you both. Since we have wide hallways, we should put them to good use."

So that's what they did, although Michelle had to take the lead again while they crawled through my doorway.

As I jerked off, I thought, Is it wrong to have my own daughters crawl to me naked, just because I feel like it? Okay, maybe. Well, to be honest, 'hell yeah!' is more accurate. But the way I look at it, they've freely, eagerly, and pretty much unilaterally declared themselves my cock slaves. As part of that, they said they would do anything to make me feel good, and this makes me feel very good. So there!

Besides, I know they're feeling terribly ashamed, but they both love that. I've figured out that humiliating and submissive acts arouse them like nothing else. Luckily, I totally get off on that too, so it's win-win!

What can I say? My morals are crumbling by the day, or even by the hour. I hardly ever think of what the Church would say about all this. But, as the saying goes, if you're going to hell in a bucket, you might as well enjoy the ride.

They crawled all the way to my feet. Both of them actually tenderly kissed my feet, which was a pleasant surprise. Then they stood up and assumed Position Number Two (hands on head, legs spread wide, and chest thrust out) side by side a few feet away from me. They stared straight ahead into space, even though both of them had certainly noticed the way I was stroking myself.

Neither of them seemed put out having to do this during their 'sex boycott.' In fact, they were positively enthusiastic and bursting with life and energy.

Michelle asked, "Daddy? Permission to speak?"

"No. And in a situation like this, you should call me 'Master.'"

I could see both of them shiver with arousal, simply from being denied a chance to speak.

A long pause followed, where I simply closely examined them. I could tell this really aroused them, and they tried their best to strike especially seductive poses while still maintaining Position Number Two. They generally did this by subtly shifting their weight and cocking their hips.

They also tried hard to stare blankly straight ahead, like they were trying to be mannequins. However, sometimes they couldn't resist, and they briefly glanced at my face or down at my stiff erection poking straight out.

Finally, Michelle asked again, "Master? Now can I speak?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"I'd like to lodge a protest. It's about this whole crawling thing. Ruby and I agree that it's... um... it's far too arousing."

Ruby looked at me and nodded, and then went back to her frozen, stare-straight-ahead stance.

In feigned ignorance, I asked, "Arousing? How could that be bad?"

Michelle explained, "Well, first of all, we're in the middle of a sex boycott, and this violates the spirit of that. You're using our sexy, naked bodies to get yourself aroused." She nodded at my stroking hands.

"This is true," I brazenly agreed. "Consider yourself lucky I'm not doing more with your sexy bodies, but I'm willing to tolerate your boycott - for now. Do you have anything else to complain about?"

Michelle was surprised by that answer, and didn't quite know how to respond.

But Ruby said, "I see a problem, Master. You're spanking us to punish us, right? So we should be hating it, right? But the act of crawling all the way across the house - with you watching the whole way, no less - has gotten me so terribly horny that I can hardly breathe! And the spanking hasn't even started yet!"

I deliberately acted stupid, and looked confused.

Michelle saw that, and explained, "Da- er, Master, when we get really horny, we obviously see that as a reward. And when we're spanked really hard, we see that as a punishment. But if you make us crawl to our spankings, pretty soon we're gonna mentally tie the two things together. Then everything will get all confused. Before long, whenever you make us crawl, we'll think about being spanked! And when you spank us, we'll think about crawling! We're both gonna be, well, we'll be constantly horny!"

Ruby nodded emphatically, which did impressively delightful things to her chest. Then she added, "And I already know that I'm going to be thinking about crawling naked to your great big cock a hell of a lot! It's gonna make us constantly long to suck on your fat fuck stick even more than before! Uh, Master!"

I replied as if unconcerned by such worries. "I don't see a problem with all that. I'm assuming that this boycott is an aberration, and most of the time, you'll be more or less well behaved from now on. I plan to spank you daily, or close to it, so the vast majority of spankings will be purely sexual. I want you to associate that with arousal, so I'm really not seeing anything wrong here."

Michelle gulped. Her eyes were the size of dinner plates, it seemed. Ruby was just as astounded.

Seeing that got a good reaction, I added, "Like I said, when you're obedient and well behaved, you will be spanked. I happen to enjoy spanking you, so your asses will burn red quite a lot from now on, I imagine."

That made both of them gasp.

I went on, "This is not intended to be a punishment, but rather a reward. And depending on how well behaved and obedient you are, taking your spankings may be an intensely sexual and extremely pleasurable reward. The way I see it, there is absolutely no reason at all for you NOT to be excruciatingly aroused when you crawl to me to naked and beg to be spanked."

Michelle was suddenly gulping for air. "Oh! Oh God! Are you really going to spank us that much?" She was suddenly so turned on that she was having a hard time keeping her hands on her head. She was doing a great job of keeping her huge tits thrust out though, even as they were heaving about wildly from her heavy breathing.

"Of course," I said matter-of-factly. "I own you."

I wished I had a camera ready to capture the dumbfounded look Michelle and Ruby exchanged between themselves. They both sucked in a huge breath at the exact same time, which had the lovely side effect of collapsing their stomachs and thrusting their huge bouncy melons forward.

I picked up a ping pong paddle I had left on top of an end table. "I own you both, in the exact same way I own this paddle." I put the paddle back down, so I could go back to jacking off. "If it pleases me to frequently spank you, to constantly remind you that you are my sex slaves, that my domination of you is total and absolute, that your chief duty as my slaves is to keep me endlessly aroused and entertained, that, in fact, you have no free will... if it pleases me to remind you of all that, then why shouldn't I?"

Michelle gasped lustily. "Oh God!" Her whole body was shaking with desire.

Ruby was shaking too, maybe even more than Michelle. "Oh GOD! Oh God! It's happening!"

Michelle nodded emphatically at that.

I had to ask, "What's happening?"

Ruby panted, "Our dream! Our Plan! It's all coming together!" She attempted to calm herself by closing her eyes and taking some deep breaths, but without much success. So she looked at me again and asked, "Master? Permission to touch myself?"

"You're already touching your hands to the top of your head," I pointed out, deliberately playing the fool again.

"No!" she said in frustration. "I don't mean that. I mean... down below!"

"Where? Your toes?"

"Not that far down!" she gasped desperately.

Michelle exclaimed, "She wants to touch her CUNT! Her hot, hot, burning hot cunt! I do too!"

I was having fun playing dumb. "You want to touch her cunt?"

"No! Well, yes, but what I want more is to touch MINE!"

As I kept on stroking myself, I said firmly to them, "Absolutely not. You're in the middle of a sex boycott. If you do that, you'll get so horny that you'll be unable to resist anything I tell you to do."

Ruby panted, "But we're that horny already!" She looked at Michelle, and hastily added, "Well, almost."

I said, "Almost. You see? That's the difference. One point, though. Remember that there are two kinds of spankings. There's the spankings you'll get when you've been good. We can call them good spankings or sexy spanking. And then there's the spankings you'll get when you've been bad. Obviously, those are the bad spankings, the harsh spankings, and those will be much more painful. You both have felt those. Do you want more harsh spankings?"

They both shook their heads fiercely at this, which set their big tits swaying again very nicely.

Michelle raised a hand like a shy student, which also did wonderful things to her body, and to her chest in particular. "Master? I worry. I'm worried it could easily get to the point where I find spankings so arousing, I'll even look forward to the bad ones!"

"Perhaps. But remember you can have one or the other, but not both on the same day. Besides, I can also resort to the love tap type spanking. Do you remember that?"

She shuddered with disgust. "How could I not? That was more traumatic and painful than the worst whipping! Never again! Please! My body craves to be spanked and dominated, and that just makes a mockery out of all I hold dear!"

I grinned. As a parent, it was damn near impossible to find any methods to control her, and now it looked like I had a very good one. I quickly suppressed my grin, trying not to show just how happy that made me. As I continued to lightly stroke my erection, I casually asked, "Now, who wants to be spanked first?"

Neither of them said anything, and neither one looked at all eager.

I was glad to see this, because it confirmed my feeling that Michelle felt her spanking yesterday was a punishment, and not a reward. I'd been worried that she would enjoy even the harshest spankings I could muster.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of Billo, IBT, Ric, Yellow Peril, Johnny Galt, and Wayac, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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