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Chapter 81

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

After a long pause, Ruby asked, "Master? Will this be a good spanking or a bad one?"

I replied, "We'll see. You both are at my complete and utter mercy, so it'll be whatever I feel like."

"Oh God!" Ruby muttered. I could see her legs start to give way as her knees buckled out from under her. But she caught herself just in time and managed to right herself.

Michelle's entire body swayed back, like she'd nearly been blown over by a powerful wind.

Needless to say, they both found my attitude to be extremely arousing.

"Hmmm," I said. "I don't want to be seen as choosing favorites, so we'll use the 'eeny, meeny, miny, moe' method." And that's exactly what I did.

By chance, I picked Michelle. I said to Ruby, "You'll be first tomorrow." Then I picked up my paddle and sat down on the edge of my bed.

Michelle finally took her hands off her head while Ruby remained in Position Number Two. Pointing at my erection, Michelle said with worry, "I hope you know I'm not going to do anything with THAT."

"I wouldn't dream of it," I replied. I patted my lap. "Now, bring your hard, sexy body over here."

As Michelle laid herself over my legs she said, "Master? Can I ask you a favor? Look at my ass."

I knew she was going to say more, but I hastily cut in, "With pleasure." I ran a hand up and down her ass cheeks.

"No!" she complained. "Owww! Owww! Don't... See? Don't- OWWW! Hold on, please!"

I'd only been lightly stroking her ass, but I stopped.

She calmed herself, and said, "See? That's the favor. You spanked me so hard yesterday that my butt still hurts really bad. Same with Ruby. Show him."

Ruby turned around and bent over a bit, putting on a great show while keeping her hands on her head. It was hard not to notice just how red her ass was (as was Michelle's). It was also hard not to notice her swollen pussy between her luscious ass cheeks, or the flow of cum down her inner thighs.

I joked, "My goodness. That looks painful. But I think I'm going to have to keep your ass that color all the time from now on, just so I can always say you have a Ruby red ass."

Ruby turned back around and frowned at me. "Ha, ha. I'm not amused."

"But what if I'm not joking? What if I really will keep your ass constantly red and well spanked? That is your name, Red. What if it amuses me to keep your ass cheeks the same color as your flaming red hair? What if, from now on, you'll always have trouble sitting or lying down, because your ass will always be freshly spanked?"

"Oh Gaawwwd!" She brought her hands down from the top of her head.

But before her hands could reach her pussy, I barked, "HEY! Stop that!"

Her hands froze in mid-air, less than a foot from their desired target. She kept them frozen in place as she begged, "Please! Pleeeaaase, Master! Just let me touch my clit. Just for a second!"

"Sorry, but no." I stared hard at her until she brought her hands back up to her head. "Now, Michelle, you were saying?"

Michelle's eyes were bugging out, as she obviously was contemplating a constantly red and sore ass. Her hips were wiggling wildly in my lap.

I gave her some time to recover her breathing. I looked up at Ruby, and at first I thought she was dancing. It turned out she was trying her best to stand still with her hands on top of her head, but her body was simply too aroused. Her hips in particular couldn't stop gyrating.

I said to Shelle, "Now, I feel like playing with your pussy for a little bit. Just 'cos it's right there, and it looks and smells so good. Actually, I should call it MY pussy, since that's what it is, but that would get confusing since Ruby's cunt belongs to me too."

That caused both of them to whimper lustily and helplessly.

I smirked. Too easy! This is such fun! Now that I know what turns them on, I can drive them wild with mere words.

I added, "But you are NOT allowed to cum while I'm doing that. Period! After all, you're having your sex boycott, which means no cumming. Right?"

Shelle groaned loudly, and so erotically that I was half-convinced she was cumming already. But she kept wiggling, and said, "Daddy! That's just so cruel. But, but... I'll try!" She shut her eyes tightly and clenched her teeth, obviously steeling herself for my fingers.

I slid two fingers into a very, very soaked slit. I couldn't go far due to her hymen, but I pushed in as far as I dared. Seeing how hard she was trying not to climax, I mostly just kept my fingers there and avoided her clitoris. I said, "You know, girls, given how you both said you've had lots of sex with each other, and with other girls, I'm fairly amazed you've both managed to keep your hymens. There must have been all kinds of dildos and strap-ons floating around."

Michelle grunted, "Ruby! Answer!" Obviously, she figured she was in no condition to talk just yet.

Ruby wasn't much better, but she said, "Uh, yeah, that was a, uh, a struggle! A constant struggle. UGH! It's just that we love you so much! That's another reason I can't wait for you to fuck me, so I can finally get rid of that damn thing! AAAAH!"

She wiggled and gyrated slightly as she fought a losing battle to stay still. "There were all kinds of... I could tell you stories. ... Close calls!" She closed her eyes and tried to recover her breath, without much success. "But... it just shows... how much we fought... to keep... biggest prize... our virginities... just for you!"

"Yes!" Michelle grunted, glad that Ruby had apparently said what she wanted said. "Take... our... UGH! ... Our virginities!"

She said this so emphatically that it sounded like she wanted me to bust their cherries at this very moment. I must say, it was an extremely tempting idea. I was forced to try to calm myself down too.

It took me some moments to get my breathing under control, especially since I was trying hard not to show just how much they were affecting me. Then I asked Michelle, "So, you said something about a favor?"

She grunted through clenched teeth. "Yes. Look, look... at my ass, and then look... at... Ruby's."

After I gave an approving nod, Ruby turned around and bent over. She spread her legs straight and wide and clenched her ankles.

Damn, she looks so sexy like that! What a firm and round ass, but I love her dripping slit in between even more. And to think that soon I'll be plowing her virgin cunt on a regular basis!

Michelle commented, "See? That's the favor I wanted to ask. Look how my ass is even redder than hers, 'cos you spanked me even longer than her!"

"Wow, that's true," I replied while starting to move my fingers inside her pussy a little bit. "Boy, that was an easy favor to grant. To be honest, I was looking at your ass anyway. I'll just have to look at it some more." I ran my other hand all over her reddish ass cheeks. "Now-"

"Wait!" she complained. "Don't be funny! This is serious. Can you please not spank me so hard, or so much? My ass can't take any more!"

"Okay, fine," I replied. "I'm not cruel. I won't spank you nearly as hard as yesterday, okay? And I'll use my hand instead of the paddle."

"Thanks! You're the best! I love you, Daddy!"

I gave in easily on that point, because I knew that even a mild spanking would hurt her tremendously, after what she'd experienced the day before. Plus, I preferred using my hand, so I could fondle freely between spanks without the hassle of having to hold the paddle or always pick it up and put it back down.

So I began to spank her.

Ruby, I noticed, was still bending over lewdly right in front of me.

Michelle immediately said her line: "One! Thank you, Master! May I please have another?"

But instead of immediately continuing, I squeezed two fingers into her very tight and wet pussy. However, I quickly encountered her hymen and I didn't want to endanger that, so I switched the diddling her clit instead.

She moaned sexily, "What are you- UH! OH! God! Daddy! Hnnng! Daddy?! What are you doing?!"

I pointed out, "This spanking is gonna hurt you a hell of a lot. I'm trying to counter the pain with some pleasure. That way, you'll be able to keep going longer." Then, before she could question that logic, I hit her with the second spank.

"UGGH! Two! Thank you, Master! May I please have another?"

I slid my fingers up and down her wet pussy lips a few times, just to keep her off balance, and then I slapped her ass again.

"AAAAIIIIEEE! It hurts! God, it hurts so bad! Uh, three! Thank you, Master. May I please have another?"

As my fingers played with her pussy a bit longer this time, I said, "Good cock slaves don't complain. Now, I know you're hurting, but try to hold out as long as you can before you gripe about it. Okay?"

I saw her head nod, and heard a tiny, "'Kay."

My hand went down again, and her head went up as her whole body reacted with a jerk. But she didn't scream this time. Instead, she hissed through clenched teeth, "Four. Thank you, Master. May I please have another?"

I continued to eleven like that. The spanks came fairly infrequently, and I spent much more time playing with her pussy and engorged clit. I also reached under her and played with her nipples and tits as much as I liked. As much as my daughter wanted to cum (and cum HARD!), she rode the edge of orgasm admirably well, for one so inexperienced in doing so, while enduring the teasing touches of my fingertips on her helplessly exposed body.

I knew that Ruby was determined to remain bent over until I told her to stand up. She was trying to impress me with her ability to obey orders and arouse me at the same time. I wanted to see just how long she'd be able to hold out from watching the spanking.

But she started to wobble in an increasingly unstable manner, and I didn't want her to fall over and possibly hurt herself. So after the fifth smack, I told her to resume her previous hands on head position.

She did so, but stood even closer to get a better view of the spanking. I could have reached out and touched her sopping wet pussy, she was so close. I loved how she continued to writhe in place. I was arousing her to the brink of climax without even touching her.

As the spanks continued, I kept mentioning to Michelle that she wasn't allowed to cum until I said so. I guessed that she was cumming from time to time, but trying her best not to, and attempting to hide it when she did.

Upon the eleventh spank, she shuddered so obviously and moaned so erotically that it couldn't be denied she'd just climaxed hard. Then her body went completely limp as I continued to play with her tits and pussy at will. I was avoiding her ass by this point though (well, except for the smacks!), because any touch there hurt her.

To be honest, I didn't really mind all that much that Michelle had cum without permission. For one thing, it gave me something to 'train' her on, which I was already looking forward to. If she were anything like her mother, she'd take like a duck to water in learning how to delay the full power of her orgasms so as to heighten the pleasure she'd ultimately experience.

I'd more or less forgotten Ruby was standing there after she'd stood back up, despite her oh-so-sexy pose. I glanced up, and caught her with one hand on her head, but the other one fingering her pussy. Seeing that I was looking her way, she put that hand back on her head in a flash. But she blushed, knowing that she'd been busted.

I asked, "Ruby, just what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm sorry, Master! It's just all too... arousing! I can't help myself!"

"Try harder," I said dispassionately. "That means five extra spanks for you."

"Oh shit!"

I looked back down at Michelle's cherry red ass. It was wiggling quite noticeably. She'd also lifted it up as much as she could, which was quite an accomplishment given her semi-delirious state. "What do you think you're doing?" I asked her.

"I'm sorry, but I can't help myself either! Please! Spank me more! I need it!"

This surprised me. I asked, "Doesn't it hurt a hell of a lot?"

"It does, but I need it so bad!"

She was panting so hard I could barely understand her.

As my fingers twirled over her clit and I yanked on a nipple, I said, "I don't understand. I'm not going to spank you any more until you explain yourself."

She panted, "Please! Please! Stop... playing with me... long enough... so I can, can talk! ... Can't... can't..."

"Nope. Sorry," I replied, figuring she was saying something about wanting to calm down enough so she could talk clearly again. "I'm having too much fun. Since you and Ruby are like-minded, maybe Ruby can explain for you."

Ruby was doing better, now that her hands were back on her head and she couldn't masturbate. She had her eyes closed too, to help cut down on the mental stimulation. She spoke between ragged breaths. "I can try, Master. First off, I think you're giving her such a constant stream of pleasure with all your fondling, that the spanks actually feel good. It's like when you exercise hard, and then your muscles 'hurt so good' afterwards."

Michelle grunted loudly in obvious agreement.

Ruby continued, "But more than that, I think it's the way you're proving your TOTAL DOMINATION over us!"

"UUURRRRNNNGGGH!" Michelle agreed. Her body jerked up like her back had snapped. But it was just that she was having another orgasm.

Ruby opened her eyes and panted excitedly, "We TALK about being nothing but your sex toys, your big-titted slave daughters, but here you're really SHOWING it and PROVING it! Michelle is obviously completely helpless! You OWN her! You own her body, every last Daddy-loving inch of it! You're playing her like a fiddle! Look at her, writhing in heat, desperate for your cock! Aren't you, Michelle? Wouldn't you love to vigorously suck on his FAT COCK all day long?"

Michelle nodded her head up and down, nearly violently so.

Ruby continued, "So would I! The way you're taking charge has got me DROOLING! But the King is under her, so close, yet oh so far! It must be torture for her, but it just proves all over again how helpless we are! You're mocking her! Mocking her! Rub your cock against her tummy and mock her even more!"

I said quietly, "I won't do that. I don't want to do something that'll violate the rules of your boycott. But, Shelle, if you're so desperate for my cock, pretend my fingers are the King." I shoved three clumped-together fingers into her mouth.

She immediately began sucking on them and licking them with a fevered passion. She shut her eyes tight and her cheeks sunk in as she completely lost herself in the moment.

I was chargined that she was only working on my fingers. However, it was so intense that my desire to cum grew greatly, like she really was working on my erection. And I'd never realized just how many pleasure nerves there are in a human hand. It was like she'd discovered a whole new erogenous zone.

I said to her, "I know you can't talk at the moment, but I want to know how many times you've cum already. Don't try to deny it. Remember that I'm your Daddy-Master, and there's nothing worse than lying to me. Since your mouth is full, use your fingers."

She raised up five fingers.

"Five? Hmmm. That's more than I thought."

But she shook her head a bit, and brought her hand back up with just one finger pointing out.


She shyly nodded while she kept on slobbering all over my bunched up fingers.

"Shelle, you've been a bad, bad, girl. I'm going to spank you two more times for each time you came. And if you cum any more, that'll be three more spanks for each time. Understood?"

She nodded, but then she shook her head and mumbled a bit, making it clear she wanted me to take my fingers out of her mouth so she could talk.

As soon as I did, she said, "But Daddy! That could be a vicious circle! I'm so hot, I'm gonna keep cumming, and that'll mean you have to spank me more, and that'll mean more climaxes, and we'll just keep spanking and cumming forever and ever!"

I replied calmly, "Well then, you'll just have to redouble your efforts not to cum. Good sex slaves cum exactly when their master tells them to, and not one moment before or after."

"Oh Gaawwwd!" Michelle and Ruby both moaned erotically in tandem.

I resumed the spanking. I alternated between playing with Shelle's tits, clit, pussy, and mouth. The problem was, I didn't have enough hands to do all at once. I had been poking into her slit from time to time earlier. But because of her hymen, I mostly just slid my fingers all over her wet pussy lips and her exposed and throbbing clit. I didn't want to risk ripping her hymen when she was writhing around so much.

Somehow, she managed to keep crying out her "Thank you, Master. May I please have another?" line after each spank. But she was so far gone that often I could barely understand her, especially since she oftentimes ended up shrieking it. And with my hand going to and from her face between most spanks, I eventually happened to feel the tears pouring down her face. She was obviously suffering greatly, but she was being a trooper in not screaming more than she did.

She also was doing her damnedest not to cum - and there was no way for her to hide an orgasm anymore, since she was barely in control of her mouth or her body. She constantly moaned and groaned and even screamed so much, including when I wasn't spanking her, that if one had just been listening, they might have thought I was sawing her in half.

We got to twenty-two spanks, just one shy of how many she was to get if she didn't cum any more. Upon the twenty-second slap, she cried out like she'd just been split in two. Her entire body somehow lifted off mine, even if only for a fraction of a second. Obviously, she was having the mother of all orgasms.

And then she simply collapsed in my lap. Her body went so limp that I was obliged to check her pulse to make sure she was okay. She didn't pass out, not quite, but she drifted in and out of consciousness. And she stayed like that, with her eyes glassy and her body like a wet noodle.

Technically, she was owed four more smacks - one still to go, plus three more for the climax she'd just had). But I was forced to end her spanking, since I doubt she even would have known what I was doing if I kept going. I figured that was close enough for horseshoes for now.

But my spanking duties weren't done. I lifted her up and rested her on the bed behind me, and then Ruby took her place on my lap.

Ruby was so excited and aroused that her entire body was shaking before I even started.

Funnily enough, the exact same sequence repeated itself, almost to a tee. Except with Ruby, she started out even more aroused than Michelle had (if such a thing was possible!), so she was reduced to a quivering, orgasmic blob of jelly even faster. She too valiantly fought the urge to climax, but it was a losing battle, and she had five big ones. Of course, that meant more spanks, using the same formula as before. (Never mind that I hadn't told her how many I was going to give her in the first place! Neither of us were thinking all that clearly by this point/)

After about Ruby's tenth spank, Michelle recovered enough to get off the bed and come around to witness the rest of the action. She was in no condition to stand, but she managed to plop herself into a nearby chair and watch from there. I noticed that she conspicuously arranged herself so as to not be sitting on her inflamed buttocks and was instead half-lying down with her hips turned to one side and her upper body draped along one arm of the chair.

She spent most of her time watching me play with Ruby's clit, pussy, and tits, because I spent a hell of a lot more time doing that than delivering any blows.

Both of them repeatedly begged me for mercy. Not to stop the spanking, mind you, but to stop making them so insanely aroused. They repeatedly claimed that their pussies just couldn't take any more stimulation. Of course I wasn't even touching Michelle, but before long she was practically as worked up as Ruby, just from watching and running her hands over herself. (She didn't dare touch her pussy area, however, because I'd reinstituted the more climaxes equals more smacks rule for her.)

I kept on going. Ruby's body gave up at the eighteenth spank. Just as Michelle had done, she seized up and shook as a great orgasmic wave overtook her. Then it was like her body turned boneless. I practically had to pour her off my legs and onto the bed.

However, it wasn't clear who lasted longer, because Ruby was sloppier about saying her line after each smack, and I had to repeat the smack a few times. She also had a much harder time resisting the urge to scream out loud. She'd been screaming and begging pretty much from the get-go. Plus, I'd spent more time just playing with her body, so her efforts not to cum were probably even more impressive than Michelle's.

After it was all done, I lifted Ruby's naked body and rested it on the bed. She was awake (barely), but her eyes were closed. I could tell she was conscious because she immediately repositioned herself on to her side so her enflamed ass wouldn't touch anything. I sat down on the edge of the bed next to her and tenderly ran my fingers through her short, spiky red hair.

Michelle was in better shape, but she got up, staggered to the bed, and lay down next to her sister. She also laid on her side to protect her ass. "Oh God!" she panted. "Oh God! Master, can I cum now?"

"No. I still owe you four smacks, remember. You can cum once you pay off that debt. And I still owe Ruby three."

"GAAWWWD!" Ruby groaned like I'd just told her she'd failed all her classes and would have to repeat the last year of high school. Her voice warbled up and down uncontrollably, almost like she was ululating.

Actually, I'd just made up the three number, since I'd never made clear how many she was going to get in the first place. But it sounded about right, given what Michelle had gone through.

Michelle, as the far more coherent one of the two at the moment, asked, "What do we have to do to wipe the slate clean? And please! No more spanking! That was really HOT, but my ass can't take any more!"

"Yeah!" Ruby agreed, despite being half-dead. "Anything but that!"

Michelle sat up, showing surprising vigor. "I know! I'll suck your cock! Right now! I know I'm not supposed to during this ban, but I kinda wanna do it anyway. Kinda really badly! In fact, I sort of need it! You really showed us our place! You need a big reward!"

She nudged Ruby's shoulder. "Actually, Ruby, we both should do it together. Don't you think Daddy deserves a long, slurpy, super-suction double blow?"

"Uhngh!" was all Ruby could say to that as she lay there, sweating and panting. Her eyes were still closed.

I said, "That's a nice offer, but how can it be part of your punishment if you're both so eager to do it?"

They both groaned with disappointment.

I was still stroking Ruby's hair, but it was turning more into a head rub. She was getting so relaxed from that, it was like she was melting into the bed. "Besides, what about your sex boycott? I wouldn't want you to violate that. I said no penis touching, and I'm sticking to that."

They groaned in frustration again.

I continued, "Besides, I have a better idea. I'll wash the slate clean, and I won't even spank you again until tomorrow if you both wear what I want, when I want, and act as sexy as you can when I want."

They groaned with frustration yet again. Michelle's question explained why. "You're gonna spank us AGAIN?! Tomorrow already?"

"Yep. You're my sex toys and cock slaves, so get used to it. I'm gonna spank you every single day, if I can have my way."

The two of them practically fainted dead away.

"But that can mean a lot of things. It could just be a few friendly slaps while you're in the middle of blowing me. Or it can mean a seriously bad, bad spanking that'll keep you from sitting on chairs for days. I say it's up to my whim, and there's some truth to that, but mostly it's up to you and how you behave."

They contemplated that for a while. Ruby even opened her eyes to communicate non-verbally with Michelle.

I kept on massaging Ruby's head. I would have done Michelle's too, but she was lying further away from me, out of easy reach.

Finally, Michelle said, "Fair enough. You're the master and we're just your helpless big-titted slaves, so of course you can do whatever you want with us. But I feel obliged to say that your deal is kind of a rip off for you. You're our master, so we have to obey your every command. We'd be dressing sexy for you anyway."

"True, normally. But what did you wear today? Normal clothes. And why? You claim a special exception because of the sex boycott. I'm saying no special exceptions. I will tolerate your avoidance of my penis for now, but in all other respects, including what you wear and your body mannerisms and so forth, I expect you both to behave like typical, good, and properly devoted cock slaves. For instance, no humming the Darth Vader theme whenever you see me. That's the price for your defeat here, and then I'll wipe the slate clean. Is that clear?"

"Okay," Michelle said with a heavy sigh.

But Ruby said to her, "Michelle! It's only three spanks! Well, three for me, four for you. Should we give up so much for so little?"

Michelle said, "He could make those last spanks as hard as he wants. He could even use the paddle! Is your ass ready for that?"

"No way!"

"And what if he makes us cum? Then the vicious cycle will keep going until our asses are literally glowing red and we pass out from too many orgasms! We simply can't win."

Ruby grunted. "You're right! I'm in danger of cumming again just from THINKING about it! And then he'll have to spank me more, and I'll cum more, and so on, forever!"

Michelle nodded. "Besides, he beat us fair and square. You and I were thoroughly defeated. This is how a powerful and worthy master treats his slaves! He UTTERLY defeats us, mentally and physically, with his smarts, strength" - her eyelids fluttered closed as she worshipfully sighed - "and huge horse cock!"

"That's true," Ruby uttered. She was still extremely relaxed, but her eyes remained open and her body was reviving.

Michelle asked, "But Daddy! Master... Tomorrow... tomorrow, you won't spank us like that, will you? I don't think we could take it. I know my pussy couldn't take it. I never came so hard or so often in such a short time. The whole thing was one deliriously joyous roller coaster ride, which is great, but to do it every day, that would be like eating a GALLON of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey. Too much of a good thing!"

"Don't worry," I replied. "It probably won't be like that tomorrow." I stressed the word 'probably.' "It depends on how you behave. Most especially, it depends on how willful and demanding you are."

Ruby protested, "But we're staging a rebellion! We kinda have to be willful and demanding. That's the whole point!"

"True," I conceded. "But maybe it's good if you lay low for a day or two, and let your asses recover. Don't try anything tricky."

Ruby and Michelle both shot worried and disappointed glances at each other, as soon as I said "tricky."

That confirmed my suspicions that they'd had something devious planned. But now it looked like they were going to have to rethink that and at least delay their scheming a day or two. They didn't know it, but that was the main purpose of my erotic yet harsh spanking. I figured they had something in the works and I needed more time for Sue Ellen or Mindy to uncover their plans.

I added, "And remember, Nicky's coming home soon. It'll look awfully suspicious if you two find it tough to sit."

Michelle grumbled, "We'll be okay in a couple of hours. It really wasn't THAT bad. Frankly, I think we need to recover more from the non-stop orgasm-a-thon than from the spanks. The way you kept ordering us not to cum meant that when we finally did, it was like... nuclear! Like some kind of Three Mile Island burn a hole to the center of the Earth total orgasmic meltdown!"

Ruby nodded as best she could, given her body was still limp as a wet noodle.

I got up and tenderly kissed them both on their noses. I whispered "I love you" to both of them, which resulted in happy and contented purrs.

I took a cold shower. That allowed my erection to finally go down. I could have easily masturbated to orgasm, but I chose not to. I figured that now I had four cock slaves plus one wife, I needed to try hard not to masturbate to orgasm at all. There were much, much better ways for me to cum, and I could only do it so many times in one day.

When I got back to my bedroom, both girls were sleeping on my bed where I'd left them. I dressed in some casual clothes.

I crawled between them and shook them awake (with my hands on their big tits instead of their shoulders). "Sorry, girls. You can't sleep here. Besides, your spankings aren't over."

That opened their eyes wide in a hurry. Really wide! Their bodies jerked from a dreamy half-sleep state to full consciousness. With my hands gently kneading tit-flesh on both sides of me, I could actually feel their hearts start to wildly pound.

I explained, "Don't worry. I'm not going to abuse your asses any more. Well, not right now, at least." I grinned at that. "But you crawled here, and the spanking isn't done until you do that in reverse, meaning you have to crawl back to your room the way you came in. Assume Position Number Two, ask to be excused, and then you can crawl back to your room and sleep as long as you like."

Michelle groaned, "Oh no! Not the crawling! Please, not the crawling!"

I asked, "What, too demeaning?"

Her eyes grew wide as saucers as she realized she could be discouraging me. "NO! I don't mean it like that! Don't stop making us crawl! Please, God, no!"

"Then what's the problem?" I was genuinely confused.

Ruby explained, "It's TOO good! TOO arousing! You gotta understand, we've dreamed about this very thing countless times, both sleeping and waking! Making us crawl is a very specific part of our shared dream."

Michelle said, "This is what being a sex slave is all about. We LIVE for this very kind of thing! But we're both so wiped out from your total sexual domination that we can barely move, much less crawl."

Ruby quickly added, "But don't you DARE tell us not to do it! We'll manage. Even if it kills us. I swear, I'm so happy I could cry!"

I must admit I didn't fully understand the depths of their submissive feelings. But obviously they were enjoying themselves, so I let them have their way - which ironically, was the demeaning thing I'd ordered them to do. Bizarre.

A minute later, the two of them were standing before me with their hands above their heads. But they looked like the undead, and it was obviously a struggle for them to keep standing like that. Even bedraggled, sweaty, and wasted, they both looked utterly ravishing.

In unison, they asked, "Master, can your humble cock slaves please be excused?"

I was kind of blown away. How did they manage to say the same thing at the same time? Had they practiced that somehow? But I didn't ask. Instead, I said, "You're obviously wiped out, so I'll be brief. Traditions are important. Our spanking tradition is starting to become clear. So I'll expect you to do the same tomorrow, including the crawling."

They both moaned incredulously at that, even though I'd told them this already.

Ruby muttered quietly to Michelle, "Death by orgasm!"

Michelle nodded. Her eyes were large with a mixture of desire and worry.

I said, "I heard that. But remember, today was exceptional. Expect something different, and probably less intense, tomorrow. Some things will remain the same, like the crawling, but others will change, like how much I feel like playing with your ripe and busty bodies. Perhaps I'm doing more of that because of the sex boycott. Or maybe less. Who knows how it'll be tomorrow? We'll find out when it happens. You're dismissed."

They pretty much collapsed to the floor so they could get on all fours. Then they more or less dragged themselves rather than crawled out of my room.

I waited until they'd closed Michelle's door, and then I snuck down the hall and put my ear to the door. I figured they were both so wiped out they wouldn't give any thought about being overheard. That is, if they didn't just fall asleep immediately. But I was lucky, because they started to talk without lowering their voices.

Michelle groaned, "Oh. My. GOD! That was so intense!"

Ruby groaned too. "You're telling me! We're dead! We're dead!"

"What do you mean?"

"Can you imagine doing that EVERY DAY?! With the crawling and everything?! I wasn't joking about death by orgasm!"

Michelle replied, "I know, but what a way to go! Can you just imagine? If being spanked by Daddy is that good, how will it feel when he finally FUCKS us?!"

Ruby gasped. "Oh my God! FUCK! Fuckedy-fuck-fuck-fuck! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! That is fucking UNREAL! I can't even imagine! All I know is, we have the best master ever!"

"You said it! Phew! Isn't he just so, well, masterful? ... The way he, well, just... everything! I felt like I was just totally played and defeated, but in a good way, you know?"

Apparently Ruby nodded, because after a pause, Michelle continued, "And the crawling! The crawling! Was that fucking AWESOME or what?! I totally want to crawl naked everywhere now."

Ruby said, "Me too! I was so humiliated and horny that I didn't think I could make it down the hallway! I must have left a gallon of pussy juice on the carpet!"

"Same here. In all seriousness, we're going to have to go back and clean up all our leakage later. Especially where Daddy spanked us. There must be a fuckin' LAKE there by now!"

"Yeah. Good cock slaves always clean up their cummy messes. That's what you and Mindy have always told me. I'll bet he never even thinks about who cleans up after messes like that, but someone's gotta do it."

Michelle replied, "Why should he? He's the master. It's not his problem. His job is just to sit there and get pleasured and serviced. But what I'm wondering is how we'll be able to make our boycott work, when he can so masterfully manipulate us like that. I was so ready to do ANYTHING for him! I would have begged and begged to suck his cock, except I was too horny to speak!"

"Well, actually, you kinda did," Ruby pointed out.

"Yeah, I know. But that was after. I'm talking about during the spanking. And when he crammed his fingers in my mouth-"

"Shut up!" Ruby complained. "Don't make me even more cock hungry than I already am. I'm totally salivating already. He did that bunch of fingers thing to my mouth too, you know. It was so fuckin' HOT!"

"It was! So how are we going to make this boycott work when he says no tricky stuff? Should we hold off on our-"

Ruby interrupted again, this time with a loud moan. "Awwww, come on! Michelle, please. Not now. My eyes are sewed shut and I'm about to fall asleep any second. We've gotta come up with some new strategies. I dunno, be more proactive maybe. Something that is NOT guaranteed to get our asses seriously whaled on in the next 24 hours!"

"But it's such a foolproof plan! If we're successful-"

Ruby griped, "Later! Worry about that AFTER we nap."

"Okay," Michelle said drowsily. "But I'm worried. He's just too... irresistible! Did you notice he didn't even cum once? I get the feeling he didn't even cum when he took a shower. And he forced us to cum over and over and over!"

Ruby gushed, "He's the man! We're the busty sex slaves. How can we resist him?"

Michelle sighed longingly. "I dunno. All I wanna do is just... serve him! Right now, all I can think about is that painful but delightful feeling of having my lips stretched around his incredible thickness, holding it in my sliding fingers, flicking my tongue against his shaft... Aaaah!"

"Same here" - Ruby yawned - "but we've gotta be strong. We're never gonna succeed with our boycott unless we can be strong. And that means resting and recovering. Just think about the horror of having to kiss those stinky boys, and be strong!"

Michelle simply uttered approvingly, "Sister!"

I waited, expecting to hear more, but both of them apparently took Ruby's encouraging comments to heart and fell asleep straight away.

I wasn't proud about listening, but they'd tricked me so many times in seducing me that I didn't feel too bad about it. For instance, it was hard to have much sympathy for their privacy when they'd had a secret peephole into my bedroom for years. Besides, this sex boycott was serious business, and I needed a leg up. It would have been a much more serious matter to put listening devices in their room - I wasn't going to go that far. But they weren't even making an effort to keep their voices down, and if I could hear them from the hall, I figured that was their loss.

Unfortunately though, I didn't hear much that was of use. Yes, there was vague talk about new strategies, and I gathered that they were probably going to put on hold some tricky scheme that had been about to go into motion. That was good, but it left me in the dark as to what their new plans would be. I figured they didn't know yet either.

The whole spanking experience had been pretty tiring for me as well, so I went back to my bed and took a nap.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of Billo, IBT, Ric, Yellow Peril, Johnny Galt, and Wayac, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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