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Chapter 82

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

The only reason that I'd been able to take an afternoon nap was because the big spanking with Ruby and Michelle had been so emotionally and physically draining for me (as well as them). But as soon as I woke up, I felt myself getting all wired and excited. I tried to retain some modesty and perspective, but it was getting more and more difficult to deny just how incredibly great my life had become. Thinking about the recent spanking session didn't immediately make me erect (no doubt because my dick was still generally tired out), but it practically made me want to leap out of bed and run around the house.

Had I been younger, I probably would have done just that. Or maybe I would have gone to Michelle's room and ravished the Gruesome Twosome in some kind of extremely stimulating way, despite their feeble sex boycott. I realized that I wasn't in the right frame of mind to work on writing. Instead, I dragged myself out of bed and pondered which (entirely non-sexual) chores I needed to take care of.

For the next hour or more, I did some dreadfully boring but necessary stuff. I have to admit it was pretty tough to focus even on that after all the recent sexual excitement. The only way I could work at all was to turn the radio up loud and prevent myself from having any thoughts at all about my cock slaves (two of them were so tantalizingly close, elsewhere inside the house - ugh!). The only reason that worked was because I did some rather mindless paperwork in my office that allowed me to daydream from time to time.

I was making slow but steady progress when I got a call from Mindy. "Hey, stud, how's it hangin'?" she purred at me.

"It's hangin'," I replied without inflection, trying not to let her get a rise out of me.

"Is that all it's doing?" she asked. "It's not, say, poking? Or thrusting? Or sliding between two ridiculously large and jutting watermelons?"

"Sadly, no. It's just hanging here. Although you may be glad to know I've been contemplating playing with fruit. I was thinking about going downstairs and juggling some bananas or pears."

"Ha, ha. Let me tell the jokes, Honey. But let me cut to why I'm calling. We have a serious situation that needs to be dealt with right away."

"Uh oh! At work? Are they cutting people? Budget cuts? What is it?"

She replied, "Actually, none of the above. In fact, things are going so well, I might even get my own personal assistant."

I teased, "Hmmm. Sounds like you'll be starting your own personal harem soon."

She chuckled. "Not hardly. Although, actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea! No, wait, you beat me to it. Darn. Anyhow, the situation has to do with one of your cock slaves. And not either of the Hellions this time, shockingly enough. But rather than talk about it over the phone, it would be better to discuss it in person, away from possible prying ears."

"Ah. Do you think my phone is being tapped by certain unnamed but very foxy daughters?"

She sighed. "Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me. But the reason I want to talk to face to face is because it's important and will take some time. Anyway, why don't we meet at a restaurant or cafe after I finish work? I should be able to finish up a little bit early, so why don't we say four-ish? I could do with some forage around four-ish."

Groaning at her penchant for bad puns, I agreed and hung up on my wife. I then did some more chores around the house until that time drew near. I didn't see hide nor hair (nor tits, nor ass) of my gorgeous Hellions during that time, which was probably for the best. Mindy told me to meet her at a restaurant she'd recently discovered that was really good. She particularly praised their excellent service. She said she couldn't remember the name, but she had jotted down the address and gave it to me.

As I drove near the address, I had a facepalm moment because it dawned on me that the restaurant was Mama Mia's, the very place that Sue Ellen worked. Furthermore, I knew that Sue Ellen was working there this afternoon, especially since she was spending almost all of her free hours at our house and wasn't there today. As I drove, I called Mindy to complain, but naturally the conniving she-devil wasn't answering her phone, so I had no choice but to park my car and go into the restaurant.

Walking in, I noticed Sue Ellen in her waitress uniform, talking to Mindy right next to the "Please Wait to Be Seated" sign. As I'd expected, Mindy was still dressed in her stylish blue 'power suit' from work, which to my eye was tight in all the right places, but in a dignified way. I, by contrast, felt underdressed in just a T-shirt and slacks.

When Sue Ellen saw me, her face lit up so brightly that it could have illuminated the entire restaurant at night. It made me feel really damn good to get such a joyous, enthusiastic reaction.

She immediately rushed towards me, and I found myself enveloped in a tight bear hug, with a red hot kiss on the lips for good measure. Apparently she cared little about propriety or who saw us.

As soon as I could disengage my lips enough to talk, I quietly hissed, "Cupcake! Let go-"

I didn't get a chance to say any more than that though, because she planted another big kiss on my lips.

Luckily, Mindy came over and repeatedly tapped on Sue Ellen's shoulders until I was freed from Sue Ellen's lip-lock.

I asked Sue Ellen, "What was that for?"

"Sorry. I just was so happy to be called 'Cupcake,' I couldn't help myself!" Then she dropped her voice way down low and whispered conspiratorially, yet with a smoldering heat, "Master!"

She had such a big, beaming smile on her face, and she looked so cute all over, that I couldn't get mad at her. Still, I said, "Let go of me, please. I don't want you to lose your job."

She let go and took a step back, but she looked primed to launch herself all over me again at the slightest excuse. She gushed, "Don't worry, my boss isn't here, and it's super slow right now! I reckon the Bat is in the back, but she'll never know. Oh boy! This is so great! What great timing!"

Somehow, I had a sneaking suspicion my conniving wife had planned it that way. It suddenly made sense why she wanted to meet at four. I gave Min a sharp look.

She just smiled and smirked in an extra delighted and mischievous way.

I made a mental note to find out about this "Bat" Sue Ellen kept making cryptic references to, and soon. It sounded like potential trouble.

I glanced around to see how much of a scene we were making. Luckily, it wasn't so bad. It was precisely four o'clock, and that was far too early for any dinner crowd, so there was only a small scattering of customers. It was also a lucky break that Sue Ellen hadn't squealed or screamed, so only two other people had noticed the kissing. Those two were both other waitresses (neither of whom I recognized), since they were standing up and thus had better views. With Mindy standing there, from a distance it looked more like Sue Ellen was greeting a couple of friends or relatives, not a lover.

I said quietly, "Sue Ellen, you're not allowed to touch me without permission. Period! If you do, the punishment will be severe. Do you understand?"

Unfortunately, that wiped her joyous smile off her face. She looked at me with concern and intense concentration (although one could still sense her excitement about to burst through). She was determined not to screw up.

Encouraged that she had things more or less under control, I said, "Okay. Good. Now, please seat us. And of course, you owe me one bra." I held my hand out expectantly.

Sue Ellen had to know that was coming, but it looked like she had an orgasm on the spot caused by some kind of mental sexual excitement overload. Her eyes actually rolled up into her head for a second or two. She visibly shivered all over, and then she practically ripped her uniform open in her eagerness to get her bra off.

Luckily, she seemed to get a hold of herself, because she closed her eyes and appeared to mutter something to herself. Then she reached in, undid the bra, and handed it to me. She was wearing some kind of new, more revealing uniform, and that helped a lot in gaining access to her bra.

As I took the bra from her, I saw that she was beaming with her gorgeous smile again. I couldn't help but smile in response. I could see that the smiling was contagious, because Mindy flashed her pearly whites too. "Okay! Lead the way."

Sue Ellen looked around, and then whispered to me with barely contained joy, "Master, let me lead y'all to your very SPECIAL table! Where I can give y'all extra special Mama Mia service!" She finished that with a saucy wink. No doubt, she was going to take us to the same table we'd used before, in the much more private back room.

But Mindy stepped up and put a hand on Sue Ellen's shoulder. "No, not today. We don't want things to get out of hand. Unfortunately, he and I have to do some serious talking. Why don't you seat us" - she quickly looked around - "there?" She pointed to a booth that was a bit out of the way, but was towards the front of the restaurant.

Sue Ellen was so ebullient that she hardly showed any disappointment at that. She practically skipped her way to our booth.

I walked along while holding the bra in full view. I got a kick out of that, especially when we passed one guy who looked at it with a puzzled expression.

Once Mindy and I sat down, Sue Ellen rushed off to get some menus, because she'd forgotten them in all the excitement. It was noticeable how her sizable boobs bounced around inside her uniform when she moved quickly.

I happily laid the bra on the table, again in full view. I guess I got to be the smirky one for a change.

But Mindy was all smirky smiles too as she asked me, "How does it feel to be the big cock of the walk?" She ostentatiously looked down at my crotch, as if she could see it through the table, and licked her lips. "Emphasis on BIG COCK..." she growled, hungrily. Then she glanced at the bra at the table, and I swear, I could see her arousal rising even more, like a rocket shooting into the sky. She actually had to take a moment to contain herself.

But then she looked up at me and said, as if she hadn't been distracted at all, "You should have seen her when I came in. She flashed her cute smile and said, 'Oh, howdy Mindy! Great to see you.' Which was nice enough. But when she saw you - sheesh! It was like you were the Second Coming. Or, to be more accurate, the first cumming AND the second cumming, and probably a couple more nice cums after that." She snickered.

I didn't get a chance to reply, because Sue Ellen was back with the menus. "Here are you, Mrs. C.," she said as she handed Mindy a menu with an extra big smile. "And for you, Master!"

She didn't just hand me the menu, she held the menu out well past me, so she'd have an excuse to bend low over the table. She bent over so much that her nipples actually spilled out of her uniform and lightly grazed the tabletop! Then she stayed in that position, and asked me with a saucy tit wiggle, "Did y'all notice we have new uniforms?"

"Yes," I replied, gawking at her dangling globes with undisguised desire. "How could I not?"

Indeed, the uniforms were dramatically improved. The previous ones had been gray and had all the appeal of shapeless potato sacks. Whereas the uniform she was wearing now was an appealing, pale blue color, and designed much like revealing cheerleader outfits. The shoulders were bare, there was a little strip of tummy showing just above the waistline, and, most importantly for my tastes, there was a dramatically plunging neckline. It was thanks to that new neckline that even her nipples could be seen in the position she was in now. Unfortunately, the matching skirt went all the way down to her knees, but I didn't mind much since the top was so revealing.

"Do you like?" She asked with boundless eagerness. "I got 'em just for you!" She was still bending over lewdly. If I would have had a plate of spaghetti in front of me, her boobs would have been soaked in the pasta sauce.

As it was, you had to be in a certain position to see just how much she was showing (my position, as a matter of fact - not even Mindy was getting the full show). Her ample tits looked to be in danger of spilling out of her top altogether, especially since she was braless now. Besides, simply having a waitress bend over a table that long was bound to attract notice before long. I wasn't here to cause a scene, just to talk to Mindy. So I said, "They're great! But what do you mean that you got them for me? Please straighten up and tell us the story."

She did straighten up, but she'd didn't just strike a normal pose. She moved into Position Number Two, with her hands on her head, her tits thrust forward, and her legs spread wide. Her height dropped about half a foot, because she spread her legs out so much.

I was shocked that she'd strike such an overtly sexual and submissive pose in the middle of her place of work. Still nobody seemed to be paying any attention to us.

Mindy looked at the hands on Sue Ellen's head and gave her a disapproving look, complete with shaking her head no.

Sue Ellen looked around, and it looked like she was going to protest that there was no one near. (That's why I hadn't chastised her for calling me "Master," since no one else could hear.) But she obviously had second thoughts about that, and pinned her hands behind her back instead.

In a way, that was almost more obvious, since it was still an odd pose and it caused her big tits to thrust forward so much, but I was enjoying the view too much to complain. They really were lovely, blue uniforms, and the creamy, tanned skin they framed was even lovelier.

I asked her, "How did you get new uniforms so quickly?"

Sue Ellen breathlessly explained, "Master, remember the first day you came in here, and you claimed me as your..." - she looked around carefully, and then dropped her voice a lot - "...as one of your slaves? Well, I knew deep down from that very day that I would spend the rest of my life serving you, and servicing your big, uh, member!" She was bursting with pride as she added, "I really knew it, even then!"

She looked around furtively again. "So the next day at work, I talked to all the other waitresses one by one about getting new uniforms that would be more to your liking. Obviously I didn't put it exactly that way, but... you know what I mean. It was a battle! Everyone agreed the old uniforms sucked, but each waitress had her own ideas on what the new ones should look like. However, with Laura and I working as a united front - you remember her, don't you?"

I had to think for a moment. Finally, I remembered. She was the waitress who'd covered for us on that pivotal first day, and whom I'd all but promised to fuck if she lost thirty pounds. Uh-oh. That promise was trouble. But I just smiled and said, "Of course. Is she here now?"

Sue Ellen frowned. "Unfortunately, no. She's gonna be reeeaaally bummed when she hears she missed y'all. But you should see how she looks. She's been losing weight like you wouldn't believe!"

Mindy was sitting across from me, but she gave my leg an encouraging kick upon hearing that. She smiled wolfishly too.

Sue Ellen continued, "So anyway, we pretty much rammed through the new uniforms in record time. I collected money from all the waitresses, and then bought them myself. They just came in yesterday! Isn't that great, 'cos you're here today! And we presented them to the owner as a done deal. She was a bit doubtful about just how revealing they are, but I think she realized it can only draw in more customers. Anyway, do y'all know what you want?"

She added in a sexy purr, "Besides, well, you know..." She giggled gaily and suggestively at that.

I looked at Mindy, and she looked at me. Then she said, "He'll have a root beer float." And I said, "She'll have a mocha cappuccino." We smiled at each other and held hands, comforted by how well we knew each other's tastes.

"Awww, how cute," Sue Ellen said, still smiling broadly. "I'll be right back!" She rushed off.

This was the first time I'd really had a chance to talk to Mindy alone since we'd arrived, so I gave her my most chagrined and annoyed expression. "THIS is the 'new' restaurant you couldn't remember the name of, huh?"

She smirked, and shrugged, not showing any regret at all. "Hey, you weren't listening. I told you this place had 'exceptional personal service.' I went on and on about how much their waitresses 'love to serve you.' I wanted to see if you'd get it. But needless to say, the thickness of your big head was only exceeded by the thickness of your not-so-little one. And didn't you catch the sexy way I said that? I couldn't have been any more obvious unless I'd somehow reached through the phone line and slapped you upside the head!"

"Okay," I grudgingly conceded. "I've been a bit distracted, for reasons which shall remain bra-less" - I glanced at Sue Ellen's bra lying in the open on the table, and Min did too - "so I'm missing nuance. And I'm too trusting of you, as if that were a bad thing. But in any case, why meet here, of all places? Do you just want to cause trouble? And what are we meeting about anyway that's so top secret we can't do it at home?"

"One question at a time, my handsome, hunky, horse-hung hubby. Oooh. I like the cadence of that." Relaxing, she took off her blue business jacket and put in on the seat behind her.

Just watching her move made me want to put my hands on her silky smooth blouse and take it off her too. I was tempted to order her to take her bra off and put it on the table as well. But things could easily get out of control if we went that route. Besides, we were here just to talk. I had gotten erection, probably mostly from taking Sue Ellen's bra, but I was trying hard to ignore it.

Mindy continued, "As to why meet here, why not? Already, you've totally made Sue Ellen's day just by showing up. Didn't that make it worth it, all by itself?"

"That's a good point," I admitted.

"Plus, I've got a hunch things will be more interesting here, somehow." She raised an eyebrow as she glanced at the bra on our table top. "But I AM here just to talk. No monkey business this time, I swear! Did you notice how I got her to stop kissing you, and then take her hands off her head? And I even insisted we sit out here in the open instead of in back."

"Hmmm. Now that you mention it, you did do all that." I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. "What's your angle? You must have some fiendishly sexy cucquean plan brewing that's even MORE insanely arousing!"

She held a hand up as if taking an oath, and said solemnly. "I have nothing up my sleeve, I swear. Girl Scout's honor."

I said, "Impressive. Except of course you were never a Girl Scout."

She grinned impishly. "I wasn't? Oops! But I really do love their Thin Mint cookies. Does that count?"

I folded my arms impatiently. "No. And you're not wearing any sleeves. But I'm still suspicious as to why you're going to these great lengths."

She sighed, exasperated. "Daniel Cooper! As the owner of a fifteen-inch long cock, you should know better than to use phrases like 'going to great lengths.' Why, merely the use of the word 'length' is enough to make all your cock slaves drool!"

I could tell that she wanted me to protest that I didn't have a fifteen-inch long cock, since I most obviously did not! Hell, nobody did. But I knew her well enough to realize that would have just been a launch pad to yet more teasing and joking. Frankly, I loved her never-ending sense of fun, but right now I wanted to get down to brass tacks. So I just said, "Come on. Tell me your fiendish scheme."

She smiled mischievously, looked around furtively, and then unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her white blouse, so she'd have some cleavage on show to compete with Sue Ellen's ample display. But then she said forthrightly, "Actually, about this restaurant? No, I don't have one. But about tonight? Oh yes! Yes, I most certainly do!"

Her eyes lit up. "That's what we're here to talk about. And I think it'll help put you in the right frame of mind to see Sue Ellen walking around as we talk, especially with her going bra-less in her sexy new uniform. Now, you told me earlier today that-"

She stopped talking, because Sue Ellen came back with our drinks. Our knockout waitress put the drinks down on our table, and then sat herself down right next to me. In a matter of seconds, she stuck her hand inside my pants and was stroking my stiff dick!

Whoa! That came out of left field! I could have seen her doing something like that if we'd been in the private back room. In fact, I almost would have expected it. But out here? No way!

Admittedly, from a distance it just looked like she was sitting next to me. With her body blocking the view, not even Mindy could actually see Sue Ellen's stroking hand. But the mere act of having a waitress cozy up next to a customer was unheard of. Sure, it felt great, but I didn't want her to get in trouble or even lose her job!

Sue Ellen purred as she stroked my sweet spot, "So, Master, how can I serve you? How can I make you enjoy drinking your root beer float even more?"

"Um..." I was so taken by surprise by her bold handjob move that I didn't know what to say. And dammit, how unfortunate that my dick was already fully engorged! With the way Sue Ellen had been bending over and showing off her new uniform and all, plus my ever sexy wife looking scrumptious in her formal business clothes, there was no way I could will it go down.

She continued giddily, "What if I were to lose a contact lens, right under this table? I might have to stay under there for quite a long while, looking for it."

Mindy asked, "I thought you didn't wear contact lenses?"

"I don't. That's why I'd have to stay down there a really long time!" Sue Ellen laughed. She ostentatiously licked all the way around her lips, as if her meaning wasn't clear enough.

Mindy was all smirks, delighting in my tricky situation while Sue Ellen's hand slid up and down my boner relentlessly. Clearly, she knew something was going on, and that it involved my dick.

I looked at my crotch with growing alarm. At first, Sue Ellen had just stuck her hand in my pants, but apparently she found that too confining, and she soon managed to have my zipper unzipped and my erection fully exposed. So far, the only ones who could see it were me and Sue Ellen, thanks to the confines of the booth plus the way her body blocked the aisle, but still. This was way too risky.

I had a mental picture of Sue Ellen lifting my erection up until the cockhead peeked over the table. I could almost see the (feigned) look of shock on my wife's face, before the inevitable coaching and encouragement began to come from her.

I finally opened my mouth to speak and protest, but Mindy beat me to it. She said slowly and gently, "Sue Ellen, I don't think what you're doing is a good idea, much less your contact lens plan. We're in a very public place."

"True," Sue Ellen conceded as she kept on sliding her fingers all over my boner, still focusing on tickling my sweet spot in particular. "But the other waitresses are my friends and they're covering for me. Besides, y'all picked this booth very cleverly, didn't you? Look at the angles. Nobody can actually see what's happening here, at least not below head level. And no one's gonna walk by either, unless the restaurant really fills up."

"That's true," Mindy admitted. "I did pick a good table, just to be on the safe side. But we didn't come here for hanky panky. We actually came here for a serious, private talk. So could you please leave us be for a while?" The dismissal in her tone was pretty unmistakable.

Sue Ellen hung her head down sadly (even as she kept on jacking me off!). "Oh. Okay. What a disappointment though. Y'all got me so excited."

Mindy said, "I didn't say we couldn't have ANY fun. But Dan and I have got to have our talk first. Maybe after that, and once we have some Thin Mint cookies, there'll be time to give your favorite customer some extra special service."

Sue Ellen's eyes lit up, like she'd just been handed a million dollars. "Okay! Well, if you put it that way, I'm gonna skedaddle right away, so y'all can finish that talk as fast as you can!"

She gave my boner an extra tight squeeze, and then pulled her hand out of my pants. Then she patted it from the outside for good measure, which immediately turned into more stroking. "By the by, what's this about mint cookies?"

"Oh, nothing. Just a little private joke." Mindy looked down at where Sue Ellen's hand was and coughed, loudly.

Sue Ellen finally relented. She stood back up and left - for now.

As she left, I said, "Thanks, Cupcake."

She turned back to us, and her face beamed so brightly that I swear the entire restaurant was bathed in the light.

I readjusted my hard-on and zipped it back into hiding. It was so long and hard that I had a heck of a time even getting it back in my pants while still sitting there.

I shook my head at my wife. "You're evil, pure evil. You know that? Now I've got a raging boner that's threatening to poke right through the tabletop, and I'm in no position to get any satisfaction any time soon."

Mindy cackled like an evil witch and rubbed her hands together. "Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! My fiendish plan is coming together! Today, Dan has blue balls, tomorrow, the world! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" She added in more of a deadpan, "I'm not sure how that first thing will help with the second thing, but I'm still ironing out the kinks in my world takeover plan. But rest assured, my plot, among other things, is thickening!"

She wiggled her eyebrows in the general direction of my crotch. "And lengthening!"

I rolled my eyes, but I grinned too. Next, I attempted to get our conversation back on track. "Okay, so what are we talking about already? Is this about having Sue Ellen's initiation ceremony tonight? Because if it is, you can forget it. I need some time to chill out. Especially with Nicky arriving tomorrow, we need to ease back into normality."

"Do we? Or do we need to have one evening of all-out, wild, orgiastic, King-pleasuring fun to tide us over until she leaves again?" She put a finger to her chin and pretended to ponder. "Hmmm... Which option would be more fun and spermy? Hmmm..." She grinned playfully, making me grin too. "Maybe we should have all your cock slaves and me take a vote."

I just rolled my eyes at that.

"Hey, we'd let you have a vote too!" She batted her eyelids with fake earnestness, as if the five of them wouldn't out-vote me in a heartbeat.

I just crossed my arms again and gave her a disbelieving look.

She said, "In any case, your guess is correct; that's what I want to talk about. I said on the phone that this a crisis, and it's just that: a crisis."

"Uh-oh. That doesn't sound good. What's the scoop?" I scooted up to the table edge so the massive tent still straining my pants wouldn't be too obvious. Then I dug into my root beer float with a spoon.

"Well, I talked to Sue Ellen at lunch. I've been talking to her quite frequently, by the way. Everyone in the harem has been, in fact. We want to ease her in gently, but also totally, so we've got years and years of catching up to do. I feel like I've just adopted another wonderful daughter. I tell ya, there are some huge benefits to this cucquean lifestyle that don't even have to do with sex. Isn't she an adorable bundle of joy?"

I smiled fondly. "That she is. We really lucked out with her."

"True." Min continued, "But in any case, she's been bouncing off the walls since she found out she's going to be properly initiated. She said she hardly slept a wink last night, because she was just too excited. I'll bet you dollars to Thin Mints she won't sleep a wink tonight either, if her initiation doesn't happen by then. You know it can't happen tomorrow night. So, if you put it off, by the time you do get around to it, she'll be a compete wreck. How will she be able to work?"

I said, "Well, that is pretty bad. I did not know that." Mmmm, good ice cream though, I thought as I sampled my root beer float.

"Furthermore, Honey, I've looked at everybody's schedules. Tonight is perfect, because Sue Ellen will be getting off work at seven, since her shift started at eleven. Cindy's out of work, and the Hellions have today off. So it's a perfect storm - everyone will be able to attend! You can't pass that chance by. It would be like passing on a chance to buy another box of Thin Mints."

I grinned. "Hmmm. Someone has eating a certain type of cookie on her mind all of a sudden. But okay, I'm sold. I don't really have a good excuse not to do it so soon, except that I just wanted to have a mellow day and get a lot of writing done, for a change. I did make some progress yesterday, and I wanted to follow up on that. I'm sure I'll get distracted all over again when Nicky arrives. But to be honest, I'm pretty wired and excited too, so I wouldn't be very productive in any case."

She sipped on her coffee. "Oh? What's gotten you all excited?"

I grinned wickedly as I nonchalantly licked my spoon in a suggestive manner. It wasn't often I got the chance to tease Mindy, especially, since she usually was already doing it to me. Watching her eyes get big over the rim of her coffee cup was quite a treat. But before she got the wrong idea (and ran with it), I replied, "I gave the Gruesome Twosome a spanking today. Both of them. It was a blast. You should have seen the way I made them crawl naked just to get started!"

The look on her face was absolutely priceless. She looked like she was at the peak of a hill on a wild roller coaster ride, and she was about to fly down a steep slope. She actually clutched the edge of the table for support as she waited with bated breath.

I toyed with my root beer float, just to drag out the telling. Finally, when she looked fit to burst, I smiled and continued, "And it went perfectly! Just thinking about having their naked bodies wriggling and writhing in my lap..." I must admit I kind of spaced out at that point. I was fondly recalling the spanking while looking at Sue Ellen walking around in her sexy new uniform serving the other customers.

Mindy leaned forward dramatically and stabbed a finger into the table top. "Well?! Don't stop there! I want details! Details! Especially about the crawling part!"

But then she suddenly sat back and exhaled heavily. "No, wait. Scratch that. If you tell me everything, I'll get so hot and bothered that I'll pretty much have to get fucked right away, right on this table. Here! NOW! And that'll cause all kinds of trouble. Plus, we'll never get around to finishing our conversation. Let's get back on track."

I nodded. "Okay. Wow, Min. You're really the cucquean in control today. I like." I smiled with approval.

She said wearily, "I'm trying. It's tough. But I'm thinking that if I can be the one who says 'no' more often, that'll free you up to say 'yes' more and have more fun. That'll mean even more well-fucked cock slaves."

I asked, "You mean even more cock slaves, all getting thoroughly fucked, or the ones we have getting even more fucked than before?"

Mindy immediately pounced, "Yessss! You've finally got it!"

I rolled my eyes and then hung my head at her irrepressible sense of humor, realizing that I had blundered and asked the infamous "OR" question. I complained, "Min, just give me a real answer."

Her eyes twinkled with mischief. "That would be telling." She playfully wagged a finger at me. "But anyway, focus! So... you're excited."

I decided to let her verbal games slide, and answered, "Yes, I am. And part of that is thinking about this initiation ceremony. I was trying to do some errands when you called, but my mind kept going back to all the things I could do to Sue Ellen's delectable, voluptuous body, right in front of everybody."

"Now we're talking!" Mindy said enthusiastically. "I'm glad you feel that way, because after I spoke to Sue Ellen, I started planning with the assumption that it'll take place tonight. I called Cindy and had her meet me for lunch. I ended up going way over my usual lunch hour, brainstorming with her. We've come up with all kinds of fun things. We've got a plan that's as sweet as a whole row of Thin Mint cookies, trust me. But I'd like to hear what YOU want to see happen."

I spent the next ten minutes or so outlining my ideas (and enjoying my drink). Even though we were talking about the initiation of a cock slave, my hard-on slowly went flaccid, probably simply because it couldn't stay hard ALL the time.

Mindy mostly just listened to me, but I gathered from her occasional insightful or probing questions that she'd given this much more thought than I had.

Finally, I finished my spiel, and asked her, "Boy, Min. You're running circles around me. Just how much planning have you done?"

She proudly replied, "A lot! You'd be surprised how little work gets done in offices sometimes, especially in locked, private offices. I did some mindless paperwork while I talked to all your cock slaves on the phone for a couple of hours."

"ALL of them?"

"Yes. Michelle and Ruby are fully on board with the initiation, and the timing of it. At first, they were resistant because I said they needed to declare a truce from their sex boycott for the duration of the ceremony. We struck a deal on that which I'll explain in a minute. By the way, I'm figuring out now that I must have called them just after their nap, which must have come after your spanking. I gather that given what happened during that, they're feeling like they have no traction for their little revolt."

Mindy paused, and then started breathing heavily. Her cheeks flushed and her eyes became a little unfocused as she quietly, yet huskily demanded to know in an urgent whisper, "Did you make them suck your cock?"

Her crude language made me remember we were in a restaurant. I looked around, but the coast was still clear. No other customers were within two tables of us, and with the background music playing, there was no way that anyone could hear what we were talking about. But it still made me a little jittery. I replied, "No. They didn't so much as touch my penis. I was very careful to make sure about that. As a result, I didn't cum at all."

Right before my eyes, I watched as my wife closed her eyes and took her raging libido in hand and brought it under her control. Well, more or less. She then focused her eyes on mine again and nodded at me, approvingly. "Even so, they know they're fighting a losing battle with their little rebellion, and that spanking must have REALLY brought that point home to them. After all, how can a sex slave revolt against her master while still adhering to all the rules about being a slave? That's what they're trying to do, and it's totally frustrating for them. That's the cum-numdrum they're facing, if you will."

"I won't." I grinned.

She rolled her eyes, but grinned too. "So, like I said, they were extremely reluctant at first. But I talked them into participating in the ceremony eventually. Like I mentioned, we made a deal. The one compromise they had me agree to is that they don't have to suck your cock. They were worried that if they do that, they'll lose all control."

She gave me a queerly concerned look. "Is that okay with you, that they don't have to suck your cock?"

A month or two ago, I never would have imagined my wife could ask me, in a public place, if I was okay with NOT having our two teenaged Hellions suck my dick during a sex slave initiation ceremony for a third lusty, busty teenager who'd be joining our family. The weird part was that she actually expected me to object to the lack of cocksucking.

I shrugged. "I'm as fine with that as I am with eating some Thin Mint cookies." I thought I'd throw the Thin Mint thing back at her, since she'd mentioned them to me so much in the last little while.

She grimaced. "Argh! I'm gonna get you for that! I wish you'd stop mentioning those cookies all the time. You're making me hungry!"

"Hey, YOU'RE the one who keeps bringing..." My voice trailed off, because I realized too late that she'd set me up for that punch line.

She was even more triumphantly smirky than usual. "Heh-heh! That's fun. But it was kind of a mistake, because I'm only making myself hungry. Do you know how tough it is for me to keep my figure, at my age? Just THINKING about those damn yummy cookies is putting pounds on my hips. And sitting here in this restaurant, with all kinds of tempting smells everywhere..."

She sniffed the air longingly, and continued, "But in any case, I highly doubt the no cocksucking exception will last very long, once the ceremony gets rolling. We'll see. Once I struck that deal with the girls, the floodgates opened. Both of them have given slave initiation ceremonies a lot of thought. In fact, Ruby had an entire computer file of bullet points on the subject which she read to me over the phone. Apparently, she wrote it a couple of years ago."

I slumped back in my seat and sighed. "'Ruby?' Did you say 'Ruby,' and not 'Michelle?'"

"Yep!" She obviously loved that. "Just because she lets Michelle take the lead most of the time, never forget that our fiery, redheaded maiden has a mind of her own."

I slumped in my chair a little more. "Sheesh! Geez, Min, what have I gotten myself into? This is so far beyond letting them stroke and suck me. It's like a religion or philosophy for them. Or even more. It's like an entire way of life!"

Mindy smirked and smiled. "By Jove, I think he's finally got it! Yep! I think you nailed it on the head. They DO see serving you, their one and only master, as an entire way of life. Remember, they've been dreaming and planning and fantasizing about this for YEARS while pretending to act normal around you. Since they weren't allowed to actually do anything with you, they made up for it by fantasizing a hell of a lot, constantly reinforcing and strengthening their feelings by sharing the same dream with each other. I dare say that sharing this dream of serving your oh-so-yummy fat cock is one of the main things that bind them together as the very best of friends. Over the past couple of months, they've let me into their world enough to show me some of their poetry, lyrics, and artwork about you."

Her eyes sparkled with knowing their secrets. "It's really cute." Her gaze then turned smoking hot and her voice went all breathy. "It's also outrageously explicit. They're WAY more daring than I was at their age, and you can't even begin to understand how determined they are to land you or how much this all means to them. For them, you're the project of a lifetime... literally."

"Oh man." I sighed. "Things are far too weird for me to even begin to understand. It's not really about me, is it? Tell me it's not about me. I'm imagining it's mostly that they love the idea of serving a master, and I just happen to fit the bill."

My wife shrugged. "I think you're half right about that. It's partly about you, partly about the lifestyle that's kind of independent of you. The thing is, you fit their ideal so well that you can't really pull the two things apart." She stared off into space, pondering that.

Uncomfortable with the flattery, I asked, "But anyway, does that mean Cupcake, er, Sue Ellen, knows everything about tonight?"

She looked around and confirmed Sue Ellen was serving other customers a good distance away. "Oh no! Definitely not! I've kept her in the dark as much as I can, so that she can enjoy her initiation to the fullest. She knows there's an initiation coming up soon, of course, but I've given no hint that it'll happen tonight. In fact, I've carefully led her to believe it won't, in case you don't agree, and also so she'll be surprised. But I've been talking to her at length about what she'd like to happen if and when her initiation takes place. So, between getting feedback from you, Cindy, the Hellions, myself, and Sue Ellen, I'm gonna put it all together and have a special event everyone will love - why, very nearly as much as I love Thin Mints."

I grinned at that latest cookie mention. "What does Cindy have to say about it? Don't tell me she's got years of notebooks and computer files on the subject!"

"No. She's brand new to this whole sex slave thing. Maybe because she's older and more jaded, she's not as over the moon about it as the girls are. She didn't have many initiation ideas of her own at all, in fact, so it's obviously not something she's given much thought to. But she's been a big help as sort of my main co-conspirator on this."

I asked, "So, why are we having this meeting here, if the Hellions know everything already?"

"Oh, but they don't. The communication with them was one-way only. They told me what their ideal initiation ceremony would look like, and I said I'd take what they said into consideration. That way, they'll be more eager to see what'll happen. Ditto with you. You and I are on the same page when it comes to the general gist, but please leave the details to me. That way you'll be pleasantly surprised too."

"Okay. But isn't that going to leave a lot of unhappy people? You're leaving the impression with everyone that their personal vision will be realized, but you can't possibly fulfill all those different visions at once."

She was all smiles. "Au contraire! I'd been worried about that, until I started collecting information and comparing notes. It turns out everyone's vision is remarkably similar! There are some minor differences, but that's fine. That just means we can tailor the initiation ceremony of each of your slaves slightly differently. But at the same time, there will be an underlying, satisfying thread of commonality running through all of them. Starting and then keeping traditions is a good thing."

"I didn't expect that," I commented about how their visions were so similar. Just talking about this cock slave stuff was making my dick painfully hard again.

"Yeah, me too, especially if you knew how similar the various suggestions have been. It's not too surprising when you think about it though, since everyone wants to see the same thing. We want you to assert your proper place as master, and Sue Ellen to be put in her proper place as slave. So of course you're gonna" - she lowered her voice and purred lustily - "fuck the shit out of her!"

Her eyes sparkled, and she leaned forward eagerly. "That'll be the focus of the ceremony, of course. The rest is gravy. So long as you give her a good, hard fucking, everyone will be happy. As long as you drill her deep, making her grind her hips all over your fat, thick, long cock, and get her so hot she'll scream your name at the top of her lungs, everything'll be peachy. And then, when you fuckin' pump a huge load of creamy, tasty, oh-so-potent baby-making cum up from your churning balls and power-fuck it deep into her pussy, she'll... Oh shit!" She sat back and wrinkled her face in consternation.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing." She shook her head like she was coming out of a daze. "Where was I? Oh, yes. The key thing is, while the rest of us sit there and watch, my hubby, my studly, sexy, well-hung hubby, is gonna take his latest cock slave and FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HER!"

She somehow managed to say that extremely emphatically while keeping the volume of her voice low enough so she didn't cause a scene. Even so, she looked around furtively, just to be on the safe side. Luckily, no one was close enough to notice.

Then she leaned forward towards me even closer, and continued passionately, "I'll be right there, as you slide INCH after INCH after INCH of your thick, fat, pussy-splitting cock-meat deep into your helpless new cock worshipping sex slave! Maybe I'll even hold it as you force feed it into- Oh God!"

"What now?"

She looked around again, furtively, and then made her mind up about something. "I'm sorry, I'm just getting too horny! Worse, I think I dropped a contact lens around here." She quickly ducked under the table.

"Wait," I said. "You don't wear... Oh." My voice trailed off, because I remembered Sue Ellen's earlier suggestive comment about dropping contact lenses. I could guess what was coming next.

Sure enough, my lusty wife didn't just bend below the table, she crawled under it! I felt her hand on the fly of my pants a few seconds later. I looked down to my crotch just in time to see her staring up at me from under the table, looking happy as a clam.

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