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Chapter 83

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I shouldn't have let Mindy get between my legs. I should have known that she'd pull something like this before long. But, to be honest, I didn't resist that strongly. I was kind of getting used to this sort of thing, and enjoying it far too much.

As she unzipped my fly, she asked beseechingly, "You don't mind if I suck on the King for a while?"

I protested, even though I wasn't really doing anything to stop her. "Actually, I do mind! We're in the middle of a restaurant!"

She smirked. "I know. Isn't it exciting?" She took my stiff dick in her hands, and said, "You say no, but the King says yes. And if we think of the harem as a kingdom, we all must obey the King!"

She giggled a little bit as she started to stroke my stiffness. "Besides, somehow I have a feeling our waitress will be looking out for us. That's just a crazy hunch I have." She winked at me, and then she started to lick her way around the crown.

"Well, that's true," I conceded. I was feeling pretty weird talking to a head wedged between my legs, even if it did belong to my wife. "But still, we shouldn't be doing this. This is nuts!"

"No, these are nuts." She yanked my pants down a couple of inches, and carefully pulled my balls out of my fly too. (She had to be quite careful, because getting one of those caught in the zipper was not exactly something to look forward to.) She licked her way around my balls, all the way up my shaft, and then did a couple of circles around my cockhead.

Finally, she tilted my boner down to the correct angle for her, and started bobbing her way down until she had my entire cockhead in her mouth. Luckily, she was used to my size from years of experience, so she didn't make any loud noises when she engulfed my shaft.

I was torn. On one hand, it felt too good for me to really stop her, but on the other hand, it was too weird for me to handle this happening in the middle of a restaurant! I muttered, "I'll give you a Thin Mint cookie if you stop."

She mumbled with her stuffed mouth, "Mmmm... Thempting, buh no thanths. I know you're bluffinnn!"

I have to admit that my resistance to what she was doing was pretty feeble. For instance, when she attempted to yank my pants down enough to comfortably free my balls, I lifted my ass up at just the right time to help her. So I couldn't really get mad at her for blowing right past my objection (literally as well as figuratively!), because she probably knew what I wanted better than I did most of the time.

Still, I wasn't about to get caught if I could help it. I leaned forward and tried to strategically position my arm and clothes to block the view. Luckily, the table had a big tablecloth hanging over the edges, so I rearranged it and the table items on it so the cloth could hang way over the side, nearly to the floor. Actually, I had to admit that it looked pretty safe now. Mostly thanks to the tablecloth, there was virtually no way to tell that Mindy was under the table and happily bobbing on my shaft.

Or at least that was my best guess. I couldn't really know for sure how it appeared to others unless I got up and looked at the booth from various angles, but I wasn't about to do that and break off the great blowjob she was giving me. However, it wasn't like anyone was near us in the first place. (Although a few more customers were starting to drift in, the main room was still much less than half full, and it seemed to me the waitresses were steering the new customers to other sections. I had a feeling Sue Ellen was behind that somehow, even though the other waitresses seemed to be doing it too.)

However, I realized that my situation would be tested quickly. Sue Ellen had been going about her job as usual, but all the while she was looking my way so much that it probably seemed odd to other people. So it took her less than a minute to realize I was sitting all alone.

She immediately came over and stood right next to me. "Howdy, Master. How ya doin'? Can I get you anything? And what happened to Mindy?"

"I'm good, thanks," I replied. "As for Mindy..." I was about to launch into some bullshit explanation about her needing to use the bathroom. I was making it up on the fly, but I wanted an excuse that would theoretically keep my wife somewhere else for a long time. After all, I was really enjoying this blowjob and didn't want it to stop any time soon.

However, I was cut off because Sue Ellen looked around, startled. "Hey! Who kicked me?" She looked down towards her feet, and I did too. We saw a high heel attached to a foot that was attached to a leg that disappeared under the bottom edge of the tablecloth.

I was chagrined, to say the least. There's no way Mindy's leg just happened to kick way out like that. No doubt, she'd heard Sue Ellen's voice and wanted her to know what was really going on.

Sue Ellen's face lit up so brightly that it practically blinded me. She was suddenly so ecstatic, it looked like she was ready to start bouncing up and down like some overexcited cheerleader after her team scored a touchdown. (And her new uniform perfectly fit the cheerleader image too.) "Oh my... Oh my! ... OH! I do declare!" She was nearly speechless.

She began to briskly walk away, which puzzled me, until she turned around and rushed right back. I realized that she was bursting with energy and unable to contain it. She paced back and forth. It looked like she was holding something in, like she was suppressing the urge to shout out with glee.

Then it occurred to me that was probably exactly what it was: she was using all her willpower to prevent herself from shouting out. The jubilant smile on her face was still so priceless that I couldn't regret the risk we were taking, just because it made her smile like that.

I don't know about the other people, but I sure was enjoying the sight of her hefty, bra-free melons shifting about inside her cheerleader-esque uniform while she paced around in a hurry. The fact that Mindy was suckling on my sweet spot like it was some kind of ice cream bar that she was quickly trying to melt confirmed for me that all was well in the world. I may not have been keen on the blowjob at the start, but I was rapidly warming to the idea. I felt pretty safe with the tablecloth positioned as it was, so I figured I might as well roll with it and enjoy it to its fullest.

After nearly a minute, Sue Ellen finally seemed to get herself back under control, although she was still bursting with enthusiasm. She hurried back to my booth and came to a complete stop right next to me. Her eyes were burning with lust as she breathlessly asked me, "That IS Mindy, isn't it?"

"Yes, of course."

Her face beamed like a searchlight all over again. "Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! I'll be damned!"

I was about to flippantly ask who else it could be, but then it hit me that I had an entire harem! That meant her question wasn't completely unreasonable. That was an erotic jolt to me. A number of beautiful women other than my wife could be blowing me under the table in a restaurant, and my wife was okay with that. In fact, she loved it. I know that may have seemed like old news, but it really did hit me like a punch to the gut! A GOOD punch to the gut, if that makes any sense.

Mindy seemed to notice my dick throbbing and twitching as I thought about this stuff, so she redoubled her slurpy attack on my sweet spot.

I had to lean forward and grimace, like I was fighting the urge to pee. I certainly didn't want to cum, not now, and definitely not here! I felt like we were safe for now as far as the visual evidence went, but loud slurpy or moaning noises could still give us away. (Sure, there was music playing, but it was just soft background music.)

With the intense and talented way Min was licking and sucking, I was bound to have a great climax, and it would be a trying ordeal not to cry out. I could picture the looks of people hearing a guy have an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant! At that point, it would probably be LESS embarrassing for it to be known that Mindy was under there. Otherwise, people would think I was some kind of freak who masturbated to climax in the middle of a public place!

Sue Ellen asked Mindy in a low voice, "How's it going? Do y'all need any help?" She tried not to move her lips as she talked, like she was trying to be a ventriloquist.

I gathered Mindy's mouth was too busy to talk, or else she somehow psychically conveyed she was doing fine on her own, because Sue Ellen suddenly spun on her heels and rushed off towards the back of the restaurant even faster than when she'd been pacing.

That came as a relief. It was tough enough for me to sit there and act like I WASN'T getting the (latest) blowjob of my life without Sue Ellen standing there and looking like she was about to have a spontaneous orgasm in her sexy and revealing waitress uniform.

I muttered to Mindy, "Very cute. I suppose you're gonna claim that kick was an accident?"

However, there was no reply, except maybe for some extra loud slurping and smacking noises.

I asked her, "Remember how you said there'd be no monkey business? Just serious talking?"

That got an embarrassed, muffled giggle. Then I heard a very quiet but amused, "Oopsies!"

I sighed. I realized that I probably looked like some crazy homeless guy talking to himself, so I shut up. Sue Ellen might have had a good idea in trying to talk without moving her lips, but I wasn't particularly good at that.

Sue Ellen came back my way about a minute later, strutting along very nicely. Or I should say she was doing the "Sue Ellen walk" that Mindy and I had taught her.

Her walk certainly displayed the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra, and I wondered what her other customers thought about that. Luckily, because her new uniform was so form-fitting, the lack of a bra wasn't as obvious as it had been in her old uniform where it looked like there were two cats fighting in a sack in there when she walked, but that was only a relative thing. She was definitely more titillating overall in the new one, especially with much more skin showing.

I noticed also that she seemed to be showing even more cleavage than when we'd first arrived, despite the lack of any sort of buttons or zippers on the front of her uniform. The only explanation I could come up with was that she had a hidden zipper or some hidden buttons somewhere that she'd unzipped or unbuttoned. I was going to tell her to cover up a bit more as soon as I got the chance. She looked like a pornographic parody of a waitress, yet she was a real waitress in a real restaurant!

Seeing her coming, I scooted all the way up to the table edge. Then I kind of fluffed out the tablecloth around my lap so it would cover that entire area. Luckily, Min was being very quiet with some mellow tongue lapping around my cockhead.

Sue Ellen bee-lined back to me, and then put a tall smoothie on the table. "Here, Master. It looks like you could use some more refreshment. Gotta keep those fluids coming in one end so they can go out elsewhere into someone's lucky mouth." She gave me a saucy wink at that.

My root beer float was long since consumed, so I took a sip of the smoothie. I smiled, and said, "Mmmm. Some kind of tangy orange-pineapple combo. That's my favorite. How did you know?"

She said proudly, "A good sex slave must know her master's every want and desire, and anticipate them before he does."

I was sure she was quoting someone, but I didn't know any books or shows that talked about sex slaves.

However, before I could ask, or tell her to cover her cleavage some more, she suddenly looked all around and then dropped to the floor. Practically in the time I could blink my eyes, she was gone from my sight. It was like she'd fallen through a trap door, but I knew where she'd really gone.

I pinched my nose, squinted, and shook my head. "Min, please tell me Cupcake hasn't joined you down there under the table."

All I heard was a very giggly and muffled "M'kay!"

But then things got more ominous. I felt Mindy's lips slide off my dick, and then she quit holding it too. That was a very good thing, at least at first, because I desperately needed a break. But quiet whispering from under the table soon followed. That was a very, very bad thing. My mind reeled at the kinds of insanely arousing but also insanely risky things the two of them were plotting down there. I had visions of the three of us being hauled off to jail!

I tried to clamp my legs shut tight in an attempt to get Mindy to scoot out from between my legs, or at least prevent Sue Ellen from joining her close to my crotch. But neither of them budged.

The surprises kept coming. Another waitress walked up to me, holding a tray with some food on it. It was like she was Mindy's much younger sister, because she already had that half-smirk, half-smile of Mindy's down pat. She asked me, "I take it you're Dan?"

"I am," I replied. "Who's asking?"

I suddenly felt very grateful that my boner was currently unoccupied, because it was hard enough already for me to think and talk. I'd been sitting up against the table edge, to help hide what was happening underneath. But I hadn't noticed this waitress coming until she was practically right next to me, and I'd just slid back until my back was resting against the backrest so I could try to see what was happening down there. I very quickly sat up against the table edge again, hoping this waitress hadn't gotten a good look at my exposed crotch, and the steel baseball bat waving in the air right in the middle of it.

The whispering from under the table had momentarily stopped, but when I tried to surreptitiously reach my hand down and zip my fly back up, I felt not one but two hands slap my hand away at almost the exact same time.

Furtive under the table giggling followed, since both women were obviously amused they'd had the same idea at the same time.

It would have been amusing to me too except I was extremely nervous about getting caught by this new waitress. Luckily, the giggling was quite quiet. But if I'd been able to hear it, the new waitress could too, if she was paying attention.

That all took place in a matter of seconds. The waitress, who was young and quite attractive, by the way, continued to look me over with a knowing and happy smirk. Her eyes fell on the bra that was just sitting there in the middle of the table, and she raised a curious eyebrow.

I was totally busted! I wished there was some way I could hide the bra, not that that would help now.

After what seemed to be a very long pause, she finally answered, "Hi, my name is Rosanne. I'm honored to finally meet the legendary Daniel Cooper."

That startled me. "You know my full name?!"

"Sure. Sue Ellen's never actually mentioned your last name, but she tends to write your name on flat surfaces whenever she's taking a break. Sometimes I can see what she's spelling out by watching the movement of her fingers. Things like 'Dan plus Sue Ellen equals love,' or 'Dan is my Master.' You should see how big she makes the 'M' in 'Master.' She's totally in love with you, you know."

"Um..." How do I deal with someone I still don't know well loving me that much? She sounded like a teen girl having her first serious crush, and then it occurred to me that she was 19, which meant she technically still WAS a teenager! That made me feel like a dirty old man.

Without thinking, I looked at the table as if I was looking through it so I could see Sue Ellen and Mindy there. I quickly looked elsewhere, hoping I hadn't clued Rosanne in.

But she just laughed, and said, "Don't worry, I know what's going on. Sue Ellen must be down there with Mindy."

Now, that REALLY floored me! My jaw must have actually dropped wide open, I was so totally amazed. Okay, so she can guess what Sue Ellen is doing, but Mindy too? How does she even know my wife's name in the first place?!

Thankfully, Sue Ellen and Mindy still weren't touching my crotch, although they pressed or bumped against my legs most of the time. Rosanne was talking quietly and there was some ambient noise, but there was no way they couldn't hear what she'd said as well. Still, I didn't hear or feel anything unusual from them after that shocking revelation.

Rosanne just chuckled some more. "Don't worry, it's cool. As to how I know about your wife too, that's easy. Sue Ellen can't stop talking about you, at least to the other waitresses who are her good friends, and that's pretty much all of us. Especially when she and Laura get going about you, we can hardly get her to shut up. So yes, I know you're some kind of master, and that's your wife down there with her. Your secret is safe with me."

I started to hear and feel some rustling under the table, as well as more quiet whispering. Somehow, I knew they were up to something crazy, now that it appeared Rosanne wasn't going to bust us. My heart was pounding with fear and arousal. My penis had gone flaccid when Rosanne showed up, but it started to grow turgid again. That was a sign my fear was fading and my arousal was surging.

"B-b-but," I stammered, "How... How did you know one of them is there, much less two? You can't see anything, can you?"

"No, I can't," Rosanne said. "No one would ever suspect. I can't even see feet or legs below the tablecloth, because of the dark shadows. But I've been keeping a close eye on you since you came in. Actually, all the waitresses have."

I looked around. I only saw one other waitress, and she appeared to be busy with her job. Although, I had noticed one or two others earlier.

Rosanne continued, "I noticed you came in with Mindy. Well, I figured it had to be her or Cindy, but she looked more like how I envisioned Mindy to look. Plus, odds are better that you'd be with your wife. Anyway, then she disappeared, but I kept an eye on the front door and she didn't leave that way, yet it's been way too long for her to be in the bathroom, so that can't be the answer either. Then I noticed how the tablecloth was rearranged to hang nearly to the floor."

I looked at the slightly out of place tablecloth, feeling majorly busted. I was distressed that this person I'd never met knew so much about me and my sex life. She even knew who Cindy was.

Just then, I felt a lot of repositioning taking place under the table. I felt hands prying my legs wider, wide enough for two very sexy yet very naughty ladies to kneel side by side between my thighs. I would have clamped my legs shut, but there had been a lull in their activity, so I was taken by surprise. In all honesty, I was so horny that I wouldn't have resisted at all, except for Rosanne being right there.

I felt breasts, arms, and shoulders pressing in closer to my crotch, and then different hands caressing my penis and balls. A couple seconds later, I felt not one but two tongues start to lick their way up and down my fully revived cock!

Luckily, Rosanne appeared oblivious to this latest development, or at least she was good at pretending not to care. My face must have looked shocked, but that was understandable given all the revelations Rosanne was making. Sue Ellen obviously had been quite the blabbermouth with the other waitresses, which didn't exactly make me a happy camper.

Rosanne continued to explain, "Plus, I've heard what an aggressive and dominant man you are. You just take what you want! So it figures you'd have your wife blow you beneath the table when you eat in restaurants."

I wanted to protest that. Not true! This had never happened to me before, ever! And besides, it wasn't my doing at all! I had a hard time simply continuing to breathe somewhat normally, as two tongues met over my sweet spot and licked it in tandem.

But Rosanne went on without pause, "I didn't get a chance to talk to Sue Ellen about it though, until she rushed back to the kitchen, saw me, and urgently asked me to cover for her for the next five minutes. She quickly changed that: 'No, better make that ten. No, more like fifteen or even twenty!' Given your legendary sexual prowess and stamina, I could tell what she was going to do next. They're blowing you right now, aren't they?"

I winced. It was pretty hard to deny that - what else would they be doing down there? "Does it show?"

Rosanne smiled with understanding. She had a great smile. "Don't worry, it's cool. From a distance, no one can tell. It just looks like you're sitting alone. But right up close, I can see all these anguished expressions on your face. It looks like someone is repeatedly kicking you in the balls, but you're trying not to show it." She laughed at that.

That description wasn't far off at all. Except instead of kicks of pain, I was repeatedly feeling licks of pure arousal and ecstasy. Mindy already had me close to the edge when she was going solo, and now that Sue Ellen had joined in, two mouths were definitely much more than one. Had it not been for the location and the fact that I didn't want to let out an orgasmic scream, I would have given in and climaxed a long time ago. The fact that I now knew the other waitresses knew all about my sex life made me feel even more reluctant to tip everyone off as to what I was doing.

Rosanne looked beyond me, and said, "Sorry. I'll be back."

I looked around and saw another customer raising a hand, trying to get her attention.

Rosanne started to walk off, but then she remembered something she had on her tray. "Oh, here's a gift." She handed me a cupcake with vanilla frosting. Smirking and smiling again, she said, "Yeah, I know about her nickname too, since she's only mentioned in a million times already, so I thought you'd have fun eating this. Enjoy. Somehow, I think you will." She winked, and then rushed off.

I stared at the cupcake, still floored by recent events. How is it that I've gone from a normal guy to... this?! Crazy! I just had a conversation with a beautiful waitress about the fact that I'm being secretly blown by two women under the table. And it almost seems normal!

I sighed, and then took a bite of my cupcake. It had a delicious vanilla flavor all the way through. But my hands were shaking because the double tongue attack going on under the table was literally making me tremble all over with insane lust.

The two of them were working on my boner as one. If one of them was lapping her way up one side of my shaft, the other one was probably lapping down the other side. If one was bobbing down to my sweet spot, the other one would probably work on my balls until she had more inches of cock to work with. If one would lick in a corkscrew pattern, the other would use the same pattern on the other side.

And the fingers! Fingers everywhere! It felt like there were about twelve different hands down there, tickling and stimulating every last inch of my dick and balls.

So yeah, the smoothie was pretty good, and the cupcake was divine, but forgive me if my concentration wasn't focused on such things. And not only that, I had to struggle to breathe without making any obvious panting or moaning, despite my steadily increasing arousal and excitement.

Things were quickly reaching a critical stage. I was frantically squeezing my PC muscle, but I felt like I was about to cum at any second just the same. Had anyone else looked at me (and apparently, the other waitresses were!), they could have easily gotten the impression that I was about to take a huge crap, since my face was scrunching up so much.

It couldn't go on like this, not unless I wanted to make a big cummy mess in the middle of a restaurant. I could easily envision Sue Ellen and Mindy emerging from under the table, proudly displaying their cum-covered faces for all to see. That wasn't gonna happen, not if I could help it. Plus, it wouldn't be fair to have someone clean up the cum that wound up on the bottom side of the table or the floor. And how would I manage to avoid making loud sexual noises and a tell-tale orgasmic face?

Staring into my lap, I said, "Okay, you two, enough kidding around. Stop that this instant!"

There was no response, other than continued sliding lips and lapping tongues.

I persisted, "Mindy, remember how you promised no monkey business?"

Both of them made muffled but distinctive monkey noises. Lots of giggling followed.

I rolled my eyes. It was amusing, but my situation was growing too critical for me to be very amused. I muttered menacingly, "You two are angling for a bad spanking. A painful one. And what about you, Cupcake? I thought you're supposed to be my most loyal cock slave."

There was a pause, and all the stroking, licking, and sucking stopped, although I still felt three different hands holding my shaft and balls.

I considered my situation. Here I am, talking to my crotch. It's bad enough if anyone sees that, but it would be a million times worse if anyone heard me talking about 'cock slaves' and such. I think they'd put a straightjacket on me!

I took another bite of my delicious cupcake, and resolved to hold it right in front of my mouth when talking.

Finally, Sue Ellen quietly asked me, "Um, Master? Are you SURE you want us to stop? Because we're having soooo much fun! Can't we do this just a little longer? Pleeaaaase?"

Mindy added, "And besides, it's not like we can just crawl out of here. Take a look."

I sat all the way back in my seat, since I'd still been pressed against the table edge, and slumped down to get a good look under the table. And what a shock! Damn, this is not good for my heart. Both of them are completely topless!

That made me very panicky, as well as nearly causing the cum to fire from my boner. I hissed, "What the hell did you do that for?!"

Sue Ellen said proudly, "One just can't properly suck cock unless you're bare breasted. Oh, and kneeling is key too. You probably won't understand. It's a girl thing. Well, probably a submissive slave girl thing, but still."

I sighed as I kept staring at their huge bare racks squeezed together between my legs. I could see their chests but not their faces, due to the table edge being in the way. "Look. It's not that I want you to stop. God knows I'm totally loving the endless waves of pleasure. But I was right on the verge of climaxing there, and I can't do THAT here! Besides, it- oh shit!"

I was going to continue to explain about the danger of doing this in the restaurant, and the particular danger of Sue Ellen losing her job, but I saw Rosanne had finished doing something at a nearby table and was returning to me.

I took a good look at her as she came near. She was attractive, although not as beautiful as Sue Ellen. If Sue Ellen and my other cock slaves were perfect tens (and they were, at least in my eyes), Rosanne was more like an eight or a nine. She had a nice face and her dark brown hair was cut in a cute short bob cut. Her body looked extremely fit, almost as fit as Sue Ellen's. (Where did this restaurant recruit their waitresses? At Olympic team tryouts?!)

But there were two things I didn't like. One, she was short. I'm a bit over six feet, and she looked to be an inch or two over five feet, if that. Frankly, I like more woman than that, where I don't have to practically kneel just to kiss her. And two, her boobs weren't that big. She had what looked to be a B-cup size, and normally that would have been pretty nice, but I had gotten pretty spoiled on that count lately (to say the least!).

And really, that was the main problem, that I was so spoiled. Up until recently, if I'd been single and unattached, I would have jumped into bed with Rosanne in a heartbeat. But with Mindy, Cindy, Ruby, Michelle AND Sue Ellen in my life, I had no interest. I had more beautiful women than I could handle or fully sexually satisfy already, and one more just meant more trouble, complications, and probably yet one more woman ganging up against me in league with the others. So I hoped she had no serious interest in me.

Rosanne was still in her smirky and smiley mode. Instead of standing there, like a waitress was expected to do, she sat down on the other side of the booth. Or at least she tried to. "Mind if I sit here? Oh! What's this? Some kind of obstruction? Hmmm, looks like a leg in the way... or four of them." She snickered. "Oh well, I'll just have to sling my legs out into the aisle." She did just that, sitting on the very edge of the seat so she could get up at a moment's notice.

I frowned, and asked her, "Don't you have to work or something?"

She gestured expansively around the room. "Look around. One waitress can handle this number of customers, and we have three waitresses right now. I told the other one - who isn't currently sucking you under the table, heh! - that you're an old friend and to cover for me for a little while. The thing is, a restaurant has to give us eight hour shifts, minimum. They can't just say 'come in when it starts to get busy and leave when the rush is over,' although they'd love to. At dead times like this, we mostly just try to look busy if our boss is around, and today she's not. Plus, I checked, and the Bat is buried in paperwork. So who cares?"

I was intrigued by another mention of the mysterious "Bat," but this wasn't the time to ask about that, since I was in an awkward situation with her sitting there, to say the least. But I wasn't the kind of guy to tell her to just get lost. Especially since she knew so much about me, I didn't want to turn her into an enemy. Rather lamely, I asked, "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure." She reached between her breasts and pulled an unseen zipper down a couple of inches. The zipper was cleverly hidden behind a seam. That showed that I hadn't been seeing things when I thought Sue Ellen had been showing more cleavage since I'd first seen her when we'd arrived.

She put both her elbows on the tabletop, and then rested her chin in her hands. "Sooooo... I finally get to meet Dan Cooper. Tell me, how do you do it?"

"Do what?"

"I dunno. Whatever it is that you do that has all these women so ga-ga over you. I've never seen anyone as happy as Sue Ellen has been lately, so you must be doing something right. What's your secret?"

"I honestly don't know!" I exclaimed with frustration. "I wish someone would tell me, because I don't get it. I'm just an ordinary guy. I really have done nothing to deserve this."

The hands still holding my boner had started to stroke it a little bit, but it was so subtle at first that I didn't really notice. However, over the past minute, the movement had turned into unabashed stroking. Furthermore, I could feel breathing on my spongy cockhead, coming from so close that it was obviously another way they were trying to arouse me (and succeeding!). But just as I was about to do something about it - although what could I do? Kick them? - I heard an angry "Grrr!" from beneath the table.

It was Sue Ellen. She quietly complained to Rosanne, while remaining completely unseen, "That is SO untrue! Grrr! It gets me upset that he won't admit his greatness."

I rolled my eyes. It was weird talking to a disembodied voice, but I said, "Okay, Cupcake, just what is my so called 'greatness' exactly? Be specific."

"Well, you're smart, handsome, sexy, kind, confident, loving, and so much more! And when it comes to sexual prowess and domination - WOW! You DESERVE lots of slaves! Rosanne, just take a look at his long, thick erection and you'll start to see what I mean."

"Okay!" Rosanne said brightly. "I thought you'd never ask!"

"WAIT!" I said loudly. On this point, I didn't care if other people heard; I needed to make my objection very clear. "Don't do that!" Even though I could feel three hands jacking me off as one, not to mention far too much wildly stimulating breathing, I continued forcefully, "Rosanne, I like you, but what's happening under the table is a private and personal matter, and I don't want you down there, or even looking there."

She pouted. "Awww. Can't I just look? And maybe touch it a little bit?" She looked around the room. "No one will know, if it's just for a few minutes."

I felt a hand leave my pulsing hard-on, and then I could tell Mindy's head had popped up next to Rosanne's legs, because I could see Rosanne look down just past one of her knees, making eye contact. Mindy said, "Rosanne, normally, I'd love for you to join us down here-"

I cut in. "'Join you?!' How is that even physically possible?!"

"Okay," Mindy amended. "Take over for one of us, maybe. It is pretty cramped in here, I'll admit. But Dan clearly isn't into that right now, and we have to respect his wishes." She added on a hopeful note, "Maybe some other time?"

Still staring down at Mindy, Rosanne replied, "Awww. And it looks like you're having such fun too. I've never done anything so bold and naughty."

Mindy said, "Well, it IS fun! We're having quite the penis party down here. It's a regular cock-tail party, if you know what I mean." She snickered. "But there are all kinds of problems with you joining in. For instance, are you dating anyone right now?"

Rosanne grimaced. "Uh, yeah. Is that bad?"

"It is. Dan's not gonna help you cheat on your boyfriend. Even if you're not attached, you'd need a clean bill of health to show you're clean of STDs. Don't take that personally, it's just a policy we have for everyone. After all that, MAYBE you could look at and even play with Dan's huge cock, but only if he approves. Okay?"

"Okay." Rosanne was obviously quite disappointed. "I guess things aren't quite as spontaneous as I'd thought."

"Well, yes and no. We like to take risks, but also follow certain rules so we don't face any serious dangers or moral dilemmas."

"Thank you," I said to my wife, even though I still couldn't see her. "Sorry, Rosanne. You seem very nice, and you're obviously attractive. If Sue Ellen approves of you, that means a lot to us. But what we do with things like this is really a private thing. You wouldn't invite your friends to watch you and your boyfriend have sex, would you?"

"Sounds kinky!" she joked. But then she added with disappointment, "No, I guess not. I see what you mean."

While we'd been talking, I'd heard more rustling under the table. I found out why, because Mindy suddenly emerged on the other side of the table with her bra and blouse back on again.

I looked around to see if anyone had noticed her mysterious reemergence, but the coast was clear. The other waitress was still steering the customers to the other side of the restaurant. Our side was slowly emptying.

Mindy ran her hands through her hair to make herself presentable and then sat right next to Rosanne. "Hi. This is better."

Rosanne looked her over. "Oh, wow. You're really stunning from close up. You could be a professional model or actress or something. Is that what you do?"

Min snorted in disbelief. "Not hardly. I work in a boring office, doing boring office stuff. If I told you what I do in detail, I would literally bore you to death. And I do mean that literally. I have some office stories that have been legally classified by the government as deadly weapons."

Rosanne laughed.

My wife continued, "How 'bout you? I'll bet you're going to college as well as working here."

I felt an insistent tugging on my pants. I repositioned myself, and looked down to see Sue Ellen smiling up at me.

Rosanne replied with some surprise, "I am! Sue Ellen and I even have a couple of classes together. How did you know?"

Sue Ellen was stroking my boner with her face just an inch or so from my cockhead, while still breathing heavily on it. She opened her mouth wide, and licked her lips. When she saw that I was looking down at her, she tilted her head questioningly.

I nodded. What can I say? I'm only human. The fact that I could see and feel she was still topless shattered the last of my resistance. Besides, between her breathing and stroking, it wasn't like my hard-on was getting any kind of break anyway.

I grimaced and clutched the tablecloth as Sue Ellen swallowed my cockhead and started bobbing. I wanted to scream out how great it felt, but instead I tried my best not to show any reaction at all.

Obviously I failed at that, because Mindy looked at me with a triumphant smirk. My eyes must have bugged out, as if I'd just seen a space alien strolling through the restaurant. Furthermore, Sue Ellen wasn't nearly as accustomed to my thickness as Mindy was, so she made quite a racquet as she took it into her mouth. I could tell she was trying her best to be quiet, but there were a few loud gasps and groans until she had all of my cockhead securely inside her mouth.

There was no way Rosanne or Mindy could have failed to notice all that. However, the two of them were cool and tried to as if nothing had happened. They both did snicker and smirk a little bit though. (Why do so many woman love to smirk around me lately?!)

After waiting a few moments for Sue Ellen's struggles to die down, Mindy responded to Rosanne, "You look to be the right age. You can't be a day over twenty."

Rosanne giggled happily.

Min added, "That makes Dan two years older than you. And of course, I'm about two years younger."

Rosanne giggled at the joking some more, and then replied, "Seriously! Both of you look so young and attractive! How old are you really?"

My wife joked (while dodging the question), "Would you like me to answer that, or would you like to live?"

The two of them kept on talking. Suddenly, it was like they were old pals, and I was mostly forgotten. I didn't mind much though, because the way Sue Ellen was blowing me was taking all of my attention. I could fully enjoy it, now that I didn't have to hold a conversation at the same time, and also now that I wasn't on the brink of climax anymore.

Or at least it was like that for another couple of minutes. Mindy and Rosanne did all the talking, while my eyes probably rolled back into my head as Sue Ellen all but murdered me with her incredible tongue work AND lip work, plus finger work. Needless to say, I was unable to pay attention to what the others were talking about. What very little part of my brain that wasn't thinking "God, this feels so good!" had to focus on trying not to look or sound too weird.

Then Rosanne spied a raised hand of a customer. She said, "Oh shoot. Sorry to interrupt you, Mindy, but that's one of my tables. I really should take that. And Sue Ellen, I can hear you sucking down there. You GO, girl!" She laughed. "Are you having a good time?"

Sue Ellen wasn't about to pull off to answer, given how tough it still was for her to get her lips around my thickness. So she just responded with an emphatic "MMMM!"

Rosanna chuckled at that. "I'll bet. I certainly don't want to be a cock blocker. But try to remember that we'll need you working again when the crowd picks up. We don't want the Bat to sweep in and have another one of her hissy fits. I'll be back soon, okay?"

That left me wondering yet again who the "Bat" was.

But I didn't get a chance to ask, because Rosanne smiled and winked at me, and then rushed off.

I would have been really embarrassed at Rosanne's brief discussion of what Sue Ellen was doing to me, but I was so horny and aroused that I was beyond caring.

Apparently Sue Ellen felt the same, because she didn't even pause with her loving licking, not to mention her powerful and steady sucking.

Mindy shifted in her seat to face me. She was smirking and obviously feeling very pleased with herself. She said to me, "You see? I was good. I could have said, 'Sure! Come on down. The more, the merrier.' And you have NO IDEA how much I wanted to say just that. But I restrained myself. It's important to have standards and rules. Not just any pretty girl is worthy of slurping on your cock."

I grumbled, "Yeah, you were good, relatively speaking, but only after a stroll on the bad side. Remember those monkey noises?"

She blushed. "Oops! I forgot about that."

"Yeah, well, I didn't. Besides, you talk a good talk, but you knew something like this was going to happen. BOTH of you are going to be properly punished, and soon."

I heard a surprised "eep!" noise from between my legs, but Sue Ellen resumed her happy and steady licking and bobbing after only a few seconds. She was mostly lashing her tongue back and forth over my sweet spot, while using a tight lip-lock to suck like a human vacuum cleaner.

I added to my naughty wife, "Besides, you didn't totally shut Rosanne down. You basically said, 'Not today, but tomorrow? Maybe.'"

"Busted!" Mindy groaned with dismay. "You got me there. But would that be such a bad thing? She's pretty sexy, isn't she? Would you toss her out of bed for eating crackers?" She added with a sly grin, "Or Thin Mints?"

"No, but that's not the point." Playing along with her joke, I said, "I'd fuck her half to death and then eat all of her Thin Mints. So there!" But then I grew serious again. "Come on, Min. You KNOW I can't handle any more women in my life!"

"True. But wouldn't it be nice if you could come in here any time you like, whether Sue Ellen is working that day or not, sit down and order yourself a shake or a smoothie, or even a full meal? Then, here's the kicker: after the waitress takes your order and passes it to the kitchen, she comes back and ducks down under your table and blows you! I've seen the help here. They're ALL young women, and they're ALL quite attractive."

Sue Ellen stopped sucking me long enough to say, "Oh my God! Mindy, that is SUCH a good idea! That gets me way hot!" It didn't come out nearly that clearly, since she still had her lips tightly sealed around my shaft, but I was somehow able to figure out her words. Then she resumed bobbing on me. Or perhaps to be more accurate, I should say she attacked my dick with an even greater hunger than before.

Mindy chuckled, obviously figuring out from the contortions on my face what was happening underneath, and just how much Sue Ellen liked that idea.

Actually, she didn't even need to look anywhere, because Sue Ellen was so carried away that she forgot to keep quiet. I worried that everyone would hear her lewd slurping. I had to look all around to confirm that no one was actually within clear listening distance.

I complained, "Sorry, Cupcake, but please forget you heard that. Mindy's just fantasizing, isn't she?" I strongly emphasized the "isn't she" part, showing I wasn't going to brook any disagreement.

Mindy was a bit surprised by my forcefulness. "Um, yeah." Then she seemed to snap out of her cucquean fantasy mode. "Uh, definitely! I don't know what I was thinking. Sue Ellen, please forget you heard that."

I heard some grudging, disappointed mumbling from under the table, along with more of her noisy slurping.

I couldn't help but think, My Cupcake's enthusiasm is just so cute! She really is the ideal cock slave. And she's one hell of a cocksucker!

However, I worried, because I knew that one Mindy had an idea like that, she wasn't likely to easily let it go. Besides, I knew Sue Ellen couldn't simply unhear the idea, and she could get recruited to help. I could detect trouble brewing with the restaurant in the future.

I shook my head and sighed. "How do I get myself in these fixes?"

My smirky wife pointed out, "For a guy who complains a lot, it sure seems to me like you manage to have a hell of a lot of fun. Like right now. I can easily hear how her lips and tongue are busy paying their respects to the King. All you'd have to do is tell her to stop, or even push her away. But you don't."

I sighed again. "What can I say? I'm weak. I'm human. I'm a male. This whole situation is just too fucking arousing to be resisted. But how long do you think she can happily slurp away down there, anyway, before she gets in trouble?"

Mindy looked around. "I'd guess until the services of three waitresses at once are truly needed, like Rosanne said. And that's probably... what? Maybe an hour from now? So just kick back and enjoy it for a good ol' long time. I don't mind waiting." She was the queen of smirks.

I gave her an annoyed look, but I did just what she'd suggested, and slumped back a bit and relaxed. I even took another sip from my long forgotten smoothie.

She reached under the table. I couldn't tell what her hand was doing exactly, but she was probably just getting Sue Ellen attention. She whispered to her, "Sweetie, I know you're having fun, but you should be mindful of how much noise you're making. Can you keep it down some? You don't want to get your master in trouble."

I didn't hear or see any sign of response from Sue Ellen. She didn't even slow down her rhythmic bobbing on my thickness.

But she must have communicated something to Mindy, because my sneaky wife sat back and relaxed. "Aaaah! I'll tell ya, this is like a cucquean dream come true. I can't even begin to tell you what this does to me. It's like, you know how much constant pleasure you're feeling right now? I nearly feel that good, just from knowing what's going on under the table at this very second!"

Her eyes suddenly flashed with increased arousal. "Oh my God! You know what? We should take Sue Ellen or one of your other slaves along whenever we eat at ANY restaurant! Can you just imagine sitting with me in, say, a Round Table Pizza, with, say, Cindy and Michelle under the table, polishing your fat knob while you and I casually chat and polish off a pizza? That would be... heaven! And so fitting, with all that polishing going on above and below." She growled with erotic hunger.

Unfortunately, I could imagine. And I say unfortunately, because the image was so arousing to me that I finally lost all control. It didn't help that Sue Ellen was obviously listening and feeling inspired. She sucked me even faster and harder! I clenched my teeth and gripped the table edge so hard I damn near pulped the wood.

I knew there was no way I could stop the impeding orgasm, so I tried to limit the possible public humiliation. It took an extreme effort of will, but I managed not to cry out. I gritted my teeth and nearly bit my tongue off, and I even rose up out of my seat a little bit. But I persevered.

Luckily, my earlier worries about where my cum would go didn't apply in this case, since Sue Ellen was already bobbing down over my sweet spot at the time. I noticed that she kept her lips locked around my crown, so that every last rope of my cum poured into her mouth and onto her tongue, rather than trying to take me deep in her throat where she wouldn't be able to taste my load. She ably guzzled down my entire load, and I doubt if she let even a drop spill from her lips.

When it was done, I slumped back into my seat. I felt like slithering down to the floor, because my body suddenly seemed boneless.

"Jesus H. Christ!" I quietly muttered when it was done.

"On a pogo stick," Mindy helpfully pointed out. "You can't forget him bouncing around on his pogo stick." Clearly having the time of her life, she placed a finger on her chin and pretended confusion. "I don't remember that part in the Bible though. Maybe that's how he got to the Sermon on the Mount and places like that, with his pogo stick. And what's the 'H' stand for, anyway? I've always assumed it's 'Herbert.'"

I just closed my eyes and groaned as quietly as I could. "Min, please. Not now. Can you... can you just... get Cupcake from under the table and make sure she isn't seen? Okay?"

I didn't even pay attention to her reply. I must admit, I kind of zoned out for a minute or two. Getting secretly blown in public was very thrilling, but also emotionally exhausting.

By the time I opened my eyes, Sue Ellen was gone. In fact, I looked around the restaurant and I noticed her happily serving another customer. She was standing there, smiling and holding a pencil and pad of paper to take an order, just like any other waitress. It was just like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Even her facial expression didn't seem out of the ordinary.

I finally focused my gaze on my wife.

Not surprisingly, she was as smirky and satisfied as usual. She said to me, "Look who rejoins the living."

I realized I'd been slouched down, and I sat up straight. "Shit! How long was I out of it? Did anyone notice?"

She said, "Now, I could tell you a tall tale about how an entire crowd gathered around after you fell asleep and gawked at your impressive tube snake hanging in the open-"

I reached for my crotch, but my fly was somehow zipped up. Upon reflection, Sue Ellen must have taken care of that before she left.

Min smiled patiently, somehow knowing exactly what I was doing. "I took care of it. Anyway, I could give you a big, long cock and balls story, which by the way, seems strangely appropriate for you. Hmmm. I wonder why."

"The expression is cock and BULL story," I pointed out.

"Is it? Well, that's appropriate too, since you're the bull in charge of our herd. And doesn't a cock and balls story sound like a lot more fun? Especially if it's a big, long, thick cock and tasty balls story. Mmmm! Yum!" She licked her lips enticingly.

"Miiiiindy!" I growled impatiently. "I can't even THINK about that right now."

She just grinned impishly. "But in any case, I could have dazzled your gullible brain with a B.S. story, but I didn't." She added with teasing sarcasm, "You know me. I would NEVER do that!"

I rolled my eyes. "No, never. That must have been some other wife all those other times."

She pointed at me accusingly. "Hey! Don't get started with your talking about multiple wives! I'm horny enough as it is! I've been sitting in practically an entire LAKE of my own making, keeping guard for you. If I get any wetter, they'll have to declare this entire restaurant a flood zone!"

I rolled my eyes again. "You LIKE the idea of multiple wives?"

"In practice? No, never. You can have as many cock slaves as you like, but I draw the line with one wife: ME! But as a cucquean fantasy, that's another story!" She grinned impishly and wiggled her eyebrows up and down like Groucho Marx.

I shook my head. "Weird. But seriously, we're good? We actually got away with that?! No one noticed all the craziness?"

She nodded. "We're good. Think about it: when you eat out at a restaurant, how often do you pay any attention to people at other tables? Basically never, right? Not unless someone shouts or keels over or something. Well, that or if they're directly in your line of sight or in the booth right next to yours. And as you can see, no one is sitting near us."

She paused, and scratched her chin in contemplation. "Hmmm. I wonder if the smell of my pussy juice lake is scaring them off."

Seeing the sudden concern on my face, she added, "Don't worry about it, I took care of that too. Half of my purse is filled with supplies for orgasmic emergencies, since those have been happening to me so often lately. I even paid the bill, and gave our waitress an EXTRA big tip! Or, were you not fully satisfied with her personal service?" She said that with a leer, and finished it with a knowing wink.

I think I blushed a little at that, or at least I looked abashed. I'm very glad Mindy had paid the tip. How much would I pay Sue Ellen after she blew me? It would feel like prostitution if I gave her any money at all. Either that, or it would seem like I was grading her performance. Yet wouldn't it be rude to give the usual tip amount? What a dicey situation.

I said, "No, it's not that. It's just weird to up and leave, after we... desecrated this place."

She snorted with amusement. "What, do you want them to put up a monument to your sexual daring? Shit happens. This is your life now - you get blown a lot, even in public places. You cum. Your cock slaves swallow, wipe their chins clean, and love it! Then life goes on. And don't worry about the lingering smell, or any stray cum gobs. Sue Ellen will clean up. That's part of a cock slave's duty, so her master doesn't have to worry about such petty details."

I pondered that. I finally said, half-joking but half-serious, "This 'master' gig is pretty sweet, isn't it?"

She beamed at my approval. "It is, you lucky dog! Now, shall we go?"

It was pretty mind-blowing thinking just what a 'lucky dog' I was, but I didn't want to dwell on that. I said, "Hold your horses. As long as we're sitting here and I'm feeling like a blob of Jell-O, there's one thing I want to discuss before I forget. You told me on the phone earlier today that you're going to be getting your own personal assistant for your office, right?"

She grew serious. "Yes, that's right. I've been kind of resisting it since I prefer to work alone, but since you forced me to cut back on my hours, I never seem to have enough time. Especially when I play hooky to watch a busty waitress suck my hubby's tube steak in some random restaurant." She grinned. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, I was thinking since that call." I half-kidded, "Don't ask me when I wasn't distracted, but I had a few minutes in there at some point. Anyway, you know I've been looking for a job for Cindy, especially a secretarial job, since that's what she knows. What if you were to hire her?"

As soon as I mentioned Cindy's name, she could see where I was going with that, and her eyes lit up with delight. By the time I was done speaking, she stood up and rushed around the table to give me a big hug. "Brilliant! Totally brilliant! Duh! Jesus Herbert Christ, why didn't I think of that?"

It felt strange to stand up, since I'd been sitting in that booth for so long. As I squeezed my lovely wife, I said, "I'm sure one of us would have come up with it sooner or later. But do you think she can get the job?"

She gave me a wry grin. "Who do you think gets to make the decision? ME!" She poked herself in the chest proudly. "It's a done deal! Oh! I have to call her right now!" She broke the hug and reached for the phone in her purse.

However, she paused to ponder. "But my only concern is: will I actually get any work done? Or will we just sit around and talk about your big cock, your cock slaves worshipping and pleasuring your big cock, all the lovely things your big cock gets up to and stuck into, and other big cock related matters all day long? Heck, we both know the answer to that. But still, with Cindy there helping me, that should help make up for the time we lose goofing off. Assuming there are some other times we actually do any work, that is." She winked.

I said with considerable understatement, "Somehow, I doubt that's what your bosses had in mind with this personal assistant idea."

She shrugged. "Their loss." But seeing my worry, she added, "Don't worry, we'll be good, and work hard... most of the time." She winked again. "Or would that be we'll work on getting things good and hard most of the time?" She winked yet again. "Seriously, if I was a big slacker, they wouldn't pay me the big bucks. I know when to work hard and when I can take a break."

She then dialed Cindy on her phone. "Hello? Cindy? Guess what? You're HIRED!"

I was about to walk off and give Sue Ellen a special good-bye kiss when I noticed her bra was still sitting on the table. I scooped it up and stuffed it in Mindy's purse while she was distracted, since she was chattering excitedly on the phone.

I pondered the bra, and thought, How could THAT not be noticed? I mean, if I was walking past a booth and saw a bra just lying there, I'd do a serious double take, to say the least. Luckily, I don't think any other customers actually came by our table. But then again, I'll bet Min would get off if they did and they noticed. I've got to be careful, especially since I was the one who left it out in the open in the first place. My cucquean queen wife might be a little bit reformed today, but only a little bit.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, arthvr, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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