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Chapter 1

(Thursday, May 30th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy decided to leave right after I left. She even hurried up and caught me in the parking lot. However, she had one car and I had another, so we just remained leaning against my car and talked to sort some things out before we split up.

I said, "I don't feel good about what just happened. I don't feel good at all. I need to regain my moral bearings."

My loving wife replied distractedly, "Your strong moral sense is one of the things I love about you. You should regain your moral what'chamahoozits-"


"Right. Those thingies. As you know, I don't have any of those, so I tend to forget what they're called." She grinned impishly at me. Then she stared off into space, as if trying to think hard. "I do recall having some ball bearings, though. Does that count?"

I gave her an exasperated look. "No."

"But seriously, you should get back on the moral path... starting tomorrow. Because tonight, things are going to go... well, in the opposite direction for a little while."

I got butterflies in my stomach. "Uh-oh. What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean! Tonight is Sue Ellen's initiation ceremony, silly. And for that, you need to push the envelope on just how dominating and masterly you can be! You have to luxuriate in your power over your cock slaves. Flex that power! Revel in it! As I said, there's going to be surprises. The one thing you CANNOT do during this is say: 'Hold on, time out. This is way too over the top. We can't do this.'"

She gave me a disapproving glare. "If you do something stupid along those lines, you'll break her precious heart. She's such a sweetie. The more I talk to her, the more I'm coming to think that she doesn't have a single mean or duplicitious bone in her body. I really don't want you to upset her like that."

I protested, "But you said all our visions of how the ceremony should go are close to each other. So I already have a good idea of how things'll go."

She looked a bit uncomfortable. "Well, that's aaaaallmost true. The visions are all pretty close, except for yours. We're not talking a huge difference here, but your vision is... shall we say... a tad tamer than everyone else's. I think that's your natural modesty coming through, which is understandable. All I'm asking is that you go with the flow. Trust me that no matter how crazy everything seems to you, your harem really wants ALL of this to happen!"

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, great. Somehow, I take it that by the end of the evening, I'll be so debauched and corrupt that I'll be like Kurtz in 'The Heart of Darkness,' or Marlon Brando's character in 'Apocalypse Now,' since that movie was based on that book. I'll stare into the endless void of eternal sexual pleasure, and mutter, 'the horror, the horror.'"

Mindy stared at me incredulously. "What the hell are you talking about? I get the cultural reference, but you're being a prima donna drama queen. The 'endless void of eternal sexual pleasure?' Sheesh! Somebody call the waaaambulance!"

"I know," I said a little sheepishly. "It was a lame attempt at humor. The fact is, you lot have pretty much broken my resistance through sheer overwhelming sexual pleasure. The truth is that I'm very excited about tonight. Heck, just telling me how over the top it's gonna be is giving me a hard-on. And that's saying a lot, given the Sue Ellen-shaped lamprey that was attached to my dick back at the restaurant."

"Good! Remember, tonight is extremely important for Sue Ellen's psyche. I know you've only known her a matter of days, but she's about as fully committed to you as she could possibly be. I've talked to her a lot more than you have, and I'm totally convinced that she's committed to you for the long run, the VERY long run. It may just be a kind of unnecessary and silly symbolic gesture to you, but for her, this is going to be like her wedding ceremony, only more so!"

I kept a poker face (I hope!), but I thought, Jesus! What if she's right? I think she IS right! That's such a heavy trip. Nothing is ever going to be the same. We're never going back to normal!

But I didn't have time to further ponder that, because Mindy continued, "And let's not forget how important tonight will be as part of your attempt to break the willful disobedience of our two Hellion daughters. You need to shine, and show your sexual superiority, like you did with the spankings you gave them today. I shouldn't have to say this, but I'll say it anyway. Tonight will not only set the stage and the tone for your more permanent relationship with Sue Ellen as your devoted, loyal, and loving cock slave, but it's also vital to the futures of Ruby, Michelle and Cindy. They need to come out of this wishing they were in Sue Ellen's place! Nothing less will suffice."

I nodded gravely, because I knew she was right. "I'll try my best."

She flashed a loving smile at me. "That's all I can ask for. It shouldn't be hard, unlike, say, how your cock will be." She smirked. "They all think you walk on water, so all you have to do is take a stroll over a lake and live up to the hype."

"Oh, great," I sighed.

"I kid. I kid. It'll be fine. Mostly, you'll just have to sit or stand there while Sue Ellen goes wild all over the King, with lots of help from the rest of us. Probably your biggest challenge will be not to cum too often, and we all know how good you've become at that. Now, Sue Ellen is working until seven. I want the fun to start at seven-thirty, right when she gets home."

"But she doesn't live with us."

She shot me an annoyed look. "True, she doesn't live with us YET, because of a certain blockheaded and needlessly stubborn master who shall remain nameless..." - she coughed repeatedly, and mumbled my full name quite loudly in the middle of it - "...but she considers our house her true home in her heart. In any case, I have some last minute shopping and prep work to do. So I need everyone cleared out of the house."

As we lingered there in the fading light, we heard the sound of sirens in the distance. She asked in a serious deadpan, "Honey, did you call the waaaambulance after all? Because I was just joking about needing one."

I teased right back, "No, I wouldn't even know how to call a waaaambulance. Can you do that with 911? I think that's just a regular ambulance. Maybe if you cry when you call them?"

She smirked with suppressed amusement. "I'd love to call that number and have them answer, 'Should we send the waaaambulance, or just the regular ambulance?' But at any rate, I'd like you to take Michelle, Ruby, and Cindy out to dinner, and time it so you come home at seven-thirty on the dot. It would be nice to have Cindy help me, but it's also important that your gun remains fully loaded. And by the way, when I say 'gun,' I mean your penis. And when I say 'fully loaded,' I mean filled with cum."

That was so obvious that I had a good laugh. Plus, Mindy knows just how to deliver lines like that for full comedic effect.

She grinned as she continued, "So I'm sending Cindy with you to make sure no hanky-panky goes on. Besides, even though she knows about most of the planning, I may come up with some last minute things to surprise even her."

I pointed out, "But the Gruesome Twosome are in the middle of their sex boycott, and we'll be at a restaurant. There should be no problem."

She shook her head. "Dan, Dan, Dan. You've known them eighteen years now, and yet the words 'there should be no problem' somehow come out of your mouth while talking about them." She shot me an exasperated look. "There's no telling with those two."

"Hmmm. That's true. And given what just happened at Mama Mia's, I suppose not even a restaurant is safe for me anymore."

She tapped her nose and then pointed at me - that was her "you hit that one on the nose" gesture.

We kissed each other good-bye, and then drove off in our separate cars. Mindy sped off to shop, and I went straight home.

I took Michelle, Ruby, and Cindy to dinner as suggested, and all three of them were on their best behavior. Even the Gruesome Twosome were restrained in the outfits they wore. If anything, they were trying to push the envelope of just how prudish they could be in order to show off their resolve to carry through their sex boycott. But they'd also made a promise to be their normal sexy, flirty selves around me, so their behavior didn't really change that much after all, just their attire.

Since I didn't have to deal with their normal sexy games, I used the opportunity to get to know the "real Cindy" a bit better. Sure, she'd been a good friend for many years, but she'd always been much closer to Mindy than me, and there had been a certain distance between us. But now there was no distance at all, at least from her side. She was taking this sex slave business pretty seriously, because I could ask her any question and she'd try her best to sincerely and fully answer. That kind of frankness and honesty was quite breathtaking.

As a result, I learned many things about her I'd never known before. One thing that came through loud and clear was that she had a big heart. Things like family and friends meant the world to her, and, if anything, it sounded like people who knew her sometimes took advantage of her kindness and generosity. I was left even more puzzled wondering how she'd stuck with her loser husband for so long. Actually, the mystery was more how they got together in the first place. She was fiercely loyal, apparently even to those who didn't always deserve it, so I could see how she could stick with a bad situation.

The three of them wanted an update of what they called my "harem novel." I preferred to think of it as my "harem swashbuckler" novel, but I could see where they were coming from. I decided not to tell them anything except that I'd been writing some more, because I worried we'd all become too aroused, since the latest chapters had turned to such an X-rated direction. They were disappointed, but they let it go.

I also refrained from mentioning what had just happened at Mama Mia's. Again, I had to be careful not to get us all too worked up.

I timed our return to the house nearly down to the minute. In fact, after I'd just parked in the garage, I was talking to the three of them on some pretext to stall for time a little longer when I heard Sue Ellen's car pull up and park in the driveway. I quickly wrapped up my talk so everyone could enter the house at nearly the same moment. I must admit that my heart was racing fast. I might have looked calm on the outside, but I was secretly dying from anticipation.

The only snag was that my dinner partners and I were coming in from the garage while Sue Ellen was coming in from the front door. But I quickly rushed down the connecting hall (with my lovely ladies following right behind me) and caught up with Sue Ellen standing at the foyer.

Sue Ellen was wide-eyed with a look of wonder, because the house was completely dark except for a trail of yellow candles leading through it. (I noticed they were actually fake candles, which was a good thing. Because there were so many of them, I would have been constantly worried one would tip over and set our house on fire.)

Sue Ellen was so transfixed watching the magical path of candles leading through the darkness that she didn't even notice the four of us standing close to her at first. Finally, she looked around and did a double take when she saw us. Her face was already lit up with wonder, but somehow it lit up even more when she saw me. She squealed, "Master!"

I was really getting to love the sheer joy on her face when she saw me. It was like a little girl's joy upon finding her favorite dog safe and sound after losing it for some days. She looked like she couldn't help but throw herself at me and hug and kiss me forever.

And that's exactly what she did. Between kisses, I managed to say, "Sue Ellen, did you know all of the candles are for you?"

That got her attention. "NO!" She pushed against my chest with some force. But then added in wonder, "For me? For lil' ol' me? What for?" Her face lit up with pure delight as she realized what the reason had to be. "Wait! NO!"

To my amusement, she pushed me even harder, nearly knocking me back into Cindy and Ruby. She obviously figured out what was going to happen tonight, because she shouted even louder, "NOOOO! NO! YOU CAN'T!"

I clutched her in my arms. As I chuckled, I asked, "We can't? Why not?"

She stared at me wide-eyed. "Because, because... It'll be too great!" She closed her eyes tightly and screamed with pure delight. "AAAAAIIIIIEEEE!"

How could my heart not swell with joy upon seeing someone that happy?

Michelle walked right up to where Sue Ellen and I were hugging and threw an arm around Sue Ellen. She whispered right into her ear (but still just loud enough for me to hear, since I was hugging Sue Ellen tightly), "I envy you. You're going to be Dan's first fully certified, completely official sex slave!"

There was a hint of wistfulness in Michelle's voice (probably because she was jealous and sad she wasn't the one getting that honor).

But Sue Ellen was too excited to notice. She merely replied, "Oh God, oh God, oh God!" My beautiful Southern babe jumped up and down so excitedly that I had to let go of her.

She no longer was wearing her waitress uniform, and I didn't get a good look at the top she was wearing instead because she unexpectedly came to a stop and pulled the top over her head. She tossed it away and proudly stood still before me, revealing she was sans bra already. Her boobs were anything but still since it seemed like they kept bouncing and jiggling for another minute. "Master! Oh, Master!"

Grabbing Michelle's hand, Sue Ellen suddenly fell to her knees, pulling Michelle down with her.

Michelle had no idea what was going on, until Sue Ellen yanked my pants down, grabbed my boner, quickly slipped her lips around it, and started bobbing.

After some long moments, Michelle still didn't know what she was supposed to be doing down there, since this was Sue Ellen's special time.

But then Sue Ellen pulled her lips off my shaft, grabbed Michelle's head, and more or less forced her mouth towards my hard-on. Within seconds, the two of them were happily licking and stroking it together.

I'd been looking down, also trying to figure out what Sue Ellen wanted with Michelle down there. And, I must admit, I was preoccupied dealing with this sudden rush of great stimulation. But I finally looked around a bit.

As I basked in the endless waves of erotic arousal washing through me, I happily stared out into the sea of lit candles and I happened to spy my wife standing there. She looked a bit like a witch, or even Elvira, Mistress of the Night, because she was wearing a long black dress. And just like Elvira, the dress exposed a great downward-pointing triangle of skin, with two perfectly round globes pressed together. Except Mindy's skin wasn't nearly as pale, and the dress was even MORE revealing than the types Elvira wore. In fact, the gap down the front of her dress went down so far that I could see down to her belly button. In my mind, I thought of it as the "sexy druid" dress.

I was so blissed out by the dual tongue attack that I probably looked and sounded like I was on drugs. "Hey, Sweetheart," I said lazily. "What's up?"

She folded her arms, causing her nipples to pop into view just a little bit. As she walked to where we stood at the foyer, she said, "I should have known. I've set things up to take place in the dining room, so Sue Ellen could walk through her glory road of these hundreds of candles first. I should have figured you wouldn't get very far past the front door."

"That's all right, my love," I said. "We can move. It's just the three of us."

To be honest, I'd completely forgotten Cindy and Ruby were standing behind me all this time. But after seeing Mindy's extra-smirky smirk, I did a mental check of my surroundings and realized that my ass felt pretty damn good. It was easy to miss, due to the explosion of intense sexual stimulation coming from my dick, but upon reflection I realized someone was holding onto my ass cheeks and licking up to my asshole.

I found out who it was when Cindy suddenly emerged right in front of me and began licking and kissing my face. That meant it had to be Ruby, since the ass licking continued. It occurred to me it would be a bit tough for the four of us to make an immediate move, especially since Sue Ellen and Michelle were licking my erection like their lives depended on it and there were many hands clutching at me, especially at my legs. If someone were to attempt to pull them away, I imagined them growling like enraged Frankenstein's monsters.

Mindy seemed resigned to this tangle of bodies. She said to me, "Stay there for now. It's okay. After all, this is what tonight is all about - a celebration of your total mastery and domination of your cock slaves, and most especially your lifetime enslavement of Sue Ellen."

Sue Ellen groaned passionately upon hearing that. She and Michelle had been licking my sweet spot together, both of them so intent on that one spot that their tongues often brushed into each other. But Mindy's words so inspired Sue Ellen that she couldn't limit herself to that anymore. She suddenly opened her mouth wide and engulfed all of my cockhead.

Thankfully, Michelle could understand Sue Ellen's surge of joy, and went to work licking my balls for a while.

Mindy waited for me to recover from the inevitable surge of pleasure caused by Sue Ellen sealing her lips tightly around my shaft and starting to suck. After the loud moaning and groaning died down, she continued, "The only thing I ask, Sweetheart, is when you cum, cum on or in Sue Ellen. That rule goes not just for now, but for the entire night, because this is her night. She deserves the vast majority of your cum."

I muttered, "It sure feels like it's my night. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Look at this first class treatment!"

My wife knew just what I meant, because there was no way to miss how four women were licking and fondling me all over. Even as I talked, Cindy was licking and kissing my face. Ruby actually had the tip of her tongue in my anus and was kneading my ass cheeks for good measure. Michelle was slathering her way all over my balls. But the most pleasurable sensation of all was the way Sue Ellen's tongue was licking my sweet spot, even as her lips continually slid up and down my shaft.

Mindy said proudly, "Much better than first class! You won't find that kind of loving attention on any plane or train, not even for the biggest VIPs. But for you, this is the new normal. This is how a King gets treated, if you know what I mean. Expect this every night, if you want it!"

That was a pretty heady thought.

I was still tripping on that when Sue Ellen started bobbing down deeper in an attempt to deep throat me. Despite her boundless enthusiasm and her recent successful deep throat attempt, she was unable to handle the sheer thickness of my pole. Coughing and gagging, she was forced to pull off to try and recover her breathing.

Michelle immediately took over. After taking a deep breath, she engulfed all of my cockhead and bobbed just as frantically down to the exact spot Sue Ellen's lips had just vacated. Trying to impress, she created such tight suction that I had a mental image of my entire body getting pulled into her mouth and disappearing like a vacuum cleaner sucking up a lint ball.

At that point, I remembered something about how Michelle and Ruby had agreed to take part in Sue Ellen's initiation only if they didn't have to partake in any oral sex. Obviously, that restriction didn't last long! There hadn't even been any discussion about it, much less an argument.

Damn! Everything felt unbelievably great! I would have said something, except that Cindy shoved her tongue down my throat. In fact, between Cindy's kissing, Ruby's ass licking, and Michelle's powerful sucking, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer at all, probably not even another minute. And Mindy was still standing in front of me, looking impatient. (She had gotten involved briefly, but only to pull my pants all the way off.)

I rather forcibly pushed Cindy's lips off mine so I could talk. "Come on, everybody! Let's move to the dining room."

I tried walking forward, but it was like walking with three people draped all over you and holding onto you. In fact, that's exactly what it was! And even though Sue Ellen was temporarily disengaged from me, she was still kneeling in front of me with Michelle, right where I wanted to walk.

Luckily, Mindy stepped forward and was even less subtle than I was in tugging, pulling, and rather forcibly moving the two girls in front of me out of the way. She comically and deliberately spoke just like a policeman in a clichéd B-movie scene: "Come on, people. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along."

The others reluctantly disengaged but, not surprisingly, Michelle was the stubborn one and wouldn't budge. That was bad, because the clock was running out on me - I was going to shoot a creamy load down her throat if she didn't stop her bobbing, and fast! Luckily, I had an ace card to play. I spoke as calmly as I could, despite my great arousal. "Shelle, whatever happened to that whole sex boycott idea of yours? And remember how you and Ruby supposedly weren't going to take part in any blowjobs?"

Michelle had obviously completely forgotten about that. She pulled her lips off my cockhead with alarm and looked up at me with a hands-caught-in-the-cookie-jar expression. "Oh shit! Um, I... Shit! I forgot!" She looked apologetically at Ruby.

I couldn't see Ruby's reaction, because she was still behind me. She didn't say anything.

Mindy immediately stepped up, and said to Michelle, "No you didn't forget anything. Remember, today you and Ruby both promised to temporarily suspend your boycott for the duration of Sue Ellen's ceremony. This is something that's so important for her that we have to do EVERYTHING we can to make it perfect! In a way, this is akin to the marriage ceremony that she'll never have. That's why I've made sure we have video cameras recording everything. I even had the foresight to record the foyer area, figuring something would happen here."

Michelle whined, "But Mom! No blowjobs, at least. Please? Can you be strong for me? I worry that I can't resist the siren call of Daddy's huge cock. It's already happening - I love it so much that I lose all control!"

My wife put her hands on her hips and stared down without mercy. "So? Suck it up... literally! Your sex boycott is a very temporary thing. That'll get resolved before long, I'm sure. But your enslavement to your father is for life! Getting totally humiliated, losing all control, endlessly orally worshipping the King - this is your life now. And yours too, Ruby. I don't want you to ruin Sue Ellen's big moment with your silliness."

Michelle glowered unhappily, but didn't say anything. Nor did Ruby. Michelle rubbed her jaw, no doubt trying to recover from the difficulty of keeping her mouth craned open wide around my shaft. I'm sure that reminded her what she was just doing to me, and she must have felt that further resistance on this point was a losing battle. But, Michelle being Michelle, she didn't want to concede defeat.

The whole exchange also had the happy result of getting Michelle to stop going to town on my boner, giving me a much needed break. I asked Min, "Wait a minute. What's this about Sue Ellen never getting married?"

Sue Ellen stood right in front of me, nearly nose to nose. Her face still had a cherry glow of bliss and euphoria. "Why would I do that, silly? Er, I mean silly Master? Er, Master, I mean!" She was getting very flustered.

I put my hands on her shoulders and smiled. "It's okay, Cupcake. Feel free to call me something like 'silly,' if you think I deserve it. Now, you were saying?"

She grew unnaturally calm, and stared intensely into my eyes. "Master, how can I ever get married? You're married to Mindy, so that's out, plus, my right and proper role is as a slave. A cock slave. YOUR cock slave! And that's a lifetime commitment! But don't worry. This is what I want!"

This kind of talk was apparently so exciting to Sue Ellen that she simply couldn't handle it. She dropped to her knees and resumed furiously sucking on my cock, bobbing like a hummingbird in a hurry. I don't think fitting my thick cockhead was getting any easier for her, but her sheer determination helped her swallow it in a matter of seconds.

The others wound up standing in front of me. They chuckled and smiled at my predicament, knowing that I was already dangerously close to cumming. As if things weren't desperate enough for my endurance efforts, she started successfully deep throating me! Damn! This was only the second time I'd ever enjoyed this, and it felt just as great as the last time Sue Ellen did it.

I tried to ignore what she was doing somehow (yeah, right!), and asked no one in particular. "Lifetime commitment? But that's not really doable. I mean, I'm older. What'll happen when I'm seventy? Cupcake, surely you'll want someone else by then." I was deliberately provocative with that last comment, hoping Sue Ellen would stop sucking on my dick so she could respond before I blew my load straight down her throat.

Luckily, she took the bait. She quickly pulled all the way off with a satisfying smacking sound, and then looked up at me with something approaching anger in her eyes. "Master, I hate to say this, but you're wrong! I will NOT want someone else! People still have sex at seventy, you know. A lot more than you'd think! Besides, by then, I reckon we'll be reaching the Singularity. The world will be a totally different place. Medical science will be so advanced that you'll probably be younger than you are now."

"The what?!" I asked. "'The Singularity?'"

She nodded happily while still blowing air on my shaft and fondling my balls. "Yep! That's a theory about the future. The basic idea is that computer power is increasing exponentially. Y'all have heard of Moore's Law, right, about computers always getting exponentially faster? Well, when something increases exponentially, if you were to chart it on a graph, before long you'd have a line basically going straight up."

To my great amusement, she illustrated that by licking a line from my balls up to the tip of my cockhead. I sensed there was a curve to the line, showing a classic exponential curve.

Now that she'd started licking, she kept on lapping against my cock while continuing to talk like a science professor. "The rate of increase zooms into numbers that are way too big for us to understand. That's what's happening. It's basically inevitable. Nobody knows what'll happen exactly. That's why the theory is called the Singularity, because that's also the term for crossing into a black hole."

I was further amused that she temporarily stopped talking and licked a swirly pattern right over my sweet spot. It dawned on me that the swirls were like the shape of light getting sucked into a black hole.

She suddenly stopped doing that and looked up at me. "But, clearly, the technological advances will be far beyond our understanding, and simply awesome! With all the advances in improving health and longevity that'll happen along the way, having an active sex life will be a snap!" She snapped her fingers.

I was rather floored that Sue Ellen was going off on such an intellectual topic, given that she'd been deep throating me mere seconds earlier. And furthermore, I could tell she knew far more about this topic, but she was dumbing it way down so I'd understand. I struggled for something intelligent to say.

Sue Ellen giggled. "I'll bet y'all didn't think I know about that kind of thing, Master. I'm not just a pretty face!" She giggled some more. "Or a talented mouth." With that, she went right back to lapping on my sweet spot, but in unpredictable ways instead of a swirly "black hole" pattern.

"No, you're not," I finally replied to her "just a pretty face" comment. "And yes, I am surprised. Very surprised. How did you get interested in that kind of thing?"

She adoringly kissed my boner several times before she resumed talking and licking. "It was mentioned in one of my college classes, and then I decided to try to learn more on my own."

I thought, Cupcake goes to college?! No, wait, I knew that. Duh! I plead extreme horniness for my forgetfulness, Your Honor. I mean, my God, she's licking my dick even as we talk! How am I supposed to think? But wait, lately she's been either over here all the time, or at Mama Mia's. When does she have time for college classes?!

Mindy, bless her soul, I swear she has the ability to read my mind. She walked right up to me and whispered in my ear, "She's on summer vacation. Just like Nicky."

Oh yeah, I thought. But shit, why did Min have to mention Nicky? For some reason, I'm suddenly picturing her in a bikini, a skimpy bright red one, and... No! I can't go there!

Trying to push forbidden thoughts out of my mind, I resumed the conversation with Sue Ellen. "Ah, well, that's interesting. But... I mean, that just goes to show how little I still know you. We've only known each other for about a week! Are you sure you want to make such a big commitment, considering that we're still both practically strangers to each other?"

She exhaled with frustration. "Yes!" Apparently, she was so adamant about her commitment to me that she felt like it wasn't even worth discussing. She punctuated that point by engulfing my cockhead again. She immediately began a tongue-and-lips attack concentrated on my sweet spot. I'm probably repeating myself, but it felt soooo damn good! How I hadn't climaxed yet was a mystery.

The others were all still standing there in the candle-lit darkness, since our progression further into the house remained stalled. Cindy asked, "Sue Ellen, so when is this Singularity supposed to happen?"

Sue Ellen shrugged without interrupting her happy bobbng. But then she realized she would need to pull off to give some kind of answer, so she did so. She licked around my cockhead as she answered, "Hard to say for sure. Probably around 2040 though, give or take five years. That's when the rate of computer processing power basically zooms off the charts into infinity. But well before then, there'll be big advances in genetics and medicine. All the futurologists agree that the next big revolution is gonna be with genetics. Soon, we'll be able to swap out the genes we don't like and replace them with the ones we do. That alone will make us live a lot longer, and much healthier. We, and by that I mean everyone in this room, may end up catching the first wave of immortality. It's possible we could live for hundreds of years, if not forever!"

We were all startled by that. Michelle in particular seemed staggered. In fact, she dropped to her knees as if she was having a life-changing epiphany. "You mean... You mean? Are you telling me we could potentially live for HUNDREDS OF YEARS as Daddy's cock slaves?!"

Sue Ellen nodded smugly as she kept on licking. "Yep!"

"OH. MY. GOD. That is so AWESOME!" Michelle followed that with a shriek so loud that I was almost surprised she didn't blow out all the windows in the house.

Ruby looked excited too, but she was more skeptical. "It's SOOO awesome that I can't believe it. What are the chances of that really happening? I mean, really?"

Somehow, in my erotic fog, by looking at Ruby talking, I finally noticed that she and most everyone else had exposed their boobs in one way or another, although most of the ladies still had their tops hanging on their shoulders.

Sue Ellen gave another shrug as she continued to lick and stroke my boner. "Who can say? I've been reading up on this stuff, 'cos I find it really interesting, but people can only speculate. Still, I think it's a good chance that we'll all end up living to over one hundred, assuming we live long enough to take advantage of the medical advances to come."

Michelle scooted closer to Ruby. "My GOD! That is so cool! Just think: decades and decades and decades of worshipping the King! HUNDREDS of years, potentially! It'll be TOTALLY EPIC!"

I found myself thinking, Wouldn't they get bored with that after a while? I would! I mean, being on the receiving end is easy, but all that "worshipping" takes a lot of work. Shelle has no idea what she's talking about, thinking this could last very long.

Mindy suddenly stepped forward and stuck her hand out towards my crotch, because Michelle had been subtly yet very deliberately moving into position to help Sue Ellen with the cock licking again. (In fact, upon reflection, I realized her dramatic falling on her knees may have just been a ploy to get into position!)

My wife was unusually stern as she said to Michelle, "Un-uh! Not now. Don't worry, there will be PLENTY of time for that later. In fact, tonight we all will be pleasuring the King for hours upon end. And Sue Ellen, your ideas on the future are very interesting, but let's save more of that discussion for later. We kind of have a plan to stick to."

But as soon as she finished saying that, she appeared to completely change her mind. "No, wait a minute. Scratch that. Before we proceed, Sue Ellen, I want you to stand up, and Ruby, you take her place before the King, next to Michelle."

The two gorgeous teens essentially changed places. That left Ruby and Michelle kneeling side by side right in front of my turgid hard-on. That fact was not lost on them. They stared at it with a mixture of lusty longing and what appeared to be fear.

My wife walked behind the two Hellions and put her hands on their heads. "Okay, girls, here's how it's going to be. I don't want to hear any more about you having limitations on what you'll do for your master tonight. Your little rebellion can continue tomorrow, but tonight is all about total submission to your father, who also just happens to be your eternal master. I want both of you to give the King a good slurpy cocksucking for a couple of minutes, together and alone, just so we're clear that that supposed restriction has fallen by the wayside."

Michelle had already been getting quite intimate with my boner, and it looked like her willpower was broken. With a fiery look in her eyes, she stuck her tongue out and started to lean forward.

But Ruby held out a hand in front of her, stopping her. "Wait! We're supposed to be strong. Willpower! Willpower! Hold out!"

"Sorry, but... fuck that!" Michelle raised a hand up and rather forcefully pushed Ruby's hand out of the way. "Just look at all this thick cock! Tell me honestly you don't wanna choke and slobber all over it!" She took my shaft in hand and began caressing it from its base.

Ruby licked her lips hungrily. Clearly, her own willpower was crumbling. But she staged one last stand. "You know I do! But Shelle, if we do this, it's gonna be a total humiliation. It'll prove that we're completely helpless to resist Daddy cock. And then we'll spend the better part of the evening pleasuring this magnificent tower of cock in front of us in every possible way, together with all the other cock slaves! Our rebellion will be in tatters. Is that what you want?"

"Yes! Fuck it!" Michelle lurched forward with her mouth craned opened wide.

But this time, I was the one who put a blocking hand in the way. Two hands, actually, since Michelle looked very insistent. She was holding my shaft around the base, but I completely covered my cockhead. I said, "Hold on! Has nobody seen what Sue Ellen and everyone else has done to me? If you two blow me for a couple of minutes, I'm gonna shoot my load for sure! I'll splatter my cum all over your faces!"

Both Ruby and Michelle growled like starving feral beasts. Clearly, my words were having an effect, but not the one I'd intended! Their bare racks were heaving up and down, putting on quite an impressive show.

Mindy was still standing behind them, and she put her hands back on their heads. "Cool it, you two! He has a point. Tonight is for Sue Ellen. Period! She gets ALL of his cum. Period! Each of you are allowed one long suck, one pass up and down. And that's it. Michelle, you go first, because it looks like if you don't get your cock fix, you're going to explode. But I'm keeping my hand on your head and if you take one second too long, I'm gonna forcefully pull you back."

I reluctantly let go of my hard-on and braced myself.

With that, Michelle was unleashed, like a lion bursting free from its cage. She inhaled my cock so deep that it made her choke and gag. She seemed to revel in that for a few seconds before easing up just a bit. Then her hair shook wildly around as her entire head twisted this way and that along with her lips slipping and sliding around my shaft.

Ruby was pinching her nipples aggressively. She moaned, "Oh God! Oh God! Michelle, you're so right! Fuck it!"

Then Michelle stopped all of her head movement. She sighed with profound contentment, like she was slipping into a relaxing bubble bath. I didn't see how she could feel relaxed at all, because the strain of keeping her mouth craned open so widely was evident on her face, but then again, I couldn't begin to understand what it was like to be in her shoes.

Her tongue and lips got busy on my sweet spot. She seemed aware of the fact that I was close to cumming, and she was determined to push me over the edge in her limited time. Apparently she was heedless about the instruction to save all my cum for Sue Ellen.

Mindy could see the agony and strain on my face as I fought the orgasm urge with all my might. She pulled back on Michelle's hair without mercy. "Okay, that's more than enough for you. Stop! Don't ruin Sue Ellen's night!"

That last comment seemed to have some effect. Michelle let Mindy yank her head back until her lips came free with a loud smacking sound. But she stared at my saliva-soaked boner with a wild look in her eyes.

It would have been nice to have a breather to recover from that, but fat chance! With Mindy holding Michelle at bay like a lion tamer with a barely trained lion, there was nobody stopping Ruby. She immediately surged forward with a mouth opened so wide it looked like she was trying to swallow my big head hole, and not just my little head.

She had a different strategy than Michelle. She slid her lips down over my thick knob slowly, slowly, ever so slowly. Her lips strained and gradually widened as they passed the widest point of my cockhead, and then sighed with a sense of achievement as she got to the "good part."

Then, somehow, she applied even more suction than Michelle had just used as she went wild all over my sweet spot. Clearly, she'd given up any attempt to restrain herself.

To my surprise, I saw Cindy put a hand on Sue Ellen's arm, and say to her, "Take a good look. This is the life of a cock slave. See how they're completely addicted to sucking and serving? Both girls are utterly humiliated in front of everyone. They really thought they could get through tonight without going wild all over Dan's cock, and just look at them now. Look at Ruby! She totally NEEDS this! She's discovered her true purpose!"

Ruby moaned extra loudly after hearing that.

I was using all my willpower, fighting hard to squeeze my PC muscle. I told myself I couldn't let Sue Ellen down and give my cum to someone else.

Cindy kept talking enthusiastically. "She needs to taste and feel her big King filling her mouth to the point that she can barely breathe through her nose. Look at her reveling in the joy of properly serving her master! She can feel the heat, the pulsing of his living thick pole, and it drives her on to suck and-"

Sue Ellen interrupted, "Cindy, please! I'm drooling here. I'm so hungry for Dan-cock that if you don't stop-"

Now it was my turn to interrupt, because I feared I would start cumming at any moment. "Yes, stop! Everybody! Especially Ruby! Min, make her stop, please! The point has been made!"

Mindy had an arm around Michelle's neck, a not-so-subtle way to prevent Michelle from leaning forward and joining in. Due to Ruby's short and spiky hair, she couldn't use her hair as something to pull on. So she just grabbed Ruby's entire head with both hands like it was a basketball and pulled back. "You heard him! Enough!"

Ruby realized she'd been pushing her luck on the time, and so she gave in without much of a fight. But even though she sat back with Michelle, I saw the same wild and lusty look in her eyes that I still saw in Michelle's.

Uh-oh! Not good! I looked up at Cindy, Sue Ellen, and Mindy. They all shared that same hungry, needy look. Having the Gruesome Twosome symbolically put in their place seemed to have been a big inspiration for everyone. If I thought I could pray for sexual super strength and stamina, now was the time to do it.

Mindy was very insistent in tugging on both Hellions until they stood up. She obviously was trying to put some distance between their mouths and my saliva-soaked pole.

With that accomplished, she walked behind Sue Ellen and put her hands on her shoulders. "Okay, enough of that already. Behave!" Then she cooed at Sue Ellen, "Look around, slave. We did all this for you!"

It seemed that Sue Ellen had been so focused on watching Michelle and then Ruby with their mouths stuffed full of cock that she'd pretty much forgotten where she was. As she scanned her surroundings, she rediscovered the beauty of Mindy's decoration efforts all over again. The room was quite dark, creating a romantic atmosphere. The only lighting was from the candles. She exclaimed, "Ain't that the berries! There are hundreds of candles, aren't there?"

No one answered, since it was obvious that there were a least a few hundred. They were all over the furniture and floor, but generally outlined a wide path through the living room into the dining room.

Filled with wonder, Sue Ellen walked along the path, with everyone else following behind her. For a time, I was kind of forgotten. But I was cool with that. It was fun to see Sue Ellen's joy, and my dick needed a break in any case. (And a real break this time, not just a minute or less!)

We all strolled slowly through the house. To show how distracted I was from all the blowjob action and such, it took this long until I finally realized that some music had been playing the whole time. But in my defense, this had a lot to do with the nature of the music. It seemed to be orchestral soundtrack type music, meant to set a certain mood without drawing attention to itself. And the mood it was setting was a stately, serious, and dramatic one. It helped convey the sense that something very important was about to happen.

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