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Chapter 2

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

The candle-lit path turned once we reached the dining room, and then headed deeper into that room until it reached the dining room table. Or, I should say, it ended where the table had been, because there was no sign of it. Instead, a huge bed was in its place. And I do mean huge! There was easily room on it for all six of us. I had never seen such a bed before and I wondered how it got there.

But that wasn't all. Right in the middle of the bed there was what looked to be some sort of easy chair. Actually, it wasn't so much an easy chair as a gigantic pillow molded in an easy chair shape. And yet I saw it had some levers and knobs on one side, so it had to be more sophisticated than that. I suspected it was one of those new "memory foam" chairs that I'd heard of but never used before. It looked to be fairly light, because it rested on top of the bed without sinking down very much.

The dining room was even darker than the living room, because so much of it was taken up by the bed, and there were no candles on the bed (although there were plenty circling all around it). The whole arrangement made it feel like that huge bed was an island of shadows floating in the darkness.

Curious to see what Mindy had arranged for us, we all moved closer to get a better look at this unusual chair.

Finally, once Sue Ellen reached the edge of the bed, she said, "Mindy, that is such an interesting chair. I've never seen anything like it! Is that for me?"

"Of course not," Mindy said a bit harshly. That surprised everyone, but she explained, "That is the family throne, and of course only one person has the right to sit there."

All eyes suddenly were focused on me. I have to admit I didn't like the pressure of being put on the spot. But I was trying to behave the way a master was supposed to, so I didn't complain.

The mood had grown solemn, and it seemed as if words were unnecessary. With everyone obviously expecting for me to take my seat, I really had no choice but to do so. The others all quietly stared as I "ascended the throne."

Sitting in the chair, I noticed several things about it. For one, it felt extremely comfortable. I sank several inches into it, like I was sitting on a giant pillow. But it seemed to fit me just perfectly. Then it occurred to me that probably was because it had been custom built to fit just me. I wound up in a very laid back position, much like sitting back in a lounge chair.

But the strange thing about it was it seemed to be only part of a lounge chair, since there was nothing supporting my legs, such as a footstool. In fact, I asked Min, "This feels nice. Very comfy. But what am I supposed to do with my legs?"

She knelt up on the bed and retrieved some pillows I hadn't noticed in the darkness. "You can use these. This throne is very modular. For instance, your armrests come off. Or you can tilt it back like a lounge chair, but it's better if you don't right now because I want you sitting up."

I examined the armrests, and discovered they were the tops of pillows that leaned snugly into the main chair. But they came away easily if I didn't want them.

Mindy said to the others, "Come closer. Take off all your clothes and get on the bed so I can show you how this works."

She waited some long moments for them to finish undressing. Frankly, I was kind of surprised we all still wore so much clothing. Somehow along the way I'd lost my pants, but I still wore my socks and shirt. The others all got completely naked except for Mindy, who preferred to wear her "sexy druid" robe. By doing that, she separated herself from the rest, which I thought was interesting from a symbolic point of view. I speculated that she did that deliberately so she would be seen as my one and only wife, and with the authority that came from that.

As the others scrambled up on the bed, Mindy finally explained, "This is a very special bed and a very special chair, for a very special man." She briefly turned my way and smiled at me but spoke to the girls. "As you will see, everything is pretty much designed for sexual pleasure. To serve your master."

She still held up the pillows she had just retrieved. They were very long and triangular shaped. "He was asking about leg support. These are the pillows he COULD use for that. But I'm not going to put them in place now, and I doubt they'll get much use for their original purpose at all, because everything about this chair is especially suited for cock service. See how easily accessible the King is?"

All of the others ooohed and aaahed at that, even Cindy. I kind of thought she was a little more grounded about all this cock slave stuff, but apparently that was true only in a relative sense, since the girls were so fanatical about it.

The others all scooted closer towards my erection except for Mindy, who was still standing at the edge of the bed and serving as a sort of mistress of ceremonies.

My robed wife said, "That's it, girls, get closer still. Of course, any ol' chair will work if we're talking a single blowjob or even a double one. But this chair was specifically made to facilitate multiple blowjobs with three or more cock slaves! C'mon, everybody! Give it a try!"

That was like throwing a raw steak in front of a hungry dog, and there was a sudden rush.

I thought with chagrin, Once again, nobody bothers to ask me if I'm ready to handle a multiple tongue assault. After all, I'm still recovering from everything that had happened at the foyer. But apparently I'm supposed to have an endless amount of stamina.

I'm not exactly a "young whippersnapper" anymore, but dammit, I'm determined to show that I could handle anything they can dish out! Min says I need to rise to the occasion for Sue Ellen's sake, so I will. At least, I'm going to try my best for as long as I can.

When the proverbial smoke cleared, Michelle and Sue Ellen wound up on the inside of my legs, while Ruby and Cindy wound up on the outside. But sure enough, there was plenty of room for all four tongues to start licking.

Mindy looked at us like she was witnessing a proud family Kodak moment. In fact, she even clasped her hands together over her heart and sighed happily. "This is too precious! Honey, four sexy and stacked slaves on you at once! I swear, I could bask in the glory of this sight forever! The only thing better would be five. You wouldn't believe what I can do to this chair to give easy access for a fifth mouth, but we'll save that for another time."

After watching my four girls eagerly lapping away for a minute or more, an idea came to her. "Oooh! I know! I'm already recording all this on video, but some close-up snapshots will be even better!" She ran off to get her digital camera.

I just quietly sighed. I can't exactly be upset. Far from it! The pleasure I'm feeling simply defies words. But I do feel a bit miffed in that I seem to be getting railroaded at every turn. Even though I'm the supposed master, it feels to me like the others are running the show and I'm merely being brought along for the ride.

But I decided, I'm going to let things slide for now. For one thing, it feels so DAMN GOOD! I mean, INSANELY GREAT! Seriously, who on Earth could complain when four gorgeous ladies are licking one's cock all at the same time?! Plus, this is Sue Ellen's big evening, so I don't want to do anything to spoil that. Later, though, I'm going to have to put my foot down about some things.

My wife soon came back with the camera. She crawled all over the bed, snapping photos from every angle. She made a particular point of taking a lot of close-up shots. My cock slaves all mugged it up for the camera, grinning madly and even flashing the thumbs up sign. Of course, my hard-on was in every picture, since their four faces were always right next to it. I doubt my cockhead was in a single photo though, since it always seemed to be all the way inside one mouth or another.

Sigh. Such is the tough life of a cock slave master. Heh! Okay, I'll admit that I'm having a hell of a great time!

All the while, Min gave posing advice, which also doubled as cocksucking advice. For instance, peering down through her camera lens from directly above, she said, "Okay, now Ruby, tilt the King at a jaunty angle... like that. Good. Now, I want all four of you to lick his sweet spot at once. Let's show that it can be done! ... Good, good, but Cindy, you gotta brush your hair back, it's in the way. Good... Okay, now Michelle, Sue Ellen, I know you're closing your eyes to better savor the sweet, sublime cocksucking joy, but I want everyone with their eyes open, looking up at the camera. Good! ... Now, show me how much you love your master with your busy tongues and fingers! More passion! Good! ... Okay, hold that pose, but don't forget to keep licking!"

After a couple of minutes of this, I spoke up. "Min, this is nice and all, but... I'm only human!" I was panting pretty hard by this time, so I was keeping my argument short. "Four tongues are too much! Can we just... take some pretend shots?"

Mindy lowered the camera and gave me an incredulous look. "PRETEND shots? God forbid! Why? Yes, tonight is about Sue Ellen's initiation, but it's equally about your pleasure. To have them merely fake licking you would be a sacrilege! Why, that's like asking the Whizzo Chocolate Company to use mock frog. It simply won't do!"

I suspected that was a Monty Python reference that I didn't quite recall, thanks to the licking party taking place on my erection - my wife absolutely adores Python. "Okay, fine," I sighed. "Then we've got to stop altogether, or I'm gonna cum!"

That set off a mini-crisis, because I was so close my boner was twitching around wildly, and yet the girls weren't willing to stop. But eventually, thanks probably to my groaning and the way I wildly waved my hands in the air, I was able to get all of them to pull back. I panted hard until the imminent urge to cum passed.

Mindy looked crushed.

Still breathing heavily, I had to say to her, "Sweetheart, you act like you haven't been married to me all these years. You KNOW my body has limits. So why are you acting otherwise?"

"Well, I know that, but that's under normal conditions. You have to rise to the occasion tonight. Plus, I'm assuming the Coolidge Effect is at work, and in a turbo-charged way."

"The what?"

"The Coolidge Effect. You really haven't heard of that?"

I shook my head no.

"I'm surprised, because it's a big part of your life now. Basically, researchers have noticed that people can maintain a surprisingly high level of sexual performance thanks to the introduction of new partners. Just when you think your dick can't get it up anymore, along comes another one of your cock slaves, and BAM! Instant erection!"

I frowned. "Is this some Mindy cucquean fantasy thing, or is it for real?"

"Oh, it's most definitely for real. I can find something on the Internet about it, if you like. The name comes from an old joke about President Coolidge. The story goes that he and his wife were shown around an experimental government farm one day. Mrs. Coolidge noticed that one particular rooster in the chicken yard was mating very frequently. After being told that he mated 'dozens of times each day,' she said, 'Tell that to the President.' Mr. Coolidge then asked, 'Is it with the same hen every time?' The reply was, 'Oh, no, it's with a different hen every time.' The President said, 'Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge.'"

The others thought that was quite funny and interesting, and wanted to know more. I strongly suspected that Michelle and Ruby knew this already, but they played along just the same.

Since we were all resting anyway, the others crowded around Mindy. She then gave a mini-lecture about the conditions by which the "refractory period" - the time needed to get it up again after cumming - could be shortened or even eliminated, especially by the introduction of new partners.

I only paid half-attention. I was glad the spotlight was on someone else, and I even closed my eyes to rest a little bit. It may be hard to believe, but just sitting there getting one's cock licked by multiple tongues can be tiring! Of course that isn't the case if one just cums willy-nilly, but there's a lot of strain and effort in trying not to cum.

I was grateful, because I knew she was ably and deliberately diverting their attention, giving me a chance to fully recover.

I noticed that Mindy started out with a scientific explanation, but it quickly morphed into a cucquean fantasy. She emphasized the "necessity" that I have a "constant stream" of "beautiful and busty bombshells" all "pay their respects to the King." Anyone listening to her would have come to the conclusion that a man needed dozens of sex bombs at his beck and call to have any kind of a minimally satisfying sex life.

My sexy ladies seemed to eat it up, like it was the Gospel truth. Maybe I should have said something to dissuade them, but I figured it was just harmless fantasizing. Besides, I was too busy enjoying my mini-nap of sorts.

Once Mindy finished her explanation, she drew closer to me, which made me open my eyes. She said, "I'm gonna have to whisk your slaves away for a couple of minutes to dress them for the next phase. Can I leave you alone on your comfy throne, or should I keep one here to titfuck you or something?"

I rolled my eyes. "Really, I'm fine. I'm not some king on a throne. And by the way, I object to this being called a throne."

She replied, offended, "But that's what it is. It's a throne!"

I heard Ruby say to Michelle, "Isn't it cute how he modestly tries to deny his natural mastery over us all?"

Michelle muttered darkly, "Kinda cute, but a lot more annoying. Grrr!"

Pretending I didn't hear that, I said to Mindy, "Look. If I am the master around here, then I get to make the rules, and I don't like that term. How 'bout if, instead, we call it, I dunno... the dream chair?"

The others had been drawing closer too, and they all seemed receptive.

Sue Ellen gushed like a starry eyed lover, "I like it. It's where dreams come true! Slurpy, sticky, spermy dreams!"

That seemed to settle it. However, Michelle added the caveat, "But it's gotta be capitalized. You know, the first letters. As in, Dream Chair."

"Fine," I said. "But what difference does it make, since none of us are writing anything down?"

She replied, "If we think of it that way, we'll treat it with greater reverence."

I nodded my agreement to that, thinking it wouldn't do any harm. I also said, "You know, this chair IS very customized. It's super comfy! How did that happen? I mean, you must have special ordered it, and that takes time. There's no way you could have started the ball rolling in the past couple of days, when we started talking about initiation ceremonies."

All smirky and happy, my unrepentant wife said, "That's when YOU started talking about them. You know the rest of us have been on a different wavelength for ages. As to how I got it, where I got it, how much it cost, and all the rest, don't worry your pretty big head about that. Let's just say that Santa's special sex elves brought us an early gift."

I played along. "'Sex elves?' I didn't know Santa has sex elves."

She smirked. "Oh, he does. It's a non-stop orgy for Santa up at the North Pole. That's why he manages to deliver so many presents in a single night - he's keen to get back to his sex elves."

Sue Ellen cut in with the enthusiastic observation, "Kind of like us! Santa is up there with his bevy of sex elf babes, fucking them constantly, and Dan is here with us, his cock slaves!"

Cindy stepped forward and grinned. "Yep. Fucking US constantly." She gave me a smoldering "come hither" look.

It seemed like all the women were eager to pounce on me then and there, especially Sue Ellen, who appeared more energized than I'd ever seen her. (And that was a lot, since she seemed to always be brimming with youthful vim and vigor.)

But I was feeling overwhelmed. I asked, "Where is it going to go? We can't leave the chair here, obviously."

Ruby corrected me, "The Dream Chair." Somehow, I could hear the capital letters in her voice.

Min just smiled knowingly. "Don't worry your pretty head about it. I've got it all worked out. And by the way, there's some other new furnishings that'll be arriving tomorrow too. Just in time too, since Nicky's coming home."

"Huh? Can you explain that? And do I get a say in anything around here?"

She was all smiles. "Of course you do. After I do all of these great things for you, you get to say 'Awesome,' and 'Thanks,' and 'Great idea, Sweetheart.' Don't worry, I've got your back. And right now, I can tell you need some more rest."

She was right about that last part, at least. Luckily for me, Mindy herded the others out of the room.

That left me completely alone, and I had some time to think. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! This is nuts, man! I mean, I LOVE the sexual pleasure. FOUR tongues on me at once! How great is that? But all this slavish behavior is kind of disturbing.

I looked at the seat I was still reclining in. Call it a throne or a Dream Chair or whatever, but this is NOT normal! Maybe it should be called a throne after all, because they're treating me like an honest-to-god king. But I'm not! I'm just a dad. How did I get into this situation?

On the one hand, I don't want to make waves. The pleasure is gonna only get better, if such a thing is possible. Plus, I don't want to ruin Cupcake's big night. But on the other hand, maybe I have to make waves. What kind of precedent am I setting here? I'll bet things are only going to get more over the top as the ceremony goes on. There probably will be the reciting of vows and all that jazz, like some kind of mock wedding ceremony. I'm sure they'll go on and on about how great I am. Before long, even I will start believing the hype! I don't want to go there.

Besides, what's up with this big bed that this chair is on top of? I forgot to ask, but this IS just temporary, right? I mean, this is where we eat our meals. Where else are we gonna be able to put a bed of this size where guests won't see it? Min had officially gone around the bend. Sheesh.

I decided though to just sit tight and enjoy whatever happened. After all, I didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, and I especially didn't want to ruin Sue Ellen's evening. And, truth be told, my dick was doing a lot of my thinking for me. Apparently, four tongues at once was hunky dory for "Mr. King."

I waited about five minutes before the gang came back in, strolling down the path of candles from the living room. At first, in the darkness, it looked like all of them were completely naked, except for Mindy in back with her "sexy druid" robe. But I heard a strange clinking sound, like someone was dragging chains on the ground.

Then they got closer and I saw there WERE chains dragging on the ground! Each woman was wearing manacles on her wrists and ankles, and chains were linked between the ankles and wrists for each of them. The chains were long enough so their movement wasn't really constrained in any way. It was pretty much just symbolic. But still, they were CHAINS!

They kept their heads bowed down, like they were taking part in some solemn procession, but I could see that each and every woman was smiling widely, even though they just as clearly were fighting not to, since they were supposed to stay serious. It was like they were convinced that I would be extremely pleased by this display of bondage.

As if that wasn't enough, all of my women, including Mindy, walked right up to the edge of the bed, and then got down on their knees. But they didn't stop there: they knelt forward and down, with their arms outstretched in front, until their hands touched the floor. They were prostrating themselves before me! It was like I was some Egyptian pharaoh who was to be worshipped as a living god! Sue Ellen was in the middle, with Ruby and Michelle on one side of her, and Cindy and Mindy on the other.

I thought to myself, Okay, this is it! This is too much! I stood up. The others might not have even noticed, since it was dark and their faces were in the carpet. I didn't want to cause a big commotion and ruin Sue Ellen's special time, so I carefully walked between Sue Ellen and Cindy until I was clear of their prostrate bodies.

By that time, they had noticed something was going on. Mindy stood up, and said to the rest, quietly, "Stay there for now, girls. Dan and I have something private to discuss first."

I walked through the kitchen and into the den beyond it. I waited for my wife to join me there, then I closed the door.

She started to talk, but I wouldn't let her. I said, "Min, this is ridiculous! I have to put my foot down! I knew something like this would happen, and I've been trying to be open-minded, but there's a limit! Chains? Seriously? Real, metal chains?! And having them all bow down before me like I'm an emperor or king? Come ON!"

She winced. "It is a little bit much, isn't it?"

"Yeah, a little! Talk about the understatement of the year. I mean... chains! For crying out loud! There's sexy, and then there's just... freaky! When I see those chains, you know what I think?"

She was still wincing, practically like I was going to hit her, so she didn't reply.

"I think slavery. And I'm not talking cute, fun, sexy slavery; I'm talking all-too-real 'black people whipped and killed in the South before the Civil War' kind of slavery. That is NOT fun! It is NOT arousing! I mean, my God!"

She tilted her head and looked at me curiously. "Come on. Isn't it at least a little bit arousing?"

"Well... okay. I'll admit it. But in a BAD way! I don't want to be aroused like that. And it's not like we need to go to extremes. I'm as horny as humanly possible already!"

She put her hands up in a placating posture. "Okay. We can lose the chains. It's just that, well, remember when I said that everybody's ideas for the initiation ceremony were pretty much the same?"

"Yeah?" My arms were crossed. I looked and felt very annoyed.

"Well, across the board, we all thought the chains would be a kick. You see... I know where you're coming from. The line between brutal, real slavery and the sexy, arousing, and fun kind is a bit, uh, blurry. If you see it as just a fun, pretend, playing around kind of thing..." She sounded unhappy and conflicted, as if she was trying to convince herself too.

I dropped my head, closed my eyes, and pinched the bridge of my nose, as if I felt a headache coming on. In fact, I did feel a headache coming on. "I think you just pinpointed the problem. I could see myself enjoying this if it was done in that spirit. I know I've been pretty square with my sexual habits in the past, but things have obviously opened up in a big, big way recently, and I'm trying to be open to new things. But the problem is that it's NOT just a pretend thing! Those women out there are taking this all too seriously! Well, maybe with the exception of Cindy. At least I hope she's an exception."

Mindy didn't say anything. She wouldn't even make eye contact with me, which make me suspect that even Cindy thought this was a good idea.

I raised my head back up and resumed eye contact, but I sighed too. "Can't you see how that moves it from fun to disturbing? Heck, the whole thing IS disturbing! I am NOT a king or sultan or emperor or sex god or anything like that. I'm just a guy! I'm just Daniel Cooper, author, husband, and dad."

After another heavy sigh, I continued, "Look. Okay... I have to admit, I like being a master. I like having my own cock slaves. Call me weak or a slave to my desires or whatever, but that's pretty much a done deal. I've made my peace with that, more or less. But there are different types of slaves. There's the fun kind. For instance, a person loses a bet and has to be the slave of his or her spouse for a day or a week or whatever. That's great. I'm totally in favor of that sort of playing around. It can lead to a lot of exciting sex."

I went on, "But... There's another kind of sex slave. I'm not into sado-masochism. Sure, I enjoy dominating. I get a kick out of the surge of power with that. But I don't enjoy hurting anybody or treating them like crap. The thing is, I LOVE you! And when I say you, I mean all of you, everyone here. I cherish and respect each one of you so much that it hurts me when I have to deliver a punishment-type spanking. Heck, sometimes I even wince when I deliver a sexy spanking. So it disturbs me when I see them acting too subserviently or treating me in a nearly worshipful way."

I continued, "This gets back to the whole issue of dating guys. I want to see everyone happy. Truly happy. That means so much more to me than any amount of sexual pleasure!" I was going to go on some more about how this tied into my feelings on the dating issue, but I realized I had to be careful there, just in case someone was trying to listen in through the door.

So I paused, and as I paused, I thought I heard some very quiet sniffling through the door. I held up a finger to indicate Mindy should wait, and then I went to the door and opened it.

What followed would have been pretty damn funny if I hadn't been in such a serious mood: Michelle, Ruby, Cindy, and Sue Ellen all tumbled into the room! Clearly, the four of them had been leaning with their ears to the door. It was also an eye-opener to see four totally naked and absolutely gorgeous women suddenly fall into the room. Plus, they were all still wearing their wrist and ankle chains, so there was a cacophony of very loud clanking while they sorted themselves out.

I shook my head and chuckled with some chagrin. "Busted! I guess there's no such thing as privacy around here, is there?"

Sue Ellen flung her nude, voluptuous body at me. She kissed me hard on the lips, and with such longing and passion that I couldn't help but kiss back, despite my serious mood. In fact, my penis wasn't erect in the slightest.

But the kiss couldn't last long, because it seemed like everyone else was trying to speak to me at once, and I needed to deal with this situation. So I broke the kiss early (would she ever have wanted it to end?!), and asked her, "What was that for?"

My Cupcake hugged me tightly, pressing her big tits into my chest. "I love you so much! Master, you're the greatest! I'm sorry that I listened in, but I'm so glad I did, because your words show me that you really love me! You really, really do, and you really care! That means the world to me. Please, Master, punish me if I'm being too enthusiastic, plus I violated your privacy, so I deserve a good hard spanking, but I can't help it!"

Upon saying "spanking," she took one of my hands and put in on one of her luscious ass cheeks. "I just love that you really love me! No matter what else happens tonight, this already is the best initiation ever!" She kissed me again, taking my breath away with her ardor.

I didn't get a chance to enjoy that very long, because Michelle hit me in my shoulder - hard!

I opened my eyes to respond to that, and I saw that she was crying! She sobbed, "Daddy, I hate you! How could you?!"

"How could I what?"

"How could you go on with this dating smelly boys INSANITY?! Look, I'm sorry that we seem overenthusiastic, but we haven't lost perspective. We're still normal! It's like you said with the bet about being a slave for a week, except forever! We're not, like, the bad kind of slave slaves, we're just sexy, fun slaves!"

I looked at her very skeptically. "Really? Prove it. Convince me."

She looked around uncertainly to the others, as if trying to draw support from them. But she focused hard on my challenge, and managed to stop crying and wipe her tears away (although her eyes remained red).

While she was thinking of what to say, I asked the other interlopers, "By the way, how did you get from there to here without making a racket, given all your chains?"

Cindy grinned impishly, and answered for the group, "Very, very carefully. I tell you, it was torture! We were all in a hurry to listen in, but we had to move slowly so as to not rattle our chains."

Ruby helpfully added, "It helps if you hold them in your hands."

I narrowed my eyes. "So, given that you didn't miss that much, that means you had to have snuck after us pretty much as soon as we left the room."

Cindy blushed for everyone. "Yeah, I guess so, now that you put in that way..."

I was secretly amused that Cindy, a full-grown woman, was standing there in the nude, acting just as impetuous and silly as the stunning, naked teen girls she was standing with. I taken to thinking of all four of them as "my girls," including Cindy, since they were like four peas in a pod. This new lifestyle had lifted a weight off her shoulders, making her look just like Ruby's slightly older sister.

I shook my head again. Then I pointed an accusing finger at them. "You're all gonna be spanked, you know. Big time!"

They all blanched, even Michelle, which I considered something of an accomplishment. Sue Ellen, still cuddled in my arms, blanched most of all. I was gratified that at least my punishment spankings were starting to have a deterrent effect on their willful ways.

I wanted to pull away from Sue Ellen to continue this serious conversation. The soft yet muscular way her nude body felt in my arms was making my penis revive, and that concerned me. But she was holding onto me for dear life, so I decided it wasn't worth the effort to disengage just yet.

Instead, I just looked over her shoulder at Michelle, and said, "Okay, your clock is starting. Convince me."

Shelle had gotten her act together while I was talking with Cindy, and she spoke in a confident tone. "Daddy, you totally misunderstand. Yes, we love being your cock slaves. We absolutely LOVE it! We'd love nothing better than to sexually serve your huge cock all day long! But! ... But! This is the key part: that's just because it's our way of showing you how much we love you. Well, that and it's just so much fun and so arousing for both you and us. We're not endlessly subservient to you; we're endlessly loving to you! There's a huge, huge difference! We don't want to be mindless sex zombies and lose all our personality and drive and all the other things happening in our lives. Frankly, that would get boring fast."

I cut in, "But you just said that you would love nothing better than to sexually serve me all day long."

"True," she conceded, "but I'd also love to literally eat ice cream all day long. That ain't gonna happen. When I say that kind of thing I really mean it, but it's also wild exaggeration to try to explain just how much I love you and love having fun with you. The fact is, we're all a little over the top right now with our passions and declarations, but things'll calm down eventually. Don't take everything so literally! Like these chains." She looked down at the chains on her wrists and ankles.

I had a hard time focusing on the chains because there was so much tanned, blemish-free, bare skin to enjoy instead. My dick would have gotten fully erect from looking at her, except that it had just gotten erect anyway. Thankfully, Sue Ellen continued to just hold me tightly with her arms around my back and her head resting on my chest. My boner poked into her lower tummy, but she acted like she didn't notice.

Michelle held her manacled wrists out towards me. "Sure, on the surface, this LOOKS a lot like that pre-Civil War kind of slavery that you detest. But it isn't! Not in the slightest! The difference is, those slaves were held in place by the threat of force. Whereas we are bound to you through LOVE! Lust too, sure, but mainly love! The lust is an expression of the love."

The others all nodded, even Mindy.

Michelle went on, "Whenever you say we're going too far, or we can't be serious, it's like you're rejecting our love. We know that you're a great and caring man, the one that we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Even if we pledge to serve you and your cock until eternity, we know that if we change our minds at any time, you'll let us go. Sure, there would be a lot of crying and such, but at the end of the day, you'd never physically coerce us to stay."

I reacted with indignation. "Of course I wouldn't! I'm not some kind of monster!"

Mindy snickered, "Except when he's in King Dong mode."

Michelle smiled for the first time since she'd come in the room. The red had mostly faded from her eyes already, and her smile could melt any cold heart. "You see? That's the Daddy I love! So how is that at all the same as old fashioned slavery? Sure, okay, there are surface similarities, but these chains are just for symbolism and sexy play! We're not actual slaves, since we still have free will. We CHOOSE to be with you. We have independent minds and strong personal beliefs. None of that is gonna change after you officially make us your eternal cock slaves. It's just that there will be even MORE love and fun sex in the house. It's all about love and joy and togetherness, but mostly it's about love!"

Sue Ellen sniffled a little bit, and sighed happily. "That's so true! Michelle, your words were so beautiful that I reckon I'm gonna cry!"

I hadn't been paying much attention to Ruby (or Mindy or Cindy for that matter), but now Ruby caught my attention because she suddenly stepped forward and threw an arm around Sue Ellen, plus some of me. "Don't cry! This is a happy time! Our master is finally starting to understand what we're all about."

Sue Ellen still sniffled as she replied, "I know! That's why I can't help but cry. I've never felt so loved in my life! Not just by my master, but by everyone in here. I feel like I'm surrounded by some kind of cocoon of love, y'all, and it feels so good!"

Ruby bent down between Sue Ellen and me. "That's good, but if you start crying tears of joy, then we all will, and we don't want to freak out our master. Here, distract yourself with this." Taking my erection in hand, she rubbed it up and down Sue Ellen's wet pussy lips while sliding her fingers all over it at the same time.

Sue Ellen pulled back with a wide-eyed expression. "Oh! OH! WOW!"

The others all chuckled at that. Ruby continued jacking me off while teasing Sue Ellen's pussy lips with the tip.

Mindy spoke up. "I'm soooo glad you all came in when you did. Dan had me on the spot, and I kind of froze up. I don't think I could have expressed myself a tenth as well as you did, Michelle. So thanks. Plus, I'm the only one who won't have to get spanked for spying!" She winked at the others, and smirked triumphantly.

I could feel things were starting to get out of control. Sue Ellen and Ruby were all over me like white on rice, and everyone knew that Ruby was jacking me off. If they couldn't directly see it, they could see Ruby's tell-tale arm movements, or at least hear the sound of her fingers sliding over my slicked-up shaft. That was kind of like throwing a lamb into a pit of Komodo dragons. Nipples were hardening, hearts were beating fast, and nostrils were flaring. A wet pussy smell was in the air. But I was determined to wrap up this important discussion before some kind of all-out orgy broke out.

I said, "Okay, Shelle, I have to admit, your argument that this is all about love and isn't just some kind of mindless submission has moved me. I can't say I'm 100% convinced, because all of you have been so extreme with everything lately, but I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt for now. So with that in mind, let's get back to having sexy fun."

It was like I just set off some kind of happy bomb. I swear, the way they all beamed with joy nearly blinded my eyes. Since Sue Ellen happened to be plastered against my front, she was in an ideal position to kiss me on the lips, and that's exactly what she did.

While she rocked my world with her passionate lip-lock, I felt a tongue on my shaft, even as I felt it sliding against Sue Ellen's wet slit. It seemed Ruby was keeping busy down there.

God, everything feels so damn good! Can I pass out from feeling too euphoric? It's good to be the master!

Before I wound up fucking Sue Ellen standing up, I broke the kiss to speak some more. "Okay, I get that you all like to call me 'Master' and all that jazz, but remember just the same that I'm just a guy. I'm not a king or a pharaoh. When I see you all bowing in front of me like some kind of living god, that freaks me out! And when I see chains all over the place, that freaks me out too. So let's ditch those things, okay? No bowing. No chains."

Chastened and somewhat sobered, the five of them all reluctantly nodded their heads (although Ruby's head was already bobbing near my boner anyway). I found it interesting that Mindy nodded too. Obviously, she'd been a big part in making all the wild arrangements.

But then Mindy tilted her head and asked shyly, "How 'bout none of that, and in return you collar your slaves? They've been longing for collars so very much!"

My four slaves nodded emphatically, with Ruby letting out a loud groan to make sure I could hear her approval if I wasn't looking down to see it.

I growled, "This is not up for negotiation!"

I continued more amicably, "Look. I'm on board. You sexy lot, you've pretty much corrupted me already. I get shivers of excitement sometimes, just thinking about being the master of four cock slaves, not to mention having a great and understanding wife." I winked at Mindy, and she smiled back. "All I ask is that we maintain some touch with reality. I don't want fawning, suck up behavior."

The mood had lightened up enough for Mindy to joke. "Actually, I do think you want 'suck up' behavior... if we're talking about sucking up and down the King." She looked down knowingly at Ruby's tongue sliding back and forth on my shaft.

I looked down too, and smiled. I figured the only reason Ruby hadn't engulfed my cockhead already was because the tip was still rubbing against Sue Ellen's wet pussy lips, and she didn't want to hog all of it. "Okay, true enough. But you know what I mean. Avoid the OTHER kind of sucking up. Let's balance the sex with all of the other important things in life, including meaningful careers."

I decided not to bring up the boyfriend issue again, because it would be a total downer and I didn't want a big argument right now. "Just be YOU! Be the girls I love so much. Speak your mind. Tell me I'm an idiot when I'm an idiot."

"That won't be hard..." Michelle muttered just loud enough for all of us to hear. "We won't have to wait long for that!"

Pretending not to hear that, I continued, "If you do, you won't be spanked for that. Harsh spankings are for when you do something wrong, like breaking a known rule. Fun spankings are for when you do well. I want to encourage your creative thinking and speaking, not suppress it, so if I ever start doing that, please let me know, okay? Let's all keep it real, and grounded, and then we can have lots of sexy fun without guilt or worry. Can we all do that?"

Everyone nodded. The mood was very happy and loving again. Ruby began actively moving my boner as she continued to lick it, making sure my cockhead slid up and down Sue Ellen's wetness. I guess she was trying her best to share, given the circumstances.

However, Cindy belatedly shook her head in response to my question.

That surprised me. I asked her, "Do you disagree with any of that?"

"Not at all. I agree completely. I think I'm a little older and wiser than these lovely but rather hyper-sexual girls, so I'll try to run herd on making sure everyone keeps it real. I'm just shaking my head in wonder because you're delivering this involved monologue while Sue Ellen and Ruby are all over you like a couple of octopi thinking you're a big piece of, well, whatever octopus food is, and Ruby is stroking you right against Sue Ellen's pussy! And those tell-tale slurpy sounds say that her tongue is keeping busy too. How can you think straight?"

Michelle said enthusiastically, "Daddy's not like other guys. His control over the King is awesome! Look at what he's done to Sue Ellen tonight! He's turned her into a quivering wreck already. Did you notice that big orgasm she just had? I'll bet she's clinging to him so tightly because she'd slide to the floor if she didn't."

The way Sue Ellen shivered some more against me told me that Michelle wasn't wrong in her guess. I felt dumb for not noticing her orgasm, especially since she was still in my arms.

Just then, Mindy loudly clapped her hands. "Okay, ladies! Time to get in gear. I have to say that I'm flying over the moon from the fact that Dan is getting his cock licked and stroked against a hot teen pussy while having this important conversation. I'd love to bask in the cucquean fantasy of this scene for hours, but we have a lovely young woman here who is desperately eager to get initiated. Let's get back to the throne, er, I mean the Dream Chair, and get this show on the road! And lose those chains, like, now. We don't want our man to get mad and go on some kind of wild King Dong rampage."

The others disengaged and shuffled out of the room, clanking their chains as they went. Ruby was the last to leave, since she gave my cock a fond good-bye kiss, which turned into a whole series of kisses before some coughs from me prodded her to finally disengage.

I had a hard time not laughing, because I couldn't understand this whole "King Dong" thing. It seemed like a joke, but they all seemed to take it seriously. Not for the first time, I decided to just shrug it off as yet another inexplicable female mystery.

Once even Ruby was gone, Mindy came back to me and gave me a hug. A hand went right to my saliva-soaked boner and she started jacking me off. She looked up into my eyes with concern and love. "Are you okay? Really okay, with all of this?"

"To be frank, no. I have a feeling that we're going too far. Things are getting completely out of hand with all this 'master' and 'cock slave' stuff. I mean, it's crazy enough that five spectacularly beautiful women want to share one guy! What's up with that?! They could do so much better."

Mindy chuckled gleefully, and playfully buried her face against my neck. That wasn't exactly the reaction I was expecting. "Oh, Honey! You're just so adorable. You're like a broken record. You never get it, never adjust to the new reality. But that's one big reason why we love you so much. You're so stubbornly moral! It's absolutely adorable!"

Miffed, I said stiffly, "I'm glad I amuse you so much."

She pulled back and made eye contact. She was still giving me a great handjob, but she was acting like it didn't merit a mention. "Don't be like that. It's wonderful. If you were to let this go to your head, it would kind of ruin it. The fact that you resist makes it twice as much fun to constantly corrupt you. Speaking of which, let's go out there and get seriously corrupted!"

She was so full of enthusiasm and anticipation that it was impossible to get mad at her. I just sighed.

She poked into my chest. "One thing, though. Please, whatever you do, DON'T ruin Sue Ellen's evening! Please! I beg you! This may not mean much to you, but this really IS like her one and only wedding night."

I glanced down at her stroking hand. "Can we talk about that? I mean, the fact that she seems to think this is like her wedding night is so disturbing in and of itself-"

"No," Mindy said flatly. "No, we can't talk about that. The girls are waiting! Just roll with it, okay? Just this once." She spoke with unusual forcefulness. "We NEED this to happen, okay? Please go along with this and don't act like a fuddy duddy. Please? For me?"

I looked at her intently. Finally, I relented with a small nod.

"Excellent!" She suddenly pulled away, leaving my boner bouncing from the abrupt movement. "Wait! You stay right there. I'm going to go make sure everyone is in position with their chains off and everything. Okay? Hold on!" She was out of the room in a flash, before I could even respond.

Left alone, I found myself thinking, They were just saying that this cock slave stuff is fun and doesn't mean anything, and then they tell me this is like Sue Ellen's one and only wedding night. Which one is it? I guess I am slow on the uptake. Maybe it's because I lack confidence in myself. I mean, it's crazy they all want me this much! I still refuse to believe it. I think they're just in love with the idea of being submissive to somebody, and I happen to be in the right place at the right time. But then again, Michelle and Ruby have loved me for a long time, and Cindy has too, in her own way. It's only Sue Ellen's behavior that's completely inexplicable. I need to get to the bottom of that.

Before I could ponder this any more, I heard Mindy rushing back through to the house to me. She hadn't even been gone a minute. She pounded on the door, and hissed, "Dan! Everything's ready!"

I opened the door. Strangely, I was feeling nervous, much more so than earlier. Perhaps it was because the mentions that Sue Ellen considered this to be her de facto wedding had finally sunk in and greatly raised the stakes in my mind.

Mindy looked me up and down and then smirked with a big smile, "I like your outfit." Obviously, she was amused that I was heading to this wedding of sorts while buck naked and with my hard cock poking lewdly forward. But I didn't have a chance to respond to that, because there was a fire in her eyes, and she grabbed my hand. "Come on! Hurry! Everybody's dying of anticipation!"

I let my wife pull me along through the house. I found my heart beating fast, and with every step we took, my heart pounded even harder.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, JamieLynn, Phunky, Wayac, Johnny Galt, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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