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Chapter 3

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

When the Dream Chair and the big bed it rested upon came into view, I saw Sue Ellen standing right in front of it. She was completely naked, of course. I was glad to see all the chains were gone. Cindy knelt on one side of her, and Michelle and Ruby knelt on the other. Some evocative instrumental music played, adding emotional heft to the mood.

Mindy suddenly raced ahead of me. She shucked off her "sexy druid" robe in a flash and then knelt alongside Cindy. This surprised me, since she was always insistent on separating herself from the cock slaves on a status level. But maybe the urge to complete the symmetry of having two naked women kneeling on one side of Sue Ellen to match the Gruesome Twosome kneeling on the other side was too tempting for her to resist.

There's no denying that the overall scene was impressive. I must admit that it literally took my breath away.

Sue Ellen though looked absolutely ravishing. Most women look better decked out to the nines, but thanks to Sue Ellen's athletic build and her all-over tan, I thought she looked her best when wearing nothing at all. She appeared uncertain and vulnerable, but also full of love and hope. It was all I could do not to rush across the room and give her a supportive hug and kiss.

Instead, I did what everyone expected of me. With each of them intently watching every move I made, I solemnly strode forward and resolutely took my place in the Dream Chair to preside over the ceremony.

However, Sue Ellen's reaction shocked the hell out of me. She suddenly dropped down to the floor. She prostrated herself before me with her arms outstretched in front of her and her chin and forehead literally touching the floor. Her knees were bent, leaving her bare ass up in the air. Once she was in that position, she breathlessly whispered, "Master!"

My first reaction was to want to say, "Oh, come ON! I'm just a guy! Don't treat me like this. It's not right!" I looked around at the four others who were "merely" kneeling. Each one wore a facial expression that all but yelled, "Dan, please! Don't blow it! Don't ruin this moment for her!"

So much for the "no bowing" rule I'd just instituted a couple of minutes ago! I was tempted, oh-so-sorely tempted, to pull the plug. I felt like I was being taken for a ride. The women all claimed that this kind of thing was just playful sexy fun, but all signs indicated to me that they were taking this VERY seriously! I got the inescapable feeling that they'd been just telling me what I wanted to hear to placate me.

I searched my feelings. I have to admit this is simply too arousing and amazing for me to resist. I hope they won't go too far with some things, such as the metal chains, and I need to stay firm about stuff like that. But the fact is, I LIKE having Sue Ellen as my cock slave! Hell, I love it! How can I say no? I can't.

What really bothers me is how they put me on a pedestal as some kind of infallible super stud, and how the slavery idea could be seen as me being demeaning to them. I'm not really "superior" to anyone here, and they're not really slaves. It's just that I happen to be the only one in the house with a penis, so I have a huge advantage when it comes to sexual supply and demand. Why can't they see that?!

Is it be possible for me to still be recognized as a "regular guy" AND a master of my own de facto harem of cock slaves? And can they be submissive in the bedroom but otherwise normal outside of it? That would be extremely appealing to me! Maybe this can work, after all.

I decided to stay quiet and not ruin Sue Ellen's big moment. But I did my best to telepathically communicate to Mindy not to go too over the top with the "masterful master" stuff. Of course telepathy isn't possible as far as I know, but close and loving husbands and wives have a way of non-verbal communication that works almost as well, in my opinion. I stared at Min with a discouraging frown until she nodded back at me.

With that hopefully sorted out, I nodded at Sue Ellen. I hoped that was what they were waiting for to proceed, because I didn't know what else I was supposed to say or do.

Luckily, that seemed to do the trick. I saw Mindy give Sue Ellen a subtle nudge (since she was bowing too low to see my nod), and then Sue Ellen rose up and crawled towards me. Her face couldn't have appeared any more serious, and there was more than a hint of nervousness in her eyes as well.

To my surprise, she kept on coming at me, crawling up onto and over me until she had her pussy right over my crotch! A couple of the other girls removed the armrests from the chair, enabling her to settle into place with her hands on my shoulders to hold herself up and her face only about a foot away from mine. Her pussy (and most of the rest of her!) remained up above me, directly over my erection.

Her nervousness faded away before my eyes, and all I could see in her face was love and happiness as she stared at me intently from very close range. There was a predatory hunger there too, showing how very aroused she was.

Who knows how long she would have remained precariously perched like that, but Mindy spoke up then in an authoritative "mistress of ceremonies" voice. "Welcome. We are gathered here today to witness the union of this humble cock slave and her master. Let the ceremony begin."

With that, the four other women drew closer to Sue Ellen. Suddenly, there were many hands reaching out, most of them either on Sue Ellen's ass or holding my dick straight up. Within a matter of seconds, her pussy was lined up with my pole, and she was being guided down onto it. When the wetness of her nether lips began spreading around my cockhead, she and I sighed with pleasure and relief.

Once the insertion was made, she used the weight of her body to impale herself. It happened so fast that a couple of the hands that were both holding and stroking my boner barely had time to get out of the way. I saw the biggest, brightest smile you could possibly imagine cross her face as she settled all the way down, fully sheathed around my cock.

I could sense that she was practically boiling with lust as her delicate inner muscles and tissues throbbed and contracted powerfully around my intruding erection. No doubt about it, this is where my cock slave wanted to be, embracing my stiffness to the fullest between her legs!

Mindy intoned solemnly, "It is as it should be. Sue Ellen Miller, it is time for you to fully and permanently enslave yourself to your one and only natural master, Daniel Cooper. Are you ready?"

Sue Ellen stared intently into my eyes and spoke gravely, like this was a life or death matter to her. "I am." Somehow, she managed to look serious and deliriously happy at the same time.

It occurred to me with a start, That's the first time I've ever found out what Sue Ellen's last name is! Here is this incredible, smart, and beautiful girl who wants to become my "cock slave," possibly for life, and yet I've known her so briefly that I still don't know some of the most basic facts about her! How insane is that?!

In the same solemn tones, Mindy asked, "Daniel, Honey, my loving husband, are you ready to begin the initiation of Sue Ellen Miller into your harem, so she can dedicate her life to serving you and your great cock?"

Is it just my imagination or does Mindy sound suddenly short of breath? At any rate, this is my big chance to bring some sanity to this crazy situation. At the very least, I can provide some kind of reality check. For one thing, when did my dick officially become a "great cock?"

But all I said was, "I am." My thick boner stiffened and flexed inside of Sue Ellen's hot, wet cunt, as if proudly laying claim to her most intimate flesh. Damn, I'm weak!

That caused Sue Ellen to shiver all over, possibly due to an orgasm. I could particularly feel it as her pussy walls shuddered around my erection in enthusiastic response.

Mindy declared, "Then let my husband's other still unofficial cock slaves pay their respects and bless this union before we proceed to the formal vows."

With that, a multitude of hands appeared and gently repositioned Sue Ellen and me. My lower body was lifted up and I was slid forward until my ass was perched right on the edge of my seat, with my balls hanging freely over the edge. My legs were spread wide open so my crotch could be easily accessed from various angles.

Sue Ellen was spun around on my impaling shaft so that she could sit in my lap and lie back against me, with her head coming naturally to rest in the crook of my shoulder. She turned her mouth towards mine, as much as she could. It helped that she twisted her upper body some.

I used my fingers to lightly stroke her jaw and throat to hold her head in just the right position for me to kiss her as her cunt throbbed mightily around my erection.

Her tongue snaked its way between my lips to duel with my own. At the same time, she spread her legs widely until she was practically doing the splits on top of me. Then, using the incredible power of her thigh and groin muscles, she started levering herself upward, slowly withdrawing my raging boner from her. She lifted herself up just enough so that my boner very nearly pulled free from her tight pussy, yet she didn't quite relinquish it from her skillfully clasping labia lips. Only the top half of my cockhead remained within her.

She had her legs spread wide, much wider than mine. She somehow managed this very impressive gymnast-like pose with her legs pointing perfectly straight to either side, even as she arched and twisted her back to press her shoulder against my chest and maintain the kiss we were both still sharing. But the big downside I saw to this position was it didn't appear to give her much leverage if she wanted to bounce up and down on my boner.

This was all very strange to me. I had no idea what was going to happen next. (Except that it would probably be very sexual and feel really, really good!)

But it looked like I was the only one not in the know, because no one blinked an eye when my wife crawled forward and put her face right up to where my boner was joined with Sue Ellen's pussy. Thanks to the new Dream Chair and the way Sue Ellen and I were positioned, Mindy could kneel there in front of us in perfect comfort.

Min wrapped a hand around my shaft and cupped her other hand onto one of Sue Ellen's ass cheeks. She began alternately kissing and licking my erection, and blowing her sweet breath on it. At the same time, she began to speak. "Now is the time for each of us in turn to bless this union with our bodies, and also freely share our feelings about this loving enslavement. As Dan's official wife, it's up for me to go first."

But she didn't follow that up with any more words just yet. Instead, she licked her way down to my balls. She sucked each one of my balls into her mouth and rolled her tongue over them while humming with pleasure.

At the same time, she used her hands to push Sue Ellen's body down onto my shaft a little bit. Since my Cupcake was stretched out like a gymnast doing the splits, it didn't take much for her soaked cunt to slide a few inches down my hard-on.

Then, thanks to Mindy's push, Sue Ellen essentially "bounced" on it, causing her tight pussy walls to squeeze past my most sensitive cockhead and sweet spot, over and over again. When the bouncing came to a near or full halt, Mindy would give her another push, just like she was keeping a baby's cradle constantly rocking.

Do I need to say that it felt absolutely fantastic? Because it did! I'd never been fucked this way before, and it was quite a different experience. I'd been extremely aroused before the ceremony even began. I prayed that I'd have the stamina to hold out. It would be embarrassing to cum at the wrong time.

After Mindy finished bathing my balls in her saliva and humming her approval through them, she licked and kissed her way back up my shaft. The amount of kissing was unusual, since she was lingering and very sensual in how she did it, but it was a good symbolic way to show love and approval. When she neared my cockhead though, she slowly brought Sue Ellen's light bouncing to a halt. She began licking and kissing exactly where Sue Ellen's stretched-out pussy lips met the thickest part of my cockhead, and she obviously couldn't do that while the bouncing was going on.

I was afraid to look at the other girls, for fear their sexy appearance and actions would arouse me too much. I figured the odds were very good they were masturbating. But I could hear a lot of heavy breathing, showing this ritual was affecting everyone.

My wife moaned hungrily and repeatedly as she licked and kissed right at our joining. But, to my surprise, she didn't stop there. Since Sue Ellen was facing away from me, Mindy's tongue could trail right up to the apex of our joining and start lusciously worming its way under Sue Ellen's clitoral hood. Mindy used her fingers to spread her labia apart and peel back her clitoral hood, exposing her ripely engorged, defenseless clit to the cooling air of the room between Mindy's heated breaths.

My Cupcake gasped in surprise and broke our lip-lock. I could feel her trembling in anticipation. It didn't take a genius to figure out she'd probably never had her clit directly licked and suckled while holding a dick as thick as mine inside her cunt.

I knew that Sue Ellen had to be going absolutely out of her mind with erotic pleasure overload, since her breathing was getting ragged at this point, yet she was surprisingly quiet through it all. Her face was still practically right in mine, but her eyes were closed now and she had the most serene expression on her face. She looked like someone who was sleeping and experiencing the best dream imaginable.

I was surprised that she didn't have to breathe heavily, at least so far. And it was even more remarkable that not only could she stretch her legs out wide like that, but she could maintain that difficult pose for so long without showing any apparent strain. I recalled how very athletic she was. Surely none of my other cock slaves would be able to have a ceremony in that position.

It occurred to me, This might be a bit of showing off, proving her fitness to be a top notch cock slave. If so, it sure as hell i working for me! Gaawwwd, she's so fucking fit and agile! And with her flawless tan and all the rest, I don't know she could possibly be improved! Such a tight cunt too! UNGH!

My wife definitely had a good excuse to explore her secret lesbian urges during this ceremony, and she was taking full advantage. She kept working Sue Ellen's clit with her lips and tongue until the totally blissed-out girl began panting even harder, like a winded runner moments after finishing a race.

Mindy eventually retreated back to exactly where Sue Ellen and I were joined. As she repeatedly licked and kissed right along that connection, she finally began to speak. "I think I speak for us all when I say that having Sue Ellen come into our lives has been an unexpected delight, and all-around joy. Not to mention, girl, you taste so GOOD on my husband's cock!"

She fastened her open mouth to the union of Sue Ellen's cunt and my boner and ran her tongue along those tightly stretched nether lips, swabbing up the tasty cream leaking from my cock slave's overheated interior, humming with happiness all the while. That soon had both of us straining not to cum too soon.

Next, Mindy trailed a line of kisses up Sue Ellen's belly to her breasts, before capturing one of her nipples between lips, teeth and tongue. "Sue Ellen, as far as I'm concerned, you're not just enslaving yourself to my husband, and dedicating your life to serving him, loving him, and pleasuring his cock - you're joining our family! I feel like I'm gaining another daughter. Nothing could make me happier!"

I wanted to express my heartfelt agreement with that sentiment about joining our family. However, I didn't know if it was my turn to speak, and somehow it didn't feel right for me to talk until I was called on. Considering the way my wife began lovingly working her way up to Sue Ellen's mouth, it probably would have been a bad choice on my part to speak up just then and distract Mindy from what she was doing.

So, instead, since Mindy's face was so close to mine, I leaned forward and planted my lips on her cheek, even as she continued her tongue duel with the girl on my lap who held my cock inside of her athletic body. That quickly turned into a three-way kiss between Mindy, Sue Ellen, and me.

Sue Ellen was panting, but otherwise seemed to be in a blissed-out, dreamy state. But as soon as our lips touched, she eagerly responded in kind. I put one of my hands on her head and pulled her closer so we could all neck with ease. To call it a passionate kiss doesn't begin to describe it. Both women took my breath away to such a degree that for a while I forgot that my cock was in Sue Ellen's pussy, or that my wife was still licking and kissing both of us together.

Eventually, my adorable Cupcake ran out of air and had to pull back. She opened her eyes, and I noticed tears copiously pouring down her cheeks. This would have concerned me, except the way her face was glowing with love made it clear that these were tears of joy.

I know that guys aren't supposed to cry, but I was so moved that I'm afraid I started to shed more than a few tears myself. Sue Ellen, I love you so much! My Cupcake! It's odd to feel so strongly for someone who I practically just met, but it's true. Your heart is so pure and kind. I honestly love you!

After the kiss ended, Mindy pulled away.

Sue Ellen then pulled her legs in and bent them. However, it turned out that she was only giving them a short rest, because she soon stretched them back out in the same perfectly straight pose.

And as soon as she did that, Cindy took up the same position Mindy had started in.

Cindy wasted no time, and immediately got busy licking my shaft. She seemed to want to be everywhere at once, so she was using both hands to fondle and stroke whatever she wasn't licking. Like my wife, she kissed just as much as she licked. It didn't take long for her to "go for the jugular" and lick and kiss along Sue Ellen's stretched pussy lips.

Finally, she spoke in a very breathy and emotional voice. "Sue Ellen, I know you're crying, and I'm crying too. I'm sorry, but I'm emotionally overcome! It's so beautiful! Weddings always make me cry."

My cock suddenly lurched and twitched as I thought, "Weddings?" Who said anything about a wedding?! Oh Jesus, that's right, this is supposed to be like a wedding, only even more biding. Damn!

Cindy brought her hands up and caressed Sue Ellen's splayed-out thighs and ass cheeks in a tantalizing, sensual manner. "I love how you're stretched out and impaled on our master. It so perfectly shows how you're completely dedicated to serving his big, beautiful cock!"

With that, she pushed down on the tops of Sue Ellen's thighs. But unlike Mindy, she didn't let go and let Sue Ellen bounce. Instead, she kept slowly pushing until Sue Ellen was as fully impaled on me as she could possibly be.

She kept holding her down in that position. In a hot, envious whisper, she loudly asked, "Feel that? He's balls-deep in you! Are you squeezing your pussy walls for him?"

Sue Ellen gasped in a near whisper, "Y-y-yes!"

And indeed she was. It seemed that someone had been teaching Sue Ellen some sex tricks, because she was "massaging" my shaft in especially pleasurable ways. My erection wasn't moving at all, but her cunt was tightening around me in sensuously rippling waves.

Cindy purred, "Good! That's a good slave. And that's what you are: a slave! You live to serve your master! How does that make you feel, to be one of his sex slaves?"

Sue Ellen's voice couldn't have sounded any more erotic. "Sooooo gooood!" she groaned emphatically. It was like she was peaking through a great orgasm, but that didn't seem to be the case since she continued to "milk" my boner with her expert pussy clenching movements. She unexpectedly added, "I've never been so happy! I could just DIE!"

Cindy had a hand holding my balls, rolling them in her fingers. Her tongue kept on licking along Sue Ellen's wet pussy lips too. But her other hand was on top of one of Sue Ellen's thighs, keeping her completely impaled on me.

However, Cindy took her hand from my balls and slowly caressed her way up to the front side of Sue Ellen's body. At first, it just seemed that she wanted to play with Sue Ellen's clit, and she did. But then she caressed her way up to her lower abdomen. She cooed, "I'm wondering if I can feel the King poking inside you. He's inside you right here, isn't he?" She stroked back and forth across what she thought was a slight bulge in Sue Ellen's smooth skin. "Can you feel him?"

Sue Ellen groaned in a voice of total abandon, "Unnngh... Soooo deeeeep..."

Cindy purred huskily, "That's right! He's all the way inside you. Filling you up. You're a vessel for his pleasure! You're his slave! His COCK slave! You live to serve your master! Forever! How does that make you feel?"

At the same time, she let up on keeping Sue Ellen pressed down. That made Sue Ellen's cunt slide up my shaft in the most excruciatingly pleasurable way. And just as soon as it seemed she pulled all the way off, Cindy pushed her back down until she was fully impaled on me again.

I was surprised by Cindy's words. After all, she was supposed to be the most reasonable woman in our group. But it seemed that she was carried away by the ceremony.

Sue Ellen has been blissed out with closed eyes, but she suddenly opened them and turned her head to look back at me. She replied, "So good! So great! Oh, Master! My love! Oh! Oh! ... I'm... I'm going to cum! Can I cum? Please?!"

To my own surprise, I said far more calmly than I felt, "Not yet, my love."

She grunted and frowned with doubt. Her face was straining, and it seemed she didn't think she could last much longer.

I insisted between my own heavy pants, "Hold it in, Cupcake. For me!"

"UGH!" Clearly, Sue Ellen was desperate to cum already. But it seemed that my use of her nickname "Cupcake" instantly stiffened her resolve. I could see renewed determination in her eyes.

But Cindy wasn't making things any easier on her. She brought her hand back down to play with my balls and shaft again. But her other hand kept on slowly pushing Sue Ellen down and then letting her back up. In this way, Cindy kept "impaling" her on me over and over and over again.

From the look on the side of Sue Ellen's face I could see, if she wasn't already crying due to being emotionally overcome then she might have been crying from sheer erotic overload, or maybe even the intensity of her struggle not to cum just yet.

Cindy wasn't ignoring me either. Since she was controlling just how fast Sue Ellen's cunt was sliding up and down my shaft, she was able to lick and kiss her way along my erection in time to the slow rhythms of our fornication. The friction of her tongue no doubt tasted and collected the cream that Sue Ellen's cunt was smearing onto me with every penetration. And since Cindy was in control like this, she could keep her lips and tongue right next to Sue Ellen's widely stretched pussy lips. Somehow, I wasn't in imminent danger of cumming just yet, but Cindy was doing everything possible to arouse me, and Sue Ellen was too for that matter - to the max!

Eventually, I reached such a tremendous erotic high that I entered a sort of sexual trance. Everything became a blur, and I lost track of the details and of how much time passed. My body seemed to reach some magical place where I could "endure" any amount of sexual arousal without having to cum!

I'd been so preoccupied by an endless tidal wave of arousal that I hadn't paid much attention to what was happening elsewhere in the room. Besides, it was very dark, except for the candlelight. But I finally took time to look around, and I was surprised to see Ruby and Michelle crying too. It seemed that all of us were crying tears of joy, even me!

I thought, What a bunch of crybabies. Sheesh! But that was just a kind of joke to myself, because I couldn't be more pleased at how emotionally moved we all were by the initiation ceremony. And I reminded myself that we hadn't even made it to the formal vows yet.

Cindy held Sue Ellen down, keeping her impaled balls-deep on my shaft as she lightly kissed Sue Ellen's hardened nipples, before moving up to kiss the girl she held down on my lap.

I gave Cindy a kiss on the cheek as she thrust her tongue into Sue Ellen's mouth, and that had some rather impressive repercussions and reverberations down at the union of our crotches.

It took a while, but Cindy finally, reluctantly, pulled away, to be immediately replaced by Ruby.

Unlike Cindy and Mindy, Ruby scooted forward on her knees. She probably knew how much I loved seeing her massive globes dangling down. She reached her hands up to cup and stroke Sue Ellen's cheeks as she raised her wetted lips to meet mine. Then she kissed Sue Ellen with what looked like to me a slowly smoldering passion.

Down below, my erection was suddenly getting massaged and squeezed with more heat and wetness than it had been before. I swear I could feel Sue Ellen's tautly stretched nether lips weeping cum around my impaling shaft, with some fluid ticklishly dripping down onto my balls.

When Ruby finally came up for air, she skimmed her fingertips lightly down Sue Ellen's neck and caressed her shoulders. She sighed in a breathy voice that betrayed her lust, "Welcome to the family, sister."

Trailing a line of licks and kisses along Sue Ellen's jaw and into the hollow of her throat, Ruby whispered hotly, and loudly enough for everyone to hear, "I hope you realize just how much I envy you right now, sitting here on Daddy's lap in front of all of us, with his big fucking cock filling you up so... very... very... VERY... UGH! ... FULL..."

Sue Ellen gasped and whined through gritted teeth as she arched her back against me, trying to resist the urge to cum again.

Ruby wasn't making it easy on her either, with the way she stuck her tongue out and slowly trailed it down the middle of Sue Ellen's chest from her throat to between her breasts, and then back up again, exciting them both with the sensation of friction. Then Ruby slid her hands off Sue Ellen's shoulders and down her sides, caressing her ribs gently before bringing her palms up to cup the breasts on either side of her face.

"Remember this feeling!" Ruby breathed passionately, as she licked and kissed Sue Ellen's rock hard nipples with the lightest of touches from her lips and tongue. "All those hours you're away waitressing, or playing volleyball, or maybe your master is just off on another date fucking somebody new... Recall the ecstasy you're shared and will soon share again! This is what it means to be a REAL woman, in love with a REAL man! You're one of the elite, the few, the lucky, who endlessly serve Dan... and his King!"

Hearing that, Sue Ellen found new inspiration and energy. She started squirming a bit on my lap. Balls deep inside of her as I was, even that little movement felt simply awesome. Her internal muscles renewed their assault on my stiffness.

Ruby splayed her fingers out and flattened her palms against Sue Ellen's taut belly, lovingly stroking and massaging her abdominal muscles. What caused my cock to jerk and throb still more urgently is that I could feel the "echoes" of those touches where my erection lay within the heated confines of the increasingly hot and wet vagina that enclosed me. I can only imagine that Ruby's touches had a purpose, because it seemed like her caresses homed in on my rod until she was rubbing her hands up and down Sue Ellen's lower belly and, in effect, massaging my boner while my dick stayed trapped inside the girl sitting on my lap!

Admittedly, it wasn't anything like a full-on handjob, but the fact that I could feel Ruby's touch through Sue Ellen at all was absolutely astounding to me.

"This is where you belong," Ruby crooned to her. "It's where you should be, and where you will be... again and again and again! As one of Daddy's cock slaves, he's going to fuck you countless thousands of times! Millions of times, maybe!"

Obviously, she was getting carried away there with the "millions," but I didn't want to discourage her. The "thousands" idea was mind-blowing enough for me. I had to remind myself I was still a married man!

She went on, "His cock belongs in your cunt, or in your mouth, or on your skin... just as your hot, wet, and juicy cunt belongs both to, and on, his cock! Cum is love! Bathe in his hot, spermy love for you! What is most important to you, or I, or any of us, than serving our master with our young and busty bodies in pursuit of lust and love?"

Sue Ellen whispered in quiet awe, "Nothing!"

Ruby nodded sagely, as if she were imparting an eternal truth to a trusted disciple. "Anytime, anywhere, in front of anyone, you will spread your legs and worship your master's cock with all you have and everything you are, for as long as you draw breath. The better you serve him, the more orgasms, joy, and love YOU will enjoy in return. This I swear to you!"

With a groan of repressed desire, Ruby's head then dove down into our conjoined crotches.

Both Sue Ellen and I yelped and gasped in surprise at how hungrily she "attacked" Sue Ellen's clit and widely stretched labia lips before pulling her mouth downwards to kiss and suck at the scant inch or so of my shaft not completely engulfed already.

Then she trailed her tongue down to lick and swab my balls with her saliva.

Both Sue Ellen and I were having a hard time keeping our cool as Ruby mercilessly "ate" her way around our most sensitive flesh with a hunger that simply would not be denied!

However, before either of us reached the point of no return, Ruby changed tactics again and drew my entire scrotum into her mouth, even as my stiff cock remained fully impaled in Sue Ellen. Ruby then started playing with my balls in her mouth, gently pushing them around using her tongue. Between that and the way Sue Ellen spasmodically clenched her pussy walls around my shaft, it felt absolutely fantastic!

I must have zoned out a little while Ruby sucked on my balls, because one moment her mouth and tongue were all over my sack, and somehow the next moment my balls were hanging down unoccupied and Ruby was sitting back on her heels looking at Michelle. I guessed that what was going on was that Michelle (probably rightly!) figured that if she didn't stop Ruby from keeping my balls in her mouth then Michelle would never get her "turn" to welcome Sue Ellen into the family. What little I could see, given my position, looked more like a subtle battle of wills than anything else, since the two of them stayed absolutely silent the whole time.

I knew that privately Ruby had to be grumbling, feeling like she hadn't been given her fair share of time between my legs, but Michelle's impatient glare silenced her quiet protests. Ruby sighed and reluctantly dragged herself back to her place in the semi-circle, but not before giving each of my balls a parting kiss, giggling, "For luck."

Then it was Michelle's turn. I was almost afraid of how arousing it was going to be.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, Phunky, Johnny Galt, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am. A special thanks to IBT for adding extensively to some parts of this chapter.

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