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Chapter 4

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I heard myself gulp audibly in trepidation as my most outrageously endowed daughter approached Sue Ellen and me. Michelle shuffled forward awkwardly on her knees, letting her huge melons hang down just in front of her arms. She wiggled her way into the space between my open legs and Sue Ellen's even more widely splayed open thighs.

She kept her eyes downcast as she did so, but I doubted she was doing that for reasons of modesty. I had the sneaking suspicion my little girl was watching my cock (what she could see of it that wasn't in Sue Ellen) and my spit-shined balls with single-minded intensity.

Her swaying and heaving torpedo tits got in the way of her view once she rose up on her knees enough to bring her head at the same level as Sue Ellen's breasts. She immediately grabbed them with both hands and began slowly mauling with a tightening grip that pinched both nipples between forefinger and thumbs.

Michelle seemed to be in a strange mood, even for her, and barely in control of her roiling emotions. She breathed menacingly at Sue Ellen, her voice dangerously quiet. "Do you have ANY IDEA... any idea at all... how fucking JEALOUS I am of you, right now?"

Beyond her, I heard and saw Mindy, Cindy, and Ruby stir from their submissive poses. Flashes of concerned alarm flickered between their gazes. Whatever they'd been expecting Michelle to do, it obviously wasn't this.

In my lap, I felt Sue Ellen tense up and involuntarily wince as Michelle's fingertips squeezed harder on her nipples, but bless her, she didn't flinch or shy away from the challenge being offered.

"And do you have any idea," Sue Ellen murmured softly, cupping Michelle's enormous hooters much more gently, "how incredibly fucking jealous I've been of YOU, ever since I met all y'all?"

With Sue Ellen sitting on my lap as she was, it was a difficult for me to see Michelle's face. But Shelle literally rocked back onto her heels upon hearing that, allowing me to see the shock and incomprehension written all over her features. Clearly she hadn't anticipated Sue Ellen fighting fire with fire like this!

"W-wha-what do you mean you've been jealous of me?" Michelle spluttered, disbelievingly. "You're the perfect, obedient, and annoyingly adorable 'Cupcake' that Daddy loves so much. You're the brand new shiny distraction. Look at you, with your curvy and athletic body, born and bred to serve your master! I'm still a fucking virgin, and it's killing me. But you, you're the one with MY Daddy's big, thick, manly COCK fucked balls-deep inside of you!"

"Where she belongs!" Ruby growled defiantly. Clearly, she wasn't having the same jealousy issues, or if she was, she was handling them differently.

"Yesss..." Cindy, sighed, wistfully, "where we-"

"ALL belong..." Mindy affirmed forcefully, in a tone of voice that brooked no argument.

Sue Ellen leaned forwards, which gave me an unexpectedly sexy thrill as I felt her body shifting on my erection. She stroked Michelle's cheek with one hand and wiped away a tear that was threatening to fall. "I've been WAY more jealous of you," she explained softly, "because although I've only known Master for only a handful of days, you've known him your entire life! You have a bond with him I can't even come close to matching! Not even after years and years. He loves you very, very much. And nobody will EVER take that away from you!"

Michelle looked away shyly, but still let Sue Ellen caress her face.

Sue Ellen continued, "You talk about me having a perfect sex slave body, but what about YOU?! You may very well be the hottest and sexiest vixen I've ever laid eyes on! Great genetics plus years of exercise gives you the PERFECT master-pleasing body! When I think about how I wish I could look in my wildest dreams, it's basically exactly like you!"

"Really?!" Michelle asked.

"Really! Even now, when I've got the King inside of me, it makes me sad to know that I'll never have tits as big and beautiful as yours, or have an ass as deliciously fuckable as yours is, or Kegel muscle control and power like you do. That makes YOU the one ideally born and bred to serve him!"

Wait, what? I thought in momentary confusion, How would Cupcake know about Shelle's Kegel muscle control?!

The realization that such information was common knowledge to everyone (except me, of course) hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks. Now that I think about it, Min has mentioned that the Gruesome Twosome possess "remarkable" muscle control "down there" and that they've been working on developing those incredibly intimate skills literally for YEARS now. That means practically their entire sexually "aware" and active lives!

Why would they go to all that effort, to "exercise" their bodies in a way that only a lover could appreciate? It's so that once I started fucking them, I'd never want to stop! Talk about motivation for learning such an obscure sex skill and technique. Man! I can't fucking WAIT to bust their cherries!

While I was thinking this, I could hear Michelle complain to Sue Ellen, "All that matters is you're balls-deep in Daddy and I'm not! God, that drives me fucking crazy! I would literally do ANYTHING to have his cock bust my hymen!"

I tuned all the way back in to hear Sue Ellen reply, "So what? You know your sex boycott will be resolved soon enough, one way or another. Then you'll have a lifetime of Daddy fucking to look forward to!"

"I know." Michelle looked away in embarrassment. She was actually blushing. "That keep me going."

"So what's the problem? It's like a match made in heaven!"

Michelle growled with intense need that bordered on agony, "The problem is, I need him NOW! I see you having a jolly ol' time, grinding and churning and creaming on his fat cock. I've been working on being where you are right now for YEARS! And then you come out of nowhere and beat me to it! You have no idea how much I crave it!"

Sue Ellen was clearly tossing Michelle a softball question when she asked, "With a body like yours, and the brains you've got, not to mention your charisma and ambition, you could have ANY MAN you wanted, practically for the asking! Rich and powerful men would crawl over broken glass to submit themselves to you and endure the whims of your domination over them in the bedroom. So why do you want this man so badly, when you could have your pick for your own harem of boy toys?"

Michelle slumped on her knees, dejectedly. She couldn't look at Sue Ellen, let alone me, as she fidgeted nervously. Finally, with a deep breath, my baby girl admitted candidly, "There's only one man I love, and only one I want: my Daddy! That's it! Everyone else can go to fucking HELL!"

She stared intensely into my eyes. "Daddy, I need you so desperately badly! I need you in me! Seeing your big cock swallowed up by her tight pussy close up is super hot, but it's torture too! Utter torture!"

Sue Ellen was gently rocking her hips in my lap now, setting up a fiercely arousing friction within the confines of her body. She whispered, approvingly, "And so you chose your Daddy to be your master, to fuck you and fulfill you. He's the only one. There can never be another!"

"Yes!" Michelle was panting hard now, sending those gorgeous torpedo tits heaving and bouncing in every direction. She was also quick to notice Sue Ellen's increased motion, because her gaze was locked onto what was happening down in my crotch.

Sue Ellen nodded knowingly. "Remember, to be a cock slave is to suffer, at least some of the time. There's only one of him and there's five of us, so far. We all know that number will grow."

I thought, We do?! No we don't. Not if I can help it!

Sue Ellen continued, sagely, despite churning on my erection at the same time, "It is our fate to suffer frequent humiliation and/or deprivation. We want our master's cock all the time, but that's not realistic. We usually have to go without! The way I look at it, that's a GOOD thing! It's all part of the experience. This is good practice for you later. The more you have to do without, the more cock slaves you have to share him with. And that means the greater your master is!"

Michelle couldn't look at either of us because she'd shyly turned her head aside, letting her hair fall forward and shield her eyes from our view, but the heartfelt sob of hope and despair that escaped her lips told us all what we needed to know. Yes, she was jealous, but only because she wanted so badly to be in Sue Ellen's place, not because she hated or resented Sue Ellen personally.

After a long pause, Michelle nodded, as if what Sue Ellen just said somehow made perfect sense to her. "This IS a kind of bittersweet joy in seeing him fuck someone else." She added, with growing confidence, "It's torture, but it's a kind of exquisite torture, like being spanked really hard. The important thing is that our master and his cock is being properly serviced."

"Exactly." Sue Ellen ran a hand through Michelle's hair in an approving gesture. "You see? You have what it takes to be a GREAT cock slave! I know you worry that you can't control your own passions, but you will. You love him, and he loves you, and that's all that matters."

Clasping Michelle's limply hanging hands in her own, Sue Ellen guided Michelle's hands to my crotch, enfolding those soft and unresisting fingers around my balls. "Your Daddy loves you more than words could possibly express, you know," she whispered loudly enough for all of us to hear. "He loves you like a father SHOULD love his daughter even out of bed, and like mine never really did, which is another reason why I'll always be a little bit jealous of you. But you're not a little girl anymore... or at least, there's no way you could still be with those way too fucking sexy jutting tits of yours!"

A ripple of amusement fluttered through the other women as all of them nodded and murmured in agreement that nobody could mistake Michelle for a "little" girl anymore. I almost chuckled in along with them, but instead caught my breath when I felt Michelle's fingertips begin gently, softly, and hesitantly start stroking and kneading my balls as she held them cupped in her hands. She stared at them in wonder, as if she was discovering their feel for the first time.

The effect on me was very nearly immediate, and I had no doubt that Sue Ellen knew because there simply wasn't any way for her to NOT be aware of how hard my erection was getting and throbbing with every heartbeat as I fought for control.

Sue Ellen said to Michelle, "Remember, because the times we are with him aren't nearly as often as we'd like, we need to appreciate them to the fullest! Show him how much you love him by loving his balls, just as I'll show him how much I love him by loving his cock!"

It was odd that Sue Ellen's initiation had somehow turned into a pep talk for Michelle, but this just made me appreciate my Cupcake all the more.

Since Michelle wasn't resisting her, Sue Ellen raised her hands and laid them on Michelle's head. She stroked Michelle's hair soothingly some more while Michelle's breathing quickened with her mounting lust and returning arousal. Then she did something I hadn't been expecting: she tightened her grasp on Michelle's head and started pulling her face towards our conjoined crotches!

Sue Ellen crooned in a slightly hypnotic murmur, "Your master is your KING! So, be a good girl, be a good sex slave daughter, and open your sexy mouth... yes, just like that... and take your master's balls, the balls you came from, between your lips and love them with your tongue, as only YOU can!"

I thought I was in some kind of magical zone where I could handle any level of stimulation without cumming. But feeling Michelle scoop my nuts up onto her tongue and hold them in her mouth while Sue Ellen's cunt started squeezing me in earnest soon had me riding the edge and fighting to keep from going over. In fact, I could tell I was losing the battle to stave off my own orgasm, when suddenly I heard (and felt) quite literally the last thing I could ever have expected.

Michelle was giving my balls a hummer now, but only because she didn't want to let go of them in order to do properly what was happening to her. She was crying. If she hadn't been holding my balls in her mouth (both of them), she would have been gasping and sobbing. And somehow, I KNEW, with absolute certainty, that this wasn't a performance put on for my benefit! My little girl was crying, for real, even as she mouthed my balls and lovingly laved them with her tongue, and that was enough to bring all my protective fatherly instincts to the fore, knocking me back from the edge of my uncontrolled arousal.

Without even thinking about what I was doing, let alone why, I reached out with one of my hands and stroked the back of her long blonde hair soothingly, just like I had done countless times when my little girl had given herself a boo-boo and hadn't managed to work herself up to a good wail yet. It was automatic for me, the immediate urge to comfort and soothe away the hurts and scrapes of a child's life that's ingrained in any father who loves their children.

"There, there, Shelle... Daddy loves you..." I said automatically, using the same phrase I had repeated over the years. "It's okay, baby... don't cry. I'm right here for you."

It was a ritual we'd had, that had smoothed over so many hurt feelings, time and time again, as my troublesome little girl grew up. But this time, things were different. I wasn't dealing with a child anymore, especially not when she had my balls in her mouth while another teenage fox kept herself impaled on my throbbing erection!

Normally, I would have taken Michelle into my arms and hugged her while she glommed onto me fiercely until her need to cry passed, but given our physical positions that was simply impossible to do. So, without even considering how my actions would be interpreted, I did the only appropriate thing I could under the circumstances to adapt our well worn routine into something equivalent.

I pulled Michelle's head and face tighter into my crotch using my hand on the back of her head. I could feel the heat of her breath streaming out of her nose when she exhaled, warming the scant inch at the root of my cock that lay outside the clasping confines of Sue Ellen's tightly stretched nether lips.

I couldn't see Michelle clearly since Sue Ellen was sitting on my lap and blocking my view of what was going on "down there," but given the way Sue Ellen's breathing suddenly quickened and her wet, hot pussy got even wetter and tighter, I was willing to bet that Sue Ellen's clit was riding the bridge of Michelle's nose.

I thought I had everything under control, including my urge to cum. But then I felt another pair of hands settle over mine, making me nearly leap out of my skin in surprise! I'd completely forgotten about the others while Sue Ellen, Michelle, and I had our little drama, but now that I was looking I could see that Mindy had moved up behind Michelle and was softly adding the weight and pressure of her own hands to mine, thereby pushing Michelle's face into my crotch and forcing her to keep my balls in her mouth.

"It's all right, love," Mindy crooned reassuringly beside Michelle's ear, not entirely successful at hiding her own distress that her daughter's unexpected crying fit had brought on. "Mom's here for you too. Please don't cry."

"I'm here for you too," Ruby chimed in, laying her hands on one of Michelle's shoulders.

That was quickly followed by Cindy saying "As am I," as she rested a consoling hand on Michelle's other shoulder.

Even Sue Ellen, deeply impaled on my throbbing shaft as she was, gently wiped away a tear from Michelle cheek, saying quietly, "I am here for you too."

Mindy added soothingly, "We all love you. We all love each other. We're a family. We're a harem. Bound together in servitude to our master, yes, but also bound together with love."

There were murmurs of approval all around. I was surprised that Mindy was talking in such terms, because she usually made clear that she didn't consider herself one of my slaves. But I supposed she was letting that slide at the moment to say what Michelle needed to hear.

Then I felt Michelle hiccup, or at least try to, which created the most unexpected sharp suction inside her mouth. A part of me relaxed, because this was the sign that she wasn't going to keep crying. Michelle always got the hiccups after crying, which both Mindy and I had learned from raising her meant that the worst of her emotional storm was passing and she would be alright.

Mindy and I both breathed a sigh of relief when we heard Michelle trying to hiccup, although in my case that turned into a sharp hiss of unexpected feeling when the suction pressure in her mouth increased again, this time very deliberately. Apparently, her lusty passions for me were returning in force!

Mindy sat back on her heels and let go of Michelle, which apparently was a signal to the others to let go of her also. She looked me in the eye past Sue Ellen seated in my lap and gave me a very nervous grin.

"Don't hold it against her, Honey," Mindy sighed sorrowfully. "It's just that she hasn't had any contact with the King for... a while... and, well... you know how I get when I can't have sex with you for a couple of days."

Indeed I did! Over the course of our marriage we'd both come to recognize the signs that Mindy was getting hard up for sex and in need of a deep and exhaustive time spent in bed repeatedly getting horizontal with me (among other positions). She didn't like to admit it, and only when I was feeling a bit suicidal did I ever feel like teasing her about it, but my wife had an impressively strong sex drive, which I'd always privately admired and cherished, but when her drives didn't get satisfied, well... let's just say she could get a little cranky and start acting out a bit until I fucked her properly senseless!

It hadn't really occurred to me that Michelle might take after her mother in that regard. I found that more than a little bit disturbing, since Mindy could get pretty demanding when her period of abstinence ended. By the way, I considered that to be extremely hot and just plain wonderful!

Down in my crotch, Michelle nodded very deliberately, moaning "Mmmm-hmmm!" in emphatic agreement around my obstructing presence in her mouth. Then she inhaled deeply and sighed gustily through her nose before starting to very deliberately and passionately manipulate my balls using her mouth and unexpectedly talented tongue. And when she hummed in her throat, the resulting vibrations did crazy things to my senses.

Sue Ellen's startled gasp of surprised pleasure made me wonder what she was feeling when Michelle hummed on me.

"Oh... my... God..." Sue Ellen breathed disbelievingly as she slumped back against my chest. It was almost as if she was too overwhelmed to take the effort to keep sitting up on my lap. I knew that couldn't be quite right because now her hips were squirming and churning, riding my throbbing boner as Michelle continued humming on my balls while she held them in her mouth. Sue Ellen turned her head to look at me, but I could see that her eyes were glazed and unfocused. Her eyelids were fluttering heavily as she struggled not to succumb to her own rising lusts and desires.

"Master," she whispered hotly into my ear, drunk with her passions, "your daughter is SUCH a good, devoted, and loving cock slave! You should let her suck your balls while I fuck the King more often!"

I would have protested that idea (no really, I would have!) if Michelle hadn't taken Sue Ellen's words as encouragement for what she was doing. Her humming got louder and her tongue began working my balls more purposefully, with yet more devastating effects on me! Whatever I'd been about to say in response turned into a grunt followed by some heavy breathing from me.

Sue Ellen took that to be a "yes" and curled her hands behind my head so as to pull my lips into hers for a kiss. Occupied as I was, by Sue Ellen, I wasn't really aware when everyone pulled back to enjoy the spectacle of Sue Ellen riding me in reverse.

Only Michelle stayed close, since she kept her face pushed into our crotches and kept on giving my balls that "hummer" vibration.

I have to give Sue Ellen a lot of credit: she outdid herself in managing not to cum, despite all of the powerful stimulation she was experiencing. I somehow slipped into a kind of sex trance as I was simultaneously sucked and fucked. As a result, I completely forgot about my command for her not to cum until I gave her my permission. But she didn't forget, and she kept on fighting the orgasmic urge with all her might.

However, eventually, Sue Ellen simply couldn't take it anymore. She hated to disturb me, but she was more worried about disobeying my command. She roused me out of my blissful daze by tapping her fingers against my chest.

"Master! Master! Please! Can I? Please?!"

I couldn't believe this vision of loveliness was reclining naked on my lap before me, with her lips and tongue still hungering to touch mine. She was shivering, trembling, shuddering, and shaking in a desperate struggle to stave off her climax, simply because I'd ordered her to. I glanced down, and was astounded all over again at her fit body and the size of her fantastic breasts.

Then I felt her internal muscles spasm particularly hard as she tried to get my attention. "Master! Please! Please! PLEASE tell me I can cum! I beg you! Please!"

With a jolt, I remembered how I'd commanded her to resist cumming until I gave the word. I also suddenly realized just how badly my body desired to cum too. It seemed that my erotic trance had somehow put my orgasmic need on hold, but now that I was fully conscious again, that need came surging back with a vengeance.

I hadn't been doing much with my hands besides holding Michelle's head tightly against my groin (not that she needed any urging!). But I put them on the top of Sue Ellen's thighs. I shoved her down hard onto my cock, impaling myself into her completely. Then I practically shouted, "CUM!"

And Sue Ellen came.

The way her cunt convulsed and spasmed around my shaft was yet another indescribably pleasurable experience in an evening full of them. If I hadn't been slipping over the edge into orgasm already, that probably would have done it for me in any case. I suddenly wrapped my arms around her chest, grabbing both of her glorious tits in my hands. I pulled her back hard against me just as I started to shoot.

Sue Ellen was having such a wild and fantastic orgasm that I didn't think she had any control over her body.

Then I was cumming with her! Oh God! UNGH! What an orgasm! For the ages! I closed my eyes and actually saw stars!

Sue Ellen felt my cum blasting into her vagina and she immediately reacted. She began frantically bouncing up and down on my long pole, and churning her hips for good measure,

Michelle had been keeping her lips busy on my balls, even as they tightened up towards my body and churned frantically. But Sue Ellen's movements quickly became so physical that Michelle was finally forced to release my balls from her sex-hungry mouth.

Sue Ellen arched her back against my chest, tilted her head back, and screamed like a demon possessed her: "DAAAAAAAN! MAAAAAAASTER!" She kept on screaming for quite a while after that, but she was beyond coherent words. And yet, despite completely giving in to lusty abandon, she somehow kept on bouncing and churning on me!

This joining was such a group event that I'd long lost track of all of the stray hands on my body, and Sue Ellen's body. But as our mutual orgasm hit a peak, and then a higher peak, and yet another higher peak, I felt more and more hands everywhere. And, as Sue Ellen finally started to slow and come down from her mountain peak of orgasms, the hand-holds turned into hugs.

Before long, we were somehow in a six-person group hug, with Sue Ellen and I in the middle and my cock still fully sheathed inside her. And as the screaming died down, I realized that everyone was crying for joy and emotional release. Everyone, including me!

Dammit, I guess I'm just a big softy when it comes down to it. As much as I felt like I was drowning in an endless ocean of sexual pleasure, I felt even more overcome by the love that surrounded all of us. It was a spiritual moment, a true merging of all of us into one.

With my orgasm finally done, my senses started to fully clear. I was struck by the fact that I was literally surrounded on all sides by busty and beautiful female bodies. Arms, legs, tits, asses - every body part was pressing into me, from every angle! It was heaven! Because it was dark, I couldn't tell who was who (except obviously for Sue Ellen, who was slumped back against my chest). And that was thrilling in its own way: all of my women had such physically perfect bodies that it was very tough to tell them apart without looking at their faces and their haircuts.

My foremost thought was, My God! That was intense! I hope that's the end of the ceremony, because nothing could top that!

But that wasn't the end. In fact, I was to learn that that was just the beginning!

Time passed. My penis grew somewhat flaccid, but because I was all the way in Sue Ellen at the time, we never really separated. One could hear that all the women and I had been breathing very hard, and slowly but surely the panting eased. It was almost like we were one beast breathing together and calming down.

Nobody spoke for several minutes as we all basked in the afterglow of what had happened.

Sue Ellen was resting with the back of her head lying on my shoulder and the side of her face pressed against mine. I couldn't see her expression, but I could somehow sense her big smile. When she started to stir, I took her chin in my hand and turned her head so we could gaze into each other's eyes, confirming she was smiling radiantly just as I'd thought.

"Sue Ellen, Cupcake, that was beautiful. Thank you."

"No! Thank YOU, Master!"

With that, we both had the same idea, and our lips met. Besides, I had to do something fast before she blinded my eyes with the brightness of the smile. I swear, it lit up all of the dark room. We shared a deep, soulful kiss.

When it ended, she chided me in a playful yet kind of serious way. "Never thank me. NEVER! My body exists to serve you. That's a FACT! The only thanking should be me thanking you for giving me another chance to make you happy. That was WONDERFUL! I love you! So much!"

We couldn't help but kiss each other again.

I was thinking that I should protest her "don't thank me" attitude somehow. It wasn't right for them to all be so focused on me, like that was the end all be all. However, my heart wasn't in it. Later, maybe. I'd promised not to ruin the ceremony with my objection. Besides, we were all having too much fun!

I still felt hands, arms, and other body parts everywhere. For instance, I realized there had to be two women leaning against the chair behind me, because while Sue Ellen and I kissed, I sensed one head resting on one of my shoulders and another head resting on my other one. Just for fun, I tried to see just how many breasts my wandering hands could reach. I could "only" manage six.

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! How can I not love all this?! I'm experiencing the sorts of sexual pleasures that very few men will ever experience in their lives. And yet, I could see this becoming fairly common for us. Wow!

After such a long and totally satisfying fuck, you'd think that my dick would be done for a while. But I felt it engorging and filling Sue Ellen all the way up again.

Her only reaction was to purr with lusty pleasure and shift her weight around to make sure that I was as deeply buried in her as possible. She kept right on making out with me.

I heard Mindy say, "Sue Ellen, you were great! You really outdid yourself. And the way you handled Michelle with your wise words was an inspiration to us all. Was that everything you wanted it to be?"

Michelle seemed to have forgotten all about her bout of jealousy. "Yeah! The way you kept on churning and lifting your hips all through Daddy's orgasm? God, that was so inspirational!"

Ruby chimed in, "I can't wait until I'm doing that!"

Michelle said, "Well, duh. Obviously! But I almost feel like he did fuck me, because I WAS Sue Ellen for a while there. You know?"

"I know. Totally!" Ruby nodded emphatically.

Cindy just chuckled at the excitable girls, and then purred with contentment and cuddled her naked body closer into mine.

But Michelle hadn't forgotten her earlier outburst after all, because she caressed Sue Ellen's legs as she said to her, "And thank you for saving me from getting carried away back there. It's just that my need to get FUCKED by my Daddy already is so great that it's like I can't even breathe! But you, you ARE an inspiration! I need to try to be more like you, to be less selfish and demanding. I'm trying. Really!"

Sue Ellen said, "I totally understand. If I were in your shoes, I'm sure I'd behave the exact same way."

Once again, Sue Ellen impressed me with her diplomatic words. What a lucky find she was! It was scary to consider that she could have simply stayed a waitress who we barely knew.

I thought, This is as good as it gets. Everyone is happy and love fills the air.

Although I was stiff inside Sue Ellen once more, she was keeping still and relaxed for now instead of trying to wow me with her pussy squeezing. But I wasn't even thinking about that. I just loved the way we were all intimately bonded together. One could almost feel the love in the air, filling the room. As far as I was concerned, this group hug could last forever.

But there was one minor thing bothering me, and I wanted to fix it. I broke the kiss, and with my hand holding Sue Ellen's chin again, I said to her, "By the way, what you said about how I can't thank you, that's not true. Of course I can, and I will! I'm concerned that you may be getting into this for the wrong reasons. Sue Ellen, my Cupcake, love you. We all love you. You're a part of our family now. And this is the key part I want you to understand: you don't have to be one of my cock slaves for that to be true. You can just be my lover. A mistress, maybe, if you want to put a name on it. You don't HAVE to be a slave!"

She was bubbling with eagerness as she replied, "Oh, but I WANT to! So much! I know all that, silly. I've had long talks with Mindy and others about just what I'd be getting myself into. I know my options. I CHOOSE to be your cock slave because it's what I want." Then the irrepressible minx started squeezing me powerfully inside her well fucked pussy. "It's what I NEED!"

Despite her obvious passion, I had to ask, "Are you sure? It still feels like we've just met."

"I know. But when something is right, it's RIGHT! I swear to you, I'll never regret it! When you came into Mama Mia's and swept into my life, it's like... that's when my real life began! You rescued me from my boring, predictable fate. I don't want to be your cock slave as some kind of foot in the door to being a part of this wonderful family. I love all that too, mind you, but I'm doing it because I absolutely ADORE serving you! Master! There's nothing I love more than keeping your cock thick and hard and throbbing with pleasure!"

Then in a quieter, yet more passionately lustful tone, she added rather emphatically, "Especially when you're IN me!"

With that, she started her pussy squeezing tricks again. Enough time had passed by then that I was eager for more fucking fun.

She continued, "You just experienced the same thing I did. You KNOW how good it was! How could I ever want anything more than that? All I want to do is love you, and fuck you, and suck you, and serve you, and be fucked by you, and be with you. And share you." She looked around and smiled at all the other beautiful faces smiling back at her. "You're my man, my master, my love!"

With that, it seemed that she decided that merely squeezing my cock over and over again wasn't good enough. She actually levered herself up on hands and feet and spun herself around without letting my cock slip out of her. Now she was facing me and we could see each other eye to eye, I liked that much better. From her beaming smile, I could tell she liked it too.

But she didn't stop to rest. She started a churning motion on my erection that was simply to die for. In addition to rotating her hips in unpredictable directions, she repeatedly rose up and sank down on my boner, also in an unpredictable way. I never knew what she was going to do next, except that I knew she seemed determined to fuck me to death.

Mindy suddenly pulled away and seemed to slip back into her mistress of ceremonies mode. "I'm glad to hear all that. Why don't we strike while the iron rod is hot and throbbing, so to speak?" She smirked in amusement. "Let's dive right into the vows!"

That set off a scramble of repositioning bodies. Sue Ellen stayed where she was, and she kept on fucking me cowgirl style. But Mindy and Cindy knelt on one side of me and Michelle and Ruby knelt on the other.

They all struck the exact same pose, with their heads bowed down, but not so low that they couldn't make eye contact and see everything that was going on. Their arms were all ramrod straight, and positioned in such a way that they pushed their big tits together, as well as up and out. It was hard to imagine a pose that emphasized (and visually enlarged) the tits more than this one did.

As if she didn't want to miss out on this titty emphasis, Sue Ellen also sat up straight, so she wasn't resting against me in any way. She took her considerable tits in her two hands and hefted them up and out as much as possible, in a very similar manner to what all the kneeling women were doing.

If anything, her new pose only made her churn and grind on my pole even more than before. She threw her head back and luxuriated in what was obviously a very satisfying fucking.

Mindy said in a portentous voice, "Sue Ellen, it is time. Your body already knows that it is hopelessly enslaved to my husband Dan and his cock. Now it's time to make that officially permanent. Before we get started, I have just one question for you: what are the five rules, in order of importance, that you and any other of his cock slaves must live by?"

Sue Ellen didn't hesitate for a second: "'Pleasure his cock,' 'no jealousy,' 'share his cock,' 'Master's needs come first,' and 'wives get first dibs.'"

I couldn't help but notice that the order and wording of a couple of the rules had slightly changed. I didn't have a problem with the changes, but I just thought it was interesting how the rules continued to evolve.

Mindy solemnly nodded. "Very good. Now, say the words to show that you, all of you - heart, mind, body, and soul - are ready and willing to be permanently enslaved to him as well."

Sue Ellen didn't change her pose much, but she stilled her hips and tilted her head back towards mine so we could make good eye contact. She kept on clutching her tits together, making sure to show off a long line of cleavage.

She spoke with a deadly seriousness. "With this cock, I shall find my ultimate fulfillment." Her entire vagina throbbed powerfully when she said this, underscoring her commitment.

To my surprise, all four kneeling women spoke as one: "So shall it be." Their combined voice had a sort of ponderous monotone to it, rather like monks saying their prayers out loud.

While they did that, Sue Ellen churned on my cock. She ground it in circles this way and that, really giving it her all. It was as if she knew she only had a few seconds, and she was determined to get me to cum in that limited time.

Sue Ellen's talented hips finally settled down, and she switched back to "mere" pussy squeezing. She continued, "With and within my cunt and my ass, I shall embrace and worship my one and only master."

Again, all the other women said, "So shall it be." And, just like before, Sue Ellen went back to her athletic hip churning while their others did their little chant.

With her hips stilled again, she went on, "When your balls are full and heavy, I shall drain them for you into and onto my body, with love and devotion."

Again, another chant of "So shall it be" followed, along with another effort by Sue Ellen to grind my cock to a pulp with her sexy hip movements.

"I shall nourish my soul with the cum from your cock, Master, and in my love for you, I can deny you nothing!"

This time, when I heard the "So shall it be" response, I felt chills and thrills throughout my body. It might sound silly or meaningless to someone who wasn't there, but believe me, the combined effect was very emotionally powerful.

"My tits are yours. My mouth is yours. My cunt is yours. My ass is yours."

She varied things up somewhat that time. Instead of staying still while speaking (except for her squeezing pussy walls), when she said "My tits are yours," she leaned forward and deftly managed to playfully rub her nipples across my face. I just as playfully gave her nipples some licks while they came within range. With "My mouth is yours," she passionately kissed me. With "My cunt is yours," she raised herself up until I thought for sure that we would disconnect. But then she slammed back down for a very vigorous impaling.

And with "My ass is yours," she took my hands and brought them to her ass cheeks. I thought she would stop there, but she pulled my hands back and tried her best to guide me into a simulated spanking.

I got the message, and gave her a couple of hard smacks on each ass cheek. I couldn't do it just the way I wanted, since we were face to face, but it was satisfying nonetheless.

Finally, the others chanted, "So shall it be."

I sensed Sue Ellen went off script for a moment here, because her voice had a more casual tone. "By the way, Master, I hope you'll spank me... A LOT! When I'm bad, and when I'm good, or anywhere in between... For any reason. Or for no reason at all. After all, my body belongs to you! It exists for your pleasure!"

I noticed the others all looked up slightly at that ad lib, but they managed another "So shall it be" with the usual perfect unison.

Sue Ellen seemed to want to make a particular point of emphasis about the spanking, because she churned on my cock for an extra long time. Her breath was growing ragged, and I was getting extremely worked up too. I hoped there weren't many more lines to her vows, because I didn't know how long my dick could hold out!

She continued, "I am, and will always be, your loving and devoted cock slave."

This time, the others chanted, "And so are we all." That made me shiver all over again.

"I am yours, Master. I am yours!"

The others chanted, "We are yours as well. Your slaves. We live to serve! So say we all!"

While Sue Ellen celebrated that with yet more expert hip churning, I took the time to make eye contact with all my other women. I noticed that they were growing increasingly excited. One could see a fiery, wild look in their eyes. Obviously, these vows were being taken seriously by one and all.

Sue Ellen's voice suddenly rose in volume and excitement as she finished, "Take me, as I am. Any time! Anywhere! At your pleasure! I shall always be yours! At your beck and call!"

Even before she was done, her hips went to town on my cock. But more than just churning, she kept on rising up and slamming down on me, like she was trying to win some kind of impalement contest. The fact that she could churn her hips on top of that was rather remarkable (and remarkably arousing!).

I breathed a sigh of relief, because it seemed like the vow was over, and I'd managed not to cum in the middle of it. I rather hoped that I could respond by flooding her vagina with my cum, because that's what my body desperately craved to do.

Sue Ellen's hair was flying in every direction and her boobs were bouncing wildly as she slammed herself down on me again and again. She squealed with obvious heartfelt emotion, "I meant it! I meant every word! I love you and love serving you. It's all tangled together so wonderfully! Oh, Master!"

Somehow, in the middle of all this, Mindy decided this was the right time to ask an important question. "Sue Ellen, would you like for your master to impregnate you?"

"Oh YES! God, yes! Yes, yes, yes!"

"Are you on birth control?"

"You know I am, but... UGH! I can... AH! I can stop... anytime! OH!" Her dirty blonde hair was flying around in circles because she was riding me like a bucking bronco. It was a wonder she could speak at all.

Still, Mindy asked her calmly, "How many of Dan's babies would you like to have?"

The words were barely out of my wife's mouth when Sue Ellen exclaimed, "MANY!" She quickly hastened to add, "But it's up to, UH, Master! AH! AH! As many as HE wants! OOOH! YES!"

Mindy patted Sue Ellen's ass cheek approvingly, and then ran her hand down Sue Ellen's thigh, even though said ass cheek and thigh were very much moving targets. "Good answer. You're a very good cock slave, and I approve of you. You may now cum as hard as you like on my husband."

If our fucking was video footage, it was as if someone hit the fast forward button, making her impalements go twice as fast, or even faster. And then she started to scream. And cum!

I was thinking that this would be a great time for me to cum too. But Mindy seemed to read my mind, and she was up towards me in a flash. She whispered in my ear, "Don't you dare! Not yet!"

As she went back to her previous kneeling spot, I stared at her incredulously. True, in terms of minutes it had taken a lot longer before I came the first time, if I were to cum a second time right now. But it's hard to convey just how vigorously Sue Ellen was bouncing on me, or how arousing and inspiring her vows to me had been.

However, I know when not to cross my wife. Clearly, she had something planned out. So I clenched and strained for dear life until Sue Ellen finished her orgasm. My new slave collapsed onto me like a puppet that had its strings cut. With her eyes closed, she very well might have passed out, for all I could tell. She certainly seemed dead to the world.

It also happened that my very erect dick somehow managed to pop free of her grasping pussy for what seemed like the first time in years. And that was very fortuitous, given what my devilish wife had planned next.

Mindy, Cindy, Ruby, and Michelle all reassembled near my feet, in a similar pose to how this ceremony began.

With Sue Ellen still sprawled on top of me and both her and me panting hard, Mindy said, "So Sue Ellen has said her vows. And if you're aware there, dear, we're very proud of you."

"Ugh!" That weary groan indicated that Sue Ellen was conscious, although just barely.

Mindy continued, "Good. Now, Dan, my veeeery lucky hubby, it's your turn."

"My turn?" Needless to say, I had no idea what she was talking about! I considered myself lucky to simply be ALIVE after all that insanely great sex. I couldn't imagine having to do anything more so soon after that.

My wife simply smiled. "Yes, your turn. She made her vows to you. Now, you need to say your vows to her in return to make it official. And don't worry, I know you haven't prepared anything for this. Just speak from your heart. The girl adores you. Whatever you say will be just right, I'm sure."

I was far less sure. But after all that, I felt I had to say something in return. I cleared my throat, mostly to stall for time.

"Wait, wait, wait!"

That was Sue Ellen. It turned out she wanted to reposition before I started my vows. I was fine with that because it gave me some time to think about what I wanted to say. Even better was the fact that her body was like a wet noodle. So I got even more time to think while she recovered. Since she'd pulled off my erection, it had a chance to recover too.

However, she recovered with surprising speed. After only a minute or two, she was kneeling between my legs, obviously ready for some more oral action.

I was ready for that. But I wasn't ready for what happened next. While holding and stroking my cock to make sure it stayed firm, she said, "Master, I love your cock so much! And the best way to show that is to love it all at once!" With that, she opened her mouth wide and dove down on it, all the way down!

She deep throated me to the root, just like that! It didn't even seem that hard for her to do either, since she took me all the way so fast. Yes, it was true that she'd deep throated me before, and she was the only one to do it successfully so far. But she was still brand new at this, yet she was acting like she was an expert at it already!

How the hell did that happen? It honestly took my breath away.

The others looked up at me expectantly. Apparently, I'm supposed to say my vows while Sue Ellen is deep throating me! I can't believe they seriously expect that. Whatever I had planned to say was completely forgotten. This is simply too arousing. How can I be expected to say anything at all aside from erotic groans and grunts, much less something meant to be profound and memorable?! Shit!

Worse, the time was ticking! Was she going to stay down there until her face turned blue while she waited for me to finish my vows? I sure hoped not, but I didn't want to find out the hard way. So I started to speak. The panic and time pressure caused me to state the first thoughts that popped into my head.

"Sue Ellen, my Cupcake, I know we haven't known each other very long, but sometimes a person just knows when something is meant to be. I love you, and you love me. That's all that matters. So, yes, I'll gladly accept you as my cock slave."

With that, Sue Ellen suddenly pulled her lips off and gasped for air. (I guess it was a very good thing I kept my words short and sweet!) She lifted her head up enough to make eye contact with me, and I could see tears rolling down her cheeks. Once she got enough oxygen, she simply panted out, "MASTER!" Then she dove right back on my cock, deep throating me again all the way!

She proceeded to go to town on my boner like you wouldn't believe! While I'd said my vows, she'd just been holding it deep in her throat while listening attentively to what I said. But now that was done with, she loudly and joyously slurped and sucked and licked. Except it was like she simply had no gag reflex whatsoever. It seemed that her tongue and lips were covering all eight inches of my length at once!

Thank God for my wife! She could sense that I was going to blow VERY soon if Sue Ellen kept that up, and she didn't want that, because apparently the ceremony STILL wasn't quite finished. So she knelt next to Sue Ellen and cooed near her ear, "Good. Very, very good! But stop if you can, because there's one last thing we must do. Can you do that?"

It took a little more coaxing, but Mindy got Sue Ellen to pull off my saliva-soaked boner and sit back on her heels.

Sue Ellen's face was the epitome of triumphant. She was basking in the glory of my heartfelt vows.

I worried that the others would get bit by the jealousy bug, especially Michelle. But they all seemed excited and impressed. They ran their hands up and down Sue Ellen's bare back approvingly.

Mindy looked up at me. "Hubby, are you ready for more?" She winked.

Then she said authoritatively, "The cock slave has spoken her vows and the master approves. But now, the question is, do the other cock slaves approve? If so, let them demonstrate their approval now."

I thought, Uh-oh! I had no idea what they'd do, since they hadn't started to move yet, but I knew it would be insanely arousing. And I was still close to the edge of a big climax, thanks to Sue Ellen's deep throating, not to mention everything else that came before!

I'd guessed that maybe there would be a naked celebratory dance in the near darkness, but I should have known better. Instead, the girls helped me slide down to the edge of my chair once more. Then Sue Ellen crawled back up my body until her face was right in mine. That left plenty of room around my crotch.

Not surprisingly, Sue Ellen started necking with me. I welcomed that, and kissed back with all the passion I could muster. Even so, she was overwhelming me with her sheer passion!

How did I ever get so lucky to find her and bring her into my life?

Then, almost unbelievably, Mindy crawled in close, took my shaft in hand, and engulfed my cockhead! She bobbed and sucked and tickled with her tongue as if she was clueless that I was on the cusp of orgasm. Then I remembered where my cock had just been. Given the lusty sounds my wife was making, I realized she couldn't get enough of the lingering taste of Sue Ellen's pussy juices smeared all over my throbbing stiffness!

Who knows how long she did that? Good God, it felt great, but it was a struggle for me too. I'd been working my PC muscle for a while, and I knew I'd cum the second I let up.

When she eventually finished, she looked up at me in her usual mischievous, smirky way, and said, "By the way, Dan, I hope you're not thinking of cumming. As you know, ALL of your cum tonight belongs to Sue Ellen!"

I replied sarcastically, "Gee, why would I be thinking that?" I must have sounded like Darth Vader, with my heavy breathing.

Min just looked around triumphantly at the others. "Who's next?"

I groaned with exhaustion, especially when Michelle insisted on taking the next turn.

My torpedo-titted daughter insisted on titfucking me AND sucking on my cockhead at the same time, for quite a while.

Incredibly enough, it turned out that was actually a respite, relatively speaking, because when she finally switched to pure cocksucking so she could bob deeper, Mindy apparently decided that since she was still right there, she might as well pitch in.

God, please give me strength! And stamina!

Michelle was so inspired by Sue Ellen that it seemed she was trying to deep throat me. Before long, I realized she actually WAS trying to deep throat me! With each pass down, she ended up gagging and choking a little bit, because she was snarfing so many inches of thick cock down her throat. Unfortunately, the angle wasn't right for her again, so she couldn't quite manage it. However, she kept right on trying, and her "failed" efforts nonetheless felt fantastic.

Her efforts sounded highly erotic as well. I could tell the other were even more energized and horny after hearing her literally choke and gag on me. The whole thing was getting close to having the feeling of feeding frenzy.

With all of Shelle's wild bobbing, Mindy was forced to focus on licking my balls, for fear of getting knocked aside by her rapidly moving head.

Surely that's all the stimulation one man can handle, right? No! Sue Ellen started to revive, and realized to her delight that although she wasn't deeply sheathed around my cock for once, she was still completely naked and on top of my nude body. She got busy making out, rubbing her tits on me, and generally doing everything she could to me that didn't actually involve my fully occupied boner.

When Michelle's cocksucking turn ended, Cindy wanted to go next. Needless to say, Mindy and Michelle didn't want to stop, so they took as much of my cock and balls that Cindy wasn't using. And Ruby didn't want to just sit there watching, so she got an early start on her turn too. Since all the other "good spots" appeared to be "taken," she simply snaked her hand under me, poked a finger up my butt, and proceeded to massage my prostate!

Jesus, that felt good! It was such a winner of an idea that when Ruby finally got her cocksucking turn, the others had a bit of a fight to see who'd get to finger my ass in her stead. (Cindy won.)

Eventually, things ended with a four-tongues-on-one-cock free-for-all, while Sue Ellen had her way with the rest of me.

I don't know how on Earth I was supposed to not cum in the face of all that. I tried my best, but eventually I had to cry uncle. I let out a strangled cry, "GONNA CUM!"

As soon as I did, there was a mad scrambling as everyone assumed new positions. I was so horny that I literally couldn't see straight, so I probably missed out on some erotic sights. But the main change was that Sue Ellen sat back down on my stiff boner and let out a long, happy sigh as I completely filled her up again. Then, she went back to her irresistible hip churning!

I must admit that I wanted to make it great for her, but I didn't last much longer after that. I probably moaned and groaned just as loud as she screamed while I blasted another load inside her.

Things got pretty blurry after that. I think I might have passed out, or Sue Ellen did, or maybe both of us did. In any case, we rested in a semi-comatose state for a while.

With Sue Ellen seemingly sleeping on my chest, I managed to scrape together just enough energy to ask my wife, "Is that it? The ceremony's over?"

She chuckled at my foolish question. "Hardly. However, this concludes the end of the group portion. Now, I want you to pick her up and carry her up to our bedroom. Then, just you, me, and your new slave will have a more private celebration. And when I say 'private celebration,' we're gonna fuck for hours and hours until we're all half dead."

I feebly raised my hand. "Consider me already there."

She smirked. "Oh, and when you carry her, I want you to keep your big King IN HER the entire time, and fuck-walk her up to our room."

I exclaimed in utter exhaustion. "You're kidding me. No way! Just plain normal carrying her is out of the question. I'm not a spring chicken anymore. Hell, if you want me upstairs, someone is going to have to carry ME!"

That's how I really felt at the time. But I should have known better. I must admit that the ladies at least had mercy on me to the extent that they let me rest for a while. I even got to have a snack and drink break. But once I was revived, the FIVE of them worked as one to get my dick stiff again and my body energized and aroused in general.

Needless to say, no man on Earth could resist their combined sex power, especially when four of them knelt in front of me and licked all over my cock and balls while one knelt behind and licked my ass crack. I was so out of it that I wasn't even paying attention to who was doing what where.

Somehow, I don't even know how, I managed to fuck-walk Sue Ellen up the stairs. I couldn't have done it without her help, and she was VERY eager to help me stay inside of her through each mincing, tiny step we took. I could tell she was still very sensitive down there because almost every little motion had her gasping and moaning. The way she ground back against me to keep me sheathed while we worked our legs like a four-legged monster was simply incredible to behold!

And then, apparently under the deluded belief that I had super powers, I found the energy to partake in a lot more sexual activity with Mindy and Sue Ellen once we finally made it to the bed I'd shared only with my wife for years. I fucked them both until we truly all felt close to death. Death by fucking! What a way to go!

I woke up in the middle of the night and gave Sue Ellen yet one more thorough fucking, pounding yet another load of cum deep inside her cunt with Mindy's hearty approval and enthusiastic participation. God only knows where that last burst of energy came from. I suppose the initiation ceremony mentally aroused me more than I initially realized.

As I drifted off to sleep for the last time, I decided that I'd have to sleep for one week non-stop to recover from this!

Damn! What a night! And to think: I still have the "duty" to officially initiate all my other women too!

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