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Chapter 5

(Friday, May 31st)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

When I woke up the next morning, I felt like I was a thousand years old. I didn't have any alcohol to drink last night, but if there's such a thing as having a "sex hangover," I had it. Every muscle in my body was making its existence known.

It was true that I spent a good part of the evening doing little more than sitting in the Dream Chair and getting fucked and sucked by some very excitable and aroused women, but that was surprisingly exhausting. Besides, I'd spent the rest of the evening in my bed fucking Mindy and Sue Ellen in a much more proactive way. Both of them were insatiable, and since Mindy was still in denial over her bisexual leanings, most of their energies were focused on me. I felt bone tired.

It took me a long time before I finally admitted that I wasn't going to be able to go back to sleep. I sat up on my pillow, opened my eyes, and looked at my alarm clock. To my dismay, it was nearly noon!

"Uggggh..." I closed my eyes again. Doing just that much seemed too tiring for me.

But sleep wouldn't come, and it was almost noon, so I reluctantly tried to rouse myself. Looking at the alarm clock again, I noticed a note next to it. I gave it a read:

Dear Hubby,
Congratulations on winning your new cock slave! You really are the cock of the walk today. Color me VERY impressed with the way you outdid yourself last night. We decided you deserve your rest. Your cell phone is right next to the clock. Give me a call if you want me to assist Sue Ellen with your morning tickle attack. I'd love to, but I'm also busy getting things ready for Nicky's arrival. OH, and by the way, she's spent the night halfway here at some hotel, so she'll be here in the afternoon instead of the evening like we expected..
Your wife

P.S.- They said on the T.V. news this morning that the heat wave continues. Watch out, I think today is going to be a scorcher - in more ways than one!

I looked around and saw the cell phone was indeed there. Then I groaned again for good measure.

I was about to close my eyes yet again and try to mentally absorb just what had taken place last night when something in the note made me think. I'd assumed that I had woken up alone, but the note talked about assisting Sue Ellen with the tickle attack. I hadn't looked in the opposite direction of the alarm clock, but I did now.

"Good morning, Master!"

Sure enough, Sue Ellen was stretched out on top of the covers, gloriously naked and just a foot or so away from me. She looked and smelled fresh as a daisy. Whereas I'm sure I had morning breath that could be legally classified as a lethal weapon.

"UGH!" I closed my eyes and felt every year of my age. My heart started pounding wildly since my body understood the implications while my mind was still catching up.

She chuckled. "My sentiments at first too, although I'm doing better now. Last night was really something, wasn't it?"

I opened my eyes and gave her a closer look over. Daaaamyum! Who is this smoking hot BABE lying next to me? Jesus, those legs go on forever. That tan! Those tits! Such smooth skin. So fit all over. And that face! Wow, she's got the complete package for sure. Aaaaaannnd... she's my sex slave! For real!

I must admit that last thought perked me right up. I was still what felt like a couple of years away from ever having an erection again, but at least I managed to sit up against the headboard and make myself semi-presentable. "Good morning to you. Wow!" I smiled and kept on checking out her fantastic female form.

Rather than reply, she smiled knowingly and stretched her body out like she was getting the kinks out. She appeared to be completely confident and content. She didn't show the slightest bit of shame in striking a sexy position with her totally naked body.

It occurred to me, It looks like she's been lying there for who knows how long, stretched out in a sexy pose but otherwise doing nothing at all. It's as if she's been waiting there just so I'd have a sexy sight to wake up to.

Then I realized, It's not just "as if" - that's probably exactly what it is! Shit! After all, she's my motherfucking SEX SLAVE! Boom! Mind. Blown. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Sex slaves do this kind of thing. They live to serve their master. Who happens to be me. Fuck!

That realization was like a splash of cold water on my face, and given my groggy state, I really needed one. She laid there with both hands pinned behind her head and her legs spread straight and wide. It was like she was waiting patiently for me to start exploring her body. Then I realized, again, that was exactly what she was doing!

"Hold on." My mind and body weren't ready, so I stalled for time. I got up and went to the bathroom for a morning pee. While I was there, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I didn't want to subject her to my kisses without brushing first.

I went straight back to bed, but I kept my hands off her, for now. Trying to act like things were normal, I asked her, "What day of the week is it anyway, Cupcake? I'm a bit out of sorts."

Her face lit up just like someone flicked on a light bulb. "Oh, Master! I love it when you call me that!" She apparently tired of waiting for me to make the first move. She plastered herself against my front side, threw her arms around me, and gave me a big kiss on the lips.

I have to admit that her enthusiasm roused me a little more. But I was still far from feeling like a normal, living person.

When the kiss ended, she stared lovingly into my eyes from only a couple of inches away, with a smile from ear to ear. I was glad I'd just brushed my teeth, so she didn't have to suffer through my dragon breath.

My dick was perhaps beginning to consider the possibility of growing erect, but the poor guy was as tired as I was. I noticed though that Sue Ellen had thrown my sheets back, probably to check how my penis was doing. That also enabled her to poke her hard nipples into my bare chest.

It was clear that she could barely contain her excitement in just being with me. Her tanned and toned body was squirming with excitement over mine. But it finally occurred to her to answer my question. "Oh. It's Friday."

Trying to continue in a semi-normal fashion, I asked, "Friday? So where's my wife?"

"She's downstairs. She just got home a little while ago. She took a half day at work, since Nicky is due home in a couple of hours. But don't worry, Master. The rest of us have been taking care of things. You don't have to do anything except... enjoy yourself."

The way she said "enjoy yourself" was filled with such an explicitly sexual promise that she could have given a marble statue a hard-on. Then she kissed me again. If her words somehow didn't get my dick stiff, then her heartfelt kiss did.

She seemed to expect that, because in mid-kiss, and without even opening her eyes, her hand wandered over my crotch, found my weary penis, and helped stroke it to life.

I felt obliged to break the kiss and tell her, "Sorry, but I'm not really in the mood for any kind of sexual... anything." I frowned. "I'm just... dead."

My negative attitude didn't lessen her sunny smile in the least. "I reckon you're pooped, Master, since I had a lot to do with why." My shameless minx gave me a self-satisfied grin that made me want to groan and beg for mercy. She continued, "But you have lots of cock slaves fixin' to help you. Besides, you can't go without your morning tickle attack, can you? You don't want to break tradition."

That made me smile. "I suppose not."

Somehow, her smile grew still brighter as she said playfully, "It might even involve a little bit of tickling." With that, she tickled my underarms, causing me to laugh as well as clench my arms to my sides.

She added in a particularly sultry voice, "And, of course, it might involve a lot of cock pleasuring too." With that, she brought a second hand to my boner. The fingers of one hand focused on nothing but rubbing my sweet spot, while the fingers on the other hand roamed everywhere else.

Still, I tried to act normal and avoid sexually encouraging her. Pretending that she wasn't slithering on top of me and jacking me off, I asked, "Cupcake, what have you been doing this morning?"

"Oh, just reading a book and waiting to serve my wonderful master. I woke up late too, though not as late as you did. So, you know, I did my morning shower and breakfast and running and exercising and all that. But I'm still kind of tired. You gave me SUCH a good fucking! That's all anybody is talking about!"

"Anybody?" I took a deep whiff of her intoxicating perfume.

"Oh, you know, your slave-wife and your other slaves. We wouldn't ever tell anyone else, obviously." She'd been trying to hold herself back, but apparently she couldn't contain herself with mere small talk anymore. She purred emotionally, "I love you so much!" Then she floored me with another nuclear kiss.

While we necked, I kissed back, but I also tried to take stock of what was going on. It's a bit shameful to realize that my wife has already gone to work and come back home before I even woken up! Admittedly, she hadn't been as active a sexual participant as I had been last night. But then again, Sue Ellen was arguably much more active than I was, since she did most of the work. Even when she, Min, and I had come back to the bedroom here, Sue Ellen rode me cowgirl more often than not. Yet she's already gone running AND exercising, which apparently are two different parts of her workout regimen.

Ah, to be a teenager again!

On top of that, she was quite energetic on top of me. I thought about what she was doing to my stiff dick, and I decided that even though I felt completely exhausted, the way she was stroking my boner felt very nice indeed. I didn't have to move or do anything at all, and the constant buzz of pleasure was helping to put me in a good mood.

I thought, Hey, I could get used to this "Master" life. Not too shabby! Especially with loyal and happy slaves like Sue Ellen. Shit, I still can't wrap my head around the fact that she wants to be my "eternal cock slave" of her own free will. When I first met her, she wasn't that striking, what between her ugly waitress outfit and her beaten down attitude. But she's blossomed in recent days, and she looks absolutely fantastic in the nude! Whenever she smiles, which is most of the time, she glows. Such flawless, tanned skin. The truth is, she's every bit as much of a total knockout as my two foxy daughters.

Fuuuuuuuck! They're my sex slaves too! What the fuck?! I mean, I know that already of course, but sometimes being reminded of it whacks me upside the head just the same. What did I do to deserve this?! And Cindy too. It's nuts! And Cupcake just called Min my "slave-wife." Is that really true?!

Sue Ellen broke the kiss and closely inspected my face. I wasn't sure what she was looking for, but then she asked, "You're in a kind of state of disbelief, aren't you? You're wondering how it's possible that I want to be your cock slave, not to mention how you 'scored' all your other slaves."

"How did you know?!"

Her ever-present smile widened. "Mindy told me. I think she knows you better than you know yourself. She warned me this would happen when you started to get moody a few minutes after waking up. Now, I could lie here on top of your yummy, hunky, cum-filled body and try to explain it all with words. But what's the point of that? Mindy warned me that you're kind of 'incurably modest' anyway. Or... Master..."

She started to slither down my body. "Or... I could show you how much I love and adore you with my body. With my mouth! With my tongue and my lips! I've been thinking and planning all morning about how I'm going to reward you for officially enslaving me last night by orally serving you for hours and hours!"

She moved fast, and she was already holding my boner and staring at it lovingly from mere inches away. "The whole time I was exercising, I was thinking about sucking your cock. Mmmm... I have so many things I want to do to the King... Aaaah... It looks so tasty!"

She appeared to shiver from head to toe right as her tongue snaked out and made contact with it. "Our plan is to get you to adjust to the new reality by overwhelming you with constant sexual pleasure!"

She was already licking circles around my cockhead when she added, "This is what cock slaves do. This is what we're good at. We serve and love cock! YOUR cock! OH! I love it SO MUCH!" With that, she craned her mouth open wide and engulfed my cockhead.

I groaned lustily. AH! Fuuuuck! What can I say? I think they've broken me. Rather than complain, I decided to just kick back and enjoy it. And that was very easy to do, because she was so dedicated to doing a great job.

It was an extra delight just watching her face. At first, her eyes were as wide as possible, registering alarm at the sheer thickness of my member. Clearly, the act of engulfing it wasn't getting much easier for her. But her fear quickly morphed to lust as she successfully wrapped her lips around it and started to suck. After less than half a minute, her expression showed she'd been transported to a very happy place.

At first, she bobbed on it with abandon, as if she just couldn't get enough of it. But before long, she settled down to a rather relaxed pace. I figured that she'd had her fill of hard, fast, and frantic sex last night, and now she just wanted some lazy and prolonged one-on-one time with her master's cock. It's true that she constantly used both of her hands as well as her lips and tongue, but it was a matter of how she used them. She did everything slow and easy. It was clear that she wanted to be between my legs for the long haul.

Time passed.

I looked around the room and noticed the huge bed that had been under the Dream Chair last night was now leaning up against the wall in my bedroom. It was so big that it barely fit from floor to ceiling. It occurred to me that the natural plan would be to remove the bed I was on now and replace it with this much bigger one. Then, if we got cozy, there would be room for me, my wife, and all of my cock slaves to get a good night's sleep in the same bed.

What a heady thought that was! My imagination ran wild as I pictured the countless orgies that we would almost certainly someday have in this very room. Fuck, man. I am a harem master. I do have cock slaves, amazing and constantly horny slaves. Min's right that I am "incurably modest," but it is time for me to adjust to this new reality, as Sue Ellen said. What's so bad about this? Nothing! Is it decadent to be woken like this every morning? Yeah, but so the fuck what? Who is it hurting? Nobody.

And you could argue that it's a waste of time, but I waste hours of my day every day. If I'm going to "waste my time," then what better way to do it than getting my cock sucked by a brand new and completely adorable cock slave who seems to love and even live for this kind of thing?

That made me feel a lot better, and I found myself enjoying her oral talents even more. Trying to get into the spirit of things, I brought a hand down and gently ran it through her hair, enjoying the sensuality of the moment. I murmured to her, "You're a good slave."

She seemed to really like that. She didn't speak in return, since her mouth was crammed full of cock, but she hummed on my shaft happily.

More time passed. Since I was propped up against the headboard, I had a great view of Sue Ellen's nude body.

She seemed to be aware of this fact, so she shifted positions from time to time, giving me different sexy views of her stunning hourglass figure. I particularly liked it when she got up on all fours and kept my boner poking straight up to suck on. That allowed me to enjoy the sight of her big tits swaying down, and I could easily watch her lips slowly but relentlessly sliding up and down my pole.

I thought, Man! It still blows my mind to think of the first time I met her, and how quickly we've gone from there to here. She's totally loving sucking my cock. Just look at the joy clearly written on her face. She's gonna want to do this to me A LOT from now on. God, what a fucking amazing future to look forward to!

After a while, I noticed a book that was partially under some of the covers. Realizing that must be the book Sue Ellen mentioned she was reading before I woke up, I pulled it to me and gave it a look over. It turned out that it was by a scientist named Michio Kaku that explained difficult physics concepts in terms that most anyone could understand.

Even though the cover boasted that the book was a New York Times best seller, I was very impressed that Sue Ellen was reading a challenging book like this in her spare time. She's a lot more than just a pretty face! Not to mention a sizable rack, an hourglass figure, a hot and tight cunt, and an even hotter and needier mouth! And such a nice and loving person, seemingly free of weird quirks and hang-ups. She's a slave any master should be proud of. Totally, unquestioningly devoted to me. Smart. Kind-hearted. Man, I have to say I scored with her!

As Sue Ellen kept on bobbing on my thickness, I opened the book and started to read it. It was well written, and soon I was fully absorbed in it. I figured that she'd probably learned about "the Singularity" that she'd talked about last night from a book like this one. I hoped that it was from this very book, so I could learn some more about it.

To be honest, it was a challenge trying to read this book, or any book for that matter, while Sue Ellen was doing what she was doing to me. Even when she was "taking it easy" on me, she was still continually surprising and delighting me with her oral tricks. But I suspected that she'd get a kick out of the mere fact that I was reading a book during her blowjob. And judging from her increasingly loud and insistent moans every time she glanced up at my face, it seemed my suspicion was correct.

I'd been reading the book for a few minutes when I heard some tromping up the stairs. It wasn't long before the door opened and Michelle came in. She was dressed in surprisingly ordinary clothes, the modestly revealing kind you'd expect any late-teen girl to wear if she was proud of her figure.

Michelle took one look at Sue Ellen and I, and then shouted back towards the stairs, "Ruby, get up here! You have to see this!" She looked grim, or even upset.

I put the book down, but otherwise made no move to break off the blowjob.

I heard Ruby shout back from the bottom of the stairs, "What?"

"Daddy's up, finally! And Sue Ellen is blowing him!"

"OH! Cool! Hold on!"

Michelle folded her arms under her twin torpedoes and glowered at me. She muttered, "Morning, Daddy." But she didn't seem happy to see me.

Sue Ellen still hadn't shown the slightest sign that she was aware Michelle was there watching us. It was true that Sue Ellen couldn't see Michelle since she was facing the wrong way, but there was no possible way she didn't hear her. She happened to be in her cocksucking-on-all-fours position, and she stayed like that. The only difference since Michelle arrived was that she started to bob with more suction and slightly greater speed.

I could hear the clomping sound of Ruby practically flying up the stairs, probably taking two steps at a time. She ran into the room but then came to a sudden stop next to Michelle, who was still standing just inside the door. Ruby's eyes bugged out as she took in the scene.

Michelle griped to her, "You see? You see what we have to deal with?"

I said, "Good morning, girls. Shelle, what's bugging you this morning?"

She glowered, "This afternoon, you mean."

I glanced at the clock, and sure enough, it was slightly past noon already. I realized that Sue Ellen must have been blowing me non-stop for half an hour or more, and she'd shown no sign of getting tired or bored. That was a pretty remarkable and ego-boosting thought, to have a cock slave that keen on sexually serving you.

Ignoring my time mistake, I asked Michelle again, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?" she asked defensively.

Ruby pointed out, "You're staring daggers at him."

Michelle turned to her. "Big help you are!" But then, realizing that there was no point in denying it, she admitted, "Okay, fine. I'm pissed. Look at you!" She frantically waved her hands in my general direction. "And more importantly, look at Sue Ellen." She added with defiance, "I'll have you know, our sex revolt is back ON!"

Ruby seconded that, and put her hands on her hips. "Yeah!"

But Michelle quickly went from defiant to wistful. "Which means that we can't join in. On any normal morning, a truly GOOD morning, that would be me right now! Us! At least sharing. Licking your balls, or kissing you, or something. Not just standing and watching!" She briefly glanced at Ruby for some sympathy, but Ruby didn't have anything to add to that.

Shelle seemed to get more angry and loud. "Do you realize what it means to miss out on the morning tickle attack? I LOVE that!"

I briefly raised my arms up high, exposing my armpits. "You're still free to tickle me."

Michelle pouted, "Big whoop. It's not the same if I can't help suck and lick your cock, or at least stroke it."

Ruby explained, "We're your cock slaves, and 'COCK' is a big part of that title! That's what we do. We serve your cock. Period. And if we can't do that, then it's like a bird that can't fly or a fish that can't swim. To merely tickle you would only add to the agony of what we're missing."

Michelle nodded emphatically. "Not only that, but when I came in here you were reading a fucking book! A book! Do you realize how fucking insanely HOT that is?!"

Ruby stared at Michelle in disbelief. "He was reading a book?!"

"Yep! That one!" Michelle pointed accusingly at the book which I had put aside, but remained lying next to me on the bed.

Ruby gawked at it like she'd never seen a book before.

"What?" I asked, confused at what the big deal was.

Michelle practically exploded with exasperation. "That's the DREAM! It's part of the dream! You know, our vision that we live in a world where we pleasure your cock so constantly that you go about your daily business - eating breakfast, reading the newspaper, talking on the phone, and so on - but with one or more of us sucking, licking, stroking, titfucking, or even better yet, cunt massaging you with our practiced Kegel muscle moves all the while! We've been planning this for YEARS!"

She stomped her foot in frustration, which set her big knockers wobbling, despite her ordinary clothes.

I found myself pitying her bra. Surely the fabric was facing a losing battle trying to adequately contain all of that jutting tit-flesh! And it might not have been her intention, but in that brief instant I saw my youngest daughter not as the beloved child I'd raised into being a gorgeous teenager, but rather as a wantonly ripe sexy female, ready and waiting to be taken, mounted, and even enslaved by her dominant lover!

Ruby seemed to be getting increasingly worked up too, and in more ways than one. "But now, Sue Ellen is living OUR dream, and all we can do is watch! It's so HOT seeing her doing that, practically CHOKING on all that thick DADDY COCK, endlessly pleasuring you just like a good sex slave should, but it's so frustrating! Grrr!"

Sue Ellen suddenly pulled her lips off of my stiffness, sat up on her ass, and turned to face the other two. "I'm sorry. I really am. I'll stop, for now."

But that seemed to agitate my gorgeous Hellions even more than before. Both of them waved their hands in the air. "No! No, no, no! Don't stop!"

I asked for Sue Ellen's sake, "But I thought what she was doing was bothering you?"

Michelle explained, "Yes, but so what? We're your cock slaves. We live to serve you! Suffering in sexual agony and/or humiliation is part of the package we knowingly signed up for. So, if we can't do it right now, at least she can!"

Ruby added, "Yeah! Don't turn us into cock blockers. That's the worst! It goes against everything we believe in!"

Michelle added to that, with her face still looking grim, "And what we believe in most of all is serving our Daddy-Master! Keeping your cock humming with pleasure is the most important thing, even if we're not the ones actively doing it. So, Sue Ellen, for the love of God, don't stop!"

Sue Ellen was holding my erection and stroking it a little to make sure it stayed hard, but she seemed reluctant to do anything more until this issue was sorted out.

I asked, "But if she does suck me some more now, and not just here but elsewhere too, and Cindy and Mindy help me out too, then how are you going to make much headway with your sex boycott?"

Michelle threw her hands up in the air in frustration. "That's the whole problem! You're too fucking sexy and dominant, Daddy! You have too many cock slaves already!"

Ruby added, "But what can we do?! If we break the boycott then we have to kiss yucky, smelly boys, and that's just NOT AN OPTION! We're stuck in an unwinnable situation!"

I was secretly pleased to hear that, since it strengthened my position in the sex boycott battle. I couldn't help but gloat a little bit. "Hmmm. Sucks to be you. And speaking of sucking, my Cupcake, please proceed." Even though she didn't need the encouragement, I slid my fingers through her hair, guiding her head in the direction of my rampant erection.

Sue Ellen immediately got back on all fours and swallowed all of my cockhead and then some. She moaned with erotic pleasure to have it completely fill her mouth again. With one hand fondling my balls and another stroking my long wet shaft, she happily resumed bobbing up and down.

Michelle and Ruby shivered and groaned needfully as they watched that happen. They were fidgeting around like they desperately needed to pee. I could smell that their crotches were soaking wet, but it had nothing to do with needing to go to the bathroom.

Michelle groaned unhappily, "Oh God! I can't bear to look!" But she kept right on looking.

Sue Ellen, bless her soul, seemed to realize that this would be a good time to taunt the Gruesome Twosome, to help break their rebellious spirits. She bobbed down until she was choking on my thickness a little bit. No doubt, she was trying to remind the others that she was the only one so far to have successfully deep throated me.

The Hellions looked on with a mixture of worry and desire. Mostly desire, judging from the way their entire bodies were moving about restlessly.

An idea suddenly came to me. I said to the two antsy girls, "I'm sorry to hear that you can't help wanting to suck my cock. Just think how much fun the three of you could have together. Sue Ellen has been at it for half an hour, at least, and I'm not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. Three tongues at once sounds heavenly."

Both of the Gruesome Twosome moaned helplessly and erotically. Ruby actually clenched her hands into fists and shook them in frustration. They looked absolutely magnificent in their riled up frustration, especially the way their wide hips writhed back and forth.

Seeing that I was getting to them, I added, "I figure that I deserve a rest after breaking in my latest slave last night. It's too bad you missed out on some of that. Once we got back here to this big comfy bed, I took turns fucking my sweet Cupcake and Mindy for a good two hours straight. It was soooo nice plowing my way into such hot and tight pussy. Mmmm, two perfect cunts! But I saved all my cum for Sue Ellen, since it was her night. I pumped most of my loads into her cunt, and then splattered still more all over her face!"

Michelle cried, "Arrrgh!" She looked like she was about to fall to her knees in jealous despair.

Ruby clenched her teeth and shook her fists higher in the air, causing her huge tits to wobble enticingly.

I put a hand on Sue Ellen's head and ran my fingers through her hair again to help draw attention to what she was doing. Not that the girls could miss it. Although Sue Ellen remained facing away from them, I noticed that she was slurping and sucking quite a lot louder now that the two busty girls were watching. And instead of just bobbing with her head, like before, she was moving her entire body up and down in time with her sliding lips. Even her fantastic ass was wiggling around in a very sexy manner.

Clearly, she was enjoying her privileged position as the only one in the room currently able to play with my cock. And just as clearly, she was gleefully rubbing that fact in.

Speaking to the two Hellions, I said, "But, all that aside, keep in mind that sex boycott or no, you are still my sex slaves, and I expect you to behave as such. I'll tolerate your cock-touching ban for now, but what's with those clothes you're wearing?"

Both girls looked down at themselves with worry. At least that stopped their jealous fist shaking for now. Ruby asked, "What's wrong with these? I thought I look nice."

"Oh, you do," I replied. "But you always do. You'd look nice in a trench coat. But is that how a good cock slave dresses around her master?"

Both girls looked like they'd just been busted. Michelle said sadly, "I was afraid you'd say that. But the thing is, Nicky is supposed to be home in a couple of hours. You told us to act and look perfectly normal when she's here."

"That's true," I said. "But is she supposed to be here now, or in a couple of hours?"

The girls sadly mumbled together, "A couple of hours." They stared at the floor or the ceiling - anywhere but at me.

I continued, "And even if she did come home unexpectedly early, if you're upstairs like you are now, you certainly would have time to change. So... strip!"

Ruby's jaw hung open in shock. "Excuse me?!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Phunky, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, and Johnny Galt, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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