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Chapter 6

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I looked back and forth between Ruby and Michelle, feeling curiously powerful. "You heard me. I said strip! Since I'm getting blown by Cupcake right now, the sight of my other sexy slaves will help enhance my pleasure. With the way she's intently bobbing on me I don't have time for you to figure out what to wear, and naked is plenty sexy enough with you two. So strip already."

Michelle was looking even more stunned than Ruby. "But... Daddy! I'm not denying you have the right to say that. As our master, you can order us to do anything you please. And it IS our primary duty to enhance your pleasure any way we can. But please have mercy! I'm already way too horny as it is!"

I just tsk-tsked. "Sorry. I guess it can be tough to be a sex slave. Not my problem though. Oh, and did I mention that both of you are due your daily spanking soon? Since you were so nice and helpful last night, I had been thinking you two deserve sexy spankings this time..."

If one could measure how sexually aroused the Gruesome Twosome were with a old fashioned thermometer, but one that measured lust instead of temperature, that mention would have shot the red to the top and then broke the thermometer altogether.

Both girls started to strip. Since they were horny beyond belief and of a cock slave mindset, they couldn't help but turn it into a sexy striptease.

As Michelle pulled her skirt down and bent over, she wailed, "No! Please! Not a sexy spanking!"

"Why not?" I asked. "You make it sound like a bad thing. Oh, and we should do that real soon, before Nicky arrives."

That hit them like a punch to the gut. Ruby, who was already off balance from pulling her own skirt down, very nearly fell over.

Sue Ellen was far from a mindless cocksucker. While I was talking, she had completely turned around so she could watch Ruby and Michelle. She was still on all fours, bobbing with her usual exquisite tongue action, not to mention that she was still putting all of her body into it. Her bare ass was wiggling around so much that it almost seemed like she was dancing. But at the same time, she was clearly getting a kick out of watching the Gruesome Twosome's reactions.

It seemed the two of them realized that their protests were to no avail, so they stopped talking and focused on getting bare ass naked with more haste than tease. It was a truly inspiring sight to watch Michelle take her bra off, causing her tits to spring out and bounce into their full torpedo shape.

Then, just as all that bouncing settled down, Ruby did the same. True, her tits weren't quite as large or protruding, but that would be like complaining that K2 isn't quite as high as Mount Everest. Besides, with the way Sue Ellen was sucking me, I could have stared at a blank wall and had a hell of a great time.

It didn't take long for both girls to get completely naked. I realized I had a golden opportunity to play with them to my heart's content, and enjoy it to the fullest. True, I didn't want to actually touch them out of respect for their sex boycott. But I could still have a great time from a distance, especially with Sue Ellen sucking me off all the while.

They stood there awkwardly, uncertain about what to do. Somehow, both of them stood with their legs ramrod straight and wide. But they didn't know what to do with their hands. It was like their hands were fighting to reach for their pussies, but they would think better of it as soon as their hands got close.

I cocked my finger at them. "Come here. Closer." Once they started to move, I pointed to a spot just a few feet away from where I was sitting up in bed. It was close to me, but far away enough from the edge of the bed so I could see them from head to toe. "Stand over there and assume Position Number Two."

"Yes, Master," they said together.

I noticed that neither of them had called me "Master" since they'd entered the room, but my giving them orders seemed to put them in a more subservient frame of mind.

I watched with glee as they got into Position Number Two - hands on head, legs spread wide, and chest thrust out. They looked fantastic! Meanwhile, Sue Ellen moaned loudly as she tried a great new corkscrew move on me. This was really living the high life.

To my surprise, both of them seemed to cheer up. They didn't just stand there sullenly and slouching. They stood tall and true, with their huge racks poking forward proudly, erect nipples jutting right at me. It was like they found some kind of inner peace by obeying my orders.

Knowing I could do anything I wanted to them, I chose to do nothing at all. I merely said, "Good."

Then there was total silence. Or, there would have been had it not been for Sue Ellen's curiously loud slurpy noises. The great thing was that I was tremendously aroused, but Sue Ellen was restraining herself, relatively speaking. I was riding a great, constant erotic high, but I wasn't really in danger of going over the edge.

Ruby and Michelle were supposed to stare straight ahead, but they couldn't help but repeatedly steal glances at what Sue Ellen was doing to my erection.

And Sue Ellen, bless her soul, had repositioned herself again once the girls moved across the room. She turned her body on the bed about ninety degrees so that she was still directly facing the girls. I'm sure she was getting a kick out of watching them, but she also realized that it would drive them crazy with lust to get a great "front row seat" of the ongoing blowjob.

I was starting to realize that Sue Ellen has more than a little naughty or mischievous streak, because she clearly was hamming it up for her audience. Not only was she much noisier than before they arrived, but she acted like what she was doing was the greatest fun she'd had in her life. She kept turning her head this way and that like she simply couldn't get enough of my cock and was constantly frustrated that she only had one pair of lips and one tongue to use on it. She kept my erection pointing straight up, and always made sure not to have her hair or hands or anything else in the way, so the girls could watch her every last lick and slurp.

I loved it!

I put a hand to my chin and appeared contemplative as I stared at my gloriously naked Hellions. "Hmmm... Position Number Two is nice, for sure. But what about Position Number Three? Kneel for me, as if you were about to take over for Sue Ellen."

Both girls dropped to their knees. They spread their knees wide, pinned their hands behind their backs, and again thrust their fantastic tits forward. They had long given up staring anywhere but at Sue Ellen's sliding lips. The desperate hunger in their faces was a truly arousing inspiration for me. I could easily smell as well as see just how wet their pussies were.

Out of the blue, Ruby asked, "Permission to speak, Master?"


"May I please... cum?"

"Oh? Red, do you want to play with yourself?"

"No, Master. I don't need to. I just need to cum... spontaneously!" She licked her lips as she gawked at Sue Ellen's bobbing head. "It's too hot! I'm barely holding it in!"

"I see. Interesting." I rubbed my chin in contemplation some more. "And what about you, Shelle? Do you need to cum too?"

She suddenly exhaled loudly, as if she'd forgotten to breathe. "So much! So much! God, it's so HOT!"

"What's so hot?" I asked. "The way my Cupcake is endlessly sucking on my cock?"

Michelle replied, "Yes, that, sure! But not just that. The way you're ordering us around! It's like a dream come true! I'm not even mad about missing out on the book reading sucking action anymore. If this is what our future is like... Oh! Sweet Jesus!"

Ruby added, "Oh, God! YES! And that spanking you promised! The sexy spanking! I'm gonna cum, just from THINKING about it! I don't even need to touch my clit!"

Somehow, their big globes were heaving up and down and side to side, apparently just from their labored breathing.

It would have been easy for me to lose my cool, especially given the way Sue Ellen's mouth was making love to my boner. But I resolved to stay strong, like a good master should. I said sternly to both of them, "Well, please don't cum. You know that you can NEVER do that without your master's permission, don't you?"

They groaned, loudly. It looked to be a very near thing if they would spontaneously cum, despite their obviously frantic efforts to control themselves.

To help strengthen their resolve, I said, "Remember that if you do, that oh-so-sexy spanking you're about to enjoy will turn into a harsh one instead."

Ruby unexpectedly reached out towards Michelle and fumbled around for her hand. Soon, they were tightly gripping hands, even though that was a clear violation of Position Number Three. Ruby mumbled urgently to Michelle, "Be strong!"

Michelle resolutely nodded back. She was gritting her teeth like she was at the doctor's office and about to get a painful injection.

I considered what I should do next to my submissive playthings. I didn't want them to cum, because I was looking forward to giving them those sexy spankings too. So I figured I would let them cool down a little bit.

But my overall goal was to break their willpower and foil their sex boycott. Of course, once I did that, I could tell them that they would never have to kiss or do anything else to the "stinky boys" they hated so much. (Why did they always call them "stinky?" Is male teen hygiene a big problem these days?) I knew I couldn't truly be the master of this harem until I got them, and Michelle in particular, to give up their headstrong and willful ways.

What I didn't expect was that breaking them would be so much naughty fun! Hell, I still hadn't even gotten out of bed (except for a quick bathroom break), and I was having the time of my life.

A couple of minutes later I was still letting them "cool down" when Mindy came strolling into the room.

She smiled as she surveyed the room, and asked, "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" She was wearing her "household chores" clothes instead of the power suit that she must have worn when she'd been at her office earlier in the day.

I smiled back, and said, "Oh, you know, the usual. I'm just enjoying a nice long cocksucking from Sue Ellen. She's been at it for most of the last hour and shows no sign of fatigue." I didn't think it was actually that long, but I figured a little exaggeration couldn't hurt.

"She's an excellent cock slave," Mindy purred approvingly. "I'm VERY impressed." Then she pouted at me. "By the way, I'm hurt. You didn't give me a call." She nodded to my cell phone which was still there next to my alarm clock.

"Sorry. Needless to say, I got a bit distracted."

She smirked. "Oh, gee. I wonder why? But never feel like you can't call me when one of your lovers is sucking you off. In fact, those are the times I'd love to hear from you the most!" She turned to the Gruesome Twosome. "But what about these two naughty girls?"

I answered, "They're very naughty indeed. Not that they've done anything wrong at all. But they LOOK so naughty, and so sexy, that I think they need to be punished. I'm about to give them a sexy spanking."

Mindy's smile widened. "Oooh! Looks like I got here right on time. What are they in now, Position Number Four?"

I suspected my wife knew all of the position numbers by heart. But I happily played along. "No, that's Position Number Three. Girls, show your mother Position Number Four."

Both girls groaned. I'm sure it wasn't because they were put out in having to change positions, but it was because they worried they would be even more aroused in the new position. And although I hadn't said or done anything to them for the past couple of minutes, it was obvious they remained dangerously close to cumming.

However, they moved into the requested position. That meant they had to first stand up, and then bend over until their hands were grasping their ankles. They had to keep their legs wide apart and perfectly straight, and of course they thoughtfully pointed their bare asses in my direction. I noticed that they changed positions slowly and carefully. It seemed that both of them were worried that any sudden move could trigger a massive orgasm.

Mindy walked right up to them, grinning all the while. Somehow, I sensed that she knew exactly what the different position numbers were. She just pretended not to know so she could see them in this particular extra humiliating pose.

She spoke to me with a kind of exaggerated surprise. "Oh my! Those are some mighty fine asses. Would you just LOOK at these asses? Hubby, you sure own some high quality cock slaves here. And look at those wet and gushy cunts nestled right between these firm ass cheeks. See how their nether lips are all red and swollen, like they desperately need to be fucked? Are you going to fuck them today?"

I didn't answer right away, causing Min to ask me, "What's the matter, Hon? You can't hear me over all of Sue Ellen's slurping and slobbering?"

I happily played along. "I can hear you fine. And I would fuck the hell of out them all afternoon, if it weren't for their silly sex boycott. I'd give them both an excellent initiation, just like the one Sue Ellen had last night. Only it would probably be even better, because I'd be popping their cherries along the way. But... alas." I sighed melodramatically for my audience.

Mindy couldn't hide her smirky delight. "Yes, woe is you." Obviously, I was living the life of Riley, even if I couldn't fuck my two daughters just yet.

Ruby and Michelle looked like they were fit to be tied. That was true in a literal sense, since they were in what looked like an excellent bondage pose, but it was also true in an emotional sense. It seemed that both of them were afraid to say anything at all, for fear that some arousing word or phrase might push them that tiny bit more into orgasmic nirvana... against my orders.

Mindy held a hand a few inches above Ruby's ass, since she happened to be standing right next to her and not Michelle. "I know they're your slaves, but can I touch them? I want to see if these asses are as firm and fit as they look."

"I'm afraid not. Normally I would say sure, but it seems to me they're a hair away from orgasmic release, and I've warned them that if they cum without permission, the sexy spanking I've promised them will be a harsh one instead."

Again, Mindy spoke in a sort of exaggerated and extra clueless way. "Oh my goodness! Sounds dangerous. I'd better not then."

Michelle suddenly exclaimed, "Daddy's so mean!"

Mindy walked around Ruby so she could look at Michelle while she spoke to her, even though that meant looking at her head upside down and between her legs. "But I thought you like that. Don't you like it when he dominates you, and controls you, and shows you exactly who's boss? Don't you enjoy it when he uses your helpless, big-titted body for his personal pleasure?"

It seemed that Michelle wanted to respond to that, but she was panting so heavily that she couldn't quite manage.

I was enjoying playing with the Gruesome Twosome in this manner, but they were also my daughters and I was starting to feel sorry for them. I could tell they were loving every second of this, but there was an element of suffering too as they struggled with all their might not to cum, and I could only handle watching so much of that.

So I said, "Girls, you have permission to stand normally, if you want."

Ruby, who seemed slightly more coherent than Michelle, asked, "If we want?"

"Yes. If you want. Or you can stay like that if you want. Same difference to me. I just don't want you to suffer too much with this whole need-to-cum thing."

Neither girl budged. In fact, although their heads were upside down, I could see them clenching their teeth with renewed determination.

Michelle somehow managed to grunt out, "We can... handle it!"

Dammit, I sure am a softie. I was impressed by their resolve, but it still seemed like too much suffering. So I said, "You impress me by not giving up. Just for that, I will let you cum... but! Here's the catch. You can only do it once Mindy rubs her fingers all over your pussy lip. And Sweetheart, you can do that right now."

Mindy looked at me with her usual naughty smirk. "I can... or I must? Maybe I'll just wait a while."

The girls groaned in desperation. Even Sue Ellen groaned extra loudly as her lips kept on sliding up and down my thick shaft. It seemed that she was imagining herself in their place.

I said, "Min, that's an order. Do it now. And stand between them when you do so you can try to make sure they don't topple over."

Mindy showed no sign of her usual bisexual reluctance. In fact, she seemed inordinately delighted to have to carry this order out. She carefully got between them, which wasn't an easy task since they were close together, plus she didn't want to prematurely trigger them off by some accidental contact. Then, being extra careful not to touch them anywhere else, she brought an index finger right to the middle of their gooey slits, doing both of them at nearly the exact same time.

She wasn't able to keep her fingers there though, because both girls immediately began to cum hard, and scream frantically. Since they were in such a precarious pose in the first place, their asses started to wobble and tilt to the side.

Happily, Mindy was right there, and with only one hand per girl, she was able to grasp their asses and keep them from toppling over. In fact, she let them lean into her legs a little bit to help stabilize them.

Sue Ellen kept on watching the girls tremble, scream, and clutch their ankles for dear life. Clearly, she was inspired, because she suddenly doubled the speed of her bobbing on me. She'd been taking it slow and easy nearly the entire time, but now she switched to "get him to cum as fast as possible" mode. Even her fingers stroked my shaft and fondled my balls with a renewed urgency.

I was tempted to cum, but then I remembered that I promised the Hellions a sexy spanking soon, and I worried that if I came now I might not get it up again before Nicky arrived. So I put a hand on Sue Ellen's head and applied enough pressure for her to get the hint to slow down.

She responded in the right way immediately.

I must say, I'm surprised at how well everything is going. Actually, I'm not that tempted to cum, not even when Sue Ellen redoubled her efforts and I got to watch my wife set the Gruesome Twosome off into erotic nirvana. Furthermore, this feels absolutely great! Perhaps the girls' long term dream of pleasuring me for many hours of the day on a regular basis can really become a reality, and soon. Why not?

But then I remembered: They, and the rest of my cock slaves, are people after all. Sure, some sex is great, but they have better things to do with their lives than to pleasure me as a full-time occupation. The whole idea is selfish and absurd. I want to see them succeed in life, and not just in bed. Sue Ellen and Cindy too. Everything in moderation, as the saying goes. Bummer!

The two Hellions wound up with their asses on the floor. Thanks to Mindy, they each had a guided descent instead of toppling over and possibly getting hurt. It was glorious to see their naked, cummy bodies sprawled out with them panting hard. I thought back to how they'd arrived in my room, dressed like any typical teen girls, and how quickly I'd gotten them to look like this instead.

Am I becoming sexually corrupted? Probably. Hell, almost certainly. But it's what everyone else seems to want, if not actually need. As long as I can maintain some limits, some "reasonable bounds," as Mindy had put it, in what seems like years ago, everything will be fine. Right?

So we have a wild and crazy harem lifestyle in the privacy of our own home. So what? We're not hurting anybody, and we all love it. What the neighbors don't know won't hurt them.

Mindy stood there looking like the cat who ate the canary. I noticed in my peripheral vision that when she thought I had my attention on Sue Ellen's bobbing head, she furtively licked clean each index finger that she'd rubbed against their steaming hot pussy lips. The look of rapture on her face as she savored the taste each time was priceless.

With that done, she kept on standing there while the girls slowly recovered at her feet.

Acting as if we were in a normal situation, I asked my wife, "So... What have you been up to? It looks like you've got your serious 'getting stuff done' clothes on."

She replied, "That's because I've been getting stuff done. And I'm happy to say that it's all done, except for having to move the beds in this room. Obviously, we've been waiting for you to do that. Have you gotten out of bed yet today?"

I laughed, because I was feeling so debauched. "No. I'm terrible. Hell, the only thing I've done so far is go to the bathroom and back."

The "old" Mindy would have given me no end of grief for that. But instead she seemed inordinately pleased. She merely shrugged her shoulders and said, "Hey, you're the master. That's what masters do."

"That's not true!" Michelle belatedly responded to my sitting in bed claim in an accusing tone. "He was also reading a book!"

My darling wife blinked in disbelief. "He what?"

Ruby groaned like someone was fingering her G-spot. "He was reading a book! And Sue Ellen blew him all the while!"

Mindy put a hand on her chest. "Be still my beating heart!"

I rolled my eyes. "It's just a book. Jesus. What's the big deal?"

Min spoke directly to the Gruesome Twosome. "Girls, isn't it amazing how he fulfills your greatest fantasies without fully realizing what he's doing? He's like the Mr. Magoo of daddy-masters."

The girls responded with exasperated looks, as if to say, "What else would you expect from our lovable dork?"

My wife turned back to me. "By the way, Magoo, I do love having to work while you kick back and enjoy your cock slaves sucking you and showing off their stunning nude bodies. It pushes my cucquean buttons in a big way. But, that said, I really could use your help moving the beds. I can't believe we got the big bed up here without you. It took all of us to get it up the stairs, including Cindy."

"Oh? Where is she?"

"Downstairs, actually. She's finishing up some last minute stuff. Too bad, because I'm sure she would have loved to see this." She looked down significantly at Ruby and Michelle to indicate what she meant.

Of course, Sue Ellen's blowjob continues without pause, but that seems not to merit a mention. Curious. It's like Min is taking that for a given. I'm starting to feel sorry for my Cupcake too. She's still going as strong as ever, but surely she has to be getting tired by now, no? How could she not?

So, instead of asking if she wanted to stop, I told her, "Sue Ellen, come sit here next to me. I want to cuddle with you."

She seemed happy enough to do that. She pulled her lips off my boner with an adoring smacking sound. Then she gave the tip of it a final loving kiss. Seconds later, she had her head on my shoulder and was resting and relaxing with a big smile on her face.

One of her hands went right back to my hard-on, and she resumed stroking it.

That hadn't been part of my intention, but I decided that I could handle and enjoy the arousal level, as long as she didn't get more active. I kissed her face a couple of times and ran my hand through her hair. "Good job. Very good. You really are an excellent cocksucker."

She beamed as she soaked in the compliment. "Thanks, Master! It was nothing, really. That's what good cock slaves do."

Mindy sat down on the edge of the bed so she could reach across my body and take Sue Ellen's free hand. As she squeezed her hand supportively, she said, "True. But that just shows that you ARE a good cock slave."

My Cupcake turned away with a bashful, "awww, shucks," look on her face. She actually blushed slightly as she idly rubbed my sweet spot.

To spare her embarrassment, I asked Mindy, "By the way, I've been getting some hints of some strange activity going on downstairs. It sounds like you all are doing more than just moving the big bed upstairs, and presumably putting the Dream Chair somewhere else. What's going on?"

She answered, "Yes, the Dream Chair is in the living room now. It can pass for a normal easy chair, because that's what normal, non-harem families use it for anyway. Nicky has no reason to suspect that you're the lord and master of this house and all the women in it, and that's your throne. As for other activity, you're right. There has been some... redecoration going on."

I laughed, because of the way she said that. "Uh-oh! You're scaring me. Just what does that mean?"

She looked to my crotch. My erection was pointing straight up while Sue Ellen rubbed and stroked it. My wife asked, "Before I answer that, can I take care of that?"

I replied, "I'm not sure what you have in mind exactly, but whatever it is, I'm fine. Cupcake is taking good care of me. Believe it or not, it's even good for it to go flaccid now and then. You know those commercials that mention the danger of a four-hour erection?"

Michelle had apparently revived, because she lifted herself enough to pop her head over the edge of the bed and look up at me. She said enthusiastically, "That's going to be a constant danger around here. A constant danger!"

Mindy snickered. "Yep!"

Sue Ellen asked, "What do y'all mean?"

To be honest, it kind of startled me to hear Sue Ellen ask a question, because her mouth had been occupied with sucking me off for so long.

Michelle explained, "I'm talking about keeping Daddy's cock stiff and throbbing with arousal for four hours or more - all the time!" She glanced at my boner and the pre-cum drooling down Sue Ellen's fingers. "I don't mind brief little rests like this, as long as they're brief."

I asked, "'Rests?' What do you mean? Don't you see what she's doing to it?"

"Yes, but a great powerful cock like yours really needs some oral action to feel its best. Or titfucking, at least. All her hand is doing is keeping you from going flaccid. We can and should do better. It's our prime duty!"

Then she looked to Sue Ellen with worry. "Unfortunately, Ruby and I can't help out today. Do you think you can get him going like before? Or maybe should I get Cindy to help?"

Sue Ellen said brightly, "No worries! True, my jaw is getting a bit tired and sore... He's just so THICK, you know? But y'all don't need to help. I'll do just fine if I can vary it up with some titfucking."

I held a hand out in a stop gesture before Sue Ellen started doing anything. I recalled some tears of exertion leaking from her eyes just a few minutes ago, and I felt she deserved more of a break. "I'm fine for now with what you're doing with your hand."

She nodded and kept right on cuddling and jacking me off.

Then, as I idly cupped Sue Ellen's ass, I asked, "Min, what's this about the redecoration?"

She spoke while looking away from me, obviously worried that I might not react positively. "Well, yes, there have been some changes. I ordered some new furniture along with the big bed and the Dream Chair, so we've moved the new stuff in and moved the old stuff out."

I complained, "But our furniture was perfectly fine! There was nothing wrong with it. So why the change, and why on Earth did you do it without asking me first? Or even just informing me, for crying out loud?!"

Still looking away, she answered, "We didn't change THAT much. Mostly just the chairs and the sofas. And they were fine, if a bit old. But the problem was that they weren't that conducive to our sexy fun time."

I had a sinking feeling. "What do you mean?"

I noticed that Ruby had revived too, and she was also poking her head up over the edge of the bed, right next to Michelle's. Clearly, she wanted to hear and see what was going on.

Mindy explained to me, "Think about it. We've got a house full of sex slaves who would love nothing more than to keep your cock constantly happy. But what if there's, say, an armrest or two in the way? How can we have three tongues on your cock at once with all of those annoying armrests?"

I responded, "First of all, I like armrests. You put your arms there. That's what they're for."

She joked in a petulant voice, "If you like them so much, why don't you marry them?"

That was so random and childish that I couldn't help but laugh.

She continued more seriously, "Don't worry, that's why I have some special chairs for you. They're just like ordinary chairs, except that you can snap the armrests in or out anytime you like. Just like with the Dream Chair. Or, on a couple of them, you can swing them out to each side."

I asked, "But why? For three heads on my cock at once? Even in our crazy world, seriously, how often is that going to happen?"

She was staring right at me now. "A lot! You'd be surprised. I'm assuming that'll be a daily thing. You'll see. Just think: if it weren't for the sex boycott, which we all know is temporary, don't you think you'd have at least three tongues on your hot pole right now? And you can see how much fun they have doing it, so why wouldn't they do it all the time?"

That was a "WHOA!" moment that sent shivers down my spine, because I realized she was right.

She continued, "Besides, there are other advantages. For instance, let's say you have a naughty cock slave and you want to punish her. You don't need to get out of your chair. Just remove the armrests or swing them to the side, then she can lay her sexy body across your lap and brace for a serious whaling on her perfect little bubble butt."

I glanced at the Gruesome Twosome and saw a sudden fire burning in their eyes. Clearly, they were already thinking about their imminent "sexy spanking."

Since Mindy was sitting facing me, she didn't notice that. She continued, "And there are other advantages too. Every room now has at least one chair that's the de facto master's chair. That one can tilt back, way back if you want, just like an easy chair. That way, you can enjoy your cocksucks and titfucks and various other debauched activities in comfort and in style."

I must admit, finding out the entire house was being refurnished to enhance my sexual pleasure was having an effect on me. Even as I complained about the changes, my dick pulsed and twitched with excitement.

Sue Ellen noticed, and before I could utter a word of protest, she acted to take care of it. But she didn't decide to go for more cocksucking or even a titfuck. No, she simply perched her ass above my crotch, and then sat down, right on my boner!

Needless to say, that move got quite a reaction from everyone else. Michelle and Ruby sat all the way up on their knees for a better look, which also allowed me to see their remarkable racks above the edge of the bed. They cheered and high-fived each other as she slowly sank down until I was fully sheathed in her.

Since Mindy was sitting close to Sue Ellen, when she saw that she gave her a high-five too. She crowed, "Like I said, Sue Ellen, you are an EXCELLENT cock slave! Great idea!"

Sue Ellen wasted no time. While she was still basking in the praise of the other women, she began slowly churning her hips on my cock, just like someone slowly churning a spoon through a thick stew.

That led to more high-fives and compliments for her.

Sue Ellen happily explained, "All y'all are too kind. I was just thinking: why more cocksucking, when I've got a needy pussy that's craving my master's cock? Not that I wouldn't be perfectly happy to suck him a whole lot more, but fucking is best!"

Michelle pouted, "Awwww. That sucks. No offense, Sue Ellen. Kudos to you, but what about Ruby and me? When is Daddy gonna take our virginities? I don't know if I can stand to watch this, especially after last night."

Ruby chimed in, as she so often did after Michelle said something. "What I wouldn't give to churn my hips around like that on Daddy's big... fat... cock..." She sighed longingly. "As much as I love the cocksucking and titfucking and the rest, THAT must be the ultimate!"

"It is!" It seemed Sue Ellen wasn't above a little gloating from time to time.

I was just about to complain to Mindy that refurnishing the house for sexual purposes was going too far. Even though things like the Dream Chair aroused me, I still wanted to make sure that we, as a group, didn't get too carried away. And this seemed to be the epitome of getting carried away. But it was hard to complain too much, given the way Sue Ellen was churning on my cock. That had kind of taken the wind out of my sails.

Still, I tried to press on. "Min, I don't know about all these new chairs. How much do they cost, anyway?"

She replied with a dismissive hand wave, "Ah, don't worry about it. I thought you might complain about that, so I'm taking the money out of MY little rainy day fund. You'll love the changes soon enough, I'm sure. And speaking of fucking" - we hadn't actually been speaking of it, but everyone was watching Sue Ellen's churning hips - "that's another reason for the change. We had a lot of surfaces that were liable to get totally ruined with just a little cum stain or two. I've replaced them with plastics and stain-proof leathers and other materials that look nice AND are a cinch to clean. One swipe of a towel and that big sticky lake of cum your leaky cock slave has been sitting in is gone. Voila!"

I looked at her skeptically.

She insisted, "You have to admit that was necessary, for cum stain reasons alone. Plus, those old fabrics retain the cum smell. How could we have guests over like that? How could we even have Nicky here when all your slaves are constantly leaking for you, whether you touch them or not? Trust me, I know what I'm doing. And as for why I didn't ask you first, that's because you could have said no."

I laughed at that. "Well, yeah! If I automatically said yes to everything, then why bother asking in the first place?"

"I know you. You would have said no, and you would have been wrong. I had to act fast, to get the changes in place before Nicky arrives, so she won't find them so odd when she comes back two weeks later. It's much more plausible that we've made changes in the last six months. Plus, there are even more advantages to the new furniture. It's just that I can't even remember everything, off hand."

I gave my wife a dubious look, but she blithely ignored it.

She went on, "Face it. Things are moving too fast for you. You're having trouble coming to grips with the fact that you are now the master of a harem with four cock slaves and one wife to serve you. That changes everything! Have you really thought through ALL the implications? Such as how that could affect the furnishings in our house?"

"No," I reluctantly admitted.

"Oh yeah. That's another thing. With more cock slaves, that means more chairs needed for us to sit in. I know you're still against the idea of all your slaves moving here, but now we have more chairs in each room that had been needing chairs. Surely you can't be opposed to that?"

"No, I suppose not." I sighed. "I guess you're right. Buying some new furniture does make some sense. I guess I'll have to go downstairs to see just how bad the damage is."

Michelle piped up. Her huge tits were resting just above the edge of the bed. "Oh, come on, Daddy. You're just conservative by nature, which means you're slow to accept new things. You'll get used to the changes soon enough. It looks nice."

Ruby, sitting in the exact same pose, gleefully added, "And before long, he'll scream bloody murder if anyone suggests to replace THESE furnishings!"

I sighed again, even as I enjoyed the sight of Ruby's and Michelle's firm teen tits lined up in a row. "You know what? You're probably right. That's just who I am. Thank God for your mother. She is rather insufferably smirky, but that's because she's right most of the time."

My wife pretended to be offended. "'Most of the time?' I think you mean 'all of the time.'" She laughed at that just to make sure that we knew she was kidding.

It kind of blew my mind that all the while we were talking, Sue Ellen was still fucking me cowgirl style. She didn't just churn her hips. True, she did that most of the time because it worked so very well, but she varied it up with other moves. For instance, sometimes, she would sit perfectly still, but that usually meant she was working on squeezing her pussy walls around my cock.

I found myself thinking, The others are right. I haven't thought things through. My brain is practically melting from just dealing with the fact that I HAVE four cock slaves! Fuck! Too fucking weird! I'm almost afraid to look into the future and try to imagine just what that means.

For instance, consider what we're doing right now. We're just hanging out, chatting about relatively normal stuff, and having fun. Yet, all the while, I'm enjoying a pretty damn good fucking! And I don't even have to move, since Sue Ellen is doing absolutely all the work. This is going to be the new normal, I suppose. Yet it seems soooo unfair. So very, very unfair. How can I approve of this? And yet, it feels way too good to say no! Besides, she's loving it as much as I am, or more. I'm sure she'll explode into orgasm before long.

Again, what's the harm? Why am I so resistant? Is it just that I am resistant to any kind of change, like they say? Or is it that I'm being reasonable, and they're all off the deep end? The problem is, I can't tell anymore. What IS 'normal,' anyway? And is 'normal' necessarily a better thing?

The four of us could have kept on chatting like that except for a few factors. One, I wanted to use the bathroom and shower. Today was looking to be an exceptionally hot day for this time of year, so a shower was sounding very good. Two, I was getting extremely hungry. It was almost one o'clock now, and I couldn't remember ever going that late in the day without eating at all. Three, I felt like Cindy was probably working downstairs and missing out while we had all the fun, and that wasn't being nice to her. Four, I was curious as to just how my house had been transformed.

Then, something else popped into my mind. Nicky! Before, they said she was coming home in a couple of hours, so by now that means more like one hour, probably. But I've also promised to give the Gruesome Twosome a sexy spanking. There isn't much time left for that, especially if I'm going to eat and shower and everything else. Plus, we have to finish moving the beds before she gets here.

Realizing all that, I announced to the group that it was time for me to finally get up and out of bed. I felt bad that Sue Ellen hadn't climaxed yet, but I suddenly felt like time was running out, and I couldn't just kick back in bed getting sucked and fucked all day.

Luckily, it turned out that Sue Ellen was pretty close to the edge. Upon hearing that I had to get up, she simply let herself go and had a nice orgasm. She bounced with some extra vigor on my stiffness until her waves of pleasure receded.

I didn't cum, but that was fine because I wanted to "save" that for later - probably for the sexy spanking. I was perfectly okay with going flaccid for a while.

So everything worked out great. And once the others cleared out of the room and I was given a chance to put on some clothes all by my lonesome self, that made me think. Things are too easy. It's TOO good! Too much pleasure. Real life isn't like this. What goes up must come down, and all that. There must be some dark clouds looming somewhere.

For instance... Nicky! Shit. What IS going to happen when she gets home? Are we all so sex mad that she'll notice right away? And even if we manage to fool her with pretend normality for a whole twenty-four hours until she's gone to Hawaii, what's going to happen when she gets back in two weeks? That's a disaster just waiting to happen! She's going to be home the rest of the summer, and things are too far gone to pretend for... Well, hell, we'd be lucky to make it a few days.

And what about the sex boycott? Sure, it's easy and fun to play around with my busty and beautiful Hellions. But getting them to strike sexy nude poses and making them cum a lot doesn't really solve anything. We still have a fundamental problem. They think it's all about me forcing them to kiss "stinky boys," but it goes much deeper than that. They claim to be my cock slaves, and they are when it comes to having lots of sexy fun and lots of orgasms. But when it comes to getting them to do what they don't want to do, it's like trying to push a mule uphill.

The truth is, I'm only the "lord and master" of this house in very limited ways. For instance, look at how Min replaced the furniture without even asking me. I need to take more control!

How do I get my Hellions to actually... well... to be frank... serve me? Yeah, I might as well go there. It's time to come to grips with the "new reality" and all its implications. I honestly WANT my daughters to be my sex slaves! So there! Sex slaves with good jobs and well rounded lives, but sex slaves just the same. But I want them to be GOOD sex slaves, like Sue Ellen. And that's a tall order!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Phunky, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and arthvr, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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