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Chapter 9

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

My plan to have a private shower with Sue Ellen didn't exactly work out as I'd intended. When I got to my bedroom on the way to my bathroom, I realized that the huge bed that Mindy had used for Sue Ellen's initiation ceremony last night was still leaning up against the wall. Clearly, we had to do some bed moving before Nicky arrived, and it made sense to do that before everyone took showers instead of after.

So I went back downstairs and further roused my exhausted ladies, then got everyone to put on clothes. We had no choice with that because the only place to put my old bed was in a short shed in our side yard, and that meant we had to go outside.

Once that annoying task was done, we were sweaty and fully awake. So we all needed to shower. Somehow, I got talked into sharing my shower with not only Sue Ellen, but Cindy, Michelle, and Ruby too! Mindy would have wanted to join in as well, and there was just enough room for it if the rest of us packed together even tighter. However, she volunteered to be the one to use the other shower instead. She said, "I don't want all that woman-on-woman contact anyway."

The way she said that, one would never suspect that she'd just spent a good long time playing with Ruby's pussy and clit, and then Michelle's, while she and Sue Ellen fondled and kissed each other! Obviously, she was singing a different tune now that she wasn't so horny.

However, it wasn't like she ever became completely "normal," because she stayed and watched the rest of us shower for a little while. As she did that, she commented, "Hmmm. It looks like we're going to need a bigger shower stall. It would be good to fit at least two more women in here."

I stood in the middle of a tangle of bodies. We'd had to break out some new bars of soap, because Michelle, Ruby, Cindy, and Sue Ellen ALL had insisted on soaping me up. I'd never gotten so clean in my life! Anyway, as I stood there with tits and legs and arms and hands brushing against me from every angle, I asked, "TWO women? I don't think we need to enlarge the shower at all. But if we did, we'd only need to fit in one more woman - you."

"That's what YOU think." I assumed she was smirking in her usual way, but I couldn't tell because I was surrounded by beautiful naked women who were pressing into me and blocking my view on every side. She added, "I'm not saying that you're going to find yourself with more cock slaves, but isn't it better to be safe than sorry? In fact, now that I think about it, we should make the shower even bigger than that. For instance, what if we have an orgy party, and some of the hotties like Nina and Anjali want to join in the group shower afterwards?"

I growled, "Miiiiindy!"

After the epic double sexy spanking, I didn't think that my dick would be able to revive for quite a long while. And I considered that a very good thing, given that Nicky was coming home shortly. But in addition to using no less than four bars of soap, someone had opened a bottle of bubble bath liquid and used up the entire thing. Plus, after we'd all gotten thoroughly wet, the water coming out of the shower head had been turned down to a trickle. So we were covered everywhere with slippery suds, and it was all just too arousing to resist.

I looked down at my crotch and noticed that BOTH Ruby and Cindy were jacking me off. A mother and daughter team! Their sudsy hands were sliding up and down my stiff shaft in perfect unison.

So, needless to say, I already was very aroused when my naked wife continued to stare into the shower stall and tell us her erotic thoughts. "Hubby, what's the problem? As much as you're enjoying yourself now, wouldn't it be even BETTER if we had room for Jane Corlin too? Can you imagine her rubbing her sudsy, naked body all over you, with all the others? Why, she's so stacked, her tits should count as a second person!"

I groaned, loudly. She knew I had a thing for the very foxy and sultry Jane, and she was using that knowledge against me. I wasn't able to complain though, because Michelle took that moment to start French kissing me.

Mindy continued to muse, "Besides, imagine in the future what things'll be like after the girls' sex bomb friends find out that you're the master of a harem. I'm not saying they'd all HAVE to become your cock slaves too, but certainly you'd want to fuck at least some of them from time to time, right? Imagine for instance if Lisa, Nina, and Anjali came over to join in some nude sunbathing. Those are definitely the most fuck-worthy friends, and I happen to know they have crushes on you. Afterwards they're going to want to take a shower, especially if they're tired out from getting royally fucked by the King and helping to keep your cock constantly hard and happy in general."

I really wanted to complain and get her to shut up, but my shower mates had pushed my back up against a wall. Michelle apparently was very inspired by Mindy's words, because she was kissing me like her life depended on it, even as Ruby and Cindy continued to stroke me. I could barely breathe, much less talk!

I thought all the soapy suds would prevent any oral action on my privates, at least until we were washed clean, because no one would want to taste the bitter soapy residue. But somebody had the bright idea of using the shower hose to wash just my crotch clean of soap, and then my cockhead quickly wound up inside a very eager mouth. It was both frustrating and arousing to realize that, not counting Michelle, I had no idea which one of them was doing that! Other hands continued to fondle the rest of my shaft and my balls.

Mindy continued, with growing excitement in her voice, "So, needless to say, we could find ourselves in a situation where Ruby, Michelle, Sue Ellen, Cindy, Lisa, Nina, Anjali, AND I all want to fondle, kiss, and pamper you in the shower at the same time. Oops, I mean we want to 'get clean together.'" I still couldn't really see my wife through the press of bodies, but I was certain she was making air quotes and snickering as she said that.

She further mused, "And who's to say that someone like our busty friend Jane wouldn't want to sunbathe in the nude with the others? Just because she's older than the girls, is that any reason not to invite her? And you have to admit that she has a fantastic tan. What if she has no tan lines, at all? I'll bet she doesn't. She's probably been preparing her body to be perfect for you! Although she's seriously STACKED, she knows she has to compete with the younger generation to be just as cock slave worthy as say, our very busty friend Anjali."

She was panting hard by the time she said, "Given that you have so many other slaves already, she's going to have to redouble her efforts to be the ULTIMATE, PERFECT busty and beautiful sex slave, totally devoted to serving you and your huge teen-cherry-busting cock! You know how gorgeous her face is? Imagine that, but with a collar around her neck and cum splattered all over her!"

I finally managed to raise a hand up and break the kiss by pushing Michelle's chin back. I gasped for air, and then complained, "Miiiiindy! Stop! You promised no more women! You're reining in your cucquean excesses, remember?"

"Oh, drat! You're no fun. Can't a woman dream?" She was panting hard.

When I didn't reply to that (because Michelle was tongue dueling with me some more!), Mindy continued, "Fine. I'll shut up. But I just want to point out that IF that situation were to happen, we might need as many as ten people to fit in the shower at once. And we can barely manage five as it is. But then again, how can we enlarge the shower at all? Where would the extra room for it come from? Hmmm. That's a big problem."

Needless to say, my plans for a shower with just Sue Ellen did not go as planned!

Somehow, I managed to get out of the shower without blowing my load down some mystery throat. (Actually, that should be "mystery throats" - I eventually figured out that Ruby and Sue Ellen took turns bobbing on me.) Chances are very good that we all would have kept on showering until we were all fully sexually satiated. However, I was getting extremely antsy about Nicky arriving, so I cut things short.

I can't stop thinking of the heart attack my older daughter would have if she let herself in the house, heard the commotion coming from the upper floor, and walked into the bathroom to discover her father being sucked, kissed, and soaped up by no less than FOUR women, and none of them her mother!

Good grief! Things are getting far too crazy. How on Earth will we make it through Nicky's visit, even with my limited hangout idea?

As it was, it turned out we wound up with some time to spare. After we dried up and put clothes on again, we turned our attention to making the house presentable. One concern I had was making sure there was no obvious sex smell anywhere, so I decided a thorough cleaning was in order, especially in the recently used living room.

However, that was exactly what the ladies had done most of the morning. Everything already was about as clean as possible, with the exception of the living room. But with all of us working together, we fixed that fairly quickly.

At one point, I crossed paths with Ruby. I couldn't resist saying to her, "By the way, Red, I couldn't help but notice that you were sucking me off in the shower. How does that jibe with your sex boycott?"

Ruby blushed. She was fully dressed and calmed down, so she tried to wiggle out of it. "Are you sure that wasn't Sue Ellen? I definitely remember her going to town on the King for most of the shower."

I responded, "It was you AND her. Don't try to deny it. I couldn't see much with Shelle all over me like an octopus, but each of you have a unique sucking style."

Her face turned redder still. "Um, well... mistakes were made. That can't be denied. Uh... however, with Nicky set to arrive shortly, we're starting with a blank slate, right? Besides, we needed to fully drain your balls before she got here, since you'll be severely undersexed for the next 24 hours. I had to take one for the team, as it were."

I rolled my eyes and said sarcastically, "How noble of you." For once, I was the one doing all the smirking. However, I let her go after that.

I was left anxiously waiting for Nicky, with nothing to do. She was going to college in the San Francisco Bay area, which wasn't so far away. It wasn't even in another state. But she hadn't come home for Easter or any other time since Christmas. It had been a full six months since I'd seen her. In the autumn, by contrast, we'd taken her to her college orientation and helped her settle in to her dorm, and then we'd gone back a month later for a special parental visit weekend the university had. Then she'd come home for Thanksgiving, AND her Christmas vacation was over a month long.

So this was the longest she'd ever been away from us, by far. I couldn't wait to see her again!

I was just sitting in the living room getting increasingly anxious when Mindy came up to me and suggested the two of us take a little walk in the backyard.

Recall that we have a relatively big backyard. Our house is on top of a round hill. Beyond the pool area, the property starts to slope down towards the ocean. Our wooden deck is beyond some trees, and the deck almost seems to hang out into the air, because the slope turns nearly into a cliff right below it. The view of the ocean between the trees is simply fantastic. (I'm a lucky, lucky man!)

Needless to say, I was happy to take up Mindy's offer. True, it's only about two hundred feet from the house to the deck, and that's not exactly a lot of exercise. But staring out towards the ocean and feeling the sun and wind always relaxes me. (There are some lines of houses and the Pacific Coast Highway a couple hundred feet below, between us and the ocean, but it's easy to forget they're there.)

As soon as we were out of the house and walking around the pool, Mindy pressed herself into me with an arm around my waist, and said in a lowered voice, "There are some things I want to talk to you about before Nicky gets here."

"Like what?"

"Most importantly, the need for total secrecy. I've talked to the others about this, but I haven't had a chance with you yet because you've either been sleeping all morning or getting your cock sucked by an endless parade of seriously stacked and sexy cock slaves." She smiled widely at that. "Not that I, as your cucquean wife, have any problem with that whatsoever!"

"Stay focused," I chided.

"Right. Sorry. What I told the others and what I'm now telling you is that we need to be ULTRA-careful and HYPER-vigilant. It's not enough to be careful about what we say and do around her. We need to be careful about what we say and do if there's even the SLIGHTEST chance she could overhear or somehow find out what was said. I could easily see a situation where, for instance, a couple of your cock slaves are in a room talking to each other about how frustrated they are they can't constantly serve your cock with Nicky around, thinking that they have total privacy to speak freely. But then Nicky walks by and hears them through the door, or something like that. That could be a total disaster!"

"That's a good point," I said. My anxiousness was growing. "Having Nicky come home snuck up on us somehow, I guess because we were all so distracted with our playing around. I haven't had time to think through all of the security concerns. I feel like I'm not ready. We're not ready. Disaster is looming!"

Mindy shook her head in agreement. "I know! I feel the same. But I think that ultimately it will be okay because we all want to keep our secrets so very badly. I figure we have to err on the side of caution. Try not to say ANYTHING that you wouldn't want Nicky to overhear, unless maybe you're completely out of the house."

She looked all around. We had already reached the deck, since the distance wasn't far. "Even here, there's no telling. What if someone was right on the other side of those trees there? And in our house, there's no such thing as total privacy anywhere! You and I could be in our bed late at night making love, and someone might come to the door, and even put an ear to the door. Nicky is only going to be here a short time, so let's just stay mum until she's gone. Agreed?"

I nodded. "Agreed. However... about what you said with ears to the door... Is that still a problem?! I was told about the girls spying on me through a peephole, but you covered it up a couple of weeks ago. You even showed me your patch job. Still, can we be sure? Maybe they drilled another hole? Have you heard anything about that recently?"

She looked me in the eyes in an obvious attempt to show how sincere she was. "I'm not aware of any existing peephole to stare through. The Gruesome Twosome feel that the ends justifies the means when it comes to implementing their Plan. I guess now we could call it the 'cock slave plan.' They don't fully trust me with their plans anymore, and we've seen when they've lied blatantly to your face. So that's one reason why I'm saying that, for now, we have to assume that privacy simply doesn't exist. Once Nicky is gone, we'll have to tackle this spying issue head on. But obviously we can't be hunting for peepholes and the like when Nicky's due any minute."

I sighed as I stared out over the ocean. I keep getting distracted with too much sexual fun. I've neglected a lot of issues, such as this spying stuff. Now that Min mentions it, I'm almost certain that they ARE still somehow spying on me. They haven't let little things such as ethics or promises slow them down yet. Plus, she seems evasive with the exact wording of her denial. This is the exact kind of thing that shows that even though they are my cock slaves, they still need to be brought to heel!

I have half a mind to search every last inch of my bedroom for any kind of peephole as soon as I'm done speaking to Min here. Okay, maybe not right now, but soon. Maybe even before Nicky leaves. The thing is, the Hellions are all about their own sexual pleasure. Even if they have no good "intel" reason to spy on me, they'd probably do it just the same because they find it arousing. I'm lucky that what they find arousing is what I usually find arousing too. Dominance and submission fit together like a hand in a glove. But there are times, such as with this spying business, when our interests collide in a big way!

I looked over at Mindy standing next to me with her hands on the rails at the outer edge of the deck. She looked more beautiful than ever with the breeze blowing through her hair and the sun on her face. I tenderly caressed her cheek. "Thank you for being such a good wife. I know you've been pulled strongly in a certain way by your cucquean urges, but the fact that you've stuck by my side in this ongoing tug of war with the Gruesome Twosome means the world to me. I know I have at least one person I can trust completely."

We shared a tender kiss.

But then, as she pulled away, she looked off to the ocean with embarrassment. "I don't know if you could say 'trust completely.' Let's face it: total honesty is impossible for anyone. Did you know, for instance, that the average person tells over ten white lies a day? It's true; I saw that on the news a while back. Sometimes I still tell some white lies or lies of omission to you, such as keeping the purchase of all the new furniture from you. But ultimately that's because I feel that I'm doing it for you, for YOUR benefit. Like with the furniture. You have to admit that I played that pretty well, don't you?"

I sighed again. "Yes. I realize now that I would have put up a big stink and not let you buy half that stuff. And our house looks better, and there are all of those sexual advantages you pointed out too. But this brings up all kinds of issues in my mind, and this may not be the time to discuss them with Nicky on our minds. Still, I'm making a mental note, and we'll pick this up later. I lie sometimes too. Everyone does. But white lies and such only work if there's a bedrock of trust there, and lately that trust has been shaken."

She nodded. "I know. And I'm sorry." She caressed my face too. "But you're right, this isn't the time to really get into this. However, there is one other thing I wanted to make sure to say before Nicky comes and I lose my chance."

She looked away in obvious embarrassment. She let go of the rails and wrung her hands together nervously. "I just want you to be completely clear that what I did to Ruby and Michelle during the sexy spanking earlier... Well, and what happened with Sue Ellen too... I just... Well... I didn't enjoy that. I did that because you told me to, not because I wanted to."

I could tell that Mindy was lying, but not to me - to herself! She was having great difficulty coming to grips with her "lesbian" desires.

Gathering steam, she continued, "After all, you said you need a 'right hand man' to help with the spankings sometimes, right? And daily spankings are important because they're one of the few ways we have any control whatsoever over the Gruesome Twosome, right? So it's not like I have any choice! I'm your wife. Of course I'm the one who has to help out with that kind of thing. Just because I touch another woman's pussy, that doesn't mean I have to like it. I mean, like you said, I touched Michelle's vagina and ass when she was a baby and I changed her diapers. It's just... We do... We touch each other sometimes. Right? It's part of life! Right!"

She'd been staring off to sea the entire time, and acting nervously, but now she looked to me with hope for some validation.

This was a tricky situation for me. I knew she had a serious hang-up on this issue. I was thinking that it was time for me to help her start coming to grips with her true feelings, but if I pushed her too far, it might backfire.

Stepping into a minefield, I said, "I understand, Sweetheart. I put you in a difficult spot, and I'm sorry about that. The thing is, you really DON'T have a choice on this matter. Nobody else can help me with certain things but you. It's true that I'm the only master here, but you're my wife, not a cock slave. Nobody else has the status to help me with a spanking, and I'm figuring out that status is very important in a harem. I wish that it wasn't that way, but it seems that it is."

Mindy smiled and visibly relaxed, thinking that I completely agreed with her. She said, "That's true. Status is vital. We can't have your slaves all constantly battling with each other, jockeying for position. You need to draw clear lines and not tolerate any messing around."

I nodded. "That's why only you can do certain things. For instance, if one of the girls were to spank you, that would throw everything into confusion. That said, though, since you're already obliged to engage in some intimacy with them anyway, there's no reason why you can't enjoy it."

Her face fell, and then she clenched her jaw with worry. "No! I couldn't do that. Never!"

"Why not?" I took her in my arms and gave her a supportive hug. "Look. Biology is biology. A woman kissing feels just the same as a man kissing, for instance. If it weren't for some minor subtle clues, in some cases you might not even know for sure if it was me or one of the cock slaves kissing you."

She squirmed unhappily in my arms. She protested feebly, "That's not true."

"It is, and you know it. Ditto with, say, getting your pussy fingered. Fingers are fingers. If someone fingerbangs you for a while and they know what they're doing, you're going to get really horny, and you're going to cum eventually. It just happens! It's basic human anatomy. It doesn't necessarily mean you're bisexual. It means you're a human being, that's all. You can't help it!"

She was upset, but she clung to that last comment. "I can't help it!"

"That's right." I hugged her tighter. "If you happen to get sexual pleasure out of some of the stuff with other women, that doesn't make you a bad person. In fact, it can make you a very GOOD person! Take what happened with Sue Ellen's initiation last night. You got quite intimate with her at some points during that."

I felt her stiffen up unhappily in my arms from being reminded about that.

I went on, "But that just shows what a wonderful person you are. You were determined to do whatever it took to make her have the greatest night of her life! If that meant kissing her lips, licking her nipples, playing with her clitoris, or even licking her pussy lips while they were stretched around my cock, you were willing to do that. Heck, you did a lot more with her last night than anything you did during the sexy spanking today."

I quickly added, "But that's okay, because you had no choice! You knew that, as the master's wife, there are certain duties and responsibilities that only you can fulfill. That includes making sure that a cock slave initiation is a grand success. If you had refused to intimately participate, that would have cast a shadow over the whole thing. You had no choice!"

She looked up into my eyes hopefully. "That's right. I had no choice, did I?"

"NO choice. Not if you want this harem to be a big success. And this is how it goes with harems. It's not like I have any experience with them, but I can look ahead and I can tell that this kind of situation is going to happen a lot. Harems have a lot of naked women touching and kissing each other. There's no getting around that. For instance, you could have easily squeezed in with us in the shower, and everyone would have loved it if you did. Again, if you happen to get aroused in a situation like that, don't worry about it. That's simply how the human body works. It's not your fault."

I stopped talking and just held her, letting her absorb all that. I knew that she would grab hold of my "it's not your fault" logic and hang onto that for dear life. I hoped such a fig leaf would help her ease into greater intimacy with other women.

Finally, she shyly asked me, "If I do kind of enjoy it a little from time to time, you won't hold that against me?"

"HA! Why would I do that? Au contraire! I would think, 'Now, that is a great and loving wife, who is willing to go to any lengths to keep her husband happy, and keep the whole harem happy.' If it was very important that I had to do something intimate with another guy to help you somehow, I don't know if I could do it, to be honest. So you're a much better spouse than I am."

She slapped my shoulder lightly. "That's not true. It's different with men. Men are a lot more hard-wired about that kind of thing."

"Maybe so. But the bottom line is, I'm the luckiest guy in the world to be married to you, and that's the truth!"

We kissed again. As we did so, I could feel some of the tension leaving her body.

After the kiss, the two of us just stood there in the embrace and looked out over the water. We each had a lot to think about.

We were still standing there and simply silently enjoying each other's company when I heard Sue Ellen shouting from the pool area through the trees to us, "Nicky's home!"

My wife and I could feel each other tense up in our embrace. Both of us relaxed again and then chuckled about it.

I kissed her nose playfully. "Don't worry. It'll be fine. Besides, aren't you glad to see her again?"

"Are you kidding me? I can't wait! In fact, why are we still standing here? Let's go!"

We rushed back into the house. Sure enough, Nicky was standing just inside the door. I couldn't see much of her at first, because she was being completely smothered in hugs and kisses by both Ruby and Michelle. I did make out her brown hair though.

I heard her say, "I love how loving this family is!"

I heard Ruby mutter, "You don't know the half of it!"

I thought, Uh-oh! That's the kind of cryptic comment that could get us in trouble. As much as I love to see my "long lost" daughter again, I won't be able to breathe easy until she's gone again!

Mindy and I stood close by and waited for our turns.

Finally, Nicky noticed us and her eyes shone with delight. "Mom! Dad!" She broke away from the death grip hug Ruby and Michelle had her in.

To my mild chagrin, she went for Mindy first and wrapped her arms around her. But within seconds she reached out and pulled me into a three-way hug. "I've missed you guys so much!" she exclaimed.

The three-way hug quickly turned into a five-way one with Michelle and Ruby piling on. Only Sue Ellen and Cindy stood by and watched.

Mindy cried, "I've missed you too!" And when I say cry, I mean cry. I was surprised to discover that my wife was practically bawling like a baby. She hadn't done that when Nicky had come home for Christmas. But then again, we'd seen her a month before at Thanksgiving, and this time it had been a whole six months.

There was a lot more kissing and hugging, and emotional declarations, and crying. I must admit that I shed a few tears myself. I know that's not a manly thing to do, but screw it! I heard my voice crack with emotion as I said, "Nicky, you were gone too long!"

It really warmed my heart to see this demonstration of just what a loving family we are. We're not just a sex-mad bunch. If you take the sex away, there's a strong bedrock of love there, much stronger than most families. That made me feel that I'd been a success as a parent, because in my opinion love is the most important thing in life.

Finally, things settled down enough for Cindy and Sue Ellen to get involved. As the group hug broke up, I held an arm out in the direction of Cindy, who was standing by next to Sue Ellen. "Here's Cindy..."

"Of course! Cindyyyyy!" Nicky rushed over to Cindy and gave her a hug.

Because Cindy had been a friend of family since basically forever, Nicky and Cindy knew each other quite well. In truth, due to the fact that Cindy was the mother of Ruby, Nicky probably knew Cindy even better than I did. Way back when, Ruby, Michelle, and Nicky used to be thick as thieves and do everything together, and that included spending time at the McGrath house. It was only in the mid-teens when Nicky went her own way from the other two somewhat, due to the fact that she was in an older grade and found herself increasingly in a different social circle.

I was about to introduce Nicky to Sue Ellen, but when Nicky ended the hug with Cindy, she looked around and said, "Sue Ellen?! What are you doing here?!"

Despite the confusion of the situation, the two of them hugged each other too. As the hug came to an end, Sue Ellen said shyly, "It's a long story."

Michelle walked up and hugged them. "I disagree. It's a simple story. Ruby and I got to be friends with her since you left last time, and we've just grown closer and closer all the time. She's practically like another sister to us now. We've even made her an official breastest friend."

Nicky raised her eyebrow in surprise. "Really? Wow! That's great." Then she pouted, "But why didn't you tell me about that in any of our phone calls or e-mails?"

Michelle appeared to be stumped by that for a second, but then she smiled and said, "I wanted it to be a surprise, since I knew you two were friends in high school. We've got a lot to catch up on!"

"That we do!"

Nicky and Michelle shared another hug.

I thought, Phew! That was a close call! I'd forgotten that Nicky and Sue Ellen knew each other at all. But then I recalled having been told that not long after I'd met Sue Ellen. From what I remembered, it was kind of a stretch to call them friends. They were more like acquaintances, since they were in the same grade in the same high school, and apparently they'd shared a few classes. Thank God for Shelle. She may be frustratingly headstrong, but she's damn clever.

Being the sole "guy" of the group, I volunteered to help unload Nicky's car. It turned out that I did all of the unloading of a very stuffed full car, because once the women settled into the living room and got talking, there was no stopping them.

I was perfectly fine with that. It warmed my heart to see them catching up and getting along so swimmingly.

When I was all done and came back in through the front door, I stood at the foyer and watched the women talking to each other. They were so absorbed in the discussion that they didn't even notice me. That allowed me to get my first good long look at Nicky in six months. Sure, I'd seen her when she came in, but I was so emotionally worked up that I wasn't paying attention to details. In addition to being overjoyed from seeing her, I had a deathly fear that she would somehow see right through us and immediately accuse us of sex crimes.

But now, after calming down, I could see just how improbable and irrational that was. I could relax and bask in the joy of the return of my "golden" child.

Yet... I was also a man. I had absolutely ZERO intention of being sexually intimate with Nicky in any way. If nothing else, I wanted at least one person in our crazy little world to go on and live the stereotypical "white picket fence" American dream life. And Nicky was well on the way, doing very well in college and her personal relationships.

That said, now that I'd gotten sexually intimate with the likes of Ruby, Michelle, and Sue Ellen, I couldn't help but look at Nicky with new eyes. Again, ZERO interest in actually doing anything, but I could still wonder what could have been if I was in some alternate universe where such a thing was possible. Right?

And the truth was, Nicky looked absolutely fantastic! Apparently, six months was a lot longer than I'd thought, because Nicky seemed noticeably different. She still had her long brown hair, but she wore it in a new hairstyle and she'd cut it shorter than before. She appeared taller and more filled out too. I dare say that while she was sexy and curvy before, she was downright jaw-dropping and voluptuous now!

One thing that hadn't changed was her face. My god, what a captivating face! I particularly love her brilliant blue eyes. She has a narrow, intense gaze most of the time that suggests great intelligence. (And, in her case, it suggests accurately!) But all of her facial features are divine, with great symmetry and flawless skin. People say that I'm handsome, and it goes without saying that my wife Mindy is gorgeous, but our genes mixed in just the right way to create two children who take attractiveness to an entirely different level.

Truth be told, Nicky is every bit as beautiful as Michelle, and that's saying a hell of a lot! The difference is that Michelle always flaunted her looks while Nicky downplayed hers. A big part of it I'm sure is that Michelle enjoys being the center of attention while Nicky loathes that. So, while Michelle always dresses to attract eyeballs, Nicky dresses as if she lives in Alaska instead of California.

And, to be completely frank, I must admit that Michelle's larger and more jutting breasts must have a lot to do with the amount of attention each of them has gotten as well. When any straight man sees Michelle walking down the street, he pretty much can't help but stop and stare and say "WHOA!" It really doesn't matter what she's wearing, because those jutting, huge twin torpedoes demand your attention. Whereas Nicky is noticeably busty too, but in a "normal, anatomically possible" way, if that makes sense.

At any rate, Nicky was just as much of a "perfect ten" as my other girls. I thought, I would not kick her out of bed for eating crackers... except for the fact that she's my daughter. Damn! What a sobering thought that is. What the hell is she doing in my bed in my mind, even for a fleeting instant?!

My gaze continued to roam over her curves. She must be driving the boys up north absolutely crazy! Even with the way she dresses, there's just no hiding a figure like that. Or a face like that!

As I stood there staring, I realized that I had a problem: I was suddenly sporting a firm erection! Luckily, it happened to be pinned up against my body, so obvious tenting wasn't a problem. But the mere fact that I'd grown any kind of erection while looking at my innocent daughter was a big problem. That wasn't supposed to happen! True, this was hardly the first time I'd gotten aroused from looking at her. When you have daughters who could be centerfolds, that just comes with the territory. But now that I'd actually been intimate with Michelle and Ruby, such an erection invited a new and more disturbing meaning.

I thought, I'm fortunate. I can't control an automatic bodily function like an erection. But I know in my heart that I have absolutely NO interest in doing anything sexual whatsoever with her. So let the boners come and go as they want because they'll have zero impact on how I think or behave towards her. Nicky is my perfect angel. She's the good and innocent one. It would be an assault on all the values I hold dear to even CONTEMPLATE any kind of sexual interaction with her. The difference of the situation between her and the Gruesome Twosome is like night and day. So I'm not even going to worry about it.

I decided it was time to make my presence known. Walking into the living room, I said, "Hey, Muffin. What are you all talking about?" ("Muffin" is my nickname for Nicky.)

"You!" Mindy replied teasingly.

"I hope good things?" I walked up to Nicky and gave her a hug before sitting down on one of the sofas so I could join in the conversation.

"What good things? There are good things?" Mindy joked. Then she did a double take. "Hey, why are you sitting there?"

I looked at the sofa I was sitting on in confusion. It seemed like a perfectly good sofa to me. Then I looked up and saw everyone except Nicky looking at me and then looking at the Dream Chair. Thankfully, Nicky was looking right at me or she would have been puzzled by all the strange looks.

I got up and moved to the Dream Chair.

Nicky naturally asked, "What's that all about?"

Mindy waved a hand, trying to lightly pass off the incident. "We just bought this new special chair for him. It cost an arm and a leg. It's super comfy. So, when he doesn't use it, it seems like a waste."

That put Nicky's curiosity to rest, thankfully. She joked, "Whose arm and whose leg? I hope not anyone we know?"

I cut in to respond before Mindy could make some dangerous "third leg" joke. "Actually, mine. I've been paying the bills with body parts. I'm more than half cyborg now."

Michelle laughed. "He's Darth Daddy!"

The amiable small talk continued.

I listened in for a while without directly taking part. My mind was elsewhere. Specifically, I was thinking about "Muffin," the nickname I'd used for Nicky for years and years. Two problems greatly disturbed me. One, when I'd started calling her that, she was just a little kid. But now, with her being older and so very sexually appealing, "Muffin" took on a completely new second meaning! I was well aware that that is a slang term for the vagina. Shit! Why didn't anyone warn me of that way back when?!

The second problem was that "Muffin" was so similar to "Cupcake," who was now one of my sex slaves! I swear, when "Cupcake" popped into my mind for Sue Ellen, I hadn't thought about the "Muffin" nickname in ages. And I hadn't thought of it since then until now, when it came off my lips.

I thought, Is it too late to give Nicky a completely new nickname? I guess it is, since she really likes that one. Damn!

We talked some more about this and that, with Nicky speaking the most because everyone was asking her questions. Mindy, like me, was extremely proud of Nicky's accomplishments, and she kept lobbing softball questions at her which allowed the others to hear just how well Nicky was doing in school.

Nicky had just finished her first year at the University of California, Berkeley, one of the best universities in the state, if not the country, and she'd already made the Dean's List! That was pretty damn cool, in my book.

Nicky wanted to tell us about her recent trip to Lake Tahoe, and she had some photos from that trip to share with us.

But Mindy was antsy to talk about other things. After a while, she asked about Nicky's boyfriend. "How are things going with Steve?"

Nicky and Steve had been dating non-stop almost from the very start of the school year. Mindy has liked to crow about him too, because he's everything you'd want in your daughter's boyfriend: smart, handsome, athletic, honorable, polite, personable, and so on. Oh, and he comes from a wealthy family. He almost looks like a caricature of a "future leader of America" type, with a square-set jaw, blue eyes, military-cut short blond hair, and so on.

But then again, that wasn't so surprising that he was such a catch. With Nicky's outstanding looks and winning personality, it was only natural that she'd snatch up one of the most desirable men. Although she tried hard not to draw attention to herself, there were plenty of smart guys who would be able to tell just what a catch she was too, not just with looks but with her smarts and personality as well.

So we were more than a little surprised when Nicky didn't immediately have good things to say about Steve. In fact, she seemed downright embarrassed about the question. After some hemming and hawing, the truth came out. She confessed, "Steve and I aren't exactly together anymore, Mom."

That set off a big emotional reaction. Michelle in particular nearly flew out of her chair. She blurted out, "Whaaaaat? You said whaaaat?!"

Mindy asked in a calmer yet just as surprised tone. "Can you please tell me what you mean by that?! Don't tell me that he dumped you!"

"No, he didn't dump me. You see, he's a great guy and all, but I can tell he's not 'the one,' if you know what I mean. Besides, I'm too young to hitch up with Mr. Right, even if he's right in front of me. You know I didn't date much until the last year of high school. I want to see who else is out there." She added in a quieter voice, "Live a little."

Mindy and everyone else, including me, were still recovering from the surprise. She asked, "So... does that mean you dumped HIM?!"

"Not exactly either." Nicky squirmed in her spot on the sofa, finding a sudden fascination with the floor or the ceiling. "You see, I figure that summer's here, and we won't be seeing each other until fall anyway. And, well, this sounds kind of harsh, but he's head over heels for me, so I know he'll be there for me when I get back. So I figured, why not leave my options open for the summer? See who else might come along?"

Michelle interrupted by exclaiming, "That makes you a free agent! That changes everything!" She and Ruby shared a significant knowing look.

Nicky continued, "Um, yeah. Kind of. We'll see. I told him that we should be allowed to see other people during the summer, and then when school starts again, see where we stand and if we want to get back together."

I was shocked. In my opinion, Nicky was nothing but sweetness and light. She's as nice as they come, always doing things for other people and never getting angry or saying a bad word. I had assumed that her "golden couple" relationship with Steve was a sort of modern day fairy tale. I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that she found him boring and wanted to play the field. This was not the Nicky I knew!

Mindy appeared similarly shocked. For once, she was left speechless.

Not Michelle or Ruby though. They peppered Nicky with all kinds of questions about Steve and her decision to "kind of" break up with him. They didn't seem upset, which surprised me, because I'd gotten the impression that they liked Steve.

However, Nicky had obviously had a difficult time confessing this much, and she was reluctant to say anything further, at least for now.

As a result, the topic of conversation shifted. Before long, Nicky started asking questions about how each of us were doing.

This was leading to an inevitable awkward and painful moment. The presence of Sue Ellen had kind of been explained when Nicky was told that Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen had become fast friends and were almost inseparable. I'm sure Nicky would have more questions about that later, but she didn't seem too curious about it just yet.

However, why was Cindy here in the room as well, when presumably we knew roughly when Nicky was arriving and we would want to have a happy family reunion with her?

I could tell that Nicky was curious about this, but, being the kind and polite girl that she is, she was reluctant to come out and ask about it point blank.

So, to save us from a lot of beating around the bush, I decided to bite the bullet and find out how my "limited hangout" idea would go over.

When Mindy came back from the kitchen with some drinks for everyone, I took advantage of that to reposition. I squeezed myself on the sofa between where Mindy and Cindy happened to be sitting, and took both of their hands in mine.

That clued them in as to what I was about to do. Their visible nervousness suddenly soared through the roof.

I said, "Speaking of... surprise relationship news, I have some as well. Mindy and I are as happy as we've ever been."

Mindy cut in. "Happier, in fact. Lately, I've been so delighted with my husband that I feel like I'm walking on air all the time."

I continued, "But there's a sort of strange twist. You see, lately, our marriage has turned into kind of a... threesome of sorts." I looked at Cindy significantly. "With Cindy."

"WHAAAAT?!" Nicky was so shocked that she actually leaped out of her seat. "Excuse me?! Whaaaat did you say?!"

I held up a hand defensively. "Hold on! It's not what you think. Mindy and I, we're the same. Great. Better than ever! It just happens that Cindy is sort of my mistress too?"

Nicky was so shocked that she staggered backwards. She looked between Mindy, Cindy, and I in what seemed like abject horror. She realized the significance of the way I held Mindy's and Cindy's hands, and now she looked at those hands like they were dangerous snakes ready to strike.

She found her voice, as she asked Mindy, "And you! You're okay with this?! For real?!"

Mindy replied with studied calmness, "I'll have you know, young lady, that I'm more than okay with it." She continued with obvious enthusiasm, "I think it's great! You know that Cindy and I already are very close friends. Now, we're even closer."

I didn't think Nicky's face could look any more horrified, but then I found out that it could. She stepped further back, like we were axe murderers out to get her. She looked back and forth between Cindy and Mindy. "Wait... Don't tell me you two are..."

Mindy was quick to figure out what our innocent Nicky was too refined to ask. "No, we're not! Cindy and I aren't intimately involved with each other in any way. It's just that we both love Dan, and we're intimate with him. But rest assured that he only has one wife, and that's me. A mistress is similar, but different."

I added kind of lamely, "This sort of thing is very common in some places, such as France."

Nicky stepped forward but exclaimed in anger, "I don't care what they do in fucking France!"

This was a shocker too, because Nicky never, and I do mean NEVER, uses any curse words. I'd never heard her use the 'F' word in my life. The fact that she used it now showed how very agitated she was.

Nicky looked around wildly. Her gaze settled on Ruby and Michelle, who were sitting together. "And you two?! You're okay with this?!"

Michelle spoke up. "Very okay! Sure, it was weird to accept at first. But you haven't been here to see how well this has been working out."

Ruby added, "The three of them have never been happier. So I'm on board."

Nicky suddenly flashed her attention on Mindy again. "You! Why the heck do YOU allow this?! I don't understand!"

Mindy spoke patiently. "It's... complicated. The bottom line is that it works. But if we're all good with it, and this is what fulfills us, why can't you accept it?"

Nicky didn't answer that. Instead, she kept on incredulously staring at us and especially at our held hands.

Trying to help, I said, "Think of the plus side. Cindy is Ruby's mother, obviously, and Ruby is already Michelle's best friend, and your good friend. In fact, the two of them have practically been sisters since forever. So now it's like our families are merging. Everyone is even closer than before."

Nicky turned to Ruby. "And you! Don't tell me that you really think this is great too?! She's your mother!"

Ruby took a deep breath. Then she said firmly, "I do." She let that linger, then added, "My mom has been really unhappy for many years. You know it. She needed a guy just like Dan to treat her right, and now she's got him."

"But he's taken already! By MY mom!"

"There's more than enough of him to go around. You have to see the three of them together. See how happy they are. See how much they love each other. Where does it say that it has to be one man and one woman, and nothing else? In the Bible, most of the kings and prophets had multiple wives or mistresses, or both."

Nicky huffed as she stood there, "I don't care about that; I care about MY family! I don't like this! I don't like it at all!"

Trying to distract her, I said, "Look. It just... It feels right. It IS right. We fit together, belong together. In fact, we're not just kind of merging the families together. With Ruby, we decided that we should go all the way and formally make her a sister. That means that she's Mindy's daughter, and my daughter too. And she's your sister too."

Nicky was reeling, and clutched the sides of her head. "So I have a new sister too?! What the hell?! Is that official?! Or legal?!"

"No. But we all feel it in our hearts and in our minds, and that's all that matters really. Aren't you happy to have her as a sister?"

Nicky was stumped for a moment. "Well... Yeah. I guess. I mean, sure. I like you a lot, Ruby. That's great, actually. But... why did nobody tell me about this until now?! Why don't I have any say in this?"

I responded, "This has happened quite recently. We're still sort of working it out and coming to grips with it ourselves. It's only been a week or two since the situation has kind of solidified. So, with news this big and important, we thought it was best to wait and tell you in person."

Nicky sighed, and then suddenly flopped back into the sofa she happened to be standing near. She muttered, "You're all... trying to give me a heart attack!"

Mindy stood up and walked over to her. She held her arms open wide.

Nicky quickly got up again and rushed into Mindy's arms. "Why?! Why, why, why, why, why?!"

Mindy caressed Nicky's back. "I know, I know. It's a shocker. But really, you'll get used to that. What if, say, Michelle announced that she's gay and she wanted to make Ruby her life partner? Would you be accepting of that?"

"In theory, sure," Nicky said. "But in reality, I don't know! I'm too shocked to think straight! Don't tell me that's happening too?!"

Mindy chuckled. "No, no, no. I'm just pointing out that love comes in many forms. I'm reasonably sure your sister is still interested in and fascinated by men. In fact, she's practically a slave to that desire."

Shit! Why does my wife never turn her humor off? I'm sure she secretly amused herself with that. She's gonna get us all in big trouble!

Luckily, she quickly continued, "I know you're politically liberal and you respect gay rights. We raised you to be accepting of people of every race and creed. So can't you be accepting of this too?"

Now that Nicky had a sympathetic shoulder to cry on, she started to sob. "It's different when it's your own parents! I still can't believe it. A mistress? That's like something from the Middle Ages!"

Nicky had a good cry on Mindy's shoulder. The two of them mostly just hugged each other for support.

The rest of us decided to beat a retreat to the adjacent dining room in order to give them some private space.

Once we were in the other room, Cindy whispered into my ear with worry, "So, how do you think she took it?"

"About what I expected. And probably how I would have reacted too. I mean, it's easy to approve of something when it's just in theory. It's different when it's your own parents. She's going to need some time to absorb this. But I think that once Mindy has a good talk with her, she'll start to come around."

Cindy nodded.

However, she still looked nervous and uptight, so I gave her a big hug. I cooed in her ear, "Don't worry, Cin. Whatever happens, even if Nicky finds out all our shocking secrets, you'll always have a place with us. You're a part of us now. You're so much more than a sex slave. You're family. I love you."

She squeezed me back tight enough to crush me like a Coke can. "I love you too! And thanks for saying that. I really needed to hear that." Worried that Nicky was still too close, she kissed my lips only briefly and then disengaged.

It became clear that Nicky and Mindy were going to need some time together to talk this through and probably cry and hug a lot more. So the rest of us moved even further away, to the deck chairs near the hot tub, just a short distance out back. That way, we were far away enough to give them all the privacy they wanted, but we were close enough to be seen and heard if they wanted to talk to us or join us.

I'd just taken the first chair at the patio table that I'd come to, but it turned out that was the wrong choice. Michelle stated very firmly as she pointed to one of the chairs, "Daddy, THAT is your chair."

I looked at the chair she was pointing at. "It looks just the same as all the others to me."

"Trust me, it's different."

I could tell Michelle wanted to say more about the chair, a lot more, but she couldn't due to our new rule of not saying anything we wouldn't want Nicky to overhear. It dawned on me that I'd already broken that rule with Cindy, including our brief French kiss. I'd have to be more careful in the future.

I sat down in the chair she selected feeling strange about the whole experience. I half expected the chair to give me an all-over massage somehow. However, it looked and felt just like the other plastic chairs. I did notice a lever on the side that the other chairs didn't have, but I tried to pretend it wasn't there. My life was weird enough already.

Not long after we had all relocated to the patio tables, Cindy was called in to the living room to explain herself.

About ten minutes later, I was called in.

It felt just like a legal deposition. Nicky asked me a bunch of questions about my mistress relationship with Cindy, such as how I felt about Cindy, how I thought it would impact my relationship with Mindy, how it got started, and so on. Thank God we'd taken the time to get our stories straight! My presence wasn't required for long though. Cindy stayed, however.

Soon, I was back waiting around with Sue Ellen, Ruby, and Michelle. It was a beautiful sunny day and the pool was right in front of us. I was tempted to suggest that we put on our bathing suits and go swimming, but it didn't seem appropriate with the "inquisition" still going on. So we just sat around and talked.

It felt strange for me to be in a completely non-sexual situation with my three teen cock slaves. Mindful of Nicky's nearby presence, everyone was on their best behavior. There wasn't even a hint of flirting, which felt REALLY odd. I realized that the crazy, sex-mad harem life had become normal for me, and this felt awkward. I couldn't wait for things to get back to our new normal.

Since we had some time, I wanted to give a caution to the Gruesome Twosome, but I had to be careful what I said, due to my rule not to say anything Nicky shouldn't hear. I told them, "Girls, I'm counting on you to step up and be on your best behavior. If you're good, you might get a special treat."

Ruby shot me a smoldering look. She lifted up her hands and mimed the action of eating an ice cream cone, with a lot of ostentatious licking motions. "What, you mean like ice cream?"

Michelle was not to be undone. She gave me a look that was even MORE sultry and knowing, and purred, "I know what flavor I want!" She silently mouthed the words, "Sperm flavor!"

I could feel a chill of excitement as I recalled their combined oral talents. I wondered what happened to their sex boycott. I chided, "Behave! That's exactly the kind of thing I DON'T want you to do!"

They grumbled a bit, but they also nodded obediently. It seemed to me they were determined to try harder, despite their teasing. Only time would tell, though.

After about half an hour, Mindy, Cindy, and Nicky walked together to where we were. They were holding hands and everyone was smiling, even Nicky. I got up and hugged the three of them in turn, and then they pulled up more chairs and joined us.

I had to ask, "So, what's up?"

Nicky smiled broadly, "Don't worry, Dad. We worked it all out."

"You did?! Just like that?!" I found such a quick, happy outcome completely unlikely.

Nicky said, "Well, we didn't TOTALLY work it out. I'm still mad at you, and Mom, and basically everybody here for keeping secrets and practically giving me a heart attack. But after talking things over and seeing their points of view, I'm starting to see that it's not such a bad thing after all. In fact, if it lasts, it could even be a good thing. This idea that the two families could kind of merge is starting to intrigue me. For instance, having Cindy as a second motherly-type figure, that's kind of cool. And having Ruby as a new sister, that's VERY cool."

Ruby's face lit up. "You mean it?!"


"Oooooh! Aaaaaiiiieee!" Ruby and Nicky were up in a flash and hugging each other. They even started jumping around and dancing a little bit. Then Michelle got up and joined in the hugs and the celebration.

I was so happy to see that that I wanted to jump around and dance too. But, playing the role of the responsible dad, I just sat in my chair. Nobody was going to stop me from having a smile a mile wide though.

After Ruby, Michelle, and Nicky calmed down, and even sat back down, Nicky went on, "The main thing is that I've been reassured twenty different ways that this won't hurt the bond between you and Mom in any way. Instead, a new bond is being added. That's very important to me, because you two are like my rock. I can't possibly imagine you guys getting a divorce, like so many of my friend's parents have."

Michelle exclaimed, "That is NEVER going to happen! Trust me, I won't let it, no matter what! Family comes first, always. Dad is the best dad in the whole frickin' universe, and Mom is the best mom in the whole damn universe too! It's just that now Cindy will be a part of our gang too."

"I sure hope so," Nicky said. Then she wagged a finger at me. "I've still got issues about this though. BIG issues! It's going to take me some time to adjust to this new reality, so please, don't push me. Dad, I can't help but feel a little bit mad at you."

"Mad? Why?"

"I dunno. Everyone's telling me that you're not the one who started it, and that in fact they all but dragged you into it. And that helps. But just the same, I get the feeling that it's like Mom isn't enough for you."

I stated indignantly, "I object to that! Strongly! Nothing could be further from the truth! You KNOW that Min and I have had a very strong and happy marriage, and that hasn't changed one iota. Our friends look to us and say they wish they were more like us, and that they're envious of how much we love each other."

"I know all that," Nicky pointed out. "And that's how I feel too. You two have been my example of how a marriage should be."

"Good. My point is, it's not like our marriage was foundering and this is some kind of 'hail Mary' attempt to shake things up because what we had wasn't working. Things would have continued on just great had it not been that some lucky events helped bring Cindy closer into our lives too. So think of it as everything being the same as before, plus. Plus extra love and extra family."

Nicky sighed. "Yeah. I see that. That's why I'm kind of coming around. But still, it's a shocker. And the heart doesn't always obey the mind. I still can't help but feel a little bit mad at you and a little bit worried about how things will go between you and Mom."

Mindy said convincingly, "Well, don't be. Let's give it a rest for now, and talk about it more later, when things have had a chance to settle in. I think we should just blow off some steam for a while instead, after all that emotional intensity. Look at what a perfect day it is, and doesn't the swimming pool look tempting?"

Nicky said, "That sounds good. I need to work on my tan anyway, for Hawaii. But let me just sit here and bask in the joy of being with my wonderful family again. It's been too long!" She reached out and took my hand on one side and Mindy's hand on the other.

Basking sounded great to me too. I can't tell you how happy I was to see my darling Nicky again!

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