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Chapter 11

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I couldn't believe the audacious and risky move Mindy had just initiated. I thought, I simply can't believe my wife would take such a risk with Nicky right there, not to mention everyone else! Not long after we'd discussed the importance of being extremely careful around Nicky, she starts jacking me off a few feet away from her?! Are you kidding me?!

But it dawned on me that at least there were several risk reducing factors. One was that I already had my chair pulled up close to the round patio table in order to hide my arousal. When Mindy sat down on me she'd pulled my chair back a little bit to make room, but still, between her body and the table, nobody could see my crotch at all. Also, we happened to be positioned in relation to Nicky so that Mindy's stroking arm was on the far side. Nicky couldn't see that arm at all. And even if she could, it looked to be a natural pose. The only way we were likely to be found out by her was if Mindy used wild, jerky arm motions.

Even so, I simply couldn't believe Mindy was taking this risk! Worse, I couldn't believe that I was letting her! I guess the problem was that we were both simply far too aroused to act in a rational and intelligent manner. I cannot begin to put into words how aroused seeing Nicky like this was getting me!

Even now, as I could feel Mindy's fingers directly rubbing on my sweet spot, the sight of Nicky standing there in her bikini and talking to Cindy was making it hard for me to breathe. I actually had to think about my every breath, and try to make sure I wasn't panting like some kind of overexcited obscene phone caller.

One thing that continually struck me was, Nicky is the ONLY one dressed in any kind of bathing suit. The rest of us are still dressed in our normal "hanging around the house" clothes. Furthermore, she's wearing shiny black high heels. Motherfucking HIGH HEELS! It's just so odd. I know Shelle had her wear those to help make sure that Nicky won the bet that she was much more beautiful than she realized. But the net result is that it seems to me, at least, that Nicky looks like some nearly nude sex pet for the rest of us to ogle at.

Correction. She's dressed like that FOR ME! I'm the only man there, after all, and everyone else already IS one of my sex slaves, or my wife! The reality of being a master of a harem had faded from my mind since Nicky had arrived. We'd been behaving more or less like a normal family. But now the reality of "owning" four cock slaves came rushing back and all but punched me in the face!

I found myself thinking an evil, forbidden thought: I have four cock slaves already. Why not five? Why not Nicky too?! Just look at her. God, she's so hot!

I immediately knew that was wrong. I tried to retract the very fact that I had thought that, but of course there was no way to turn back the clock.

Yet, my ardor didn't cool in the slightest. I'm still so horny that it's like being drunk. No, totally wasted on five drugs at once! I can't be responsible for some random crazy thoughts while in that state, can I? I mean, it's downright unfair! Any straight man seeing a statuesque beauty like Nicky wearing nothing but a skimpy fire-engine red bikini with tit-flesh bulging out everywhere would desire to possess her and fuck her. To add Mindy secretly jacking me off at the same time... FUCK! It's too much!

Mindy was clever. She knew that she didn't have to use her whole arm or even her whole hand to get me off. She kept her hand perfectly still except for two fingers that endlessly rubbed my sweet spot. Variety and surprise and clever tricks are all well and good, but when it gets down to brass tacks, to give a man a great handjob, all a woman really has to do is keep stimulating the frenulum, the sweet spot. That's where most of the nerves are, quickly reducing any man to a quivering wreck.

I thought that nobody else had noticed Mindy's furtive handjob, but I began to suspect that wasn't the case. I was dimly aware of the fact that the conversation was continuing with Cindy doing most of the talking and trying to boost Nicky's confidence and help her realize just how beautiful she was. And I'm sure that was a topic near and dear to Cindy's heart, since she had similarly lacked confidence. It was really only a matter of days since she'd put that behind her and started to proudly revel in her newfound sexuality.

Nicky had been standing for a while, with Ruby and Michelle still standing on either side of her. In the middle of the conversation she had clearly decided that it would be more comfortable to sit down with the rest of us, so she stepped forward and put a hand on a vacant chair.

Michelle's eyes went open with dismay, and she shouted, "NO!"

Nicky turned around and looked at her in confusion.

In so doing that, Nicky inadvertently showed off her fantastic bubble butt for me! If any ass deserved the name "bubble butt," surely it was this one! I couldn't help but think about how much "bounce to the ounce" those magnificent cheeks would have if I were to spank them with my bare hand.

Michelle clearly was scrambling for an excuse to explain why she wanted Nicky to remain standing. Then it came to her. "Nicky, don't sit. That's the very problem we're trying to fix!"

"What do you mean?" A skeptical Nicky subtly shifted her weight and put her hands on her hips.

I very nearly shot a load into my shorts, just because of that new pose. That made me realize that I was probably going to suffer a lot in the days and weeks to come, since Nicky was going to be home for most of the summer, Hawaii trip or not. Now that I knew just how hot Nicky looked nearly naked, most any move her body made was going to arouse me beyond belief!

Michelle continued her bullshit excuse. "What are we talking about? We're discussing you lacking confidence and covering up your body far too much. And there you go, wanting to sit down, wanting to cover your outstanding long legs." She was really getting into it now. "Don't do it! Be strong! Be proud! Don't just stand there; strut your stuff! Show us just how sexy you can be!"

Nicky turned partially back so she could look at both Michelle and me. "But what about Dad? He's sitting right there. It's weird. You want me to strike some sexy poses right in front of him?"

"Sure! ESPECIALLY for him! Who better than him? Who could you trust more than him?"

That made me feel guilty. If she only knew the full truth about all the depraved things I've been doing lately!

To make matters worse, Mindy said, "Yes, he's more trustworthy than a whole troop of Boy Scouts. Sure, he's bound to have a big ol' erection now, but you should consider that a compliment, not something pervy."

Good God! Please Lord, just let me crawl into a hole and die! Why did she have to bring THAT up?!

Nicky complained, "MooooOOOoooom! Stop it! You can't say that. You're totally embarrassing me." She turned away again so she wouldn't have to make eye contact with me.

Sue Ellen spoke up, and even stood up to do so. "Can I say something here?" When the others just nodded, she continued, "I just want to point out that you can't blame a guy for getting an erection. It doesn't mean he wants to have sex with you. It's just the body's natural reaction to seeing feminine beauty."

Ruby ran with that idea. "Yeah! Guys are like that. They get horny about everything. They can get boners from looking at a vase or a piano leg, or even nothing at all."

Nicky put a hand over her face and shook her head slightly. "I can't believe we're standing here talking about erections! Let alone my dad getting one!"

I had to speak up. "Please! Enough talk about that already. I can't believe we're talking about this either."

But Michelle said to Nicky, "It's only weird because you're so sheltered about this kind of thing. Why can't we talk frankly about sex when you're around? You seem to think that if a guy looks at you and gets an erection, you're halfway to the altar already. Maybe that's why you cover up so much - you're deathly afraid of getting any man horny."

"No I'm not," Nicky protested. However, she was blushing and very embarrassed. And with good reason: she was three small scraps of fabric away from being totally naked in front of all of us!

Michelle insisted, "It's really no big deal. Think about your nipples. Nipples get erect all the time! If it's hot, like today, maybe someone turns on the air conditioner, BAM! Nipple poke! You might be thinking a sexy thought, and BAM, there you are again. In fact, I can see your nipples are erect right now."

Nicky's head was turned away, so I couldn't see her face. But if her face wasn't cherry red already, I was sure that it was after that. "Michelllllllle! How can you say that?!"

Michelle pressed, "What does that mean? Does that mean you want to have sex with Dad?"

"NO! Definitely NOT! Don't even start to go there!" Although Nicky's head was turned away, her body was still facing me. She covered up her nipples with her hands, clearly mortified at how erect they were.

Somehow that was even MORE arousing to me, especially since she didn't bury her boobs with her arms, but just barely covered her nipples with her fingers. If anything, it made her look even more enticing, because her fingers covered up her skimpy bikini top, making it seem as if she was topless. And all the while, my wife was secretly jacking me off!

Michelle said reassuringly, "Relax already. I'm just making a point. Your nipples are gonna get hard when you're standing in front of a bunch of people and everyone tells you how great you look. It's only natural. It doesn't mean anything. Daddy having an erection is just the same. It doesn't mean anything! Do you get it already?"

"Fine, fine! I get it."

Michelle went on, "Daddy gets erections ALL the time. You know that, I know that, everybody knows that. He's kind of famous for it. In fact, it would be sort of an insult for him to see you in a bikini and NOT get a big hard-on."

In her embarrassment, Nicky inadvertedly squeezed her fingers tighter into her boobs, causing her tit-flesh to bulge out all around her indentions. She protested, "Please, just stop talking about it already! Sheesh! Please! I've never been so embarrassed in my life!"

Michelle put her hands on her hips. "You say that, but show me that you really mean it. Prove to me that you're not a prude who's afraid of making a guy horny. Let's see you really strike some sexy poses!"

Mindy spoke up (even as she kept on jacking me off!). "Shelle, really. That's enough. Have mercy on the poor girl. You're pushing her around and making her uncomfortable and embarrassed. And it IS weird for Nicky to strike sexy poses in front of her father. Let's not go there."

Nicky let out a huge sigh of relief. "THANK you!"

Mindy said, "I still say it's a good idea to get some sun tanning in. Nicky, you're about to go to Hawaii in less than 24 hours, yet you're practically pale as a ghost, and we're sitting in the shade, so that's no good. I know you can't do much in the time you have left, but getting some sun will help at least a little."

If only Nicky knew the truth! While Mindy continued to sound like the voice of reason, she was using a variety of rubbing tricks on my sweet spot. It was driving me absolutely mad with lust! And I didn't even want to begin to think about the inevitable wet spot that had to be forming on my shorts.

Ruby appraised Nicky's skin, and in so doing, she turned Nicky around so I had another great look at Nicky's ass. Curiously, Nicky kept on covering her nipples with her hands.

Ruby said, "I wouldn't say pale as a ghost, not by a long shot. But this is as close to no tan as the somewhat swarthy Cooper genes allow. Girl, have you been outside since, like, ever?"

I can't stress enough that all the while this discussion was going on, Mindy was stroking my sweet spot relentlessly! And meanwhile, Nicky stood a few feet away, showing off her uncommonly protruding ass. Just as her bikini was nearly scandalously small over her big boobs, it wasn't covering much of her ass either. True, there was a decent sized triangle of cherry red there, but the fabric was so thin that it didn't take much imagination to picture her without any bikini bottoms at all! And it looked that with only a little bit of wiggling or moving around, most of that triangle would end up wedged in her deep ass crack, so one didn't need to use imagination at all.

Fuck me! The only reason I hadn't climaxed already was because I was afraid of what would happen when I did. Even if I somehow managed not to make any erotic grunting noises or funny faces (highly unlikely!), I would be left with a tell-tale stain on my shorts. I cursed myself for taking a cavalier approach to clothing and going without underwear today.

Nicky replied, "It seems all I ever do is study. When do I have time to work on a tan?"

Michelle responded passionately, "That's bullshit. I know what Berkeley is like. It's sunny and warm most of the year. Lots of students take their books and read on the lawn or somewhere else in the sun, I'm sure. Why can't you do it? It's because you have this phobia about covering up. You broke up with that nice and hunky Steve guy just so you could try dating other guys. How are you going to do that dressed like an Eskimo?"

Michelle concluded in her usual dramatic fashion, "I'm going to make a vow right here and right now: I know we've got only 24 hours to work with, but before you get on that plane to Hawaii, I'm going to do everything in my power to help you get over your phobia!"

Finally putting her hands back to her sides, Nicky replied with exasperation, "First of all, it's not a 'phobia.' It's just that I don't go around flaunting my body to everyone I see. Secondly, please don't call me an Eskimo. Okay, I know I could use a little fashion help, but I'm not THAT bad. And finally, and this is important, I guess I forgot to mention, it's not 24 hours. I'm actually going to be staying here two nights."

That got a huge reaction from everyone. Amusingly, Michelle was just in the process of sitting in a chair, as if her dramatic vow had wiped her out, when she jumped right back up and practically screamed, "WHAT?!"

Nicky turned back around to face the rest of us, showing off her fantastic E-cups, her barely covered erect nipples, and the rest of her mouth-wateringly perfect front side. She looked at Mindy in my lap and said, "Sorry, Mom. I should have called you and given you a heads-up. I'm actually going to be leaving Sunday morning instead of Saturday night. I hope that's not a problem?"

Mindy smiled and said, "Of course not. The more we see of you, the better."

My wife looked and sounded so innocent, but she kept right on rubbing my sweet spot. Damn that woman!

I couldn't help but suspect that there was a secret double meaning in her words. Mindy had made me a promise that she wouldn't talk about Nicky in a sexual context, nor would she do anything to try to turn her into one of my cock slaves. However, she had shared with me some outrageous fantasies on the "Nicky as cock slave" theme, so I knew that it was something that greatly aroused her. I knew I'd have to draw the line to keep her in check with that. Even subtle innuendo was unacceptable!

After that seemingly innocent comment, Mindy asked, "Why the change?"

Meanwhile, her two fingers kept on secretly rubbing and rubbing, driving me crazy!

Nicky glanced at Michelle to make sure she wasn't having a heart attack over this. Michelle was keeping quiet and relatively still, but she couldn't completely hide the fact that she was quite worked up over this news.

I wished I knew what Shelle was thinking. I surmised that, even with the ongoing sex boycott, she was eager to get back to our sexual ways where things like sexy (or harsh) spankings were a daily occurrence.

Nicky turned back to Mindy and answered, "You know that time-share place you arranged for me? I can't move in until noon on Sunday because someone else is using it until then. I was going to stay at a youth hostel for Saturday night only, but, thinking about it, I decided that would be kind of a drag. Especially since I was going to fly in at night anyway, I figure I'd stay the night here, and then I can go straight from the airport to the time-share. Besides, I can change my ticket without a fee, so I just went ahead and did it."

Mindy blandly responded, "That makes sense. We'll be glad to have you." She turned in place so she could briefly make eye contact with me. "Hubby, you'll be glad to have Nicky, won't you? You don't mind her spending the night with us?"

I was so mad at my wife that I wanted to kill her! I was sure by now that she was speaking with intentional double meanings. That was foolish in the extreme, but there was no way I could chide her about it, at least not right now with everyone else here. And meanwhile, all of her rubbing had made me leak quite a lot of pre-cum. There were even a few squirts of real cum that came out! I could very possibly have a wet spot problem even without having a proper orgasm, and I had no idea what to do about that!

The problem I had was becoming a familiar one: I was a lot more aroused than angry. In particular, her question "You don't mind her spending the night with us?" sounded innocent enough, but it brought up visions of an all-night threesome with Mindy, Nicky, and myself! The resulting perverted thoughts and images I had... Well, let's not go there!

Mindy prodded me, "Honey?" She stopped her rubbing of my raging boner ever so briefly, to make sure I was paying attention enough to answer.

I tried to sound like a semi-normal person. "Yeah, I was just thinking. Sunday morning does mean church, and of course we all want to see you off at the airport. Muffin, what time are you leaving?"

I was very proud of myself for that answer. It deftly explained why I seemed to be spacing out, when in fact I had visions of incestuous threesomes in my head!

Nicky replied, "Yeah, I thought about church. I'm sorry about that. But the flight leaves at nine-thirty, which means I have to be at the airport by eight-thirty. So I figured you'd be able to make it back in plenty of time. Due to the time zone difference, I'll arrive in Hawaii only three hours later, right when I can start using the time-share condo."

"Mmmm hmmm. Sounds good." I kept my response short because it was getting increasingly difficult to talk! Merely saying the words wasn't a problem, but I feared that my tone of voice and/or the way I was breathing would give away just how insanely turned-on I was. So it was better to stay quiet and hope Nicky's focus went from me to someone else.

Luckily, the focus did shift from me. Nicky and the other girls sat down, finally, and everyone started asking Nicky details about her Hawaii plans.

I tried to pay attention, but it was difficult. Mindy had kept me close to the edge of cumming for a while now. She knew my dick so well that she could play it like a fiddle, keeping me right on the cusp for what seemed like forever. It was the most delicious torture!

You'd think that Nicky sitting down would have helped me some. But while I could no longer see her from her hips on down, that just meant I couldn't stop staring at her huge melons. I couldn't get over how much they'd grown or how exposed they were!

Then Mindy - curse her! - told a good joke, and it made Nicky's pale jugs shake and jiggle. It was just like she wasn't wearing any bikini top at all, except there was just enough fabric there to keep her "bowling balls" pressed together with a tight long line of cleavage.

I imagined that it wasn't her bikini top keeping her tits pressed together. Instead, she was topless and she was pushing them in with her hands! In my mind, I could hear her say, "Daddy, how do you like my big tits? I know they're not as big as Michelle's, but they're still big enough to fuck with your famously thick and long cock, aren't they? Would you like that? Would you like to fuck my titties?" She was starting to slide them up and down against each other. "That's all I've been thinking about at school. That's why I put on the 'freshman fifteen,' so my Daddy would have more tit to fuck!"

UGH! Where did those completely inappropriate thoughts come from?! And how do I stop myself from cumming? How can I prevent myself from making a wet spot to end all wet spots? In my lust-addled mind, I was seriously thinking that maybe if I came, I'd cum so much that it would look like I'd pissed in my shorts instead. As if that was much better!

After a little more Hawaii talk, Mindy brought up the sunbathing idea again. "Hey, folks, I hate to be a nag, but it's getting later and later. Nicky, do you want to get some sun or not?"

That prod finally got the group to get up and moved into the house to change clothes. I didn't know what I was going to do, because although I hadn't climaxed yet, I had leaked so much pre-cum that I had a wet spot just the same. And since Nicky was already in her bikini, it looked like she was just going to sit there and not go inside with the others.

Luckily, Mindy bailed me out. She finally - FINALLY! - pulled her naughty hand out of my shorts. Then she pulled me up with her, and stayed plastered against me in a very affectionate manner. However, she glanced at Nicky just sitting there, and realized that wasn't good enough. So she asked, "Nicky dear, could you please get some suntan lotion for everyone? I think you know where it is."

"Sure, no problem." Nicky got up and walked in the house.

I just stood there, probably with my jaw hanging open, and watched her nearly bare ass cheeks undulate until she closed the sliding glass door and disappeared into the house. I think what shiny red fabric there was actually made the sight even more titillating.

Mindy wasn't done with me! She squeezed my bulge, making it a very erection-shaped bulge. Then she just resumed stroking me, although through my shorts this time. Damn!

Lifting herself on her tip-toes to reach my ear, she whispered, "Now, that's what I call an ASS! Can you believe that's Nicky's ass? And what a body, period! Our older daughter has really grown up... and out! What a RACK! She's really bursting out in all the right places, isn't she?"

I panted, "Can't answer that. Too horny! Let's get the hell out of here before Nicky comes back with the sunscreen!"

She looked down sadly at my crotch, and specifically at her wandering fingers over my obvious bulge. "Good idea! Unfortunately, I can't stop stroking you."

"And I can't stop you either!" I said that with genuine angst in my voice because it was true and I didn't want to get caught.

She whispered in my ear, "We've got a problem, don't we? A big, thick, long, and cum-filled problem!" With her lips right there, she started licking my ear for good measure.

Somehow, I don't know how, I found the strength to take a step back, and then another. I found myself out of reach of her horny, horny hands! Thank God! I think it was the fear of Nicky coming back at any moment that inspired me. Even if she didn't see what we did at first, which she probably wouldn't, what then? Things were likely to spiral out of control with Mindy and I barely in control of ourselves.

It was like a spell was broken for Mindy, and she started briskly walking to the house. I immediately followed her, trying to use her body as a shield to help cover my wet spot. I draped my hands down in just the right way to hide that and my still very prominent bulge.

I breathed a sigh of relief when we made it to our bedroom without so much as running into anyone. As soon as the door was closed, I said to Mindy, passionately yet very quietly, "I'm so angry at you right now, I can barely speak! How dare you take those crazy risks?! You need to be punished! Severely!"

My entirely unrepentant wife stepped up and wrapped her arms around me. "Right now, I'm so horny that all I can think is how HOT that sounds! Punish me, you big bad Master! Spank me! Hard!"


"Hey, I'm whispering!"

Even though we were both whispering, we were so close to the door that I worried someone could put their ear to it and hear us just the same. I consoled myself at least that Nicky was downstairs getting the suntan lotion, so we were probably okay for a while.

With my wife's face only a couple of inches from mine, I could see the fire in her eyes, and it was blazing like an inferno. She purred, "Don't get too mad at me. I know I was naughty, but 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone!' You could have stopped me at any time. If you gave me any hint, the slightest hint at all to stop, and I would have stopped. But you didn't! And I've never felt your cock that stiff and hot. Face it: Nicky's perfect bombshell body has made you too horny to think!"

I growled, "I hate you when you're right! But that sexy double meaning crap was going too far!"

I looked down at her hands. Sure enough, she was rubbing my bulge through my shorts again. "Will you stop jacking me off already?!"

"No!" She shamelessly yanked my shorts down, causing my hard-on to spring free.

"You need to pay!" Before she could grab my cock again and resume jacking me off, I suddenly picked her up and started carrying her across the room.

Ha! She didn't expect that! And God do I need a good fuck!

She squealed in surprise, and her legs kicked helplessly in the air.

I growled, "I'm gonna fuck you! Fuck you to death!" I tossed her on the bed! I'd never done that before, and it wasn't a short toss either. But our usual bed had been replaced by the extra large one, so it was next to impossible to hurt her. In fact, there wasn't much room left in our bedroom that wasn't bed!

She frantically pulled her own shorts down, and her panties along with them, exposing one very wet and ready pussy. "Do your best! I DARE you to kill me!"

"Famous last words!" I stepped out of my shorts, since they'd slid down to my ankles. Then I jumped on the bed after her.

In what seemed like a mere second or two later, I was in her, deep! Driving, pushing, spearing her! Pounding her! God, I was so angry and horny! I don't know if I was more angry or more horny, but either way, I was channeling all that emotional energy by fucking her with great vigor.

Given how aroused I was, not to mention how fast and deep I was fucking my wife, I thought that I would blow my load into her in a minute or less. But it was becoming like I simply didn't need to cum anymore, not unless I decided it was time. It was incredible! I just kept on fucking and fucking her, as if I really was trying to fuck her to death!

Mindy didn't even have a chance to do anything back. Forget about churning hips or the like. All she could do was lie there and take it.

Unfortunately, she couldn't scream out, and neither could I, so we had to restrain ourselves that way. Sure, we were husband and wife, and in theory there was absolutely nothing wrong with us having a "nooner" in the privacy of our own bedroom. But the problem was that we'd just seen our daughter Nicky with her nearly naked and much improved body for the first time. It wouldn't take a genius to make the connection that we were having sex as a result of that, and that would embarrass Nicky to no end. Furthermore, if anyone were to find out just how INTENTLY and VIGOROUSLY we were fucking, that would only make matters worse!

So we kept at it, silently as possible, but still fast and intense.

There's no way to keep accurate track of time during something like that. But after who knows how long, my energy started to flag. I was sweating bullets! I considered myself fit, but come on. This was like running a 50-yard dash, all out, over and over again. It didn't help that we were in the middle of a heat wave either.

I was thinking that it would be a good time for me to cum, before my engine came to a complete stop. It would be so easy, and so satisfying, to simply let go.

But the very seconds those thoughts were crossing my mind, Mindy panted, "Nicky! Think of Nicky!"

Whammo! Instant second wind! I forgot all about cumming and began pounding her with a new resolve.

Apparently encouraged by that response, she gasped, quietly, "I AM Nicky! Fuck me, Daddy!"

That was it, man, that was IT! Before, I was just joshing about fucking her to death. Now, I really meant it! I began pounding her deep and fast, like there was no tomorrow. Hell, like there was no five minutes from now, for either of us.

That was more than Mindy could take. She'd been cumming here and there ever since I'd started, but she'd been doing it quietly. Now, though, her desperate gasps for air were turning into screams. She simply couldn't help herself.

Then I heard, off to the left and out of view, "Sssssh! Be quiet!"

To call me surprised would be putting it mildly! Although I should have known better, since this kind of thing was becoming par for the course around our house. I stumbled in my fucking rhythm, and turned my head to see who that could be.

To my great relief, it was only Cindy. Not Nicky! Not Nicky! That was the important thing!

With that potential disaster okay after all, I resumed my previous hard, fast, and deep pace.

Luckily though, Cindy's presence had startled and/or alarmed Mindy so much that she managed not to scream.

However, I knew that she wouldn't be able to stay (relatively) quiet for much longer. And I was going to run out of steam again soon. I didn't want her to supercharge me once more by saying anything Nicky related, not with Cindy standing right there.

So I grunted, "Gonna cum!" And then I did!

Aaaaaah! What joy! What bliss! What supreme sexual satisfaction! The only fly in the ointment was that I couldn't scream at the top of my lungs, because I wanted to. God only knows how much I wanted to!

I was dead to the world after that. I lay on top of Mindy like a lead weight for a few minutes, just breathing. I thought with some amusement, Phew! I think I actually DID get pretty close to fucking her to death. If not that, then I almost fucked MYSELF half to death. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! That was intense!

It dawned on me that both Mindy and I were almost fully clothed. I'd pulled my shorts all the way off just in time, and Mindy had pulled hers down along with her panties, but that was as far as we got in getting undressed. She still had her shorts just below her knees.

With neither Mindy nor I still very much able to talk, Cindy started talking. "I'll bet you're wondering why I'm here."

"Uh." That was me. I hoped she took that to mean, "Yes, we're wondering," because that was the best I could manage for now.

She continued, while still out of my view, "I don't have any of my own bikinis here, since I don't live here, so I thought I'd borrow one of Mindy's. I got to talking to a couple of the girls in Michelle's room for a few minutes though, and by the time I came here for the bikini, well... you can guess the rest."

I gasped, "How..."

"How long have I been here?"


"Pretty much most of the time, I should imagine. Sorry about that."

Fuck! That meant she heard at least one of the mentions of Nicky that sent me into turbo overdrive. There's no way she could have missed the connection, unless she was deaf, dumb, and blind. I'm fucked! It seems everyone was finding out how much my sexy brunette daughter was getting to me.

As if I wasn't embarrassed enough, Cindy added, "Soooo hot! I couldn't help but masturbate a little. I came right along with you guys, but you were probably too preoccupied to notice. That was a serious King Dong attack! I'd been wondering what everyone was going on about with that, and now I know! It really is something to see! Downright amazing, and more than a little scary!"

Mindy snickered. Apparently she was still too out of it to talk, but I'm sure she was thinking something along the lines of telling me, "Ha! And you thought we were just making that up."

Cindy went on, "And Mindy, I saw what you did under the patio table. That was crazy, but brilliant! Keeping our man's cock stiff and throbbing with pleasure, and right under the nose of Nicky... Mmmm! If I think about it any more I'm going to have to start masturbating again!"

"Don't!" I forced myself to talk a bit more, because I wanted answers. "Did... anyone else... see... see that?"

"Oh yeah. Sure! Everyone knew, and pretty quickly too, I'm sure. Except for Nicky, of course."

I groaned and whimpered. We're crazy and reckless. Stop the world spinning, please, I want to get off!

Cindy said, "But don't get mad at Mindy, please. It wasn't obvious at all. It's just that the rest of us were expecting something like that and looking for it. I mean, it's VERY important for Dan's cock to enjoy prolonged stimulation during exciting times like that. If Mindy wasn't going to do it, another one of us would have found a way to help out. It's our duty!"

She stated that as if it was an undisputed fact, like she was explaining the importance of always stopping your car at a red light.

She smiled in fond memory as she went on, "You may not remember, but at one point I actually pretended to drop something, just so I could bend down and peek under the table to see if any happy stroking was going on. Even then I couldn't actually see, but I knew just the same. Mast-, sorry, Dan, you have this certain look on your face when you really have to cum but you're trying hard not to, and you're trying not to show it. You hide it pretty well, but since you're in that condition so often, we start to recognize the subtle signs."

I didn't know what to think of that. I suppose it's good news in that we probably didn't raise Nicky's suspicions if it was that hard to detect. But it's damn embarrassing just the same to know that Sue Ellen, Michelle, Ruby, AND Cindy all knew about the secret handjob all along. And hey, that explains why Michelle was so determined for Nicky not to sit down - she wanted Nicky to stand there and even strike sexy poses with her stunning hourglass body so I'd enjoy the handjob that much more!

Nuts! We've got BIIIIIG problems. Shelle needs to understand that Nicky is PURE. She can't be used in that way, ever!

I finally managed to turn and look at Cindy. Stating the obvious, I exclaimed, "You're naked!"

She was all grins. "I told you I came in here to change. Can you blame me if I got distracted?"

Mindy spoke to her, although it was muffled because her head was turned to the side and she was talking right into her pillow. "Your... turn."

I moaned, "UGH! Yeah, right!"

Cindy chuckled. "I think we should give him a break. He deserves it. Besides, King Dong has been appeased with another sexy sacrifice and has gone back into his cage."

Mindy snickered. "Good point!"

I closed my eyes, because looking at Cindy and the way she was playing with her nipples was too inspirational. I managed to grunt out to her, "Where... is... everyone... else... now?"

"I don't know, but they're not here. I just checked, and no one is at the door. I looked down the hall and saw Michelle's door wide open but no sound coming out, so I'm almost positive that they're all outside again. And Nicky wasn't upstairs at all, as far as I know of, so I think you're in the clear."

Mindy muttered, "Thank God!"

I opened my eyes again and turned my head a bit to make eye contact with my wife. She'd moved her head, allowing her words to come out clearly. Her eyes were still closed though. "She lives!"

"Ugh. Just barely! Remind me... never... no more... fucking to death!"

I chuckled at that. "Okay. We'll just have to settle for spanking you to death, then."

"Preferably with your hips while you're pounding your cock into her," Cindy suggested naughtily.

Mindy hissed through her teeth, but I was too exhausted to snarl at Cindy, who was laughing quietly to herself.

My wife quietly exclaimed, 'King Dong is scary! It's all fun and games until he goes on a rampage. Just wait until you're on the receiving end, Cindy. You won't be laughing then!"

Cindy still chuckled some. "Actually, I can't wait!"

I hissed, "Could we please not talk? I know we're being quiet, but remember the new rule?"

That caused them to go quiet, since they realized it wouldn't be good if Nicky somehow overheard us.

We rested some more. We needed it. I knew Mindy and I at least would need to shower and make ourselves presentable before we could join the others again.

I had a long time to think while still lying on top of my curvy wife. I'm so fucked! Everything is screwed up. The plan to say or do absolutely nothing that could possibly give Nicky any hint about our harem lifestyle is in tatters. And she's only been here an hour or so. Now, it turns out she's going to be here TWO nights! How are we going to make it that long without, I dunno, some kind of full-blown orgy breaking out? We are FUCKED!

A few minutes later, while it was still on my mind, I spoke with my eyes still closed. "By the way, the fact that a certain name got mentioned here... A name which I will not repeat... That is never, ever, ever, ever, EVER going to leave this room or be mentioned again in any way. Is that completely clear?" I opened my eyes and stared intently at my wife to make sure she wouldn't wiggle out of this.

Mindy, still underneath me, nodded a little bit. "Completely. Clear. And for the record, I'm sincerely sorry."

I turned my head and looked to Cindy again. She was still standing by the bed, although she was in better visual range of us now. Thankfully, she'd just put her bikini on, at least. She bowed slightly, and started to quietly say, "Yes, Mast- ... Er, yes, Dan."

Mindy whispered, "Uh-oh! 'Mast... er' is not much better than 'Master.'"

I rolled over and managed to get up. "You think I don't know that? I'm realizing that we vastly underestimated the danger we face. And Nicky staying TWO nights? Good God. I think I'm gonna die."

I thought back to the titfucking fantasy I'd had about Nicky while staring at her tremendous E-cups. So wrong! So very, very wrong! Everything is wrong. Even this sex with my wife was wrong, because I was thinking about my precious Nicky!

I added, "Min, what you said and did earlier was way out of line. The secret handjob? Come on! Way, WAY out of line! And mentioning that I had an erection? All those sneaky double meanings? I could go on. Have you NO self-control?"

Mindy sat her sweaty body next to mine. There were some big sweat stains in her shirt, so she took it off and then took her bra off for good measure. She put a hand on my back supportively. "I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry! Seeing her in that bikini was so arousing that I kind of lost my mind. It dawned on me that she was practically Michelle's twin from the neck on down, and that got me thinking. What if she's that much like her sister in other ways? They might even share a genetic predisposition to submit to the power of a hunky, well-hung-"

I cut her off, in part because I knew where she was going with that and I didn't want her to finish her thought. "Ssssh! Remember the new rule? Would we be talking about this if she was in the room?"

Mindy looked abashed. "Ooops. Anyway, the main thing is, we'll make it. We'll try harder. I have to try harder. Much harder."

Cindy joked, "It sounds like there's going to be a lot of hardness around here. Even more so than usual!"

My incorrigible wife grinned, and added, "Looking on the plus side, at the very least, we know you'll have no problem getting harder without even trying."

Both women snickered and tried not to giggle. I settled for thinking uncharitable thoughts about them.

"The thing is," Mindy continued in a serious vein again, "I didn't anticipate getting so very aroused. Once I get that way, well, most anything goes."

"Tell me about it," I grumbled. "You can't let that happen again. You just can't! We have NO a margin for error here."

Mindy added, "I know. And I know I promised that I would never mention she who-shall-not-be-named in any sexual context." She giggled as the thought occurred to her, "Let's call her 'Lady Voldemort,' although she's the farthest thing from an evil wizard as could be imagined."

Then she said with a start, "Hey, that's a good idea. I was just kind of thinking out loud, but that's a good idea!"

"What is?" Cindy asked.

"Just in case we ever need to refer to you-know-who by name but we don't want to say her name, perhaps because she's there, we can call her 'Lady Voldemort.' Because she is the one who must not be named. You know, Voldemort from the Harry Potter books. No one would ever suspect that secret code."

I grunted in agreement, since that actually sounded smart. "Good idea. You were saying?"

"Oh yeah. I made that promise, and I'm trying my damnedest to keep it. But it's just so hard! My fantasies involving her are so vivid and powerful!"

I asked, "You don't want me to actually have sex with her, do you?" This was breaking the new rule, but I figured it had to be addressed. Plus, we were all speaking extra quietly.

"Of course not. I'm very proud of what she's accomplishing up north, and I don't want to impede that for anything. She's not like Ruby or Michelle, and that's a good thing. But I get a little crazy when I get really aroused, and I find myself thinking what if you just kiss her and run your hands all over her hot body? Would that be so bad?"

"YES! We can't start down that slippery slope!"

"I know, I know. But I guess it's the cucquean in me. Honey, you're going to have to be stronger, for both of us. Chances are, with the way she looks, I'm going to slip."

When I didn't immediately respond to that, Cindy couldn't resist saying with fiery eyes, "Yes, she really is something, isn't she? I mean, we all know she was beautiful before, but now she's taking it to a new level. They almost need to invent a new word. She has all the beauty and curves of Michelle - they could almost be twins! But add on top of it this beguiling innocence. It's almost irresistible!"

I bent my head down and put my head in my hands. "Please. Don't start. Please!"

"Sorry." Cindy sounded contrite.

I sighed heavily, and tried to shake off my blues. Lifting my head back up, I asked Mindy plaintively, "Okay, what if I get weak again? Who's going to help me then? You? The girls?"

Mindy stayed silent and frowned, because she knew she couldn't be much help.

Cindy stepped forward, both literally and physically. "I can try. I think, probably of everyone here, I'm least affected. After all, she's not my... well, you know. So I'll be the last line of defense, if you will."

I nodded. "Thanks. That's a big help. Mind you, absolutely NOTHING is going to happen, physically, I mean. That's not even a remote possibility. But I don't want her to even have a clue that she, well... arouses me. And then you go and secretly jack me off so I can't think straight." I griped sarcastically, "Thanks a lot!"

Mindy patted my back. "Again, I'm sorry about that. I completely agree that nothing can physically happen between you and her. Even I know there's a big difference between fantasy and reality in this case. But as for the arousal, I'm afraid that horse has already left the barn. Or do you not remember..."

"Oh shit! I do remember, now." I turned in place to squarely face my naked wife. "What were you THINKING, pointing out that I had an erection?!"

She bowed her head sheepishly. "I wasn't thinking. Or I was barely thinking. That's the problem. I have cucquean issues. I admit it. But the good news is that I really don't think it's a big deal. It was all in the context of her needing to loosen up a little bit. People joke about that kind of thing all the time."

I sighed even heavier than before. "I sure hope so. Come on, let's get cleaned up and get back down there. Despite everything, I still want to spend as much time as possible with her in this narrow window before she leaves again."

Cindy went downstairs straight away, since she was sufficiently presentable in her borrowed bikini.

Mindy and I took a shower together, but it wasn't a sexual one. Both of us were physically and emotionally wrung out. Along the way, she told me that she'd never been fucked so "powerfully." She said that was in the "Hall of Fame best fucks of my life."

That improved my spirits a little bit, because what man doesn't like to be told that he's good at sexually pleasing his woman? (Or, in my case, women! Wow! I'll never get over that.) But that also reminded me of why I was inspired to fuck her that powerfully that long. Or, I should say, WHO inspired me.

I was in trouble, and I didn't know what to do. I can't stop thinking about the fact that when I go back outside, Nicky will still be there in her skimpy bikini. Plus, all my other women in THEIR bikinis!

God help me!

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