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Chapter 12

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

After showering and making ourselves presentable, Mindy and I went downstairs and into the back yard dressed in our bathing suits. We walked hand in hand.

I didn't have to worry about any embarrassing bulges as we walked, but I wondered how long that condition would last. Yes, I just had a "near death experience," since the sex between Mindy and I had been so intense. Is there any wonder the French call an orgasm the petite mort - "the little death?" You'd think my dick would be down for the count for a couple of hours, at least.

But I was learning through experience that wasn't necessarily so. The little guy was like some kind of orgasm addict. The more he had, the more he wanted. And with all of the sexy temptation around me nearly constantly lately, he was never lacking inspiration.

I was painfully aware of the fact that Nicky was almost certainly going to still be in her slightly undersized cherry red string bikini, and that was like throwing raw steak to a hungry dog as far as my penis was concerned. I suspected it would be more like a couple of minutes, not hours, before it was fully erect again.

It turns out I was right on both counts. Nicky still wore that damned bikini, and my dick was very appreciative of that fact. (At least she was barefoot instead of wearing those black high heels.)

To make matters worse, somebody - i.e., Mindy! - had thought it was a good idea to throw away my old favorite bathing suit and replace it with a new one. And, surprise, surprise, I'd had trouble with the last one being too revealing, but this one was even worse. It wasn't quite a Speedo, but then again it wasn't a hell of a lot bigger than one either.

In a way, it was actually potentially more revealing than a Speedo. With a Speedo, at least you know your penis is tightly trapped in place and not going anywhere. With this bathing suit... not so much. It covered about as much of one's body as a woman's pair of very short shorts. Towards the waist it was fine, but the problem was that nearly every last inch of my thighs remained uncovered. Furthermore, on the inside there was only a thin and feeble mesh lining to prevent an erect dick from dropping down and poking out.

Dear God, remind me to kill my wife sometime soon! Grrr! I had no choice but to wear it, since this was my only one left to use. (When she bought this new one, she threw my perfectly good old one out.) I told myself, It'll be fine as long as I'm careful. And if my penis simply doesn't get erect, it won't be a problem at all.

Ha! Fat chance of that! I doubt it was even two minutes from when I walked out to the pool area and took a look around before I was rock hard again. Sure enough, Nicky still wore that damn red bikini, and everyone else was wearing bikinis that covered just as little!

Part of the problem was that I was like a Christian being thrown to the lions, yet I had a strangely cavalier attitude about it. I was in some kind of strange, post-orgasmic cocky mood. Letting Mindy go ahead and greet everyone first, I stood back and surveyed the scene. I took a "census" of the women there, looking them over one by one. Ruby: cock slave. Michelle: cock slave. Sue Ellen: cock slave. Mindy: wife, and almost a cock slave. Cindy: cock slave. Nicky: not a cock slave... yet! Did I just say that? I'll pretend I didn't say that!

My attitude was all messed up. It seemed that the raging fire of my lust had burned away most of my moral bearings. What was left was in danger of going up in smoke before too long.

The others were milling around the pool, although a couple of them were swimming in it. I stayed back and tried to gather my wits. Okay, I can't be like Mindy and just run with any thought that happens to be arousing. This is Nicky we're talking about here! I don't care how good she looks, it's absolutely imperative that she doesn't come to think that she has some kind of sicko dad who's perving on her. It's not that hard to be a normal dad around a bunch of beautiful women, even when they're swimming or standing around in skimpy bikinis. So that's what I'm going to do.

Feeling better about myself and the situation, I went forward and said my hellos. Unfortunately for me and my penis, I had been gone long enough that my return resulted in hugs all around, including from Nicky. I was ready for such a contigency though, and I hugged her in the same way as I'd done last time, where I put my arms way high up her back and let our shoulders touch but not much else.

That worked last time, since I was getting up from a chair, but it looked awkward as hell this time between two standing people. And what made matters worse was that I'd just given Cindy a normal hug, so it was like I thought Nicky was a leper.

Ruby, who was swimming in the pool, stopped to look, and then yelled, "Hey! You call that a hug? What the hey? Do you have some kind of back problem?"

Michelle, also in the pool, seconded, "Yeah! Give her a REAL hug!"

I gave in and gave Nicky a real hug. And when I said that I got a boner within two minutes of arriving at the pool area, I think I can pinpoint that happening to the precise moment her startlingly large breasts pressed into my chest! That definitely didn't happen with the earlier hug. What made that contact so delightful was that I wasn't wearing a shirt, so I could feel nearly every inch of her magnificent breasts touching me, skin on skin. I know it was wrong of me to get aroused by the sensation of forbidden softness, but damn it all, I'm a male who loves seriously stacked women!

However, Nicky seemed just as reluctant to hug me as I did her, so she didn't press fully against me. That meant that my rapidly engorging dick remained a safe distance away from any part of her.

And the hug didn't last very long either. I was planning on keeping it very short, but I got a bit distracted with those luscious boobs against my chest. Nicky cut it short before I did. I think that had something to do with the fact that I distinctly felt her nipples stiffening while pressing into my skin!

I supposed having to hug someone while nearly nude, and in front of a bunch of other people, was simply too embarrassing for her and caused an automatic reaction. I noticed that she immediately turned away and blushed. I also noticed her nipples were definitely poking out now! I didn't get to see that sexy sight for long though, because she turned her back on me altogether.

Of course, that let me enjoy the sight of her luscious bubble butt instead. With the "new and improved" Nicky body, there was simply nowhere to look that was "safe."

A strange word popped into my mind: Callipygian. It took me a moment to remember what that even meant. Oh yeah. That's a fancy way of saying having beautifully shaped buttocks. Where the hell did that come from? I guess being an author means I know more "fancy words" than most. But damn, if there ever were ass cheeks deserving the word "Callipygian," I'm looking at 'em right now!

Even though both Ruby and Michelle had been swimming, and with their hair slicked back from going all the way in, they both jumped out of the pool to get their hugs too.

This was a potentially very tricky situation. I was extra aroused by Nicky today because I'd never seen her like this, but that was the thrill of the new. Objectively speaking, both Ruby and Michelle had figures that were every bit as impressive as Nicky's. In Michelle's case, one might argue even more so. Plus, I knew just how sexual and naughty both girls were. AND they were soaking wet! I was determined to not even look at them directly because seeing the water dripping down their bikini-clad bodies was far too titillating and tempting.

To my pleasant surprise, neither girl tried to get frisky with me. Each of them gave me firm but brisk hugs. True, both of them pressed in closer, close enough that I'm sure they couldn't miss the stiff condition I was in. However, they ignored that and dove right back into the pool. My front side ended up wet, but that obviously couldn't be helped after hugging two wet ladies.

Once Michelle was paddling in the water again, she looked up to Nicky and said, "Did you see that? That's a REAL hug. Even with your second hug there, it's like you're afraid of Daddy."

I'm not sure Nicky even saw the hugs, because her back was still turned. But she turned around to confront Michelle, and said, "I'm not afraid of him. Give me a break."

"Then show it," Michelle challenged. "Big sis is a big chicken. Bawwwwk-bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk!"

Nicky just rolled her eyes and tried to ignore that.

I decided that if I went in the pool that could be a way for me to hide my erection, despite my size-challenged bathing suit. Plus, I could stop the Hellions from pressuring Nicky and I into sharing another hug. But I wasn't done running the gauntlet of hugs.

Sue Ellen was next, but her hug was quick and light. It was curious that the Gruesome Twosome didn't criticize her hug, because it was much less of a "real hug" than Nicky's. I guessed that Sue Ellen didn't want to give Nicky any idea that she might have the slightest physical interest in me. Good for her! Once again, my Cupcake showed herself to be an excellent cock slave.

Mindy didn't seem to feel the need to hug me since she'd come to the pool area with me - or maybe she got off on me hugging everyone else but her. However, that still left Cindy. This was a very tricky situation indeed, since Nicky now thought of Cindy as my mistress. When Cindy approached me, also dressed in a sexy and revealing bikini, I decided to confront the situation head on.

Nicky was watching us closely. I looked right at her and said, "Yes, Muffin, Cindy really IS my mistress. So I'd like to kiss her when I greet her, like I always do. Is that okay with you?"

Nicky asked me with worry, "Do you mean on the lips?"

"Yes I do, but briefly, out of respect for you. Can we do that?"

Nicky nodded and bit her lip.

I kissed Cindy and hugged her. As promised, it was an open-mouthed kiss, but it only lasted a few seconds. I thought Nicky might look away, but to my surprise, she hardly even blinked. I suppose I was somewhat naughty though, because I put my hands on Cindy's essentially bare ass cheeks. (Although she was wearing bikini bottoms, I couldn't feel them where I put my hands.) And when the kiss ended, we remained in an embrace, complete with Cindy's wonderfully round tits pressing into my shirtless chest.

I suppose I was trying a little bit of shock therapy on Nicky. The sooner she could get used to my intimate relationship with Cindy, the better. Plus, I told myself that I could keep my bulge hidden by remaining tightly pressed against my new "mistress."

Nicky stared right at my hands still squeezing Cindy's ass flesh as she asked Cindy, "If he calls you his mistress, then what do you call him?"

Cindy clearly was stumped. The answer she undoubtedly had on her mind was "Master," since even though she was shy to say it much, she definitely thought of me as exactly that. But there was no way she could tell Nicky.

After an uncomfortable silence, she said, "To be honest, I don't know. Remember that this relationship situation is pretty new for us, and we're kind of winging it because we don't know of anyone else who has done this." She looked up at me. "I don't know, Dan. What should I call you, besides Dan?"

I tilted my head, thinking. I decided (partial) honesty was the best policy. "I don't know either. I guess we've been dodging that until now." I looked over at Nicky. "And of course, I don't call her 'mistress.' It's not like I say, 'Hey, Mistress, can you pass the peas?' I'm just Dan, and she's just Cindy, or sometimes Cin. Isn't that good enough?"

"I suppose." Nicky seemed curiously disappointed. "I'm not really curious about what you call each other every day. I'm thinking there needs to be some kind of title. If 'wife' is to 'husband', then 'mistress' is to what? You see what I mean?"

"I do. But I don't know. Does anyone know?" I looked around for help.

No one knew. There were a lot of shrugs.

Then Michelle stopped her swimming and came close to us at the edge of the pool. She said, "I know this is kind of out of left field, but could the word we're looking for be 'master?'"

"Master?!" Nicky frowned at that. "That's for masters and slaves. Cindy's not a slave!"

I just about had a heart attack! I thought, What the hell is Shelle up to?! Has she lost her mind?! Shit! Nicky can't know that! Never! I know I want to reveal some of the truth to her, but not THAT!

Luckily, Nicky was looking down at Michelle instead of towards me, or she might have seen an all too shocked expression on my face.

Michelle continued, calm as a cucumber, "I know that, obviously. But think about it. A mistress is traditionally a 'kept woman' of a married man. She's kind of his possession. Sultans and kings of old had dozens and sometimes even hundreds of mistresses. I'll bet they called their man 'Master.'"

Nicky complained, "I know, but that's not the kind of relationship Dad has with Cindy." She looked to me. "I've been talking to Mindy and Cindy, and it sounds to me like she's almost your second wife."

Thankfully, I'd just recovered from my initial shock. I looked to Mindy for approval. When she nodded, then I furtively nodded back.

I cleared my throat to get Nicky's attention. "I know. It is just like that. But we don't have a term for 'almost husband to an almost second wife.' And 'husband' isn't right without a formal marriage. So maybe Shelle is right. I'm thinking that 'master,' odd though it is, is the closest thing that fits."

Nicky was still frowning. "Well, I don't like it at all. It sounds demeaning. Like she's a possession."

Michelle shrugged like she didn't really care one way or another. Then she went back to swimming with Ruby.

Cindy, still in my arms, looked up to me with a big smile. "Well, I DO like it! It sounds sexy!" She tilted her head towards Nicky. "You might be too inexperienced in the ways of love to understand. But let me tell you, to be 'possessed' by the man you love can be a very thrilling and comforting thing. He has my heart, just like I have his."

She got up on her tiptoes and pecked my closed lips. She also gripped my ass cheeks and wiggled even closer into me, which mainly had the effect of grinding her lower tummy into my boner. Luckily, she stopped with that. She probably didn't want to do more with Nicky right there.

Nicky sighed, seemingly oblivious of Cindy's wiggling and its effect on me. "I'm sorry I asked. Anyway, Cindy, how you can have his heart? Doesn't Mom already have his heart? Dad, don't tell me you have two hearts."

"Obviously not," I replied. "And just as obviously, it's a saying. When a parent has two children, does that parent love them any less than if they have just one child?"

Nicky squirmed uncomfortably before admitting, "No."

"There you go then."

She still didn't seem happy with that, but lacking a good excuse to dig in her heels on the matter, she let it drop.

Cindy got up on her tiptoes again so her mouth was almost at the same height as mine, and said, "'Master.' I like the sound of that. I'd like to call you 'Master' sometime" - her voice suddenly got very sexual and husky - "especially in the bedroom. Rrrawwrr! Would you like that?"


Cindy kissed me again. And this time it wasn't just a peck on the lips. Within a couple of seconds, we were tilting our heads this way and that like we simply couldn't get enough of each other. I still had Cindy's ass in my hands, and I must confess that I was squeezing and fondling her backside more than just a little. Due to the passion of the kiss, without thinking about it, one of my hands wound up partially under the back of her bikini bottoms, with my fingers squeezing into her ass crack.

But then I remembered that Nicky was standing there, so I broke off the fondling and the kiss altogether.

I turned to my stunning older daughter, and said, "Sorry. It's easy to get carried away with someone you love. And I hope you can see how much we're in love. Although we haven't been together very long, sometimes you just know it's going to last. I've known Cindy for so long, as a friend. We just know."

Cindy stepped back towards me and wrapped an arm around my back. But she stood so that she and I were facing Nicky together. I think she was sending the not-so-subtle message that she belonged to me now and that wasn't going to change.

It seemed that Nicky couldn't stop staring at me and the bikini-clad Cindy clinging to me, despite her discomfort. And her nipples were as stiff as ever, so she couldn't have been that upset. She grumbled, "This is too weird. And boy am I sorry now for asking that question. I think I created a monster with this 'master' crap."

I wasn't sorry! In fact, I was thanking my lucky stars, as well as wishing I could thank Michelle for taking advantage of an opportunity. You see, I knew the use of 'master' in the instance we were discussing was a stretch at best. But there was a constant danger of someone accidentally blurting that word out. Sue Ellen was a particular concern because she liked to call me Master so much, but really, any of my cock slaves might do it. Michelle's explanation could provide at least something of an excuse if someone happened to slip and use the 'M' word. Cindy in particular was safely covered now. That's why I'd made the spontaneous decision to go along with Michelle's seemingly crazy idea.

I had renewed hope that we could make it to Sunday morning without inviting utter disaster!

The way I'd been embracing Cindy had provided cover for my all too obvious erection. But now that my front was no longer against hers, I had to think of something else, and fast. I had thought of going swimming as cover, but I decided that simply sitting down at the edge of the pool and dangling my legs in the water worked nearly as well. So I let go of Cindy altogether and I did just that.

But it was a case of "out of the frying pan, into the fire," because Nicky elected to sit down right next to me and put her legs in the water too. (Cindy, meanwhile, went to talk to Mindy.)

Before Nicky could say anything, Michelle swam right up to me, close enough to grab my feet if she wanted. She looked up to me, and said, "'Master.' I like the sound of that. I think I'll call you that sometimes, Master Daddy." She giggled at that.

She stood up in the pool right in front of me, which meant that most of her upper body rose out of the water, including all of her fantastic jutting torpedoes. Seeing sheets of water pour down her perfect round melons wasn't just an insanely arousing sight, it was a work of art! Her nipples were poking out proudly, and she either didn't notice or didn't care. (I was betting on the latter.)

Ruby swam up. "Oooh! Good idea. Me too! Hey Master, are you going to go swimming today or what?" She giggled too, tickled pink at using that word in a sentence.

She also rose up out of the water right next to Michelle. Now I had four soaking wet and obscenely large tits to contend with, not to mention four erect nipples. Ruby actually did Michelle one better by pinning her arms behind her back. It might have seemed like a casual pose to anyone else, but Ruby had to know that it reminded me of some of my favorite cock slave positions.

I was forced to readjust my erection before it sprang free of my entirely inadequate swimsuit.

Nicky seemed upset. "What's wrong with you two? You're not his slaves!"

Michelle breezily waved away Nicky's objections, saying, "We're just joking around. I mean, it's such an absurd word. Besides, it's kind of a political commentary. As long as we live in this house, we're essentially his slaves. He owns our asses. He makes us work at this crappy job at a crappy, stupid video store, and it sucks! But do we have any choice? NO!" She stuck her tongue out at me, but playfully.

Ruby backed Michelle up, as she so often did. "Seriously! He might as well put leg irons on us. Nicky, you have nooooooo idea how boring this job is. Nobody comes in. We just stand there."

"Yeah. We're his slaves!" Michelle hammed it up, striking a sexy pose with her hands on top of her head.

Ruby saw that and struck the exact same pose.

No doubt, both of my Hellions were very aware of the similarity between that and cock slave Position Number Two. In fact, they even spread their legs wider and thrust their chest out, just as Position Number Two required. (I couldn't see through the water to their feet to confirm their legs were straight and spread, but the way their upper bodies lowered in the water slightly was a dead giveaway.)

Their poses were so outrageously submissive and sexual that I feared Nicky would suspect something was up. But luckily, the girls burst into giggles and went back to more normal positions, as if they were extremely amused by the absurdity of it all. However, their huge racks were still floating just above the water line, driving me to distraction.

"Well, you need to do something else then," Nicky said to them. "Can't you get a better job?"

She and the girls started talking about the video store job and related matters.

I thought, I need to give Michelle a great big kiss, because she's just provided even better cover. Now, if she or Ruby slip up and call me 'Master,' they can just pretend it's in reference to this conversation and more "political commentary" about the job they hate.

Brilliant! Things are looking more hopeful all the time. We just have to find a better excuse for Sue Ellen, in case she ever slips up.

I listen in on the conversation long enough to find out when the Hellions had their next shift at the video store. The answer turned out to be Monday. They had moved a shift they shared tomorrow with a coworker so they could be at home all during Nicky's brief visit. I thought that was sweet.

I tried hard to look anywhere but down at Ruby and/or Michelle and their wet and glistening bosoms. But when I looked up and around I couldn't help but stare at my angelic yet far too curvaceous Nicky, and that was possibly even worse. Then there was a bikini-clad Sue Ellen swimming laps in the pool, and bikini-clad Mindy and Cindy standing and talking on the other side of the pool. Nowhere was "safe," unless I wanted to lamely stare up into the sky.

To make matters worse, Michelle dominated the conversation, as she often did, so she had most of my attention. And she had a habit of repeatedly tugging on her bikini straps, first one and then the other, as if they were digging into her skin and bothering her. But in fact she knew that would just draw more of my attention to her massive twin torpedoes, especially since she somehow kept them constantly jiggling.

Curse my sneaky, slutty daughter! It's like she's trying to get me to crack right in front of Nicky. Damn! I'm not quite sure what cracking would mean, but I don't want to find out. Perhaps I'd just spontaneously cum in my swimsuit? I'm almost there!

Thankfully, Michelle and Ruby swam away eventually. By that time, Cindy, Mindy, and Sue Ellen had taken to reclining on lounge chairs on the other side of the pool. That left Nicky and me relatively alone.

As Nicky stared at her feet kicking around in the water a little bit, she quietly confessed to me, "Dad, I'm having a lot of trouble with this whole mistress thing. And seeing you kiss and hold Cindy just makes it worse. A lot worse."

"I'm sorry about that. I know it's a shocker, but I did that in front of you deliberately in the hopes that it may speed your acceptance. Think of it as shock therapy."

She looked to me with a frown. "Nobody likes to be shocked."

I put my arm around her back. Any touching of her was dangerous in my book, especially since my boner seemed on the verge of cumming all by itself, but it seemed like the fatherly thing to do. "I know. And I really am sorry. Maybe that was too much too soon. Should I refrain from kissing or touching her for a while, if you're around?"

"Nah. Please don't. I think you have a point with maybe just getting shocked into accepting it quickly. Besides, I don't want to get in the way. But still. I don't... I mean, Mom is so great. I see how you two interact and love each other all the time. It's so cool! It's a point of pride for me, knowing I have parents with a marriage that everyone else envies. So... why isn't Mom enough for you?!"

I made eye contact with her again. I was kind of glad for this serious discussion to come up now, because it was helping my dick start to go flaccid, and I really needed that. "That's not how this is at all. I've never thought that, not even once. Your Mom and I think this is making our marriage even stronger and better. Have you seen the slightest hint of resentment about it from her since you got here?"

Nicky stared at the water she was swirling with her feet. Finally she admitted, "No."

"And you won't," I told her gently, "because she's literally the biggest fan of the arrangement of us all. It's brought her and me even closer than ever before. I know that seems to defy all logic, but stick around and you'll see that it's true."

We were already talking quietly, but I lowered my voice even more to lessen the chance others heard. Only the Gruesome Twosome could hear if they swam nearby, and right now they were busy swimming laps. "I know you've already talked about this some with Cindy and your Mom, but there's one thing they probably didn't tell you about much, and that is how unhappy Cindy has been for such a long time. You know what a great person she is. But her relationships never worked out. She was starting to think that she was doomed to live her life alone. That's not right for a woman like her. The men should have been lining up around the block!"

"So why weren't they?" Nicky grumbled sullenly.

"Because she all but gave up. She was stuck in a dead-end job with no chance to meet people there. She wasn't dating or even going out socially much to just meet people. She didn't want her heart broken again. Plus, she's looking at Ruby going to college before long, and then she'd be really all alone. Mindy was the one who took the lead and decided that Cindy needed a man just like me. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that that man had to be ME. It wasn't a pity thing, but it was an act of great kindness from one close friend to another."

That wasn't entirely true, of course, but the gist of it was true.

There was a long silence before Nicky said, "God. Mom is such a great person. I feel like a heel objecting to something like that."

"Then don't. Be happy for us. Be happy for her. You're not losing anything; you're gaining a de facto second mom and a second sister."

She lowered her voice still more. "That's another thing. Why is Cindy only a 'de facto second mom,' but Ruby is a 'second sister' without the 'de facto' part?"

"Good question. We're all trying to tread lightly. The situation is very delicate in its early stages, and none of us want to hurt anyone else's feelings. That language probably comes from me. Everyone loves the idea of Ruby being an official sister, or daughter as the case may be, so we leapt on that right away. But Mindy and I both have some issues with the idea of Cindy being an official second wife. It's illegal in the U.S., for one thing. Then, if she's not an official wife, how can she be an official mother? So it's tricky. Right now, the operative phrase is: tread lightly."

I thought, That's all true, in a certain way. I am trying to be extra careful with Min's feelings on this. But in another sense, the operative phrase is: "cock slave!" If Nicky could only see the scenes of a naked and sweaty Cindy on her knees between my legs, begging to suck her master's cock! Boy, she'd completely flip her lid!

Nicky patted my upper thigh. "Thanks, Dad. I feel a lot better about the whole thing now. It's not really like I thought it was at first."

However, she belatedly realized where her hand was, and removed it like she was touching a burning stove. Her fingers had only been a few inches from my crotch. (Thankfully, the serious discussion had just caused my penis to go flaccid, so she didn't see an obscene log right there!)

I commented in response, "You know, we've had our awkward moments today. Just because you're wearing a bikini and turning into a remarkably beautiful woman, I'm still your same old dad."

She smiled widely. "I know." She relaxed and cuddled into my side. She even rested her head against my shoulder. "This is nice. I think Michelle has got a point with the way she's been ragging me today about the way I dress and act. I'm just too shy!" She pulled back and looked up into my eyes. "Is it okay if I use you as a sort of guinea pig?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Just like what we're doing now. Wearing a bikini or sharing a hug, for example. Just getting better at being in certain situations with men."

"Sure. By all means."

My penis immediately started to engorge, but I tried my best to mentally fight that. I thought, I choose to interpret her words in an entirely non-sexual way, because that's the only way she would ever think of me. And I certainly wouldn't take advantage of any possible situation. Fantasy is one thing; reality is another! I am NOT going to use a "guinea pig" situation to teach her how to be a better French kisser or anything like that. That would be a very BAD dad, abusing her innocence just for a thrill. Especially when I have literally FOUR other cock slaves who keep me happy!

This sex bomb of a girl also happens to be on the Dean's List. She's going places! Let her stay sexually naive so she can focus on her studies.

She smiled at me and rested her head against my shoulder again.

Mmmm. That feels good. I wish I could say that the side of her nearest boob was pressing into me, but unfortunately it's not. Actually, I should have said 'fortunately.' I'm her father, after all! Curse my inappropriate thoughts!

"But what about Steve?" I asked her. "I can only imagine you get very intimate with him."

"Well, yes... and no. We have done... certain things... together. But still, I know he wants more. He subtly pressures me to change. A good example is that he says I need to stop quote 'dressing like a nun all the time' unquote."

I joked, "You're definitely not dressing like a nun today!"

She looked down at her skimpy bikini and laughed along with me. "True, true. Too bad for him that he's missing this!"

She grew more contemplative. "The funny thing is, I would have a big problem dressing like this around him in a public place. In fact, now that I think about it, he hasn't seen me in a bikini yet. And who knows? Given what I told him about kind of maybe breaking up, maybe he never will. But it feels really good being like this around you." She cuddled even tighter into me, and purred happily and wordlessly.

But then she realized with a start that her words might have sounded strange, so she hastily added, "I mean, you know, it's not weird with you. You know what I mean?"

"Sure." Using my hand that had been resting on her bare back, I stroked her medium length straight brown hair, almost like I was petting or grooming her. "It's not weird at all. This is good."

I was proud of the fact that my penis was flaccid and staying that way. Well, mostly, anyway. I felt like we were having an important father-daughter moment, and I didn't want my all too easily arousable dick to rear up and get in the way of our private time.

Things were nice and platonic until I heard Michelle from behind me. "Hey!"

I turned my head. Michelle had gotten out of the pool while I wasn't paying attention. Her tanned bikini-clad body was still dripping wet though.

She said, "Hey, Daddy, don't be an idiot. Take this." She tossed me a bottle of suntan lotion.

Michelle had a good point. Before when we were sitting around the patio table, we'd been in the shade. But now we were in the sun, and even though it had to be around four o'clock already, it was still a bright sunny day. I started applying the lotion on myself.

That, in and of itself, was no problem. Nicky still sat beside me, still stirring the water with her feet and enjoying a nice conversation with me. She mostly updated me on what she'd been up to since I'd last talked to her on the phone.

However, I eventually ran out of skin that I could reach. I had pulled my feet out of the water so I could cover all of my legs as well, but my back was still needing help.

Michelle seemed to be waiting for this moment. She and Ruby were sitting in tilted up lounge chairs on the other side of the pool, next to Mindy, Cindy, and Sue Ellen. But as soon as I showed signs of struggle reaching back to my shoulder blades, Michelle shouted out, "Hey, Nicky! What are you, a bump on a log? Help your daddy out!"

Nicky was put on the spot. Since she was such a shy and innocent girl, she just didn't do things like put suntan lotion on a man's back. But then again she was on this new campaign to be bolder, and I was her dad. So she smiled, and said, "Okay, I will."

She pulled her feet out of the pool too and knelt behind me. Then she proceeded to apply the lotion all over my back.

It may not seem like a big deal, and the only part of her body that touched mine was her hands, but it greatly aroused me for some reason. My erection shot up like a rocket blasting into the sky. I had to repeatedly adjust my swimsuit to hide the bulge, but with the suit that Mindy had picked out for me, that wasn't an easy task. Thank goodness that Nicky was behind me and I was sitting.

She thoroughly covered my back and my shoulders, upper arms, and the back of my neck, for good measure, even though I thought I'd covered those spots already. We didn't talk. I got the impression that there was something she wanted to ask me, because she started to speak a couple of times and then stopped again before I could even catch one word.

My erection wouldn't have been a problem, thanks to the way we positioned, but then she finished with my backside and it looked like she wanted to hang out with me some more. If we were face to face in any way at all, it would only be a matter of time before she noticed my erection, thanks to my swimsuit, and I didn't want that.

I was also concerned that Nicky might ask me to put lotion on her too. I knew that she'd already put some on before I even came outside, because I could smell a coconut-y smell around her. But I worried that some of that could have come off and she might need another application eventually. That was too arousing of a prospect for me to contemplate. I was determined not to touch her in any way that could even remotely approach a sexual situation!

So I opted to use the escape hatch that I'd considered using earlier: after thanking her for the help, I got up and quickly dove into the pool.

That seemed to be some kind of trigger inspiring everyone else to do the same. Someone shouted, "Swim time!" Before I knew it, EVERY other woman was in the pool with me!

I'd never been surrounded by so much nearly naked and soaking wet beauty. Staying deep in the pool would keep my erection safely hidden in the blue and wavy water, but I certainly wasn't about to get flaccid any time soon.

To make matters worse, the ladies were exceptionally touchy-feely with me, with the important exceptions of Nicky and Sue Ellen. Nicky was being her usual bashful self, while Sue Ellen no doubt was going out of her way to make sure Nicky wouldn't suspect there was anything going on between us.

The Gruesome Twosome were not so careful. True, they didn't do anything really outrageous, such as giving my privates a quick feel. And it was all very fun and playful. But they certainly weren't shy either! It seemed like one curvy fox or another was constantly bumping into me or even hugging me. It was like the four of them were on a campaign to keep my dick constantly erect and throbbing with pleasure. (And, in fact, if my cock slaves had a "mission statement," that would probably be it.) Cindy and Mindy were just as bad, acting like they were boisterous teen girls again.

The playfulness was so infectious that even Nicky and Sue Ellen joined in before long. Someone got a beach ball. We tossed it around and played "keep away" and such. It was great fun.

At one point, Michelle came up to me when the others were all swimming on the other side of the pool. She had timed that very carefully. She brought her mouth right to one of my ears and whispered, "By the way, I heard about the King Dong attack. I'm so excited!"

I whispered back, "Don't even THINK about talking about something like that here. I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. I expect you to apologize."

She was duly chastened. She muttered "Sorry" and swam back to the others.

I was fairly harsh with her, but I figured I had to be or she'd keep pushing her luck until disaster struck. She was fairly well behaved after that.

I did wonder how she'd heard about the "King Dong attack" so quickly and from whom. But I couldn't find out without talking more about it with her, which I didn't want to do during our pool time.

Nothing really happened between Nicky and me, other than some incidental touching. However, with so much going on, I forgot all about having to keep my erection hidden. It was only after when I realized that there were times I stood in the shallow end with the water only coming up to my thighs. Thanks to my flimsy swimsuit, I must have essentially been showing everything!

In fact, when I thought about it after getting out of the pool, I wondered. What happened there? Did I literally show everything?! It was all too easy for my boner to slip free of the inner mesh lining, and when that happened it was a matter of luck if my rod did NOT poke free out the bottom edge! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Could I have been standing there happily tossing the beach ball back and forth with a fully exposed hard-on waving in the air?!

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that was extremely unlikely. Naaaah. Had that happened, I would have noticed a lot of eyes gawking right at my crotch, and I would have felt the exposure too, and that didn't happen. Phew! But with all the horsing around we did, there had to have been times when my boner slipped free in the deeper water. I just hoped that the blue waves kept any such accidents hidden. Crap!

Eventually, the shadows started to grow and the air cooled. Nicky announced that she had a need to do some last-minute shopping before her Hawaii trip. When she revealed that included picking out fashionable clothes, she suddenly had a lot of female volunteers wanting to join her and help out.

So we got out of the pool and dried off. Everyone went inside and put their clothes back on.

Mindy suggested that after the shopping we should have a backyard barbeque to take advantage of the excellent summer weather. It had been a particularly warm day as part of a mini-heat wave, so even after it cooled off it wouldn't really be that cool. We all agreed that was a good idea.

Nicky left with Mindy, Michelle, and Ruby. It wasn't yet five o'clock, and they promised to be back in no more than an hour and a half, so we wouldn't have to eat dinner too late.

Once they left, only Cindy, Sue Ellen, and I remained. Unfortunately, since Sue Ellen was supposed to primarily be a friend of Michelle and Ruby, there wasn't a good excuse for her to stay. So, with Nicky listening in, she claimed that she would leave too so she could do some errands and then come back around the same time the shoppers returned.

In fact, she had no plans to really leave. That left Cindy, Sue Ellen, and me together, and the three of us were very horny!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, Concerned, and Johnny Galt, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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