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Chapter 13

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I was sad to see Nicky go. And, I must admit, I was particularly sad to see her all bundled up in clothes as per usual, instead of having her curves gloriously exposed in that cherry red bikini. Wow! I still can't get over her shucking off the overcoat and revealing herself in high heels and that skimpy bikini. That's going to be a sight burned into my brain forever. Look but don't touch and there's no problem, right? Hell, I think red is my favorite color now!

Sue Ellen, Cindy, and I lingered at the foyer by the front door until we heard the sound of the car carrying the others away.

The two of them immediately started taking their clothes off! As they did so, Sue Ellen said to Cindy, like I wasn't even there, "Master's cock has been stiff without any help for far too long. How should we take care of him?"

Cindy replied while unsnapping her bra already - she was working fast! "I've been giving that a lot of thought. Since it's the two of us, I think a dual cocksuck is the best way to share. We need to slobber and slurp our way all over it, until he blasts a creamy load on our faces!" She tossed her bra aside and pulled her skirt and panties down.

Sue Ellen was working even faster. She was already nude and gathering up the discarded clothes. "I love that idea, of course, but I reckon Master has had his cock sucked too often lately. I think he needs to FUCK us some more!" She finally looked at me. "Which would you prefer, Master? How can your cock slaves best serve you?"

That last comment seemed to trigger some deep submissive urge within them. They both dropped to their knees, with Sue Ellen dropping the clothes she was holding along the way.

Within seconds, their naked bodies were kneeling side by side and right in front of me. Their backs were slightly arched to emphasize their impressive racks, and their hands were folded together right on the tops of their heads.

I thought, Hot damn! With Nicky here, things have been kind of almost normal. But the minute she steps out the door, BAM! Right back to my cock slave harem life. Wow!

It seems so unreal. But what I need to remember is that this is the new reality now. THIS is my life - lucky me! The normality when Nicky's around, that's a facade. This is my life!

Feeling emboldened (as well as engorged and aroused!), I said, "Nice. Good slaves. But I have a question. What position is that? It's like Position Number Three, but you have your hands above your head instead of behind your back."

Cindy happily explained, "It's actually Position Number Five. We got together and did some renumbering beyond the four basic positions. We made this one number five because we figure we're going to use it so very, very often. I hope you don't mind, Master?"

There was no hiding the fire of lust in Cindy's eyes. That surprised me. With Sue Ellen, she'd been my cock slave practically from the day I met her, so that's how I thought of her. But I still usually thought of Cindy as a normal non-submissive suburban mother, because that's how I'd known her for years and years. It was very, very hard for me to change that perception.

Looking between the two of them, I couldn't deny that Cindy loved being a cock slave every bit as much as Sue Ellen did. In fact, despite the age difference, their bodies looked remarkably similar. Cindy could have passed for being in her early twenties, easily. She had the hard body of a college student trying out for the volleyball team. And Sue Ellen was even more fit. I'd heard a mention or two of her playing volleyball, and it wouldn't have surprised me to discover she was on her university's volleyball team. She was the sweetest Georgia peach, but I also knew she could kick my ass in a fight!

I nodded. "Of course I don't mind." To tell the truth, I didn't know any of the positions beyond the first four, but I made a mental note to remember this one. I pulled my khaki shorts all the way down and off, letting my erection poke straight out.

To my great delight, both of my cock slaves eagerly licked their lips. It was a toss-up which one looked more like a cock-hungry, sultry vixen. How could I not love this?!

I was getting a big kick just watching them kneeling there and eagerly gawking at every last twitch and bounce of my hard-on. To stall for time, I asked, "Cupcake, did you agree with this renumbering?"

She tore her gaze away to look up at my face. "Yes, Master! It was a close call between this and what became Position Number Six. Mindy had to step in to break the tie vote. But I think this one is better, because we're going to be sucking or titfucking you so very often, especially in twos or threes or fours."

She added with growing excitement, "And this pose symbolizes our total submission to your superior domination, as well as our eagerness to serve your cock with our tongues and lips and breasts at any time!"

Man, I was glad I asked that. As if I wasn't aroused enough already! A thought occurred to me, "So what's Position Number Six now?"

Cindy answered before Sue Ellen could. "That's a great one! You'll love it. That's where we lie back, perhaps on a bed, with our legs pulled back towards our head. The key is we keep our legs perfectly straight and spread open wide, like we're making a ninety-degree angle with them."

Sue Ellen, her heavy, bare breasts already heaving with excitement, cut in to add, "What better position for us to show just how much our bodies are there to get FUCKED?! By you and only you, our great master! With our legs spread wide like that, our cunts will open wide too, showing just how much we're ready to be filled by the thick and stiff King!"

Now, both girls were panting hard. Heck, I was starting to breathe a little heavily myself. Their hands on their heads made the sight of their heaving chests even more alluring than usual.

The silence stretched out. I wasn't sure what the proper "master protocol" was in this situation. It dawned on me that they were waiting for me to say or decide something. I asked, "So, what is it going to be? Since you two have been such good and obedient slaves, unlike certain other slaves whose names we won't mention" - they giggled at that since it was clear I was referring to the Gruesome Twosome - "I will leave it up to you."

Cindy and Sue Ellen looked at each other and both started talking a mile a minute at the same time. But then they stopped, and Cindy said, "Let's not waste time with Master's cock stiff and needing our love and attention! You're still the birthday girl of sorts; you choose!"

"Okay!" Sue Ellen looked back at my boner, as if that would help her pick. "I know! Why not have it all? I say we START with a double cocksuck, MOVE to a double titfuck, and then FINISH with a double fucking!"

"I like how you think!" Cindy started to move forward, acting as if she needed my thick dick down her throat like she needed air to breathe. (Whereas ironically, doing that would make it very hard for her to breathe at all, and only through her nose.)

I quickly put my hands over my crotch so I could get a word in edgewise before they started. "Wait! I like the plan, a lot, but not here. What if they come home early? Let's gather up our clothes and move upstairs first, so we don't have to worry about being interrupted."

So that's what we did, and quickly. It was hard to say who was more excited.

I was continually surprised by Cindy and her cock slave enthusiasm. Even a few days ago she was showing some jaded reserve, some lingering idea that a mother her age shouldn't be acting like this. That was totally gone! I reminded myself for what seemed like the hundredth time that I needed to wipe clean all of my preconceived notions of her. I was much more like she was Ruby's older sister without the willful and troublesome aspect.

We soon found ourselves completely naked and lying in the middle of the extra large bed in my bedroom. Sue Ellen and Cindy sprawled all over my legs and jointly feasted on my cock. It was like they were both overjoyed to be reacquainting themselves with it after missing it for all of... several hours! They even mumbled things to my cock while licking and stroking it, such as "I've missed you SO much!" and even "King, did you miss me?"

Should I be worried that my women were increasingly treating my penis like it was another person? Weird! I wasn't complaining though, because whatever they were thinking, it made them extremely excited and inspired.

I kicked back, sitting up against the headboard with my hands behind my head while they took turns swallowing my shaft and bobbing down it. But they were "full service" - when one was doing the bobbing, the other was doing everything else, taking care of my balls and the rest of my shaft. It was clear that the two of them had some cock slave sharing protocol they were following, and it was working to perfection!

I made sure to sit up because I wanted to enjoy the sexy sights as well as the sexy touch. It was a total kick to see one of them crane her mouth wide open, dive down on it, bob on it for a minute or two, and then pull off and hand it to the other one. Sometimes the one who was waiting for a turn would break off from licking the rest and make hungry erotic noises while she stared needfully until the other one got the message and switched off.

It didn't really matter which was which, because both of them acted exactly the same. In fact, sometimes I spaced out due to the sheer overwhelming pleasure and spaced out about who had "bobbing duty" and who had "shaft and balls duty." This was especially true since both of them had similar haircuts, although it was true that Cindy's hair was red and Sue Ellen's was dirty blonde.

Nobody really spoke at all for a few minutes. Then out of the blue, while we were taking a little strategic break, Cindy asked Sue Ellen, "By the way, did you hear about the latest King Dong attack?"

Sue Ellen's face lit up like that was the best news ever. "No! What?! Tell me all!"

Cindy spent the next couple of minutes describing my so-called "King Dong attack" on her and Mindy. She didn't even get halfway through her story though before both of them became so hot and bothered that the break came to a sudden end. All talk ceased while they went to town on my cock and balls with renewed vigor.

I really didn't understand the whole "King Dong" popularity phenomenon. But at least in this case I had to admit that I had gotten so aroused and excited that I'd lost all control. So I could see they had a point. Still, it wasn't like I had a two-sided "Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" aspect to my personality, at least not more than any normal person put into very tempting situations.

At one point, I asked Sue Ellen while Cindy was having her next bobbing turn, "Cupcake, I see some tears sliding down your cheeks. That makes me sad. Is it really that tough to suck on a dick as this as mine?"

Surprisingly, she answered brightly. "Oh, yes!" She stopped lapping on my balls so she could look up and make eye contact with me. "It's VERY tough. I pretty much cry every time, especially when I have to repeatedly engulf it like this. Look at Cindy, she's crying a little too. She and I don't have the extensive dildo training that the others do. Well, not counting Mindy who trained on the real McCoy." She winked through her smile.

She went on, "I'm touched that you're concerned, but don't be. This is how I prefer it, how I love it! If the King somehow got a little thinner and easier to fit in my mouth, I'd be disappointed, honest. I love how I'm forced to go all out, every single time. The struggle is a constant reminder that my master has the most superior cock and so he needs the most superior service!"

Just then, Cindy ended her turn. After they traded places, Cindy had a chance to speak. "What she said. I much prefer it this way too. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward. Think back on your life to some of your best memories, when you had a supreme challenge, maybe you bit off slightly more than you could chew, but then you rose to the task and did what needed to be done. Wasn't that ten times more satisfying?"

I was thinking back, trying to recall times like that, when Cindy came up with an example for me. "For instance, remember when you and Cindy went on that weekend hike a couple of years ago? You thought it was going to be easy, but you didn't take into account the big elevation change. Then you ran into more trouble, like part of the trail being washed out and having to go the long way."

I vividly recalled that, and said, "Yeah. It was supposed to be a ten mile hike over two days, but it ended being more like thirty. That's not so bad, I've done longer in a weekend, but it was thirty miles of nothing but switchbacks! All up and down steep mountain sides. What a disaster!"

She grinned up at me while she fondled my balls with her fingers. "True. I know about it because both you and Mindy loved to complain about it for a long time after. But when you finally made it back, didn't you have the greatest feeling of satisfaction, of accomplishment? I bring it up because I remember you saying how you actually enjoyed it in a weird way. Didn't you call it 'strangely exhilarating?'"

I thought back. "I did. All my muscles ached, but in a 'hurt so good' kind of way. I was definitely living life to the fullest that weekend."

"A-ha! Well, it's just like that for us, every single time. We have to bring our A-game, do our absolute best, just to hang in there and keep sucking. But then we have to step our efforts up a notch or two above that to get you moaning and breathing hard like you should. Look at us now. We've been at it for ten minutes now, and you're having no trouble talking. That means we've gotta step it up ANOTHER notch! In fact, Sue Ellen, please let me at it again. I'm feeling extra inspired!"

Sue Ellen pulled off, and Cindy immediately took over. They shared a loving look as they made the transfer.

After wiping the cum from her chin, Sue Ellen pouted, "Awww. Drat. I was feeling all extra inspired too. Master, all I can say is 'ditto' to all that. The bottom line is, don't worry about the tears. I don't even wipe 'em away anymore, since I like to wear 'em like a badge of honor. If I'm not crying at least a little bit, that tells me I'm not trying hard enough. I need to concentrate and use MORE suction, MORE fancy tongue work, MORE head twisting and turning and bobbing. More of everything!"

She flashed me one of her radiant smiles. "It's THE BEST! To me, it's one of my favorite things to do EVER! Everything is right in my world when I'm naked and kneeling and bobbing on the King, especially if I'm sharing, like I am now. And when I'm not with you, I often find myself fantasizing about all the different moves I'm gonna use on you next time. I'd love it even if you didn't cum at the end. But then when you do, and all that hard work is rewarded with a spermy facial bath, that's the very best of the best!"

Cindy had her eyes closed and seemed totally preoccupied flirting with choking and gagging on my thickness. But apparently she was listening in, because she gave a brief thumbs up to indicate her wholehearted agreement.

I didn't know what to say to that. I had trouble understanding their passion, although Cindy's hiking trip comparison helped. I certainly didn't want to say anything discouraging, because they made me feel so very, very good for so long. It was practically like an endless orgasm.

I thought about Cindy's observation that I wasn't having any difficulty talking (or breathing) despite their great prolonged efforts, and I realized they were right. Strangely, I wasn't feeling ANY urge to cum any time soon. Both of them were giving it all they had, and yet even with their combined forces, I felt like I could last forever! Talk about being the king of the world! I knew we had a solid hour, at least, since the others were supposed to return in an hour and a half. I had my alarm clock near me, and I was planning to use nearly all of that time before cumming. I wasn't too worried because if they did come home early, I could hear the garage door opening and have time to get us all presentable (or at least hide!).

Could this really be a big part of my future? Mindy's a great cocksucker, but there's only one of her. A blowjob felt like a special treat, even though she did them fairly often. But with her plus FOUR cock slaves, I'm gonna have my cock sucked at least once a day for years to come! Probably multiple times a day, with more than one mouth of me at a time! Exactly like this, in fact. And between my growing stamina and their endless passion and determination, we could be setting some kind of new record or something. I'm gonna be so sexually spoiled that it's nuts. It's so amazing that it actually makes me dizzy!

A few more minutes of sexual bliss passed. Things were humming along wonderfully when the phone rang. The land line receiver happened to be on the bed stand right next to me, so I reached out and answered it before really thinking about the wisdom of doing that.

Wouldn't you know it? It was Nicky, of all people! "Hey, Dad."

"Hey, Muffin." I thanked my lucky stars that I was still breathing relatively normally. Sure, hearing her voice made me panicky, but I forced myself to act cool and sound cool. After all, how could she possibly know what was going on?

I should have just said "Hey," though. Sue Ellen had obviously picked up on my nickname for Nicky, because she happened to be the one bobbing on me, and as soon as she realized I was speaking to Nicky, she immediately redoubled her efforts! She started bobbing faster, and with much, much more suction! Damn! She's trying to suck my dick clean off! This is bad! I hope she at least has the smarts to stay relatively quiet about it.

Nicky asked, "So, what are you up to?"

"Oh, you know. Just hanging out and relaxing." Technically, that was true. She didn't have to know HOW I was relaxing, or just how great I felt! I wanted to get the phone call over with quickly, so I asked, "Can I help you with something?"

"You can. We're at Macy's, and Mom had me call you. There's a sale on blue jeans, and she figures that while we're here, we should pick up a pair for you. She wants to know your size though. Wait, she's asking something. She wants to know: have you grown? You know, around your waist?"

I had a hard time not groaning, very loudly and erotically. Dammit! I can already tell what my naughty, naughty wife was doing. She knows with near certainty that I'm having sex with my two hotties. How could I not after I'd gotten so worked up by the pool? So she has Nicky ask me what seemed to all appearances to be perfectly normal questions, but which actually have sexual double meanings. Such as asking about how much I'd "grown."

I'm not going to let her get to me, though! I can play along just fine, thank you very much.

I asked Nicky, "Where is she?"

"Oh, she's standing right here with me. But she's buried in clothes, so she's having me handle the phone."

How convenient. Then I answered, "Tell her that I've definitely grown."

There was a pause, and then Nicky said, "She says that's not good. She says you need to exercise more so you'll get firm and hard."

"Tell her that I'm firm and hard enough already."

I heard Nicky's voice away from the phone, repeating to Mindy, "Dad says that he's firm and hard already." Then I heard Mindy say with delight, "I'll bet he is!"

Okay, maybe I was wrong: this WAS getting to me! Even though Nicky had no idea what she was talking about, the fact that she effectively was talking about my penis couldn't help but arouse me. And Cindy had just taken over bobbing duty from Sue Ellen yet again, and she was bobbing with just as much suction and even faster!

Sweet Jesus! I need to get off the line before I start panting like a creepy obscene phone caller. Things are getting out of hand!

Nicky said, "Mom says that she's not surprised that you're firm and hard, and she's proud of you for that. And she knows just how wide you are too. So she figures you can just wear your usual size. But she can't remember how long you are."

I grunted. "You want to know how long I am too?"

"Yeah, and hurry, please. I've got a lot of shopping to do, and not much time to do it in."

Ugh! This is killing me! And now Cin is doing a corkscrew twist thing that's gonna make me blow my load before long! But I can't even allow myself to so much as pant. FUCK!

Nicky obviously had no clue about the secret sexual subtext, and that was both a relief and somehow even MORE arousing. I said, "Look, I don't know just how long I am. I'm not wearing pants right now. Tell Mindy to make her best guess."

Nicky obviously didn't ask Mindy that, and instead asked me, "Can't you just go to your bedroom and check? I can wait."

"Thanks, that's nice, especially since I know you're in a hurry. But I don't think it's necessary. Tell your mother that if she thinks about it, she'll realize she knows more than she thinks." I had to hold my hand over the receiver when I finished talking to hide my increasingly heavy breathing.

I heard Nicky distantly say, "Hey Mom. Dad says that if you think about it, you'll realize you know more than you think." I just managed to hear Mindy have a good laugh at that, and say, "Touché! That is so true. Very well, I'll guess the length. I think he's a size eight. Yes, I sure about it. But there are all kinds of jeans here. Ask him if he wants the tight fit."

Nicky says, "Mom says-"

I cut her off. "Don't worry, I heard what she said. Tell her that, yes, I very much enjoy the tight fit." I hoped Nicky didn't ask about the "size eight" part. I was sure that was a not so veiled reference to my eight inch long penis.

Cindy obviously was listening closely, because she suddenly created an even tighter seal with her lips and sucked me like she'd turned into an industrial strength vacuum cleaner! And yet she still had the presence of mind to flick her tongue against my sweet spot.

Daaaamn! I knew Cindy looked like a million bucks, but I never thought she'd be this sexually uninhibited. She sucks my cock as well as anyone! She's going at it like some kind of succubus!

Sue Ellen wanted to take part too, but she could do little more than lick and fondle my balls.

Nicky repeated, "Mom, he says he very much enjoys the tight fit. So we should get him that." I heard Mindy giggle some more, and then she said, "I suspected as much. He's a man who definitely enjoys a tight fit. The tighter the better! And besides, don't you like it when he wears tight jeans and you can check out his sexy butt?"

The sound through the phone suddenly got much more muffled, no doubt to Nicky putting her hand over it. But I still managed to hear her say, "MoooooOOOOOOooooom! How can you say that? Especially since he might hear you!" Min made some response to that, but due to the muffling I couldn't hear it at all.

Then the sound became much louder and clearer, and Nicky said to me, "Okay, I think we know what to get for you. Sorry to bother you. Oh, and we might be a bit late, because they're having all kinds of great sales here."

The conversation seemed to be getting back to normal, although Nicky clearly didn't know the difference anyway. I said, "Okay, have fun. But don't stay too late, because we're probably going to get hungry over here."

Nicky passed that on too, saying to Mindy, "He says don't stay too long, because they're probably going to get hungry." I couldn't quite make out Mindy's reply, but I distinctly heard the smirky delight in her voice.

Then Nicky relayed to me, "Mom says that if you do get hungry, have Cindy find something to nibble on."

Hot damn! The sexual innuendo isn't done after all. NICKY is telling my cock slaves to nibble on my cock!

I couldn't help but say to Nicky, "Tell Min that Cindy already IS nibbling on something." I had to be careful not to mention Sue Ellen, since she wasn't supposed to be here right now.

Sue Ellen was back at taking her bobbing turn. She was doing absolutely everything to get me to cum right away. But I just about had a heart attack when she stopped her regular bobbing and nibbled into me a little bit with her teeth! It was quite an interesting sensation in and of itself, but what really got me was she was following Nicky's unwitting instructions on what to do to my cock!

Luckily, I really did seem to be getting better at holding out, because that somehow didn't make me cum on the spot. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of keeping my breathing sound normal while talking, then I would have to hold the phone from my mouth and cover it with my hand so I could pant the rest of the time.

After an awkward pause while I recovered my breath, I added, "In fact, she's positively gobbling it all down!"

I heard a loud, affirmative groan from both my slaves. "MMMM!"

Shit! Could Nicky hear that?! Please God, tell me she couldn't hear that!

Nicky gave no sign of hearing anything unusual. But to my disappointment, she changed what I'd said to say, "Mom, apparently Cindy's snacking already." Then she spoke to me, "Anyway, gotta go."

"Okay, thanks. See you soon."

"Love you, Dad, Bye!"

As soon as the phone was put down, I groaned loudly, "UGH! GOD, that was too fucking arousing!"

Cindy happened to be the one merely licking my erection instead of bobbing on it, so she was free to talk as she licked. "Damn straight! That was really hot! I only heard half the phone call, but even so, I could guess the rest!"

Sue Ellen seemed to want to reward Cindy for that comment, because she pulled up so her lips were stretched wide at the widest point of my cockhead's crown, and she kept that position while licking everything within reach.

Cindy groaned so loudly that I thought she might have orgasmed right then. And maybe she did. "URRRGGHAAA! Oh Master! I love your cock SO MUCH!" She craned her mouth open so wide that it seemed like I could have fit my entire foot in it.

But I blocked her from reaching her object of desire. I quickly said, "Wait! Wait! Okay then, what about some titfucking instead?"

They liked that suggestion a great deal, and quickly repositioned themselves while still basically lying side by side. I thought they would simply take turns. True, Cindy pinned my boner deep in her cleavage (since it was still her turn next) and began sliding her big tits up and down my saliva-soaked shaft. But the surprise was that Sue Ellen positioned her head so that she was able to bend down and lick all over my bulbous knob at the same time. At times, she even managed to crane her head down enough to fit all of my cockhead in her mouth and suck on it.

So it was really like a titfuck AND a blowjob at the same time. When Cindy's turn ended, they switched positions so that Sue Ellen created the tight tit-tunnel while Cindy did the licking and bobbing on top.

I'd had vague notions that a titfuck would somehow be less arousing than their combined blowjob work, so I could have a bit of a break after that dangerously arousing phone call. But I was mistaken. This new set-up was actually MORE arousing than before! They were starting to get to me. The only reason I hadn't blown my load was that I managed to stall for a few minutes while we changed positions, giving myself a mini-break.

Even so, it wasn't long before I had to stop talking and focus all my energies on simply not cumming just yet. My breathing quickened along with my pulse. Happily, I got into another groove that I was able to maintain for a good while, though this one was dangerously close to the edge.

Sue Ellen still hadn't had a chance to discuss the phone call like Cindy had. I thought the call was behind us. But about ten minutes after the start of the titfuck and blowjob combo turns, Sue Ellen spoke out of the blue while waiting for her next turn. "Nicky is sooooo hot! Beautiful! Gorgeous! And I love that bikini she was wearing. It really shows off how big her tits are. And they jut out, just like Michelle's!"

Cindy was trying to suck and bob down to my sweet spot, although right now she was finding it juuuust out of range, since most of my shaft was being tightly smothered by Sue Ellen's big tits. But while doing that, she mumbled something that sounded like it had the word "ass" in it.

Sue Ellen's eyes brightened at the reminder. "Oh yeah! Her ass! Master, did you see her ASS?! Can you imagine taking her sexy red bikini all the way off and then running your hands all over that ass?"

I said, "Oh no! Don't tell me you want to see me get it on with her. Please don't say that!"

Sue Ellen seemed to catch herself. She spoke sheepishly, "Um. No. Of course not. But I can comment on what a great ass she has, can't I?"

I grumbled, "I suppose. But leave me out of it." Grrr! Why'd she remind me about that? How can such an angelic girl like Nicky have such a sinful ass?!

Sue Ellen kept on with the titfuck, sliding one tit up while the other one went down, and vice versa. But she slowed her efforts into more of a subtly moving extra tight squeeze, so Cindy's mouth would have room to reach my sweet spot.

Despite the fact that I'd cut off the Nicky talk, the two of them seemed to be getting more aroused by the moment anyway. What were they thinking about? I was afraid to find out!

"MMMRMPH!" Cindy had to stop her licking and go back to the bobbing. It looked like bobbing while licking from the inside was her favorite.

But Sue Ellen soon tapped on Cindy's shoulder. "Oh! Me, me, me! My turn! I NEEEEED Master's cock filling my mouth! I need it so much! I'm too HOT!"

However, Cindy didn't seem to want to pull off. She was bobbing down over my sweet spot repeatedly, which didn't leave much room for Sue Ellen's titfucking efforts. So far, they'd been sharing my erection beautifully, without any conflict whatsoever. But it seemed this Nicky talk had made Cindy too horny to control herself. I could sense trouble brewing.

To solve the problem before it got bad, I shouted, "Stop! Both of you! Pull off and pay attention. That's an order!"

They reluctantly did so. Sue Ellen didn't actually take my hard-on out of her cleavage, nor did she stop squeezing it in tightly. But at least her tits were staying still for now. Cindy didn't take my cockhead out of her mouth either, but she was looking up at me instead of licking or sucking. I figured that was good enough, especially since I recognized what a difficulty they had engulfing my size each time.

I took a few heavy breaths to calm down. I closed my eyes and tried to think of non-arousing things, but I quickly gave up on that as a hopeless task. Looking down at them again, I said, "No fighting! Understood?"

They nodded sheepishly.

I said, "Cin, you'd been on top for a long while, and it clearly was time for Cupcake's turn for that role. You keep that up and you'll be getting a HARSH spanking!"

She finally pull her lips off my shaft, and dropped her head in defeat. "Sorry, Master."

"That's okay. Live and learn. But while I'm at it, I have to take a time out to say... NO more Nicky talk, okay? Yes, anyone with eyes can see how stunning she is, and I dare say even how fuckable she is. But she's OFF LIMITS! Nothing sexual is going to happen between her and me, now or ever! Period! Let's not even talk about her ass or anything else about her right now. Is that clear?"

Sue Ellen nodded, although she seemed pouty about it.

The two of them stayed silent and switched positions. I suspected that neither of them wanted a harsh spanking. My little outburst did nothing to cool their ardor though. The whole room smelled of wet pussy, and slurping and moaning sounds filled the air.

A couple of minutes later, I was sitting back and enjoying their endlessly arousing efforts when a thought came to me. I told them, "Hold on a minute. I know I just said no more talking about Nicky, but before I completely close that door, I have one question."

By this time, they'd switched positions again. Sue Ellen was the one titfucking me and Cindy was the one licking me from the top. I loved how diligent and focused they were on their sexy tasks, even after going at it for so many minutes. They both stopped what they were doing and looked up at me.

I idly ran my hands over their naked voluptuous bodies as I spoke. "Today, when we were swimming around in the pool, I was wearing a bathing suit that wasn't exactly the best. Mindy recently switched suits on me without telling me, the dirty rat. I totally spaced about it at the time, but while I was in the pool, did my erection ever poke out of the bottom of my suit?"

Cindy sat up and responded, "Are you kidding me? Of course! It was hanging out more often than not."

To my dismay, Sue Ellen also sat up to add, "And not just a little bit. Once it started to poke out a little bit, the suit would rise up until all eight glorious inches were hanging out!"

I groaned unhappily. "But tell me Nicky didn't see that?! PLEASE tell me that!"

Both of them looked at each other uncertainly. Cindy grabbed hold of my boner, since it had come from in between Sue Ellen's knockers, and started absent-mindedly stroking it while she answered, "I'm not sure. The thing is, the rest of us were looking for that. It's just like what Mindy did to you back at the patio table earlier. We knew what to expect. Your cock WAS deep in the water most of the time, so I don't know."

Sue Ellen nodded in agreement. "Besides, our top interest is always with your cock and what's happening to it. Nicky doesn't think that way yet."

Cindy emphatically nodded to that.

I caught Sue Ellen's "yet," but I decided to let that slide.

Sue Ellen added, "However, Master was wearing a blue bathing suit, and when the King was hanging out, you had this flesh-colored phallus usually poking up in contrast against the blue. That's pretty hard to miss, even if you're standing neck deep in water."

Cindy added to that, "That's true. And there was all the playing around. Master, you have your cock slaves stimulating your cock so very frequently that if it just brushes up against somebody, you probably hardly notice. But there was a LOT of brushing going on, especially when it was hanging all the way out of your swimsuit. Frankly, I'm kind of surprised that not one of your cock slaves just up and started to jack you off."

Of course, Cindy had been jacking me off while saying all this. Her words drew attention to this fact, and she smiled at my boner, and then bent over to kiss it. A kiss turned into a lick, and then within a matter of seconds she simply engulfed the whole thing and bobbed down to where she was practically gagging on it!

With Cindy making that transition, Sue Ellen had to speak up to be heard over all the slurpy noises. "You have to give kudos to Ruby and Michelle for not doing just that. I'm sure they were sorely tempted; I could see it in their eyes from time to time. I was sorely tempted too. Your cock is just so endlessly strokable and suckable!"

Those words apparently reminded Sue Ellen that she was right next to my hard-on, yet not doing anything to it at all. With Cindy having just resumed loudly bobbing on it, Sue Ellen smiled from ear to ear as she got busy stroking the shaft with one hand and fondling my balls with her other one. She added, "They're obviously trying to be on their best behavior with Nicky there. Plus, there's the sex boycott."

With Cindy's whole head bobbing up and down on me and her eyes closed in intense concentration, I figured she was out of the conversation for a while. So I asked Sue Ellen, "What about when I was in the shallower water? What then?"

Sue Ellen considered that as her fist pumped up and down my shaft, all the way up to Cindy's lips. "Well, you were rarely in really shallow water, Master. And when you were, your big fat cock was usually below the water line rather than above it. I don't remember you ever just standing there with a gloriously stiff King swinging in the breeze, and believe me, if that had happened, I would have noticed!"

That was some good news, at least. I breathed a sigh of relief (as well as erotic pleasure).

But then Sue Ellen added, "That said, Nicky must have noticed SOMEthing. How could she not? We're talking an eight-inch long extremely thick slab of glorious man-meat. It's like three of my ex-boyfriend's penises put together, and he wasn't small! Even when your cock wasn't completely hanging free, it created such an obscene tenting in your tight swimsuit that it was really a sight to see. To be honest, I thought you were doing that on purpose to tempt us all, including Nicky."

I growled, "I am NOT tempting Nicky, okay? Not today, not ever! So now that we've got that unfortunate news out of the way, any kind of 'sex and Nicky' discussion is off limits! Is that understood?"

Both of them nodded, although admittedly, Cindy's nodding didn't look any different from her usual bobbing. It was more her unusually loud "MMMM!" noises that made me sure she was in agreement.

With the discussion over, the two of them switched positions, while getting fully back to the titfucking and blowjob combo.

I closed my eyes again and tried to just luxuriate in their great, slurpy, and squeezy work for a while. It seemed both of them couldn't get enough of the titfuck/blowjob combo, and neither could I. It was like the best of both worlds at once.

However, the fact that we'd stopped talking about Nicky didn't mean I would be able to stop thinking about Nicky just like flipping a switch as well. In fact, with the two of them continuing to take turns with the combined titfuck and blowjob, Nicky seemed to be all that I could think about.

First Mindy, and now Cupcake and Cindy. Everyone seems to think that it would be great if Nicky were to join the harem. But don't they know anything about her? You can't just judge based on bombshell looks and breast size. Surely they've been told how pure and innocent she is. Shelle and Ruby, they were always different. They were wild and sexual pretty much from the moment puberty hit them. But Nicky, she may not still be a virgin since she dated Steve for a year, but she's still virginal in my mind.

We need at least ONE person in this crazy family who turns out normal! Besides, she would never go for anything with her own dad in a million years. She would find the idea laughable, not to mention disgusting! I should be disgusted too! I will NOT let Mindy or anyone else corrupt me on this! You know what? I'll bet she didn't see my erection in the pool after all, because why would she look at my crotch in the first place? She doesn't have sex on the brain all the time, like certain other daughters of mine.

And I'm really pissed off at Sue Ellen right now. I know she didn't realize what she was doing, so I can't blame her, but why did she bring up that idea of Nicky taking off her bikini and then bending over in Position Number Four, just so I could play with her luscious ass and poke my fingers into her sopping wet pussy?!

That's exactly the kind of talk we DON'T need around here! Because once I'm thinking that, how can I NOT think about whipping out my dick and rubbing it all over her ass and pussy too? And then she'd just brace herself up against a wall and say, "Daddy! Take me! Fuck my naughty pussy! I'm not as good as you think I am. I'm a naughty, sexy, dirty girl, and my body belongs to you! TAKE my virginity! Make me your SLAVE! Correction: make me another one of your many slaves!"

She'd stretch her body out needfully even more while remaining in that bent-over position. Her bare ass would wiggle around as if searching for my cock. "Oh yes, I know all about your harem, and I want in! And I want you in ME! Daddy, you HAVE to fuck me! NOW! Enslave me forever! Enslave me to your great big cock, so I can serve it forever with my sisters and my mothers! How could it be otherwise?! I belong to you, body and soul, your daughter, your slave, your fuck toy, forever!"

In my fantasy, I put my hands on her ass cheeks, lined my dick up, and then plunged deep inside her!

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, my fantasy didn't take place in a vacuum. Sue Ellen and Cindy were still sucking and titfucking me at the time. (I couldn't tell who was doing what because I was so focused on my fantasy, with my eyes closed.) Between my thoughts and their actions, I suddenly couldn't hold out anymore!

It happened so fast and with such breathless abandon that all I managed to say was "Cumming!"

Sue Ellen and Cindy moved quickly and as one, like they shared the same brain. They both sat up on their knees and used their hands to heft their tits up and create an even more tempting target. They opened their mouths and were careful to press all four tits tightly together.

The only problem with all this was that no one was holding my dick. Cum was racing through it, and unless something happened fast, I was going to cum anywhere and everywhere but up at the tempting target they'd created.

Luckily, I was so inspired and energized that my hand darted out and I was able to direct events right as the first rope blasted out of me. A long streak landed on Sue Ellen's exceptionally taut tummy. From that point out, it was all faces and tits as I went back and forth between them, blasting everywhere until I ran out of "ammo."

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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