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Chapter 14

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

The orgasm left me weak as a baby lamb, once it was all done. But since I happened to be sitting up in bed, I was able to keep on sitting there with my eyes open so I could enjoy the cummy sight I'd just created.

It wasn't long before the two foxy vixens began licking each other while moaning erotically with great pleasure.

That wasn't enough to revive my penis again. However, it was close. They deliberately left a good deal of cum on each other's faces because apparently they liked looking at each other like that. But they licked up most of the cum from each other's tits, and that soon turned into them taking turns suckling on each other's nipples!

That also wasn't enough to revive me, although it was getting closer.

Then they decided that my penis and balls needed a thorough cleaning, and they worked together, licking it so thoroughly that it practically sparkled and shined.

That ALSO wasn't enough to revive me. After all, they really had slain me with a great climax, and I wasn't eighteen anymore.

However, while they "cleaned" my privates, they also said all kinds of arousing things about how much they loved me and the like. For instance, Cindy said, "Master, sometimes I can't believe I call you 'Master,' and you're not just the hunky and lovable friend I had a hopeless, major crush on. But I just loooooove being your slave! So much! All I want to do is serve you and give you pleasure! It brings me such endless joy!"

Actually, Cindy hardly ever called me "Master," but she was so worked up that apparently she was letting her hair down some. Plus, Sue Ellen's frequent use of that term probably influenced her.

Sue Ellen, who happened to be licking one of my balls while Cindy licked the other, chimed in, "Not to mention endless orgasms." She giggled.

Cindy giggled too. "Yeah, and the endless orgasms. It doesn't matter what we were before. It doesn't matter what 'normal' or 'respectable' is supposed to be. I'm happy right here, as a SLAVE! Your sex slave! Forever! I mean that. I honest to God well and truly mean that."

She briefly lifted her head up to make eye contact with me. There was drool on her chin and gobs of cum here and there elsewhere on her gorgeous face. "At first, I thought I would just have to go along with that part in order to get fucked by you a lot. But now I actually relish it. When I look at myself in the mirror at night and think, 'I'm Cindy McGrath, one of Dan's cock slaves,' I actually feel a surge of pride and joy! I even love it that you've turned my busty daughter into another one of your slaves. How fucked up is that?!"

Sue Ellen said proudly, "That's not fucked up at all. I feel proud as punch all the time. I think we all do, including Ruby. Besides, you want the best for her, and what's better than serving Master? Would you want to be anything other than one of his slaves? I reckon not. Why should it be any different for her?"

Cindy seemed startled. "I hadn't thought of it exactly like that, but it's true! Plus, I want the best for my master, and she makes such a perfect beautiful, big-titted slave." She looked up at me and winked. "Well, once you adjust her willful attitude, that is."

Thanks to ego-boosting comments like that, they managed to get my penis more than half-hard. Cindy then left my balls to Sue Ellen, took my cockhead in her mouth, and worked on sucking and licking it back to full size.

Before long, I was fully erect and then we were off to the races again.

Then, with Sue Ellen still diligently coating my balls with her saliva, she proceeded to say some very similar yet equally arousing words. For instance, she said between sucking on each of my balls, "Master, I love you so much! I know you only officially enslaved me last night, and we just met a week before that, but I swear you'll never regret it. My love for you will never die! I've never been so happy. This is the lifestyle I was meant to life all along. I love the harem and everyone in it, but most of all, I love YOU! I love serving you. I love submitting to your total control. I love serving your huge cock! MMMM!"

With that, she just HAD to lick all the way up and down my shaft repeatedly, while also planting kisses all over it.

Cindy had my cockhead plus another inch or so in her mouth, but she obligingly pulled up enough to "give" my sweet spot to Sue Ellen for a few minutes, until Sue Ellen's surge of arousal settled down to "normal" levels.

I loved seeing them cooperate like that!

I must admit that one reason their words got to me so much was because their declarations unwittingly happened to be so similar to what I'd had Nicky say to me in the fantasy of her bending over and begging me to fuck her that triggered my last orgasm. It seems that it wasn't enough for me to want to fuck my pure and angelic daughter. Somewhere deep within my twisted soul I had fantasies about making her my eternal sex slave too!

Talk about messed up! While Sue Ellen and Cindy stayed busy taking turns sucking my cock, I consoled myself, Those fantasies are just fantasies, and that's all they'll ever be. Nicky would NEVER be a willing part of my sick, fucked-up world. So, if thinking sexy thoughts about my older daughter will help supercharge my dick when it needs a burst of energy, what's so bad about that, as long as they're nothing but my own secret thoughts?

Compared to all of the other unbelievable things I've let happen lately, that's pretty small potatoes. Frankly, I've got way beyond being able to confess any of this to my priest. If I did, he'd probably call the police! I've gone over to the "dark side" in some sense, though I would challenge any man in my position to do any differently. No way! Impossible. Besides, I'm determined to maintain SOME morals, and that includes keeping Nicky out of all this!

My two most obedient slaves didn't take turns sucking me for all that long. They wanted to get to some serious fucking, and I did too.

I looked at my clock and saw that we still had half an hour, at the very least. Maybe even a half-hour on top of that, if we wanted to push it close to just when they were supposed to get back.

We were faced with the question of who would get fucked first. Before I could make a decision, Cindy once again graciously yielded to Sue Ellen. My Cupcake made a few token protests about the fairness of that, but she was eager to get fucked so she didn't push the issue for long. The two of them set about getting my stiffness back into Sue Ellen while I lay back and let them sort things out to their satisfaction.

They made a big production out of the simple act of inserting my cock into Sue Ellen's vagina. Listening to them talk, you'd think my dick was considerably wider than a Coke can and that she was practically in grave physical danger! Sue Ellen sat on me cowgirl-style, because she said that was the easiest way to fit me in. Cindy intimately ran her hands all over Sue Ellen's ass, ostensibly to help push her in, but I think she mostly just loved fondling that firm and curvy ass!

As Sue Ellen slowly and deliciously settled down on me, Cindy said to her, "I know that hurts a hell of a lot. It's the same for me. But look at Mindy. Her vagina has resized to perfectly fit our master's enormous cock. That'll happen to both of us, and soon! It'll never stop being a difficult fit. Mindy has told me as much. But it'll be much less pain and much more pleasure!"

Sue Ellen responded very emotionally. "Shush your mouth! Just thinking about my cunt resizing to perfectly fit Master's cock and his cock alone has made me... UGH!" She had to stop and catch her breath as she settled down another inch. "It's made me... so... so happy! And horny! HNNG!"

Finally, the deed was done and I was balls-deep inside my adorable Cupcake again. Sitting on top of me, she raised her hands high up like she was on a joyous roller coaster ride, and that was before we started any fucking motions!

I must admit, I simply LOVE being inside Sue Ellen's hot cunt, especially when she takes me as deeply as she can! She's got a delightfully tight internal grip to begin with. Then her considerable athletic prowess pays off in the way she can bump and grind her hips while repeatedly taking all the inches I have to give her. Even when she looks like she's holding still she's a decidedly active lover, thanks to her talented Kegel muscles.

I felt like I could stay hard within her for hours on end, which made me wonder if she'd ever want to test that proposition (and if she did, how fantastic would that be?!). She didn't have Mindy's experience when it came to bedroom skills yet, but I had no doubt that was only a matter of time before she learned an entire array of new tricks from everyone else in my harem. The fact she was already becoming a talented deep throater showed that she would literally do anything physically possible to better pleasure my cock!

I would have felt selfish about that, except that I could easily see her intense pleasure and frequent orgasms. She was enjoying this maybe even more than I was.

While Sue Ellen rode me, Cindy put her hand on Sue Ellen's lower belly again like she had last night and made a production about being able to feel my shaft working in and out of Sue Ellen's belly as she fucked herself onto me.

At one point, Cindy commented to her, "By impaling yourself on his erection, over and over and over again, you're showing just how much you loved being enslaved to your master's cock!"

Sue Ellen nodded and sighed blissfully. "I'm so lucky to be able to worship the King like this, and use my body to serve him, the way a good cock slave should!"

That set Cindy off into upping the ante. "I want you to do MORE with your cunt! Love his cock more than any slave has ever loved her master!"

Sue Ellen rotated her hips in a new and unpredictable way, even as she kept on impaling herself on me. "I'm trying! I'm trying! UGH!"

Despite the fact that Sue Ellen was already doing everything she could, Cindy ran her hand up and down her back and implored her, "Remember the most important rule: 'Pleasure his cock!'"

"I am! I am!"

They kept on egging each other like this. To me, it mostly just seemed like stating the obvious, but they ate it up. And all the while, Sue Ellen rode me like she meant to remain in the saddle all day.

If I hadn't interrupted their fantasy world the two of them were building for themselves, I'm not even sure how long it would have been before Cindy finally got a turn. She seemed content to make sure that Sue Ellen got herself thoroughly fucked first before wanting to take a turn herself, but it looked like Sue Ellen never wanted to stop! 

However, I eventually put my foot down, and insisted, "Cupcake, you've been doing a GREAT job! I love you and your dedication and determination. But Cindy's been wonderfully selfless, yet again. I want to be sure she gets a ride before I blow my load."

Sue Ellen immediately said, "Yes, Master." She seemed disappointed, but she immediately pulled off and moved aside.

However, Cindy didn't seem pleased like I thought she would. In fact, she turned curiously shy and hesitant.

At first, Sue Ellen and I figured that Cindy was either just being nice or playing hard to get, so it wasn't until Sue Ellen had maneuvered Cindy into straddling my waist with her legs open and lying on top of me that I realized Cindy had a pretty bad case of the shakes and was really nervous. Cindy hadn't said a word yet about this either.

We all knew exactly what was going to happen next, and Cindy knew me well enough to understand that I wouldn't want to hurt her, so I couldn't understand what had her so spooked. Besides, I'd fucked her a few times already, so what did she have to be afraid of now?

"What's wrong?" I asked her in as quiet a whisper as I could into Cindy's ear away from Sue Ellen.

"She's watching!" Cindy breathed just as privately into my ear.

I nuzzled her neck to try and cover our quiet conversation. "Who?"

"Your other cock slave!" Cindy hissed nervously. "I can't do this while she's watching me take you inside!"

I hadn't realized Cindy could get so shy about such things. She certainly hadn't shown this shyness when it came to dual blowjobs and the like in recent days. In fact, she'd sexually humiliated herself in front of others so much lately that her complaint seemed downright odd. But then again, vaginal intercourse was the ultimate intimate act. I didn't want to offend Sue Ellen by kicking her out of the room, but knew I had to do something to put Cindy at ease.

Happily, I came up with an idea. "Cupcake, I find myself missing your far too delicious and juicy cunt already. Come up here and sit on my face so that I can taste you while Cindy spears herself onto my cock in your place. That way, I can enjoy you both at the same time."

Sue Ellen was only too happy to comply with that order. But when she started to straddle my head in a way that let her face Cindy (presumably so they could kiss and watch each other while they "rode" me), I tapped her leg to get her attention and told her, "The other way, slave."

She moaned lustily, like she was having a mini-orgasm, "I absolutely love it when you call me 'slave!' I think I prefer it even more than 'Cupcake,' although I love both!"

I made a mental note of that for the future. Then I continued, "I want to be able to look up and see the undersides of your magnificent breasts while I hold them in my hands. Plus I can't wait to see the look in your eyes as I lick and lash your pussy with my tongue, lapping up your offering of juices, and sucking on your clit!"

"Okay! Wow! Just a sec!"

Sue Ellen quickly reversed herself over me. She straddled my lips and chin with her drooling slit as she knelt astride my head. She tangled her fingers in my hair as she leaned over enough to make eye contact with me past the obstruction of her heaving chest (which I found wonderfully distracting!). As soon as my tongue touched her nether lips, she was off in her own world of pleasure and sensation, pressing her slit onto my mouth. She used her hands in my hair to push me down, encouraging my oral skills that I'd honed for many years on Mindy for her pleasure.

With Sue Ellen's passions redirected, that freed up Cindy to impale herself onto my cock at her own pace, in a way that maximized her pleasure (and mine as well!). Because Sue Ellen was in the way, I couldn't see much of what Cindy was doing, but I could definitely FEEL what she was up to! She'd had to sit up to give Sue Ellen room to find her seat on my face, so she wasn't lying on top of my belly anymore, but it felt good to have her sitting up and straddling my waist. She grabbed my boner with both hands, seemingly not caring that it was still wet from having just been inside of Sue Ellen. Then she "spanked" my erection against her ass cheeks in a curiously ritualistic manner.

While Cindy did that, I reflexively reached up and grabbed Sue Ellen's boobs with both of my hands. That caused her to moan and arch her back as she ground her hips down onto my face.

For me, the best part about tongue-fucking Sue Ellen in this position was that any particularly strong reactions she had made her want to close her eyes, gasp, and pant, while she tried to ride out the waves of pleasure. But when she stopped looking me in the eye like that, I halted what I was doing until she re-established eye contact with me.

It didn't take her long to pick up on the fact that when she closed her eyes I'd stop licking my way into her creamy center. After that, it became a battle between me and her where I'd try to make her so sensitive and aroused that she couldn't manage to squint and maintain eye contact with me. Watching her face contort and grimace as I drove her lusts higher and higher was an intensely pleasurable challenge for me!

Meanwhile, Cindy seemed in no hurry to start fucking. She kept spanking my cock against her butt cheeks until she slid her hips backwards down towards my legs and wedged my erection into the humid valley of her ass crack. Then, using her fingers, she pressed my stiffness even deeper into the warm, sweaty space between her buttocks. But even that was apparently not enough for her, because I felt her start rocking her hips, dry humping my cock against the outside of her ass while running her fingers up and down my erection and sometimes even caressing my balls.

"Soon..." Cindy crooned, in a voice that carried a note of longing and dripped with promises as she held my cock against her ass. "Soon, Master! My ultimate fantasy... the one that I had never hoped to be able to dream for, you'll fulfill for me! Soon!"

After a bit more grinding of her ass against my cock, I felt the bedsprings compress as Cindy lifted herself up on her knees and positioned the head of my shaft at the entrance of her wet and needy cunt.

Then she dropped herself down on me. What a rush of intense pleasure! I heard her gasp and struggle to draw breath as she slowly impaled herself onto my cockhead. I wished I could see her doing that, but with Sue Ellen in the way I could only imagine what she was feeling as she gasped hard for air.

It took her longer than I would have expected to be able to work my cockhead inside herself, but the way she kept wiggling and writhing herself onto my stiffness was extremely stimulating in and of itself. No one had spoken for a while, but she suddenly exclaimed, "SO BIG! UNGH! FUUUUCK!"

Sue Ellen replied with both glee and disbelief in her voice, "I know! I know!"

Cindy was having so much trouble that she stopped with just the tip of my cockhead starting to split her pussy lips wide open, and she rested like that while drawing heavy breaths. After some long moments, she said in an incredulous voice, "You'd think I'd be used to this already, but it's just too thick! I don't know if I can fit it all in!"

Sue Ellen had slowed to a near halt out of concern for her fellow slave. Like me, she couldn't see what was happening, but she said with optimism and resolve, "You can do it! I KNOW you can! His cock is just the perfect size. If it were any wider, I couldn't fit it in my cunt or my mouth. As it is, he fills me up to the brim! UH! SO FULL! UGH! JUST RIGHT!" She sounded like she was one getting fucked, and she even started bouncing on my face a little bit, maybe in memory of recently bouncing on my boner.

I wanted to say something encouraging to Cindy too, but I couldn't more than mumble incoherently with the way Sue Ellen was grinding her wet pussy down over my mouth.

Cindy grunted, "Phew! Thanks for that. I'm gonna give it another try. No risk, no reward." With that, she suddenly pushed down hard.

Seconds later, she exhaled a great heaving sigh of success at having achieved initial penetration of my girth into her body, and then started slowly letting her hips sink downwards towards mine. She yelled triumphantly, "I did it! I did it! Now comes the easy part!"

Sue Ellen giggled gleefully for her fellow slave even as she rode my face. "You mean now comes the BEST part! ... MMMM! Serving Master's cock with your cunt! Heaven! MMMM!"

Even with the assistance of gravity, Cindy's descent onto my cock was slow. She was simply that tight at the moment! It occurred to me that maybe Cindy had extra difficulty fitting me in (and more trouble than Sue Ellen had) because she had an extra-tight cunt. Thinking back, it dawned on me that she'd had lots of trouble fitting me in the previous times I'd fucked her as well. I must admit I was slow on the uptake because I'd had so many new sexual experiences lately, and dealing with my unusual thickness was an issue every time, it was just a matter of degree.

Her tightness made her an excellent fuck even if she was doing nothing but slowly sinking down on me. I had trouble licking Sue Ellen due to the intense pleasure Cindy was imposing upon my groin.

Slowly but surely, inch by inch, Cindy relaxed enough to open herself up to accept my presence within her most intimate spaces. But the way she groaned in lusty abject abandon when she at long last reached the full depth I could achieve within her, told me (and Sue Ellen) that Cindy was now well and truly FUCKED onto my cock! Like she should be!

Maybe she wanted Sue Ellen to share in her success, because she cried out, "It's in! All the way in! I did it!"

Sue Ellen was more than a little distracted by my pussy licking, but she yelled back, "I knew you could take him! Now, you fuck him good, ya hear? Like a true cock slave always does!"

Cindy groaned lustily as her whole body started shaking and vibrating on top of me. Sheathed deep inside of her as I was, I easily recognized the feeling of a woman surrendering to her need for orgasm.

About half a minute later, with her body still vibrating like a rickety and overloaded washing machine, she cried out, "I'm cumming already! Oh! Cuuuuuummmiiiiiing!"

Sue Ellen just looked down into my eyes with a mischievous twinkle, even as she spoke to Cindy. "That's it! Cum! Cum a lot! Cum on your master's cock, over and over. Cum like the hot and needy cock slave y'all are! FEEL him fill you up like no other man ever can, or ever will!"

Cindy's pussy walls were continuing to vibrate all over my shaft as her orgasm went on for well over a minute. "Dan! MASTER! My cunt belongs to you and you alone! Forever!"

Sue Ellen cheered, "That's right! That's HIS cunt now! Just like he owns my cunt and, indeed, all our cunts!" She responded to her own words, "Gaawwwd! Just hearing that sets me on fire! Cindy, did you know he's controlling me with his eyes?!"

Cindy was too far gone to ask what that question meant. However, I knew she was referring to the way I still stopped licking whenever Sue Ellen closed her eyes or looked away from my gaze. I loved it when our eyes stayed locked on each other. I swear, I could stare into her beautiful blue eyes all day long!

Sue Ellen was having a series of small and brief orgasms, in contrast to Cindy's big and prolonged one. With two women sitting on me I couldn't do much, but I reached up and pinched Sue Ellen's nipples in hopes that I triggered yet another climax for her.

I'm not sure how that worked out, because Cindy suddenly commanded all of my attention. Not only had Cindy's orgasm not stopped yet, she convulsed with a loud cry as her orgasm hit a remarkably high peak. "AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE! MERCY! MERCY! AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!" She shook so much that it felt like our entire gigantic bed was shaking too!

Sue Ellen yelled, "Remember this feeling, because THIS is our reward for serving our King, our master! Now, fuck the hell out of him! Make HIM cum like that!"

However, that clearly wasn't in the cards anytime soon. Cindy crashed as her great climax finally came to an end. My hard-on remained fully speared in her, but she slumped forward into Sue Ellen's back.

Cindy muttered after about a minute of nothing but heavy panting (while I continued to eat out Sue Ellen and play with her nipples). "Phew! That was intense! Sorry, Master, I'm gonna have to take five after that. Too... too sensitive!"

Sue Ellen asked Cindy, "Is he still all the way inside you?"

"Yes, but... UGH! ... I can't even sit back up. He practically killed me!"

Sue Ellen barked impatiently, "What the hell are you waiting for? As a cock slave, you have to get used to orgasms like that. What's Cock Slave Rule Number One?"

Cindy dutifully replied, "'Pleasure the cock.'"

"That's right! It's not 'Pleasure the cock when you're done resting and feel like getting around to it.' It's 'pleasure the cock,' period! And whatever you do, don't let him go flaccid in you. That would be the ultimate crime!"

I wished I could point out that I wasn't remotely close to going flaccid, because simply staying sheathed in Cindy's hot cunt was an endless pleasure. But my mouth was still occupied with Sue Ellen's delicious, wet pussy.

Cindy groaned loudly, but she managed to sit all the way back up.

I wondered if Cindy recalled that she had been the one reminding Sue Ellen about Rule Number One when Sue Ellen was the one riding cowgirl on me a short while ago. Their roles were exactly reversed this time.

Sue Ellen continued to goad her, "Remember, you are a COCK slave! You serve all of your master, true, but you're directly enslaved to his COCK! His fucking big, hot, fat, cum-filled cock! Rule Number One is number one for a reason! That is who you are. That is what you do. Anything else is just gravy!"

Cindy groaned wearily again, but she said, "Okay. I'm gonna start bouncing on it a little. That's... that's all I can do for now." She immediately started doing just that.

Sue Ellen actually let out a sigh of relief upon hearing that. "That's fine. As long as you are doing something to at least keep him stiff. Look on the plus side. Being this sensitive after cumming will allow you to get to know the King soooo much better! Mold your cunt to perfectly fit his every last veiny bulge. Then you'll be able to welcome him inside your hot, tight hole with greater devotion and talent the next time he drills you."

Cindy took that advice to heart. She stopped what little bouncing she was doing and tried instead to squeeze my shaft with her pussy walls.

Then Sue Ellen added, "Cindy, think about Dan's daughters. Think about how much they'd love to be right where you are, skewed on all that ridiculously thick cock-meat! Think about their friends, and Mindy's friends, and so many more who would KILL to be in your place. But they're not here, YOU are! You have to rise to the occasion! For all of them!"

Cindy grunted affirmatively. She began moving more energetically.

I still couldn't speak with Sue Ellen's cunt over me. (My arms had grown tired, so I'd let go of her breasts - for now.) But what Cindy did felt wonderful, and I wanted to encourage her, so I loudly moaned my approval.

Sue Ellen churned her hips excitedly onto my face. "You hear that? Is there any better sound than that? That's a happy and satisfied master! Whatever you're doing, do it some more!"

I thought some of Sue Ellen's comments were a bit over the top, but there was no denying that they turned Cindy on and inspired her. She began squeezing my shaft with energy and determination.

I moaned even louder, to let her know she was on the right path.

Sue Ellen was triumphant. "You hear that glorious moan? That's music to our ears! What are you doing to him?"

Cindy's voice was strained from her exertion. "Pulsing, staggered Kegel squeezes! Really tight!"

"Good! You see? You thought you couldn't do it. You thought you needed to rest. But you did it! Just remember: 'pleasure the cock!' Tell that to your hips! Live that within your cunt! Live it! Love it! Do it! Show that world what a great slutty slave you are!"

Cindy was doing all kinds of wonderful things with her cunt squeezing, but she suddenly stopped that and began grinding her hips while rising and falling on my shaft. I groaned still louder than last time, because this felt even BETTER!

We got in a steady and rhythmic fucking groove.

Cindy would sometimes moan and groan out lusty comments about just how big my cock was inside of her, which only set Sue Ellen off with yet more suggestive observations and encouragements while looking me in the eye as I licked and tongued her crotch. Ironically, despite Cindy being shy about having Sue Ellen watch, the two of them were cooperating verbally in a big way.

Cindy appeared to take Sue Ellen's exhortations dead seriously. Cindy kept on humping and pumping herself onto my dick, nearly continuously. She even kept on right through her many orgasms. I actually had to be the one to call for a rest, several times. All that non-stop action was simply too arousing. I was having so much fun that I wanted us to keep at it for all the time we had.

So we fucked, and fucked, and fucked some more. I can't even begin to tell you all the different positions and methods we used. Both of my women were very feisty and energetic. They insisted on doing most of the work. They pointed out that there were two of them and only one of me, so it wasn't fair to expect me to match their combined energies. Besides, if I was careful not to overdo it, I could end up fucking them that much longer.

And that's what happened, because we fucked for a long, long time. Cindy soon got over her shyness at Sue Ellen watching her, at least temporarily. Maybe she got so extremely aroused that all of her inhibitions were forgotten. Due to the occasional switching of positions, they found themselves nearly face to face. Far from being upset, Cindy actually took Sue Ellen's nearest hand and squeezed it while thanking her for being so encouraging.

When Cindy finally grew too exhausted to keep on bouncing on my shaft, she and Sue Ellen switched positions. I had a great time eating Cindy's cunt, and maybe because of her youth Sue Ellen bounced and churned on me with even greater vigor!

Things eventually reached a point where I either had to choose to cum or take a rest. I chose to rest. I really wanted to maximize our time until the others came home. I figured I might not have another chance like this until Nicky left, and the more sexually satiated I was, the less I would be tempted by her incredible curvaceous body.

In fact, I rested so long that my penis went flaccid. This distressed my cock slaves greatly, and they worked together licking and sucking until they had me fully erect again. Then they just kept on licking and sucking my erection a good long while, for the sheer pleasure of it!

Eventually, Cindy announced that she wanted to be nailed doggy style, so we switched positions to do that.

It wasn't long before Sue Ellen declared she "needed" to be taken doggy style too. Of course, I couldn't let her down either.

Then the two of them knelt on the floor side by side with their forearms and breasts resting on the bed. I knelt behind them, fucking one hot pussy while fingering the other, and then switching between them.

My God! So much fucking! I don't even know where I found all the energy.

Thirty minutes passed, which meant we'd been in bed for a full hour, and we were still going strong. I was careful to try to be as even-handed as possible. I didn't want either of them to think that I'd spent more time and energy on the other one. Luckily, they seemed to be of similar minds, with no one getting greedy, so it all worked out.

Heck, at one point they even let me do nothing but lick their pussies, after having laughed at the idea before. At least, they almost let me do that without distractions. One of them would suck and/or titfuck my cock while the other one would sit on my face and let me lick. Let's just say that there were plenty of orgasms to go around for both of them! I felt really good at making them feel so good.

During all this sex, Cindy and Sue Ellen were surprisingly vocal. And just as surprisingly, they talked mostly to each other instead of to me. They kept goading and pushing each other to do more and try harder with me. Time and time again, when one of them would start to flag, the other one would say something that would result in a sudden jolt of energy to the one who needed it.

Reveling in their slave status obviously was a huge turn on for them both, and I must admit, it thrilled me too. Cock Slave Rule Number One turned out to be a particularly effective motivator. Sometimes, merely shouting "'Pleasure the cock!'" or "Rule Number One!" was enough to kick the action into a higher gear.

I could tell they both treated their enslaved status as a badge of honor, just as they claimed. For instance, at one point when Cindy paused in churning her hips on my boner to catch her breath, Sue Ellen said to her, "You are a cock slave, Master's cock slave! The best of the best! Cock slaves never falter, they never rest! We serve him with all our heart and soul!" I swear, Cindy immediately started wildly riding me like she was bouncing on a pogo stick!

Curiously, neither of them tried to directly goad or encourage me whatsoever. But hearing how enthusiastic they were caused me to find reserves of energy I didn't even know existed.

And I simply couldn't believe how long I'd lasted without cumming! Although I must say that was due almost entirely to my periodic breaks. It seemed that neither of them knew the meaning of the word 'rest' anymore. Phew! Even with the breaks, we stayed drenched in sweat.

Eventually I looked at the clock and realized we were nearly out of time. I gave myself another ten minutes to stop. I knew that we needed time to shower, dress, and clean up, so we couldn't cut it too close. But I also realized that I could last a little longer, so I got the bright idea of spending the last ten minutes in the shower. We fucked still more there, and got clean at the same time! Brilliant, if I do say so myself!

I ended up cumming into Sue Ellen's pussy while Cindy sprayed us both with water using the shower head. My actual orgasm was kind of anticlimactic after hitting so many erotic highs. Rather than working up to another feve pitch, I pretty much simply stopped resisting the orgasmic urge when I realized we were out of time. But that was fine. When it came to my pleasure, the session was all about the incredibly long and stimulating journey to the climax, not the climax itself.

Cindy insisted that I cum into Sue Ellen instead of her, claiming that Sue Ellen should still be enjoying extra benefits due to her recent initiation. Cindy had done this several times over the course of the day, and I thought that was a very kind thing to do.

Shortly after blasting a load into a bent-over Sue Ellen, it occurred to me, Cindy has never been properly initiated, at least not with all the pomp and circumstance that Sue Ellen has been. She's so kind and giving, she needs to be properly rewarded. I'm making a mental note right now to surprise Cindy with a full-on initiation, and soon. Although it will obviously have to wait until Nicky is in Hawaii!

We finished showering, and then dried each other off and cleaned up nicely.

At one point, while we were still drying off, Sue Ellen told Cindy, "You know, I'm still getting to know you, but I feel like this was a really powerful bonding experience between us. Don't you think?"

"Oh, definitely!" Cindy replied. "I have yet to learn that much about your personal history and such, and I will. But we're bonding as sister sex slaves. You've shown me your selfless dedication to serving your master over and over again. and it inspires me to give me that much more extra effort."

"Cool!" Sue Ellen replied. "'Cos I was about to say the exact same thing about you! I must admit it would be kind of weird being his only slave, but sharing with you makes everything so much fun, and ten times hotter!"


To my surprise, the two of them hugged and then shared a prolonged French kiss. Since they were dry but still naked, a lot of friendly fondling ensued as well. But the kissing was less lusty and more tender and loving, suggesting a deepening of their bonding experience.

Once we were clean and dressed, all we could do was wait. I was tired, even though the two of them had done more of the sexual action, so I welcomed another rest. I'm sure they did as well.

While we waited, I had a moment alone with Cindy while Sue Ellen was in the bathroom. I must admit, I was puzzled why both of them were so thrilled to be enslaved. I thought this could be a chance to get some answers. Cindy seemed more likely to give a level-headed answer than Sue Ellen would.

Standing in the middle of the room next to Cindy, I asked her, "Could you please explain to me what the appeal of being my sex slave is? Honestly, seriously. I'm trying hard to understand, which could make me a master."

She pondered that. "I'm not sure that I can. You have a 'Master' mindset, so how can you understand the joy of total submission? The key emphasis though is being YOUR sex slave. I'm 99% sure that being anyone else's slave would suck for me, big time. You're not on some controlling ego trip. Between you and Mindy and everyone else, it's all such fun! There's so much love in this house. Let me think about it some more and get back to you, because it's so hard to explain. The sex is beyond fantastic, of course, but that's only half of it."

She narrowed her eyes as she pondered the question some more. "You know what? When I joined the harem, I thought it would be mostly about my relationship to you. But what I didn't expect was the sense of belonging to a group, the camaraderie, the bonding. It makes me feel unbeatable, because I have not just you but four others who all have my back. And it makes the sex even better! My favorite rule is 'share the cock.' Like what Sue Ellen and I were doing together earlier. We were bonding, and helping each other, but competing too. Having her there as friendly competition pushed me to do things I didn't even know I could do!"

I nodded, then asked, "By the way, I noticed you seemed a bit shy about getting fucked with Sue Ellen right there. Is that something I should be mindful of in the future?"

She had to think about that before answering. "I don't know. I was feeling very self-conscious, because actual fucking has always been a private thing for me. That's why my pussy was so unusually tight, because I was tensed up and nervous. But I had kind of a breakthrough today. Like I said, sharing is such fun! Especially with Sue Ellen. Isn't she just such a living doll? So we'll have to see what happens next time, depending on who's there and what the circumstances are. If I start out 'cold,' I'll probably have the same trouble, but if I'm all worked up first, then I should be fine."

I thought, Aaaah. That explains why her pussy felt extra tight today. I was wondering why it didn't feel like that before. Too bad it can't be like that every time. But then again, who am I to nitpick when she gave 110, no, make that 210 percent?

She wrapped her arms around my back and brought her face close to mine. "Daniel Cooper, look what you've done to me! You've turned me into your slave, your slutty slave... and I fuckin' LOVE it!"

I asked, "Are you sure? Are you really sure?" My hands slid down to cup her ass cheeks.

She replied with a grand smile while subtly rubbing her bare tits into my chest, "Absolutely! I love everything about it. Everything! Already, I can't even begin to imagine NOT being your slave. I don't know how I'd go on. I used to be a waffler, as you pointed out. But living solely for YOUR pleasure makes everything easy and cuts through all my indecision. Plus, I always end up having way more pleasure than I ever could have imagined too. I love you so much!"

I'd been expecting an introspective discussion of feelings. But Cindy looked at me with such longing, lust, and love, that I couldn't help but French kiss her.

When Sue Ellen got back from the bathroom and saw us kissing and fondling each other, she had to laugh. "I can't leave you alone for one minute. Behave! Master, it's certainly never my place to tell you what to do, but remember the others could come home at any moment."

Cindy and I kept on necking for a few minutes, but with Sue Ellen's warning in mind, we managed to keep it to just kissing and some light petting over our clothes.

Then I felt bad about leaving Sue Ellen in the cold, so I French kissed her for a while too.

However, I didn't want Cindy to feel left out while I was doing that, so I fondled Cindy while kissing Sue Ellen.

I thought back to that old Mel Brooks movie, "History of the World, Part I." It's good to be the king! It really is!

As I switched to kissing Cindy for a while, I thought, Consider these two beauties I'm running my hands over, for instance. Their bodies are just about physically perfect in every way! They could be "babes" on Baywatch or some cheesecake show like that. But not only that, they're my slaves, my fucking honest-to-god sex slaves, and they fucking LOVE IT! How many women have that kind of body AND that kind of attitude? It's friggin' unreal! Plus, I have two OTHER physically perfect nympho slaves, AND an incredible wife!

How could life get any better than this? It can't! Well, not counting a couple of Hellion attitude adjustments, that is. I swear, I could do nothing but fuck my slaves all day long! And that's just what I'm gonna do. Sure, I've gotta eat, sleep, and work, but any spare time I have needs to be spent on hard-core slave fucking! YES!

To lust for Nicky as well is plainly nuts. It would be downright greedy. So what if she's just as hot and curvy as Shelle is? If not Steve, then some other lucky guy will benefit from that. I already enjoy more sexual joy than any man could ever possibly imagine!

The others arrived home nearly exactly one-and-a-half hours after they'd left, just as they'd promised. I was impressed, because my experience was that once a woman starts shopping in a big shopping center, it's hard to get her to stop. Sue Ellen, Cindy, and I made it downstairs five minutes before the others came in, and I'm pretty sure that we "got away with it."

Well, as far as Nicky went, anyway. That was the main thing. It's true that I was "allowed" to have sex with Cindy, but I didn't want Nicky to suspect we'd done even that right now. She needed time to adjust to the Cindy-as-mistress news. Besides, it would have been very suspicious if it looked like I had fucked Cindy when Sue Ellen was home at the same time.

We were hanging in there. Despite the Mindy-inspired highly inappropriate phone call, plus my problematic bathing suit, and some other issues, I remained convinced that Nicky had no clue whatsoever that I was having sex with anyone else but Mindy and Cindy. She might have had some reason to suspect if she was already looking for clues, but I was sure that the last thing she ever wanted to think about was her father having sex with anyone.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, Concerned, Johnny Galt, and Story Lover, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am. Large portions of this chapter's text were originally thought up and written by IBT.

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