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Chapter 15

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I knew that our barbecue dinner wasn't going to be a typical one. It wasn't just another meal, it was a celebration of Nicky's return after being gone six long months. So I decided I should dress up a little bit.

After it seemed the others had things well in hand and the dinner was almost ready, I went upstairs and changed into some nicer clothes. I put on a dress shirt and nice slacks. I could have easily worn shorts, since we were in the middle of a summer heat wave. I used the heat as an excuse to still not wear any underwear, although I think the truth is that I'd just given up on ever wearing any.

After I came downstairs nicely dressed, the others all disappeared one by one and came back wearing fancier clothes too. In fact, they "did it up" even more than I did. Each woman even took the opportunity to wear high heels, which was unusual for our casual household. By the time we were ready to eat, it looked like we were going out to a fancy party, not eating a humble barbecue in our own backyard.

Nicky, not surprisingly, looked ravishing. Like most of the others, she wore a full length evening gown. The dark red fabric covered her thoroughly enough down to her ankles, but it was a different story up above. Only a couple of thin straps held the dress up, and those widened out to cover about as much of her big breasts as a typical bikini top would. It looked very possible she could have a "nip slip" accident, because there was so much tit-flesh showing! The difference between this and most bikini tops was that this dress pushed her huge globes tightly together, creating a deep valley of titillating cleavage!

Actually, the evening gown didn't show any more than what a typical woman would wear to a typical formal party. The difference was that Nicky had such ample charms! Plus, it was scandalously sexy compared to her usual standards. It was like night and day, it was so wildly out of character. Privately, I had to wonder who she was wearing this dress for, if it was more for me or more for her to bolster her confidence in her self image.

It wasn't scandalous at all compared to what the others wore, though. This was one of those cases where there was a lot of friendly female competition going on, and I was the main beneficiary. Eye candy in every direction!

As soon as I came into the room, Michelle rushed up to me and clung to my side. She immediately asked, "So, what do you think?! About Nicky! Doesn't she look great?!"

I was already looking at Nicky, who stood only a few feet away, but that question gave me an excuse to gawk even more openly. I noticed she was looking shy and uncertain, with a rosy blush on her face. I boldly proclaimed, "I think Steve is a fool!"

I knew that would get a puzzled reaction. Michelle immediately frowned and asked, "What do you mean?"

I clarified, speaking directly to Nicky, "Steve must be a fool, because he obviously didn't do everything in his power to keep you. What, did he think he could find someone more beautiful or more charming then you? If so, then he's a complete moron! My Muffin, there may be a few, a very select few, who are AS beautiful and ravishing as you are, but I can't think of ANY who outclass you!"

Nicky immediately smiled from ear to ear. She gushed, "Oh, Dad!" Then she rushed to me and enveloped me in a big hug.

I hadn't been expecting that, and I had to be very, very careful not to get too affectionate. I carefully put my hands at the middle of her back as I returned her hug. Unfortunately, not only did her gown show off a dramatic amount of cleavage, the upper back was effectively bare. I found myself touching nothing but bare skin. I had to move my hands to her lower back, where at least the gown protected me.

My penis had started to engorge the moment I walked into the room. With Nicky tightly hugging me, including feeling her huge, soft breasts pressing into my chest, I knew it was hopeless trying to keep the damn thing from fully engorging. Instead, I attempted to subtly shift my pose so she wouldn't directly feel my bulge.

To make matters worse, Michelle was still right there, clinging to me even before the hug with Nicky started. She didn't let go, and instead hugged me just as much, turning it into a three-way. She exclaimed, "Isn't Daddy the absolute best?" Then she gave one of my ass cheeks a firm squeeze!

True, there was no way Nicky could be aware of that, not unless she had X-ray vision, and Michelle squeezed me over my clothes. But I reacted before logically thinking and naturally jerked forward, trying to get away from the squeezing hand. That pushed me directly into Nicky. That wouldn't have been a problem since she was tightly hugging me already, but it ruined my effort to keep my bulge from any contact.

I must have gasped, as I realized there was no way Nicky could have missed the large phallic-shaped lump pressing against her leg. I wanted to murder Michelle, because I was sure she'd squeezed me like that precisely to force that forbidden contact. However, I couldn't let on or I'd only draw more attention to the problem.

My only saving grace was that Nicky had her face buried in the nook of my neck, so she couldn't see my face and I couldn't see hers. And thankfully she didn't let out a squeak of alarm or try to pull away or give any other indication that essentially all eight inches of my suddenly raging hard erection were pressing against her nubile body.

Funnily enough, I'd had the time of my life upstairs with Sue Ellen and Cindy fucking and sucking me for a sold hour. But merely hugging Nicky like this had me even more aroused than any of that! Suddenly, my heart was racing wildly and I was sweating bullets.

It seemed like an eternity, but in real time, only a couple of second had passed. So Nicky responded to Michelle's "Isn't he the absolute best" comment by purring contentedly and then saying, "Mmmm... He is! Thanks, Dad!"

Trying to act cool and collected, I brought a hand up higher and caressed her brown hair. I desperately wanted to do something to shift my erection away from Nicky, but I worried that any attempt to do so would only draw more attention to the problem. Besides, Michelle was mostly hugging me from the other side, and I guessed that if I started to pull away, she'd find a way to push me right back.

After a pause, Nicky disengaged from me just enough so that she could pull her head back and look me in the eyes. That left her enormous breasts lightly resting against me. Still smiling widely, and with her cheeks red from blushing before, she said, "You know, I wasn't going to wear this. The others had to talk me into it. But I'm glad I did. Hearing you say all that makes me feel good."

Michelle "joked" from behind me, "'Talk her into it?' It's more like we kidnapped her, tied her up, stripped her, and put the dress on her, and shoved her right in front of you!"

That sounded dangerously provocative to me. I figured Michelle was trying her best to get a reaction from me. Luckily, Nicky just laughed it off. "Actually, that's not far from the truth. They're trying hard to 'reform' me and get me to loosen up. I kind of hate it, but I also appreciate it."

I nodded, and said, "It's weird, I know, but I think they're just showing that they care. Anyway, I hope they're successful, because you have no reason to be bashful. Were did that come from? Haven't Mindy and I always been supportive?"

"Yes, of course, but... I don't know." Nicky suddenly broke the hug and looked away bashfully anyway. "I guess I'm just not as outgoing as certain sisters who shall remain nameless." She made eye contact with Michelle behind me and stuck her tongue out at her playfully.

That caused Michelle to finally break her hug on my backside and teasingly put up her fists as if ready for a brawl. "Them's fightin' words!"

Things got very silly after that, with some jokey pretend fighting between Michelle and Nicky.

Then, thank God, Nicky excused herself to go to the bathroom. That allowed me to slip away and mix with the others.

I was secretly relieved, very relieved. Phew! Close call! I can't see how Nicky could have failed to notice my boner, but luckily it didn't bother her. These hours until she leaves are going to be a real blue balls trial for me. I was supposed to get completely sexually drained by all that fucking upstairs, but just one look at Nicky in that revealing dress, and BOOM! Instant hard-on!

I blame Michelle! There wouldn't have been any trouble had it not been for her meddling. I think she tipped her hand before Nicky even arrived when she suggested that we should tell Nicky the full truth about the harem, and even hinted about having her join in! Why am I not surprised? That's so her. Of course she's going to take the most sexually arousing AND troublesome attitude. I'm going to have to straight her out, and fast, before she creates more incidents!

In fact, now that I think about it, back then she tempted me with a description of Nicky in a skimpy red bikini. And then Nicky actually was unveiled wearing a skimpy red bikini not long after that! Mere coincidence? Hmmm. I doubt it. I don't have any evidence, but I blame Michelle again, probably with Ruby's assistance.

Thankfully, I was able to chat with Mindy and Cindy for a while until my dick finally went flaccid. I was careful to stay away from Nicky and avoided even looking her way much until most of sexual arousal passed.

We sat down to eat our meal at the same patio table we had sat at earlier in the day. There were some differences however. A nice tablecloth on top helped a lot, and so did the fine silverware, wine glasses, and bottle of wine - not exactly what you'd expect at a barbecue.

In addition, the ladies had put a lot of effort into the lighting. Instead of just using the rather harsh outdoor night lights we had, several candles on the table provided illumination. But that wasn't nearly enough now that it had grown dark. Happily, it turned out they had bought a bunch of "tikitorches" that came with poles and a base so they didn't have to be driven into the ground.

I couldn't help but notice that the torches were positioned around the hot tub just as much as the patio table near to it. It looked like someone was thinking ahead to some night time hot tubbing! I didn't know what to think of that.

Will I get to see Nicky in a bikini again?! A part of me longs to see her like that some more, but then again why? It would only be sexual torture. I've had enough excitement for one day already. Besides, I suspect there's a Michelle-led consipracy afoot. I can't give her any opportunity for more mischief.

The food we ate by comparison probably would have been disappointing to some people. Mindy, Michelle, and Ruby are all vegetarians. Cindy, I recently learned, eats fish but no other meat. I'm fine with eating any kind of meat, and Sue Ellen is too, but because I'm surrounded by so many vegetarians (and our cooks are vegetarians), I've become something of a vegetarian myself, for all practical purposes.

But it turns out that a vegetarian barbecue isn't that bad if you have cooks who know what they're doing. The key is great sauces that make anything taste good. It also helped that Mindy knows of some fake meats she'd buys at an Asian food store that could easily pass for real meat. So we ate that, done up with lots of barbecue sauce, as well as some other delicious side dishes such as grilled corn, barbecue beans, baked potatoes, and rice. The highlight though were grilled skewers made with a variety of vegetables and more fake meat speared on them.

We washed the feast down with wine, lots of wine. Normally, Mindy and I don't let our children drink more than one glass of wine, since they're under twenty-one, but Mindy announced that tonight should be a special exception since this was a celebration of Nicky's return. I couldn't argue against that.

One advantage at least to eating fake meat is that it's not nearly as messy as something like barbecue ribs. And that was very important, due to the nice clothes we were wearing. It was like a fancy dinner party crashed into a "down home" barbecue, and we had mixed elements of both. I noticed all the ladies were VERY careful not to stain their expensive evening gowns.

The conversation during dinner was nothing extraordinary. We were just filling each other in on the latest details of our lives. Sure, Nicky had talked to Min, myself, Michelle, and Ruby on the phone a lot during the past six months, but it's different and better in person. Plus, Sue Ellen and Nicky were getting to know each other again, and to a lesser degree, Cindy and Nicky were also getting reacquainted.

I found it alarming how little I still knew about Sue Ellen, even after I had come to love all of her dearly, and not just her sexy body. So I took the opportunity to ask some questions to her that I'd been negligent in asking her about before now.

I knew that she had just finished her first year at University of California, Irvine, which was not far inland from our house. Happily enough, that was where Michelle and Ruby were going to go in the autumn as well. But I knew almost nothing more than that, so I got her talking about it by asking what classes she'd taken.

She said, "Unfortunately, I haven't really had any choices with my classes yet. It's been all the basic requirements, like math, history, and English. Plus, lots of sports. That's part of my scholarship requirement."

I'd heard that she had an athletic scholarship, but no details about it. So I was glad when Nicky asked, "Scholarship?"

"Yeah. I got in on a women's volleyball NCAA Division I scholarship. But I got injured early on, so I basically sat out my first year. I'm worried though, because I'm supposed to be healed by now, but I still don't play like before. And I'm on the short side for a college volleyball player anyway, so I feel like I'm on the bubble. We'll see what happens come this fall. Knock on wood." She knocked on the patio table.

I thought, A-ha! I've heard a couple of mentions of her and volleyball. Now it makes sense. I'd better keep my trap shut through instead of revealing just how clueless I've been. That must be a big part of her life, and it explains why she has such a fit hard body.

Michelle pointed out, "You're not short. You're taller than most of us."

"Yeah, but a lot of the women on the team are over six feet tall, and I'm not THAT tall. Height is a big advantage, just like in basketball."

I said, "I'm sure you'll kick ass. I've never see you play sports, but I already noticed you have a lot of determination and can-do spirit." That was true - judging by how seriously she took the "job" of pleasuring my penis!

"Thanks." She smiled wanly. She didn't seem very hopeful.

Ruby asked, "So, do you think you could become a star?"

Sue Ellen chuckled, like she found that question silly. "Hardly. There are over 300 women's teams in Division I alone, and about 15 players per team. I'd consider myself lucky to become a starter. And how many people know anything about women's volleyball anyway? My problem is that I love playing a lot of different kinds of athletics, but I'm not super good at any one thing. I'm not even that big on volleyball, but it was my best chance to get a scholarship."

I found myself thinking, We've got a big backyard, with a lot of flat, unused lawn area near the pool. We could easily fit a volleyball court in there. Then my Cupcake could practice all the time. Heck, we could all get in better shape playing against her. Damn. I wish I could tell her that right now, but it would seem weird to Nicky if I make that offer to someone I'm supposed to hardly know.

I asked, "So, have you figured out your major yet?"

She frowned even more. "Not yet. In fact, I haven't got a clue! Well, that's not entirely true. I know I love physics and astronomy and technology. Most especially, I'm interested in the future. I can't wait to find out how things are going to develop. I love keeping up with the latest scientific breakthroughs and inventions. The problem is, you can't really get a job just being curious about the future."

I thought back to her recent discussion when she'd explained the concept of the future Singularity. Now her interest in that made sense. I said, "No, but science and technology - there's tons of jobs in all kinds of aspects."

She still frowned. "Yeah, but it's just like me and sports. I'm interested in everything, but I don't excel or focus on one thing."

Mindy said confidently, "That'll come. It's only your first year. Just about everyone else your age is in the same boat."

I thought, Damn! Sue Ellen continues to impress me. She's so adorable and loving and sexy, and the perfect submissive sex kitten. Plus, she's athletic as hell and interested in all kinds of intellectual things. What's her downside? Everyone has SOME downside, right?

If I had to guess at something, it would be that she seems like such a babe in the woods. From what I've gathered, she was raised in a small hamlet in Georgia that was like a scene straight out of "Hee Haw," and she had very little clue about the outside world. True, she's been living in California for the last year, but she still has lots of catching up to do. But that's not even a bad thing. I kind of like her wide-eyed innocence, especially since she's such a sex vixen at the same time. It probably helps explains why she's so pure and good, since she's never had a chance to get jaded and "sophisticated" with lots of moral grey areas.

Regardless, Mike has to have been the biggest fool on the planet letting her go. If I were twenty years younger and I'd never met Mindy, I'd marry her in a heartbeat!

It seems every time I'm with her we immediately start tearing our clothes off. But I REALLY need to get to know her better outside the bed as well as in it. And I love that she's bonding with the Hellions. She could be a great influence of them in a variety of ways. And she's bonding great with Cindy too. Heck, I don't know if the harem would work without her.

Sue Ellen wanted to take the focus off herself, so she asked Nicky, "How 'bout y'all?"

Nicky looked around in confusion. "Are you asking me something?"

Sue Ellen grinned a little bit. "I call everybody 'y'all' sometimes. It's a little quirk I got growing up in Georgia. Have y'all, meaning you, figured out what your major is going to be?"

Nicky wasn't happy to answer that. "Oh. Um... Not exactly. But I'm thinking I'm going to go the pre-med route. I'm kind of like you in that I'm really interested in the future and inventions and the like, but especially when it comes to curing disease and improving health. I don't want to become a practicing doctor, but a medical researcher so I can be on the cutting edge."

This was all news to me! I looked to Mindy, to see if she'd heard about any of this before. She looked just as surprised as I was!

My heart soared. Wow! I've long envisioned Nicky as someone destined to do great things, and I've particularly seen her as a doctor, scientist, or inventor. Now, it looks like one of those is exactly what she's going to do! Did my vision influence her somehow, or was it just coincidence? Who cares!

I reached out and took Nicky's hand. "That's great, Muffin! You have no idea how happy that makes me!"

"Really?" She looked at me bashfully and uncertainly. It seemed my opinion on this really mattered to her.

"Really! I think that would be perfect for you. It fits your personality and talents so well." I strived hard to keep my eyes locked with hers and thus away from her dramatic cleavage.

Mindy said to her, "It sounds great to me too! But why didn't you tell us this before?"

Nicky replied somewhat sheepishly, "Because, like Sue Ellen, I haven't really had any choice with my classes this first year. But now that's over, I need to know what I'm going to sign up for next semester, and soon. So I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. And it's still not a done deal. In fact, this is the first time I've said these ideas out loud to anybody. It just kind of came out."

I stood up slightly away from the table and held my arms open. "Come here."

Nicky stood up too and rushed into my arms. She squeezed me tightly. "So, Dad, you really approve?"

"Of course I approve! Why wouldn't I? You're going to make me so proud! As far as I'm concerned, you're going to single-handedly cure every disease known to man!" I really was surging with pride and joy. This was the kind of moment you live for as a parent. I wasn't thinking at all about how her body felt in a sexual sense (for a change!), despite the near fiasco of our last hug. Instead, I just wanted to smother her with my love and support.

Mindy stood up, looking a bit miffed. "Hey, what about me? I approve too! What, am I chopped liver?"

Nicky looked like she was so happy that she was on the verge of crying. She beamed at Mindy, and held an arm out in invitation. "Of course you're not! Come here!"

Mindy's eyes lit up. She rushed to us suddenly, like an eager puppy. The hug turned into a three-way one, with both Mindy and Nicky practically squeezing me to death.

Thankfully, my thoughts were completely pure this time, and I didn't even get an erection. The chaste and familial nature of the hug gave me hope that I'd make it through the rest of Nicky's brief time here okay after all.

After the hug ended and we returned to the table and settled down, I found myself ruminating. You see? This is exactly why I should never have sex with Nicky. She really is destined for great things! With Sue Ellen, and the others too, I get so hung up on lusty thoughts that I forget the more important things.

For instance, I've come to accept my Cupcake as my cock slave, and with startling speed. Heck, she just had her official initiation last night! And yet, I need to remember that's just one part of her life. Thank God that she doesn't want to just lay around and have sex all day like the Hellions do. She's got her own career hopes and dreams. I need to figure out how we can balance the sexual lifestyle we love with the rest of her life so we don't interfere in any way with those more important things.

Cupcake isn't my daughter, but I need to watch out for her and care for her just like she's close family. Hell, she IS close family, it's just a different kind of family. She's made a huge commitment, one that could potentially last a lifetime, incredibly enough, and I'm going to do my damnedest to respect that. This harem shouldn't be only about the sex, it should be a support network so we can all develop and better ourselves. I can start by building a volleyball court here in the backyard soon. That's just a small thing, but at least it'll be a start.

Before long, Nicky and Sue Ellen were talking excitedly with each other about genetics and medical technology breakthroughs. Those were subjects where their interests overlapped. I'm afraid most of the talk went over my head, and everyone else's.

The only sour aspect of all this was that Michelle seemed to be silently glowering at both Nicky and Sue Ellen. Michelle loved to hog the spotlight, and at this dinner, at least, the two college students were getting all the attention.

Furthermore, I knew that Michelle had a few long-standing jealousy issues with Nicky. As the younger daughter, she was always following in Nicky's footsteps, and those were big steps to fill. Michelle shone as bright as the sun when it came to beauty and sexual appeal, but Nicky far outdid her when it came to academics. It wasn't that Michelle wasn't smart, but she just didn't put much effort into studying.

Lately, Nicky's academic star was burning even brighter, plus Nicky's body had developed dramatically, until hers was closely rivaling Michelle's in terms of astounding curves and overall stunning beauty. It was easy to understand why Michelle was miffed. But then again, they'd always been friends and supported each other through tough scrapes, so I was sure this bout of jealousy would pass quickly enough.

It can't be denied that I had an erection off and on throughout the meal, thanks to all of the revealing décolletage in every direction. But there wasn't an overt erotic or sexy feeling in the air, probably due to the serious and sometimes even academic conversation. For instance, neither Min nor the Hellions nor anyone else attempted any kind of risqué jokes or secret sexual innuendo. I was grateful for that.

On the other hand, even though they weren't actively vying for my attention, I was able to enjoy one of the most stunning displays of cleavage on God's green Earth - since every other dress was as revealing as Nicky's, or more so! But at the same time, with the conversation veering so from from anything sexual, I could relax and not worry that something outrageous could happen at any moment to clue Nicky in that we were hiding some very big and shocking sexual secrets.

Well, at least I could mostly relax. I recalled how Ruby told Cindy that I'd gotten intimate with her - by blurting it out in the middle of an otherwise normal dinner! There was always a slight chance that something crazy like that could happen again. But I figured the most likely troublemakers were Michelle and Ruby, as usual, and they already were on very thin ice with me. I sensed they would behave... mostly. If nothing else, I figured they wouldn't want to risk ruining the good harem life we had going by doing or saying something rash with Nicky there.

Besides, I must admit that I was still recovering from the sex workout Cindy and Sue Ellen given me! Mindy did make a couple of veiled references to that, for instance asking knowingly if I'd partaken in any vigorous exercise while they'd been shopping. But by her teasing standards that was nothing, and I fended her off in the blandest manner I could think of, so as to not encourage her.

All in all, it was an excellent meal. We were all in high spirits by the time we were done. Each of us drank at least two glasses of wine, and some drank three. (I was one of those people, but I don't think it affected me much because I weigh more and can hold my liquor better than the others.) Everyone was tipsy to borderline drunk by the end though.

Mindy stood up in her gorgeous turquoise evening gown at the end of the meal and raised a glass of wine. "A toast! To Nicky!"

The rest of us stood up and raised our glasses too. "To Nicky!" we all said, excepting Nicky of course.

Mindy started us clinking our glasses together. Then she sipped her wine, causing everyone else to do the same.

But it turned out she wasn't done with her toast. Holding her glass up high again, she continued, "Nicky, we are all so very proud of you. It looks like you're kicking ass and taking names up there in Berkeley, just like we knew you would. And don't worry about Steve. I don't think he was right for you anyway. I'm sure you'll find someone VERY special and VERY near to your heart before too long. Don't you fret. We'll always be there to help you too. The sky is the limit for Nicole Cooper! Huzzah!"

The rest of us laughed and repeated the "Huzzah!" Then there was more clinking of glasses and more drinking of wine.

We didn't sit back down though, because Mindy nodded to me, and said, "Dan?"

So I made a toast to Nicky. "My dear Nicky. I can't even begin to tell you how happy we are for you. How happy I am, in particular! Getting into Berkeley, and then getting on the Dean's List... Then, tonight, finding out about your big plans... Wow! Words fail me. And don't worry about Steve. I'm sure there are a lot of other guys out there who are much better than him. Now that you're coming out of your shy shell, when you get back to Berkeley you'll have to fight them off with a stick. You're just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside, and I'm sure good guys will see, and be attracted to, your fundamental goodness. It won't be long before you have some kind of awesome job that you love to do, and a great husband and adorable kids. There's no limit to what you can accomplish, and your family is here to back you up all the way!"

Then Michelle gave a similar complimentary toast. Then Ruby did. Heck, even Sue Ellen and Cindy gave short toasts. Happily, all of those went without incident. The only snag was that Michelle and Ruby both ran with my "fight them off with a stick" idea, and turned it into a "big stick." But the inneundo was subtle enough that I didn't worry about Nicky's reaction. It was really just a nearly unnoticable inside joke.

Then Nicky said some modest but appreciative words in response to all of that.

And all the way through there was plenty of drinking of wine. By the time we were through, I worried that most of us had gone from tipsy to outright drunk! But there wasn't much to do about it now. I did take the most recent bottle of wine back to the kitchen to prevent us from finishing that one off too.

Our family simply wasn't that big on drinking. Sure, Mindy and I liked our occasional glass of wine, and I had beer sometimes, but that was about it. Michelle and Nicky were popular at school, but they didn't actually put in that much time going to parties and other social events where teens often got drunk to the point of getting sick. I was proud of them for that, but it meant they hadn't build up any kind of tolerance.

With the toasts over, Mindy sat down for all of about two seconds before she stood up again. "And now, our celebratory dinner is over! Screw the dishes!" She waved a hand wildly through the air, showing the alcohol was getting to her. "We'll wash 'em later, or never. Who cares? Now... it comes to the relaxation part of our evening. As you may have noticed, we've got some torches around the hot tub. I say it's hot tub time! Who's with me?"

Cheers and hollers rose up. I cheered and hollered too, because that sounded like a very good idea to me.

She raised her hands up to silence us. The act of doing that caused her to wobble a little bit, but she didn't seem to care. Her smile was a mile wide. "Ssssh, ssssh, ssssh. Okay, okay. Now, you might think that we would need to go upstairs and change into our sexy little bikinis, but you would be WRONG! It turns out we've come prepared! Nicky, can you show Dan and everyone else just what I mean?"

Nicky's eyes went wide and she looked right at me in dismay. "ME?! Why me?!"

"Because you're the special girl of the night, so you get the special honor. Girls, can you help her?" Mindy waved in the general direction of Michelle and Ruby.

But Nicky said, "NO, let me do it myself." Her face was turning a very cherry red and I could see she was on the verge of panic.

She stood up and unzipped the zipper down her lower back without any help. Then while strangely staring only at me with what seemed like great embarrassment, if not outright humiliation, she pushed one strap over her shoulder, and then the other.

She closed her eyes because she obviously couldn't bear to look, and then she let her evening gown drop by itself, with only a few sexy wiggles to help it on down.

The resulting sight literally took my breath away! It was actually very similar to what had happened with her big reveal earlier in the day. In fact, it looked like she was wearing the exact same cherry red bikini! I guess the idea was not to mess with success. The only significant difference was that she was wearing bright red high heels this time, instead of black ones, to better match her bikini.

Seeing Nicky in a skimpy bikini for the first time ever earlier in the day had practically given me a heart attack, for real, it was so exciting! This was less shocking, but every bit as arousing. There was something indescribably arousing about the way Nicky was so obviously reluctant and embarrassed, and yet still willing to undress. Plus, the way her shameful eyes stared straight into mine, as if she was doing it just for me, sent shivers straight down my spine!

Of course, I knew I had to be wrong with that impression. It was just that she was most concerned about getting (nearly) naked in front of me, the only man there, so of course she was looking for my reaction.

My penis had been flaccid, but Nicky's dramatic unveiling quickly fixed that! I found myself thinking, Damn, my little Nicky is STACKED! So very, very stacked! I know I probably had that exact same reaction earlier, but it's so true that that fact is hitting me on the head like a mallet all over again. So round, so firm, so fully packed! Ugh! If I could only get my hands on those bouncy watermelons! And look at that narrow waist and wide hips! More blows to my head!

The fact that we were outside in the dark with only candles and torches lighting us made the sight even more arousing. Most of the light came from the torches, and seeing the flames of light dancing across her skin was a truly unforgettable sight to behold.

Mindy said proudly, "That's my girl! It's amazing to think that enough bowls of Wheaties will turn into THAT! Nicky, please stand back so we can get a good look at you."

After stepping entirely out of her evening gown, Nicky did just that. The fact that she was wearing high heels (again!) hadn't been such a big deal when she was wearing a full-length gown like everyone else, but it took on a whole new meaning when the high heels were nearly the ONLY thing she was wearing, except for a few small triangles of cloth! And I loved the matching red color.

I'll give Nicky credit. She clearly looked to be fighting to overcome her shyness. I could see that she was powerfully tempted to use her hands and arms to cover up her most private parts, since the bikini was doing such a half-assed job at that. (I hadn't seen her ass yet, but I suspected that would be literally true back there, if even that much was covered!) However, she resolutely kept her arms at her sides, giving me a full view of all her charms!

As a result, it was easy to see that her nipples were fully erect. Is this turning her on? Does she get off on standing nearly naked in front of us, in front of her father? Her breath is a bit labored too. Clearly, she's trying to control how much her big tits are heaving up and down, but she can only do so much. She's horny!

I wonder if her pussy is wet too. I'll bet it is! Maybe she's submissive. Maybe she gets off on being exposed and embarrassed, especially for her father! I wonder what would happen if I ordered her to put her hands on her head, spread her legs wider, and thrust her tits out. Cock slave Position Number Two! Would she do it? Oh shit! I'm making myself too aroused! I need to shut up!

Mindy asked me, "How do you like her new bikini?"

Confused, I asked, "New, as in...?"

"As in a couple of hours ago. We bought this one at the shopping mall. I know it looks similar to the one she wore this afternoon, but it's different. It's the same color, sure, because she could tell that you really liked that. But this one has ties on the sides, see?"

Sure enough, she pointed to the ties. That kind of blew my mind! It was sobering to think that all one had to do was pull on those ties and her bikini would fall off, leaving her completely bare down below!

Mindy added, "And with that one, the bikini bottoms went straight across the hips. Whereas with this one, they go OVER the hips. That may not sound like much of a difference, but it makes a big difference in the back." My wife turned to our eldest daughter and encouragingly prompted, "Please show him what I mean, dear."

Nicky gave Mindy a look as if asking, "Do I really have to?"

Mindy nodded and gave her a look that brooked no dissent.

Nicky turned so her back side faced us. And just like her front side, even though I'd seen her back side unveiled some hours earlier, I was staggered all over again. What an ass! Nicky of the Jutting Ass! It really SHOULD be in a museum! Although that would instantly turn from a museum into some kind of pornographic peep show. Damn!

Eventually, I got around to noticing that the different trajectory of the straps between the front and back triangles of fabric did make a difference. Or something did, because while the bikini covered the same amount as the other red one on her front side, this one covered a LOT less of her backside! And that back triangle looked like it could wedge itself into nonexistence if she wiggled around or bent over at all!

I also noticed another tie on the bikini string crossing the back of her neck, and another one on the middle of her back. All I'd have to do is untie those and her top would fall all the way off! Then I'd reach around from behind and squeeze my fingers deep into her tit-flesh! She'd coo with happiness and grind her ass back against my stiff erection. "Oh, Daddy! Is all that for me? Is that going in me tonight? I've been talking on the phone with Michelle and Ruby about this for months, and training myself with a banana. I'm ready to take you in my mouth! Would you like that? I've heard how your other slaves shed tears whenever they suck you, from the sheer difficulty of it. I can't wait to cry my own tears from stretching my lips around your impossibly thick cock! I've been masturbating about it for months!"

Suddenly, she'd spin around in my arms so we'd be face to face. My hands would wind up right back on her bosom, fondling and kneading her huge, soft knockers. "Daddy, tonight is the night! It's not just a celebration of my coming home, it's a celebration of my joining the harem! I'm ready to be your latest sex slave! Would you like that? I want to suck you first, and then I want you to fuck my tits, so I can get used to the huge size of your cock. But then, tonight, while the others watch, I want you to fuck my CUNT! And break my hymen! The truth is, Steve never fucked me. I've been saving myself just for YOU!"

I had been drifting off into fantasy land. With a disconcerting start, I was thrust back into the here and now. All I could hear was the sound of chirping crickets, plus the wild pounding of my own heart. Shit! I've gotta get my act together. I can't have daydreams like that, not now, not ever! That's just WRONG! Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! She's not just a sexy woman; she's my DAUGHTER! She's going to get a PhD and MD and do all kinds of great things!

Luckily, no one seemed to notice that I had spaced out. Everyone was staring at Nicky, and Nicky was still blushing and shyly looking down at the ground. I couldn't help myself and I resumed ogling every last inch of Nicky's luscious body, made even more visually titillating by the flickering torch light.

I found myself wondering, Why does so much of this interaction seem focused on Nicky and me? It's like all the attention is on what my reaction is. Why not what everyone else's reaction is too? Is it that there was some kind of fear about acknowledging that one woman might find another woman attractive? I don't get it.

And why does Nicky have to look so damn HOT?! And with those bullet-like nipples poking right through her skimpy bikini. Good grief! I know that in terms of measurements and such she's no more beautiful than my other women, but she's Nicky! Pure and innocent girls with angelic faces aren't supposed to have the bodies of porn stars! I swear, it's killing me!

As I sat there gawking, I felt a hand creep across my thigh and reach for my crotch. Mindy was sitting on one side and Cindy was on the other (I figured that was the safest), and to my dismay it turned out the hand belonged to Mindy!

No! Min, No! Didn't you learn anything from what happened in the afternoon around this very table, when we were in nearly this identical situation? I'm determined not to let that happen again! I intercepted her encroaching fingers and furtively stopped her from reaching the object of her desire.

After I gave her a disapproving look, my wife got the message and withdrew her hand.

The prolonged silence was starting to get awkward. What's going on here?! Is the plan to just have me stare at Nicky in her red bikini all night? Not that I object to that. To be honest, I'm as aroused as if two of my cock slaves were sucking me off at once, and that's without my erection even being touched! But it looks like she's feeling extremely awkward about the whole situation. It's my duty to rescue her!

Suddenly, Ruby got up and stood next to Nicky. She announced, "Nicky's not the only one who got a new bikini. Check this out!" She eagerly wiggled and pulled her evening gown off in the same way Nicky had. The difference was that while a red-faced Nicky looked mortified to do it, Ruby was so eager to undress for me that she couldn't get her clothes off fast enough.

"Ta-da!" Ruby stood proudly showing off her centerfold body. She even provocatively stretched her arms to the sky. Her bikini was almost exactly the same as Nicky's. It too was red, although a different shade, closer to orange. Ruby was a big fan of red, due to both her name and her hair color, and I guessed that she'd refused to cede the color to Nicky, despite the big reaction Nicky's bikini had gotten earlier.

It's not like Ruby needed any encouragement, but I smiled and said, "Nice, Red! Very nice!"

Ruby turned around and showed off her back side. She even bent over slightly with a hand on one of her knees. Her bikini bottoms went up above her hips, just like Nicky's, and the triangle at the top of her ass crack was even smaller than the triangle covering her pussy in front. In fact, all that I could see was mostly just ass cheek, with a thin string disappearing into the hidden depths of her ass crack!

Ruby wore red high heels too. She knew how to flaunt what she had, because she bent all the way over, pretending to adjust her foot in one of her heels. In fact, it was clear that she was just giving her master an awesome view of her ass! Since she was standing closer to me than Nicky, it looked like Nicky didn't notice what she was doing.

While maintaining her lewd, bent-over pose, Ruby asked, "Do you like it, Daddy?"

This was very awkward, to say the least. Asking that made it seem even more that this entire display was just for my benefit. And there was no way Nicky didn't hear that. I didn't know what to say. But I had to say something, so I stated as blandly as I could, "Ruby, you've turned into a very beautiful woman."

Thankfully, that caused her to turn back around and stand up. "Thanks!" I just hoped she'd done that before Nicky noticed she'd been bending over like she was ready to be taken doggy-style.

Sue Ellen took that moment to get up and undress. She was very clever, because she knew that Nicky was still standing behind her and with her back turned, so she went all out taking her dress off in a near-striptease sexy style. Her bikini was pale blue. I guessed she'd selected that color because both her older and her newer, sexier waitress uniforms were that color too. She must have figured that would remind me of when I first seduced her and made her one of my cock slaves.

And she was right! I thought I couldn't get any more aroused than how I felt while watching Nicky strip down to her bikini, but seeing the other women do the same was just raising the heat higher and higher. I felt like the fire from the torches had spread to the surrounding vegetation, and we were in the middle of a raging inferno! Despite the cool night air, a trickle of sweat ran down my forehead.

Cindy seemed to find the scene inspiring too, because her hand started across my slacks. I had to firmly push her hand away before she gave up.

Uh-oh! Cindy said something earlier about how she would be the last line of sanity and step in to save the situation if Mindy got too carried away with her cucquean ways. Well, so much for that! I suppose Cindy "held out" a little longer than Mindy did, but that's small comfort for me. Yet again, it seems that it's left up to me and me alone to show some restraint.

Dammit, I'm determined to be good. I'd slipped up a little bit earlier today due to the shock of seeing Nicky and finding out how much her body had filled out in all the right ways, but my willpower is back and I'm not going to mix any kind of sexual anything with Nicky's presence. Period!

Sue Ellen wiggled all the way out of her dress, blowing kisses at me, sensuously licking her lips, and silently mouthing the word "Master" all the while. She knew the rest of her audience were my cock slaves and my wife, so she didn't care what they saw. Then she turned around and showed off her fantastic ass, preening and posing shamelessly.

After double checking to make sure Nicky couldn't see, she sensuously ran her hands over her ass cheeks. I could see her licking her lips hungrily at the same time, because she was bent down and looking right at me between her legs. But even that wasn't enough for her. She actually slipped a hand under what little fabric there was covering her exceptionally fit ass, and caressed her way to her ass crack!

Shit! The audacity of doing all that, with Nicky standing just a few feet away! Naughty slave! Fuuuuck!

I was cracking under the pressure. I had to close my eyes before I started panting noticeably or even groaning like some kind of feral beast. Luckily, after a few seconds I opened my eyes again and saw Sue Ellen standing there in a perfectly normal pose. I almost had to question whether I'd really seen her dare to pose so shamelessly like that while so close to Nicky.

Hey! Whatever happened to the rule that we don't say or do anything we wouldn't want Nicky to see or hear? Did Sue Ellen not get that message?!

Cindy was next. I noticed we were working our way around the table in order. Unfortunately for Cindy's efforts to arouse, Nicky turned back around right as Cindy started her turn. That meant Cindy couldn't act nearly as blatantly as Sue Ellen and Ruby had. Cindy was wearing an emerald green bikini. She and her daughter Ruby were the two with green eyes in our group, so the green color looked very good on her. Her bikini was cut in the same way as the others.

In fact, it was starting to dawn on me that the all the women had probably bought the exact same bikini, except for different sizes and colors. For instance, it was telling that they all had the same ties on the sides. That realization was another thrilling jolt. In essence, my wife and all my cock slaves are wearing the exact same sex uniform, and Nicky is wearing it too! What does that suggest?! Holy shit!

I caught myself, and remembered, I can't think along those lines. Maybe I could allow myself a fantasy or two when Nicky isn't there, but not when she was standing right next to me, wearing barely enough fabric to make a handkerchief!

My penis wasn't getting the message to stay calm though. I looked down at my crotch and saw that the damn thing was poking up lewdly. I had to readjust. In so doing, I very nearly gave in to furtively fondling myself! Luckily, I remembered my vow to be good around Nicky. But being good was so damn hard!

To my surprise, Mindy told me, "Your turn next, big guy." My idea that we were working around the table in order was correct.

I told her, "Well, okay, but that means I have to go upstairs to change." I was actually fine with that, as it would give a chance to cool down for a few minutes away from all of these bikini-clad beauties.

She smirked, "No you don't. We thought of everything." She reached down into the darkness and came up with the swimsuit that I disliked so much, and a big towel. "Just stand up, wrap the towel around yourself, and do the ol' switcheroo."

Sue Ellen hollered, as if from the peanut gallery, "Woo-hoo! Take it off! Take it off!" Apparently, her plan to show no hint that she was attracted to me was falling by the wayside now that she was horny and had three or so glasses of wine in her.

Unfortunately, everyone else joined in with similar comments (with the noticeable exception of Nicky), so I caved in to peer pressure. However, I was quick to turn around to hide my erection, and I was very careful with the towel.

There were quite a few shouts to the towel, as if it had a mind of its own, encouraging it to fall off, but I managed to get my slacks off and my swimsuit on without any kind of incident or accident. Frankly, I was more than a little surprised by that. The way things had been going lately, and with all the alcohol that had been consumed, I would have thought Mindy or someone else would get mischievous and try to yank the towel away or something.

I quickly and furtively sat back down, because my dick simply would not go flaccid for anything. And this was the same damn useless swimsuit I'd suffered with earlier.

I took my dress shirt off from a seated position, but I couldn't escape from the hoots and hollers. Apparently, some of the women couldn't stop from vocally expressing what a "hunk" I was.

I was grateful when Mindy started her turn, because that took the spotlight off me.

Mindy appeared to be more inebriated than most of us, but given that she was Nicky's mother, she knew she couldn't get too wild with Nicky watching. So she got out of her evening gown without much fanfare. Her bikini was the exact same cut as the others and had the same side ties, confirming that the similarity was more than a coincidence. Her color was a lovely burgundy.

That just left Michelle. My extra-devilish daughter looked to be drunk just like Mindy, and she was a handful at the best of times. Plus, she was burning with jealousy over being outdone by her older sister, and she was probably upset at Sue Ellen and all her talents too. So I figured she was likely to do something borderline risky or foolish.

At first, all seemed okay as she stood back and pulled her gown off her shoulders just like the others had done.

But then, a key difference became VERY apparent: she wasn't wearing any bikini top! She was either oblivious or pretended not to notice (guess which one I figured was more likely!), because she quickly got her gown all the way off while my jaw hit the floor. She ended up standing there in just yellow bikini bottoms.

Nicky was actually the first to say something. "Shelle! Your top!"

"What about it?" Michelle looked down feigning cluelessness. "Oh yeah! Oops! She covered her chest with her arms. "I forgot about that. You see, when I put my dress on earlier, I realized I couldn't wear any kind of bra or top with it. And then, with all the eating and drinking, I plumb forgot!"

I didn't want things to get out of hand, and I didn't believe her "forgetfulness" for a second. So I complained, "Go and get it then!"

She shrugged. "Nah. I don't even remember where I put it. But don't worry, it'll be okay. I'll just go straight to the hot tub and sink in the water. You'll never notice the difference."

That was a lie - I had already noticed the difference, big time! Even with her hands and arms across her chest, she looked unbelievably desirable! My little girl had tit-flesh spilling out everywhere, and little seemed to get actually covered for long, other than her nipples.

Michelle rushed to the hot tub and went straight in. She was trying to make her topless state a fait accompli, and she was succeeding. She wanted to draw my attention away from the others and back to her with a blatantly erotic display of her considerable charms. She was succeeding with that too!

I thought, Shelle is soooo busted! I'm going to give her the harsh spanking of her life tomorrow, wait and see! No, worse, I'll give her the "love tap" spanking that she hates so much. That'll show her!

The others all knew Michelle well enough. They knew that trying to stop her from doing something was like standing in front of a runaway train and attempting to stop it with one's hands. So with surprisingly little complaint, everyone else went to the hot tub and got in too.

I did so as well. Unlike Shelle, who all but dove in, I and most of the others were taking it slowly and getting used to the hot and frothy water. Someone had turned the heat on before dinner, so it was about as hot as we liked it to get. (Which admittedly, wasn't that hot for a hot tub.) I sat down with only my lower legs in the water, because making up for the flaws in my bathing suit while erect was a never-ending problem.

As I sat there, I stared hard at Michelle. "I don't know what's up with you. I'm going to wait until later, since this is Nicky's welcome home party, but tomorrow you're going to be in BIG trouble! I know you didn't accidentally forget your top, so don't even try pretending otherwise. You just want to push the envelope with your wildness, like always."

Mindy waved her hand through the air in the erratic motion of a drunk person, and her voice was slightly slurred. "Aaaah, don't give her such a hard time. What's the big deal? Half the women in Europe go topless. Now, YOU'RE the one being the prude. In fact, I think I'm going to join her, so she won't feel all weird and singled out."

With that, my wife undid her string ties and let her bikini top slide away. It was startling just how easily she took it off. It looked like it could come off if one so much as blew on those ties! Damn! And while Michelle was neck deep in the water already, Mindy was just sitting with her lower legs in the tub, just like me. So her partial nudity was a much bigger deal.

She tried to make up for that by quickly getting the rest of the way in. But with the water so hot, quick was a relative term. And she was so drunk that she didn't even bother to cover her chest!

Mindy wasn't the only one who was horny and drunk, and that meant she wasn't the only one lacking impulse control. In fact, I figured I was the most sober of the bunch.

Ruby said, "You know what? I think Mindy's got a good idea. And I don't want Mindy and Michelle to feel all weird and singled out." With that, she undid her bikini top too! She also was mostly out of the water, and she defiantly stayed that way. And she similarly didn't seem to care much at all about covering up her nice big boobs.

I averted my eyes with a hand to my face. "Okay, Ruby. That's enough. Remember I'm your dad now. Please sink all the way into the water, and fast."

"Oh, you're no fun," she pouted, but she did sink into the water, and relatively quickly. She probably figured she'd won the more important victory getting topless and didn't want to push me too far.

Cindy was next. She was all grins as she said, "I ALSO think that's a good idea. And I wouldn't want Mindy, Ruby, and Michelle to feel all weird and singled out." She at least seemed somewhat sheepish about it, and she went down until she was neck deep in the water. I suspect she was thinking about how she was supposed to be the "responsible" one, and yet she was nearly as bad as the others.

Michelle drew my full attention again by rising up so that the upper slopes of her massive tits were out of the water. Her nipples were still a couple of inches deep in it, but the water wasn't so bubbly that one couldn't easily see them and the rest of her steep tit slopes down to her tummy. She clearly figured she could get out of being in trouble for doing that if everyone else was showing so much. Heck, Mindy was still only halfway in the water, with even her belly button remaining dry.

That left just Sue Ellen and Nicky wearing bikini tops. Sue Ellen looked at Nicky and said, "Don't worry, I know what you're thinking. You're worried that I'm going to take my top off too and then YOU'LL be the one 'feeling all weird and singled out.'"

Nicky's face had never lost its blush since she'd taken her evening gown off, perhaps because of the wine as well. But her face turned a little bit redder now, approaching the same shade as her bikini. "Yeah, that was exactly what I was thinking."

"Well, relax," Sue Ellen replied with a comforting smile. "I want to, but I won't because you don't. Besides, it would be weird for me to do it with Dan here." It looked like Sue Ellen had sobered up enough to remember to make it seem like she had no sexual interest in me.

Nicky was very relieved. "Well, thank goodness! Sue Ellen, I'm glad one other person thinks that it's weird to expose one's self in front of Dad. Er, I mean Dan."

As I slipped deeper into the tub, I said, "That's right. It IS weird. I'm not happy with what Michelle did, and it doesn't make it right if a couple other drunk or tipsy women do it too. Michelle, Ruby, I AM your father. I know we don't have any worries about sexual desire for each other, but I'm still a man, and, well, things happen to men around naked or partially naked beautiful women. So cool it off and keep the water covering you, at least."

"Yes, Daddy," they both said glumly. Ruby was already positioned like Michelle, with her nipples only an inch or two under the water line. But both busty girls sank a little lower. It wasn't much, but at least it was something. Fortunately, the water got very dark quickly, due to the hot tub lights being off.

Things seemed to be settling down somewhat after all the dramatic tossing aside of bikini tops. It helped that many sexy curves were under water now. One problem though was that our hot tub had never held seven people before. It was made for five maybe, six at most. And yet there were seven of us. That meant it would be a tight squeeze.

I had carefully chosen a spot with Mindy on one side and Cindy on the other. Just as with the seating during dinner, I figured it was the best of my bad options. I definitey wanted to stay clear of Nicky, and in fact I was pleased that she was on the opposite side of the hot tub from me, about as far away as she could be. And I had to stay away from Sue Ellen so there would be no suspicion from her. Also, being close to either or both of the Gruesome Twosome was just asking for trouble. So that left Mindy and Cindy, despite their recent troubles with impulse control.

Now that we were settling all the way in, the lack of adequate room was making itself more apparent. Cindy and Mindy wound up pressed tightly against me, and I'm sure it was practically hip-to-hip all the way around. Well, okay, maybe Cindy and Mindy were cuddling closer to me than completely necessary, but it felt too good for me to be a stickler about it.

Besides, having my wife cuddle me wasn't really a problem, even if she was topless and not being careful to keep her chest under water. And I told myself that it would help with Nicky's "shock therapy" about Cindy's mistress status if Nicky saw Cindy cuddling with me for a while. Hopefully, that was intimate enough to display our love for each other, and yet was relatively tame.

Out of the blue, Michelle exclaimed to Nicky, "Okay! Now that we're all loosey goosey, let's hear the REAL story about what happened with Steve. Dish out the dirt, girl!" Michelle was sitting next to Nicky and patted her knee underwater encouragingly.

Nicky looked around nervously at everyone. "I can't do that! Not with all these people here!"

"A-ha!" Michelle was triumphant. "So there IS a real story!"

Sue Ellen stood up in the tub. "You know what? I just realized something. I've gotta go home and go to sleep! It's so much fun at the Cooper house that I wish I could stay here forever, but unfortunately I can't."

Nicky griped, "Don't go! I like having you around. You're nice." In addition to being nice, it was highly likely that Nicky realized if Sue Ellen left, the pressure on her to go topless as well would greatly increase. However, she didn't mention that, and instead she diplomatically added, "Besides, I feel bad. I was just saying there were too many people, and then you say you have to go."

I knew that Nicky had a good point there. Clearly, Sue Ellen realized that if she left, Nicky would be more forthcoming. Like the excellent cock slave that she was, she put the needs of others ahead of her own.

Sue Ellen said, "Your comment did remind me about leaving, but I should have been gone by now anyway. And don't worry that if I leave you'll be the only one with a bikini top on. Wear what you want. Don't give in to peer pressure."

"Thanks," my surprisingly stacked older daughter replied. "That's good advice."

I was thinking about how sad it was Sue Ellen had to leave, and where she had to go. She had become such a big part of my life, and our lives, that it took me a moment to remember that she didn't actually live with us. A thought suddenly occurred to me. "Hey! Wait a second. Sue Ellen, you've had a few glasses to drink. Are you in any condition to drive?"

Sue Ellen looked away shyly. "Well..." She couldn't lie about her drinking, but she also didn't want to impose.

Mindy said firmly, "That settles it. Sue Ellen, you're staying here tonight. You can sleep in the guest bedroom. I think you know where that is."

Sue Ellen's face beamed. "Thank you! Y'all are too kind!"

With that solved, Cindy abruptly stood up too. "Speaking of being reminded of leaving, I should go back home too."

Ruby said glumly, like she was being carted off to prison, "I guess I should go home with you then."

I said, "Now, hold on a minute. Cin, we need to be completely up front with Nicky. Muffin, the truth is, Cindy lives here now, nearly all of the time. She sleeps in the same bed as Mindy and me. In fact, we just bought an extra large bed so we can fit three with ease." True, our new bed fit much more than just three, but at least now we had some kind of excuse if Nicky went into our bedroom and saw that monstrosity.

Cindy was very delighted and surprised by my comments since I hadn't said anything to her or Mindy about that until just now. But I wasn't just saying that because it fit in with the mistress story we were telling Nicky. I suddenly realized that I wanted to wake up with Mindy AND Cindy from now on! We could work out the details later.

In fact, now that I was coming around to admitting that I wanted to be a master of my four cock slaves, it didn't make much sense for any of them to sleep elsewhere than the Cooper house at night - not just tonight, but any and every night. True, I valued my privacy and my alone time, and our house was slowly turning into Grand Central Station. However, that was the new reality, and I had to accept it. But although I was coming around on this issue in my mind, I obviously couldn't bring it up with Nicky here.

Cindy bent down to kiss me. "Oh, Dan! That is so wonderful to hear! Now we won't have to hide anything from Nicky at all."

I thought that was a clever thing to say, since in fact we were still hiding all kinds of things from Nicky. That could help throw off her suspicions.

Cindy would have to get all the way back into the hot tub to be able to kiss me, and so far she was only bending over some. I made it easy for her by standing up to reach her instead. We engaged in a very intimate lip-lock, more than I had intended. I must admit that I wasn't immune to the alcohol by any means. I was being a little sloppy about how much P.D.A. I was showing in front of Nicky. But it was hard for me not to respond when she was kissing me with this much heartfelt emotion, especially after all the heart-stopping bikini displays.

Ruby still hadn't made any move to get out of the hot tub despite declaring that she should leave, and that made sense since the situation with her mother Cindy was changing. When I ended the kiss with Cindy, I quickly ducked back into the water to hide my erection. Yes, my dick was still hard. How could it not be when sitting in a hot tub with so many seriously endowed topless beauties? Even the high temperature of the water was having no effect in making my boner wither.

Once I got myself seated again, I said to Ruby, "As for you, Red, you'll be going nowhere. That is, unless you want to. Why not just sleep over in Michelle's room? You do it all the time anyway."

"Yeay!" Ruby was sitting on the other side of Nicky. She reached across her and gave Michelle a high-five. Her boobs rose out of the way and she put on quite a jiggly display while their hands connected. "You're right, I'm not going anywhere! This is too much fun!"

I knew it was asking for trouble keeping Ruby here, but it seemed cruel to send her home alone if Cindy was going to sleep upstairs.

Cindy and Sue Ellen did leave us after some more good-byes all around. Sue Ellen, being the polite Southern girl that she is, kept on thanking us profusely for letting her sleep over.

Cindy made abundantly clear that she was heading up to my room. She even suggested that I shouldn't hesitate to wake her up when Mindy and I came in. I thought that was surprisingly cheeky of her. It looked like she didn't want to make any bones about the fact that she and I were having sex frequently, with Mindy in the same room, no less.

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