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Chapter 16

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

With the seven of us reduced to five in the hot tub, we could get more comfortable and spread out a little bit more, so that's what we all did.

Mindy still cuddled up to me with an arm around my back. She was being pretty shameless about the P.D.A. with me, but then again she was my wife. Cuddling may not have seemed that shocking, but Nicky had never seen her mother sitting around topless, much less cuddling up to me with a fulsome breast pressing into my arm!

Michelle soon pressured Nicky again, "Okay, we're a smaller group now. Spill the beans already! What happened with Steve? I thought he's like your Mr. All American dream boat or something. There must be something wrong with him that we don't know about." She sat up some, so her tremendous F-cup torpedoes were completely out of the water, and dripping wet for good measure!

Phew! What a sight! Even though I have an arm around Mindy's shoulders with my fingers dangling in the bubbly water, I'd give an awful lot to be able to reach out with both hands and just HOLD Shelle's gigantic breasts in my palms, feeling their weight pressing into my flesh, enjoying the silky smoothness of her wet skin as her chest rises and falls in time to her breathing. Fuck me, that's such an arousing thought, especially if I actually had the cheek the do it with Nicky watching!

Then Ruby followed Michelle's lead, doubling the topless splendor. It was like they were trying to arouse me to death! (Nicky was sitting between them, but she was carefully staying down so the water line came up to nearly the tops of her shoulders.)

Nicky frowned. She asked Michelle and Ruby, "Do you have to sit up like that? It's bad enough the two of you are topless; you don't have to flaunt it."

Michelle was defiant. "Hey, if you're got it, why NOT flaunt it? Besides, the hot tub gets too hot after a while. I'm not going to spend the entire time in the water up to my neck."

Nicky suggested, "You could cover up with your arms or something."

Michelle replied, "I'm not going to do that. We could be here for hours."

I decided to intervene. "Hey. Let's not make Nicky uncomfortable here. If everyone going topless bothers her, then put your tops back on."

But Michelle said, "I'm going topless specifically to HELP her. This is part of my campaign I talked about earlier."

Then she addressed Nicky directly, "Are you going to be a prudish scaredy-cat all your life? This is nothing new or shocking. Remember when we went as a family to that nude beach last summer?"

Nicky groaned unhappily. "I hated that." Indeed, she didn't wear less than a bikini, and even wearing that much in public made her miserable.

Michelle continued aggressively, "And you'll always hate that kind of thing until you get over yourself and finally grow up."

I complained about Michelle's harsh language, "Hey!"

But Nicky said, "Fine. Whatever. If you want to sit there exposing yourself in front of your own father like some kind of slut, I couldn't care less. Go right ahead."

"I think I will!" Michelle put her hands on her hips.



The situation seemed to have settled down somewhat, but Michelle and Nicky were still glaring angrily at each other.

I noticed that Ruby was curiously silent during the entire exchange. In fact, she was looking away and generally trying not to be noticed (despite remaining gloriously topless). I figured she wisely didn't want to get herself in the middle of a dispute between two very emotional and competitive sisters.

I stepped back into the role of peacemaker, trying to shift the conversation to anything else. "Nicky, weren't you saying something about what happened with Steve?"

Nicky's unhappy glare at Michelle turned into more of an unhappy, sad frown. "Oh yeah."

Michelle taunted her by saying, "I'll bet he broke up with YOU, because he got tired of you being such a prude."

Nicky leaned forward challengingly. "He did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!" Michelle stuck her tongue out.

"Did NOT!"

I raised a hand in a halt gesture. "Hey! Enough already. Shelle, settle down. Only Nicky knows the real story, so let's hear it from her."

"Thank you!" Nicky said with exasperation. But then she looked around at her audience and began to have second thoughts. I'm sure she didn't mind "spilling the beans" on Steve if it was just Michelle and Ruby there, since they were still all close friends despite the occasional childish bickering. But having both her parents sitting together on the opposite side of the small hot tub had to be VERY awkward for any would-be teen girl gossiper.

Mindy had apparently thought ahead, because she already was employing a clever gambit. She'd closed her eyes while the rest of us were saying good night to Cindy and Sue Ellen, and within a minute or two it was looking like she was falling asleep or maybe even had already done so. She kept on clinging and cuddling against me, as if she counted on me to prevent her from sinking too deep into the water and drowning (we were both up to our upper chests in the tub).

I figured out right away that this had to be a ruse. I knew perfectly well that Mindy was far too interested in gossip related to our children, and her timing was far too suspicious. But it probably gave Nicky the impression that her listening audience had been reduced yet again.

Unfortunately, that left me as the odd one out. Fathers weren't supposed to sit in on their teen daughters' gossip sessions. But I wasn't planning on going anywhere. After all, I was very interested in the gossip too! Besides, how could I leave when the sight before me consisted of a topless Michelle, topless Ruby, and nearly topless Nicky, with the enchanting flickering torch light the only thing illuminating them in the darkness?

Nicky stared directly at me, to see what I would do.

I just grinned, and said, "Don't mind me. For one thing, I can't go anywhere with Mindy sleeping against me."

Nicky rolled her eyes at that. "Good grief! Things have just been too weird to believe, all day long. Are you sure Mom is asleep?"

I looked down at my wife resting against my shoulder. Like me, she was under the water nearly to her shoulders. "Mindy? Sweetheart? Hellloooo?" I shook myself a little bit, causing Mindy to move too. I was pretty confident that she was pretending to sleep, so any amount of shaking I did wouldn't matter.

Indeed, there was no response from her, just a few groans that sounded like she was annoyed at being jostled.

I said to Nicky, "See? She's definitely out. That's what happens with alcohol. It affects people differently. Sometimes, you'll be the life of the party one minute, and then out like a light the next." That was true in a general sense, and I hoped that bolstered Mindy's case.

Mindy still had one arm around my back, resting it along the lip of the hot tub behind me. Her other arm though disappeared into the water down to where her hand was resting on my tummy. As soon as I finished talking, she removed any doubt in my mind that she was awake, because she slipped her hand down and into my swimsuit!

Oh no! Here we go again! After a pause, while Mindy began subtly rubbing my sweet spot, just as she had done at the patio table earlier, I thought, I absolutely HAVE to put my foot down. I've established a rule that no sexual anything can happen in Nicky's presence, and I need to stick to that!

But then I looked across the hot tub at Michelle's massive bare tits glistening wet in the torch light, and Ruby's similarly huge, wet, and glistening bare tits on the other side of Nicky. There was no way my penis could go flaccid sitting near the two of them! I seriously doubted one could find two set of breasts that big and perfectly shaped in Hugh Hefner's mansion!

Then I looked at Nicky. I could see everything above the top of her boobs, but not her boobs themselves. I could see a bit of their upper slopes through the water, but only a bit. Although the bubbles had been turned off for now, the lighting was so poor that the water got pitch black very quickly.

So I told myself, I'm not getting aroused looking at Nicky, I'm getting aroused looking at the gloriously topless Gruesome Twosome! So that's allowed, right? And my wife is the one jacking me off, and wives can do that kind of thing, so it's okay. Right? Right!

That was a blatant violation of my "no sexual activity in Nicky's presence" rule just the same, but I think all the wine muddled my thinking.

I consoled myself that even with the bubbles turned off, nobody could see what was happening to my stiff dick. As I mentioned previously, because the torches were only barley keeping us from being in total darkness, the water got pitch black just a few inches below the surface. I looked down at myself and realized that I could have taken my swimsuit all the way off and nobody would have been able to tell.

Both Mindy and I were so submerged that nearly all of Mindy's arm was under water. But even if most of her arm had been out of the water that wouldn't have been a problem, as she was only rubbing my sweet spot with a couple of fingers. So it was a relief not having to really worry about getting caught.

While I was reacting to the start of Mindy's latest handjob, the girls were still talking.

Michelle waved a hand through the air in a dismissive gesture, setting her twin orbs in motion. "Don't worry about Daddy listening in. He's cool. He's not like other dads."

"That's true," Nicky readily agreed. "But still, everything is weird. The fact that you're calling him 'Daddy' is a case in point. We stopped using that back when we still had some baby teeth!"

Michelle dismissed that with a casual flip of her hair. (I noticed all the women were being very careful to keep their hair dry.) "There's no law against using that word at any age. Besides, that's part of the changes since Cindy became his mistress. Now that Ruby is an official sister, I wanted something to remind Daddy of our special relationship. I thought I told you that already."

"I can see that, I suppose," Nicky conceded reluctantly. She looked right at me, and asked, "By the way, what's up with that?"

I asked, "What do you mean? I thought we'd discussed Cindy and me already."

"We did, but I mean..." Her face started to turn red. "Well, for instance, you've got this big bed now, and she sleeps in it, and Mom does too. I did NOT expect that! How does that work?"

Ruby giggled impudently. "Daddy, I think she's asking about how the sex works!"

Nicky turned her head away and blushed even more. "I am not!"

I chuckled. "Don't worry, Muffin. I can tell that you are curious about that, but you're too shy to talk about sexual matters."

She didn't say anything, which confirmed my guess.

I said, "I don't mind talking about it. Think of it as a 'the birds and the bees and the bees' talk."

She giggled nervously at that joking extra "the bees" mention, while still looking anywhere but at me.

I continued, "A little bit of partial nudity or frank talk is okay, because we're all so close. Right?" I added that first part to hopefully help put the little snit about the Gruesome Twosome being topless behind us.

Nicky nodded shyly.

"I won't get graphic, since that would obviously be getting a little TOO comfortable with each other. But suffice to say that later tonight I'll probably make love to Cindy. Or maybe your mom. Or perhaps both of them. It depends what they're in the mood for."

Nicky's curiosity got the best of her, and she couldn't help but ask, "So wait. They're in bed with you when you're... you know, all at the same time?!"

Michelle teased her, "I think we know what the word for that is, Sister, and it isn't 'you know.'"

Nicky growled, "Shut up," and poked Michelle's nearest shoulder. That wasn't the kind of thing you'd expect the sweet and gentle Nicky to say. However, because Michelle could be so aggressive in getting what she wanted, Nicky had learned that sometimes she had to push back hard.

Michelle, though, didn't take that kind of thing lying down. She turned her exposed upper body towards Nicky and poked her right back. "No, you shut up!"

Nicky turned to Michelle too and repeatedly poked back, like someone impatiently hitting an elevator button. "No, YOU shut up!"

I knew from experience that these sister-against-sister arguments were likely to get even more childish, probably leading to an all-out poke war. And while I admit that would have been a lot of fun to see, I had to do the fatherly thing here. So I said loudly, "LADIES! SETTLE DOWN!"

That got their full attention, and Ruby's too. I was delighted to notice though that when Nicky sat back against the side of the hot tub to face me, she was sitting considerably higher than before. The water line was just below her nipples now. Despite her red bikini top, that was still an extremely inspiring sight to see, and the fact that Mindy was secretly rubbing my sweet spot under the water made it much, much more enjoyable!

I forgot about my vow to not mix sexual arousal and Nicky in any way, shape or form. I blame the alcohol.

Now that I could see Nicky's nipples above the water line, I was shocked to see that they were erect! There was no doubt about it. I figured it had to have been an involuntary reaction to the fact that we were talking about sexual matters. I resolved to try hard to not say anything prurient, because even though I'd forgotten my vow for the time being, I still had some lingering resolve to do the right thing.

I tried hard to look at Nicky's face instead of her chest as I said, "I have two lovers, so naturally I have sex with both of them. Yes, while I'm making love to one, the other one is usually present. Sometimes the other will watch, or sometimes join in. But it's important to mention that they haven't engaged in any kind of lesbian activity with each other, so please don't imagine that that's going on." I wasn't being honest on that last point, but I figured Nicky could only handle so much truth at once.

Ruby, pretending to be clueless, asked me, "So how does it work if all three of you are doing it at once?"

"I'd rather not go into that. Let's not turn this X-rated. Suffice to say that we all enjoy it."

Michelle was also acting clueless, and yet acting like herself, when she complained, "That's ALL? That's all you're going to tell us?"

"Yes, that's all. Now, Muffin, I noticed that you cleverly diverted the conversation away from your kind-of break-up with Steve. I too would like to know what the 'real story' is there."

Michelle chimed in, "Yeah! Spill it! He seems like the ideal boyfriend in every way on the surface, so he has to have some kind of secret kinky side or a dark side or something."

Nicky replied shyly, while unfortunately sinking deeper in the water again, "There's no big story to tell. Maybe he's TOO perfect. He's predictable and..." she floundered, trying to find a safe way of saying what she really felt.

But she finally simply blurted out, "Fine! If you must know, he's boring. And I've decided I don't really like a guy like that: a young Republican, frat boy, yachting type. I'd like someone quirky and surprising, who's into alternative music and culture. Steve's all about money. He's always going on about how much he paid for his watch or his sunglasses or whatever, as if I'm supposed to swoon over that."

She looked right at me. "Dad, those aren't the values you raised me with. You taught us that money isn't an end, it's just a means to an end. But Steve, I think he'd make love to a pile of money if he could."

I chuckled at that image. "That's too bad. It sounds like Steve isn't the golden boy we thought he was."

Michelle added, "Yeah, talk about trouble in paradise. But I'll bet that's still not the full story. Sure, you're not going to marry him if you think of him that way, but he still is a total hunk to look at. I'll bet that if he was ringing your bell loudly every night, you'd take a lot longer to break up with him."

Nicky looked into the darkness nervously. "I don't know what you mean. I don't have a 'bell.'" She raised her hands up to make mock air quotes.

Raising and then dropping her arms did wonders to her breasts! They were three-fourths of the way out of water with her arms up, and as her arms came down, her boobs sank down onto the water, setting off a series of small waves.

Meanwhile, Mindy kept on playing with my cock! It had started out subtle and careful, with her just rubbing a couple of fingers on my sweet spot within my swimsuit. But my suit was so tight that there wasn't much room for her hand in there, so she'd pulled my erection clean out of it. Then, over the past few minutes, she'd grown bolder, or sloppier, or both. Sometimes, she ran her fingers all over my hard-on, although she did seem to prefer making little rubbing motions most of the time.

I still wasn't worried at all about getting caught though. I furtively looked down towards myself from time to time, and I couldn't see even a vague hint of the outlines of my body from at least my belly button on down. We were in the dark, after all. The torch lights illuminated our faces and upper torsos, but the light didn't penetrate far into the water. Since her arm was almost entirely underwater, her arm movements couldn't give her away either.

My one minor fear was that someone could turn on the bright overhead electric lights, or the hot tub lights, and maybe Mindy's naughty game would be exposed in an instant. But who would do that, and for what reason? Even then the depth of the water would still probably cover everything. And I'd have a chance to react if I saw anyone getting even near the light switch.

I guess I'd gotten spoiled from being jacked off and sucked off so much. I barely even thought about what Mindy was doing to me, and just relaxed and took part in the conversation. This was more of the "new normal" of being a harem master, apparently.

The propriety of letting her do that less than five feet from where Nicky sat didn't register much in my brain, I'm sad to say. I gave no thought to what might happen if Nicky found out somehow, for instance, maybe because I didn't think that was possible. I suppose I could have lamely talked my way out of it if she did find out - maybe I could have argued that Mindy was "sleep stroking" just like sleepwalking - but it wouldn't have been good, to say the least!

Michelle answered Nicky's comment about not having a bell. "You don't know what I mean by having your bell rung? I'm trying be indirect here, since you're such a 'delicate flower' type." Her voice dripped with sarcasm as she made the "delicate flower" comment. "It's what men and women do together in bed at night."

"Oh." Nicky's face was getting redder.

Ruby spoke up. "Let's cut to the chase. Have you or have you not had sex with Steve yet?"

Nicky sat back and up, as if trying to escape the hot tub, but the only practical effect was that it lifted her huge, wet tits all the way out of the water and set them bouncing. "I can't answer that! Not with Dad here!"

Ruby was taking charge of this. She told me, "Close your eyes."

I did.

Mindy clearly was listening, because I could sense she was growing excited by the way her fingers were sliding faster and faster over my shaft.

Ruby then said to Nicky, "Okay, instead of having to say anything, if you've had sex with Steve, blink once. If you haven't, blink twice."

I was keeping my eyes closed, so I couldn't see her answer, but it didn't matter much since Michelle immediately said in a triumphant voice, "A-ha! I knew it!"

And if that wasn't clear enough, Ruby followed up with the question, "Just occasionally, or lots of times?"

Ruby's response of "Wow" left little doubt there. Plus, she asked another question, "Has he been your only one? Or were there others before him?"

Nicky asked, "Wait. One blink means what, in this case?"

"Oh, sorry. One blink means only him, two means there were others."

I didn't have to guess the answer with that one either, because Ruby asked, "Were there a LOT of others?"

Nicky griped, "Ruuuuuuubyyyy! Come on. You know me! I'm not some kind of slut!"

Michelle said, "Of course you're not. I don't think you have anything to feel embarrassed about. You're just like every other girl your age, testing the waters, finding out what sex is all about. That's cool."

I was secretly amused at how poorly the blinking secrecy system worked out. The fact that we were all tipsy to outright drunk meant that no one seemed to notice or care too much. I asked, "Can I open my eyes now?"

Nicky sighed. "You might as well. You pretty much figured out all my answers anyway, didn't you?"

I opened my eyes. I was stunned all over again by the sight of three dripping wet teenage racks in front of me, none of them smaller than an E-cup, and only one bikini top between them. Wow!

However, I played it cool, and replied, "I did, but it's no big deal. I'd assumed you weren't a virgin already, since you're a nineteen-year-old college student and you'd been dating the same guy for a year. And given how beautiful and desirable you are, if you were still a virgin, I'd be more worried about that."

Nicky asked me shyly, "Do you mean that? Do you really think I'm 'beautiful and desirable?'"

"Of course! Look at you! In fact, look at all three of you. My God, man!" I briefly allowed myself to openly gawk at their faces and busts, going from one to the other. "It's a good thing that the water is so hot or I might just get an inappropriate fatherly reaction."

The girls giggled happily at that. Ruby nudged Nicky's shoulder with her own, and muttered, "He means an erection."

Nicky rolled her eyes and muttered back, "Yeah, I figured. Duh."

Of course, my comment was a lie. Not only did I have a completely exposed boner hiding in the black and murky depths, but my supposedly napping wife was constantly jacking me off! I should have felt like a dirty old man, but I didn't. I guess that shows just how much I had been sexually corrupted.

As for the heat of the water keeping my penis flaccid, it helped that all our family members were "heat wimps" when it came to the hot tub. We liked it hot, but not painfully so. I wasn't having any trouble maintaining my erection whatsoever. I probably wouldn't have had any trouble keeping it up even without Mindy's secret help, especially when I looked from chest to chest and saw six erect nipples lined up in a row!

Michelle looked Nicky over and playfully poked a finger into Nicky's nearest breast, touching the edge of her red bikini top. "Girl, you're way too overdressed. We need to get that off you somehow."

Nicky didn't seem alarmed, but just grinned like they were playing a fun game. "Not gonna happen. So there!"

Michelle asked Ruby, "What do you think?"

Ruby smiled playfully. "Oh, definitely. Nicky, it's RUDE not to join your sisters in total titty freedom. It makes us look bad."

Michelle piled on the pressure. She appeared to be acting unusually combative with her older sister tonight, for some reason. "Besides, don't you want Daddy to see just how beautiful and desirable you are?"

To my surprise, Nicky seemed tempted. "Yes, you know I do! But... I can't! ... I just can't!" She closed her eyes and defensively wrapped her arms around her chest. But her arms went just below her massive tits. Instead of covering them up, her arms pushed them up and out, making them appear even MORE titillating!

Just then, Mindy let go of my boner, but only because she wanted to cup my balls. From there, she playfully "tickled" her way back up my shaft. The timing of that made me wonder if she was peeking from time to time and getting inspired by what she saw.

Michelle said, "A-ha! I've got an idea. Nicky, I'm going to make a guess about your sex life. If I guess right, then you have to take your top off right now, right in front of Daddy! But if I guess wrong, then I'll stop bugging you about it tonight. What do you say?"

I was further surprised when Nicky opened her eyes and grinned. "Sure! That's easy, because I'll tell you right now that I'm gonna lie. You have no way of knowing the truth, and I'll just answer whatever I need to answer to win. So there!"

Given that answer, I thought Michelle would call off the bet, but instead she said rather slyly, "If that's the way you roll, then so be it. Here we go, okay?"

Nicky looked slightly alarmed that Michelle didn't give up. I think she was starting to suspect that Michelle might have some kind of trick up her sleeve. But she stayed quiet.

Michelle said, "I'm still convinced that Steve is not satisfying you in bed, if you're dumping him already. Either that, or he really is dumping YOU for being too prudish."

Nicky chimed in, "I am NOT prudish! And he certainly isn't dumping me. I'm not really dumping him either. Not exactly. It's just that our relationship is on hold for the summer."

Michelle shook her head and made disbelieving noises. "Give it a rest already. Admit that you're done with him."

Nicky stared into the water and said in a quiet voice, "Yeah. I guess."

For some reason, I felt a surge of arousal. Strange. Maybe it was because Mindy was focusing on rubbing my sweet spot again, and that was highly effective. I hoped it wasn't due to lewd thoughts about what it meant that Nicky was going to be a "free agent" this summer.

Michelle patted Nicky's back comfortingly. "You see? That's not so hard. And that's the right choice. Because it's like I suspect: not only does he have all the problems you mentioned, but he's lousy in bed! When you say he's boring and predictable, I'll bet you mean that both in and out of bed. I can tell!"

Nicky asked critically, "Is that your big guess that's supposed to get me to take my top off?"

"No. That's not all. You see, sex is like pizza: even when it's mediocre, it's still pretty good. So that's not enough. There has to be something MORE! If Steve's penis is only about four inches long, or less, THEN you have to take your top off!"

Nicky immediately blushed, and her mouth dropped open. "How did you know that?!"

Michelle preened, reveling in her triumph. "Simple logic. Steve is a hunk. He SHOULD be good in bed, even if he's fumbling around, just because he's got muscles and youthful energy and all that. Yet you've been pretty dismissive of him all day, like he's lost your respect. And yeah, those other things you mentioned matter, like him being too materialistic, but I could just tell that you'd be acting and talking differently if he was rocking your world every night. But what could it be? It could have been some other things, like premature ejaculation, but I figured usually the best guess is the most obvious one. Some try to say otherwise, but the truth is, size DOES matter!"

Michelle stared significantly and even longingly in the direction of where my erection was, if she could have seen through the dark water. Luckily, Nicky was staring off into space in amazement.

"Damn!" Nicky was impressed at Michelle's reasoning. But then her eyes opened wide as she remembered the consequences of their bet. "Oh no! I forgot to lie!" She gathered herself, and said firmly, "Good guess, but his penis is actually five inches long, so you're technically wrong. You lose!"

Michelle rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right. Hand it over." She imperiously held her hand out for Nicky's bikini top.

Ruby chimed in, "Nicky, you totally lost the bet. Give it up already."

A blushing Nicky seemed highly reluctant.

Even though I was dying to see Nicky topless, I had to do the fatherly thing. I said, "Muffin, we're just playing around. You don't really have to take your top off."

Michelle teased her, "Yeah, go hiding behind the protection of Daddy. I knew you'd be a scaredy-cat, but I didn't know you welshed on your bets too!"

I said to Nicky, "Don't listen to her. She's trying to get some kind of rise out of you. Besides, that would be too weird with me here."

Nicky asked me with curious defiance, "Why would it be weird if I took my top off, but it's not weird when literally every other woman here tonight did it, even including Michelle?!"

"Um..." I tried to think of a diplomatic way to answer that, but the alcohol and the secret underwater handjob were dulling my brain.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when Nicky glanced at me nervously, dropped her head, and then untied her bikini top and handed it over to Michelle! She smirked in defiance at her younger sister, even while she remained nervous and embarrassed.

However, I didn't get to enjoy the sight of her bare breasts for more than a couple of seconds, because she immediately sank down until the water line was all the way up to her neck. That wet some of her medium-length brown hair, but she seemed to not be worrying about that now.

Michelle protested, "Hey, that's not fair! Don't be shy. Proudly show yourself off, girl!"

Nicky crowed, "Ha! There's no law against it. You should have specified."

"Drat!" Michelle knew she'd lost that round.

All the while, Mindy kept on secretly stroking me. I'm sure that she was hearing every word, and I would have bet big money that she was peeking from time to time by opening her eyes just a little. Nobody was really looking at her or paying her any mind, so it would be easy to get away with it. How could she resist watching when Nicky took her top off? I know I couldn't!

Ruby said to Michelle, "Even with her hiding in the water, I still say good show, girl!" They high-fived. "Besides, she can hide for now, but what's going to happen when she wants to get out?"

That made Nicky panicky all over again. She looked all around, and asked, "Hey! Where'd you put my top?!"

Michelle smirked happily. "Hmmm... Who knows? Maybe you'll find out when you get up to your bedroom later."

"Miicheeeeellllllllllllle!" Nicky started to rise up and towards Michelle with her arms out, as if she was going to search her for her top, but then she realized just in time what she'd be showing if she did that. She quickly sank back into the tub.

It was rather odd and counterproductive of me to ask the following questions to the Gruesome Twosome, but I guess curiosity got the best of me. "Girls, why are you so big on taking Nicky's top off?"

Michelle answered immediately. "Daddy, haven't you been paying attention to anything? I made a vow today to go all out to get Nicky to lighten up. I heard what she said about having never let Steve so much as see her in a bikini. That needs to change, and the safest way for her to start is by exposing herself to you. You can be her guinea pig, giving her confidence."

I suspected Shelle had other motives, but there wasn't much I could do to discourage her at the moment. I was determined to give her a good talking to once we were in private.

She asked Nicky, "What did you two do at night, by the way? Did you make love in the dark?"

Nicky grumbled unhappily, "Not that it's any of your business, but yes."

"I'll bet that you insisted on that, and he wanted to keep the lights on."

Nicky didn't answer, but her silence was telling. She stared miserably into the tub. Ironically, she was staring right at where Mindy was still steadily stroking me. If only there was more light, she would have been in for a big surprise!

Michelle continued, "Furthermore, Nicky, I heard when you told Daddy that you wanted him to be your guinea pig of sorts, to help you loosen up. So that's where I got the guinea pig idea. Ruby and I are just being good sisters, helping you come out of your shell."

Nicky sat up with a start, unthinkingly rising out of the water to the point that I could see a hint of cleavage. "Hey! That conversation I had with Dad was supposed to be private!"

"Oh, really? Nobody said anything to that effect. In this house, if you want privacy, you have to make that clear in advance. You remember how Ruby and I were swimming laps right next to you guys. How could we NOT hear?"

Ruby spoke up. "I think the guinea pig plan is a good one. I know it's a bit weird to do something kinda sexy around Daddy, but he is as safe as you can get. If you can't trust him, who can you trust?"

I wished Ruby hadn't made that last comment. Despite being drunk or at least tipsy, I knew on some level that I was being a bad father by letting any of this happen. I needed to put a stop to this before I found myself lusting after my pure and innocent daughter even more than I already was.

Yet I just sat there, practically too horny to think!

Michelle piled on, "The problem is you're a hopeless case. You couldn't find a safer situation to bare your chest in front of a man than this one, but even now, you hide in the water. You're a total chicken."

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!" Ruby joined in, saying that in perfect unison with Michelle.

My daughters can act amusingly childish with each other at times. This kind of silly back and forth could have gone on a long time.

However, Nicky looked to me with her best sad puppy look. "Daddy, please make them stop!"

That shook me from my inaction. "Girls, STOP! Right this moment! Otherwise, we're all going to go to bed right now!"

Michelle and Ruby whined in a childish manner, saying things like, "Awww!" "No!" and "Don't say that!"

I folded my arms across my chest and made a stern face to show firm resolve. I had to rise out of the water some so my crossed arms could be seen. I said, "Hey! Cool it. Are we not all a family here? Shelle, why are you being so hard on Nicky tonight?"

Michelle said, "I'm trying to HELP her! You know there's NOTHING more important to me than family. Nothing! Nicky has been going on and on about how dull Steve has been."

She turned and directly addressed her older sister. "I'm sorry, but part of that is your fault! I feel sad that you're missing out on all the joys of sex and romance because you're so shy and prudish. I want to push you to find someone better than Steve!"

Nicky shot back, "Not like you would know. You talk like you're so experienced, but I've never heard one word about you having a boyfriend. Or Ruby either!"

Michelle struck a sexy pose that showed off her fantastic bare breasts. "That's because there's no boy in high school that can handle the likes of me or my..." - she rolled her shoulders in a provocative manner - "...ample assets. You had the same problem. There was a lot of gossip about guys wanting to ask you out in high school, but how many actually did? Things'll change for Ruby and me in college. But in the meantime, we've been biding our time having fun with girls."

Nicky made a sour face. "Oh, GROSS! Tell me you didn't just say that! TMI. Too much information!"

Michelle was defiant. "What? You knew that already. You've heard funny sounds coming from my bedroom often enough. Daddy knows it. Everyone in this house knows it. It's just that nobody likes to talk about it."

I complained, "Shelle, you're making everyone uncomfortable."

Nicky obviously had been aware of Michelle's lesbian activities, because she didn't stay "shocked" for very long. She griped, "I say we keep not talking about it."

Michelle said, "Fine. But don't call me sexually inexperienced. You know what you need? You need a REAL man! Clearly, Steve wasn't cut out for the job. A real man wouldn't put up with a girlfriend who dresses like she's ready to move to Saudi Arabia. He'd change that quick - and get her to love feeling and looking sexy! A real man would teach you the TRUE JOY of mind-blowing sex!"

I was hoping and praying that Michelle wouldn't cast a telling glance my way. Thankfully, she kept on staring at Nicky only.

Nicky sniped back at her, "Again, who are you to talk?"

Michelle said, "That's exactly WHY I haven't had a boyfriend. Sure, lots of guys asked me out, but I checked them out and none of them cut the mustard."

Nicky muttered darkly, "Yeah, I can guess why."

Michelle's voice suddenly turned dangerously quiet and chillingly even. "Oh yeah? Tell me why."

Nicky flinched and looked away. "You know why."

I was wondering what the hell Nicky was hinting at. She glanced at me in a way that suggested she was reluctant to talk about it in front of me. Could it be that she had some idea of Michelle's sexual feelings for me?!

Michelle responded, "No, I don't. But whatever you're talking about, I'll tell you what I'M talking about. Frankly, I hold Daddy to be the gold standard for what a 'real man' is. And don't look at me weird for saying that, because you know you do too! We all know how happy and sexually satisfied he keeps Mom all the time. And now he's keeping Mom AND Cindy totally sexually satisfied. Talk about impressive! The boys at school are just that in comparison: boys! At college, I'm looking forward to finding some actual MEN who are worthy of me!"

Nicky said, "You can't hold everyone to the impossibly high standard of Dad. If you do, you won't find anyone in college that makes the cut either."

I said, "Helloooo? Have you all forgotten that I'm still here?"

Michelle didn't seem to mind, and Ruby was staying out of things again. But although Nicky's face was still blushing red, her cheeks turned redder and the severity of her embarrassment seemed to double. Clearly, she hadn't intended to say that in front of me.

Michelle saw Nicky's reaction, and said, "There you go again. Scaredy-cat! You're like a big baby. Just like how you're STILL welshing out on our bet. Yeah, you took off your top, but you hide deep in the water just like a total chicken."

Nicky's eyes narrowed and she stared daggers at her younger sister. It looked like she was going to give her a piece of her mind. But instead, she suddenly and dramatically rose out of the water, fully exposing her perfectly round and completely uncovered E-cups.

Then, crowing, she said, "What do you think about THAT?! Care to say that again?"

Hot damn! I was proud that I managed not to drop my jaw down to my chest, or bug my eyes out Roger Rabbit-style. Luckily, she was so busy staring defiantly at Michelle that she didn't look at me right away, so I had a chance to recover somewhat. My heart was suddenly pounding wildly, but of course the others had no way of knowing that.

But then she remembered that I was right there, only a few feet away on the other side of the tub. She started to look my way, but she averted her glance before actually making eye contact. She started to sink back down in the water.

However, after a few more seconds, she seemed to find new resolve. She stopped sinking and then actually rose up higher than before. Her face was blushing cherry red, but she was determined.

Mindy obviously could tell what was happening. She gave my boner a couple of extra tight squeezes with her entire hand. Then she tried to frantically pump her fingers up and down my shaft. Unfortunately for her, she just didn't have the necessary lubrication to do that, since water ironically turns out to be a poor lubricant. She quickly gave up and went back to rubbing my sweet spot.

Surprisingly, Nicky grew strangely defiant about her exposure as the seconds passed and she got somewhat accustomed to it. There was even a touch of pride in her voice as she taunted Michelle, "Who's the chicken now?"

Michelle sat up higher in the water and dramatically cupped her torpedo tits from below, making them jut out even more than usual. "Certainly not me. Ruby and I have been like this practically the whole time! I'm not afraid to show what I've got."

"Yeah!" Ruby also sat up straighter and hefted her bare tits up. She even squeezed her twin melons together some. Although this appeared to be mostly a battle between Michelle and Nicky, it looked like Ruby thought Nicky could be calling her "chicken" too, and she wasn't going to stand for that.

There was a standoff of sorts with the three of them sitting up out of the water and staring at each other, all of them proudly displaying their enormous bare breasts. Mindy and I appeared to be mostly forgotten again.

As if seeing my three seriously stacked daughters topless wasn't arousing enough, the water droplets glistening on their skin and the light from the torches playing across their bodies in the semi-darkness made the scene twice as inspirational, if not more so.

And there was no way to hide the fact that all three of them had VERY erect nipples!

Nicky brought her hands to her breasts in an attempt to meet the challenge of what the other two were doing. However, she seemed reluctant to actually push them up. But her hands did slightly push them together from the sides, which created a delicious long line of cleavage between her two perfect globes.

The combined sight of my three daughters holding their immense, sopping wet bare breasts was more than enough to make me want to cum, no, make that NEED to cum! Mindy's prolonged secret handjob had been bringing me closer and closer to the cusp of a big explosion. I knew it wouldn't be long now, especially if my three daughters kept on showing, holding, and in some cases even squeezing their big tits like they were doing. Of course Ruby and Michelle were pretty much always horny and enthusiastic, but even Nicky seemed to be actually enjoying herself!

I thought things couldn't get any more arousing, but then Nicky looked right at me. True, she was blushing and shy, yet there was also a hint of a challenge in her eyes. It was like she was non-verbally saying to me, "Look at me now. I'm not your pure and innocent angel anymore, am I?"

Again, I blame all the alcohol! She was tipsy, at the very least.

I actually had to break eye contact first, before she could detect just how aroused I was. Even as she was staring at me she was still holding her tits, pushing them together.

I thought, Oh, man! I would pay a billion dollars for a chance to slide my hard cock right in between those bouncy beauties! And what if I fuck Nicky's tits while Michelle and Ruby bend over and take turns licking all of my cock that pokes out of her cleavage? OH, MAN!

I felt I had to do something, and fast, before the situation spiraled out of control. I knew I wasn't about to reach out and fondle Nicky's gorgeous round knockers (although they were within reach and the thought had crossed my mind). But I did worry that I could cum, and soon! If I did, would some tell-tale milky white streaks rise to the surface? I didn't know, and I didn't want to find out!

That left me just one choice: get out of there, and fast.

Trying to sound calm, I said, "That's nice, girls. I'm glad that all three of you are proud of your bodies. And you have very good reason to be! I can't believe that I've raised such ravishing beauties. But let's not let things get weird. I am your father, after all."

"Aaaah." The three of them slumped with dejection. Even Nicky seemed a bit sad. She had been very reluctant to take her bikini top off, but now that she'd done so, I didn't see much of that reluctance anymore. Perhaps she just got caught up in the competition of the other two.

I shook Mindy a little bit. "Sweetheart, time to wake up." I gave her a few more shakes.

"Huh?" Mindy pretended to be very groggy and out of it. I had to jostle her some more before she finally opened her eyes. Yet all the while, she was stroking my shaft faster and faster and faster! She knew from long experience all the signs that I was close to cumming, and I guess even underwater and with only one hand she could still tell.

But she finally seemed to come around, and then look around. Her gaze zoomed right in to Nicky's bare chest.

Nicky was suddenly self conscious all over again, now that Mindy was looking at her. She covered her nipples with her arms, although she didn't sink down into the water for good measure. She reacted as if she'd just been caught in some very compromising position with me. "Mom, it's not what you think!"

Mindy said, "It is what I think." She smiled. "I see a daughter who is finally coming out of her shell and starting to accept the beauty of her body. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of all three of you."

Nicky asked in disbelief, "You're not mad?"

"Mad? Why should I be mad?" She rose out of the water. "Look at me." The girls had probably forgotten about it because Mindy had been nearly up to her neck in water for a long time, but she was pointing out that she was topless too.

Nicky let out an audible exhale of relief. She still kept her arms over her breasts though.

One advantage to the water being so opaque is that since nobody could see even the faintest hint of my crotch, I could use my two hands to regain control from Mindy's one hand. So that's what I did. Mindy didn't put up much of a fight, and I was able to tuck my erection back into my swimsuit. Frankly I should have done that a long time ago, but I was weak. Sexual arousal had become like a drug, and I was hooked!

At least the urgent need to cum was forcing me to do the right thing. I said, "Come on, everybody. It's getting late and we've all had too much to drink. I say it's time to go to bed."

Michelle stood up in the tub, probably more because she wanted to show off nearly all of her centerfold-worthy body than because she had any intention to get out. "Daddy, YOU come on. It's not THAT late. Besides, it's been so long since we've gotten to see Nicky. We could easily hang out for another hour or more, just having fun with her."

I wondered if there might be some subtle double meaning in her words. If Michelle was going to try to get me to be intimate with Nicky, that was going to be a whole new problem for me!

I didn't say anything in reply. I probably was too transfixed by Michelle's body to think, much less speak. Since she'd just stood up, there were rivulets of water flowing down her tanned skin everywhere. Plus, she stood in a sexy pose with one hip cocked and bending slightly forward, making her big jutting tits look even MORE tempting than usual, if such a thing was possible!

Giving up the fight altogether, Mindy got out of the tub and sat with just her legs still in the water. "I think our man has a good point. You girls are free to stay and talk to each other, but I'm ready for bed too."

I was forced to confront a difficult problem: how to get out of the tub and into the house without revealing the extremely stiff and aroused boner I had? The new bathing suit Mindy had bought me was doing me no favors! I decided to follow Mindy's lead and sit on the edge of the tub as the first step to getting completely out of it. I made sure to sit carefully with my hands draped in a certain way so that whatever bulge came up would stay hidden from Nicky's eyes.

Ruby suddenly stood up too, revealing even more of her voluptuous figure. "A-ha! I know what's happening here! Daddy's in a hurry to get to bed. Mom is in a hurry to get to bed. And Cindy already went to the same bed and hinted that she should be woken up when Daddy got there. They're eager to get it on!"

It was my turn to be embarrassed, because her guess wasn't wrong. I did have this very insistent boner, and I was looking forward to getting relief by plowing it into my wife or my mistress in a matter of minutes.

Michelle, seeing that the resulting silence from Mindy and I was telling, pointed at us. "Ho, ho, ho! Ruby, you're right! They're totally gonna do the nasty! The beast with two backs!"

I decided that trying to deny it would be futile, so I played it down. "So what if we do? We're adults. I told you that kind of thing happens, and we're not flaunting what we do in front of anybody. Does that bother you? Nicky, I'm worried in particular that you're bothered or offended somehow."

With the attention on her, Nicky decided she'd better stand up because everyone else was either standing or sitting out of the tub. She kept an arm draped over her nipples, but the sight of her rising out of the water was truly breathtaking! I hoped my eyes didn't widen too obviously, but I probably failed with that.

She said, "No, Dad, not really. Well, it bothers me a little. Not that you're having sex with Mom, but that you're having sex with Cindy too. I'm sorry but I just found out about that this afternoon! I can't say it's wrong, but it'll take some getting used to."

As she spoke, I was checking out her crotch. God help me, I'm bad! I could easily see her camel toe, and I had a startling suspicion that she'd shaved her bush off because her bikini bottoms didn't leave much to the imagination, and I didn't see any sign of one. Hot damn! Somebody shoot me now, so I can die deliriously horny! Nicky is just a few inches of fabric away from standing buck naked in front of me! WOW!

I pulled myself together to sound and look serious, and make actual eye contact. I nodded. "Understood. I know it's a shocker. I appreciate you rolling with the punches as well as you have. Good night everybody. And welcome back home, Nicky. I love you. We all love you." I smiled a special smile just for her.

Nicky looked away bashfully. But she seemed giddy all of a sudden.

I added, "And please don't mind Shelle giving you a hard time. I think she is trying to help you, in her own weird and twisted way."

Nicky nodded. "I know." She looked to Michelle, and the two of them shared a loving smile.

Then I nudged Mindy. "Come on, love." I couldn't see how to get out of standing up without revealing my erect condition. So I decided to do it quickly while keeping my hands strategically "casually" draped over my crotch.

I got up and immediately turned around. I was beginning to get a sense of how women felt in skimpy bikinis sometimes, because I worried that my swimsuit was doing a lousy job of covering my ass, just as it always left me in a fix with my hard-on. It didn't quite cover the bottom of my ass cheeks. It was ridiculous!

Mindy stood up too and took my hand. I guided her a few steps away from the hot tub. I saw some towels nearby, but my main goal was just to get into the house.

However, before we could get any farther, Michelle asked, "What's the plan tomorrow?"

Mindy walked over to where the towels were and started drying herself off.

Since she was being no help answering the question, that left it up to me. I twisted around in place so I could look back while keeping my lower body (and especially my crotch!) facing away from the girls.

I nearly fell over due to what I saw though, because my three daughters were just standing there knee-deep in the tub with their arms to their sides! That meant Nicky in the middle had her fantastic E-cups fully exposed, and I could enjoy the rest of her wet and torch-lit body for good measure! From a greater distance, and in the semi-darkness, the red of her bikini bottoms looked more like black, and the V-shaped region between her thighs was mostly covered in shadow anyway. So it was easy for me to imagine that she was standing there fully naked!

My penis had started to grow flaccid, no doubt thanks to the chill of getting out of the water. But - BOING! - it was suddenly at full mast again.

Thankfully, while standing there in an awkward twisted position, remembering how to speak, Mindy handed me one of the towels. I said, "Thanks, Min," and started to dry myself off. At the same time, I furrowed my brow, pretending that I was contemplating everything that could happen tomorrow before answering the question.

In fact, I was thinking about my daughters. It's wrong. It's so wrong! But how can I not look at the three of them and desire to have ALL THREE as my personal cock slaves?! So selfish! So wrong! Of course I'd never act on that with Nicky. But damn! I want to fuck her so bad! Hell, I want to fuck Shelle and Ruby so bad too! I need to be a good father. Good father! Good father! Responsible!

To give myself a little more time, I said, "Hold on, girls, I'm thinking." I closed my eyes and attempted to focus on the question I was supposed to be answering, instead of my three "perfect ten" daughters.

Finally, I turned all the way around to face them. I had dried myself just enough so I wasn't dripping wet. That allowed me to "happen" to keep the towel right over my groin. I said, "I don't know. It's really up to Nicky, isn't it? I don't have any special plans. None of us have to work on the weekend. So let's just hang out together, have fun, and enjoy the limited time we have with Muffin until she's off to Hawaii."

"Yeay!" Michelle and Ruby raised their arms above their heads and cheered. As if the sight of my three ridiculously stacked daughters standing together with just skimpy bikini bottoms on wasn't arousing enough already, they had to go and do that!

Nicky was a bit more subdued, keeping her arms at her sides, but she smiled widely and said, "Sounds like a plan." Her face remained cherry red, yet she seemed determined to keep her breasts fully exposed. Maybe she didn't want to be outdone by the Gruesome Twosome.

I turned around again so I could keep drying off while hiding my boner problem. I had planned to rush into the house, dripping wet and all, but since I had the towel I figured I might as well make the most of it. While I was doing that, I heard the girls whispering to each other.

I hoped it didn't have anything to do with the way I was poking my scantily covered ass at them. That simply couldn't be helped.

Just as I was finishing up, Michelle spoke for all three of them. "We've decided we're gonna stay here a little longer. We've got a lot of catching up to do. And making up to do. So, good night!"

I turned my head around and waved. "Good night. Love ya!"

Mindy took the towel from me, and put that one and the one she'd been using back where she'd found them. She bent down and picked up her bikini top, but she held it instead of putting it back on. Then she said, "Good night, girls. But remember, no more alcohol, and don't stay up too late. Hubby here may not remember, but there's more to do tomorrow than just fun and games. Remember, Nicky, about all the things you need to get done before you go."

"Yes, Mom," Nicky said in that sullen and bored sounding way teenagers reply to parental commands.

As Mindy and I walked away hand in hand, I mentally patted myself on the back that I'd managed to get myself out of that far too sexy and arousing situation, and managed to keep my erection hidden.

But just as we reached the sliding glass door back into the house, I heard Michelle said in an excited yet still barely audible voice, "Did you see that? Daddy TOTALLY has a MAJOR boner!"

"Ssssh! He might hear you!" That voice was quiet so I couldn't definitely identify it, but it probably belonged to Ruby.

"And did you see his ass, in that cute, tight, little swimsuit?"

I thought, No, THAT was Ruby.

"Ssssh!" That was more of Nicky's shushing, I was sure now.

I decided the best way to deal with all that was pretend I didn't hear it. I opened the door and closed it behind us. Once that was done, I knew it would be hard to hear or be heard through the door.

Mindy immediately took advantage of that. While we walked through the house towards the stairs, she spoke quietly, "What are you doing, stealing a penis from a military officer?"


"Didn't you hear the girls? They said you have a major's boner. Personally, I think you should have gone for a general's boner, but maybe those are harder to steal."

I put on a chagrined face, but I was secretly amused. What can I say? Min and I share the same juvenile sense of humor. "That's a 'major boner,' not a 'major's boner.'"

"Oh. My bad." Mindy harrumphed and fluffed her hair importantly.

I chuckled. "Yeah, right. You ARE bad, though. I can't believe what you did to me back there. That was outrageous!" I didn't want to mention the handjob directly for fear that someone somehow might be listening, even though that seemed impossible.

By this time, we were walking up the stairs. She smirked and smiled, as usual. "Outrageously FUN, you mean! Don't tell me you didn't love it. By the way, did you know that it's actually kind of tough to jack you off underwater? That's why I mostly just rubbed your sweet spot. Turns out the lubrication of water is not that good. Who knew?"

I grumbled, "We really shouldn't be talking about this now."

But she was undeterred. "And you should have seen your face. It was so adorable how you tried to act like particularly intense waves of pleasure weren't affecting you."

"You saw my face?! How?!" Obviously, my attempt to make sure we didn't discuss anything we wouldn't mind Nicky hearing was falling apart the further we got from the hot tub and the girls.

"Are you kidding? I had my eyes opened to a narrow slit more often than not. With the lighting being what it was, who could tell? And a few times I sort of lolled my head back so I could look up at you. It was just enough so I could see one of your eyes."

I looked to my bare breasted wife and made a sour face. "Great. You're crazy, you know that?"

She crowed, "Crazy like a fox. A stone cold fox!" At that, she opened the door to our bedroom. "Oh my! Speaking of stone cold foxes..."

She was referring to the sight in front of us, which probably surprised her just as much as it did me. Although the timing of her words hinted that she might not have been as surprised as she'd let on.

I thought Cindy would be asleep, but she was not. In fact, she had taken the time to put candles all around the room while leaving the lights off, creating a very alluring atmosphere. (I noted that these were probably some of the same fake candles used in Sue Ellen's initiation last night.)

But the mind-blowing sight wasn't that. It was the fact that Cindy was lying in the middle of our bed in Position Number Six, wearing nothing but a see-through pinkish nightie.

I had just learned about Position Number Six today, and in fact I could remember Cindy's exact words when she'd described it to me: "That's a great one! That's where we lie back, perhaps on a bed, with our legs pulled back towards our head. The key is we keep our legs perfectly straight and spread open wide, like we're making a ninety-degree angle with them."

Cindy must have heard us coming up the stairs and scrambled into that position mere seconds before I opened the door.

Her legs were stretched out as straight and up high as they could possibly be. This was no jaded and tired suburban mother anymore, this was a woman who knew she was a sex slave and absolutely loved being one!

I quickly closed the door behind me. It seemed there was no chance Nicky or anyone else could be anywhere near it, but I wanted to make sure.

While remaining in that obscene pose, Cindy purred so sexily that it seemed she was a succubus, not a mere human. "Master, your humble cock slave waits! Please use my body, and Mindy's, for your COMPLETE sexual satisfaction!" I noticed another identical pink nightie lying on the bed next to her, which Mindy was obviously supposed to put on.

I'm not going to go into detail about what happened next, except suffice to say that I went ahead and did just that! In fact, I did a hell of a lot of "that" with both of them!

I don't know where I found the energy, but I suppose seeing Nicky topless, and Michelle and Ruby topless as well, had more than a little to do with it. None of us so much as mentioned Nicky's name - it appears that my earlier admonition to Cindy about that had gotten through, and she must have passed on the word to my wife. But I couldn't get her off my mind, and it drove me into some kind of sexual frenzy.

Seeing Nicky's great big jugs completely bared for my eyes would have been exciting enough, but seeing her standing between the similarly stacked Ruby and Michelle, with all of them dripping wet and wearing nothing but matching bikini bottoms of different colors... that's a sight I don't think I'm ever going to forget! It made it seem that Nicky was already another one of my cock slaves, and the three of them were waiting for my orders on exactly how they should pleasure me!

But I was also pissed at myself for allowing Mindy to get me into such a sexual situation with Nicky right there, despite vowing not to. I let out that frustration by fucking Mindy and Cindy with even MORE passion! The two of them looked fantastic in their matching see-through nighties, but it wasn't like I needed special clothes for inspiration, and the nighties didn't stay on either of them for very long in any case.

I really outdid myself, if I do say so myself. I fucked and fucked and fucked, until I was simply too exhausted to lift a finger. At that point, they took over and fucked themselves onto my stiffness when I had any energy left to share with them.

There was a little bit of double blowjob action, especially when my women worked to get my erection back up again, but it was mostly fucking. It felt fucking GOOD!

I slept like a baby that night, and I'm sure Mindy and Cindy did too.

What a day!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, Wayac, Johnny Galt, Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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