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Chapter 17

(Saturday, June 1st)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I woke up with Mindy spooned against my front side and Cindy spooned against my back side. My hands were draped all over my wife, and Cindy's hands were draped over me.

We'd fallen fast asleep after a lot of vigorous fucking, so we were ragged and sticky with sex fluids. No one had taken the time to brush their teeth or do the other usual bedtime rituals. None of us had even thought to pull the sheets up. Luckily the heat wave was still ongoing, so that didn't matter much.

I realized that I had a desperate need to pee, no doubt due to all the wine I'd drunk the night before. (I'd gone to the bathroom a couple of times during the night, but that hadn't been enough.) I didn't want to wake either of them up, but I had no choice but to get to the bathroom, and fast. I gingerly extricated myself as carefully as I could, and then rushed to the adjoining bathroom.

On the way there, I glanced at the clock and saw that it was not quite nine o'clock. I was glad that I hadn't slept in a long time like I did yesterday. I would have had good reason though, given how exhausting all that fucking was.

I peed for what seemed like forever. Then I brushed my teeth and walked naked back to the bedroom. I wanted to see how my women were doing before I took a shower.

When I walked back I saw Mindy and Cindy both lying there awake, naked and smiling at me.

"Good morning, Master," Cindy said, while stretching out. It seemed that she couldn't even do that without doing it in a sexy manner.

I found it interesting that Cindy called me "Master" at this time, when she wasn't all hot and bothered. Perhaps that suggested a new willingness to use the word.

Mindy wore nothing but her usual knowing smirk. "Good morning, super stud. See Cin, not only does he have a horse-sized cock, he pees as much as a horse too."

Cindy patted the empty spot between her and Mindy. "I'm not surprised. I'm still trying to cope with the way that that monstrous thing RAVAGED me sooooo gooood last night! I've never just been so... FUCKED! It almost rose to the level of another King Dong attack. And he did the same thing to me in the afternoon, while you were out shopping, Min."

Mindy stretched out her body in a suspiciously sexy manner too. "Mmmm... Lucky you. I have to admit, last night was great, even by the usual high Dan standards. I challenge any woman to get fucked like that and then not drop to her knees and beg to be a sex slave so she could get a lot more where that came from."

Mindy sat up a bit with a start. "Hey, that's an idea. We should hold a contest. Have Cock Man here use his super stud powers on the fifty most beautiful and stacked women in America, and then see how many beg to join the ranks of his cock slaves." She acted alarmed, as if she was really thinking this through. "Oh my! We might have to build a dormitory in the backyard just to house the rest of the harem!"

I slid into the bed between them and rested my head back on the pillow. "Very funny, Min. You promised to keep your cucquean tendencies in check, remember?"

She rolled partly on top of me, enough to kiss my cheek a couple of times. After the kisses, she said, "Yeah, but the promise is to not act on my fantasies. I can still have the fantasies, right?"

I grumbled, "I suppose."

Mindy was all grins as she said, "Which reminds me. After the tight squeeze yesterday, we're going to need to double the size of our shower stall, at least, in order to fit all your current and future cock slaves in there."

I spoke with stern warning, "Miiiiiiiindy!"

She held up her hands defensively. "Hey! It's just a fantasy. ... Mostly." She winked playfully.

I said to Cindy, "See? This is why I need you to be the responsible one."

Cindy rolled over me as well. I wound up with four breasts softly pressing into my chest, and two beautiful faces almost in my face. At least my penis was left alone, maybe because it was sticky from the night before.

Cindy purred, "I can do that, but now's not the time. Relax! It seems to me our super stud is a little grumpy this morning. I think he needs a nice long 'tickle attack' to put him in a good mood."

"Excellent idea!" Mindy agreed.

So much for my penis being left alone. Both of them reached for it at the same time. Their hands quickly got sorted out, and they wound up holding my penis and balls together, despite my continued flaccid state.

I said, "Please don't. I don't want any tickle attack today."

Mindy scoffed. "Pshaw! That's heresy. There MUST be a tickle attack every morning. It's a VERY important tradition."

Cindy added, "Yes, and I think the rule should be he gets tickled by no less than two of his slaves or wives. At a minimum."

"I like how you're thinking!" Mindy said while trying to fondle me back to life.

I knew she wasn't going to have any success. I said, "Please. Stop it already. I am feeling bad, so please respect that."

They stopped fondling, but their hands remained where they were, with Mindy holding my penis and Cindy holding my balls.

Mindy asked, "What's wrong, my love?"

"What's wrong? Everything's wrong! You were there yesterday. You saw it all. I made a solemn vow to not mix Nicky with any kind of sexual situation whatever, and... you know what happened. I lost all control! In fact, ALL of us lost control!"

Cindy asked Mindy, with their turned faces nearly touching on top of my chest, "What DID happen? You know I left early, and then he fucked us so good and hard for so long that I didn't have time to ask even one question about it."

Mindy made a dismissive look. "He's making a mountain out of a molehill. We just talked. That's it. It's true that some of the discussion got a bit sexual, and Nicky did take her top off at one point-"

Cindy interrupted, "WHAT?! Really?! You're kidding me! For real?!"

Mindy smile-smirked. "For real. And yes, it was epic! At one point, our three daughters all stood together with Nicky in the middle, water glistening and running down their bare breasts, lit only by the light of the torches."

Cindy's jaw dropped. "Wow! I would have loved to have seen THAT!"

I immediately said, "Now, don't you get started too!"

Cindy said, "I'm sorry. I'm not trying to push you together with her, really. But just in terms of pure physical beauty, you have to admit that must have been a sight for the ages! All that titty power, together?! I'm a woman, but even I have to be in awe from just imagining it! You have to admit that Nicky is a VERY sexy woman."

I growled, "Enough! There will be NO talk today or any other day about how sexy Nicky is or how I should add her to the harem or anything like that. Is that perfectly clear?"

A very chastened Cindy nodded mutely in response to my outburst.

I added, "Nicky is pure and innocent. She has a great future ahead marrying someone like Steve. Apparently not him exactly, but someone like him. She's going to have the perfect 'two kids and a dog and a house with a white picket fence' American dream UNLESS we screw it up with our sexual craziness, and I'm determined not to let that happen!"

Mindy spoke while still stretched out over my chest with Cindy. "Agreed. That said, I think you need to revise your image of her as being so pure and innocent. Frankly, I think she's like almost any other girl her age, except maybe a bit more shy and not wanting to draw attention to herself or her incredible body. I'm sure that problem has only grown worse in the last year as her boobs have ballooned to their enormous size."

I winced. "Please. Can we not talk about her breasts?"

"Sorry. My point is, she's changed and matured. You heard last night that she admitted to having sex with Steve lots of times, and an unknown number of other guys as well."

"She did?!" Cindy asked in surprise.

"She did," I conceded. "But Min, you have to admit that she's the total opposite of Shelle or even Ruby, just the same. They're both practically nymphos. It seems like they live for sex."

"With you and only you," Mindy intoned heatedly. "Don't forget that. They're your big-titted sex slave daughters."

I responded, "They'd be pretty horny without me, I'm sure. That's just the way they are, or maybe it's the way they conditioned themselves to be. Anyway, sure, Nicky's had sex. That didn't surprise me at all. There probably isn't a single girl her age in America who looks that good and has not had sex."

Mindy cut in. "Not true. Look at Michelle AND Ruby. They're just one year younger and they're still virgins. You've felt their hymens, repeatedly, so you know it's true. I'll bet there are plenty of others holding out for this and that reason, such as saving themselves for their one true love. Which, in their case, is you."

I winced again, because this sort of talk was arousing me too much. "Whatever, My point is, she clearly does not belong in the harem, and I will never forgive myself if I start going down a slippery slope with her. That's why I'm so upset about my behavior last night. And not just then. Things have been a fiasco pretty much from the moment she dropped her robe to reveal that red bikini."

"Which time?" Mindy asked with twinkling mischief.

"Both times. It was all screwed up! That's why I want to punish myself, starting with going without a tickle attack."

I shouldn't have said that about the bikini. I REALLY shouldn't have said that! I'd been getting increasingly aroused, but I'd been able to will my dick to stay flaccid. But as soon as visions of Nicky standing there blushing and squirming in that boldly revealing red bikini popped into my head, my penis betrayed me and grew fully erect in about two seconds!

At least my two women had the decency not to mention the curious timing of that, or even mention my new erection at all. It was strange to get engorged while hands were covering my privates, but they just kept holding it like it was no big deal.

Mindy started subtly stroking my sweet spot as she said, "You shouldn't blame yourself. You really shouldn't. It was just a bizarre series of events, and you were fighting it all the way, not encouraging it."

I grumbled, "You didn't exactly help matters by buying the exact same bikini for everyone, even Nicky, except for the different colors. What kind of symbolism does that convey?"

"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. The problem is that we're all far too horny thanks to everything else that happened recently. I mean, we had Sue Ellen's initiation just the night before. How could we not all still be flying high from that? Do you remember the ceremony, when all of us lined up, nude and kneeling, pledging our bodies to you forever? Or when Sue Ellen deep throated you while you formally accepted her as your latest cock slave? Or when we took turns-"

I interrupted her, "Yes, I remember everything. Please, don't remind me." My arousal was growing, and both of them could feel my boner stiffening even more, I'm sure.

My wife said diplomatically, "So there was some lack of willpower, and unfortunately sometimes that included you."

"You can say that again," I sighed. "And speaking of lack of willpower, when you tell Cindy I was making a 'mountain out of a molehill' about what happened after she left, you forget to mention the way you jacked me off under the water non-stop. In fact, that began about two minutes after Cindy left and didn't stop until we got out of the water a good hour or so later."

Cindy asked Mindy eagerly, "Really?!" She was starting to play with my balls.

Mindy nodded triumphantly, while still idly stimulating my sweet spot.

But then Cindy checked herself and tried to speak in a more neutral tone (although her word choice was curiously sexual). "I see. Yes, Mindy, that probably wasn't the best idea. I mean, if you were stroking his big fat cock while his innocent and helpless daughter Nicky was sitting topless directly across from him, with her enormous bare breasts glistening wet and shining in the flickering light, probably lightly heaving up and down in time to her near panting thanks to the frank sex talk... What straight man wouldn't find that disturbingly arousing?"

Mindy nodded. "That's EXACTLY how it was, Cindy. It's like you were there. Oh my God! His cock was so extra thick and needy! I just kept on pumping and pumping, but it's a funny thing that it turns out water is a poor lubricant, so I had to resort to rubbing his swee-"

I cut her off. "Miiiiiindy! Enough! This conversation is threatening to turn too sexual, and with a focus on Nicky, for crying out loud. That's the exact problem from yesterday that I do NOT want to repeat today."

Cindy said, "Yeah. Mindy, behave."

"Fair enough," Mindy said in a calmer voice. "But you can see the problem here. We're all in a hyper-horny state most of the time lately, and certain taboo ideas can be the most arousing of them all."

Although my ladies appeared to have calmed down, their hands were telling a different story. Mindy had gone from merely lightly rubbing my sweet spot to aggressively pumping her fist up and down my shaft, right around the time she'd started talking about "pumping and pumping." She calmed down some after I interrupted her, but not that much.

Cindy had just been holding my balls at first, but by the time she described what a topless Nicky must have looked like to me, she wound up expertly fondling them. And once she got going, she didn't stop or ease up at all. Sometimes she used a hand to help stroke my shaft as well, but she didn't do much of that once Mindy's hand began sliding up and down so aggressively.

I ignored all that for now, because I had an important point to make (and it felt damn good!). "Today HAS to be different. We can't allow ourselves to slip again. The last thing I want is for Nicky to go to Hawaii thinking that she's got a pervy dad who constantly gets boners whenever he's around her. That's just gross, even if it unfortunately happens to be true."

Mindy said, "That reminds me. Remember right when we were leaving, and Michelle whispered to Nicky how you had a 'major boner?' So I think that horse, or should I say, stallion..." - she briefly paused her stroking to give my shaft a suggestive squeeze - "... has left the barn. But don't worry. Just because she's knows you're a total sex stud who has a big, long, and thick dick in a near constant state of arousal, that doesn't mean she's crushing on you. Well, at least not any more than any of the other girls."

I think my heart skipped a beat hearing that. "Wait! Hold on! Hold on! Crushing?! Are you serious that she has a crush on me? Because of what happened yesterday? And what other girls? You mean the Gruesome Twosome? I'd say they have more than a crush on me."

Mindy chuckled a bit, as if amused by my ignorance. "Yes, love, your 'innocent little angel' has a crush on you, and no, it has nothing to do with yesterday. She's had one for YEARS! Years and years and years. How could you not notice? She's always been a 'Daddy's girl.'"

My heart was beating wildly with alarm and arousal. "No! You're wrong! Besides, I thought Michelle was a 'Daddy's girl.'"

My wife was steadily stroking my boner in a corkscrew style. "She was, and still is. And in case you hadn't noticed yet, she's dedicated her life to serving your cock, so it doesn't get any more 'Daddy's girl' than that." She snickered in her usual happy smirk way. "And ditto with Ruby. But Nicky is different. While the other two were deeply IN LOVE with you since, I dunno, they were thirteen? Twelve, maybe? Nicky has just had a minor crush on you for a long time too. It's not a big deal with her though. I agree she's a totally different case."

Mindy and Cindy kept on with their unmentioned but constant fondling of my privates. In fact, as if in response to some bell only they could hear, they suddenly switched positions, with Cindy taking control of my boner and Mindy taking my balls.

I was still too alarmed to deal with that just yet. I asked, "'Minor crush'?! What does that mean?! And why? And for how long?! And who then are these other girls you're talking about?"

Mindy said, "Consider how appalled Michelle and Ruby are at the mere thought of having to 'kiss stinky boys.' They've dedicated their lives to sexually serving you and your cock. That's what being a cock slave is all about. Whereas Nicky has a crush on you, sure. Naturally, she sees you as her ideal man, given your handsome looks and incredible sexual virility, and much, much more. How could she not? Don't blame her; you have that effect on all women who get to know you. But she's been dating Steve and having sex with him for the past year. Clearly, she has a normal sex life and some silly teenage dad crush isn't going to interfere with that in any way."

"That's a relief," I said with genuine relief.

But somehow, thoughts about Nicky and her crush on me and cock slaves were floating around my head and the wires were getting crossed. I found myself fantasizing that Nicky broke up with Steve so she could be with ME! Crap! I feel like slapping myself in the face, hard, because that was so wrong. What's wrong with me?!

My wife further explained, "As for the 'other girls,' they are key to seeing how harmless this is. Pretty much ALL of the friends of our daughters had a crush on you, basically since forever. Ever since they started to have sexual feelings. So don't feel weird that Nicky gets horny over you sometimes. You simply don't understand your sex appeal."

Cindy chimed in (while still pumping on my shaft!), "Let me try to explain. Master, switch the sexes. Imagine a suburban mom who's a total hottie. We're talking HUUUGE tits. Bubble butt. Legs that go on for miles. Magazine-cover-worthy face. A naturally sexy manner about her. Basically, any teen boy's wet dream. In other words, someone just like Michelle or Nicky or Ruby, but older. If you were that woman and you had a couple of sons, they wouldn't be able to help have at least light crushes on you. Unless they're gay or in a coma. And all their friends would jump on any excuse to visit your house, just so they could see you. Then, when they'd get home, they'd go through box after box of tissues dreaming of you."

She poked at my chest with her free hand. "That's how YOU are, except with the genders reversed. Honestly!"

I griped, "But I'm not 'all that.' Really, I'm not! Okay, so I have a 'rugged' face that looks something like the actor Sean Bean's. I've heard that a lot. But so what? I'm not some Chippendale's dancer with a firm six pack and muscles like a body builder."

Cindy kept right on jacking me off as said, "First of all, you do have a bit of a six pack. But that's not what matters. Women don't really like huge muscles. At some point, it gets gross, just like Z-cup sized boobs or something ridiculous like that. You just have 'IT.' Some natural sex appeal and charisma that makes women unable to resist you. It's not even just what you say or do; a lot of it is because of your movie star face."

Mindy added while fondling my balls, "Imagine Rob Lowe or Brad Pitt just happened to be a suburban dad. That's YOU!"

Cindy nodded. "Definitely! And you also happen to have a dick that is both eight inches long and VERY thick! I'll bet even most real movie stars would be shocked by the sheer size of your tool!"

Mindy chimed in, "As Michelle said, size DOES matter when it comes to tempting, teasing and pleasing a woman!"

"Exactly!" Cindy agreed. "You're just fantastically well hung, Master! It's the thickness that's the killer." She made a big production pretending not to be able to get her fingers around my shaft, complete with a mock-shocked expression.

I looked down at what she was doing and chuckled.

She continued, as she resumed jacking me off, "Plus, it's a cock that simply never stops, never rests. Look at what's happening right now. This is so typical."

I looked down and saw four hands stroking and fondling my cock and balls. Four! I have to admit that's a lot. And it's true that I'm not even close to cumming yet. I must admit Cindy had a good point about my stamina. But I wasn't always like that. It's mostly due to Min training me these past couple of years.

Cindy went on, "How could any woman not lust after such a virile and handsome man? I know I couldn't resist. And, since you're horny so much of the time, it's pretty common to see you tenting out your pants or shorts in an obvious way. Any teen girl, or adult woman for that matter, who spends time around you is going to conclude you're an unstoppable sex machine!"

Mindy added dramatically, "And they would be... RIGHT! So right!" She stretched up and kissed my jawline because that's all she could reach without repositioning or letting go of my balls.

Cindy added in a sexually satisfied purr, "So very, very right. I swear, I'm gonna be walking funny for days! Not that I'm complaining, mind you." Her smile was practically as wide as the room.

Mindy smiled knowingly at Cindy. "Gee, it's like, if you're the wife of a man like that, you'd practically need an entire harem of busty beauties to keep your man satisfied."

"'Practically!'" Cindy replied, sending the two of them into a minor giggle fit. All the while, they kept on playing with my privates.

I protested, "I simply don't believe you. I'm really not all that. If I was, I would have had a lot more success with women."

Mindy snickered, "Says the man who has a wife AND four cock slaves, and happens to have two of us jacking him off at the same time, even as he complains."

"Okay, point taken," I conceded. "But that's all been a freak thing that's taken place in just the last few weeks. Before that, I lived a normal life. Heck, before I met you Mindy, girls were only mildly interested in me, at best."

Mindy said with obvious aggravation, "That's because you can be such a MORON sometimes! Sorry to be harsh, but it's true. You can be startlingly oblivious. That's one reason why you need me as a wife. Back when I met you, when we were both only FIFTEEN, mind you, I saw MANY girls showing great interest in you. But, thank God for me, they were held back by the rule that girls aren't supposed to ask guys out. And you were so clueless that a girl pretty much had to club you over your head and drag you back to her cave. I had no such scruples. I asked you out and dragged you back to my cave right away. And I knew once I had you how very lucky I was and that I'd never let you go. The rest is history."

She added, "And I don't even like telling you this much, because part of your appeal is that you don't have a clue about how appealing you are. Again, run with Cindy's idea of having the sexes switched. Compare a beautiful woman who knows how beautiful she is and acts like a spoiled bitch compared to one who has no clue. Even now, with a fucking HAREM of beautiful babes, you're still this 'awww, shucks' naturally modest guy. It's totally adorable and irresistible!"

With that, she scooted up on my chest to properly kiss my lips. That meant she had to let go of my balls.

Cindy reacted to the repositioning by scooting down my body. Without a doubt, she was going to start sucking me off. And they'd worked me up to such a state that I was going to let her.

But before either of them could do what they wanted to do, I abruptly sat up in bed. "What was that?" I had heard something.

"What was what?" Cindy sat up and looked around the room with worry.

I explained, "I thought I heard a cough. And it wasn't either of you or me. It sounds like it was coming from the hallway."

Mindy sat up too and shrugged. "I'm sure it was nothing. There ARE other people who live in this house, you know."

"I know, but just the same, I want to check it out." I climbed up off the exceedingly large bed and hurried to put a robe on. My concern was that it could be someone trying to listen to us through the door. There had been too much of that kind of thing lately, and I needed to put a stop to it.

I opened the door and looked around, but the hallway was empty. However, I thought I heard what might have been the sound of footsteps, perhaps near the bottom of the stairs, but I wasn't sure. It was very faint and could have just been part of the ambient noise. I hurried down the hall to see if anyone was there, but both Nicky's and Michelle's bedroom doors were open and no one was inside.

I hurried downstairs to see if I could catch whoever it might have been. I kept a hand over my crotch to prevent my stiff erection from bouncing free. However, by looking into the two bedrooms first, I probably had missed my chance, if indeed someone was spying and that person went straight downstairs.

Coming into the kitchen and dining room area, I saw Sue Ellen and Ruby sitting at the patio table just outside. Both of them were wearing the same bikinis they'd had on last night. I was pretty sure they'd been there for a while, because I saw plates and glasses in front of them showing they'd already had breakfast.

I strolled right into the dining room, still wearing just my robe and practically holding my boner through it to keep it in check, but neither of them saw me. They were sitting in profile from where I was, so neither of them had a direct view towards me.

I came up with an idea. Hey, if someone is spying on me, I need to spy back and find out what they're scheming. And when I say "someone," I mean the Gruesome Twosome! Ruby is here, so that means the coughing spy must have been Michelle. Which figures.

I had noticed that the sliding glass door to the back patio was wide open, leaving just a closed screen door to prevent flies from coming in. Furthermore, some of the windows were opened too. I got down on all fours and crawled into the kitchen. I quietly opened a couple of cabinets where we kept the pots and pans, and knelt right in front of them.

My thinking was that if anyone were to come into the kitchen from either of the two possible directions, I could pretend like I was just kneeling down to get a pan to cook my breakfast instead of spying on the girls outside. Plus, that put me near one of the open windows, where I could hear even a quiet conversation.

Ruby happened to be talking. "I tell you, it was INTENSE! For one thing, you should have seen the nighties they were wearing."

"Oh, but I did," Sue Ellen replied. "Mindy bought a bunch of those yesterday at the shopping mall. I love how she bought one for each of us, just like she did with the bikinis. It symbolizes that we're a team, a Dan-loving, cock-serving, totally-enslaved-and-loving-every-minute-of-it team!"

I was not pleased! For starters, they were clearly violating the rule not to say anything they wouldn't say with Nicky listening in, and they were doing it in a vulnerable location. Worse, I could already sense that Ruby had spied on Mindy, Cindy, and I having sex last night somehow. How else could she have seen the "nighties they were wearing?" Mindy had covered up the peephole, and I'd even seen with my own eyes how it had been patched up. So maybe this meant they had created a second hole since then?! If they were spying while the nighties were still being worn, that meant they probably caught the entire sex session, except maybe the first five or ten minutes.

Ruby giggled. "Right on, Sister! So anyway, the King was in his King Dong mode! It was scary to watch! Master just fucking DRILLED Mindy like he was trying to break the bed and then break the floor below it so the whole room was gonna come crashing down onto the first floor! He was relentless, remorseless, and UNSTOPPABLE! I tell you, it was an all-out King Dong ATTACK!"

Sue Ellen moaned lustily. "That sounds really hot! I'm so sorry I missed it. What was Cindy doing?"

"Oh, she was just lying there and resting. Remember, he'd totally fucked her to death already, without even cumming himself, as usual."

Sue Ellen moaned louder, with lust in her voice, "Such a STUD!"

Ruby crowed, "I know! Don't we have the best master ever?"

"You're telling me! The wonder is that you two were able to wait so long before implementing the Plan."

Ruby groaned unhappily. "Please, don't remind me. Those were the Dark Years, full of frustration and boredom and so much damn waiting! But we knew we absolutely HAD to wait until we were legally of age, or he would never have gone for it. He's such a moral guy."

"I love that about him," Sue Ellen said. "I know he would never do anything bad to me, like sell me or give me to someone else. I think I would literally die of sadness if I had any other master. But anyway, let's get back to the King Dong attack! What was everyone else doing?"

I thought, "Sell me or give me to someone else?!" Is Cupcake serious?! For one thing, that sounds like she thinks she's ACTUALLY ENSLAVED, which is totally nuts! This is just a sex play kind of thing. I don't actually OWN her! Besides, she should know that I'd never willingly give up on her, for anything! Doesn't she realize that I've fallen in love with her?!

I didn't have any more time to think though, because Ruby continued, "The others? Oh, you mean Shelle and Nicky. Shelle was masturbating with both hands, at least when she didn't have to control the mouse. Nicky, though, she's so typically Nicky. You could tell that she TOTALLY wanted to, but she was afraid to act out her 'inner slut' in front of us. She just stared at the screen, biting her palm most of the time, like a person biting down on something just before someone is gonna do something really painful to them."

I just about flipped my lid. NICKY?! NICKY was there with them?! NICKY?! That's not possible!

Then I remembered what Mindy had been telling me only a few minutes earlier, that Nicky had had a "light crush" on me for "years." Maybe she was right! Or, maybe, I could hope that Nicky was just curious about Cindy becoming my mistress and last night she'd wanted one chance to see what the three of us did together in bed.

I really, really, REALLY hoped it was that! The alternative was too disturbing to contemplate!

It registered in my brain that Ruby mentioned a mouse and a screen. So however they were spying on me, it had to involve a computer. It sounded like a much more professional effort than just poking a peephole through the wall, which is all I'd thought they had done. But then again, given the years-long obsession the Gruesome Twosome had with me, I couldn't exactly be surprised. They took everything sexual to extremes!

Sue Ellen asked Ruby, "And what were you doing?"

"Oh, I was totally masturbating too. I couldn't stop just because Nicky was there. It was too arousing not to do it. I mean, this was practically a FULL-ON King Dong attack! Those don't happen every day, you know."

Sue Ellen sighed in fond memory. "Yesterday was awesome, because we had TWO King Dong sightings. He totally DESTROYED Cindy and me while you were shopping, you know."

"That's what I heard. I swear, if he doesn't fuck me soon, I'm gonna die! Just die! My gravestone will read, 'Here lies Ruby Cooper, a dutiful cock slave who couldn't hold out long enough until her daddy-master could fuck her. She died of dehydration due to excessive pussy leakage.'"

I thought it was interesting and telling that she called herself "Ruby Cooper" instead of her legal name "Ruby McGrath." But I didn't have time to mull that over.

Sue Ellen chuckled at that. She teased, "Sucks to be you!"

The two of them giggled some more, and maybe playfully swatted at each other, because I heard chairs creaking and other sounds of movement.

Ruby continued, "Aaaaanyway, so there he was, just DRILLING Mindy like it was his last act on Earth! King Dong was in the HOUSE and going on a wild rampage! Not surprisingly, it wasn't long before she had an orgasm for the ages, and then she begged him to stop! She needed to recover and breathe. She begged, and begged and begged and begged, but it was like he was hearing her say 'faster' and 'deeper' instead. He didn't stop!"



Ruby was panting. "I swear, King Dong is DANGEROUS! He could KILL one of us if we're not strong and good at getting fucked! That's one reason why we have to suck and stroke him all day long, so the King doesn't have the energy to go into King Dong mode."

"Good idea. I love how it's an endless, jaw-busting challenge to keep King Dong at bay. But what was she saying? I want to hear more about the desperate begging!"

Ruby said, "There was no audio, remember? We had to fake the technical problem, since Nicky was listening in."

Sue Ellen sounded bummed. "Oh yeah."

I was relieved to hear that, but at the same time I nearly had a conniption fit thinking about the nightmare that would have resulted had Nicky been able to listen in as well as see. Thank God Michelle or Ruby or somebody had the sense to prevent that from happening, at least! Even though we mostly censored ourselves, and didn't speak that much to begin with, something scandalous must have slipped through.

Sue Ellen didn't stay disappointed for long. She practically begged, "Let's get back to the fucking! Don't leave me hanging! What happened next?!"

Ruby's voice was ecstatic. "The usual. Mindy was totally defenseless and overwhelmed by his raw sexual power, so he kept on pounding, spearing, and even STABBING her cunt with his great big cock, making her cum and cum and cum again! I can't wait until he does it to me! I've talked to Mindy a lot about how it feels to get fucked by him, and she says the King Dong attacks are the absolute BEST! It's almost like a transcendental experience!"

"And then? And then?!"

"Eventually, he ran out of steam. But, with one last great surge of energy, he came in her!"




"Really!" Ruby giggled at Sue Ellen's disbelief. "Can you believe it? To be over the moon like that, literally flying to another planet, and then he pumps you full of his potent seed? It doesn't get any better than that!"

"I know! Oh, how I know it! Then what?!"

Ruby giggled some more. "You're insatiable for the news, aren't you? As you'd expect, things calmed down. King Dong left the building, sadly. The three of them just laid there for a while, resting up for round two."

"And what were the three of you doing?"

"Oh, it's like how these things always go when Nicky is with us. We couldn't fast forward since we were watching in real time. Michelle and I needed to take a masturbation breather anyway. Needless to say, we'd both had some pretty nice cums by this time too. We drank from our bottles of water, because you learn from experience that you get pretty hot and sweaty. I swear, just watching them fuck tires you out! Well, that and all the masturbating." She chuckled at that.

Sue Ellen asked, "And Nicky?"

"The usual Nicky behavior when she spies on him with us. Since it was break time, she paced around the room nervously, muttering that she shouldn't be doing this. She always goes on and on about how wrong it all is... during the breaks and slow parts, mind you. But when the action resumes, she's back again, totally glued to the screen, just like the rest of us."

There was a pause, and then Ruby added, "I think she was actually a lot hotter this time than ever before. Maybe because she was actually topless with us this time, plus everything else that had happened at the hot tub earlier. But then again we were all super extra aroused because we was seeing... a THREESOME! With DAN the man! OUR man! Does it get any better than that?"

Sue Ellen joked, "A foursome or fivesome. Or an even moresome!"

They both laughed.

"Good point," Ruby noted. She sighed longingly as she asked, "Can you imagine when we'll have fivesomes with him all the time? We could do it now, if Nicky wasn't here, but still he holds back from all-out orgies."

"I know! Things are just going to get better and better. But please don't stop talking about last night. Did Nicky eventually give in and masturbate?"

Ruby replied, "Hold on! Hold your horses already. This story is just beginning! Remember, he fucked them for like nearly another HOUR. And there's so much more to tell. Like, you wouldn't believe what they did with some ice cubes! That's why I told you we have to wait until after breakfast, because you can't eat during this."

Sue Ellen asked nervously, "What if somebody comes around? It's gotta be after nine by now."

"That's why we're positioned like this, so we can't miss anyone coming in. Besides, after the way the three of them fucked, there's NO WAY they'll get up just yet. They're gonna sleep for a LONG time, trust me. Remember how Master slept until noon yesterday? And even if they do get up soon, there's still the tickle attack."

"That's true. Those can last a long time, if they're done right. I'm starting to salivate, just thinking about taking turns bobbing on him for an hour or more. But I really need to masturbate myself, especially if you say the story is going to get hotter."

"Oh, it will, slave. It will! The story gets so hot that it's like nuclear fuel rods! Just like those, you'll need to sit in a pool for days to cool down!"

"Well, tie me to a pig and roll me in mud! That dreadful King Dong's gon' get us all!" Sue Ellen normally tries to hide or downplay her Southern accent, though she doesn't always succeed. But she spoke those words with an obviously exaggerated accent. I pictured her fanning herself to complete the parody of the sensitive Southern belle, and she probably was doing exactly that.

Ruby laughed heartily, confirming my guess that Sue Ellen was joking around.

There was a silent pause, and then Ruby added, "Actually, I want to masturbate too. And this is way too exposed of a spot for THAT. I say we take this conversation down to the deck. We'll be hidden behind all the trees, and we can even make some noise without worry. Plus, you know what a great view it is there."

"Oh, please! That sounds perfect. What are we waiting for?"

"What indeed." I heard the sound of scraping chairs. Ruby added, "Let's do it!"

I heard more movement, but I couldn't tell what was going on.

Then Sue Ellen asked, "What are you waiting for?"

Ruby answered, "I've gotta take care of these dishes. We're not slobs."

To my horror, I heard the sound of the sliding glass door open wider. I was certain I would get caught. I realized at that moment that my "clever" cover story almost certainly wasn't going to fly.

But then Sue Ellen nagged, "Come on!"

I pinned myself closer to the cabinets. I wished I could actually crawl into the cabinets, but that wasn't physically possible and it would have made a huge racket.

I heard dishes clanking against the counter top. "There, that's close enough. Let's go!" The sliding glass door closed again.

Thank God for short cuts! If Ruby had come all the way into the kitchen, I would have been toast.

Ruby said, "Just remember, one of us has to keep an eye on the path back to the pool."

Sue Ellen probably nodded at that, because the next thing I heard was her voice sounding fainter when she asked, "So, then? Tell me more!"

Ruby's reply was much fainter still. "Wait until we're seated again already. Trust me. I have a lot of experience doing this storytelling-masturbating stuff. It kept Shelle and I going for three years, at least. Those Dark Years were horrible, but at least we had each other."

Their voices grew fainter and fainter until I couldn't hear any sound of them at all.

I sat there still kneeling in front of the open cabinets, wondering what to do.

Fucking hell! What a situation. I'm equal parts extremely aroused, extremely worried, and extremely pissed off!

The pissed off part is easy to understand. Now I have confirmation that the Gruesome Twosome had been spying on Mindy and I for a long time now, probably years and years. And using high technology, no less. I remembered a few years back when Michelle asked for, and got, an unusually large and high definition computer monitor for Christmas. Now I knew why she wanted it so badly.

That's bad enough. But what makes things much, much worse was that they dragged Nicky into their den of debauchery. It sounds like Nicky was reluctant, but she just couldn't resist. I can understand that feeling, since it had been happening to me again and again lately!

Nicky's involvement was also what had me very worried. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I shouldn't have been so surprised. I remembered that not long after all the cock slave craziness began, I got Ruby to confess that she and Michelle had spied on me for a long time. She'd even admitted that during one slumber party, the two of them were joined by Nina, Roxy, Lisa, Anjali, Nicky, and Diane. She might have even mentioned more names, but I'd freaked out and stopped her when I'd heard Nicky's name.

The sneaky Hellions hadn't had a slumber party for at least a couple of years, so that meant Nicky had been a part of this for a long time. I'd mistakenly assumed that that had been a one time thing for her. I'd figured that it had been slumber party peer pressure, and she'd gone along to get along. But that had been wishful thinking on my part. I should have pursued that peephole issue a lot harder, but I had believed that Nicky wasn't involved except for that one time, and I had been promised the hole had been covered up.

Drat! The hole WAS covered up like they told me, but it doesn't matter because they pulled a switcheroo on me! How fucking sneaky is that? They could have cared less about the hole being covered up because they'd moved to the high tech video method a long time ago. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that happened around the time Shelle got her big fancy monitor.

I feel like going upstairs and SMASHING that thing! UGH! I'm so PISSED! I WILL take care of that computer later, that's for sure!

But what's much, much worse than any of that isn't just that they're still doing it, but that Nicky is still doing it with them! She was spying on me LAST NIGHT! Even without the audio, that's still a disaster!

I finally stood up and started pacing around the kitchen. But the kitchen was too small for some really angry pacing. I considered going out to the street for a long walk, but I was wearing nothing but a robe, and if I went back to my bedroom I'd almost certainly run into Mindy and Cindy again. And with the way I was feeling now, both angry and horny, I'd probably "King Dong" fuck the hell out of them!

That might make me feel a little better, but it wasn't going to solve anything. So I went out back and paced around the pool. We have a large enough backyard so I could do that without being able to see or hear what was happening through the trees to the deck. (Not unless there was some LOUD masturbating going on there, that is, and I suspected there would be before too long.)

As I paced, I thought, Nicky's not to blame for spying last night. As usual, she's pure and innocent. Actually, I'M to blame, at least in part! After all, I let events transpire last night as they did when I should have put my foot down. By the end of our hot tub time, even I with my admitted rose-colored glasses on could see that Nicky was really horny. Now that I know she has a "light crush" on me, I can definitely see why she was horny, and why her nipples were poking out so much.

No, the blame is on me, plus Mindy, because she could have stopped things too but she just goaded me on instead. Cindy wasn't much of a help either, even though she'd promised she'd be a force for moderation. And, of course, the god damned Gruesome Twosome! This is a time when their harsher nickname "Satan's Hell Spawn" applies!

I kept on pacing, walking in circles around the pool. I don't know what to do. Everything is a total mess. The Hellions need to be punished, sure, and very harshly too. But when has that ever stopped them? I need to rethink a whole new plan to get them to actually change their behavior, because what's happening now isn't working.

I went on pacing, around and around and around. After a while, I cooled down enough to admit, What really agitates me is that these latest revelations are so fucking arousing. For starters, it's beyond flattering to hear Cupcake and Ruby talking about me like they did. It's clear that they both lust for and love me so much that I don't even know what to do about it, or how I can return all that love. And they obviously love their lives as my slaves. Although that thing Cupcake said about possibly being sold or given away is disturbing in the extreme! I need to straighten her out on that.

However, that's NOTHING compared to hearing that Nicky also has the hots for me! I can almost picture her standing or sitting next to the computer monitor with the Gruesome Twosome last night, totally fucking butt fuck naked except for those negligible bikini bottoms! FUCK ME, that's hot! By and by, she'd start masturbating to scenes of me fucking my wife and/or mistress. Michelle and Ruby would be panting and moaning erotically as they fondled their impossibly perfect bodies too, and the smell of pussy would fill the air! Nicky's gigantic tits would bounce up and down as she fingered her cunt ever more vigorously while thinking, "Fuck ME, Daddy! I want to you to fuck ME!" all the time!

And what's downright scary is that's probably EXACTLY what happened! Last night! In this house! Fuuuuuucckk!

I paced around some more. Just thinking about that made me too angry and/or aroused to think straight for a while.

I cooled down again, and thought, The danger, the great danger here, is that this opens a door. If she DOES have a crush on me, and it seems that she does, then there's a very real possibility that I really COULD do sexual things with her if I want to. Worse, she might even be wishing and hoping that I'd make a move on her. Hell, I might even make her my fifth cock slave someday! FOR REAL! Sure, it sounds wildly impossible, and yet the truth is I already have FOUR cock slaves. Who would have imagined that in a million billion years? Not me, that's for sure!

The thing is, of course that's an arousing thought. It's like pure molten lava lust, in fact. One drop of that stuff would make any man pretty much go mad with desire! And yet, at the same time, I honestly, sincerely DON'T want that to happen! I've never wanted something so much as to NOT have sex with her!

If I did, my life would basically be a failure. I'm supposed to raise my daughters so they can go out into the larger world and succeed. Have husbands and families and all that jazz. Never mind the big houses and fancy cars; family and love is what life is all about. If all three become my cock slaves, that's three totally selfish dead ends. No husbands, no kids, nothing!

If I were a better person, I'd cut back to just having Min, Cin, and Cupcake. Min goes without saying. Cin is old enough so that it's not so bad if she's corrupted. And Cupcake because, fuck it, I can't give her up. I really SHOULD stick with the "kissing stinky boys" plan. But I'm weak! I can't even do that! Okay, I'm that far gone and I admit it, but dear Lord, please don't let me corrupt Nicky too!

In retrospect, yesterday was nothing but a series of terrible fiascoes. I got more and more horny for Nicky, and she got more and more horny for me. If she didn't have a crush on me before, she would after all that. For instance, that puts our hug in a whole new light, when Shelle tricked me into pressing my boner against Nicky's leg. Oh man, worse, what if she saw my exposed erection when I was swimming and playing around in the pool? Things like that are NOT GOOD!

Today is a brand new day. I need to start fresh. Stay on top of my game. All I have to do is make it through the next twenty-four hours or so without tempting her or being tempted by her, and then I'll be golden. Once she's safely in Hawaii, I'll be able to breathe again.

As for what happens when she comes back, I don't know. Maybe we can just keep her there until summer is over. Whatever it costs, I'll pay for it! This is serious business! I have to keep my angel away from this depravity. I'm not saying that what we're doing is wrong, but it's not a lifestyle for everyone. In fact, it's something for very, very few. The odds of finding four smoking hot women who actually wanted to be cock slaves has gotta be greater than winning the lottery.

Obviously, Nicky would never go for being anyone's cock slave in a million years, much less mine. She's not half-succubus or nympho like her sisters are, for one thing. But what if she's tempted enough to do SOME sexual things with me, if only out of curiosity about my supposed great reputation? That would scar her for life!

I kept on pacing. Eventually, I noticed that Cindy and Mindy had come downstairs and were sitting in the dining room talking to each other and occasionally looking at my pointless circling with slight amusement.

I came inside and joined them. I started to talk to them about my frustrations, but then I realized the need to be careful. It was very possible that there was still one spy on the loose somewhere in the house, if my suspicions about someone coughing near my door were correct.

So I had the three of us move to a spot near the pool area instead. That way, we could easily visually see that nobody was within hearing distance, due to the open space around the pool. Then I (quietly) shared the thoughts I'd been having while pacing around in my robe, although I considerably toned down the parts about being aroused by Nicky.

It seemed to me that they got the message. I could see a new resolve in their eyes not to let Nicky get sexually corrupted down the incest path.

That made me feel better, a lot better. When I was done, I thought, Min has her wild cucquean fantasies, sure, but I also know she values family just as much as I do. She's been just as proud of Nicky for getting into an excellent university and being on the Dean's List as I am. I'm sure she wants to have at least ONE daughter to follow the normal life path so she'll have grandchildren to look after and continue her family legacy.

As for Cindy, I figure that although she's neck deep in this cock slave fantasy thing like the rest of them, ultimately, she is a mother too. She definitely can sympathize with my struggle to do the right thing as a father. I'm thankful that she renewed her vow to be the "last line of defense" if Mindy or I lose our bearings due to an overwhelmingly arousing situation. Although, as last night shows, if she gets too horny too she's not going to be much help.

The discussion went on a long time. Mindy was kind enough to quickly cook up some eggs, and we ate breakfast around the patio table while continuing the conversation. By the time the meal ended, I was feeling almost normal. It felt good to unload my feelings. Because Cin and Min understood the seriousness of the situation, neither of them tried to so much as flirt with me, and that was a relief too.

I knew that normality was an illusion since we lived the harem lifestyle now. For instance, at that very moment I had two sex bomb cock slaves sitting out on the deck and almost certainly masturbating themselves into a frenzy over telling each other stories involving me. But still, it was nice to enjoy the normality while it lasted.

However, one thing that bothered me greatly was that my "loving wife" had deceived me! A couple of weeks ago, after I'd found out about the peephole, she'd showed me where the peephole was in her closet and how she'd plastered the hole up on both sides so it couldn't be used again. Recently, I'd asked her if another peephole was still being used, and she'd said that as far as she knew the girls weren't peeping through any new hole. Technically that was true, but only because they were using high tech video surveillance on us instead! Mindy must have known about that for the past two years, and she never told me a thing about it!

Although I had figured this all out, I didn't let on during my discussion with Mindy and Cindy. I knew that I was on edge, as all my angry pacing showed, and I was likely to blow up in a nasty way if I let myself go on this topic right now. More importantly, I didn't want to have a big fight with Mindy while Nicky was still here. There's also the problem that I hadn't yet figured out how to punish my wife, and I needed to give that careful consideration. So instead I checked that anger and vowed to myself that I would deal with this as soon as Nicky was out the door to Hawaii.

Come Sunday, there will be consequences! It's bad enough to have Shelle and Ruby always undermining me, but to have my own wife undermining me too so she can get off on her cucquean fantasies is an even harder blow to take. I'm starting to think that reining in my wife is going to be just as important a problem as reining in my Hellion daughters! Hell, Nicky wouldn't have been further corrupted last night with the spying if Min had been honest with me so we could have removed all that spying equipment already. In a way, she's just as guilty about what happened with that as the girls are.

However, I have to bide my time. I'm not even going to let myself think about it until the time is right, because I'll just work myself up into a lather and then I'll have no way to deal with it. For now, I'll simply try to let things seem to be normal. But things are going to change around here, that's for sure!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, Wayac, Johnny Galt, Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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