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Chapter 18

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Cindy, Mindy, and I were still chatting at the backyard patio table after finishing breakfast when I heard someone coming. I looked up and saw Nicky and Michelle opening the sliding glass door and then the screen door so they could come out and join us.

I was caught flat footed! Cindy and Mindy had showered and dressed nicely in normal, modest clothes before coming downstairs. But in my rush to catch a possible spy I had come down wearing just my robe and nothing else. My hair was tussled and I knew I had to smell funky. Hell, I probably still had dried sex fluids on me from the night before.

But that wasn't so troublesome as what Nicky and Michelle were wearing: the same bikinis they'd had on last night at the hot tub! They looked even more titillating in the bright light of day. Seeing Nicky walk right up to me wearing just her skimpy red two piece literally made me forget to breathe. Every step she took caused a major "tit-quake." Seeing her hips move was like watching sex in motion.

And then I saw Michelle standing next to her in her itsy-bitsy yellow string bikini. Whoa! It's a wonder I didn't pass out for lack of oxygen! She was wearing both pieces of her bikini, and I remembered that I'd only seen those bikini bottoms last night because she started out topless.

My penis had had a nice long rest from any sexual arousal during my talk with Cin and Min, but that changed in an instant. I was lucky that I was sitting with my crotch under the table, so I was able to scramble and make sure my boner didn't poke right through the gap in my robe!

"Hey, everybody!" Michelle said, smiling and looking happy.

Nicky also looked happy. Most importantly, it seemed from their body language that the two sisters were pleased with each other. I hoped that whatever weird issue they were having last night was over. As a family we have our troubles sometimes, but we're all very close to each other and we almost always work things out without big fights.

Cindy and Mindy got up to give both Michelle and Nicky some hugs and pecks on the cheeks as well as saying more friendly greetings.

Watching them, I suddenly realized I couldn't just sit there like a complete idiot. I had to join in. This was definitely a bad thing! All I had to keep my robe closed was a single sash across my waist. With my penis being what it is when fully erect - eight inches long and unusually thick - there was really nothing to stop it from rising up and poking straight out, opening a gap in my robe below the inadequate sash!

I was forced to resort to a very unusual gambit to avoid an extremely embarrassing situation. I trapped my boner between my thighs and kept it squeezed tight between them and pointing straight down.

Luckily, it worked while I hugged Michelle. More good news was that she just kissed each of my cheeks and gave me a relatively normal hug. I suppose she felt she couldn't rub her huge torpedoes all over my chest or anything else along those lines while Nicky was standing right next to her and watching. If she only could have seen through my robe and discovered my boner pointing straight down! I don't know what she would have done, but I'm sure she would have said or done something.

However, Nicky wasn't moving. Furthermore, she was getting increasingly shy, with a blush spreading across her face. So I had to go to her to kiss her before she ran out of courage. I attempted to shuffle along, but right as I got to her my boner sprang free! Talk about terrible timing! It popped right through the robe and poked straight out, just as I had feared. If Nicky looked down, or if she felt it brushing against her silky skin, I was doomed!

I wasn't going to give up that easily though. I gave her an upper body hug with my ass protruding backwards to make sure I didn't touch her below chest height. Like Michelle, she just pecked each of my cheeks while I pecked hers. That would have been fine, except the way I was leaning forward caused her big melons to brush against my robe-covered chest!

Too exciting! As the greeting ended, I quickly turned and readjusted myself, tucking my erection back into my robe. I immediately sat back down, since that was much safer.

Nicky and Michelle were oblivious about my close call - thank God! But Mindy and Cindy must have seen the whole thing, because they were very amused. Mindy even said in her super smirky way, "Interesting... hug... there."

After a pause, another jokey idea came to her. "You can see his love for Nicky, growing all the time. You could even see it right there, as if it was a physical thing in the air between them."

Cindy chided, "Now, Min, behave."

I could tell that Mindy was eager to make more jokes along these lines, but she seemed to change her mind after Cindy's rebuke. She finished by saying, "You have to admit it's a big, big love."

Cindy couldn't resist responding, "Yeah, I could see that."

Somehow, the two of them managed to limit themselves to smirky smiles instead of bursting into laughter.

I smiled at Cindy for stopping Mindy... for the moment, anyway.

Safely in my seat, I figured I needed to get some answers and fix matters so the mistakes of yesterday wouldn't happen again. I asked the girls, "Where have you been?"

Nicky replied, "I had to buy some more stuff for the trip. Michelle was helping me out."

I was very suspicious, because if that was true, then who had been spying on me earlier? No one? Maybe I'd been wrong about being spied on after all (this time, at least).

I asked, "You two were shopping together the whole time? This early?"

Nicky answered, "It's not that early. It's almost eleven. My plan was to get this out of the way early so I could have fun for the rest of the day. Some of the stores I wanted were open at nine, and others at ten. Working together, we were very efficient."

Michelle put her arm around Nicky while the two of them continued to face me. "Yeah, it was a lot of fun. We got to be all girly."

I was surprised at how late it was already. I said, "I must look like a mess. I'd better go take a shower. But Nicky, by the way, you don't need to wear that bikini, you know."

Nicky was still red-faced and obviously uncomfortable, but she spoke with surprising forcefulness. "Oh, I know. But I WANT to! Michelle is helping me loosen up, and this is a big part of it. I've come to realize that having her push me out of my comfort zone is a very good and healthy thing. You should see some of the clothes she got me. Whoever my next boyfriend is, he won't be able to complain that I dress like a nun."

I nodded. I wasn't happy, but I couldn't force her NOT to wear a bikini, especially after everyone had encouraged her to wear one yesterday. If I pushed too hard on that, it would look suspicious that I was feeling too tempted around her nearly nude body.

I decided, I could be okay with Nicky wearing a bikini so long as I can avoid either getting an erection or having to wear the woefully inadequate bathing suit I was tricked into wearing yesterday. I briefly glanced up and down Nicky's voluptuous body. No erection? No way! That just isn't realistic. Instead, I need to go buy a bathing suit of my own soon. Today! If you need to do something right you've gotta do it yourself, right?

I looked at the two of them appearing very comfy together, with Nicky's hand on the small of Michelle's back. I said, "So I take it that while you shopped you worked out the dispute you were having last night?"

Nicky asked innocently, "What dispute?"

I made an annoyed face. "You know, how you two were sniping at each other. All that 'am too,' 'am not,' stuff. Don't you remember how Michelle pushed you into going topless?"

Nicky waved a hand dismissively. "Oh, that. That was nothing, just sisterly love."

Michelle said proudly, "I was giving her a kick in the rear."

Far from being upset, Nicky grinned. "And I needed a kick in the rear. Sure, it was weird going topless in front of you, Dad, but in retrospect I'm glad it happened. I HAVE been too prudish. We've talked about it some this morning, and she's going to be my sensei of sexiness."

If she's okay with that, could we get a repeat performance today?! Holy shit! My boner got even stiffer, if that was possible. I couldn't believe that I was wearing just a robe.

Michelle said, "I'm going to be her teacher of tease."

The two of them giggled happily with each other over that.

I chuckled too. I said to Nicky, "You're certainly going to be learning from the best, then. Shelle is like a Jedi Master in that kind of thing."

Like practically everyone, my girls knew the original Star Wars movie trilogy well. (Maybe the fact that I got them to watch those movies with me a good number of times when they were growing up had something to do with it. We had a lot of family movie nights over the years.) So we all knew what movie dialogue Michelle was riffing from when she waved a hand in front of me, and said, "These aren't the droids you're looking for."

I duly replied in a brainwashed voice, "These aren't the droids I'm looking for."

She said, while waving her hand in the same way, "You find Nicky incredibly sexy in her red bikini."

I spoke in the same dull voice, "I find Nicky incredibly sexy in her red bikini." But then I added in my own voice, "Boy, you sure don't need to use the Force on me to get me to agree to THAT! Seriously!"

Nicky's blush deepened and turned her head away shyly. Not only was she built like a brick shithouse, she was so modest and shy at times like this that it was totally adorable. That's a rare combination.

Mindy had been listening in nearby, and she spoke loudly to us. "Hey, girls, cut that out or Darth Dan here is going to have to pull out his light saber. If you know what I mean, hint, hint."

Michelle found that funny, but Nicky just grew even more embarrassed.

Trying to ease the situation, I said, "Leave it to Mindy to joke about the wildly inappropriate." I pointed accusingly at her, but in a friendly way. "The Smirk is strong in this one!"

That play on the quote "The Force is strong in this one" got some good laughs and did defuse the awkwardness. However, knowing my wife, she was only getting warned up with Star Wars jokes, and possibly more penis-related jokes.

Michelle, though, was suddenly looking at me in a curiously needy kind of way. She asked, "Hey, what about me? Don't you like my bikini too?"

I belatedly realized she wanted more attention, and the fact that her bikini was bright yellow gave me an idea. I sang slightly edited words to a cheesy "oldies" song: "She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, super sexy string bikini, that's what she wore for the first time today. It was an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, super sexy string bikini, and it blew away all of my mind."

Michelle beamed so brightly that I practically needed dark sunglasses to look at her. She said with playful understatement, "You're okay, I guess. We'll let you live... for now."

I was saved from having more trouble with my boner (and possible additional jokes about it) when Nicky and Michelle decided to head out further into the pool area to start tanning some more.

As they walked away, Mindy shouted to them, "May the Smirk be with you!"

I barely even paid attention though, because the sight of Michelle and Nicky walking away side by side nearly melted my brain. I was reminded of the special sashay that Sue Ellen had perfected. The way their ass cheeks rose up and down with each step could have been a bestselling porn film, in and of itself!

Thinking about Sue Ellen's heavenly sashay made me wonder what had happened to her and Ruby. The last I'd seen of them, they'd gone off to the deck area, and that had been quite a while ago. I speculated that they'd probably worked themselves up to the point where they weren't presentable, and they were waiting until at least I cleared out from the area.

Before I did just that, Mindy quietly said to me, "We don't want a repeat of yesterday, and all the bikinis are going to make things difficult. Especially Lady Voldemort, if you know what I mean."

Cindy understood that cryptic reference, because she was there with me when Mindy came up with that idea for a secret code name referring to Nicky. Michelle and Nicky seemed to be just out of earshot, but it was good to be on the safe side.

I nodded grimly. "Yeah. I'm going to go shopping for a new bathing suit right after I take a shower. That'll help."

"Good idea," Mindy said. "I must have been in a big cucquean mood when I bought that one. Sorry. But I have another idea that'll help too. We should invite some of Nicky's friends and have a little pool party. She'll be glad to see her friends again, and that'll change the mood to prevent any..." - she lifted an eyebrow significantly - "...you know."

I nodded again. "Very good idea." I said that because Nicky was much more studious than either Michelle or Ruby, and her friends were much more studious too. They were all female and generally more than a little nerdy. It was a totally different situation from the Gruesome Twosome, who somehow wound up with friends who were very nearly as sexy and beautiful as they were. Plus, they really did seem to have a minimum breast size for all their girl friends (and they didn't have any boy friends).

I knew I wouldn't have to worry about erection problems in that crowd, and I figured there would be safety in numbers. I had to mentally tip my hat to my clever wife. I added, "One caveat though: no more 'light saber' jokes, if you know what I mean."

"Aaaargh. Darn! I was just getting started."

"I know you were. That's why I'm saying that. Seriously, you can't make that kind of joke around Nicky. She's very delicate."

Mindy grumped at that, but she said, "Fine. You're right."

Feeling in control of events again, I went upstairs and took a shower. When that was over, I laid down on my bed to just close my eyes, relax, and think for a few minutes. Things had been stressful since Nicky had arrived and my two latest so-called "King Dong" sex sessions had taken a lot out of me.

It turned out I was more tired than I had realized, because I fell asleep for nearly an hour.

That wasn't the end of the world though, since my plans were still the same. I put on a T-shirt and my silly and undersized bathing suit, because I wanted to go to the pool area before leaving and see if the others wanted me to buy anything for them while I was at the mall. The heat wave was continuing and intensifying, and since I had actually started to sweat some while napping, I wasn't averse to a quick dip in the pool before I left.

When I opened the screen door and walked into the backyard area, Cindy took my hand after a quick peck on the cheek and a hug. "There you are! Where have you been?"

"I've been napping."

"Everyone has been waiting for you."

"Me? Why me?" I was looking around and I wasn't pleased at what I was seeing. There was no sign of Nicky's nerdy girl friends. Instead, there were the usual suspects - Mindy, Cindy, Michelle, Ruby, Nicky, and Sue Ellen - plus a few of Michelle's and Ruby's gorgeous girl friends. And everyone was decked out in skimpy bikinis!

Uh-oh! Not good! What happened to inviting Nicky's much less attractive friends?!

Cindy said, "You're so adorably clueless. You're like the guest of honor. They all look up to you and can't wait to see you."

I looked back towards the house. "I really should, uh, go buy a new bathing suit first."

"At the shopping mall? You missed half the party already. They got here in a flash shortly after you went upstairs. If you go all the way to the mall, by the time you get back, the party will be over."

I didn't have a chance to reply to that, because everyone had seen me talking to Cindy by now, and they all were headed my way to greet me.

I was greeted like some kind of long-lost conquering hero. Every bikini-clad woman had to hug and kiss me.

The three extras were the Hellions' friends Nina and Anjali, plus Nicky's friend Monique.

This made me very suspicious. I remembered around the time Cindy joined the harem, I had complimented her and said that I considered her, plus my other women, all 100s on a 1-to-100 scale. She'd said that didn't mean much if I said everyone was 100, so I'd thought of the three most beautiful friends of my daughters - Nina, Anjali, and Monique - and I'd said each of them rated about a 90.

Now, coincidence of coincidences, those very same three "just so happened" to be the only three to show up to our pool party. Having these three come wouldn't be strange in and of itself. Because Ruby and Michelle are only one grade younger than Nicky, they've shared a lot of friends, including these three. It was the fact that these were the ONLY friends to appear that made me wonder, especially since Nicky had quite a few "nerdy" friends. Monique was literally her only beautiful friend.

Hmmm! Suspicious. Very suspicious indeed!

Furthermore, I hadn't seen Monique since summer began, but I had had some curious recent history with Nina and Anjali. They had attended the last pool party we'd had when things had gotten outrageously sexy and all the women ended up going topless. Anjali had been particularly aggressive with me that day. She'd rubbed her bare breasts against me during a "friendly hug" and she'd even sensuously licked my ear!

Now that I think about it, when Ruby confessed to me about the secret peephole, she'd mentioned some friends who had spied on Mindy and I having sex during one of the Gruesome Twosome's slumber parties a few years ago. It was shocking enough that Nicky's name had been mentioned, but Nina and Anjali had been mentioned too! Who knows if that was just a one-time thing for them, or if they did it a lot? Either way, it's highly likely that both of these stunning teens have big crushes on me.

Monique is a more uncertain case. Since she's more of Nicky's friend than Ruby's and/or Michelle's, it's not so surprising that she hasn't been here since summer began, because Nicky hasn't been here either. In fact, I haven't seen her since Christmas vacation when she came by to see Nicky. She also hadn't been mentioned as one of the peephole spiers. But who knows? Maybe she has a crush on me too! Mindy had suggested to me yesterday that pretty much all of our daughters' girl friends did. I need to be wary.

In keeping with Anjali's aggressive approach during the last party, she was the first of our guests to come up to hug me, after I'd hugged and kissed most of the "usual suspects." But she shocked the hell out of me when she stood before me with her arms opened wide, and loudly proclaimed, "Fuck my tits!"

I think that shocked some other people too, by the looks on their faces!

But she just smiled knowingly, and explained, "Don't you remember? Last time I was here it was something everyone was shouting as kind of an inside joke. As I recall, it basically meant 'No way!' or 'Get outta here!'"

I grinned in fond memory. "Oh yeah. That was fun." I was also secretly relieved that she wasn't asking for me to ACTUALLY fuck her tits right there in front of everyone. That would have been crazy, even by my crazy harem standards!

Anjali stepped up and gave me a big hug.

While she did that, pretty much every single other female around started shouting "Fuck my tits" with great glee. Nicky definitely refrained from joining in though.

Then Sue Ellen upped the ante by saying, "Fuck my tits, Master!"

I thought, Oooooooh SHIT! She's fucked up, big time!

Sue Ellen explained with an impish grin, "Yesterday, Ruby and Michelle were joking that they were going to call Dan 'Master' 'cos he keeps them 'enslaved' working at the video shop. So y'all add that together and you get "Fuck my tits, Master!"

I breathed another secret huge sigh of relief at that explanation. It was pretty clever, actually, because it was providing an even better cover story in case one of my cock slaves slipped and called me "Master" for real.

But the downside is that now everyone wanted to say "Fuck my tits, Master!" at me, usually while posing in some kind of sexy manner. Damn!

My penis had already grown erect due to all the hugging of bikini-clad beauties. However, I felt I could handle that, even though I was still wearing my inadequate swimsuit. My boner was safely trapped inside the swimsuit's inner mesh lining, and I had it pointing up in such a way that it wasn't tenting very much. It helped a lot that I happened to be wearing a big white T-shirt too. It hung down so low that it covered most of my crotch, helping to hide any potential tenting there.

But that was before I saw Nicky standing a few feet away and bending her upper body towards me in a bow while saying "Please... Well, you know how the saying goes." The way she bent over caused her immense breasts to surge forward and out - it looked for a moment there that they would spill free of her skimpy bikini top altogether! She was grinning in a way that showed she was playing around, but there was a fire or spark in her eyes at the same time that made me wonder if maybe she wasn't.

Michelle and Ruby immediately came up to her and started pestering her.

Michelle complained, "'You know how the saying goes?!' Weak! So weak. That's pathetic!"

Ruby wasn't much easier on her. She poked her upper arm a couple of times. "Say it, already. You know you want to."

"I do not!" Nicky's face suddenly turned red. The intensity of her reaction was curious, to say the least.

I said to the Gruesome Twosome, "Give the poor girl a break. She's your sister."

Nicky's face brightened, and she smiled from ear to ear. "Thanks, Dad!"

Michelle teased, "Scaredy-cat!"

Nicky looked around and seemed to gather her courage. But then her mood changed again. She waved her hand and said, "This is ridiculous." She quickly walked away towards the deck.

I could tell that Nicky was upset. Clearly, she'd wanted to be as "hip" and uninhibited as the others, but then found she couldn't go through with it. I decided it was my duty as parent to go comfort her.

So I excused myself from the others and went after her.

She slowed down as she neared the deck, so I had to slow down too or I would have overtaken her. I must say, walking behind Nicky is not a good recipe for getting rid of one's erection! Her jutting ass was to die for! Here I was trying to have a serious moment with her, and my undersized bathing suit would give away that I had a boner. Not good!

I tried to look into the trees on either side of the path to the deck, but I must shamefully admit that I couldn't keep my eyes away from her undulating ass cheeks for more than a few seconds.

Nicky walked all the way to the far side of the deck, where she could lean against the railing and look out over the ocean. True, we weren't directly over the ocean, but it was easy to forget about the hills and houses at the bottom of the cliff below us.

She probably would have pensively stared towards the horizon for a while, but I got there only a few moments after she did. I said, "Hey, is there room here for two?"

She smiled wanly at that. "Sure." She looked around at how big our deck was. "There's plenty of room."

I decided upon a bold approach to help her confidence issue. "I just wanted to tell you that I'm proud of what you did back there."

She looked at me in surprise, and asked, "'Proud?' What did I do?!"

"You resisted peer pressure. The others were saying something stupid, and they wanted you to say it too, but you rightly decided that's not an appropriate thing to say to your father."

She turned back to the ocean view, and mumbled, "Thanks." There appeared to be more on her mind though, and after a long pause she said, "The only problem with that is I WANTED to say that. It wasn't stupid; it was a funny joke. I just couldn't get myself to do it."

I asked, "Why would you want to say that? I know it's just a joke, but it's way over the line."

She looked back to me and said with what seemed to be a touch of anger or envy, "You didn't seem to have any problem when Michelle or Ruby said it."

I replied, "Yeah, but that's because that's them and you're you. They're different people with different senses of humor. They're over the top about everything."

She muttered while looking towards my feet, "Yeah, maybe that's it. Or... Or maybe..."

Since she didn't say any more, I prodded, "Maybe what?"

She sighed heavily. "Oh, never mind. The point is, I don't like being stereotyped as the one who can't tell risque jokes. I'm TIRED of that! So what if it's over the top? That's what makes it funny."

I hadn't been expecting that, and I didn't know what to say.

She muttered, "Awww, what the hell?" Then, she closed her eyes and whispered very quietly, more like she was just mouthing words, "Fuck my tits!"

Daaaaayyyyuumn! So what if she didn't add the "Master" part? What staggered me what she said "Fuck my tits" like she really meant it! And it had added emotional power because it seemed to be a secret message just for me, not some kind of public joking around.

I remember seeing the old TV special "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas," and over the course of the show, the Grinch's heart shrunk until a measuring scale could barely even measure its existence. But then, at the end of the show when he rediscovered his faith in humanity, "his heart grew three sizes that day" and expanded so much and so fast that it broke the scale!

I bring this up because that's exactly what I felt happened to my erection while I looked at Nicky saying that - especially gawking at her actual scantily clad E-cups! I swear, it really felt that my erect cock tripled in size, at the very least! I actually looked down at my crotch and was somewhat surprised NOT to see a hard-on at least two feet long, and proportionally thick, if not even bigger than that! That's how very aroused I was. It felt like I'd taken a ride in a time machine and come out in the future when Nicky was one of my cock slaves.

Such a heady, dizzying thought! I felt the urge to sit down, catch my breath, and gather my wits before people noticed there was something wrong with me. And there had to be something wrong with me, because what kind of father has that reaction to his innocent daughter?

But I couldn't do that because Nicky suddenly gave me a hug! It definitely wasn't a sexual hug in any way; it was an uncertain girl who wanted emotional support from her dad after doing something difficult.

So I held her and tried to comfort her by stroking her back in a soothing way. The only problem was that I still had a very insistent erection! I swear, ever since Nicky had come home, it felt like I had a hard-on twenty-four hours a day, and there was nothing I could do about it. Worse, since she had unexpectedly initiated the hug, I didn't have a chance to position myself with my lower body tilted back slightly, as I had with her in a couple of earlier instances.

I could feel the bulge in my swimsuit touching her bare skin! Thankfully she didn't press tightly into it, but there was contact. I stuck my ass backwards, as awkward as that was, and managed to break the contact. I hoped she didn't realize what she was brushing against! Even if we'd had that kind of contact once yesterday, that didn't make it okay to happen again.

I said to her reassuringly, "There you go. See? You can be anyone you want to be, do anything you want to do. That joke is a little much for me, but if it makes you happy, then it makes me happy too."

Nicky giggled. "Dad, you have to understand. We grew up with you and MOM! Mom of the 'there's no such thing as an inappropriate joke' fame. Remember how she made a joke about the 9/11 attacks a day after the attacks, and then asked innocently, 'What? Too soon?'"

I chuckled at how typically Mindy that was. "Yeah. She was just doing that to get my goat. And it worked."

Nicky was all smiles. "I know. And getting your goat is great fun. We all like to do it because you're so totally teasible. I actually LIKE a dirty joke or two. It's just that I'm always too shy to say them myself. Heck, when Mom says one I usually laugh, but only inwardly. It's like I have some kind of stupid image to keep."

I tried to be encouraging, since this was what she wanted. "Well, now you're being officially trained by the 'sensei of sexy,' so you're probably going to be making me blush right and left before long."

She pulled back enough to make eye contact. She was grinning widely, but in a Mindy-esque smirky manner. "Cool!"

I caught some movement in the corner of my eye. I looked and saw Michelle standing a ways down the path from the deck to the pool. She wasn't exactly hiding, but I wasn't sure if she wanted to be seen either. I looked right at her and said in a loud and friendly voice, "Hey! Speak of the devil. Come on over, Michelle. What brings you here?"

Michelle had an "Uh-oh, I've been caught!" look on her face at first, but she quickly recovered. She forced a smile and walked towards us. Yet I could sense that something was troubling her.

I used the interruption as an excuse to break the hug with Nicky. Feeling her nearly bare breasts on my bare chest was too arousing. Even running my hand over her back in a comforting manner was something kind of frightening for me. It would be so easy to bring my hand down to her ass and squeeze it. I did that all the time lately to all my women without thinking about it, so now I had to constantly remember NOT to do it with Nicky.

Michelle walked up to us and said, "Oh, nothing special. It's just that we're all having a good time as a group, and I didn't want you two to miss out. Besides, Nicky, it looked like you walked away upset. I wanted to apologize for calling you a 'scaredy-cat' and everything."

Nicky said, "No, I'm glad you did. I was just saying to Dad that I AM a scaredy-cat about some things, and I don't want to be anymore. Guess what I just said to him?"


"Fuck my... fuck my tits!" Nicky immediately blushed all over again and stared intently at the ground.

Michelle smiled in surprise. "No way! Awesome! You dropped the F-bomb and everything!"

I mock-chided Michelle, "See how you're corrupting her already? The next thing you know, you'll have her hanging out topless in the hot tub." I played dumb and waited.

Nicky looked at me with a toothy smile. "I did that last night already, you dork!"

I still played dumb and pretended like I just realized that. "Oh yeah!"

She playfully slapped me, finally seeing through my act. "DaaaaAAAaaad!"

The three of us walked back to the pool together after some more light-hearted joking around. Michelle made a point of saying "Fuck my tits" about every other sentence, since that was the joke of the moment. Nicky found that amusing, but she was still too shy about it to do the same.

Michelle gently teased Nicky for only saying "Fuck my tits" and not "Fuck my tits, Master."

Nicky replied, "I wanted to tell a joke, but that crosses the line to total stupidity."

I saw Michelle's eyes briefly flash with anger at the challenge to the idea that I could be a master, but thankfully she held her tongue and switched to joking about other matters. She may have had obedience issues, but I had absolutely no doubts as to where her loyalties lay when it came to how she felt about me.

I could tell both girls were in a good mood now, and I was too. So I'd succeeded in making Nicky feel better, and I was glad about that.

But I was curious about Michelle. She was pushing Nicky hard to be more sexy, and I was the guinea pig in that I was the only male available to act sexy around. Yet, when I saw Michelle looking at Nicky and I when we were sharing an intimate hug on the deck, I couldn't help but notice that she'd looked upset. Was she jealous? True, Michelle loved to be the center of attention, but she'd never begrudged it when I gave attention to Nicky or anyone else in the family. Curious.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am. An extra big thanks goes to Concerned for helping sort through some conceptual difficulties with the text.

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