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Chapter 19

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I was feeling relaxed and carefree after having helped Nicky in a fatherly way (despite my ever-present hard-on), so I was just enjoying the camaraderie with my daughters while we walked back to the pool. As a result, I was taken by surprise when Anjali came up to me and gave me a big hug.

This was a surprise, because she'd been the first to hug me when I came out to the pool area not that many minutes ago. Furthermore, it seemed she'd noticed my boner (it was pretty hard not to, thanks to my sorry swimsuit), and she made sure to press her leg very tightly against it.

I was not keen on this hug at all, but my body couldn't help but react to that stimulation. I felt a shiver, followed by goose bumps. I kept my hands in the air instead of wrapping them around her back in order not to encourage her. I also said, "I believe you got your hug already."

Anjali replied, "I know. But you left and came back, so I get another one."

Unfortunately, all the other girls were standing around and listening in, and they cheered at that.

The she joked, "Oh, and fuck my tits!"

That got a good laugh from the others.

Anjali was still hugging me, and she wasn't in any hurry to let go. My dick was positioned nearly sideways, because if it poked up or down it would come out of the swimsuit. Anjali was a tall girl, which meant that our crotches were touching and my erection was poking along from her pubic mound out towards her hip. Clearly, she knew what that was, and she was ever so slightly rubbing against it. She was slowly moving her body up and down about one inch each way. It wasn't much, except that the pressure was focused right on my stiff pole!

Anjali was brash and aggressive, much like Michelle. She too had unusual beauty and was used to getting what she wanted. I had to break the hug, and fast, before she got even more aggressive with me!

Luckily, Nina was right behind her, and tapped her on the shoulder. "Hey! Give everyone else a turn. That's your second hug with him and I haven't even had one yet!"

Anjali nodded in response. But then, before breaking the hug, she brought her mouth to whisper something in my ear. She boldly licked my ear in the exact same way she'd done last time. As she finished that all-too-arousing move, she whispered into that ear, "Remember? Last time?"

I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything at all. I felt trapped, because there were all these other girls around me. To make matters worse, Anjali seemed to be pressing into me tighter and tighter, rubbing herself against my traitorous hard-on faster and faster!

I had to get out of this situation, and fast! I considered simply fleeing back into the house, but I decided that this was MY house, and I wasn't going to run like a coward. It was the girls who had to temper down their behavior. So I rather insistently pushed against Anjali until she got the message and stepped back from me.

I was VERY glad that Anjali was safely out of reach, because she was far too arousing even when she wasn't going all out to tempt me. As I have mentioned previously, she was born in the U.S. but her family is from India. She is black-haired and surprisingly dark-skinned, with wide hips and very large breasts. I would guess she's an E-cup like Ruby or Nicky, and her bikini-clad breasts certainly felt good mashed into my chest! She has very exotic, almond-shaped eyes.

However, it was "out of the frying pan, into the fire," because Nina hugged me next!

Nina also didn't have a problem with shyness. In addition to wrapping her nearly naked body around me, she wasn't content just trading pecks on cheeks - she kissed me right on the lips! Luckily, my mouth was closed so she couldn't slip her tongue in, but I could feel her tongue trying to do just that. I was surprised that she dared to give that a try with my wife standing nearby. (Although she had seen me French kissing Cindy the last time she was here, so she probably figured that was allowed.)

But Nina didn't stop there. She must have been observing Anjali kissing me and noticed the way Anjali was subtly pressing against my boner, because she immediately picked up right where Anjali left off. In fact, she raised the ante by subtly churning her hips in circles, causing not-so-subtle pressure against my throbbing hard-on! And while she did that, she purred in a sultry voice, "It's good to see you again, Dan. Fuck my tits, Master!"

She sounded like she meant it too! There was no doubt in my mind that both she and Anjali carnally desired me in some way.

Nina was every bit as beautiful as Anjali, but in a very different way. Nina was tall, with a streamlined distance runner's build. She had very light skin and platinum blonde hair, but she wasn't pale because she turned red so easily, and she had a rosy glow to her. Her beautiful face could stop traffic, especially with the way it was framed by her startlingly light hair. And yet she had remarkably large breasts for her lithe body type, perhaps D-cups. I don't know if they were fake or not, but they certainly looked all natural. Given that they were pushing insistently against my chest, I could say that they certainly felt all natural too.

While Anjali and Nina were taking turns hugging me, I noticed that Monique, Michelle, Ruby, Nicky, and Sue Ellen were all just standing a few feet away and watching. It was a good thing they were standing so close, because they were closely watching Nina and I kissing, probably trying to figure out if it was an open or close mouthed kiss. As a result, they didn't appear to notice just how much Nina was grinding her hips against my boner!

With the exception of Anjali, that is. Since she'd just done the same thing to me, she was very aware of what Nina was doing. I saw her lick her lips while staring at our lower bodies.

I also noticed that Nicky and Michelle were looking decidedly unhappy. I wasn't sure what was bothering Michelle, since she'd blatantly talked about how she hoped I would fuck her sexy friends. But it was easy to guess Nicky wouldn't be happy with either me or Nina for acting like this.

It takes two to tango, and since I didn't want this little dance being taken any further I pushed Nina away. I had to be pretty forceful about it, but she reluctantly gave in and stepped back.

Sue Ellen hadn't had her turn to hug and kiss me yet, so she went ahead and did that next. She was thankfully brief about it. Obviously she was still attempting to deflect any suspicion that she had an interest in me. I idly wondered what happened between her and Ruby since I'd spied on them. I must confess I would have loved to have seen them masturbating out in the deck area while talking about my fucking skills, even though they shouldn't have been spying on me in the first place.

The others went ahead and gave me hugs and kisses too. There was still a lot of joking about the "Fuck my tits" line. I could tell that Michelle and Ruby had noticed how aggressive Anjali and Nina had been, and they clearly wanted to do something similar. But they behaved themselves with relatively normal hugs and kisses. There simply were too many other people nearby to act in a way a daughter shouldn't.

I had to be extra careful with Nicky right there. It looked like she was inspecting my hugs with Ruby and Michelle particularly carefully to make sure there was no inappropriate contact. And even though there was none, she frowned heavily.

The last one to have a turn with me was Monique. She also gave me a quick hug and traded some brief cheek pecks. Happily, she didn't try to joke about titfucking before she pulled away.

Monique was a very curious and interesting girl to me. She had an unusual ethnic background, for starters. She looked black, but in fact she was from a French island in the Caribbean, I believe Guadeloupe or Martinique, and her ancestry was a mix of Spanish, Indian, French, and mostly African. As a result, her skin was lighter than the typical African American, and in fact Anjali actually had darker skin than she did. She surprised people when she spoke with a French accent, but she was a shy girl and didn't speak much at all. As befitting a good friend of Nicky's, she was smart and studious. She usually seemed to be thinking intently about something, and she probably was.

But not too many nerdy girls have a body that looks like Halle Berry's, and she certainly did! Her hair was very short, like Berry's, as well. To be honest, I had no idea what a great figure she had until today, because I'd never seen her in a bikini before. Admittedly, she had the most conservatively cut bikini of the bunch. But it still showed off her what were probably C-cups quite nicely.

I hoped that Monique at least didn't have a serious crush on me, and her brief hug gave me hope that could be the case. Maybe her presence could help keep the others from getting too bold. As a friend of Nicky's instead of the Hellions, perhaps she wasn't sex-mad like their friends were.

All this greeting, hugging, and kissing only took a couple of minutes. Once it was done, Mindy and Cindy guided me to the patio table and insisted that I have a seat.

I was about to do so, but then it occurred to me, Wait a minute. I'm just drifting here without any plan. If I just go with the flow, I'm gonna find myself in arousing situations. Sure, I must admit that I find that fun, but I need to be shaping events and not just drifting. The situation with Nicky is too important and dangerous to leave things to chance.

I had some possible plans and ideas brewing in my head, but I needed some feedback to see if they were workable. With that in mind, I said, "Michelle, Ruby, I just remembered I need to talk to you about something. And while we're at it, Mindy and Cindy, you should be in on this too."

Anjali teased the Gruesome Twosome, "Uh-oh! Sounds like you two are busted!"

Nicky asked, "Hey, what about me?"

To throw her off the scent and not feel left out, I said, "Anjali wasn't far off the mark."

"Oh." She certainly could believe that, since they'd been busted many times, usually together.

There was more teasing about the Hellions getting busted as the women I'd called out followed me into the house. I was fine with leaving the impression that I was upset with my Hellions in some way, because that was all too plausible given how often they were in trouble.

I took our group all the way up to the guest room next to Michelle's room. It had a closed window that looked over the back yard, so we could periodically keep an eye on Nicky, Sue Ellen, Nina, Anjali, and Monique below without being heard (unless we resorted to shouting).

Once we were all seated on the bed and in various chairs, I said, "Okay, the reason I want to talk with you all is I'm not happy about having your three friends drop in on us like this. Normally, I would be upset, but I'm thinking we can turn this to our advantage."

That got everyone's attention. Mindy cautiously asked, "What do you mean?"

"I'm talking about our plan to get Nicky to accept as much of our harem lifestyle as possible. You know, the 'limited hangout' idea I'd discussed before. I know it's kind of quick, but revealing Cindy as my 'mistress' was accepted by Nicky so quickly that I'm thinking we could move to phase two today. Then she'll have two weeks to think about that and let it sink in."

Ruby asked, "What's 'phase two?'"

"Before I get to that, there's something I need to know. How trustworthy do you think those three are? Anjali, Nina, and Monique, I mean. Can they keep a secret?"

Michelle stated firmly, "Oh, definitely! They're totally safe! And we know that for a FACT!"

I waved a hand in her direction, prodding her to explain.

Michelle looked slightly abashed. "It's not exactly my best hour, but remember the peephole from a couple of years ago?"

I grumbled, "How could I forget?"

I thought, She's got some cheek bringing that up, after what happened last night! She still wants me to believe she stopped the peeking two years ago. We'll see who has the last laugh about that, once Nicky is gone!

She said, "Well, as you know, they peeked in on you during some slumber parties way back when. I know that was wrong, very wrong! But the reason I bring it up is because it shows they kept that a total secret. They haven't told a single person outside our group about that until this day!"

Ruby nodded. "If you want proof they can be trusted, there it is. They've been tested, and they have our complete trust. Whereas Lisa, she kept that secret too, but there are some other things where she's been flaky. I take it you're thinking about sharing with them the news about Cindy being your mistress?"

I nodded in reply. "That, and maybe some other things. What do you think about the wisdom of doing that?" Before anyone could reply, I added, "I'm thinking that it's something that's going to come out sooner or later to them, since you're probably going to see them a lot this summer, and beyond. That, and my intimacy with Sue Ellen. That's mainly what I mean by 'other things,' once the time for that is right. Either that, or we'd pretty much have to ban them from ever coming here."

Michelle said pleadingly, "Please, no! Not that! They're our really close friends! Well, Monique not so much, since she's more of Nicky's friend, but Anjali and Nina, definitely!"

Ruby added, "We've known them since elementary school. I don't mind my other friends not knowing, even Lisa. As long as we can share with these two."

I said, "I don't think I need to remind you about the danger of our secrets slipping out. If it became generally known that Cindy was my 'mistress,' that would be a problem, but it's one that we could muddle through. However, the danger of all our secrets coming out is too scary to contemplate! Our harem would be destroyed, our family would be destroyed, everything would be shattered! So, even with friends you completely trust, there are some things they can NEVER know. Am I clear?"

Michelle and Ruby looked chastened, if not downright scared. They both nodded gravely.

Ruby said, "Just so you know, our friends outside plus Lisa know that Michelle and I have had an, um... 'unhealthy fixation' on you for a long, long time. They know that we'd gladly have sex with you in a heartbeat if we got half a chance. But they also think that you're so good and moral that you'd never, ever contemplate something like that. So they kind of pity us as being eternally frustrated."

Michelle grumbled petulantly, "Which is kind of true. Daddy STILL hasn't properly fucked us, and it's breaking my heart! I NEED my Daddy's cock IN me! It's where I belong, lying on my back with my legs spread, impaled balls-deep, getting FUCKED by the only man I've-"

Mindy smoothly interrupted, "Now, now, girls, this is not the time to get into THAT. Let's focus on the problem at hand, shall we? And make sure your friends stay ignorant about your secret enslavement to your Daddy and all the other deeper secrets, understood? Let them go on pitying you."

The sexy Hellions nodded obediently.

I asked them, "Since we're sharing secrets, I have a question. Have you ever had sex with them?"

A startled Michelle asked, "Who?" But she looked busted.

"Your friends. Like Anjali, Nina, and Monique. Even Lisa, for that matter."

Michelle looked away in embarrassment. "Yeah. Kinda. Just with Anjali and Nina though. And Lisa, but only a little. It's turns out she's just a tease." She looked up at me plaintively. "But I didn't want to! I was saving myself for you! But I just have such a powerful sex drive, you know?! I couldn't let any boys touch me, so I had to do something! And of course we both still have our hymens, since our tight cunts belong to you and you alone, so what we could do with other girls was... limited."

I sighed sympathetically. "Look, I'm not judging you. You're a teenager and you have a craving to have sex. I get it. Your mother was a teenaged girl once, and-"

"And I still fuck like one..." my naughty wife interjected.

Ignoring the smirky woman I'd married, I continued, "And I remember how hot to trot she was back then. Suffice it to say, she's only gotten hotter with age, so believe it or not, I do know what it's like for a girl like you to have a powerful sex drive. After all, I married the one I found."

"Flattery will get you fucked later," Mindy promised me with a steamy purr in her voice.

"And this might come as something of a surprise to you," I plowed ahead with the girls, refusing to rise to the bait my wife was dangling in front of me, "I don't think homosexual sex is wrong. Not at all. It's just that I have a selfish desire to see you two have grandkids. Right, Sweetheart?"

Mindy appeared to be stunned that we were getting our daughters' bisexual activities out in the open after having a "don't ask, don't tell" kind of denial about it for so long. But she recovered quickly, and said, "Absolutely. We're not upset. Besides, I know where your true loyalty lies." She smirk-smiled, and nodded towards my crotch in a way that everyone present understood.

For once, I didn't have an erection, but that was only because I willed it to stay flaccid. It was a challenge due to my daughters' bikinis alone, much less hearing them talk about how they saved their virginities for me.

Just to make sure there were no other surprises, I asked Michelle, "Have you ever had sex with anyone else?"

She dropped her head. "Um, yeah. You know the main one, the one I'd done the most with, by far." With her head still down, she nodded towards Ruby.

Ruby saw that. She looked like she wanted to crawl away in shame.

"Anyone else?"

Michelle still couldn't meet my gaze. "Um, there were a couple of more."

"Names? Don't leave anyone out."

"Remember Diane? I kind of got into a spanking thing with her. But she started to actually fall in love with me, so I had to break it off. That's why she hasn't been here in a long time. We had a big falling out. The same thing happened to Roxy."

I nodded. That made sense. I may have been in denial for a long time, but I wasn't totally blind. Diane and Roxy were both unusually sexy and stacked for their ages, but they'd dropped away from our daughters a good while ago. The timing matched her account.

I asked Ruby, "What about you?"

She was like a deer in headlights. "What about me?"

I asked patiently, "Have you had sex with anyone else?"

She looked at me and said earnestly, "I don't want to have lesbian sex at all! I don't swing that way, honestly! But, uh, sometimes Michelle and I would get talking about sexy stuff, usually about you, and, well... one thing would lead to another. I feel so BAD about it! I've tried so hard to save myself just for you! But it's like Michelle said. We have these powerful sex drives!"

Cindy had been keeping quiet. But now she said, "For what it's worth, girls, I don't think there's anything wrong with what you did. You're both obviously very sexual beings. It would be impossible for you to totally abstain. Besides, you gained valuable sexual experience that made you better lovers for your master."

Michelle said with great relief, "Exactly! Did you hear that, Ruby? I told Ruby that so many times. And now we have someone with an outside perspective saying the exact same thing."

Ruby still kept her head down in embarrassment.

Cindy said, "And by the way, it just occurred to me that if these sexual relationships between Michelle and Ruby and their friends were kept secret, then that further shows that these friends can keep a secret."

Michelle was very pleased by that observation. "True! Totally true! We kept that stuff a TOTAL secret! It wasn't easy, but we did it."

She shifted gears a bit, saying, "And speaking about things that weren't easy, Remember that we both still have our hymens! Do you realize how TOUGH that's been?! We've suffered and suffered, and there have been some close calls. But we did it! I hope you can see how serious we are about enslaving ourselves to you!"

How can a modest person respond to that? I didn't know what to say. Although I must admit that I was secretly quite impressed by their determination to stay virgins in that way. It must have been very difficult, if they were having secret lesbian relationships all along.

Mindy seemed to sense my discomfort. She filled the silence by asking, "Ruby, was there anyone else for you besides Michelle? It's good to totally clear the air."

Ruby sighed heavily. "Kinda. It's not like I WANTED to, but sometimes when we'd have our slumber parties, and some of our friends would come over and join us in watching you two have sex, well... things would get a little out of hand. So, I, uh... I kinda did it with Anjali and Nina. They're both pretty slutty, to be honest. But I didn't go all the way with them. Only with Michelle. I just kissed and fondled them... and stuff." She looked terribly embarrassed.

I wondered how Ruby defined going "all the way" with another girl, especially since her hymen had never been penetrated. But I didn't want to bother her more with that kind of question. Instead, I asked, "And is that all in the past, or does it still go on from time to time?"

Michelle hesitated before saying, "That hasn't happened for a long time now. Over a year, at least. Things changed. The peep show parties ended, they got serious boyfriends, we started to hone in on our Plan which we couldn't share with them, and so on. Ruby and I though, we still comfort each other a lot."

I could see that Ruby in particular was dying of shame. So I decided it would be merciful to change the topic. "Thank you for sharing all that. I appreciate your honesty. And remember, I don't think badly about you because of that. Besides, it's in the past, so it doesn't matter now. Understood?"

They nodded.

Michelle was pretty tough to faze. But Ruby looked like she was on the verge of tears.

So I said, "Hey!" That got them to look up at me. "Remember that I love you, both of you. I love you, Shelle. I love you, Ruby. We have each other and we love each other now, and forever, and that's all that matters."

That perked them up. They nodded happily, "Yes, Master!"

I didn't know whether I could fully trust their answers. I was hit with a sharp pang of fear: Wait! What if Nicky took part in lesbian sex during those slumber parties too?!

Somehow, I was okay with Michelle and Ruby doing that, but not Nicky. However, I remembered that when I'd overheard Ruby and Sue Ellen talking today, they said that Nicky got the most aroused she'd ever been during their spying sessions, and she suggested that maybe it was because she was topless for the first time during one of them. So if she'd never even taken her clothes off before, she certainly couldn't have taken part in slumber party orgies!

What a huge relief! Of course my sweet angel Nicky wouldn't do something like that. Phew!

I didn't know whether to fully believe them on the rest, but it fit with all the evidence I knew. Time would tell. Besides, it was probably a moot point by now anyway.

It did occur to me that Ruby and Michelle could still be having sex with each other. So I tried to assure them by saying, "By the way, if you two still have sex with each other sometimes, that's totally okay by me. One guy can't realistically keep five women sexually satisfied all the time, especially given your ravenous sexual hungers. So the more you do that, the easier that makes things for me. I really fully approve. Understood?"

I wasn't sure of their exact feelings on that, but at least they both nodded obediently.

"Furthermore, as I'm sure you can guess, I'm like nearly all randy guys in that I find watching that sort of thing very arousing. So please don't stop on my account!"

They smiled and giggled a little at that.

It looked like I'd put them at ease over that issue, so I decided I needed to get our conversation back on track. I said, "Let's get back to my suggestion that we reveal to these three girls that Cindy is my mistress. And then maybe we'll tell them about Sue Ellen later, depending on how things go. What do you think of that, Sweetheart?"

Mindy answered, "I like it! A lot. It could be a clever move to help Nicky accept our 'limited hangout' revelations. I'm sure all three girls will be all in favor, and enthusiastically so. Having Monique in the know especially will mean that there will be a key voice basically whispering in Nicky's ear, encouraging her to accept things."

I asked, "Why do you think they're going to be so in favor?"

Cindy said, "I can field that one, because it's obvious even to me. They all have big crushes on you. If you have other lovers, that raises the chances that they could have sex with you too from zero to... well, I don't know what, but a lot better than zero! So they're going to be the biggest cheerleaders for this that you can find."

I nodded. "Good. That's what I've been thinking."

Mindy excitedly added, "And we could even dangle that as a carrot, the outside chance that you might have sex with them someday, to make sure they'll keep quiet about whatever we want." She grinned impishly. "Hmmm... Dangling your penis out there like a carrot. I wonder if there's any humor potential there."

I said impatiently, "No jokes now, please. This is serious."

A chastened Mindy nodded. I knew she was trying harder lately to stay serious at serious times, but it was a struggle for her. She couldn't turn her funny bone off.

Michelle said, "Daddy, the three of them have big crushes on you. They would keep our secrets already, because they're trusted friends. But if you dangle that, uh, carrot..." - she couldn't help but snicker a little bit at that - "...their lips will be permanently sealed with Super Glue!"

I stared at her skeptically. "Are you sure?"

Both Michelle and Ruby nodded like bobbleheads. Michelle added for good measure, "I tell you, they've been tested already and passed with flying colors! Multiple times!"

Ruby added, "I know you're thinking: 'Who has a worse reputation about keeping secrets than teenage girls?' But remember that they kept the peephole secret for FIVE YEARS! Plus they kept the girl-on-girl sex a secret. True, there were some rumors and suspicions about that, but no one ever had any proof. They know about how Michelle and I have had 'inappropriate feelings' for you, and they've never told a soul about that VERY important secret!"

Mindy cut in, and said to me, "That's a very important one."

I nodded.

Ruby went on, "And there are other secrets that they've kept that we can't tell you about because they're secrets. And the fact that you have no idea what I'm talking about proves how good they are at keeping secrets!"

I nodded. "Okay, okay, Red, enough already. I'd like to believe you, because if we let them know as much as Nicky does, and they say it's okay, that should help Nicky come to think it's okay too."

"Yeay!" Michelle and Ruby high-fived each other. Mindy and Cindy looked very pleased as well.

I thought, I wish I could believe them on everything. Little do they know they're just digging a deeper hole for themselves by further misleading me about the peephole. And who else knew how much? There will be consequences after Nicky is gone, for sure!

I waved my hands in a downward, calming motion. "Okay. Chill. We need to speed this up, because they're out there waiting. Let's get to my 'phase two' idea. But first, does anyone have any questions or comments about our discussion so far?"

Mindy raised her hand. "I have one for the girls. Regarding Roxy and Diane... Since they've fallen out of your social circle, I haven't seen much of them. Have they continued to develop in all the right places, if you know what I mean? And, if so, what would you think about your dad dating them? By which I mean fucking their tits! And their mouths! And their tight little teenage cunts!"

I groaned with annoyance. "Miiiiiindy! Please! Put a lid on your cucquean fetish for once! This isn't the time or place for that, okay?"

She replied sheepishly, "Okay. But you did agree to at least consider the 'dating' idea later. And there are relatively few girls who have the faces, tits, AND bodies worthy of having a 'rave-up' with the King. Can't I at least gather some information?"

Michelle said, "Daddy, let me handle this. Mom, they have continued to mature nicely, of course. But there are good reasons we dropped them as friends, and those reasons would make them bad choices for any of Daddy's dates. I'd say even more important than the physical is the mental. I'm all in favor of our master dating hot, stacked, teen sluts. As a superior master type, that's his natural right."

Ruby looked at me as she cut in, "So long as he always remembers his cock slaves at home."

"Right," Michelle said. "Of course. I'm assuming that goes without saying, since we're the best of the best, and we love him the most." She stiffened up and thrust her barely covered globes forward proudly. "But anyway, we have to be VERY careful about who else he fucks. We don't want him to have problems with some psycho type. Diane and Roxy are more trouble than they're worth, unless they've changed without us realizing it."

Mindy was satisfied and smirky. "I stand corrected. We'll just have to find him some other 'hot, stacked, teen sluts' instead."

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Wife, my crazy, crazy wife, don't take my silence as some sort of tacit agreement to all this 'dating' craziness. That whole idea is still off the table unless I ever say otherwise. And as you can see, Diane and Roxy are off the table too. So no more talk about them, okay?"

She pretended to zip her lips shut. "Mum's the word. Sorry." However, after just a few seconds, she couldn't resist adding, "That said, I just want to say for the record how very glad I am that we're the kind of harem family that can only discuss which busty teen babes my hubby should be fucking - sorry, I mean 'dating' - and which ones don't qualify. That's the kind of world I've very glad to live in!"

Michelle, Ruby, and Cindy all snickered at that. Naturally, Mindy made exaggerated air quotes when she said the word "dating," which caused even more amusement.

I sighed again. "Anyway... unless there are any other questions, can I get to the second part of my idea?"

There were nods from all four women.

"I'm thinking we should test the waters by having Mindy float the idea that not only is Cindy my mistress now, but it's working out so well that it's theoretically possible we might have another mistress or lover in the future."

Mindy sat up straight. "Wow! I like! I like it a LOT!"

I chuckled. "I thought you would. Of course, the idea there would be to set up the possibility of Sue Ellen becoming my second mistress eventually. We can float that as a mere theoretical possibility now, so Nicky can mull that over while she's in Hawaii. When she gets back, we can work step by step to turn it into 'reality.' Of course, Nicky can't know that Cindy and Sue Ellen are my cock slaves already, since I think that would be way too much too soon. But having them be able to 'come out' as mistresses will be pretty close."

Cindy was all smiles now. "Oh boy, will it! I'm thrilled! And having those three girls know that much thrills me even more! It makes it even more real somehow. I wish the whole world could know, but I know I can't have that. At least having three others know will be something."

Michelle and Ruby were very excited and bounced in their seats, setting off an impressive double tit-quake (or is that a quadruple tit-quake?). They stayed quiet, but they held each other's hands and exchanged significant looks. I think they were sharing Cindy's feeling that this would make our harem life "even more real somehow."

I commented, "We're going to have a lot of difficult bridges to cross. If you and Sue Ellen either spend most of your time here, or even possibly live here, that's going to raise curious eyebrows. Cin, we might want to eventually consider having your mistress status be revealed to more people at some point."

"Really?!" She clutched her hands to her chest as if she could barely contain herself.

"Really. I want to grow old with you. You're in it for the long term, kiddo. If that's what you want."

"I want! I want!" She suddenly got out of her chair and wound up on my lap. Before I could blink my eyes, she was planting a supernova kiss on my lips!

My eyes were closed, so I couldn't see, but I heard the sound of skin slapping skin, which I guessed were high-fives. And I heard Ruby mutter, "Daddy ROCKS!"

Unfortunately, I had to get Cindy off my lap relatively quickly, or else we were in danger of having the serious discussion turn into something else.

With Cindy relocated and order restored, we discussed in more detail just what we wanted to say and how to say it in front of Nicky and the others.

At one point, I said, "By the way, to make things perfectly clear, I have ONE wife and FOUR cock slaves. That's all I ever want, and that's all I ever could handle! I don't want any more. NOT Nicky! Especially not Nicky! And not Anjali, Nina, Monique, Lisa, Jane Corlin, or anyone else! I know some of you have some wild fantasies." I glared pointedly at Mindy. "Fantasies are okay. We can't really control our fantasies, especially when we dream. But in REALITY, I don't want anyone undermining me on this! Is that clear?"

All the women nodded.

I had my doubts, especially in light of finding out that Michelle and Ruby had gotten Nicky to spy on me last night. And Mindy was probably wishing for all of the women I'd mentioned, and then some, to become my cock slaves! I figured I just needed to hold things together until Nicky was gone, and then I could get to the bottom of what was really going on and straighten our tilting ship.

Before we were done, Cindy said, "I think it's fair to warn you that if all this stuff you're talking about is revealed in front of those girls, it'll be like waving a red flag in front of a bull. They're going to be crushing on you even more than before. And you'll be setting up an expectation that at least something sexual is going to happen with each and every one of them."

I shrugged. "I realize that. But I'm thinking maybe I should 'take one for the team' here."

Mindy sat up on the edge of her seat so much that she almost fell off it. She held her breath, and her eyes lit up so much it practically made the room glow.

In fact, everyone seemed to be breathlessly waiting for me to explain.

I continued, "I know this is kind of twisted, but the more crazy and debauched my sex life seems to be, the better off we may be when it comes to the 'limited hangout' plan. Since Nicky has been surprisingly accepting of Cindy being my mistress, I'm pretty sure that she'll come to accept Sue Ellen being my mistress too. Eventually, that is. It may not be easy, and it'll take time, but I'm confident that she'll see the love I have for my Cupcake and the love Cupcake has for me, and she'll come to terms with that. Agreed?"

The others all nodded.

Then I asked, "But then what?"

I let that question hang in the air for a moment. No one was eager to offer suggestions.

So I continued, "Then we have to cross a big leap of my having a sexual relationship with you two." I looked at Ruby and Michelle as I said that. "That's less a 'big leap' and more like trying to step all the way to the Moon! And we've got another huge problem: going from 'mistress' to 'cock slave' or any other kind of slave with Cindy, Sue Ellen, and anyone else. Frankly, both of those things might need to be secrets we're NEVER able to tell Nicky. We'll have to periodically test the waters in various ways to see if there's even any hope."

Mindy suggested, "When the time is right, we could put forth the cock slave thing as a role-play or kidding around idea, and see how that goes over with her."

"Good idea," I replied. "I was thinking about that too."

I waited for any other suggestions, but the others were just eagerly waiting for me to continue.

I went on, "So, where to go after she hopefully warms up to Sue Ellen as mistress? Maybe I need to, well, sully my reputation by taking other lovers, or at least fool around a little bit. Basically, shock Nicky some more and see how she takes it. I know that sounds harsh on her, but it's that or living a big lie until we die. Realistically, there's no easy way to do this without some feelings getting hurt."

Mindy said with surprising calm, considering she looked like she was ready to explode, "So that brings us back to the 'dating' idea. I take it you're thinking you could fool around with Anjali and Nina and the like."

"Possibly," I said carefully, not wanting to get her hopes too high. "Maybe before the end of the summer. If they're as good at keeping secrets as the girls here say, and they have crushes on me already, it seems the obvious next step. Plus, Monique is already in college in some other state and the other two are going to out of town colleges at the end of the summer, so there's a natural limit to how far things can get with them. And that's a good thing, because lately I've been doing far too much thinking with my little head."

Mindy exclaimed excitedly, "Brilliant! I think your little head is a fucking penis Einstein!"

We all had a good laugh over that. But it looked like all the women in the room were so excited that they wanted to do more than just laugh.

Cindy teased me, "Poor you! 'Taking one for the team.' Ha! Sounds like you're gonna suffer!"

Mindy said with surprising fierceness, "SHUT UP! Don't say ANYTHING to discourage him on this, you hear?"

I held my hands up before they all started taking turns kissing me. "Hold your horses! Before you all get too excited here, keep in mind that today the plan is just to FLOAT these ideas as THEORETICAL POSSIBLITIES amongst each other here. Very, very remote possibilities. What matters is Nicky's reaction. If she gets too upset, then we've got to pop this trial balloon. Is that clear?"

They all nodded.

I added, "Whatever may or may not happen between me and the other girls is a distant, secondary concern. Maybe I'll take one or more of them out on a date near the end of summer or something like that, maybe not. What matters is the POSSIBILITY that I could have another lover opening the door to Sue Ellen becoming a second mistress in Nicky's eyes before long. Plus, maybe it opens the door to her being more accepting of a harem lifestyle further down the road."

Mindy was so excited that she was clenching her fists, trying to contain herself. Weird! Apparently, she couldn't handle it anymore, and her hand shot up, like she was an eager grad school student.

I said, "Yes? The class calls on Mindy Cooper?"

She waved her hand around excitedly. "Sorry, Hon, but I couldn't help but notice you've popped a boner for some reason. I can't imagine why, but I hope the thought of fucking all your daughters' sexiest friends has something to do with it!"

Seeing the huge smirk on Mindy's face, Cindy joked, "Smirkarella is in the house!"

Mindy raised her hands up high. "Smirkarella, queen of the smirky night!" But then she got relatively serious, and said, "Anyway, the reason I point out your boner is that one of us should take care of it. Namely, ME! With my mouth! Please?!"

Michelle and Ruby pumped their firsts in the air. "Go, Mom!"

I held my hands out in a 'stop' gesture. "Sorry, that's not going to happen. Whenever we're having a serious discussion like this, we need to avoid that kind of contact. Otherwise, things will soon devolve into a full-blown orgy."

Cindy quipped, "You say that like it's a bad thing." She winked.

Michelle huffed with frustration, "He does! He's such a... a... blockhead! GRRR!"

I went on, "Anyway, let me get back to what I was going to say. Never forget that from Nicky's perspective, Sue Ellen is just another one of her friends. Hopefully, we can direct things so that Nicky will see that if I were to have one other lover, Sue Ellen would make the most logical choice. So think of this as me playing a rigged version of 'The Dating Game,' with Sue Ellen as the pre-selected choice. The others are there mostly to make it seem like there is a real choice."

Cindy said, "I think that's an excellent plan. And I think Nicky already sees that Sue Ellen has special feelings for you. Our adorable Cupcake has proven to be a good actress so far, but she just can't hide her feelings for you. So I think Nicky is going to fall right into your 'trap,' if we can call it that."

Mindy said with fire in her eyes, "I just want to emphasize how fucking BRILLIANT this plan is, and how much I totally love it! I've been dreaming of you sticking it to our daughter's girlfriends for frigging EVER, and now it's going to become a reality! At least a part of it, knock on wood. I could just DIE! Or cum! Or maybe I'll cum so hard I'll die!"

I chuckled again at her bizarre cucquean enthusiasm. "Please don't die or cum just yet. Remember, we're talking only 'remote possibilities' here. Who knows what'll happen? Amongst other things, this can be a kind of trustworthiness test too. We'll have to see how those three respond in the coming days. If there are loose lips, we'll have to go back to the drawing board."

Michelle stood up dramatically. "I'm gonna make SO SURE they don't talk! Don't worry, that's NOT going to happen!"

I chuckled some more at that. But I also thought, Somehow, I have a feeling she's gonna enforce that like a mob boss. It just goes to show that with the Gruesome Twosome I need to use my sex power as a force that keeps them working with me instead of against me.

I asked, "By the way, are you sure Monique can be trusted like the others? After all, she hasn't shared the girl-on-girl sex experience and secret with you. She's much more of Nicky's friend."

Michelle said, "Yeah, but that's why she's so trustworthy. Nicky is as kind-hearted and nice as can be, so she's picked friends who are the same. Monique is a total sweetie."

I nodded. "Okay, if you say so. Remember the great danger if you're wrong."

Michelle and Ruby nodded gravely at that.

Our meeting came to an end after some more discussion on what we'd say. Most of the others stood to go.

However, Mindy did not. In fact, she dropped to her knees right in front of where I was sitting. She undid her bikini top and struck a particularly submissive pose. "Daniel, Honey, my love? You know I don't ask for much. But if you truly love me, please, please, please... let me suck your cock right now! I can see you're still stiff!" She started to reach for my crotch.

But I blocked her hands. "Wait!"

She growled impatiently, "What?! The meeting's over! It's not so much for you but for me. I'm so horny that I'm in danger of passing out!"

The others were still lingering at the door. Cindy went to the door and began to close it. As she and the Hellions disappeared from view, she said, "We'll just leave you two alone right now. It looks like you need some special private time." She was smiling from ear to ear as the door closed all the way.

Mindy pleaded, "See?! No potential 'full-blown orgy' danger there. I'll bet they'll even guard the door."

"We will!" one of the Hellions said through the door.

I could see my desperately horny wife needed some sexual relief. So I nodded and said, "Okay, but let's make this all about you. Let me lick you through a big orgasm or two or three. I haven't been doing enough of that lately, and I miss it." I started to get up so we could reposition.

However, she didn't move, making it impossible for me to stand. "Um.... Hon... I appreciate the thought, but I really, really need to suck your cock! You see, I'm insanely aroused by the idea of you fucking Anjali and Nina and many, many more! My plan is to close my eyes and imagine I'm one of them, forced to kneel before you and suck your cock on one of your future 'dates'! Sorry, but going down on me just doesn't work with my fantasy."

I thought that over. "Okay. You know what? You're the greatest wife any man could ever possibly hope for, so if that's what-"

I had to stop talking in order to gasp, because Mindy took that much for consent and immediately lunged her head forward, swallowing my cockhead and then some in one feel swoop!

I must had grunted and groaned lustily and loudly, because I soon heard giggling and muttering through the door. A multitude of voices told me that Michelle, Ruby, AND Cindy had all decided to help with "guard duty." I even heard Michelle cheer, "Way to go, Mom!" And Ruby said, "Submit to the power of his cock! Suck him hard and deep!"

As soon as I recovered from my initial surprise, not to mention the tremendous surge of arousal my wife's passionate bobbing made me feel, I had to loudly complain, "Would you lot please be quiet?! And keep actual guard! Remember Lady Voldemort is nearby!"

Cindy said, "Don't worry, we've got it covered. I even just checked down the stairs and in the other rooms. We're in the clear."

I didn't reply to that because Mindy's cocksucking had my full attention. She quite literally took my breath away, and I had to scramble just to keep breathing.

I would have said that I hadn't seen Mindy this very aroused in ages, except that wasn't true. She'd been on this "max arousal setting" quite a few times lately, ever since our pivotal "reasonable bounds" discussion and agreement. But this kind of passion would have been almost unheard of from her in the years prior to that. Clearly, her cucquean fetish had turbocharged her libido in a very big way.

Ironically, we were having some of the best sex we'd had in years, in terms of quality though not quality. And that was despite the fact that I was probably having just as much sex with each of my four cock slaves as with her.

Her eyes were closed tight and her brow was furrowed - clearly, she was concentrating intensely on her cocksucking task. I had no doubt that she was having a great fantasy running through her head, probably of her being Nina or Anjali sucking me off. It seemed that was inspiring her even more than imagining any of my cock slaves blowing me. I didn't understand that, but then again I didn't understand her cucquean mentality at all. However, I was definitely learning to enjoy the benefits of her generous attitude!

Mindy had never successfully deep throated me, and in all our years of marriage she'd never really tried. Up until recently, with Michelle's limited deep throating success and then Sue Ellen's more prolonged accomplishments, we had both assumed that a dick as thick as mine simply wouldn't fit down a woman's throat. Min didn't start trying to deep throat me now, but she came very, very close. She lewdly and loudly choked and gagged, pushing herself to the very limit in a way she'd never done before. She'd toyed with the whole choking and gagging thing previously, but only in very limited bursts, typically of a few seconds here and there. However, this time she kept on going and going, tempting fate with her gag reflex for over a minute, and then some!

The resulting obscene noises clearly could be heard through the door, because I soon started to hear some lusty moaning and gasping coming from my three so-called "guards." I had a mental image of all three of them losing their bikinis, which pulled off with ease, and frantically tugging on their nipples and clits. I hoped that at least someone was keeping an eye out, because it would be a disaster if Nicky came upstairs to see and hear that!

Mindy's remarkably prolonged choking and gagging finally came to an end after a couple of minutes when she started to cum, hard. Actually, she'd been fingerbanging herself from the very start, and I suspected that she'd had at least one orgasm within seconds of engulfing my thick pole. She might have had another a minute or so later, judging by the way her lips hummed and quivered around my shaft for a while. But then came such a great and overwhelming climax that she was unable to keep on more or less as usual.

She actually screamed like bloody murder. It probably wouldn't have been heard for miles around, except that her lips had such a tight seal around my boner at the time. I suspect, and hope, the sound didn't get much farther than the door, because it didn't sound that loud to my ears. Thank God, again! It was starting to dawn on me that this seemingly safe blowjob "behind closed doors" was actually flirting with danger in a big way, since Nicky had to be somewhere nearby.

Mindy had been working me up to a fever pitch. I had been anticipating that I would be cumming soon. I figured that would be the prudent thing to do, because if I was sexually satiated, I would have an easier time dealing with Nicky and her jutting ass and shockingly large breasts in that obscene red bikini of hers, not to mention the temptation of Anjali, Nina, and much more. Plus, I was getting nervous imagining what was happening with my so-called guards, and the visual spectacle that had to be making.

However, I found myself foiled, due to the intensity of Mindy's orgasm. She screamed into my cock for a good minute, if not two. That in and of itself was fine. In fact, it was a special kind of thrill getting to feel her orgasm directly through her quivering and humming lips. But then she finally pulled off and crumpled to the floor!

She dropped so dramatically that it seriously worried me. It occurred to me that she might not have been able to get enough oxygen during her orgasm with her mouth stuffed to the brim with hot cock-meat, and so she might have passed out due to that.

I had to drop to the floor and check her pulse, just to be on the safe side. She appeared to be okay, and even conscious, although it was more like she was drifting in and out of consciousness. I held her head in my lap and cooed sweet nothings in her ear until I felt reassured that everything was okay.

Apparently, my "guards" had been very confused by what had happened, since they could only hear and not see. Eventually, the door opened a crack and I noticed Cindy peeking in.

When Cindy saw the way I was cradling Mindy's head in my lap, and stroking her hair, she opened the door more and whispered, "Is she okay?"

I glanced to the door, and saw Cindy, Michelle, AND Ruby, all peering in. It appeared their bikinis came off very easy indeed, because they were buck naked and generally still fondling or at least grasping at their privates.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Sheesh! I can see now I'm going to be exhausted every day for the rest of my life, just trying to keep up with them. I'm not a spring chicken anymore. Having a wife and FOUR cock slaves is challenging enough, but I swear they're all nymphos! Or at least living the harem life has turned them that way.

I whispered back, "She's fine. She's just recovering from a big cum."

Cindy whispered, "WOW! Who else but Daniel Cooper could make a woman cum THAT HARD, from sucking HIS cock?!"

As if! As if I had anything to do with it! I was just there. I could have been a plastic dildo for all that mattered. She did it all to herself with her wild cucquean fantasies. How bizarre!

Seeing Mindy start to come around and open her eyes, I looked to the door and whispered, "Hey! What happened to your supposed guarding? Put your bikinis back on, at least, all of you!"

Some sheepish apologies followed, and they bent over and got their bikinis from the floor. With the door open, I got to enjoy the resulting excellent view.

Unfortunately, I was still very aroused but I didn't know what to do about it. My dick remained like an iron bar, with Mindy's slobber all over it. Clearly, Mindy was done for a while. Her entire body was like a limp rag. If I would have said a word to any of the three cock slaves nearby, I'm sure they would have loved to drop down and take over from where Mindy left off.

However, I was reluctant to do that. As each minute passed, my worry grew that someone would come looking for us. What if that someone was Nicky? And what if the sound of Mindy screaming through her blowjob had made it farther than we realized, and someone came to see what that was about? Or what if Anjali or Nina came poking around? I didn't know where the others were or what they were doing, so I was beginning to fret with worst-case scenarios. I realized I need to go see how things were before I'd be able to sexually enjoy myself.

As a result, I concentrated on comforting Mindy and bringing her "back to the living." My cock slaves also got busy making themselves presentable again. By and by, my erection finally went down.

However, I noticed one curious thing. After Min was fully alert but still in my arms, she found my dick with her hand, swiped a finger through all the pre-cum and saliva there, and then brought the tip of that finger to a spot right between her eyebrows. After making that touch, she sighed blissfully to herself then closed her eyes to rest some more.

That puzzled me for a little bit, until it dawned on me: Anjali! She dabbed her cummy finger right where Indian women sometimes like to put a red dot. Now that I think about it, I believe it's called a "bindi." I'm not sure what it's for; I think it's just a decorative thing, actually. Anjali normally doesn't have a dot there, but she has had it sometimes.

So that means Mindy was fantasizing that she was Anjali. What does that not surprise me? Anjali has the largest boobs of any of the friends. They might even be larger than Ruby's. Or Nicky's, for that matter. Damn, I can't go there, not when I just got flaccid finally. Yikes! But anyway, Anjali also has the most arresting face. She definitely looks like some kind of Bollywood star.

I'll bet that if Min were to make a list of who else she'd want me to fuck besides any of my cock slaves, Anjali would be number one. No, make that number two. Jane is definitely number one. Aaaah, the infamous Jane Corlin! But then Anjali would be number two, and then probably Nina at number three. And you know what? At this point, I probably wouldn't be surprised if I do end up fucking all three of them, and then some! Why not, if my wife actually wants it? No, "wants" is too weak. More like she craves it! And at least Anjali and Nina seem to have the hots for me.

But I can't think like that. Not while the two of them are actually here at the house! If any of that ever happens, it won't be for a while. At least a month or more. I need to take things step by step. Events have been moving way too fast. We have to keep cool and see how sustainable this harem lifestyle is. And with Nicky home, we definitely need to be extra cool and careful!

Eventually, Mindy and I were able to get up and use the bathroom to wash up and generally make ourselves totally presentable. Cindy, Michelle, and Ruby did the same while they patiently waited for us.

At one point, while I was in the bathroom with just Mindy, she looked me deeply in the eyes and said, "Thank you, Daniel. I really, really needed that."

"I noticed! No worries."

"I'm sorry. You must think I'm pretty weird, with my cucquean fantasies. I don't know why my brain works like that, but it does. However, I learned something very important just now."

"What's that?"

"If I ever want to kick my sexual desire into the stratosphere, all I need to do is suck you while imagining I'm one of our daughter's friends. And I don't just mean a fleeting thought; I mean fully inhabiting the role! I was so into it that it was crazy!"

"I noticed!" I said again. I chuckled.

She gave me a big hug. "Thanks for being so understanding. You don't mind?"

"Mind? Why the hell would I mind getting an epic blowjob like that? You really outdid yourself."


After some more small talk and dithering, the five of us finally were all ready and went down the stairs together.

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