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Chapter 20

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

As soon as Mindy, Cindy, Michelle, Ruby, and I were through the sliding door to the backyard, Anjali and Nina were up and walking my way. Apparently, they wanted to give me another hello hug.

However, I said to the two girls, "That last hug still stands. Let's not get into inappropriate behavior here." So that stopped the hugging.

I must admit though that it was a lot easier for me to take a stand now that I'd calmed down and my erection was gone. I did wonder how long that situation would last though. Since I hadn't had a chance to climax with Mindy, my dick probably felt like it had "unfinished business." I was liable to get erect easily, which was the exact opposite of what I'd wanted.

I sat down at the patio table. The others had already eaten a lunch cooked on the barbecue grill, but they'd saved some food for me. So I started to dig in.

I became the center of attention from the moment I showed up. Before, the ladies were scattered all over the pool area, some of them tanning on lounge chairs, some of them actually in the pool. None of them had been sitting at the patio table. But now, EVERYBODY crammed around the table, as if watching me eat was the most interesting thing they could do. We had to squeeze together to fit Michelle, Ruby, Sue Ellen, Nicky, Cindy, Mindy, Nina, Anjali, Monique, and me. Cindy sat on one side of me and Mindy on the other.

Once again, I accidentally sat in the "wrong seat." Mindy had to correct me and point me to the right one.

Unfortunately, Nicky had noticed this happen at least once before since she'd arrived, and she asked, "Why does Dad have to sit there? All the seats look the same to me."

I didn't know what to say to that. It could potentially open up a whole can of worms.

But Mindy had no such reservations. She said brightly, "It's part of a birthday gift I got him. You see, some months back, he was commenting about how much he loved seats that recline all the way back, like an easy chair. So I thought, 'What my hubby wants is what my hubby gets.' It was time we got all new furniture anyway, so while I was doing that, I arranged for one of each set to recline like an easy chair. See?"

With that, she adjusted the lever on the side of my seemingly normal chair. Sure, enough, I tilted way back.

As I tilted the chair back upright, I thought, "What my hubby wants is what my hubby gets?" Yeah, right! I sure don't remember asking for the new furniture. Lately, I only get what I want if it meshes with her cucquean fantasies! Sheesh. Things need to change.

The tricky thing is that nearly all of the stuff she "forces" on me turns out to be pretty pleasurable. Like this chair. It is pretty neat how it tilts back. And of course: four cock slaves! The best "gift" EVER!

The girls in particular seemed very impressed with the chair.

I hoped the others didn't notice, but Michelle and Ruby seemed downright aroused, simply because of the brief chair display! Luckily everyone else was looking at me and my reclining chair, so I was the only one to notice that the Hellions were hungrily licking their lips. It occurred to me that they were probably imagining the things they could do to me and my dick while I was comfortably tilted back like that.

Mindy proceeded to talk some more about the new furniture. In so doing, she managed to make the fact that there was a special chair just for me in every room seem perfectly normal, and part of her birthday gift.

Most importantly, I noticed that Nicky was soaking it all in without suspicion. She didn't even ask any more questions. Luckily, Mindy and I had a history of giving each other some expensive and/or creative birthday gifts, and the sexual advantages of the new furniture were far from obvious. So, upon reflection, it occurred to me that there wasn't much to get suspicious about.

We'd run out of juice, and I wasn't the only one who wanted more. So I volunteered to go to the kitchen, and I recruited Nicky to help me.

In fact, that was just a thinly veiled excuse so I could talk to Nicky alone. Once she and I were in the kitchen, I said to her quietly, "I want you to know we were having a secret family meeting upstairs, and it wasn't really about the Hellions getting in trouble. We would have included you, but we needed someone to watch over our guests. I want to update you now though."

Nicky nodded in understanding.

Since I'd gone back outside, I'd been able to keep my dick in check. But being in close proximity with Nicky - and her amazing red bikini - was too much excitement for my unsatisfied penis. It got fully erect with startling speed. The only good thing was that I had been anticipating that, based on how she had been affecting me lately. As a result, I was standing with my belly pressed up against the edge of the kitchen counter before I even started speaking. My dick had room to do whatever it wanted, even pop out of my far too small bathing suit, and she'd never be the wiser.

She stood kitty corner to me, in front of the refrigerator, so there was only a little bit of counter top between us. But I was sure it was more than enough to block her view of my crotch, thank God.

I continued, "We were just discussing whether or not we should share the fact that Cindy is my mistress with your four friends out there. The vote was a unanimous yes. Your sisters were very vocal in claiming their friends could be trusted with a secret. They said that they've proven themselves by keeping big secrets in the past. And you know how they come around a lot to hang out and lounge around the pool. Cindy would like it very much if she didn't have to act like she was 'in the closet' whenever one of them are here."

I concluded, "That said, it's something we ALL have to agree on. So, if you're not ready for that now, or ever, just let me know and we won't say a thing."

Nicky said easily enough, "Nah, it's okay with me. I think it's a good idea, actually. Besides, I'm not that close with Monique anymore since we go to colleges in different states, but I can see Michelle and Ruby are still really close with Anjali and Nina, and it seems Sue Ellen is like their new best friend all of a sudden. I'm sure they'll be visiting a lot this summer. So it would be really tough to keep a secret like that from them. And I fully trust them too. Oh! Except... maybe for Sue Ellen. I don't know her that well."

I had been carefully listening to her speak, but when she was done, I found myself thinking, Gaawwwd, her breasts are gigantic! They don't jut out like Michelle's twin torpedoes, but in terms of sheer volume, they might almost be as large. So round and full! How did that happen? When I saw her at Christmas, I would have guessed she wore a C-cup at absolute most. But then again, she was bundled up like an Eskimo.

I caught myself staring at her chest, and a silence had gone on for a second or two too long. I rallied and nodded. I tried to make it seem like I was just seriously contemplating the whole sharing of secrets issue. "I'm glad to hear that. And don't worry about Sue Ellen. Your sisters say she can be trusted the most of all. So, if it's okay with you, there's no time like the present. We'll hit them with the news right now."

Nicky shyly bit her lip, but she nodded back.

I noticed her reluctance. I also repeatedly noticed her deep cleavage. My raging boner was doing a lot of noticing in particular. But I forced myself to maintain eye contact as I replied, "Are you sure you're really ready for this? We don't have to do this now, you know. What you think and how you feel matters the world to me. I don't want you to feel like you've been railroaded into this."

She responded more resolutely, "Don't worry, I'm good. Like I said, I'm sure they can be trusted. Besides, I'd like this to come out while I'm still here. That way, I can talk to Monique about it, face to face. I'm really curious to get her perspective."

"Okay. You sure?"

She nodded. Then, sensing the conversation was over, she stepped towards me with her arms outstretched. "Thanks, Dad, for consulting me about this first."

My belly was still pressed up against the edge of the counter. As I returned my attention to my troublesome hard-on, I realized that my cockhead had popped free of my skimpy bathing suit in the last minute or two. I really, really needed a new suit, and soon!

There was no way I could hug her like that. So I faked a little bit of a cough attack to by some time. When it ended, I acted as if I was in trouble and asked her, "Could you be a dear and get me some water?"

"Sure thing." She was closer to the sink and the cups. She got a cup and poured the water from the sink's water filter into it.

That bought me time to furtively tuck my boner back into my swimsuit. I pulled away from the counter and looked down at my crotch to confirm that I was presentable down there. With that accomplished, I walked around the counter closer to her and braced myself for the hug. Hugs were getting to be dangerous things!

It so happened that she wasn't done getting my water, since it had only taken me a few seconds to adjust my erection as soon as her back was turned. That left me some glorious moments where I was standing right behind her and able to freely ogle her ass. I didn't want to, but I couldn't help myself!

GOD! What an ass! I know I said this yesterday, but it's true: she has the best ass in the whole harem! Er, I mean, in the whole family. Her big breasts are amazing hidden treasures, but her ass is even more of a revelation. It's like Michelle's jutting torpedoes, but for the ass! Gaawwwd, I must be babbling and repeating myself, but it's not easy to come to grips with an ass like that. And don't use the word "grip." Damn, it would be so easy to reach out and knead and fondle! But I can't! Not now, not ever! Look only!

Needless to say, this wasn't helping my thick pole calm down at all. But at least I was being mindful not to let another accidental exposure happen.

It seemed to take an unusually long amount of time for her to fill my glass of water, or maybe that was just my imagination, with my lusty thoughts running wild. In any case, she finally turned back around, handed me the glass with a big smile, and I drank it down with one big help.

Then she opened her arms for a hug again, and said, "Like I was saying, thanks, Dad!"

This time, I was able to smile back and wrap my arms around her back. I carefully leaned in just enough so she wouldn't be able to press against my boner. That little trick was a real lifesaver! "Sure thing, Muffin. Anything for you. You opinion matters a lot to me. In fact, with this issue, nothing matters more. I don't want you to feel weird about Cindy and me."

Happily, I was able to sound like a normal man (I hope), but my heart was racing and my mind was reeling, mostly due to the way her huge tits were pressing against my chest. It seemed downright bizarre to me that a hug like this was supposed to be "platonic," because it sure didn't feel that way! I was painfully aware of the fact that between my swimsuit and her bikini, we hardly had enough material to cover a napkin. I had to be very, very careful to keep my hand in the middle of her back instead of sliding down to cup her luscious ass cheeks. It was a kind of erotic torture!

She chuckled at my last comment. "Oh, sure. Don't feel weird. How can I not feel weird about the fact that my dad has taken a mistress, with my mom's full approval?!" She pulled back from the kiss to make eye contact with me.

I was also painfully aware that that put her lips only few inches away from mine. God help me, but I was sorely tempted to lean in and give her the kiss of her life! There's just no easy way to deal with having a busty bombshell for a daughter!

However, I stayed in control, and said, "I know, I know. There's no way it can't be weird. But I thank you for being cool about it. I was really worried. Most daughters would have totally freaked out."

She grinned enigmatically. "Yeah, but most daughters don't have YOU for a father. Frankly, I'm not too surprised, what with all the Dan legends. It's almost more surprising that this sort of thing didn't happen years ago."

I was pretty sure what she meant, but I played dumb anyway. "'Dan legends?'"

She looked up into my eyes without any shyness or hesitation. However, a blush was starting to spread across her cheeks. "Yes, Dan legends. Certainly you must have some clue about those. I've had a lot of weirdness to deal with, having to hear all the stories about your great sexual prowess, as well as your... physical attributes. Daddy, I don't know if you know this, but the word on the street is that you're an unstoppable sex machine! All my friends are head over heels in love with you!"

That shocked the hell out of me. I blurted out without thinking, "YOUR friends?! I thought it was Michelle's friends, and Ruby's friends. Your friends are... well... more bookish."

She laughed easily. She seemed in fine spirits even though her face was still reddening. And she seemed very comfortable in my arms, with her enormous tits pressing into my chest. "Yeah, them too. Especially them, but my friends also. Even 'bookish' girls have fantasies, you know. Everybody has some ideal dreamboat man they dream about."

She suddenly became shy and turned her head away.

I didn't understand why, but I tried to roll with the punches. I tilted my head down and kissed her nose affectionately. Then I gave her a firm squeeze and broke the hug. That was a secret relief for me, because I was in constant danger of having her reposition and brush up against my outrageously bulging lump in my swimsuit. Worse, I was so aroused that the cockhead could potentially pop free at any time.

I said, calmly, "Thanks for being cool about all that too. I'm sure you've had to deal with a lot of weirdness down the years because your crazy parents happen to be a couple of randy buggers."

She laughed, but nervously this time. "Yeah, well, now it's what, 'parents and mistress?' DaaaAAAAaaad! I still can't believe you and Cindy..." She poked me in the chest, but in more of a playful way. "You naughty, naughty man!"

I tried to play that off in a jokey way. I stepped back to make room, and then stretched my arms straight out in front of me and tried to act like Frankenstein. "Me... horny! Want... wooo-man! Where is wooo-man?!" I staggered around, but mostly staying in place. I definitely didn't want to "catch" Nicky, or that would just lead to more trouble.

She had a good laugh, and the nervousness seemed to vanish from her face. She playfully swiped a hand in my direction, as if trying to slap me. "Oh, you! You're such a goofball. Though that's not far from your reputation. Now, let's go back to the others. You'll find a lot of 'wooo-man' there."

I pretended to be an idiot who only understood the word "wooo-man." I turned my head this way and that and sniffed the air. "Woo-man?! Where is wooo-man?"

She laughed some more, and then walked around me. "Come on, I'll show you the way."

I kept up the Frankenstein walk a little more, happy to make her laugh.

Once we were back outside, my walking returned to normal and I thought, Phew! That didn't go like I thought it would at all. The conversation did, but getting close to her one-on-one like that is downright dangerous! At least when she's in that bikini. We've gotta put her back in normal clothes!

Yet, even as I was trying to think respectable things, I was walking slightly behind her due to my Frankenstein antics, which meant I had a prime view of her ass cheeks as they undulated with each step she took. I don't know if it was just me, but it seemed as if she was walking much slower than usual, forcing me to walk slower to continue to enjoy the view.

Lord have mercy! Seriously, my heart can't take it! If only she wasn't my daughter! God, if she was one of my daughter's friends, I swear I'd be upstairs right now, fucking the hell out of her, in every orifice! DAMN! And I wouldn't stop there! I'd make her my cock slave, in a New York minute! But she IS my daughter! I can't think those thoughts. I can't! I can't!

Oh God, but just look at that ass! That little triangle of red has ridden up into her ass, making it look like a G-string. Fuck me! What perfect ass cheeks, ripe for the squeezing. But I can't think like that! I can't, dammit!

Soon, we were all sitting around the patio table again. It took a while, but my erection eventually subsided. I had to consciously look into the distance most of the time, because everywhere I looked was another titillating sight. I hoped the others just figured I was tired and spacing out.

After some more idle small talk, plus eating and drinking, I decided it was time to drop the bomb. I said, "I have an announcement to make. You may be wondering what us Coopers were discussing upstairs a little while ago, and why Cindy was with us. And you probably saw some hushed discussion between Nicky and I in the kitchen. We were talking about something important and trying to decide if it's something to share with you."

I looked pointedly at Anjali, Nina, Sue Ellen, and Monique. I asked them, "The most important question is, can we trust you to keep an important secret?"

The four of them pretty much fell all over each other in their eagerness to show that they could be trusted. They said the right things. I was impressed at how well Sue Ellen matched the actions and looks of the other three.

But Michelle didn't seem to think that was good enough. She and Ruby took them from the table and quietly talked with them as a group for a few minutes. It was too far for me to hear what they were saying, but their faces looked serious and intense. It looked like she was making them make a blood oath or something!

Soon, they all returned and sat back down. Except for Michelle, who remained standing in order to dramatically announce, "We're good. I'd trust them with my life now. And they already knew the grave consequences of screwing up." She gazed menacingly at each of them before smiling beatifically back at me.

I was secretly amused. You don't want to get on Michelle's bad side. It's funny how someone so sexually submissive can be so domineering in most other respects.

And God, what a BABE! What is it with me today? I'm so horny. But seriously, she's just as dangerously tempting in her yellow bikini. Look at how her tits stand straight out, without any support from those little triangle of fabric.

Damn, I need to go off alone and clear my head because I just start up and fondling random girls! And the thing is, my wife would absolutely ADORE if it I did just that! Ugh. I really should have had an orgasm upstairs, while I had the chance.

Once Michelle sat down, I gathered my wits and said, "Okay, now that we've got that sorted out, I'll bet you're wondering what the big deal is all about. I'm just going to come out and say it point blank: Mindy and I are still very much in love and very happily married, but, with Mindy's full approval, I've taken Cindy as a lover too. In fact, I now consider her my official mistress, and a part of our family."

You could have heard a pin drop. Anjali, Nina, and Monique sat there with their eyes bugged out and their jaws hanging open in almost comical fashion. Sue Ellen didn't look as shocked at first, but then she eyed how the others looked and copied their expression. That slight mistake on her part didn't matter though, since everyone was staring right at me.

After a painfully long pause, Anjali looked around as if searching for pranksters to announce it was all a joke. She finally asked, "Is that really true?!"

"It is," Mindy said in a no-nonsense tone.

That resulted in a lot of ooohs and aaahs. Clearly, they considered this pretty big news. They were still too stunned to even know what to ask or say.

I was surprised by the lack of a more visible reaction from any of them. But, on the plus side, i was getting more into a kind of emotional crisis mode, which helped me from getting sidetracked with arousing distractions.

After another painfully long pause, Nina asked Mindy, "And you're okay with that?"

Mindy replied with supreme confidence, "Yes! Definitely!"

Nina seemed incredulous. "But... you're his wife!"

Mindy sighed, and then went into a long explanation. It was very similar to the explanation that Nicky had been given yesterday.

That was old news to me, as well as the rest of us who had heard it before. But we waited patiently until Mindy finished.

Then the inevitable questioning period began. Mindy and Cindy fielded most of those, but I got asked a few, and even our three daughters had to give some answers about what they knew and when. Nina brought up how I'd French kissed and fondled Cindy the last time she and Anjali was here, and pointed out how that was a mystery than now made sense. Apparently, Mindy had led a sort of cover up about that afterwards, but now the air was cleared.

From time to time, I nibbled at my tofu sandwich, since the big shock of the news had worn off and we were winding down to a normal conversation. My dick remained stubbornly stiff, and that wasn't likely to chance with so many gorgeous bikini-clad women surrounding me, but it wasn't throbbing needfully like it had been earlier when I'd been in the kitchen with Nicky.

During one of her answers, Mindy made a casual mention of Cindy being my "first mistress." That was a clever hook to make sure the right question was asked.

Sure enough, the girls picked up on that. But I was mildly surprised that Nicky was the one who asked, "Dad, Mom just said that Cindy is your 'first mistress.' What does that mean?! Does that mean you might have other mistresses eventually?!"

This was a tricky question, especially with Nicky asking it. I had to clear my mouth of food first so I could answer it at length.

The others waited with bated breath to hear what I would say. Suddenly, everyone seemed to be on edge again!

Finally, I said, "Mindy, Cindy, and I are very happy with how this arrangement stands right now. So there's no need to change anything. That said, the bottom line is that anything is possible, I suppose. But Cindy becoming my mistress is a very new development. We're not going to try to mess around with more complications when we're still figuring out how a 'wife plus mistress' system works. Besides, I, for one, couldn't be happier with the status quo. So why mess with success?"

I added, "And that's not even to mention the difficulties any additional lovers could cause my daughters. For instance, what would people think if word of that got out? That would put a lot of pressure on them."

My goal was to hint at the possibility that I could have a second mistress, but leave it as a very REMOTE possibility. I hoped that's how my answer was interpreted.

But Mindy was a little more enthusiastic, and she was ready to drop more hints. She added, "That's all true. However, I'm enjoying sharing my husband with a mistress so much that at this point I wouldn't mind at all if we add another mistress eventually. Of course, my feelings could change. And that assumes it would be someone as wonderful as Cindy. We're opening our minds to non-traditional ideas, knowing that our marital bond will be rock solid no matter what. For instance, there's always the possibility of simply inviting other women to our bed from time to time."

That last comment was a big eye-opener for everyone! Even I was surprised she dared to go there so soon.

Nicky reacted with dismay. "MoooooOOOOoooom! How can you say that?! Here I am just getting used to the Cindy-as-mistress idea, and then you hit me with that double whammy on top of it?!"

I got a bit lost just looking Nicky's way, and seeing her immense breasts lightly swaying as she turned her head and then gesticulated. I felt bad for the strings holding her bikini top together. They looked to be straining to keep her covered.

Mindy replied, "I'm sorry, but it's better that you brace yourself now. The odds of Dan actually taking a second mistress are VERY low because that woman would have to have great personality compatibility with not only Dan, but Cindy and me too. The chances of everyone falling in love and everything working out just so is highly unlikely. What makes our current arrangement work remarkably well is that Dan and I have known Cindy for years and years. In a way, we just strengthened our relationships even more and added a sexual component."

I thought, Good. Mindy is talking sensibly. I like her emphasis on "VERY low." However, I fear a "but..." is coming.

Then Mindy continued, "That said, by contrast, I think the odds of Dan adding an occasional extra woman to his bed from time to time is very high."

I thought, Shit! I was right. Now she's gone and done it! "Very high?!" That wasn't what we'd discussed! That's like throwing raw steak to a pack of wild dogs! Mindy, please, stop before you completely blow it!

Sure enough, you couldn't have seen more interest from the other women if Mindy had announced she was going to give out directions to big piles of free money. Even my cock slaves who already knew the full truth sat on the edge of their seats. I'd already noticed they all seemed to share Mindy's inexplicable lust of having me fuck women outside the harem. Bizarre! Could being a cucquean be contagious?!

With everyone wearing skimpy bikinis, it wasn't hard to tell from the erect nipples that everyone was highly aroused! Some of the girls looked like they were having a little trouble breathing. A few of the faces were slightly flushed.

Nicky, however, looked decidedly unhappy, and I could understand why. She'd agreed to sharing the "Cindy as mistress" news, not this.

Mindy looked at Cindy. "What do you think?"

Cindy replied firmly, "Oh, definitely. I don't want to get too graphic here-"

Anjali eagerly cut in, "Oh, please do!"

That caused some nervous laughter.

Cindy said, "No, really, I shouldn't. But it's hard to explain without at least saying something a bit shocking. Let's put it this way. Both Mindy and I dearly love making love with Dan here." She smiled at me. "But we've also discovered that we love watching the other one make love to him nearly as much."

Mindy quipped, "And it takes a lot less work!"

Cindy's eyes sparkled. "And that's not even to mention the fun we have with the three of us in one bed at the same time."

I cut in, "Ladies! I think you're being WAAAAY too frank! Please!"

Our daughters' friends didn't seem to mind such frankness at all. In fact, Nina in particular was so eager to hear more that it looked like she was about to climb into Mindy's lap!

Anjali said breathlessly, "No, please! PLEASE! Tell us more! We don't mind at all!"

Mindy shrugged. She was putting on a good show of acting normal, but I knew she had to be secretly thrilled to talk about this. "There's not much more to say. I was a little apprehensive about this new arrangement with Cindy at first, but it's worked out so well that it's changed my feelings about sharing my man. I had no interest in sleeping with another man. That just plain isn't gonna happen, period."

"Ditto!" Cindy said. "The very idea upsets me."

"I think we can guess why," Anjali quietly muttered.

Some of the other girls nodded at that and cast furtive glances in the general direction of my crotch.

I wasn't entirely sure what that meant, but I surmised that they all knew about the unusual size of my penis and figured that any woman who got regularly fucked by it wouldn't be satisfied by anything smaller.

Mindy ignored that, and continued, "But if seeing Dan and Cindy make love together is something that I enjoy, then maybe I'll enjoy seeing him make love to someone else. Who knows? It's something we may explore in the future."

After saying that, she seemed to realize that she might have gone too far, so she hastily added, "But I don't want to shock and disturb all you young ladies, so I'll leave it there."

Several voices spoke at once, saying things like, "Please shock us!"

I again noticed that Nicky wasn't one of those, and she looked rather perturbed (while also extremely curious - she was probably waiting to see what the next shocker would be). I was starting to feel terrible. Mindy had sabotaged my plan and Cindy had gone right along with her.

It looked like Cindy finally saw Nicky's unhappy reaction too, because she held up a hand with a "stop" gesture, and said, "No, really, I must insist. We need to stop there."

That led to a chorus of disappointed sighs from most everyone except myself, Nicky, and Mindy.

However, the others showed no interest in stopping. Anjali asked, "How would that work? Let's say you're all at a party and Dan sees a woman he fancies. Would he just say 'I'd like to have sex with Jane over there,' and then he'd end up in bed with her later? Alone? Or not?"

I was curious about Anjali's use of the name 'Jane.' Was that name picked at random, or could she have been referring to Jane Corlin in particular? It was fairly likely that she knew Jane was a longtime friend of the family, and it was obvious that Jane was both single and extremely gorgeous. Her breasts in particular were so spectacular that I figured she had to be locally famous.

I decided I needed to speak up before speculation got out of hand, although I didn't want to shut the door on this line of thinking completely, because it would be vital in helping the "slow reveal" plan for Nicky. What Mindy had said couldn't be unsaid, so I had to try to limit the damage.

I raised up both hands in a "stop" gesture. "Hold on, everybody. I think we're getting way ahead of ourselves here. These are possibilities Mindy, Cindy, and I have only barely begun to discuss with each other. Very, very UNLIKELY possibilities! This isn't something we've even really discussed with each other yet, so I don't know why Mindy is saying this to all of you." I gave my wife a displeased look.

I continued, "My guess is that she was just mentioning some fantasies out loud. Who knows if or when or how any of this would play out in real life? It's a near certainty that we'll just stick with what we've got. Why mess up a good thing? Besides, how lucky am I to have not one but two wonderful and loving women? Why would I need any more? That would be tempting fate and asking for trouble."

I glanced at Nicky, hoping that had mollified her at least a little. But her face was hard to read. She didn't look happy, that's for sure.

Anjali eagerly suggested to me, "But why not just... go for it?! Sure, having another mistress is unlikely, but I like this 'one night stand' idea. If all of you are in favor of the idea, then add some more spice to your life! Live the kind of life others can only fantasize about!"

I had a sneaking suspicion that if I were to ask her who I should sleep with on one of these one night stands, she would happily volunteer herself. Her nipples were visibly erect. (But then again, so were most everyone else's! And my boner was back and not about to go away either.)

Mindy smiled widely and took my hand in hers on top of the table. "We are living the dream already."

Nicky said testily, "I don't get it. Mom, sharing him with one other woman is bad enough, but I can kind of understand since you and Cindy are so close. But to contemplate others?! And one night stands?! That's what everyone else calls cheating!"

Mindy replied defensively, "It's not cheating if I fully approve. And, given the right circumstances and the right woman, I think I very much would approve. But Dan certainly would need to get full approval from both Cindy and me before we let him fool around in any way. Otherwise, it would be adultery. Like he said, we're not going to rush into this, if we even do it, period." She reluctantly added, "He's right; I must have just been musing about some fantasy ideas out loud."

Nicky growled, "Why would you let him fool around at all?! And it sounds blatantly unfair. What if you go to a party and find a man YOU want to sleep with? What happens then?!"

Mindy smiled benevolently and purred knowingly, "That happens at every party we go to, and that man's name is always Dan." She leaned over and fondly kissed my cheek.

There were some "awww, how sweet"-type murmurs of approval.

Nicky wasn't satisfied. "You're dodging the question, Mom! I'm asking what if that man you want is someone OTHER than Dad? What then?"

Mindy replied, "That hasn't happened yet, and I've already told you that just plain is not going to happen, period. So there! My husband is all the man I'd ever need. In fact, he's MORE of a man than I'd ever need. Nicky, I don't want to get sexually explicit here, but I don't know how to answer the question otherwise so you'll understand: Dan leaves me VERY sexually satisfied, each and every time! He's like the Energizer bunny. In fact, he's so energetic that that's one of the big advantages to having Cindy as a mistress: lately, I'm not constantly tired from being the sole target of his very big affections."

Someone muttered, "Very, VERY big!" I couldn't tell who it was.

Everyone heard that though, and it got lots of laughs. Clearly, I had a well-established reputation for having a large penis with this crowd. Even Monique and Nicky couldn't help but knowingly chuckle a little bit at that.

Surprisingly, Mindy acknowledged that comment and addressed it. "Yes, to be totally frank, that's a part of it. I don't think his size is unknown to anyone here, and I consider myself a very, VERY lucky woman! I have a personal saying: 'Once you've had Dan, you won't want any other man.'"

I'd never heard that before, and judging from the reactions, I doubted anyone else had either. Most of the girls looked like their lust for me doubled in a heartbeat. Sue Ellen played along capably or was genuinely visibly aroused like the others.

Only Nicky didn't react. Or at least her face looked too upset to obviously show other emotions.

I quickly spoke, so as to make sure the discussion moved away from comments about my penis size. "What can I say? I'm a very lucky guy. Personally, I couldn't begin to imagine wanting to see Mindy with another man. And although I haven't been with Cindy long, I already feel the same way about her. They say that they'd be open to the idea of me sleeping with other women too, but I can't believe it. It's one thing to say that in theory, but it's another to still feel that way in practice. Jealousy can sneak up on you in all kinds of ways. So it's best if we just keep this talk about other women as just that: talk."

I had hoped that would help Nicky not get too upset, but apparently it wasn't enough. She said, "I can't believe you guys! Especially you, Mom!" She stood up and stormed off into the house.

A frowning Mindy got up as well. "I think I'd better go talk to her. Cindy, why don't you come with me? I have a feeling this is going to be a long conversation, and it'll be good if she hears from both of us."

As Cindy stood up, Mindy said to me, "Honey, you stay here. She'll need to talk to you some more about this, but not yet. Let us women handle it for now."

I nodded. But I also gave Mindy a look. Again, I like to think that we know and love each other so well that we can communicate a lot of meaning without words. So I gave her a look that said, "You screwed up. Try to undo the damage as best you can."

She gave me a sad look indicating that as least she knew she'd screwed up. She nodded back. Then she and Cindy went into the house.

I was torn over what to do. I wanted to give Nicky a big hug and tell her that what Mindy said, and Cindy seconded, was just a spur of the moment crazy musing because I'd never agree to it. But the truth of our actual sex lives was many times more shocking. I didn't want to reveal this much this fast, but if Nicky could accept it, that would be a very good thing in the long run. I could only cross my fingers and hope that Mindy and Cindy managed to smooth this over.

I didn't mind staying behind, because this would give me a chance to see how our shocking news went over with the others. Maybe I could do a little bit of damage control here too. My plan had been to open the door to a second mistress just a little bit, whereas Mindy was trying to knock the door wide open to that and even more. Perhaps I could dampen down expectations now that my reckless cucquean wife had gone.

As soon as they left, Michelle said, "Well, I'm a daughter in this family too, and I don't have ANY problem with Dad sleeping with other women. I think it's cool!"

As usual, Ruby was there to back Michelle up. "I do too!" She added, "I mean, how many kids have fathers who are THAT studly? It's kind of a point of pride for me that not even two beautiful and energetic women like our moms are enough to keep him sexually satisfied."

Unfortunately, I realized I had the Hellions to contend with too! We were supposed to be on the same page here, and they were not helping me keep the emphasis on "remote possibility!"

I said, "Hold on! Who said I was ever sexually unsatisfied?"

But Nina seemed to completely ignore that. She said dreamily, while staring right at me with "come hither" eyes, "It must be like having a famous porn star for a father."

I complained, "Hold on. 'Porn star?' Are you kidding me?! You're letting your imaginations run wild. I'm just an ordinary, typical suburban dad."

To my surprise, every single one of them found that amusing. I think it was my turn to blush a little as they all laughed in a way that suggested none of them believed my modest claim.

With Cindy and Mindy gone, the table was much less crowded. It also just so happened that Ruby and Nina were left the ones sitting closest to me. They immediately scooted in towards me instead of taking advantage of the extra space to spread out. Ruby clung to me with an arm around my back, while Nina scooted up to me with surprising boldness, ending up almost hip to hip.

I had been keeping an eye on Monique from time to time. She was so shy that she rarely spoke in groups like this, although she sometimes came to life in more intimate settings. However, her facial expression wasn't revealing.

Nina and Anjali, by contrast, could only be described as "eager," if not out-and-out hot to trot.

Had Nicky still been here, I'm sure she would have asked her sisters why they thought that was "cool." But since she wasn't, there wasn't anyone to provide some restraint, unless I did. So I said, "Wait a minute, girls. We're only talking about a very unlikely theoretical possibility. The chances of anything like that really happening is essentially zero."

To my surprise, Nina said, "That's what you think! If Mindy AND Cindy are okay with it, then what's stopping you? You're a man, and one with a famously big libido. Of COURSE you'll come around to the idea before too long!"

That knocked me back. How could Nina claim to know what I wanted better than I did?! And what is this "famously big libido" about? How come so many teenage girls know so much about my sex life?! Yeah, she knows, 'cos she's a good friend of our daughters. But she makes it sound like it's general public knowledge!

Anjali said challengingly, "Yeah! What she said! And don't forget about your even more famous, well, let's just call him your 'happy guy.' Besides, if you're so 'ordinary,' name another man around here who has a wife AND a mistress. Much less one who sleeps with both of them at the same time!"

Nina said lustily, to no one in particular, "Can you just imagine what goes on in that bed at night? Wow!"

I grumbled, "Okay, enough of that. No more talk about this mistress stuff, okay? In fact, no more sex talk, period. I've gotta get back to eating my lunch."

Anjali griped, "Awww. You're no fun..." - she added knowingly - "outside of bed, that is."

"Yeah, we've heard stories!" Nina added eagerly.

I noticed that Sue Ellen was staying quiet, no doubt as part of her campaign to keep her true relationship with me a secret. Then again, she already knew what I was like in bed and didn't have to fantasize without experience about what it would be like.

That was fine by me, but Monique's similar silence was making me curious. I asked her, "What do you think about all this?"

For someone so quiet, Monique had no trouble speaking up now. "Can I speak frankly? Even about sexual matters?"

"Yes, of course."

"You just said no more talking about sex."

"That's because certain other people were getting out of hand. But you haven't said a word, so I'd like to know what you think."

"I am a French citizen, and you probably have heard the stereotype that a man having a mistress doesn't have much of a social stigma in France. And that is true. I don't see a problem with it, as long as Mindy approves."

I nodded. "You're a French citizen?" I took another bite of my burger.

"As I think you know, I'm from Martinique in the Caribbean. That's not an overseas French colony; it's part of France, just like Hawaii is part of the U.S. We get to vote in all the French national elections, we're part of the European Union, and our currency is the Euro."

Nina complained, "Who cares about that boring stuff? Let's get back to Dan and his many future mistresses and lovers!"

I brusquely dismissed that. "That's just not going to happen." Then I asked Monique, "You grew up there, right?"

"Yes, until I was twelve, actually. It still feels like home to me."

Knowing the others were chomping at the bit, I decided to bend a little in their direction by asking Monique, "And what do you think about this 'and lovers' stuff?"

She shrugged. "I don't care. It's not for me to judge. If you, Mindy, and Cindy all have an arrangement that works for you, that's what matters. But I would be careful with the 'other lovers' part. You might find it to be more troublesome than you expect."

I nodded. "I think you're wise beyond your years."

Anjali asked me eagerly, "What do YOU think about possibly having a younger lover or two? One who is, I dunno, say around college age? Come on! You can't tell me that doesn't sound appealing and exciting to you!"

As if there was any doubt what was on her mind, she visibly straightened up and thrust her large, bikini-clad breasts out slightly.

I was in the middle of another bite, and before I could answer, Nina responded, "I think that's a GREAT idea! It's perfect, actually. That way, Mindy doesn't have to worry about you finding someone you'll be too compatible with. It's just PURE SEX!"

I don't know if Nina even realized it, since she was staring off into space with a hungry expression on her face, but she had a hand on my thigh now! At least it was staying in place and not wandering towards my groin.

Anjali snickered at Nina, "I'm sure that's why you like the idea so much. ... For Mindy's sake."

Michelle couldn't help but say, "My Dad is a total STUD! That's just a FACT. I think he should have a lot of lovers, of all ages! If Mom is cool with it, then why not? Live a little!"

"But especially younger ones," Ruby chimed in all too eagerly. "Say, eighteen to twenty-five."

"Yeah!" Michelle agreed. She tried to add a fig-leaf justification. "That's ideal, because the age gap makes it hard to have a serious emotional connection. Leaving it just a purely sexual thing."

Nina was practically writhing in her chair, and squeezing my thigh. "That's just what I said. No emotional attachments. Just PURE SEX!"

I thought, Uh-oh! It's a good thing Nicky isn't here to listen to this. The Gruesome Twosome aren't hiding their daddy lust very well at all. I hope the others are too horny themselves to notice. Apparently they already knew the Hellions have a "secret" crush on me, so thank God for that. But that goes beyond "secret crush" to "do me next!"

I need to get everyone to calm the fuck down! This is not going like it's supposed to! On the plus side, it looks like my daughters' friends definitely do have a big crush on me, and that increases the chances the "dangling carrot" really might keep their mouths shut.

There was a collective sexual energy in the group that seemed to be growing stronger. My penis had been flaccid for a while, but it suddenly engorged to full size. This was a problem, because Nina's hand was only a few inches from where my cockhead was threatening to burst free of my entirely inadequate swimsuit!

I was very glad that Nicky wasn't here. She would have been distressed to see the way Anjali and Nina in particular were panting and staring at me with bedroom eyes.

Monique by contrast still wasn't revealing much with her facial expression, but she'd apparently noticed how silent Sue Ellen was being, so she politely asked her, "What do you think?"

Sue Ellen brightened. "I think it's an excellent idea! I haven't known this family for long, but it seems that Dan is a man of great sexual energy, and he needs a way to let all that energy out. We've all heard the stories. Even with a mistress now... it's not fair to expect Mindy and Cindy to handle all of that."

The other girls all nodded in agreement, as if no one could dispute that "fact."

Obviously, Sue Ellen had to be in favor if she was going to take advantage of the opportunity later. But still, it was frustrating that she was throwing more fuel onto the fire too.

I put my tofu burger down and complained to the girls, "Hold on a minute. You all are making it sound like I'm some kind of unstoppable sex beast. I've been married for two decades to Mindy and had sex with no one but her the whole time until very, very recently, and that was perfectly fine. There's no need to change, and I don't want to change! Cindy isn't my mistress because Mindy wasn't enough for me, but because Cindy and I happen to love each other very much, and Mindy is good with that. Let's talk about something else already before you all get so excited that I have to hose you down."

That turned out to be a poor choice of words! I noticed both Michelle and Ruby had to bite their lips. It looked like they were struggling hard not to say or do something rash. The others all looked startled, but in a good way, as if they'd just been goosed and decided they liked it.

I remembered something important I wanted to say, and I hoped it would help keep the sexual energy at the table from getting out of hand. "By the way, what we've been talking about today, that it's even remotely conceivable I could have a second mistress or outside lover... I need you to promise all over again not to share that with anyone else. Okay?"

I stared at them intently, trying to cow them a bit. "Mindy and Cindy were just kind of thinking out loud, and everyone's running with that like it's a done deal already. It's not! I don't even like the idea. If such a thing were to get out, it could be devastating for my entire family. So if you want to make sure it never happens, the fastest way to do that is to tell all your friends. The only way there's even a TINY chance such an arrangement could possibly work is if it's done discreetly. So mum's the word, okay?"

The girls all solemnly nodded.

However, even after I said that, more than half of the girls looked like they wanted to jump me right then and there. Heck, to be honest all of them did, with the possible exception of the enigmatic Monique. And that was not good, because Michelle and Ruby were my daughters! It's true that Ruby wasn't technically and legally my daughter, but she was mine as both family and slave in my mind now, and I'm sure in her mind as well, and so I wasn't going to treat her any differently than Michelle or Nicky.

I was particularly mindful of the way Ruby was clinging to me with a mostly bare boob pressing into my side, and the way Nina still had a hand on my upper thigh. That hand was just inches from some very dangerous areas, especially since my erection happened to be tilted to that side.

I looked at Nina, and saw her looking at her hand, plus the penis-shaped bulge right next to it. It looked to me like she was gathering up the courage to move her hand right on top of that bulge!

So I said, "Girls, I hate to do this, but I'm going to have to ask all of you to leave the table so I can finish my burger. I haven't made much progress on it due to all the talking, and I'm starving to death!"

That was harsh but necessary, I felt. As usual, it seemed like it fell on me to keep things from spinning out of control. Besides, I'd done my best to try to reduce their expectations. It seemed that they were in such a state that whatever I said would just get twisted around to make them even more excited. I'd have to try again after they'd calmed down.

I added, "Michelle? Ruby? Can you two stay behind for a minute?"

They nodded.

The other girls were reluctant to leave, but they soon got up to talk amongst themselves. Just watching them walk away was inspirational. So many firm and barely covered asses!

Anjali walked away, putting an extra oomph into swishing her hips back and forth. But then she had an idea and came back to me. She leaned over, practically dangling her big tits in my face. Then she whispered in an extra sultry voice, "Fuck my tits, Master!" She winked knowingly. "For real!"

With that, she giggled like it was just a teasing joke, and stood back up. As she walked away, she looked back over her shoulder and winked at me again.

I thought, Hot damn! I'll have to keep an eye on her. She's dangerous!

Although... I wonder what it would be like to fuck her tits... Such dark skin. I'll bet people assume she's black all the time. What would my relatively light-colored cock look like sliding through her dusky cleavage? But you can't feel color. I bet they're as soft and squeezable as they look!

Shit! That's one thing I'm never going to find out. Behave!

I watched her still slowly walking away from me, her extra wide ass cheeks undulating up and down. And she has a very nice ass too. She wants me, big time. The truth is, I could tell her, "Meet me upstairs in my bedroom in five minutes. Naked." And she'd do it! And Min and all the rest would heartily approve. I could fill all her holes and leave her a cum-coated mess!

Damn. Now that I think about it, why NOT do just that?!

There I go, getting carried away again. That would never fly with Nicky in the house. And even if it did, and she actually approved, I'm spread way too thin. Enjoy all the teenage eye candy, but don't touch! That has to be my motto for today. IF I were to ever do anything with any of them, it won't be for a month or two, and only then if all the stars align. So I need to calm the hell down too!

With just the Gruesome Twosome still at the table and the others all out of earshot, I said to them in a quiet voice, "I'm going to be quick, because I don't want the other girls to think we're having some kind of big argument. You know Min went and screwed up by bringing up this 'outside lover' stuff on top of what we'd agreed to reveal. I'm not happy, but we have to try to turn lemons into lemonade. You two can't seem enthusiastic about this! You all but said, 'I love this idea because I can be one of Dan's outside lovers too.' You've gotta be more careful!"

Ruby whispered with concern, "Sorry. What should we do? We just said some incriminating things and we can't take them back now."

"I know,” I snorted in reply. Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself down. I realized that while I was upset, I shouldn't be taking my frustrations out on my daughters. “Look girls, that got way out of control. You two mean the world to me, and if we're not careful everything could blow up in our faces. As for what you said, luckily Nicky wasn't here to hear that. You should talk to your friends out there and act like you're having second thoughts. Also, make sure they temper their enthusiasm around Nicky, and make sure they don't pass on to her what you said."

Michelle nodded gravely. She pointed out, "I don't think there's much chance of that anyway."

"Well, make it zero chance."

They both nodded.

I suggested, "And Ruby, maybe you can have a private chat with Nicky and try to express at least some concern and doubt about this second mistress and beyond stuff. You'd be a touch more credible than Shelle here."

"Okay, I'll try," Ruby replied. "If the chance comes up."

We all nodded in agreement to all that. Then Michelle and Ruby walked off towards the pool area.

I noticed that they went to lie back on one set of lounge chairs while Sue Ellen, Nina, Anjali, and Monique went to lie on a different set on the other side of the pool. I was relieved about that. It would help give everyone a chance to calm down and regroup.

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