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Chapter 21

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Once I was left alone, I was able to quickly finish my meal. My erection was even able to go down yet again, despite all the bikini-clad "eye candy" within view. I cleaned up and put my dishes away in the kitchen. Then I decided to go find Mindy, Cindy, and Nicky and see how they were faring.

They were up in Nicky's room. I knocked on the door and was allowed in.

I took a look at the three of them sitting on the edge of Nicky's bed and noticed that all of them had been crying, although it looked like that had recently ended. That sadness seemed out of place though, since they were still in their sexy matching bikinis.

I could only wonder how their discussion had gone. The crying suggested that the result would be bad. I probably would have to come up with some new plans. But still, I hoped.

I said, "Hey, Muffin. I just wanted to see how everyone is doing here. I'm really sorry for what happened. We shouldn't have been blabbering in some kind of wild brainstorming mode without much regard to your feelings, and in front of your friends, no less."

Nicky sniffled, "That's okay. Actually, I'm glad you said all that, or technically that Mindy, Cindy, and you said all that. It's better that I learn this now. I'm still in shock from the whole Cindy-as-mistress news, so it's like you can't hurt when you're already numb. And now I'll have two weeks to adjust to the fact that you're gonna be having sex with my friends."

I immediately exclaimed, "Whaaaat?! Wait. What?! What the heck are you talking about?! It's not like that. I have NO plans to have sex with any of your friends!"

I crossed the room to give her a hug. She saw me coming and opened her arms. I sat on the bed next to her and put my arms around her back. She wrapped her arms around me and practically squeezed me to death!

For instance, I was able to just hug her like a caring father and not worry about what my penis was doing, despite the fact that I was touching bare flesh almost everywhere.

I reiterated, "Don't worry. This is all wild speculation at this point. I'm not going to do anything if it greatly upsets you. And forget this crazy notion you have about your friends. I can tell you now that I have NO interest at all in having sex with your friends."

She pulled back and looked me in the eyes. "Yeah, MY friends, I can understand that. They're not the most attractive bunch. But what about Monique? She's seriously sexy and you know it. No one could turn her down. And what if I include Nina and Anjali as my friends? I know them pretty well and they're just as sexy. All three of them were ready to practically rape you on the spot already, as soon as they heard the news!"

As I patted her back comfortingly, I said, "I don't know about that. I'll admit that Nina and Anjali were a bit.. antsy... but Monique doesn't care for me from a bump on a log."

"HA! Shows how much you know!"

I found that to be a very curious comment, to say the least. But rather than pursuing that, I was more interested in helping Nicky feel better. "Look. It's true that you and your sisters have some exceptionally beautiful friends. Some of them, especially the three you just mentioned, I wouldn't exactly kick out of bed for eating crackers. Do you realize how crazy that sounds? It's highly likely I'll never have any other lovers in the first place. That's just a wild idea at this point that your mom in particular seems strangely keen on."

Nicky chuckled ruefully. "I've noticed. We were just talking about that. It seems like she's keener on the idea than you are. And Cindy is too."

Mindy at least had the decency to look a bit abashed. I gathered that she and Cindy hadn't pushed as hard to discourage these ideas during their private chat with Nicky as I'd hoped.

I was secretly pissed. It's like a broken record, how my wife always lets her cucquean tendencies rule. And Cindy is supposed to be working against that, but apparently she hasn't. Sheesh!

However, I couldn't really express my displeasure with Nicky sitting there with us. In fact, she and I were still in a loose embrace. It was a near miracle I didn't get an erection again.

I flashed them a quick warning look before continuing, "Yeah, well, be that as it may, if we ever did decide to go that way for some bizarre reason, there are plenty of other women I know whom I could choose. I wouldn't want to pick one of your friends because I know that would upset you."

I'm not thrilled to say that, because, let's face it, Nina and Anjali DID all but rape me back there at the table. And they're looking exceedingly fine in their bikinis. And heck, I certainly wouldn't turn Monique down either! But if avoiding them is a sacrifice I have to make to keep Nicky happy, it was one I'll easily make every time. Like Shelle always says, family comes first!

Besides, thinking about it for a few more seconds, I remembered that I couldn't allow myself to get sidetracked with thoughts about having sex with my daughter's friends in the first place. My only goal was spending time with the women in my harem and figuring out how to make that harem work (which was a very difficult proposition right now, due to my power struggle with the Gruesome Twosome). Any other women were just an unwanted distraction. I needed to avoid getting sucked into that.

To my surprise, Nicky pulled back and said, "I know this'll sound weird, but don't totally dismiss the idea of having sex with my friends. Okay?"

I was so taken aback that it took me several moments to manage to gasp out, "Say what?!"

"I said, don't totally dismiss the idea of having sex with some of my friends."

Now it was my turn to feel like the ground had gone missing below me. I had to let go of Nicky, because I could start to feel my dick rapidly engorging in my feeble swimsuit. "Wait. Now you WANT me to have sex with them?!"

She scrunched up her face. "Not 'want,' exactly, but we were just discussing it, and I'm... kind of undecided about it now."

"Why?!" I can't wait to hear this one! Were Mindy and Cindy somewhat successful in brainwashing her somehow?!

"Mom was pointing out that if you're going to have an outside lover or two, it's better for you to be with someone you can relate to most just in a physical way. Then there's no way Mom would feel threatened, or Cindy either. I mean, I don't think Anjali or Nina even know who the Beatles are. Okay, maybe not the Beatles, everybody knows the Beatles. But I'll bet they don't know the Rolling Stones from a hole in the ground."

Trying to lighten the mood, I gasped in mock-horror. "Shush your mouth! For SHAME! Take it back, unless you want to 'Play with Fire!' Don't leave me 'Shattered!'"

Nicky laughed, because I'd "infected" her and my other daughters with my love of classic rock. So she knew that "Play with Fire" and "Shattered" were the names of Rolling Stones hits.

Mindy said to Nicky in a seemingly concerned and motherly voice, "You know how emotionally fragile he is. Don't make him have his 'Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown.'"

But Nicky was adept at playing the song title game too. "If they find out that you won't approve the idea because of me, I'll never hear the end of it. In other words, if they tell you 'Let's Spend the Night Together' and you say no, you're gonna have to 'Gimme Shelter!'"

Mindy flashed an approving smirky-smile at those song references. "That's my girl!"

We were all laughing now. The mood had totally transformed from the sorrow I'd seen when I arrived.

However, I was keen to get back to a serious discussion of this problem. I said emphatically. "Muffin, seriously, screw what your friends think! I don't care what they think and neither should you. The ones we're talking about are mostly the Hellions' friends anyway. As for Monique, you're drifting apart from her since you're both living far from each other now. The only thing I ultimately care about is my family. And if something's bothering you, I'm going to do everything I can to fix it."

"Thanks!" Nicky squeezed me tightly all over again, resting her head against my neck.

I thought that was the end of it, and I was proud that I'd taken the high road, putting Nicky's feelings above the lusty desire to spread my seed. I also had to be careful of where I put my hands on Nicky's nearly naked body, especially now that my dick was betraying me with another ill-timed erection, but I felt I behaved honorably with that too, generally keeping my hands on her back.

Cindy and Mindy also reached out and patted or petted me a little bit, indicating that they were in approval too.

But after a minute or two, Nicky pulled back again for more eye contact with me, and said, "I feel better now. But promise me one thing."

"Anything for you, Muffin. What is it?"

"Um... don't totally take the idea of having sex with any of them off the table. Please? Let me think about it. Mom seems to want it a lot, and you know what that means."

I nodded with amused chagrin. Mindy had a long history of getting what she wanted. The thing was, she was so damn right all the time. I tended to stubbornly fight things, only to eventually realize she'd had a good idea all along. That was fine as long as her wants were reasonable. But her cucquean desires were causing her to make bad decisions. Things had to change soon, and it was up to me to change them.

Nicky grinned. "And with Cindy part of the family and backing her up on this, you probably don't stand a chance. So I'm trying to adjust to this, because I suspect it is going to happen eventually."

I said, "I hear what you're saying about Mrs. Steamroller over there, and her friend Cindy Roadgrader. But this isn't the same as what kind of new car or dishwasher to buy. I let Mindy get her way a lot because she cares about the mundane stuff more than I do, and she has good taste. This affects ME. MY sex life. I'm not going to agree just because Mindy wants it, for whatever bizarre reason that I still can't understand. If it makes YOU unhappy, for instance, if it makes things weird between you and your friends, then that's the end of it right there."

Nicky smiled. "Thanks. I really appreciate that. Let me think about it, okay? I honestly don't want to be sitting in judgment about your sex life. That would be weird. You should be able to do whatever you want to do, as long as it happens behind closed doors so it's not in my face, or anybody else's face. True, it would be kind of weird if you had sex with one of my long-time friends. So that's why I'm thinking a good candidate for this outside lover idea could be Sue Ellen."

I looked shocked, because I was shocked. It would be perfect for the "limited hangout" plan if Nicky really believed that. But how did she jump to that idea so quickly? Were Mindy and Cindy working miracles by hypnosis or something?!

Nicky saw my reaction, wrinkled her nose at me, and said, "Don't be so surprised. Think about it. She's quiet about it, but I can see the way she looks at you, and it's obvious that she totally adores you. She certainly lusts for you too! I'll bet that's more of the reason she hangs around here all the time than her friendship with Ruby and Michelle. Since I hardly know her, it wouldn't bother me so much."

I started to say, "But Muffin-"

She cut me off. "But nothing! Don't worry, I can deal with it. Whatever happens, I'm okay with it. Really. All of them have had crushes on you for YEARS, to be honest. Even Monique. Even..." She looked away shyly. "No, I can't say that."

"Say what?"

She looked away, suddenly mortally embarrassed. "Never mind about that. My point is, this is something that's going to happen." She managed to make eye contact with me again. "I know it for a fact. Even as I'm sitting here talking to you about it, I'm becoming increasingly resigned to it. It's okay by me. Really."

Mindy started to say to her, "Just because I like the idea doesn't mean much. If it bothers you, I don't-"

Nicky interrupted, "Hush."

To my astonishment, Mindy actually hushed!

Nicky looked back and forth between Mindy and me, and then over at Cindy. "I don't want to get in the way of your love life. And sure, Dad, Mom steamrolls you sometimes, especially when you deserve it, but you also stand up for what you believe in. If the idea was for Mindy to have sex with another man, I know you'd never approve of that in a million years. Right?"

She probably added the "right" because she realized she couldn't be completely sure of anything anymore after all these recent revelations.

I said, "Never! I would rather die. Which is why I can't understand why Mindy or Cindy would even entertain the idea."

Nicky said, "Yeah, I'm still mystified about that too. But it does involve you having sex with other women. You're a man, an unusually horny man, as both your wife and mistress can easily attest to. Sure, you'll say 'no' at first, but ultimately how could you not warm up to the idea? It's every man's dream. And sure, it bothers me now because I'm still in shock, but I'll get over it. The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking it could be kind of neat if you have sex with other women too. Just so long as you don't ruin a good thing with these two once-in-a-lifetime beauties." She smiled at Mindy and then at Cindy.

I was secretly thrilled, but I couldn't show that. I managed to hide my true feelings, and just raised a curious eyebrow that she could see. "'Neat?' I could imagine it being called a lot of things, but 'neat' is not one of them."

She grimaced. "Okay, maybe not 'neat.' I'm not sure what to call it. And I'm not sure how I feel, to be honest. I'm all conflicted inside. But I know that some of those girls - especially Nina and Anjali, but Lisa too, although she's not here - they've been crushing on you for so long that it would almost be a shame if they didn't get to sleep with you at least once before they moved away. That would make their year, if not their whole decade. Ditto with Sue Ellen, judging from the way she looks at you. So how could I get upset at that?"

I bent over and gave Nicky a partial hug. "Thanks for handling everything in such a mature manner. You know I love you and I don't want to do anything that'll make you upset. I still don't think that's a good idea, but if you're not against it, I'll take that into consideration."

Since I was hugging Nicky, I managed to make appreciative faces at Mindy and Cindy without Nicky being able to see.

They responded with faces that simply showed great relief.

I broke the hug and stood up, in part because I was worried that I had an erection and I didn't want Nicky to accidentally feel it with all the hugging going on. I stood in a strategic pose with my hand draped down just so, to keep my bulge hidden. (I hoped!)

I don't know what to say. I want to assure Nicky that I would do no such thing, regardless. But then again, should I make promises I might not keep? I have to admit that it's suddenly looking like a very real possibility that I could end up doing something sexual with at least one of my daughters' friends. If even Nicky doesn't mind, then what's stopping me?!

Mindy moved in to where I'd just been, holding Nicky in a loose embrace. She said, "That's a very good and loving attitude, Nicky. You're thinking not just of yourself but of your friends too. I like that."

I thought, as if speaking to my wife, I'm sure you do! Just coincidentally, that furthers your cucquean kick. And looking at Cindy, I can see she loves the idea too.

Nicky said, "I know what it's like to have a secret crush on someone for a long, long time, and have them not even know how you feel. So I can relate to their frustration." Very curiously, she suddenly blushed. "Maybe it's a weird thing to say, but it's sort of a rooting for the underdog kind of thing. I'd like to see them achieve their biggest fantasy."

I wondered who on Earth she could be talking about. But I refrained from asking since it was none of my business and we'd put her on the spot too much lately anyway.

Instead, I said, "Nicky, nothing is written in stone. I don't know what to think about this. To be honest, I feel like everybody is pushing me hard on this idea, all of a sudden. It should never have been brought up in front of your friends." I gave Mindy a sharp look. "After the three of you left, Michelle and Ruby left too, but then I felt like the others were pressuring me about it even more. Although Monique did say one interesting thing. She warned that if I did have other lovers, it could cause more problems than we'd first expect. I figure she's very likely to be right. So why mess up a great thing?"

I forced a smile as I added, "Anyway, Muffin, I hope I helped you at least a little bit by checking on you. You know how much I hate to see you cry."

She nodded and smiled. "Thanks, Dad. I do feel better."

I added, "I hope you don't talk these improbable scenarios into the ground. Why don't the three of you come back outside and join the fun?"

Mindy said, "We will in a little while. We have a little more talking to do here just the same, I think. We'll try to avoid talking into the ground, though. It's hard for anyone to hear what you're saying that way, especially in a carpeted room like this one." She smirked. "Besides, the three of us should help sort out some packing issues while we're at it. But we'll be there soon. As the saying goes, 'wild horses couldn't keep me away.'"

I chuckled at another Rolling Stones song reference.

She added, "Don't have too much fun without us."

Then, after glancing to see that Nicky wasn't looking, my wife winked at me.

I wished I could wink back to kind of thank her. I was annoyed at how she had gone overboard again, but everything had worked out for the best, it seemed. I couldn't wink though with Nicky looking right at me. So I simply smiled and said, "Okay. If you need my help with anything, just holler."

After they nodded at that, I went back downstairs.

I was tempted to simply take Michelle's monitor and computer out of her room right then and there and hide it in the garage or someplace like that. I wanted to stop her and her cohorts from spying on me again, and I also wanted to punish her for the spying. But I realized that if I did that while Nicky was here, she would almost certainly figure out that I'd found out about the spying from the night before, and that would humiliate her to no end. I didn't want her to even suspect that I might think she had a big crush on me.

So I decided removing the computer could wait one more day, until after Nicky was gone. These were big problems I was dealing with that couldn't be solved in a day anyway.

Instead, I pondered what had just been discussed. What are the odds that Nicky would all but suggest that I should take Sue Ellen as another lover?! Talk about lucky! The Big Guy Upstairs must really be looking after me, and right when I've stopped going to church and to confession!

Is that really luck, or is my wife some kind of manipulative genius? Probably a little of both, I'd wager. But the bottom line is that things just got a lot easier. A hell of a lot easier! I can already see how things are going to unfold over the next few weeks, as things slowly "evolve" until Nicky accepts that Cupcake will be my "second mistress!" Sweet!

When I looked outside, the girls in the backyard all still seemed a little too sexually excited. I worried about going back there and getting everyone even more worked up. The fact that I still had nothing but this inadequate bathing suit to wear wasn't likely to help matters. More time was needed for everyone to calm down.

I figured I could buy a new bathing suit now, and by the time I got back hopefully everything would have settled down. But I looked out my bedroom window to the front yard and I saw not one, not two, but three unfamiliar cars blocking my driveway. I figured those cars belonged to Anjali, Nina, and Monique. Having to deal with them to get them to move their cars would only provide more opportunities for one-on-one sexual mischief.

So I came up with a different plan. I'd go back and join the party, but I'd plop myself on one of the lounge chairs and stay there most of the time. I'd probably even take a little nap, or at least pretend to, so they'd get used to me being around without getting in a tizzy about it.

I still wanted to talk with my daughters' friends some more and lower their expectations about the possibility of me having another lover or mistress. They'd been too excited for me to make much headway so far, but I hoped that after I rested a while, they would rest and calm down too, and then we could have a more meaningful discussion.

I really did think that things wouldn't progress beyond admiring looks and maybe a few (closed mouth) kisses and hugs. After all, none of them had gone beyond that with me yet, and I figured there was a kind of safety in numbers. I certainly wouldn't allow myself to be alone with just Anjali or Nina, but what could they do to me with everyone else nearby and watching?

I went back outside after downing a glass of water in the kitchen. We were definitely in the middle of a heat wave.

As soon as I showed up, the girls all got up and gathered around me like bees to honey. And when I took off my T-shirt and started applying suntan lotion on myself, there was no shortage of volunteers to do that for me instead! But that was exactly the kind of thing I was trying to avoid, so I declined and kept on doing it myself. Then I laid back, closed my eyes, and gave them some not-so-subtle hints for them to let me be.

I was very proud of my self-control. I reminded myself, I'm all about the harem now. It's going to take ALL of my sexual and mental energy to keep my wife and my cock slaves happy, then I'll have nothing left to spare for anyone else. That's just a fact. Well, I might have to "take one for the team" by doing something sexual with one or more of my daughters' friends, eventually. But still, that's just a drop in the bucket in terms of where my time and energy is going to be.

I couldn't help but think, "Take one for the team." Yeah! Okay, I'm going to enjoy the hell out of being "forced" to do that. But even so, whatever might happen with them is going to be an exception, and nothing more.

Anyway, it's time to focus here. Nicky is likely to come back downstairs soon, and I don't want her to walk into the middle of another sexually charged situation with her horny father stuck in the middle of it. Let's all just chill out, for once.

Before long, they all did leave me alone. They remained within sight scattered around the pool, but well out of hearing range.

Everyone except for Sue Ellen, that is. She sat on the lounge chair next to mine, right on the very edge, looking quite anxious.

I opened my eyes to see why she was still there.

She whispered, "Mas- Dan, I have something to confess to you!"

I whispered back, "Can it wait? We're not exactly in a private spot here." I glanced over at the other bikini-clad beauties within view.

She whispered, "I don't think I can hold it in! This morning, I found out that Michelle and Ruby, well, they spied on you last night! And worse, they-"

I cut her off. "Wait. Let me guess. They had Nicky spy on me too."

Sue Ellen gasped quite loudly and her eyes bugged out. "You know?!"

I nodded.

She lowered her voice back to a whisper. "You know?! That's what I had to tell you. How did you know?!"

"Don't worry about that. But yeah, I found out. Around the same time you did, actually."

I sat up so I could look her right in the eye. I said extra quietly, "Don't worry, I'm going to take action about that once Nicky is gone, and I'm going to punish everyone responsible. I'm VERY glad you told me though. For one thing, that means I won't have to punish you too. But more importantly, it shows me yet again what a wonderful and loyal slave girl you are. You make me very proud. Don't ever forget that I love you very, very much!"

She practically swooned at that! She clenched her teeth while somehow smiling from ear to ear, and she clenched her fists too, as if she was having to fight from pumping them in the air. She whispered excitedly, "Oh, Dan! I wish I could kiss you right now! I wish that so very, very much! I'd kiss you so hard that we'd break your chair! Oh! Oh!"

She still seemed like she was having a hell of a time trying to control herself. It looked like she wanted to throw her arms around me. "I'm proud as punch! I wish SO MUCH that I could call you the 'M' word right now! You're the best 'M' I could ever possibly imagine! And I love you too! Don't you ever forget THAT!"

I growled with pretend anger, "Go away, and quick! Before you make me love you even more!"

I didn't think it was physically possible, but that made her smile grow even bigger somehow! She whispered, "I do have to go away, before I fuck you on the spot!" She suddenly got up and hurried off.

I noticed that she didn't simply walk to where the others were congregated, on the other side of the pool. She kept right on walking down the path to the deck. Clearly, she needed some time to gather her wits.

I was frustrated that I couldn't take her in my arms and kiss and hold her forever. But I reminded myself, There will be plenty of time for that. She says she's mine forever, and I'm starting to come around and really believe her. Forever! With her in my life! Wow! What a GREAT girl! Man, to think that there was a time when I only thought she was a fairly hot waitress. She has a heart of gold!

I laid all the way back in my lounge chair. I must have had a smile a mile wide. I closed my eyes and had wonderful thoughts about Sue Ellen for a while, as my body slowly slipped into nap mode.

I was tired again for some reason, despite having a nap earlier, so I drifted in and out of sleep a little bit. Perhaps it was the heat wave sapping my energy. I laid in the shade for the most part, but there was no escaping the heat anywhere. We hard even use air conditioning in the house since we live near the ocean and it only rarely gets uncomfortably hot.

But then everything went pear-shaped. I must have had a pleasantly erotic dream, because my penis somehow became engorged while I was sleeping, and it extended itself right through the bottom of my swimsuit, until most of it was just lying out in the open!

I probably wouldn't have noticed, except that the feel of a hand on it woke me up! I could sense that my erection was completely freed from my useless swimsuit and it was being held nearly straight up. My balls were still covered, but that was small consolation.

I was still half-asleep with my eyes closed when I heard someone quietly ask, "What do you think you're doing?"

I heard Anjali whisper back in reply, "I've wanted to do this for so long! Please don't stop me. It's something that I have to do!"

So it was Anjali who had just wrapped her fingers of one hand around my shaft. Anjali?! Wow! I knew she had a crush on me and she was acting forward lately, but I wasn't expecting THIS!

Another voice asked in a very nervous whisper, "But what if he wakes up?!" I was too focused on Anjali and her touch to pay attention to who it was.

Anjali whispered back, "He's totally dead to the world. Can't you tell from his breathing? Besides, if he does stir enough to catch me, I'll just tell him that his boner had slipped free and I was in the middle of putting it back in place to spare him the embarrassment."

I heard Monique say, "That IS pretty clever! Damn. I wish I'd thought of that."

I was shocked that shy Monique would say that, or even be any part of this. But that was nothing compared to the shock I was feeling from what Anjali was actually doing! She was just touching it with one hand at this point, but the danger and excitement of the situation had me as aroused as if she was jacking me off with two very talented hands!

Nina muttered quietly from surprisingly close up, "It's just so... BIG! I've never seen one even close to that size. How does it feel in your hands?"

Anjali replied with an awestruck sigh, "Soooo good! Just like all the dreams of it I'd ever had! No, better! It beats my Dando all to hell because it's warm and throbbing and alive! I was just going to touch it a little bit, but now that I'm actually holding it, I want to do more! Much more!" At that, she brought up a second hand and pretty much covered my boner with her ten fingers.

I briefly wondered about the "beats my Dando all to hell" comment, but I was far too distracted and aroused to think through what that meant. I'd only heard the term "Dando" mentioned a couple of times, and I didn't piece two and two together at the time.

I heard a quiet chiding voice say, "Be careful! If you go too far and he wakes up, we're ALL going to be in trouble!"

My heart came to a complete stop, because I thought, That's... NICKY! NO! It can't be! Can it?! Oh shit! What if it is?!

That thought distressed me greatly, but I had to admit that it also aroused me. In fact, I was so very aroused that my boner twitched and pulsed in Anjali's hands. I actually had to mentally force myself not to cum!

Anjali whispered in awe, "Oh my God! It's so energetic! It's twitching like it's a living beast!"

The unknown others ooohed and aaahed at that.

Nicky had been up in her bedroom the last I knew, but I'd been asleep and it was very possible that she'd come back down to join the others while I'd been out of it. I knew that opening my eyes was risky, but I just had to take a peek, so I opened my eyes to very narrow slits. At the same time, I tried to keep my breathing even and somewhat loud, so they would continue to think I was sleeping.

Oh SHIT! Shit, shit, shit! It IS Nicky! There were a bunch of girls standing in a semi-circle around the other side of my lounge chair, and Nicky was one of them! Anjali was kneeling on the other side of the chair with her head hovering right above my crotch and both of her hands on my long pole. The others that I could see were Sue Ellen, Michelle, Ruby, Nina, and Monique. In other words, everybody was there but Cindy and Mindy, the two figures of authority who presumably were supposed to prevent something like this from happening.

But that was only part of the shocker. The other part was that the girls were topless! All of them! Even my pure and innocent Nicky, and my two other not-so-innocent daughters! And because they were all standing over the lounge chair and trying to get a close look without touching me, they were leaning over, with their big breasts freely hanging down.

And big breasts they were! It was like a collection of all the greatest breasts for many miles around. Michelle of course led the way with her ridiculously huge torpedo F-cups poking out proudly. But Nicky, Ruby, and Anjali weren't far behind with their massive E-cups. Sue Ellen and Nina had very nice D-cups, and Monique was "last" with her "mere" C-cups.

But honestly, if you saw any of these girls walking down the street, you would stop and say "WHOA!" and not just because of their great racks. So much feminine beauty!

I was so surprised by the partial nudity that I must have opened my eyes wider and maybe even gaped my mouth open wide too. I was lucky though because everyone was so focused on Anjali's hands around my boner that I'm sure a pigeon could have landed on my face and none of them would have noticed.

Anjali squealed with delight, while mostly keeping quiet, "Oooh! It's still jerking and twitching so much! That's it, I can't stand it anymore!"

Indeed, I was having to frantically clench my PC muscle just to stop myself from cumming. Simply seeing Nicky topless in the light of day was enough to totally blow my mind, but seeing her topless in the middle of a whole gaggle of topless beauties was just too much!

Sue Ellen asked her anxiously, "What are you going to do?!"

Anjali whispered back, "It's not what I'm going to do, it's what I'm doing: I'm jacking him off!"

There was no doubt about that from me! I'd closed my eyes all the way again, if only because I was too overwhelmed by all the busty teen beauty surrounding me, but I could definitely feel what she was doing. If anyone had been getting a lot of handjobs lately it was me, so I should have been able to cope. But the naughty thrill of her doing this while she thought I was sleeping, plus knowing the fact that a bunch of gorgeous topless girls were watching, made the pleasure seem multiplied by ten!

And Nicky! Nicky! Thinking about the fact that my super-stacked shy daughter was right there watching too, with her big boobs dangling and bouncing all over the place... I was speechless!

What happened to my pure and innocent older daughter?! The Nicky I thought I knew would never be a willing part of this! Hot damn! Maybe I had her all wrong. Maybe she's a natural submissive big-titted slut, just like her sisters! She's just a late bloomer! Gaawwwd! Maybe I need to fuck her face and then her jiggly tits while everyone watches, just to confirm! UNGH! Those tits that are literally dangling within my reach!

I was outraged by her involvement in this sordid moment, and yet aroused beyond all reason!

I found myself thinking, I need to do the responsible thing. I've gotta "wake up" and put an immediate stop to this madness! I can't think like that! She's NOT like that! She's just curious! Get a fucking grip already!

But then, like a little devil-me on my shoulder was taking over, I thought, On the other hand, my goal right now is to get Nicky to accept as much of my sexual lifestyle as possible, so we don't have to keep so many secrets. Yesterday, sort of shocking her with the news that Cindy was my mistress worked out better than expected. I can use what's happening now to shock her again, so she'll accept the "other lovers or mistresses" idea!

In my current horny state, with Anjali secretly jacking me off, that logic seemed downright brilliant. Before long, I had myself convinced that I needed to let this play out for Nicky's sake. The only exception was if any of my daughters touched me in a sexual way. I'd have to "wake up" then.

I heard Nina quietly whisper, "Holy shit! She IS jacking him off! Look at... look at her fingers! They're just sliding up and down!"

Ruby joked, "That's how it generally works."

Nicky told Anjali, "You really shouldn't be doing this! This is wrong. This is bad!"

Nina said, "You keep saying that, but you just stand there and watch like the rest of us. Admit it: you're curious."

"I am not! I'm just, uh... trying to warn you."

Michelle said with some sarcasm, "Yeah, go right ahead then and keep on 'warning.' Perhaps you could write a letter of complaint and mail it to our mom while you're at it."

Monique asked Michelle, "Aren't you freaking out? He's your father too!"

My blonde bombshell daughter replied, "Of course. But can't we just enjoy this fantastic stiff dick for a while and forget who it's connected to, for once? Do you realize how tough it is to be us, his daughters? You know how much we TOTALLY lust after that big slab of manly meat, and that we can't do anything about it! This is probably as close as we're ever going to get!"

I was surprised that there was no response to that, not even from Monique. I took a careful peek again and found out why: they were all too busy watching Anjali jacking me off! Every head was moving just like an involved crowd watching a tennis match, but their heads were going up and down instead of side to side because my cock was pointing straight up and Anjali's hands were rising up and down too.

They were all leaning in so close, and their boobs were generally so seriously stacked, that in some cases the boob of one girl was only a few inches away from touching against the boob of another girl. In some cases they probably did touch, especially considering the way every bosom was slightly swaying due to labored breaths, but I couldn't see much through my very narrow slit of vision, and I only dared to peek from time to time.

It was downright dangerous for me to look in Nicky's direction. Forbidden fruit is the sweetest temptation, and right now she was definitely having that effect on me. Seeing her stunning blushing face, her immense E-cups heaving up and down her chest, the lusty look in her eyes as she stared at my raging boner and Anjali's hands - it was really too much! Worse, every time I looked at her, my boner twitched even more. I had to resolve to peek anywhere but at her.

Anjali jacked me off for another minute or two without anyone saying a word.

It was far from silent though. I could hear a lot of heavy breathing, very heavy breathing. Some girls even let out sexy erotic moans before realizing the need to stay quiet. And if I listened carefully over the huffing and puffing, I could hear Anjali's fingers squishing their way through an increasing amount of pre-cum.

Nina quietly asked, "What if he cums?! He might wake up!"

Anjali whispered back, "That's not going to happen and you know it! This is the legendary Dan Cooper we're talking about! It takes a hell of a lot more than a sleepy little handjob before he'd even THINK about cumming! You've seen the video footage. I bet I could bob on him for a good half hour before he ever started breathing heavy!"

Nina moaned needfully. "UNGH! Don't even talk about that! I'm too horny already!"

Then Monique asked, "What if Cindy or Mindy comes out? Or both together?!"

Nicky added, "Yeah! This is too dangerous! And if Dad wakes up and sees me like this, his whole image of me is gonna be shattered!"

I briefly wondered what she meant by that, but I was so turned-on and distracted that I quickly forgot about it.

Anjali whispered excitedly, "I don't care!" Realizing that was being too rash, and yet still unable to stop, she hissed, "Somebody keep a look out!"

Michelle pointed out with some amusement, "No one is gonna be able to look up for longer than a few seconds." Then the thought occurred to her, "Unless maybe you, Monique?"

"No way! I wouldn't miss this for the world!"

Nicky then revealed the useful information, "Remember that I was just up there with them not long ago, and they said they'd take care of the packing so I could enjoy the time with my friends."

Nina sighed with relief. "Phew! Why didn't you tell us that already? Anjali, you're in the clear! JERK that big cock!"

Nicky said, "But it's STILL too dangerous! He could wake up at any time!"

"Ssssh!" Monique whispered. "Not so fast! Nicky's right. He could wake up at any moment! And with the way you're stroking him, I'm surprised that he hasn't already!"

It was a good thing that I closed my eyes tightly right when Nicky started to say "He could wake up..." because I'm sure that all eyes were briefly on my face again as they checked on my condition.

To be honest, I suspect I was doing a lousy job of pretending to be sleeping. Not only was I peeking more often than not, which a careful gaze might notice, but I wasn't being very consistent with my breathing. Sometimes I remembered to breathe in imitation of a sleeping person, and other times I was panting with arousal just as much as they were.

Luckily for me though, they were all so horny and so focused on my throbbing erection that they paid little mind to anything except for the stroking action at my crotch.

And if they weren't far gone already, out of the blue, Nicky added, "And you know what else happened upstairs? Dad came in to check on me while Mom and Cindy were trying to make me feel better. And I basically told him that it was okay by me if he has sex with you all. Well, not counting Michelle and Ruby, obviously."

That immediately caused a lot of horny, loud, and very erotic groans.

"You really said that?" Monique asked in an awed whisper.

"I did," Nicky replied. "It was extremely tough for me to say. After all, I'm still getting used to the idea that my dad has a mistress! But I know how long all of you have had a crush on him. I mean, I was there at some of your get-togethers where it seems you talked about little but having sex with him! And some of those were YEARS ago! So, if he's going to have sex with someone else, who is more deserving than you?"

I was surprised that Nicky was revealing this information here and now. But it was obvious that lust was affecting her. Her voice sounded both worried and very horny.

Anjali panted, "UNH! This is the fucking BEST! I'm actually jacking off all eight inches of Daniel fucking Cooper's famous cock! I dated Ajay for over a year, and I thought his dick was big. But he was like a baby compared to THIS monster!"

Nina whispered in a hushed voice, "Can you imagine? Actually taking this thing inside you?! I can't believe it could really happen! Which would be worse? In the mouth or in the pussy?"

A voice I didn't recognize asked, "Do you mean worst? Or best?"

Nina gasped, as if struggling for air, "BOTH!"

I couldn't help but peek, and I saw a Nina and Sue Ellen clutching at their pussy mounds like they desperately needed to pee. I knew Sue Ellen was faking a lot lately, but she certainly didn't seem to be faking her arousal right now.

Anjali moaned, "Oh God! I can't... I can't hold out anymore! I think... I think... I'm gonna do it!"

Insofar as any of them were the voice of reason, which wasn't much, it was Monique. She said, "Wait! Wait! Hold on! What do you mean?"

"I'm gonna suck on him! I'm gonna cram that big fat monster down my throat and just... fuckin' SUCK! I have to! Need to! Have to...!"

If any of the girls weren't on the verge of cumming already, they were after that. The groans grew even louder and more impassioned.

Nicky had to speak loudly just to get heard. "Wait! No! Don't!"

Monique was also worried. "Listen to us. Look at us! We're spinning out of control! Anjali, you HAVE to stop before he wakes up! It's a miracle he hasn't already!"

Again, I was a few seconds ahead and had my eyes fully closed by the time they all checked on me once more.

There was a long pause. I couldn't tell what was going on, but Anjali's stroking came to a halt. My pre-cum was flowing freely, and it had to have covered her fingers.

Nina suggested, "Besides, who's to say you could even fit that fat monster in your mouth? And think how much cum he has stored up in his big balls. Are you ready for him to blast a creamy load of fertile sperm all over your face?"

Anjali was so aroused that she could barely speak. "You're just... making me... want it... more! HNNG!"

Finally, Sue Ellen said, "Let's not get caught! If we're careful, we might be able to do this for a long time!"

"That's true!" Nina agreed. "And maybe we can take turns holding it!"

At that, Michelle groaned particularly loudly.

Someone asked, "Where are you going?"

I peeked my eyes open enough to see who was going where, and saw that Michelle was pacing away. She huffed, "I can't stand it! Can't watch! Too horny!"

I stared at her nearly bare ass cheeks undulating up and down until I remembered to close my eyes again.

Monique groaned in sympathy, presumably to Nicky and Ruby, "Oh! I feel for you, sisters. How tortured you must be, to have a father hung like THAT!"

Ruby muttered back, "You don't know the half of it!"

Nina muttered, "He's like the male version of a seriously stacked beauty, just like one of us!"

Nicky growled, "That's it! I can't take it either! I'm outta here! I can see where this is going. You're going to get more and more carried away until he HAS to wake up! I can't be here for that. Please, I beg you, stop this insanity before you get caught! It's not right!"

I peeked and watched as Nicky walked away too. Seeing her fantastic ass cheeks rising up and down was almost enough to make my penis shoot off. She didn't actually go as far as Michelle had, but stopped about ten feet away and then turned back around. She had her arms crossed over her big breasts and appeared to be nervously chewing on a fingernail.

The remaining girls didn't seem very affected by the absence of Michelle and Nicky though.

Monique spoke with surprising emotion. "Look at it! It's so beautiful! I seriously want to cry. I've only ever had fleeting glimpses of anyone with such a ridiculously huge bulge. But now, here's one in all its glory! And not just any monster cock, but my dream cock!"

After the enigmatic way Monique had been acting, I never would have imagined she'd call my dick her "dream cock!" Clearly, the hint that she had a crush on me was spot on.

I think it was Sue Ellen who said, "It looks so POWERFUL! And angry! Like it demands obedience!"

I heard some very heavy panting, all around. It seemed that Sue Ellen's observation had struck a chord.

Nina griped, "Let go already, Anji! I want a turn!"

I guessed that Anjali was trying to bring herself under control so she could let go of my boner. I don't know how they all expected me to sleep through this, but none of them had voiced serious suspicions that I was awake.

I felt an electric shiver down my spine when a third hand held my hard-on. It had to be Monique's, because she said, "Let me help you with that."

Anjali whined, "Awwww..."

Monique said encouragingly, "Don't worry. It'll just be for a few minutes. Nicky is right, that we're going to spin out of control and make him wake up unless we watch out. We need to all calm down and be quiet. Once you get calm, you can play with it some more."

Anjali's hands withdrew. She pouted, "You promise?"

"As long as our luck holds." Now, Anjali's hands were gone, but Monique's was still there! She didn't hesitate to bring a second hand over, and she resumed jacking me off with both hands. However it was a lot slower now because she was doing more exploring that stroking.

HNNG! Shy and innocent Monique?! Sophisticated and cultured Monique?! SHE's holding my boner and jacking it off?! WHOA! Sometimes you never can tell, especially about the quiet ones!

I peeked just to confirm, and was bowled over all over again seeing her dark, topless body and the intent, erotic look on her face.

Anjali grumbled, "You sneaky bitch! I see what you did there!"

Nina similarly complained, "Hey, I was going to go next!"

"Ssssh!" That was Sue Ellen, apparently chiding Anjali. "Monique was right. You were getting too loud and careless. Let some others have a turn. You'll get to stroke it again."

Anjali grumbled and griped some more. "The fucking one chance in my life to get to suck Dan's perfect cock! So close but so damn far!" Then she stood up and walked off.

I guess that she needed to get away to cool down, just like Michelle and Nicky did. The next time I peeked, I saw Michelle a good distance away, still pacing around with her fists clenched. She looked like she was so frustrated that she was having to fight off the urge to cry.

Nicky must have decided to get further away, because when I peeked again I couldn't see her anywhere.

Aside from Anjali, Nicky and Michelle, the others had all settled down. They were all kneeling now, which put them closer to my boner. In fact, their heads were all leaning in so much that it looked like a mass cock licking could break out at any moment!

I decided that this was simply too arousing for anyone to sleep through like a baby. Even if they didn't think about my lack of reaction now, they might get suspicious later. So I made some grumbling noises and shifted my body around like I was about to roll on my side.

All the girls froze! Monique immediately let go of my boner and stared in horror as it wobbled around and then slowly settled back down on my thigh.

Seeing that my act was working, I muttered, "Mmmm, Mindy... ooohh..." Then I turned slightly on my side.

All was silent as they waited to see what I would do next. But I just kept on breathing steadily.

A full minute passed before Ruby whispered very quietly, much quieter than they'd just been whispering, "That was close! Too close!"

I hadn't been focusing on the fact that Ruby was still there, because she wasn't speaking much and she was hanging back a bit farther than the others. Ruby, get out of here! You're one of my daughters now. Just being here is too incriminating!

Unfortunately, now that I was on my side I couldn't peek at Ruby anymore either. Being reminded of her presence caused my boner to twitch, almost like someone was jostling it.

Sue Ellen gasped, quietly, "Oh my God! Did you see that? It's alive! Maybe he's waking up!" She was doing a very good job of being brand new to this kind of thing instead of being one of my dedicated cock slaves.

Ruby said, "Maybe we really should stop now, before we get caught."

Nina complained in a quiet hiss, "That's easy for you to say! You don't get to touch it in any case! I'm still waiting my turn!"

Ruby whispered to her, "Go ahead and touch it then. Make it fast! I'm getting too nervous!"

Nina said, "Okay. Okay. ... Monique, can I?"

Monique replied, "Go ahead. I'm too spooked after he moved like that. I still think I'm gonna have a heart attack!"

However, I expected to feel fingers on my shaft and that didn't happen.

After half a minute or so, Ruby asked urgently, "What are you waiting for?! We're running out of time!"

Nina responded, "I'm scared! And not just of being caught. Look how big and thick it is! I've been waiting for this moment for five years! But now that it's here... can't breathe!"

Monique asked, "Sue Ellen, are you ready for your turn?"


With that looming threat to lose her turn again, Nina reached out and carefully held my boner with both hands.

There were quiet ooohs and aaahs.

Michelle and Anjali rushed over to see what was happening. (It so happened that when I peeked I could still see the side they were on.) The others scooted over a bit to make room for them to kneel down too.

Nina started stroking my hard-on without much exploring or hesitation. But I could feel how much her hands were shaking. She muttered, "God, I'm so scared! I think I'm gonna die! Or cum like a screaming hyena! Or both!!"

Michelle was much calmer now, and she tried to calm Nina too. "Don't worry too much. I don't think a little stroking will wake him. You should see how it's been around here lately, ever since he's taken Cindy as his mistress. The three of them get it on, like, ALL the time! This is a cock that's used to near-constant, intense stimulation!"

I could hear Nina breathe a sigh of relief at that, and her finger sliding grew steadier. She was still trying to control her breathing. "AH! God! It's really happening! Pinch me, I'm dreaming! It's so hot and wet and alive! I can't even get my fingers around it!"

Anjali spoke with obvious wonder. "Just look at it! Have you ever seen a cock so magnificent? And 'constant, intense stimulation?' That's so hot! And him having a mistress, and talking about taking on more lovers on top of that! My GOD!"

"Sssssh!" Monique warned.

"You shush yourself," Anjali replied, although in a quieter whisper than before. "Do you think that... he could... really fuck us? Not counting the three of you, of course." (I couldn't see where she was looking, but I assume she was referring to my three daughters.) "I mean, just imagine if... if... if that thing, that HUGE thing... if it skewered my tiny little pussy!"

Sue Ellen whispered, "Nina can barely get her fingers around it!"

"I just said that!" Nina whispered back. "I can only do it if I really stretch and strain where it's narrow, just under his cockhead! Oh GOD! Listen to me! Is this really happening?!"

Michelle muttered darkly, "And just think, my mom gets to fuck herself onto ALL of that cock every single night!" To the others, she might have sounded peevish, but to me, she just sounded envious and jealous.

"Daaaammn..." Monique breathed hotly as she sighed wistfully, no doubt imagining trading places with Mindy.

Anjali's voice trembled and whimpered. "I'm so horny! He has permission from Mindy, and everybody! He knows we're all crushing on him. So why wouldn't he take full advantage?! I swear to you, before this summer is over, he's going to fuck us all! With that pussy-splitting MONSTER!"

I thought Nina had been doing pretty well, steadily stroking my boner with an emphasis on my sweet spot but without breathing too heavily or otherwise making a lot of noise. But Anjali's words apparently aroused her so much that she groaned quite loudly and suddenly bent down.

I didn't know what she was doing until I felt her tongue on the top of my cockhead!

I decided that things had gone too far. If I didn't act quickly, it was possible that they'd all be taking turns bobbing on my cock before long! It seemed they were far too aroused to control themselves. Hell, some of my daughters might even join in! The mood was like that of sharks in a feeding frenzy. Anything was possible. Besides, no man could reasonably be expected to sleep through all this. So I groaned and started to roll back into the "flat on my back" position I'd been in before.

As I'd hoped, Nina let go of my cock like it had turned into a hot poker.

I mumbled and groaned and subtly shifted around, as if I was starting to wake up.

The girls quickly stood up and scattered to the four winds!

I waited about a minute, just to make sure they all had time to escape and make themselves presentable.

I was considering opening my eyes when I felt a hand on my boner again! I peeked very carefully and saw that it was Monique. She quickly tucked it in so it was covered by my swimsuit. It wasn't fully trapped by the inner mesh lining like it should have been, but this was much better than having it stand up like a flagpole.

Monique was the most security conscious of the girls that had remained, and she was obviously worried what I'd think if I woke up with my erection pointing nearly straight up, especially since I'd been copiously leaking pre-cum up until this point. She'd taken a great risk tucking my stiffness in right when she knew I had to be waking up. The real surprise for me though was the way she gave my rampant boner a gentle patting into place, almost like an old friend saying this wasn't "good-bye" and promising the both of us that someday we'd meet again. Then she ran away like a bat out of hell.

I had to admire her bravery and quick thinking.

I covertly spied her fantastic black ass until she was able to lie down on a lounge chair next to some of the others. She wound up on one next to Nina's and I saw Nina give her a high-five.

I waited another minute, just to be on the safe side, and I shifted in place some more to perpetuate the illusion that I was slowly waking up.

As I did that, I thought, Crap. What was I thinking, coming here and taking a nap? Whatever my logic was, it sure blew up in my face! And Nicky was here and saw everything! NICKY! What a disaster!

I finally opened my eyes, sat up in my lounge chair, and looked around. I had to be very careful with my movements because my erection was so precariously covered by my swimsuit that almost any movement would cause it to spring free. I actually had to do some quick readjusting with my hand to get it back into that mesh lining so I could stop worrying about it, at least for a while.

All of the girls were VERY carefully looking anywhere but at me! If I had really slept through everything, their total lack of interest after congregating around me so eagerly before would have been extremely suspicious.

I still didn't see Nicky anywhere. I doubted that she'd gone back in the house, for fear of running into Mindy and/or Cindy. The best guess was that she'd gone down to the deck. I figured it was best to let her be for a while.

I stood up, ran the short distance to the pool, and jumped in. That was done to help the girls out. My penis was so very soaked with pre-cum that it would have been highly implausible for me not to notice that before long. But jumping in the pool took care of that, and "destroyed the evidence."

I proceeded to swim laps for about ten minutes. That served two purposes. The first was that I was extremely aroused. The only reason I hadn't climaxed already was that I had fought mightily to resist that, for fear of accidentally cumming on at least one of the girls and ruining their secret experimentation on me. The second purpose was that I knew the girls would need more time to get back to something approaching normal.

While I swam, I had time to think about what had just happened. I was forced to admit, I should be upset at the girls taking advantage of me while I was apparently sleeping, but I'm not. Had I actually slept through it and only found out about it later, then yeah, I definitely would have been upset. But the fact remained that I was awake the whole time and I enjoyed every minute of it!

It wasn't just the physical pleasure. In truth, the actual touching and stroking on my erection wasn't that special, compared to the extremely high standards I've recently been getting accustomed to. But that doesn't matter at all because the mental stimulation was so out of this world. I'm pretty sure I would have had to fend off an orgasm without them touching it at all, just from hearing their sexy, naughty whispers! Then add onto that the fact that they were all topless while doing it, and that they're all so endowed and beautiful!

Then add the fact that Nicky was with them too for part of the time! Nicky! My God! The hunger and desire in her eyes while she watched Anjali jack me off... I'm NEVER going to get that sight out of my mind! Ever!

And they're all so into me. Talk about flattering. Sheesh! I guess I really am the local "dreamboat" object of desire, just like Min has been trying to tell me. For a moment there I thought there truly was going to be a collective breakdown in willpower, and ALL of the girls, including my three daughters, would have started licking my cock at once! I don't know what would have happened after that - other than the fact that I would have immediately emptied my balls over all of them - but it certainly would have been interesting to find out!

Needless to say, these sorts of thoughts didn't exactly help my erection go away. But since I was swimming laps, it didn't really matter, for once.

I kept on swimming, and my thoughts started to get more reasonable. I realized, A group cock licking would have felt divine at the time, but it would have had awful repercussions. My relationship with Nicky would have been torn apart, for starters! She might have gotten swept away by passion for a few minutes, but then she would have been traumatized for life. Not to mention the "guilt trip" I'd be dealing with, as well as Michelle and Ruby's great incestuous secret probably would have come out and been discovered by too many girls who like to gossip.

I have to remember that I don't even want to get sexually involved with Anjali, Nina, and Monique in the first place. Well, okay, I do. I totally do! But I have to be prudent and focused, and that can't happen, at least not beyond a one-night stand type situation, that is. Eventually. Maybe. Who the hells knows?! But nothing can happen with them today or any time soon, that's clear enough!

Sure, it's fun to be tempted, but I I have the ultimate, perfect situation with my wife and four cock slaves and I don't want or need anyone else. Even if one or more of them proved to have the ideal cock slave attitude and an ability to keep secrets, I have too many women to keep happy as it is! I'm thirty-eight years old, soon to turn thirty-nine. I don't have the energy to keep five highly sexual women satisfied, so forget adding more than that!

I decided to pretend like I never knew about what they did. If I tried to punish them I would have to admit that I knew what was happening first, and that would open a can of worms I wanted to stay closed. The truth was that I was simply too fucking aroused by it all to get upset.

The biggest question I pondered while swimming was what to think about Nicky's involvement in all of this. I tried to put my inappropriate lust aside and imagine myself in her shoes. Remember how Min said I'm like the male version of the ultimate sexy neighborhood MILF. So let's flip that around again. What if I was a teenager and had a mother who was as attractive or appealing as they seem to think I am? And what if she was sleeping all alone on a lounge chair and her bikini came all the way off? Would I be able to completely resist my curiosity and not gawk and ogle her from close up? Almost certainly not. That's just human nature.

At least I can take comforted by the fact that she made no effort to actually touch me. She didn't even make any kind of comment that so much as hinted that she was thinking about doing that. Thank God she thinks that's over the line. And rightly so! Also, she complained the most and then she'd finally gotten up and left.

So she's had this crush on me that apparently was pretty strong, thanks in large part to the other girls who sometimes created situations such as the "peephole" spying. But she still knows the difference between fantasy and reality. Unlike the Gruesome Twosome, she's been dating boys all along. In fact, she just had a serious boyfriend for an entire year. She clearly has her own path set out for herself and she's not about to get sidetracked by an incestuous obsession. So that's a relief!

Actually, the fact that she could observe such a highly arousing situation like this and yet still refuse to get directly involved and even actually leave shows that she isn't anywhere near wanting to have any sort of sexual intimacy with me. Right? That's how I read it, at least. At heart, she simply is not a highly sexual animal, like most everyone else in her family. She's studious, productive, responsible, moralistic, and almost angelic in her purity and innocence. Despite everything that's happened since she's come home, I still firmly believe that.

It's just that she was curious about some sexual things. Who wouldn't be? Jesus, the way the others hype me up as some kind of super sex stud, who could resist seeing what all the fuss was about? Before she leaves for Hawaii I need to have a talk with her and get her to see that I'm really not "all that." For instance, so what if I have a penis that's larger than normal? They make it out to be the size of a caveman's club, for Christ's sake. It's mostly in their minds, thanks to all the slumber parties and whatnot where they hyped me up to a ridiculous degree.

Swimming laps helped me feel both physically and mentally reinvigorated. My penis finally went flaccid too, and that was a very important thing since I still had no choice but to wear this lousy bathing suit.

I finally decided it was time to get out of the pool and see what the girls were up to and if they'd calmed down.

I climbed the steps out of the pool and walked to get a towel. As I did so, there was no way not to notice that ALL of the girls were STILL topless! Most shockingly, Nicky was still around and talking to some of the other girls, and she was topless too!

Holy fuck! What am I going to do now?! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Nicky! Just look at her hot and curvy body! Looking at her like that makes me almost weep in frustration. I had thought that ten or more minutes of me swimming laps would have given them the time to come to their senses and at least put their bikini tops back on. If not all of them, at least the shyer ones like Monique and Nicky.

But no!

Damn! I thought the sexual antics were over, but perhaps my hope about that was premature? There's still no sign of Mindy or Cindy either, when they could be providing a break to the girls' rash behavior. Sheesh! What ELSE can go wrong before Nicky leaves for Hawaii?!

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