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Chapter 22

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I finished toweling myself off, and then reluctantly put the towel down. I was reluctant because I was wondering what I'd do for "protection" now, meaning how would I keep my erection successfully covered with only my inadequate and now slightly wet bathing suit? I didn't have an erection at the moment, but with the way things were going, and the general lack of even bikini tops, I wasn't expecting that condition to last long.

Looking around the pool area, one could easily see why I thought that way. Curses, again! Everywhere I look, it seems there's nothing but long tanned legs, sexy hips, stunning faces, and most of all, big bare breasts! My God, what a cornucopia of nearly naked teen bodies!

Michelle and Ruby were lying on lounge chairs together on one side of the pool, far away from the others. Sue Ellen, Nicky, and Monique were in another lounge chair group, and Nina and Anjali were together only a short distance away from those three.

Nicky was still affecting me the most, by far. I only deliberately looked in her direction briefly, and I regretted doing even that much because my penis immediately began to engorge. I forced myself to stare into the pool and think about non-sexual things. It was a battle I was slowly losing though. It's hard to get your mind off of sex when you have a wife and no fewer than four cock slaves, and your one non-enslaved daughter is topless and looks like she should be a Playboy centerfold!

I was still standing there wondering what to do, with my dick growing in my shorts inch by inch, when Anjali came sauntering over to me. Just watching her wide hips sway and her immense boobs bouncing on her chest nearly completed the job of getting me erect. I thought she was going to stop and talk to me, but she was bold and hugged me again like we were long-time lovers already! She didn't hesitate to press her bare breasts against my equally bare chest, and she even hooked one of her legs around one of mine! She wrapped both her arms around my back, far down my back, so her hands were nearly at the top of my bathing suit.

Needless to say, I was fully erect after that! And there was no way she couldn't feel it, since she was pressed tightly against it too. My boner was pointed to the side, because if it pointed up it would poke out the top of my swimsuit and if it was pointed down it would dangle out the bottom. She wiggled around a bit as if settling in to find a comfy position on me, but in so doing she all but stroked my boner with her body!

Then she looked up into my eyes, and cooed in a sultry, come hither way, "Fuck my tits, Master! Did you have a nice nap?"

I was in a daze from this brazen sex attack, so about the best I could manage was "What?"

She shamelessly purred at me, "I said, did you have a nice nap? Did you have any... pleasant dreams?"

I wasn't sure what was going on with that question. Uh-oh! Does she know or strongly suspect that I was awake during my supposed nap, and does she want me to admit that? Or is this just a sort of private joke she's enjoying at my expense? Or maybe she really wonders if their combined handjob efforts had given me some particularly pleasant dreams?

Whatever the case, I didn't want to touch that question with a ten foot pole. So instead I said, "Um, you probably shouldn't hug me like this." I looked around at all the other girls, most of whom were sitting up (and showing off their topless state in the process!) and looking at our hug with an intense curiosity. So I added nervously, "Everybody's watching!"

She looked up at me with even more fire in her eyes, if that was possible. "Good point! We don't want them to disturb us. Why don't you and I go down to the deck? It's such a HOT day today, isn't it? You can put some more sunscreen on me, and I can put some more on you. On every last inch of you! How does that... interest you?"

As if the sexual overtones of her offer weren't blatant enough, she slid her hands down onto my ass and gripped my ass cheeks firmly. At least she didn't stick her hands inside my swimsuit, but that was probably coming next.

Without thinking, my traitorous hands slipped down and grabbed her ass cheeks too! But since she wore nothing but a thong, I didn't run into anything but luscious bare skin. Oh, YESSSS! Such a sumptuous, fulsome ass!

Anjali was a bit soft all over - not fat or even chubby, but ample. However, she clenched her ass cheeks tightly to give me a firm ass fondle experience.

I only held her there for a few seconds, and then my gaze landed on Nicky sitting up and staring at my hands, and I felt guilty. I let go and just kept my hands in the air, afraid to touch Anjali anywhere.

I was panting hard already, for some reason. Yet I knew I absolutely had to turn down her offer. I spoke haltingly. "Anjali... that's... not... a good... idea..."

"Oh, I think it's a VERY good idea..." She was not easily dissuaded! She ran her hands over my ass, obviously greatly enjoying the feel.

"No, really, it's not." I decided, I need to extricate myself from Anjali before she grows bolder. God knows I want to fuck her, but not today, and I can't go too far with the others watching. Especially Nicky! I have to show resolve! Behave!

I politely yet forcefully pushed her away.

I was thinking of an excuse to walk away when I saw Michelle was walking towards us, looking anxious. That was the perfect excuse for me, and I used it. "Sorry, Anjali. It looks like Michelle needs to talk to me about something."

Anjali frowned with frustration. "I'll be waiting. Don't let me burn up!"

With that all too sexy sex octopus off me and walking away, I turned to an antsy looking Michelle. "What's up?"

"Daddy, Ruby and I need to talk to you. In private. It's important!"

"Sure thing." I was relieved that she didn't try to hug me, especially given her tempting twin torpedoes were just hanging there, fully exposed. Just the simple act of her breathing meant they never settled down into stillness, creating a sight that I found endlessly compelling.

I took Michelle's hand and walked with her to Ruby. Then the three of us walked to a spot just past the hot tub. That was still in full view of everyone in the pool area, but was far enough away to make lowered voices give us some semblance of privacy. I wanted a highly visible spot like that so the Gruesome Twosome wouldn't have a chance to try to get frisky with me.

As we walked, there was a lot of titty bouncing going on! But that wasn't the only bouncing, because my erection was threatening to bounce its way right out of my swimsuit. It looked like I was keeping a baseball bat in there or something, but I didn't see what I could do about that at this point.

When we were far enough from the others that they had no chance of hearing us, I asked, "Okay, girls, what's up?"

Ruby and Michelle looked around anxiously. Both of them had an arm under their huge racks, unwittingly (or perhaps very wittingly!) making them swell up and out even more.

Ruby spoke for the both of them. "Daddy, we were hoping that you didn't forget, but the day is halfway over already and we're worried that you've forgotten. About what needs to happen today!"

I didn't know what they were talking about, so I waited for her to continue.

Ruby muttered to her with dismay, "You see? He HAS forgotten!"

Michelle grimaced sadly at that, and then looked around furtively to double check that no one could hear. "You know, Daddy... The daily spanking! You can't skip that!"

I had forgotten all about that, and yet it was something that I didn't want to miss. I was trying hard to control my naughty Hellions, and the daily spanking seemed to be an essential carrot-or-stick tool in that battle. Previously, Nicky had planned to leave for Hawaii in the evening, so I'd figured I could spank the girls after we'd dropped her off at the airport. But now that Nicky had slightly changed her plans and wasn't leaving until the next morning, I had to do something somehow with Nicky still here!

I said, "That's going to be a problem, with Nicky here."

Michelle moaned needfully, "I know!" She writhed uncomfortably as she stood there. She looked around again and lowered her voice to a quiet, urgent whisper. "But Daddy! My ass NEEDS your firm hand! I need you to control me and dominate me! And Ruby does too!"

She wiggled her hips around, as if her spanking need was taking control of her body. "Forget the sex boycott! We can put that on hold until Nicky's gone."

Ruby cut in with a worried look, "Um, Shelle? We haven't talked about that."

"I know, but just until she's gone. We can't do it right with her here anyway. And I need to suck Daddy's cock SOOOOO BAD! Just think about it, Ruby: a nice long 'spank and suck' session with Daddy! You could bob on the King with your ass still burning red!"

Ruby groaned just as needfully, and started writhing around too. "Oh God! That sounds really hot! Not to mention delicious! But we have to be strong. Remember the stinky, unworthy boys! Do you want to end up kissing one of them?!"

Michelle was indignant. "No, of course not! My body belongs to Daddy! I'm one of his eternal sex-"

I belatedly interrupted, "Ssssh! You never know who might be listening!"

Michelle looked all around. But instead of keeping quiet, she just moved in closer and whispered more quietly. "Daddy, you know that I'm yours, forever! I would NEVER kiss another man! NEVER! My greatest joy is feeling your hot and throbbing stiffness in my hand, in my mouth, between my tits, or soon..." - she took a deep, lusty breath before growling heatedly - "balls-deep in my Daddy-loving CUNT!"

She suddenly turned to Ruby. "You know and I know that we'll never date any boy, or kiss them."

Ruby nodded gravely. "The mere idea of one of them so much as touching me makes me physically ill. I too live to serve my master!" At that, she assumed cock slave Position Number Two, with her hands on her head, her legs spread wide, and her chest thrust out.

I looked around nervously. By some miracle, the others weren't looking this way. Luckily, most of them were on lounge chairs facing away from us. Nicky was lying on one of those, so she couldn't possibly see us, and that was the most important thing. Still, I hissed, "Shut up! And strike a normal pose already, before somebody sees! Don't you have any sense?!"

Ruby hastily tried to stand casually, although with her body, any pose was a sexy pose. She said sheepishly, "Sorry. It's just that once you start to 'go slave,' you can't be half-assed about it. The need to serve and obey you kind of feeds on itself and grows stronger and stronger!"

I highly doubted that, since these two were just as willful and difficult as ever. Watching a live video of me having sex with Mindy and Cindy last night - and with Nicky joining in, no less! - was just the latest example. Still, I knew this wasn't the time for an argument about that, not with the others able to see us.

Michelle said to her, "Our sex boycott is still on, generally speaking. But everything's on hiatus until Nicky leaves, so what's the harm with just a little bit of spank 'n' suck? We could take turns bobbing on the King while on all fours and with our asses still glowing red!"

Ruby's eyes went wide. "I'm in!" She tried to tell me with a stern voice, although without much conviction, "Remember though, tomorrow the sex boycott is back on. We're not giving up!"

I looked around anxiously again. Although they weren't striking any overtly submissive poses, they were constantly wiggling and writhing around, as if lust was battling to take complete control of their bodies, and was winning. I hissed, "Would you two stop moving around so much?! It's highly suspicious!"

They both froze. After what looked like an obvious concerted mental effort, they pinned their arms behind their backs and stood up straight with their legs spread wide. It looked suspiciously like slave Position Number Two all over again, although thankfully they didn't have their hands on their heads and their tits weren't thrust as far forward as they could have been. Still, I figured that was marginally better than their sexual gyrating and writhing.

They apologized in perfect unison, "Sorry, Master."

I whispered even more anxiously, "That's another thing. Don't call me 'Master!' Not even whispering it with no one else around. I know we've worked out this clever excuse with the 'Fuck my tits, Master' line and everything, but still."

They both started to say, "Sorry, Mas-" only to barely catch themselves in time.

Ruby said, "Sorry. We're trying, we really are. It's just that when we're standing here effectively naked with our bare breasts and erect nipples within easy reach of your talented hands, and you're standing there with the King looking so stiff and delicious and threatening to burst free at any moment, and thinking about you spanking us and taking turns bobbing on your great, big, fat, hot, long, thick, yummy, veiny, throbbing COCK-"

"Ssssh!" I warned her.

"Sorry! It's just that, with all that going on, you seem even more masterly! It's all we can do not to fall on our knees and call you 'Master' and suck and stroke and love your powerful cock until you splooge all over our faces and tits, just proving that much more what a great master you are!"

Michelle nodded emphatically. "Excellent analysis, Ruby! That's EXACTLY what needs to happen! And I don't even care who sees. They all need to see! Everyone needs to know that we live to serve and suck your cock, Daddy!"

I groaned with a mixture of lust and frustration. I could see a wild, fiery look in her eyes, and in Ruby's eyes too. I could even smell wet pussy, despite the fact that we were standing outside and there was a slight breeze. I needed to end this conversation, and soon!

Michelle looked at me while proudly thrusting her torpedo tits out a little more. "Mas- Daddy, we're you're cock slaves. This is how we think. This is what we do. This is who we are!"

I griped, "If that's the case, why are you both so disobedient all the time? I know what you did last night after I went to bed, and there's going to be a big punishment for it. But that'll have to wait until after Nicky is gone."

Michelle and Ruby looked at each other in what seemed like very genuine puzzlement. Yet they maintained their stiff and sexy stance all the while.

I said, "Don't play dumb with me. You know what you did. But we'll talk about that later."

Either I was being too vague, or they were doing a great job of playing dumb. Probably, they were simply so horny about the spanking idea that they weren't thinking straight. In any case, I decided this wasn't the time or place to seriously get into the spying issue with them.

I looked around again, just to confirm that none of the girls behind me were leaving their lounge chairs. So far, so good. "We shouldn't be talking about any of this stuff at all, not with Nicky practically within spitting distance. Anyway, I've gotta go. I'll try to do the spankings if I can find a way to do it safely, okay? Don't ask me about it again because we shouldn't be talking like this at all. Too risky!"

That said, I turned around and started to quickly walk away.

They both asked at once, "Where are you going?"

I shrugged and kept on walking.

The truth is, I don't know! I just know that I have to get away, far away. Definitely out of the house altogether! Everything here is way too arousing for me! I know that if I stay around, Anjali is likely to all but molest me. And I'm still so extremely aroused from the napping incident that I don't have much will to resist.

And if I somehow fend Anjali off, then there's Nina. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the two of them team up to make sure they get their man. There's no way I could resist that in the condition I'm in! Yet I know I HAVE to avoid getting seriously sexually involved with anyone but my wife and my cock slaves. The others are supposed to think that any sexual contact between them and me is nothing more than a remote possibility.

I'm spread too thin! There are so many other men in the world, many of them doubtlessly more impressive than me in various ways. So why are all these bombshells interested in me?! It sounds absurd, but it's an actual problem I'm facing!

And then there's Nicky, just lying there topless in her lounge chair like that's the most natural thing ever. Twenty-four hours ago, I thought of her as the daughter who always dressed up like a nun or an Eskimo. What the hell happened there?!

I was very glad to see her, and I really wanted to spend more time with her, but I was feeling so sexually ravenous that I had to get away from her maybe most of all!

I headed towards the house thinking, Certainly my own home is safer than the backyard. Right? Although... I'm not so sure about that. My willpower is running on empty. If one or more of the girls follow me inside and get me alone in my bedroom or some place like that, I'm a goner! It would probably be a full-on King Dong attack! (I could scarcely believe that I was starting to think in their crazy terms, but it seemed to fit.)

Luckily, as I neared the screen door leading into the house, I noticed Mindy and Cindy standing just inside. They saw me coming and opened the door for me.

I immediately enveloped Mindy in a big hug. Even though she (and Cindy) were also still in their bikinis, this felt "safe" for me. I sighed heavily. "I need to get out of this place! And fast! Too much temptation!"

Mindy said briskly, "Don't worry, you're in luck. We have just the thing. It's a kind of crisis that's just come up. Cindy, can you get her?"

Cindy opened the screen door and took a step outside. But then she stopped and shouted, "Sue Ellen! Can you come here? Right away!"

Sue Ellen picked up her bikini top from somewhere (I couldn't see since I was melting into Mindy's hug) and jogged her way to us. She had to hold her D-cups as she went to keep them from bouncing too much.

But she wasn't the only one to take action. Michelle and Ruby were still lingering near the hot tub, and they also drew close to find out what was happening.

Once Sue Ellen was at the door, Cindy said to her, "We've got a situation at Mama Mia's that needs to be taken care of right away!"

Sue Ellen's eyes went wide. "Uh-oh! Am I in trouble?"

"Not exactly, but it needs to be dealt with right away. Dan, Mindy, and I will go with you." Cindy looked to the Gruesome Twosome. "Can you tell the others?"

Michelle answered, "Sure. Is there anything we can do to help?"

Before Cindy could respond, Ruby anxiously asked, "How long will you be gone?"

Cindy took Michelle's question first. "There's nothing you two can do to help about this other than to hold down the fort here. But while we're gone, it would be good if you can get everyone to calm the hell down. Things are getting way too hot, and I'm not just talking about the heat wave."

Mindy broke the hug with me, and chided the Hellions, "Remember your older sister. We've gotta keep it together until she's gone."

Michelle nodded. She looked concerned, so I hoped she would take that request seriously.

Cindy then got around to answering Ruby's question too. "As for how long we'll be gone, I don't know. Probably an hour or so. Both of you be good hostesses, and if our guests are gone by the time we get back, that won't be such a bad thing."

Michelle nodded to herself, then said, "Okay, but I don't think there's much chance of that happening. The afternoon is still young, and it's such a hot day, why be anywhere but at a pool? We may even have some more friends finally show up."

I thought sarcastically, Oh, great. Like that'll help. Somehow, I know only the busty and beautiful ones with crushes on me are gonna be invited.

After that, things moved quickly. The four of us went upstairs and changed into clothes that were still on the skimpy side (since it was such a hot day), but covered enough for us to get into a nice restaurant. We were ready to leave in just a few minutes.

Mindy was acting mysteriously. She wouldn't tell me anything about Sue Ellen's work-related emergency, saying that we'd get it all sorted out when we got there. And she insisted that I go in one car while the three of them went in another car. She wouldn't explain why we had to do that either, but it was fine by me because I hoped the time alone would allow me to sexually cool down.

The problem was that I couldn't cool down! True, my penis did go flaccid on the ride to the restaurant. But that didn't mean much because I was still so mentally keyed up that I could tell I was liable to get fully erect again at even the slightest visual or mental stimulation.

There had just been too many sexually exciting things happening to me, most especially the "nap incident." I felt like a bow that had been pulled back nearly to the breaking point. That bow had to fire off its arrow, no matter what. I could hold the pose for a little longer, but that arrow was going to fire, and soon!

But Sue Ellen belonged to me now, and I felt a responsibility towards her that was just the same as if she was one of my daughters. I had to keep my shit together through this emergency, for her sake. So, with that in mind, I forced myself to think of anything but sexual thoughts for the entire ride to Mama Mia's. It was a constant struggle, and I kept slipping because I had sex on the brain now. I was hopeful and excited that fun and naughty things could happen with Sue Ellen at the restaurant, but how could that be when we had some kind of crisis? But, as I said, at least I managed to keep my penis flaccid for most of the way.

I drove there quickly, and it wasn't that far anyway. The others just beat me by virtue of getting a better parking space, and I met them at the front door. "Okay, what's this about?"

Mindy held up a hand. "Hold on, just a sec. Let's wait until we get a seat. Then I'll lay it all on you."

We didn't wait to get seated. In fact, we moved quickly through the restaurant before any waitress even realized we were there. I immediately noticed the cool air from the air conditioner. It was a very welcome relief on such a hot day.

We found a table. Sue Ellen joined us, dressed and acting like another customer instead of an employee. But I noticed that we didn't pick just any table. Instead, we went towards the back, to the room the restaurant only used when there were too many customers for the main room.

I remembered having some very pleasurable activities in this very room! Just being there was putting me in danger of having my erection bounce right back.

I was suspicious of the table, and also of how we arranged ourselves around it. I sat on one side in the booth Mindy (or somebody) had selected, and the three ladies all sat on the other side. Why wouldn't we sit with two on each side?

I asked them, "Okay, what's going on? Why are we sitting here like this?"

Mindy said, "I thought we needed complete privacy for what we're about to discuss. And we all look to you, our master." She looked to Sue Ellen to take the floor. "Sue Ellen?"

I could go along with that. (Although, was I officially Mindy's master or not? I kept getting mixed signals on that issue.) I waited to see what important problem Sue Ellen needed to explain.

Sue Ellen didn't say anything though. She was wearing a casual T-shirt like the rest of us, due to the heat. She reached inside her shirt, fumbled around, and then pulled her bra out! Her face went from serious to beaming with joy. "Master, I believe you forgot to ask me for this!" She put in on the table top and slid it towards me.

My eyes narrowed. I felt chagrined, as well as suddenly excited. "What's going on?"

Mindy was suddenly in super smirky mode. She was sitting in between Sue Ellen and Cindy, and she knowingly nodded first to one of them and then the other. Then both of them disappeared under the table!

I looked up at the ceiling and let out a loud sigh of exasperation as I felt the two of them pushing my legs wide open so they could both have access to "feast" between my legs.

Mindy beamed in triumph. "Are you getting the picture yet? Sue Ellen's emergency, in so far as there is one, is that she needs to help suck your cock! Don't think we didn't notice what happened during your so-called nap."

I was surprised by that last comment, although I suppose nothing should have surprised me by now. I asked, "What do you mean?"

Meanwhile, Cindy and Sue Ellen were attacking my shorts like hungry wolves. I didn't resist in the slightest, so they not only unzipped my fly, they pulled my shorts down a few inches as well so they could have access to all of my balls too.

They were greeted by one very stiff erection! As I'd said, I was so worked up that most anything was going to get me to cum, and having two cock slaves eager to secretly blow me under the table in a restaurant definitely qualifies!

They both began licking me at once. I got the feeling though that they were just warming up, and they wanted to refamiliarize themselves with my boner and get it wet before really having fun with it.

Despite the danger of getting caught, I had such a strong urge to cum that I didn't resist at all. The only prudent thing I did was to carefully rearrange the tablecloth so that it completely covered my crotch. Thank God for these red and white checked tablecloths Italian restaurants have! Even though we were in a very little-used part of a restaurant, we were still in a restaurant, so it paid to be careful.

Besides, it wasn't like this area was separated from the rest with four walls and a door. One of the waitresses at least was likely to walk past before long, and I still didn't know who most of them were. I knew Sue Ellen and Laura of the "lose thirty pounds and have sex with me" bet, of course. Plus, the last time I was here I had met Rosanne, who was a real cutie. But that was it. I had yet to meet any kind of manager or even know their names. So although I had a couple of waitress allies here, I still needed to be very careful.

My wife was extremely pleased with herself. She asked me with her usual smirky smile, "So... Enjoying yourself yet?"

I growled, "Answer the question." I wasn't exactly unhappy, since I was so desperate for sexual relief, and the way Sue Ellen and Cindy were licking and stroking my hard-on felt like heaven. But I wasn't happy at being manipulated by my wife - as usual! It's a strange feeling to be manipulated, but in a way that gives you so much immense pleasure and enjoyment that you can't possibly get upset.

She said, "Ah, yes. What did I mean when I mentioned your 'so-called nap?' I guess I have a hard time hearing you due to all that lapping and slurping coming from under the table. Mmmm... Lapping, lapping, lapping..." She playfully flicked her tongue at me. She acted mock-outraged, opening her eyes wide. "And in a public restaurant, no less! I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you."

"Yeah, you and that police chief in the Casablanca movie."

"So, should I round up the usual suspects for you? Again?"

I gave her and impatient look. "Answer the question already."

Mindy was all smiles, basking in the cucquean fantasy situation we were in. "Ah. Yes. Cindy and I were helping Nicky pack up in her room. She'd already laid out everything she was going to take to Hawaii, so we told her to go have fun with her friends and let a couple of old packing pros take care of it. So she left. But Cindy and I knew just how high the chances were for some sexy fun spontaneously breaking out, and we looked into the backyard from Nicky's window from time to time. And, sure enough, the bikini tops started flying off just a few minutes after you started to take a nap!"

I really wished she hadn't said that, because it was a dangerously arousing reminder. Yes, I was eager to cum, but not in the first minute. Besides, I felt like I had a certain reputation to maintain when it came to my ability to delay orgasm.

Crap! I felt like I was already on the verge even BEFORE my two cock slaves got their tongues on me, because I was so worked up prior to walking into the restaurant. And then Min put all those firm and high bare teenage breasts in my mind. Especially Nicky's. Oh God, Nicky! Her amazing bare tits and even more amazing de facto bare ass! So innocent, so kind and good, but with a voluptuous body a Satanic succubus would envy!

Mindy continued, "Needless to say, we knew that something fun was going to happen, even with you sleeping. We thought Nicky's presence might slow down the others, but it wasn't long before she took her bikini top off too!"

My wife leaned in over the table towards me, as if whispering something highly confidential. "What the heck happened with her body, anyway? If that's what the 'freshman fifteen' did to her, I say she should gain another fifteen pounds. It's like ALL of that extra weight went straight to her tits and ass! She was beautiful before, but now, phew! Too hot! And that ass! Have you seen how much her ass juts out? Have you felt it? Have you caressed it in your hands without any annoying bikini bottoms getting-"

I interrupted, "Miiiiiindy! Enough! Remember the 'no Nicky sex talk' rule?" Especially since you're practically reading my mind! Gaawwwd, that bubble butt!

She was startled by my words, since she was getting into it so much. "Oh. Sorry. Right. It's just that I was genuinely pointing out how much more voluptuous and statuesque she's gotten this past year, and I got a little carried away."

"Not like that's happened before," I said sourly and sarcastically. I was trying hard not to pant like a weirdo, given that we were in a restaurant. Sue Ellen and Cindy were making that a continual challenge though. Still, I was having a great time, with just the right amount of sexual stimulation.

Mindy smirked. "Sorry. How's the King doing, by the way? Are your two cock slaves taking good care of the happy guy? I've been trying to listen to what they're doing exactly, but I can't figure it out. I've noticed that when Sue Ellen is bobbing on it she makes this kind of gulping noise from time to time, and I'm not hearing that. And when Cindy is lapping all over your-"

I interrupted again. "Mindy. Please. Focus." In fact, Sue Ellen and Cindy were still licking my cockhead together, as well as stroking and fondling with as many hands as could fit on my privates. I considered telling Mindy that, but I decided I shouldn't encourage her.

"Oh. Right." Mindy had to stop and think about what she'd been talking about. "Aaaaaanyway, so we started checking the window more often. With so much bare tit, we new something great was bound to happen! In fact, we moved the luggage we were packing right next to the window so we wouldn't miss a thing. And, sure enough, we saw the girls gather around you. At that point, we knew something was up! Especially when we saw them gather around your crotch. Boy, did that get me excited!"

This was particularly interesting to me, because I was hoping Mindy would be able to shed a little light on what happened before Anjali touched my hard-on and woke me up.

I said, "You know, if you were watching you could have come out and stopped things, since Nicky was there."

Mindy said, "Oh, come on. You know me. Do you-"

However, before she could say any more, we were interrupted. "Look who we have here. Hi, Dan! Hi, Mindy!"

I wasn't that frightened because the voice sounded so friendly. I turned and saw the waitress Laura standing right next to our booth.

Sue Ellen and Cindy froze with their licking and stroking. But as soon as Sue Ellen recognized the voice, she resumed her oral efforts. Cindy saw what she was doing, figured it must be okay, and resumed as well. However, they were much quieter. Presumably, they were leaving it up to me if I wanted Laura to know what they were doing or not.

It had been a while since I had seen Laura. She looked noticeably better than last time. The problem with her appearance was that she was a little too chubby for my tastes, but I could already tell that she was taking my "lose thirty pounds and I'll have sex with you" bet seriously.

She noticed me checking her out, and smiled widely. "Ten."

Caught staring at her very nice legs, I looked up at her face. "Excuse me?"

"I said 'ten.' That's how many pounds I've lost since we made the bet. I'm one third of the way there, and I can't wait!" She suddenly got worried. "You're not going to renege on our bet, are you?"

"Are you kidding me? I'm looking forward to it!" That was true.

I hadn't really made the thirty pounds offer in the first place. In fact, she'd kind of tricked me into it. But things have changed since then, with Min getting me to consider the whole "dating" idea. Yes, I'm trying to focus all my sexual energies on my harem, but the occasional extra fuck with Laura wouldn't hurt, right? She is pretty now, and once she's lost all that weight, she'll be downright beautiful. Besides, it wouldn't hurt to have her as a solid ally for the inevitable future sexy games here at the restaurant.

However, I didn't want to slide down a slippery slope that led to her, or anyone else joining the harem. Lately, I'd been having a hard time saying no when it comes to women throwing themselves at me, so I needed to take steps now to make sure that wouldn't happen.

Somehow, despite the fact that Sue Ellen and Cindy were both licking my sweet spot at the same time, an idea came to me. "Laura, I'm hoping that once you win the bet, we'll be able to play around from time to time, and not just once."

She beamed. "I'd like that!"

Mindy, if anything, was beaming even brighter at that prospect.

Apparently, someone under the table liked that idea too, because I suddenly felt a pair of lips stretching around the top of my cockhead. Within seconds, my fat knob was completely enveloped! Yet whoever was doing it was being exceptionally quiet and careful. That allowed me to enjoy the rush without having to gasp or bug my eyes out. The other mouth moved down to lick my balls and lower shaft, presumably biding time until she could have her bobbing turn.

I said, "There's just one thing. Mindy has come up with a strict rule for you or anyone else in this restaurant: whatever happens can only happen here."

Laura frowned at me. "What do you mean?" It was a good thing she didn't glance at Mindy, because my wife was looking very surprised to hear that.

I furtively felt a round under the table, touching tops of heads to figure out who was doing what based on hairstyle. I was quickly able to figure out that the hot mouth bobbing on me belonged to Sue Ellen. That made sense, that she would get excited for her friend and co-worker.

Even as the under the table intrigues were going on, I ably held up my end of the conversation with Laura. I explained, "My wife enjoys when I play around with other women, but only to a certain extent. There's no room for any more women in my harem, unfortunately, because I'm just one man and my harem is already too big. So that means that if and when you and I play around, it has to be within the bounds of this restaurant. For instance, when I fuck you, we'll have to find a place to do it here."

"Oh." Laura looked crestfallen. It seemed pretty obvious to me that she was hoping to become much more involved with me. Sue Ellen must have been really hyping up the harem lifestyle to her, because why would any woman in her right mind want to do that when I was involved with so many other women already?

Mindy seemed to have quickly recovered from her initial surprise, and she was warming up to the idea. She said to Laura, "That's right. It has to be here. But think of the possibilities. Dan's already fucked me in the restroom, so it can be done. And just imagine in the future: every time he comes here, and I'm sure he's going to come here a lot, you and the other waitresses can make sure he has excellent service. And I do mean VERY excellent service!"

Laura's smile returned. "I like the sound of that!" However, she didn't look all that happy, despite her smile. It didn't take a genius to see that she was still reeling from hearing about these new rules and restrictions.

Mindy seemed to sense that, because she said to her, "The 'at the restaurant only' limitation may sound like a bummer to you, but it's actually a good thing. Dan's so busy with other women that you wouldn't see much of him anyway. The thing is, it's all about quantity versus quality. Having sexy fun with him here means that you're guaranteed to get that extra sexual thrill of doing naughty things in a public place. Isn't that how you see having sex with him?"

Laura nodded.

Mindy added, "So having an unlimited sex session with him in an actual bed would take away the magic. Do you see what I mean?"

Laura smiled again, but sincerely this time. "I do."

Mindy tried to further sweeten the pot. "You've made great strides losing weight, Laura. I think we should celebrate by you giving Dan a blowjob right here in the restaurant. Presumably the first of many."

Laura's eyes bugged out. She looked all around anxiously.

Just then, I felt a change under the table. Sue Ellen pulled her lips off my cockhead, only to have them immediately replaced by Cindy's. Like Sue Ellen, Cindy was exceptionally quiet and careful, to make sure Laura wouldn't know what was happening unless I wanted her to.

I told Laura, "I would love that, but I think we should save that for when you've lost a full fifteen pounds. That'll give you more incentive to keep going." Then another thought occurred to me. "Oh, and do you have a boyfriend?"

Laura was taken by surprise. It was clear she was dreading having to say it, but she said, "Um, I kind of do."

I tried hard not to sound judgmental. "What does that mean?"

She looked away unhappily. "I guess it means that I do."

I was dismayed to hear that, though the sheer secret cocksucking pleasure blunted any negative feelings I was having. I tried hard to think clearly and not breathe too hard. "Hmmm... Well, that changes a lot of things. For one, I don't want you to cheat on your boyfriend, and a blowjob counts as cheating in my book. How long have you been going out with him?"

She responded shy while still looking away, "A few months?"

I suspected that she was stretching the meaning of a "few" to downplay her relationship. I asked, "How can you be so into me if you're dating him?"

She replied with a sad pout, "He's nice, but he's just so... blah. You know? Not like you!" She looked at me with renewed hope. "You're so exciting! It's like there's nothing you can't do! He just dates women. You OWN them! How could I NOT fantasize about you?"

I sighed unhappily, though it felt like acting since I was highly aroused. "But you're still with him. This is a very difficult situation. I've just explained how I'm overextended, so it would be unfair for you to make a big commitment with me. But I can't condone you cheating on him either."

She admitted with brutal frankness, "He's really not all that. It's not like I see a future with him. It's just a matter of time before we break up. But on the other hand, having nobody to go out with on a Saturday night sucks. You can understand that, right?"

I nodded. "Yes. But you can understand where I'm coming from too, can't you? If and when you win our bet, I'm going to have to put your reward on hold until you're single." This was a serious sticking point with me. I vehemently hated cheating adultery, and I didn't want to abet that with anyone else, even if it was only a couple going steady.

She said passionately, "But that's just a matter of time! And not very long. He's not someone I'm planning on marrying or anything like that, for crying out loud. I can still lose weight in the meantime, right?"

"Of course." I smiled. I was furtively petting Cindy's hair under the table a little bit, encouraging her quiet yet very talented sucking.

"And I can still fantasize about you?"

I chuckled. "Certainly. But until the situation with... what's his name?"

"Tom." She seemed embarrassed, as if mentioning his name reminded her of her disloyalty to him by even having this conversation with me.

I nodded. "Okay, until the situation with Tom changes, let's just stay friendly but without any touching, okay?"

She nodded back. Disappointment was written all over her face. She said hesitantly, for confirmation, "So... no blowjob help."

"No. Sorry. Besides, someone else is actually taking care of that right now. Twice over, actually." I hadn't planned on saying that just then, but it sort of came out. Feeling so extremely aroused probably was making me giddy and reckless.

She stepped back and her eyes grew as big as saucers. "NO!"

I couldn't help but grin impishly. "Yes."

She was still in disbelief. I'd pulled the tablecloth so that it not only hung over my lap, but it hung down as far as reasonably possible on the open side of the booth. I'd learned that important precaution last time we were here. As a result, there was no way to see what was happening unless maybe one got down on one's knees to take a close look. Even then, with the lighting the way it was, it was probably too dark to see much.

So, to help her out, I briefly lifted that part of the tablecloth up. "Here, take a look." Given what I'd just found out about her having a boyfriend, I didn't want to push her very much. So I was careful to only lift the tablecloth part of the way up, just enough to confirm the fact that there were two women crouched between my legs.

Laura saw, and it looked like she forgot to breathe for a frighteningly long time. Then she started panting hard. She clutched at her chest, and whispered in awe, "Everything Sue Ellen says is true! Completely true!"

I noticed that Cindy didn't stop or even slow down her bobbing much when she and Sue Ellen had been "exposed." Sue Ellen was lapping on my balls, and she didn't show any special reaction either. However, they'd been extremely quiet since Laura arrived, which limited what they could do. They began getting more vocal, probably more vocal than usual. I suspected they were proudly crowing a little bit.

Mindy was in her element now. She was all smiles. "Of course it's all true," she said in a proud, matter-of-fact tone. "My husband is an unstoppable sex machine! There are at least two cock slave tongues on his great cock for hours and hours every single day! I rarely get to see his cockhead because it's almost always in one mouth or another, surrounded by a tight, sliding lip-lock. That doesn't stop just because he's in a public place."

Of course that was wildly exaggerated, even for my recent crazy sex life, but Laura was eating it up. It looked like she was going to have an orgasm just from standing there. She gesticulated, "You see?! You see?! You ask how I could want you more than Tom. He's just another guy. He's nice enough, but everything about him is normal. But everything about you is extraordinary! That changes everything. I don't even WANT my relationship with you to be fair! That would be too normal. I want you to use me and dominate me, like you do all your other sluts!"

I thought, Hmmm, interesting. I'm going to have to file that info away for when I'm able to play around with her. That goes well with having keep our "relationship" within Mama Mia's. There's nothing normal about some of the things I'm thinking I could do to her here! I chuckled to myself.

Laura got quite worked up saying all that. She stopped and just breathed heavily. She started to calm herself down, but then she happened to finally notice the lacy white bra that was still about the only thing on our table. She asked breathlessly, "Sue Ellen? Are you... are you down there?"

"Mmmm-hmmm!" Sue Ellen actually could have answered clearly since it was Cindy's bobbing turn and she was only licking me farther down my shaft, but I think she wanted to create the impression that her mouth was stuffed full of cock.

Then, interestingly, Cindy assisted by making a series of loud and lewd muffled moaning noises, sounds that could have only come from a mouth that was truly stuffed full of something.

Laura practically swooned. I really thought she'd fall over! "Oh my God! That's so AMAZING! Girl, you're so lucky!" She gathered herself together, and looked back at me. "Dan, I mean 'sir,' no, 'mister'... Dan... Oh no! What should I call you?!"

I was letting my ego get the best of me, preening a little bit. I breezily replied, "'Sir' should be fine."

She griped, "But that's what I call all the other customers. The, uh, the male ones, I mean." She was clearly flustered, and her boyfriend seemed completely forgotten.

I didn't understand how the timing of it worked, but right then Sue Ellen and Cindy switched positions on my cock. They'd been remarkably quiet about it for their two previous switches, but that definitely wasn't the case. In fact, Sue Ellen seemed to "playing to the rafters" when she engulfed me, making a loud and passionate production about it.

It was a good thing nobody was sitting anywhere near us!

But of course Laura heard those sounds; they were intended for her, after all. It was practically as if she'd been shot by a gun - she staggered around and nearly dropped to the floor. She was gasping hard and clutching at her breasts.

I was secretly amused to continue the conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. I ignored my own arousal and excitement and managed to talk in an even voice. "That's good. Then it won't seem strange if anyone overhears. But secretly you'll know, and I'll know, that..." I stopped myself. I was about to finish the sentence with, "whenever I want you, I'll have you." But I realized I couldn't say that in light of the fact she had a boyfriend. So instead I lamely concluded, "well, you know, when the time comes."

To my surprise, that seemed to hit her hard just the same, perhaps because she was still reeling from the loud slurping and muffled moaning. She said far too loudly, "Oh my GOD! I love it!"

Then she seemed to realize her error in nearly shouting, and added with quiet excitement, "That's what I'll call you! Except, when I say it, and the other waitresses, say it, we'll do it with a capital 'S'!"

This kind of thinking puzzled me. Michelle had also recently insisted that the new Dream Chair needed to be spelled with the first letters capitalized. What difference did it make if it was never written down? And yet, when I thought of the Dream Chair I found myself somehow imagining it with the capitalized letters too.

I was mulling that over, and also reveling my dual blowjob, so I didn't have anything to say right away. My cock slaves were being curiously restrained at the moment. It was true that they'd switched to taking turns bobbing on me, while their fingers and the other set of lips and tongue freely stimulated whatever was left. But both of them seemed to be taking things slowly and calmly compared to their usual efforts. I would have thought they'd have worked themselves into a frenzy after being publicly exposed to Laura.

In truth, I was glad about the restraint. I was so close to cumming that if they'd gone all out I would have blown my load about a minute after they'd started. Then it hit me: Perhaps they know that, and that's why they're holding back? They knew the situation itself is so arousing that if they're not extra careful I'm gonna cum too soon. Hmmm... Highly likely. Even though I didn't say a word of guidance to them, they know I want them to prolong the joy. My slaves are simply too good to me!

Laura took advantage of my distracted state to get her act together. She actually took out her pad to take my order. "Sir, I may have a boyfriend, but I can still give you the best possible above-the-table service, as long as there's no touching involved, right?"

I nodded. I didn't see any harm in that.

She beamed. She whispered passionately, as if other customers were in the adjacent booths, "You'll have to wait for my below-the-table service! I can't wait until you fuck me, but now I'm just as excited to be one of your secret cocksuckers! I'm gonna practice on dildos and my boyfriend - while I still have him - so I'll be worthy of the task!"

She suddenly looked to Mindy and asked, "Tell me: does he get that kind of slurpy service at every restaurant he eats at?"

Mindy calmly replied, as if she'd been asked this question a lot, "Not exactly. Unfortunately, we have to be practical. For instance, what if a restaurant doesn't have low-hanging tablecloths or secluded booths? There are all sorts of dangers. But lately we try to pick restaurants where it can happen, so things are getting better."

I had a hard time not snickering. She didn't outright lie, but she left a very misleading impression, as if we did this all the time. Still, I didn't see any harm in letting Laura get hyped up.

Sure enough, Laura was impressed. "WOW! God, and I don't even LIKE sucking my boyfriend's cock. But I know it'll be totally different with Dan!"

Mindy smiled knowingly. "Oh, it will be."

Laura shook herself, like she was trying to remind herself this wasn't just some crazy, wonderful dream. She refocused on me and tried to get back to some actual waitressing. "Okay, Sir, what would you like to eat or drink while your cock slaves take good care of you? Anything we have is yours! On the house!"

"I don't know... Although I'm going to have to say no to the 'on the house' part. That's not fair..." I was trying to remain calm, and act and sound like a normal customer. But even with my cock slaves taking it easy on me, there were two of them, and they were rapidly becoming excellent cock pleasers. I was so aroused that I was having trouble thinking. In fact, I was totally spacing out.

Mindy came to my rescue. "Honey, how 'bout a root beer float? I remember you ordered that here last time and you really enjoyed it. Think about that bubbly delicious soda plus the cool vanilla ice cream. Besides, that'll hit the spot on a hot day like this."

I nodded, happy not to have to make a decision. "Sure. Sounds good."

Laura was exceedingly eager. "One root beer float, coming right up! Oh, and I'm going to get you something extra special too." She winked at me and then hurried off.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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