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Chapter 23

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Still trying to act normal, I joked to my wife, "Boy, you really know how to sell a root beer float!"

She replied in her smirky way, "Well, I have my secret motivation. My fiendish plan is to get you to enjoy root beer floats while enjoying secret double blowjobs in restaurants so often that any carbonated drink will get you horny, or any ice cream flavor will get you horny. Then, your unstoppable cock monster will get erect at my command, and I'll be able to conquer the world! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!"

She was really hamming it up. She even threw her head back and lifted both hands in the air in the perfect image of an over the top melodramatic monologuing super villain.

I chuckled. "I don't quite see how the 'conquer the world' part follows, but hey, if it works for you..." I interrupted myself as a new thought came to me. "Hey, what's with Laura being so into me?! I mean, I barely know her from a hole in the ground."

Mindy loved that accidental set-up. She couldn't wait to tell me, "Believe me, once you've given her a good, solid nailing in the bathroom here, you'll know the difference between HER hole and a hole in the ground!"

I put on my usual bad-Mindy-joke-but-I'm-amused-anyway face. "I walked right into that one, didn't I? But honestly, her attitude doesn't make any sense to me."

Mindy leaned forward in her eagerness to explain. "It's like this. Sue Ellen talks about you constantly to the other waitresses, building you up like you're some kind of super stud! And then you come in here and act like a superman, confirming everything Sue Ellen ever said about you. So of course they treat you like the superman you are."

Just then, Cindy and Sue Ellen changed turns again. It took me a few moments to remember that Sue Ellen was sucking from the top now while Cindy licked and stroked the rest. It seemed to me that Cindy's last turn had gone on longer than the previous ones. I wondered if they timed their turns, and how they timed them if they did. But I decided it would be better if I didn't know too much of the nitty gritty.

I had to gather my wits again to reply, "But I'm not. And it's not me doing anything; it's the women I'm with. For instance, if I were just sitting here with you, that would be nothing special. It's the two beauties bobbing on their knees beneath me that makes this special, and I had nothing to do with that. Sure, I love it, but that was YOUR idea all the way."

Mindy waved off my protestations as if they were mere trifles unworthy of consideration. "Yeah, but still, it's happening to YOU. You think the waitresses care whose idea it was? It's super ballsy to come in here and do that. But nobody does that ever. Nobody! Any married couple could do that on a dare, but when have you ever heard of that happening? Besides, nobody else has a harem of slaves willing to lick you under the table in the first place."

She stopped, and then realized with a grin, "By the way, did you notice how she didn't even take my order? She obviously recognized me as 'Dan's wife Mindy' and she knew that I knew her, but she hardly even said 'boo' to me, except to ask me about you. She was totally focused on you, on serving YOU and you alone. Isn't that hot?"

"'Hot?' I'd call it a lot of things. Possibly 'rude' or 'annoying,' but not 'hot.'"

Mindy just rolled her eyes and clucked her tongue at me. "That's why I'm the cucquean and you're the master. I'd also call it 'highly symbolic foreshadowing!'" She snickered gleefully.

Somehow, despite two mouths on my boner, I had some thinking ability left. I said, "Cupcake, if you're listening, you really need to stop praising me so much to the other waitresses, okay? I want to spend all my time with YOU, and the rest of my harem. Sure, it's fun to flirt with others, but if you carry on like you apparently have been, they're gonna want to do a lot more with me than just flirt. So please tone in down, okay?"

Sue Ellen happened to be bobbing on my thickness nearly to the point of deep throating, and she showed no sign of stopping. So she responded with a "Mmmm!"

I didn't know what that meant, so I asked, "Is that a 'yes' mmmm or a 'no' mmmm?"

I heard another "Mmmm!" That was followed by the sound of two naughty girls giggling under the table.

Mindy chuckled along. Then she said, "Sue Ellen, try this. One 'mmmm' means, 'Yes, I agree and will obediently serve my master, my owner, and the love of my life,' and two 'mmmm's' means 'No, I disagree. I'm an insolent and bad cock slave and I need to be severely punished.'"

Sue Ellen let out an extra loud, "MMMM!" Then she responded even more energetically with a quick series of corkscrew bobs, first one way and then the other. She capped that by suddenly deep throating me all the way to the base!

I considered this deep throating pretty big news. It was pretty clear that for a woman to simply get my unusual thickness in her mouth was difficult, and to get that down one's throat was quite extraordinary. So far, only Sue Ellen had been able to do it with any prolonged success. I figured she'd save that for special occasions, with her initiation ceremony being a good example. However, the fact that she was doing it now, for no special reason or even any advance warning, suggested that she might do it more often.

And that was big, because it felt absolutely fantastic! She didn't just fit my boner down her throat. She used her tongue and lips on whatever the could reach while also somehow massaging my cock with her throat muscles! It really was like I was getting fucked and blown at the same time!

Then, as if that wasn't enough, Cindy happened to be doing wonderful things rolling one of my balls around in her mouth. Talk about a lucky man getting royally spoiled! And in a restaurant, no less!

Mindy suddenly burst into laughter.

Needles to say, I was highly distracted! I recovered enough to ask, "What?"

Still chuckling, she said, "You should see your face! I think you actually went cross-eyed for a moment, and then your eyes rolled up into your head. It's so cute. And so HOT!" She reached a hand under the table top, and did who knows what with it. At the same time, she said, "Whatever you're doing, Sue Ellen, keep it up!"

I clutched at the table edge and groaned like a stuck pig, because she was keeping it up. My facial expression must have been quite expressive, because it was like I was cumming without actually cumming.

Min raised a curious eyebrow. "Just what IS she doing to you, anyway? Whatever it is, I need to learn it, stat!"

I struggled to form a coherent sentence, even though it was a simple one. "She's... she... she... she's deep thoating me!"

My wife was floored. "Hooooooly... NO!"

I nodded.

"Jesus Herbert Christ on a pogo stick, wearing a cardigan sweater and eating a burrito! That's the best news I've heard all day! Do you have any idea what this means?!"

I was slowly and steadily losing my grip on my ability to fend off climax, while I practically pulped the table edge with my hands. I had been counting on Sue Ellen not lasting very long, due to the difficult circumstances and her deep throating inexperience, but she was still going on a single breath!

Seeing how distracted I was, Mindy stopped trying to tell me what this meant and just sat back and enjoyed the sight of me practically experiencing sexual nirvana in the middle of Mama Mia's. Needless to say, she was smirking up a storm.

I finally had to protest while panting hard, "NO! Don't! Please! Not that, not now! Don't make me cum too soon!" I tapped frantically on Sue Ellen's head to make sure she knew I was talking to her.

Sue Ellen relented. She gave up on the deep throating and went back to "merely" bobbing with more of her effective corkscrew moves. Then, after doing just a little bit of that, she realized I was still too close to the edge and pulled her lips off my shaft altogether.

I was very grateful. For the next minute, I was unable to speak or do anything. I could scarcely believe such an intense experience had happened in such a public place with nobody being the wiser except those of us at the table. Fucking hell! If Cupcake is able to do that to me at will, on a regular basis, my life just got a lot more interesting! And if my other girls start doing it too... Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick and all that other stuff Min said! It is possible for one guy to feel that much ecstasy fairly often?! Will this become part of the new normal?! Good God!

I could hear some quiet whispering between Sue Ellen and Cindy. I couldn't make out the words, but the tone sounded celebratory. No doubt Cindy was congratulating Sue Ellen on her remarkable feat.

I slouched back in my seat and wiped some sweat off my forehead. Somehow, just sitting here getting blown so well was tiring me out. "Phew! That was... phew! But Min, you didn't exactly give her much of a choice, did you?"

"Nope!" She just smiled with an extra smirky happy smirk. "You'll be glad to know that I find it hot when your slaves are slavishly obedient. So I'm all in favor of more of that. Having her deep throat you like that is absolutely enormous! I could see how powerfully it affected you, and I'm on Cucquean Cloud Nine right now. But I can see you're out of sorts, so we'll talk about that later."

I tried to joke, "'Cucquean Cloud Nine? Is that different from regular cloud nine?"

She grinned. "As a matter of fact, it is. Cucquean Cloud Nine, or CCN, as we like to call it, is a little bit higher. That way, we cucquean wives can look down on our husbands on regular cloud nine while they fuck all the sexy angels there. And God, it's a fuck-fest! Did you know angels are total nymphos? It's true. And up in Heaven you get wings AND breasts any size you want, so they're all super stacked, like Michelle or Nicky."

I grunted and waved a hand through the air, trying to discourage my wife from saying more. Her weird nympho heaven scenario didn't arouse me but the mention of Nicky's name and enormous breasts did.

Luckily, it appeared she got the message not to elaborate on that.

However, Cindy and Sue Ellen had never completely disengaged from my boner, it was just that Sue Ellen stopped her sucking. Already, Cindy had stepped into the breach by licking up to my sweet spot. Then Sue Ellen decided to join in. I could feel their tongues meeting and touching right on that damn super sensitive spot.

Yet, incredibly, as arousing as that was, it was still a big come down from Sue Ellen's deep throating. I felt like I'd just been through the wringer, but in the best possible way, if that makes any sense.

Mindy smirked with delight at my dazed condition. She stuck a hand under the table. "Sue Ellen? Where are you? I can't see you, but can you see my hand? I'm giving you a 'low-five.' That's a high-five for cock slaves when they work their magic under tables."

I heard the smacking of hands, and surmised that Mindy and Sue Ellen connected for their "low-five."

Then Mindy said to her, "Congratulations! We've got a lot to discuss about your deep throat talent, but later. Right now, just revel in the fact that you've made your master very, very, VERY happy! You should have seen his face! It was... total rapture!"

Sue Ellen finally spoke, just to ask, "Really?!"

"Really! And congrats to you too, Cindy. I know you didn't deep throat him... yet, but you were part of the build-up and the support, and that's vital too. And I'll bet that even now you're devoutly lapping on his cock. I know you are, because I can hear the sound of two tongues slurping. And to do it all in a place like this, where you might get thrown in jail for all your effort. Wow!"

One could hear the pride and joy in Sue Ellen's voice as she replied, "Ah, shucks. You're too kind. But I don't want any special thanks, especially from Master. It's just what we do. It's who we are."

Cindy added, "Exactly. This is the cock slave life. This is what we signed up for. Frankly, I love this under-the-table stuff! I think it's becoming my favorite way to suck him."

"Oh, definitely!" Sue Ellen commented enthusiastically. "I get an extra thrill out of getting to hear his sexy moans but not being able to see his face at all. I'm sure Laura's gonna love it when her turn comes."

"No doubt," Mindy said. Rather abruptly, she turned all her attention back to me. She apparently decided I had recovered enough to pay attention. "Anyway, where were we? Oh yes. I was telling you about spying on the back yard."

I somehow slouched down even lower and let out a big exhale. I needed to relax for a long moment before being hit by even more arousing storytelling. And of course Sue Ellen and Cindy were not going to stop for anything until they coaxed a cum load out of me. Phew!

Just then, Laura came rushing back with my root beer float, and a cupcake too. "Here you are, Sir. Since your Cupcake is assisting with your sexual gratification, I thought it was only appropriate you have one of these too. I hear that Rosanne gave you one last time and you enjoyed it."

I smiled at her and tried to act and look like a normal person and not someone who'd just been run over by a truck."Yes, I did, thank you very much." I picked up the cupcake and bit into it. It was chocolate, with chocolate frosting. "Mmmm. VERY good! You spoil me."

She smiled from ear to ear. "That is what we do for you... and you alone!" She remembered something, and looked around anxiously. "By the way, I should warn you: the Bat is flying around! I'm sure that won't slow you down, but I'll try to keep an eye out for you, just the same."

"Thanks." I didn't quite understand what she meant about "the Bat." Even though I was still out of sorts, I vaguely recalled Sue Ellen mentioning a "Bat" more than once. I had a vague notion from context that it was some kind of boss we didn't want to tangle with. I was too mentally fried to ask about it now, but I made a mental note to ask about it later.

Laura added, "Oh, and Josie is here too, and she's dying to meet you. Would it be okay if I introduce you to her later?"

"Sure thing." But then I realized I was too blissed out and not thinking straight. I hastened to add, "Um, wait. Is that really wise?"

"Wise?" She appeared confused.

I clarified, "What I mean is, it sounds dangerous. The fewer people who know about our, uh, special activities here, the better."

Laura relaxed. "Oh. Don't worry about that, Sir. Josie knows all about the fun you have here. But she's still kind of on the fence, I think. It would be a big help if you could turn your charm on her and get her on your side. Then she might be able to help in the future. You know, like covering for Sue Ellen or me if we want to take a break beneath your table... hint, hint..." She smiled with a hint of excitement and danger. "Or just keeping a lookout, or whatever."

"Oh," I said, trying to process that on top of the endless waves of pleasure washing through me. "That sounds okay, I guess. Although... how can I be charming when I'm like this?" I couldn't see how other people saw me, but I was sure I was looking wasted from so much pleasure, and I was breathing hard.

That didn't seem to bother Laura in the slightest. Instead, she asked, "By the way, Sir... Are they... still at it?" She stared hard at the table as if she was trying to look right through it.

Mindy answered for me, "But of course! Can't you hear them? And smell them?"

Laura shyly admitted, "Yes, and yes. Actually, I knew the answer but I just wanted to hear you say it because I still can't REALLY believe it, you know? Of course I can hear the sound of two kittens lapping at their bowl of water." She giggled. "So sexy! And the smell! God, the sexy smell!"

Mindy frowned. "Hrm. It is really noticeable? We might have to do something about that."

"It is. When I got near the table, it hit me like... like... walking into a pungent room. I don't know how anyone could fail to notice. But don't worry; we won't let any other customers get anywhere near you." With that, she smiled and rushed off out of sight.

Once she was gone, I complained, "What is with that kind of treatment? It's like I'm some kind of V.I.P."

"You are," Mindy replied with delight. "Very Important Penis!" She chuckled. "But let me get back to the story. Oh, but first, how are the girls treating you?"

I hadn't been paying close attention, but I did a mental check of what they were doing and how I was feeling. "Exceptionally well. When we came in here and they got started, I had this big urge to cum soon and I figured I'd do just that after a few minutes. But they had other plans!" I laughed.

Mindy laughed too.

I continued, "They're keeping me right on the edge with a light and careful touch. I'm in such a blissful zone that what's the rush to cum? Cupcake's deep throating was awesome, but too intense to be sustained for long. Whereas I could bliss out like this indefinitely. It's almost like having an orgasm the entire time. Now I know what it feels like to be a stoner in class who is totally baked out of his mind. Somehow he still functions, but it's a continual miracle because he's always so high!"

Mindy was triumphant. "Excellent! That's how I want you to feel all the time, and I do mean AAAAALL the time! I figure that if you're always on the cusp of cumming, you'll be more receptive to my bad jokes."

I laughed.

She laughed too. "See? Case in point. But I think you need to cum soon, after all. You're still tensed up from not cumming for a long time; I can see it in your face. Get that release you've been craving! You're so worked up they'll have you stiff again in no time, and then you can enjoy things that much more. What do you say?"

I nodded, because that sounded like a really good idea. She really was spoiling me.

Mindy tapped on the table a couple of times to get the attention of Cindy and Sue Ellen, although that was totally unnecessary since I'm sure they were carefully listening to every word. "Slaves, your master is ready to cum. So speed it up! But not too fast, okay? Let's work up to a big finish in, maybe, five minutes from now. Then you two can get him up again and REALLY go to town on the King for a long time!"

Neither of them replied with words. It seemed to me that they were reveling in being the silent help.

But they definitely responded non-verbally, because Cindy immediately engulfed my cockhead again and got busy bobbing on it some more. I even noticed a difference in the way Sue Ellen was licking and fondling my balls and lower shaft, which was faster and more aggressive. Their combined effort felt better than great, but that in and of itself worried me. Nobody has any right to feel THIS good! I'm really pushing my luck doing this in a restaurant. When is karma going to kick me in the ass?

Mindy sat back and sighed with contentment while I sipped from my root beer float and enjoyed my cupcake. "Aaaah! Now, this is the life! I'm in cucquean heaven, and you're in harem master heaven. Did I have a good idea in picking this place to chill out in, or what? I knew we had to get out of the house, and this seemed so much better than sitting in the car in a public park or something like that. Besides, I love their air conditioning. They keep it cool, but not ridiculously so, where you need to put on a sweater."

I was all grins. "You crack me up. You've gotta be the only wife in America who would be so delighted by this."

"Maybe, or maybe not. I suspect there are more cucqueans out there than people realize."

"In other words, more than zero. I'd never even heard the word before."

"True, we're a low key bunch, but we do exist. I'd like to meet some others and trade notes. But in any case, all that matters is that I'm YOUR wife."

"Would you like some of my float?"

"Yes, please!"

She had some of the float, but refused any of the cupcake.

Then, just as Mindy was opening her mouth to resume her story, Laura came rushing back. "Sir! I thought you'd want this." She triumphantly handed me a glass filled with nothing but ice cubes.

I was at a loss to figure out why she thought I might want that much ice. Between the air conditioning and my cold, sweet drinks, I didn't want to get any colder.

Luckily, before I could reveal my ignorance by asking, Laura leaned towards me and whispered right into my ear. "Sir, I've heard about how your slaves use ice cubes to make their blowjobs even more exciting for you. I can't help you directly, but I'd be psyched if I could at least assist like this."

I sat back, trying to act like I knew that's what she meant all along. "Aaaah. Yes. Thanks, that's very thoughtful. Let's see how that works out, shall we?" I picked up a couple of ice cubes from the glass, then reached under the table with my hand open.

Sue Ellen and Cindy couldn't have heard Laura whispering to me, but they immediately figured things out. I felt one soft, feminine hand picking up one of the cubes, and then another hand belonging to my other slave picked up the other one.

Their cock sucking and licking had been interrupted while they got the cubes, but a couple of seconds later they resumed. This time, I had to visibly wince due to the blast of coldness from the tongue lapping against my sweet spot. Then I winced again because I felt Cindy's cold lips sliding down over my shaft and enveloping my cockhead in an icy freeze. I winced yet again when I felt the ice cube inside Cindy's mouth actually press against the side of my cockhead for a brief second.

Laura saw all my wincing, and asked anxiously, "Is Sir not pleased?"

I responded, "I am VERY pleased. Thank you. Don't be fooled by my face. This is one of those 'hurts so good' kind of things, like jumping into a cold pool and feeling every nerve in your body tingle with life. Things just got even more arousing for me, thanks to that ice."

Laura's worried look was replaced with a big smile. She even breathed a sigh of relief.

Mindy had been watching all of this with great interest. She didn't need anyone to explain to her what had been happening to the ice cubes. In fact, I'd used this ice cube trick with her and Cindy just the night before. (Could Laura have heard about that sex session already? That didn't seem possible, since Sue Ellen hadn't come into work since then. But Mindy and I had played around with ice cubes in the past, so I presumed that's what Laura was aware of, if it was something Sue Ellen had told her.)

Mindy was all smiles as she said, "This is what I call exceptional waitress service, Honey. I think you need to reward her for her cleverness and initiative."

"Good idea." Once again, I was flying by the seat of my pants. I'd just agreed to reward Laura somehow without having a clue as to what that reward would be, especially since we weren't allowed to intimately touch while she had a boyfriend. Then an idea came to me. "Laura, you may hand me your bra now."

She blanched. "What?! Here?! Now?!"

I heard Sue Ellen squeal with delight from under the table.

I nodded confidently. "That's right." I was still winging it as the words flowed from my mouth. I said truthfully, "I was going to have you flash me your bare boobs. But since you're new to this kind of thing, and especially because you have a boyfriend, plus you're probably worried about being fired, I won't go that far... this time. You can just take your bra off and hand it to my wife."

Laura's eyes were as wide as saucers. Clearly, she hadn't been expecting any reward, much less a "reward" like this one. For some long moments she just stood there breathing hard.

I knew I was taking a risk, but I also remembered that fortune favors the bold. That was particularly true for me in this restaurant. I wouldn't have Sue Ellen as one of my cock slaves if I hadn't been unusually bold with her. And while I definitely didn't want Laura as a cock slave, it would be nice to have her firm loyalty for future visits. If I was too bold and scared Laura off, that was okay too, because I was wildly overextended. I figured I couldn't lose, kind of like playing with house money.

After a pause, Laura glanced at Mindy, glanced back at me, and looked all around the room. It was just as empty of other people as it had been since we'd arrived.

Laura's nervousness only increased after that. She looked at me again, and then said, "I can't do it!" She started to walk away.

I thought, Damn. You win some, you lose some. I guess I pushed too far.

But no sooner did I think those thoughts when Laura suddenly spun around and came back to us. Closing her eyes tightly, she dramatically reached under her uniform, fiddled around with her bra, and pulled it out. She furtively handed it to Mindy like she was passing drugs as part of a drug deal.

Mindy played along and kept the bra hidden below the table edge. Then she put it somewhere out of sight. That wasn't part of the tradition, but it seemed she wanted to take baby steps in this case.

Curiously, Laura hadn't blushed so far, but suddenly her face turned a cherry red.

I knew it would be key to immediately say something encouraging. "Nice! VERY good. You should do that for your boyfriend too." As soon as I said that about "your boyfriend," I felt kind of stupid for saying it. Aaaaakward! But it was too late to take back.

Luckily, Laura seemed far too worked up to pay much attention to those words at the moment. She whispered wide-eyed, "I can't believe I just did that!" She clutched at her chest as if she was topless, and she looked to Mindy. "Can I have my bra back please?"

I replied in a no-nonsense voice, "Sorry. No."

I didn't think her eyes could grow even wider, but they did! "Oh my God!" She whispered in awe, "Too hot! It's just like what you do to Sue Ellen!" Then she seemed to remember what was happening under the table, as if finding out about it for the first time. "And you have TWO beautiful girls sucking you off all the while! They're sucking your big cock right now! The whole time!"

Mindy fielded that. "They are. Someday, one of them may be you, if you keep up the good work, exercise daily, and continue losing weight. And talk to Sue Ellen. Have her teach you how to improve your cocksucking skills. You may never get to be one of his official cock slaves, but perhaps we can find some kind of informal 'cock servant' position for you here at the restaurant. It would be a thankless job, mostly involving lots of under the table sucking, but that's probably the best you can hope for, since he has too many full time slaves already."

I thought I was being bold, but Mindy outdid me! Why the hell would Laura agree to any of that?!

But agree she did! She whispered breathlessly while staring at Mindy, "I'd... I'd like that!" She briefly glanced my way and added, "Sir!" Then she looked away again, as if looking at me was too arousing or intimidating or something.

Before things could get out of hand, I said, "Hold on, Min. Don't forget she has a serious boyfriend."

"Pshaw!" Mindy made a sour face and waved a hand dismissively. "Like that matters. She's gonna drop him like a hot potato, and you know it."

I said to Laura, "Sorry about my overeager wife. I feel bad for your boyfriend Tom. Maybe this whole taking your bra thing was over the line..."

It looked like Laura was going to say something in response, but she suddenly rushed away, heading to the mysterious back depths of the restaurant. Clearly, she was unused to walking without a bra, and she kept her arms crossed over her bosom.

I thought, Shit. I feel like I'm failing some kind of morality test here. Even if Laura just has a "friends with benefits" kind of non-serious relationship with Tom, I need to steer clear until that relationship is over. I still love coming here and having sexy fun. But I think in the future I'll have to check with Sue Ellen to see who is working when, and time my visits when Laura isn't here. She's getting too hooked on me already, and I'm just making things worse with stunts like taking her bra away.

But then again, we've already made commitments and promises with her. For instance, that thirty pound diet plan. It would be mean to backtrack at this point.

SIGH! If only I could clone myself. My life has turned into such an embarrassment of riches. I can't even deal with it all. Like Jane Corlin. I've been deliberately avoiding her, because who knows how that would go?! I probably wouldn't even have the energy or cum left to enjoy it.

Once again, my cock is doing most of my thinking for me. That's no way to live.

By contrast, Mindy was all smirks and smiles over the latest developments with Laura. If they gave out cucquean prizes, she looked like she'd just won the Olympic gold medal. And speaking of prizes, she clutched Laura's bra like it really was an Olympic medallion.

So I was stunned when she blithely resumed, "Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Speaking of delightful situations, there we were, Cindy and I, peeking out the window..."

I had to interject, "Hold on. After everything that just happened, you're going to resume your story? Just like that?"

She smiled knowingly and triumphantly. "Yep! Just like that!"

"Don't you want to talk about what just happened? That was pretty major."


I insisted, "What the hell DID just happen?! I've never even heard of a 'cock servant.' What is that?!"

She shrugged. "Heck if I know. I'm sure we'll figure it out as we go along. And don't act all surprised. You're the one who started it with that brilliant 'take off your bra' reward idea. Best. Husband. Ever!" She cackled with glee.

I asked her, "Hey, what about the fact that Laura has a boyfriend? Can't that at least be a speed bump to slow your wild cucquean plans down?"

It looked like she was going to make a joke out of that, but she saw the concerned look on my face and decided to give me a break for once. "Okay, a speed bump. Fine." Then she quickly changed the subject. She grinned at me slyly, and asked, "By the way, how's that double blowjob going? Is it still delightfully icy cold?"

I realized that she was right that this was as much or more my "fault" as hers, so I couldn't exactly complain. I further decided that if she could roll with the punches, I could too. I responded, "It was. And you know I get a kick out of that. But the ice cubes have melted away."

She spoke in a playful baby talk. "Awww. Poor you. Let Mommy make it better." She gleefully took a few more ice cubes from the glass, where they'd only melted a little bit, and brought them under the table.

I couldn't see what happened next, but I certainly could feel it: both mouths briefly left my erection, only to return a few seconds later with a freezing vengeance! Phew, that was COLD! I felt not one but two ice cubes pressed directly against the side of my shaft. Both of my cock slaves appeared to have the exact same idea at the same time.

I shivered all over and said, "Ladies, that's... TOO cold! Ooooh!"

Mindy wiggled excitedly in her seat. She'd been playing like she'd been there and done that before, but suddenly, she was like a little kid. "This is soooo much fun! Daniel Cooper, I don't know about you, but I think sharing you with slaves is the best thing that's ever happened! Not just in our marriage, but ever, in the history of the world!"

I laughed at that. I joked, "What about the invention of sliced bread?"

"Fuck that! Why is the 'greatest thing since sliced bread' even an expression?! I'll eat my bread in big loaves like the French as long as two cock slaves are rubbing ice cubes up and down your shaft while your waitress hands me her bra and bares her tits, thank you very much! I tell you, this beats the invention of sliced bread AND the napkin, combined!"

I laughed some more. I couldn't deny that I was having a great time. I didn't know where things with Laura were going, but I was so high on life that I was certain that everything would work out for the best in any case. And after accidentally nearly freezing my cock off, my two slaves were using the ice cubes to wonderful effect.

I must have been smiling from ear to ear when I said, "All right, Smirkarella, let's hear the rest of your story."

She grinned impishly. "Beware of summoning Smirkarella. She's the queen of the smirky night, you know."

"So I've heard. What does that even mean?!"

Fittingly, she just smirked. "As for my story, are you sure can handle it? It's pretty hot..."

"What's NOT hot around here lately? Maybe the heat'll melt the ice cubes in Sue Ellen's and Cindy's mouths that much faster."

She could barely contain her excited reaction to that. "If they do, I'll just give them more! And don't you love how they're not saying a word? It's like they're so focused on pleasuring your cock that they can't even take one second to say 'boo!' I love it!"

Sue Ellen happened to be the one bobbing on my cockhead. Cindy was stroking my shaft and licking my balls. But she jokingly took a moment to say, "Boo!"

Mindy clapped her hands with glee, like she was five years old and she'd just seen a clever magic trick. "I love it! I love it!"

It took us a couple of minutes to settle down enough for her to get back to her story about what she and Cindy saw during the first part of my afternoon nap, when I was actually sleeping.

She proceeded to describe in great detail how the two of them watched all the girls gather around my exposed erect dick, staring at it and talking about it. She knew somehow that I was awake for most of my nap (since she'd called it my 'so-called nap'), but I told her that I was really asleep until they started to touch it. So she went all out making a great erotic story out of the part I didn't know about yet.

Unfortunately, the teen girls were whispering quietly nearly the entire time for fear of waking me up, so Mindy and Cindy had no chance at all to hear what they were saying. However, my wife had a vivid imagination, and she speculated about what they were saying so passionately and cleverly that I soon forgot that she didn't actually hear them. But it seemed her account wasn't entirely just speculation. She could see from body language and positioning who was being enthusiastic and who was being shy and so forth, and tailored her pretend dialogue accordingly.

It occurred to me that Sue Ellen had been there and could have filled us in on what was actually said. But Sue Ellen continued to endlessly suck and lick without saying a word. She, and Cindy, seemed to be getting off on doing that without any talking unless absolutely necessary, and I saw no reason to interrupt them with a question. Besides, I figured I could always hear my wife's wild fantasy version of events now and then get the real truth from Sue Ellen later.

Before Laura came to us with the glass of ice cubes, Mindy had told my slaves to speed things up so I could cum soon. I'd forgotten about that due to the surprising events with Laura that followed. But my slaves apparently hadn't forgotten, because now that Laura was gone, they switched styles yet again. They'd been mostly taking turns bobbing on my cock, although it seemed they were doing it informally instead of always taking turns for set periods of time. Sometimes they were inspired to just "freestyle" with licking and fondling for a while.

That was all VERY well and good. It kept me humming at just the right level of pleasure. But now that Mindy resumed her story, Sue Ellen and Cindy somehow stepped their efforts up yet another notch. They didn't noticeably do anything new, but somehow everything got more intense and passionate. And as Mindy's story heated up, my slaves stepped things up another notch, and then another notch. I could barely believe there were so many notches!

It wasn't long before I sensed that I could cum at any moment!

What frustrated me was that Mindy kept mentioning Nicky as part of her story, but not in a way that I could really object. It seemed to be just facts, for the most part at any rate, but such arousing facts! For instance, she said, "And then I noticed Nicky repeatedly licking her lips while she watching your cock getting stroked. I wonder what she was thinking, but of course there was no way to know. But she was so HUNGRY! I could actually see her hunger all the way from the second floor. She just kept on licking her lips, over and over, while staring at that hand pumping up and down your big thick shaft!"

Actually, in retrospect, maybe it wasn't such a "just facts" approach after all. She was deliberately riling me up to help get me to cum. But she never said anything so outrageous that it made me demand that she stop.

Eventually, Mindy's story had lost all connection with reality. If she was to believed, all the teen girls were French kissing each other and rubbing their hefty racks together while they talked about stroking my cock as I slept! It would have been absurd except I was so incredibly aroused that it drove me absolutely wild with lusty desire.

And then it happened: I did cum! I was still hoping to hold out longer, but some line was crossed and I found myself blasting a load into someone's mouth! It was crazy but true that I'd lost track during the storytelling and I didn't even know if it was Cindy's mouth or Sue Ellen's. But whoever it was, she wanted to share. She pulled her lips off me part of the way through my cum explosion and used my boner as a gun. I could feel it as she aimed my erection this way and that, but I had no way of seeing where my cum was flying to. I had a good idea though - where else could it be but their faces or chests?

Then, the other slave engulfed my cock and sucked tightly on it as my last few ropes dribbled down her throat.

Somehow, it was the quietest orgasm I'd ever experienced. I hardly made any noise at all, strangely enough, and my slaves were just as silent. The fact that we were in a restaurant of course was a motivation for that, but we were in our own separate room, unable to hear or see anyone else, despite the fact that there was a fairly wide opening between this room and the rest of the restaurant. I don't know why, but I found it especially easy to stay quiet that time, so I went with it.

Furthermore, once my orgasm petered out, I thanked Cindy and Sue Ellen for their tireless effort, and they still remained silent. Instead, they acknowledged that by lovingly kissing all over my boner, right as it started to go soft. That confirmed for me they were getting some kind of kick of out not talking at all.

The timing was excellent as far as storytelling went, because Mindy had more or less reached the point where I awoke.

Then it was my turn to do most of the talking. As I calmed down and my penis went flaccid, I decided it was time to explain what really happened instead of my wife's vivid but made-up description of what she wanted to have happen. So that cooled things down some, but not that much, to be honest.

Cindy and Sue Ellen took a small break after I went flaccid, but only for their mouths an hands, because they never left their cramped space between my legs. That was impressive, because they'd been down there a good while already. At one point I even suggested they should stretch out, but they didn't respond to that either. It appeared they were trying to make some kind of point to themselves or to me.

Then after just a few minutes away from my penis, they worked together with their fingers and tongues to get it erect again. Thanks in large part to the story I was now telling about the "nap incident," it wasn't long before they were successful.

Still without saying a word, the two of them went right back to taking cocksucking turns. One of them would bob on me while the other would lick and fondle whatever was "left over," as had become the usual practice.

But it wasn't entirely the same as before. Now that I wasn't in danger of cumming soon, they were free to do whatever they wanted, and they got very creative. The glass of ice cubes was all melted now, but they had plenty of other tricks to use that didn't require any "props."

As I told my version of what happened during my "nap," I kept trying to downplay or ignore Nicky's role.

But Mindy had seen what was happening through the window with Cindy, and she knew a gloriously topless Nicky was there the entire time, so I couldn't just leave her out. Mindy kept on pestering me about what Nicky was saying, or looking like, or even thinking (as if I knew that!).

I fended off her questions for the most part, but every time she mentioned Nicky's name it was like the temperature in the room went up a few more degrees!

I wasn't the only one burning up from the sexual heat. I was halfway through my story when Mindy decided she simply couldn't take it anymore. She apparently tapped or kicked one or both of the slaves as she looked down towards them and said, "Okay, that's it! I'm claiming Master's Wife Prerogative! I need to suck cock, NOW! And there isn't room for three of us, so someone clear the way!"

I didn't know "Master's Wife Prerogative" was a thing. Sure, Mindy deserved special consideration as my wife, but it sounded like a very specific term that was meant to be spelled like a proper noun. Adding to the minor mystery, the others had either already been told about it or accepted it without question anyway.

i was curious to see how they've work out which one would be replaced, but as it happened both Cindy and Sue Ellen immediately came up for air. It turned out the two of them were a little tired out from sucking and licking so long. They sat back and relaxed in the seat opposite me and had a little bit of my root beer float and cupcake.

My naughty wife though slithered herself under the table. She meant every bit about needing to suck my cock NOW!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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