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Chapter 24

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy was so hot and bothered that her one mouth pretty much kept me just as worked up as the combined two mouthed effort of Cindy and Sue Ellen. She wasn't mentioning Nicky's name all the time just to rile me up anymore, but she sure was riling herself up too now!

My two resting cock slaves had streaks of cum here and there on their faces. It wasn't like full-on facials, since a majority of my load had gone directly into their mouths, but it was still blatantly obvious, were anyone to look at their faces, especially all the cum (and saliva) that had drooled down their chins. Much more noticeable though were all the teary streaks down their cheeks. Had I not known those were tears of effort, I would have assumed they'd been sobbing uncontrollably.

I suggested they clean up, but neither of them were having it. So much for slaves who obey my commands!

Cindy told me, "Master, do we really have to? I think as long as we clean up before we get up to leave, it'll be okay. After all, the only person whose seen us here so far has been Laura. Since we've come at an odd hour and sat way back here, it really is like we've been in alone in our private restaurant."

Sue Ellen nodded, and said to Cindy, "Besides, I totally adore seeing all those sucking tears on your face. When I see that, it's like I can see proof of how hard you struggled with his huge cock, and for so long! Great job! And when I feel the wetness on my own face, I'm reminded of my own tiring struggles. It makes me hot as blazes, thinking about how I slurped and sucked and stroked until I thought I'd have to 'cry uncle,' and all the while our master was sitting up above all cool and collected, sipping his root beer float and living the high life, enjoying the erotic buzz without having to make any effort whatsoever!"

A reasonable person might have been annoyed by being forced to do all that, but Cindy was almost dreamy and blissed out from Sue Ellen's words. "Yeah! So great! Gaawwwd! The slave life is so fulfilling!"

"It is!" Sue Ellen emphatically agreed. "It keeps getting BETTER, every day!"

Cindy nodded. "And even as we sit here with our wet and cummy faces talking about what we did, we can hear the sounds of Mindy bobbing on him! It never ends. Or at least it should never end, if we all work together and trade off. And don't get me started on how great you were with that deep throating. And Laura! Even as we knelt there in the darkness, exhausted from adoring and pleasuring his hot, throbbing cock-meat with every trick we knew, he was busy drawing yet another hottie into his sexy web!"

Sue Ellen's face lit up. "Oh my God! I know! I just about up and died when he took her bra! That was awesome! Especially because I know how much that meant to her after she's seen him do it to me. And he's not done with her yet! I reckon the odds are good she'll be down there with Mindy before we leave!"

The two of them giggled gaily and even high-fived each other. Then their conversation kept on going like that. Strangely, they essentially ignored me for a while, despite me supposedly being the master. I think they had a lot to catch up on about their shared experience, since they'd been resolutely silent nearly the whole time.

So one can see why it wasn't exactly easy to get them to clean up. They were simply too enthusiastic for me to even get a word in edgewise!

Having cum on one's face was almost certainly going too far, since that was such an easy thing to notice. But I was so damn horny that I didn't put my foot down. Again, it was just like being totally baked out of my gourd. Seeing those few pearly streaks across their cheeks, chin, and noses, kept the pleasure buzzing. I told myself that the tears were much more obvious, and it would be easy to confuse the cum streaks with yet more tears. Plus, I also liked Cindy's argument that the only person to come by would be Laura in any case, and we'd get cleaned up before we left the table.

Speaking of Laura, with my two slaves helping out, we soon finished off the root beer float and the cupcake. Laura must have been waiting in the wings somewhere, because she immediately came by and i replaced them with more!

Laura's attitude was strangely different than when we last saw her, mere minutes ago. I could tell that she lusted after me in a big way already, and that remained obvious, but now her behavior was much more deferential towards me. It was "Sir" this and "Sir" that. I surmised that some of the things we'd discussed with her earlier had sunk in and she was already starting to think of herself as my "cock servant."

And she was obviously having a difficult time doing her waitressing job without a bra on, but when she got to our table, she went from embarrassed to almost proud. When she served the new root beer float and cupcake, she leaned way over the table and lingered in that pose for an exceedingly long time. As she did so, she asked, "Sir, is the service under the table to your total satisfaction?"

"It is," I replied.

"I see that your two slaves are resting. Is it just your wife down there?"

"Yes, just her."

Cindy said rather smugly, "That could be you joining her, right now, if only you didn't have a boyfriend."

Laura stared at the table wide-eyed, as if she had X-ray vision and could see exactly what Mindy was doing. She didn't reply, but it was clear she was thinking intently. After a long pause, she nodded and hurried off back to where she came.

I sighed, and said, "Cindy, don't you think you were being a little harsh on her?"

"Not really. I thought I was helping her by reminding her of the facts." Cindy frowned. "That is... unless you don't want to make her your first cock servant?"

"Hold on," I complained. "What is this whole 'cock servant' thing everyone is mentioning all of a sudden? And I thought you were supposed to be the reasonable one. I've never heard of that until today!"

Mindy sighed with annoyance from under the table. She pulled my erection of her mouth, but kept on jacking me off as she spoke. "Daniel, don't play dumb. You and I actually have talked about this before, and not that long ago. I've recommended we have three categories of sexual domination. First, the women you simply take a fancy to and have a hankering to fuck or otherwise play with. They wouldn't have any special title since they're just opportunity fucks and one night stands and the like. Then, the best and most worthy of them, the ones you keep coming back to and want to fuck n' suck on a regular basis, those are your cock servants. Only the very best of those get to be your full-fledged cock slaves. Remember?"

I'd talked to my wife in the normal way for so many years that it was particularly odd talking to her like she was a disembodied voice.

I replied, "I do remember. But that was just some random cucquean inspired musing of yours from weeks ago."

"Well, it's gone from musing an idea to real as a heart attack today, babe. And I, for one, absolutely fucking LOVE IT!" With that, she engulfed my cockhead all over again and bobbed on it with even greater vigor.

I shook my head in disbelief.

Cindy saw my dismay, and said, "Master, you're the master. You don't have to do something just because Mindy says so. She's your slave-wife now. But I have to agree with her that 'cock servant' does seem to be a good fit for Laura."

She looked around to double-check that Laura wasn't in the room. Then she lowered her voice to say, "I take it you don't want her as a cock slave. I get that. She's beautiful, but not a perfect ten, and you're stretched thin already. But you're up to your neck in dominating her already, and you can't really back out now. This provides you with a kind of halfway status for her."

Sue Ellen chimed in, "And remember, you've made it clear that she can only see you and serve you when you come to this restaurant. So y'all don't have to worry at all about her becoming too clingy."

I sighed. "I know. But it's not fair to her. If a woman sincerely wants to go all in with the slave life, that's one thing. But it would be mean to keep her from having a boyfriend just so she could suck my cock under the table from time to time!"

Cindy said, "That's what YOU think. But what matters is what she wants. Nobody's forcing her to do anything. If she's not happy, she'll just get a new boyfriend and move on. Don't think you know the future already. Let events play out. I'll bet you'll be pleasantly surprised."

I sighed. "I'm not even sure what the 'pleasant' outcome here is. I like her a lot, but I'm too overextended as it is. If she's going to commit to me in some fashion, I'd feel obliged to commit to her in some kind of roughly reciprocal manner."

Sue Ellen gesticulated in frustration. "Why?! Master, you're the master! 'Fairness' doesn't play into it at all. In fact, the inherent UN-fairness is part of appeal of the whole cock slave lifestyle!"

I furrowed my brow. "It is?! Explain that to me."

Sue Ellen seemed stumped, which I found odd since she'd made the argument in the first place.

Butt Cindy said, "It's complicated, but here's one way to look at it. You enjoy dominating us, and we enjoy submitting to you. What if everything was 'fair' and 'equal?' How would that even work? It's inherently contradictory to the cock slave lifestyle. We like some things that might baffle you. For instance, Sue Ellen insisting she didn't want to be thanked for her tiring cocksucking. We want more domination from you and more submission from us, and something like a thank you actually undercuts that."

That was interesting food for thought. I was basically winging all my "master" behavior. My gut instinct had a good track record so far, but the downside was that sometimes I really didn't understand what was going on. I needed to think through more of this dominance and submission stuff. I also made a note to talk to Cindy about this later, since she had made some astute observations and knew how to explain things. The more I knew, the better master I could be.

I asked Sue Ellen, "Returning to Laura, did you know about her having a serious boyfriend? Because you never mentioned it to me."

Sue Ellen replied sheepishly, "I did, but she never, ever talks about him, so it was very easy for me to forget. Don't feel bad. That's how it was BEFORE she ever heard about you. So what difference does it make if she's gonna break up with him anyway?"

"It makes a big difference to me," I griped. "I don't want to lead her to cheat. The breaking up has to happen first."

Cindy pointed out, "But, the fact that Sue Ellen had a boyfriend didn't stop you at all with her."

That hit me for a loop! I must have dropped my jaw as I scrambled for a way to respond to that. Finally, I admitted, "You got me there. That was a very strange day for me. I was basking in an unprecedented sexual confidence due to other developments going on then and I felt unstoppable. Plus, Cupcake, you inspired me to act rashly. Somehow, after just meeting you and talking to you a little bit, I decided I absolutely had to have you. That never happened to me before and I doubt it ever will again. I didn't even think about potential boyfriends because I considered you as 'mine' already."

Sue Ellen was stunned silent for a while. But then she said, "WOW! So awesome! Thanks for telling me that. I feel so treasured, so wanted, so blessed! That just makes me love being your sex slave even MORE! It's like we were meant to be! It's like some kind of magical fate!"

I waved a hand dismissively. "I don't know about that. Who can say? It could just be blind luck. But in any case, what I did wasn't moral. I could argue it was a different situation, but the bottom line is, two wrongs don't make a right. I'm trying to be a better man here with Laura and her guy. I'm trying to do what's right."

Sue Ellen flipped from ecstatic to horrified.

So I asked her, "What's wrong, Cupcake?"

She grabbed my hand and hold it tight. "I'm just thinking how close it came to y'all passing me by. 'Blind luck?' Please don't say that! Without you and the others, my whole life would just be... UGH! It's too horrible to contemplate!"

I squeezed her hand reassuringly. "Don't worry. We don't live in that world, we live in this one. Maybe some special fate brought us together. And I'm never going to let you go. Never ever, ever!"

Sue Ellen beamed with the most adorable and loving face. She asked coyly, "Could you add a couple more 'evers?'"

"I'm never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER going to let you go!"

Sue Ellen looked right through the table with great passion, as if she had X-ray vision. She licked her lips.

Cindy said to her, "Girl, I know what you're thinking: you're filled with an uncontrollable desire to wrap your lips around his giant pole and use all your oral talents to show him just how much you love and treasure him, and how appreciative you are that he's chosen you as one of his slaves. Am I right?"

Sue Ellen bit her lip and shyly but eagerly nodded.

Cindy smiled. "I know. I know the feeling just from hearing him talk about you. And of course I know just how thick and suckable it is. But let Mindy have some solo fun with it for a while, okay?"

Sue Ellen looked torn, but she reluctantly nodded again.

To help her out some more, Cindy prodded, "Remember Rule Number Four?"

Sue Ellen quoted, "'Wives get first dibs.'"

Cindy figured that settled the issue. She smiled at me. "You were saying?"

I resumed, "I'm trying to do what's fair and best for everybody. If you think about it, even if Laura does break up with her boyfriend soon, it's still not fair to her. I mean, what if I only come here once a week? Or even less? Would she have to put her entire sex life and romantic life on hold, just for me?!"

Cindy said with grave seriousness, "Yes. Yes, she would. And believe me, she won't want it any other way. Or do I need to remind you of the entire 'kissing stinky boys' issue? A submissive can only have one master. That's just as true for servants as it is for slaves. Anything else feels wrong. Right now, she's feeling conflicted about that restriction. But trust me, if you try to withdraw that rule, you'll only insult and upset her."

"I don't buy that." I winced, but because of my wife, not the conversation. She was using a bobbing and licking combination that was really getting to me. I had to clutch the edge of the table with both hands.

Cindy smiled knowingly as she saw my arousal. "Master, trust me. I think I understand the submissive mindset a lot better than you do, because all I have to do is search my own feelings. She's not just looking for great sex with you; she wants a whole package experience. You heard her complain about how ordinary her boyfriend is. You represent the extraordinary, the ultimate. Of course you have to demand her total obedience as long as she's serving you. Anything else would feel wrong."

I sighed again, especially because what she said made sense to me in a weird sort of way. "What the hell am I getting myself into?" When neither of my slaves replied, I added, "I just want to do what's fair for her. If I can't give her much of my time, it's not fair to demand that she just wait around for me."

Cindy said, "Master, I think you need to give more consideration to what she wants, and what's fair for her. Both her respect for you and her desire for you doubled today due to the restrictions you put on her, especially the 'only in the restaurant' rule and the 'no boyfriend' rule."

I nodded, but I also sighed at the same time. Indeed, this is something I'd have to think over later, when I had a clear head. I said with exasperation, "This just isn't DONE. I've never heard of this. In some wild erotic story on the Internet or a porn film, maybe. But in real life? No way!"

Sue Ellen said, "Master, you're a very special kind of man. Life isn't fair. To the victor goes the spoils. It's a complicated and philosophical issue, but now is not the time or the place to discuss it. More to the point, are you or are you not extremely horny with the way Mindy is going to town on your cock at this very moment?"

I confessed, "I am. I'm totally going out of my mind. I have no idea how I can have objections about anything, because I'm so damn horny."

Sue Ellen responded, "You see? We can discuss serious stuff later, at home. Let's talk fun and sexy stuff to further heighten your pleasure. Right now, what I'd really like to hear is what happened during your nap, from your point of view."

Cindy nodded. "I would really love to hear that too. What was going through your head each and every moment the girls were secretly jacking you off?"

So, after having some more of the root beer float and the cupcake replacements, I mentally put the issue with Laura out of my mind for now and resumed with my story about the nap incident. But it wasn't long before I found it getting harder to breathe, and thus harder to talk. I was simply too aroused!

It didn't help when, about ten minutes later, Cindy decided that she just had to help Mindy out and she slipped back under the table. My story basically petered out at that point, because their combined sex assault took all of my attention. Besides, my visual audience now was Sue Ellen, and she had been there and knew what had happened, so it didn't seem that important to continue.

I was sitting there silently, doing nothing more than staring at Sue Ellen and flexing my PC muscle to prolong the joy, when Laura came by again. She looked surprisingly relaxed, especially considering how nervous she'd been last time.

She did a double take when she saw Sue Ellen's face, because it was still soaking wet with tears, plus cum and drool. "Sir! What happened to your slave?! Did you have a big argument?"

Sue Ellen fielded that one. "Don't worry, Laura. It's just the opposite. I've told you about crying tears of effort and struggle most any time I suck him. What you're seeing is a good example. Think of them as tears of joy, 'cos that's how I feel while they're happening."

Laura was even more startled. "Wow! That's for real?! I thought you were exaggerating in your stories with the part about all the tears."

Sue Ellen smiled from ear to ear. "Nope! It's all true! He really is that big and thick. All of us usually cry when we suck him, 'cos it is that much of a struggle. Well, except for Mindy, 'cos she's been doing it for so many years." Her smile turned knowing and coy. "You'll see. Once you drop Tom, you'll find out just how it feels to shed sucking tears!"

Laura was in awe. "Wow! I'm so fucking jealous! I've got this strong urge to call him up and break up with him now!" She examined Sue Ellen's face more carefully. "Are those streaks of cum on you too?"

Sue Ellen stiffened with pride. "Of course! Master came on Cindy and me a little while ago. But naturally he got stiff again right away."

Laura looked at me with wide eyes. Then she dropped her voice, and looked around carefully. She asked Sue Ellen, "Are Mindy and Cindy down there, pleasuring him together?!"

Sue Ellen answered with even more pride. "But of course! I don't think I exaggerate much. I tell you, he's insatiable! Why, is that a problem? Is the Bat looking for trouble or something?"

"No, don't worry, nothing like that. I was just curious because I want to introduce him to Josie. So I was wondering if you could clean your face first."

"Oh!" Sue Ellen looked to me. "Master, can I wipe these tears from my face, please? Josie doesn't know much. If she sees me like this, she'll probably get the wrong idea."

I nodded. As soon as I did so, Sue Ellen got some napkins and began cleaning her face. I asked Laura, "Who is this Josie? Is it really prudent to have her meet me?"

Laura replied somewhat unhappily, "Sir, Josie's the other waitress working here today. She knows you're here since she's been covering for Sue Ellen taking such an extended break, and she's heard Sue Ellen rave about you, so she's very curious to meet you. There's nothing I can do to stop her from coming back here, so I figured I'd try to manage it and give you some advance warning."

I nodded, realizing there was nothing we could do to stop this. It took me a moment to recall that she'd told us earlier, "Josie is here too, and she's dying to meet you," so it wasn't like this should have been a complete surprise for me. "Thanks. Should I consider her friendly or hostile or what?"

Laura furrowed her brow. "I wouldn't call her either. She's more on the fence. She rails against the 'unfair' and 'sexist' way you treat Sue Ellen, but the again she sees how deliriously happy you've made her. But don't worry; she's already promised not to rat you out to the Bat. She blusters a lot, but I think you'll win her over with your charm."

I nodded. I wished I knew more about the mysterious Bat, but that at least confirmed it was a boss one didn't want to mess with. "Okay, thanks. Cupcake, if you're all cleaned up, then I guess there's no time like the present. Please bring her in."

A minute or two later, Laura returned with the waitress named Josie.

Josie looked like an interesting character. She had olive skin and looked to possibly have a Middle Eastern ethnic background. But the first thing that caught my attention was her hair. It was dark black but with purple streaks in it, and it was cut in a short and spiky punk rocker style. She had a nose ring, metal piercing in her tongue, and small tattoos on her upper arms that added to the impression that she was going for some kind of punk, emo, goth, or some other "alternative" look.

She obviously doesn't have the kind of look that a restaurant like Mama Mia's would prefer. However, she's a very attractive woman with a lot of curves in the right places, even if her height is a bit short for my tastes. She looks to be college-aged, like seemingly all of the waitresses here. Whoever is hiring at Mama Mia's knew how to pick some head turners!

Laura said to her, "Josie, this is Dan, the one Sue Ellen and I have been talking about so much. Dan, this is Josie." Although Sue Ellen was sitting up across from me, she obviously didn't need to be introduced.

Josie did not seem to be happy to see me. She crossed her arms under a very sizable rack, and studied me with a scowl on her face. "So. ... You're Dan."

"I am. Nice to meet you." I wished Cindy and Mindy would at least slow down in their cocksucking since they obviously knew I was talking to someone new. But no! If anything, they sped up! Or I should say Mindy sped up. I had to concentrate for a few moments to figure out who was bobbing on me at the moment and recognize my wife's cocksucking style. I cursed to her in my mind, You sneaky little devil! It's like you're trying to get me in trouble!

I knew without a doubt that she was finding my predicament highly amusing. However, I couldn't get too upset because I knew she also was confident that I'd manage to get through it unscathed, and so far she'd always been right about that kind of thing. I wanted to reach under the table and tap on her head to give her the clue to cut it out, but my hands happened to be on the table top and Josie was eyeing me like a hawk. At least she and Cindy were being unusually quiet, for now.

Josie's only response to my pleasantry was a grunt, because she'd noticed Sue Ellen's bra, which we'd still carelessly left on the table. Then she noticed the few strands of cum on Sue Ellen's face.

Sue Ellen tried to turn away, but the damage was done.

Josie started to ask, "Sue Ellen, what's that on- oooh. ... Figures." She looked back at me even more hostile than before.

I thought that was very curious indeed, because I'd just seen Sue Ellen cleaning her face with some napkins. That startled me at first. No way! I just saw her wipe her face clean with the... OH! She wiped away the tears and left some of the cum on purpose! The tricky little slut! Ha! I didn't know she could be that sneaky!

I looked around furtively for any signs of Laura's bra. If Josie saw it, she'd get even more pissed. But I didn't see it anywhere.

Josie moved her hands to her hips and told me defiantly, "I hope you don't expect me to become one of your sluts. Or, I should say, slaves! You really have some nerve, turning Sue Ellen into an actual sex slave!"

Sue Ellen stridently protested, "It's not like that! I love it! I lovelovelovelovelove it! And I love him! And he loves me! You have no idea what you're talking about. He's just giving me what I want! What I NEED!"

Josie harrumphed at that, and glared at me some more.

I noticed that Josie was upset, but all in all she could have been a lot more upset if she already knew I'd enslaved Sue Ellen, and probably much more scandalous news. Still, I had to get my shit together and think on my feet, with no thanks to Mindy and her sliding lips! I said authoritatively, "Josie, I can assure you that I have NO intention of becoming sexually involved with you in any way whatsoever."

Surprisingly, she took offense at that too! "What, am I not attractive enough?!"

I held my hands up defensively, "No! I didn't say that! Geez! You're a very attractive girl, obviously. I'm sure lots of people have told you that."

"Yet apparently I'm not attractive enough for you. I hear you have an entire harem full of beautiful and busty women, and a wife who approves of it all, besides. Is that true?" Curiously, she took her hands off her hips and struck a much more appealing pose with a hip cocked. It seemed that she hated me and wanted me to find her beautiful at the same time!

I started to say, "That's not exactly true. When you say 'entire harem,' that implies..." But my words trailed off and I groaned in dismay, because I heard some loud, tell-tale moaning from beneath my legs. Mindy was REALLY trying to get me in trouble!

Josie barked, "What's that?" She leaned in to look at me closer, and asked, "And why are you kind of sweaty and your breathing is weird?"

Laura was still standing next to Josie, seemingly unperturbed. She proudly explained, "That's because he's getting his cock sucked under the table. And not just by one woman, but TWO!"

Josie stared at Laura with a shocked expression. "No shit! You're shitting me, right?"

"Nope! You've heard Sue Ellen's stories."

Josie was flustered. "Yeah, but I didn't really... I mean... Not here! Not now!"

Laura crowed, "Take a peek yourself!"

Josie lifted up the tablecloth and took a look. She didn't really bend down, so she couldn't see much, but apparently she saw enough, probably four lower legs. She was so surprised that she immediately dropped the tablecloth back into place. She just stood there gawking at me. "So... so... all the gossip... it's true! You really DO have an entire harem?!"

I felt on somewhat firmer ground. It was better to have Josie reeling in shock than aggressively challenging me. I tried to defend myself while I had this chance. "Yes, it's true, if by 'entire' you mean my wife and my sex slaves."

Josie corrected, while staring at me with wide-eyes, "I hear they're called 'cock slaves.'"

Damn my Cupcake. She talks too much! I'm going to have to give her a firm talking to about that!

But I couldn't deny it. "Yes, that name gets used." I decided to go for the shock and awe approach and keep Josie rocking on her heels. "And as for the noise you heard under the table, that's mostly my wife. I guess that was her attempt to say hello, but her mouth is, uh... otherwise occupied."

Mindy had to be listening to every word, because she said, "Hello! My name is Mindy!" Yet it came out sounding very muffled and barely intelligible. I'm sure she was doing that on purpose, for dramatic effect.

Josie kept on standing there looking like she'd just witnessed some kind of horrific crime. Clearly, she hadn't expected anything like this.

I said, "As for why I can easily say I'd never want to get sexually involved with you, there are a couple of reasons, and none of them are a criticism of your looks. One is that you obviously don't like me or approve of our lifestyle. That's fair enough, and I'm not going to try to change your mind. Two, I'm way, way overextended already. I don't just have a sexual relationship with my slaves, I have a loving relationship with them. Really I do! And I can only split my time and attention so much. And finally, I'm sure a beautiful girl like you has a boyfriend, or girlfriend if you swing that way, and I wouldn't want to mess that up by getting involved with you while you're in an exclusive relationship."

Josie just stood there staring, taking that all in. While she did so, she took a few noticeable whiffs of the air. That concerned me, since Laura said we were giving off an obvious sex smell, but if she detected that she didn't say anything about it.

Laura asked with obvious great personal interest, "What if she was just casually dating without an exclusive commitment?"

I suspected she was really asking about herself, not Josie. I was surprised we hadn't addressed that earlier. I said, "That would be very different. I wouldn't have a problem with that. Assuming precautions were taken about STDs and such, of course."

Laura went from a worried frown to a satisfied smile. I wondered what that meant exactly, but now wasn't a good time to find out, with the focus being on Josie.

Now that Mindy had been found out, she went from being extra quiet to being extra loud. She was slurping and sucking in such a noisy and lewd manner that Josie couldn't possibly miss it. And Cindy was doing the same while sucking on my balls. Together, they made a wonderful racket.

Something occurred to me. Looking between Sue Ellen, Josie, and Laura, I asked them, "By the way, if the three of you are here, is there a fourth waitress in front?"

Laura's face registered alarm. "Oh shit! I've got to go!" She suddenly rushed off towards the front. As she went, she spoke over she shoulder, "Josie, don't be judgmental. Hear him out!"

I was encouraged that Josie was mostly silent when she could have been cursing us out instead. The fact that she wasn't suggested to me that Laura was right in her guess that Josie was "on the fence."

I had noticed that one of the tattoos on Josie's upper arms was of an anarchy symbol, and I took that to mean that she was most likely a fan of the original 1970s punk rock movement. I decided to try to appeal to her psychologically, using her probable musical and cultural identification to help make my case.

I said, "I hope you don't judge us harshly just because we're different. We have a lifestyle that works for us, and who cares what the P.C. view on it is? You heard Sue Ellen. You must know her pretty well. Have you ever seen her as happy as she's been lately?"

"Well... no..." Josie admitted slowly. She gesticulated frantically in the general direction of my crotch, "But you're just sitting there in the middle of our restaurant while two women suck you off! That's so INSANE!"

I ignored that since it wasn't directly relevant. "I would think that you, with your purple hair and such, you'd know what it's like for people to judge you harshly based on appearances, when they don't know what's really going on in your life. I'm not some heartless ogre bending vulnerable women to my will. In fact, with the exception of Sue Ellen, the women came to me and pretty much pushed me into being their master."

Mindy suddenly pulled her lips off my shaft and said in a clear voice, "That's true! I can vouch for that!" Then she handed off my boner to Cindy, and Cindy engulfed it with a satisfied groan. I guessed she wanted her mouth free if she needed to say more.

Josie asked, "Who was that? And what was that?!"

I explained, "That was my wife, Mindy, again."

"Hello!" Mindy cut in. "Nice to meet you." She chuckled at the absurdity of the situation, since she couldn't see any of Josie or anyone else, and her voice seemed to come from nowhere.

I went on, "And that groaning sound was one of my other cock slaves, Cindy, taking over. The two of them are taking turns on me."

Laura continued to stand next to Josie. Her smile had been growing as she witnessed Josie's assumptions crumble. She nudged Josie shoulder to shoulder, and crowed, "What did I tell you? Is that the hottest thing ever, or what? And it's like this around him ALL the time!"

Josie didn't respond to that at first. Then she asked, "Is it really true then that you have FOUR cock slaves?!"

Shit! Is there anything Cupcake has NOT told her co-workers?! I'd assumed she was smarter than that. I REALLY need to get her to stop that, and fast!

Since Josie knew that much, I pressed on, "Yes, it's true. The six of us, we're trying to forge a new and different kind of way to live. We don't just want to do what everyone else does. Are you familiar with the Clash song 'Death or Glory?'"

That reference threw her for a loop. She actually shook her head in disbelief. But then she recovered and said, "Do you mean from 'London Calling,' only the greatest album of all time?"

I smiled, happy to see my guess of her musical tastes confirmed. "That's the one. Remember Joe Strummer's line: 'I believe in this and it's been tested by research; he who fucks nuns will later join the church.' That's some advice I've always been mindful of. It's easy to start out thinking that you're rebellious, only to find yourself turning into a carbon copy of your parents. I would think that someone like you, someone who obviously bucks convention, that you'd support us instead of being one of the morality police."

It was kind of a stretch to fit the Clash quote in there, but I really wanted to bring up the Clash in some way because I sensed, correctly, that could be a bond between her and me. I didn't like a lot of punk rock, but they were one of my favorite bands.

She kept on staring and thinking, while looking from my face, to Sue Ellen's bra on the table, to the cum on Sue Ellen's face, and to the checkered tablecloth hanging over the table edge where she knew two women were kneeling underneath. Finally, she said, "I was kind of playing along with Sue Ellen and Laura, pretending to approve of what they were saying about you, so I could meet you and then really let you have it. But now I'm going to have to do a rethink. You're right though. You don't look or sound like the 'ogre' I thought you were."

"He's not." That was Mindy's voice. She popped her head just above the table edge, since she wasn't the one doing the sucking at the moment anyway. She raised herself up a little more and stretched a hand out towards Josie for a handshake. "Hi, I'm Mindy, his wife."

A seriously befuddled Josie stuck her hand out, only for Mindy to withdraw hers before they touched.

"Sorry," Mindy said, "I just realized that my hand is a bit cummy, and you probably don't want to touch that." Her face was also surprisingly cummy too. I hadn't cum on her at all, so I figured she must have smeared my pre-cum on her chin and cheeks, again for dramatic effect with Josie. She waved in a friendly way, instead. "Anyway, nice to meet you."

"Um, yeah, hi." Josie must have felt like she was in the Twilight Zone or something. I'm sure she noticed the continued loud slurpy sounds coming from under the table, even with Mindy's head accounted for. With Mindy in view, she asked her, "So, there's two of you down there, just taking turns on his, uh, penis?"

Mindy smiled widely. "Yep! Cock slave Cindy is doing the honors right now. And, as you can see, Sue Ellen has been helping out too." That was a reference to the remaining cum gobs on Sue Ellen's face. "He has such a big, thick, long, and powerful cock that it really does take a whole harem to keep it constantly throbbing with pleasure. It's a lot of hard work for all of us, since he's erect nearly all the time, but we love it, don't we?"

With that, Mindy ducked back under the table, confident that Sue Ellen would handle that softball question. Even though it was Cindy's turn, my wife quickly resumed making a lot of noise by sucking on one of my balls.

Sue Ellen's face lit up. "Oh my God! So much! Josie, you have no idea! This is the ultimate 'labor of love.' There's, like, all other men and then there's Dan. He's just so manly and virile! I swear, I could play with his cock for hours and hours! And I DO! And I love it! I know it probably seem bizarre to you, but that's because you've never experienced the total joy of sucking his great big cock!"

I held up my hand in a stop gesture. "That's enough, Cupcake. Josie's clearly not interested in that kind of thing. Please don't sound like you're trying to talk her into taking part, because we've already established that that's never going to happen."

I was being a little bit duplicitous with that, because I could see from Josie's newly erect nipples poking through her waitress uniform that she had to be aroused to some degree. But then again, I was serious in not wanting to get physically involved with Josie. As beautiful and curvaceous as she was, I was far too overextended already.

Heck, if there was a "cock servant" category, and I wasn't willing to admit to that just yet, I didn't want her a part of that either. I was too overextended for even that. What would the difference between that and a "cock slave" be, anyway?! Plus, I took her punker pose as a sign that she had some issues she needed to work out, and I didn't have emotional energy left to deal with that.

Josie said to me, "Dan, I don't know about all this." She waved her hands in the general direction of our table. "It doesn't seem right. 'Cock slaves.' Jesus! But then again, It's true that I've never seen Sue Ellen so happy. And you should see how fast Laura is losing weight, and how energized she's been lately. And you're right, who am I to judge? I'm going to have to think on this some more. But I know one thing that you'll be glad to hear: I'm willing to turn a blind eye on your activities in this restaurant, if that helps you out."

"That would be very appreciated, actually." I smiled in gratitude.

She smiled back, but then she looked at me quizzically. "How are you able to hold a normal conversation?! I keep seeing these waves of pleasure on your face as you grimace in ecstasy. But you're Mr. Cool at the same time."

I replied, "I don't want to boast. The truth is: practice, practice, practice. The body can get used to just about anything eventually. Right now, it's like I'm experiencing a never-ending orgasm. It feels so good!"

"Wow!" Josie seemed impressed. Just then, she noticed Laura was silently standing nearby again. "Laura?! SHIT! What are you doing here again?!"

Laura sheepishly admitted, "I was getting really curious how things are going here, and there really aren't any customers to speak of."

Josie huffed, "Even so, we can't just leave Lori to deal with the customers all alone!" She rushed off, while briefly tugging at Laura's uniform as she went. "Come on!"

I briefly wondered who Lori was and where she was working right now. I was relieved at least that Laura hadn't let the front of the restaurant entirely unmanned.

Laura said, "In a moment!" Then, with Josie rushing out of sight, Laura said to me, "That was brilliant, Sir! I missed a lot of what was said, but I caught enough to get the gist. I didn't know that she was going to try to sandbag you, but it didn't matter, did it? You totally charmed her. I'm so WET right now!"

Sue Ellen said with her usual enthusiasm, "I'm totally wet too! I have to admit that I'm playing with myself!"

I hadn't noticed, but now that she said something, I could see Sue Ellen's arm was moving in a tell-tale motion. I chucked to myself. Turns out I'm not the only one having some fun under the table. God, we're so bad!

Laura said in a conspiratorial whisper, "Sir, I must confess that after I left this table last time, I rushed to the private room in back and masturbated myself half to death!"

I mentally noted that that helped explain why she seemed so much more relaxed now.

She continued, "And now, I'm still so very scared about being topless under my uniform, but I'm loving it too! I feel so free!"

Sue Ellen intoned sagely, with dead seriousness, "Submission is freedom, in a weird kind of way."

Laura nodded at that, but she looked puzzled by it as well.

Frankly, I was relieved that Laura didn't understand, because I didn't understand either!

Sue Ellen then excitedly said to me, "Master, Josie's hot for you now! Exactly as I expected. Just you wait and see, it won't be long until she's taking turns giving you 'extra service' under the table! With her mouth! Between her, me, and Laura, we should have at least one of us to help bob and choke on your fat cock most any time you come in here!"

Not only was Laura not offended by that, she actually nodded and then added, "And it doesn't stop there! I say we get the entire waitress staff hooked on the King! Then, Sir, you can have one harem at home and another harem of sorts here!"

Sue Ellen spoke with a tinge of sadness in her voice. "That would be so cool and so right. But Master doesn't want that, he tells us."

I cut in, "Exactly! Leave it be! It's a fun fantasy idea, sure, but I do NOT want you to do that in real life, is that understood? I keep saying, I'm way overextended as it is! Nothing is going to happen with Josie or anyone else, except hopefully you, Laura. So drop it, please. And by the way, Laura, I think Josie was saying she'd need your help right now?"

Laura sighed. "Not really. Things are super slow right now, like I was telling Josie. But I guess I should show myself so Josie and Lori don't think I'm a slacker. Oh, and I have to wipe myself up in the bathroom. Again! I've been leaking and gushing pretty much from the moment you walked in the door. This is SO much fun! Later!"

As she started to walk away, I said, "Wait, wait, wait!"

She stopped, and looked back.

"Look. You're letting fantasy over take your reality. I'm just a wild idea for you. I represent some kind of ideal in your mind. It's not real."

I was surprised that she defied me. "Forgive my bluntness, Sir, but I don't believe you! You're getting your cock sucked right now by TWO women, right here in Mama Mia's! That's real. You have FOUR cock slaves and one fully approving wife. That's real. You have a cock that by all accounts is eight inches long and ridiculously thick. That's real, isn't it?"

"Yes, but-"

She continued, "Plus, your stamina is absolutely incredible! I know that's real because you've been here over an hour and you've had your cock double-sucked the ENTIRE TIME! And look at you!" She waved her hands in my direction. "You're so handsome and sexy! I don't even know if you realize just how handsome you are. You're, like, movie star handsome! In fact, you totally remind me of one of the handsome good guys in the Lord of the Rings movie."

Sue Ellen proudly helped her, 'You mean Sean Bean. He gets that a LOT!"

Laura nodded. "So that's real too. Now, maybe I'm being biased and too rosy about some things. But if that much is real, that's plenty enough real for me!"

I didn't know how to counter that, because she brought up things that couldn't be denied. However, I continued to worry she was getting carried away with her desire for me, so I said, "Look, I can't deny that, but the problem is that I'm taken already. There's no possible future for you with me. At most, you could only help me out right here in this building, and that's ALL it could ever be between us. That's no future for you. Whereas it sounds like you've got a good boyfriend already."

She scoffed, "Who? Tom? I told you he's just okay. I already told you that we were headed towards Breakupsville already. After what happened here today, that's gonna come a lot sooner, I'm sure. I don't think he'll be able to arouse me at all anymore."

That distressed me. "Don't say that! Please don't break up with him, at least not yet! Try to take some of the sexual excitement you feel today and use that on him."

There was a long pause. Then Laura waved her hands in agitation. "How it that possible?! Compared to you, he's like a... a... Well, there's no comparison!"

I realized that since I knew absolutely nothing about Tom, I had no leg to stand on when it came to defending him. So I tried a different tack. "I don't know about that, since I don't know him. But remember there's another restriction on you. Even before I knew about him, we were talking about how when you'd lost fifteen pounds, you'd win a victory blowjob with me. Don't you still have five pounds to go?"

Her face was crestfallen. "Oh shit! I do!"

"So what's the rush with breaking up with Tom? You were talking earlier about wanting to practice your sucking technique on him. Why don't you do that? Send him off with a bang."

She carefully considered that. Then she asked with a poker face, "Is that an order?"

"I suppose it is. Give that a try, okay?"

She nodded. "But, uh, Sir, when I'm sucking him, and doing other things to him, can I pretend that it's you?"

"I can't stop you from doing that. But just don't let HIM know. If you're gonna break up with him, please be kind and gentle about it. He didn't do you wrong. And don't starve yourself losing the rest of the weight, either. Impress me by showing you can be reasonable and not get carried away. Okay?"

"Yes, Sir. I'll do my best."

Then she left us. She seemed chastened, but still very determined.

I sighed quietly in frustration. What a mess. She's a good kid, but she doesn't know what she's getting into. I feel bad making her jump through hoops just so she can earn the "right" to pleasure me. It's so crazy! I have feeling this is going to end badly, because there's just no room for her in the harem, no matter what. I'm going to have to take some steps so she doesn't mess up her life pursuing sexual excitement with me.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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