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Chapter 25

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I did a mental check of my surroundings and realized that I was starting to get dangerously close to orgasm. It was incredible to me that I was STILL getting double sucked!

I said, "Okay, fun's over. Min and Cin, please, take five. I really need a rest after that!"

They disengaged from my privates, but they stayed under the table. I guess they were getting a kick out of being down there, or maybe neither of them wanted to lose their space between my legs to Sue Ellen.

I was loving flying close to the edge of climax, but after so much prolonged stimulation it felt good to come down from the edge. Once I'd recovered a bit, I said, "Wife, I'll bet you think you were very funny, putting me in peril like that."

"What?" she asked with obvious faked innocence.

"You know what. Sucking harder instead of stopping when Josie showed up, and then making loud noises at just the wrong time. Why don't you ever listen to me?!"

"That's because I usually know what you want better than you do."

"No you don't. You're out of control with your cucquean fantasies. I was in serious trouble there!"

"Pshaw. I knew you'd handle it perfectly, just like you handled things with Laura. And you did. You really outdid yourself, quoting those punk rock lyrics and everything. Brilliant! Just brilliant! And yeah, I was having a ball. I felt like I was in Monty Python's Oscar Wilde sketch."

"Which one is that?"

"That's where they're famous wits like Oscar Wilde in Victorian England and they meet the King at a party."

Sue Ellen joked, "Not THE King?"

Mindy laughed. "No, not that one. I'm talking about the King of England. Anyway, just for shits and giggles, one of them made up a rude quote and said one of the others came up with it, to see if the other one could wiggle out of it. For instance, one claimed the other guy said, 'Your Highness, you're like a stream of bat's piss.' Then the other guy thought fast and explained, 'I merely meant that you shine out like a shaft of gold, when all around is dark.' Brilliant stuff, just like my brilliant hubby! That's just about my favorite Python skit ever!"

"They're all your favorite," I pointed out, with little exaggeration. I swear, she could quote entire episodes word for word.

"Too true, too true. HEY! What do we have here?! Look, Cin, it's a stiff cock just poking out at us, almost like it's asking to be sucked."

Cindy giggled. "Who are we to resist its siren call?"

There was a little more joking before their mouths were occupied again, but it goes without saying that I didn't get very much of a break. I think they wanted to make sure that I stayed right on the cusp of climax, since they'd worked so hard to get me and keep me there.

I considered giving Mindy more grief for making my situation extra difficult with Josie, but even though I was suffering at the time, the excitement and arousal was so incredible that I couldn't work up a good "mad" about it. I realized there was a parallel between what she was doing to me with something like that and how I often treated my cock slaves. I would deliberately put them in an embarrassing or even humiliating situation, but it was carefully done to give them maximum sexual arousal. And they loved it! I did it to Mindy too, but it seemed that she was doing it right back at me today. Oh well.

For the next few minutes, I was content to relax in the silence and enjoy their oral attentions. Mostly, they kept on trading turns bobbing on my shaft, but they weren't strict about it. Sometimes they did things between turns, usually both licking on or near by sweet spot, but at one point each of them sucked one of my balls into the mouth while still stroking my boner. That had never happened to me before, and I liked it a lot. I reached under the table edge and patted their heads, which resulted in purrs of appreciation.

However, Sue Ellen was still sitting across from me, doing absolutely nothing at all. It occurred to me this was a good time to sort out a few issues. I pointed at her accusingly. "And you! BAD slave! You're trolling for a harsh spanking, aren't you?"

She was predictably horrified and befuddled. She straightened up stiffly, thrust her big tits forward, and even put her hands on the top of her head. I guessed that was as close as she could get to showing her total deference to me by assuming one of the cock slave positions, despite remaining sitting in a public place. "Oh no! Master! Whatever did I do?!"

"I clearly told you to wipe your face clean. But I wasn't paying close attention, and when Josie showed up you'd wiped away your tears but NOT my cum!"

"Oh." She deflated, knowing that she'd been busted. But then she rallied, "I'm really, really sorry for upsetting you, Master, I really am! But if you remember, Laura suggested I should clean up because Josie was coming. Then I asked you, 'Master, can I wipe these tears from my face, please,' and you nodded. Those were my exact words. So technically, I didn't do anything wrong."

I let out a heavy sigh, because I realized she was right. "Okay, you got me there, but only on a technicality. However, a good slave doesn't just obey the exact letter of her master's law; she obeys the spirit of it too. You knew I'd assumed you would wipe your face completely clean, didn't you?"

She dropped her head low, even though her hands were still on the top of her head. "I did! I'm so, so sorry! You're right. I'm a terrible slave!"

I reached across the table and took one of her hands, forcing her to lower both her hands from her head. "No you're not. So far, you've been an excellent slave, so I don't want to hear you knock yourself down that easily. It's just that you're still learning how the harem works. I'm not too upset with you about this, because I figure you do it thinking it would help me with Josie, weren't you?"

She stiffened back up, her mood changing in an instant. "I was!" She earnestly explained, "Master, I was trying to be clever, for YOU! You see, after having some frank sex talks with Josie, I found out she's kind of got a fetish about facials."

"She does?!" That surprised me, since it didn't seem to fit with her disgruntled, emo, punk rock persona. Besides, I gathered that most women who enjoyed facial would never admit it to their friends, since it was commonly seen as degrading.

Sue Ellen's wonderful smile returned. "Oh yeah, totally! It turns out she's a big cocksucker lover. She really loves bobbing on hot cock, especially a really big one! And we all know who has to biggest one of all!" She nodded knowingly towards my crotch.

Clearly, Mindy loved that news. She happened to be the one bobbing on me at the time. She suddenly lunged down and down. I suspect it was an attempt to deep throat me, inspired by what Sue Ellen did earlier. But she'd never done that successfully before, and she hadn't even taken a big breath first. All that resulted was a lot of choking.

But still, that showed what she thought of that tidbit about Josie. And she made the best out of her failed attempt by more deliberating choking and gagging on me for the next minute or two.

I had to carefully look around the room, just to be sure we weren't getting in trouble. It was a good thing we had the room to ourselves because her mouth was making such lewd and loud noises.

Sue Ellen was all smiles. "Someone down there is having fun! Gaawwwd, I love being a part of this harem so very much! Hearing that makes me hot as blue blazes. It's almost as good as feeling my lips stretched around your great thickness!"

I winced and clenched my teeth, because Mindy was still doing her choking and gagging, and Cindy was just as inspired with her tongue and fingers. But I was very curious about Sue Ellen's claim about Josie, and I managed to ask her, "How on Earth did you figure that out?!"

"Well, things were working out so well with Laura that I figure it was time to start working on getting you more allies here. One of my fond dreams is to kind of make Mama Mia's sort of your home away from home. So I started dropping more hints to her about my new life. She complained, but I could tell she was intrigued. By and by, we ended up having some pretty frank sexual discussions. I made sure those took place on the phone, 'cos I've found people are more sexually explicit when they're not face to face."

Hmmm. Cupcake is definitely a clever one. Thankfully, Mindy finally switched back to regular bobbing, probably so she could hear every word Sue Ellen was saying. That enabled me to stop constantly clenching my PC muscle, at least for a while.

My Southern peach went on, "Anyway, she considers herself 'sexually liberated,' and I think she is, if that means someone who enjoys a good fucking. She rails against 'the patriarchy' and 'sexist pigs' - and by the way she definitely thinks you're one of those - but she says a truly liberated women should feel no shame enjoy a good blowjob and even a spermy facial, so long as the oral attention is equitably returned. Those are almost her exact words from one of our calls. So, given all that, I figured keeping just the cum on my face would help you seduce her."

I shook my head in wonder. "That's impressive, except for one thing: why do you assume that I'm trying to seduce her in the first place?! I never even met her until mere minutes ago!"

Sue Ellen frowned. "Hmmm. I guess I kind of jumped the gun on that one."

I had to hold up my hand, making Sue Ellen pause, because Mindy and Cindy were trading positions again. Normally, that was no big deal, but this time it was because Cindy was so very worked up. She slobbered and licked while also using great suction, but that also was nothing unusual. However, she did it all at double speed! I was forced to clench my teeth and catch my breath. But after about a minute I managed to nod to Sue Ellen to continue.

She resumed as if there had been no pause at all, except that her frown had turned into a big smile. Clearly, she knew something fantastic was happening to my erection, and that made her a very happy camper.

She said, "It's just that it kind of seemed like a no-brainer. First off, you have to admit that Josie is VERY beautiful and sexy, isn't she? The customers think so, anyway, since she gets the biggest tips, even with her purple hair. And she has the biggest tits out of all the waitresses working here, even bigger than mine and Laura's. Plus, she's got spunk and character. Don't assume she's all sour and prickly just because she doesn't smile a lot like I do. She actually has a good sense of humor. Furthermore, there's her love of cocksucking and facials."

She sat back, looking uncertain. "I don't know, am I off? It seems like a perfect fit to me. Like I said, I want to turn this place into your happy home away from home. Which means we've gotta have at least a couple of cock servants to help you out. I can't be here all the time, and even if I was here, one mouth is never enough!"

I was conflicted. On one hand, I was exceedingly horny. Cindy was continuing her double-time bobbing without mercy, and Mindy was doing everything she could think of to assist, including running a finger up and down my ass crack and perineum ("taint"). When feeling that much pleasure, it was easy to feel as if I was sexually unstoppable. Why NOT have a couple of cock servants at Mama Mia's? Or more?! If girls like Laura actually want that, who am I to say no?!

But on the other hand, I was trying hard to remain grounded in at least some connection with reality. There's no way that's possible, at least not for long. The more people who know what we're doing, the more trouble.

That thought reminded me of what I'd learned about Sue Ellen revealing so much about the harem. So I said, "Let's put off talking about Josie for later. It's weird talking about her when I know she's nearby and she could come back to us at any time."

Cindy suddenly stopped her highly effective double-time bobbing, and went back to "regular" cocksucking. Her timing strongly suggested she was sending me a signal about Josie. Clearly, she got off on the idea of me seducing her. I thought, Good grief! I think Cindy's turning into a cucquean too. Yikes!

However, I put that aside and said, "Cupcake, I appreciate what you're trying to do. You striving for what you think is best for me and the harem, right?"

She nodded vigorously. "Right! Especially what's best for you. I love not worrying about my own selfish desires and just focusing on you and making you happy. It feels sooooo good, especially when I can use my entire body to assist the King."

I waved my hand, because I could tell she was just getting warmed up on that passionate topic. "I can see that. You're very sincere and emotional, and your emotions are clearly written on your face. But I"m very concerned about you telling all your co-workers about me and the harem! And you did it without talking to any of us first!"

She quickly responded, "Oh, that's not true!" She saw my surprise, and realized that there was something I didn't know. She plowed ahead anyway. "I've talked about it with Mindy quite a lot. I don't want to bother you with every petty little problem I have. So whenever I'm in doubt about something, I talk to her first."

I was chagrined and sour-faced. "Oh. Really."

Mindy happened to be the one bobbing on me at the time. But she knew that wouldn't save her for long. She pulled off, letting Cindy take over. "Uh-oh! Hon, I'm in trouble, aren't I?"

"You are. Just what were you thinking?! And what did you approve of without me knowing, exactly?"

I thought she'd at least poke her head up into view while we discussed this. However, she intently lapped against my shaft instead, going right up to Cindy's lips and in fact repeatedly licking her way into them. She steadily caressed my balls as well, as usual. It felt great, and over the past hour plus I'd grown rather accustomed to the two mouth style, so I decided eye contact wasn't that important after all.

As she licked, she responded, "Sorry. You should know by now that I've been letting my cucquean lusts get the best of me lately, and this is another case in point. I didn't intend to things to happen as they did. I figured it was open ad shut that 'loose lips sink ships.' But the more I heard about Laura and Josie especially, the more intrigued I got. One thing sort of led to another."

Sue Ellen hastened to add, "But Master, don't worry! It's really just Laura and Josie we're talking about. The other waitresses don't know that much."

I sighed heavily. I was sad and frustrated, despite the awesome continuing double blowjob. "'That much?'"

Sue Ellen added more reluctantly, "Well... a big change came over me pretty much immediately after that life-changing day you met me and claimed me as one of your sluts. Ooooh! I get goose bumps whenever I think about it! Anyway, I couldn't just act like nothing had changed; that dog wouldn't hunt. So I revealed that I'd dumped my boyfriend and I had a new man in my life: you! Naturally, they wanted to know who you were and what you were like, so things came out bit by bit."

I put a hand over my face. "Ugh! So basically everybody knows everything, right?"

"No! Not at all! us waitresses are a varied bunch. Some of us socialize with each other, some don't. I haven't been working here very long at all, so I haven't built up a lot of friendships. Some of us have very different schedules and we hardly even see each other. Frankly, most just want their paycheck and could care less what I do on my personal time. I'm not stupid; I'm not going to tell everything to everybody! So far, it's really just an issue of Laura and Josie. Oh, and Rosanne. You've met her. I'll admit she knows a lot too, butt she's a real sweetie and no worry at all. I don't really count her because has a serious boyfriend."

I frowned as it occurred to me that Josie might have a boyfriend. I must admit that when I talked to her I'd kind of fished to find out, commenting that she must have a serious boyfriend. But she'd just stayed silent instead of confirming or denying it.

So I asked Sue Ellen, "What about Josie? Does she have a boyfriend?"

"Of course! Beautiful girls like her hardly ever don't have boyfriends. But she's not THAT serious about him, like Rosanne is about her guy. Besides, when she talks about him I can sense she feels the same way I felt about Mike. I think she'd be MUCH happier being one of your cock servants."

"You would think that. That doesn't make it true. Cupcake, you're highly biased. 'Cock servant' isn't even a real thing; it's just a wild flight of fantasy my crazy wife had." I reached under the table and tapped on Mindy's head. "By the way, do you have anything more to say to yourself?"

Mindy was still "chasing" Cindy's lips most of the time, allowing her to lick higher up my shaft, including over my sweet spot sometimes. She kept on doing that as she replied, "Yes. First off, it would be good to institute some kind of protocol. We don't want to bother you with every last little problem, but clearly you should have been consulted about what Sue Ellen was saying to whom."

"Definitely. In general, we have to be super careful about ANYBODY learning ANYTHING!"

"Indeed. But also, you're far from blameless here. I know that you've known for days that Sue Ellen was bragging about you to her co-workers, but you didn't really say or do anything about it."

I shook my head sadly, because I realized she was right. "You've got me there. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I've been just a wee bit distracted. To say the least! For instance, right now! I really shouldn't be allowing you to keep doing what you're doing while we're talking like this."

"Nonsense! I've discovered you do your best thinking when you're super horny. And I don't just say that as a cucquean."

Surprisingly, Cindy pulled her lips off my boner to get a word in. "It's true. I know Mindy is biased in an obvious way. But I've noticed the same thing. You're a naturally conservative guy when it comes to personality, not politics. When you're super horny, you overcome that and make more decisive decisions. Like how you told me to quit my job, and then later told me t go work for Mindy."

I countered, "Thanks, but I don't know if I can trust you on that, because lately you've been acting almost as much of a cucquean as Mindy has."

Mindy was still just licking me, though focusing much more on the cockhead now that Cindy had pulled her lips off. She said, "Wait! I'm not done yet. So, A, new protocol, B, don't get mad 'cos you're to blame too. Then C: you don't have to worry, because we have a good plan and we're cleverly seeing it through. Haven't you seen how nicely Laura is coming along? She'll be regularly bobbing on your cock in no time. As for Josie, you can't tell me you don't want to plow her big tits, not to mention her hot cunt! And now that you know she has a thing for blowjobs and facials, I KNOW you've been thinking about painting her face too! True, she's not as far along as Laura is, but I think we made a big step with her today."

I should have said something and objected, but Mindy and Cindy had me distracted with the way they were licking my sweet spot together. Then, right as I was about to interrupt, Cindy engulfed my cockhead again, leaving me barely able to breathe!

As a result, my devilish wife was able to continue, "I share Sue Ellen's vision of making Mama Mia's your 'home away from home.' Imagine the day to come where you'll be able to come here each time and order from the 'secret menu', the menu exclusively for you! And food isn't on that menu. No, waitresses are! You'll be able to sit in your private booth and select Sue Ellen, Laura, Josie, or many, many more! ALL the waitresses will either be your cock servants or at least allies who can help keep a lookout. Then you can kick back and enjoy your root beer float or whatever while a couple of naked waitresses take turns bobbing on your cock, exactly as Cindy and I are doing right now!"

I was highly aroused by Mindy's vision, but also also amused by how outlandish it was. I snorted, "Ha! Naked?! Really?!"

She replied, "But of course! It's MUCH more satisfying sucking your cock while naked, or at least topless. Everybody knows that. Well, okay, maybe not totally naked. They'll wear high heels, of course, and I'm thinking kneepads too, due to the potentially dirty floor. Hon, you're not looking at this in the right way. If you rule the roost, then you can do ANYTHING! I'm thinking we could add a door to this room and make it your private room. Then, ANY woman who comes in has to be naked, even if she's just refilling your water or something like that."

Sue Ellen brightened. "Ooooh! Mindy, I totally love the sound of that! We should do that!"

I buried my head in both hands and shook it sadly. "Ugh! Ladies, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but can we at least have SOME vague brush with reality?! That would never happen in a million years!"

I abruptly decided, "That's it. I officially declare this conversation over! Any further discussion of Josie, Laura, and other waitresses will have to wait until later, when we're safe at home. Unlike you horny lot, I believe I DON'T do my best thinking when I'm totally horny. That's just when I do I most pro-cucquean mindset thinking. Right now, I'm so very aroused that I practically find myself agreeing with you. So, that's it. No more!"

"Aaaawwww..." Sue Ellen, Mindy, and Cindy pouted and moaned. Of course Cindy was still tirelessly bobbing on my hard-on, but she made a good "awww" noise just the same.

Silence ensued for a while. I had a vague notion that we should return home soon. After all, Nicky was there and she was only visiting for a short time. But then again I thought about how she'd been topless when we left, not to mention how Anjali, Nina, and Monique were all topless too. I had an "out of the frying pan, into the fire" feeling. It occurred to me that the longer we waited, the greater the chance that our daughters' friends would go home. Then I wouldn't be so tempted at every turn.

Besides, I was definitely having the time of my life. It had been mentioned that we'd been here for over an hour. I found that hard to believe, because I'd been double blown nearly the entire time! It was particularly impressive how long Cindy had been kneeling and sucking under the table. I made a mental note to give her a special thanks later.

Min and Cin were doing a great job of keeping me at a nearly ideal level of arousal. The pleasure was great, but not so great that I was in danger of cumming. In fact, one the excitement of the previous conversation died down, I found myself ready and able to talk some more. There were still some important things I wanted to discuss while I had Sue Ellen sitting across from me.

The earlier "nap incident" remained on my mind, so I figured this was a good time to get some answers. "By the way, Cupcake, let's get back to when the girls played with my dick while they thought I was napping. I'd like to get your perspective, since you were there."

Sue Ellen took a minute to figure out what I was referring to, then she flashed her usual bright smile. "Certainly! Boy, that was super hot. Having to stay there the whole time while pretending to be happy as a dead pig in the sunshine was really tough though. What would you like to know?"

"Did any of you girls suspect that I was awake the whole time?"

"Oh no, Master! Definitely not! Of course, they were scared shitless that you would wake up and open your eyes at any moment, and we kept checking over and over again. I don't know what it was - the glare of the hot sun, the angle, or what - but I never saw any sign that you were peeking."

I asked, "But what about the other stuff? For instance, I'm realizing after the fact that my breathing was inconsistent. And how could any guy be stroked so pleasurably and not wake up?"

Sue Ellen shrugged. "We're girls. We don't know what it takes for a guy to wake up. Besides, we were so distracted by your huge cock throbbing and twitching there in the golden sun that we weren't thinking straight. I think you could have coughed and sneezed and we wouldn't have suspected. Seriously!"

"You don't think at least some of the other girls suspected?"

"No way! Remember, when you swam in the pool right afterwards, we had about ten minutes to whisper amongst ourselves. Someone asked when we thought you might have woken up, and we were all sure it was right at the end, when Nina licked your cockhead a little bit. I must say, you were VERY convincing with the way you moaned and shifted around at the end there!"

I was extremely relieved to hear that. "Phew! I have a favor to ask though. Don't tell any of the others that I was actually awake earlier than that, okay? Especially not Nicky. She would freak out if she knew. But really, none of them need to know that right now."

I thought about Anjali, Nina, and Monique in particular. Yikes! They would probably get even MORE sexually aggressive with me if they knew I let all that happen!

Sue Ellen just smiled. "Master, remember who you're talking to. I'm one of your cock slaves and I live to serve. You don't ASK me a favor... all that is needed is for you to tell me what to do, and then it's done. My lips are sealed!"

"Around your master's cock!" I heard Mindy's voice offer up from below the table.

"Naturally," Sue Ellen replied, unperturbed. "Where else should they be?"

Feeling slightly uncomfortable due to her frankness and honesty, the best I could do is to murmur, "Thank you. The problem is, some of my slaves say things like that, but they don't always follow through. But you, you're a very good slave."

Sue Ellen blushed and turned away in embarrassment. She was too cute doing that! "Awww. You are being too kind to me."

I said sincerely, "You really are a wonder. Except please listen when I say stop hyping me at the restaurant so much, okay? Whatever else we decide about the other waitresses, that's a bad idea in general."

She bit her lip and nodded.

"By the way, you haven't even hinted about... well.. you know, have you?" I was thinking about the incest, but I was afraid to even mention it in a restaurant, even if it seemed definite that nobody was within hearing distance. That didn't give her enough to go on, but I came up with a way to make myself clear, by using our new code word for Nicky. "I'm referring to the fun I get up to with Lady Voldemort's sisters."

Understanding dawned on Sue Ellen's face. "Oh. That. NO! Never! I know I've been reckless in talking about you, but I would never so much as hint about that to anybody! I'm not stupid!"

I breathed a big sigh of relief.

Then, since we were being so cautious, she learned in a whispered, "As for the cock slave and harem stuff, the only ones who know anything about that are Laura, Josie, and Rosanne. I didn't even tell Lori, and we share a lot of shifts. Although it is pretty common knowledge with the other waitresses that my 'new boyfriend' is married but has an 'open marriage' so the wife doesn't mind. I figure that's kind of scandalous, but it's not really scandalous, and there definitely isn't anything illegal about it. And that allows me to be honest, in a certain sense. I really hate to lie."

I nodded. "Okay. Okay. That's good. I was worried there that more people knew more than that. Please leave it at that, okay? And make sure those in the know don't say any more either."

"Yes, Master. Don't worry. I'm on top of it."


There was a prolonged pause, then Sue Ellen asked, "Cindy, can I ask you a question?"

"Mmmm-hmmm," Cindy answered affirmatively. She was the one bobbing on my cockhead, so she was unable to say more.

My Cupcake spoke shyly, yet with determination. "You've been down there a really long time. I think that's great. I'm super impressed. But... you must be tired by now, no? And... you see... I'm kind of fixin' for a little, well, cock loving. If you want to take, say, a five minute break, I could sub for you for that time. i totally don't want to take your place. Our favorite rule is 'share the cock'. But you could stretch out a little bit and I could get in a little more cocksucking joy."

After bobbing on my boner a couple more times, Cindy pulled off to reply. "Normally, I'd say sure. 'Share the cock.' But I'm having the time of my life going for a personal endurance record. I had no idea that it was possible to suck and lick cock this long, but I'm doing it and I'm loving it just as much after an hour as I did at the start! Just think about what that means for all of us! If I can do it, you can do it too, and so can the others. We'll be able to have epic suck sessions that last for hours!"

Sue Ellen moaned lustily. "Wow! That IS great news! Just thinking about that is making me sallivate! So much! I take my suggestion back. Don't let me stop you!"

Cindy chuckled. "Wait. I'm not done. That said, I could use good stretch. Funnily enough, it's not my jaw that's the problem, since the hurt there is pretty constant for any 'battle' with the King. But my muscles are aching from being cramped in this tight space. Besides, it's not MY non-stop endurance that matters most, it's our master's! So I accept your suggestion. But let's keep it to a five-minute swap, okay?"

"Okay! Wow! Thanks so much!"

The two of them swtiched right after that. Cindy stood up next to the booth and stretched. She also gulped down a glass of water. Then she sat down next to me and just cuddled into me with her eyes closed. She seemed really worn out.

She didn't bother cleaning her face, since she anticipated "going back to work" soon. The presence of copious fresh tear tracks astounded me, even though I should have expected that by now. How could she love something that she finds so difficult?! Somehow, I get the feeling that the more difficult it is, the more she likes it! Bizarre.

Meanwhile, Sue Ellen was on her knees under the table in the blink of an eye. Mindy obligingly backed off and let her have all of my cock for a while. Naturally, she engulfed me right away and spent the next five minutes going through her entire bag of licking and sucking tricks.

Truth be told, Cindy's cocksucking effort had started to flag due to her going at it non-stop for so very long. Sue Ellen brought fresh energy and tons of enthusiasm. Soon, she had me dangerously close to the brink, with Mindy naturally still helping out.

Cindy seemed to have fallen asleep, but after five minutes she opened her eyes and perked up. "Sorry, Sue Ellen. I think it's time."

Sue Ellen pulled her lips off my shaft not long after that, but she spent a couple more minutes kissing my cock good-bye. She even rubbed it all over her face and whispered sweet nothings to it that I couldn't hear!

Then Cindy and Sue Ellen traded places again. Mindy hadn't been doing that much to my boner since Sue Ellen rejoined her down there, but my kind wife thoughtfully gave Cindy the next bobbing turn anyway.

Sue Ellen took the repositioning opportunity to cuddle into me as Cindy had done, rather than sit across from me. She probably would have kissed me, except her face was slightly cummy again and her mouth was almost certainly very spermy.

She sighed contentedly and closed her eyes. "Aaaah! Thanks so much, Cindy. I really needed that. I love how well we cooperate. We all understand that pleasuring our master is the most important thing." She opened her eyes briefly and looked up into my eyes. "And thank YOU, Master, for being who you are, and giving us so much thick and long cock to love."

I remembered how she said she didn't want me to thank her, at least not so often. So I merely replied, "Um, you're welcome, I guess. By the way, what was that you were whispering right after you pulled off? It seemed like you were talking to my dick."

"I was! Don't worry; I'm not going crazy. I don't think it's a separate being. But sometimes it's fun to treat it like it's sort of like a little version of you. So I was just kissing it and telling it how much I love it, and how I live every day to suck it and serve it, and much, much more! The truth is, I can be more honest with it than with you, because I kind of getting embarrassed expressing the intensity of my feelings directly to you." She giggled, a bit nervously.

I replied, "Well, I think you're wonderful, Cupcake. Keep doing what you're doing. Any master would be proud to have you as one of his slaves."

"Really?! Thanks!" She leaned in to kiss my lips, but then apparently changed her mind due to her spermy breath. She planted small kissed all over my face instead.

The conversation stopped after that. Cindy was revitalized after her short break and she generally took the lead in keeping the double blowjob action going at a more intense level.

More time passed. I wasn't wearing a watch and neither did any of my three lovers, and there was no clock to be seen, so I was left wondering how long we'd been at it. Cindy was saying it's been over an hour. I don't know if it has really been that long, but I'd guess it's been at least twenty minutes from the time we entered the restaurant until my first orgasm, and at least another twenty-five minutes since then. So that does put us close to an hour, at a minimum, and I'm not in any danger of cumming again soon.

Wow! CIndy's right, this is kind of turning into a record setting event, and the implications are staggering. There's so much blowjob talk AND blowjob action. I could end up having my cock sucked more than any man alive! I mean, really! We'll see if they can sustain this passion and energy. But we're going into uncharted waters, in any case.

Even though the conversation died out, we didn't need to talk. Sue Ellen was happy to just stay cuddled into my side. She kept her eyes open and fixed on my face, so she could watch the variety of joyous expressions caused by the under-the-table action.

Meanwhile, Mindy and Cindy kept on lapping and sucking like they were planning on staying down there for another hour, or more! I was well aware that even if one of them did get tired out, Sue Ellen was waiting for her chance to slip under the table to relieve one of them at any time. I was surprised by my wife's behavior. Normally, she set herself apart from the other cock slaves, but today she was acting just like "one of the girls."

It seemed that nothing could go wrong for me, nothing at all. Until something did!

I heard an unfamiliar and demanding voice ask me, "What the HELL is going on here?!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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