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Chapter 26

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

"What the HELL is going on here?!"

I turned my head and saw a very angry woman staring at me. On the surface this was an eerily similar situation to what had just happened with Josie, but right away I could tell that this was different and much more serious. The most obvious difference was that Josie was a mere waitress, whereas this woman was obviously in some position of power and authority. She looked like she might even own the restaurant. Plus, she was much more upset.

Mindy and Cindy immediately noticed the difference too. It had been expected that Laura would bring Josie by, and when that happened my two under-the-table ladies had never even slowed down with their sucking and licking. But now they immediately froze and held their breaths. Mindy happened to have my erection in her mouth, and I'm sure she would have pulled off of me but for fear of making tell-tale noises in the process that would reveal her presence.

As it so happened, she didn't have to worry about that very long because my cock was going flaccid in record time, making it easy for her to disengage.

It didn't help my confidence when I saw Sue Ellen look up at this woman and whisper fearfully, "OH SHIT! SONIA!" She broke free from cuddling me like I'd turned into hot coals.

That name didn't mean anything to me, but clearly it was someone who had a position over Sue Ellen and probably could fire her. This wasn't just fun and games anymore. I didn't mind getting kicked out along with my women, but I didn't want my Cupcake to lose her job!

I tried to think of something to say, but I was stumped, so the agonizing silence just drew itself out even longer. This Sonia might not have been aware of the two women under the table, but I saw her look at Sue Ellen's bra still in plain view on the table, not to mention a few lingering gobs of cum on her face. Seeing those things did not make her happy, to say the least!

If looks could kill, I would have been dead.

Had Sonia appeared fifteen minutes earlier, Sue Ellen's face would have been clean and dry. But she'd rubbed my wet cockhead all over her face when ending her brief replacement time for Cindy not that many minutes ago, so the wetness on her was very fresh and couldn't be missed.

Man, have we been reckless! The thing is, I thought it was only a couple of waitresses who came back here. No customers were likely to find their way here, since the bathrooms were closer to the front than the back. Nobody had warned me about this woman!

Sonia had her hands planted firmly on her hips. At long last, she finally spoke to Sue Ellen as she pointed an accusing finger aggressively at her. “You're in big trouble, young lady! I have half a mind to fire you right now!"

To make matters worse, she took a couple of big whiffs of the air. She didn't say anything, but I strongly suspected she detected the smell of sex. After all, Laura had told us it was blatantly obvious.

Sue Ellen sat as still as she could in her seat, but she was trembling. It looked like she was about to cry. She didn't try to say anything, for fear of making matters worse.

By this point, I was as far away from being aroused as possible. I wished there was some way I could tuck my flaccid penis away and zip up my fly, but I was afraid to bring my hands to my shorts. I wished Cindy or Mindy would have helped with that, but it seemed they had turned to stone in their attempt not to make any sound or movement that might reveal their presence.

Sonia redirected her angry glare at me. "And you! You! You must be the mysterious Dan Cooper who has half my waitress staff in a tizzy. Well, well, well. We finally meet!"

She paced a couple of steps this way and that with her hands back on her hips. It looked like she was trying to intimidate me by towering over me and staring me down.

Unfortunately, it was working. I'd gone from success to success to success lately. I was reveling in a sex-mad lifestyle that seemed to have no limits. I wasn't used to falling flat on my face like this!

Despite everything, I couldn't help but notice that Sonia was a very attractive woman. She had a particularly striking face. It probably would have been much more fetching still if it wasn't contorted with anger. However, I didn't have a chance to thoroughly look her over, given the situation.

I instinctively realized though that I couldn't show weakness. If I was going to go down, I might as well go down fighting. Unfortunately, I couldn't stand up in an attempt to tower over her, due to the two women between my legs. (Even though they were disengaged from my privates now, where could they go?) However, I defiantly stared back at Sonia, and said, "Yeah, that's who I am. Who the hell are you?"

"'Who the hell am I?'" She chuckled at the audacity of that. "I happen to be Sonia Bossi, the owner of this restaurant! You, sir, can go to hell!"

She leaned down and in towards me, directing so much negative energy at me that it was like having my face near an open blast furnace. I managed to keep looking at her, but I had to pull my head back.

She practically screamed, "I might just grab your ear and drag you out of my restaurant right now! On the other hand, maybe I'll call the police and have them do it!"

I held up my hands defensively. "Hold on! Let's not act rashly!"

"HA!" She folded her arms across her chest. "You're one to talk about THAT! You cocky FUCK! What do you call making one of my waitresses have some kind of kinky oral sex with you and then wear your disgusting spend on her face? Is that not rash?"

But she was only getting warmed up. "Then again, maybe it's not! Not for the great Daniel Cooper! You think I haven't heard the rumors? You think I haven't heard how you've been waltzing in here on a regular basis, using and abusing MY restaurant and MY waitresses? You DISGUST me! You SICK piece of FILTH! You worthless little SHIT!"

My heart sank. It felt like my world was crumbling around me. Things had been working out so perfectly for me for so long that I guess I'd been feeling a little bit invincible. When it came to having some sexual hijinks in Mama Mia's, I knew there was a chance that someone could kick us out or even call the police on us, but so many great and wild things kept happening without consequence that I didn't even think much about those worries anymore. How wrong I was!

To make matters worse, I felt a hand gripping my pants leg under the table. I didn't know if it was Cindy's or Mindy's, but I could tell the hand was trembling with fear.

I decided my best chance was to limit the damage so hopefully Sue Ellen wouldn't get fired. "You're right. You got me. Taking part in sex acts in your restaurant is crazy and wildly irresponsible. But please, blame me!"

"I am blaming you, jackass! You dumb shit!" Sonia growled.

Still, I kept on matching her stare. It was a clear battle of wills. People can't engage in a stare down contest without one or the other looking away before long. Try it and you'll see what I mean. I was secretly pleased when she looked away and glared at Sue Ellen instead.

I added, "I know, but what I mean is, don't blame Sue Ellen. It's all my fault. I have some kind of strange hold over her. I don't know why, but I do. She's in love with me and will do pretty much anything I say. So how can you blame her?"

"Harrumph!" Sonia still glared like her mere gaze could set things on fire, but at least I didn't feel like she was on the verge of physically attacking me.

She suddenly put a hand on the table and moved her face very close to mine. It was another stare down contest, and she literally had the upper hand because she was standing and I was sitting and she could get right in my face.

But still, I held my ground and stared right back as if my life depended on it. That obviously wasn't true, but it was very possible that Sue Ellen's job depended on how I asserted myself.

She said, "While I've got you in this captive position, before I think about calling the police, you've got me damn curious. You're just such an outrageous fucktard. I want you to answer some questions for me."

"Sure thing." I kept right on staring.

She stood all the way back up, breaking the stare match.

I felt like I'd just won another tiny victory, although I was obviously still losing the war.

She said, "What IS your fucking hold over Sue Ellen, not to mention Laura? Is it really true that you have some kind of harem at your beck and call, you vile predator?"

I was distressed that Sonia had at least heard rumors about the harem. It appeared Sue Ellen's talking had gone further than she realized. That put me in an even tougher position.

I decided that instead of trying to downplay it, I should try to hype my reputation as a sexual "superman" who was the master of an impressive harem. That should help my effort to put all of the blame on me and hopefully leave Sue Ellen in the clear. I said while still staring intently at her, "It's true. Most of those rumors you've heard, they're probably true. I have four women who like to call themselves my sex slaves, plus my lovely wife, who completely approves of every aspect of our unorthodox lifestyle."

Sue Ellen then spoke up defiantly, "I'm one of his slaves, and I love it! If that means you're going to fire me, then fire me!"

I thought, Oh great. Exactly what I don't want you to say, Cupcake! The idea is to save your job. You have a damn good job!

Sonia tossed up her hands, and said to me, "There! You just admitted it! And she admitted it too. Except that I hear they're called 'cock slaves,' not 'sex slaves.' As if that's any better!"

Sue Ellen looked surprised at that, so Sonia said to her, "Oh yeah, I've been listening in on the gossip when you haven't realized it. I may be back in my office most of the time, but you and Laura carry on so much, how could I NOT hear? Even the kitchen staff have heard all the wild Dan rumors. Those guys like to joke about it."

Sue Ellen looked very embarrassed to discover how much Sonia knew, not to mention the kitchen staff. She had to feel terrible about her "loose lips."

Sonia added, "Hell, you know how I found out you're here now? I happened to overhear Josie talking to Lori. I thought Josie was a sensible one, and Lori too, but Josie was telling Lori how she'd just talked to you and it turned out you were a really great guy after all. It's like she's somehow been infected by your charm. I had to do something before it gets any worse and you corrupt my entire staff!"

She'd been leaning towards Sue Ellen, but now she stood up straight and gazed at me with even more disdain than before. "And here we have the 'legendary Dan' in the flesh. The master of the harem! Except I don't see what's great about you. Sure, you're handsome, damn handsome. But so are a lot of other guys, and they don't manage to pull off the shit that you've been pulling. To me, you're just a sick fuck! What am I missing here?"

I shrugged. "Who can explain attraction? Who can explain the magic of how relationships work? I'm the big bad wolf. I'm the bad guy. Maybe I have some special pheromones or latent mind control abilities. Who knows? The point is, women seem to fall for me. I targeted Sue Ellen and she really had no chance."

I found it odd to be making this argument, because a short while ago I was telling Josie that I wasn't an evil "ogre" and now I was basically telling Sonia that I was! But I figured that part of running a harem was doing whatever was necessary to help my ladies.

Sonia got all in my face again, winning the latest round of the stare down battle. "You're everything I hate about men! Everything! You selfish bastard! You PIG! You use women for your own sexual gratification like they're toys! Don't you know they have feelings, just like you do?"

She was so distraught as she said this that I sensed there was some hidden personal history coming out. Clearly, she'd been hurt by a man, or men, and some of that hurt was turning into more anger at me.

Sue Ellen defended me. "That's SO not true! Dan loves us! All of us! You have no idea what you're talking about. His house is filled with so much love that just showing up there makes me so happy that I almost want to cry. And you're wrong about the sex too! Sure, we constantly sexually serve him and his enormous penis. Constantly! But it's great! He has great fun, but we, his women, we have even MORE fun! Pretty much every day, I have more orgasms than I can count! Can you say the same?"

Sonia was knocked off her stride by that. "Um, this isn't about me."

Sue Ellen was passionate. "But it is! If you're judging our lifestyle so harshly, then yours must be better, right? Except that it's not, and you know it. You KNOW how I've been floating on air all the time lately. You've commented on it more than once. Do you think that's faked?"

Sonia blustered, "You've been brainwashed. By an evil pig!"

"Ha! That's a cop-out, and you know it! What, do you think he's a hypnotist or something? It's simple: with Dan and his harem, I find love, happiness, acceptance, freedom, sexual pleasure, and fulfillment. Soooo much sexual pleasure! I feel more joy giving one blowjob to my Master than a year of sex with my old boyfriend Mike!"

Sonia tried to chip away at Sue Ellen's claims. "'Freedom.' But you call yourself his sex slave!"

Sue Ellen shook her head. "You don't understand a thing! I'm a VOLUNTARY slave. Giving myself to my Master was MY CHOICE, and I can walk away at any time, so it's not at all the kind of slavery you think it is. Is marriage slavery? This is like marriage, PLUS! It's BETTER! And yeah, I get off on being sexually submissive, so sue me! By handing the reins to him, so to speak, that gives me the freedom to completely let go! We women, we have a problem. We're supposed to like sex, but not too much. We don't want to be seen as shameless sluts, so we learn to hold back. With Dan, I don't have to hold back! I can go totally wild for my master! He gives me everything I need so I'm completely free to be me!"

Sue Ellen couldn't stand up because she was sitting further into the booth than I was, so she would have had to cross my legs as well as the bodies of Cindy and Mindy (who were still quiet as mice and not doing a thing). That was a shame, because my Cupcake was so worked up I'm sure she would have been poking a finger into Sonia's face if she only could.

She continued, "You know NOTHING! You judge us because we're living a lifestyle that's scary and different. The fact is, I wouldn't want to change places with you in a million billion years! To tell you the truth, I honestly feel sorry for you. Yes, sorry! You've had some bad breaks. You're a very unhappy woman. I don't see you smile for weeks, whereas I don't think I've stopped smiling since the lucky day I met Dan." She sat up proudly. "Are you really so sure you wouldn't want to change places with me?"

Sue Ellen is KICKING ASS! I feel like I didn't need to say a damn thing. More even than her words, her passion is showing through. You go, girl!

Sonia clearly was reeling. She said defensively, "But what about your dignity? Look at you, with cum on your face and your bra on the table. That's demeaning! He's turned you into his slut!"

Sue Ellen clenched her fists in frustration. "Argh! You don't get it!" She seemed lost for words, but then she exclaimed proudly, "I LOVE being his slut! Dignity sucks! What has dignity ever done for me? Or you? Dignity plus a couple of quarters will buy you a newspaper. The only good thing about dignity is losing it! Being embarrassed or even demeaned, that's the BEST! I trust my master. He knows how to push the envelope. He puts us in scary situations that really aren't dangerous. Like doing things here. Sure, getting caught by you is bad, but it's not the end of the world. We'll live, even if you try to punish us to the utmost. And the reward is that it intensifies the emotions and the pleasure SO MUCH! Haven't you ever had sex in a risky place?"

Sonia looked away. "This isn't about me."

Undeterred, Sue Ellen pressed, "No, it is! You can't be judging if you don't know what you're talking about. Have you, or have you not ever had sex in a risky place?"

"I suppose not," Sonia admitted. Surprisingly, she opened up a bit more. "To be honest, I've never done it outside a bedroom. Although my husband sometimes got frisky with me elsewhere, we'd wait till we were at home and in bed. He was kind of traditional that way."

Clearly, the fire in Sonia's anger had gone out. Sue Ellen was being so effective that I could tell we weren't going to have the police called on us, at least. And since I was calming down and not talking much, I had a chance to give our adversary a complete look over.

Sonia was a beautiful woman, there was no doubt about that. In fact, she was much, much more beautiful than any owner of a typical Italian restaurant deserved to be. Now that her face wasn't contorted with anger, I could see what an extraordinary face it was. She looked dignified and classy. Regal, even. Even though she had a classic Italian face, with a typical Roman nose, I was reminded of one of those actresses who tended to play British royalty, such as Jane Seymour. Much closer to home, her face reminded me of Jane Corbin's classy look.

Sonia also dressed regally, with an expensive and form-fitting black dress, earrings, a necklace, bracelets, and several rings, plus make-up. I suspected that this was a woman who simply wasn't going to leave the house without looking her best.

However, while she had a natural refined air of sophistication, there was also a fire in her eyes, suggesting she had the well renowned passion of an Italian woman. Even now that her anger had subsided, her eyes flashed with intelligence and danger.

She had other typically Italian features, such as a long mane of straight black hair, tanned olive skin, and dark brown eyes. Her body wasn't the ultra-curvy and busty type that I preferred. However, her form-fitting dress revealed that she nonetheless had a very sexy and impressive figure. She was lithe and slim, with breasts that were maybe in the C-cup range. She looked like someone who exercised or played sports regularly, because she had a HARD body! Her dress left her legs exposed to mid-thigh, showing off some serious toned muscle.

This is a woman I would love to fuck!

However, that clearly isn't going to happen, now or ever. I don't even have a hint of an erection, because my penis has essentially been scared into hiding. And she mentioned a husband, so she's probably still married anyway.

But I'm giving all this serious consideration because I need to use any possible leverage to get us out of this fix. For instance, any woman with a body like that has to have strong sexual feelings. How could she not? A body that fit has to have a lot of energy, and no energetic woman is going to simply lie there in bed getting fucked like a dead fish. And from what Sue Ellen hinted at, it sounds like Sonia is sexually frustrated, and perhaps has been for a while now. I might be able to use that to our advantage, to soften her stance against us.

With that in mind, I rejoined the conversation. "Sonia, I'm sorry for using your restaurant for our sex games. I'll pay you some compensation if that'll make you feel better. But, that said, I would do it all over again if I could rewind the clock. Life is full of risks."

"Don't lecture me about life!" she barked with renewed anger. "You SICK FUCK!"

I ignored that. "This harem lifestyle of ours is actually a brand new thing for me. I had been happily married to my wife Mindy for twenty years, and I still am. With her full encouragement, I recently started having sex with other women. I didn't want to do it, since I love her dearly and was fully satisfied already. She actually pushed me into it, because she gets some kind of thrill from it. I tend to be a stick-in-the-mud type. But I soon found that the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Lately, I've been having the best sex of my life!"

Sonia crossed her arms under her bosom and scoffed, "Yeah, obviously, if your wife lets you fuck the likes of Sue Ellen." She realized with a start, "And, hell, she even allows you to make Sue Ellen your slave!"

I nodded. "Sure, that's part of it. But there's so much more. For instance, she didn't just let me have sex with Sue Ellen, she encouraged me to make her one of my slaves!"

"BULLSHIT!" Sonia cried out.

Sue Ellen rallied to my defense."It's true! Why would I lie about that? She's my good friend. You can ask her yourself."

I imagine it was tough for Mindy to stay silent and hidden under the table, but she did.

Sonia waved a hand dismissively. "Whatever. She's probably a sicko too."

I resumed, "We're not doing things half-way here. We're going all out, and screw everyone else who would judge us. Even then, we could have plenty of fun at home, but no, we're here today in your restaurant. I don't fully understand it all myself, but the bottom line is we're letting our lusty desires run rampant. Sometimes bad things could happen, like you catching us today. But the results are incredible sexual experiences that are worth the risk and then some."

Sue Ellen eagerly added, "My master is a naturally modest man. When he says 'incredible sexual experiences,' that doesn't even begin to explain it! Think about experiencing so much arousal and joy that you think you're gonna DIE! I'm serious!" Her eyes were as wide as saucers. "It goes way beyond orgasms! It's some kind of super orgasm where every single nerve ending in your body is ALIVE! Words can't begin to explain it! Sonia, I'm sure you've never experienced it, because if you had you wouldn't be standing there with that blank, disbelieving look on your face."

Sue Ellen paused so Sonia could respond, but Sonia stayed silent. In fact, Sonia looked down at the floor, as if slightly embarrassed. Clearly, she'd never had the kind of shared peak sexual experience we were talking about, and probably nothing that came close to it.

My adorable Cupcake continued, "When Master told you that he's the 'big bad wolf,' that's a total lie! He was just attempting to put all the blame on himself to try to save my job. That's the kind of person he is. He's the nicest guy you could meet, a real teddy bear. He's NOT AT ALL like the kind of master I'm sure you imagine. And yet, he's got a big beautiful cock, he fucks me with it like some kind of super stud, and he knows how to push my buttons. All our buttons! No wonder so many gorgeous women flock to him and even proudly call themselves his sex slaves. He'd have more if he could handle it, but he's too stretched thin as it is. You would join in too, if you knew the kind of unbelievable joy he gives me, gives us, every single day!"

"I most certainly would NOT!" Sonia said. She put her hands back on her hips in a defiant pose. "What you're saying is preposterous! He's nothing more than a vile worm, taking advantage of you!"

I cut in, "Sue Ellen, I'm pretty confident she would not. It takes a very special kind of woman to want to be a sex slave at all, let alone one of mine. I don't know what the odds are of a woman having the right mindset, but I'm sure it's much, much less than one in a hundred."

I looked right at Sonia, although it wasn't like the stare down battles we were having a little while ago. "That said, I've had excellent sex with my wife Mindy for twenty years before all this harem stuff began. We were a fairly typical couple, and I thought that was as good as it got. I recently discovered that's not even close to the truth, because it gets SO much better! Mindy has found that out too. For instance, I've brought her to this restaurant and secretly fucked her within this very building. And it was near the best we've ever had!"

That probably wasn't the best thing to say, but I could see Sonia's anger returning. "You had full-on sexual intercourse in MY restaurant?! How DARE you!"

I shrugged. "Like I said, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. We're grabbing life by the balls and living to the fullest. Live life today, because any of us might die tomorrow. You go along and keep obeying all the rules. When you're on your deathbed, I'm sure you'll be able to pat yourself on the back for being a good citizen. I used to be that way too. But these women of mine have kicked me way out of my comfort zone, and when you've experienced the highest highs life can give you, you can't go back to just being a good citizen."

I continued, "So, like I said, I'm sorry for using your restaurant. I wasn't thinking about how it might affect you or this fine establishment. I did wrong and there should be consequences for that. I'm happy to pay you whatever you think is fair for getting you upset and causing trouble. But I still don't regret daring to play our games here!"

I realized that I wasn't just saying this to soften Sonia's animosity; I truly believed it. I had changed in a fundamental way. I was hooked on this new lifestyle.

Sonia growled, "You may think I'm the ultimate stick in the mud, but I'm not! I can have fun too."

Sue Ellen asked, "Is this the same woman who recently said, and I quote, 'I have no time for men. I have no time for relationships. Men are all selfish pigs anyway.' Unquote?"

I thought, Hmmm. So maybe Sonia's not married anymore. Or at least not happily.

Sonia erupted, "Thanks a lot, Sue Ellen. Now you're making me look even worse! Besides, men ARE all selfish pigs. Nearly all of 'em, at least. And that definitely includes YOU!" She pointed her finger right at my face. "You're the absolute WORST! You SCUMBAG! So what if you all are having bigger orgasms than I am? Does that give you the right to have sex just anywhere, including in my restaurant? No!"

I had to admit to myself, She has a good point with that. I'd thought we were committing a "victimless crime," but that isn't the case if it upsets her so much. Also, I'm getting the idea that she's really upset with men in general for some reason. Sheesh!

Sonia pulled her finger back from my face, but she remained in an aggressive pose. "Sorry, your claim that I should somehow go easy on you just because you're having lots of great sex and I'm not is total bullshit. But the question is, what should I do with you?"

Clearly, Sonia had a flair for drama, because she paused and just stared, letting us twist in the wind as we waited for our fates.

I thought we'd been doing pretty well there for a while, what with Sue Ellen's passion and all, but now it looked like we were sunk.

Then I had an idea. Maybe it wasn't a great idea, in fact it could be a be a very stupid idea. True, it looked like Sonia wasn't going to call the police on us. However, I figured that Sue Ellen was going to lose her job and I'd be permanently banned from the restaurant. There were plenty of other restaurants she could waitress in, but I didn't want Sue Ellen to lose her job as a matter of principle, especially when I was largely to blame.

My idea had to do with the clever way Michelle got Nicky to take her bikini top off last night. Basically, she tricked Nicky with a bet, and then relied on Nicky's sense of honor to go through with her side of the deal. I knew next to nothing about Sonia, but there was something about her sense of righteous outrage that gave me hope she'd also honorably agree to the terms of a bet, even if it went badly for her.

I said, "Sonia, I'll make you a bet. If I lose the bet, I'll leave this restaurant and never come back again."

She interrupted, "So what? I'm going to kick you out and permanently ban you anyway. A pig like you belongs back in your mud pit!"

"Okay. Fair enough. I'll throw in $10,000 as well, then, just to keep things interesting."

That clearly had her attention.

I continued, "However, if I win the bet, I can still come and go here as I please, and do whatever I want without getting kicked out or being otherwise punished. Oh, and either way, Sue Ellen doesn't get fired or treated badly. As I said, blame me, not her."

I figured that with this bet, even if I'd lose, I'd win. My real goal was making sure Sue Ellen didn't lose her job, and if I had to pay $10,000 to make sure that happened, I would gladly pay it. After all, it was my fault that she was in this mess with me. My demand to do anything I wanted in the restaurant was mostly a misdirection, so Sonia wouldn't realize my real goal was the "oh, by the way" condition of Sue Ellen keeping her job no matter what.

Sonia was intrigued, but guarded. "What's the bet?"

"It's simple. I'm going to reveal something to you. I'm thinking that you'll be so shocked by it that your jaw will drop. If it does, I win the bet. If it doesn't, you win. But no cheating by holding it up with your hands or anything like that."

She laughed. "Are you serious?! My jaw? All I have to do to win is not drop my jaw wide open?"

I nodded.

She laughed harder. "HA! That's the easiest bet I've ever heard of in my life! What could you POSSIBLY say or do that would shock me so much that I'd drop my jaw when there's $10,000 on the line? I mean, you already have sex slaves and a harem. What more could it be? You're fucking your mother? Your daughter? An elephant? Hell, I couldn't care less! You could pull your head off and reveal you're a space lizard and I wouldn't give a fuck. I'm not going to drop my jaw for anything!"

"So, do you want to take the bet then?"

"Hell, yeah!"

I looked at Sue Ellen.

She looked back in confusion. Clearly, she had no idea what I had up my sleeve.

I looked back to Sonia. "Okay, just so we're clear. I'm gonna reveal something so shocking that I think you're going to drop your jaw. Not just a little, but a lot. If you do, I win. I can come and go here as I please and do whatever I want in this restaurant at any time without punishment. Permanently. If you don't, you win. I'll never come back again and I'll give you a check for $10,000. Either way, Sue Ellen keeps her job without hassle, since she's not to blame for what I instigated. Agreed?"

Sonia's eyes narrowed. "Wait a minute. How do I know that you can be trusted with giving the money?"

Sue Ellen said, "My master is a VERY honorable man! If he doesn't pay it, I will myself!"

I nodded. "See there? Besides, I'm not a stranger. Even if I never come back, I'm still linked through Sue Ellen. You can get to me through her if you really must. Besides, you may think I'm a 'pig' when it comes to women, and maybe you're right about that, but I AM an honorable man when it comes to money. And I'm not poor. But one way or another, this will settle our differences. Agreed?"

She nodded reluctantly in agreement.

That made me happy, because I had twice floated the idea of paying her money for having sex in her restaurant. I was fully willing to do that, but I preferred not to. If this completely settled our differences, then she couldn't come back and make such claims later, at least not without seeming cheap and dishonorable.

I subtly nudged Cindy and Mindy with my legs. I think they got the idea.

I waited for a few long moments. It seemed that Sonia wasn't the only one with a flair for drama.

Then I said, with surprising calm, "Okay, so this is what I want you to know. I've had two women sucking my cock the entire time you've been here." As I said that, I dramatically pulled the tablecloth that had been hanging over the side all the way up. In a flash, Cindy's and Mindy's presence under the table was revealed.

They had just been sitting there, curled up. But thanks to my nudge, they got the idea and repositioned themselves so it seemed like they were still working on my dick. In fact, that wasn't true, since my penis had been completely flaccid since Sonia had caught us. But the important thing here was the first impression.

I could see Sonia resisting the urge to show any reaction, but curiosity got the best of her. She got down on her knees for a better look. My leg blocked any direct view of my penis (which was a very good thing in this case, since it was flaccid!). Cindy and Mindy were hamming it up, bobbing their heads like they were going all out on my (supposed) erection.

Sonia muttered, "Oh my God!" When she finished saying that, she unthinkingly let her jaw drop and left it hanging open.

"A-ha!" That was Sue Ellen. "You did it! We win!"

Sonia quickly tried to lock her jaw back in place, but the damage was done and she knew it. Still on her knees, she raised her hands in the air and yelled, "Awww, SHIT!"

I wasn't one to brag, so I didn't say anything for fear of gloating. But I couldn't help but smirk, Mindy-style, at how that had worked out.

Cindy and Mindy scrambled out from under the table, still fully clothed. Mindy popped out on my side, and Cindy on Sue Ellen's side. They quickly stretched out, because they had been cramped in a very small space for a long time.

But it was only a matter of moments before my wife was hugging and kissing me. Between kisses, she enthused, "Brilliant! Just brilliant! ... That's twice today I've said that! That's my hubby, the genius!"

Meanwhile, Sonia had stood back up. She was looking decidedly unhappy. She looked at Mindy French kissing me, and asked, "That's your wife?!"

Cindy responded, since neither Mindy nor I could. "Yep! That's Mindy. She's the best! But my master, OH! He's even better!"

Sue Ellen squealed, "Pure genius!"

Cindy nodded, and added, "I'm still feeling chills all over!"

Then Sue Ellen and Cindy kissed - on the lips! It seems they simply couldn't help themselves.

Sonia's jaw dropped again. Unfortunately, I wasn't going to get any kind of bonus points for that.

Sonia somewhat recovered her composure, and complained, "That's no fair! You tricked me!"

I broke the latest kiss with my lovely wife, and asked, "How did I trick you, exactly? I said I'd reveal something that would shock you, and I did."

"But I didn't expect it to be something physical, under the table. I thought you'd try to wow me with some bullshit fact about your sexual prowess or your number of lovers or something like that."

I pointed out, "We didn't specify words. In fact, you gave the example of how I could pull my human head off and reveal a space lizard head instead."

Mindy was giddy. She joked, "Which, by the way, is something he can do. We're all space lizards too. But we'll save that for the next bet."

I grinned at that, and said, "My wife thinks she's a comedian."

Sonia was not amused. It looked like smoke was going to rise out of her ears. She muttered, "SHIT! You sneaky... shit!"

I was feeling magnanimous in victory. I felt that I had done wrong in taking advantage of her restaurant for our sexual fun (even though I would still have done it all over again). Plus, our family wasn't hurting for money. We weren't obscenely rich by any means, but we were doing more than all right.

So I said, "I don't want there to be any hard feelings. Regardless of the bet, you do need some compensation for what we've done in your restaurant. How 'bout I give you $10,000 anyway?"

Sonia seemed to be seriously considering that, but then she cursed, "Fuck you and your money!" After a pause, she asked me, "Were they REALLY sucking your dick through our entire encounter?"

I shook my head. "No. Not at all. Nobody could stay aroused through your angry attack. But it's true that they, and Sue Ellen, were taking turns on it right up until you arrived. They froze and stopped when they heard you speak. Sue Ellen had recently ended a spell under the table. That's why she still has cum on her face. By the way, Cupcake, you should wipe that off already."

"Yes, Master." Sue Ellen took a couple of napkins from the napkin dispenser on the table and wiped her face clean.

Mindy and Cindy had much wetter faces, due to all the tears of struggle they'd been crying. But they wore a lot of cum and drool too, especially on their chins. They used some napkins and quickly cleaned up too.

It occurred to me that Sonia probably didn't get a close look at their wetness before they started wiping up, so it would have been logical to assume all of it was cum. I liked that, because we were trying to blow her mind and make her think she was completely missing out on what great sex really was.

I kept talking. "Anyway, as soon as you started your rant, all the fun stopped. My penis went flaccid, naturally. But where could they go? If they revealed themselves in any way, that was only going to double your anger."

Cindy said, "For the longest time I thought I was going to sneeze. It's dusty down there!"

"Me too," Mindy said. "But we didn't!" They reached across the table and high-fived.

I continued to Sonia, "The bet idea just came to me, and I nudged my ladies into place. The rest, you saw."

"Damn!" Sonia was pacing around some more, with her fists clenched. "That was really fucking sneaky. You're a scoundrel AND a pig!"

Mindy and I continued our celebratory kisses, and Cindy and Sue Ellen kissed some more too.

Sonia finally came to a stop right in front of me again. "Excuse me for interrupting your little sicko make-out party. I just want you to know that I'm not going to welch on our deal. I'm not that kind of person. But I beg you not to come in here and abuse my restaurant, right in front of the other customers. It's all I have! This may just be some fucked up sexual fun and games to you, but for me it's my LIFE!"

I broke the latest kiss and zipped up my fly. My penis had long since withdrawn into my fly, but I hadn't had a chance to actually zip up until now. Then I stood up. I'd been sitting for a very long time, so it felt good to stretch out a little bit.

Sonia took several steps back in fear when she saw me get out of the booth.

It occurred to me that she might have thought I was going to try to kiss her! I found that amusing. My reputation as some kind of "sex maniac" was keeping her off balance.

As I stretched like an athlete doing warm-up exercises, I said, "Don't worry. I don't want to be your enemy. The last thing I want to do is ruin your business. If something bad does happen because of me or my loved ones, I'd be more than happy to pay you compensation so you don't financially suffer. But seriously, what's the problem with us fooling around back here in this private room? We've been here for an hour, if not longer, and I haven't seen a single person come by except for a couple of waitresses and you. And all of those visits, like yours, was to seek us out. Plus, even if someone did come by, what would they see? Sue Ellen's bra on the table? Big deal. What's the harm? Who would know?"

Sonia sighed heavily and raised her hands up high in frustration. Then she dropped them back down. "It's just... over the line. Okay? Don't get me started on the sanitary issues and the legal and regulatory trouble that could cause me. Don't make me out to be the bad guy here. What you did is wrong and you know it!"

I decided to just suck it up, since she had a very good point with that. I nodded. Then I said, "Look. I've obviously done some wrong here. But I wasn't being purposely mean. I thought this was a 'victimless crime.'"

"It wasn't!"

"I see that now, believe me. Let's talk about this some more later, and maybe we could come to some kind of arrangement that could take care of your concerns somehow. Like I said, I don't want to be your enemy. I would like to have some more sexy fun here, because it's where Sue Ellen works. I could just do anything I want by the terms of our bet, but I won't. You and I should work out some ground rules."

Sonia sighed again. Her voice dripped with sarcasm. "Oh, great. I get to speak to you again. And probably more than once. Joy."

Cindy, Mindy, Sue Ellen, and I left not long after that. We were all feeling triumphant, but it was clear that Sonia was feeling pissed off, and nothing we could say or do was going to change that. I wanted to get out of there before her mood brought us down.

As soon as we were out of the restaurant's front doors, all three of my women kissed and hugged me a lot. I kept us moving towards the parking lot before we had a full blown orgy on the spot.

They kept on complimenting me profusely about my "brilliance."

I replied, "Necessity is the mother of invention. I knew I had to do something to save Cupcake's job." I looked at my adorable Sue Ellen, and said, "If you noticed, I arranged the bet so that you'd keep your job no matter what. That was my main goal."

With that, she threw her arms around me and all but tackled me to the ground in her eagerness to kiss and hold me.

Mindy laughed at that.

When Sue Ellen finally relented and broke the kiss, she told me, "I don't really care about the job. I haven't been working here long, and I can easily find another. But I love how you defended me so fiercely. I get the feeling that you would never let me come to harm."

I immediately told her, "But of course I would never let you come to harm! What do you take me for? The master-slave relationship is a two-way street. Cupcake, I haven't known you very long, but you're precious to me already. I'm falling in love with you, and I like it! As long as I'm your master I feel responsible for your well-being and I'm going to make sure that beautiful smile of yours never leaves your face."

Sue Ellen screamed like a maniac and then hugged me like she was trying to squeeze me to death. "OH! MASTER! I'm so overjoyed I'm going to cry! This is TOO MUCH!"

I was beaming. It felt great to make her feel that good. I pointed at Cindy. "The same goes for you, young lady. You're just as precious to me. I don't play favorites. The way I look at it, we're not just a harem, we're a family. A team. We help each other on things both big and small. Separate, we're just ordinary people, alone and vulnerable. But together, we're practically unstoppable!"

To my surprise, that resulted in a general cheer from Mindy, Cindy, and Sue Ellen, like they'd just heard the end of a rousing speech. It looked like they were all emotionally moved. To be honest, even I was feeling moved.

Mindy tried to get practical so we could leave the parking lot. "Okay, kids. We've got a problem with our two cars. I'll drive this one. Cindy, you drive the minivan. Sue Ellen, I know you're bursting with desire to show your appreciation to your master. So please sit in the backseat and blow him all the way home."

"YEAY! Mindy, you're the best! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Sue Ellen dragged me the rest of the way to my car while somehow practically floating there at the same time.

What a day! And it was only mid-afternoon. I shuddered to think what kinds of sexy, crazy things could be waiting for me at home, especially with Nicky being there.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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