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Chapter 27

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

We did just as Mindy suggested: Sue Ellen and I sat in the back seat while Cindy drove the minivan. And, of course, Sue Ellen leaned over and sucked me off. After Mindy made that suggestion, Sue Ellen wouldn't let it happen any other way.

At first, my Cupcake couldn't contain her great enthusiasm and sucked me like her life depended on it. She was even going deeper and deeper on her way to deep throating me again when I had to tell her to take it easy. She greatly slowed the sliding of her lips, but her tongue stayed extremely busy, and I could tell that her entire body was practically bursting with joy.

It was a total delight to be with someone that very happy. Her ecstatic mood was infectious, even though her mouth was too stuffed full of cock for her to say a word.

It was strange looking out the window of my minivan, seeing all the stores and houses go by, while there was this mop of dirty blonde hair rising up and down over my crotch, sucking my cock with unfettered joy! I was unsettled after the confrontation with Sonia. The blowjob not only felt great, but it helped calm my frazzled nerves.

I found myself thinking, Even after I've accepted the fact that my harem is here to stay, there are things I never seem to get used to. One such thing is not only having a blowjob while sitting in the backseat of a car, but having the driver give a running commentary on it!

That was true. Cindy had started talking quite a lot, because she was very excited and aroused too. It seemed my words and actions had left a big impression on her also.

Mostly, Cindy talked directly to Sue Ellen, even though Sue Ellen was unable to respond with more than a muffled grunt or two. It seemed to me that Cindy was frustrated that she had to drive, and she was trying to live vicariously through Sue Ellen's cocksucking. She started out by saying things like, "That's it, girl! Feels great, doesn't it? That stretched-lips, mouth-full feeling! There's nothing like it in the world! It's the feeling of total submission and enslavement, total domination by COCK!"

Sue Ellen loudly moaned her agreement.

Cindy went on, "Show your master how much you love him! Isn't he the greatest? I know you wish you could tell him just how you feel, but words can be hollow or misunderstood, or even lies. That's why it's so much better to SHOW HIM! With your body! Get completely naked, so he can enjoy your fine figure! So he can touch you wherever he wants, whenever he wants! Never forget, your body belongs to him!"

Up until then, Sue Ellen had been so focused on the cocksucking that she hadn't touched her clothes, but she began frantically pulling them out while still keeping her mouth bobbing on me.

Cindy was so into her commentary that it was a wonder she didn't drive off the road. She continued with rising intensity, "But more than that, show him with YOUR MOUTH! Your tongue! Your lips! And your fingers! Keep his cock endlessly throbbing with joy! Hollow your cheeks out and suck HARD! Show him how much you love being one of his slaves! Choke and gag on his motherfucking thick PUSSY POUNDER! Use your tongue to make his heart race and his breath run ragged! Totally succumb to the sexual power of your master!"

As can be seen, Cindy's passionate commentary was quickly turning into advice giving. Sue Ellen was moaning in lusty approval at just about everything Cindy said, since they were so like-minded about this. Soon, they established a curious link. Generally speaking, Cindy would tell Sue Ellen what to do and Sue Ellen would do it.

For instance, at one point when Sue Ellen had briefly switched from sucking to licking, Cindy told her, "Don't neglect his balls! Are you neglecting his balls? Keep rubbing at least two fingers on his sweet spot. Never, ever, EVER stop stimulating his sweet spot in some way. It's the key to the golden door! But while you're doing that, I want you to lick all the way down to his balls. Show our master how much we love his sperm-filled balls!"

When Sue Ellen responded by licking down to my balls and keeping her fingers sliding up and down my shaft at the same time, Cindy could hardly contain her enthusiasm. Her hand was down at her crotch (although I couldn't see what it was doing there, exactly), and she was staring into the rear view mirror more than on the road. "That's it! Remember that that's your MASTER'S cock! Think about how he worked so cleverly to save your job. Love his cock, just as much as you love him! Love every last inch of his thickness! Prove what a good cock slave you are, over and over again! Prove it to him with your MOUTH!"

With that, Sue Ellen craned her mouth open wide and engulfed my cockhead again. Spurred on by Cindy's words, she bobbed on me with reckless abandon. She went deeper and deeper, heedless of the way she was gagging and nearly choking on it.

Those gagging sounds must have been music to Cindy's ears. "Oh GOD! That sounds so fucking HOT! Sue Ellen, do you need some help there? Because I think I need to help you! Let me pull over by the side of the road so we can both... both... help him! UGH!"

Let's just say that it made for a very enjoyable car ride. To say the least! More than once, I had to admonish Cindy to calm down and pay some attention to her driving.

I think Sue Ellen could have easily repeatedly deep throated me, but she refrained from doing so because of the fact that we were driving in a car. Big bumps in the road could be a problem, to say the least. Still, she went right past her gag reflex from time to time, if only briefly, just like it wasn't even there.

I was still stressed out from the tense encounter with Sonia, but my Cupcake's sweet lips and tongue relaxed the hell out of me. In fact, I was having so much fun that it took me a while to realize we weren't heading to our house. Mama Mia's is fairly close to our house. That's a big reason why we liked the place so much before we ever met Sue Ellen there. I had my eyes closed to fully luxuriate in what my slave was doing to me, but after a while I realized we should have been home already.

I opened my eyes and looked around. "Where are we? Where are we going?"

Cindy spoke as she pulled the car to another stop light. "Don't worry your fiendishly clever head about it, Master. Let your cock slaves take good care of you."

I asked her, "You really enjoy being a cock slave, don't you?"

"Ha!" she snorted. "You're the master of understatement as well as being the master of our busty bodies. Enjoy it? Good God! I think back with disbelief that I was initially reluctant to join. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me! And it just got even better with you telling us how you'll love us and cherish us and never let us come to harm. I know you haven't owned me long, but already I can't imagine living life NOT being one of your slaves!"

The bobbing head in my lap grunted in agreement. Cindy had stopped giving commands a couple of minutes earlier in an attempt to calm down somewhat and not drive us into a tree, so Sue Ellen was simply going all out on my sweet spot, sliding her lips back and forth over it and constantly licking it at the same time.

The double blowjob in the restaurant had been awesome, but that had been more about steady arousal for a very long time carefully keeping me flying high without ejaculating. By contrast, Sue Ellen was going all out. I don't think she gave much thought to me cumming, because she was so totally into living the moment with her lips and tongue. From time to time I had to tell her to slow down, and I even tapped or held her head to make sure she got the message, but she never slowed down for long.

I eventually decided to just go with it. I had to clench my PC muscle non-stop, with was a strain, but the total erotic joy made that more than worth it!

I was so turned on by everything that I found myself playing with as much of her body as my hands could reach. While I was playing with her big tits, it occurred to me, Her bra had been left on the table back at Mama Mia's! Oops! We should have picked that up.

Sue Ellen had somehow managed to get everything else off by herself, so I had a completely nude teen bombshell sucking me off as though her life depended on it. In a car. Driving down an ordinary road. True, the minivan had tinted windows, but I don't think she noticed or cared. She was so worked up that she probably would have been delighted to suck me naked if all the walls had been completely see-through!

I idly wondered what had happened to Laura's bra. I suspected that Mindy somehow put it somewhere and was keeping it as a trophy.

Cindy said, "I'm so horny right now! I just hope I get there before I crash the car. Master, what I want to know is, how are you going to add Sonia to your harem? Or are you planning to just fuck her from time to time?"

"What the heck are you talking about?!"

"Isn't that part of the plan?"

"What?! No! I didn't know her from Adam. My plan, insofar as there was one, was just to get us out of there without disaster!"

Cindy sounded bummed. "So you didn't secretly and cleverly arrange for all of that to happen?"

I was incredulous. I held the sides of Sue Ellen's head, forcing her bobbing to nearly come to a stop so I'd be able to talk some more without constantly panting and gasping. "Are you mental? There's no way! Are we even talking about the same thing?! If she was any angrier, she would have burst into flames!"

Calming down somewhat now that Sue Ellen was actually going slow on me for a while, I said, "Cindy, I think you're buying into my hype too much. I know you all like to talk like I'm some kind of superman, and that's fine in the middle of sexy fun times, but remember that I'm basically just a normal guy. Please don't turn into Mindy 2.0, running wild with cucquean fantasies. Like I said before, I need you to be the responsible one, or this harem is liable to fall apart."

Cindy sighed. "You're right. Sorry."

I sighed too. "Frankly, I'm scared shitless of Sonia. Despite the victory I won, I don't know if I ever want to use her restaurant for sexual fun again."

Sue Ellen pulled her lips off me with a satisfying smack. She still had two hands slipping and sliding all over my shaft as she said, "Master, please don't say that! Working there was kind of a drag until y'all made it exciting. Even if you never show up during one of my shifts, just the possibility that you might puts a spring in my step! Fuck Sonia! Who cares what she thinks?!"

That was strong language, since I'd noticed Sue Ellen almost never cursed.

I sighed, "I don't know. She has a good point that what we've done was highly inconsiderate and could bring big trouble for her and her restaurant. We have to think about that too."

Looking down to my lap, I could only see the back of Sue Ellen's head as she talked, but I could feel her breath as she deliberately panted on my cockhead. She said, "Let me do a little bit of research on this at the restaurant. I'll kind of sound her out and see how she really feels. Trust me. MMMM!"

That last "MMMM!" was because she engulfed my cockhead all over again, figuring that she was done talking for a while.

After I recovered from the resulting surge of pleasure caused by her tight lip-lock, I said, "Okay. I'm okay with sleeping on it, and seeing what you might find out. But now that you've got me thinking about it, Cupcake, why didn't you warn me about her before? I had no idea what hit me!"

Sue Ellen had to pull her talented lips off my boner again to respond. "I'm so sorry, Master. But I did warn you. I've talked to Mindy about her at length. I figured she'd passed that on to you."

"She didn't." I thought, I really need to have that conversation with Mindy about not keeping secrets, and soon. In this case, it was probably just an accidental oversight, but still, we definitely have a problem.

Sue Ellen was immediately contrite. "Oh no! I'm so sorry! But you were also warned earlier today, by Laura. Remember, she said, 'I should warn you: the Bat is flying around.' We call Sonia 'the Bat' because she usually dresses in black or some other dark color, and she's mean."

A-ha! The "Bat" mystery is finally explained! Man! How did I not connect the dots sooner? I really should have asked.

She went on, "It's either that or Mrs. Bossi, because that's her name. It supposedly should be pronounced 'bow-see,' but we like to say 'bossy,' for obvious reasons." She giggled, and then resumed stretching her lips around my cockhead.

I spoke quickly before she totally engulfed me. "Hold on. What's her deal, anyway? Is she married, or divorced, or what?"

Sue Ellen impatiently pulled off again to say, "Divorced. I'll tell you all about her later. Can't talk. Gotta suck Master cock!"

She was about to engulf my cockhead once more when Cindy said, "Wait! Sue Ellen, you're the only one of us who can deep throat him so far. Why don't you give him some of that special deep throat loving?"

"Good idea!" Sue Ellen repositioned herself slightly and angled my boner towards her in a way that apparently made it easier on her. Then she took a very deep breath and dove down.

Whoa! There she goes, way, way down! Jesus, she's swallowed me all the way to the root! So much for her being careful about not doing that while we were driving in a car! Luckily, this is a very smooth road. I'm sure we'll be okay.

Right then, we came to a light, and I happened to look over and was able to see the faces of an entire typical suburban family in the lane right next to ours. I knew they couldn't see us, due to the minivan's tinted windows, but it was still extremely startling. How can this really be happening to me? If only they could look in and see Sue Ellen's entire naked body stretched out with her head right over my crotch! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!

The light changed and that family drove on, oblivious.

Meanwhile, Sue Ellen had my cockhead deep in her tight throat. The inside of her neck felt just like a cunt, and she was slowly bobbing up and down in a perfect imitation of a fucking motion. But at the same time, her tongue and lips were doing all they could with whatever part of my shaft they happened to reach. It was incredible! Earlier, I'd thought that it felt as great as fucking and a blowjob at once, and what she was doing to me now only further confirmed that impression.

I'd had my hands on her head, simply enjoying running my fingers through her hair. But I let go because I didn't want to restrain her when she needed to come up to breathe.

My brain was just about split open, the pleasure was so intense. So there was no way I could keep track of time accurately. But it seemed like a full minute, if not longer, before she had to pull all the way up and off my boner to breathe and recover.

After she got the air she needed, she asked me, "How was that?"

I was downright euphoric, and didn't hold back the praise. "Oh, Cupcake! You have no idea! I'm in seventh heaven! It's incredible!"

She giggled with glee. "Call me 'Cupcake' again."


"Oooh! I love it!" With that, she dove down again. She didn't stop until her nostrils once again in my pubic hair.

Too fucking intense! It was another minute of throat fucking before she pulled back up again. But then she just went right back for more! It seemed like she could do this indefinitely.

God have mercy on my soul! No man was meant to experience this much pleasure! Right? I caressed her bare back and tried not to have a stroke as she kept on deep throating me.

We finally arrived at our destination. Our ride probably hadn't been that long, but time seemed to stretch out for me while feeling such great erotic ecstasy. The ugly encounter with Sonia already felt like a bad nightmare that had happened to someone else.

I looked around to see where we were. I had no clue. We appeared to be at the end of a short dirt access road inside a public park somewhere. The reason I guessed a park is because there were oak trees all around us, practically enveloping the car.

Then I realized Cindy's brilliance. I'd thought she was taking us to a scenic viewpoint over the ocean or something like that. In fact, we couldn't see anything at all here but leaves, but that was the point. This was the perfect place to have sex inside a car without being seen. Plus, it was still the middle of a very hot day, and the shade would help keep us cool.

"Fiiiiinally!" Cindy breathed with relief as she turned off the engine. She quickly scrambled into the back seat through the middle of the car and took off her clothes at the same time.

Sue Ellen had to stop her latest deep throating to make room. She sat up, totally unashamed of her complete nudity, and wiped her chin. "How'd you like that, Master?"

"Oh, my Cupcake, it's unreal! It's like I'm fucking you AND getting a blowjob from you at the same time! It's not just that you're deep throating me... It's all the things you're doing at once!"

Sue Ellen's face beamed and glowed like the Sun lighting the sky. She said, "Just you wait! I'm still getting the hang of it. And I'm giving the others lessons. Once Nicky is gone, I'll be able to teach them daily, and it won't be long until we ALL can do that for you, constantly!"

"Because you know what they say," Cindy insinuated slyly, "practice make permanent!"

"Well I should certainly hope so!" Sue Ellen enthused. "The mere thought of keeping this cock fucked inside my throat for long stretches of time every single day just makes me so hungry to swallow it that I can barely stand it!"

I think I actually shivered and whimpered. "Whoa! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Somebody save me!"

As Cindy finished undressing, I said to her, "And by the way, congrats to you on your prolonged under-the-table sucking back at Mama Mia's. I made a mental note earlier to give you a special thanks. Sue Ellen was there for half the time and Mindy the other half, but you were there the whole time!"

"Well, except for when Sue Ellen subbed for me," Cindy pointed out.

"Yeah, but that was only for five minutes. You were down there a full hour! Or more! That's totally incredible too! Everything you do to me, all of you, it's just too much!"

Both of them snickered at that. Somehow, they said together, "It's never too much!" Cindy added, "Seriously, you're our master. As we like to say, 'It's what we do.'"

Cindy had finished undressing and was working on making us all more comfortable. We had two rows of back seats in our large minivan, and she obviously knew how our car worked, because she got both of the rows to lay down flat in very quick order. That effectively turned the back of the car into a flat bed that was big enough for three. As if that wasn't enough, she produced a couple of pillows, seemingly pulling them out of mid-air.

As we all repositioned, I asked her, "Where did you get those?"

"Mindy had the idea to make sure that all our cars are ready for fucking at any time. I got these from under the driver's seat. There's sheets and a blanket under the front passenger's seat too." With that, Cindy put a pillow under my head and laid on top of me.

I shook my head in wonder. "I swear, Min is trying to see me fucked to death so she can get the insurance money or something. This is nuts! What are you doing with me, by the way?"

Cindy was all grins. "Just doing my part in the 'fuck you to death for insurance money' plan. Which means, naturally, more fucking!" She was already sitting up over my crotch and lowering herself down onto my shaft.

However, she looked at Sue Ellen, and asked, "I hope you don't mind? It's just that you've had him the whole way here and I need to be mounted on his cock SO BAD!"

Sue Ellen smiled and giggled. "No problem. I know the feeling, believe me! Just so long as we can take turns getting our cunts speared, okay?"

"Don't you mean 'stretched?'" Cindy groaned with feeling as she lowered her hips down towards mine.

"That too!" Sue Ellen eagerly agreed.

Hot damn, she's tight! I swear, the two of them really ARE trying to fuck me to death!

It's a good thing that we were in such a secluded location, because soon the entire minivan was rocking in a very tell-tale motion. For the next ten minutes, they had their way with me while I mostly just laid there and let them do their thing. Generally speaking, one of them sat on my face so I could lick one hot cunt while the other hot cunt slid and ground all over my erection. Then they'd switch.

To paraphrase the Beatles, a splendid time was guaranteed for all. I held out for as long as I could, not so much for my pleasure but to make sure that both of them had plenty of orgasms. I was feeling the sting of Sonia's criticisms, and it was like I was trying to prove to her that my women always got even more sexual satisfaction than I did. I'm not sure if that's true ALL of the time, but it's definitely true MOST of the time!

Right in the middle of all this, Cindy got a call on her cell phone. You'd think that she would have just let it go to a message, but no, she didn't. It turned out to be from Mindy, which didn't seem to be a surprise to Cindy. My wife was calling to find out what was taking us so long, since she'd arrived at home already.

How would you expect the typical wife to react when she finds out her husband is taking turns fucking two other women in a car? Well, my wife is not a typical wife! She couldn't have been happier. Cindy did her best to give a "blow by blow" account until she ran out of breath from all the fucking and simply couldn't talk anymore. Then she kept the line open until the end.

I didn't know where Mindy was while this was happening, but I hoped to God it was somewhere private and far away from Nicky! I was so far gone that I didn't think about that at all as it was happening.

I ended up blasting my load inside Cindy's overheated yet soaked vagina. I did that on purpose. I'd noticed that she had been very selfless with her sexual needs lately, and she'd been deferring to Sue Ellen a lot in particular. I thought she needed more rewards for things to balance out better.

Apparently I gave her such a good time that she wasn't in any shape to drive once we were done. I was worse off, if anything, so that left it up to Sue Ellen to take us home. She was bummed about having to put her clothes back on, but someone had to do it. Cindy and I at least roused ourselves enough to put the seats back up in place, because it would be potentially suspicious to Nicky if we came home with the car in "sex mode."

There was no way my penis was going to recover any time soon after all that, and we all knew it. So, on the ride back, Cindy and I put our clothes on too and tried to make ourselves presentable. We also kept the windows open to help air out any possible sex smell.

This gave us a chance to talk. I asked Cindy, "How did you know about that place?"

She snuggled herself up against my side, and replied, "I know the park well. We're actually pretty close to home. Do you recognize where we are?"

I looked out the window. Sue Ellen was driving us down a major road only about five minutes from home. "Oh yeah! Hey. Imagine that."

Cindy explained, "I was trying to think of where we could go to fuck, and that spot just came to mind."

I replied, "Good thinking. It looks like all of us are having our 'moments of brilliance' today. But if we're close to home, and Mama Mia's is close to home, why did it take so long driving there?"

Cindy chuckled. "Ah. I wondered if you were going to ask that. I was basically driving in circles. I could tell that Sue Ellen was having a great time, and you were having a great time. Even I was having a great time sort of sucking by proxy through her. So what was the big rush getting somewhere?"

I chuckled too. "I like that kind of thinking. Man! What a ride that was. Cupcake, if nothing else, you win the 'deep throat award of the century.'"

Sue Ellen giggled. Looking at me through the rear view mirror, she said, "Master, I love doing that so much! It's really not a bother for me."

"Oh, come on!" I complained.

"You'd be surprised. It's not much more difficult than sucking you the normal way."

"Oh, please. I'm your master. I think you're getting dangerously close to lying to your master. It has to be damn tough. The body isn't designed to do that. Until recently, I didn't even think it was physically possible for any woman to take my size down her throat."

Sue Ellen was contrite. "Sorry, Master. You're right. I wasn't trying to lie to you. It's just that I don't want you to worry, or think I'm suffering. Well, I am suffering, but in a GOOD way. It's like going on the wildest roller coaster ride at an amusement park. While you're on it, it's soooo scary! Halfway through it, you'd totally get off if you could. But by the time it's over, you feel a thrill all the way down to your bones, and the very next thing you do is get ride back in line to do it again! That's EXACTLY how it is, even down to worrying about throwing up sometimes."

She concluded, "So please don't worry for me, okay? It's really not THAT much more difficult than a regular blowjob, and I really mean that. I love it, I truly do! I get high just from knowing I'm giving you double the pleasure. But I'm not doing it JUST to make you feel good. It's like a totally thrilling roller coaster ride for me too!"

I responded, "Maybe so, but let's save that for special occasions, okay? No matter what you say, I know it's kind of an ordeal for the woman, and not as pleasurable for her as it is for the guy. Now, before you can say 'you're so wrong'-"

"You're so wrong! Really!"

We all had a good laugh at that.

I changed the topic, "Tell me more about Sonia. I'd like to learn about her and figure out what makes her tick. I'm embarrassed how little I know. I should have known that there was SOMEbody in charge of Mama Mia's who I would have to deal with sooner or later, and tried to find all about that I could in order to get an edge. But I didn't even know she existed until an hour or so ago. After what happened today, I'm going to need every edge to not get steamrollered by her in the future."

Sue Ellen said confidently, "You really should steamroll HER soon... literally! Have sex with her!"

I asked, "How can you say that? There's no way! She hates my guts!"

Sue Ellen seemed slightly abashed by her lusty outburst. She continued more tentatively, "Maybe she does, but there's a thin line between lust and hate. Master, I'll bet you could seduce her if you give it a try."

"Ha! Seriously, stop buying into the hype about me. That's impossible!"

She frowned. She seemed unwilling to agree with me, but she also didn't want to press her argument at the moment. "Let's not talk about that right now, okay? I want to tell y'all about Sonia."

"Fair enough." Cindy and I had our appearances sorted out by now, so I reclined in my seat and relaxed. Cindy immediately cuddled up against my chest.

Sue Ellen explained while driving, "The first thing y'all need to know about Sonia is her divorce. She doesn't like to talk about it, but we waitresses like to gossip, and we've pieced things together. It happened about three years ago. She used to be married to the guy who owned the restaurant, one Luigi Bossi."

"Luigi? That's so cliched."

Sue Ellen shrugged. "Well, that's his name. And he's just as Italian as it sounds, greased back hair and all. But he was not just some Italian immigrant who ran his own restaurant. He was, and probably still is, a VERY successful business person. A multimillionaire with his fingers in a lot of pies. And, as it so often happens, a man who is VERY rich marries a woman who is VERY beautiful. It's rumored that Sonia is some kind of big beauty pageant winner, but I'm not sure about that. Anyway, they had the Italian heritage thing in common, so it seemed like a good fit."

"What happened?" I asked.

"I think he cheated on her and she found out. There are some employees still working there now who were working then, and that's what they claim. Whatever the case, they went straight from happily married to Divorce City. But unfortunately for Sonia, she'd signed an ironclad pre-nup that said they'd both end up with little more than what they came to the marriage with, no matter what the reason for the divorce was or who was to blame. He came into the marriage with most everything, so she got totally screwed."

"I'm beginning to see why she had such a chip on her shoulder about men."

"Yeah! You can say that again. If I had a dime for every time she said 'all men are pigs,' and variations thereof, I wouldn't have to work. But anyway, it turned out that Luigi wasn't a total asshole, or maybe he had to give her at least something for the years they'd been married, because her big prize was Mama Mia's."

"Ah. It's beginning to make sense now."

Sue Ellen said, "That's her baby. Almost literally. She doesn't have any kids, and the restaurant is her life."

Cindy asked, "How old is she?"

"That's the subject of a lot of speculation for us waitresses. Obviously, we can't just ask her and expect to get an honest answer. Woman are kind of well known for lying about that. My personal guess is early thirties. Possibly even younger!"

Cindy said, "Really? I would have guessed late thirties, if not early forties."

Sue Ellen explained, "That's what she wants y'all to think. She wears fancy clothes and make-up and acts a certain way all to appear older and more mature than she really is. Remember that she's running a restaurant by herself and she needs to project a certain amount of experience and authority. A lot of the business people she deals with wouldn't treat her seriously if they knew how young she is."

I said, "Tell me more about how she runs the restaurant. Is she good at that?"

"I reckon she's okay. Keep in mind that, from what we can gather from the 'old-timers,' she knew absolutely nothing about running a restaurant. In fact, I don't think she had any business skills whatsoever. She was just a trophy wife, and her entire 'job' probably consisted of looking sexy and pleasing her husband. Imagine her shock when she was given a restaurant instead of a pile of cash."

"She could have just sold it for a pile of cash," I pointed out.

"I don't know all the details," Sue Ellen commented. "Maybe she would have had to sell it for a lot less than she thought it was worth, or something. All I know is that she went from lounging on a chair by a pool all day, or something along those lines, to living and breathing restaurant management pretty much twenty-four-seven. And add to that going through a nasty divorce! Again, I don't know much, but the word is that it was really nasty."

"Wow," I said. "I feel sorry for her. She's been through a lot. It kind of puts our frivolous sex games in perspective."

Sue Ellen continued, "Things were really rough for a while, and I hear the restaurant almost went out of business. But she kept at it non-stop, practically living at the restaurant. She even worked as a waitress when she hadn't hired enough people or someone quit or flaked out at the last minute."

"Then why is it I haven't seen her before? Even before I met you, Cupcake, Min and I went there a fair amount and we never saw her."

"Maybe you did and you just don't remember. Or it was just the luck of the draw. Are you SURE you didn't see her before? The owner greeting the guests and asking if they enjoyed the meal and so forth?"

I admitted, "Now that you put it that way, I probably wouldn't remember that. Although she has such a beautiful face, it's hard for a horny guy like me to forget that."

We all chuckled at that.

Sue Ellen continued, "Be that as it may, she spends nearly all of her time in the back. She's either in her private office dealing with paperwork and making phone calls and stuff, or she's in the kitchen kind of whipping the staff there into shape. She knows us waitresses will do a good job because the better we do the bigger the tip, but it's a constant battle to keep the quality of the food high."

She added, "She practically NEVER leaves the place. I mean, never! We basically have a big surge of customers for lunch, and then a much bigger one for dinner. It's pretty dead otherwise. She's often gone during the dead time, but she's there for dinner almost without fail, for weeks on end!"

I commented, "If she works that hard, she sounds like a pretty good owner to me."

"But that's to make up for her lack of experience. And she's got problems of her own making, like poor people skills. There's fairly high turnover because a lot of people get fed up working for her. She can get really mean. Working more hours doesn't always mean you do a better job. Frankly, I think the place would run a lot better if she didn't meddle so much. And she'd be a lot happier too. But it's like she can't let go because she's got so much at stake. You heard her say that the restaurant is basically her life."

Cindy pointed out, "If she keeps such long hours, she can't have much of a social life."

Sue Ellen nodded sadly. "I don't think she has ANY social life. At least, not one where she can go out on a normal date. And when she gets uptight and angry, which is a lot of the time, she tends to curse like a sailor, if it's only the staff within hearing range. From time to time, she'll make a comment to herself like, 'Ugh! I seriously need to get FUCKED, to let all this stress out. It's been ages!' And, if you ask me, Master, she acts just like a woman who really DOES need to get fucked! That might even put a smile on her face. She's not like a mean boss, but she's stressed out and pissy most of the time."

Cindy rose up on me to make eye contact. There was a twinkle in her eyes. "Hmmm. And who do we know around here who could give a woman a VERY good fucking? Hmmm..."

A giggling Sue Ellen added, "Hmmm... Hmmm... Hmmm... HMMM!"

Cindy joked too, "Hmmm! It's hard for me to come up with the answer right now because all I can think about is how thoroughly FUCKED I'm feeling!"

Sue Ellen laughed some more. "I hear you, sister. Although I can't actually hear well because my head is still spinning from how thoroughly FUCKED I'm feeling too! Hmmm!!"

That resulted in more laughter.

I said, "You two are crazy, if you're taking this where I think you are! She wouldn't have sex with me if I was the last man on Earth, not after what happened today. And don't say something like 'you never know.' I know. Okay? Let's not get carried away with our fantasies."

That seemed to shut them up. So, after a pause, I asked, "You mentioned that she dresses in black most of the time. Why do you think that is?"

"I don't know, but she does. Black is slimming even if you aren't fat, so maybe she thinks it looks best on her? Or she hopes it makes her look older? Who knows? I can't imagine that she's mourning for anybody, and she's certainly not mourning for the death of her marriage. Y'all should hear some of the colorful language she uses to describe Luigi and the slow and painful ways she'd like to see him suffer!"

We kept on talking about Sonia until we got home. I think Sue Ellen actually took the long way home just so she'd have time to say everything she wanted to say. She probably knew that things would get crazy once we got home, plus we couldn't speak as frankly with Nicky potentially nearby.

I had no idea yet what my plan with Sonia was. As we neared the house, I said, "What happened at Mama Mia's today sucked, but maybe it was for the best. Maybe we all need a wake up call. Do we have a great thing going that we all love, or am I seeing things through rose-colored glasses?"

Both Sue Ellen and Cindy were adamant in claiming they loved it too, and the other cock slaves did as well.

So I continued, "Then we need to be extra careful and not take big risks that could put us in jail or draw attention to us. Things like an hour-plus double blowjob in a restaurant is getting too cocky and asking for trouble. Perhaps it's for the best if I simply give up my secret sexual games at Mama Mia's, despite having won the bet. We can have fun in the safety of our own home."

Sue Ellen seemed aghast. "No! Please! Don't! That's how you won me in the first place. It's become such a big part of my life! Anything but that!"

I sighed. "Well, something's gotta give. I'm tired. Everything is up in the air right now, as far as I'm concerned, but I suppose there's no need to rush to any decision. I guess I'll sleep on it."

"Thank you, Master," Sue Ellen replied. But she still looked very concerned that the sexual fun times as her workplace were now at risk.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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