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Chapter 28

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

By the time Cindy, Sue Ellen, and I got home and had parked the minivan in the garage, I was starting to feel out of sorts. I had been so totally focused on the problems with Sonia, and then the sex with Cindy and Sue Ellen afterwards, that I had to think hard to remember what had been going on at home when we'd all left.

Oh yeah. The pool party. Nicky, Michelle, and Ruby, and all their friends. Their very sexy and TOPLESS friends! Oh yeah: Nicky! Topless! Whoa! Oh, MAN! After what they did to me earlier when they thought I was sleeping, there's no telling what they might still do. Boy, I am definitely not ready for that right now.

It hadn't been enough time since my last orgasm for my penis to get erect again yet. My pecker showed some flicker of life though as I vividly recalled Nicky standing there topless with the others while watching Anjali jack me off, but it cried uncle and gave up.

If that mental image wasn't enough to get the poor little guy hard, then it was clear nothing would, at least not until it, and I, could physically recover some more. I'd been sexually stimulated nearly the entire time we'd been out of the house, and all that activity had wiped me out! Besides, I didn't want to get horny again with Nicky nearby.

I realized that we had been gone from home for a good while, certainly longer than I or anyone else had anticipated. The sun is still fairly high in the sky, and shining brightly. I wonder if it's been long enough for Monique, Nina, or Anjali to have gone home yet. Knowing how sexually arousing things have been lately, do I even need to ask that question? Nope!

I groaned as I pulled myself out of the car, "Ugh. I'm not a spring chicken anymore."

Cindy teased, "You always say that. You know, Master, if I had the powers of a sex genie, I'd turn you into a spring chicken for a little while, just to stop you from saying that for a few days."

I frowned. "I'm that bad, huh? And why would you specifically have to be a SEX genie?"

She grinned widely. But before she could reply to that, Sue Ellen cut in. "Um, Cindy, you just said the 'M' word. Now that we're back home, we have to watch ourselves."

"Good point," I said, suddenly lowering my voice. "Remember, don't say anything you wouldn't want Lady Voldemort to hear. By the way, Cupcake, you do know what that means, don't you?"

She whispered back, "Yes, Master. It's Nicky's code name, in case we don't want to refer to her by name."


I smiled broadly. I love how she accepts things like that without question. Shelle and Ruby would have asked me all kinds of things about it, such as why we need a code name, why "Lady Voldemort," if I have code names for them they don't know about, if I don't have special names for them then why not, and so on. I need to get those two to act a lot more like my sweet Cupcake.

I stood up and got out of the car. But I stopped to say, "Oh, and one more thing. If it's as I expect, and there are still topless girls running around everywhere, can you two help me keep things under control?"

They nodded. I wasn't sure how much help I'd actually get from them, but at least I had to ask.

Cindy and I started to walk away. I noticed that Sue Ellen was still sitting in the car, so I asked her, "Aren't you coming along?"

She was using the rear view mirror to check her face. "In a few minutes. Since I was driving, I didn't get a chance to make myself presentable like you two did. Don't worry about me. It's better if I sneak in a couple of minutes after you anyway."

I nodded, because that sounded very sensible. Cindy and I walked together arm in arm through the door that led into the house.

I considered going upstairs to take a quick shower and get any lingering sex smell off me, but then it occurred to me, Uh-oh. I might get "ambushed" by someone. It's a relief that I can at least lock the door to my bedroom to prevent that from happening. I'm sure it would be an extremely arousing ambush, but still, it's bad to not feel safe in one's own home. Heck, I don't even know who would be ambushing me because there are so many possibilities! Although Anjali and Nina would have to be the two most likely. No, wait, Shelle and Ruby could be pretty cock-hungry by now, and their sex boycott seems to be on hold.

I decided that I needed to take charge more assertively. I needed time to rest and recover from all the wild events that had happened since I'd left home, especially the intense confrontation with Sonia Bossi. But I would have to carve out that time before other people's agendas took over.

Speaking of which, I hadn't even made it past the front foyer when Michelle and Ruby came running through the house dressed in nothing but their bikini bottoms to greet me. They were both so busty they had to hold their arms over their chest while they ran. They must have been waiting very attentively for my return.

God, they looked tempting, especially once they uncovered their tanned racks! Mmmm! Their tits are just a little too large for their chests, but in the best possible way. And so round and bouncy! It would be so easy to take them upstairs and relax by playing with their incredible bodies for a while. They're my slaves to use for my pleasure as I see fit, aren't they?

But I couldn't allow myself to think like that, especially now. Besides, I didn't even have the energy to act on my lusty thoughts.

I held out my hands like some football player trying to block an on-coming rusher so they wouldn't hug me. I would have welcomed it, but not with guests here. A father isn't supposed to share hugs with his topless and extremely buxom daughters, especially given the likelihood of those hugs quickly turning into something more. I said, "Whoa, hold it right there!"

They were slightly miffed about my rebuff, but they didn't ask about it because they had something else more important on their mind. Michelle spoke for them both. "Daddy, it's almost five o'clock, and you haven't... you know."

I didn't know, and it probably showed on my face.

Ruby quickly turned around and bent over. As if that wasn't obvious enough, she yanked her bikini bottoms down her thighs and wiggled her firm and lovely bubble butt. Her pussy was not only completely exposed, it was noticeably wet with rivulets of cum. "Come on, Daddy! You know!"

There's no way I couldn't figure it out after being hit over the head like that: Oh yeah! They want their daily spankings! Truth be told, I had forgotten all about that. But then again I had the good excuse of other events keeping me extremely preoccupied. Good grief, this has been an eventful day!

I said, "Okay, okay, I get it. Quick, stand up and pull your bikini back up before somebody sees!"

Ruby did so, but she stood up and turned around before pulling her bikini bottoms back up, giving me a good long frontal view of her pussy in the process. She smirked in happy triumph.

I think Michelle was irked at not having thought of demonstrating the spanking idea as well as Ruby did, but she was still delighted for her sister. "Nice one!"

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "It's a good thing nobody saw that... I hope. Now, if you two will calm down, yes, I know what you want. And don't worry, I didn't forget." That was a small white lie, but a harmless one. Needless to say, I'd had a lot of things occupying my attention lately!

I added, "And believe me, I'm looking forward to it just as much as you are." That was true - I had gotten strangely addicted to our daily spanking tradition. The mere thought of warming their ripe and ready rumps with my hand was helping to revive my energy.

The two of them stood there so eager that it was too cute for words. I was almost surprised they didn't start clapping, hollering, and jumping around.

I held up a hand. "However, there's a problem. Two of them, actually. One is that we can't do it until your friends leave. I take it they're still here?"

"Yeah," they replied at once. Their voices sounded dejected, because my words instantly turned their friends' presence from a good thing into a bad thing.

I lowered my voice, and looked around conspiratorially. "And the other thing is Nicky. We obviously don't want her anywhere near a spanking session, for all the wailing and screaming. We need to think of some way to get her out of the house for a while. Perhaps Mindy could find an excuse to have a heart-to-heart talk with her while taking her on a walk around the neighborhood or something, so you two can get as noisy as you want to be."

Michelle thought intently for a few seconds, and then said, "Consider it done! I've got some ideas on how to make that happen. As for our friends, they're gone already!"

"They are? I thought you just said they're still here."

"I mean metaphorically speaking. I'm gonna make them leave so fast that they won't know what hit them!" She thought some more, and then said pleadingly, "But could you please at least say good-bye to them before they go? They've been waiting with great... eagerness... for your return."

I was curious about the hesitation in Michelle's voice, but I said, "Okay, I guess I can do that. However, before they go, I want you and them to understand one thing: you can't just invite them, or any of your other friends over at any ol' time anymore. From now on, you need to get my specific permission before you have any of your friends over."

Michelle and Ruby moaned in that typical sullen teen voice, "Oh, Daddy..."

I pointed at them. "Hey, that's how it is from now on. Do I even need to explain myself as to why? There are all kinds of things we don't want them accidentally stumbling into. Deal with it. After all, I'm the you-know-what around here now."

I don't know why I couldn't say the word "Master" since the entire discussion was far too frank for Nicky's innocent ears, but I was tired and not thinking too logically.

Ruby quietly whispered to Michelle, "I don't like it, but it IS pretty hot how he's taking charge!"

Michelle replied breathlessly, "Yeah. Really hot!" I'm not sure which I found more frightening, the heat I heard in her voice or the fire I could see lighting up her eyes.

Both of them stared at my crotch like they were starving jackals and I was holding a raw slab of steak there. And that was without any tell-tale bulge.

I added, "Oh, and one more thing. After the others have left, please let Cupcake know that she'll be joining us for the, uh, certain activity you're so keen on. There's no reason why she can't join in with our special daily activity, since she's expressed an interest."

They nodded at that, but their eyes seemed glazed over as they kept on staring ravenously at my crotch.

I clapped my hands to snap them out of their trance. "Okay, if you want to do this sooner than later, let's get moving!"

The girls swiftly sprang into action. They ran away from me so quickly that they had to clutch their huge breasts tightly again, again so they wouldn't bounce around too much.

I stood there feeling very satisfied. Heh! Now, that's how I need to do things. The Gruesome Twosome's lust is a force that I can use to make things happen in the direction that I want. I just need to be more clever. Each of them has a willful streak that's like a force of nature, and when you add their powers of determination together, it's an unstoppable tornado. If I can harness and target that energy, there's no telling what I could get done!

I waited a few minutes for my buxom Hellions to explain things to our sexy teenage guests. Then I went outside to face the music. I was not surprised to find that everyone was still topless - even Nicky! What did surprise me was that Anjali, Nina, Monique, and Sue Ellen were actually standing in a line, waiting to give me a good-bye hug. Nicky, Michelle, and Ruby were standing to the side in another glorious row of topless teen perfection! And it wasn't just that all of them were topless. With nothing but bikini bottoms on, it was easy to imagine they were standing there completely naked.

Not surprisingly, my interest was much more in looking at my three voluptuous daughters than at my sexy guests. It wasn't simply because they were more beautiful (although that was true); it was that I loved them so much.

I didn't know what had happened while I was gone, but whatever it was kept all the girls highly aroused. The girls in the "good-bye line" looked like they simply couldn't wait to get their hands on me. I also found it slightly concerning that Anjali and Nina were both wearing high heels. Yikes! Where on earth did those come from, and what's their excuse for wearing them now?! At least everyone else is barefoot, including my daughters.

I looked around for Mindy and/or Cindy, but they were nowhere to be seen. I suspected that they knew full well what was happening with this good-bye hug plan, and they had deliberately made themselves scarce so their presence wouldn't inhibit anyone's lusty behavior. I thought about it some more and decided that it was a near sure thing both of them were upstairs and peeking through the blinds of one of the second story windows, watching and listening to everything.

My wife is such the cucquean queen! And it seems Cindy gets off on seeing me with other women too. Hell, all my ladies do. I'm particularly annoyed at Cindy right now, since she said she was going to be the "responsible one." Now's the time to help me keep things under control, Cin!

Cindy's not here now in any case. Sue Ellen is, but she's hobbled by having to pretend to be just the clueless friend. That leaves nobody but me, so I've got to step up... again. If I'm the master then I need to act like a master. And that means I have to be in control of my mind and my body. I can't let my lust get the best of me again!

My goal was to simply hug and say good-bye to our guests so I could get on with spanking my naughty daughters. And since they had tricked me (again!) by spying on me (again!), I had plans to make their spanking a memorable one indeed. But how to get past these good-bye hugs without creating more arousing incidents? The way things were going, I knew that even hugs could quickly spiral out of control.

I felt like I had an ace in the hole though: my flaccid penis. Since Cindy and Sue Ellen had drained me dry on the way back home, I figured nothing would be able to get me erect for a while. That would help make sure good-bye hugs just stayed good-bye hugs.

However, that was before I saw Michelle, Nicky, and Ruby all standing in a topless line, near the other line. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Uh-oh! I'm in trouble! They're like raw sexual desire made flesh. Nicky's standing there in the middle, looking noticeably lighter-skinned than the other two. I could have handled that, despite the fact that merely seeing her topless again is setting my heart racing. I'll never get used to that sight! But what really kills me is that Shelle and Ruby are standing straight and tall, as if on military parade, with their hands behind their backs! Worse, Nicky is aping their posture!

Dammit, the three of them look like a minor army of cock slave daughters, just waiting for their sexy orders! I can easily imagine the three of them dropping to their knees as one and assuming cock slave Position Number Three: knees spread wide, tits proudly thrust out, and hands behind their backs. About the only difference from how they actually are now is if they were kneeling, and with more tit thrust. Good Lord!

I could almost hear Nicky, kneeling between her nude sisters, as she said, "Daddy, since I'm in the middle, does that mean I'm going to get most of your great big cock this time? I'm so hot and hungry for it! I can't stop salivating! Michelle was hogging it last time we did a triple suck on you. Master, I just want to show you how happy I am that you've made me your latest slave!"

My dream-Nicky took her hands from her backside and started rubbing her twin globes together, because she couldn't help herself. "I want to show you with my mouth - my tongue and my lips! I've gotten addicted to your cock, Daddy! I love sucking on it. I need it! I don't just want it, I actually need to wrap my lips around it, right now! Does that make me a naughty daughter? Am I still your perfect little angel, even though my body now exists to serve you?"

Somehow in my fantasy, Nicky was kneeling right in front of me, with Michelle and Ruby kneeling a few feet behind, and my boner was buried in between her enormous breasts! She continued in her surprisingly sultry voice, "I want to show you my love and happiness with my tits! I'm so glad they're getting to be as big as Michelle's - better to serve you, Master! UGH! Gaawwwd! I need you to plow your cock into my cleavage! Fuck my tits! Fuck 'em good!!" She was working herself up into a frenzy, more so with her words than the way she was squeezing my boner with her tits and sliding them all over it.

"My favorite place to be is on my knees and naked, with your cock in my cleavage like this, so I can bend over and lick it and suck it and smother it with my big tits, all at the same time!" She craned her head down and started licking around my piss hole. "If I do a good job, will you fuck me tonight? I've been saving my virginity just for you! I AM an angel, YOUR angel! But angels can be naughty too! They can be naughty, slutty sexy slaves for Daddy! Master, I need you to fuck me tonight!"

I suddenly snapped back to reality, because I felt Anjali's arms wrap around me. I must have been standing there with a glazed-over expression while having this forbidden daydream, but Anjali didn't seem to notice or care.

To be honest, I was annoyed at Anjali for breaking me out of my extremely arousing fantasy. Then I realized with dismay that the fantasy was completely impossible anyway. Hell, not only was there no way Nicky would ever want to be a cock slave like her sisters, I even imagined her to be a virgin when I knew she'd already had sex with her boyfriend Steve. I further realized that my daydream was wrong on many levels and Anjali had been doing me a favor to stop it before I got even more carried away with forbidden thoughts.

Then, as soon as Anjali realized she had my attention, she heatedly whispered to me, "Fuck my tits, Master!"

That was entirely the wrong thing for her to say right at that moment! In a flash, she was no longer Anjali in my mind, she was Nicky! My innocent eldest daughter was holding me and pressing her big bare tits against my chest and telling me that she really was my cock slave in need of a good titfucking, just like in my daydream!

And yet, somehow, in that fevered moment, I noticed that Nicky was also standing about ten feet to the side and watching me along with her sisters. I was too wildly aroused to figure out how she could be in two places at once. Anjali - or was it Nicky? - boldly brought her face even closer to mine, as if she wanted to kiss me. I couldn't help myself, and kissed her with an exploding supernova of lusty passion!

This was not good, not good at all! Logically, I remained aware that I had Anjali in my arms, not Nicky. It was only my emotions that were confused. So I was conscious on some level that my plan was just to give her a hug and send her on her way. The last thing I wanted to do was sexually encourage her. Yet here I was giving her a kiss to knock her socks off (if she was wearing socks, or anything else but high heels and bikini bottoms!). Worse, I was loving it!

I didn't care about logic. To me, she was Nicky, and Nicky had just said to me, "Fuck my tits, Master!" I flashed back to earlier in the day when Nicky had secretly mouthed the words "Fuck my tits" to me. Maybe she was just joking around, but maybe she really meant it!

Somehow in the middle of all this my penis fully revived. Big surprise, there! It had to have at least started during my overheated incestuous daydream. It is shameful for me to admit it, but thoughts of Nicky seemed to have a special power over me.

Anjali must have felt my arousal growing and assumed that it was in response to her. As a result, whatever restraint she might have had was forgotten. She ground her lower tummy against my boner and clutched my ass tightly to give her even better purchase for more intimate cock grinding!

I was hardly innocent myself. Somehow, one of my hands went to her ass and fondled it like her bikini bottoms weren't even there. In fact, it wasn't long before those bottoms were askew in back and I was freely exploring every last inch of an effectively bare ass! I didn't even hesitate to probe and fondle into her ass crack!

But what my other hand did was even more inexcusable. I had Nicky's fantastic E-cups on my mind, and it just so happened that Anjali also had E-cups that were the same as Nicky's in nearly every way, down to her puffy nipples. The only major difference was that Anjali's were much, much darker. But my hand somehow wound up fondling Anjali's massive melons, and what mattered at the moment was feel and size, not color.

I was going wild! I was supposed to just say good-bye to each girl and give her a good-bye hug to go, but somehow I was sucking Anjali's tonsils out of her mouth and all but fucking her standing up! Wearing high heels proved to be a very clever move on her part, because she was a few inches shorter than me, but with the heels we could neck with ease. And since her body was a few inches higher against mine, it meant my boner was dangerously close to her pussy!

Thankfully, I realized I was getting carried away relatively quickly. I thought, Wait a minute. This is all wrong! I'm acting like I'm kissing Nicky, and that's wrong! Even kissing a stand-in for Nicky is wrong, and violates my rule not to mix Nicky and sexual situations. Plus, the real Nicky is standing right here, watching! I have to stop this now!

With that thought in mind, I finally managed to push Anjali away. My heart was thumping hard and I was gasping for air.

Anjali must have been a very confused girl. One moment I was kissing her with all the forbidden passion I had for my daughter Nicky, and the next moment I'd rejected her and pushed her away.

She stood there in all her topless glory with her mouth hanging open. She looked extremely horny still from our intimacy, and yet also sad and hurt.

I felt bad. I stepped forward and held her again, but this time it was more of an affectionate hug instead of an out-of-control lust attack. I kept my hands on the middle of her back. I cooed near her ear, "You're a very beautiful and wonderful girl. But we can't get any more intimate than this."

She whispered back, "We can't?! Why not?! I want you! I want you to fuck my tits... for real!"

I nodded. "I'd like that too. But... my wife. It's complicated. Remember that I need her permission first, amongst other things. And look where we are, all these people around us. We'll talk later, okay?"

She nodded, sadly. She readjusted her bikini bottoms, but then she put her arms back around me and kissed my lips again. This time, she was the aggressor. Clearly, she was trying to show me what she could do for me sexually.

However, I was determined to resist and not get sucked back into getting so aroused that I basically lost my mind. I kept my lips shut tight so she couldn't slip her tongue in. I didn't want to hurt her feelings by obviously rejecting her with the others watching, but I subtly tilted my head back more and more, making it hard for her to keep her lips on mine. After just a couple of seconds, she realized she wasn't making headway, and broke the kiss.

But that didn't mean she was done with me. She brazenly grabbed my boner, sinking her hand into my shorts to wrap her fingers around it. Our bodies were pressed together so closely that I hoped the others wouldn't be able to see what she was doing. I especially was concerned that Nicky would see. I tilted my body some in the hopes that my hip would block the view from that side. But frankly I wasn't sure how obvious Anjali's cock-holding looked from the outside at all.

I suddenly came to my senses - yet again. Wait! What's happening here? Sure, I'm feeling a lot of erotic pleasure, but this entire situation feels wrong. I just decided to stop this, but things are escalating even more! Nicky is STILL HERE and watching! Come on, where is my willpower?!

I grabbed her hand and pulled it out of my shorts. I muttered, "Okay, enough of that." Then I managed to disengage from her altogether. My heart was pounding faster and faster!

She looked a bit pouty, but not at all repentant. She stepped forward, pecked me on the cheek, and silently walked into the house. I noticed that she was smiling from ear to ear like she'd just won the lottery, and swishing her ass back and forth as if reveling in her sexuality.

That didn't mean I got a moment's break, though. Nina had been standing a couple of feet behind Anjali the entire time, and there was no doubt that she'd seen everything. Hell, when I'd been groping Anjali's bare ass cheeks, Nina could have reached out and touched my hand! So it went without saying that she expected the same treatment.

She was all smiles as she said, "Fuck my tits, Master!" She wrapped her arms around me and floored me with a scorching kiss.

By this time, I'd recovered from my momentary delirium that Anjali was Nicky. Besides, this was Nina and not Anjali. However, I'd been worked up to a fever pitch and I couldn't turn that off like a light switch, especially considering another gorgeous busty and topless teenager was throwing herself at me. How could I not respond?

But still, I realized that I had to control myself better, a lot better. Although I found myself French kissing her, I kept my hands on her back.

She didn't like that, and actually took one of my hands and tried to guide it down to her ass.

But I wasn't having it, and I didn't let my hand go down.

Nina seemed frustrated, but decided not to push her luck with that, and she just focused on the kissing instead.

It wasn't that I had some great hot lust for Nina, but she did have a fantastic body, she was eager as hell, and the entire situation was like throwing gasoline onto a fire. Not only was I making out with my daughters' sexy friend, but I was doing it with my three daughters watching, and Sue Ellen and Monique were patiently watching and waiting for their turns too! Yet, at the same time, concern about what Nicky would think was the main thing keeping me from going wild with Nina. That, plus I couldn't allow everyone here to think that I would always allow my lust to rule me.

I hadn't looked towards my daughters since this "good-bye kiss" incident began, for fear of seeing a very disapproving Nicky scowl - or worse! But my curiosity finally got the best of me. With my tongue engaged in a duel with Nina's, I managed to tilt my head and glance at my daughters.

The three of them were still there in a line. Not surprisingly, Michelle and Ruby were lost in some lust trance as they stared longingly at me. They were holding their big tits in their hands and freely fondling themselves there! So much for keeping their incestuous desires a secret.

But Nicky's reaction couldn't have been more different. She looked like she was on the verge of crying. She was covering her bare breasts with both arms, and her entire posture seemed defensive.

Holy shit! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! This is bad! This is really bad! I have to... I have to stop!

I was having a hell of a great time. Yet I'd had a sinking, guilty feeling throwing a dark cloud over everything. I meant it when I told myself that I did not want to get involved with these girls, at least not until much later in the summer. I was waaaay overextended with my cock slaves already. And the evolving situation with Laura was stretching me even thinner. The more I let myself enjoy Anjali and now Nina, the more trouble I would have dealing with their expectations later.

So I was already feeling highly conflicted, and I'd been trying to get myself out of the situation. But seeing Nicky looking distraught pushed me to take action. It would be better for all of us if I nipped this in the bud, now!

Seeing Nicky upset gave me the motivation to cool things down, and right away. I didn't let go of Nina, but I pulled my head back, ending the kissing. My goal was to get out of this without hurting any feelings.

Thankfully, she got the hint. She looked at me sadly. She whispered, "My turn is over, isn't it?"

I nodded.

She whispered some more, "Hey, no fair! You did a lot more with Anjali. Don't you like me as much as her?"

I replied, "I do. But she caught me by surprise and I'm coming to my senses. I'm married, remember? I'm not supposed to do things like this."


I laid a finger across her lips. "Hey, what we discussed earlier doesn't mean I have carte blanche to do anything with anyone. I'm not comfortable with everything that is going on. You girls are coming on too strongly, and I don't know how to handle it. Please don't push me too hard. Okay?"


I expected her to be disappointed, especially when I followed that up by pulling away from her.

And she was sad, for all of about two seconds. She was beaming like the Sun as she said in a not-so-quiet voice, "I'll be seeing you again real soon!" Then she skipped off into the house.

I sighed. Frankly, I was hoping she'd be feeling more chastised. What will happen the next time she saw me? Or when I see Anjali, for that matter? That's much worse. There's no ambiguity left there. She told me to fuck her tits for real and I basically said I would. Fuuuuck!

I dared to glance over at my daughters. Unfortunately, the situation hadn't changed much. Ruby and Michelle both looked suspiciously aroused, while Nicky appeared to still be on the verge of crying. I needed to talk to her and reassure her.

Unfortunately, Monique didn't give me much pause. I'd only looked at my daughters for a few seconds when I felt her arms wrap around me.

But I looked into her eyes and saw more fear there than lust. Furthermore, she wasn't trying to kiss my lips or grab my ass. Instead, she whispered, "Dan, I saw and heard everything Anjali and Nina said. Everything! But I... I'm not them! I'm not like that. I'm scared!"

I tried to switch from horn dog mode to comforting mode, although it was difficult. Monique might be shy and scared, but I still had a very insistent boner. And she wasn't wildly rubbing herself against me as Nina did, but she was holding me tightly, which meant that she was pressed up against my bulge. Furthermore, Monique was not wearing high heels like the other two had been, and she was shorter than they were as well, so my bulge was pressing against her tummy instead of her lower abdomen. Somehow, that was more arousing to me than if it had been rubbing against her pussy mound. Well, almost, anyway.

Luckily, she seemed able to ignore all that. It seemed she just wanted to hug me tightly.

I wanted to pull away and tend to the Nicky situation, but I felt I couldn't leave Monique in the lurch before I helped her out. I asked, "Scared? Why are you scared?"

She whispered, "Because you're this... sex god! But you're just too scary for me! Oh my God! It IS a baseball bat and a monster!" She wiggled a little tighter against it, as if to confirm its size.

She whispered in an even quieter and more awed voice, "Please... be gentle with me! I'm shy. I'm not like them!"

I whispered back, "Don't worry. We can just kiss on the cheek if you want. I'm happily married to my wife and my mistress. I don't need anything more. Honestly!"

I added in my mind, And that's the truth, if you count the rest of the harem.

"Oh." There was a pause. She seemed curiously disappointed by that answer.

I kissed one of her cheeks and then the other one.

She then did the same to me, but I sensed she was even more disappointed, somehow. Then she buried her face in my chest and squeezed me tighter. "Thanks, Dan. You're such a nice guy. I lov- er, like you so much! I'm sorry that I can't, well, say good-bye to you like they did, but it's just too weird. I mean, your three daughters are just standing right there, watching! And Sue Ellen has to be watching me too!"

I thought, And Cindy and Mindy are almost certainly watching from upstairs. Not that two more sets of eyes make a huge difference. I said gently, "Yeah, it's a damn weird situation. Thank you for your patience and understanding through all this."

She brightened up a little bit. "Sure. I've enjoyed every last minute of my visit today. Especially this! Just cuddling with you!" She sighed happily. Still not making eye contact, due to the fact that her nose was against my chest, she asked shyly, "Dan, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. Anything."

"Do you not find me attractive?"

I replied with heartfelt warmth, "Au contraire! I find you VERY attractive!"

She giggled. "Nice use of French there, mon ami. But seriously, you must not like me because you're not, well... you know."

I wasn't sure what she meant by the "you know." She couldn't have been complaining that I didn't have an erection, because she could most definitely feel it, the way she was tightly pressing her tummy against it!

Before I could respond to that, she asked, "Is it because I'm black? Or part black?"

That threw me for a loop. "What? No! No way!" I looked down and tilted her head up by holding a hand under her chin, so we could make eye contact. "That has NOTHING to do with anything! Where the hell did that come from? I mean, look at you and then at Anjali. Her skin is actually slightly darker than yours. To be honest, I think your dark skin color makes you EXTRA sexy! It's just that... things are moving too fast, and I need to figure out what I want to do."

"Thanks!" She smiled and then buried her face against my chest again.

We stayed like that for some long moments. She experimentally rocked her tummy against my bulge, but in a slight and subtle way so the others hopefully didn't notice. I sure noticed though!

Then, with a voice so quiet that I could barely hear it, she asked, "Would it be okay if I... Could you... kiss me like you kissed them?"

I hesitated at first. Am I leading her on? Would I hurt her more if I French kiss her or if I don't? And how will Nicky take it if I neck with her good friend right in front of her?

I whispered, "Sure. But only briefly, and with our lips closed, okay? I lost control with them, especially Anjali, because I was taken by surprise. I really need to get permission from Mindy before I do more than that."

She whispered, "Okay. I understand."

We kissed on the lips, but she was so shy that it was only for a couple of seconds, and her mouth didn't really open up. I was glad that she restrained herself, but I kept my lips shut tight, just to be sure.

Even so, that excited her greatly. It inspired her to continue, "I've missed you! I've thought so many times about coming here and telling you how I feel, but, well... It's stupid. Never mind."

Her voice had turned sad, but then she said brightly, "I'm going to remember this moment for a long, long time! Feeling your arms around me, and with your lips pressed against mine, your strong manly scent... Mmmm... Aaaah! I could die happy like this. Could you just... would you...? No..."

It was refreshing to feel the obvious love and affection from her, instead of the all-out lust assault of Anjali and Nina. (Although that too was damn arousing!) I asked, "Tell me. Do you have a boyfriend right now?" Before she could answer, I explained, "I should have asked BEFORE I kissed you or the others, but it just occurred to me that it's not right to kiss on the lips if you have a boyfriend."

She smiled. "I understand. And no, I don't have one now."

She was still subtly rubbing and rocking her tummy against my bulge, trying out slightly different angles and pressures. Since that action was happening between our tightly pressed bodies, I was fairly confident the others wouldn't notice.

I asked her, "What about Anjali or Nina?"

"No, and no."

"That's a relief! I thought we were just going to hug, but things kind of spiraled out of control, and, well... I feel dumb for just thinking of this now. Anyway, how is that possible? All three of you are so beautiful!"

"Thanks!" I could actually feel her smile, with her cheeks against my chest. "But remember, it's the start of summer. You could say we're between things."

"If that's the case, let's have one more kiss!" Feeling inspired, I puckered my lips and leaned forward.

She eagerly responded with another heartfelt kiss. Mindful of Nicky's presence, I made sure it was limited to another closed-mouthed kiss though.

She seemed okay with that. She wrapped both arms around my back and squeezed me like her life depended on it. Furthermore, sensing that her time with me was coming to a rapid end, she began more than subtly rubbing her tummy into my crotch: she started positively grinding into it!

That was too arousing for me to take. I soon broke the kiss with Monique and let go of her. Luckily, she was okay with that and didn't try to start or restart anything with me.

I was relieved that the gauntlet of kissing and hugging my daughters' friends was over. True, Sue Ellen was still there waiting her turn, but I didn't have to worry about her acting in an unpredictable or dangerous manner.

I heard the sound of clapping.

I looked over to my daughters, since that was where the sound of clapping was coming from. Sure enough, two of them were clapping and smiling and hooting and hollering. It wasn't hard to guess which two. Nicky just stared with an unhappy look on her face. She had her arms folded under her big bare breasts now, showing her irritation and impatience.

Monique blushed in a way I found absolutely adorable. She only glanced at our daughters, so I don't think she noticed that Nicky was peeved. She got up on her tip-toes to whisper near my ear, "Thank you, Dan! So MUCH!" Then she ran excitedly into the house.

BAM! I swear, I didn't get two seconds to breathe before Sue Ellen was on me!

By now, I desperately wanted to go talk to Nicky. But I was having a very hard time extricating myself from my location without hurting anyone's feelings. It didn't help that I was extremely horny. I didn't want to go to Nicky with a raging boner tenting my shorts. That would just make things worse.

Yet staying where I was didn't seem like a good option either. Now that I had a bona fide cock slave in my arms, there was no telling how far she would go or what might happen! I had fears that Sue Ellen was going to go wild on me until I blasted a load of cum out with Nicky standing only ten feet away, for sure!

But to my surprise, that didn't happen. Instead, Sue Ellen just held me. If felt great! It was somehow comforting instead of wildly arousing.

And then she whispered in my ear, "How are you holding up, Master?"

"Not good," I whispered back, right into her ear so only she could hear. "Have you seen how upset Nicky is? I want to fix that, but I'm too horny! My dick is about to rip my shorts to shreds!"

She whispered back, also right into my ear, "I hadn't noticed, because I've been looking at you the whole time. But don't worry. I don't need a big all-over body grope. I get those every day, since my body is owned by you and you so wonderfully use and dominate me. Let's just hug like this for a few minutes until you calm down. We can pretend like we're whispering."

I sighed with relief. "Cupcake, you're the best!"

She giggled. "Watch out, Master! Don't you dare call me Cupcake again anytime soon, because then you'll make ME too horny. And then I'm gonna have to drop to my knees and suck the King dry, and I won't care who sees it this time!"

"Please don't!"

The sound of her giggling was music to my ears. "I'm just teasing. Don't worry, I'm here for you."

I can't begin to express how much I needed a hug - and just a hug - right then. I had been physically and emotionally drained before the "good-byes" to my daughters' friends even began. Somehow things had started to spin out of control. I'd battled back and maintained at least some willpower, but that had been surprisingly mentally exhausting.

However, just when things appeared to be calming down and sorting themselves out, Sue Ellen whispered in my ear, "Uh-oh!"

My eyes had been closed as I relaxed, but I opened them and looked around. I immediately figured out she was referring to the way Nicky was stomping off towards the deck area.

I muttered, "Uh-oh is right. Shit! I've really been an idiot. I'd better go take care of this." A grave Sue Ellen nodded at me and I nodded back. Then I headed off after Nicky.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am. An extra big thanks goes to Concerned for helping sort through some conceptual difficulties with the text.

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