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Chapter 29

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

At first I had trouble with my boner as I quickly walked. I had to furtively hold it in place, as it seemed on the verge of popping free of my shorts with every step I took.

I didn't help that I soon found myself almost directly behind Nicky, wearing nothing but her scanty bikini bottoms. But after I glanced at the sight of Nicky's nearly bare ass cheeks undulating up and down in front of me, I quickly turned my head, and thought, Oh no! I'm not going to go there. I need to focus my mental energies on worrying about her state of mind. I've screwed up getting carried away with those kisses, and it's time I make things right. I'm a father, first and foremost.

Thanks to that attitude, by the time I made it to the deck area my penis had gone half-hard and I was able to keep my hands at my sides. I doubted I could make it go completely flaccid in Nicky's presence, but at least the obvious lewd bulge in my shorts was gone. Phew!

Nicky had been walking slowly and I was walking quickly, so as soon as she reached the railing that looked out over the ocean, she sensed my presence and turned around. She frowned and grumbled, "Oh, it's you. I should have known." She quickly covered up her bare breasts, pressing them tightly with both arms.

That hurt! Nicky was such a loving and kind-hearted person that that was almost the equivalent to getting cussed out by most anyone else. It showed how much I'd hurt her.

I considered simply walking the last couple of steps to her and wrapping her in a big hug, but I thought better of it. I didn't want her to have even the slightest feeling that I was trying to get fresh with her. So I just walked up to a spot against the railing right next to her, and turned to her. "I'm sorry, Muffin, I really am."

She griped, "Do you even know what you're sorry about?"

"Of course I do! The good-bye kisses got a little out of hand, and a big part of that was my fault. I really thought I'd just say good-bye with a hug and a peck on the cheek, but then they lined up and took it so seriously. I didn't know what to do! And then with you and my other daughters standing at the side, watching the whole thing... It was weird. It was like some kind of ceremony. I didn't know how it got started like that, and I didn't know how to end it. I'm really sorry!" I dropped my head with sincere regret.

She sighed heavily. "That's okay. It's not your fault. Not really. I could see how you got swept along with it. You never seem to be the instigator. Even now, I don't think you realize just how hot they are for you. I'm not upset with you so much as the whole situation. I mean, do you know how weird it is to see your friends make out with your DAD?! Especially when you know your mom is in the house?! And that if she saw she probably wouldn't mind?! It's weird! It's really, really weird!"

I nodded. "I can kind of imagine, though I'm sure that's not the same as being in your shoes. But if that's the case, why were you standing there with a front row view of the whole thing? You could have been literally anywhere else. And for that matter, why were Michelle and Ruby standing there too?"

Perhaps without realizing it, Nicky uncovered her big breasts to make hand gestures to accentuate her words. "I THOUGHT it was going to go just like you did. You know, some small talk, some hugs, and being polite and walking our guests out of the house. I didn't know it was going to turn into THAT! But I should have known. I mean, everything has just been crazy sexy since I've gotten here, it seems. Er, crazy sexual, I mean. I could handle this latest incident if it was the only thing, but it's just the latest in a bizarre train of events going on right in front of me ever since I returned. I feel like I've reached the point of mental overload!"

I also gesticulated quite a bit to show how worked up I was about this. "You're telling me! I'm going through the exact same thing, except in my case this has been going on for weeks, not just the past day or two. Ever since things started to develop with Cindy, things have been getting weird. And I don't feel like I have any control over events. You saw me out there. Did I look like I masterminded all that, or like I was blindsided?"

Nicky fidgeted and picked at the railing before reluctantly admitting, "Blindsided, is what it looked like to me. Definitely. I could see you trying to get things under control, at least after you initially lost your willpower with Anjali, but they kept getting aggressive just the same."

I nodded. "And think about what else you've seen since you've gotten back. Haven't I looked blindsided a lot? The fact is, your mother is on some kind of weird new kick that I don't understand. Looking back on it, I can see she really masterminded events between Cindy and me. Both of us were blindsided. Of course, we're very happy with the outcome, but it wouldn't have happened in a million years without Mindy making it happen. And since then, it seems everything has been sexually supercharged. Just the mere act of me kissing my wife is liable to spin out of control into total ecstasy these days, especially if Cindy is there watching, which she usually is lately."

Nicky just stood there looking disappointed. She didn't make any attempt to cover up her enormous bare breasts, even though she couldn't fail to notice that I wound up staring at them a fair amount (against my will!).

I continued, "So I really have to apologize about everything. All this sexual energy has been affecting Michelle and Ruby, and now you too. Just being in the same house, it's probably hard to escape from the general vibe."

"That is VERY true," Nicky exclaimed emphatically.

"In a way, it might have been easier on your sisters, because they've seen things develop day by day, so they've had time to adjust. But you were dropped right into the middle of some kind of boiling soup. I'm sorry again that I didn't think through how all this would affect you. But remember that no matter what happens, I'll always be your dad. I hope you know how much I love you, and that I'd do anything to make you happy."

"Oh, Dad!" She suddenly spread her arms wide and enveloped me in a hug. "Thank you for saying that. Just hearing that makes me feel a lot better. With all this weirdness going on, it's good to know that some things never change."

We were both silent for a while and just bonded through the hug. Despite the fact that Nicky was bare breasted, and in fact, only a few square inches of fabric away from being totally naked, I was in "dad mode" and treated the hug as a familial and loving moment only.

Happily, for once, my penis obeyed my mind and stayed only half-hard. I was careful to keep my hands around her back and not let them drift down to her fulsome ass, as they tended to do lately during hugs. It helped that her nipples weren't erect so they didn't poke hard into my chest through my shirt.

We must have simply and silently held that hug for two minutes, if not longer. Nicky didn't cry, but she seemed to be emotionally venting or purging through the hug in some way. I could feel the tension and turmoil slowly leaving her.

At the same time, I felt myself relaxing to a surprising degree as well. To be honest, it felt great to simply be a dad again, without any sexual craziness. Sure, I was somewhat aroused since I had a busty brunette bombshell in my arms, but I was keeping my lust in check. Simply being a loving and supportive father was my main thought.

Finally, she sighed, but it sounded to be a sigh of relief, if not even happiness.

Sensing the hug had served its purpose, I pulled back enough to make eye contact while still keeping my arms around her upper back - and her huge tits lightly resting against my chest. I must admit that I was enjoying that contact too much to completely let go, but I was surprised she didn't seem to mind.

I asked, "So... what should we do about your four friends? I hope they're gone by now. But still, I want to take direction from you, plus Michelle and Ruby, so I don't do anything weird that'll affect your friendships."

She sighed again, with obvious frustration this time. "Thanks, Dad, but I think the cat is out of the bag on that one, after those kisses. And by the way, they're not my friends. Well, Monique definitely is, but the other three really belong to Michelle and Ruby, so you need to talk to them."

She turned slightly towards the ocean and stared off into the distance, leaving only one bare tit resting against me. "As for Monique, gosh, I don't know what to say. I couldn't hear what you two were saying to each other, but I could see how she looked at you, and she obviously still has a huge crush on you."


She sighed yet again. "Yeah. Still." While continuing to look at the water instead of me, she added, "Dad, in case you hadn't noticed somehow, everybody has a crush on you, okay? EVERYbody!"

Her face grew sad and contemplative. She pulled further away from me, so I finally lost all contact with her immense melons. "So I don't know what's worse: if you have a little sexual fun with her and give her that glimpse of heaven, but then leave her wanting more, or if she should just stay frustrated and never know what that's like."

I could feel my dick slowly going from half-hard back to all the way hard. But I wasn't too worried about that. I figured it was a biological function that couldn't be stopped for long while in the presence of Nicky's overwhelming beauty, especially with her being a triangle of red fabric over her pussy from being completely naked. The important thing was that I was in "loving and caring dad" mode and I wasn't having all kinds of crazy, lusty thoughts running through my head. I was in control.

I said, "Come on. 'Glimpse of heaven?' What is the deal?! How many times do I have to say I'm just not that great?! It's like there's some kind of collective mass delusion going on lately. Okay, so I'm handsome, or so some women tell me. I get that. And I have an agreeable personality, and I seem to have some bedroom skills. Big deal. So do lots and lots of other guys. With Monique's exotic and stunning looks, she should be able to snag some millionaire who has a face that belongs on the cover of GQ."

Nicky finally turned her head back to me. "Yeah, but I've tried that, and it's not what it's cracked up to be." She suddenly blushed, and quickly added, "What I mean is, there are a lot of guys like Steve who look good at first, but all that superficial stuff doesn't mean he can truly satisfy a woman. Not that you... God, what am I saying here? Um, that is to say, with Monique, there's a long history here."

Nicky had been getting increasingly flustered, but with that last comment she seemed to find a groove again. She said more confidently, "Monique has had a crush on you for years. So have some other of our friends, with the obvious exception of Sue Ellen, since she's only recently been getting to know you. I'll bet even she's heard the stories about you for a long time though. And all those years of strong emotional feeling add up. Some new hunky guy just wouldn't compare to you, because that guy wouldn't have a history with them like that."

My dick was fully erect by now, but I was steadfastly ignoring it. And the shorts were doing a good job of hiding it; much better than my lousy swimsuit earlier.

I asked, "Like what? I feel like I hardly know Monique. Sure, I've seen a lot of her over the years, but she was your friend. I hardly ever talked to her beyond a few pleasantries."

She finally smiled. It was the first smile since we'd begun our discussion. "Dad, you're so clueless that it's hilarious! Never stop being you, okay?"

"Um, okay. If I stop being me then tell me. Although I don't know how you'll be able to tell me if I'm not me at that point."

She gave me a big hug. "Oh, Dad! I love you! You're the best. Thanks a lot for tracking me down and talking to me. I feel a lot better already."

"Anything for you, Muffin."

I had to be careful. The hug was a purely platonic one, and I didn't want it any other way. But my dick was stiff and I was generally horny just because there was no way my body couldn't react to her overwhelming beauty. Furthermore, a hug meant more of her huge bare globes pressing against me. I was ultra careful to keep my hands around the middle of her back and lean in slightly to make absolutely sure she wouldn't come into contact with my bulge. I was still feeling in control and fatherly, things could go pear-shaped quickly if I didn't stay vigilant.

As she squeezed me, she said, "I know, but just trust me when I say she's crushing on you strong enough to cheat on her boyfriend."

"What?! She told me she doesn't have one right now. All of them did."

She pulled back, but we remained in loose contact. I wound up with my hands on her shoulders, which seemed comforting but safe, and she kept her hands on my waist. She stared at me with intense, narrow eyes. "And all of them are lying."

"Come on! How do you know that?" I caught myself gawking at her cleavage and the rest of her bare tits now that they were fully visible yet again, and I had to jerk my head back up.

She grew more hesitant. "Okay, it's true I don't know for sure, but it's a pretty damn good bet. Sue Ellen told me earlier that she recently broke up with her boyfriend Mike. So she's in the clear. But what are the odds that the other three, with their looks, are all without boyfriends too? Come on!"

I frowned. "I have to admit you have a good point there. Although she said that with the start of summer, they were kind of between things, different social groups and whatnot."

She scoffed, "I highly, highly doubt that. Believe me, I'm going to get to the bottom-"

She was interrupted because she sensed someone coming. She turned to the path that led to the pool area, and sure enough, Michelle was walking towards us.

Michelle seemed cross. As if to emphasize that point, she had her arms crossed under her jutting torpedoes without covering them up whatsoever. She said, "Well, well, well. Look what we have here."

Nicky and I were still in a light embrace, with my hands on her shoulders and her hands on my waist, but we broke apart as if we'd been busted somehow.

Michelle griped as she walked closer, "Don't you two look chummy."

I responded, "Yeah, but so what? Nicky was feeling overwhelmed by things, and I was just comforting her."

"I'll bet you were," Michelle said in her same snarky voice. "Anyway, the girls have finally left, and Mom and Cindy are around and they're wondering where you are."

"Okay, tell them we'll be there in a minute."

"Fine." Michelle gave Nicky a mean look, and then spun around in place and started slowly walking back to the pool area.

I had to wait a surprisingly long time until Michelle was out of hearing range. Then I muttered to Nicky, "Boy, Michelle is in some kind of mood. I wonder what that was all about?"

Nicky asked me with astonishment, "You don't know?"

I turned to face her, while trying hard not to look down at her fantastic bare rack. She seemed surprisingly at ease standing topless next to me, which was a sharp contrast to when I'd arrived here. That left me hopeful that I'd repaired the damage. "No, I don't know. To be honest, there are far too many things around here I don't know. Perhaps you can enlighten me?"

Nicky sighed. "You know how Michelle is. She's an attention hog. And she's a really big 'Daddy's girl' - she especially craves attention from you. Then I show up and I'm taking a big chunk of that attention away from her."

I pointed out, "But she's been helping you overcome your shyness. That would seem to contradict that."

"True, but this isn't really a logical thing. People can work at cross purposes. Besides, she's okay with Ruby or me or someone else taking up some of your attention. But with you talking out here alone with me, I'm hogging ALL of your attention."

"Ah. Good point. I should have seen that. I guess I haven't been on my toes lately." That was a very good point indeed. I resolved to figure out a way to use this to my advantage in my on-going power struggle with the Gruesome Twosome.

Nicky smirk-smiled, Mindy style. "It's safe to say you've had a lot of distractions."

I was surprised she would joke about something with sexual overtones like that, even if it was fairly oblique. I didn't know what to say, so I just nodded. Then, before any uncomfortable silence could grow, I said, "Well, I guess we should be getting back."

"Yeah." Nicky started walking ahead of me, expecting that I would follow. "Thanks for cheering me up. I think I'll be able to manage with the weirdness a lot better now. If I have trouble, I'll just think that as bizarre as it is for me, it's twice as bad for you."

She turned her head in my direction and smiled impishly. Then she kept on walking.

So far, I'd been happy that we were having a completely non-sexual encounter, despite having such a small amount of clothing between us. I hadn't tried to do anything a "good dad" wouldn't try to do. But Nicky had such a fantastic ass that I found myself walking a couple of steps behind her. After all, she was the one who walked ahead, right?

But I started feeling too pervy about it, so I eventually caught up with her after all. We walked hand in hand the rest of the way back to the pool. It was nice to simply be with my wonderful daughter and bask in the glory of a successful parenting incident.

I chided myself, Not everything has to be so sexual. Just because I'm surrounded by these totally busty bombshells, we're all still just people underneath. I did a good job here, treating her like I should, as my daughter and nothing more. I need to be more considerate of her feelings in the future.

Sure enough, once we came through the trees to the pool area, it was just as Michelle had described. Anjali, Nina, Monique, and Sue Ellen were gone, and Ruby, Michelle, Mindy, and Cindy were there. All those who remained were sitting at the patio table in the shade, busy talking to each other.

Nicky and I walked right up and took our seats. Somehow, I wound up in "my" seat, the one with the ability to tilt back. I still had my erection, but I wasn't that aroused, relatively speaking. I remained in full control.

Mindy immediately laid into me. "So, Honey, I hear you've been a busy boy. I'm hearing wild stories that you French kissed Anjali, Nina, AND Monique before they left!"

"That's true," I said with a frown.

"Oh, really!" She stared intently at me, as if she was angry. "And is it true you would have done the same to Sue Ellen, except you got interrupted?"

"That's true too." I hung my head.

Naturally, I knew she was acting. In truth, few things would have excited and aroused her more. But I figured I understood what was going on here, and I was willing to play along, albeit reluctantly. This was an opportunity to push themes that could help Nicky eventually accept the existence of the harem. However, after that very special father-daughter moment from a few minutes ago, I was not entirely comfortable having this all take place now.

Regardless, I knew I had to act contrite and reluctant so Nicky wouldn't see me as the instigator. That's why I frowned and hung my head.

Mindy turned to Cindy. "What do you think about that?" (I suspected they'd been discussing this before Nicky and I arrived, and they were probably repeating the words they'd worked out between themselves.)

Cindy shrugged. "It's what we've talked about. I don't know about his making out with FOUR other women, and busty, beautiful, topless teens at that, but... well... to be honest... it kind of turns me on."

I flashed an annoyed look at Cindy, and I didn't have to fake it. She was starting to sound too much like Mindy. I couldn't handle two cucqueans always scheming behind my back. Even if they were scheming for my sexual benefit, I had to remain in control or our harem would fall apart.

There was a long pause while Mindy appeared to ponder that. Then she said, "Yeah. You know what? Me too."

Nicky complained, "MoooOOOOoooom! How can you say that?! He's your husband!" She was annoyed but not that surprised. I suppose by now she'd half expected that.

Mindy turned to her and then looked all around at the others. "He is. So if he's put in a sexy situation, why can't that arouse me too? It's just harmless fun. Anyway, I've been upstairs getting your things ready for your trip. so I've missed out on what's happening here. Tell me all the juicy gossip!"

It occurred to me that it would it be awkward for Nicky to talk about this kind of thing while I was listening. If I left, this conversation could be a lot more freewheeling and effective towards changing her attitude. So I said, "Excuse me for cutting in, but I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be back in a couple of minutes. In the meantime, Sweetheart, behave! I don't like what you and Cindy are saying about getting turned on. What I did in the way I kissed and hugged those girls was wrong. So let's not lose sight of that, okay?"

"But of course." Mindy just smiled at me. She obviously realized that it would be better if I was gone, so she didn't want to give any reply that would force me to stay and get involved.

I looked around at everyone to make sure it was okay that I was leaving. Nobody seemed to mind, so I hustled to the house as if I really did have an urgent need to get to the bathroom.

The others made inconsequential small talk until I was inside the house.

However, I didn't go to the bathroom. I lingered in the kitchen in a spot that I knew couldn't be seen from where the others were gathered, since the kitchen only had one window. From there, I was just able to hear the conversation. I could even peek from time to time, since Nicky had her back to the house and she was the only one I had to worry about being seen by. I resolved not to peek much though, because I had hopes I could go flaccid if I stayed away from them long enough.

Mindy immediately got the discussion back on track. "Nicky, I was just told that you, Michelle, and Ruby were standing nearby the whole time all this kissing between Dan and your friends was going on. Is that true?"

Nicky looked to the ground sheepishly. "Yeah."

"And did you say or do anything to stop it?"

An uncomfortably long pause followed, then she said, "No."

"There must have been a reason why you did not try to stop it. Were you aroused by what you saw?"

Nicky briefly looked up at Mindy in surprise to that question. "What?!"

"You heard me."

"NO! Just the opposite! I was so freaked out that I had to leave."

That seemed to take the wind out of Mindy's sails. But she pushed, "Come on. I understand that seeing your own father kissing your friends must have been freaky. But weren't you also aroused by that, at least a little?"

Nicky didn't answer. Instead, she bowed her head and dragged a foot back and forth.

Michelle said, "Nicky's shy about stuff like this. But I'm willing to admit that it both disturbed and aroused me."

Ruby added, "Me too. I mean, it's waaaay weird. And if it had just been a normal kiss, that would have been okay. But you should have seen it. It was a full-on volcanic explosion! I would have to be dead not to be aroused at least somewhat, even if he was kissing a hideous zombie!"

Mindy prodded some more, "Nicky? Do you agree with that?"

Nicky shyly admitted, "Yeah. Kinda."

Mindy continued to push, "And be honest. Is that all they did? Kiss? I know your father. Once he gets going, he's like an unstoppable sex machine! That's why Cindy and I are realizing that even the two of us aren't enough to fully satiate his great sexual hunger. I'll bet there was a lot of fondling and groping too. Well? Was there?!"

With head bowed, she shyly and quietly replied, "Yes. There was some, especially with Anjali."

"And did you find that arousing too?"

Nicky looked up pleadingly. "MoooOOOOoooom! Please!"

Mindy smirked. "I'll take that as a yes." Her smirk turned into a warm smile. "But don't worry, girls, I'm not mad at you. And I'm not mad at Dan or at any of your kissy friends."

Nicky asked in surprise, "You're not?!"

"Of course not. You don't think he'd cheat on me, or us, do you? Of course not! He has my complete trust, just like I have his. Cindy and I have already given him permission to do that very sort of thing. He's free to kiss and fondle any woman he wants."

I thought, Yeah, I trust that Mindy wouldn't cheat on me, but lately that's about the only thing I'm trusting her on!

"He is?!" Nicky stared at her mother in disbelief. "ANY woman?!"

Mindy said confidently, "Sure. Just so long as he doesn't take it further than that without our permission. Cindy, can you explain?"

Cindy responded, "I'd be glad to. Girls, when I was with Ruby's father I would have killed him if he was ever with another woman, but Dan's different. He is so exceptionally virile and sexually dominant. The rules with normal men don't always apply to someone like him. It's hard to explain..." She seemed to lose steam as she pondered what to say.

Mindy said, "Let me try. Sure, you feel a burning jealousy, but there's also a thrill, a great erotic thrill. One of the greatest thrills possible is to see your man 'conquer' another woman, especially a highly desirable and beautiful woman. It's a primal thing. It shows how very wanted he is, how sexually powerful he is. That's what happened here, isn't it? Each of your friends basically threw themselves at your father, and made it abundantly clear that they were ready and willing to get it on with him. It's really HOT, isn't it? Isn't it?"

Nicky just kept on looking at the ground. But her face seemed to answer for her by turning even redder.

It was a good thing she was looking down, because Michelle and Ruby were doing a piss poor job of acting conflicted or distraught. That made me feel anxious. I wished I could be there to say something, and I considered returning already, but I decided I should let the conversation play out a little more. I wasn't far away, so I could always step in quickly if need be.

Mindy continued, "I didn't realize the power of that until we started this threesome with Cindy. Now, I get to see Dan 'conquer' her nearly every night. And she gets to see him 'conquer' me too. My GOD! I thought the sex was good before. But now, Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! It's like the three of us have turned into sex maniacs! It's so great, I can't begin to tell you!"

Cindy said, "I must admit, I'm starting to really relate to what Mindy was just saying about burns and thrills and such. When I see him with another woman I feel the burn of jealousy too, but it also really arouses me." She looked away in embarrassment.

Mindy added, "See? I'm not the only one. What pisses me off is not that Dan was kissing and fondling those girls. It's that he did it without letting us know first, so we could watch! I'm getting too hot to trot, just thinking about it!"

Nicky complained, "Mom, you're kind of freaking me out here! I don't understand you AT ALL!"

Mindy asked Nicky, "Do all your friends have big crushes on Dan?"

Cindy spoke up. "Mindy, please. You are freaking her out. Why are you pushing this so much?"

Nicky looked around to her sisters for support. Luckily by the time she made eye contact, they'd managed to fake the appropriate expressions. She looked back at Mindy and asked plaintively, "Why are you asking ME everything?"

Mindy seemed to realize that she was pushing Nicky too far. So she moved to her and enveloped her in a hug. She carefully did it from the side so their impressive racks wouldn't mash together. "I'm sorry. This whole visit has been tough on you, hasn't it?"

Nicky seemed to really need that hug. She suddenly seemed to be on the verge of crying, but she controlled herself and melted into Mindy's arms instead. "You can say that again!" She sighed heavily.

After some long moments, Nicky seemed to be doing better, and she disengaged. She gave Mindy a smile of thanks for the timely hug.

Mindy smiled back. Then she said, "Getting back to your question about why I keep asking you things, I don't know. I guess because you're sitting here right next to me. Plus, you're known for being honest. Mainly, it's probably because you've been away and so I'm less able to guess how you'd feel. But if you don't want to answer the question, I understand."

Nicky sighed again, then hesitantly answered, "Long story short... yeah. It's like some kind of contagious virus. They all have big crushes on him."

Mindy laughed heartily. "That's so typical. And isn't that arousing, knowing so many women lust after him?"

Nicky shrugged the question away. "Why should that arouse me? He's not MY husband."

Cindy said, "Mindy, look what you're doing. You're making Nicky very uncomfortable. Let's just forget it." Apparently, she was playing to "good cop" to Mindy's "bad cop."

Ruby, acting clueless, asked, "But isn't it wrong to get aroused? I mean, he's not just anybody; he's our DAD!"

I was very glad Ruby asked that. It made her and Michelle's roles in this seem much more plausible, and it gave Nicky someone to sympathize with.

In fact, Nicky immediately exclaimed, "Yeah!"

Mindy said, "Girls, this is a thorny issue. But it's also kind of a moot point, isn't it? Let's face it: how many times have you seen your Dad and gotten aroused as a result? Everybody knows about his impressive endowment, so don't pretend you don't know what I mean. Do I have to go over the list of notorious incidents, such as how his bathing suit was pulled off on Nicky's sixteenth birthday party? Or the time a drunken Ms. Simmons pulled his bathing suit down his legs? I could go on, such as some of the slumber party incidents."

Nicky, Michelle, and Ruby all looked down in embarrassment. In fact, Nicky was so embarrassed that she actually covered her huge knockers with both arms.

Mindy continued, "And that's not even counting the many times Dan has strutted around with a raging boner tenting lewdly and threatening to rip his pants or shorts in two. Being the clueless blockhead we all know and love, he doesn't realize what he's showing. No kind of underwear can keep that beast in check. So don't be acting like this is a first time. That's just how life is when you're one of his daughters. You simply have to accept that he's a very handsome man with an enormous, visible erection most of the time, and it's a simple unavoidable biological function getting aroused by that. As long as it's happening, you might as well enjoy the ride. I certainly can't blame you."

She concluded, "Am I wrong? Does anybody disagree?"

A telling silence followed. Nicky was looking down and blushing. Michelle and Ruby were pretending to be thoughtful.

Cindy finally spoke up. "Mindy, enough talk. I think you and I need to engage in some bonding with Dan, and right away!"

I sensed after that remark the key part of the conversation had come to an end. I didn't need to stay scarce anymore, and in fact I'd overstayed my excuse of needing to go to the bathroom. So I immediately headed back outside.

Meanwhile, Mindy looked at Cindy with initial confusion. "Bonding? Ooooh. Right. Bonding!" She chuckled with understanding. "That's an excellent suggestion! I think we need a lot of bonding. We need to run upstairs and bond the hell out of each other right now!"

Cindy added with a Mindy-esque smirk, "In particular, he needs to bond the both of us back into the Stone Age!"

Mindy snorted with amusement at that play on the "bomb them back into the Stone Age" line. "Nice one!"

I was walking closer to the group, and Mindy suddenly noticed me. She smiled. "Oh, look who's back just in time." She stood up and walked over to me. "Honey, I hate to interrupt this little gathering, but Cindy and I are in need of some urgent 'bonding.'"

I pretended to be clueless. "Sorry I took so long. Did I miss anything?"

Mindy looked around at the others and then smirked as she merely said, "Nah."

Apparently everyone found that amusing, because there were a lot of smirks all around. Nicky, however, just shyly hung her head.

Mindy added, "You might have caught that you're back just in time to leave. Cindy and I have a rather urgent bonding task for you back inside."

I continued to play the clueless rube. "'Bonding?'"

"Don't worry; we'll show you how you can help us soon enough." But before we started to go, Mindy said to me, "Oh yeah. I just remembered something. Although Sue Ellen left with the others, I invited her back, so she'll be here again soon. Not only is she stuck like glue to Michelle and Ruby these days, Honey, I figured it wasn't fair that the other girls all got to kiss you, but Sue Ellen only got to hug you."

Mindy looked at Nicky. "What do you think of that? Would you object if he were to share a real kiss with Sue Ellen?"

Nicky replied, "Actually, no. Of all the other people for him to kiss, she'd be the one I'd have the least problem with."

"Good!" Mindy said to her. "We'll talk about that some more later."

With that, Mindy and Cindy pretty much grabbed me and all but herded me into the house. As the three of us walked away together, Mindy spoke over her shoulder, "Sorry, girls! You entertain yourselves until we're all properly 'bonded,' okay?"

We went through the sliding glass door and closed it behind us. That gave us more privacy. Cindy chuckled as we kept walking through the house, "'Bonding.' I love it. I think this family has a new code word. Nice timing too, making yourself scarce like that. I assume you listened in?"

"I did. But ladies, you do realize that there isn't going to be any 'bonding' when we get upstairs, right? At least not in the sense you're thinking of. I'm totally wiped out. I was kind of holding it together because I felt like I had to, but now all I want to do is rest."

Mindy sighed heavily. "Darn it! I was seriously looking forward to a good old fashioned ravishing."

As we started up the stairs, Cindy said, "Me too, but have mercy on the man. Remember what we did to him at Mama Mia's. And you don't know yet what Sue Ellen and I did to him on the way back home!"

Mindy cackled with glee. "I don't know yet, but you're gonna tell me. I want to hear every detail, down to every last spermy drop!"

I chuckled ruefully. "Oh, great. Besides, Mindy, I am actually really upset with you right now. You pushed Nicky way too hard. Later, we are going to have a long talk about how you are her mother first and this crazy cucquean thing second."

She replied, "Hey, you know how much I love her. And you heard how that conversation went. I'm just pushing the 'limited hangout' plan that you suggested. And I'm doing a pretty damn good job, if I do say so myself. Which is why it's time for a great big spermy celebration!"

I sighed. "It's not just this one conversation; it's a lot of things. But we'll talk later. As for now, you two, please don't get too excited. Give me a chance to rest. Okay?"

Mindy made mocking air quotes. "'Rest.' I've heard of this word somewhere. I'm not sure what it means though. We don't have much use for that word around here."

I rolled my eyes in amusement. But at least we were reaching my bedroom door. I didn't care how excited the two of them were, I really was going to get some rest!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am. An extra big thanks goes to Concerned for helping sort through some conceptual difficulties with the text.

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