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Chapter 30

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I took my clothes off, then flopped myself on my big bed and closed my eyes. Mindy and Cindy took off their bikinis (okay, I peeked) and got on the bed too. But I was relieved that they laid together a few feet away from me, without any part of them touching any part of me. Our new bed was so big that it wasn't hard for three people to each have their own space.

I was physically tired, but I was also somewhat mentally wired. I wanted to rest, but I knew I wasn't likely to fall asleep, at least not for a while. A lot of unexpected things had happened, and I needed to be able to mentally digest it all.

I was particularly worried about the situation with Sonia. We were on the razor's edge with her. I didn't want to think about that right now, but there were other issues on my mind that I hoped were more easily solvable.

So I spoke with my eyes closed. "Ladies, this seems like a good time to talk, as long as all we do is talk. Can we all agree on that?"

"Yes, Master," Cindy answered carefully.

"Good. Now, first things first. I take it both of you were spying on us the entire time from one of the bedroom windows?"

Mindy snickered. "Daniel Cooper, wash your mouth out with soap! How dare you accuse us of spying on you?! That would be an entirely indecent violation of your privacy!"

I sighed in resignation. "So, in other words... yes."

"Of course." She snickered some more. She asked with sudden concern, "Did you mind?"

"In general, yes, very much, but in that specific case, not really. I say that because it was so blatantly obvious to me that you'd do it. If it truly bothered me, I would have done something to stop it."

Min, there are a lot of things you've been doing lately that have been bothering me, and all too often I haven't done anything to stop you. I keep letting my lusts rule me. But that's gonna change, and soon!

Cindy said, "Unfortunately, we could see well enough, but we couldn't hear. I'm DYING to find out what was said between you and your three newest foxy young conquests!"

Mindy corrected her, "Actually, that's not entirely true. We had a GREAT view of our three daughters all standing in a line! Topless, gorgeous, and so very, very horny! Whose idea was that, to get them to stand in a line like that, just like three lusty slaves waiting for their turn to serve you?"

I sighed, warily, "I think it just happened."

"Even better! Nicky's starting to learn her place. And you should have seen her!"

That comment disturbed me. I interrupted, "'Learn her place?!' Do NOT be thinking about her like that! You know that it's impossible for anything sexual to ever happen between her and me!"

"Sorry, sorry! When you're in a harem with four cock slaves, that kind of stuff slips out sometimes."

Cindy coughed while saying, "Try all the time..."

Ignoring Cindy's interruption, my wife continued, "But anyway, did you get a chance to peek at her? She was SOOOO hot for you! Just standing there writhing and wiggling with need, fondling herself all over, especially caressing her MASSIVE bare breasts!"

I cut in, "Hold on! For one thing, you're completely delusional. There was no writhing or caressing. She was upset at what she saw, and she finally stomped off in frustration. And for another thing, whatever happened to the rule about not talking about Nicky and sexual situations?"

There was a long pause. I couldn't see what was happening because my eyes were still closed and I wanted to keep them that way. Finally, Mindy asked me in a pouty tone, "Do we really have to keep to that rule all the time?"

"YES!" God knows I wanted to hear more talk like this, but I had to stick to my guns. "Especially when she's home. Technically, we shouldn't be talking about anything we wouldn't want her to hear, although I think we're safe here. And you, Cindy. You're supposed to be helping me. Why didn't you come down to interrupt things?"

Cindy said, "I'm sorry, but I honestly didn't know you needed help. You seemed to be handling things just fine. I figured you were enjoying yourself. Besides, I assumed you knew we were upstairs and watching. If you wanted us, I was sure you would have waved a hand our way or shouted something."

I realized she had some good points. Still, I wasn't about to admit that, because they had a long way to go to reliably back me up in situations like this. I complained, "That's weak. When you start making assumptions like that without actual and direct communication, problems are bound to come up. In the future, I'm counting on you especially. And for both of you, remember: no mixing of sex and Nicky! Period!"

Mindy couldn't help but quip, "So I can't say 'Sexky?' Or 'Nicsex?' How 'bout 'Nisexky?'"

I groaned at the word play. "You know what I mean. This is serious."

Her voice sounded aggrieved. "Oh. Okay. But sometimes we have to mention some important facts, so you'll be informed. Right?"

I grumbled, "I suppose. And by the way, what happened out there was not good. I didn't plan that AT ALL!"

Mindy tried to control her excitement, without much success. "From disaster often comes triumph. I'm sure it'll all work out. It always does. Did you straighten things out when you talked to her down on the deck? I presume you did."

"Yeah. Pretty much. We had a good familial father-daughter moment. But still, I shouldn't have to be in damage control mode after getting carried away with her friends."

Cindy said, "Speaking of which, we kind of got sidetracked there. But I believe Mindy was about to make the point that while we could see our three girls well enough, and we could see you and the girl you were molesting, plus the girls waiting in line to be molested-"

I testily interrupted her by saying, "Do you have to use the word 'molest?'"

"YES!" Cindy giggled. "Aaaah, you know I'm just joking around. Sure, you fondled them some, but they loved it!"

I grumbled, "I got a little carried away with Anjali, but I managed to keep things to closed-mouth kisses with the other two."

Mindy said, "Poo on you. I was imagining much more. Let us have our fun!"

Cindy started sounding reasonable. "Fine. I won't say 'molested.'" But then she asked with what must have been a big grin, "Maybe you prefer a term like, I dunno... 'body fucked?'" She giggled playfully. Clearly, she was yanking my chain.

Mindy said, "Ooooh, I like the sound of that! It implies that he fucked every last inch of their bodies, with the sad temporary exception of their tight little teen pussies. And he fucked their minds too! Now he's ruined them for all other men. You just know that the three of them are back home by now, lying naked in their beds and dreaming of Dan's cock, running their hands all over their big titties, and fucking themselves raw with their sex toys!"

Cindy exclaimed, "Actually, that last part is almost certainly true! I'll bet you anything that even as we speak, all three of them are fingerbanging their hot pulsing cunts, dreaming they were getting plowed by Dan's famous cock instead!"

She unexpectedly switched to Monique's voice, probably due to the ease of imitating Monique's distinctive accent. "'Oh, Daniel! My love! Fuck me, please! I don't even care if I have to share you with so many others. Just stick your big fat cock inside me and PUSH!'"

Mindy giggled with glee. "Good one!"

I was aroused, naturally, but I tried hard to hide it. I grumbled, "Okay, you two. It's not like that at all. You're wildly exaggerating about everything, and even then it shouldn't have happened in the first place. Keep a lid on it already."

Cindy seemed to have not heard my request to calm down. "Getting back to what actually happened, as I was about to say, we could see you and all the girls, but sadly we often couldn't see exactly what you were doing to your latest victim."

Mindy clapped her hands with glee. "'Victim!' Such a good word! They have NO IDEA what just hit them! It was almost like a minor King Dong attack! But anyway, Hon, Cin brings up a good point. If only we'd had a different angle, opposite from where our three daughters stood, we could have seen so much more. With Anjali, we KNEW some kind of serious hanky panky was taking place, but we couldn't see just what!"

Cindy added, "It was SOOO frustrating! And not being able to hear the whispering either. We were DYING! You HAVE to let us know what really happened, and right away!"

I said with a touch of pride, "The reason you couldn't see much was that there wasn't much to see. I was actually trying to control myself, believe it or not. I figured it was a disaster already having Nicky standing nearby and watching. Whose idea was that anyway to have them just stand there while I said good-bye to their friends?"

Cindy pointed out, "You said a short time ago that 'I think it just happened.'"

I wasn't happy to be reminded of that. "True. But in any case, I tried to limit the damage. But, sadly, I was too horny to stop myself completely, especially with Anjali. She took me by surprise."

Mindy asked urgently, "What about telling us all the good stuff that we missed?!"

I sighed loudly. "UGH! I don't want to encourage you any further. Things need to change around here. But since you two are too horny to pay attention, I'm not going to bother talking to you about it now. I'm just going to rest here."

It was true that I needed the rest. My body was enjoying lying down on my comfy bed, and I'd kept my eyes shut tight pretty much from the moment I'd hit the bed, although I clearly wasn't on the verge of going to sleep any time soon. Yes, I had an erection, but I was positioned so they wouldn't be able to see it or know about it.

Mindy pleaded, "Come on. Can't you at least give me a hint? As your wife, it's important that I have a clue about what's happening with things like this."

I grumbled, "Don't expect details, but I suppose I do need to give you the basics. Anjali was super aggressive. At one point, she even got her hand on my cock."

Mindy exulted, "A-HA! I knew it! Iknewitiknewitiknewitiknewit! That is SO GREAT! UGH!"

I chuckled. "Min, dear, calm yourself. Because that was all that happened, and it only lasted for a few seconds. I remembered that Nicky was standing nearby and I came to my senses."

"Awww. Why'd you have to go and do that?!" Mindy sounded very disappointed again. "I'd like that last sense much better without the last three words."

I chuckled. "Min, do you have ANY contact with reality anymore?"

"Nope! I leave that to you, because I know that when push comes to shove, you'll always do the right thing."

I sighed. "You see? That's our problem, right there. You used to be responsible, but now you put it all on me. I'm getting sick and tired of it. The way you act without thinking of the consequences could put our entire harem in danger and maybe even put us in jail. It HAS to change! Once Nicky's in Hawaii, things are going to have to change around here, big time."

"Fair enough," she replied in a suddenly chastened voice. "I've been pretty naughty, lately, I know. If there's a Betty Ford Clinic for Recovering Cucquean Addicts, I need to check in."

However, her chastened mood didn't last long. She continued more lustfully, "But since the plan isn't to get tough until tomorrow, can I close my eyes and fantasize about all the things I want you to do to those three girls?"

I sighed silently. I realized I couldn't have a serious conversation with her when she was this horny. So I said, "I suppose if you just fantasize about it in your own mind, that's okay."

I immediately regretted saying that. I heard rustling around, and I opened my eyes to see what was happening. Within seconds, a very naked Mindy was sitting up on her knees in the middle of the bed. She was frigging her pussy and clit with both hands with her head tilted back in orgasmic ecstasy. I knew she couldn't actually be climaxing already since she'd just started, but it seemed like she was almost there!

Cindy wasn't much different. She was also kneeling naked and playing with herself. She too looked like she might be climaxing, although I knew again that she couldn't really have gotten that worked up that fast. The major differences were she was being quiet about it, and she wasn't bending her body back like it was the greatest climax of her life.

A couple of minutes passed as I watched them go at it. I was too tired to do anything to my erection, and I was careful to keep hiding it. But it wasn't going to go away in this situation.

Damn! The two of them are just too beautiful, and too naked, and I love 'em so very much! I have no notion of what they're thinking, but I'm beginning to wish I knew, because they're getting EXTREMELY hot and bothered about something! And do they have mental telepathy or something? From time to time, just when it looks like one of them is starting to slow down, she'll look at the other one and get completely carried away again. But I'm NOT going to get involved!

They'd been good about not talking at all, but with Mindy on the cusp of a real orgasm, she whispered, "Anjali! ... Nina! ... Monique!"

Curiously enough, that seemed to be all the two of them needed. They both exploded into orgasm!

After about a minute of constant orgasmic writhing, Cindy muttered, "THREE of them! THREE!"

Again, that didn't seem like a big deal to me, but for Mindy it was like the most exciting words she'd ever heard in her life. Weird!

"AAAAAIIIEEEE!" Mindy screamed desperately. "NOOOOOOO! OOOOOHHH AAAAARRRRGGGH!" She tried to calm herself, but she wound up practically hyperventilating instead. "STOP! Stop, stop, stop! UGH! You're killing me!"

Cindy had been keeping herself remarkably quiet until now, but she suddenly let loose with some piercing screams of her own. "UUUUUUUUGGGGH! NAAAAAIIIIIRRRREEEE! TOO! TOO... TOO MUCH!"

I closed my eyes again and laid there feeling smug. I must say, it's a shame I'm too tired to do anything with my boner. But it's pretty neat to be able to get my two women to cum that intensely, and at the same time, without so much as touching either of them in any way! That definitely has to be a first for me, and them. They were getting this hot simply from fantasizing about what I might do to some of our daughters' friends. Imagine their reactions if and when I actually do something to those girls for real!

However, there's a big down side too. When they get this sexually aroused, it's easy for things to spin out of control. I seem to be the only one with any restraint lately, and even my restraint has been steadily weakening. I have a gloomy feeling that we're slowly spiraling towards disaster.

I stayed still as they slowly came down from their climaxes. They were taking a long time, because they were being repeatedly hit by multiple orgasms. Just when it seemed like they were finally done, one or the other would say something like, "Do you realize what this means? Three! THREE!" And then they were off to the races all over again!

I found myself wondering where Michelle, Ruby, Nicky, and Sue Ellen were. I couldn't help it: I wanted them to hear this! I wanted them to know I'd made both my wife and "mistress" cum this hard and this long. (Although, a part of me realized that it wouldn't be wise for Nicky to hear, especially if she knew just what her mother was doing!) And the screams were so loud that they were going to hear them unless they'd gone down to the deck or left the property altogether. I actually had to cover my ears for a while.

I realized with a start, The girls could actually be spying on us again! I still hadn't had a chance to shut down their high-tech spy system. That's bad, because I've been too tired to enforce the rule about not saying what we wouldn't want Nicky to hear. But then again, as long as Sue Ellen is with them, it'll be okay. After all, she did confess the spying to me not long after she'd heard about it. I'm confident that she'd make sure Nicky at least wouldn't be able to take part in any spying, and that's the important thing. It's good to have at least one "slave" who is actually subservient to me and trustworthy!

Finally, my two women were more or less finished. I peeked again and saw they were both lying face down on the bed. Apparently, it was too much for them to even stay kneeling.

Ironically, I'd finally gotten partially flaccid because I was letting my mind wander while they were so preoccupied with their orgasms. I was perfectly fine with that since I was too tired for more sex anyway.

I opened my eyes all the way, and said to them, "By the way, I heard you getting all excited over the 'three' number. This does NOT mean three new cock slaves. All I did was kiss them. Okay, with Anjali there was a bit more, but I basically controlled myself. Stop getting so excited. What you want to happen isn't going to happen. Period."

Mindy suddenly stopped what she was doing and somehow got back up on her knees. "Daniel Cooper, do NOT break those girls' hearts! I don't ask for much, but I'm asking you that! Nay, I'm BEGGING! They love you. They want you. At least let them suckle on your cock a little bit from time to time? Please?"

"Mindy, get real."

My wife must not have understood what "get real" means, because she acted like I'd said "sure thing" instead. She panted, "It's just TOO HOT, thinking that all three of them are going to be on their knees naked and sucking your cock soon!"

Cindy grunted with need. "UGH! Mindy, don't say that!"

Mindy turned evil. She grinned devilishly at Cindy, "What, that they're going to be sucking your master's cock? Maybe even doing it together?"

Cindy grunted and resumed fingering her clit, even though she was sweaty and exhausted. "Stop!"

Mindy smirked with glee. "You don't want me to mention how Anjali, Nina, and Monique are going to be submissively slobbering and bobbing on the King together, just like any good busty beautiful teenager should?"

"UGH Please!" Cindy groaned desperately.

Mindy was suddenly busy fingering herself too, while also groping at one of her big tits. "Yes... yes, the three of them should do it together! Yes! UGH! AH! All three! All together! That's a very good idea! Kneeling naked side by side, with creamy, spermy faces! And with their hands tied behind their backs!"

That last comment seemed to send both my ladies into overdrive, for some strange reason. Mindy's eyes bugged out in horny surprise, even though she was the one who'd said it!

My penis had gone mostly flaccid, but my arousal was returning. It occurred to me that if I was clever I could redirect their sexual energies, just as I had been redirecting the Gruesome Twosome's sexual energies a little bit lately. I said, "Mindy, you're being VERY NAUGHTY! If I had any energy left in me right now, I'd spank and fuck you, and then spank and fuck you some more! But since I don't, I'm ordering you and Cindy to get it on!"

That caused Mindy to freeze. She'd just closed her eyes again as she was fingering herself to seventh heaven (again), but now her eyes were wide as saucers. "What?!"

"You heard me! Cindy, lie on top of her, and punish her by making her cum! A LOT!"

Cindy stared at Mindy with a sudden animalistic hunger. "Yes, Master! Gladly!"

Mindy looked to Cindy with fear and started scooting back on the bed towards me. She clutched at and covered her big tits. "NO!"

But Cindy didn't give Mindy a chance to get away. She actually leapt on her, like a crouching tiger leaping on its prey! Mindy didn't stand a chance!

They started out kissing and fondling each other, but that didn't last for long. Once it became clear that Mindy had been "tamed" and wasn't going to try to escape, Cindy did a 180 on her so her face was in Mindy's crotch. That put Mindy's face in Cindy's crotch. The two began eating each other out!

Hot damn! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Mindy isn't even resisting. In fact, she's getting into it! Curse my damn penis and my tired body! A part of me wanted to get in on this action, but I just wasn't up for it mentally or physically. Too many arousing and exhausting things had already happened to me today.

My dick soon fully revived, because watching Cindy and Mindy getting totally lesbian on each other in a classic sixty-nine was too inspiring for the little guy to resist. But it was just my penis. The rest of my body still felt like a corpse, and I didn't have the emotional energy to get involved either. I propped myself up with a few pillows to watch, but that was all I could do.

By and by, I decided that merely watching might not be a bad thing after all. Mindy needed to come to grips with the fact that she really did have sexual desires for women as well as men. As long as I was somehow participating, she could tell herself that the female-on-female contact was "incidental." But if it was just Mindy and Cindy, what would be her excuse for that? This was bound to be a sexual breakthrough for her on many levels, doubly so if I stayed out of it.

The other major point was that this was the first time that she'd actually gone down on another woman, or had one go down on her, and both things were happening at the same time! She'd had a lot of intimate contact with other women lately, including fingering the pussies of both Michelle and Ruby, but oral action was a huge step forward.

I wasn't jealous or concerned in the least. I could see Cindy and Mindy going at it on each other without any kind of restraint, and that couldn't have made me happier. It occurred to me that going down on another woman was probably a brand new experience for Cindy as well. I knew from plenty of personal experience that when Mindy got really hot and wet she was mighty tasty!

Heh! I've gotta pat myself on the back for this. Look at 'em go! I guess what happened with my daughters' friends today isn't a total disaster after all, because it led to this. Min has been soooo resistant to this kind of thing, even though at times one look in her eyes makes it clear how badly she wants it. But revealing the promises I made to our daughters' friends got the two of them so insanely horny that they were ready for anything. Voila! Perfect timing with my "order." I chuckled to myself.

It was a bit strange just to lie there with a fully engorged dick and simply watch. Masturbation seemed pointless. I must admit that I'd gotten spoiled. After getting stroked and sucked and otherwise stimulated so much in a day, every day, pleasuring myself simply didn't cut it anymore. Besides, I simply didn't have the energy.

I considered the possibility of calling for Sue Ellen to come and help my cock out, but I realized that could cause all kinds of problems. Chances were that if she did come to this bedroom, Nicky would find out. We'd had a breakthrough on the Nicky front in that Sue Ellen supposedly kissed me on the lips for the first time today. But to go from that to having her sexually join us in my bedroom would be way too big of a leap for Nicky to accept. Plus, if she was around, she needed to stick with the others to make sure no spying took place.

Besides, I was content just to rest. Incredibly, despite the hot lesbian action taking place just a few feet from me, I actually closed my eyes and just listened to them go at it for a while. I might even have fallen asleep altogether if it weren't for the fact that they were so loud, as well as rocking the entire bed.

I chuckled out loud when I heard them scream some more in orgasm. I was amused because I wondered how the girls downstairs were taking listening to the racket. I was especially keen on finding out how Nicky reacted, although I probably would never know. She must be thinking I'm fucking both my wife and mistress to within an inch of their lives! These screams, there's no way not to hear them anywhere in the house. But the irony is that, for once, I literally haven't so much as touched either woman since we've flopped out on the bed.

Poor Nicky. She has a crush on me already, and after hearing this, she's going to be even more convinced that I'm some kind of "unstoppable sex machine." I wish I really was that great. I mean, I'm pretty good, but I'm not great. I'm sure there are young, buff guys who could literally fuck circles around me. Sitting around and getting one's cock sucked isn't really a sexual talent, and that seems to be what I've been doing the most lately.

What's happening right now is a classic example of how it's less about me and more about my women. They get so excited that I don't have to do much, or hell, anything at all. And if for some reason they're not as horny as all get out, all I have to do is speak a few sentences and sprinkle "Master" and "cock slave" in there a few times, and they'll be flooding the house with their pussy juices!

I'm really too lucky to be believed. But this is perfect: four cock slaves and one wife. Any more would be greedy, unfair, and even wrong. I don't need Anjali, Nina, or Monique. I'm sure they're all nice girls, and God knows they have hot bodies. But are they as hot as my cock slaves?

To be honest, they're all one notch below, with the possible exception of Anjali. And even she is a little bit soft and ample. If she could firm up and have a hard body, she'd be on their same level. Hmmm... I wonder if she's exercising regularly? She'd be a nice fuck, regardless. And she did invite me to fuck her tits. Wouldn't I be rude to turn her down? What tits they are, too!

But listen to me. I'm getting greedy. That's not the point. The point is, it doesn't matter. I don't love those girls. Hell, after all these years I still hardly know them as much more than eye candy. Even if one or more of them turned out to be as kind and lovable as Sue Ellen, there's no more room in my heart. The hotel is all full, so to speak.

I suppose letting those three girls suck me off wouldn't exactly kill me. ... Ah, who am I kidding? I'd love it! And we've been talking about how I should "take one for the team" with them, to help Nicky warm up to the whole harem idea. Plus, they've had big crushes on me for a long time, so why not let them realize their fantasies?

Maybe I really should go on "dates" with each of them, just like Mindy suggested a few weeks ago. Spend a few hours getting wild with one of them, while Nicky sits at home wondering what's going on. Before long, she'll accept that kind of thing as the new normal. Hot damn!

"Dating" the three of them will have a legitimate purpose, in that it'll help Nicky accept the harem situation. It sounds cruel, but we need to keep shocking her until nothing shocks her anymore. And we need to get her to accept that I fuck lots of different women. So yes, dating them later in the summer is definitely a good plan.

The key is that it has to end with that, though. Luckily, the timing is good. They're all going off to college, or already in college, I think, in Monique's case. So the most they can hope for is a "summer fling" of sorts.

Realizing that made me feel a lot better. I still felt bad about losing control like that in front of Nicky, and with her own friends, no less. But what I was too ashamed to admit to anyone was that I'd lost my cool BECAUSE of Nicky! Had I not been suddenly struck with this notion that I was fondling and kissing Nicky instead of Anjali, I'm sure I could have kept my cool and limited all the sexual good-bye hugs to something closer to actual, casual good-bye hugs.

It's not really in my nature, but I'm going to have to be a little mean. I can't go down some slippery slope with Anjali, Nina, and Monique, where they become more and more involved in my life. I was holding back today mostly because Nicky was there, but even so, it was good that I pretty much restrained myself so the three of them don't get any big ideas. It's literally not physically possible for me to have the time and energy to spend with any more women, in or out of bed. Heck, I'm supposed to be a naturally solitary type. Ha! How has that been working out lately?

And the same applies to Laura and anyone else who might pop up at Mama Mia's. I have to be harsh. Josie is tempting, but it's better not to go there. Maybe the occasional sexual encounter in the restaurant with Laura, but that's it!

Although maybe that's not even possible or wise, after what happened with Sonia Bossi. It could be that disaster has a silver lining, in that it'll keep me from overextending myself?

I don't know why all these beautiful women are so into me, but it can't be denied that many are. Now that Mindy is allowing pretty much anything, all kinds of long-suppressed passions are sort of bursting out everywhere. I'm gonna ride that wave because I have no choice. But then things'll settle down. I need to control the wave and change its size and direction. That'll be much better. To be honest, my harem is perfect just as it is. All I want to do is spend the rest of my life with my five lovely ladies!

The only problem is that the harem is liable to fly apart if I can't bring order to this sex-mad bunch. Everything is on hold until Nicky is gone. But then, wham! I'm gonna come out with both guns blazing on Sunday!

Time passed, and the activity between Mindy and Cindy started to wind down. In truth, they didn't go at it for long, and I wasn't too surprised by that. After all, they'd already been hit repeatedly by multiple orgasms even before they started. Then they'd soon worked themselves up into a frenzy and had even more orgasms! How much more could their bodies take?

Sure enough, the next time I peeked at them a couple of minutes later, they were both lying flat out next to each other, like a steamroller had just passed over them. (Due to the lack of activity, my penis was definitely flaccid.)

Mindy had her eyes open and saw me peek at her. She managed to find the energy to briefly shake a fist at me, although it hardly rose up off the bed. "Grrrr! I'm really mad at you right now, mister!"

I opened my eyes all the way and grinned impishly. "Me? Why?"

"You know why. Ugh! That was sneaky! If I wasn't about to die from too many orgasms, I'd crawl over there and hit you!"

"Ouch!" I winced as if she'd punched me in the arm. "Punch me? Why?"

"Don't play dumb. That wasn't supposed to happen! I feel tainted."

I sighed theatrically. "Come on. You liked it and you know it. So why deny it?"

My wife didn't seem keen on answering that. However, after a pause, she said, "I did that for you, you know. Because you ordered it, and you were watching. A certain amount of that kind of thing is bound to take place in a harem, I suppose. But I'd never want to do that if you weren't there!"

I decided it was best to let her keep that fig leaf for now. So instead of disputing that, I asked, "And what about you, Cindy?"

Cindy groaned. I couldn't see her expression because she was face down on the bed. I didn't see how she was even breathing. She muttered, "Can't speak. Sexed to death!"

Mindy joked, "See what you did? You killed Cindy! Now we're going to have to find you two or three new cock slaves to make up for her, because she was so great. In fact, maybe it'll take three..." She smirked joyously.

I just rolled my eyes, knowing exactly which three she was referring to. I said sarcastically, "My, my, my. You recover quickly from your supposed trauma."

She suddenly revived enough to sit up in the bed. "It WAS a trauma!"

I stared at her hard, not bothering to hide the skepticism in my expression.

"Okay. Maybe not a trauma. I can't deny that my body responded. But please don't make me do that again! At least not any time soon."

"Why not?! Why are you so resistant to a little lesbian loving? I won't think any less of you."

She spoke with heartfelt emotion, "But you WILL! I feel BAD! Wives aren't supposed to do that!"

"Why not?"

She clearly struggled to find a reason. Finally, she said lamely, "It's... disloyal."

I stared incredulously. "What planet have you been on?! Guys love that kind of thing. Including me! Most porno films targeted at straight men include at least one lesbian scene. For whatever reason, we love it. And don't talk to me about loyalty. I'm the worst! Lately, I've been fucking everything that moves."

She got a dreamy look in her eyes. "If only that were true!"

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Turtles move. Do you want me to fuck a turtle?"

"That depends. It's it a sexy female one? And does it have at least E-cup breasts and a pretty face?"

I groaned. "Is there a hospital we can take you to cure you of excessive cucquean-itis?"

"Nonsense!" Mindy suddenly sat up in bed and raised both fists in the air. "I am Smirkarella, the Cucquean Queen!"

Cindy was reviving a bit more, and I could see her face now. I asked her, "I have a feeling we're going to be ruing that 'Smirkarella' name."

Cindy asked, "Who came up with that, anyway?"

I groaned wearily. "I think she did, actually. You got her started with your Smirktoberfest comment, and then she struck a dramatic pose not unlike the one she's doing now, and proclaimed, 'All hail Smirkarella, queen of the smirky night!'"

Cindy managed to get up on her knees and briefly raise her arms in an imitation of Mindy's previous gesture.

Mindy turned back to Cindy and frowned, although it was part of her playful act. "Hey, I'M 'Smirkarella, queen of the smirky night.'" She'd just dropped her arms. But, as if to prove it, she repeated her same dramatic pose.

Cindy smirked. "I thought you were 'Smirkarella, the Cucquean Queen?'"

"That too. And don't you dare smirk about it. Unless you plan to pay me royalties."

I smiled. "What happens during the 'smirky day?'"

She was grinning from ear to ear. "Smirkarella holds less sway then. She's more like the Cucquean Princess."

I commented, "As we can see here, Min, you're not exactly traumatized by what you just did with Cindy. And that's good, because I'm going to have you do that a lot more."

"Whaaaat?!" Mindy dropped her arms and looked at me beseechingly. "Dan, Honey, please!"

I said firmly, "Sorry, Sweetheart, that's just how it is and how it's going to be. After all, you're the one who wanted me to have a harem. I mean, just look at you and Cindy kneeling before me all gloriously naked on this absurdly huge bed. This kind of situation is going to happen again and again, probably on a daily basis."

Mindy asked with an uncharacteristic shyness, "Are you asserting your authority as master on this?"

"I am! You're going to be naked and around other naked women, with all of us having sex. That's just how it is. There's going to be a LOT of female-on-female sex. Incestuous too. You're going to get to know Michelle's and Ruby's pussies up close and personal, just as they're going to get to know yours."

As expected, my wife was shocked to the point of being rendered speechless.

I looked to Cindy, who was sitting calmly on her knees now. "And that goes for you too. You seem more than okay with that kind of thing, so you're going to be expected to love Ruby and all your other slave sisters in every possible way. Can you handle that?"

Cindy nodded. "I can." In fact, she showed no signs of being bothered by that prospect.

Mindy complained to me, "Hey, what about me? You drop this bomb that I'm supposed to do all that, and you don't even ask me if I want it?"

Cindy chimed in on my behalf, saying, "Think about it. The fact that he didn't even ask, isn't that hot? He's embracing his inner master. And think about what it means. We're all going to be slaves, total slaves! No holds - or holes - barred! There will be NO LIMIT to the sexual debauchery, or the submission! We're all going to have to service each other for HIS pleasure, as well as our own! Why, he may even have you seduce totally strangers, just so he can turn them into his fuck pets without having to lift a finger!"

Mindy looked at me curiously, pondering all that. She smiled wolfishly. "Thank you, Cindy. Since you put it THAT way, how can I object? It sounds like the ultimate fulfillment of the Plan!"

She spoke more shyly. "But Dan, please, take it slow with me on that, okay? I was giving you some excuses before, and there's some truth to those things, but I suppose the main thing holding me back is just plain brainwashing. I was taught as a kid that any kind of homosexual activity was wrong. As an enlightened adult I understand that's bullshit, but that kind of brainwashing is hard to overcome. The younger generation has it a lot better, with those old prejudices slipping away."

I nodded. "That's true. And I will kind of take it easy on you, but I'm also going to kind of push you. Because if I don't, we're not going to make any progress. In fact, I'm going to put you in more and more lesbian situations, because that's a big sexual fantasy for me. Understood?"

She nodded with curious shyness again. She was unable to meet my gaze.

"And Cindy, I don't really know how you feel on this. I can see you've been enjoying yourself, but do I need to push you some too?"

Cindy nodded too. "I guess I'm a lot like Mindy. Old prejudices die hard. But when you have us worked up to a fever pitch, that makes it easy to overcome old habits. I was so horny there I could have fucked a duck!"

Mindy was all grins. "Aaaaah. So that explains things."

"What?" Cindy knew some kind of joke was coming, but she couldn't resist asking anyway.

"It explains why, when we were walking past our duck pond yesterday, all the ducks looked at you with such curiously satisfied smiles on their faces."

Cindy chuckled, but said, "It's just an expression! Sheesh! And you don't even have a duck pond."

Mindy joked, "That's because we had to get rid of it in an attempt to cut down on your duck fucking."

Cindy joked back, "Hey, at least it's better than you and your turtle fucking. And now you're trying to get Dan hooked on turtles too."

Mindy responded, "You know what they say: 'once you go turtle... you've really... uh... jumped a high hurdle."

Cindy laughed, but exclaimed, "Groooooan!"

"Hey, you try finding something to rhyme with 'turtle!'"

I couldn't help but laugh at their back and forth. However, I asked, "Min, I have a serious question. What ARE you? Are you my wife, or one of my cock slaves, or something in between? I noticed recently that both Sue Ellen and Cindy referred to you as my quote, 'slave-wife,' unquote, and you didn't object or blink an eye at that."

Mindy put a hand on her chin and pondered that. "Hmmm. 'Slave-wife.' Believe it or else, I like the sound of that. It turns me on. To be honest, it's been a grey and undefined question for me too. I think the answer is that I'm both your wife AND one of your cock slaves. So that puts me somewhere in between. 'Slave-wife' fits the bill nicely, I think."

I asked her, "But what does that MEAN? That just raises more questions. We used to agree on everything as equal partners. What now? Should I order you around like one of my slaves, or what? Do you call me 'Master?' Do I spank you when you're disobedient? I think it's time we sort these things out."

She nodded. "I agree. Let's sort it out. As your wife, I assume I'm always going to have a special place in your heart, and special privileges, in your bed and out of it."

"That goes without saying," I replied. "No offense, Cindy, but Mindy is my soul mate and we have a long, magical history together. As far as I'm concerned, our marriage is a special commitment that will endure no matter what else is happening with anyone else. That can never change."

"I understand," Cindy said, looking a trifle sad.

Worried that I might have hurt Cindy's feelings, I hastened to add, "Of course, you know that I love you too. If you'll let me, I want to live with you and love you until the day I die."

Cindy's expression dramatically changed. It looked like she was almost ready to cry tears of joy. "Oh, Dan! I love you too! I would love that so much!" It looked like she wanted to give me a big hug, but she decided not to when she saw how I was still flopped out, flat on my back.

Mindy was also more ecstatic than before, "My love, I feel the exact same way about our special commitment to each other. Beyond that, the way I look at it, we need to divide things between the sexual and the non-sexual. The power has obviously shifted in your favor. I don't really consider that a bad thing though. Clearly, we don't have a conventional monogamous marriage anymore. Ultimately, you're the master to us all. But I hope that when it comes to non-sexual matters, you'll still try to treat me as your equal partner, or close to it. I hope you'll consult with me and your official mistress on serious matters, since we're the three experienced adults of the bunch."

I stopped her. "So wait. Cindy is my official mistress now?" This was an issue where I needed Mindy's full approval first.

Mindy shrugged, like it was no big deal. "Sure. Why not? I think that's fitting. Don't you, Cindy?"

Cindy scooted close to Mindy, threw her arms around her, and kissed her lips.

Mindy was surprised at first, but she soon kissed back with obvious love and affection. They ostentatiously rubbed their bare racks together as they knelt up in bed, no doubt mindful of the fact that I was watching.

I thought, God, they're both so beautiful! And stacked! I'm the luckiest man alive!

Cindy broke the kiss and joyously exclaimed, "Woo-hoo! Yee-haw! AAAIIIIEEE! Does that answer your question?"

But she didn't give Mindy a chance to reply, because she practically threw herself on me next. In a flash, she was lying on top of me. She'd wound up with her head on my chest, so she kissed her way up towards my head, saying, "Master! Enslaving myself to you and your big, fat cock is the greatest thing I've ever done! I thought I was living the dream already, but being your official mistress is going to make me EVEN HAPPIER! Forever!"

I thought I was ready for a serious kiss, but she took my breath away just the same with the intensity of her smooch. It was like she was somehow channeling all of her love, lust, and affection through her lips.

Mindy knelt by my side, smiling approvingly. "Aaaaah! Speaking of living the dream, this is a great cucquean moment. And in a day chock-full of them!"

There was a pause, apparently while she watched Cindy and I get it on. She added, "Honey, I know you can't really talk at the moment, but let me try to answer some of your questions while Cindy, uh, entertains you."

I opened my eyes and glanced at my wife. Sure enough, she was in full happy smirk mode. As usual, seeing her happy like that made me happy too.

She idly ran a hand over Cindy's shapely bare back as she said to me, "First off, I was saying that when it comes to non-sexual matters, we're probably going to be more like a team now. I'm sure your sexual power is going to carry over. Everybody has a sort of need to defer to you now, including me, and that seems to be growing. I think the more one kneels between your legs, begging for another hot shower of cum, the more one tends to take this 'master' stuff seriously in all matters. But I'm confident we'll find a way to work things out, especially since we've never really disagreed much anyway. I know you won't forget that I'm still your wife, even if I've become your slave-wife."

Her hand drifted down to Cindy's great ass, as her mind obviously drifted to sex. "As far as sexual matters go, you're the undisputed king there. We all must obey you and serve you. The cock slave rules apply to me as well. In that respect, I'm more one of your slaves than your wife. But I still am your wife, and I'd like to think that makes me your top slave. Cindy, what do you think of that?"

Cindy broke the kiss with me to answer, but she kept her face right above mine instead of turning to look at Mindy, in hopes of resuming necking soon. "Definitely! We all think of you as the top slave already. We look to Master first for direction, and of course to check if his cock needs pleasuring. But then we look to you second. We don't even need to discuss it. Everyone knows you're the top slave and his 'right hand woman.'"

Mindy nodded while caressing Cindy's ass cheeks. Then, realizing Cindy couldn't see the nod, she said, "Good. And Cindy, if I'm his 'right hand woman,' then you're going to be MY right hand woman. Together, we can hopefully help keep our unruly booby babes in line."

I said, "And Cin, I want you to help ME so we can hopefully keep my unruly cucquean crazed wife in line."

That seemed to sting Mindy a bit. She replied, "Ouch. Point taken."

I added, "While we're at it, if I'm the master of all things sexual, then I'm going to lay down the law. I know I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again so there can be no doubt: I don't want any more cock slaves, period! I'm overwhelmed as it is. Quality trumps quantity every time, and you five are the most lovable and wonderful women I could imagine. And everyone has to behave around Nicky at all times. We can't keep messing up around her and putting her in sexual situations. Understood?"

They nodded. For once, they looked genuinely chastened.

My dick had gone flaccid after the "lesbian show" ended, but as we'd been talking, it had been engorging again. This was mostly due to Cindy. She was kissing me with an incredible amount of love and passion, as well as wriggling her nude body over mine, and running her hands everywhere. How could I not respond? I could even feel my energy level rising back to normal.

Ironically, given Cindy's mention of regularly checking if my cock needs pleasuring, her hands had not yet reached my dick.

But Mindy noticed my newly growing condition. She took her hand off Cindy's ass and started stroking me all the way back to full size. Furthermore, she did it in the small space between Cindy's legs. It wasn't long before she was rubbing the head of my boner against Cindy's increasingly wet pussy lips!

Mindy kept talking. "Honey, you have to understand that I'm of two minds. On one hand, I love you being master of us all, and the more masterly you are, the better. But on the other hand, I also love getting my own way, as you well know. At times, it rankles me that we don't have an equal marriage like before. So, while I'm not opposed to calling you 'Master,' don't expect me to do it much, or even at all. At least not until I get used to all these changes in our lives."

She paused to wait for my response, but then she chuckled when she realized I couldn't talk due to the way I was necking with Cindy. "Honey, grunt once if that sounds good to you, grunt twice if you have issues."

I grunted once.

She giggled. "See? The mere fact that you can't even talk because an enslaved total MILF bombshell is all over you is what it's all about! I feel such a THRILL from that, and I don't think that's ever going to get old for me. It's just so... Hnnnggg! What a RUSH!"

She looked down at her hand, which was still rubbing my boner against Cindy's pussy. Cindy was rhythmically humping back on it. Mindy had picked up on that rhythm, and she was stroking it in perfect time. She said, "And if that's not enough of a thrill, I wish you could see what I'm seeing, what your cock is going through. If the angle were right, I would totally take your big cock and spear it right into your official mistress!"

Her chest heaved with excitement as she reconsidered the situation. "But as it is, this is maybe even better. More cucquean-esque, if you know what I mean. Being forced to rub your cock against another woman's hot cunt, seeing her love juices wet the tip and drip down it... Aaaah! Goose bumps! Tingles of excitement down to my toes!"

After a pause where she seemed to get lost in playing with my cock against Cindy's wet lips, she continued, "And what else did you ask about? Oh yes. Spanking. I think the answer there is definitely yes! Spank the hell out of me, if you feel like it! That's part of your Master's Prerogative, just like I have the Master's Wife Prerogative. I may be your wife, but you own my body!"

I stopped kissing Cindy and asked Min, "Wait. What's 'Master's Wife Prerogative?'"

"That's where I can basically claim dibs on you at any time. I used it today at Mama Mia's, remember? In fact, that's also when I made the term up on the spot." She chuckled at that. "Although, I should point out that it's already basically enshrined as Cock Slave Rule Number Five: 'wives get first dibs.'"

I chuckled too. "Okay. I trust you not to abuse that power."

She squealed like a gleeful kid, "Goody!" Then she added in her best mad scientist voice, "Foolish mortal. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Abuse power? Me? Smirkarella, queen of the smirky night? You must be mad! Mad, I tell you! Mad! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!" She cackled insanely.

I said with a mixture of chagrin and amusement, "You're far too convincing when you do that, you know."

"I know." She was all smiles, but then she suddenly grew serious again. "Now, remember, you have the same power over my body as you do over those of your slaves. You can do whatever you damn well please with it, short of letting another man touch it. I'm not into a daily spanking like the girls are, but I do love a good sexy spanking now and then. And if I do wrong, I hate to say it, but that means I deserve a harsh spanking."

I thought, Hooo boy! She may be regretting saying that soon! Given the scheming she's done with the Gruesome Twosome on the spying alone, she's got a lot of harsh spankings coming her way!

Then she suddenly crawled between Cindy's legs.

Cindy seemed to sense what was coming and spread her legs out to make things easier on her.

Mindy brought her face up close and began licking my cock while continuing to hold it up against Cindy's hot cunt.

Cindy couldn't help but squeeze her legs closed, after repeated surges of arousal ran through her. She couldn't close her legs all the way, but she soon had Mindy's head in a vice-like grip.

Even as Cindy kept French kissing me, and Mindy licked my cock, I considered the conversation that had just ended. Geez, that went remarkably smoothly. Too smoothly! I think Min was so horny that she was very agreeable. She says things she finds arousing. Plus, we were talking purely on the theoretical level. It's easier to agree about that. The problem is the practical level, where sometimes it seems I'm "Master" in name only. To change that is going to be a long battle, not a short conversation.

But that battle is for another day. Right now, I'm going to enjoy the hell out of this.

I broke the latest kiss long enough to gasp out, "Min! Don't just lick my cock! Lick Cindy's cunt too!"

Mindy grumbled, "You're pushing me already, aren't you? You bastard! I have half a mind to ignore your cock altogether for a few minutes and just lick your balls instead!" She chuckled at that because that obviously wasn't any kind of punishment. "And Cindy, please don't crush my head like a walnut!"

Cindy relaxed her legs.

Mindy went back to licking my long shaft as she said, "The truth is, when I started down this cucquean road, I didn't realize I'd end up one of your de facto cock slaves too. I didn't want that at all. But... good God! It's all so fucking arousing and inspiring! I'm so glad we've finally sorted these things out. I'm getting off on the name 'slave-wife.' Now you've enslaved me too!"

She pulled my boner away from Cindy's pussy, because it was in the way. Then she licked up and down Cindy's hot and wet lips. However, my rigid cock was literally poking against the side of her face as she did that, and that seemed to get to her.

She suddenly exclaimed, "You big-cocked bastard! Now you've got me licking pussy and loving it! This'll show you!" She engulfed my cockhead and started bobbing on it. But apparently she felt bad for ending the way Cindy had been squeezing her pussy against the side of my shaft, because she brought a hand up and plunged a couple of fingers into Cindy's hot box as well. I couldn't see it, but I could feel it, with her wrist brushing against the side of my boner from time to time.

We were having fun doing all that for a couple of minutes when I heard a knock on the door, and then a voice. It was Nicky!

She said shyly, "Mom? Dad? Cindy? Can I come in?"

Oh shit!

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