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Chapter 31

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I heard a knock on the door. It was Nicky! She said shyly, "Mom? Dad? Cindy? Can I come in?"

Before I had a chance to say anything, Mindy moaned loudly while bobbing on my cock. "MMMM!"

"Wait!" I shouted towards the door as I raised up my head in an effort to get up.

But it was too late - Nicky had already opened the door! She took a quick look at our three naked bodies in the middle of our big bed. She couldn't see much of me because Cindy was lying on top of me, and Mindy was lying between our legs. I was sure she couldn't see any of my erection either, but with the way Mindy's head was bobbing, she didn't need to in order to figure out what was going on with it.

She stood there with eyes as big as Frisbees! I don't know how long she stared. It seemed like years, but it was probably just a few seconds. I don't think my heart beat a single time as she did so, even as I reached down and frantically tapped on my sneaky wife's head.

Nicky finally said, "OH!" Then she quickly closed the door most of the way and fled down the hall.

I groaned unhappily, and hissed, "Mindy, why the hell did you have to do that?!"

Mindy sat up. She tried to act all innocent. "What? I was just vocally enjoying your cock."

"Yeah, right!" Grumbling, I managed to extricate myself out from under Cindy and away from Mindy for good measure. I got up and rushed to my closet.

Mindy reached out towards me. "What are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing?" Even as I spoke, I picked up a bath robe and quickly put it on. I figured time was of the essence, and I could slip that on in a few seconds. "I'm going to try to comfort Nicky before she starts crying. She's our daughter and not just some sex object, you know."

Mindy was looking guilty - finally!

Cindy appeared unhappy too, even though she hadn't done anything wrong.

As I hurried out the room, Mindy said, "I'm sorry. That was bad."

"Yes, it was! Talk about someone deserving harsh spankings... Sheesh! Remember that you're Nicky's mother first and foremost. This cucquean stuff doesn't even begin to compare to that!"

She nodded sheepishly.

I hurried out the door and into the hallway. My damn boner wasn't helping out - it was probably still wondering what happened to Mindy's sweet mouth. So I had to hold a hand strategically above my crotch to prevent it from bouncing around too wildly.

In retrospect, it probably would have been better to take a few more moments and put some underwear on too. But it seems I didn't think of underwear as a clothing option anymore, so for some reason that didn't occur to me.

Even though I'd acted as fast as possible, enough time had passed that I wasn't sure which way to go. Nicky might have gone downstairs, but she might have gone into one of the upstairs rooms. The most logical place to go upstairs was her bedroom, so I headed there first.

Within seconds, I could hear Nicky in her room from the hallway. The door was partly open, so I went right in. She had apparently just gotten there ahead of me, and she was standing in the middle of the room. I couldn't see her expression since she was facing away from the door.

As I strode into the room, I said, "Nicky! Muffin! I'm so sorry!" I walked all the way around to her front side and stood in front of her. With a brief glance, I noticed she was wearing a T-shirt, but her legs were mostly bare.

It looked like I'd gotten there just in time, because she appeared to be on the verge of bursting into tears. Instead, she cried out, "Daddy!" and threw her arms around me. She hugged me like she was trying to squeeze me to death.

I gingerly wrapped my arms around the middle of her back, being extra careful not to touch her in any kind of potentially erotic manner. I also leaned forward a bit in hopes that that would keep my disobedient stiff dick from getting into any more trouble.

I didn't waste time, because I figured I still needed to do more, and fast, to stop her from crying. I said, "I'm so, so sorry that you saw that! Please, please! I beg your forgiveness!"

She just squeezed me tight and sniffled a little bit into the terry cloth of my robe. I was greatly relieved that my fast action seemed to be averting a full-blown crying spell.

For a while, I just lovingly held my Muffin in my arms, trying to calm her down. Then she said, "Dad, it's my fault. I shouldn't have barged in so fast."

I replied, "No, we were all caught up in the moment. We didn't think before answering your call."

"But Daddy, I shouldn't have just opened the door like that. God knows we all knew what you were doing in there earlier!"

After a pause, I asked, "What do you mean by that?"

She pulled back enough to look me in the eye. She chuckled with chagrin. "Geez, Dad! As if you didn't know. The whole neighborhood knows!"

"What? Oh... We were being kind of loud, weren't we?"

She laughed. "You can say that again! Good grief! I don't even want to know what you were doing in there! Actually, now I kind of do know what you were all doing, and it's way too kinky to even think about! But the thing is, the screams had stopped for a good while, so we figured you were finished."


I couldn't help myself: I furtively glanced down at her body. I noticed that she was wearing the same red bikini bottoms as before, plus a matching plain red T-shirt. And that was it! There was no sign of a bra or a bikini top! I could tell that from her erect nipples poking through the shirt, plus the way her huge jugs were still swinging free since she'd let go of me.

She answered, "You know, us four girls waiting downstairs for you. Have you noticed what time it is? It's getting dark. We were wondering if we should start making dinner, or what. And, just before all the crazy 'good-bye hugs' with our friends started, Mom mentioned that she wanted to take a walk with me to talk about something important, so I figured we'd better get that over with too." Her eyes seemed to bug out when she reminded herself about the "good-bye hugs."

"About those 'hugs'... I can't tell you too many times how sorry I am about that. I kind of got lost in the moment. I should have given more consideration to your feelings."

I was trying to mentally will my dick to go flaccid, but I wasn't having any luck. Good God! The fact that all she's wearing is a T-shirt, bikini bottoms, and nothing else is just too arousing! Is that going to be her new dress code around the house?!

She pulled me close for another bear hug. "Oh, Dad! You don't need to keep apologizing. But why is everything so... weird? Ever since I've come home, things are different. Everything is sex, sex, sex, all of a sudden!"

I comfortingly patted her back while still leaning forward slightly, trying to keep my crotch from making contact with her. Furthermore, I was painfully aware of the fact that I was wearing nothing but a robe, and my boner could poke out of it if I wasn't careful. I could feel her nipples were erect and poking into me, but I couldn't do anything about that.

I said calmly, "I'm so sorry about that. It's this new arrangement with Cindy. Please don't blame her. It's just that ever since things started with her, the three of us have been sooooo horny all the time that it's not even funny!"

Nicky looked chagrined. "Yeah, I've noticed. To say the least!" She rolled her eyes. "It was like what Mom was saying... you've turned into sex maniacs."

I nodded while still holding the hug. She was almost as tall as me, but she was bent down somewhat so she could rest her head against the top of my chest. I wished I couldn't feel her stiff nipples poking into me. The clothing in between didn't help much. But there was nothing I could do except try to ignore it.

I said, "I won't lie to you, Muffin, there's a lot of truth to that. And unfortunately, it seems we can't even stop ourselves from having sex for the days of your short visit. You've gotten caught in the middle. I can't apologize enough for that. It must be traumatic for you."

She said, "Well... not traumatic exactly. Just... weird. Hearing you had a mistress with Mom's full approval was a big shock, true. I'm still dealing with that. Everything else is, 'Well, if things are that weird already, what the hell? It might as well get a little weirder.' You know what I mean? It's like nothing can shock me now."

I thought, If she only knew the full truth! She'd get a bigger shock than a condemned man in an electric chair! She's got several heart-stopping shocks still to come, actually. And that's if we ever tell her the whole truth. It might be better not to. And least not for a long while.

I admitted, "The thing is, it's like we've started something that we have no control over." I pulled back slightly to make eye contact. "I have something strange to confess to you."

She frowned and stared at me narrowly. "Uh-oh! What now?!"

"It's not THAT bad. It's just that your mother... well, to be honest, this situation has been building up for a long time for her. She has this kind of... fetish. It's called being a cucquean. Do you know what that means?"

She shook her head negatively.

It was exceedingly hard for me to not pay attention to what that did to the contents of her T-shirt. I honestly worried that her two wobbling bowling balls would rip her shirt to shreds. But I played it cool, and asked, "Has Mom mentioned anything like that to you?"

She shook her head again.

This time, I had to close my eyes and pretend I was thinking intently so she wouldn't see my interest in how that head shaking was moving her elsewhere. Hot damn! More bowling ball action! Why doesn't anyone wear bras around here anymore?!

I said, "Well, I probably should let her explain, but maybe it's easier on her if I do. You've heard of being a cuckold, right?"

"Sure. That's where a man has a wife who is cheating on him with his full knowledge of it."

"Right. The thing is, a lot of men in that situation hate it, as you might well imagine, but there are others who actually like it because they find it's a big turn-on. Don't ask me why they do, because I'm not one of them, just accept for right now that willing cuckolds exist. You with me so far?"

Nicky nodded. "Yeah, I guess."

"A cucquean is the female version of that," I explained.

Nicky made a sour face. "How is that supposed to work?!"

Trying to put the best possible spin on the situation I could, I replied, "In your mother's case, she's been having these fantasies about me sleeping with other women for years now, or so she tells me. And now, with what's happened with Cindy, it's like her fantasies are coming true."

Nicky looked at me skeptically. "Wait a minute. You're telling me that Mom would LIKE it if you cheated on her?!"

To my secret relief, my penis was finally going flaccid. That allowed me to relax my pose as I answered, "Not... exactly. She finds it arousing if I were to have sex with other women after getting her permission for doing so first. So it's not cheating, in the sense that I'm doing all of this behind her back or something and lying to her about it, because she knows and approves. So she's had some fantasies along those lines, for years. But you know me, I'm kind of a stick in the mud when it comes to making changes, and I didn't want to ruin the great thing we had going for something that might end in disaster anyway."

Nicky nodded in understanding, even though her face still looked sour.

I was trying very hard to keep looking her in the eyes, and not down at her completely unsupported boobs. Those boobs were so big that her T-shirt hung way out in front below them, practically enough to hide a pregnant belly! At least, that's how it seemed to my lusty eyes. Unfortunately, I took a prolonged secret glance, and just as my dick was going flaccid, it started to fully engorge again.

Dammit! I need to focus here. It's not like I can just reach out and fondle her fantastic E-cups. I'm her dad! I need to act like it!

I continued, "But then the thing with Cindy happened, kind of accidentally, as I explained to you before. That just so happened to dovetail with your mother's cucquean fantasies. And, as I've said, our sex lives have been turbo-charged to an incredible degree ever since we've become a threesome. So, to my chagrin, Mom has taken that as a sign that I should have even MORE lovers! Plus, Cindy seems to be just as much of a cucquean, because whenever we so much as hint at the possibility of me having sex with another woman, both of them get horny beyond belief. It's like some kind of vicious circle that keeps the three of us in a constant state of arousal."

Nicky wasn't giving away anything with her facial expression. I was staring resolutely at her face only. Thanks to the serious nature of our discussion, I could feel my penis thankfully getting flaccid again.

I pressed on, "So, maybe now some things will make more sense to you. For instance, why we're already talking about the possibility of me having an outside lover. It's NOT something I'm pushing for, since I'm VERY happy with your mother and Cindy. But rather it's something THEY'RE pushing onto me!"

There was a long pause, and then Nicky said matter-of-factly, "That's reaaaaally messed up, Dad. Really messed up!"

I nodded. "Yeah. Pretty much. Now you can better understand their reaction to my kissing your friends. I wasn't planning on doing anything there, but it kind of turned into a first experiment about this whole 'outside lover' idea. And you saw the reaction. Your mother might have been upset to some degree, but she was WAY more aroused by the whole thing. Ditto with Cindy. When we got back to our bedroom, I hardly had to do anything. They were flying into orbit just from the thought that I'd been kissing those four girls."

Nicky said in disbelief, "That's crazy! It's like you're living in a pornographic novel!"

I replied wide-eyed, "I know! Believe me, I know! I feel like I've been on a wild roller coaster ride, and it keeps getting wilder all the time! And you happened to return home right as all of this is coming to a head, throwing us all for a loop. I haven't actually done anything with anyone else beyond what you've seen with those girls today, but we're right on the verge of something big happening, it seems. Maybe even with one or more of those girls. If I do take an outside lover or two-"

She interrupted with exasperation, "'Or two?!' TWO?! What the hell, Dad?!"

I held my hands up defensively. "Hey, don't blame me! That's what I'm being encouraged to do by the women in my life. Anyway, I'm not keen on picking them because I worry that it could mess up their relationships with you or Michelle or Ruby. But they seem the most likely, due to the way they were all throwing themselves at me today. And just the possibility that something like that could happen has turned us all into, well... sex maniacs."

Nicky stared sternly into the distance. "Hmmm. Thanks for explaining that. That is definitely NOT normal, but it does explain a lot of things." After that, she stayed silent, pondering all of this new information. She was still holding onto me, so I carefully put my arms back around her upper back.

After a long pause, I asked her, "What do you think? What should we do? You know how things work around here. I'm supposedly the 'man of the house,' but I'm an easy-going guy. When your mom pushes hard for something, she gets it. And now, with both her AND Cindy pushing hard for this, I feel like I've got a tiger by the tail. But then again, I must confess that I'm not exactly pushing back all that hard against their cucquean scheming. I'm a red-blooded, heterosexual male. I can't say I dislike the idea of having sex with other women!"

Nicky growled with a strange aggressiveness, "You're not just some guy - you're my Dad! You're a man with a VERY high libido! Everybody around here knows that you and Mom still go at it like your honeymoon never ended. How could you say 'no' to more sex? You can't! So I don't blame you."

I thought, Did Nicky just praise me for my high sex drive? Well, maybe not 'praise' exactly, but she seems to take it for a given that I have an unusually strong one. That is... I dunno. This is not a normal family!

Nicky raised a curious eyebrow, pondering even more. Finally, she said, "You know what? I need to talk to Mom and give her a piece of my mind. She needs to calm down about this whole cucquean thing before things fly completely off the handle."

I said, "I agree completely. It would be one thing if we were talking about some kind of very occasional sort of incident. Some people who have been married a long time go to a sex party or swap partners or something like that once or twice a year to spice up their sex life. But our sex life didn't need any spicing up in the first place, especially since Cindy has only recently joined us. Heck, I'd be sexually satisfied with my two gorgeous women forever. But your mom seems to have no limit with her fantasies. If it were up to her, I think she'd like to see me with an entire harem!"

That last comment was fairly extreme, but I figured I was setting things up for later.

Nicky growled unhappily at that. "Grrr! Where is she? I need to talk to her. Now!"

"I assume she's still in the bedroom with Cindy."

Nicky broke away and started marching out of the room towards my bedroom. I couldn't help but admire her ass cheeks undulating up and down. Her bikini bottoms covered so little of that fantastic bubble butt! At the same time, I was both happy and sad that her big tits and hard nipples were no longer pressing against my chest.

I said to her departing backside, "Don't just barge in there though, okay? Remember what happened the last time you did that."

She replied while heading out the door, "I know." But then she tensed up and said with a startled look, "But wait. You're in here. You're not saying..."

"No! Definitely not! They're not going to get intimate with each other. At least, I don't think they would after I stormed out after you. But still, barging in on them while they're possibly naked is never a good idea."

She relaxed upon hearing that. "True. And thanks for clueing me in about this cucquean stuff. It all makes sense now!" She hurried off.

I was left standing alone in the middle of her room. That gave me time to think. Huh. I hadn't planned on telling her all that, at least not yet. But I let my instinct guide me and it seems to have worked out.

In fact, it's better this way. We'll be able to move to having her accept Cupcake as my next "mistress" that much faster, and it opens other doors. For one thing, now Nicky can put pressure on Min to keep her cucquean tendencies in check. That'll help.

True, I put a lot of the blame on Mindy, but she can handle it. I'm sure she's fine with that if it helps us reach our goal of revealing most of the truth to Nicky without her completely freaking out and giving up on us. Besides, it IS mostly true. The only thing is that Nicky's behind the times. But we're getting her up to speed bit by bit. Heck, I even dropped a hint about the harem. I'm kind of proud of mentioning that. Hopefully, that can serve as a kind of foreshadowing.

But will she ever accept that I have a harem, for real?! Based on how well things have gone so far, I think getting her to accept Sue Ellen as my second mistress will be relatively easy. We've already started that with Cupcake hugging and kissing me in front of her today. We can do more of that before the departure to Hawaii. But it's the next step that's like a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon: Michelle and Ruby as two more of my lovers. Ugh! How the hell could she EVER accept that?!

I continued to linger in Nicky's room. That was unusual, but I wanted to be alone with my thoughts, and with everything so crazy in the house lately, it provided a good refuge. I had so much thinking to do that I sat down in a chair and stared out a window, towards the pool and then the ocean far beyond.

I had to wonder, What's with Nicky's recent clothing choices? Or perhaps it's better to call them LACK of clothing choices! I'm almost having to remind myself that my Muffin is well known for covering herself up to the point that people give her a hard time about it. But... sweet Jesus! Today she's been walking about topless nearly all day long!

What's up with that?! Seriously?! She really used to cover up like an Eskimo, but she's been going topless so much in the last 24 hours that I find myself disappointed she actually is wearing a T-shirt. And almost nothing else!

I know that she's supposed to be on this new campaign of trying to loosen up about that, but she loosened up a hell of a lot in a big hurry. I wasn't expecting THAT! I can't help but wonder if it's because she has a crush on me. I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, but it's hard to deny that she's been dressing in a provocative way specifically when I'm around. And God only knows how much I've been provoked!

So she shows off her perfect curvy figure. But... then what?! I know that she doesn't actually want to get intimate with me, because that would be absurd. She's not like Shelle or Ruby with their long-time incestuous daddy issues. Nicky's living a normal life. She knows the difference between fantasy and reality.

So what's the deal? Maybe she just wants to fan the flames of her forbidden daddy fantasy a little bit? Maybe she greatly values what I think and wants to prove to herself that she's sexy by showing off to me? After all, little girls tend to practice their feminine wiles and allure on their fathers first before using them on other boys and men, just to make sure they work, don't they? Or maybe she's simply infected somewhat by the relentlessly horny atmosphere around here?

God, I just don't know what to think! The problem is, I know that I like it. A lot! Sometimes, I can't help but think the most awful, naughty, incestuous thoughts about her. It's always the forbidden fruit that's the most tempting. Be that as it may, the main thing is that I can't act on my lusty desires, EVER! Already things have gotten way out of hand. It's a matter of hours before she's off to Hawaii, and in my book that can't come too soon!

I continued to mull over other matters. One thing that I kept coming back to was the situation at Mama Mia's, and especially the conflict with Sonia. I was all over the map with that. A part of me wanted to "invade" the restaurant, meaning get intimate with Laura as well soon and then continue to have brazen sexual encounters with her, Sue Ellen, and some of my other women, hoping that Sonia would honor our agreement no matter what. Another part of me wanted to basically abandon the restaurant altogether, or only go to it occasionally just like any other regular customer. Sue Ellen could get a job somewhere else. Then there were all sorts of other options as well.

Mainly, it hinged on Sonia - the "Bat." What kind of person was she really, and what kind of relationship with her could I forge. Clearly, I couldn't afford to simply ignore her as I'd been doing, not unless I opted for the abandonment plan.

I was deep in thought when Nicky came back, alone. She was surprised to see me. "Dad! What are you still doing here?"

I came out of my trance-like state and looked her way. My heart thumped wildly to see her still in just her red T-shirt and red bikini bottoms. "Oh, hi Muffin. Sorry. It's just that I wanted to be alone to think and I couldn't go to my room with you being there with Mindy. I didn't to go elsewhere in the house 'cos I'd probably run into your sisters, and you know how that usually leads to trouble."

She grinned at that.

"I took the path of least resistance and just sat here. I'll go." I stood up. "But before I do, how did your conversation with Mindy go? I thought you two would talk a lot longer. I've been kind of spacing out, but weren't you only gone a couple of minutes?"

"That's right. We didn't talk so much as we made plans to talk. We're going to go on a walk to really hash things out. You're right that it's going to be a long discussion and probably a contentious one."

As Nicky was talking, she went to her dresser and took out a bra. Then she turned her back to me and asked, "Dad, could you close your eyes for a minute? I'm going to put a bra on."

I was going to tell her that I would just go.

But before I had a chance, she laughed heartily.

"What?" I asked.

"It's just that I realized how silly that idea is. I mean, I've been topless around you practically all day, and then suddenly it's like I can't have you see that part of my body again for a little bit. That doesn't make any sense, does it?"

"I suppose it is... strange," I said carefully.

"Here's a new plan. Michelle is trying to get me to get over my 'Eskimo parka ways' as she calls them, and we've all agreed that you're my guinea pig. So DON'T close your eyes or turn around, okay?"

"Okay. If you say so." I had turned around already but I turned back to face her, and I immediately got a shocker. She'd put the bra down and she was starting the process of taking her T-shirt off!

I stopped breathing and my heart just about leapt out of my chest, because I knew what was coming next, since she wasn't wearing a bra!

Time seemed to pass in slow motion as she pulled her T-shirt over her head. Her bare E-cups came into view and started wildly bouncing. But she had some trouble with her shirt, leaving it over her face for a little bit. Her huge tits kept right on wobbling and bouncing as she struggled with the shirt.

I'd been completely flaccid and unaroused, due to my deep contemplation. But I was erect and hard as a steel bar in a matter of seconds!

Finally, after about ten seconds I'd guess, she managed to get her T-shirt all the way off. She put the shirt on the dresser and just stood there. She'd started out with a normal face, but when I could see her face again it was cherry red.

She muttered to me, "Good God, this is embarrassing! But Michelle says it's like therapy for me. She says the more skin I expose in front of you, the quicker I'll get over my phobia."

I was giddy and downright dizzy from Nicky's magnificent show. All I could manage to say was, "Phobia?"

"Yeah. You know, that I'm shy and cover up, especially around guys. Since you're the one I love and trust the most, it's best I start with you. I'm gonna have to up my game if I've going to get a better boyfriend than Steve."

"Ah. I see." My brain was still in shock. It was funny how moments like this were actually more arousing than the best under-the-table double blowjob. God, my eldest daughter is a busty bombshell!

Acting casual, she picked up the bra she'd put on the top of the dresser. She started to move to put it on, but then she put it back down and said, "It's funny, you know. Breasts."

"What do you mean?" I hoped I was coming off like a cool customer and not a horny letcher.

"It's funny how guys go all ga-ga over them. Like you. Everybody knows you're a tit man. But they're just... there! They don't really do anything, unless one is lactating. I don't get the appeal."

"Yeah, well, I don't understand it either." I wasn't thinking too good with my brain still reeling, so I could hardly give an articulate answer. But I rallied and at least tried to be suave. "That said, I applaud what you're doing. Sure, I appreciate all the eye candy... and you're gorgeous eye candy! Nicky, you're grown into a truly stunning woman!"

She turned away. "Aw, Dad. You're just saying that."

"No, it's true! You don't even know what a perfect angel of beauty you are. That said, most people at Berkeley didn't realize because the way you've been dressing and generally hiding yourself. So I really do applaud your daring. Since you've been back, you've changed so much. You'll go back north a new woman! Although I do hope you at least cover your bare boobs with your hands when you're walking around campus."

She laughed heartily, causing a tremendous tit-quake. "DaaaaAAAAaaad! As if I'd go topless everywhere out in public!"

I was grinning as I pretended to be an idiot. "What? That's not your plan? If it was, you certainly would attract the interest of lots of guys."

"Yeah! I don't doubt that!" Still laughing, she picked up her bra again and finally started to put it on. "You know my real plan, boost my confidence with you so I can dress somewhat more sexily with others. It's a totally different thing with you, obviously."

"Oh." Since we were in a playful mood and she was just starting with her bra, I said in an obviously jokey tone, "By the way, need any help with that? For instance, I could hold and fondle your breasts to make sure they don't go anywhere while you take care of the bra."

She had a good laugh again, and another tit-quake. "DaaaaAAAAaaad! It doesn't work like that!"

"It doesn't? Okay, here's another idea. I'll hold and fondle your breasts and you hold the bra until you figure out how it does work."

She laughed some more. "UGH! That's the exact same idea, but worse! You're a total case. I'm just going to have to put the bra on myself."

I gave her my best pouty face. "Awwww? You're gonna put that bra on before you fly off to Hawaii?"

She was already wrapping the bra around herself. "I'm putting it on now."

I gesticulated as if I was getting frantic. "Don't be rash! Are you really sure that's the wisest option? Maybe you should form a comittee to investigate first. Think of the children! Oh, the humanity!"

She laughed a lot more, though the bra was already going on her so the tit-quake was limited this time. "Dad, you're a riot. You're so much fun. To be honest, I'm almost bummed to go to Hawaii."

I grew more serious. "Really? Why?"

"Because it's so great to be home!" She finished with the bra and went back to the dresser to put her T-shirt back on. "It's always like this. So much love and laughter and good times. So much support. I feel like I've got the best family in the world. 'Family comes first,' as Michelle always says. Even all the sexual weirdness about Cindy and all that jazz feels more like a bump in the road than something to get really upset about, now that I've gotten over the initial shock. I can already see her becoming 'one of the gang,' making it even more fun to be here. But I suppose I can't turn down Hawaii. That offer is too good to be true."

"No, you can't." I was suddenly feeling sad that she had to leave so soon. But then I remembered the imperative of getting her out of the house before she discovered our more scandalous secrets. There really was no other option.

Nicky quickly put her red T-shirt back on, effectively ending the heart-pounding wonderful titty show.

After a little more small talk, she and I left her room together.

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