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Chapter 32

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy came out of out bedroom to greet us. She was fully dressed in casual clothing. The two of them went downstairs and out of the house for their walk.

I tried to put Nicky and her fabulous body out of mind and focus on my obligation to spank my troublesome Gruesome Twosome. However, it was hard to stop thinking about Nicky. It's true that I'd seen a lot of her topless in the last twenty-four hours. But somehow seeing her changing her clothes was even more exciting. It seemed like a significant step, though I wasn't sure were the steps were heading. I decided to try hard not to think about it or I'd never calm down.

The really big question was what was Nicky's motive? She'd been terrified getting topless in front of me, and it still embarrassed her greatly, but I could tell she was starting to have fun with it. However, I REALLY didn't wnt to think about that, because some of the possibilities were very distressing.

I walked into my bedroom and found Cindy still there, sitting on the edge of our huge bed. She was fully dressed in casual clothes too, because Nicky had been in the room briefly talking to Mindy.

I sat next to Cindy without touching her. I held up a hand to my ear, as if listening for something. "Wait... and watch. Aaaaaaany moment now, it's gonna happen."

"What's gonna happen?"

"The Gruesome Twosome are going to burst through that door, probably with Sue Ellen following close behind." I dropped my hand, since I knew it would take longer than "any moment." I continued, "They know it's spanking time. I'm sure they're just waiting until the coast is clear and Nicky and Mindy are safely out of the house and down the street."

Cindy was all smiles. "Ooooh! Spanking time. I like the sound of that. Can I participate somehow?"

"Sure. But here's the thing. Remember how I caught them spying on us making love last night? You, me, and Mindy, right here on this bed. It's time I do something about that!"

"Good idea. You need to punish them severely or they'll never stop doing it. And I still worry about what Nicky found out because of that."

I nodded. "And I worry about Mindy. She's been enabling those girls all along. If she'd been honest to me about the full extent of the spying, it wouldn't have even been possible for Nicky to have taken part in that last night."

Cindy's eyes went wide with concern. "That is bad. I hadn't even thought about that. What are you going to do about it?"

"I have my plans, believe me. But what also bothers me is that lately it seems that you've become an enabler for Mindy and her wild cucquean ways. I expect better from you."

Cindy dropped her head in shame.

"What's happening there?" I asked her.

Cindy replied while keeping her head bowed low, "I'm sorry, Master. I truly am. It's just that, well... for one thing, I'm finding that being in a cucquean mood can be a big sexual thrill for me too! I don't know what it is, but I find it so arousing watching you with other women that I can barely even breathe sometimes. Remember that from the very start I had to accept sharing you."

"That's true."

"We all know Rule Number Three: 'Share the cock.' I've already taken that to heart, to the point that when I see another slave bobbing intently on your shaft or otherwise really giving it to you good, it feels like a victory for me too. I well and truly mean that. My heart sings with joy!"

"Surely you exaggerate."

"No! I don't! It's a great feeling. Hearing them slobber and choke on you is like music to my ears. Besides, there's something about the sheer wrongness of it, the way it bucks all conventions, that's downright addictive. Especially when you thoroughly dominate them! Oooh! Goose bumps! And what Mindy says about the burn of jealousy that feels so good, I feel that too."

I thought, Uh-oh. What am I going to do about that? I still don't know what to do about Mindy.

She went on, "But also... it's tough to be the responsible one because... well... all the other women are having such fun, letting their inhibitions run wild, and I'm supposed to be the school marm slapping everyone with a ruler? That sucks! I worry that you're just going to resent me for being a drag if I actually do that job well. And everyone else will resent me too. It's hard enough on me being your oldest cock slave by far. And your least attractive one."

I suddenly grasped her chin and lifted it up, forcing her to look me in the eye. "What did you just say?"

She couldn't turn her head with my hand on her chin, but she looked way off to the side. She spoke with great sadness. "You heard me. I'm no good. I don't even know why you want me as one of your slaves. I'm not nearly as beautiful or endowed as Michelle or Ruby." She sadly lifted up her breasts through her clothes, apparently finding them wanting.

She continued, "And Sue Ellen is gorgeous too, and adorable and so wonderfully loyal. Plus, they're all young. They'll be wonderful sex pets for you twenty years from now, when I'll probably be using a walker to get around."

I scoffed, "Oh, come on!"

"Practically! And sure, I totally love serving your cock. I'd play with it every single minute of the day if that was physically possible. Well, almost. But they feel that way too, probably even more than I do."

She finally met my eyes and asked plaintively, "What do I have to offer that they don't? I know I'm only here because I'm Ruby's mother and I 'complete the set,' as it were. Please, please, don't ask me to be the responsible one! Then, not only will you not love me even half as much as I love you, but you'll eventually come to resent me. It won't be long before you replace me with a handful of superior cock slaves, sexy and stacked girls like Anjali or Nina who are half my age and already worship your cock in their minds!"

I'd let Cindy talk so I could find out exactly how she felt. But now that she'd let her feelings out, I acted quickly before she had a chance to break into tears. Still holding her chin, I said, "Cindy, you are SO WRONG! I love YOU! This harem isn't some kind of revolving door thing where I'm going to be kicking out anyone who isn't quite up to snuff. I don't know about you, but when I took you as my cock slave, to me, that was a LIFETIME commitment! You're stuck with me, whether you like it or not!"

She chuckled a little bit at that, although she was still so sad that it seemed forced. "Really?"

"Really." Then I admitted, "Okay, in fact, that's not entirely true. When this harem started, I wasn't thinking in terms of lifetime commitments. As usual, I was stubborn and slow on the uptake, so I didn't fully get what it all meant. But as each day passes, I'm coming to see you and my other women as the center of my life. How could I live without you? It's impossible, inconceivable! It would be like living without Mindy."

I spoke with a touch of anger, because I was growing frustrated. "You don't understand! I love YOU! You're not here to 'complete the set,' or some bullshit like that. Look, I've always been kind of a loner. I don't have a lot of friends, as you well know. Mindy is the one with the big social circle. I'm not going to let anyone into my life in such a major way unless I really, really, REALLY love them and want to be with them! I've known you for years and years, and I've always been greatly impressed by you. I've enjoyed simply being around you and talking to you. If I lived in an alternate universe without Mindy, I've always thought you would make a great wife."

"Really?! ME?!" That put a smile on her face once the shock wore off.

"Really! And now you WILL be my second wife for all practical purposes. You're not some also-ran! In fact, now that you're my mistress, you're officially second behind Mindy. I swear to you right now that I would NEVER kick you out of the harem! Never! Well, barring you doing something terrible like murder, but you know what I mean. Don't feel like you'll be kicked out the door if you fail to satisfy me. NEVER worry about that!"

Seeing that she still looked uncertain, I tried to appeal to her submissive side. "As the girls have pointed out to me, in a way, slavery is even MORE of a lifetime commitment than marriage. There's no slavery divorce option. I OWN your ass, totally, forever! I may not have fully understood and accepted that from the very start, but I sure do now. Master and slave, it's a two-way street. Our lives are permanently entwined forever. You would have to do something unspeakably awful for me to want you out of my life, but I would have the same standards for that with everyone else, including Mindy."

I continued to stare right into her eyes. "There are no second class slaves here, none! It's easy for me not to play favorites, because I don't have a favorite. True, you're older, but then again so is Mindy. Do you see me holding that against her?"

Cindy finally found her voice, "No, but she's your wife. That's different."

"And you're my slave and my official mistress! The tie is just as strong! ARGH! What do I have to do to prove that to you?!"

I thought to myself, I'm going to need to have Cindy's proper initiation ceremony ASAP! I may have to put off some of my Sunday plans till Monday so we can do it Sunday night.

I sighed. "Look. I can understand you having doubts. I often have a hard time believing this harem is for real too, and that it's not going to disappear in a puff of smoke. I'm just going to have to prove my love and my lust for you every single day until all your fears are banished forever. Yeah, you're not a teenager anymore, but neither am I! We're the same age. There's a lot of advantages to that. We have a great deal in common."

I looked up and down her body with an obvious lusty gaze. "And what's amazing is that you may be thirty-nine, but you have the body of a twenty-year old! You really do! I know Michelle has her famous torpedo tits and Ruby's aren't that much smaller, but aside from that, you're every bit as beautiful and curvy as either of them. Plus, they have personality issues and you don't."

I went on, "In fact, why do you think everyone thinks Ruby is so gorgeous? Because she has YOUR genes! She's beautiful because of YOU! When was the last time some stranger mistook you two for sisters?"

"Pretty recently," Cindy conceded. Still, she moped, "But it's like she's a brand new car and I've got twenty years of road wear."

"HA! That's a total lie. You've kept yourself in great shape by working out religiously. Older can still be sexy. Look at me. I'm the same age as you, and all these teenage girls are going ga-ga over me. There are teenage boys who would chop off their arms for a chance to have sex with a MILF like you! Trust me, you've still got 'it.' And you're never going to lose it, because I love you. That's not going to change just because you get a few lines on your face or whatever. I'm going to be getting lines on my face too. We'll grow old together. It's a part of life. Someday we'll be sitting in rocking chairs together, with Mindy right there too. Who knows, maybe the others will be pushing our wheelchairs around!"

We both laughed at that.

I said, "Whether we still use terms like 'master' and 'slave' by then won't matter much. The point is, we're committed to each other. At least, I'm committed to you. Are you committed to me?"

"So much! Completely!" She suddenly threw her arms around me and squeezed me tightly. I could feel the love pouring from her, and it filled my heart with joy.

Then she pulled back enough to resume close eye contact. "I call you my master - and with great pride! At first, that word rankled me a bit. More than a bit, to be honest. But now, after just a matter of a few days, there's nothing I love more than being your sex slave, your cock slave! Hell, I've come to love the word 'slave' period, because it's an extreme word that shows how great my desire is to serve you and love you forever!" She leaned in and playfully rubbed her nose against mine.

She pulled back again and continued, "I know I'm not a 'normal' woman. I have these strong submissive feelings that I never properly understood. But now, after you reassured me, everything is feeling just right! I need a kind yet strong man like you to own me. Yes, I said OWN me! Living in your harem, endlessly serving you and your cock with my sister-slaves, this is who I am! It's exactly where I want to be! Already, I can't imagine any other life for me!" The joy was clear on her face, and it was making me feel joyous too.

"Then what's the problem?" I asked. "Why are you so insecure?"

Her face fell. "Because what if I'm not good enough? What if I fail you? It would be like getting kicked out of Eden. Nothing else could compare. I know I'll never find another master, another situation, nothing even a tenth as good as this." She brought one of my hands to her impressive chest and placed it right over her heart. "Feel how fast my heart is beating just from thinking about the fear of being cast out. How could I ever even have sex with another man after dedicating myself to you and you alone? I couldn't!"

She frowned sadly, while sneakily keeping my hand on her breast and guiding my hand to feel her up a little bit. "And I know I don't compare to your other slaves. They're such perfect fuck pets. Michelle and Ruby - don't get me started! With their faces and bodies, they should be world famous. And they have the added taboo bonus of being your daughters. Sue Ellen, admittedly, she's less stunning at first. She has a face that's more 'adorable girl next door' than 'sultry seductress' like the other two. But then you see her fit body, and it's like... holy shit! That's not a 'girl next door' body, that's a hard body that a porn star like Jenna Jameson would be envious of!"

She looked down at herself. "And then there's me. I know I'm beautiful. I get a lot of compliments and interest. But I'm more of a 'nine' than a 'ten' like the others. No offense to your wife, but I put myself at about the same level as Mindy. She's beautiful, sure. But your three teen slaves are absolutely RIDICULOUS!"

I said, "Okay, I'll admit that if there were a panel of judges deciding some kind of beauty contest between you all, one of the girls would probably win. Michelle, in all likelihood, and unfortunately she knows it. But that doesn't matter, because you're not being judged by a panel of strangers, you're being judged by ME! And in MY book, you're a perfect ten! I don't try to rank, because that would be pointless. You're all so beautiful that it's like trying to argue which Beatles album is the best. Who cares if 'Sgt. Pepper's' has one song slightly better than 'Revolver' does or whatever? The point is that everyone knows all those albums are really damn great! I love 'em all and I wanna hear them all!"

She asked a bit impishly, "Even 'Beatles for Sale?' That's got 'Mr. Moonlight' on it, you know."

"Even that one. And the mere fact that you know I hate 'Mr. Moonlight' shows how special you are to me. We've been building a strong connection for years and years, and now it can really flower. But you're not 'Beatles for Sale' anyway. Quit putting yourself down."

"Sorry. Old habits die hard."

I still had a hand on her chest, but I brought up a second one and slipped both of them under her top. I figured getting her aroused could only help to convince her how much I wanted her.

As I caressed the undersides of her D-cups, I continued, "And furthermore, looks are just one aspect of a person, and definitely not the most important aspect. Personality, values, smarts - those are all much greater. There are tons of women out there with beautiful bodies and rotten hearts. Yeah, Michelle has an extraordinary, almost cartoonishly curvy body, but she also has some big personality flaws, so it balances out. And as we both know, young also means immature and inexperienced. Believe me, I'm not just saying that you're not an 'also-ran' just to be diplomatic, I really mean it! Jesus, Cindy, what do I have to say or do to show you how much I love you and want you?"

She surprised me with a great big kiss that took my breath away. But it was brief, and she pulled back with a grand smile on her face. "I don't know, Master, but you sure went a long way towards convincing me with that speech! Now I love you even MORE than before!"

I took my hands out from under her top so I could hold her closer to my chest. "And I love YOU even more than before. Hearing you so uncertain about yourself makes me want to cover you in my love like a warm blanket until you realize what a beautiful person you are, both on the inside and the outside!"

Not only did she beam like a searchlight in response to that, I actually saw and felt her body shiver with joy.

I told her, "I really am the luckiest guy in the world. I'm surrounded by so many remarkable women who want me that I don't have to settle for second best. As you know, Mindy is even talking about having a 'cock servant' category for that, although personally that idea sounds too outrageous for me. My point is, the fact that I've chosen you to be my cock slave says something. To be brutally frank, if I had wanted to, I could have enslaved your daughter and just fucked you from time to time, and you would have gone along with it."

She nodded.

"But I didn't do that because I don't just see you as a beauty I merely want to have sex with sometimes, I see you as a kindred spirit I want to spend the rest of my life with! Plus, I care for you. You deserve much more than just being someone's fuck buddy. I don't love Ruby more than you; I love Ruby AND you! Comparisons are unfair; it's like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. All I know if that my heart is full of love for all my women."

"Daniel Cooper! You're making my heart soar!"

"And when it comes to sex, I don't want to just have sex with you sometimes, I want to have sex with you all the time! Daily! I want to sink my cock into you and hold you tight as you cum and cum and cum all over me like the gloriously sexy woman I know you are!"

Her eyes twinkled with a delightful mixture of lust and love.

I continued in a forceful voice, "You belong to me, just like I belong to you. You make me want to be fully sheathed inside you, fucking you deeply, totally and completely, the way a passionate woman like you SHOULD be fucked, and DESERVES to be fucked!"

I kissed her brow lightly, which made her shiver and tremble in my arms. Then I continued, "And now we can do that. But we can do so much more than JUST have sex. Even in my sex-mad life, sex is only a small portion of the day. It just seems like it's more. Besides, it'll shrink in importance as we all grow older. You're a woman I prize highly in part due to your age and maturity. Don't forget that! You're not in a race to win 'sexiest slave.' You've already won the race, together with the others, and now we get to enjoy the rest of our lives together."

She snuggled into me. "Oh, Dan! Thank you for putting it that way. That makes me feel soooo good! Mmmm... Master..." She purred the word "Master" as if its mere sound turned her on.

Although I couldn't see her eyes anymore with the way she was snuggling into my neck, I continued, "We'll have to talk some more later about my hope that you'll step up and be the responsible one. Unfortunately, I fear we don't have time now. In fact, I thought the Hellions would have certainly arrived by now. I wonder what's taking them."

Cindy cooed, "I don't know and I don't care. I'll treasure this private moment with you forever!"

"Me too." I kissed the top of her head, and held her close.

After a long pause, she observed, "Since our time is to be sadly cut short, I guess I need to get into the mindset for the upcoming spanking. What are you going to do to them? And... oh!"

With a start, she pulled away from me again and looked at me with concern. "What if Nicky heard everything last night? I'm trying to remember what we talked about. I don't remember talking about her, but I'm sure I called you 'Master' lots of times."

I soothingly ran my hand up and down her back. "Don't worry. Remember, the Hellions somehow faked it so it seemed the audio wasn't working. And I don't remember anything weird happening visually, such as you assuming one of the official cock slave positions. But still, I'm pissed off. So this is not going to be a sexy spanking, at least not for them. It's not even going to be a harsh spanking. I've got something even more extreme in mind. Can you play along with whatever I do?"

She smiled widely. "Sure thing! I would do that anyway. But you don't need to ask. Remember, I'm one of your slaves. I'll do literally anything you tell me to without being asked. It's true that I've got this new job working with Mindy, and I'm happy about that. I'll feel good that I can contribute more to the harem financially. But as far as I'm concerned, that job will mostly be marking time until I can get home to my REAL job, which is endlessly serving you and the King!"

She scooted closer and put a hand on my nearest leg. But then a thought came to her. "Is it okay if I take my clothes off?"

I was feeling so full of love and lust for Cindy that I was eager to give her a thorough fucking. "If you don't, you'll be the only clothed one here in a matter of a few minutes."

"Oh, goody!" She stood up and immediately started to strip. "By the way, I'm VERY distraught that Mindy and I had your cock stiff and throbbing with pleasure, only to get interrupted. I can't wait to get back to coaxing that load out of you! Master, I love you SO much!"

Cindy had only thrown a top and shorts on without bothering to put underwear on too, since her goal had been to make herself quickly presentable for Nicky. As a result, she was buck naked in seconds.

I took her hands and pulled her closer to me. "Cin, listen to me. Your enthusiasm is great. But you don't have to be THAT into your slave status. Honestly. I won't love you or want you any less. When you say that basically the only thing you're looking forward to is 'endlessly serving' me, that concerns me."

She took her seat on the edge of the bed next to me. "Thanks for saying that, but I think you misunderstand. Having sex with you and serving your cock is absolutely great, and it's always the highlight of my day, but that's only one part of being your slave. I have a whole new family now! It had been just Ruby and me, basically. But now I have you, and Mindy, and Michelle, and Sue Ellen too! It's kind of like I'm newly married, but four times over! I love all of you so much, and I love Ruby in a brand new way too. Being part of the harem is a brand new world for me, sharing the joy with everyone in it, and not just you. Now that you've reassured me that I'm not an also-ran, I'm going to love it all twice as much as before. Is it any wonder that I can't wait to get back home?"

I felt a lot better hearing that. I worried about her and the others getting too deep into the sex slave lifestyle.

She added, "And this is home now. I may technically sleep somewhere else, but my heart is here." As she said that, she straddled me and slowly sank down on my boner, giving her words an extra meaning.

I held her hips, but otherwise tried to maintain the fiction that she hadn't fully impaled herself onto me. I had a little more to say before I was ready to start the fucking in earnest. "I'm very glad to hear all that. Thanks for sharing. We're going to have to do something about your living situation, by the way. I'm just pigheaded about these sorts of things at times. Keep it between you and me, for now, but even this stubborn pighead realizes that you, Ruby, and Sue Ellen all belong here, living here full time, in our house. It's just a matter of time until that happens."

"NO!" She pushed at me with some force (though not nearly enough to threaten our joining).

I smiled from ear to ear. "Yes!"

"NO!" She squealed and screamed for joy. Then she started bouncing up and down on me.

Mere seconds after we started fucking with a steady rhythm, the door burst open. It was Michelle and Ruby. Just as I'd predicted, Sue Ellen was trailing just behind them. I thought, Heh! Perfect timing!

However, I only glanced at them for a second and then I closed my eyes shut tight and put a hand over my face for good measure. I spoke urgently to them, "Quick! Turn around! Don't come in!"

They apparently didn't understand, because I heard Michelle ask, "What, is it because Cindy is sitting on you and bouncing up and down on your huge cock? Because we don't mind, like, AT ALL!"

Cindy actually was bringing her energetic bouncing to a halt even as Michelle asked that. Apparently, she wanted me to sort this situation out first before we got back to our fucking fun.

Ruby added, "Yeah! We think it's great! All of us slaves, we're a cock pleasuring team."

Sue Ellen dutifully pointed out, "After all, Cock Slave Rule Number Two is 'no jealousy,' and Rule Number Three is 'share the cock.'"

I growled, "It's not that, it's that I can't look at you right now! I only caught the briefest glimpse, but I could tell you're wearing sexy schoolgirl outfits."

With my eyes closed I couldn't see them, but I swear, I could feel it as their smiles filled the room. Ruby said, "Yeah! You like? Sorry for taking so long getting ready, but we were trying to figure out what to wear for our spankings. We're hoping you can be the stern teacher and we'll be the naughty schoolgirls who need to get punished! Severely!"

Michelle added with her usual erotic enthusiasm, "You need to spank our ass cheeks hard with your hand, and then slap and rub your big cock all over them too!"

With my hand still covering my eyes, I said, "Unfortunately, it's not that kind of spanking. That's why I'm keeping my eyes shut, so you can surprise me with those outfits when the time is right. I didn't get to have a good look, I promise."

Ruby pouted, "Awww... but we had all kinds of ideas..."

Michelle also pouted, "It was going to be the best spanking EVER! But... a harsh spanking? That sucks!"

"Sorry, girls. Change into some normal clothes, and we'll start again."

Sue Ellen asked shyly and sadly, "Does the harsh spanking include me too? What have I done to displease you, Master?"

"We'll talk about it when you come back. Go change first. By the way, is Nicky out of the house?"

Michelle replied, "Definitely! We're being super careful about that. We've got lots of time, prime spanking time."

"Good. So go. And by the way, in the future when Nicky's not in town, I expect you to crawl on all fours to your spanking. I'm suspending that time just to be extra careful and avoid any hallway activity. But remember that for the future."

Michelle immediately complained, "Daaaaddddyyy! How can you say that right when you tell us to leave?! You knew that was going to make us super horny."

Ruby added, "Master, whenever you say something as totally life-changing incredible like that, you should follow it with, 'And now, my sluts, feast on my cock.' Anything else is downright cruel!"

"Yes, VERY cruel!" Michelle bitched. "You're the worst best master ever!"

I noticed Sue Ellen was silent about all this. Like a good slave, she didn't complain about her orders. I didn't mention that as an example though, because I didn't want to stoke any jealousies.

After some more groaning and grumbling, I got them to leave the room.

Cindy resumed her bounce-fucking as soon as they were gone. As I opened my eyes back up to look at her, she said, "That's too bad. I don't want to ruin the surprise for later, but they looked so cute and adorable, and yet totally sexy and fuck worthy! Those girls need to be bent over, spread open and speared DEEPLY!" She reached down and caressed my shaft, but let go of it as her pussy lips swallowed it up again. "There's only one MAN with the right tool to get the job done!"

I said with a touch of sadness, "Yeah, well, there will be time for that eventually. But there's been so much disobedience going on around here lately that I have the feeling it's going to be a while before we get back to sexy spankings."

Cindy said as she happily impaled herself all the way back down onto my shaft again, "UNNNNGH! You should have... Ah! You should have seen them walk away! So hot! Their miniskirts didn't even begin to cover the lower halves of their asses!"

"Don't tell me!" I shouted, as the heat and passion of her fucking was getting to me. "Just fuck me!"

"Yes, Master! Gladly!" She groaned loudly as she deeply impaled herself on me once more.

A couple of minutes later, Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen burst into the room again. Despite the fact that I'd told them to change into normal clothes, they took one look at Cindy still bouncing on me and began shedding clothes as they crossed the room.

They went from a run to standing still a few feet away. There was silence for a bit as they caught their breaths and ogled Cindy bouncing up and down on my boner. Then Michelle crowed to Cindy approvingly, "You go, girl!"

Ruby asked, "What's the occasion?"

Cindy said with a knowing smile, "No special occasion. Do we need an excuse to fuck our master?"

Sue Ellen beamed like a lighthouse on a dark and stormy night. "Definitely not!"

My already stunningly nude Michelle bounced impatiently, setting her twin torpedoes crashing into each other. Her approval of Cindy fucking me was rapidly souring when Cindy didn't stop due to their arrival. "That's all well and good, but some of us can't fuck yet. I say, less fucking and more spanking! Even if it's a harsh spanking, I'm ready to take it!"

Ruby surprisingly chided her, "Now, Michelle, you know I want a good spanking as much as you do. But don't put your selfish desires above our master's. Serving his cock comes first, before anything else, and how could we pleasure him better than what Cindy is doing to him right now?"

That just made Michelle even more antsy. She folded her arms under her F-cup breasts because they were moving around too much. She sort of walked in place, since she was too horny and needy to keep still. She complained, "That's all well and good, but... UGH! Hoist by my own petard! I'm the one who came up with the 'master's cock before all' rule years ago. But dammit... ARRGH!"

Sue Ellen put her hands on Michelle's shoulders from behind, in an apparent effort to both comfort her and still her nervous motion. Her big tits pressed into Michelle's bare back. "Michelle, remember, to be a slave is to suffer. Going without is a big part of our daily lives. There's only one of him and five of us, and that number is growing. He has to sleep or work or otherwise be flaccid or unavailable many hours of the day. And even when the King is 'in the building,' we can't all play with his cock at the same time."

I thought nervously, "And that number is growing?!"

"We could try!" Michelle huffed. "Five cock slaves serving him at once, that's totally doable! In fact, we should do a lot of that to maximize both his pleasure and our opportunities!"

Ruby was also getting antsy but she was controlling her movements better. "I know. I totally agree! But that doesn't help us now."

Sue Ellen came around to Michelle's front side and looked her in the eye. She put a hand back on Michelle's shoulder. "I know I'm not Master, but what if you and I kiss and play with each other? It'll make the time go faster."

Michelle rudely brushed Sue Ellen's hand off her shoulder. "Thanks, but you're too right that you're not Daddy! I need my daddy! I need him to remind me who owns and controls me!"

I sighed. "Certain people here are such drama queens. Very well." With Cindy still bouncing on my cock, I said, "We're not going to start until Cindy has a good cum. In the meantime, girls..." I abruptly barked in a deeper and more commanding voice, "ASSUME POSITION NUMBER FIVE!"

Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen dropped to the floor with lightning speed. It was like their legs had been cut out from under them. Sue Ellen had been standing in front of Michelle, but somehow they all wound up in an even line.

I carefully examined them, one by one, even though I had to look around a bouncing Cindy to do so. There was nothing to find fault about. Just as Position Number Five dictated, their knees were spread wide, their chests were thrust out, and their hands were on top of their heads.

I nodded. "Good. Now, keep that pose. Whoever does the best job in keeping still the entire time will be the one spanked first."

The three of them had been squirming and fidgeting some even after getting into position, but they all quickly became as still as statues. Even their faces blanked out as they stared straight ahead instead of at me. It was such a startling transformation that it was almost scary. The only movement remaining was their heaving chests and bouncing tits, because they couldn't calm their breathing as fast as flipping a switch.

I thought, Good job, Dan! That's what I was talking about earlier. I need to use their great sexual desires as a force working for me instead of against me. I'm not the most domineering master. I'm too nice. But I can partly make up for that by being clever.

I was feeling better after a wave of tiredness had wiped me out, but I still wasn't ready to jump up and run around. Cindy, though, seemed to have boundless energy. That surprised me considering what she and Mindy had done to each other not twenty minutes ago. But since that was the case, it made perfect sense that she sit on top of me and do most of the fuck-work.

However, it soon became clear that Cindy wasn't content to have a "normal" fucking. She was hyper-aware of her potential audience kneeling a few feet away. Her first goal was to get their attention, since they were still resolutely staring forward, a few feet to the side of where Cindy and I were joined.

Cindy stopped and pulled my erection all the way out of her. "Aaaah!" She said with satisfaction. "That was goooood!"

That immediately caught the girls' attention, because they were hopeful that it meant the fucking had ended.

But after just a few seconds, Cindy impaled herself all the way back down on me again! Her eyes clenched tightly, and she shouted out, "UNGH! So fucking HUUUUUGE! Girls, he's splitting me in two! I think his cock is in me so deep it's going to come up out my throat!"

Once I was completely sheathed in her, she kept that position and churned and ground her hips. "UH! AH! Gaawwwd! Just... so much COCK! You think it feels big in your mouth? Just wait until it's spearing your CUNT! Uh! Uh! HNNNG! Oh God Jesus! Can't... can't take it! But, but... I MUST! Take it AAAAALLL!"

Six horny eyes were glued to the sight as she slowly pulled all the way off me again. She let out a loud exhausted grunt when I was all the way out of her. "UNNNGH! OH! I can't believe... Oh, Master!" She seemed to still be recovering and gasping for air when she lined my pole back up and sank right back down on it. "AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEE! Lord have mercy! Help me! IT'S TOO THICK!"

And Cindy was just getting warmed up! She kept on like that, impaling herself on me over and over again. Clearly, her words and the type of highly visual fucking she was doing was for her audience's benefit, but she certainly didn't have to fake the fact that she was having a hell of a great time.

Our three closely watching cock slaves soon lost their cool. Far from kneeling like statues, they wound up panting with chests heaving and hearts racing, their entire bodies trembling with need.

Ruby was the first to "crack": she brought her hands down from the top of her head and began masturbating, tugging on her clit. As soon as Michelle saw Ruby doing that, she gave up and started doing it too. Sue Ellen lasted about a minute longer, but even she gave in to her lusty desires too.

Perhaps Cindy had been holding out until the three of them cracked, because she'd been keeping an eye on them and mere seconds after Sue Ellen started to finger her cunt, Cindy cried out as a huge orgasm washed over and through her.

At first she slammed down on my shaft and held that pose while her body shook like a leaf. But then, just when I thought her orgasm was winding down, she began rapidly bouncing up and down on my boner. She cried out, "Cum, dammit! Cum! You cum too!"

However, after about half a minute of that, she seemed to resign herself to the fact that she wasn't going to get me to cum anytime soon, and she collapsed on me as if she'd been a puppet and her strings were cut.

For the next couple of minutes, Cindy lay on top of me with her eyes closed, just breathing heavily. Even though I hadn't climaxed myself, I needed to recover too.

I'd greatly enjoyed her fucking performance. Not only did Cindy highly entertain me with her impalings and grinding and everything else, including expressing herself so vocally, but the sight of my three other cock slaves watching was something to behold! The way they went from impassive statues to quivering wrecks was absolutely delightful!

However, I was already getting worried about time. I estimated it had already been about ten minutes since the girls had come into the room, plus Cindy and I had talked some before that. That might not have sounded like much, but I didn't know how long Mindy and Nicky would be gone for their walk. True, they had a lot to talk about, and Mindy knew to stall for time as long as possible, but what if I was still in the middle of a spank session when they returned? Disaster! I had to be careful!

With that in mind, I managed to get Cindy to sit up before she or I were fully rested from our mutual exertions.

I looked at the three girls and said, "Sue Ellen held out the longest. She should go first."

Michelle had been holding her tongue and she'd gone back to her statuesque frozen pose (along with the others) now that the excitement of the fucking was over. But upon hearing that, she exploded, "No fair! That was a dirty trick! How could we NOT masturbate ourselves half to death after watching that?!"

Ruby echoed those sentiments. "You expect us to be inhuman, Daddy! I've been needing you to fuck me so bad that I've sometimes cried myself to sleep at night, and now I need it even more! It's like torture! I want to be your fuck pet! Your cum dump! I want to live with your cock inside of me! I want to bounce on it for hours and hours, just like my mom did right there!"

My ego swelled with pride and lust. "Red, I hope you've been exercising regularly, because you WILL bounce on my cock for hours and hours like the needy, sexy, horny, hungry cock slave you are! You think you love cocksucking? That's just the warm-up for the main event. You will passionately and lustfully worship your master's cock with everything that you have, through every orgasm you experience, fully, completely and without stopping, until I fill you with my cum! Trust me, cock slave, it WILL HAPPEN. Just... not today."

Ruby stared at me in awe. It looked like she had a mental orgasm right there, if not a physical one too.

Needless to say, Michelle and Sue Ellen were amazed and aroused beyond belief too.

I crooked my finger at Sue Ellen. "Come here, Cupcake. Before we get started, why don't you enjoy a nice snack?"

She knew exactly what I meant. As so often happened, Sue Ellen exceeded my expectations. She didn't just walk or scoot or scramble the ten feet or so to my cock; she got down on her hands and knees and crawled forward towards us in the sexiest manner imaginable.

Michelle wailed, "Oh God! That just reminds me that we'll be crawling to our spankings from now on! Probably for the rest of our lives! I call foul. Too arousing!"

I just chuckled as Sue Ellen crawled closer. "Shelle, there's no calling foul and you know it. When you're a slave, there's no taking a break from it. No crying uncle, no time outs. When it's your time to serve, you must serve to your best ability, no matter how horny you are."

Michelle cried out even louder, "UNGH! Shush your mouth already! That's even MORE too arousing!"

Cindy had wound up sitting on the edge of the bed next to me. As she watched Sue Ellen finish crawling to me, she whispered in appreciation. "Michelle, Ruby, take note. THAT is how a good cock slave behaves. Look at her hungrily licking her lips! You might not be able to see it from where you are, but she has the most sultry look on her face. She doesn't just want her master's cock down her throat, she needs it!"

"I do!" Sue Ellen said. She grabbed my boner and crammed my cockhead down her throat, nearly in one fell swoop.

Michelle griped, "We can do that. We totally love to crawl to Daddy's cock. In fact, it's one of my favorite things in the whole wide world!"

Ruby added, "It's such a humiliating thrill! And being so low, with my big tits dangling to the carpet and my chin nearly touching the carpet too, and seeing Daddy towering above me, it really puts me in my place!"

Cindy chided, "That may be so, but Sue Ellen won this slurpy jaw-breaking moment due to her self-control. Let's be patient and let her enjoy the sensation of being forced to breathe through her nose due to all that impossibly thick cock-meat completely filling her hungry mouth. Girls, there will be plenty of other days when you two will be crawling to serve your master. Countless thousands of times when you crawl to him side by side! But not today. Remember your sex boycott?"

Michelle muttered under her breath, "Fuck! Fuckin'... fuck!" She pounded a fist into an open hand.

Ruby muttered to her, "We need to be strong! We can't forget the boycott!"

Michelle was glowering, but then a happy thought occurred to her. "Hey! Speaking of crawling, we can still do that with the boycott, and we need to do that RIGHT NOW! Daddy, do you really mean it that we'll have to crawl on our hands and knees to start each spanking from now on?"

Just to tease them, I pretended amnesia. "What are you talking about? Crawl? That doesn't sound right."

The two of them gnashed their teeth and writhed around in agony. Michelle finally rallied to complain, "Daddy, please don't joke about that! It's not funny!"

Ruby added, "Yeah! This is our LIFE! Nothing could be more important!"

I grinned as I still teased them some. "I did? Oh yeah."

Michelle put her hands on her hips while kneeling there. "Daaaaaaaddddyyyy! Don't even joke about forgetting. Tradition is VERY important to us! Please tell us that you're serious about what you said. I couldn't agree more! Crawling NEEDS to be part of the whole daily spanking tradition already!"

Ruby also struck the same pose. "Yeah! It makes us totally horny AND humiliated before you so much as touch us!"

And idea came to me. "If crawling to your spanking is part of the tradition already, then why did I need to bring it up? Why didn't you just do it on your own today?"

That left both of them stunned speechless. After a long pause, Michelle said, "Oooh... Good point!"

I added, "Don't tell me it was because you were worried about Nicky seeing. You knew she was off on her walk."

Michelle didn't try to deny that. Instead, she said with renewed determination, "If you put it that way, just wait until next time! We'll put on a King-stiffening crawling performance like you won't believe!"

"Yeah!" Ruby heartily agreed. "Next time, we'll crawl all the way from downstairs!"

Michelle was impressed. She said to Ruby, "Nice!"

To my surprise, Cindy barked at the Gruesome Twosome, "I don't remember Master saying you could get out of Position Number Five." Apparently the way they had their hands on their hips reminded her that they were slacking off.

Both Michelle and Ruby immediately put their hands back on the top of their heads. They were careful to spread their knees wider too, so I could see their wet and swollen pussies. However, they could hardly be said to be keeping still, since their entire bodies were trembling and writhing in place.

Just watching their boobs bouncing could have kept me satisfied for hours! Especially with Sue Ellen sucking me off. She seemed determined to be the very best cock slave she could possibly be. I'm not sure what she was doing differently, but she appeared to be trying out some new and highly effective sucking techniques on me.

Things were mostly silent for a few minutes while I simply basked in the incredible pleasure of Sue Ellen's oral talents.

Still, I had to be mindful of the time, due to the danger of Nicky coming home. Everything was in place and ready to go. I decided it was time to start their spankings.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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