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Chapter 33

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I put my hands on Sue Ellen's bobbing head as my way of telling her to slow down. "Okay, everybody, before we get started on the spankings, I have a very sad announcement to make. Michelle and Ruby, I know that you were spying on me last night."

"What?!" Michelle played dumb, although she was too emotional to be very convincing. "What do you mean?!"

Ruby, by contrast, couldn't disguise her guilty face. Like Michelle, she still had her hands on the top of her head in Position Number Five.

I intoned firmly, "Don't try to deny it. I know everything. I know all about how you watched a high quality video feed on your monitor. I even know that you talked Nicky into joining you."

"OH SHIT!" Ruby muttered far too loudly.

The two girls at least stopped their sexy writhing. They knew they were in for it now.

Sue Ellen also stopped her sucking. She seemed to guess I wouldn't want to be distracted during this serious conversation.

But I still had my hands on her head and I motioned for her to keep going.

She quickly and eagerly resumed.

I figured the fact that I could have this talk while getting my cock sucked would help give me the upper hand by reinforcing the "invincible master" hype. I was also testing Mindy's theory that I did my best thinking and decision-making when I was highly aroused. Perhaps she had a point.

Realizing that further denial was futile, Michelle meekly asked me, "How did you find out?"

I gave her a stern look. "That's not important."

Both Hellions immediately stared at Sue Ellen's backside. They were staring daggers at her. They must have assumed that since she knew, and she was so loyal to me, that I'd found out from her.

I thought, Hmmm. It's curious that they suspect her automatically. And rightly so, as it turns out! But I'm not going to let them know that. I may need Cupcake's help with them in the very near future.

I hastened to clarify to the girls, "No, I didn't find out from Sue Ellen." That was technically true, since she told me after I already knew. "It's more a case of loose lips sinking ships. Some of you were talking about it around the house and in the backyard afterwards, forgetting that you never know who might be listening."

That caused both girls to deflate. They slumped in place while keeping their hands on their heads.

Michelle suddenly wailed, "Daddy, we're really sorry!"

An equally anguished Ruby added, "So very, very sorry!"

God, seeing these two stacked teens pleading in front of me is so fucking arousing! Everything down to their belly buttons in the middle of their shapely tummies is too hot to believe! Getting sucked off at the same time as I enjoy the nudity is gonna backfire on me if it makes me totally lose my mind!

I took a few deep breaths to control myself. It wasn't easy, since Sue Ellen's cheeks were caved in and she was using a tremendous amount of suction on me AND impressing me with her tongue dexterity. Besides, I was really getting off on giving the Hellions a dressing down while getting blown.

I raised an eyebrow and asked in an annoyed voice, "Are you sorry that you did it, or sorry that you got caught? I don't recall any confessions up until you got caught. In fact, I seem to remember someone falsely protesting her innocence just a few moments ago. I'm VERY upset with both of you right now!"

Ruby tried to explain, "Sometimes, a person does something even when they know they're wrong, because they just can't help themselves. We're not like you, all powerful and strong. We're young and horny and unable to control our great passion for you!"

She nodded at Sue Ellen's bobbing, and added, "For instance, right now, despite being totally distraught, half my mind is preoccupied by what Sue Ellen is doing. Her sexy noises are driving me crazy. I can't stop salivating and licking my lips, wishing I was sucking and slurping all over that. It's what we do!"

Michelle hastily added, "I totally agree with Ruby. In fact, right now I see tears of struggle leaking from Sue Ellen's eyes, and it's making me want to cry from frustration. We're slaves to our passion. Master, it's like being a drug addict, except we're hooked on YOU! And the temptation is just too tempting. It's like leaving a pile of cash on the sidewalk of a busy street and not expecting people to steal it. How could we NOT watch you fuck Mom and Cindy nearly to death?"

Ruby added, "We're your SLAVES! This is who we are! This is what we live for! To miss your epic threesome session last night would be like missing the Super Bowl and World Series and the Olympics, all rolled into one!"

Cindy had been quietly sitting next to me. She scooted close so we were hip to hip, and she put an arm around me. "Please have some mercy on them. They make a good point. You really can't understand. You don't KNOW what it's like to be enslaved by the man you love, to crave your Master's touch, to long to have your mouth filled to the brim with hot cock, to yearn to be the object of his desire, and feel the answering pull from deep inside yourself. I do! If I were in their shoes, I don't think I'd be able to resist either."

That threw me for a loop, especially because Cindy was so obviously heartfelt. As I stroked the hair on Sue Ellen's bobbing head, I asked her, "What about our privacy? What about our trust? Don't you feel violated too?"

Cindy hung her head down. "I do. It's a... difficult situation."

Ruby pointed at Sue Ellen. "We're constantly facing extreme temptations that no reasonable slave could cope with. For instance, look at how she's still sucking you off through all of this! It's SO HOT! It's a fat, thick, and juicy cock that constantly demands service!"

Michelle added, "You're totally dominating and humiliating us just by making her endlessly suck you! How many masters are that amazing?! None, I'll bet!"

Ruby nodded. "We have NO resistance to that! None whatsoever!"

That suggested my talking-while-getting-sucked strategy was working in a big way. But even though Sue Ellen was taking it relatively easy on me, I was secretly struggling, just trying to keep my shit together in the face of such great arousal.

Michelle nodded emphatically while also staring hungrily at Sue Ellen's head. "Daddy, this is who we are. It's like punishing a lion for being a carnivore. We're all about loving you and serving your cock, so how can we resist watching you in action?!"

I asked my Hellions, "How am I supposed to overlook the fact that you were spying on our most intimate moments? Didn't you ever stop to think how much that would upset me?"

It looked like they were shamed into silence. They appeared to be on the verge of crying.

Taking another moment to calm myself down, I examined the appearance of the two girls. Whereas before, sexiness was gushing out from their very pores, now they looked like they were so distressed that they were almost on the verge of being physically sick. Yes, I was extremely upset at what they had done, but still I didn't like seeing my daughters looking so dejected. Even Cindy looked absolutely terrible now, and she'd been gloriously riding on my cock mere minutes ago.

I sat there thinking with my hands on Sue Ellen's head as she noisily slurped and bobbed and sucked. I was surprised that she could keep going despite the seriousness of the moment, but she seemed so focused on the cocksucking that she couldn't see our expressions and was probably only partially paying attention to the words we were saying.

Looking back and forth between Michelle and Ruby with their cunts freely leaking between their spread out knees, their lightly jiggling and all too large and round tits, and their hands on their head, it occurred to me, I should be having this conversation in a far less arousing situation. The blowjob isn't just affecting them; it's affecting me far more. I'm so horny that it's going to affect my judgment!

With that in mind, I said to my naughty daughters, "At ease."

They immediately dropped their arms. They both sat back on their asses too. I'm sure they were very relieved, because their hands had been on their heads for a few minutes.

Frankly, their more relaxed position wasn't that much less arousing because their bodies were so divine in any pose. It occurred to me, Why don't I just cum? This is just too much fun and I can't hold it in any longer. My body could really use the release. Besides, I'm not going to be able to truly calm down and think clearly until I do.

So I said, "Cupcake, you've been doing such a great job that I'm gonna cum in your mouth. Are you ready?"

She nodded. She also immediately and drastically increased her bobbing speed and her suction.

I held the sides of her head and let out a long, satisfied sigh as I shot my load to the back of her mouth. I knew I'd made the right decision, because it felt so damn good.

Even as I was cumming, Michelle griped, "Aaaawww! DAMN! That's torture to watch. Pure torture! I wish I could be a part of it!"

Ruby exclaimed, "He's cumming right now!"

"I know, I know! Look at her throat! See how she's swallowing, over and over again? She's guzzling down an entire creamy load of grade-A Daddy sperm!"

Ruby moaned unhappily, "Don't tell me! It IS torture, when we can't help out!"

Michelle grumbled, "You'd think we could at least fondle his balls or something."

Ruby reminded her, "Our sex boycott. We can't forget."

"I know! I know!" Michelle sighed heavily. "But isn't that shot until Nicky leaves anyway? Why does Daddy want to enforce it at the worst possible times?!"

"I don't know, but that was SO HOT! Oh God! Sue Ellen's gotta have a whole mouthful of Daddy cream. Check out that satisfied look on her face. HNNG!"

Michelle noted, "She earned it too. You can tell she loves his cock with every bob of her head, with every swirl of her tongue, with every tear of struggle that leaks from her eyes. We've gotta step up our game!"

"We do!"

I thought it was interesting that Sue Ellen didn't say a word. She was letting her actions speak for themselves.

Cindy was surprisingly silent too, but I think she found it interesting to get a peek inside the lusty minds of the Gruesome Twosome.

Finally I was done and my penis went flaccid in Sue Ellen's mouth.

Sue Ellen pulled her lips off my erection with a loud and satisfying pop. But she remained between my legs and got busy licking my privates. Apparently, she decided that both my penis and balls needed an extensive "cleaning." There probably also was an element of wanting to crow over her prime position, alone at my crotch.

I decided to let her do that, for now. I'm only human, after all, and a horny male at that. I figured at least now I could breathe easier and think a lot more clearly.

Cindy helpfully commented, "Master, you need to be realistic. If you don't want the girls to spy on you, you should be proactive and take steps to prevent it. There are anti-spying devices you can use, you know. Apparently there are things that can detect bugs and other electronic devices. Help them be better. If you lessen the temptation, they will do better, I'm sure."

Michelle glowered at Cindy. It looked like she wasn't happy to have me informed about such devices.

Ruby, by contrast, said, "Exactly! Master, all we want to do is please you! It's literally what we live for. Don't you think I want to be a good and obedient slave? I DO! But having you fuck just down the hall, it's kind of like we're crackheads and you're leaving a big pile of crack down the hall. If you're gonna do that, you've gotta lock it in a very secure safe."

Michelle reluctantly nodded. "That probably is best. I wish I could say we'll be perfect and never spy on you again, but you know how we are. We're pretty incorrigible. The less temptation we have, the better!"

I stared in silence at my two nude Hellions. I hadn't anticipated the discussion going in this direction at all, and it gave me food for thought. It made such good sense to reduce the temptation instead of just expecting them to behave better that I wondered why I hadn't thought of it myself.

I let the silence build as I just stared at my two sex bomb daughters. Sue Ellen was busy fondling my balls as well as licking them, and the resulting pleasure coursed through me, but I wasn't paying her much direct attention.

I finally spoke. "I like that idea of lessening the temptation. However, no matter what gizmos are out there, I'm sure there are limits on what can be done. At some point, it comes down to having willpower and the ability to resist doing wrong. I expect better from you!"

Both girls hung their heads down guiltily.

"You WILL be punished, have no doubt about that. But how much you're punished depends partly on what happens next. The thing that concerns me most about the spying last night is that Nicky was involved! I want answers! I want to know everything about Nicky's involvement. Obviously, last night wasn't the first time you've spied on me, or the first time she's joined you while you were doing it. When did it start? How many times has it happened? When did Nicky get involved? Were you encouraging her? What did she see, and how many times, and so forth? I want the full story!"

I added, "Furthermore, I want the complete honest truth. This is how it's going to work. Shelle, you're going to confess all to me. And so that you have no illusions about how serious I am, this is your MASTER ordering you, my cock slave, not just your normal dad angry at his daughter in an ordinary way."

Her eyes opened wide with alarm upon hearing that. I don't think she realized it, but her body stiffened into a more obedient (and sexy) pose.

I added, "While you're doing that, Cindy will be with Ruby in another room, making sure she has no idea what you're saying. I'm even going to put some music on and play it loudly, just to be sure there's no possible way you can overhear. Then you'll switch. Cindy will go with you, and Ruby will confess all. If your stories don't match up with each other, you'll be in ever BIGGER TROUBLE!"

Ruby and Michelle started to look at each other with worry, but I barked, "Don't even look at each other! For all I know, you could have silent signals or something. Cindy, please take Ruby away. Sit her in Nicky's room. I may have Sue Ellen check up on you at any time, so no monkey business!"

I felt like I had outsmarted the Gruesome Twosome, and one could tell from their faces that they knew it. It was emotionally exhausting, but at least I felt like I was turning a corner in being able to dampen down their willful ways.

I won't go into all the details, but both girls confessed, answering all my questions honestly, for the most part. When I checked their answers against each other, they matched the vast majority of the time. The only discrepancies between what they told me were superficial and easily understandable, such as having slightly different opinions on things.

There was one VERY noticeable and pivotal exception, which be discussed shortly.

Here's what I found out. Their spying effort began no less than five years earlier, when they were both twelve. That was not long after a couple of notorious accidental exposure incidents, where my erect dick had been briefly seen by them. It started out slowly, almost imperceptibly. Because Mindy and I were so much in love and in lust with each other (and still are!), we found it next to impossible to contain our physical affection to the bedroom. We would kiss and hug in front of most anyone, but that was harmless enough. We would do much more if we thought we were alone.

The problem was, it turned out that we weren't always alone! The first few times, the girls happened to accidentally stumble upon us getting it on by blind luck. Apparently, there was an early incident where Ruby, Michelle, and Nicky all came home from school and went to find me working in my den typing on my computer, except the door was partially open and Mindy was on her knees sucking on my cock! Both Mindy and I were so into it that we didn't realize the door had been left open. The girls snuck away together and then pretended to come home a short time later, after we'd finished.

Apparently, this incident left a powerful mark on their psyches. They called it the "First Sucking Incident" like it was practically a sacred event. I surmised that a lot of the Hellions' fantasies about sexually pleasuring all the time, which later influenced the thinking of the whole harem, stemmed from this vivid memory of seeing Mindy sucking me off while I was working.

As the months passed, the girls started to get in the habit of secretly checking up on me at random times. Sometimes they got "lucky" and sometimes they didn't. It was mostly Ruby and Michelle who did this, perhaps because Nicky had a lot more after-school activities than they did back then.

After Ruby and Michelle turned thirteen, they started to get serious about their spying. The master bedroom has its own bathroom, and that bathroom can be accessed via a door from the bedroom as well as a door from the hallway. The door from the bedroom to the bathroom is a sliding wooden door, the only such one in the house, and sometimes it gets ornery and doesn't close all the way. They discovered this, and found that sometimes that door was left open an inch or so, enough for them to peek in when Mindy and I were having sex in our own bed.

The problem with this method was that not only was it unreliable, but it was highly dangerous. There was always the chance that Mindy or I might look their way and notice staring eyes. This was especially true if they made any noise at all.

So, after they turned fourteen, they contrived a better method. On the same master bedroom wall where the door to the bathroom is, there's a closet Mindy uses to put some of her clothes. The back of that wall is against the closet in Nicky's room. The girls realized that if they could drill a hole through that wall, they could see into the bedroom with the same view as before, so long as Mindy's closet door happened to be at least partially open.

The problem, however, was that they needed Nicky's cooperation and involvement. Michelle's bedroom was further down the hall, so it had to be Nicky's room or nothing. Nicky had only been occasionally involved in their spying games. But she'd had a crush on me too by this time, and the Gruesome Twosome claimed that she griped about it a lot, but it wasn't hard to get her to participate in the creation of a secret peephole. From then on, oftentimes when they would use that hole, Nicky couldn't resist watching too.

It further happened that Mindy started to get sucked into assisting with the Hellions' grand Plan. Eventually, Mindy began leaving the door to her closet partially open on purpose, to help them spy. By and by, some of their friends found out, such as Anjali, Nina, and Lisa, and they loved to join in the spying during slumber parties. In fact, slumber parties became a very common activity at our house for a few years. It turns out they might as well have been called "Spying on Dan and Mindy Fucking" parties!

Over time, the girls developed and perfected a fairly sophisticated spy hole. The missing piece of wall was filled with a piece of glass. That allowed them to be somewhat noisy without having to worry about being heard. And they developed a mechanism that allowed them to cover (or uncover) the hole on both sides by simply pulling a lever installed in Nicky's closet.

Apparently, a lot of masturbation took place in Nicky's room. During some of the slumber parties, there were as many as eight girls taking turns looking through the peephole and sometimes playing with themselves, including Nicky! The ones doing the spying would usually give a running commentary on what Mindy and I were doing for the ones who couldn't see.

But even that wasn't good enough for them! The Hellions eventually spearheaded a high-tech solution to solve some remaining problems, such as the limited number who could look through the hole at any one time. Ruby and Michelle saved up their money, and even many of their friends chipped in. Around the same time, for her fifteenth birthday I gave Michelle an extra large computer monitor that she'd been begging me for. Little did I realize I was facilitating secret surveillance of myself and my wife! With their money, they bought a sophisticated micro-camera and had it installed in the same closet, not far from the original peephole. They knew I never went into that closet, and it was almost impossible to see in a dark corner. Just like the old hole, it was covered up except when it was in use.

The camera could zoom in and out, and even change angles to a limited degree, without making any noise. Furthermore, it wirelessly fed the video feed from Nicky's room to Michelle's computer, so they could watch everything on Michelle's big monitor. And because Michelle's room was further down the hallway, separated from Nicky's room by a guest room, they could be a lot more vocal with their masturbation and commentary.

Ironically, the improved set-up meant the gradual decline and end of the great masturbatory "slumber parties." The problem was that the Hellions' incestuous lusts were growing stronger and stronger. It turns out that a few select friends knew about their incestuous desires - Anjali, Nina, Lisa, Monique, Roxy, and Diane. But those friends, and Nicky, thought it was just a completely unattainable fantasy, whereas Ruby and Michelle were very keen on planning to make it a reality! So having the others involved frustrated them because they always had to be careful with their words and actions. Eventually, they pretended that Mindy had found the camera, and so the spying had supposedly come to an end.

But of course it hadn't. Nicky knew this, but she also grew less involved over time. One big reason was that Mindy was fully helping the Hellions with their big Plan, but Nicky wasn't on board and learned only vague hints about their schemes over time. So having Nicky participate in the spying grew to be increasingly bothersome for the others. At the same time, it seemed like Nicky was moving into her own social circles with girls her own age, and she wasn't as close to Michelle and Ruby as she used to be. She also got a lot more sexually interested in boys her age instead of her father - me.

I was very relieved to hear that! Phew!

However, Nicky remained aware that the other two were still spying frequently. She could even see the camera moving sometimes in the back of her closet, showing when it was being used. Frequently, she secretly chided her sisters for their "unhealthy Electra fixation" (Electra being the female version of Oedipus). But her moral high ground was undercut by the fact that every now and then she weakened and joined in yet another spying session. Nicky merely watched and prevented herself from masturbating, at least until she could do so alone in her own room afterwards. This was particularly annoying to Michelle and Ruby, since they kept on masturbating anyway.

By the time Nicky went to college, it had been many months since she'd participated in a spying session. The girls talked her into one last session right before she left for college, but she'd strenuously vowed to them that this one would be her "last hurrah." And it had been, until last night.

I probed the girls in more detail about what had happened during last night's secret spying session. It turned out that the Gruesome Twosome talked her into joining in! Nicky had just been topless in the hot tub with me, and she apparently got extremely hot and bothered from that. The girls reminded her that if she joined them in Michelle's room she would not only see Mindy and I have sex, but Cindy would be on view too! Nicky couldn't resist that. They rushed straight up to Michelle's bedroom only a couple of minutes after Mindy and I left the hot tub area, while still wearing only their bikini bottoms.

As Nicky had drifted away over the years from the spying habit, she had gotten more critical of it. And that's how their last spying session started, with Nicky repeatedly complaining about how wrong it all was.

But apparently Mindy, Cindy, and I put on quite an erotic performance, and that wore down Nicky's resistance. The mere fact that it was the first ever spied upon threesome had to have been a mind-blower. Even though the girls couldn't hear what was being said (since Michelle had faked an audio problem so Nicky wouldn't learn too much about the harem and incest situations), that apparently didn't matter much. Ruby even helpfully invented her own highly arousing dialogue whenever she saw our lips moving.

Ruby and Michelle started masturbating early on, and eventually Nicky caved in and masturbated too. I happened to fuck Mindy and Cindy for a particularly long time, even using some props like ice cubes. By the time we finished, all three spying girls were totally orgasmed out.

I was relieved to hear that Nicky had drifted away from the spying habit over the years, but that just made me more angry to find out that the other two had coaxed her into joining for "one final hurrah" last night.

Up until this point, the answers I was getting from Michelle and Ruby were nearly exactly the same. But when I asked them WHY they'd talked Nicky into joining them last night, I got very different answers. Michelle claimed that they were trying to speed up Nicky's acceptance that I'd taken Cindy as my mistress. She said that if Nicky saw me making love to Cindy, she'd see how much we loved each other, and she'd warm up to the idea right away.

That sounded plausible, and there probably was a lot of truth to it. It may well have had that very effect on Nicky.

But, unfortunately for Michelle, she didn't get a chance to get her story straight with Ruby, and Ruby told a very different story!

By this time in my interrogation of Ruby, she was crying. It wasn't like I'd been mean to her, but getting these secrets off her chest after all these years had been extremely emotionally trying for her. (Michelle had also cried during her confession, but she could shed crocodile tears with the best of them, so I didn't put too much stock in her waterworks.) Ruby started out giving much the same story about why they'd talked Nicky into joining, but for the first time during her confession I had a gut feeling that she was holding back.

So, on a whim, I said in a calm but insistent voice, "That's all well and good, but that's not the complete story, is it?"

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she said, "No, it isn't! Please don't be mad at us, Daddy, but... we want what's the best for you!"

"And that is...?"

"You need to add Nicky to the harem! It would be so perfect, so right! It would complete the circle! It was meant to be!"

That stunned me into silence. I just sat there for who knows how long, probably with my mouth hanging open, while Ruby kept on crying. I thought, I simply cannot believe that she wants Nicky to be one of my cock slaves! Doesn't she understand and love Nicky? Or me? Doesn't she know how WRONG that is, for so many reasons?! Why doesn't she respect the choices Nicky has made about her own life? How could she be so blinded by lust?!

Sue Ellen had stopped stroking my cock once the confessions began, and it had finally gone flaccid. But she was still sitting naked next to me. She looked at me in shock.

I gaped right back at her. I had no idea what to say.

Finally, I asked Ruby, "Is this a new idea you've had?"

Ruby choked back a sob before answering, "Well, yes and no. We've wanted Nicky to join us all along - for years and years! But she just didn't get it. We'd tell her some of our hopes and dreams and she'd react so badly that we'd pass it off like we were joking. Even after Mindy joined in and helped us, we had to keep Nicky out of the loop about most everything. I think she actually thought we were lesbians for the most part, with a kind of side of weird daddy fetish. We took some steps to reinforce that lesbian impression, but at the same time, it was so sad, you know?"

I handed her some tissues, because she was crying so much. "What do you mean?"

Ruby looked up at me and stated forcefully, "I mean, it's CRIMINAL that she's not one of your cock slaves already! Look at her! Is she not totally fuckable? Even before her latest growth spurt, we wanted her to join us, if only because we're family and we love each other so much. Don't you think she should be on her knees, orally worshipping the King every single day, bathing in the glory of your sperm showers on her face and tits? What the fuck does she think she's doing, dating stinky losers like Steve?! It gets me so MAD! Her pussy, her mouth, her tits, her entire body - it should belong to you and you alone! The fact that she lost her virginity to Steve is an unforgivable OUTRAGE!"

Again, I was stunned by Ruby's words, as well as the level of conviction and heartfelt passion behind them.

Her tears were drying up because she was getting more aggressive than sad. "And that ASS! I mean, by all that is holy, her ass PROVES that she's meant to be your slave! That exceptional ass of hers was born and bred to take her Daddy's cock! And to get spanked! Can't you just picture lying on top of her naked body, cramming every last inch of your super thick King in her tight asshole while she cums uncontrollably? Can't you hear her screaming in orgasmic ecstasy as you plow in deeper and deeper between her nicely reddened cheeks?"

For the kill shot, she mimicked Nicky's voice as it would sound in the throes of orgasm. "'Oh, Daddy! Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Fuck me good! Oh God! I LOVE IT!'"

Her words were both arousing and disturbing me greatly. I found myself visualizing her twisted scenario for a few seconds before I came to my senses. It took another long moment before I found my voice. "NO! I can't! Ruby, you can't say the shape and beauty of her admittedly fantastic ass is proof of anything. That's crazy talk!"

Ruby just shrugged, obviously not convinced by my words. She continued, "As far as I'm concerned, what she did is unforgivable! She didn't give you her virginity, and that's a mistake that can never be undone!"

"You said that already."

"I know, but it bears repeating. I'm getting all pissed off all over again, just thinking about it! It makes Michelle hopping mad too! I feel bad that we just stood by and let that happen. I feel like I failed you, failed her. If only I had a time machine! Knowing what I know now, maybe I could save her!"

I furrowed my brow. "'Save her?' She's not dead."

"No, but giving her virginity to someone other than you is almost a fate worse than death! It can never be undone! Never!"

"Again, you said that. Could you please move it along?"

"Fine! Ugh! I'm all distraught now, but I'll try. To think what a perfect and happy family we could be, if only she'd see the light! Like Michelle always says, 'family comes first,' and 'there's nothing more important than family.' And this family is bound together by two things: a profound love everyone shares for each other, and the joy us women are having sexually serving your cock! It truly breaks my heart that she's missing out on half of what makes this family so great, and the super fun and delicious half, to boot. Unless she joins in, all the way, it could tear this family apart!"

My heart was pounding wildly. I was in shock. I stammered, "That's not true!"

"It is! She's been drifting away from us already. I hardly get to see her anymore. If she'd only drop out of college and return to her proper place - bobbing on her Master's cock between your legs with her sisters and others - we'd be even closer than before. Sharing cock is like the greatest bonding experience you can imagine! We wouldn't have to HIDE anymore. It would all be so great!"

My heart was pounding wildly and I was sweating bullets. Somehow, I managed to ask, "So you and Shelle have planned on having her join for a long time, then?"

Ruby slumped dejectedly. "No. To tell the truth, we pretty much gave up. She was just too stubborn. She didn't get it. ARGH!" She clutched at the air in frustration. "She was so keen on being 'normal.'" She made mocking air quotes as she said that.

She shook her head disdainfully, and then continued, "It was heartbreaking, but we decided to let her go. Mindy kind of pushed us on that, to be honest. When even she's against you having sex with another woman, it makes one start to think it might not be a good idea."

I was secretly relieved to hear that Mindy at least had SOME restraint when it came to her Nicky fantasies. I asked her gently, "So, what changed then?"

Ruby perked up, even though lingering tears still rolled down her face. "When she came back yesterday, everything changed! For one thing, have you looked at her?! She was beautiful before, but now she's even MORE slave-worthy! AND she broke up with Steve, all on her own! That pretty much shows that she's making her busty body available exclusively for you, don't you think?"

I rolled my eyes, showing that I didn't think that was her real motive.

But Ruby wasn't deterred. "And the harem's working out so great. For a long time, Michelle and I worried that no one would ever be able to understand us, and definitely not be like us. But then Mom AND Sue Ellen joined. That made us realize that Nicky could see the light too, if we just nudge her the right way."

She continued, "Plus, we caught on right away that she's deeply in love with you - and not just as a father! She wants you... carnally... so much! I think that's the real reason why she didn't date for the longest time, despite EVERY boy asking her out, and why things didn't work out between her and Steve. Daddy, she's carrying a torch for YOU! And only YOU!"

I thought about how she'd been topless so much lately. One might have just chalked that up to fitting in with the other girls, but she didn't have to change clothes in her room right in front of me. I was concerned she might at least be partially right on this particular point.

I asked, "Do you have any proof of that? Did you talk to her about it?" I braced myself, fearing her answer.

"Well... no, and no. But I don't need it spelled out for me, because it's obvious! She may not even admit it to herself yet, but that doesn't mean much because people often live in denial about this kind of thing. Have you see how she's practically been strutting buck naked in front of you since she arrived?! Doesn't that tell you anything?!"

I complained, "You two minxes pretty much forced her to do that!"

Ruby groaned in frustration. "It's not just that. Check out how she looks at you. She lusts after you so much that her cunt has been dripping wet pretty much from the moment she arrived. Can't you see it in her eyes?"

"N-n-no," I stammered. Again I worried that Ruby wasn't entirely wrong on this point.

My answer didn't slow Ruby down in the slightest. "I think she'd buried her desire for you deep down and forced herself to date Steve in an attempt to be 'normal.' But it became more and more obvious that he couldn't hold a candle to you, especially in the sex department, so she gave up on him. Then, when she came home and found out that you've taken Mom as a mistress, and that you're probably going to have sex with other women, that changed everything! Suddenly, having sex with you isn't just an impossible fantasy. It's an actual REAL POSSIBILITY!"

I suddenly stood up. I was feeling extremely agitated. I'd almost forgotten Sue Ellen was there with me, and standing reminded me that she'd been sitting next to me. I found myself ruing that she'd heard everything Ruby said, because I didn't want her getting infected with the horribly misguided idea that Nicky belonged in the harem. I could see how Sue Ellen would find it very easy to agree with Ruby, due to her skewed cock slave perspective.

Worse, Ruby's words were beginning to arouse me! I couldn't let her or Sue Ellen see that my penis was starting to engorge. So I walked to my dresser and put on a T-shirt and shorts. I mumbled something about it getting cold, and I hoped they didn't see through my excuse. In fact, due to our frequent nudity or near nudity in the past couple of weeks, we kept the house thermostat set rather high so it never really got cold inside.

Taking a short break allowed me to collect my wits. I sat back down on the edge of the bed next to Sue Ellen, and said, "That's what you say, but I think you're wrong. Tell me honestly: if we were to reveal to her everything about the harem right now, what would she do? Would she say, 'Hey, sign me up,' or would she run away in horror?"

Ruby looked at the floor uncomfortably, much of her teary passion gone. "Right now, she'd run away. Obviously. But that's just because she's not quite ready yet. It's not an easy thing for her to transition over to this ideal lifestyle, the one she really needs. It's too shocking and unconventional for her. It's going to take lots of baby steps to get her there."

I crossed my arms over my chest and stared at her unhappily. "And I suppose you and Michelle are going to help her with those baby steps?"

She looked up at me with her reddened eyes, and she wiped the tears from her cheeks. "Of course! If we didn't, we'd never forgive ourselves. It would be like winning the lottery and not sharing a dime with her. That would just be mean. I can't do that! This is the life that she's meant to live, the cock slave life! This is what would make her the happiest she's ever been, just like how us sister cock slaves are at our utmost happiest. I'm sure of it!"

"And what if I were to order you NOT to try to bring her along? What then? As your master, you must obey me, correct?"

She whispered as she squirmed uncomfortably, "Yes... I suppose..."

I growled with obvious annoyance, "You don't sound very convincing."

She spoke with sudden passion. "Because you'd be asking me to betray my own sister! How can I do that? I know that she's not legally my sister, and I've only just recently been allowed to call her that, but the three of us have been sisters in our hearts pretty much since forever. How can you ask me to betray her?! You're not a cruel or evil master, are you?"

I replied, "No, I'm not. At least I'd like to think I'm not. But here's a news flash: sometimes you and Michelle are wrong! What if you're misjudging this whole situation? What if it turns out she just doesn't want to partake in the harem lifestyle?"

"Then she's a FOOL!" Ruby exclaimed heatedly.

Then she calmed down a bit, and wiped her still wet cheeks some more. "Sorry. As you can see, I'm very passionate about the joy of being your cock slave. But... and it kills me to say this, but... you're obviously a great master, clearly one of the very best in the country, if not the world, but even you can make mistakes. That's been proven with the whole 'dating stinky boys' fiasco. So you could be wrong here too."

"True. I'm glad you at least are grounded enough to see I'm only human and I do make mistakes. That's healthy. But it's possible in this case that you and Michelle are the ones who are wrong."

Ruby seemed to think that over. "Maybe. You could be right. Maybe I'm not being objective here. It's hard for me to see that though, since the cold hard factual evidence is on OUR side. I mean, just LOOK at her! That body, that face, those big tits... and my God, that ASS of hers! That perfect cock slave bubble butt! PLUS, the fact she's your daughter. That's all you need to know! She would make an IDEAL cock slave! She was BORN to have your cock fucking her, in every hole!"

I was startled when Sue Ellen spoke up alongside of me. "She has a point there, Master."

I turned to my most loyal cock slave and sighed. "Not you too! Don't tell me you agree with her!" This was why I was unhappy Sue Ellen was listening in on all this. She had accepted the cock slave mentality so wholeheartedly that it was easy for her to be swayed by Ruby's similarly submissive reasoning.

Sue Ellen said defensively, "I didn't say I agree with her. I'm just saying that she has a point about Nicky having an ideal cock slave body. She looks exactly like one of us! If you were blindfolded and ran your hands all over her naked body, and Michelle's, would you be able to tell the difference? Maybe with Michelle's larger tits or Nicky's more jutting ass cheeks. Maybe. But other than that, they're practically identical!"

"So what?" I shot back. "Your body is not the sole thing that defines you." I was annoyed at Sue Ellen. Not only was she undercutting me, she was causing my penis to rise again due to her "blindfold" idea! I thanked my lucky stars that I was wearing shorts now. I could, and did, tuck my dick away in such a way that its newly turgid state remained unnoticed.

Ruby said passionately, "Think about when you hug one of your slaves. Naturally, we're at least topless most of the time, and naturally your hands go to our tits and give them a good fondle and squeeze while you kiss us. Doesn't it seem wrong that you can't do the same to Nicky whenever you want to be affectionate with her? That you have to be all awkward and careful, especially now that she's discovering the joy of going topless in front of you? You can't even knead her bare ass cheeks. She's your daughter! You created and raised her. Why shouldn't you run your hands all over her naked body if you want to?"

She reached back and clutched at her own bare ass cheeks, as if she was trying to imitate the way I often fondled her there.

I sighed heavily. Admittedly, that sounded incredibly tempting, but I knew the logic wasn't sound. I couldn't think with my dick. "Let's stop with the fantasy talk and get back to reality. That's not how normal dads show love to normal daughters. The most important things are the head and the heart. What you think and what you feel. Red, thank you very much for confessing all of this to me. But Nicky's just not like you or Shelle. You said it yourself. She's chosen her own path, one that takes her away from all of this crazy incest business. For better or worse, that's how it is."

I went on, "Personally, I think it's MUCH for the better! How is she going to find happiness in life? Sucking on a cock every day?"

Ruby interrupted, saying determinedly, "YES! If it was YOUR cock, Daddy, I'm sure she would. That's what gives ME the greatest joy. Well, that and getting titfucked." She clutched her boobs together. "Although that'll probably change once you spear my cunt too." She stared off into space, apparently mulling over which hole she most preferred my dick to slide in. "And then there's my ass. Mmmm, so many options!"

I couldn't help making an exasperated noise in response. “No offense, Ruby, but there's so much more to life than sucking on my cock! What's up with all of you being so into that lately, anyway? Women aren't even supposed to like doing that."

Both Ruby and Sue Ellen chuckled knowingly. Obviously, they considered the idea of not liking blowjobs as unbelievable as not liking eating food.

In exasperation, I said, "Red, I keep trying to explain to you and Michelle that there's a whole world out there. There are a multitude of possible paths in life, and very, very few people would even remotely fit the cock slave lifestyle and mindset. The odds of Nicky wanting that are probably less than one in a million! You can't judge her mind based on her body. Jesus!"

I looked at Ruby sternly. "You're living in a bubble right now because you're young, wealthy, and carefree. That's why I keep forcing you and Shelle to work and think about a career, because real problems are going to catch up to you sooner or later. Being a cock slave is your personal life; it's not your full time job! Is that understood?"

She replied glumly while staring at the carpet, "Yes, Master."

"The typical person needs a good education, then a good job. Then you find a spouse, settle down, and have kids. That's what I did, and that's what Mindy did. Look how well that worked out for us, and I mean even before all this harem stuff began. That's what life is all about! Family. Friends. Achieving big things. Making the world a better place. That's the direction Nicky is going. Why try to stop her?"

Ruby looked back up at me and replied with surprising resolve, "The harem gives me all the family and friends I need. In fact, this is way more of a close family than any other family I've ever come across."

"We were like that already," I pointed out. "'Family comes first' and all that."

"Yes, but we're getting closer all the time, thanks to our extra bond of sex. It's getting even BETTER, with even more love, and even more family members to bond with! I mean, how is Sue Ellen not like a new sister? We're already officially breastest friends!"

Ruby and Sue Ellen looked to each other and shared a warm and loving smile.

Ruby went on, "And that was made possible by the harem and the power of your cock. As for that other stuff, that's good too. But Michelle and I have told you already, we can get good jobs and achieve useful things AND be your devoted cock slaves too! That's not incompatible! Not at all!"

I said, "I have yet to see you actually follow through on that. Time will tell. I sincerely hope you're right. If nothing else, that would ease my guilt considerably about this lifestyle. But look, I'm not here to argue with you about that right now, or we'll end up right back into the same 'kissing stinky boys' argument. The important thing to remember is that you need to leave Nicky alone! Let her find her own way!"

Ruby asked guardedly, "Is that an official master command?"

"Yes! And I'm going to say the exact same thing to Michelle."

Ruby straightened up in her seat. "In that case, I'll try. I'll really try my very best. I strongly disagree with you on this, but you are my master and I'm obliged to obey your official commands. Well, unless they're certifiably insane, like the 'dating stinky boys' madness. I can't willingly walk off a cliff, you know. It will pain me greatly, especially since we've failed her in the past, but I'll do my best to sit on my hands when it comes to enslaving Nicky, okay?"

I sighed in exasperation. "Thank you."

She continued, "That said, I can't speak for Michelle. You know how stubborn she is. And if it's something that furthers the greatness of your masterly ownership over us all, or just plain makes us really horny, I tend to get pulled along with what she wants to do."

"I understand. And Ruby, I'm not this great master you keep talking about. Who is that guy? He's not me. I'm just a guy who's a good father and a good husband. I pride myself on those two things. You're building me up in your mind to be some superhuman that no real man could possibly be."

Ruby smirked a little bit, which was unusual for her. "The fact that you modestly deny how great you are just shows how great you are."

Sue Ellen giggled at that until I looked at her disapprovingly.

I said, "I think all of that spying you and Michelle did warped your minds." I looked to Sue Ellen again. "By the way, you're not going to undermine me by taking part in any effort to drag Nicky into the harem, are you?"

Sue Ellen bowed down a little bit, while remaining seated right next to me. "Master, frankly, my gut tells me that you're making a big mistake here. But I have to admit that I don't have enough information, since I've only just met Nicky. Maybe you're right; maybe she doesn't fit with the slave life. However, ultimately, my personal feelings and hunches on the matter are of no importance. I can see this is something you're strongly opposed to. As long as you feel that way, you have my full support."

I said, "Thank you, Cupcake. Your personal feelings DO matter, very much. Never doubt that. But on this issue we can't be fighting against each other. Understood?"

She sat back up straight and nodded.

I turned my attention back to Ruby. "Oh! Something just occurred to me. I haven't yet asked you how many times you think you've spied on me over the years."

Her eyes got wide in a hurry. "Total?!"

"Yes, total."

"Geez, I have no idea. Honestly. But it's a LOT, obviously! Let's see... In our peak years, which was most of the last four years, I'd say... oh... about two times a week."

"Two times a WEEK?! Are you serious?!" I hoped my outburst didn't clue her in that I didn't ask this question to Michelle, so I didn't have a way to check the answer.

She looked surprised by my reaction. "Is that more than you thought? Or less?"

I thought about it. Min and I have sex in the evening about four or five times a week, sometimes more. That was before the harem began, of course. Actually, it's more because sometimes we'd get in a groove where we did it every day, and we almost never did it less. And that's not counting random oral sex, daytime fucking, and the like. Still, that means we were being watched and listened to at least one third of the time! And Mindy knew about it for that entire time!


I said, "I don't know about more or less. I hadn't been thinking in times per week. I guess that sounds about right. I haven't asked Michelle that, so I'll be curious to hear her estimate. Of those times, how many times was Nicky involved?"

Ruby sat back and whistled. "Phew! That's really hard to say. REALLY hard. Some years it was a lot, other years hardly anything. Especially the last couple of years. But if I had to make a guess for the whole thing, maybe... one hundred? Two hundred? Maybe more like two hundred."

"Two hundred?! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!" That sent shivers of alarm down my spine. Min said Nick has a "light crush" on me. That's a hell of a lot more than a "light crush!" True, it seems like she hasn't been nearly as obsessed about me as the Hellions, but that's still way more than I'd expected!

Ruby looked away shyly. "Something like that. Maybe a little more." Then she looked at me again. "But you've gotta remember that this went on for a very long time. On a per year basis, it's only like a couple dozen times per year."

I sighed heavily. God. What a fucked up situation! She's been fantasizing and masturbating about me for YEARS! That certainly puts all her new topless behavior in a distressing new light!

Ruby said triumphantly, "You see? The fact that she's spied on you that many times means that she's kind of imprinted on you. When she thinks of sex, she thinks of you! I'm sure you're her ultimate sex fantasy. How could you not be? It's not wonder she was disappointed in Steve and his tiny worm of a penis. How could that compare with your mammoth snake?! ANY normal or even extra large penis is going to be a disappointment for her. None of them will ever match up to the KING!"

I was distressed to realize that she probably had a point. My extra long and thick penis has always been a blessing, but now it seemed like more of a curse. I tried to be optimistic. My Muffin is an exceptionally beautiful woman and all around impressive person. If she wants a boyfriend with a penis as large as mine, or larger, I'm sure she can find that. So there. We can overcome these things. She'll just have to be more selective about that.

She raved excitedly, "My God, Daddy! You need to watch a video of you having sex with Mindy sometime. It is sooooo hot! I've watched a few professional pornos for comparison, but you're way better than any porno! And that's even considering that porn sex is designed to look good for the camera. When you and her do it, there's so much LOVE there! AND lust! ALL my friends who've watched you said you're the best and that professional pornos are boring as hell in comparison!"

I got a sinking feeling as I thought of another new question. "Did you ever RECORD any of this video of Mindy and me?"

"Of course we did!" Seeing my distraught reaction, she quickly added as she gesticulated defensively, "But hey! Hey! Before you get upset, keep in mind that was something JUST for Michelle and me. No one else even knew that we had recording capability! There was NO WAY we were going to let some video of you get out, because who knows where it would end up? For instance, what if it got on the Internet, or some friend of ours started sharing copies with strangers? You might even find out, and then our entire Plan would be ruined! So we were SUPER DUPER careful! We only made a limited number of recordings so we'd have something to masturbate to when we really needed it, and they never left Michelle's hard drive."

I was relieved that they at least had kept the video footage to themselves, but that was small consolation compared to the news that there was video footage at all. I buried my face in my hands. "Oh, Ruby. You disappoint me."

Ruby reached out for me, but I was out of reach. She got up and sat her bare ass on my lap, and put an arm around my back. "Daddy, I'm so sorry! About everything! But at least I'm being honest with you. Totally honest! The totally naked truth from your totally naked daughter and your totally obedient cock slave. I didn't have to tell you the truth about the recording, but I did, and I'm glad I did, because you're my daddy and my master. I love you so much! I don't want to hurt you!" She gave me a hug, pressing her enormous soft tits into my T-shirt.

She continued, "But you have to understand that if you like your harem today - and don't deny that you do - this was all necessary to get here. Daughters don't just up and declare themselves sex slaves for their daddies, no matter how sexy and well-hung their daddies are. We didn't even start out with slavery in mind; we just wanted you to fuck us! It took us YEARS of mental preparation to be ready for the challenge of eternally serving your cock. Frequently watching you and Mindy have sex was probably THE most important thing in getting us ready for our sexual servitude."

She added, "If I ever started to waver on the righteousness of our Plan, for instance maybe some fun and hunky guy asked me on a date, and I found myself seriously considering it, I would just wait until our next spying session. Seeing the way you both fucked and made love to Mindy would immediately set me straight. Of COURSE I'd have to tell that boy no, because nobody else but you would ever do!"

I asked, "Did that ever happen?"

"Only all the time. It still does. I get asked out even more than Michelle, 'cos guys are so intimidated by her. But never fear. To even let a boy touch me would violate the purity of my total submission to you. Living to serve you has become such a deeply internalized part of who I am that I get a little nauseous just thinking about having a normal boyfriend of any kind. Watching you and Mindy get it on so often gave us a hunger to be enslaved by your cock and balls that just grows and grows, to this very day!"

The more I found out, the more I believed she wasn't exaggerating. It was truly mind-blowing.

She grew a bit dreamy as she further explained, "For instance, we didn't always love facials and pearl necklaces. The first time I saw you splooge on Mindy, it grossed me out. The tenth time, I still thought it was weird. The twentieth time? Enh. Whatever. Slowly but surely though, I came to look forward to it, and even love it. By the time Mindy let me taste some of your cum, straight off her face, I knew I was hooked! We watched and dreamed and rehearsed it so much that when the big day finally came and you gave me my first real facial, it felt so right and so natural and so perfect! UGH! Hnnng!"

She was deep into some kind of erotic fantasy now, caressing her big bare globes like she was smearing cum into her skin. It seemed that she was fantasizing about some vision of me, forgetting that she was actually sitting naked on the lap of the actual me!

I realized with a start, "Wait! Min let you taste some of my cum right off her face?! When did that happen?!"

Ruby snapped back to reality with an alarmed look on her face. "Oh, did I just say that? Out loud? Yikes!" She looked away sheepishly. "Don't be mad at her, please? It's not her fault. We bugged her about that FOREVER before she finally gave in."

I didn't know what to say to that - I was being hit by one stunning revelation after another. I did make a mental note to find out more about their years of planning, and especially my wife's involvement in it. I was sure there were more surprises waiting for me.

Ruby resumed speaking with a new burst of passion and resolve. "I know you're mad now, and I feel bad about the violation of your privacy, and Mindy's privacy. But to be completely honest, if I had to do it all over again, I'd do it the exact same way! Because, again, without all that, I wouldn't be here today sitting naked in your lap, with another one of your cock slaves sitting next to you and waiting for any sign of your dick getting hard so she can help take care of it. My wet and juicy cunt throbs with the need to be Daddy-fucked, and while it hasn't happened yet, I know it will soon! Sometimes, the ends DO justify the means!"

I sighed heavily. The problem is that she has a good point. If I could go back in time and take away the spying and the result was no harem, would I really do that? Let's be honest: no. So how mad can I get? I benefit from this as much as anybody, or more. I'm totally addicted to the harem lifestyle!

Just then, Michelle burst through the door, with Cindy close behind. "Quick! Get dressed! Get ready! Mom and Nicky are back! They're almost to the front door!"

That set off a mad scramble. But before everyone scattered, I said, "There'll be no spanking today. No time! Besides, I'm punishing you in a non-spanking way. Even you, Cupcake. I'll explain later. We'll talk more once Nicky is on the plane. Now, go!"

In a flash the girls quietly but quickly went to Michelle's room, where Ruby kept a lot of her clothes. Certainly Sue Ellen would find something to wear there too.

Cindy, by contrast, stayed in the master bedroom with me. But she and I didn't say anything as we tried to get dressed and tidy up. Her goal was to get out of the room quickly and quietly (although it wouldn't have been bad if she'd been "caught" there). I was already wearing a T-shirt and shorts, and I realized there really wasn't much tidying up I could do.

Once Cindy left, I decided the most important thing was for me to sit down and calm myself so I could act normal instead of shell shocked after all these revelations. It turned out that I had time to do so because Mindy and Nicky stayed downstairs for a while.

Man, I screwed up. For one thing, I totally lost track of time. I didn't even tell Cin or Shelle to keep watch. It's a good thing they did. I was too blown away by the spying confessions, and then Ruby's additional Nicky-related confessions, to even think straight.

I sure had it all wrong. I had a whole scenario planned out where I was going to punish the Gruesome Twosome for their spying last night by spanking them in the "love tap" no-spank style. I knew that would punish them ten times more than the harshest spanking, and it wouldn't leave their asses suspiciously red and hurting while Nicky was still here. Plus, I was going to reward Sue Ellen with a sexy spanking to contrast what you get for good behavior vs. bad behavior. And I had even more sexy plans that involved Cindy too.

I'd had it all worked out. And then... real life had other plans. And it's a damn good thing too, because it was more important to learn all that I did! I don't know why I didn't press hard to find the truth about the spying until now. This "divide and conquer" strategy of interviewing Shelle and Ruby separately and simultaneously worked like a charm. Since I have to step up my cleverness to stay on top of all the harem craziness, I need to do more along those lines.

The funny thing is, I would have been upset about the spying, but it pales in comparison to all the highly disturbing revelations about Nicky and especially how the Hellions are trying to get her to join them! Ruby's right: the spying is in the past. It pains me to say this, but I wouldn't change it if I could, because it brought us all to where we are today. That said, I certainly am going to take up Cindy's suggestion to use whatever technology there is to stop the spying from this point forward and lessen the temptation.

But I'm not even that concerned about that anymore. Given all the wild sexual stuff we're doing on a daily basis, being spied on by the two Hellions is small potatoes. It's what to do going forward with Nicky that I need to be most concerned with!

I can NOT let anything sexual happen between Nicky and me! I know there's been a little slippage on that, but that stops now! So far, all that's really happened is some ogling and hugging. That's no big deal. The key is to prevent things from escalating. I can NOT let the Gruesome Twosome try to drag Nicky into their incestuous dream world! If there's one thing Mindy and I have done right, it's the way we've raised Nicky.

I'm not saying Shelle and Ruby are bad girls, because they're not. But they are pretty, well... warped. They're special cases. They're just... well, if I have to be blunt about it... total nymphos. They love sex. They live for sex. They're also totally submissive. I don't think any of that is my fault or Mindy's fault, it's just who they are. They're extremely physically fit and they're very passionate and emotional, so it would be a surprise if they weren't big on sex.

Having them as my cock slaves actually protects them from being abused by a cruel master who doesn't love them or even give a shit about them. It's not just about my sexual pleasure or their sexual pleasure; it's about loving and caring. In a way, I'm being a very good dad by being their master, because I'm probably saving them from being exploited by some terrible people.

So it's not right to compare them to Nicky. It's totally different. But still, it would be key to have one daughter who follows the traditional path instead of getting hung up on sex and daddy issues. It would be great to have a son-in-law and grandkids and all that jazz. Even if that were to mean my personal sacrifice of not having her as one of my sex slaves.

Not that that would happen anyway! What am I even thinking?!

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! This harem thinking is almost like an infectious disease, and I'm getting infected. It's easy to get sucked up into a worldview where you think, "Nicky has the body of an ideal cock slave, therefore she must secretly want to be one." Not the case! And to think that Ruby actually suggested that Nicky should drop out of college! It's all so fucked up that it almost makes me ill. That'll only happen over my dead body!

The good thing is that we basically only have to get through tonight. Tomorrow morning Nicky will fly off into the wild blue yonder, and she'll be gone two whole weeks. THANK GOD! That'll give me time to straighten the Hellions out about a number of things, including this whole Nicky business. They need to be brought to heel in general. That remains the top priority. All this stuff about spying and what they want to do to Nicky are just symptoms of the larger problem of them acting like my slaves but really doing whatever the hell they want to do.

So I have two weeks to basically get them to crack and truly submit to me. Then, I've gotta figure out how to deal with Nicky for the rest of the summer! It's going to be a LOOOONG time until she goes back to college. Summer vacation has basically just begun. Maybe we need to send her off somewhere else? Camp? More vacation? Get her a job out of town? Something! Anything!

Having her around is way too much trouble. She's only been here one full day and it seems like everything's turned upside down. She's far too tempting and sexy! I love her so very much, but to be honest, I can't wait until tomorrow comes and she's on the plane to Hawaii!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Wayac, Concerned, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, and Ecchi Spud, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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