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Chapter 34

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I was still sitting in my room lost in thought when I got the call from downstairs that dinner was ready.

I went downstairs feeling frustrated. The revelations from Michelle and especially Ruby were still on my mind. I felt I'd made some progress talking to Ruby, but I hadn't really talked to Michelle at all, I'd only questioned her. She probably didn't even realize yet that I was on to her scheme to push Nicky into joining the harem. And with Nicky underfoot I had no way of conveying to her just yet how unwise that scheme would be.

But also, I was almost afraid to spend time around Nicky. At first, I'd thought she'd had a "light crush" on me. Then it turned out to be a not-so-light crush. Now, I'm finding out that she's secretly spied on Mindy and me having sex around two hundred times over the years, maybe more! And she's masturbated to that who knows how many times?

I think we could safely categorize her crush as a "strong" one now!

I need to get my act together and figure out what to do about all this. But first, dinner. Surely we can get through dinner without anything unusually arousing happening, right?

Indeed, all seemed surprisingly normal at dinner. All the women were there - Mindy, Cindy, Michelle, Ruby, Nicky, and Sue Ellen - and all of them were dressed in "normal" clothes. In fact, most of them were wearing plain T-shirts, just like I was. I even saw evidence of bras all around. Bras were notable simply because how rare they'd been lately.

That was a huge relief for me, although all those bras did have the effect of creating deeper and more prominent cleavage beneath those shirts and blouses. Still, I wasn't about to complain since my penis needed the rest. Just as importantly, my brain needed a break. It seemed that ever since Nicky came home, I was either facing an insanely arousing situation, or some kind of emotional drama, or sometimes both at once!

I have no idea where it came from on short notice, but Mindy somehow conjured up some delicious vegetarian lasagna. It really hit the spot.

And the discussion was perfectly normal too. There was still a lot of "getting to know you better" talk that needed to be done, especially between Sue Ellen and Nicky. Although they'd known each other back in high school, it turns out they'd been little more than acquaintances who didn't know much about each other at all.

As a result, I could sit back, relax, and enjoy the good food while Sue Ellen and Nicky did most of the talking.

Although I didn't speak much, I held Cindy's hand under the table. We'd had a breakthrough in our relationship and we were both happy to simply bask in the presence of each other. I didn't mind that Nicky saw our goo-goo eyes and handholding, but I tried to limit the affection so she wouldn't have reason to take offense.

At one point, Nicky said to Sue Ellen, "I must say it's surprising how close you've gotten to Michelle and Ruby. You've been around here nearly all day. I'm not complaining at all; it's just that I find it interesting. I heard it said earlier at some point that you're 'breastest' friends with them. I've heard my two sisters call each other that from time to time over the years. I thought it was just a little play on words. Does it actually mean something?"

Michelle said, "Let me field that, please. Yes. Yes, it does. Of course, it means being a best friend. The way I see it, one can have more than one best friend, but not many more or it would lose its meaning. But it's also about having very large breasts, and sharing a special bond about that. Nicky, as you know, pretty much all my friends are busty. That matters a lot to me."

She sat up straightened in her seat and thrust her chest out. "My breasts have defined and shaped my life in many ways. I feel a special affinity with other endowed girls, because I know we've gone through a lot of the same things together. So, to be a 'breastest friend' is to be a best friend who also shares a special busty bond. To be honest, for all these years I've only had one real breastest friend, Ruby. So I'm beyond delighted that Sue Ellen's come along and doubled that!"

She laughed, and reached out and shared a hand squeeze with Sue Ellen. The two of the practically glowed with love and friendship.

Then Michelle continued with Nicky, "As for you, you've been a best friend of mine since forever, since we were still in diapers and rode our plastic tricycles through the house!"

Michelle and Nicky shared a laugh over that fond memory.

Michelle went on, "Breast-wise, I was an early bloomer and you've been a late bloomer. The way I look at it, you've qualified to be a breastest friend for a couple of years now, but I never asked you about it because I figured you'd think it's silly. Just like you think it's silly that I'm calling Daddy 'Daddy' for instance. You think you're too mature for that sort of thing or something. But if you ever want to join us, the invitation is there."

Nicky was puzzled, and it showed. "Join you? What do you mean? I'm already one of your best friends and your sister. What would be the difference being a 'breastest friend?'"

Michelle shrugged. "No difference, really. Just a slight attitude shift. When you're busty like I am, you definitely are now, you're taught to downplay it and be modest. We don't want to offend those who aren't so endowed, or make them feel inadequate. After all, it's really just the luck of genetics over who gets big boobs and who doesn't, so it's not something to be proud of, right?"

"Right," Nicky said.

"Wrong! It's a BIG part of who I am. Just like my gender or my ethnicity or my sexual orientation and so on. Yeah, it's not an 'achievement,' but neither are those other things, and people get really proud of them. So why can't I be proud of being busty? I'd argue it's defined me more than a lot of other things, like height or hair color or even ethnicity. So being a breastest friend is just being a best friend who is not afraid to celebrate with each other the joy of being amply endowed."

Nicky furrowed her brow. "So what do you do, dance around a maypole waving your extra-strength bras and chanting about the power of breasts?"

Michelle looked surprised. "Hey! How did you know that?!" Then, after a well-timed pause, she broke into a smile. "Kidding! Of course I just kidding. No, we don't do anything different. Like I said, it's just a slight attitude shift. A lot of it is just embracing the name: 'breastest.' That right there shows you're celebrating what God gave you instead of trying to downplay it and cover it up."

Nicky nodded. "Ah. Well, that sounds okay then. I don't see the harm in that."

Ruby asked, "So, sister, do you want to join us? We'd love to have you."

Nicky looked at them suspiciously. "Join what? There's no actual club or ritual or anything, right? All we're talking about is calling each other 'breastest friends' instead of 'bestest friends.' Who even cares? It's just a two-letter difference."

Mindy spoke up. "Nicky, if I could interject, I think you should join them. It doesn't mean anything to you, but it means a lot to them, especially to Michelle. I can see that. Furthermore, it could help you with your attitude change. This visit seems to have been all about you wanting to overcome your shyness, especially your shyness about revealing your new body."

Nicky rolled her eyes. "It's hardly a 'new body.' It's the same one I've always had."

Mindy persisted, "You know what I mean. A couple of years ago, you had the body of a girl. Now, you've definitely blossomed into a woman, a wonderfully voluptuous woman. The more you've developed, the more you've gone into denial and tried to cover yourself up. Becoming a 'breastest friend' is exactly the sort of attitude change you need to become comfortable with the outstanding body God did give you. As Michelle put it so well, your sexy curves should be celebrated, not hidden or downplayed."

There was a long silence as Nicky thought that over. Then she said, "Okay, I'll think about it. I'm leaning towards saying, 'sure, whatever,' but get back to me in an hour or two. I'm still kind of wrapping my head around the whole thing."

She unexpectedly looked my way. "Dad, what do you think? Is 'breastest' just a silly word? Does any of this actually matter?"

I replied, "Honestly, I've heard Shelle and Ruby say 'breastest' over the years but I never really understood. I shrugged it off as essentially meaningless. But after finally hearing an explanation just now, I approve. Think about if you had some highly distinctive feature, like having huge feet, or being the tallest in your school, or whatever. Even if it's perceived as a positive thing, people generally don't like being singled out from the crowd and being defined by something like that. So you could try hard to ignore it and pretend like you're everyone else, or you could actively embrace it and own it. I think that second approach is better, don't you?"

There was another long silence. Then Nicky said, "Yeah, you're right. Okay. Let me think about that."

The discussion switched to other topics while Nicky apparently continued to mull that over.

But I was still trying to figure out what this all meant and why "breastest friends" seemed so important to Michelle especially. Shelle's boobs ARE her defining feature. Wherever she goes, pretty much the first thing people think when they see her is, "My God, that girl is STACKED!" And not just horny men, everybody of both genders! That's probably the first reaction, and then "My God, she's gorgeous all over!" Her jutting torpedoes are truly extraordinary and can't be overlooked, no matter what she wears. So, all harem stuff aside, it makes sense that she pretty much only associates with other busty girls. I don't see anything wrong with that. If she were a professional tennis player, she'd hang out with other tennis players.

So this "breastest friend" thing is both totally trivial and yet very important too. I'll be curious to see how it plays out with Sue Ellen and now maybe Nicky. I wonder about Min and Cin though. They're just as endowed as Sue Ellen, so why don't they qualify? I'm guessing the large age gap is coming into play, as well as the "mom authority figure" issue. Hmmm.

We continued to eat and have a pleasant, free-wheeling discussion.

I was mindful of the fact the clock was ticking. I only have a few more hours to get through and then the evening will be over, and the Nicky temptation will presumably be over. We'll have two weeks to sort things out. Of course, I could solve the immediate problem by going upstairs after dinner and reading a book, but I do dearly want to spend time with my sweet Muffin since I haven't seen her for six months. I just don't want to spend time with her while my wife is secretly jacking me off or something crazy like that! As if I don't know exactly how that feels lately. Sheesh! But I've learned from my mistakes and I've uncovered a lot of vital secrets, so I won't let myself get manipulated again.

Dessert was apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Things were just getting better and better.

As we all finished dessert, I said to my wife, "That was very nice. Thank you, Sweetheart." I blew a kiss in Min's direction. "Now, what should we do? Can I help with the dishes?"

Michelle suddenly thrust a fist high into the air, with her usual dramatic flair. "I say... HOT TUB!"

Mindy grinned and thrust a fist into the air too. "Hot tub!"

Then Cindy and Nicky thrust their fists up high and said the same thing at about the same time: "Hot tub! Hot tub! Hot tub!" As if that wasn't enough, every single woman except for Ruby and Sue Ellen suddenly bolted out of their chairs and rushed off towards the hot tub.

So much for doing the dishes. I smell trouble, to say the least.

I wasn't surprised that the supremely loyal Sue Ellen was still sitting at the table with me, but I was surprised that Ruby was there with her. It looked like Ruby was seriously trying to follow my order that she shouldn't facilitate pushing Nicky into the harem. She seemed to be worried the hot tub activity could be something that would push in that direction.

However, her resolve was about as strong as tissue paper. There was a pause while she fidgeted and looked longingly at the others heading to the hot tub. Then she gave me a sad look and muttered, "Sorry, Daddy. The hot tub sounds pretty good." Then she got up and rushed off to the hot tub as well.

That left just Sue Ellen. She looked to me for direction on what to do.

I sighed heavily. I knew that going to the hot tub would be like a helpless lamb walking right back into the lion's den. Last night's hot tub activity was a cautionary tale. However, I couldn't avoid doing it without causing a scene. If I went that route, I would be forced to directly address the issue of my attraction to Nicky to explain why I felt the need to avoid her. I was wary of opening that can of worms, especially so soon after having a big emotional drama upstairs.

I thought, I can't always completely control events, especially in a house with a bunch of headstrong women. However, if I'm clever, I can nudge things this way or that in my favor. For instance, I obviously don't want to start anything sexual with Nicky. But if we can have a generally fun and sexual time, it could help get her accustomed to our new sexual way of living here. And I can especially push the narrative of Sue Ellen becoming my second mistress. But I'll have to thread the needle: general sex fun, yes, anything sexual specifically with Nicky, no!

With that vague plan in mind, I gave Sue Ellen a nod.

She looked back at me curiously, as if saying, "Are you sure?"

I nodded again. Then I whispered to her, "If we can have some sexy fun without going too far, it could help loosen Nicky up."

She nodded back in understanding.

I was about to let her go, but the another idea came to me. I whispered even more quietly and carefully, "The truth is, since Nicky has come home, I've been having some trouble controlling myself around her. She's just so... ARGH!"

My hands clenched the air in frustration. "So... tempting. Sometimes I want to kiss her on the lips, and... Or take her surprisingly large breasts in my hands, and... Well, you get the idea. It's so WRONG! I need help! If you could somehow step in and help me when I seem to be losing control, I'd really appreciate it. I'm sure I could come up with some kind of reward you'd enjoy."

She thought that over. She looked back at the others, and seemed to be afraid of being overheard. However, she smiled and nodded.

I nodded back.

Then she too got up and rushed to the hot tub. Now that I'd given the okay, she was smiling and giddy just like the others.

A few seconds later, I hurried after her so I could influence what was going on in the hot tub before things got out of hand. The dirty dishes were left on the table.

By the time I got there, some of the women were already half naked. They were just shucking off their clothes and tossing them aside! I said, "Hold it! Hold it! I don't mind hanging out in the hot tub again."

A general cheer rose up. "Yeay!"

"But if we do this, there needs to be some rules."

That resulted in an even louder, "Boooo!"

I held up my hand defensively. "Don't worry, it's just a couple of simple rules to keep things from getting out of hand. Last night, things got a little too, well... loosey goosey. So tonight's rule number one is: everyone needs to wear a shirt. No toplessness!"

That resulted in more boos all around. Someone asked me, "Even you?"

"I suppose it would be okay for me. The idea is we don't want any exposure of any private parts."

Another cheer went up. "Yeay!" I thought, Geez, it's like they're all drunk already.

I pressed on, "Rule number two is: no alcohol. And that's it. If we can obey these two rules, I think we'll be fine."

Mindy immediately got into "taking care of business" mode. "Fair enough. If that's the way it's going to be though, all officious-like, then we should do this properly. Honey, please go back to the kitchen and work some on those dishes. Put your bathing suit on too. I'll prepare some non-alcoholic drinks. Someone else needs to turn off these harsh fluorescent lights and fire up the torch lights. Thank goodness they're still in place from last night. And we need T-shirts that we don't mind dipping in the hot tub water, and more."

I thought, "And more?" What the hell does that mean?

She added with a smiling smirk, "Goodness! What were we thinking, rushing headlong into this? Let's do it right and make it a party!"

That resulted in another general cheer. "Yeay!"

I do not that particular smirk of hers, out of all of her many varied smirky looks. I suspect she's up to something. But then again, she smirks like that a lot, and a sneaky scheme doesn't ALWAYS follow, right?

I went upstairs and put my swimsuit on. As I did so, I thought, I'm really starting to hate this damn thing! I was supposed to have bought a better one today, but then again when did I really have a chance? The entire day has been one wild event after another. The one time I was determined to go shopping, there were a whole bunch of cars blocking my driveway. It seem some kind of fate was forcing me to keep wearing this stupid skimpy thing.

Wearing nothing but the swimsuit, I went downstairs and worked on the dishes.

I was feeling good about making a stand and laying down some rules, but I felt like I'd missed something important. Two rules aren't very many. Were there some other rules I should have specified? It's not like I could just publicly announce "No secret underwater handjobs."

I'd noticed that Michelle had already stripped down to just her bikini bottoms, which made me wonder if all the other women had been wearing bikini bottoms already, and so maybe using the hot tub again wasn't as spontaneous as it seemed. But did that really change anything? Probably not, I decided.

I decided, The key to keeping hot tub fun from getting out of hand is figuring who I should sit next to. Mindy was already proven unreliable last night. Sue Ellen seems like one obvious choice, since she's so loyal to me and good at obeying my commands. But someone else has to sit on the other side of me as well. Cindy is a possibility, and I know she's well meaning, but then again she tried to secretly jack me off under the table recently, and with Nicky right there, no less. As for Shelle and Ruby, forget it! Ruby at least seemed genuinely apologetic upstairs, but nonetheless I didn't trust her to control herself when she got very aroused.

So that leaves just Nicky. Actually, sitting next to Nicky could be a stroke of genius! If there's one woman here who's definitely not going to give me an underwater handjob, it's her. And if I'm sitting right next to her, then I won't have to look at her stunning face or body that much. The problem last night was that I was sitting across from her and looking at her practically the whole time. That made me far too horny. Plus, she'll have a T-shirt on and nobody's gonna be tipsy or drunk, so it should be fine.

I don't know why I'm so paranoid about this. We've hung out as a family in the hot tub lots of times. It's just like hanging out at the dinner table except with bubbly water added. No big deal. As for the Gruesome Twosome wanting Nicky to join the harem, they might try to make things a little bit sexy, but they know that if they push things too hard it'll backfire. They can't even show much intimacy with me in front of her, because that'll backfire too. So I should be safe.

Still, I had a sinking feeling. Everything tended to get extremely sexual lately, no matter what I did.

By the time I finished the dishes, the others had finished their preparations and they were already all neck deep in the hot tub. I did a quick check and saw that they were all wearing T-shirts, so I got in the tub too. Luckily, Sue Ellen happened to be sitting next to Nicky, so I was able to get in between them without needing to do any rearranging.

My decision not to sit next to Mindy as usual was controversial at first, but I smoothed it over by saying, "Tonight is Nicky's last night home for two weeks. I want to be right by her side and spend these last hours with my sweet Muffin." By the time I finished saying that I sank all the way up to my neck in the hot tub water, since that's what everyone else was doing.

My comment got some appreciative ooohs and aaahs, and a very happy smile from Nicky.

I looked around approvingly at the scene. Everything seemed to be exactly the same as the night before. The torch lights were still in the same spots and the harsh florescent light had been turned off, so the group was mostly in the dark, much as if we'd gathered around a small fire on a dark night.

It was all too beautiful! Even though all I could see were heads, necks, and sometimes bit of T-shirt-covered shoulders, I was staggered at just how beautiful all the women with me were. I really am an incredibly lucky son of a bitch, aren't I? All of them, literally all of them, could have their faces on the cover of Vogue or Cosmo or Vanity Fair or the like. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but that's how they look to me. And the crazy thing is that I'm having sex with all of them but Nicky!

I decided to share my thoughts - some of them, anyway. I looked right at Mindy as I said, "I want everyone to know that I'm the luckiest man on Earth. Somehow, I managed to marry a woman who's as beautiful as she is loving, smart, and kind." I teased, "If only we could fix that defect with her face that makes her mouth stuck in a lopsided smirk most of the time."

Mindy was beaming, but she playfully splashed water at me. "That's not a defect, you ass! I'm smirking all the time because I know you've got a big booger hanging out of your nose."

I went through the motion of wiping my nose, and pretended to find a booger and flick it away. "NOW you tell me! How many years had that been hanging there?"

The girls all laughed. Nicky said, "Dad, that's so gross! But we love you just the same, despite your boogers. And by the way, it was hanging there six years." With that, she giggled and then wrapped an arm around my back.

That slightly concerned me, because any kind of physical contact with Nicky set off alarm bells in my head lately. But it seemed innocent enough. True, that put the side of one of her boobs right up against one of my upper arms, but she did have her T-shirt on. We were barely touching there anyway.

So I tolerated that contact, and said, "But my luck was just beginning. We gave birth to two heartbreakingly gorgeous daughters, each of them feisty and whip smart. And then we had an equally smart and beautiful neighbor's daughter somehow wiggle her way into our lives to the point that we came to think of her as our daughter too. Then, her mother, who's ALSO smart, stunning, and kind, somehow ended up my mistress, making that spiky redheaded girl our daughter officially."

Mindful of the intimate conversation I'd had with Cindy earlier, I gave her a special, knowing wink.

She practically melted into a big puddle of goo. It was totally adorable. I noticed Nicky had seen our interaction, and I was glad. There was no way she could deny Cindy and I were in love after heartfelt displays like that.

I concluded with a dramatic flourish, "It's all some kind of vast conspiracy, I tell you! It's a conspiracy to surround me with so much beauty tonight that I'm going to, I dunno, smile myself to death. Is that possible?"

Cindy said with a great big smile, "I don't know, but if it is, I have a feeling we're all gonna die soon."

Ruby cut in, happy as a clam, "Death by smiling!"

Cindy continued, "After dropping that stinking load of malarkey on us, you'll make our heads as big as hot air balloons!"

Furtively checking out their racks, I thought, Those aren't the only things here big as hot air balloons already. Sheesh! This is like the "Miss Big Tits Orange County" finals competition! I'm such a lucky S.O.B. Even though most of them had their chests under the water line, I knew well what they were hiding.

I looked from face to face, and sure enough, everyone was beaming with grand smiles now. I sighed with supreme contentment. "Aaaah! This is paradise. This is what I've worked so hard for, to have moments like this."

Michelle joked, "Daddy works hard?"

Mindy pretended surprise. "What? My hubby works? At ALL? Since when?"

I rolled my eyes. "Okay, so I've been slacking off lately, but that's so I could spend as much time with Nicky as possible while she's in town. Tomorrow, sadly, my nose will be back to the grindstone."

Mindy looked at me with sultry, "come hither" eyes. "I'm sure there will be a lot of grinding tomorrow. And later tonight! But I have it on good authority that it won't be your nose that will be involved."

Nicky laughed. "Mom! Dad! You two, behave!"

"Who is this 'Haaave' guy," Mindy complained indignantly, "and why do we have to be him?"

Everyone had a good-natured laugh over that.

Mindy said, "Sorry, Nicky. It's just that your dad does something to me. I blame the mood lighting." She looked up to the torch lights.

Ruby quipped, "Yeah, he does 'something' that makes it hard for you to walk straight most days."

Mindy looked right at me with bedroom eyes and purred in a sexy, near Mae West-styled voice, "Walking straight is overrated, Ruby. And I should know, since your dad rarely leaves me walking that way."

After more laughter all around, I said, "Okay, okay, enough sexual innuendo. Let's not go there again tonight."

Michelle had been sunk down low into the bubbly water just like everyone else. But she sat up straight and then stretched her arms up into the sky as if she needed to stretch her muscles. She asked all too innocently, "Go where, Daddy?"

Rising up like that put her breasts above the water line. That would have been okay, since she was wearing a T-shirt, but it turned out that she wasn't wearing a bra or bikini top underneath it anymore. And furthermore, I realized, My God! She isn't just wearing any T-shirt; she's wearing a pure white one that essentially turned see-through when in water! As in right now! And the way she's sexily stretching to the sky is almost like adding insult to injury! It's too sexy to bear!

"Oh no! Don't tell me!" I said that because I had a sudden sinking feeling that Michelle wasn't the only one "dressed" like that.

Sure enough, Cindy was next. She also rose up enough to leave her breasts completely above the water. She too wore a soaking wet plain white T-shirt that made it absolutely clear that there was no bra or bikini top underneath. And two points lewdly poking out made it just as obvious that her nipples were very erect. She smirked knowingly. "What is it, Dan? Is something bothering you?"

Mindy rose up next to her. Again, I saw another wet white T-shirt that looked sexy as hell. She smirked even MORE knowingly, since she was the smirking queen after all. "Yes, Honey. Is there something on your mind?" She also stretched high up to the sky, teasing and provoking me.

I looked around the hot tub, from one stunning beauty to another. Each one in turn rose up to show off their sexy, see-through white T-shirts. They all were smiling and giggling with glee.

Damn! I've been tricked! Clearly, it's a titty conspiracy! That was a jokey idea on my part, because I was more aroused than concerned. I figured I could handle anything they threw at me, since I'd learned what not to do last night.

Around the time Sue Ellen rose up out of the water and showed off her erect nipples poking through the see-through fabric, my penis rose up too!

Nicky was last. I looked to her and said, "Oh no. Don't tell me you're in on this too!"

She smirked just like her mother. "Sorry, Dad. They made me do it." She rose up out of the water, putting her incredible E-cups on display for me, literally less than a foot away from me. The only reprieve I got was that since I was still neck deep in the water she had to remove her arm from behind my back as she rose up, so at least that firm tit wasn't actually pressing against my upper arm anymore.

Ruby looked like she was about to say something, but she held her tongue at the last second. She scrunched her face up in frustration.

Michelle had no such hesitation. She chuckled at Nicky. "Yeah, right. We 'made' you do it. That was a real struggle, getting you to go along."

Nicky playfully stuck her tongue out at Michelle.

I took a closer look at my sweet Muffin. I didn't know whether to be happy or disappointed that her nipples weren't erect like the others. Either way, I was horny as hell.

I sighed heavily at the overall situation. I was determined to keep my guard up, but at the same time I was having too much fun to get truly upset over that. "You dirty rats! Clearly, this is a pre-planned conspiracy! Against ME!"

Mindy chided teasingly, "Hey, be careful what you wish for. You said toplessness is not allowed and we have to wear shirts. So we're all wearing shirts. Isn't this much better?"

I groaned. "Ha! It's worse! You might as well make a wet T-shirt contest out of this."

Michelle was sitting next to Ruby, not surprisingly, and they looked each other in the eyes from inches away. "OOOOH! Good idea!" they said to each other simultaneously. Michelle looked back at me and said saucily, "I know who gets to be the judge!"

I sighed again. "NOT a good idea! There will be NO wet T-shirt contest. In fact, I take back the shirt rule. This IS actually worse!"

A great cheer rose up. "Woo-hoo!"

I closed my eyes and squinted tightly, thinking, Oh no! What now?!

I heard the sound of rustling and movement in the water, so I opened my eyes to see what was going on. Every single woman was taking her T-shirt off! They were ALL getting topless! Duh! Okay, I'm an idiot. I stepped right into that one.

I watched from very close up as Nicky wiggled out of her wet shirt. Jesus H. fucking Christ, riding in on his fucking pogo stick! Talk about a glorious, sexually inspirational sight!

She seemed to have some trouble pulling the shirt up since it was stuck to her wet skin. She tugged and tugged, causing her enormous tits to bounce and bounce. Finally, she pulled the shirt free, but that only created an even bigger extravaganza of bouncing tit-flesh! Practically in my face!

That actually forced me to rise up in the water to mid-chest level. Otherwise, I was going to remain with my face right at Nicky's tit level. I had this strange urge to scoot forward and suckle on her nearest nipple, and needless to say I couldn't allow myself to do that!

Despite being tricked into this, I'm still loving the view! I know this is kind of bending my rule not to get into any sort of sexual situation with Nicky, but a little visual excitement is harmless enough, right? This is helping her accept our new sexual ways in general, so it has a good purpose. The key thing is no touching. Besides, complaining won't do much good against this mischievous and willful bunch.

My penis was so stiff that it poked right up and out the top of my nearly useless swimsuit. I didn't care, since I was sitting neck-deep between Nicky and Sue Ellen. In the darkness of the water, no one could possibly know. I couldn't even see a couple of inches into the ink-black water, much less all the way down to my crotch. In fact, I adjusted my erection so it could poke all the way free instead of having the band of the swimsuit squeezing against the bottom of my shaft.

I asked the others a bit petulantly, "WHY are you all doing this to me? Do you want to see an old man cry?"

Sue Ellen asked quizzically, "'Cry?'"

As happened once before, it looked like Ruby was going to say something, but she held back at the last moment. And again, she looked very frustrated about it.

It occurred to me that she was mindful of the conversation I'd had with her earlier about the spying, and she was trying extra hard to behave.

Michelle said proudly, "He means crying tears of joy. He's a tit man, through and through!" She put her hands on the back of her neck, and thrust her chest out for good measure.

I had to avert my eyes from Michelle's display of her uniquely jutting melons. Uh-oh! Don't get too carried away, Shelle. Remember, Nicky's here and you're my daughter!

Mindy said, "We're doing it because we love you. We know you love it, despite all your fuddy-duddy posturing. Besides, it's good for Nicky."

I looked over at Nicky. I tried to make eye contact, but I'm afraid my gaze went down to her wet, round tits after a second or two. I loved the sight of rivulets of water rolling down her great curves. I don't know why that's so arousing. Maybe it reminds me of streaks of cum instead? Or does it remind me of a woman drenched in sweat after a long and intense sex session? Whatever it was, it wasn't the kind of wholesome thoughts a father should have for his innocent and pure daughter!

I regained a grip on myself and managed to look back into her eyes. I asked her, "Tell me how this is good for you?"

Nicky replied, "Remember how I'm trying to loosen up? Michelle's my official coach on that now. And you're my official guinea pig." She gave me a playful smile.

I furtively glared right at Michelle and Ruby. I couldn't speak my mind, but I hoped my look conveyed the thought, "Don't you dare take advantage of her trust to try to bring her into the harem!"

Michelle was poker-faced, but Ruby wiggled a little bit in embarrassment. I hoped I was at least getting through to Ruby.

Nicky continued to speak, and in fact she gave a meaningful look right at me. "So please don't forget that you're helping too. You're like my partner and mentor in this, right?"

"Um..." I gulped. "I guess."

"Good! Thanks, Daddy! Er, I mean, Dad." She slipped her arm around my back again.

I kept my hands at my sides. I was determined to behave.

Mindy said to me, "Honey, don't scoff. Remember how shy she's always been about showing off her fantastic body. This visit has been a BIG breakthrough for her. A big, big breakthrough. We need to encourage her with that."

Nicky said, "Yeah, this visit has been great for me, despite all the... weirdness." She briefly glanced at Cindy as she said that. "I've been talking to my sisters about modesty and self-esteem issues. I'm slowly getting it in my head that I'm not fat."

I exclaimed incredulously, "Fat?! You're so ridiculously not fat that it pains me to hear you say that. If there's anyone out there who's ever called you fat, that person needs to be put in front of a firing squad and SHOT!"

Nicky reached around me with her other arm and gave me a sort of half-hug. She couldn't do much more since we were sitting almost hip to hip, but for a few precious moments I could feel both of her bare, erect nipples poking into my chest! "Thanks, Dad! You're the greatest! See why coming home is so good for my ego?"

I found myself practically whimpering. How is it that she's not fat at all, but her breasts are so large and soft and round? Whose genes get the credit or blame? Because Shelle is the same, only slightly LARGER! And since when did she get so comfortable with being topless around me?! Plus, when did her nipples get erect again? They weren't that way a minute ago. Yikes! I'm in hot water in more ways than one!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Concerned, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, and Ecchi Spud, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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