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Chapter 35

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Nicky sank back into the bubbling water with just an arm around my back again. She seemed to answer the question I was only thinking to myself. "Anyway, the talk was good, but what's been even better is practice. Everyone's kind of forced me to be topless, kind of a lot. It's like being thrown in the deep end of the swimming pool. Pretty soon you have to say to yourself, 'I'd better stop feeling sorry for myself and start swimming.' So that's what I've done. And frankly, I've gone from being as nervous as hell to having a blast!"

Trying to keep the discussion light, I joked, "Boy, you're going to set Hawaii on FIRE! Are you going to at least wear a top for the plane ride tomorrow!"

She slapped my shoulder and chuckled. "Obviously not!" Then she corrected herself, "Er, I mean, obviously! And not just for the plane ride. I'm going to wear a top the whole time there!"

I continued to tease, "Then I suggest a see-through one."

"DaaaaAAAAaaad! Stop it!" She gave my shoulder a playful slap. Then she grew more serious and shy. "The truth is, the only man I feel comfortable around like this is you. If any other man were to see me like this, well... I don't know! I'd freak out! But with you, I feel so confident, like I have nothing to be ashamed of!"

She rose up out of the water enough to show off all of her tremendous breasts. Then she sank back down.

I think I forgot to breathe for a good minute! Good God! Her breasts are so firm and round, and they jut out almost as much as Michelle's. Plus, they're just the icing on the cake of her all-around perfect body. If there's such a thing an ideal cock slave body, she has it! But I can't think like that!

Despite her comment about feeling confident, her face was cherry red and she was squirming with embarrassment. But she was also obviously thrilled.

Seemingly oblivious to my gawking, Nicky continued, "I don't know what I'd do if some other guy saw me like that. I'd probably curl up in a ball and die. I didn't even do that for Steve."

I exclaimed, "But he was your boyfriend! Certainly he saw you naked?!"

"Yes, but not that much. Typically we did our hanky panky in the dark, or at least with the lights down low. You have no idea how shy I get."

Michelle said while giving me a sexy stare, "I think it's neat you're doing things for Daddy that you never did for Steve."

Those words greatly aroused me, especially given the sultry and knowing way Michelle said them. Clearly, she had visions of Nicky doing much more "for me," and to me. But at the same time, it pissed me off. I was quick to say, "Nicky's not doing this for me, she's doing it for herself. Right?"

Nicky nodded, which set her wet E-cups lightly bouncing. "That's right. But I figure that if I can do this here, then I'll be able to at least dress fashionably back in Berkeley, instead of being the target of burka and nun jokes. You know what, Dad? It's actually kinda fun being topless around you, and giving you a hard time!" She giggled.

Ruby moaned like her mouth was gagged, and she lightly slapped the water.

By the time I looked Ruby's way, she was trying to act normal again. I suspected that she longed to make some kind of sexually suggestive joke or comment, and was frustrated that she had to keep mum.

Cindy didn't have the same self-restraint. She surprised me by saying with a suggestive leer, "Unfortunately we can't see it to be sure, but I think you're giving him a 'hard time' right now."

I protested, "Cindy!"

Nicky looked a bit shocked at that joke, and she didn't laugh.

Michelle rolled her eyes. "Grow up, Daddy. Your enormous boners are just part of life around here."

Ruby added, "Frankly, we would be insulted if you were NOT erect right now. Are you?"

I was probably blushing a little bit as I said, "I refuse to answer that question, especially since one of my daughters is doing the asking. I take the fifth!"

Mindy joked, "I'm not quite sure what that means, but I think he's referring to coming in fifth place in last year's 'world's biggest penis' competition."

Nicky seemed to relax and give in to this kind of joking. She clapped her hands in approval, setting off a bare tit-quake. "Good one, Mom!" She laughed along with the others.

I can't believe how at ease Nicky is with this kind of situation. What happened to the shy and angelic girl I know? She was kind of like this last night, but we were all drunk or tipsy then. Now, we're just drinking juice.

I furtively glanced at her bare rack. And she's so fucking STACKED! It makes me want to cry with frustration! Big boobs are my kryptonite. They make me too damn horny!

My evil wife suggested to Nicky with a smirk, "I think you need to give your dad a big kiss to thank him for his help in all this."

She seemed keen, but still, she looked around at the other women and asked, "Should I?"

Cindy shrugged like it was no big deal. "It's just a kiss on the cheek. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?"

All the others nodded. I knew that only Michelle and Ruby had talked about pushing Nicky into the harem, but at the moment it felt like everyone was in on that plan. Crap! I need to do something before things got really out of hand!

Michelle announced, "Nicky, as your official 'letting loose' advisor, I officially declare that it's imperative you kiss your daddy!"

Nicky laughed. "Well, if it's so official then..."

But before I could figure out what to do or say, Nicky beamed with delight, and leaned in to kiss me! Thankfully, all she did was kiss one cheek and then kiss the other cheek. So that was harmless enough.

But in so doing, she pressed her bare, wet, and much too large tits into my chest even more than before. I was angled more in her direction since I'd been talking mostly to her, so that put us in more of a face-to-face angle, which meant more chest-to-chest contact too. And when she went from kissing one cheek to kissing the other one, she actually slid her wet nipples right across my chest!

Then, with her nose actually touching mine, and her huge tits still flattened against my chest, she cooed, "Thanks, Daddy!"

Shit! Why is she using "Daddy" and not "Dad" all of a sudden?! In fact, I think that's the first time she's called me that in years! Why doesn't she or anyone else seem to think her totally exposed globes pressing into me was a big deal? This is bad!

A stranger looking in would not find this an appropriate father-daughter situation. I need to stop this from escalating, at least. I'm seriously ruing having my boner all the way out of my swimsuit. What if she bumps an elbow or a hand against it while positioning herself for a hug?! That would be unspeakably embarrassing for the both of us!

It seemed like I wasn't the only one thinking along those lines. Sue Ellen somehow knew that my dick was completely freed. Or maybe she was just checking. But, either way, she furtively reached a hand into my lap, found my erection, and tilted it safely in her direction and away from Nicky.

Now, there was almost no chance Nicky would accidentally brush against my hard-on. But the problem was, once Sue Ellen got her hand on my boner, she wouldn't let go! It was a matter of moments before she started subtly rubbing my sweet spot with two fingers.

I glanced over at my Cupcake and saw that she was looking quite smug and satisfied with herself.

UGH! Not good! I need to deal with her, and fast. I can't let the same thing happen to me two nights in a row. As the saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Plus, Cupcake is my most obedient cock slave. She'd stop if I make it clear enough to her to stop, wouldn't she?

But I had other things to deal with first. Mindy, my suddenly devilishly evil wife, said, "Daniel Cooper! What kind of schmuck are you? Aren't you going to kiss her back?"

Nicky had been starting to pull away, but I found myself wrapping an arm around her back (not a smart move!), and pulling her delightfully soft globes right back into my chest. I said, "Thank YOU, Muffin, for trusting me and... uh, just being your usual wonderful self." I then kissed each of her cheeks, and even planted a peck on the tip of her nose.

I thought, "For trusting me?!" What a crock! Why did I say that? I'm like the ultimate dirty old man. Even as I say that, Cupcake is jacking me off!

Nicky's lips were slightly parted and she even licked them a little bit. It was so damn tempting to try to kiss her there, but I knew I couldn't. I reminded myself, She's my "good" daughter. She has a crush on me and apparently she's letting that lower her self-control too much. I need to be the responsible one here and stand firm!

Nicky was delighted at my kisses and melted into me even more somehow. "Thanks, Dad! I love you so much!" She rested her head into the nook of my neck and shoulder, and seemed content to stay there for a while. She still had one hand around my back, and now her other hand wrapped around me the other way, so I was fully enveloped. In particular, my chest was enveloped with bare tit!

I said, "I love you too, Muffin."

Outwardly, I probably looked calm. But my heart was pounding like a jackhammer. Inwardly, I was screaming, "Get off me, Nicky! I love it, but I love it too much!" Look at us! She's kind of at an angle so now there's only one erect nipple pressing into my skin. But isn't that one nipple too many?! And there's just so much tit-flesh contact. Doesn't anyone else in this group find this ODD, to say the least?!

Of COURSE, some of them love it! They want to see this happen! It's up to me to be strong and resist!

Unfortunately, I had become so exceedingly aroused that I wasn't doing much resisting. And all the while, Sue Ellen was jacking me off, and I couldn't do anything about it! Actually, maybe I could have: I had one hand on Nicky's back, but my other hand was free. However, I was so incredibly horny and Sue Ellen's steady and insistent sweet spot rubbing felt so delightful that I couldn't muster up the willpower to push her hand away. Besides, I told myself that Sue Ellen was doing me a favor in keeping my boner pointed safely away from Nicky.

That was a weak, weak, weak excuse, and I knew it on some level. But I wasn't letting myself think on that level right now. It seems I'd forgotten all about my vow not to get into sexual situations with Nicky! Disaster was looming if I didn't get my willpower back soon!

I didn't believe there was even a sliver of a chance that Nicky could become one of my cock slaves, ever. That just didn't fit with who she was. But some kind of temporary insanity between us was possible, if we both lost our minds to overwhelming lust. If she and I crossed a certain physical line, things would be awkward between us forever. I was reassured that she appeared to be her usual calm self, though fairly embarrassed and a little bit excited. I didn't think I was in any real danger because neither she nor I were willing to cross that line, for instance prolonged French kissing on the lips. The very idea was unthinkable!

Cindy said, "Personally, some might find it untoward for a daughter to hug and kiss her father while topless, but I see that as a great personal victory for her. It shows how far she's come in overcoming her hang-up about hiding her body. Nicky, do you think you're going to take all this confidence with you and wow the boys in Hawaii?"

Nicky took her time to answer that - while resting her nearly naked body against me as if that was the most comfortable and natural thing in the world to do. "Maybe. We'll see. I know one thing I'm going to do is work on my tan. I'm clearly the palest one here. I'm even lighter than Ruby."

That was notable because Nicky, like the rest of us Coopers, still had some color even if she completely avoided the sun. Mindy, me, and our natural-born daughters come from a fairly "swarthy" ethnic background, I suppose. By contrast, Ruby had the naturally pale skin that seemed to always go along with red hair and green eyes. However, she worked hard to stay as tan as her body would allow. Cindy was less naturally pale, and also worked on her tan. That made Nicky the fairest one here, if only by a little bit.

Nicky added, "I'm going to go all out. I'm going to find some very private spot - maybe the balcony of my apartment - and I'm going to get the same all-over tan everyone else has here."

Mindy coughed loudly. She had obvious tan lines, and she wasn't happy about it.

"Well, almost everyone," Nicky corrected. "By the time my vacation is done, I'll be mocha brown, from head to toe! Then I'll come back home and show Dad my nicely tanned body and..." She was at a sudden loss for words, and lamely concluded. "And, uh, that's what I'm gonna do."

Michelle said excitedly, "Uh-oh! That sounds like a challenge to me. We're ALL going to have to work on our all-over tans. Nicky, by the time you get back, it could be that nobody will be wearing any clothes around here anymore!"

Nicky moaned and cuddled into me. She moaned blissfully, "Mmmm..."

That sounded like far too erotic a moan to me!

However, before I could think how to react to that, she asked me, "So, Daddy, tell me how things are going with your latest novel."

"What?! What kind of question is that?!"

She chuckled. "It's a pretty basic question. You know I love your books, and I love to stay abreast of the latest developments. We haven't talked about it on the phone for weeks, so I'd be keen to hear an update."

Ugh! Does she really have to use words like "abreast" and "development?" As if I'm not aware enough of her huge tits resting against me already! And why'd she have to ask me that, of all things?! The reason I haven't given her an update in a couple of weeks is because my novel has taken a decidedly X-rated turn. And we all know why that is! Ugh!

But it's a legitimate, basic question. I'm surprised she hasn't asked it already. I need to some up with something!

I began stroking and petting her long brown hair, more to calm myself than her. "Um, there's not much to tell. Same old, same old. I'm working on another one of those swashbuckler ocean adventure stories while I take a break from the Centurion series. You wouldn't be interested, I'm sure."

She looked up at me earnestly. "But I'm VERY interested! Why wouldn't I be interested? How cool is it that I have a famous author for a father? Your stories are always such fun. I want a full update."

"Um, sure, but I'll tell you later. The others here all have been updated already, and I wouldn't want to bore them repeating what they already know."

Michelle spoke up. "Au contraire! First off, Daddy, we haven't been updated in a while. And even for the stuff we do now, it would be good for a refresher. I say we all kind back and relax and have Daddy tells us one of his rollicking adventure stories!"

To my dismay, the others are made comments or murmurs of agreement. It was unanimous.

Drat! I REALLY should have talked to Shelle before this hot tub fun began and made it perfectly clear not to try to push me and Nicky together. Of course she wants to hear about the novel, because she knows the damn thing is mostly pornographic!

I decided honesty was the best way to get out of this. Partial honesty, at least. "Um, ah... Muffin... there's a problem there. You see, the novel started out normally enough, but then things in my personal life started to heat up in a big way with Cindy becoming my mistress. Suddenly, I was in a kind of sex-obsessed mood nearly all the time, and Mindy and Cindy were too. It was like we were on honeymoon all over again."

"Except as a threesome?" Nicky asked.

"Uh, yeah." Shit! Too horny! I didn't know which was more titillating, feeling Nicky's de facto nude body cuddling into mine, or the way Sue Ellen was secretly jacking me off. Of course there wasn't a competition, and the two effects combined, supercharging my libido!

I continued, "Anyway... that soon kind of bled into my writing. I was writing about this charming rogue sailor, an Englishman named John. This takes place back in the Middle Ages. Anyway, with sex on the brain, it wasn't long before I veered from the outline and put him in some pretty arousing situations of his own."

"Oooh!" Nicky cheered. "Sounds interesting! And fun! Such as? Let's hear all about it!"

I sighed quietly. I couldn't see any way out of this, since we pretty much had all evening to hang out and talk. I decided my best course of action was to describe the plot of the book, but only give her the R-rated version.

So that's what I did. I started from the beginning of the novel and gave a fairly extensive synopsis of John's adventures. However, I made sure to focus entirely on the opening chapters, before he met Roxanna and Morgana and the story basically became an even more X-rated hare-based one.

Unfortunately, a lot of those early chapters were quite steamy too, because my real life sexual adventures had already been making a big mark on my writing. That would have been okay since we were all adults, except that Nicky's nearly nude body continued to cuddle into me and Sue Ellen continued to jack me off!

Nicky generally kept her eyes closed and a smile on her face, happy to be concentrating on my story. I usually stroked and petting her long hair like she was a contented cat in my lap. Except she was a bombshell babe with only bikini bottoms on, and she was my innocent daughter! I was in a real pickle. I was very careful not to touch her in any inappropriate places, and caressing her hair generally kept at least one of my hands in a safe location. She didn't do anything inappropriate either, but every minute or two she'd readjust herself on me, causing her bare E-cups to push into me in new and exciting ways each and every time.

I'm not sure how much time passed, but for at least the next twenty minutes it was story time as I detailed the adventures of John the swashbuckling sailor. Most of the other women also closed their eyes so they could mentally transport themselves into the world I was describing. Everybody seemed happy and entertained.

I definitely was happy and entertained, despite my tricky situation, because Sue Ellen was continuing to tirelessly stroke my erection. The fact that it was underwater didn't change much. Contrary to popular belief, water is a poor lubricant, so her fingers couldn't slip and slide as usual. But she didn't want to make tell-tale jerky arm motions anyway, so she concentrated on rubbing my sweet spot, and that was her usual favorite style already.

It felt fantastic. Plus it was very, very easy for me to imagine I was living in some alternate universe where Nicky WAS one of my cock slaves and she was the one idly jacking me off while she contentedly listened to my stories. I could almost imagine a world where we hung out as a loving family nearly every night, and it just so happened that she happened to be the one cuddling naked on me. In that world, when I finished my story, if I wanted to fuck her face and tits by the side of the hot tub, she'd gladly do it! All my other cock slaves would watch and masturbate and make occasional encouraging comments as she bobbed on my fat knob while simultaneously squeezing the rest of my shaft between her gigantic globes!

And if that didn't satiate my lust for a while, I'd take her upstairs and fuck her in my bed all night long! I might even make her crawl to bed and then make her beg for my cock, just to see her spectacular body on all fours and just because I could! Chances are, we wouldn't be the whole night alone. Even if it was her special "Daddy night," my other cock slaves would come and go, to watch or help out. Living by the "share the cock" rule, she would gladly accept the assistance. I particularly relished the image of Nicky, Michelle, and Ruby with their faces in my crotch. As my three daughters, they would feel a special calling to work as a cocksucking team to keep my hot boner throbbing in their talented mouths for literally hours at a time!

Jesus Christ, that was a stimulating vision! Suddenly, I came back to the real world, mostly because my arousal was rising so high that my hard-on demanded my attention. I either needed to let go and cum or fight hard to resist! I had no choice but to fight, given the circumstances.

I wondered what had happened to my storytelling. I must have stopped and spaced out at some point, but I didn't even recall that happening. Then I realized Mindy was doing the talking, and it came back to me that she and a couple of others had started making some prolonged commentary about the events in my novel. That had given me the opportunity to tune out and fantasize.

Rediscovering my surroundings, I was extremely relieved to find that my physical position with Nicky hadn't changed at all. She was still cuddled into my chest with her eyes closed, smiling and content like a sleepy cat cuddled up in its owner's lap. In fact, my hand was still caressing her hair, even though I must have been doing it on auto-pilot for the past couple of minutes while my fantasies ran wild.

Of course, the feel of her giant tits on my bare chest still felt fantastic, and Sue Ellen's secret handjob still felt fantastic. But, thank the Lord, nobody but me could have known of the obscene and forbidden fantasies running through my head.

Good God! What came over me?! I could have done something in my daydreaming fugue without even realizing it, like playing with her ass. Or her tits. Or her tits and ass! And what the hell am I doing dreaming of her as a cock slave?! Wrong! That's so very, very WRONG!

Things are getting out of hand. I'm getting WAY too horny! Plus, if I resume the storytelling, I'm gonna get to the harem part. I can't go there with that, not now. I have to change the dynamic. I've been far too lax, and I'm making the exact same mistakes I made last night. The way things were going, it seems like French kissing and fondling Nicky in front of everyone COULD be possible after all! If Nicky is too horny to resist, who else would stop me? Probably no one!

So I tucked my boner back into my inadequate swimsuit. Sue Ellen clearly wasn't happy about that, and we had a little bit of an underwater tussle, but she gave up after a few seconds. Wasting no time, I stood up in the hot tub, forcing Nicky to let go of me too. She slid along my body as I rose up, and I felt something brush over my bulge, but I didn't even want to think what that was.

I said, "Excuse me, ladies, but I have to use the little boy's room."

I felt triumphant. Temptation averted! YES! I've managed to extricate myself from a far too sexy situation, for once! It turns out I'd been aware all along of my vow not to get Nicky involved in any sexual situation, because now I thought, I CAN stick to my vow. It's not even that hard to do, as long as I remain focused and I don't let my libido get the best of me.

My joy was undercut when Mindy said wryly, "Um... Hubby, I don't think you can use the 'little boy's room.' In fact, I think you'll have to look for the very, VERY BIG boy's room!"

Michelle laughed, and added, "The very, very big and THICK boy's room!"

Much general amusement followed.

Only Nicky seemed confused. She asked asked, "What?" Presumably she didn't catch on right away because she was right below me. But she saw where Mindy was pointedly staring, and she turned around and looked there too. Right at my crotch! "OH!"

Dammit! I cursed to myself. The one flaw in my plan to get out of the hot tub was that I had to do it with a raging boner threatening to rip my flimsy swimsuit into shreds. If I waited for my erection to go down, it might be hours later before I got out of there! But I hadn't anticipated being THIS exposed. And jokingly saying "little boy's room" sure did backfire on me!

My boner was pulling away from my body so insistently that there was a large penis-filled gap when I looked down into it from the top. Worse, I was practically pointing my bulge at Nicky's gorgeous face! I quickly covered my crotch with both hands!

But it seemed the damage was done. There were knowing snickers all around.

Michelle appeared to be vying with Mindy for the comedienne crown tonight. She said, "Nicky, it looks like Dad's appreciation is growing by leaps and bounds!"

Cindy snickered, "Emphasis on 'growing!' But I don't think he'll be able to do any leaping or bounding in that condition!"

I stepped all the way out of the hot tub, still clutching at my privates. "If you'll excuse me ladies, I'll be back in a minute." I started to walk away.

Mindy asked me, "Why even GO all the way to the bathroom?"

I foolishly stopped, turned my head, and asked her, "Excuse me?"

My traitorous wife snickered, "All you have to do is flop that big thing out and I think it'll reach from here to the toilet."

That got a lot of laughs, and even a couple of high fives. I couldn't bear to gaze upon how sexy they all looked while getting boisterous. And the flickering torch light added an extra dimension of visual delight that almost made me groan out loud in lusty need.

However, I forced myself to play it cool. I just rolled my eyes, and said, "Like I said, I'll be back in a minute."

As I walked away, I heard Mindy shout at me, "Remember, don't swing that thing around when you're in the house. You'll break the furniture!"

More laughter ensued.

I was blushing by the time I got to the first floor bathroom, and I didn't blush easily. I was not happy. I can't believe they're joking about my dick! Mindy is so incorrigible! Hell, all of them are. Even Sue Ellen got too frisky with me. Damn, she jacked me off good for a long time. I'm really the guilty one for letting it happen though.

I hadn't really needed to use the toilet, but I figured while I was here stalling for time I might as well try. Sure enough, the need to pee quickly emerged. I took my boner out and held it over the toilet bowl.

Unfortunately, my hard-on was preventing me from peeing. Ugh! What more could go wrong? I started stroking myself. I was too horny to think straight, but insofar as I had any logic, my plan was to cum first so I could then pee.

Good God, it felt so good! As I've said before, given how much my dick gets stroked or sucked on a daily basis, masturbation doesn't do much for me anymore. But things were different because I was thinking about Nicky, just after she kissed me and rubbed her bare tits all over my chest! True, the kisses were just pecks on the cheeks, but the tit rubbing was serious! And Sue Ellen had been jacking me off at the same time!

I found myself imagining getting kissed by Nicky not only on the cheeks, but on the mouth! And as she did that, someone untied the ties to her bikini bottoms. They sank into the dark depths of the hot tub leaving her totally naked in my hands! In my fantasy, I heard Mindy say as we kissed, "That's it, Nicky. Kiss him with a lot of tongue, like a good daughter should. But don't stop there! You know how needy Daddy's big cock is. Show his cock some love too!" With that, Nicky reached down without even looking and found my stiff erection. Sue Ellen's hands were still on it, but that didn't faze her. Sue Ellen slid her hand down to make room, and the two of them began stroking me together in perfect unison!

Things got even more out of control from there, because I somehow wound up with one hand on Nicky's bare ass and another fingering her pussy lips! She was moaning and panting, writhing on the brink of a tremendous climax.

In my fantasy, I heard Mindy say, "Nicky, dear, you have to understand that we ALL serve Daddy and his big cock. All of us, including Michelle and Ruby! And now we're going to need your help too. His powerful cock needs a LOT of tender loving care from us, pretty much constantly. Do you think you could help with that?"

With that, Nicky pulled back and looked me in the eye. "Oh, Daddy! Yes! I can't WAIT to start serving you and your great cock! I've dreamed of holding it in my hands for years!" She looked down at her stroking fingers and seemed to practically orgasm on the spot.

Mindy continued to explain, "Your father's cock needs to get at least sucked pretty much MOST hours of the day. Basically, stroking, sucking, and titfucking, because actual fucking is too tiring to do for hours at a time. So, as long as you're living under this roof, you'll need to get REALLY good at sucking his cock. But don't worry, you'll have a lot of help. It's usually a two or three mouth operation. Do you think you could handle that?"

"Sure, Mom! I've been practicing with a dildo for months to improve my endurance, hoping this day would come. My greatest fantasy is to bob and slobber and choke on Daddy's enormous pole until I'm too tired to go on!"

"That's the spirit!" Mindy replied. "It sounds like you have the right can-do attitude. But I should warn you that keeping his cock feeling good is literally an endless task. And Daddy's word has to be law, or there will be chaos. That's why we've all chosen to be his slaves. We call ourselves "cock slaves," because in so many ways we're enslaved to his cock. We live to serve it and we love to serve it! But don't worry about losing your free will, because-"

Nicky interrupted, "Mom, stop! You don't have to explain it all to me, because I've been talking to Michelle about it for months. I'm so all over that already!" With her hand still pumping up and down my erection along with Sue Ellen's, she looked up into my eyes beseechingly. "Daddy, please! I've heard about how you've enslaved the others, and I want to be your cock slave too. Please? Pretty please?"

She'd had one hand sliding over my boner and her other hand pressed against my chest to help support her weight. But she was sitting up straight over my legs now, so she used her free hand to pull one of my hands off her ass and onto her big tits. "Daddy, I need you to fuck me! Somewhere, anywhere! If you're not ready to fill my hot cunt yet, could you at least please fuck my tits? Or can I suck you off? I'm getting so HOT, thinking about the hours I'll be spending every day with my face in your crotch, bobbing on your great thickness! But, best yet... replace your fingers in me with something longer and thicker and HOTTER!"

She threw her head back in ecstasy. "Fuck your angel's CUNT, right in front of the whole family! Take my virginity! Like my sisters, I've been saving it just for you!" (The evidence was strong she'd lost her virginity already, but this was a fantasy after all.)

Needless to say, this forbidden daydream had me on the verge of cumming. I don't know how it was I hadn't climaxed already, given that I was ridiculously worked up even before I started to masturbate. Chances are good I would have blown my load in the first minute except for the training Mindy had given me over the past few years to build up my stamina to remarkable levels.

However, I thought, I can't do this! This too counts as putting Nicky in a sexual situation. I can't masturbate about her. I just can't! My daydream is all kinds of fucked up! What kind of fiend am I? I have FOUR sex slaves! FOUR! Why can't I be happy with that, for Christ's sake?!

Sighing, I let go of my dick altogether. I was proud of myself for finding and using my willpower again. But I was also disappointed, because my masturbation had been feeling so good and I had been very, very close. And I was stuck with the problem that I definitely had to pee now, and I had this ridiculously stiff hard-on.

I flipped the toilet seat down and sat down on the toilet. Calming down is going to take a while, especially after THAT daydream! So wrong. But I did it again. It's way too easy to fall into that trap. I've already been so corrupted with the harem life that it almost seems real. I've had so much improbable sexual succes that I could half-believe she really could say and do all that. Fuuuuuck!

I closed my eyes and tried to think about football. I pictured huge, muscular linemen pushing into each other and then sacking the quarterback. I thought about some wins and losses of my favorite teams. That helped a lot. With surprising speed, my boner subsided enough for me to stand back up and do my business.

After I had emptied my bladder, I stayed in the bathroom a little longer to rest and think. I don't know why it always seems to be up to me and me alone to show any restraint, but if that's what I have to do, that's what I'll do. SIGH!

But actually, upon further reflection, what's happening tonight isn't so bad, in the greater scheme of things. In fact, it could turn out to be a very good thing. All this sexual joking is acclimating Nicky to our new lifestyle. Jokes about my sexual prowess and such pave the way to the idea that I should have more lovers. And with Sue Ellen sitting next to me and acting very friendly, we're well on our way from the "Sue Ellen as daughters' close friend" cover story to the "Sue Ellen as Dan's second mistress" cover story. Much better!

It's just that I need to stop any kind of physical contact with Nicky. That's the main thing.

General sexy fun: good, Nicky touching: bad! There. Simple. I can handle that. And I also have to stop with the horny thoughts about her. Horny thoughts can lead to lowered willpower. I mean, I just masturbated while thinking about her, and I almost had a big orgasm dreaming she was my cock slave! Sure, it's fun to imagine kissing her full, red lips while caressing her fulsome breasts as she happily jacks me off, but that's wrong. Any thought of her jacking me off, or sucking me off, or trapping my cock between her massive watermelons and softly squeezing... um... those are the, uh, worst.

Shit! I'm doing it again! It looks like I shouldn't even think about the things I can't do with her. But I can handle this. I've made it through a lot of temptation already. What could possibly happen that's more tempting that what I've already been through in the last day or two? There's just a few hours to go, and then she'll be on her way to Hawaii and I'll be in the clear. Phew!

I went back outside to the hot tub feeling better, both physically and mentally.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Concerned, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, and Ecchi Spud, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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