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Chapter 36

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

As soon as I emerged from the darkness, just a few feet from the hot tub, I was met by a chorus of boos. I quickly took my spot between Nicky and Sue Ellen again, because I figured the longer I stayed standing the longer I would likely be the target of jokes. While settling back into the hot water, I asked, "What?"

Mindy said, "We're booing because you left with the King, and you've come back without him."

That was met with knowing nods from most all of the women, except for Nicky. She asked uncertainly, "Um, Mom, I know WHAT we're referring to, embarrassingly enough, but what's with this 'King' name? I've heard it a couple of times already, and I get the feeling everyone knows what it is but me."

Mindy breezily replied, "You've missed out on a lot in the six months you've been gone. I don't remember how it got started exactly, but somehow during that time, 'King' became the well-known nickname for... well, I don't want to get too graphic, so let's just call it Dan's third leg." She smirked directly at me.

Cindy joked, "You know, the place where his blood rushes to all the time, which explains why he's so often unable to think."

Nicky rolled her eyes. "I get the picture. I should have figured." Despite that, she remained surprisingly comfortable with me. No sooner did I get back in the water than she put her arm around my back again.

I was okay with that, just so long as it didn't go any further than that. My heart couldn't stand another one of her topless hugs! I tried not to focus on the fact that a very large, round tit was practically enveloping part of my upper arm.

Ruby impishly commented, "We all give him a hard time about that name, since he seems to be having a HARD TIME most of the time already, if you know what I mean."

Michelle chimed in, "I get a particular kick about the Elvis connection, since he was the King too. When we see Daddy getting... well, let's just say that when we see him being his usual horny self, we shout out things like, 'It's a hunka, hunka burnin' love,' or 'just a big-a, big-a, big-a hunk of love will do.'"

Ruby suddenly sang out in her beautiful voice, "Vivaaaaa, Las Vegas!" She raised her arms in a V triumph pose. In so doing, she made for an extremely sexy topless sight.

"Or that," Michelle snickered. She was obviously reveling in the fact that I was forced to watch Ruby's busty display.

I was fine with these jokes, because it furthered my goal of having Nicky accept a much more sexually open Cooper house as the new normal. But still, I had to put up a front as the responsible father, I said, "Folks, I hate to be a downer, but isn't it inappropriate for a bunch of ladies, especially bare-chested ladies, to discuss a man's private parts like this? Is nothing sacred?"

Mindy joked, "Don't listen to him. 'He's in love...'" She paused dramatically and then snapped her fingers. "'He's all shook up!'"

Ruby and Michelle wrapped their arms around each other and sang like a back-up chorus: "'Mmmm-hmmm-mmmm, hmmm, yeaaaah, he's all shook up!'"

All of us burst into laughter at that, even me.

Sue Ellen chimed in, "All y'all are all so great. This is so much fun. I love it here!"

Cindy snickered. "'All y'all' is a lot of alls. Is that more all than just 'y'all?'"

Sue Ellen blushed, making her look totally adorable. "I'm sorry. I've tried to get rid of my Southern accent, but there are a few habits I can't seem to break, and that's one of 'em."

Ruby smiled and reached across the hot tub to take Sue Ellen's hand. "I, for one, think it's adorable. I think y'all need to keep it up." She winked in support.

Sue Ellen beamed. But then she shyly looked to me. It seemed my opinion was the one that mattered the most to her.

I was having a hard time looking anywhere but at Ruby's chest. With the way she was still leaning way over to hold Sue Ellen's hand, she was showing off the mother of all tit dangles! Her puffy nipples were pointing straight down and occasionally bobbing in the water.

But I didn't want Nicky to think I was a pervert. (Ha! A little too late for that!) I focused my attention on Sue Ellen, and said to her, "I love your accent. I wish you'd let it run free instead of trying to cover it up and sound exactly like everyone else."

It looked like she wanted to squeeze me in a bear hug and smother me with kisses. But she looked at Nicky and managed to control herself - barely. "Thanks... Dan!" She made a weird face after saying that. I'm guessing it already sounded strange and sour for her not to call me "Master."

Trying to get the conversation back on track, I groused, "Everybody's avoiding my question."

Sue Ellen replied with a big grin and a heavy Southern accent. "Question? Bless my soul, I do believe I plum done forgot. Whatever do you mean, kind sir?"

I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. "That's what I'm talking about! And when you talk like that, it's sexy as hell. As for my question, I was asking if it wasn't inappropriate for a bunch of topless women to be discussing a man's private parts? Especially if half of those women are his own daughters and he's right there listening!"

Mindy said, "Dan, Dan, Dan. Have I got bad news for you. The normal rules don't apply in your case. You've got this telephone pole between your legs that's as thick as a phone book. And I'm talking about the WIDTH of the book, not the depth!"

With a big smirk, she held her hands about two feet apart, which was wider than any dimension of any phone book I'd ever seen. "You can't just expect us to ignore it like it's some kind of normal penis or not discuss it. It's the third most famous body part in this family!"

Her smirk somehow grew even more smirky as her comments grew even more exaggerated. "Heck, half the time, it's dragging on the ground. And remember how we had to widen the front door just so you could sling that thing into the house!"

Ruby added more seriously, "We all have to live with it, even us, your daughters. And if that means getting a little more familiar with it, ya know, by pointing it out and joking about it, then so be it. Joking is always a great method to cope with awkward situations."

"Hear, hear," Michelle said, seconding Ruby for once.

I spoke my thoughts out loud: "Sheesh! I really need to do a better job of covering myself up in the future."

I noticed a number of suddenly alarmed faces as soon as I said that. Luckily, no one was so unthinking as to blurt out "No!" or something like that. Still, the odd faces were suspicious.

Mindy tried to cover for that by giving an obviously jokey reply. "Daniel Cooper, what's wrong with you, coming up with a crazy suggestion like that?"

I decided to just go with it. I joked back in a serious deadpan voice, "Sorry. Bless my soul, I don't know what's wrong with me. I guess I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy tree."

There was laughter as most of the others realized those were more lyrics to the song "All Shook Up."

Mindy gamely ran with the song's next line. "You know, as a friend, I have to say you're acting wild as a bug."

I replied with a straight face, "That's because I'm in love." I waited a dramatic pause, and finished, "I'm all shook up!"

Ruby and Michelle had their arms wrapped around each other once more, and they did their back-up chorus duties again: "'Mmmm-hmmm-mmmm, hmmm, yeaaaah, he's all shook up!'" Ruby is such a great singer that I think she even managed to sing that in harmony this time.

Sue Ellen clapped her hands with glee, which sent her hefty boobs wobbling. "This is so great! I totally know that song! And what's extra funny is that line 'I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy tree.' That's the real lyric!"

Ruby found that particularly funny. "I know! What the heck is a 'fuzzy tree,' and why would a man be sitting on one? Especially if it's itchy!"

While the others joked some more about the fuzzy tree mystery, I took the time to look around.

I found it bizarre beyond words that we were laughing and joking and carrying on while every woman was topless! They all were acting like that fact wasn't even worth mentioning. But the thing that really got to me was how I was surrounded by six extremely beautiful women, each one of them seriously stacked! I was surrounded by no less than three D-cup racks (Mindy, Cindy, and Sue Ellen), two E-cups (Nicky and Ruby), and one F-cup (Michelle). How could that not affect a "tit man" like me?!

A part of me thought, I need to stop this. They look far too tempting! If I really put my foot down and demand they put their bikini tops back on, they will. But then I also thought, On the other hand, this is almost certainly the new normal. I have to pick and choose my battles. Getting the girls to keep their tops on would be like starting a prolonged war. I need to suck it up, and control myself, for Nicky's sake.

I didn't want it to happen, but my penis soon grew back to full size. After what happened earlier though, with Sue Ellen's "help," I resolved to keep it in my swimsuit.

It wasn't just the smorgasbord of bare breasts making me aroused. There were many little things adding up as well. For instance, we'd all been in the hot tub for a while, and as a result, even our faces were beaded with moisture. Some hair had gotten wet, and some strands were sticking to faces in a very alluring way. Sometimes, one woman or another would take a hand and lazily run it over some part of herself. Perhaps it was to wipe some of the water off, but it always looked sexy.

And some of the women had their arms around others, making things even more intimate. For instance, Mindy was on the other side of Nicky and had an arm around her daughter. Cindy was on the other side of Mindy and had an arm around her. Ruby and Michelle had an arm around each other, which resulted in four tits all pressed together in a line! Phew! I tried looking in their direction as little as possible, especially since I didn't want Nicky to see me lusting after her sisters.

Also, the lighting was a curiously powerful turn-on for me. I simply couldn't get enough of looking at each woman in the flickering torch light. It was like losing one's self staring into a fire for a long time, with great feminine beauty added. And the total darkness just beyond our hot tub made everything more mysterious and exciting. Nearly all the lights in the house were off, much more so than last night. That helped make it seem that the entire world was just our little hot tub, plus the moon and the stars in the sky.

Sue Ellen seemed to have some kind of sixth sense about my penis, because mere seconds after it got hard, she reached for it and furtively tried to get it out of my swimsuit.

However, I wasn't going to fall for that this time. I was in control again. I easily fended off her "attack." It took a few long moments, but she got the idea and withdrew her greedy hand.

After checking to make sure the coast was clear, I shot a stern look at her and mouthed the word "Behave."

Sue Ellen nodded with an impish smile. It was like she was saying, "I'm trying to be good and loyal, but even I have limits when you leave your big cock unattended right next to me." She bowed her head slightly.

I hoped Nicky didn't notice that submissive gesture. Thankfully, Sue Ellen was very brief with her bow.

Geez! How many times have I faced a furtive attempt at a handjob since Nicky has arrived? Usually when she's sitting right next to me! This is getting to be a recurring problem. But I have to stay strong. I only have to hold out for the rest of the night, and then I'll be in the clear!

The conversation had gone silent while I was soaking in the atmosphere. In fact, there was total silence for a minute or two, while each person just soaked up the atmosphere and the general fun and friendly feeling.

Nicky was the one to get the talking started when she said, "Okay, it's been a few minutes. I've been trying to hold out, but I can't contain myself any longer. Am I the ONLY one curious what Mom meant when she said Dad's er... the King is only the third most famous body part in the family?"

"Actually, I was wondering what that was too," Sue Ellen said. "I figured it was the set-up to another one of Mindy's jokes that somehow never happened."

Mindy, "Actually that wasn't a set-up; I was just trying to be accurate. Because Dan's bulge even at it's bulgiest doesn't qualify as a traffic stopper. Yet we have two traffic stoppers, and they're sitting side by side on Michelle's chest."

Michelle was very surprised and delighted. She threw her arms up in the air. "YES! Twin torpedo power for the win!" Wanting to make even more of a spectacle of herself, she stood up, stiffened up, and cupped her jutting globes from below. "Titty power!"

Of course I was highly impressed and aroused by Michelle's sexy pose. But lately she'd been striking sexy poses frequently. What was even more impressive was that she was getting away with doing that with Nicky watching and me present! Because it was done in a jokey, boastful style instead of a seriously sexually tempting one, apparently it just barely passed muster. And that was helping break down barriers, bit by bit.

Nicky groaned unhappily. "Oh no, Mom. Don't encourage her."

Mindy ignored that, at least for now, and said, "Now, mind you, that's not a knock on any other other very fine breasts in this little gathering of bodacious bosomy beauty. There are plenty of close calls for the most famous body part award. But I don't think it can be denied that when we go out as a group, those are the two body parts that are going to get the loudest catcalls."

Nicky groaned again. "I don't deny it. But since I've been gone, have you guys reverted to doing nothing but talking about penises and breasts?"

Mindy joked, "Ah, very astute. As a matter of fact, that is all we do. But I see it as advancing, not reverting or retreated. Everybody knows that the finest minds in the world mainly talk about boobies and willies. For instance, did you know that the E in Einstein's famous 'E equals MC squared' equation stands for 'E-cup?' True fact!"

Nicky rolled her eyes. As often was the case with us and Mindy's jokes, she was amused but pretended to be chagrined. "NOT true fact."

Then Nicky said while looking at Sue Ellen, "Let me quickly change the subject before Mom goes on a run of dumb jokes about geniuses and body parts. My mother and I had a very interesting discussion today when we took a walk before dinner."

That had my sudden and complete interest. I hadn't had a chance to talk to Mindy since their walk, so I had no idea how it had gone. I also worried that Mindy had said too much about her cucquean ways. I braced myself for some potential bad news.

"Oh?" Sue Ellen asked cautiously.

"Yes. Before I say more, Michelle, you can it down and stop flaunting your breasts already?"

Michelle reluctantly let go of her boobs and sat back down. She said, "Sit, yes, stop flaunting, no. Breastest friends are not afraid to flaunt what they've got. Have you given that offer of mine any more consideration?"

"Yes, but not now." Nicky waved her off and stayed focused on Sue Ellen and the topic at hand. "I've been really freaked out about everything that I have seen around here lately, so I needed to know what was going on. Apparently, Mom has this weird sort of... condition... called being a cucquean. I've never heard of such a thing before as I don't think it is that common, and then I found out that Cindy is sympathetic to it, to some degree. Have you ever heard of it?"

Sue Ellen said she hadn't, so Nicky took a minute to explain it to her.

All the while, Nicky had an arm around my back and I had an arm round her back. It was curious how we'd gotten so touchy feely during her visit. But I was enjoying it. My dick was stiff but untouched, and I was lightly buzzing with arousal but everything was under control.

Sue Ellen then showed her natural acting skills by sounding surprised. "Huh. That's very strange. Mindy, how can that be? Everyone gets so upset to find their partner is cheating. Some people even commit murder over it."

Mindy sighed in exasperation. "I keep having to explain that it's totally different when it's NOT cheating. Cheating is when it happens behind your back and without your knowledge. It's lies and treachery. I'd hate that just as much as anybody! But when I give permission first, and even encourage it, that completely changes everything."

Sue Ellen said carefully, "I guess I can see that, but even so, if you were to see your husband get intimate with another woman with your own eyes, wouldn't that burn you up? Permission or not?"

Mindy said with a new fire in her eyes, "Yes! That's true. It DOES burn me up. But it's the burn that hurts so good! I LIKE that. I guess that's why I'm weird and why this is uncommon, because most women don't."

I heard Nicky mutter, "To say the least!"

"But, to me, it creates a mixture of pain with the arousal that somehow heightens the arousal even more. And the naughtiness, the wrongness, the taboo-ness of it all makes it even MORE arousing! Just seeing Dan with Cindy drives me absolutely wild, even though she's his official mistress now. In fact, just saying the words that he has an official mistress turns me on in a big way!"

Nicky commented with some humor, "Sounds like a lot of things turn you on, Mom."

My bare-titted cuddling daughter seemed surprisingly at ease about the topic. I was dying to find out what had transpired during their walk when this presumably was discussed.

Mindy's eyes went wide to show how emphatically she meant it when she said, "That's so true! And it's great. I feel like I'm entering my sexual prime. For instance, the things I could tell you about threesomes. Phew! Who knew they'd be such great fun?"

Nicky put a hand over her face and winced. "T.M.I., Mom!"

Mindy pretended not to know that meant "too much information." "Ah. T.M.I. Youthful lingo. Don't worry, I'm hip. I know that stands for 'teach me intensely.' I'm glad to hear that, because I have an entire one-hour lecture on threesomes prepared for your edification this evening."

Nicky shut her eyes. "MooooOOOOoooom!"

Mindy smirked. "Aaaah. I love it when one of my daughters cries my name like that. I think that means 'I really love your humor. More jokes like that, please."

"MooooOOOOoooom!" Nicky cried out again.

"See? I was right."

I had to admire my wife's cleverness. Yes, she was being her usual jokey self, but in so doing, she was helping to create a new atmosphere where frank sexual talk was much more acceptable.

Michelle got the discussion back on track by saying, "Mom, I don't understand your new attitude. But I applaud it, because I'm sure that urge of yours helped bring Cindy into our family."

On the surface, Michelle's words seemed innocent enough. And she reached out across the hot tub to hold Mindy's hand in sympathy, which also seemed innocent. That is, until you saw how she looked! By reaching out, she was able to dangle her huge F-cups over the water, lightly floating them on the surface like they were floating beachballs! I actually had to clench my teeth to stop from groaning erotically.

Nicky shook her head in a mixture of amusement and disbelief. "I still don't fully understand it either. But I guess I can see how that could turn some women on."

Luckily, Nicky was ignoring Michelle's pose, but Michelle was keeping the pose forever. Even Mindy thought it was too much, because she let go of Michelle's hand, but Michelle STILL stayed frozen in that tempting position, right in front of me!

Mindy winked playfully. "Don't knock it till you try it. I'm in cucquean heaven these days! Cindy, let's show 'em. Why don't you cross the tub and make out with Dan?"

Cindy was startled. "What? Right here? Right now?"

There was a fiery look in Min's eyes. "Sure thing."

Seeing that she'd lost the spotlight, Michelle reluctantly returned back to her previous spot. Perhaps that was part of Mindy's intention in making such a bold suggestion.

Cindy replied, "Okay, if you insist. And if nobody else objects..." She looked around, but no one was objecting. In fact, it looked like just about everyone was looking forward to it. There were a lot of blatantly horny stares. Even Nicky didn't so much as grumble or frown.

Then Cindy looked to me to make sure I was in favor.

I was eagerly looking forward to it too, so I started to nod. But then I remembered that I was supposed to object. I forced myself to say, "Wait a minute. We can't do that. Not in front of Nicky!"

Nicky asked in frustration, "Why is everyone always saying 'Not in front of Nicky?' I'm not a delicate flower. What about Michelle and Ruby?"

Michelle replied loftily, "Nicky, you've missed out on a LOT." She sat up and leaned forward, creating quite a busty visual sensation.

I wanted to say, "Shelle, take it easy, already! You're being too obvious!" But I couldn't say anything at all, or even make a face, for fear that Nicky would see.

Pointing to Cindy and me, Michelle maintained her sexy pose as she said, "These two are P.D.A. fiends. It's like they can't keep their hands off each other." She added sarcastically. "Mom, since you're so hip on the 'youthful lingo,' then you know that means 'public display of affection.'"

Mindy shot back, "I knew that already. I did! I'm a groovy hip cat, up to date with all the latest fly jive talk. It's dy-no-mite!"

Michelle chuckled at her mother's deliberate use of badly outdated slang. But she went on, "And lately Daddy can't keep his hands off Mom either, even more than usual, which is saying something! We've actually had to buy a fire extinguisher. Whenever things get too hot, I completely cover them in that foamy white spray stuff."

Nicky couldn't help but be amused, especially since Michelle looked so dead serious. "You do not!"

Mindy couldn't help but joke, "Oh, but she does. As a matter of fact, a lot of us keep getting covered in white spray stuff." She winked lasciviously.

I felt the need to complain on this point. "Okay, Mindy. That's enough. Your jokes go too far." Cindy was already halfway across the hot tub on her way to me, so I held my hands out in a defensive gesture to make sure Cindy actually stopped. "And enough P.D.A. already! We're going to traumatize our poor, innocent Nicky."

Nicky groaned unhappily at my comment. "Dad, I'm not as innocent as you think. And I can handle it. Really, I'm not some delicate flower. I've done a lot of wild stuff at college that you don't know about. I'm not nine years old anymore. I'm nineteen!"

She clenched a fist, causing her gloriously exposed E-cups to tremble, and spoke with surprising determination, "In fact, I say: bring it on! Kiss each other like you really mean it! Don't hold back!"

I asked, "Are you really SURE about that? These things tend to take on a life of their own. We could get kind of... hot and bothered."

Nicky shyly bit her lip. Apparently she was having some second thoughts about being so encouraging. But it wasn't enough for her to change her mind, because she nodded.

I thought, Hoo boy! This is going to be tough. I need to thread the needle carefully here. Some sexual fun is good to help Nicky loosen up her attitudes, but we don't want her to loosen up TOO much! I can't forget she has a crush on me that we can NEVER act on!

Cindy scooted closer to me and wound up sitting on my lap. She sat facing me with both of her legs together and hanging off to the side where Sue Ellen was sitting.

Sue Ellen scooted away a little bit to make sure there was enough room. Similarly, Nicky removed her arm from around my back.

Cindy was significantly higher in the water than me, sitting as she was, so she kept her ass back on top of my knees and leaned her upper body forward and down, putting her face at the same level as mine.

Her eyes twinkled with lust and delight as she said, "Daniel Cooper, how I love you!" Then, with her hands on my shoulders to steady herself, she locked her lips with mine.

Mindy immediately exclaimed, "Look at that! Would you look at that? Is that hot or what?"

Silence followed as all the other women simply sat there and watched Cindy and me make out. I tried to control myself, but having an audience of horny topless women like this, including my three daughters, made it impossible for me to keep things to just kissing. Besides, I was far too horny already. Ever since my masturbatory close call in the bathroom, my body had been craving orgasmic release. I realized in retrospect that I should have cum then (to something other than Nicky cock slave fantasies!), but that didn't help me now!

It was all I could do to limit myself to merely kissing Cindy without getting my hands involved too.

I heard Ruby ask, "Nicky, are you really okay with this? Be honest."

Nicky griped, "Argh! Why is everyone treating me like I'm some kind of china doll? Why doesn't anyone ask you if YOU'RE okay with it?! I appreciate your concern, but I'm not going to shatter into pieces."

Ruby said, "It's just that Michelle and I have had time to adjust and you haven't."

Nicky growled with irritation, "I understand that. But don't worry, I'm fine!"

To be frank, I was surprised that Nicky sounded so unbothered by what Cindy and I were doing. But then it occurred to me, Hold on! Nicky saw me fuck Cindy as part of a threesome last night! No wonder mere necking doesn't bother her. Hell, I did a fair deal of that with Cindy last night too. This is old hat for her, except for it being so up close and multi-sensory.

Thank God for that! I've been barely managing to keep my hands at my sides. Fuck it! This is small potatoes for her! Let's step it up a notch and see what she can tolerate and how much more we can knock down some social taboos.

Within seconds, I had a hand wandering all over Cindy's bikini-clad but otherwise bare backside. Since her ass was hidden in the inky depths of the bubbling water, I found myself caressing her ass cheeks in a blatant manner. That wouldn't have been so bad. But her big tits were hanging down right in front of me, out of the water, and soon my other hand was spending a lot of time caressing and playing with those as well!

Surprisingly, nobody said anything at all for the next couple of minutes. The silence was almost eerie. I could hear crickets chirping in the distance and sometimes the splashing of water as Cindy and/or I moved around, but that was it. My eyes were closed most of the time and I couldn't see much of Cindy's face even if I had them opened, so I could only wonder what the others were thinking and looking like and looking at.

I was just about to end the make out session for fear of upsetting Nicky (despite her protest that she could handle it), when Michelle asked, "So. Mom... Nicky... I'm really curious to find out more about what you two talked about on your walk."

I thought, Good girl! Excellent question, Shelle! I'm dying to find out too. Even better is acting like the continued necking is no big deal.

Mindy said, "Nicky, maybe it's better if you explain."

So Nicky started to explain, apparently talking mostly to Michelle (I couldn't see much due to Cindy being all over me). And with Nicky talking in her normal manner, I decided, She must not be bothered by the kissing much, so why stop? Let her get more accustomed to this. Push the envelope a little further.

Nicky said, "At first, I was really mad at Mom. Really, really mad! I felt she was risking her marriage by getting completely carried away with these insane cucquean notions of hers. And it didn't help that she was basically incorrigible about it. She told me that she'd like to see Dad get intimate with Anjali, Nina, Monique, and YOU, Sue Ellen! And maybe others. Lisa's name came up. So did Jane Corlin's. Once she got started, she was totally unrepentant. In fact, she got downright excited talking to me about some of the possibilities."

Mindy sniffed primly, "I was unrepentant then and I'm unrepentant now. I see no reason why Dan can't have sex with some other women every now and then. He'll enjoy it, I'll enjoy it, Cindy will enjoy it, and I can guarantee for a fact that the women who spread their legs for him will most DEFINITELY enjoy it! So what's the harm?"

"You see what I mean?" Nicky griped. "We talked a long time about that. A long, long time. Mom explained to me her history of her secret cucquean fetish and how it eventually came to light. It's pretty weird, to say the least. I don't know WHAT to think! I mean, look at us. We're sitting here, talking happily as we please, and Dad is making out with Cindy! Two days ago I didn't even know Cindy was his mistress, and now it's almost... well, I wouldn't say 'normal,' but I'm not completely freaking out and running screaming into the hills."

Ruby giggled. "That would be kind of funny if you did." She nodded at Nicky's near-total lack of clothing.

Nicky grinned impishly. "Yeah, I guess I might surprise a person or two. But seriously, I'm still all confused and torn up about this. Mom makes a good point: if everyone involved is cool with it, then what's the problem?"

Michelle asked, "But are YOU cool with it? The way you're staring at Daddy's wandering hands makes me wonder."

I could almost sense Nicky was blushing just from her embarrassed and defensive tone of voice that was barely above a whisper. "I am not! Anyway, I'm not really sure how I feel about it."

After a few seconds her resolve seemed to return, and she said in a louder voice, "Okay, I'll admit I'm looking sometimes. How can I not? He's like two inches from my face. Besides, I can see where you're looking too! Is there something you want to tell us, BABY sister?"

Michelle said challengingly, "I don't claim to be all innocent and angelic like you supposedly are."

Nicky shot back, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Hey, I'm just trying to push you out of your comfort zone. It's therapeutic."

"Thanks for all the help." Nicky's voice was dripping with sarcasm.

No doubt Mindy could sense a sisterly argument brewing, just like I did. She cut them both off by saying, "Getting back to the cucquean issue, I just want to add that you're forgetting the most important thing: I know my marriage is completely safe and secure. It's so strong that I have no doubt that it'll not only survive with Cindy as mistress, but that'll help it grow even stronger. I know that our marriage is SO strong that he could have sex with the entire Swedish Olympic volleyball team and he'd still come back to me. Well, Cindy and me. Some people might say I'm crazy, but that's how I feel."

Ruby spoke, apparently trying to sound reasonable. "Wow, that does seem a little bit crazy. I mean, what if he has sex with an incredible woman and they hit it off and fall in love?"

Mindy joked, "That's why I draw the line at the Norwegian Olympic volleyball team. They're a bunch of slutty home wreckers!"

After some obliging chuckles from the others, Mindy said matter-of-factly, "To actually answer your question, two things could happen. One, she's the jealous type and wants him for her own. In which case he's gonna walk away. She'll show that she's not the kind of woman my Dan deserves to be with anyway. Or two, she's the sharing type and we all get along. Then it's possible she'll join Cindy as a second mistress. I'm not opposed to that."

She continued in her usual smirky tone, "So it'll work out no matter what. And I'd like to point out that the fact that Cindy being his mistress gives me even more confidence he'll never stray without permission, or run away. He'd be a fool to! He'd lose not just one woman but two, with the possibility of even more someday!"

Nicky complained, "I can't believe you talk about stuff like 'the possibility of even more.' THAT'S what seems crazy to me!"

I was amazed that I was still making out with Cindy and Nicky didn't seem to mind! I saw no reason to stop, given the lack of any push back. The more we could acclimate Nicky to this, the better.

Mindy said, "Keep in mind that what we're talking about is only a remote theoretical possibility. It would need a perfect storm of everything working out just right. The woman would need to be willing to share, which is damn unlikely right there. Then she'd need to be 'just so' in a variety of ways that Dan, Cindy, AND I all agree with. Lastly, she'd need to be someone who is a positive influence to my daughters. Cindy is both a hot piece of ass AND a good role model, but how many women are both those things? Very few indeed. It's a fun thing to talk about, and it gets us all horny to imagine it, but I highly doubt anything will come of it in reality."

After a pause, she added a bit sheepishly, "Except maybe Dan going on the occasional date with another woman every now and then."

Nicky exclaimed, "But even that much is, like, unbelievable! Going on the 'occasional date?!' Are you serious?!"

"Well, it's complicated," Mindy started to explain.

I still couldn't see much, due to the fact that Cindy was all over me like a horny octopus. I was trying to limit what I was doing to Cindy by at least avoiding her crotch area, and I had to be very careful with her ass because the ties of her bikini bottoms could come undone so easily. But my resolve was gradually weakening. I longed to make her cum on my fingers and cry out in orgasmic ecstasy!

Meanwhile, Cindy was making out with me in a big way, but everyone else was carrying on like normal, as if this wasn't happening right in the middle of the hot tub! Crucially, Nicky wasn't having an adverse reaction. I was even freely fondling Cindy's bare breasts, and Nicky didn't make a peep about it. I simply couldn't get over that fact. It was an endless thrill.

I had been listening to the conversation up until this point, when my attention was diverted because Sue Ellen decided to "help out" again. Before I knew it, or had a chance to stop her, she pulled my swimsuit down and began jacking me off under the water!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Concerned, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, and Ecchi Spud, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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