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Chapter 37

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Sue Ellen certainly knew that no one would be able to see that she'd just started secretly stroking my boner under the water, due to how the torch lights barely even lit us above water and left all but the top couple of inches below water an impenetrable darkness. She probably thought that she was doing exactly what she was supposed to do, since it seemed she now lived according to a fanatical cock slave code that put pleasuring my cock above nearly everything else.

Unfortunately, it was tough for me to do anything to stop her, even if I wanted to. I had my hands on Cindy's ass and tits, and I was enjoying their roundness and their delightfully soft yet firm squeezability. I remembered how Sue Ellen had been jacking me off earlier, and how she hadn't stopped without a brief underwater "fight," as I'd had to wrestle her hands for control of my own crotch. If I brought my hands to my groin and struggled with her now, it would look like I was jacking myself off! There was no way Nicky wouldn't notice that.

In fact, Sue Ellen was so confident that I wouldn't be able to stop her and/or want to stop her that she pulled my swimsuit down several inches, until my balls were exposed and a couple of inches of my thighs for good measure. No doubt she figured there was no danger in that since it was all well below the water surface. Then she sank her body neck-deep into the water so her arm motions couldn't be observed at all, and proceeded to fondle and stroke my cock and balls with both hands!

This was not good! Between what Cindy and Sue Ellen were doing to me, I was having a hard time keeping track of the discussion. In addition to kissing me, Cindy was running her hands over my chest and even caressing my nipples at times. She generally kept her hands above water, no doubt mindful of going too far with Nicky sitting right next to me (and with her arm still around my back!).

She did drop her hand down into my crotch area once, only to discover Sue Ellen's hands already there. I could feel her hand briefly give Sue Ellen's hand at the top of my shaft a few pats of approval and I felt her snickering into my mouth. Then she brought her hands back up above water. She didn't dip far underwater again, probably because she figured Sue Ellen was taking care of me there and she wanted Nicky to think my dick wasn't involved in the "kissing" session.

As good as Cindy's French kissing was, it was Sue Ellen's cock fondling that was driving me to distraction. Based on her secret handjob action earlier, my Cupcake was well aware of the counterintuitive problems with lubrication in water, and limited her actions accordingly from the very start. She hardly moved her hand, holding the top of my cock and just rubbed my sweet spot. Over and over and over again! There was nothing fancy to it, no special tricks or techniques, but it was devastatingly effective. She used her other hand to endlessly play with my balls. That felt equally good to me above or below the water line.

While this was happening, I heard Michelle ask Nicky, "So, things are heating up between Daddy and Cindy. Can you still handle it?"

Nicky replied, "Of course. They're just kissing and touching. Big deal. If you ask me about that one more time, I'm gonna scream."

Michelle replied, "It's just that you're so sexually inexperienced."

"I am not! I dated Steve for a whole year, which is more than you can say! We did things. Lots of things."

Michelle challenged her sister in a very mocking tone, "Oooh, what did you do? Did you touch his tiny penis?"

"As a matter of fact, yes! I mean, er... I shouldn't have answered that. And saying 'tiny' is just mean. He can't help it. Why are you being so mean to me tonight?"

"I'm sorry if it comes off that way. I'm just trying to wake you from your sexual stupor in the limited time I have before you go to Hawaii. After all, you might meet some REAL men there."

Nicky sounded peeved. "For one thing, Steve was, and is, a 'real' man. For another thing, I know how to handle a real man, okay? I did more than just touch Steve's penis, if you know what I mean. A LOT more! We went all the way, okay? I thought I made that all too clear already."

"You did. But any woman can do that. You just lie there and let the guy do his thing. The question is, do you really know what to do to a penis? How to treat it right? How to take him to heaven and keep him on the brink of total ecstasy?"

Nicky wailed, "What is with this inquisition?! And with the whole family listening in! This is ridiculous!"

Michelle smugly replied, "I'll take that as a 'no.'"

"ARRGH!" Nicky cried out in frustration. Then she said in a venomous tone, "Look who's talking, Miss I Wouldn't Know What a Penis Was If It Slapped Me on the Forehead!"

Michelle put her hands on her hips. "I'll have you know-"

Mindy quickly cut in, possibly worrying that Michelle might say too much, "Girls, enough is enough. Nicky is right. That's not the kind of thing to discuss here. Especially with you-know-who right here. He's so into it that I doubt he's listening, but better safe than sorry."

"THANK you!" Nicky huffed.

Mindy went on, "Before you two resume squabbling, let's move beyond just talking about my being a cucquean. Let's talk about sex in general. Now, mind you, just about any kind of sex is great, especially when it's with someone you love. But how can you take it to the next level, where you're seeing stars and cumming over and over again? Well, there are different ways. One way is to have a partner like my hubby here, who can wow you through sheer skill and his incredible size, not to mention stamina. But, aside from that, another way is to add some kind of naughty thrill. For instance, role playing."

Sue Ellen asked, "Do you and Dan do that?"

"Oh, sure. We used to do it sometimes. Lately, not so much, because we have some other exciting things going on these days, with Cindy and all."

Someone must have pointed out what Cindy and I were doing to each other, because I heard a "You don't say!" followed by a lot of laughter.

Mindy soon continued, "Yeah, well, maybe you're feeling a bit of what I mean. And that leads me right into my next point. Another possibility is to get it on in an unusual or even public place. Like, say, a hot tub!"

More laughter ensued.

Mindy went on, "Or try new things, new sexual positions, props, sex toys, you name it. Bondage, maybe."

Nicky griped, "Bondage?! MoooOOOoooom! Don't make me think of that!"

"Why not? We haven't tried that yet, but it sounds interesting to me. I'll bet plenty of perfectly 'normal' couples have a pair of handcuffs hidden in some dresser drawer. Have you ever been thoroughly dominated by a powerful man, completely bound and helpless, unable to do anything but try to sexually satisfy him? Totally at his mercy! Doesn't that sound hot?"

I couldn't see what was happening, but I could guess well enough when Nicky complained, "Why is everyone looking right at me again?! This is so embarrassing!"

Mindy responded, "You were the one complaining about the mere mention of bondage. There's no shame in admitting that sounds pretty exciting. It does to me."

Nicky dodged giving a straight answer by grumbling, "Well... when you say 'bondage,' I think of whips and chains and black leather outfits."

"That too!" Mindy laughed. "No, seriously, I know what you mean. I doubt we'd go that far. But we COULD, and that's absolutely intoxicating. Personally, I love pushing the boundaries of the taboo, and the naughty thrill and goose bumps doing so gives me. Maybe that's why I'm such a cucquean. I mean, look at Dan and Cindy right now. Really stop and look at them!"

Michelle giggled, "As if Nicky can look anywhere else."

Nicky sounded downright angry at Michelle. "I am SO going to kill you!"

Mindy interceded. "Girls, behave. Just stop and watch, silently. Okay?"

There was a long pause. I happened to have my eyes closed. Knowing that everyone was staring at me, I felt embarrassed and kept my eyes shut tight. I had been caressing Cindy's soft tits with both hands, but I pretty much kept my hands still while everyone was looking at us.

I knew it was nearly impossible thanks to the dark water, but a part of me feared that they'd somehow notice that Sue Ellen was secretly jacking me off. What a disaster that would be!

Cindy, by contrast, seemed to delight in the attention. She started bouncing up and down on me a little, just like she was getting steadily fucked! Her big breasts would have bounced all over the place as a result except for the fact that they were in my steady grasp.

Then Nicky asked, "What are we looking for?"

Mindy said, "The whole situation! Isn't it just plain WRONG for him to be making out with another woman with me, his wife right here? And isn't it even wronger for him to do it in front of his three daughters? She's basically naked. Her bikini bottoms must be askew, because they're not holding him back at all."

I heard the sound of heavy breathing. I'm sure more than one woman was panting, but Nicky was so close to me I could faintly feel her breath on my nearest shoulder! I could tell she was breathing heavily indeed.

Mindy went on, "And do you see how they're not just kissing? He's running his hands all over her like he possesses her! And he does! If you think about it, being his mistress is one step removed from being his slave! She's almost like his property, his naked plaything! He has two women now, and we have to compete in a sense. We work hard to please him. It's all so wrong and unfair, isn't it?"

There was a long pause. Nobody seemed to want to answer that.

I would have stopped the kissing and then the conversation, except I could see what Mindy was trying to do here. By hyping up the taboo, she was making big strides in getting Nicky to accept our unorthodox lifestyle and setting the stage for later attitude shifts. Even a seeming throwaway comment like "being his mistress is one step removed from being his slave" could pave the way to Nicky eventually accepting the fact that I had cock slaves. Possibly. In fact it was very, very doubtful, but at least it wouldn't hurt sending up a trial balloon or two.

Then Mindy continued, "But it's so HOT too! It's so arousing! Look at how hot and bothered Cindy is right now! See how she moans with erotic delight whenever he plays with her nipples? Or, hell, when he does just about anything to her! He has the magic touch, believe me. If it wasn't for us watching and limiting what they do, she'd be cumming and cumming, endlessly cumming!"

I heard more heavy breathing, including from Nicky, but no one said anything.

Finally, Min prodded, "Come on, am I the only one here who feels this way? Aren't you feeling more than a little horny right now? Isn't the taboo-ness of the situation getting to you, making you want to run wild?"

Michelle said, "Okay, I'll admit it. I'm TOTALLY horny right now! I've been trying to deny it, trying to hold back, but how can I ignore them when they're all over each other just a few feet in front of me?! And the way Daddy is playing Cindy like a fiddle? Good God! What woman wouldn't want to be treated like that?!"

Ruby said, "It's SO HOT! I don't even care if he is my official dad now! It's twice as hot BECAUSE he is my dad! You're right: the wrongness of it, the taboo of it, it fans the flames into a raging inferno!"

Sue Ellen went next. "It's not even a question with me. I'm DYING here! I've been trying to deny my feelings for Dan, trying to hold back... but I can't! I'd take over for Cindy in a heartbeat!"

What a great actress Sue Ellen is! Listening to her talk like that, you'd never know she was furtively jacking me off with both hands at that very moment!

It seemed that everyone else understood what Mindy was trying to accomplish here with Nicky, and they were playing their roles to help out.

Apparently, all eyes turned to Nicky next, because she whined, "Do I really have to say something too?"

I peeked at Nicky and saw her huff in frustration, causing her huge bare breasts to rise up and fall down. Her face was still blushing red and there was a lusty fire in her eyes.

She finally said, "Fine. I can't deny it either. I was trying my best to ignore them, but I can't anymore, now that you've made us look. It's just about the most arousing thing I've ever seen!"

Oh shit! Nicky is really horny! Danger! I need to be ultra careful that Mindy doesn't go overboard, or who knows what'll happen?! We have to carefully threat the needle. Getting her somewhat horny is good, weakening her resistance to Mindy's suggestions. But too horny and she might try to do something with me or just get too fixated on me. I have to be strong and vigilant!

Mindy said triumphantly, "You see? THAT is what being a cucquean is all about. In recent weeks, I've had more times when I've had a total orgasmic meltdown than I could possibly count! I'm not just talking about a big climax; I'm talking about when you're brought to some kind of higher plane of existence and you fly straight into Heaven! And that's because, thanks to Cindy becoming Dan's mistress, the possibilities for all kinds of naughtiness, even downright taboo wrongness, are seemingly endless!"

She continued after a pause, "In fact, I know this is kind of a controversial thing to say, but sometimes a little bit of humiliation is a big turn on for me."

Nicky griped, "MoooooOOOOOooooom! How can you say that? I'm having a hard enough time already, adjusting to, well... THIS!"

I peeked again and saw that Nicky was pointing to Cindy and me. God, she looks hot! I could easily reach out and cup her nearest bare boob, except my hands are already full with Cindy's! I want to be a good and responsible dad, I really do, but she has a body built for serious fucking, just like my other daughters' hot bodies! Gotta stay strong!

Nicky continued, "I don't even want to know anything more. Humiliation is too weird. The next thing I know, you'll be telling me you're getting off on having Dad spank you."

"Hmmm... interesting idea."

I couldn't see my wife's smiling smirk, but I could hear it in her voice somehow. She even sounded turned on by the idea. I'm sure she was thinking, If Nicky only knew how much we love spankings around here!

Nicky griped, "MooooooOOOOOooooom!" She sighed heavily. "Sheesh. I don't know what to think. I keep thinking all of this must be an elaborate joke on me or something. Mom, don't you worry about taking your whole cucquean thing too far?"

Breathlessly breaking Cindy's lip lock on me, I blurted out as if in despair, "If she doesn't, then I sure do!"

All the girls chuckled at that, even Nicky. Then Cindy insistently resumed necking with me, effectively shutting me up. That caused more laughter.

Nicky squealed in distress, but with a touch of playfulness, "Dad, don't listen to us!"

Mindy said carefully, "He makes a good point. I guess I've been pushing this idea without worrying too much about that because I know my wonderful husband is a very careful and naturally conservative kind of person. You know how he is. He won't let things go too far. And if he's asleep at the wheel for some inexplicable reason, I have Cindy's common sense to rely on. And she gets a veto vote too. Plus, we'll listen carefully to anything you or your sisters have to say. We don't want to do anything rash."

HA! That horse left the barn a loooong time ago! And whatever checks and balances system we might have is in tatters because we all get way too horny. Hell, the horse ran away because the women in my life burned the barn down!

Nicky seemed mollified by Mindy's answer on that. But still, she grumped, "I wish you would have let me know all this was going on before I came home. We talk at least once a week on the phone you know, and I didn't even get a hint of... ANYTHING! I feel like I was disrespected, like, you didn't tell me because you didn't think I could handle the truth."

I knew that, in fact, that was exactly why we hadn't told her anything and why we still kept her in the dark about many important things. So I didn't have an easy answer to that. (Not that my mouth was free to talk anyway!)

Luckily, Mindy managed a capable response. "I'm so sorry, my love. The reason we didn't tell you isn't about you, it's about us. We were embarrassed! Heck, I still am. I mean, how do you tell anyone about this kind of thing? I haven't told any of my friends or relatives yet, and I don't even know if I will or what I'll say. Forgive me? Please?"

I couldn't see, but Nicky must have nodded.

Mindy asked her, "Are you sure? You still look unhappy. Is there anything else on your mind?"

"Well, if I have something to say at this very moment, it's that the humiliation stuff you're talking about is way too freaky."

Mindy just shrugged. I surmised that she wanted to see what Nicky meant by that exactly before talking and maybe getting herself into deeper trouble.

I knew Mindy shrugged because now that everyone knew I was paying attention, I started peeking from time to time. I saw Nicky look all around, only to see interested but nondescript faces.

She complained, "Hey, why am I alone on this? Doesn't anyone else have a problem with this humiliation issue? Us women, we've had such a long battle against being treated unfairly and winning equal rights. And now we're supposed to ASK to be mistreated in the bedroom?! That's seriously messed up!"

Michelle said quietly in a serious voice, "I hear you, sister, but I think it all depends. Do you have a partner who respects you or looks down on you? If he's a sneering, mean asshole, then yeah, it wouldn't be worth it, no matter how arousing it is. But if your partner loves and respects you, like Dad obviously does with Mom, then it's a totally different thing. Right?"

"Well, maybe..." Nicky grudgingly admitted.

Mindy added, "And let's be honest, it's a matter of pleasure. If the guy was getting all the pleasure and the woman none, we all can agree that would be a bad thing. But what if the woman is getting as much or more enjoyment out of it than the man? What if the more she's humiliated, the more she gets off on it?"

"Then she'd be a weirdo," Nicky replied sourly.

Mindy shot back, "You say that, but don't knock it until you try it."

The women continued their discussion about getting off on taboo or naughty things, and especially about the morality of being aroused by humiliation.

Thinking over what they'd been discussing, I realized, This is a brilliant move on Mindy's part. If we're all so excited by naughty or even taboo sex, then it would be no surprise for Nicky to discover later that I've taken Sue Ellen as a second mistress. Heck, it even lays the groundwork for me to take Michelle and Ruby as lovers too someday! We could just say that we danced closer and closer to the taboo line until we finally crossed it. Sure, she'd still be upset, but maybe not as upset, or at least not as shocked.

Heck, you might even say that it laid the groundwork for me to take Nicky as a lover someday too!

Oh shit! Did I just think that? I can't even go there! Especially while Cindy is kissing me and Sue Ellen is jacking me off! Too much! I'm not in my right mind. Min is spot on that the taboo is a great thrill, but we have to draw the line somewhere. Without a line, we'll sink lower and lower into total depravity! I need to be the strong one here. I can't even THINK about Nicky like that. NO! No, no, no, no, no! We've made enough progress shifting her attitudes for one night. This has to stop!

I stopped necking with Cindy and broke from her grasp. Cindy kept sitting on my legs though, because I had to get Sue Ellen to stop jacking me off and pull my swimsuit back up before I could dare move her off my legs. I said, "Okay, folks, that's it. It's time for us to all call it a night and go to bed."

That caused an immediate uproar. Every woman started complaining to me at once. even Nicky.

In fact, Nicky complained the most, griping that I was still treating her like a "little girl" and that she could handle a mature and frank discussion about sexual issues.

I wanted to furtively remove Sue Ellen's hand from my crotch, but I didn't dare do it with all eyes on me. And Sue Ellen, to my frustration, wasn't stopping or even slowing down! Normally she was wonderfully obedient, but I could hear her protesting just as loudly with the others about what I'd said.

Mindy soon managed to gain the floor. She said, "Honey, you're full of it! The evening is still young, and you know it!"

I said, "True, but Nicky's plane leaves early tomorrow, so she needs a good night's sleep. And I'm sure she has a lot of last minute things to do."

Nicky was indignant. She defiantly crossed her arms under her massive tits. "My flight isn't THAT early! I can still get up at the same time I always do. And I took care of EVERYTHING earlier today just so we could enjoy ourselves tonight as a family. Why do you want to ruin that?"

Mindy pressed, "Yeah, what's wrong with you? Are you trying to upset her and everyone else?"

Nicky said heatedly, "I think the problem is you think the discussion is too sexual for my 'innocent ears.' That offends me! I'm hurt and insulted. Treat me like an adult already!"

I held both hands out of the water in a defensive pose. "Okay, already, I'm sorry! To be honest, it's not really about the plane flight or the rest. And Muffin, it's not about the sexual nature of what's being discussed. Well, it's not mainly that. It's just that... well..."

I turned back to Cindy. I would have gestured in her direction except that wasn't room, since her boobs were only about a foot away from my chest. "Look at what I've just been doing, kissing my mistress in front of everyone. In front of my three daughters! And worst of all, in front of Nicky!"

Nicky put her hands on her hips to show how she was feeling even more indignant. That didn't have much effect since she was in the water nearly to the bottom of her huge globes, so she rose up, planted her ass on the edge of the hot tub, and then struck her hands-on-hips pose once more. "'Worst of all?' Why am I singled out like that?! Again?!"

Dammit, what to say? I certainly can't tell her the truth, that I'm freaking out over having the mere thought of adding her to my harem. Even though it was a fleeting thought, it was the worst possible thought I could have. And it's definitely not the first time I "went there" tonight. I know we've been making great progress in changing Nicky's attitude, but what if we go too far? More specifically, what if I go too far?

Hell, Sue Ellen is STILL secretly jacking me off, and all that wonderful stimulation is wearing down my resolve. Then Nicky picks the worst time to strike a new pose that shows off even more of her bombshell body. UGH!

With her ass above the outer edge of the hot tub, I can see all of her pussy mound between her wide, womanly hips. Of all the places I'm not supposed to look, her pussy area is the worst! But here I am, checking out her prominent camel toe. Shame on me, but I can't stop myself! Her red bikini bottoms leave so little to the imagination that I can easily confirm that her bush has been shaved off. I'm not supposed to know that, much less get aroused by it! I have to get out of here, and fast!

With all eyes on me, I forced myself to look into Nicky's face. "Muffin..." Jesus! I was just looking at Muffin's actual muffin! So wrong! I stammered, "Um, Nicky... uh... you just found out about Cindy and me yesterday. I don't want to traumatize you-"

She cut me off. "'Traumatize me?' Are you kidding me? I'll admit that I'm kind of hurt about that. It makes me think you don't love Mom as much as you used to."

Both Mindy and I started to protest that.

But Nicky held a hand up, holding us off. "I know, I know. You're gonna say you still do. And truth be told, I can still easily see the love you have for each other. I continue to think this is really weird and I would never consider this type of behavior to be normal, but I guess it works for you, so... whatever. It's cool. Besides, I can kind of see what Mom says about feeling the burn. I'd never want MY boyfriend to sleep with other women, but maybe I can kind of understand how it somehow makes everything even MORE arousing and exciting."

I could see a lusty fire return to Nicky's eyes as she finished saying that, and this concerned me maybe even more than if she'd been feeling offended. I've got a problem that my "limited hangout" plan might work TOO well! I want her to accept the harem eventually, but not want her to ever join it! I know that's extremely unlikely, but still I have to be super careful not to lead her in the wrong direction.

I said, "Okay. So we learned our lesson about the taboo being a big turn on. Fine. Let's wrap it up, shall we?"

Nicky still had her hands on her hips, and she glared at me through narrowed eyes for good measure. "Dad, you're treating me like I'm five years old! Okay, maybe not five, but more like fifteen. Why do you always single ME out? Why not Ruby and Michelle too?"

Out of the corner of my eye, I'd noticed that Michelle was simmering impatiently at all the attention Nicky was getting.

Sure enough, Shelle leapt at this chance to speak. She rose up out of the water and sat on the outer edge of the hot tub, just like Nicky. Then she complained, "Yeah! Why not us too?"

I doubted she actually felt that way; she just wanted to get involved. Shelle is being a big pain tonight and Nicky is getting the brunt of it. I need to do something about that.

I decided to ignore Michelle for now, and replied to Nicky, "You're too pure and innocent for this kind of sexual situation."

Nicky let out a huge, huge sigh. It seemed like she exhaled for five minutes. "UGH! That again? UGH!" She dropped her hands from her hips, but she still seemed indignant. "Dad, look. It's time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. You keep acting like I'm this precious, delicate princess who would drop dead if she so much as heard a curse word. I'm not like that, okay?!"

She switched from being pissed off to wistful. "I know I acted like that all the way until I left for college. I liked how you kind of babied me and treated me special because you thought I was so innocent and angelic. But the truth is, I'm a young woman with the same wants and needs as any young woman."

She put her hand back on her hips, inadvertently striking a particularly sexy pose that showed off her bare round E-cups. "I like sex, okay? I'm not afraid of it! I've HAD sex. Lots of times! I know that I'm largely to blame for making you think of me this way, and I'm sorry for that. But it's time you change the way think about me. I am NOT a virgin, okay? I'm not going to faint or break down just because you kiss Cindy in an intimate manner. I can handle it!"

Michelle cut in dismissively, "I find that hard to believe."

I turned to the Gruesome Twosome. "Ruby, would you get Michelle to be quiet, please? Shelle, you're being rude to Nicky tonight, not helpful, and I'm not going to stand for it."

Both Michelle and Ruby looked chastened. Ruby glared at Michelle and lightly punched her shoulder.

I smiled at Nicky encouragingly. "Sorry about that. You were saying?"

She continued with even more emotion, gesticulating for emphasis. "I don't want to be Little Miss Perfect anymore! That never was the real me, and I'm really tired of it. I've bottled up so much, trying to live up to certain expectations about how I was supposed to behave. I thought I'd let my hair down and go wild at Berkeley, but I got hooked up with Steve and he's basically a conservative guy. He said he wanted me to loosen up, but he didn't know how to loosen up himself. That's a big reason why I broke up with him. I can't wait until I get to Hawaii, so I can go wild!"

I had a hard time concentrating on her words. My eyeballs were probably going up and down like bouncing balls as I watched the endless "tit-quake" caused by all her gesticulating. I found myself wishing Sue Ellen would stop her secret handjob for a while until I could think or breathe again.

Mindy asked her, "What do you think you're going to do?"

Nicky replied, "I don't know, but it's gonna be fun!' A determined smile transformed her face into an artwork of radiant beauty. "Don't worry, I'm not going to run off with a biker gang or something. I guess a big part of me IS a goody-goody type, after all. But Mom, I think what I REALLY want is to feel the kind of total sexual ecstasy that you enjoy every day."

She was still waiving her hands in agitation, causing her huge jugs to wobble and sway. My heart was about to thump right out of my chest!

"I'm not a virgin anymore, you know. Which is more than SOME girls here can say, and I'm treated like the baby of the group! But I think I have yet to find out just how good sex can actually be. You all are talking about experimenting and living out your fantasies. Why can't I do the same and live out a fantasy or two?"

She looked right and me as she finished and put her hand back on her hips. She was staring at me defiantly.

Uh-oh! I don't want to get anywhere near her fantasy question, because what if one of her fantasies is having sex with her father?! That could destroy her entire promising future!

So I merely said, "I know you're not a virgin. But you're still well known for, well, as Steve put it, 'dressing like a nun all the time.' Weren't those the words you told us after you arrived?"

Nicky looked away uncomfortably. "No, but..." She threw her hands up in the air in frustration. "I want to change! Look at me now!" She stood all the way up in the pool, exposing her legs to mid-thigh. "I've been trying so hard to stay topless, pretty much all day. Do you know how difficult this is for me?! But I'm determined, to show you I'm a full-grown woman! Standing here in just my bikini bottoms shows my desire to change."

I wanted to scream, and I did inside my own mind. AAAAAH! Muffin, sit back down! You look so fucking gorgeous that I'm gonna cry! If you were to say "Let me show you I'm a woman by dropping to my knees and fucking your cock with my big tits," I would so let it happen! Even though my cock is pretty well damn occupied with Cupcakes rubbing fingers! God! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!

She brought her hands down to the ties on her hips that held her bikini bottoms up. "What do I have to do to prove it to you? Do I need to take these off too?"

I exclaimed, "NO!" This can't be happening! I'm swooning! I'm dizzy! I think I might pass out! Gotta be strong!

It was a good thing I shouted loudly, because at the exact same time I said that, Mindy said, "Yes!"

I glanced over at Mindy and saw her attempting to will Nicky's bikini bottoms off with her intense gaze. Every muscle in my body tensed up with fear. I made eye contact with her, and managed to convey "Behave yourself!" using the kind of non-verbal communication close couples have.

Mindy sheepishly nodded in understanding at my unrelenting glare. She stared off into the starry sky for fear of making more eye contact with me.

Things seems to calm down, if only a little bit. I tried hard to control my breathing and reign in my rampaging lusty desires.

Fuck! I'm extremely pissed at my wife. I knew she doesn't want me to have sex with Nicky when she's thinking clearly. But lately, whenever she gets super horny, it's like she completely loses all reason! I'm super horny right now, but I'm still retaining SOME restraint. I want to scream to her, "That's Nicky you're perving over. Sweet innocent Nicky! Helllooooo?! Earth to Mindy!"

Luckily, while Mindy and I were having our little interaction, Cindy captured Nicky's attention by saying to her, "Well, I think you look GREAT! I can understand why you cover up as much as you do though. With a body like that, I'll bet you're afraid of your sexual power. If you wear something revealing, you can't walk 100 feet without getting some annoying catcalls."

Nicky nodded. "Yeah, that really bothers me. I never know how to handle it. I've tried a bunch of times, at Steve's insistence, to dress differently. One time, I went walking around near campus with him in shorts and a revealing top that showed off this much cleavage."

As she said that, she pushed her huge tits together with her upper arms to create a deep cleavage canyon. Then she used a hand to draw lines down her breasts indicating that her top showed off a moderate amount of cleavage. Of course, the irony was that she was wearing nothing at all while doing this except her bikini bottoms, and the sight was doubly arousing by the way she continued to press her tits together!

At that moment, I was acutely reminded of Sue Ellen's secret cock stroking work by a sudden surge of arousal that nearly made me cum on the spot! I had to clench hard to hold off my orgasm. But instead of stopping or easing up, Sue Ellen was inspired to rub my sweet spot even faster! Probably, she was just as awe-struck and inspired by Nicky's curvaceous and effectively nude body as everyone else was.

As if that wasn't arousing enough, Michelle asked, "And how much of your ass was showing?"

Nicky was still standing in the tub, so she had no problem turning around until I had a great view of her back side. "Oh, nothing, really. The shorts came up to here." She drew lines about a third of the way down her thighs.

That wouldn't have been too bad, except that her bikini bottoms were practically a G-string in the back to begin with, and what little fabric there was had rode up into her ass crack. Her ass cheeks hung in the air there like two ripe peaches! It was a good thing she'd turned around, because my jaw probably hung to the ground!

Michelle said, "That seems normal enough, but remember that you have an extraordinary ass! And great legs. Powerful thighs, especially. Just showing that much is gonna get a lot of notice, with your jutting bubble butt. Were the shorts tight?"

Nicky replied, "No. I've learned to always wear loose shorts." For some reason, she clenched her ass cheeks a couple of times, as if testing how tight and firm her ass could get.

I breathed a sigh of relief when she turned back around. But it was out of the frying pan into the fire, because now I had a full view of her remarkable front side again! And everywhere else I looked, I was surrounded by feminine beauty. And Sue Ellen! I wanted to yell, "Stop it, already!" She had me right on the edge of climax, and it felt fantastic!

My desire to get out of this sexy situation was growing. It wasn't just that I was extremely aroused, it was that I was extremely aroused for Nicky!

It seemed like Nicky was trying to provoke me with the way she was blatantly showing off her body, for some reason. Drawing imaginary lines on her bare breasts and down into her cleavage, and then more lines near her ass, was really too much!

Michelle said to Nicky, "You have a great ass. Even with your boobs growing like kelp, your ass is still your best asset. You should use it."

Despite all the heart-stopping sexual excitement, I had to take a moment to appreciate how smart my Shelle was. She knew that kelp was the fastest growing life form on Earth.

My blonde bombshell daughter suddenly turned around in the hot tub and thrust her ass way out in my general direction. "When you're in Hawaii, wear tight shorts that come down to about here." She drew a line on the back side of her upper thighs. "That'll make sure the boys will notice you, but they won't think you're slutty."

Nicky looked miffed that Michelle was capturing all of my attention with that move. She turned around and bent way over, just like Michelle was still doing. As she provocatively wiggled her ass a little bit, she asked cluelessly, "You mean right here?" She drew the same line on her upper thighs.

"Exactly," Michelle replied. She turned back around. "Now, when it comes to your breasts... They're not as big as mine, and they don't jut out like mine..." She clutched at her boobs from below, pushing them up and out while squeezing them together.

I suppose she was going to get around to giving Nicky some advice on how to show her breasts off to good effect... eventually. But first, she was blatantly reveling in showing her de facto nude body off to me! I hoped everyone was focused on her boobs, because her gaze was directed right at me, and it was smoldering with desire!

I wanted and needed to cum badly, especially given the way Sue Ellen was still secretly stroking my cock with increased vigor. But I knew I had to stop Michelle before her incestuous lust got too blatant, if it wasn't too late already. I said, "Okay, Michelle, that's enough. You've been trying to steal the spotlight from Nicky all evening long, and I'm not going to stand for it anymore."

Michelle shrunk back to a less provocative pose, but she protested, "I'm just trying to help. Remember that I'm her official advisor now. I'm giving her good advice!"

"Yeah, on one level," I agreed. "But on another level, you're just preening." I reached down into the water, trying to subtly pry Sue Ellen's fingers off my boner. "Come on, you and I are going to have a private talk."

To my surprise, most everyone looked horrified at that suggestion. Mindy actually shouted, "NO!"

I paused in my effort to get out of the water. (That was probably a good thing, since I wasn't making any headway regaining control over my throbbing dick, my swimsuit was still pulled down, and Cindy remained on my lap!) I asked my wife with irritation, "What's the problem?"

She pleaded, "Don't go. You'll ruin the whole mood. Besides, it's cold out there. And now that you've pointed it out, Michelle's learned her lesson. Haven't you?" She stared hard at Michelle.

I wondered why Mindy was so against the idea of me having a private chat with Michelle. But I noticed she was staring with concern in the general direction of my crotch, as if she could see through the opaque water. It occurred to me that she'd probably figured out that Sue Ellen was secretly jacking me off, and she feared that would come to an end if I got out of the tub. Good grief! What a weird wife!

Michelle suddenly started acting contrite. She was sitting back in the water, and had her hands covering her nipples for good measure. "Oh, definitely! I'm really sorry Daddy. I've let you down and upset you, and I feel absolutely awful about that. It's just that... well... you know that I am an attention hog, and Nicky is looking so great lately that I kind of feel forgotten."

Nicky sighed. "Don't blame Michelle so much. It's kind of my fault, at least partially. I've been preening too. The thing is, I'm trying to change your impression of me."

Then Nicky suddenly went on the offensive. She put her hands on her hips, cocked one of her hips, and huffed, "Dad, what am I going to have to do to get you to see that I'm not really a 'pure and innocent angel?' I'm just a normal teenage girl growing up. I'm not perfect, and I'm not sexless!"

I nodded weakly, feeling trapped. "I understand. But... when someone has a certain perception in their mind, they can't change it overnight. Please give me time to adjust, okay?"

She seemed a bit peevish, but she nodded back. "Okay. Fair enough. But if I can adjust to you and Cindy in only a few days, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job of that, then you can try to do better treating me like an actual grown-up by the time I get back from Hawaii, right?"

Trying to move the conversation from this uncomfortable spot, I nodded in understanding. Then, looking between Michelle and Nicky, I said, "Right. I'll try my best."

Michelle put a hand on Nicky's shoulder and was suddenly nothing but supportive. "Sis, I think going topless is key. As long as you were in your 'Eskimo parka' mode, he was going to think of you in the same old way. But by showing off your fabulous curves, he has no choice but to see you as a woman, a sexually mature woman. Nobody with a body like yours could still be a 'delicate and innocent little flower.'"

Nicky nodded her head firmly. "Good point! I'm going to make a special point out of being topless around him pretty much every chance I get until he sees the light. So there!"

"Right on, Sister! That'll show him!"

It was odd that Michelle suddenly pivoted from trying to steal my attention away from Nicky's body to suggesting that Nicky should go topless around me all the time. She was even using terms like "Sis" and "Sister," which was rare for her. But apparently her desire to see Nicky join the harem temporarily overcame her desire for the spotlight.

I had to briefly close my eyes and clench my teeth as I imagined Nicky being topless around me much more from now on. Too fucking arousing! And not only was Sue Ellen relentlessly rubbing my sweet spot, she was doing wonderful things with my balls with her other hand, trying to coax all of the cum out of them.

Nicky said, "I'm serious too. Well, kinda. What do you think, Mom? Would that make things too weird and awkward?"

I had to open my eyes again to check out my wife's expression. She had the smirkiest smirk-smile her face could muster. She said, "I think that's a VERY good idea, actually. We all know how your father is. He's a smart guy. Damn smart, in fact. But so stubborn! It takes ages to get him to change his mind. The only way is to resort to drastic measures. So yeah, it'll be weird for both of you, but that's what it takes to get his blockhead to move a little bit."

Michelle giggled. "Dad IS such a blockhead. You're lucky you're up in Berkeley most of the time. He drives us CRAZY every day!"

Ruby piped up. "Yeah, Nicky. That actually is a smart strategy. Otherwise, twenty years from now, you'll still be his 'delicate flower.'"

Nicky growled, "I want to find that damn flower and stomp on it!"

I decided to speak up without commenting on the topless-all-the-time idea. (I must admit I didn't want to squelch it!) "Girls, I'm glad to see you've made up. But now that's settled, let's please have a lot less preening and attention hogging in general, okay? Both of you. I'm your dad, and you're both practically naked! Try to be more like Ruby. Look at her. She's been quiet and easy-going all night."

Michelle and Nicky both nodded with chastened expressions. Ruby, by contrast, basked in my approval.

I'd risen up in my somewhat seat, but now I relaxed and slumped down a little. Sue Ellen was still endlessly fondling my sweet spot, and I decided I had no choice but to grin and bear it. At least she'd finally eased up a fair amount after getting overheated from some of the sexy posing. I no longer had to struggle and strain just not to immediately cum.

Trying to direct the conversation, I asked Nicky, "So, getting back to what we were talking about before, what happened when you went for a walk with Steve?"

Nicky looked away and fixated on nothing in particular. "Oh... yeah. So anyway, all Steve and I planned to do was go to this cute lunch place and have lunch. But I almost didn't make it, because I felt like I was naked! It seemed like EVERYONE was staring at me, from front and back! I was so relieved when we found the place and we could kind of hide in a dark corner for a while. I don't think Steve liked it either. He wanted me to dress sexily, but whenever I did, he would seethe at the other guys checking me out."

Cindy had been quiet for a while. Probably she felt she didn't want to step on anyone's toes with Nicky still struggling to accept her mistress status. But she saw a chance to ask a relatively safe question: "Do you think you'd still feel that way, now that you've had a kind of self-image breakthrough?"

Nicky scrunched up her face, frowning. "I'm not sure. I know I won't cover up as much as before, but I'm afraid to dress downright sexily. I hate all the creepy attention! It's one thing to have a nice friend say, 'Hey, you look good.' But having some random yahoo say, 'Hey, baby, can I rub my face in your ass?' Yuck! Some guy actually shouted that to me the other day, and that was when I was fully dressed up!"

She exhaled in exasperation. After a pause, she waved a hand down her nearly naked body. "That's why I can do this here, because I feel safe with the people I love." She gave me a shy but warm smile.

Cindy said, "I hate to say this, but you have a truly remarkable and exceptionally curvy figure. You're going to draw attention even if you wrap your body up in a bundle of blankets. And I'm not surprised that guy was shouting about your ass, because the way your butt juts out, well... it kind of stops traffic."

Nicky sighed heavily. "I've basically tried the 'wrap myself up in a bundle of blankets' route, and it seriously sucks!" She sat back on the edge of the hot tub and looked to Michelle and Ruby. "How do you two handle all the attention? You seem hardly bothered at all."

Before either of them could answer, I said, "Hold on. Let's just... If we're not going to call it a night just yet, can we at least tone it down some? For instance, maybe my daughters could put their bikini tops back on?"

I saw frowning faces everywhere. Clearly, nobody liked that suggestion. Nicky actually appeared to be the most upset, even though her face was still blushing from her seemingly constant embarrassment at her exposure.

Mindy said, "Honey, I'm sure you're feeling uncomfortable surrounded by your nearly naked daughters. That's understandable. But Nicky really needs this right now. We're having a breakthrough moment. In fact, we were just discussing how this topless therapy should be even more frequent. Why don't you go back to kissing Cindy and just ignore the rest of us for a while? We have important things to discuss."

That seemed stupid to me at first, but then I thought, That's so crazy that it just might work. We ARE in a good groove here, where Nicky is making progress over her shyness issues. And the generally sexy vibe is helping my overall "limited hangout" plan with her.

You know what? Fuck it! I just need to get my focus off her, to anything else! If I close my eyes and concentrate on kissing Cindy, I'll be able to put her out of my mind... I hope!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Concerned, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, and Ecchi Spud, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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