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Chapter 38

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy wanted me to "go back to kissing Cindy and just ignore the rest of us for a while," so that's exactly what I did. I looked around for approval, and with everyone seeming fine with it, I wordlessly leaned in to Cindy and resumed French kissing her.

Mindy said, "Girls, look at your father. He's obviously uncomfortable with this situation, but he's hanging in there and distracting himself with Cindy just so Nicky can continue with her sexual liberation. I'm sure he has a raging erection and he can't do anything about it. I think he's going to need a special thanks later."

Ruby snickered, "Situation normal there."

Mindy flashed a big smile. "That's true. They say you can't keep a good man down. But, Nicky, you were saying?"

I was pretty sure my wife knew that Sue Ellen was secretly assisting me under the water, but she was emphasizing the "insatiable penis" theme to help Nicky accept that I "needed" more than one mistress. That would be a tough sell.

I heard Nicky say, "Thanks, Dad! You're the BEST! Anyway, I was just asking Michelle and Ruby how they handle the attention so well. Actually, I want to open the question up to everyone, including you, Sue Ellen. Let's face it: we're all beautiful, busty women, so we all have the same problem."

Michelle haughtily replied, "To me, the key is that you have to not care. Who are these losers who are checking me out? I don't care about them. I'll probably never see them again. What do I care what they think? They can look, but they'll never touch. And if they do try to touch me, I slap 'em! HARD!"

Then Ruby said, "That's one way to do it, but I think it's kind of harsh. The way I like to look at it is..."

Her voice faded out for me because I put my entire attention into kissing Cindy, to the total exclusion of everything else. I thought back to my earlier private discussion I'd had with her, and how we'd seemed to reach a new level of understanding and intimacy with each other.

I thought, Cindy still worries that she's not good enough for me, not good enough to be in my harem. The best way I can change her mind on that is by showering her with my love, every single day! We were kissing before, sure, but I was more focused on everything happening around me than on her. Now, I'm going to make Cindy my entire world!

I'm not sure what I did that was different physically, but somehow my new attitude had a big effect, because our ongoing necking started to sizzle with extra electrical charge. Cindy had been enjoying kissing me earlier, but I think she'd held back some due to worries about everyone else watching. Now, it was like we were the only two people on the planet. I was able to put thoughts of Nicky out of my mind, at least for a while. And I kept my eyes closed so I wouldn't have to look at Nicky's body, which was still within easy touching distance.

I was so focused on Cindy that I must admit that I almost entirely forgot about what Sue Ellen was doing to me. But my privates sure didn't forget! She still had one hand endlessly rubbing my sweet spot, while her other hand generally fondled my balls, although sometimes she used both to stroke my shaft. I'm not sure how Sue Ellen did it, but she had a wonderful knack for keeping me buzzing with arousal, but just shy of the point where I'd have to worry about cumming and constantly clench my PC muscle to fight it. And she never got tired, it seemed.

Time passed, twenty minutes if not longer.

Between Cindy and Sue Ellen, I was far too distracted and aroused to keep track of the conversation. Occasionally I would hear snippets, but not enough to make sense of what was being said. However, I did open my eyes for quick sneak peeks at the others from time to time. I couldn't see into the water any better than anyone else, but I knew my women and their aroused facial expressions. I figured they must have been talking about something sexually arousing, but I was sure that at least some of them were secretly masturbating. Hell, I wouldn't have been surprised to find out that all of them were masturbating, including Nicky!

Cindy's bikini bottoms were held on by ties on either side that were liable to come undone if one so much as breathed near them. Somehow they'd stayed on, perhaps because I'd carefully avoided touching them at all when fondling her ass. But the inevitable finally happened: I got a bit careless and found myself caressing nothing but bare ass! Luckily, Cindy's ass was entirely below the waterline, so no one had any reason to suspect that Cindy was completely nude now.

I looked around while kissing as best I could, and I couldn't see any sign of her bikini bottoms floating on the water. Hmmm. That's both a good and bad thing. The good is that it keeps Nicky and the others clueless. The bad is how will we find her bikini bottoms when it's time for her to get out? They'd probably sunk all the way to the bottom of the tub! Oh well, we'll just have to do with that then. I'm sure we'll manage somehow. I think!

More time passed. I wasn't paying attention to the exact words being said, but after a while I gathered from the facial expressions that the lusty mood must have cooled down a couple of degrees. Perhaps some of the secret masturbation led to secret orgasms, and then to a different post-orgasmic mood. Or maybe the way I'd obviously tuned out from anything but enjoying Cindy's body and mouth took away some of the excitement as well as ending the competition for my attention.

Since Cindy's bikini bottoms had disappeared, I couldn't resist extensively exploring her ass and even her pussy mound. Okay, I'm pushing my luck here a little bit. If Nicky only knew, she'd have a heart attack! But who besides Cindy will know, since all the action is taking place underwater? Right? Sure, Sue Ellen might be aware, but that's not a danger.

When I got busy fondling Cindy's clit, I could sense her body trembling, and she desperately moaned into my mouth.

It wasn't long before I sensed her having a nice orgasm. I hoped Nicky and the others didn't notice her reaction, but then again Cindy really deserved it.

By and by, there was a gradual move to get out of the hot tub that I missed, since I was so spaced out on lust. One by one, the other women decided that they'd been in too long, so they either sat partly out of the hot tub or they got all the way out and rested right next to it. Sue Ellen was the noticeable exception, staying in the water all the way to her neck so she could continue to fondle my privates with both hands.

I don't know how long Cindy would have made out with me - hours?! - but she finally decided that she needed to cool off too. She was well aware that her bikini bottoms had come off, so she got off me and sank all the way down to her neck. She must have found her bikini bottoms quickly, because she rose out of the water with them on before her search grew suspicious.

She gave me a playful wink over the close call and then took a spot on the deck a mere foot or so from the outer edge of the hot tub.

With Cindy off me, I could come to my senses somewhat - although Sue Ellen continued to endlessly and secretly jack me off underwater. At the same time that Cindy got out, Nicky also got out. That left just Sue Ellen and me, sitting right next to each other. I sunk further down so the way Sue Ellen was deeply submerged wouldn't seem unusual.

I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing as I came out of my kissing reverie and looked all around. If the ladies looked fantastic sitting topless in the hot tub, they looked even better out of it! Now I could see nearly all of them from head to toe. They were all around the edge of the hot tub, some sitting up with their feet in the water, some lying down facing me, and some lying down looking away from me (and thus showing off their marvelous bikini-clad asses). It looked like Playboy centerfold photos come to life in every direction, except for much darker lighting.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, a couple of them were drying themselves off with towels. That was a prudent thing to do since it was night and we were outside. It was Southern California in the summer during a heat wave, and the heat from the hot tub and the torches helped, but then again they were all wearing only bikini bottoms. Still, I wondered how much they were toweling off anyway, and how much of it was a performance to get my attention.

I was guilty again, because I was mostly interested in watching Nicky dry herself off. Seeing her rub a small white towel her and there on her flawless and fit body had me sorely wishing it was my hands exploring and covering her body instead! I had to be careful not to stare to her exclusively, but when I looked elsewhere I was greeted with sexy toweling off performances in every direction!

Then, when Nicky casually started toweling off her E-cups, I just about blew my load in an instant! She actually cupped them from below and pushed them together at one point, though I didn't see how that helped her get dry.

The only thing that saved me from making a cummy mess in the hot water was that Sue Ellen was keeping a close track on my breathing and the look on my face and such signs of arousal. She simply held my cock and balls for a while until the "worst" of Nicky's toweling off passed.

I was surprised that no one seemed fazed in the slightest about what Cindy and I had been doing, nor did anyone have a word to say about it. I'd gotten so carried away with getting loving and intimate with Cindy that I pretty much forgot what I was doing. My hands had gone wherever they wanted, including all over her breasts, ass, and pussy mound!

But then it occurred to me, Maybe the reason no one is that shocked is because they've seen it all before! Even Nicky's watched Mindy and I do every sex act imaginable, dozens of times! Perhaps the only shocking aspect is that I'm with Cindy and not Mindy. Hell, she might be faking being upset just as much as we're faking with her!

Of course I'd had that realization earlier, but the fresh reminder hit me like a thump on the head. This is great! I'm flying high with orgasmic joy, AND I'm making progress changing Nicky's attitude. Maybe I don't have to be so careful around her after all. I just have to be careful not to do anything WITH her.

Forget worrying about her crushing on me. She is already, big time. There's no way to change that anyway. As long as we don't actually get inappropriately intimate, it'll be fine. I get the sense that she's deliberately trying to arouse and provoke me, such as with that toweling off show, but getting intimate is an entirely different thing. She doesn't want that. She's a good and moral girl.

Mindy asked me, "Honey, everybody seems to be taking a break, Do you want to get out of the tub too?" Although I was pretty sure she had guessed a secret handjob was taking place and she naturally didn't want that to end, it looked like she was taking pity on me. We'd all been in the hot water a long time, after all.

However, I realized that getting out might be a problem, given the way Sue Ellen's hands were still stuck to my cock and balls like they were glued to them. Due to the way she was mostly just rubbing my sweet spot without needing to move her fingers much, it seemed she could literally do that for hours, so it wasn't like I could wait until she took a break. Plus, she was using both hands, and when one hand got tired from the all-important sweet spot duty, the other hand took over for a while.

Furthermore, I remembered what happened the last time I got out, and how everyone had seen my boner barely contained in my completely inadequate swimsuit, resulting in me being the subject of all kinds of penis size jokes. I didn't want that to happen again. And while I may not have consciously admitted it to myself, what Sue Ellen's hands were doing to my privates felt damn good! (She was very active again with all ten fingers after the "toweling off crisis" had passed.)

I replied to my wife, "I'm good for now. Remember, I was out for a little while going to the bathroom." That was true, and it was another good reason not to get out now.

Mindy looked at Sue Ellen, and asked her, "How 'bout you?"

Sue Ellen smiled innocently. "Oh, I'm good too. Besides, I don't want to leave Dan here all alone." She gave my boner a happy squeeze, and then slid a hand all the way up and down my shaft once. It wasn't nearly as effective as her usual sweet spot rubbing, but it was like she was saying, "Master's cock is all mine right now, and I'm loving it!"

Mindy smiled back nearly as innocently, and yet with her usual knowing smirk somehow. "That's nice. He's in good hands with you, isn't he?"

Sue Ellen caught on to the secret meaning, and beamed like a spotlight through the darkness. "Oh, yes! VERY good hands!" She and Mindy both glanced at Nicky and saw Nicky was talking to Michelle and so wasn't paying close attention. Then they shared a knowing look with each other.

But apparently that wasn't enough for my wild wife! Knowing that Nicky wasn't looking, she rubbed her nose with one hand and rubbed her chin with her other hand. It might have seemed innocent to an outsider, but to me it was obvious that the nose represented my penis and the chin represented my balls, and she was not-so-subtly asking Sue Ellen if she was taking care of both my cock and balls.

Sue Ellen responded with a delighted and nearly evil grin. Then she nodded her head vigorously.

Mindy smiled from ear to ear and nodded back with approval. Seeing that the others weren't paying any attention at all, she said to her in a quieter voice, "You might want to consider getting out soon. You start out stiff and then you relax, but eventually things turn soft and wrinkly."

Sue Ellen looked around, saw the others were talking amongst themselves, and then replied, "Don't worry, things are still very stiff. And I have a feeling they'll stay that way, well, basically forever!"

Mindy looked like she was aiming to wear the world's biggest smirk. "I think you're right! Make sure things stay stiff, okay?"

"It's my pleasure, believe me!"

I glared at Mindy, giving off a "Shut up, already!" vibe. I would have put a stop to their dangerous innuendo altogether except I could see Nicky was too busy talking to Michelle to have any clue.

My devious wife noticed my glare and rolled her eyes a bit. But she nodded reluctantly.

I breathed a sigh of relief when the two of them finally shut up.

I thought, Is there no end to my wife's sneaky sexual scheming?! What if I cum? What happens then? I'm only human after all. Several times, it's taken all my willpower not to cum already, and I think I managed mostly because I'm worried that ropes of cum will float to the surface and be easily seen by Nicky. Heck, I'm squirting out pre-cum by the gallon as it is, and even some squirts of real cum from time to time. What's happening to that?? Where does it go?!

I quickly scanned the surface of the water and I didn't see anything incriminating. I was glad the bubbles were running and keeping the water churning. And thank goodness once again for the low lighting!

To be honest, I've been keeping my eyes shut for the most part and not paying attention. What if some gobs of real cum have floated to the surface already, and floated right onto Nicky's skin?! She was sitting with her tits just out of the water for a good while, with those two immense globes looking like they were floating on the water like two... er, titty buoys. What if some of my cum floated onto the lower slopes of her great tits? With her sitting right next to me, it's not only possible, it's almost LIKELY!

Fuuuuuck me! She might even have wondered, "What's this?" and then sucked some of it into her mouth to find out!

Okay, calm down, Dan! Calm down! That's not likely at all, you twisted motherfucker! Don't get carried away! No sexual Nicky thoughts! No sexual Nicky thoughts! And don't cum! For the love of God, don't cum!

Mindy cleared her throat to regain everyone's attention. Then she said, "There's an issue here I want to address. I feel like we've made a promise to Sue Ellen here that we have yet to keep. If you recall, Anjali, Nina, and Monique each got a thorough good-bye kiss from Dan earlier today. But when it came to Sue Ellen's turn, they were interrupted."

She looked right at Sue Ellen. "I'm very sorry for that. Not long after that, I'd promised you could stay for dinner and after so as to get your kiss before going home. I'd forgotten all about that, but not any longer. I know you're not going home yet, but I think this is a good time to finish that kiss off. What do you say?"

Sue Ellen looked eagerly between Mindy and me. "Oh, please! If I could, that would be... unbelievable!"

Speaking of unbelievable, my Cupcake looks sweet and innocent, as always. Who would believe that even as she seems dreamy at the thought of getting her first "real" kiss with me, she actually already is my cock slave, and she's jacking me off underwater with both hands?! I felt confident that Nicky has no clue of such things, or her appearance and behavior would be VERY different! Even if she was trying to hide what she knew, she'd give herself away, by and by.

That said, I have grave doubts about the wisdom of this idea. On the plus side, it's hard to think of anything that would help more with my "limited hangout" plan, especially the immediate goal of getting Nicky to accept Sue Ellen as my second mistress soon. On the negative side, my getting sexual right in front of Nicky might strengthen her unhealthy crush on me. And with Mindy and everyone else getting increasingly horny tonight, things could quickly spiral out of control!

My gut instinct is that I should to chance it, but I'll need to use all my willpower to make sure things don't get out of control. If Sue Ellen and I can simply French kiss for a while, that will be ideal.

Mindy looked at Nicky. "What do YOU think? I'm not trying to single you out all the time, but with you being gone I don't know how you're feeling and I don't want to offend. I know we were talking earlier about my cucquean fetish and you said you're okay with that. At one point, you even said that you want him to have sex with all of your beautiful friends."

Nicky was taken aback by that characterization. She spluttered with mild indignation, "I didn't say I WANT him to. And I didn't say 'ALL.' It's just that some of those friends have had huge crushes on him since forever, and I could see it would make them really happy to have their big dream fulfilled before they leave town. I'm not happy about any of this. For crying out loud, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that Cindy is his mistress."

Saying that seemed to make Nicky realize it all over again. She exclaimed with surprise, "Good grief! I only found out about that two days ago! It seems like a lot longer, since so much has happened since. Wow!"

She continued, "But Mom, I know how you get your way when you want something really badly. Dad is somehow both a stubborn blockhead and kind of a pushover, and we love him for that. I said that IF it's going to happen, someone young is a better choice, because that way we'll know it's a purely physical thing and he's not going to fall in love and run away with her. And if it's going to be someone young, someone like Anjali or Sue Ellen here makes the most sense, since you can see how much they want him. But that doesn't mean I approve. It's more like I, um... I don't disapprove."

After a pause, she added, "And Sue Ellen might be a good first test, as it were, because I haven't known her all these years so I don't think it would be quite AS weird for me to witness. Although it'll still be damn strange!"

She looked around unhappily to see how that went over. However, nobody seemed to have anything to say.

Woo-hoo! I'm still flying high from Sue Ellen's secret handjob. And now Nicky is already this agreeable about some of Mindy's cucquean ideas? Sweet! Everything seems to be going my way. Okay, maybe not everything: I still have a sneaky wife and disobedient slaves to deal with. But I do seem to be living a charmed life, to put it mildly. Heck, even the tiff between Michelle and Nicky seems to have come to an end, after I put my foot down about it.

Nicky looked to the Gruesome Twosome, both of them showing off their bodies from head to toe. "Why am I the only one saying anything? They're your friends more than mine, after all."

Michelle was still wiping herself with a towel, even though she certainly much have gotten dry by now. The little minx couldn't stop putting on a sexy show for me! She replied, "We've just been talking about this for the last fifteen minutes. You know we're okay with it."

I had spaced out on almost all of that discussion. I was surprised to find out that I'd blanked on fifteen minutes. Had Cindy and I really been necking that long? Now that I'm ever-so-slightly less aroused, with Cindy off me, I'm surprised that we got away with that without Nicky putting up a big stink! Man, she's getting used to Cindy and me being lovers fast. Maybe having her spy on Cindy, Mindy, and me last night wasn't all bad.

I took a closer look at Nicky and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was sitting on her ass at the edge of the hot tub, with one leg bent and an arm around that leg, just below her knee. The foot on her leg was dangling in the water. And of course she was STILL topless. The way she was positioned, I could see both of her glistening huge breasts perfectly but I couldn't see her bikini bottoms, so it was easy to imagine that she was completely naked. True, I'd been seeing her like that a LOT in the last two days, but it was still a continual shocker.

I felt a thrill race down my spine. I might have felt chills all over too, but I couldn't, because I was ALREADY feeling chills and tingles down to every last nerve ending, due to Sue Ellen's secret underwater handjob. And as if that wasn't great enough, sitting next to Nicky in suspiciously provocative and titillating poses were Ruby and Michelle. Jeeeesus! It's like Busty Teenage Hard Body Row over there!

I suddenly felt bad, and I had to look away. Nicky's such a pure and innocent angel. I know she says otherwise, and her secret spying shows otherwise, and her friggin' "perfect ten" buxom and fit body definitely suggests otherwise, but I can't instantly stop thinking of her that way. It's true I haven't gone totally out of control and kissed her on the lips or something like that, but still, I feel we're pushing our luck and we're in danger of freaking her out with too many sexually provocative scenes. Sure, she's spied on a lot of stuff, but it's different seeing it up close and in the flesh.

I forced myself to look at Nicky's gorgeous face again so I could tell her, "Muffin, I need to apologize. It just hit me how tough it must be on you to see Cindy and I make out. That's become the new normal around here in the past week or two, so it's easy to forget that you're not used to it yet. And now we're pushing you to see Sue Ellen and I kiss too. That's just wrong!"

Nicky surprised me by saying, "It IS wrong! And that's why you should do it!"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard what Mom was talking about before about wrongness, didn't you? Or did Cindy have you too distracted?" She grinned impishly at that.

I was surprised by her cavalier attitude. The good Nicky I knew wouldn't tease about that kind of thing. I muttered, "Uh, no, I heard."

Nicky said to me, "Well, Mom has a good point about 'the power of the wrong,' if I can get a little dramatic about it. All my life, I've been running from that kind of thing. I've always tried to do the right thing, and live the way I thought Mom and you wanted me to live. As a result, I've missed out on a lot! I've missed out on great thrills, and on feeling truly, completely alive! Tonight, I feel alive!"

She looked down at her bare chest. "For instance, having to go without my bikini top. You'll see my face is probably still red, because I'm constantly embarrassed by that. But keeping these damn things uncovered keeps my heart beating fast and makes everything much more fun and exciting." She cupped her big tits when she said "these damn things," as if there was any doubt what she was referring to. "I'm finding I LIKE it!"

She looked to Mindy with new understanding,while stiff hefting her tits up. "And that's on purpose, isn't it? You're trying to teach me a lesson here, aren't you?"

Mindy smiled benignly. "Of course I am. And not just you, but Michelle and Ruby too. I keep talking to you to get your feedback because you ARE known as the 'delicate flower' of this bunch. There's not much that shocks the Gruesome Twosome, as you well know."

Nicky grinned widely, sitting there topless in the darkness, hefting her huge knockers up and looking absolutely fantastic. "That's true."

She finally go, causing much wobbling and jiggling as her E-cups slowly settled back into place.

I let out a secret sigh of relief. I could only take so much visual stimulation on top of Sue Ellen's rubbing. That was especially true since Sue Ellen could sense when I had surges of arousal like this and would rub more intently to heighten the feeling unless or until I came too close to orgasm.

I wasn't feeling so charitable about Mindy's comments. Bullshit, my Sweetheart. You're letting your cucquean urges run your life, and now you're dressing it up in this new 'power of the wrong' justification. I suppose it serves our purposes to have Nicky believe that. But I can tell you're just going to get more and more carried away. So far, we've been lucky. But how long will our luck last?!

Michelle said to Nicky, "You say you have yet to feel truly alive sexually, but earlier you were boasting that you did all kinds of wild stuff with Steve. So which is it?"

Nicky suddenly looked uncomfortable. "Um... well, uh, okay, it's not like we've done anything super wild. But we've done everything you'd expect two college kids who have dated a year to do. We've had fun, and not just with regular sex. You know what I mean?"

Michelle stated flatly, "No. Not at all."

Nicky squirmed unhappily under her sister's unyielding scrutiny. "Ugh! how do I put this?" She sighed, and looked around nervously. Then she gathered her courage, and said, "I know what oral sex is, from both ends. Is that clear enough? Geez! I can't believe I just said that!"

Michelle grinned wolfishly. "So you're saying that Steve went down on you, and you've sucked his cock."

Nicky closed her eyes tight and crossed her arms over her huge melons in embarrassment. "Micheeeelllle! Why do you always have to be so crude and lewd?"

Cindy was sitting next to Mindy, and she nudged her, "Do something!"

So Mindy interrupted, declaring, "I'm going to take over here before Michelle asks yet more embarrassing questions, as we all know she will." She then glared sternly at our F-cupped daughter.

Nicky triumphantly stuck her tongue out at Michelle.

Michelle stuck her tongue out right back unrepentantly.

I was fairly stunned that Nicky had taken part in oral sex. It must be true if she says so. Hell, all the kids do it these days. But it seems completely unlike her. I'm just going to have to change my outdated image of her. The fact is, she HAS knelt between Steve's legs and wrapped her lips around his hard shaft. If she's done in a bunch of times, she's probably gotten good at sliding her lips back and forth and using lots of tongue. That's part of who she is; that's part of her history.

Now, I don't know how much she enjoyed it, since Steve hasn't inspired her and he only has a four-inch penis after all. Size does matter. She'd do much better with an eight-inch cock, a really thick one like mine! Her eyes would bug out and tears would come to her eyes as she struggled valiantly to keep her lips sliding on it. But you can do it, Muffin! That's a good girl!

Suddenly, I flashed on an image of her sucking MY cock! Jesus H. Christ! I felt tingles all over, and I had to clench hard not to cum! I quickly banished that thought. There are some things you can't even allow yourself to fantasize about.

I was embarrassed, because I could actually feel my boner in Sue Ellen's grip suddenly throbbing and straining with renewed energy. She had to know what caused my surge of lust. However, I was thankful that she cut back on her stroking for a little while so I could have a chance to recover without cumming. She took her task of keeping me very horny but not dangerously close to the edge very seriously indeed.

Mindy plowed on, "Getting back to what I was saying, I've only recently truly discovered the 'power of the wrong,' as you put it so well, Nicky, and I want to pass that useful knowledge on to all of you. Now, I'm not saying you should go out and do all kinds of terrible things just to get a sexual thrill, but if you learn to add a little naughtiness and excitement into your sex life, you'll reap big rewards."

I cautioned, "Muffin, don't become just like your mother for your mother's sake. Do what makes YOU happy."

Nicky replied, "What, you think I'd want to be a cucquean just because she's one? God, no! I'm willing to tolerate that to a certain degree for you all, if that's what makes you happy. But I could never let MY man do that to me! Not in a million years! I'm just not wired that way. What I want that Mom has is some serious sexual excitement. That's what I was missing out on with Steve. It doesn't have to be a cucquean thing. It could be a lot of things. Doing something naughty or a little taboo, for instance. I've never had the guts to do anything like that. I feel like everyone is having great fun except for me!"

Michelle spoke up. "Nicky, I hear what you mean. I think you, of all people, deserve some fun and excitement, especially sexual excitement! After all, it sounds like your ex-boyfriend Steve was the opposite of exciting, even if he did go down on you."

Nicky rolled her eyes. "Don't get me started. I've got a lot of wasted time to make up for. Dad, that's why I INSIST that you make out with Sue Ellen in front of us right now. You promised to be my mentor of sorts, as well as my guinea pig, and I want to pick up on and learn from the sex magic that somehow fills this place lately."

I looked at her skeptically. "You insist?"

"I do. Especially since it's Sue Ellen. Dad, those other friends lust for you in a big way. Sue Ellen, she lusts for you too, but she has some kind of extra special feeling for you on top of that."

I looked to Sue Ellen and pretended to be surprised.

Sue Ellen in turn pretended to be shy, and looked away. Of course, she never stopped rubbing my sweet spot and keeping me on the brink of heaven.

I turned back to Nicky. "Really?" God, my eldest daughter is so fucking hot and stacked! Just look at that body! Uh-oh, I hope I'm not staring at her with obvious lust in my eyes. It's a constant struggle not to, given what Sue Ellen is doing to me under the water, not to mention the revelation that she's an experienced cocksucker!

Dammit, I have stop that thought from kicking around in my head!

Luckily, she seemed clueless as she asked, "Dad, how can you not see it? Can't you tell from the way she looks at you?" She looked around. "Am I the only one around here with a pulse? Michelle? Ruby? How come you're being so silent tonight?"

I knew the reason those two were being so silent (aside from Michelle's earlier attention grabbing antics) was because they were having a hard time keeping their cock slave secrets from slipping out. The easiest way to do so was just to not speak much. But how would they respond to Nicky's excellent question?

Luckily, Michelle was able to think quickly on her feet. She blithely replied, "We've been here and we've seen Sue Ellen's feelings for Daddy slowly growing, from the very beginning. It was all so gradual that we've kind of taken it for granted. Sometimes, it takes someone who hasn't been around for a while to really notice things. What do you think, Ruby?"

"Oh, definitely!" Ruby looked like she was ready to breathe a big sigh of relief, since they'd managed to get out of that one. "Sue Ellen's totally hot for him. And I, for one, welcome that. What's the harm? We're all having lots of fun and nobody's getting hurt."

My heart was pounding hard as I contemplated making out with Sue Ellen in front of Nicky and everyone else. My Cupcake hadn't just been secretly jacking me off underwater for a long time now, she'd been working herself up into an erotic boil at the same time. She was chomping at the bit while she waited for the rest of us to finish our conversation. I wondered how much she'd be able to control herself - if at all!

I knew I needed to do something to prevent things from spiraling out of control, as they tended to do far too often lately. It occurred to me that if I was all the way out of the hot tub, then there could be no secret underwater handjob. Besides, I'd been in the water for a long time and I needed a break from that. My penis might not have been shriveling up just yet, but the rest of my skin was!

First, I stopped Sue Ellen's secret handjob and I tucked my raging erection back into my tiny swimsuit. Then I was ready to make my move.

There was an inaudible but visible sigh of disappointment from all of the women, including Nicky, when I got out, pulling Sue Ellen out with me. I acted fast before I got teased any more about my erection. Since Sue Ellen immediately sat down on the deck by the edge of the tub, I sat next to her, wrapped my arms around her, and moved in to French kiss her.

But before we could really get started, I heard Michelle casually ask Nicky, "So, while Daddy's busy with that, let's talk some more about your sexual experiences with Steve. Have you sucked his cock a lot? Would you say you're pretty good at it?"

Nicky whined, "Mom, Dad, somebody - make her stop!"

I pulled back just after my lips touched Sue Ellen's. I glared at Michelle and shook my head in disappointment. "What is with you tonight, Shelle?! That's it. You and I are going to have a little talk about your behavior and your language." I pointed toward the deck area and said, "To the deck with you!"

I looked at Sue Ellen. "Sorry about the bad timing. This will take just a minute or two, I promise."

"That's okay." Sue Ellen looked absolutely adorable, even more so than usual. I couldn't wait to kiss her and show her just how much I loved her.

But I forced myself to stand up. I glared at Michelle some more until she stood up too. All the while, I kept my hands strategically draped over my crotch to hide my erection, since my swimsuit wasn't going to hide anything.

I walked ahead with Michelle reluctantly dragging behind. At first, we were plunged into near darkness, with only a couple of dim lights around the pool. But once we got on the path to the deck, motion-sensitive lights down by our feet came on that clearly marked the way.

More lights automatically turned on and stayed on when we reached the deck, so that wasn't a problem. The lights were dim and near our feet. I could have turned on more lights, but I didn't want to ruin the beautiful view of the starry sky with bright lighting.

However, a lot of heat and warm mist stayed around the hot tub, and it was uncomfortably cold being away from that and nearly naked. So I resolved to make this quick.

Michelle had other ideas. She'd gone from chastened to enthusiastic once she realized she'd be alone with me, with damn little clothing on either of us. As she got close to me, she said, "Mmmm, Daddy!" and opened her arms for a hug.

But I wasn't going to fall for that. I stepped back out of reach and hissed, "Hey, I didn't bring you here for a sexy hug. I'm mad at you, Shelle!"

That literally stopped her in her tracks and put a frown back on her face.

I whispered, since I'd learned that one could never trust privacy around here lately. "Act as if we're being watched, because with the way things have been lately, we probably are. I understand you're challenged by Nicky grabbing so much attention during her visit. I'm willing to be somewhat tolerant of your doing that, but you need to try harder to keep your jealousy of your sister in check."

She whispered back, "Hey, I've been trying since you got upset about it."

"I know. But you're not trying hard enough. I don't think you realize how much this kind of thing bothers me. It goes back to you being so willful and out of control. Some 'slave' you are! You just do whatever the hell you want, and you don't care about the consequences. And the problem now is that you're in danger of ruining everything. Do you want Nicky to think you're in lust and love with me?"

She seemed startled that I was that upset, but I think she tried to cover it up. She waved a hand dismissively. "Oh, what, you're worried about that? She's known all that for years now. Remember all the spying?"

Bring reminded of the invasion of my privacy, and the cause for it, made me grit my teeth. "I'm WELL aware of THAT, Shelle. But you don't have to be so friggin' obvious about it! Tone it down a couple of notches, at least, okay?"

She reluctantly nodded.

I went on, "And stop giving her such a hard time under the guise of trying to help her loosen up. Your blowjob questions were the final straw. I gather that you and Ruby had a chance to talk after her confession to me, so you must know the cat's out of the bag: I'm well aware that you're rooting for Nicky to join the harem. Don't try to deny it!"

She stared at me sullenly and defiantly. She crossed her arms under her great tits, possibly because she was getting a bit chilly like I was. "Okay, you got me there. But I'm glad you know, so I don't have to keep another important secret bottled up. You KNOW it's the right thing to do! Just think about her sucking Steve's cock. Doesn't that make your blood boil? It pisses me off, that's for sure! She belongs naked and on her knees with her lips wrapped around the King! Can't you picture her taking turns sucking your cock, along with Ruby and me? When I think of how the three of us could while away the hours, naked and kneeling, proudly wearing our slave collars-"

I interrupted, "Hey! Don't even go there! I'll have more to say to you on that later. For now, just behave yourself!"

In a flash, she went from sullen to sultry. She smiled endearingly, and purred, "I'll totally behave the rest of the evening if you just give me a kiss and a hug right now."

I don't know which was more frightening to me, that she could turn on the charm that fast or that I could feel myself responding to her lustful invitation just as quickly. "No. You keep saying that I'm your master and you're my slave. Then start acting like it! I will not tolerate this behavior from one of my slaves! Period! Do you hear me?"

She nodded obediently.

I continued to keep my voice down, just to be on the safe side. "Furthermore, you can tell I'm way too horny as it is, and I'd probably lose control. You probably think you can charm these problems away, but it's not going to work this time. Besides, it's too cold, and Sue Ellen's waiting, and the odds are scary good that at least one person is spying on us. So let's go!"

I didn't actually think we were being spied on, because nobody else could leave the hot tub group without everybody knowing it. But I didn't want Michelle to think she had free reign, and besides, there always was at least a slight chance.

She stamped her foot in frustration. I'm not too proud to say that watching what that movement did to her breasts was absolutely mesmerizing, and almost made me forget what we were talking about. She complained, "Damn it! God, I'm so fucking horny for you right now!"

I said wryly, "When is that not the case?" I started walking back.

"I know, but I'm way super extra horny, especially when you get all bossy with your hot cock tightly packed in your Speedos." She smiled at my crotch and licked her lips.

I walked faster, quietly grumbling, "Shush! And those aren't Speedos. They just kind of look like them." I was glad we were in the darkness so there was almost no chance anyone could see small things like her sensuous lip licking.

She quickly caught up with me, allowing her to keep talking quietly. "Nicky gave up her oral virginity to someone other than you, Daddy, and that's simply unforgivable. But on the plus side, now that she's a practiced cocksucker, just think how good she'll be from the very first time once she starts bobbing and slurping on your mighty King!"

I growled, "Michelle, if you don't keep quiet right now, I'm gonna send you to bed early, or even break up the party altogether. Not another word! And when we get back, stay quiet and behave yourself like Ruby's been doing for most of the evening."

Completely ignoring my order to be quiet, she said, "Yeah, what's up with her tonight? She's been letting me down."

I spoke extra quietly, since we were walking closer to the pool. "I ordered her to obey me earlier, and unlike you, she seems to take all aspects of being a cock slave seriously. That includes obeying your master! At least she's trying, and not just trying my patience."

That silenced and humbled Michelle. After a pause, she said, "Ouch. Burn." Then, after another pause, "I'm sorry. I'll shut up now."

That was mighty convenient, since we were walking past the pool and would be back in hearing range within seconds anyway. I had one last quiet comment. "Let's just get through the rest of this evening without any more trouble, okay? We can't let things get too overheated. We'll deal with your insolence after she's gone."

I'd promised Sue Ellen I'd be back in a minute or two, and I don't think I was gone much longer than that. I sat down next to her and put my arms on her shoulders, trying to ignore the others. "Sorry 'bout that. Where were we?"

Her face lit up, dazzling me with her adorableness. "You were about to kiss me, really kiss me!"

I grinned from ear to ear. "Well then, what are we waiting for?"

It was as I'd feared or hoped - I'm not sure which - sparks began to fly! Within seconds, Sue Ellen and I were kissing with a desperate passion. I'm sure she felt extra energized from being able to demonstrate our physical intimacy in front of Nicky for the first time, and I did too. Plus, we were putting on a show in front of the whole family. My little chat with Michelle hadn't cooled me down at all, and my penis certainly was still stiff and throbbing.

I heard Nicky say a bit smugly, "See? What did I tell you? There's lust and then there's THAT. That's something more!"

Then I heard Mindy say, "Good call. You're right; that is something special. I think she's gotta be the top contender for Dan's first outside lover."

"Not counting my mom," Ruby corrected.

"Technically, but I already consider her part of our family. Anyway, Nicky, everyone is getting back in the water. You should get back in too so you can enjoy watching to the fullest."

"Well... okay." She looked away in embarrassment as she remembered to complain, "Not that I'm, uh, really watching that much..."

Mindy chuckled good-naturedly. "We're all 'not watching that much.' It's okay. Your dad is a total hunk, as everyone knows, and Sue Ellen could be a centerfold. How can any of us NOT watch?"

The general move back into the tub puzzled and intrigued me. I peeked as best as I could manage, given that Sue Ellen seemed intent on sucking my entire face into hers, and I saw that in fact all the other women were getting back into the tub, and up to their necks too. Whoa! It sure seems as if they're all planning on secretly masturbating under the water, and my wife is all but inviting Nicky to masturbate with them! That's the perfect was to perform hanky panky without anyone knowing, as the secret handjobs have shown. Or am I just too horny and reading too much into things?

I don't know how it happened, but my worst fears about Sue Ellen getting carried away came true. And after being jacked off for so long, my resistance had been worn down to the nub. It wasn't long before I was running my hands possessively all over Sue Ellen, and I do mean everywhere! In my enthusiasm, I forgot how all the women were wearing bikini bottoms with ties on the sides, so it wasn't long before my ass fondling caused her ties to fall free.

I had just enough self-control to break the kiss and say, "Uh-oh! We should stop."

But Mindy said, "Stop? Why? Because of that little patch of fabric? Pshaw! Does anyone here want him to stop?"

The response was literally the chirping of crickets, since there were crickets off in the darkness. Well, that a lot of heavy panting from everyone.

I didn't have time to think or look around, because Sue Ellen resumed passionately kissing me.

Sue Ellen was similarly reckless, and her hands were all over me. She started bouncing up and down and churning her hips with lusty need. Since she was sitting in my lap, I could only imagine that it looked very much like I was giving her a good fucking!

We were out of the water now, so we had to be careful. My boner stayed in my woefully inadequate swimsuit somehow. Actually, I think it popped free after only a minute or so, and Sue Ellen managed to tuck it back in. Once she did, she simply kept her hand on it, with her fingers curled nearly all the way around it. At least that prevented any additional wardrobe malfunctions, and her hand over my swimsuit kept it from being directly seen. But how long would it be before she started actively stroking it, right in front of everybody?!

Actually, she began subtly rubbing my sweet spot almost from the second she held it. I noticed her hand showed almost no movement at all. But still, I hoped Nicky didn't have a direct view. I prayed Sue Ellen would stay smart and limit herself to just that.

Yet no one seemed bothered in the slightest by all this overt sexuality. In fact, I heard Mindy chuckling and snickering. "That's typical Dan. I swear, I can never keep any clothes on around him. The first thing he does is get you naked and helpless. Then it's just a matter of time before his battering ram is thrusting in you somewhere and you're just cumming and cumming helplessly while screaming like a banshee!"

Michelle said with amusement, "And it's not just you. Cindy, I saw how your bikini bottoms fell off in the water too."

Cindy chuckled like they were discussing jokes they'd heard on TV. "You did? Oh my. That's embarrassing. I thought the water hid me. But Mindy is so right. He gets you buck naked, and then there's no way you can resist. He's got the magic touch. Once his hands take control of your tits and your ass, and especially your pussy... oh my! You know you're going to be screaming until your voice is hoarse!"

Mindy said, "I almost feel sorry for Sue Ellen. She probably was thinking, 'This'll be like making out with my ex-boyfriend Mike, except maybe a little better.'"

Cindy and Mindy shared a good laugh at that, and I think I heard some others join in too.

But apparently Nicky wasn't one of them, because she said, "Come on, you two, don't talk like that. It's crazy enough just watching without the arousing commentary."

Cindy said, "She's right." She told Nicky, "I'm sorry. It's just that, once you've been on the receiving end and you know what it's like, it's easy to get carried away. And, uh, when I said 'you,' I don't mean you, I mean me. Oh God, sorry. Foot-in-mouth disease!"

Nicky replied, "That's okay. I know what you mean."

I took a peek in her direction and saw that her face was red from blushing. What's making my Muffin so embarrassed? Is she imagining sitting naked in my lap, making out and holding my cock through my swimsuit, just like Sue Ellen is doing?! She almost certainly is! And she's almost certainly fingering her pussy under the water while doing so! At this VERY SECOND, she's probably tugging on her clit and thinking, "When is it going to be MY turn?! When is Dad going to take all of MY clothes off and have his way with ME?!"

Good God! How outrageous! The more I think about it, the more I can't believe we're all letting this happen! But we know she already has masturbated to the secret video plenty of times. She's already crushing on me in a big way. So what's the real harm? The damage was done long ago, and this is really helping her accept Sue Ellen as my "second mistress."

Had I not been so high on lust, it would have occurred to me that this was only going to make Nicky's crush on me much more intense. But Sue Ellen was a fiery ball of passion and love, and there simply was no way to resist her!

I heard Mindy ask the others, "Girls, are you okay with this? Stopping the commentary is just one step; maybe we should stop the kissing altogether. I have to warn you that our man is like an unstoppable sexual beast! Once he gets started, there's no telling what may happen! And if you're the woman he's overwhelming and sending into sexual nirvana, you lose all control too! I warn you, what we're witnessing is likely to get raunchy. In fact, Sue Ellen could get seriously fucked right here on the deck before all is said and done!"

After a long pause answered only by the crickets and more heavy breathing, Nicky asked, "Geez, is no one else going to say anything?"

There was another long pause.

Nicky reluctantly said, "Okay, fine, I'll speak. I don't want THAT to happen, seeing them go all the way, but I think I can handle most anything short of that. I'm reveling in the 'power of the wrong' right now, and it feels amaaaaazing! Tonight has been a total revelation. Mom, I get it! I can see why you like to share and watch!"

Michelle said giddily, "What Daddy is doing is so wrong, but oh-so-right! First he took Sue Ellen's bikini bottoms off, and now she's got her hand on his big boner! She's in big trouble!" She giggled.

The reminder that Sue Ellen's bikini bottoms were gone somehow inspired me to thoroughly fondle her bare ass, as if I needed to make sure. I was so far gone that I didn't even spare her ass crack.

Ruby seemed to misunderstand my hand movements. She teased, "Uh-oh! Sue Ellen IS in big trouble! Look how he's going after her ass! He's taking total control!"

Michelle added, "He is! It's too bad she isn't a virgin anymore. Otherwise, we could see Daddy pop her cherry tonight!"

Cindy seemed to finally remember her role to be the responsible one. She chided, "Okay, girls, that's enough. I'm sure Sue Ellen is overwhelmed enough, without having to hear your cat-calling too."

Michelle grumbled, "I was just kidding. Sheesh!" But then she went silent, along with everyone else.

I somehow wound up lying on top of Sue Ellen. I didn't plan on doing that, but she was so hot and horny that I realized she would end up on top of me if I didn't beat her to it, and I didn't want her total nudity exposed to the world any more than it already was. I especially was trying to keep her pussy from curious eyes.

Besides, she had a hand inside my swimsuit now, and she was very actively jacking me off! So much for her limiting herself to subtle rubbing. Actually, my erection didn't stay inside my swimsuit for long, but that didn't slow her down one iota. I hoped that as long as my body covered hers, nobody could really tell what she was doing with her hand.

I felt guilty. This is going too far! We were supposed to merely kiss. My goal is to promote general sexiness to help develop our "limited hangout" cover story, but not give Nicky an even bigger crush on me! I need to stop!

The problem was that my body was simply out of control. I'd been so greatly aroused for so long that my erection cried out for release. It would be nearly impossible for me to simply disengage from Sue Ellen and act normal all of a sudden.

However, I thought, Nearly impossible, but not completely impossible! I HAVE to control myself, I have to! Otherwise, Shelle is right: I'm gonna end up fucking Cupcake right in front of everybody! That's going to psychologically scar Nicky for life! If I keep this up, something sexual is going to happen with Nicky, and I can't let that happen! I can't! She's my pure and innocent angel, my adorable Muffin! I HAVE to be strong!

My willpower was well and truly shattered, because I was a hair's breadth from an orgasm. Furthermore, Sue Ellen was as horny as I was, and she wasn't going to let me go just like that. Hell, I couldn't even stop kissing her long enough to complain.

But then it occurred to me there was one drastic move I could take since I was lying on top of her, and I took it before it was too late. I simply rolled away from Sue Ellen, in the direction away from the hot tub. One moment I was lying on her, and the next moment I was lying on the wooden patio a good five feet away!

Success! Thank fucking God! I lay there panting hard with my eyes closed, trying to recover from that close call. I'm sure Sue Ellen must have been confused as hell to have me disappear in a flash like that, but since she secretly was one of my cock slaves, I was sure she would understand. I had a momentary fear that she was so far gone that she'd simply move to scramble over on top of me and resume what I'd just halted. If that happened, I wouldn't have been able to stop again.

But thankfully, Sue Ellen was not only one of my cock slaves, she was wonderfully obedient and understanding, and she must have realized that I'd pulled away for a reason.

I opened my eyes to see what she was doing and how she was faring. That's when I realized to my horror that everyone was staring at my cock - my completely exposed cock! INCLUDING Nicky! Because Sue Ellen started furtively jacking me off, my swimsuit had been pulled down below my balls. That was okay while I was lying on top of her, but now that I was lying on my back there was absolutely nothing blocking the view of my cum-soaked cock poking up in the air!

I quickly rolled to my side, facing away from the others. That allowed me to pull my swimsuit back up without further exposing myself. But now I was the red-faced one.

Oh shit! How long had Nicky gawked at my exposed erection?! Maybe ten seconds? Twenty, perhaps? Hopefully not any longer than that. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! The very last thing I want to do is fuel her crush on me. Apparently Steve's penis was undersized, so what if she looked at mine and wondered what a really big one would feel like?

Good God! The horror! The all too arousing horror! I'm really fucking up!

I continued to lie there on my side, facing away from the others, hoping to recover my breath and overcome my embarrassment. But then it occurred to me, Wait a minute. I was told that my dick poked out of my swimsuit a fair deal when we were swimming around in the pool. Plus, there's all that spying Nicky's done. Then there are a series of embarrassing incidents stretching back to her early teens where I got exposed for one bizarre reason or another. The truth is, Nicky knows what my dick looks like very well. Too well, dammit! Hell, from the spying alone, she must have seen it erect countless times. And with their high tech video, she probably got a very close look!

That's bad. But if there's any plus side, it's that this exposure can't be that traumatic, due to all those other times. The main thing is that I stopped myself from going too far with Sue Ellen. Well, we went pretty damn far, but at least we stopped. That's something, right?

I reluctantly sat up and faced the others.

Everyone was gawking at me! And they were all so fucking beautiful and exposed! Hell, Sue Ellen still hadn't put her bikini bottoms on, so she was well and truly naked. She was sitting there with a stunned and disappointed look on her face.

I noticed as well that all the women looked very flushed and aroused - even more so than a couple of minutes ago. There were so many big bare breasts heaving up and down that I wanted to look everywhere at once.

Nicky appeared to be just as horny as anyone else, but she was the only one frowning with worry. Perhaps she also was wondering if things were going too far.

It was time for damage control. I said, "I'm REALLY sorry, everybody! Things got out of control, and... I'm so sorry!" I hung my head dejectedly.

Mindy said, "Well, THAT sure was something! But Honey, you don't have to feel bad. That's just you being you. Nobody's mad at you, right?" She looked around at the others, one by one, starting with Michelle.

Michelle said, "I thought it was HOT! Way to go, Daddy!"

Ruby enthused, "I thought it was WAY HOT! I'm just bummed that it ended so soon."

Cindy was a bit more restrained. "Obviously I have to agree it was very hot. But I think it's good you stopped when you did. You didn't want to overwhelm Sue Ellen too much."

There was a mischievous twinkle in Mindy's eye as she asked, "Sue Ellen, what did you think about making out with my husband?"

My Cupcake clutched her arms in front of her ample chest with a dreamy look, as if she was practically floating on air. "Oh my heavenly days! Goodness gracious! Mindy, thank you SO MUCH for letting me do that! Thank you, all y'all! That was the BEST TIME EVER! I've been wanting to do that so very, very badly, and it was even BETTER than I'd dreamed!"

Mindy had the follow-up question, based on Cindy's comment. "Were you 'overwhelmed?'"

Sue Ellen was still all smiles. "Yes! Very much so! But in the very best way, if you know what I mean!"

Mindy said with a triumphant smirk, "Sue Ellen, if you enjoyed that, there's a lot more where that came from. I know you've been visiting here most every day lately. If my hubby approves, you have my permission to kiss and touch him like that anytime you want. Anytime at all!"

Sue Ellen's eyes bugged out. She appeared so excited that there was no way anyone could have realized that she was already my cock slave. "REALLY?! REALLY?!"

It seemed like she was really going to cum on the spot! But then again, everyone was panting with arousal. I don't think it was due to anything said or happening at the moment, but a general mood that had built up over the course of the evening.

Mindy chuckled knowingly at Sue Ellen. "As far as I'm concerned, I'm giving you a green light. But we're a family, which means we should all agree. So, what do you think, Cindy? As his mistress, we can't allow it without your full approval."

I noticed Mindy was getting Cindy's answer to this second question before getting Nicky's answer to the first question. Clearly, that was a clever move to put more peer pressure on our bombshell oldest daughter.

Cindy replied warmly, "I'm all in favor. I'd like to explore this 'outside lover' idea, and I don't think we'll ever find a better candidate than Sue Ellen. She's sweet and delightful, AND she has the body for it!"

Sue Ellen reacted like she'd won the lottery. She brought her hands to her cheeks and her jaw hung open, "Home Alone"-style.

Michelle was next. "I'm all in favor too. My only concern is that since Sue Ellen has a habit of losing her clothes, we're liable to turn into a full-on nudist colony!" She said this in a very jovial and approving tone, and glanced knowingly over at a spot just behind Sue Ellen and me.

I turned around, and Sue Ellen did too. We saw Sue Ellen's bikini bottoms untied and lying just out of reach beyond the hot tub deck. They were almost hidden by the darkness, but once you looked in the right place it was obvious what they were.

Sue Ellen just about turned purple with embarrassment! I don't know if that was fake or real or something in between, but it was totally endearing and adorable. She happened to be sitting with one knee up at an angle so nobody was in position to see her pussy. But even so, she all but curled into a ball, doing her best to cover up her pussy and boobs. There didn't seem to be anything to do about covering her firm, tanned butt though.

Ruby then said, "Count me in favor too. Look at how overjoyed and eager she is. How could I say 'no' to her? But I also have one concern. Things have been so hot around this house lately, ever since Cindy joined up as Daddy's mistress. But with Daddy fondling and caressing Sue Ellen's naked body all the time on top of that, I fear the entire house is going to explode into a fireball of lust!"

Mindy joked, "Don't worry, we have insurance that covers that. Did you know that 'fireball lust' insurance is even more expensive than earthquake insurance? True fact, that."

Clearly, Ruby had just been teasing too, so she said with a big smile, "Okay, then I'm cool."

Now the attention turned to Nicky. Since all the others were secretly my cock slaves except for Nicky, I knew no one else would object. It was her reaction that concerned me.

Nicky was a bit bashful as she frowned and said, "I have... concerns. I agree with Cindy though that it was good you stopped. I mean, Sue Ellen, you must feel like you just got run over by a steamroller."

Sue Ellen beamed, and simply said, "Yeah!" Obviously, she thought of that as a good thing instead of a bad thing.

The others chuckled at that.

But then attention turned to a still-frowning Nicky. She sighed heavily. "I don't know. I just don't know. Things have gotten so crazy and sexual. I feel like I can't cope! I'm very confused, not just about what happened with Sue Ellen and what might happen, but, well... everything! I wish I could call a time-out somehow and catch my breath."

That seemed to be true in a literal sense as well as a figurative one. Her tits were still rising up and down, along with everyone else's chests, including my own. The truth was, we were an extremely aroused bunch, and that didn't go away in a minute or two of serious talk.

I spoke up, because I didn't feel it was right to railroad Nicky into agreement. "You know what? That's exactly what we all need, a time-out. Muffin, I think you're feeling a lot of peer pressure right now to agree with everybody. That's not right. What if you and I have a one-on-one conversation to kind of help you process all this?"

Her eyes light up hopefully. "I'd love that!" She sat up straight, causing her massive E-cups to wobble.

I nodded. "Let's do it then. How 'bout we walk down to the deck for some privacy?"

She nodded happily at that. "Cool. I love our deck talks."

Indeed, Nicky and I had had many important discussions at the deck over the years. But then again, so had most everyone else in the family. There always seemed to be a good vibe there, probably due to the lovely view of the ocean. Sometimes, even the refreshing salty scent of the sea spray would waft all the way up to us.

So I stood up and pulled Nicky up too. I said to the others, "NO spying or snooping! Have some respect." I stared right at Michelle, but I also made a glance at Ruby too.

Mindy waved a hand dismissively. "Don't you worry about us. We're all gonna hang out here and I'll keep herding the kittens. Do you mind if I break out some wine?"

I shook my head. "I mind. We're too uninhibited as it is."

She sighed theatrically. "You're no fun."

I just rolled my eyes at that and turned to go.

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