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Chapter 39

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Nicky and I walked hand in hand down to the deck area. I kept my eyes ahead because I knew just the sight of my super stacked daughter walking could practically make me delirious. Of course my dick was still very stiff, but there was nothing I could do but hide it. Even hiding it seemed a bit silly since we both knew she'd been gawking at it completely uncovered just a couple of minutes ago.

While we walked, the motion-sensitive lights near our feet turned on again. I muttered, "What a troublesome bunch."

But Nicky didn't reply. She seemed content to walk in silence until we reached our destination.

We reached the deck and the floor lights there automatically turned on again. I could have turned on more lights, but I preferred being mostly lit by the moon, so we could see the stars and enjoy the reflection of the moon on the ocean. Fortunately the light breeze that had been blowing earlier when I'd been here with Michelle had completely died down, greatly reducing the evening chill.

Nicky sidled up beside me, and said, "Dad, this may sound kind of weird, but... can I just sit in your lap and hug you for a while? Kind of like I'm a little girl again? More than words, I feel like I just need to bask in some parental love for a while."

I pondered the pros and cons of that idea. My Muffin is basically naked, for all intents and purposes! And I'm nearly the same. Plus, I've got a hard-on. This thin swimsuit covers it about as much as a condom, and some G-strings cover more than what she's got on. Is this really a good idea?!

But then again, I believe Nicky's motives are pure. Of course, she's gotta be hot for me after all she just saw, but that's not what her request is about. She's basically feeling like a little girl right now. She's tired and confused and needs the comfort of her daddy. How can I say no to that? I just have to maintain a strictly platonic mindset and be careful with my hand placement.

I'd like to think that I was noble enough to only be thinking of her in the way a loving and caring father should when I replied, "Sure thing, Muffin."

I sat down on a bench that faced the ocean, and Nicky sat on my lap. This would have been very nice and comfy except for the fact that I was still aroused and seriously underdressed, and Nicky was still topless and otherwise almost naked! Even her lovely feminine smell thrilled me.

Because my swimsuit wasn't much larger than a Speedo, the only way I could keep my erection from getting exposed was to tilt it to the side, right over a thigh. When Nicky sat on my lap, she sat right on it! My hot cock was thoroughly covered by her soft ass flesh. Clearly, this was a problem but I didn't see any way to avoid it. If she was going to sit on my lap, she was going to encounter my thick eight inch long steel pole one way or another. All we could do is try to ignore the contact there.

Furthermore, she wrapped her arms around my back and rested her head against the top of my chest.

That felt good, but too good, because her enormous tits seemed to envelop my chest! Furthermore, I could feel her hard nipples poking directly into my skin. Even carefully putting my hands on her silky smooth bare back excited me too much. She'd sat on my lap a lot when she was a little girl, but clearly she was all woman now!

I was still extremely aroused, and I could tell that she was horny too. Not only were her stiff nipples a dead giveaway, but she'd been breathing heavily and her face had been flushed ever since I'd rolled off Sue Ellen. However, she'd said she needed to "bask in parental love," so how could I turn her down? Besides, I knew she'd never, ever, try to put a move on me, even if she did have some kind of powerful crush on me.

So I gingerly wrapped my arms around her back and let her simply hold me for a while.

I was both relieved and disappointed when the hug stayed nothing but a hug, for five minutes or more. No words were said, and she all but melted into me. She kept her eyes closed, and her breathing slowly calmed down. In fact, after a while it almost seemed like she was napping on me.

I was tensed up at first, because I was so wired with energy from the need to cum. Plus, being in a surprisingly intimate position like this with my angelic daughter was quite stressful for me. I worried that she was ready and willing to act on her crush and at any moment she'd passionately confess her desire for me, or simply grasp hold of my erection, or put my hands on her huge tits, or up and kiss my lips, or some deadly combination. I also worried that I'd do something foolish. For starters, it seemed a good half of her body was off limits to my hands.

But as the minutes passed uneventfully, none of that happened. I chastised myself for even thinking any of that could happen. What a huge relief that was!

Eventually, I closed my eyes and relaxed too. I'd started out holding her like a fragile porcelain vase, but I both relaxed and strengthened my hold as time went on. My dick stayed erect, but because neither of us were moving at all, I could almost forget that she was still sitting on it. Her nipples stayed stiff and poking into me, but that was understandable given the evening chill.

All in all, it was a damn good hug!

I don't know how much time passed when she finally started to talk. She was so relaxed and even blissed out that her voice was soft and sleepy sounding. "Mmmm... That hits the spot. Thanks, Dad, that's just what I needed."

I was all smiles. "Me too." I was still aroused because I held a gorgeous sex bomb in my arms and that wasn't likely to change until we broke contact, but at least I didn't have a driving need to cum anymore. I could feel my willpower to resist temptation returning, and with that, this potentially sexual situation became a lot less scary.

She purred contentedly. "Mmmm... With all the craziness going on here lately, it's nice to have one normal moment, like it used to be."

I purred my agreement right back. But I was thinking, Is she on drugs?! How is this normal?! Sure, we had lots of moments with her in my lap like this, but that was years ago, before she seriously hit puberty and started bursting out all over. Although I'm calming down some, I still want to kiss her so bad! I want to run my hands all over, especially to her naughty places. God help me! But I'm a good and loving dad. I can never cross the line!

With her eyes still closed, and her face up against my left collar bone, she asked in a little girl voice, "Can you stroke my hair, like you used to? Please? You were doing it some in the hot tub earlier and it felt really nice."

I felt a brief lusty flash, thinking, "Of course, Muffin. But could you stroke my cock in return?" Needless to say, I kept that wildly inappropriate thought to myself!

I merely muttered, "Sure." Nicky's brown hair didn't go nearly to the top of her ass like Michelle's did, but it still went down far enough to cover a bra strap, that is if she'd been wearing a bra or any top at all. So I slowly ran a hand up and down her hair, just like I'd done when she'd sat in my lap years ago.

The petting motion relaxed us even more, and we both sighed happily.

Another minute or two passed. I wasn't in any hurry, and she clearly wasn't either. True, we were both nearly naked, but one advantage of her sitting in my lap was that we were keeping each other warm. Besides, it wasn't really that cold in the first place. I was more than willing to stay here for an hour or two, if that's what she needed to feel better.

With her face still in my chest, she asked, "Dad, what the heck's happened here lately?" After a pause, she clarified, "I mean, you and Mom have always been very sexual people. I've been cool with that and even kind of proud of you both. But since I've gotten back, it's like everything is... hyper-sexual!"

I sighed. "I know. Like I said already, this mistress thing with Cindy kind of burst the doors wide open. And now, with Mom's cucquean revelation... well, things are probably going to get stranger still."

Nicky readjusted her position, squeezing me extra tightly. In so doing, she inadvertently rocked on my boner a little bit. "Dad, I don't want you to get involved with Sue Ellen!"

That was a heavy blow. Oh shit! So much for all our clever scheming. We pushed too hard, too fast! Damn!

However, I tried to hide my disappointment, and said, "If that's what you want, that's how it'll be. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable every time you're home."

Although I said that and meant it, I wasn't about to let Sue Ellen stop being one of my lovable cock slaves. We'd just have to keep the true nature of our relationship a secret from Nicky, and hope she'd come around eventually. What else could I do?!

Nicky opened her eyes and pulled back enough to make eye contact with me. "Do you mean that?" That caused her to accidentally rock on my boner some more, and her still-erect nipples slid down my bare chest a little bit.

"Of course I do. She'll be very disappointed, and I'll feel bad for her, but she'll get over it. 'Family comes first.'"

She nodded at our family motto. Then she asked, "What if I asked you to stop things with Cindy?"

I looked at her sadly. "Sorry, it's too late for that. 'Family comes first,' true, but she's part of our family now. I hope you can come to accept that in time."

She sighed heavily. "That's okay. I pretty much accept it now. Cindy is a wonderful person. I can't say no to what you're doing with her. She always looked unhappy before, and now it's like she's this whole new person, you know? And hell, Sue Ellen is great too."

She seemed to be lost in thought. After a significant pause, she said, "The truth is, I can't say no to her either."

"You can't?!" My heart soared.

"How can I? She's such a sweet thing. And she has a major crush on you. More than a crush - she totally adores you. I'd have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see that. I don't want to break her heart."

"But you just said..."

"I know. I was kind of testing you, I guess. And I'm sort of toying with the idea in my mind. I've been thinking about it a lot while we've been cuddling here in such a comfy way. My first instinct is to say 'NO! Keep everything the same.' But it's not fair for me to do that, is it? Life goes on. It's YOUR life and Mom's, not mine, and I'm not even here that often. I need to adjust."

I smiled warmly. "Thank you, but don't feel like you have to adjust that much. Sure, life is full of change, but I want you to feel this home is your castle, your refuge, your safe place. You mentioned you wished you could call a time-out somehow. Well, if things get too weird for you here, you should do exactly that. Call time-out, and your mom and I will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and good again."

She smiled blissfully from ear to ear. "Thanks. You're such a great dad."

"No, thank YOU. You're such a great daughter." I tilted forward and kissed her cheek.

That seemed to make her even happier. She asked hesitantly, "You like Sue Ellen a lot too, don't you? I can tell."

"I do."

"And sparks flew between you and her back there, to say the least."

I nodded. I felt bashful to admit that much, even though it had been plenty obvious.

She looked past me and stared out into the starry night above the ocean. "I can already tell what's going to happen. It won't be long before you have sex with her. Naturally, you'll love it, because she's a total hottie. And naturally she'll love it, because you're, well... you."

With that, she sat back and smiled at me. In so doing, she moved back and forth on my erection a few more times.

Good God! Doesn't she realize what she's sitting on, and what she's doing to me whenever she moves?! If she adjusts positions much more, it's possible that I could cum, and how embarrassing would THAT be?! Shit! I can't let that happen, no matter what!

I've gotta keep my cool. I'm trying my best to ignore the delightful way her soft yet firm breasts continue to press into my chest. I'm sure she's doing her best trying to ignore the way she's sitting on my stiff dick. These things just can't be helped with the way we're positioned. I have to be a good dad here and ignore it all!

I had to ask her, "What do you mean by that? That 'you being you' stuff."

"You know... You're not a normal dad when it comes to this kind of thing. Let's just say that I'm sure you're going to keep both Mom and Cindy VERY sexually satisfied. Most men couldn't handle two hot women at once, despite their fantasies. And make no doubt it, my mom is a hottie and Cindy is too. But in your case, I'm surprised this didn't happen years ago! Mom should have called for 'roadside assistance' to deal with your perpetual 'problem.'"

I grinned impishly and said, "I'm gonna pretend I don't know what you mean."

She smirked just like her mother. "You do that. And unless there are weird secrets about Sue Ellen that I don't know about, I'm sure you'll be satisfying her on a regular basis too. That'll make her, what? Mistress number two?! Good grief! Do you know how crazy that is?!"

I tried to point out, "A lot of guys have mistresses. In France-"

She interrupted, "Yeah, but this is different. For one thing, not many men have TWO mistresses, not even in France! And for another, the women don't all openly know each other and even share your bed together! When I think about what could happen with you and the three of them... Geez! Sue Ellen could end up living here, even. You'd basically have a mini-harem in your house!"

My heart soared again. Yes! She just said the "H" word, and she doesn't seem to mind! This evening has been worth all the sexy risk. She's totally buying into our plan. We may have to keep the Shelle and Ruby part a secret for a long, long time, if not forever, but if she can accept a "mini-harem" otherwise, that would be huge!

However, I kept my outward apearance calm and said, "Let's not go that far. Who knows what'll happen? I've only kissed her some."

Nicky snickered. "Yeah, some kiss! One more 'kiss' like that and you'll make her pregnant." Her eyes went wide with alarm. "Oh my God! What if you DO get her pregnant?!"

I would have held my hands up defensively, except that Nicky's nose was only inches from mine. "Hold your horses! You're getting way carried away with the speculation here."

It looked like she was going to challenge that, but then she backed off. "Maybe so. But still, that's the general direction things are going, to all kinds of sexual wildness. Maybe at least with Sue Ellen as your second mistress, that might be enough to sexually satiate you for a while, although I doubt it. Now that Mom has opened the doors, I imagine it'll only be a matter of time before you're having sex with Anjali, Nina, and maybe Monique or Lisa too. At least I can't picture any of them becoming your mistresses as well. They don't have the right personalities for it."

"Hold on!" I protested. "You're going way too far into idle speculation again. For one thing, I was perfectly sexually satisfied with just Mindy, as I'm sure you must have noticed over the years. We've always been a close and loving couple."

She nodded sheepishly at that. "True. But..."


"Oh, nevermind." She blushed.

"No, what? You can't say that much and stop. It's mean!"

She sighed heavily, and wiggled around on my boner a little bit as she readjusted. "Well, it's just that I know you and Mom have a heavenly marriage, no doubt. And I also am sure you two have had a great sex life. But if she kept you completely sexually satisfied all those years, then why are you notorious for always walking around with an enormous bulge? Er, I mean a bulge. We were even joking about it earlier."

I didn't know how to answer that. This was a very delicate topic, to say the least.

Finally, I dodged the issue with a bland, "I don't know about that." I quickly changed the topic. "Like I said, Cindy is already here to stay. But aside from her, I don't want to do ANYTHING with ANYONE if I don't get the approval from you first. That goes doubly so if the woman is one of your friends. Ditto with getting permission from everyone else in the family. We all should be in agreement."

Obviously I wasn't being completely truthful there, since I already had my cock slaves and there was no way I'd give them up at this point. But if she didn't want me to have sex with Anjali and her other friends, I wouldn't. They weren't important to me in the bigger scheme of things.

Nicky sighed. "Well, right now I'd say 'no' to those four. Who knows, maybe someday, but right now I've reached my limit of weirdness overload, and then some. But Sue Ellen, she's okay by me."

"Really? Why her?"

"I'm just being realistic. If Mom is pushing for it, and Cindy too, and Sue Ellen is dying for you, then of course it's going to happen. Even if you said 'no' and meant it, that would merely slow things down some. You're a horny guy with a thing for gorgeous women with big breasts... unlike most guys!" She laughed. "But with you, everything is multiplied. And she's sufficiently busty and beautiful."

I found it interesting that she was well aware that I was a "tit man." I wondered what she thought that meant about how I felt about her extremely bosomy looks?! Maybe, with her low confidence about her looks, she didn't think that I could lust after her? I could only hope that was the case.

She went on, "It's better you do it with her than anyone else I could think of. I might as well get ahead of it and try to cope with it already. I just hope Mom's cucquean thing stops there, although I highly doubt it."

She frowned at that last thought. She also readjusted her position ever so slightly, causing me to nearly gasp out loud as she shifted her weight on my boner.

I started to say, "If you're not totally comfortable with this-"

She cut me off. "Forget it. Of course I have mixed feelings. Who wouldn't? But it's really not my place to put a big damper on your and Mom's sex life. Unless if it's someone I'm friends with, maybe, but I can't say I really knew Sue Ellen before. I'll warm up to it with time, I'm sure. I'd feel terribly guilty if all your sexual fun had to come to a stop because of me. The thing is, I LIKE Sue Ellen. A lot! I'm still only starting to get to know her, but she's like a living doll, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. And I think she could be a good influence on Michelle and Ruby. I'm looking forward to becoming close friends with her."

I sighed. "Well, that's something, I guess."

She grinned impishly. "Maybe even 'breastest friends' with her. Do you think I should accept that silly title?"

I chuckled. "Don't ask me! That's not my department. Let's put it this way: do whatever it takes to help boost your confidence. I still think of you as my 'delicate flower,' but these past two days I've seen you 'blooming' and it's a glorious thing."

"Thanks, Daddy!" Nicky cuddled back into my chest, with her face resting below my neck again. She took a few moments getting repositioned some more, which meant more accidental rocking and rubbing against my boner.

My dick wasn't going to go flaccid anytime soon, that's for sure! As if her occasional rocking and/or repositioning on it wasn't enough, there was the fact that I had a centerfold-worthy daughter in my arms, with her soft E-cups pressing into me and sometimes sliding against my skin. Just her feminine smell was absolutely intoxicating. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I wanted more. At times, I wanted to ditch the conversation and passionately kiss her mouth, but there was no way I could do that. It was kind of a delightful torture having her on my lap, to be honest.

She seemed content to be quiet for a while, just drawing comfort from cuddling and hugging.

I liked that too. But after a minute or two, I said, "You know, you're probably right that things are going to get weirder, if only with Sue Ellen. Plus, what's been happening with Cindy is weird enough. I'm just hoping with all my might that these changes won't affect things between you and me."

That caused her to pull her head back up and sit back a little bit to make eye contact with me again. Needless to say, that led to even more shifting around on my boner! But again, she didn't seem to notice.

She said, "It's too late for that. Things are weird all around. Not just between you and me, but between you and everybody, including my sisters. Let's face it: you're a very sexually desirable and virile man, and you have three very attractive daughters. So there's bound to be some sexual tension there."

I nodded. My heart was in my throat as I wondered where the hell she was going with this. Surely she knows that she will always be my daughter, and nothing more. Right? What happened with Ruby and Shelle is totally different because they are very different, and hyper-sexual, people.

She continued, "Now, obviously, nothing sexual is ever going to happen between us daughters and you, or could ever happen. Nobody wants that, right?"

I nodded emphatically. "Definitely." Phew!

"But I figure things are going to have to change some, so that I and everyone else can cope with all these recent developments. That's a big reason why I've been trying so hard these last two days to open up sexually - because I have to!"

She looked down at her exposed big tits, which were lightly resting on me in the most delightful manner. "Such as nudity. I figure some amount of nudity is going to be the new normal at home from now on."

I asked uncertainly, "You think?"

"Sure. I've been talking to my sisters and some of my friends since I came home, and I found out there's been a whole heck of a lot of nude sunbathing going on in our backyard for months now. And that figures, given the perfect all-over tans Michelle and Ruby are sporting these days. Furthermore, I understand nobody covers up much just because you're around, not even my sisters. For instance, Anjali told me today that this wasn't the first time a whole gaggle of girls were running around topless with you right in the middle."

I was surprised that Nicky had found out that much about the nude sunbathing, since the Gruesome Twosome were supposed to be hiding any incestuous evidence from her. But I realized it couldn't be helped if the likes of Anjali were talking too, and their tans were persuasive evidence in and of themselves.

However, I decided this was more of a good thing than a bad thing. If Nicky accepted all the nudity, that could help her eventually accept my harem lifestyle. My only fear was what else might the Gruesome Twosome have told her about what is going on around here lately?

I said, "Well, uh, I'm not too happy to talk about it, but there is some truth in that. In retrospect, I realize that Mindy was behind that. She was kind of loosening me up to accept all the cucquean stuff. With a bevy of beautiful women coming around and tanning topless by the pool, including Cindy, my resistance to sleeping with other women has kind of worn down over time."

Nicky snickered a little. "Yeah, I can imagine. But that's not going to stop just because Cindy is your mistress now. Mom will keep pushing with her weird cucquean stuff, I'm sure. In fact, I'll bet things are going to get even more outrageous as Mindy, Cindy, and Sue Ellen, at least, compete for your attention."

I frowned, pretending to dislike that. "You think?"

She chuckled. "Daddy, you can be so clueless sometimes. Of course! And Michelle and Ruby know that nothing sexual could ever happen between them and you, but they seem to get a kick out of being your 'fluffers.'"

"What do you mean by that?" We were in dangerous territory again. I hoped she couldn't feel my heart pounding, from the way her heavy tits were resting over my chest.

"You know, they get you excited by showing off their curvy bodies, and then you go use your built-up sexual energy on someone else. They've always craved getting your attention, so now that they have the voluptuous figures they do, this is a natural extension of that."

I pretended to ponder that, as if that was all they were doing to me, and I hadn't thought it through before. "Yes, I guess I can see that. Frankly, I've been kind of concerned by some of their exhibitionist behavior around me lately."

"Yeah, well, get used to it. I'll bet some level of nudity is going to be happening a lot more often around here, even for them. And that's doubly so since summer has really only just begun. But I figure that's not a bad thing. It's going to help keep your lovers sexually satisfied."

"That's true." I boldly asked, "Where do you stand on this nudity business?"

She looked down again at her bare chest pressing into me. "I'm trying to get over my hang-ups. Er, as you can see." She dropped her head even lower in embarrassment.

I couldn't help but say, "I think you're doing a really good job with that!" After all, the girl who was teased for dressing like a nun was sitting topless in my lap!

She frowned. "Yeah, well... Not really. I only can be like this with you. To be honest, I want to get in on the 'fluffer' fun too, but I'm just too shy. I'm not extroverted like my sisters. I want to be more like them and feel even more comfortable around you. Like, right now, this doesn't feel weird. And that's amazing, because look at us!"

She sat back some, rocking back and forth on my erection a little more along the way. (God, that was driving me crazy with lust!) Then she waved a hand through the space that had just opened between our bodies to illustrate her point.

We shared a chuckle over our lack of clothes.

She raised a fist up dramatically, which led a titillating "tit-quake" and also caused her weight to shift around my boner some more. "Earlier, I said I'm going to try to be topless around you as much as possible, and I mean that. In the house, in the backyard, whatever it takes. The more I do this... it's like I can feel my confidence growing! And I see the way you look at me, in a lusty but safe way, and it makes me realize I've got nothing to be ashamed of."

I exclaimed in genuine disbelief, "'Nothing to be ashamed of?!' What planet are you coming from?! You have an INCREDIBLE body! And a face to match! I don't want you to get too big of a head, but I don't even know how it could be improved upon. So don't let me hear you say that kind of language. Be proud! It's not just great genetics that made you like that. It takes a lot of hard work to stay in top shape!"

"Thanks!" She leaned in and gave me another hug. That caused all sorts of repositioning on my boner, as well as more sliding of her immense tits against my bare chest. I had to clench my teeth as a rush of arousal threatened to overwhelm me.

And then, just as soon as she was all settled and happily hugging me, she pulled back and sat up on me again, causing yet more repositioning and tit movement. I swear, it wouldn't have been much more arousing if she'd just started deliberately grinding and writhing on my cock!

Luckily, she didn't seem affected. Yes, her face was red from blushing, her nipples were erect, and her breathing was heavy. But to be honest, she'd been like that for most of the evening.

She continued, "It's weird that I have this issue with my looks, isn't it? The thing is, my body didn't develop like theirs did. You know who, Miss Torpedo Tits and her nearly as outrageously curvy sidekick." She rolled her eyes. "One reason I've always covered up so much was because I felt physically inadequate compared to them."

"Whaaaat?! That's not true, and it never was."

Despite sounding calm, I thought, If she only knew the lusty thoughts I'm having about her body, even now! I want to French kiss her so bad that I could almost taste it, and that's just for starters! Hell, it shames me to admit it, but I have a depraved craving to fuck her into sweet oblivion! I can so easily imagine her lying underneath me, her big tits moving around in my hands despite the way I'm firmly holding them, due to all of our rhythmic thrusting and grinding. And her cunt! So sweet and tight! Ungh!

Dammit! The lure of the forbidden is a powerful thing. But I can't think that way! EVER!

Oblivious to my lewd thoughts, she smiled wanly. "That's nice for you to say, but it is true. I was a late bloomer, and that's a fact. Now, I have these things." She grabbed her breasts from below and pushed them together. "I know these have put me in the category of being 'beautiful.' Well, them and my extra curvy ass."

I tried hard to maintain eye contact, despite her ample titty display. But seeing her hold herself like that was simply too tempting and I found myself speaking to her chest. "That's only partially true. You're beautiful from head to toe. Truly. Plus, the face is probably the most important thing when all is said and done, and you've got the face of a movie star."

I finally managed to lift my head up and look her straight in the eye.

She blushed and turned away. "That's so untrue!" She quickly added while still looking away and holding her boobs together, "But anyway, I know I have a beautiful body, because I see the stares and hear the comments and cat-calls. But I don't FEEL beautiful. I certainly don't have the confidence my sisters do. So these past two days have been great. When I'm showing off around you I don't feel scared, because I know you'd never say anything mean, and you'll always appreciate me. I love it when I can get a little rise out of you, yet I always feel totally safe with you."

I thought, Christ! If she only knew some of the thoughts that go through my head, the things I think about doing to her... Even right now, it's all I can do to not fondle her tits AND her ass, AND kiss her mouth!

But I merely said, "I guess that's why you said you want me to be your guinea pig. I'm fine with that, within reason, of course."

She looked back at me and smiled. "Of course. Remember those words, 'cos I'm gonna hold you to them!"

Then she leaned forward and hugged me again! I could barely take it! That meant my bare chest was enveloped with tit-flesh again, with her hard nipples poking into me for good measure yet again. She even kissed me above the collar bone as she cuddled all the way into me. But it seemed that she had trouble getting into a comfortable position, because she kept on sliding over my boner. Or maybe it was just that she was excited and having trouble keeping still.

Damn! Does she have any idea how arousing that rocking feels?! She HAS to know that's my dick. I really hope she's not doing that on purpose. But then again, maybe that's part of the whole guinea pig idea. It's only natural for a daughter to test out her sexuality on her father a little bit. She's still figuring out her newly curvaceous body, and she has a crush on me. But she's also made clear that she wants me as a father only, not a lover. Thank God for that!

She's attempting to practice her feminine wiles on a male that she loves and trusts not to harm her. So that makes it even more important that I never cross any inappropriate line with her!

She closed her eyes again, and her face looked blissful and relaxed. "I wish I could stay here forever. I feel so safe and warm. You're the best dad ever!" She smiled widely.

I joked, "Even with one, going on two, mistresses?"

"Yeah. Even with that. Things are going to change and yet they're not going to change, if you know what I mean. No matter what, you'll always be the same dad I love so much, and that's the main thing."

"Awww." I tenderly caressed her hair. "That's so sweet. Right back atcha, Muffin!"

More time passed with us cuddling contentedly. I actually got a bit sleepy with my eyes closed too.

At one point, my hands grew tired and slipped down to her ass cheeks. They effectively felt uncovered to my hands, since I didn't happen to touch her skimpy bikini bottoms. I had a habit of holding asses without thinking, thanks to doing it to Mindy so much. But then I realized who I was with and quickly pulled my hands back up, right as my fingers were starting to explore her firm yet ample ass cheeks.

To my shock, she actually mewled with disapproval when I took my hands off her ass cheeks! I hoped she wasn't thinking clearly and just reacting.

But I didn't want to risk putting my hands back there. I knew that could be a slippery slope. Her ass had to remain a "hands free" zone, no matter what.

We were getting colder, despite all the shared body warmth. So, with that in mind, and to cover up my accidental ass fondle, I said, "We'd better get back. My legs are getting cold."

"Yeah." She reluctantly lifted her head up next to mine. "I suppose. Too bad. Daddy, I love you so much. Can we do this more often?"

"I love you too, Muffin. But, uh, what do you mean by doing 'this?'"

"Oh, you know. Just some one-on-one time. Hugging and talking. Michelle's been acting all weird lately, encouraging me one moment and then pushing herself in front of me the next. It's nice to be with you without all that. Just sitting here on your lap, I feel like I'm drawing strength from you."

I ran my fingers through her long hair again. "Sure thing, Muffin. Anytime. After all, I'm your guinea pig now, so I guess that makes me your 'hug slave.'"

She beamed with delight at that. "'Hug slave.' Nice!" Then she brought her mouth to mine. "You're the best!"

I felt a brief surge of panic. Was she going to attempt a romantic kiss with me?! But no, she just pecked me on the lips and then started to pull away so she could stand up.

Not for the first time, I felt a curious mix of relief and disappointment that it was such a chaste kiss, even though lip-to-lip contact was made. But I quickly came to my senses.

I'm relieved, right? Right! Of course it's a good thing that we stopped there! True, she has a crush on me, and maybe she could even have a little bit of 'fluffer' fun in the future, but she knows that she could never really act on that crush. Had she felt otherwise, she would have joined the Gruesome Twosome in the Plan a long time ago.

I also felt a curious mixture of arousal and parental love through our entire close encounter. Yes, I had a stiff erection non-stop. There wasn't even a chance of it getting the slightest bit soft the whole time we've been having our private meeting. I just hoped it didn't leak enough pre-cum for her to notice the wetness, although I'd probably lost that battle. (I tried hard not to check or think about it.)

And yes I was feeling a constant buzz from that plus her soft bare breasts and everything else. But at the same time I felt like I was her loving father first and foremost, and that's what mattered. As she pointed out, we'd have to get used to a lot more nudity and sexual familiarity now that things had changed, but that was a far, far cry from any actual incest. I was good with that.

Once we were both standing, she said, "Thanks for that. I really needed it."

I replied, "Anything for you, Muffin. Remember that I'll always be there for you."

Then we shared another hug and peck on the lips. The physical contact was brief, but damn, her body felt fantastic all over again.

I thought we were done, since we stood up and disengaged.

But then she asked me shyly, "Daddy?"

"Yes, Muffin?"

"I think... our relationship is going to be more physical from now on. You know what I mean... more touchy feely. Like it's been these past two days? Is that okay with you?" She started out hesitantly, but then she quickly continued before I had a chance to answer that. "Frankly, I think it's GREAT! Part of my problem back in my 'Eskimo parka' days is that I shied away from open affection like hugging and cuddling. But no more!"

She quickly went from determined back to shy and uncertain. "That is... unless you have a problem with it? Maybe you think it's too forward, since we're both adults?"

I smiled warmly. "Nonsense! I welcome it! Let me tell you a little secret: a parent can never have enough hugs with their children. We only cut back because it's seen as 'uncool.' I'm all for touchy feely and mushy words like 'I love you.' I feel blessed that we have such a strong and loving relationship that we can openly express our feelings for each other like that."

"COOL!" She suddenly hugged me again.

This hug came with some new complications, since we were standing now. I hadn't been anticipating it. I had been trying to hide my bulge by strategically placing my hands over my crotch, but that went out the window when I had to wrap my arms around her back to reciprocate the hug. That left her pressing against my boner yet again, and it was too late for me to try my "lean into the hug" trick. Except to make matters worse, she was extra excitable after my pro-hug answer, and she bounced and wiggled in place.

This time, I was sure there was no way she could fail to notice our inappropriate contact. Worse, after being separated and then reconnecting, I could definitely feel the wet spot my pre-cum had made in my swimsuit!

Luckily, she continued to act as if she didn't notice any of that.

I also had to cope with her big tits pressing into my chest yet once more. And her bouncing created a lot of slipping and sliding issues there too.

It was all I could do not to lustily groan out loud. But I maintained my composure and carefully kept my hands around the middle of her back until she calmed down and then broke away again.

We walked back to the pool area hand in hand. I couldn't help but think that when we'd walked hand in hand to the deck, Nicky was feeling nervous and upset. Whereas now she looked happy, relaxed, and content. I mentally patted myself on the back for handling the situation and being a good father for her.

I thought with a mixture of chagrin and delight, Oooh boy! Nicky and I can never be lovers, obviously. But I have a feeling we're going to get VERY touchy feely. She mentioned the "fluffer" idea, that the Hellions get me excited with their bodies and then I go and let out my passions on someone else. She may well want to "fluff" me as well, with all this toplessness and hugging. But I can handle that. As long as we keep it at that, we'll be okay.

Because of the darkness, we didn't see much of the others until we were practically at the hot tub. It looked like we'd never left. All the women were in the water, most of them up to their necks. It looked like they were having a spirited conversation, but when they saw us coming they immediately stopped talking and stood up in the tub to face us.

I'm not sure why they had to stand up, but hot damn, they looked good! They were all still wearing just bikini bottoms, including Sue Ellen. The way the water dripped down their voluptuous bodies was a sexy sight for the ages!

Mindy smiled at me in her usual smirky way. "Look who's back. We were about to send out a rescue party."

Nicky said brightly, "No need! I was in good hands the whole time. Dad's the greatest!" Nicky and I came to a stop a few feet from the tub, and then she gave me yet another hug and peck on the cheek.

I had pretty much given up on trying to "defend" my erection from contact. So she wound up pressing into it and even subtly rubbing against it some more. I just let it happen and hoped the others didn't notice.

Mindy smirked with pride even more than before. "What's new with that? I could have told you that. I didn't just marry your father for his stamp collection." She pretended to ponder that idea, and quipped, "Although... it was mainly for that."

Nicky joked, "He's a total pushover. I've made him my hug slave AND my guinea pig!" She smiled up at me as she continued to hold and squeeze me.

Mindy loved that, probably too much. "'Hug slave'? Hmmm. Sounds kinky. I should have thought of that. Instead, I got confused and made him my hug pig."

Looking at my wife's smug face, I thought, I have a sinking feeling I made a mistake ever saying "hug slave." She's going to tease and joke about that, for sure.

Nicky finally pulled her big bare tits away from me and hurried into the tub. She started out saying, "Cold, cold, cold!" But as she sank into the water up to her neck, she exclaimed, "Hot, hot, hot!"

I just stood there, smiling at everybody. As had become common lately with my terrible swimsuit, I moved my hands to a strategic yet casual pose to cover my erection.

Michelle stepped up onto the seat level in the tub, showing off her incredible soaking wet body down to her knees. She put her hands on her hips impatiently, and said, "What are you waiting for, Daddy? Come back in! We're having all kinds of fun."

"Sorry, I'm like Hall and Oates: I can't go for that."

Mindy was all grins as she asked, "No can do?"

I chuckled at how she'd picked up instantly on my musical reference. "Indeed, Sweetheart. But on the plus side, your kiss, your kiss is on my list. Because your kiss I can't resist."

She pretended to be clueless. "Is that the list of the best things in life?"

"It is. Seriously though, I have some good news: after talking it over with me, Nicky says she's okay with whatever may happen between Sue Ellen and me."

Sue Ellen's eyes bugged out at that. She looked like she'd just been told she'd won an Oscar when she hadn't even been nominated. "Oh my God! For real?! Are you serious?!"

Nicky nodded with a smile.

"AAAAAIIIIIEEEE!" Sue Ellen happened to be near Nicky in the tub. She pulled her up so they were both standing, then she wrapped her arms around her and practically squeezed her half to death. She was so excited by the news that it was impossible to imagine that she was already secretly one of my cock slaves. But then again, being allowed to have Nicky know about her sexual and romantic relationship with me was a big deal in many ways, so she probably wasn't acting at all.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Sue Ellen told Nicky breathlessly while kissing her face all over.

Nicky chuckled a bit nervously, obviously feeling overwhelmed by all the affection and kisses. At least Sue Ellen refrained from trying to kiss Nicky on the lips.

I must admit that my eyes practically popped out of my head, because all that hugging meant Nicky and Sue Ellen were pressing their sizable bare racks together, and since they were standing up in the tub, I got a very good view of that.

I could tell Nicky was uncomfortable from Sue Ellen's intimate gratitude, despite seemingly spending half the evening with her tits pressing against MY chest, so to change the situation I said, "Ladies, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go to bed right now-"

I didn't get a chance to finish my sentence, because bedlam instantly erupted. It seemed every woman loudly protested my decision at the same time.

I held my hands up and waved them in a downward motion until the cries died down. "Don't try to talk me out of it. I'm tired and ready for bed. I'm not a spring chicken anymore. However, did you notice that although Nicky gave her thumbs up on my getting intimate with Sue Ellen, and the rest of you have as well, none of you have asked me MY opinion about it yet?"

That hushed the lingering mutterings. Clearly, they'd been taking my opinion for granted.

Sue Ellen looked downright petrified, as if she didn't know how I felt about her already.

Mindy said, "Well? Honey? We were saving the best for last, because your opinion on this obviously matters the most here. Don't keep us in suspense!"

I said enigmatically, "Who knows what'll happen?" I looked down at Sue Ellen, since I was standing out of the tub and she was standing in it. "I feel like I'm only starting to get to know you, but I'm finding you a truly delightful woman. I'm willing to give this 'outside lover' idea a try, if you are."

"Oh, Dan! You know it!" Sue Ellen broke her embrace of Nicky and got all the way out of the hot tub in what seemed like the blink of an eye. Then she wrapped her arms around me and literally took my breath away with the intensity of her soul-kiss! She was soaking wet and I was dry, which meant I didn't stay entirely dry for long, but I didn't mind that much.

The others clapped while Sue Ellen and I kept on French kissing. Feeling emboldened, I brazenly fondled her tits and ass. I'd been wanting to do that to Nicky for a good while, so it felt good to at least be able to let those urges out with Sue Ellen's similarly curvaceous body.

In return, she planted her hands on my ass and pulled me in so tightly that I'm surprised our bodies didn't merge together.

I was extremely delighted by the whole situation. I thought, This is turning out really well! I'm glad I hung in there tonight through all the secret handjobs and sexy temptations. Not only has Nicky accepted Cindy as my mistress, we're already halfway to getting her to accepting Sue Ellen as my second mistress! Even at this moment, I have one hand on Cupcake's ass and another on her tits and I'm blatantly fondling her, and Nicky seems to be okay with that!

With the course we've set tonight, we can just keep sailing until we reach our destination. The only question is how long should we drag this out until we officially call Cupcake my newest mistress? We don't want to be unseemly about it, but it's practically just a matter of time!

Of course, the much, much more difficult problem is getting her to ever accept my having sex with her sisters. But I'm not going to worry about that right now. One step at a time.

I decided it was time to quit while I was still ahead, and before I lost control with Sue Ellen all over again. I broke the kiss from my cute cock slave, and said, "Okay, folks, that was fun, but I definitely have to call it a night now."

Michelle whined, "Come on! It's not that late. In fact, the night has just begun!"

I declared, "You all are free to hang out as long as you like, but I'M tired and I'm going to bed. And when I say going to bed, I actually mean going to sleep straight away, unlike last night." I gave significant looks at both Cindy and Mindy.

The truth was, I was still extremely aroused. I hadn't climaxed all evening and my body craved release. Heck, just looking at the way Michelle, Ruby, and Nicky were standing together with their massive exposed racks dripping with water, I could practically cum on the spot if I wanted to.

But I did need to get a good night's rest, because I knew that tomorrow would be a big day. Once Nicky left, I had to assert some real control over "my" harem, and I knew that would be a difficult struggle. Plus, no one else knew it yet, but I wanted Cindy to have her official initiation in the harem tomorrow night. Not only did I want to reward her right away for being so great, but I wanted to get that done quickly so I could focus my energies on "defeating" the Gruesome Twosome, as well as reining in Mindy, because her cucquean ways were getting out of control. So getting a good night's sleep would do me a world of good.

Then an idea came to me that would allow me to go to sleep soon and finally cum as well. I said, "I'm going inside right now. But Sue Ellen, before I go to sleep, I think you and I need to have a little talk about what this means and where we might go from here."

"Ohmigod! Yes!" Since she was still in my arms, she took my breath away with another whammy of a kiss.

I wanted to do our kissing - and more - inside. So I broke that kiss, took Sue Ellen's hand, and started to walk to house. I began a final good-bye, "Ladies, it's been lovely-"

Mindy seemed agitated. She interrupted, "Honey, you can't leave NOW! Come on! Don't be a fuddy-duddy! We were having so much FUN!"

I had to stop walking to reply, "I'm sorry. I have my mind made up. I'd like to stay up and chat, I really would, but my body is telling me I have to go to bed. It's a must. Plus, I'm cold. No, make that wet and cold. Sorry."

Then Michelle had an idea. "Wait! What about your novel?! You told us in detail about your early chapters, and then you got distracted and didn't finish. What about that?! You can't just finish half the story and then stop. That's RUDE!"

Shit! She's got a point there. But there's no way. Not only am I done for tonight, but I stopped right before John gets involved in the harem and spends most of his time fucking Roxanna and Morgana. And many, many more! I don't think I could even give a censored version of that, because there would be nothing left!

I said, "Sorry. That would take a really long time, and I'm not up for it right now. Besides, the novel is only halfway finished anyway, so you're not going to reach a satisfying ending point regardless."

Nicky said, "But if you don't finish tonight, I'm not going to get to hear more until I get back from Hawaii. That's TWO WEEKS leaving me hanging right on the cliff of your cliffhanger. I don't know if that's rude, but it's cruel!"

I rolled my eyes. "Okay, fine. I'll send you the whole text by e-mail if you're really interested, and you can get caught up that way."

Nicky was conflicted. Clearly, she was looking for a way to get me to stay, but she also liked that idea. She said, "Okay, that sounds good, let's go that. But still, it's much better hearing YOU say it. You're a natural storyteller. Can't you please just stay and tell us a couple more chapters' worth?"

There was a hue and cry of agreement to that compromise suggestion.

Except I wasn't a part of the agreement. "Sorry, ladies. My body is telling me I'm done for the evening. I'm not a spring chicken anymore, you know."

Note to self: I'm gonna have to work on making the R-rated version out of my novel before I can e-mail anything off to Nicky! No way can she read the X-rated version! True, it's just a story, but it's like a window into my fantasies and kind of a commentary about the very real harem life I've been living. But that's okay. I'm going to have to make the censored version for the publishers at some point anyway.

Mindy pleaded, "Fine, leave us if you must. But before you go, remember how I said earlier that the girls need to properly thank you for being your usual understanding and wonderful self? Let each of them give you a big kiss and a hug to show how much they love you."

I looked from Michelle to Ruby to Nicky. I thought, Uh-oh! I can see a sex trap here. What happened when I tried to give Nina, Anjali, and Monique simple good-bye hugs is likely to replay here, except the stakes are much higher. If I get carried away with Shelle and Ruby, then Nicky will learn or at least suspect our incestuous secret. And if I get carried away with Nicky, that'll be even worse! No way! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

But rather than give vent to my feelings, I simply smiled and said, "Of course." Since everyone was still standing in the hot tub, I motioned for them to get all the way out for their kisses.

Once everyone was out, I quickly moved to Nicky, put my hands on her shoulders, and pecked both of her cheeks. It was over in a couple of seconds. Then I did the same to Ruby, and then to Michelle. I "hit" each of the three of them so fast with my peck-hugs that they were still in shock by the time I was done maybe a mere ten seconds later.

Since Mindy and Cindy were standing there as well, I kissed both of them too. I gave them brief open-mouthed kisses, since it was allowed to do that with them.

Then, still acting quickly, I walked back to Sue Ellen near the sliding door to the dining room, and put an arm around her.

Mindy was stunned by my fast action, as were the others. My upset wife finally reacted by saying, "Hey, what kind of kiss was that? That was the lamest thing I've ever seen! Besides, I said they should kiss YOU, not the other way around! And what about hugs?! There should be lots of good-bye hugging too!"

I replied, "Maybe so, but I'm all kissed and hugged out. And Sue Ellen and I have important things to discuss. Good night, ladies."

After opening the sliding door, I stopped and looked back. "Oh, and an extra big thanks to you, Nicky, my sweet Muffin, for being so understanding. Your sisters have had weeks to adjust. You've been hit with so much in such a short time, but you've hung in there and showed me all over again what a loving and wonderful woman you are. I love you!"

Nicky was suddenly overcome with emotion, and almost looked teary-eyed. "I love you too!"

As I closed the sliding door behind me and walked into the dining room, I glanced back. Despite the darkness, I could see Mindy with her hands on her hips and looking frustrated. Obviously, she'd had some fiendishly sexy plan all cooked up that I'd foiled with my quick "escape."

I suspect she wanted to see me share a real open-mouthed kiss with Nicky. That was the very kind of cucquean craziness I needed to rein in, starting tomorrow when Nicky was going and I finally laid down the law. She had to be delusional if she thought I'd ever allow myself to have sex with my pure and innocent angel!

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