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Chapter 40

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Sue Ellen walked briskly towards the living room, forcing me to keep up. Knowing that the others wouldn't be able to hear through the closed door if she spoke quietly, she muttered, "Master, I am so hot for you right now that I'm about to die! I'm gonna burn up!"

I grinned at that. "Don't die, please. I love you too much, Cupcake. I plan to spend many decades with you before we think of dying."

"Mmmm! Many decades of owning me and controlling me! Decades of you keeping me in my place worshipping your cock! WOW!"

I thought that was overly extreme language, but I was so eager for some unrestrained action that I didn't care. "Let's get upstairs where we can 'talk' without the others hearing us."

She picked up on the knowing way I'd said "Talk," and she licked her lips in anticipation. She even craned her mouth wide, as if she was practicing to fit my cock in it. "OH! Yes, please! Faster!"

We'd almost reached the stairs because we were walking briskly. But that wasn't quick enough for her, because she untied her bikini bottoms and let them fall, and then ran right up the stairs. Near the top, she squealed playfully, "Catch me if you can!"

I was feeling energized, not to mention very aroused by the prospect of finally getting to cum soon, so I hustled on up after her. I didn't give a moment's thought about who might come across those bikini bottoms later.

But she zipped ahead, so by the time I reached my bedroom door and closed it behind me, she was already in the middle of the room and in Cock Slave Position Number Three: kneeling with her knees spread wide, her tits thrust out, and her hands behind her back as if they'd been tied there.

Her eyes shone with excitement as she bowed her head while still maintaining eye contact with me. She didn't need to keep her voice down anymore, so she spoke loudly and proudly. "Master, please, how can this humble slave best love you and serve you and your magnificent cock? Please let me start by sucking on it, and titfucking it! Then I want you to give me a good, solid pussy pounding! Oh, and I need you to cum deep inside me!"

I chuckled as I stripped out of my annoying swimsuit. "My, my, my. Aren't you a demanding slutty little slave tonight?"

She immediately blushed, making her look cute, as well as sexy as fuck. "I'm so sorry! It's just that... It's just that I'm so excited! Nicky approves of us! That's a big step towards me being openly accepted as one of your personal fuck toys! I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me! And my favorite way of showing my love for you is through your cock!"

I stepped up to her and put my pulsing erection in her face. All evening, it had "suffered" through a lot of very sexy teasing, but precious little release. I rubbed the tip across her cheeks, chin, and nose. "Well then, why don't you show me with your sexy sliding lips and your talented tongue?"

"Gladly!" My cock had been smearing pre-cum on her left cheek, but in the blink of the eye she had her lips around it and she started bobbing with what could only be described as pure joy. She moaned loudly and repeatedly like she was eating the most delicious meal in existence.

Usually, Sue Ellen sucked me off with her eyes closed so she could fully concentrate on her task. But now she was staring up at me while I stared right back. There was so much love being expressed between us that I almost wanted to cry. I saw tears start to form a little in her eyes. It happened so quickly that I figured they were almost certainly tears of joy instead of the usual tears of struggle, or at least a combination of both.

Good God, my Cupcake is an excellent cocksucker! There were a number of points during the evening when I was on the very brink of cumming, which would have meant that she would have been swallowing my load already. But after the long talk with Nicky, I'd stayed at a high mental arousal level while my dick got a chance to nearly fully recover.

(Nicky's occasional rocking on my boner felt great, but that was small potatoes compared to the usual amount of stimulation I'd grown accustomed to. It was more mentally thrilling, because Nicky was the one doing it.)

I felt I was good to last for a while before cumming. Sure, I could have blasted a load into Cupcake's mouth right away, but I wanted to take my time enjoying her oral expertise and extreme passion for sucking me first. Sure, the word "worship" was blasphemous and over the top, but it usually seemed to fit with the way she sucked my cock. She was downright rapturous and reverential. I looked forward to having a hell of a great time!

As Sue Ellen slurped and bobbed, I found myself thinking, Curious. I feel wonderfully at ease right now. It's not just the overwhelming physical pleasure. Somehow, this just feels RIGHT. I'm definitely growing into this master role. True, I feel twinges of guilt sometimes at the unfairness of it all, but my slaves love it so much, how can I really disapprove? Good grief, Sue Ellen is so ecstatic that she's about to make both of us cry tears of joy, and that's just because I'm letting her suck my cock. I can hardly wait until I fuck her later, and REALLY blow her mind!

As usual, Sue Ellen was heavily focused on stimulating my sweet spot. Her tightly sealed lips slid back and forth over it endlessly, and her tongue licked and flicked at it whenever possible. But I noticed something missing from her typical style, and that was her hands. She was great at using both hands to play with the rest of my shaft and my balls, but she wasn't doing that now because she still had her hands pinned behind her back.

I said, "Slave, permission to use your hands."

Boom! Just like that, my privates were completely covered with her hands or her mouth. But she pulled her lips off long enough to swirl her tongue down to and around my balls, like she was marking them as hers.

As she did that, she said, "Master, you make me so very, very happy! I do declare! I reckon choking on your cock is the most fun a human being can have on God's green Earth! Tonight at the hot tub was such fun, and then I get to come inside to all THIS!"

I think she'd been planning on saying more, but once she said "this," she couldn't stop herself from engulfing my cockhead and bobbing on it with renewed intensity. Or at least equal intensity - I don't think it was possible for her to get any more passionate than what she was doing already.

In fact, using her hands and mouth on me still wasn't enough for her. She soon repositioned and encased my boner in her cleavage. But that didn't free her mouth to talk, because she craned her head down and gobbled on my cockhead at the same time! Unfortunately, her lips couldn't reach all the way to my sweet spot from there, so she randomly switched between full-on cocksucking, full-on titfucking, and a cocksucking-titfucking hybrid.

She was doing the hybrid when I heard a voice say, "A-ha! I win!"

I wasn't concerned, because I recognized the voice as Cindy's. I turned to look, and saw Cindy standing beside Mindy. They'd had just entered the room. Both of them were holding their bikini bottoms instead of wearing them. They seemed proud and shameless of their total nudity.

Mindy muttered, "Darn!" But she didn't seem too upset. In fact, she couldn't stop smiling.

Cindy explained to me while she walked closer, "We made a bet about your 'talk' with Sue Ellen. I bet your talk would involve you cramming her mouth full of cock until she was crying, and Mindy said it would involve you spearing her cunt until she was screaming. So I win! I even got the crying part right."

I smiled at that. Then I looked down at Sue Ellen's bobbing head and her adoring gaze back up at me, and smiled even wider. Sure enough, tears were freely flowing down her cheeks. I put my hands on Sue Ellen's head and ran my fingers through her hair, causing her to somehow purr contentedly through her intense sucking.

Mindy and Cindy were standing right next to me now. They beamed at Sue Ellen like proud parents watching their precious child accept a major award.

Mindy muttered, "Look at her go! Such love. Such energy. Such devotion."

Cindy muttered back, "Her entire body is on fire, fully focused on serving that horse cock. I bet she feels it all the way down to her toes. It really inspires me to step up my cocksucking game. I'm salivating like crazy just watching her bobbing head."

Mindy sighed fondly. "She's an inspiration to us all."

I asked Cindy, "What do you win with your bet?"

"We didn't actually bet anything, but I'm going to claim my reward just the same." Taking advantage of the fact that I was still standing in the middle of the room, she immediately knelt behind me and started licking my ass crack!

That felt fantastic, but just to be polite, I asked Sue Ellen, "Are you okay with Cindy joining in?"

At first, Sue Ellen merely replied, "Mmmm-hmmm!" Clearly, she was having too much fun slurping on my cock to want to talk. But then she realized that wasn't polite, and she was alternating a lot with her blowjob/titfuck combo anyway, so she pulled her lips off.

While still lapping against my sweet spot, she said, "Of course! The rule is 'Share the cock' after all! Besides, I LOVE sharing! Master, you're even more masterly and all-powerful when I can peek between your legs and see Cindy serving your ass! God, how I love being enslaved! Right on, sister!" With that, she went right back to her titfucking and cocksucking.

Cindy repositioned to lick all the way along my perineum (my "taint"), to my balls. At the same time, she stuck her index finger in my asshole and started fingering my prostate! I could feel she was wearing a glove on one hand; she must have put it on while she was standing behind me.

Sweet Jesus, that feels amaaaazing! If she keeps that up I might not last long after all!

Mindy didn't seem to want to get involved though, at least not yet. She threw herself on the bed right in front of me and lay down. But she propped her head up with pillows so she could have an unobstructed view of the proceedings.

I asked her, "Wanna join us?"

"Nah. Not yet, at any rate. I'm basking."


"Basking. This is cucquean heaven right here. By the way, how did the talk with Nicky go? Did you two get frisky? Please make my night. No, make my whole year: tell me that you swapped spit with her and played with her bountiful boobies to your heart's content!"

I said with indignation, "I did no such thing! How can you even suggest that?" I had to speak in several word bursts after that, because Sue Ellen and Cindy were getting to me. "For one thing... you know she's... physically... off limits for me... completely and forever. For another... that kind of talk.. is... is... outlawed around here. UGH! I... I've told you... several... several times... point blank... HNNG! That... that... UNH! ... that Nicky is simply my daughter! And... and nothing more. ... No sex... no sex with her... possible! ... Not... not possible! And yet... you push and push and push!"

God, it was tough to get all that out. I was clenching my teeth and squeezing my PC muscle, but totally loving the endless erotic rush.

My sneaky wife looked away in embarrassment.

I took a deep breath and then managed to growl out my whole reply in one burst. "You're going to get punished for that. Believe me!"

I was annoyed at her question, but then again I wasn't exactly eager to admit how Nicky had sat in my lap and even rocked a little on my boner a few times! I felt Nicky and I hadn't done anything wrong, but it was also true our talk hadn't been entirely chaste either. I couldn't tell Mindy that though because she would no doubt jump to all the wrong conclusions.

My wife complained, "I'm sorry you took it the wrong way. But come on, I was just asking a question, not making a suggestion."

"Yeah, right. 'Make my whole year,' remember?"

I was having too difficult a time saying anything, and I realized I had a lot more to say. So I clenched the sides of Sue Ellen's head and held her still until she limited herself to just squeezing my boner with her D-cups a little bit. After about a minute, that delirious and heady orgasmic urge slowly lessened. I couldn't do anything about Cindy and her anal probing, but she somehow got the message and just simply kept her finger up my butt for a little while.

Once I could breathe instead of pant, I looked to Sue Ellen. "And speaking of people needing punishment, I'm unhappy with you too. Most of the time you've been a total joy, and sexually you're a dream come true, but what happened to how you were supposed to help me control myself in the hot tub? Far from doing that, you secretly jacked me off under the water!"

Sue Ellen looked up at me with a deer-in-the-headlights expression. Her eyes went wide, and she pulled her lips off my boner, only to keep that same perfect 'O' shape to show her shock. After a long pause, she said, "Oooooh... Shit!"

An even longer pause followed as her face turned cherry red. My cock was still in her cleavage, but she stopped all movement. Finally, she said, "I'm SO sorry, Master! So very, very sorry! The truth is, I plum forgot! I remembered at first, but then, sitting next to you, feeling your power and manliness radiating out to me, knowing that you had a stiff cock that was completely unattended... It was like... my mind went blank! All I could think about was your sad and lonely cock, and how it needed my help!"

I rolled my eyes. I also couldn't help but grin a little bit. "Look. Let's get real. It's not a big deal if my dick gets stiff and stays 'untended.' It's happened zillions of times in my life, believe me."

Sue Ellen said with passion, "Two wrongs don't make a right! Not even a zillion wrongs. I can't change the past, but I'm one of your cock slaves now." She started sliding her tits around my shaft more actively as she said, "Serving your cock is pretty much my top priority over anything. It's what gets me out of bed and puts a smile on my face all day."

I couldn't resist grinning and commenting, "I got the impression that you were the type to smile pretty much all the time even before I met you."

She beamed. "That's true, but my smile is bigger and hardly ever leaves my face now that I've found my one true purpose, living for my master's pleasure!" She grew more serious. "I'm not trying to escape punishment - God knows I deserve a harsh spanking - but 'pleasure the cock' is Cock Slave Rule Number One! I've taken that to heart. Master, it's a serious problem: how can I sit next to you while you're all stiff and untended and NOT stroke it?!"

With that, she tilted her head back down and resumed licking around my sweet spot.

Cindy's probing to my prostate also began again, though in a more tentative manner.

Mindy had been listening and watching closely. She smirked. "Honey, she's got a great point. She was given orders that totally contradicted each other. The poor dear."

I wasn't happy, and my face showed it (briefly - what Sue Ellen was doing to my privates meant I couldn't frown for long). I said to Mindy, "I never made those official rules. I think this is a cautionary story about taking the cock slave ethic too far."

"And yet you're not exactly pushing her head off you," Mindy pointed out.

Sure enough, Sue Ellen had her lips around my cockhead as part of her latest cocksucking-titfucking combo, and I was enjoying the hell out of it. I muttered, "I'm weak. I get too fucking horny. It's a problem. But... speaking about working at cross purposes, Cupcake, I'm not happy that you secretly jacked me off without permission. That said, you did a wonderful job of it! I'm impressed with your stamina. You stroked me without even taking a minute's rest for a good hour or more!"

Sue Ellen was so delighted yet embarrassed that it was totally adorable. As her cheeks reddened some more, she pulled her lips off my thickness to mutter, "Awww, shucks. It was nothing, really."

She lapped on my sweet spot for a good minute, then added, "Like Michelle likes to say, 'This is who we are. This is what we do.' I wish y'all would stop thanking me so much. Especially you, Master. Slaves aren't thanked. They're just ordered around! Besides, sucking your cock is its own reward!"

With that, she engulfed my cockhead and then some. She'd been restraining herself for the past few minutes due to me wanting to recover enough to speak easily. But she resumed bobbing with cheeks sucked in and an intense amount of suction.

Cindy understood the mood shift and resumed probing my ass. She was fondling my balls through my legs too.

Mindy said, "Honey, don't listen to her about not wanting to be thanked. She says that, and she means it in one kind of way, but she feasts on any word of praise you give her. You really have become her entire world!"

I didn't know how to deal with that level of praise. I nodded to Mindy to show I understood. Then, suddenly eager to change the topic, I asked, "Anyway, why are you and Cindy here already? What happened with the girls after Cupcake and I left?"

She frowned. "Not much. You're the center of excitement, in case you haven't noticed. Our kids were having a grand time talking with each other, mostly about your supposed 'new relationship' with Sue Ellen, and Cindy and I felt out of place. They didn't want two old bags of bones hanging around. Plus, we knew that you'd be doing something fun with your cute Cupcake. Believe me, this is much more entertaining."

I responded, "That may be, but you're gonna get an even bigger punishment now for insulting yourself and Cindy with that 'bag of bones' line. That's not modesty;that's unhealthy. You're as beautiful as any teenager. No, more so, because I love you so much that it hurts. The way you've willingly shared me and helped create this harem makes me love you even more. But you still need to be punished, so get behind Sue Ellen and lick her sex slave ass."

Mindy bolted up in bed. "WHAT?!"

"You heard me. What Cindy is doing to me kind of inspired me." That was true. Even as I spoke, Cindy put her tongue in my ass crack and began licking it like there was ambrosia in there! I was very glad that I was scrupulous about staying clean back there, or I don't think she would have been so keen. She was still poking around in my anus with her gloved finger as well.

Mindy said emphatically, "But I don't want to do that!"

"I know you don't, which is why it's a good punishment. Plus, Sue Ellen deserves a reward for being her usual awesome self."

Mindy fell back to the bed and groaned loudly. "Uggggh! I should have stayed at the hot tub."

I said, "To make it easier on you, you can work up to licking her ass. Start by getting behind her and doing whatever you can to make her feel better, such as playing between her legs. Lick and kiss her neck and ears. Oil up your tits and rub them all over her back. Etcetera. Get creative."

"But I don't swing that way. I really don't!"

"Sure you don't." I said that sarcastically. But then I decided to change my approach, and added, "Which is why it's a punishment."

If she wanted the fig leaf on the pretense she didn't enjoy what was happening, I was willing to go along with that. I figured she'd be enjoying my "punishment" before long in any case. My real goal wasn't to punish her, but to break down her resistance to bisexual fun some more.

I secretly snickered to myself, Besides, what sort of husband would refuse to share his cock slaves with his loving wife? Only the most ungrateful kind. Plus, the more sex my women have with each other, the easier it'll be for me to make sure they're sexually satisfied.

Mindy got up and went to her night stand, where she had some lotion. She started slathering up her breasts with it. But she griped to me, "You're a real meanie, you know that?"

I growled playfully. "Grraarr!"

I took a good look at my wife standing naked when she wasn't paying attention to me, and thought, It's easy to see where Shelle and Nicky get their exceptional looks from. And people call me "handsome" and a "hunk." We really raised up a couple of jaw droppers! If Min is a good guide, as she should be, our daughters will only be MORE stunning two decades from now!

I still had my hands in Sue Ellen's hair, and she was still bobbing like she had a dire need to get me to cum immediately. She was holding up her big tits with both hands and intermittently squeezing my lower shaft with them, but that had taken a backseat in comparison to what her mouth was doing.

I was highly amused that my wife and I were having a casual conversation while Sue Ellen was doing all that to me, and Cindy was doing amazing things with her tongue and finger in my ass crack to boot. Between the two of them, I was starting to pant heavily again.

Mindy kept on oiling up her tits until they were shiny. "What did you and Nicky talk about anyway? I stuck around long enough to ask her, but she was pretty mum. She sure seemed happy and content though."

"I'll tell you later. I'm kind of getting worked up to a fever pitch here. But it was all very fatherly and loving. Get your mind out of the gutter."

That wasn't entirely true. She would have been over the moon to hear how Nicky had sat in my lap the entire time, and the way she'd pressed down on my boner and rocked or shifted on it with surprising frequency. But I didn't want to encourage Min one iota when it came to Nicky and me.

"Darn. You're just a no-fun meanie man." My wife had finished oiled up her nude body, so she positioned herself on her knees behind Sue Ellen. "And making me do this too. Can't I just get a spanking instead? Or do I have to file for divorce?"


She sighed. "Can't you at least pretend to take that threat seriously?"

"No." My answers were getting shorter and shorter because I was running out of breath again. My sexual stamina had grown by leaps and bounds lately due to all the intense stimulation I was enjoying. I could have "endured" Sue Ellen's oral and chesty attentions for a good long time. But with Cindy still fingering my prostate, and licking my ass crack, as well as surprising me in other pleasant ways from the back side, not to mention Sue Ellen's cocksucking and titfucking, I wasn't going to last much longer.

It was a total smorgasbord of erotic delights! Nobody could last long through it all. I was about to blow my load, but then I remembered a promise I'd made to my Cupcake, to cum inside her cunt.

I hung in there a couple more minutes, just to prolong the joy. I couldn't see what Mindy was doing behind Sue Ellen, and I was too winded to ask, but I figured something good had to be happening. But eventually my need to cum grew too desperate. I had to say, "Cin, I promised Cupcake... I'd finish up... fucking her cunt."

"Oh. That's fine by me." Cindy kept on with her licking and fingering. She seemed to be having a lot of fun with my ass, remarkably enough. I think she could sense how much stimulating my prostate was getting to me.

I was forced to add, "I'm gonna cum too soon! Unless... unless you stop!"

I couldn't see her since her nose was in my ass crack, but I could picture her wicked grin. "Does that mean you're getting off on what I'm doing?"

"Hell, yeah!" After a few more gasps, I shouted, "Okay, that's it! Break time!"

After a bit more prodding, both Cindy and Sue Ellen disengaged from me. I pretty much crawled to my bed to recover and flopped down right where Mindy had been.

Mindy also started to disengage from Sue Ellen, but I managed to say between labored breaths, "Sweetheart, what are you doing? Now you can go to her front side for a while. Let's see you two kiss!"

My wife shot me an evil look. "You're a dirty rotten bastard. At least give Sue Ellen a good fucking shortly. Or I'll file for divorce tomorrow on the grounds that you're not committing ENOUGH adultery!"

I found that joke amusing. But I was even more entertained when my wife did face Sue Ellen and started making out with her. In fact, it was so arousing that I had to close my eyes in order to have any sort of actual respite to my relative break. Being a tit man as I am, I'm a sucker for seeing two hefty racks rubbing together, and Mindy's had the bonus of being oiled up already.

I had to open my eyes when I heard Sue Ellen whisper to Mindy, "I love you."

Mindy had been licking along Sue Ellen's jawline, but she pulled back in surprise. "What?!"

Sue Ellen insisted, "I love you!"

Still stunned, Mindy asked, "How?"

Sue Ellen replied passionately, "I love that you're Master's wife, and that kind of also makes you my owner. But I also love that you're kind of a sister slave too. I love you carnally, I love you as a friend, I love you as part of my new family - everything! And not just you. I love all y'all here! So much! God, I love this family, this harem! But I was feeling inspired to tell you personally that I love you."

Mindy was tickled pink by that, and a little speechless. "Well! ... Wow!" She glanced at me. "Honey, where did you find this one? You picked a winner!" She giggled somewhat nervously. "Since you said that, Sue Ellen, I'm starting to love you too."

"Really?!" Sue Ellen didn't say more, because she kissed Mindy on the lips. I don't know how much or how passionately they were kissing before since the sight got too arousing for me to handle at the moment. But I'm sure that exchange took things to a new level. I couldn't stop watching as Mindy and Sue Ellen went at it like long-lost lovers.

I was so transfixed that I didn't notice at first that a hand was stroking my cock. But soon the resulting pleasure was too great for me not to notice, since I was still so hopped up on lust and dangerously close to cumming.

I looked around and saw Cindy lying next to me. She was busy watching Mindy and Sue Ellen kiss and rub their racks together. The glove was gone from her hand.

I nudged her to get her attention. "Hey! How am I supposed to take a break when you're doing that?"

She smirk-smiled in a Mindy-esque way. "Sorry, I can't help myself. Look at them go! Besides, this is nothing compared to Sue Ellen's hot mouth or the other stuff you're used to. I just kind of need to hold it... and stroke it. Can't I, please?"

I replied, "Okay, that's the least I can do after what you did to my ass. Thanks for that. But please keep it at just a hand on my dick so I can at least TRY to take a minor break before I start fucking Sue Ellen, okay?"

She cuddled into me with a loving smile. "Yes, Master." Then she went back to watching Mindy and Sue Ellen. And she never stopped jacking me off.

Wow! Cindy calls me 'Master' because she well and truly thinks I'm her master. Little things like that never cease to thrill me. Just a couple of days ago, she still insisted on calling me 'Dan.' And now she believes I own her and she lives to serve me. And that makes it true!

Unfortunately, I had to close my eyes and try hard not to think so I could get some semblance of a break. I found it funny that I'd planned for a quick sex romp with Sue Ellen before going to bed, whereas this was turning into quite an event. So much endless sexual pleasure and love!

The truth was I was tired after a sexually fulfilling and emotionally exhausting day. With my eyes closed, I started to tune out and drift off, despite Cindy's continued lazy handjob and the sexy lesbian show in front of me.

I stirred when I felt Sue Ellen tapping my foot. "Master? Master?"

I opened my eyes and saw her shyly kneeling at my feet, right at the edge of the big bed.

"Master, I'm ready to get fucked now. I don't mean to be a pushy slave, but you did say you wanted to do that, didn't you?"

I couldn't help but smile broadly. Sue Ellen was very shy and nervous at being seen as too demanding, but at the same time she craved getting fucked so much that she was willing to risk it once she saw I was in danger of going to sleep.

I told her, "I said it because I meant it. Come here, my sweet Cupcake." I opened my arms wide.

She crawled up on me and eagerly French kissed me. Needless to say, she got me to revive from my sleepy stupor in a hurry.

You'd think that Cindy would have withdrawn her hand, given that Sue Ellen was lying on top of me, but that was not the harem way. Cindy kept right on stroking my hard-on, even with her hand squashed between our two bodies.

By and by, Sue Ellen brought a hand down there and started assisting Cindy. She broke the kiss to say, "Master, did you hear me tell Mindy that I loved her?"

"I did."

"Good. But I don't want you to worry. I love her, and all your slaves, and I'm starting to love Nicky too. But my love for them doesn't compare with my endless, undying love for you! I love them in part because I know you love them. If they're important to you, that makes me important to me."

I shook my head slightly. "Cupcake, you're too good to me. How is it that you're such a perfect slave?"

She squealed with delight. "Oooh! He called me 'Cupcake' AND a 'perfect slave!' Cindy, please, can you put it in?! I want a big ol' exclamation mark to that precious memory!"

My cock was resting below Sue Ellen's pussy mound, so with a little bit of Sue Ellen's adjustment and Cindy's help, I suddenly found myself balls-deep in my adorable Cupcake.

Naturally, it felt fantastic. I hadn't come down much from my imminent urge to cum, and my "break" hadn't been very long at all, so I quickly found myself right back near the razor's edge.

With Sue Ellen still lying on top of me and wanting to kiss me some more, neither of us were in a great position for thrusting. But I didn't have to, because she got busy spasmodically squeezing her pussy muscles around my shaft. It felt as great as energetic fucking, and I didn't even have to move.

Furthermore, with our bodies staying still, Cindy repositioned with her head between my legs and Sue Ellen's. She licked and fondled my balls, and sometimes Sue Ellen's splayed-out pussy lips for good measure.

I thought, Cupcake wins the awesome cock slave award again! Good Lord, she's wonderful. I noticed though that she dodged the question about why she's such a great slave. There must be something to her psychology. I'd really like to get to the bottom of that, but this isn't the time. People are complicated. She's smart, so she's gotta be complicated. There's no way she's faking her love and enthusiasm, but I really want to know the back story there. The better I understand her, the better of a master I can be for her.

Between Sue Ellen's Kegel squeezes and Cindy's ball licking, I'd lost track of Mindy. After a few minutes of steady and slow fucking joy, I looked around for her and found her sitting up in bed right next to me. I was surprised I hadn't sensed her there, but she was being quiet and keeping to herself.

I asked her, "And what are you up to?"

"Just more basking. To be honest, I'm pretty tired. But I love watching this."

I pointed out, "But there's not much to see, and the three of us are hardly moving. At least not in an outwardly visible way."

"True. But I can tell what's happening well enough. I can see Sue Ellen's face straining with effort and ecstasy, so I know her hungry cunt is voraciously massaging your cock. And all I can see of Cindy is the top of her head, but I can hear her licking and slurping. From where she's positioned, what can she be doing other than orally loving your balls?"

She let out a very long satisfied sigh. "Aaaaaaaaaah! What a lovely sight. And what a great way to cap off a great day. As a die-hard cucquean, what could make me happier than seeing two of your slaves taking such good care of you?"

Sue Ellen spoke up. "Me too! Sharing you is such a treat. Master, if I ever get tired, I think about all the sperm in your balls, and how Cindy is coaxing it out and up into your shaft with her mouth. And that makes me feel like I'm part of a special team! UGH! ... It just... It makes me want your cum even MORE! Even if it goes into HER mouth. That's just as much a victory for me too!"

Mindy laughed with glee. "See? See?! Just hearing Sue Ellen say that is worth ten big orgasms to me. This is the life! Not even Smirkarella, queen of the smirky night, up in her Castle Smirkenstein in the middle of her queendom of Smirkmenistan, has it this good."

I had to chuckle at my weird wife and her smirky ways. But then listening her talk about hearing Sue Ellen somehow made me realize, Others could be listening in too! Uh-oh! I hadn't been concerned about the girls spying on us again because I figured they wouldn't try anything with Cindy and Mindy there. But those two have been up here for a while. So what were the girls doing now?!

This could be a prime spying opportunity for them. Worse, they could be trying to corrupt Nicky some more. I can't let that slide. What if they've been listening to us talk?! Disaster! As much fun as I'm having, and as much as I'm on the verge of cumming into Cupcake, I have to find out what they're doing right away!

I made the excuse that I had to urgently pee to extricate myself from Sue Ellen and Cindy. I did go to the bathroom, but only to put a towel around my waist. Then I rushed out of the room and down the hall, saying, "I'll be back in a minute."

My plan was to strike fast. If I first took time to explain to the others what I was doing, that would give the girls a chance to make themselves presentable. I checked Nicky's room and Michelle's room, but all was dark and empty.

Then I peered from Michelle's bedroom window down to the hot tub. To my relief, my three daughters were still hanging out and talking. There was no possible way they could have been spying and then moved there THAT fast. I thought with some amusement and chagrin, For once, my fear about being spied on is unjustified. That must be a first!

I was tempted to stay there and secretly admire the beauty of my three daughters. Even in the dim torch lights, their topless bodies looked amazing. But it wasn't right to spy on them, and I had Sue Ellen's hot and wet pussy waiting for me. I'd only been gone a minute, and I didn't want to lose the mood or the momentum. So I quickly hurried back.

As I closed the door behind me, Mindy asked a bit huffily, "What was that all about?"

I explained, "I needed to find out if I was being spied on again. For probably the first time in the history of the world, the Gruesome Twosome were NOT guilty of doing something sexually sneaky. So, where were we?"

Mindy chided me, "O ye of little faith."

I snorted, "Yeah, right. Not even you can believe that."

She smirked. "Okay, maybe not. Please proceed. Let's see some more masterly domination. Enough letting your slaves do all the work. I want you to fuck Sue Ellen like she needs to be fucked!"

I looked over at Sue Ellen and Cindy, both sprawled out on the bed next to where Mindy was still sitting up. Sue Ellen had her legs splayed open wide in an obvious invitation. I said to my wife, "You know what? That is a very excellent suggestion."

I immediately crawled up on Sue Ellen, in the same way she'd crawled up on me. As I did so, I said, "New order: we have to go back to not saying anything we don't want Nicky to hear. They could start spying on us at any time!"

Mindy said, "Don't worry, they won't. The Gruesome Twosome are at least tempted to try to get Nicky to join the harem. I think that's pretty obvious. They knew the best way to ruin that is to have her see or hear us. That would lead to a total freak out!"

I grunted, "Good point." I'd been delaying the start of the fucking until Mindy finished saying that. Now I was all set to go. More talking about spying would have to wait.

Cindy "did the honors" of inserting my stiff pole into Sue Ellen, and then we were off to the races. I started fucking my Cupcake hard and fast.

I was feeling exceptionally horny and energized, so I kept up the frantic pace.

The only downside to that was that Cindy wanted to be involved and there wasn't much she could do with so much body movement going on. She ran her hands up and down my back and ass, and tried to spur me on with encouraging comments. She said things like, "Fuck her! Fuck her so hard she can taste your sperm in her throat!" and "Split her in two! Drive her insane! Make her literally go crazy for cock!"

Inspired by that, Mindy took Sue Ellen's hand and started encouraging her. "Don't just lie there! Fuck him back! Hump your hips!"

In truth, I was driving into Sue Ellen so powerfully that there wasn't much she could do. But she did repeatedly lift her ass off the bed, humping right back at me.

Mindy kept on. "More! Do you live to serve? Live to serve! Serve your master's COCK!"

Sue Ellen screamed, "I do! I do! I'm trying! Oh, Master! Use me! Use me good!"

There was no way she could have been faking her devout cock slave attitude. "Use me good" was a very unusual thing for a woman to say during sex, but it perfectly fit her new submissive beliefs.

Somehow, we kept going like this for several minutes, with Cindy cheering me on and Mindy encouraging Sue Ellen.

Then Sue Ellen started to cum. And once she started, it was like she couldn't stop. She screamed and screamed, and then screamed some more. Between the screams, she cried, "Mercy! Have mercy!"

I was concerned my daughters would hear and come to investigate, but there was nothing that could be done about that now. I hoped Mindy was right and the Hellions would do their utmost to keep Nicky away for fear of spooking her with too much, too soon.

But Mindy, who had a hand on my ass now and seemed to be trying to push me deeper into Sue Ellen with each thrust, yelled, "No mercy! Hon, don't give her ANY mercy! This is the best part, when you fuck well past our pleas to stop!"

So I kept right on thrusting into Sue Ellen deep, hard, and fast. The pleasure was even more intense than when she'd been blowing me with Cindy's anal assistance. If I slowed down or eased up at all, both Cindy and Mindy gave me a hard time and all but forced me to keep going. And they screamed that I'd better not cum just yet either.

I was getting damn tired, but I literally plowed on. Sue Ellen was in no shape to fuck back, or even speak coherently anymore, but she kept right on screaming and crying like some kind of wounded animal in its dramatic death throes.

Then, while Sue Ellen was gasping for breath, Mindy said, "She's so LOUD with her screaming, isn't she? You know the girls can hear her from the back yard! Nicky must know that you've just broken her will with your unstoppable cock!"

I was exceedingly close already, but that comment pushed me over the edge. I imagined my three daughters sitting waist deep in the hot tub, each of them secretly masturbating underwater as they silently listened to Sue Ellen's endless screams. Nicky would bite her lip and wonder what it would be like to be on the receiving end of an epic fucking like the one I was giving Sue Ellen. Actually, for all I know, that could have really happened! Hell, it could be happening RIGHT NOW!

That thought gave me chills all over, on top of the orgasmic surge starting to rush through me.

I kept on thrusting in and out through my climax. It felt inhumanly great to finally blast my load into my sultry yet cute Cupcake, with both Mindy and Cindy having a hand on my ass to help push me forward until the very last thrust. And it was a treat to feel Cindy's hands on my balls near the end, rolling them in her fingers in an apparent attempt to coax even more cum out of me and into her sister slave.

I was dead exhausted afterwards. It was all I could do to stay conscious lying on top of Sue Ellen as I slowly recovered.

Sue Ellen was similarly comatose, or nearly so. I could feel her breathing heavily under me, and I heard her moaning, so I guessed she was probably still conscious, but I wasn't sure.

However, Mindy and Cindy were still very much awake and energetic.

Mindy said, "Wow! That was something! Sue Ellen, have you ever been fucked like that?"

There was no answer, aside from Sue Ellen's continuing insensible moans.

Cindy said, "Let's assume that's a 'no,' unless it was from her initiation ceremony or some other recent Dan fuck. I'll bet that was the best fucking of her LIFE!"

Mindy said to me, "Honey, I know sometimes you wonder if you're worthy of being a master of the most busty and beautiful women around. If you ever have doubts, just remember this! Any woman would gladly crawl across broken glass to get fucked like that!"

I just grunted, "Mmmm." I was fading fast. I rolled off Sue Ellen so I wouldn't fall asleep on top of her, but that's about all I could do.

Mindy and Cindy kept talking to each other, but their voices faded away from me as I started to crash. I knew I wasn't going to manage to get up to brush my teeth or do any other nightly ritual. I didn't even stop to take a little while to reflect on what everything meant. There would be time enough for that tomorrow.

But as I drifted off to dreamland, I did have a sense of satisfaction that I'd managed to avoid completely losing my restraint around Nicky and doing something that both of us would deeply regret. Plus, we'd made a surprising amount of progress getting her to warm up to the idea that I could fuck Sue Ellen and maybe even more.

Tomorrow morning she'd be off to Hawaii, so the temptation was over! I'd taken part in a lot of sexual situations that I shouldn't have, but I'd gotten lucky and gotten away with it all. What a relief that was!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Concerned, SeaDawg77, markgr, Johnny Galt, and Ecchi Spud, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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