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Chapter 41

(Sunday, June 2nd)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I woke up Sunday morning in an uneasy mood. I'd slept through the night well enough, but as soon as I reached consciousness I started to toss and turn restlessly.

This was not good because Mindy was cuddled up to my right side and Cindy was cuddled up to my left, and I could sense they were both still sleeping. I had to force my body to stay still, with only partial success.

I fondly recalled giving Sue Ellen a good, solid fucking right before I fell asleep. I wondered where she was, but then I decided she must have gone to the guest room in the middle of the night to keep up appearances. If that was so, it was a smart move.

After thinking of fucking my Cupcake, I was flooded with emotional memories of all the other eventful things that had happened to me yesterday. It was one of the most pivotal and busy days I'd ever had, yet nearly everything that had happened was great and highly arousing just to recall. The one exception was the unfortunate confrontation with the Bat, Sonia Bossi. I would need to deal with her, and soon.

Another cloud on the horizon was the situation with Nicky. At the time, it had been practically nothing but sexy fun to see her topless so much and feel all her wonderful titty hugs. But after sleeping on it, it didn't seem so peachy. I was full of second thoughts about how I'd behaved with her last night, and what had happened during her visit so far, in general.

I remained convinced that my "limited hangout" plan was clever and sound. After all, what other option did we have than to slowly reveal as much of the truth about our sexual lifestyle as Nicky could handle? Even now, it was a race against time for us to get her to a point that would minimize the shock before somebody carelessly said too much.

So I didn't question the plan, but I questioned the execution of it. I had to thread the needle of getting Nicky to see and accept some general sexual developments without making her too aroused and fixated on me specifically. That was hard enough to do to begin with, but at times I'd gotten so aroused that I'd lost sight of the overall plan and succumbed to the stimulation of the moment.

How much damage did I cause by doing that? Rethinking everything I'd done and the mistakes I'd probably made was what made me toss and turn.

Additionally, I worried about my lack of support when it came to my evolving relationship with Nicky. Shelle and Ruby are scheming behind my back to get Nicky to join the harem. Ruby might have had a change of heart after her confession, but that remains to be seen. Mindy, Cindy, and Sue Ellen seem to have conflicting feelings on the issue, at best. Why can't anyone else see how WRONG it would be for her to fall into our debauched and incestuous lifestyle?

I feel a heavy burden about all this, like it's up to me and me alone to single-handedly avert disaster. She's my daughter! I know that doesn't seem like a barrier given what I've done with the Hellions, but it's a totally different situation with her. She's not a submissive nympho who would end up in a bad way if I didn't take control, like with my other two. I have to be a good father to her, not an incestuous pervert! I've loved spending time with Nicky during her visit, but I must admit I'm relieved that she's about to get on a plane to Hawaii.

I thought about the private talk I'd had with Nicky at the deck late last night. I was proud that I was a good, supportive dad to her. The fact that she felt safe in my arms, and that she could totally relax, that was nice. And when she even wanted me to run my hands through her hair, that made me feel special, like I must have done something right all these years for us to still be this close.

But why did she have to sit topless on my lap the whole time?! And with her big tits poking into me, and my dick squashed under her ass... I can only handle so much temptation! Thank God I had Sue Ellen to literally pound my sexual frustration into afterwards.

By and by, Mindy and Cindy started to stir. Cindy had taken to the cock slave attitude so thoroughly that even before she was fully awake or opening her eye she reached to my crotch and manually checked on the status of my penis. Finding that I was flaccid, she repositioned herself and took my limp noodle in her mouth without hesitation or saying a word about it. She only briefly opened her eyes to orient herself.

My eyes had already been open for a minute or two. I asked her, "Cin, what are you doing?"

Knowing that Cindy had my dick in her mouth, Mindy answered for her. "She's getting you nice and stiff, Honey. What else?" She perked up with a happy smirk as she added, "After all, we know Cock Slave Rule Number One."

"'Pleasure the cock,'" I muttered unhappily.

Things felt different for me "the morning after," when I wasn't extremely aroused all the time. I was more conflicted about the harem life. Most pertinent was that I felt guilty. Cindy seems so compelled to focus on my cock all the time. Too much so! Sure, I love the stimulation, but I want Cin for more than her voluptuous body and sex skills. I love her as a person. Plus, it all seems so very unfair. I not anywhere close to being worthy of having someone declare they're going to dedicate themselves to sexually serving me!

But I was reluctant to bring this up first thing in the morning and make her feel bad for doing what she thought was the right thing for her to do.

Mindy didn't sense my uneasy mood. "Yep! Which reminds me of Rule Number Three: 'share the cock!'" As she said that, she started to scoot down my body so she could get busy with my privates too. Along the way, she tossed the sheets all the way off our bodies, presumably so I could visually appreciate what they were about to do to me.

However, I said, "Hold it, you two. I'm not in the mood. Cin, please stop trying to revive me. That's an order."

Cindy stopped stroking my penis, but she still held it. I think she wanted to see if I was being serious.

Mindy said, "But this is your morning tickle attack." She already had her head just below my crotch near Cindy's, and she began playfully tugging at my balls.

I said, "Sorry, I'm really not in the mood. I'm worn out. I'm not a spring chicken anymore. It's not going to happen."

Mindy rolled her eyes, but reluctantly let go of my balls. "You and your 'not a spring chicken' complaint all the time. Were you a chicken in your last life? Even if that's so, it's a POULTRY excuse for calling off a tickle attack."

I couldn't help but snicker at her bad 'poultry' pun. But I said, "Don't get started on the chicken jokes, please. Let me wallow in my misery."

Mindy gave me an exasperated look. "Listen to him, Cin. He's playing the prima donna. He thinks he's the cock of the walk all of the sudden, clucking about his so-called misery. That's what I call fowl play."

I snickered again at her three additional punny chicken references. But I quickly recovered. I crossed my arms and tried to look sour. "Not funny."

She smirked. "So you're saying I have egg on my face?"

This was one reason I loved Mindy so much. She was great at raising my spirits with her good humor. It was almost impossible to stay moody in this house. I let myself grin widely. "Okay, you got me with that one. But I'm still not gonna get horny."

Cindy let go of my dick and sat up on her forearms. That allowed her big breasts to dangle down to the bed in a most delightful way. She pouted at the still-flaccid state of my penis, staring at it like she was hoping to will it back to full size. "Awww! You're no fun."

I snorted, "Yeah, right! How many gallons of cum did I expel these last two days? And that was while we were supposed to be taking it easy with Nicky here."

Mindy slid her nude body back up mine. "Honey, tradition is very important. If we break the 'tickle attack' tradition, your whole harem will be in an uproar." She playfully tickled one of my underarms.

I smiled at that, and pinned my arm to my side to stop her. Hmmm. I've truly grown to love these tickle attacks. Sadly, Min and Cin probably won't be taking part in one for a long time, once I bring the hammer down tomorrow. I need to be discouraging so they don't get all sexual with me, but I don't want to put a total halt to the fun.

With that in mind, I said, "Fine. But let's keep it to actual tickling this time."

Cindy lingered hopefully with her mouth mere inches from my penis. "You know that won't do. The tickle attack is all about having Master start his day with a powerful and prolonged blast of sexual pleasure."

Mindy's smirk grew, which usually meant more jokes were coming. "Don't chicken out on a great tradition, Honey. You'll make me mad as a wet hen."

I snorted with laughter this time. But I was determined to stand my ground. I said, "Sorry, I'm all worn out. My penis isn't going to be up for it. What if we compromise and just cuddle and kiss for a little while?"

Mindy smiled at that. "That sounds nice. Cin, scoot back up so we can kiss him at the same time. Let's give him something to crow about. After all, he rules the roost."

Her non-stop dumb chicken jokes were putting me in a good mood. But still, I said, "I'll make you a deal. I'm willing to cuddle, but only if you stop with the chicken jokes."

"No deal! You agreed to the cuddling already. So I'd be a bird brain to agree to that!"

Cindy was impressed. "God, she's quick witted. I've been trying to come up with one fitting chicken reference, and I struck out."

Mindy couldn't resist: "Do you mean you laid an egg?"

By now, Cindy was snickering as much as I was.

I got up to use the bathroom and brush my teeth so I wouldn't kill them with my dragon breath. They did the same. Then we met back in bed and had a nice, relaxing time with the cuddling and kissing. My taking a short break also seemed to have gotten Mindy out of her chicken joke mood.

Between kisses, Mindy asked me seriously, "Are you worried about Nicky?"

"Yeah," I admitted. "But I don't want to talk about it right now. I'm trying to put that out of my mind for a while. Let's just get her on the airplane without further incident. There will be plenty of time to discuss what we've done and what we need to do with her once she's gone."

Mindy nodded, and then let the issue drop.

I closed my eyes, relaxed, and enjoyed our cuddling camaraderie. Our kisses were comforting instead of passionate, and sometimes it was more simply licking of faces.

Cindy and Mindy each kept one hand on my penis or my balls. They didn't do much more than simply hold me there, but by and by I felt so good all over that my dick did grow erect. But in keeping with my wishes to take things easy, they just took turns lightly stroking and fondling me down there.

As we lay there, we talked a little bit about plans for the day. I said, "I'd like to go to the early church service. Everything's been sex, sex, sex these days, and I've been neglecting my spiritual side. I want to get back to being a good Christian."

Cindy asked rather shyly, "Master, how do I put this? You don't feel like there's any conflict between your religion and your new sexual lifestyle?"

"No. You know I'm a Catholic, but like nearly all Catholics, I don't agree with the Pope about many things."

Mindy cut in, "I agree. I never did like that Pope George Ringo II guy anyway, driving around in his Popemobile like he was Batman."

I rolled my eyes and snickered a little bit at her silly joking. "You're thinking of Pope John Paul II."

She smirked, and played dumb. "Oh. Is that it? He's the guy with the tall pointy hat who sang 'Yellow Submarine,' right?"

I decided it was best not to encourage her. "Yes, the one and the same. He taught us that money can't buy us love. Anyway, the God I believe in is a benevolent god. I can't possibly believe that He would be against this much love and care and family joy that we all share, just because bodily fluids are exchanged too."

Cindy purred happily at that. "Mmmm. Neither do I. I love how you put that." Two of her fingers steadily rubbed my sweet spot, while Mindy fondled my balls. They were definitely keeping me erect and buzzing with arousal, even though they still weren't doing nearly as much as usual.

I said, "I'm thinking we can take Nicky to the airport and go straight from there to church. The timing works out just right with the early service. So I'm going to dress for church as soon as I get out of bed and shower. Of course, not everyone may want to go to church with me, in which case we can take two cars to the airport."

To be honest, we weren't much of a church-going bunch. I was the most religious one, but even I had a spotty church attendance record. Trying to get the Gruesome Twosome to church was as tough as trying to give a cat a bath.

Mindy was probably thinking the same thing. "Yeah, well, I think we may have to take two cars."

I nodded. "And then after, as soon as we get home, we're going to need to have a serious family meeting to discuss what happens next. I've got a lot to say, some good things and some bad, but you'll have to wait until then to find out."

We couldn't lounge around in bed for very long due to the need to get Nicky to the airport. So we got up and the three of us showered together.

It was fun. I still had a hard-on when I got in the shower. I soaped up Mindy while she soaped me up. Cindy pressed her front side into my back and reached around to "soap up" my erection pretty much non-stop. Then we traded places. I got to soap up Cindy while Mindy jacked me off from behind.

Things reached a point where both Min and Cin dropped to their knees in front of me. Clearly, they were keen to begin a double blowjob or titfuck. Unfortunately, I realized we were taking too much time since we couldn't be late getting Nicky to the airport. So we had to cut the fun short and get toweled off and dressed.

I was left with my stiff boner, but I didn't mind much. The more my sexual stamina grew, the more I realized that with men, at least, most of the fun was before the orgasm. The actual climax was sometimes a letdown in comparison. I let my dick go flaccid quickly. I knew there would be plenty more chances for the little guy to have fun before the day was done.

After the shower, the three of us migrated to the kitchen and dining room area for breakfast. All the girls were already there. I was pleased to see that Sue Ellen had slept over last night. But then again, after what I did to her with our late night fucking session, that was no surprise.

It turned out that Mindy, Cindy, and I were in much better shape than the younger generation. Cindy and I had gone to bed first and got plenty of sleep. Mindy had stayed up with the girls for another hour, but then she'd gone to bed relatively early too and slept well.

By contrast, Michelle, Ruby, Nicky, and Sue Ellen all looked like something the cat dragged in. As I joined them sitting at the dining room table, Michelle grumbled unhappily with her face actually resting on her arms on the table, "What took you old fogies so long?"

Mindy said cheerily, "We had a shower. The three of us. Together. A long one."

Understanding crossed Michelle's face. She lifted her head up and then sat all the way up. "Oh!"

Nicky also was all but napping on the table. But she sat up and asked incredulously, "Do you three EVER stop?!"

Cindy couldn't help but crow proudly. "Nope!" She was already in the kitchen with Mindy, starting to prepare breakfast. She added, "And that's not counting the tickle attack fun we had BEFORE the shower!"

Nicky raised an eyebrow and frowned at me. "'Tickle attack?'"

I replied a bit sheepishly, "It's kind of a fun morning tradition we've developed. It's not really a big deal. The truth is, we haven't been awake very long."

I glanced at Michelle and Ruby. They looked downright forlorn, and Michele was biting her lip. It wasn't hard to guess they were sad at being left out of the tickle attack tradition today.

To change the subject, I asked my three daughters, "So, how late did you stay up?"

Ruby groaned unhappily, "You don't want to know. Late."

"How late?"

"Late late."

Michelle bashfully admitted, "Well past midnight."

I frowned at that, and gave Nicky a particularly unhappy look. I told her, "You have a big day of travel ahead of you, you know."

Nicky replied unhappily. "I know. But I can sleep on the plane."

I asked my daughters, "And I take it you had some alcohol, from the way you're all looking hung over?"

Michelle explained earnestly, "Mom let us all share one bottle of wine after you left, so that's all we had, I swear!"

I looked to Mindy in the kitchen, and she nodded. For some reason, I believed her.

Nicky had her elbows on the table and both hands on her head, like most of the other bleary-eyed and weary girls. "It's just that we're not too good with alcoholic tolerance. We're paying for it now, especially having to go to the airport so early, but it was worth it."

She grinned as fond memories of their late night came back to her. "We reaaaaally reconnected! It was great. I especially enjoyed getting to know Sue Ellen better. She's such a kind-hearted cutie."

Sue Ellen looked away shyly. But she also grinned in a totally adorable way.

Michelle smiled widely at that comment about Sue Ellen. "You can see why she's fast becoming our bestest good friend." She looked at me with seductive eyes. "And Daddy seems to like her a lot too."

"I'll say!" Nicky opened her eyes wide. "That kiss last night? Phew!" She pretended to fan herself.

Ruby was all grins. "Yeah, if you can call that a 'kiss.'" She made mocking quote marks in the air while wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

I said, "Okay, okay, enough of that. Let's settle down already."

But Michelle said, "Speaking of staying up late, how could anyone sleep with all that racket coming from somewhere inside the house? It sounded like someone was getting tortured upstairs!"

Sue Ellen immediately blushed so hard that it was like her face had been painted red.

Ruby piled on, "Yeah. It kind of sounded like Sue Ellen was getting tortured in Daddy's bedroom, now that I think about it. And she never did come back after leaving to have that little talk with Daddy. And it was curious how we found her bikini bottoms near the foot of the stairs when we went to bed."

Sue Ellen's face turned as red as a fire engine at that last comment, and her eyes went wide. "Oh no!"

I glanced at Nicky and saw that she was blushing too, for some reason, although not nearly as much.

Michelle said, "Somehow, I don't think Daddy actually tortured her last night. In fact, from the way she's been smiling from ear to ear all morning, I dare say she liked 'talking' with Daddy." She made mocking air quotes as she said that. "And Mom and Cindy, where were you two? Sue Ellen woke up in the guest bedroom, but it was empty when we went to bed."

Mindy spoke authoritatively. "Okay, that's enough of that. Yes, my hubby had sex with Sue Ellen last night, but don't fill your heads with ideas of wild orgies. Cindy and I let them have their space. But then afterwards we wanted to talk to her while Dan immediately zonked out, so that's probably when you came by."

I knew that was a lie, but it was probably the best spin we could come up with, given the known facts.

Ruby asked Sue Ellen all too eagerly, "How was it? Was it everything you hoped it would be?"

A still red-faced Sue Ellen replied blissfully, "More! So much more!"

I put my hands up in a dramatic pose. "Okay, that's enough! Look how embarrassed she is. You learned the scoop, so leave her alone already. That's an order!"

Luckily for me, everyone was too tired and/or hung over to tease very much. Plus, they all liked Sue Ellen and didn't want to give her too much grief.

Michelle suddenly lifted her head as if she'd realized something very important. "Heeeeeey! What's going on?! I just realized Daddy came in here and he didn't give ANY of us a good morning kiss OR a good morning hug! I'm hurt!"

I pointed out, "I figured you three are pretty out of it and just wanted to wallow in your misery."

Michelle suddenly rose out of her chair. "I'm feeling bad, but not THAT bad. Sheesh!"

To my surprise, both Ruby and Nicky also rallied their energies and stood up too.

I proceeded to give Michelle a hug and a kiss on each cheek while she kissed my cheeks. Then it was Ruby's turn, then Nicky's. It was fun, and it felt nice to press against their hard bodies again. But it wasn't anything untoward or outrageous. The super horny mood of last night had been washed away in the light of morning, and they still were bleary and draggy.

The rest of breakfast passed without incident. However, I noticed my three daughters kept looking at Sue Ellen's rapturous face, as if trying to figure out from that what exactly had happened last night to cause such screaming.

I thought, In retrospect, fucking Sue Ellen like that was a mistake. I was so carried away in the moment that I never even considered the sound could travel all the way to the backyard until it was too late. Now my sexual reputation will be hyped up even more in Nicky's eyes, and that's not exactly going to help cure her of her secret crush on me. I've made a lot of mistakes lately. But the good news is we muddled through, and I figure this will help Nicky accept Sue Ellen as my second mistress sooner rather than later.

Mindy, Nicky, and I went to the airport in one car. (It was the minivan that Mindy had privately taken to calling the Pussymobile, ever since certain sex acts took place in it.) Michelle, Ruby, Sue Ellen, and Cindy went in our other car.

Sue Ellen said it wasn't her place to go with us, but Nicky and pretty much everyone else insisted that she come along. So of course she did. Nicky was suddenly treating Sue Ellen like she was her new good friend too. That didn't surprise me too much, because Cupcake was so easy to like and even love. In fact, I remembered that last night Nicky told me she was looking forward to developing a close friendship with her.

I found myself thinking, Gosh, I really hope that Nicky and Sue Ellen continue to hit it off. It must have been hard on Cupcake to pretend like she was just a friend for the entire two days. I should reassure her soon that she means so much to me, to all of us.

God, it's so soon, but I'm even starting to wonder if there's some kind of way we could officially make her a permanent part of the family? I don't know what that would be, but something beyond her official initiation to show she's not just a part of the harem, she's part of our FAMILY. Or maybe it is too soon to be thinking along those lines? Hmmm...

There were many things about Nicky that were weighing heavily on my mind, but I didn't discuss any of them on the way to the airport. Maybe the fact that Mindy was in the car made it hard for me and/or Nicky to open up. Plus, I was driving and had to focus some attention on that. So the three of us mostly just discussed the details of Nicky's Hawaii plans.

At one point, I asked Nicky as she sat next to me in the front passenger's seat, "By the way, what did you girls stay up so late talking about?"

Nicky immediately blushed and became intensely interested in the scenery outside the window. "Oh, you know. This and that. Like I said earlier, it was just nice to reconnect with my TWO sisters. They also told me a lot of interesting stuff about Sue Ellen. She's pretty cool. Did you know for instance that she set all kinds of running records at our high school? That's pretty impressive, especially considering how, uh, curvy she is."

I replied honestly, "I didn't know that."

Mindy said from the back seat, "Speaking of 'two sisters,' how are you feeling now about Ruby being called your sister?"

"Oh, I'm totally on board with it! I'm so happy for her and for everybody. It's like she's always been family, ya know? It's only been a couple of days, but already I find it hard to remember that we didn't ALWAYS call her 'sister.' I only wish we would have done it years ago!"

From there, the conversation kept veering away from the late night talking issue, so I didn't get to find out any more about it.

But her elusiveness made me very suspicious. My first thought was they'd spied on me again! But then I remembered how I'd checked on them and saw them still in the hot tub. It was possible they'd come running upstairs once Sue Ellen started screaming continuously in orgasm. But even though that had seemed like an eternity to me while it was happening, in reality it probably only took place over a few minutes. I was fairly sure that by the time they'd gotten things set up, the "show" would have been over. I'd gone to sleep pretty much immediately thereafter and slept straight through the night, so there was nothing to see there.

Besides, I had just given the Gruesome Twosome a big dressing down about spying mere hours earlier, so I certainly hoped that would have given them some pause. Ruby in particular seemed to be trying hard to be a good and obedient cock slave since then, although she wasn't always succeeding.

I surmised my daughters must have talked about sexual matters. I was extremely curious to find out just what they'd discussed. Nicky had already revealed a surprising amount about her sexual history, such as the fact that she'd had oral sex with Steve. I'm sure the Hellions had pestered her to reveal more, and I would have loved to find out what she'd said.

However, it wasn't like I could just ask Nicky about that now. For one thing, fathers weren't supposed to be keenly interested in their daughters' precise sexual habits. I suppose I could order Michelle and/or Ruby to tell me after Nicky left, but that seemed like an abuse of my Master powers. Besides, it was for the best if I didn't know. The less I thought about Nicky and sex at the same time, the better.

Nicky was still a pretty shy and sexually innocent girl by nature, so she probably didn't reveal much to her sisters anyway. These past couple of days had been a great anomaly for her in terms of walking around topless and such. I was pretty sure that even in Hawaii she wasn't going to be strutting around in a bikini all day, much less topless! That thought make me picture Nicky three days ago when I saw her in her new red bikini, standing there in high heels, writhing uncomfortably, and blushing furiously.

My dick went stiff in about two seconds flat! Her body was too sexy to be believed! Luckily, I was driving the minivan and the conversation was mundane. I was able to focus on the road (and not look at Nicky!) and put the thoughts of her bikini and the incredible body underneath it out of my mind. After a couple of minutes, my hard-on thankfully went away.

Once I was no longer pained by an inappropriate erection, I glanced over at Nicky. It was hard to believe the same girl was sitting next to me. She was wearing a loose long-sleeved shirt and pants. The shirt was especially baggy. Her fantastic E-cups couldn't be completely hidden away, especially since they jutted in the same dramatic way that Michelle's did, but if one wanted warm-weather clothes to hide one's curves, Nicky wore the perfect outfit.

I thought, When she comes back from Hawaii, I hope she wears clothes like this every day, all the time. Like the old Nicky did. Then I won't have a friggin' hard-on every hour of the day!

I frowned as I recalled how she spent much of the last two days in just her bikini bottoms. Fat chance that'll happen, though. Last night she talked about how she's adjusting to nudity as the new normal around the house. Lord, have mercy on me!

Nicky seemed to have the same issue on her mind, but she went in a very different direction with it. "You know... Mom... Dad... This has been a really fun and interesting couple of days, to say the least. I'm so glad I got to reconnect with you. I'm almost bummed to go to Hawaii. How could anything there beat the wild daily adventures of the Cooper family?"

I chuckled. "I know what you mean. But you'll have a great time, I'm sure."

She smiled. "I know. I'm sure I will. But also... this has been a very pivotal couple of days for me as well." Her eyes went wide. "I almost feel like a new person! When I got here, I was still clinging to the idea that maybe things would go on with Steve, even though I knew in my heart of hearts that was over."

She went on, "So that's pretty big. And then finding out about Cindy being your mistress, going from dismay to delight. I'm actually excited about that now. I hope it's kind of going to be like, well, not another sister, but kind of a cool aunt living with the family."

Mindy smiled and said, "I think that's exactly what it's gonna be like. We're going to have SO MUCH fun and love and good times! I mean, she's my best friend already, and a good friend to all of us. So we know what we're getting. But there had been a barrier. There's a big difference between even a really good friend and family. But now the barrier's come down, so we can get so much closer and more loving than before! I'm really looking forward to it. Plus all the threesome fun!"

Nicky groaned. "MooooOOOOOoooom! T.M.I.!"

Mindy joked, "Wait. I'm up on the hip young lingo and I remember this from yesterday. 'Totally major incredibleness?' I think that's what it stands for, right?"

Nicky laughed. "But seriously, that was pretty big for me. And now with the latest developments with Sue Ellen, I think that could be pretty big too. So this has been a really pivotal couple of days for me to be a part of that. But I haven't even gotten to the biggest thing of all yet!"

There was a dramatic pause. So I was obliged to ask, "What's that?"

"The change in my confidence! About myself in general and my body in particular. I know it's ridiculous. I've thought of myself as fat and out of shape and a 'plain Jane,' if not ugly."

I growled, "What?! NO! Muffin, just... NO! That's so wrong! Pardon my French, but that's utter horse shit!"

"I know! I knew that in my logical brain, but knowing it couldn't change my feelings about it. The brain is stupid that way. However, right now I feel totally transformed! This time at home has been therapeutic! Especially my special time with you, Dad."

She smiled warmly and reached out to touch my arm.

Even though I was driving I managed to look her way and share a special moment with her.

She let go and went on, "This is a super weird thing, but I think it's really true: having to be around you in just a bikini was key! I felt so much better about myself. More empowered! Dad, the way you looked at me was sexual, yes, but not in a creepy way. You weren't trying to hit on me, which would be really weird. You're my dad! But I could see your unabashed lusty appreciation for my body. That couldn't be faked. And I know you have high standards with all the other beauties you have running around the house. So that PROVED to me that I AM beautiful! Just as much as the others. Almost as much as Michelle, even!"

I said, "Muffin, you had me until that last point. Why do you still think you're second fiddle to her? Yes, she gets the most attention, by far. Her notorious 'twin torpedoes' ARE traffic stoppers. But beauty is a lot more than just breast size or shape. As far as I'm concerned, she's a perfect ten and you're a perfect ten. It's a tie! So there!"

Nicky laughed gleefully. She reached out and rubbed my upper arm. "Thanks, Dad. That's sweet. I wish that was true."

I groaned, "AAAARGH! Mindy! Help me here!"

My wife said, "Of course you're absolutely right, Hon. Nicky, yes, you were a late bloomer, but boy have you bloomed! However, it doesn't matter what I say." She looked at me. "It seems your word is the one that really counts. You're a man. It's different."

Nicky nodded. "Yeah, I guess it kind of is. I don't know why, but when I'm standing there topless and I see the lusty yet harmless way Dad looks at me, it's like I can FEEL my confidence growing by the second! If even my handsome dad, who has you mom, and a mistress now, and another one probably on the way, if even he thinks I'm really beautiful, then it must be true! And feeling good about my looks makes me feel good about myself as a whole. It's like the missing piece!"

Mindy reached up from the back seat and put her hand on Nicky's shoulder. "That's great, dear! I absolutely adore hearing that, because it's what family is for. 'Family comes first,' and we help each other out."

She let go and sat back, then it appeared she had a big idea. She told Nicky, "You know what? If you really feel that way, then when you get back, you should continue your 'therapy sessions' with your father. You should be topless around him a lot more often."

Nicky nodded her head vigorously. "I know! That's exactly what I'm thinking already. In fact, I kind of wish I could be topless right now. Only last hit of a confidence booster before I go."

Mindy chuckled. "Maybe let's not go THAT far. With you sitting in the front seat, you'd put on quite a show and cause a lot of accidents!"

Nicky laughed. "Yeah, that could be kind of a problem!" Then she sighed wistfully. "I'll just have to wait until I get back. Daddy's promised that he's going to be my guinea pig AND my hug slave. I already can't wait until I get back so I can cuddle naked in his lap and tell him about all my Hawaii adventures for hours and hours. Er, I mean topless."

Mindy chuckled some more. She said to me, "Ooooh, Honey, sounds like you've got your work cut out for you. Think you can handle all that kissing and hugging and cuddling with your sexy and stunning daughter? It really warms the cockles of my heart, to see you two getting so close like that. AND it's therapeutic!"

I just nodded, because I didn't know what to say to that. But my dick definitely expressed its opinion by getting fully erect again. Luckily, I was driving, so I was expected to be at least somewhat distracted, and the talking went on without me.

I don't know about Nicky's plan for when she gets back. That sounds like trouble to me! But now's not the time to think about it or complain. Just get her to the airport and put her on a plane. Then I'll have two weeks to sort things out so we can continue our renewed closeness but in a safely platonic way.

It was a long ride to the airport, and as we got close, Nicky said out of the blue, "By the way, you guys, I wouldn't trust Anjali, Nina, Monique, OR Lisa. Dad, I know those are the four girls you're most likely to have sex with. But beware!"

I naturally asked, "Why?"

"Remember yesterday how they all claimed not to have boyfriends? Well, big surprise: they lied! Or two of them did, at least! After you two and Cindy left the hot tub last night, I talked to my sisters about a lot of things. When they gave me updates about our friends, they let slip how Nina and Monique have boyfriends right now! Monique is a good friend of mine, but I'm not going to aid and abet her lying to you about something as important as that." Nicky looked pissed off as she thought about this.

Hmmm. I'm feeling something strong, but I'm not sure if I'm disappointed or relieved to hear that. Probably both. Frankly, I've been warming up more and more to the idea of having sex with them! But if they lied about something like that, how could they be trusted on other things? Plus, my sexual stamina has its limits!

I asked, "What about Anjali and Lisa?"

She replied bitterly, "Lisa? Forget it. We didn't talk about it last night, but I'm sure she has a boyfriend. She's never gone five minutes without one. But more than that, she's very manipulative. She thinks she can wrap anyone around her finger just by being all cute and flirty. Michelle and Ruby had a falling out with her about that recently, which is why they didn't know for sure about her boyfriend status. Trust me - steer clear of getting involved with her!"

Mindy looked distraught. Her hopes of my having sex with our daughters' friends were going down the drain. She asked with worry, "And Anjali?"

Nicky growled, "Anjali, I don't know. She claims that she broke up with her long-time boyfriend at the end of school a couple of weeks ago and she hasn't found someone else since. And that may be true. At least she's being consistent with her story. But just consider her exotic, sultry, and extremely buxom looks. Do you find it credible that she wouldn't have another boyfriend in, like, two seconds? I don't!"

Mindy pointed out, "Maybe she was hurt after her last boyfriend, if she'd been going out with him for a long time, like you say, so she isn't in a hurry to get back into the game."

"Yeah, I suppose that's possible," Nicky conceded.

I'd already pretty much written Lisa off my list of potential sex partners some time ago. However, I must admit that I was still attracted to the idea of having sex with Nina or Monique. So I asked, "Muffin, regarding this boyfriend issue, isn't it also possible that any of them could have a boyfriend without having made an exclusive commitment?"

Nicky conceded again, "Yeah, it could be one or more isn't going steady. But if that's true, do you really want to mess with that? Do you want to sleep with cheaters?"

She smacked her forehead in frustration and embarrassment, and kept that hand mostly covering her eyes as she said, "Good grief, I can't believe I'm talking about this kind of stuff with you, of all people, but what about the issue of sexually transmitted diseases?"

Mindy couldn't hide the disappointment in her voice as she said, "Honey, she's got a point there."

Nicky reluctantly lowered her hand and continued, "Dad, again, it's so weird for me to say this kind of thing, but if you're going with the 'outside lover' idea, I recommend you stick with Sue Ellen. See if just one extra lover will sexually satisfy you and be enough for Mom's weird cucquean thing. She's a real winner. I like her."

If you only knew just how true that is! I said, "If it's true those girls have serious boyfriends, I certainly don't want to get involved with them. I'll ask Shelle and Ruby about Anjali. By the way, don't you like Anjali too?"

"Enh. She's okay. Remember, she's not really my friend; I just know her through my sisters. She's nice enough, but when you get to know her better you'll see she's a bit full of herself. Actually, that's true for Nina too, and doubly so for Lisa. That's the problem with having gorgeous friends: they expect to be treated like princesses, since so many people fawn over them. Monique's kind of different because she's so shy. As for Sue Ellen, I don't get it. With her looks she should be stuck up too, but she's nothing but charming and adorable. I can't even get mad at her for having sex with you last night."

Nicky realized what she'd just said and turned her head away in embarrassment.

Mindy could see Nicky's discomfort, and thoughtfully diverted attention by saying, "Yes, Sue Ellen is a real find. The more I talk to her, the more I like her. I hope her good values will start to rub off onto your sisters."

Nicky snickered a bit. "Yeah, that would be nice. I'm not exactly holding my breath though. I mean, I love both of them to death, but they're a real handful."

Mindy shifted the topic a bit again. "Nicky, now that your body has filled out and you're presumably starting to dress more normally, I hope you don't start to expect to be treated like a princess too. It's easy to see your sisters' looks are the main thing that led them to become so willful. As parents, we could only do so much when everyone else in their life was giving them the princess treatment."

Nicky said, "Don't worry. I'm an adult now, so I think my personality is pretty much set. Besides, I know objectively that I look pretty good, but I still don't feel that way all that much. I compare myself to Michelle, and in my mind, I'll always be her 'plain Jane' older sister."

The conversation veered into tangents from there, with my wife and me falling over ourselves to reassure Nicky and boost her self-confidence.

However, even though the conversation moved on, I was sure that Mindy had latched onto every single thing Nicky had said about those four friends. It was highly likely Mindy would investigate the issue of who had a steady boyfriend, now that she knew that was a make-or-break issue for me.

I also suspected she'd start focusing her energies on hooking me up with Anjali, since that looked to be the most promising candidate at this point. Plus, frankly, out of those four she was the one I was most interested in fucking anyway.

Sheesh! Why does she always have to push on this cucquean thing? Isn't having FOUR cock slaves good enough?! It seems she actually thinks my sexual energy is limitless. If anyone should know better, it's her.

Although, I must admit that I'm an enabler much of the time. I wouldn't exactly kick Anjali out of bed for eating crackers! Or, Hell, any of those other girls, for that matter. Those are definitely our daughters' four sexiest friends.

It was hard to have a big good-bye scene at the airport, because Nicky quickly checked her big suitcase with her airline, and then it was just a short distance before she needed to go through security. There wasn't really any spot to have a private moment. But our groups from both cars got together inside the public area of the terminal and stood in the middle of a busy corridor to give her a proper send-off all the same.

Each person gave Nicky a good-bye hug and kiss or two on the cheeks. A few words were said, and then it was on to the next good-bye.

The good-byes mostly went as expected. Some, such as the good-bye with Sue Ellen, were rather informal, while others, such as the one with Mindy, were emotional and almost teary.

But I was in for a surprise or two once it was time for Michelle's good-bye. That was the second-to-last good-bye, as I was going to be last. As the sisters hugged (with acres of tit-flesh pressed between them!), Michelle said to Nicky with a big smile, "Hey, I've got a special surprise for you in your luggage."

"What's that?" Nicky asked. No one else had brought good-bye gifts, and it wasn't a family tradition, so this was most unexpected.

"You'll find out when you unpack in Hawaii. But here's a clue: it's a dandy way to remember what's waiting for you at home AND help you pass the time when you're alone."

Nicky asked in confusion, "What, like playing solitaire?"

Michelle just blinked in surprise, before getting a frustrated look on her face. "Kind of, but not exactly."

Nicky just frowned. "Now I'm really confused."

Michelle sighed. "Don't worry about it. It's handy dandy enough that I'm sure you'll figure out what it's for in no time flat once you see it. Even better, I'm SURE you'll really enjoy playing with it. Repeatedly!"

Nicky was all smiles. "Cool! Thanks! I can't wait to find out what it is."

Ruby stepped up, even though she'd already just given her good-bye before Michelle did. "I got you a surprise gift too, but I can't say what it is. Again, you'll have to wait until you open up your suitcase."

Nicky chuckled. "Oooh! Mystery! Now you've got me double curious. Ruby, can you give me a hint?"

Ruby looked a bit embarrassed. She looked all around nervously. "Not in a public place like this."

"Oooh! Now I'm even MORE curious! Is it in my carry-on?"


Seeing that Ruby wasn't likely to say anything more, Nicky concluded, "Argh! Not knowing about these gifts is gonna drive me crazy. But thank you!" She held her arms open for Ruby too.

Michelle and Nicky's hug turned into a three-way hug with Ruby joining in. All three of them were wearing nondescript clothes. Nicky in particular seemed to be going back to her conservative ways with her legs and arms covered. But even so, just seeing the three of them hug aroused me to a surprising degree! I hadn't had an erection since breakfast, not counting a brief one in the car ride, but now I had one at the worst possible time!

Nicky started to pull away, but then something occurred to her. She told her sisters, "OH! I almost forgot! I've been thinking about it, and I've decided that I DO want to be official 'breastest friends' after all!'"

That led to a lot of screaming and celebrating, though toned down just enough not to make a public scene in the middle of an airport. Or at least less of a public scene. They already were the center of attention due to their combined beauty concentrated in a small space.

As they hugged and kissed (on the cheeks, of course), Michelle enthused, "That's great! I'm soooo happy! It kind of completes the circle. But why'd you wait to tell us until now?! That doesn't leave us any time to party!"

Ruby asked, "Yeah, what made you change your mind?!"

Nicky replied, "It wasn't a matter of changing my mind; it was more just warming up to the idea. If it was just you two, no problem. But that means being best friends, er, I mean breastest friends, to Sue Ellen too, and I still hardly know her. I didn't want it to be hollow words that I didn't really feel for everyone involved. But the more I saw and heard from her, the more I liked her. Eventually, it dawned on me, 'Okay, so we're not best friends yet, but we will be. And soon. How could we NOT?'"

With that, there was more cheering and hugging and kissing.

As they finally broke the threesome hug, Michelle said, "Better late than never. I can't wait to tell Sue Ellen. She's gonna be psyched! And when we get back, we can party and celebrate for days!"

Nicky was all smiles. "I'd like that."

Then, with the Gruesome Twosome finally stepping away, Nicky looked to me and opened her arms wide. There was a twinkle in her eye as she said, "Hey, look. It's my hug slave."

This wasn't the first time I'd been faced with a hugging Nicky while aroused in recent days though (to say the least!), so I knew what to do. I moved in quickly for the hug so I doubted she had a chance to see my lewd condition. Then I wrapped my arms around her upper back while keeping my lower body bent slightly away from hers. That way, my erection would stay a safe distance from her. Since I'd given up on wearing underwear there was a very obvious bulge, and I needed to be very careful.

I pecked each of Nicky's cheeks, and then, with my face only a couple inches from hers, I said, "I'm going to miss you, Muffin. You know I'll always love you. Knock 'em dead in Hawaii!"

She flashed a big smile. "Thanks, Dad. I love you too."

I thought that was going to be it, but then Michelle suddenly joined in the hug, putting her arms around both me and Nicky. "Group hug! Everybody join in!"

I thought, Uh-oh! But it was too late. I heard some other shouts of "Group hug!" as the others joined in. Within seconds, I looked around as best I could and saw that everyone but Sue Ellen piled on. I think Sue Ellen might have felt comfortable enough to join us except for the fact that someone needed to keep an eye on Nicky's wheeled carry-on bag, and she took it upon herself to do that.

I mentally noted that it was as if, even now, Sue Ellen was proving once again what a thoughtful and obedient cock slave she could be. All she wanted to do was please me. Thinking that didn't exactly help my erection go away though!

The problem with the group hug was that Nicky and I were in the middle of it, and soon we were pressed together like we were crammed into a jam-packed elevator. I felt my erection pressing against Nicky's leg, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it! My stiff pole was against her leg because it happened to be pointing straight down one of my legs at the moment we were squashed together. True, my legs were clothed and hers were too, but my dick was so damn thick and aroused that there was no possible way she couldn't notice it. It must have felt like I had a fleshy, full-sized flashlight in my pocket!

To make matters worse, my hard-on seemed unusually warm, even hot. Maybe it was my imagination, not to mention my lack of underwear, but I felt it was burning into my thigh like a red-hot branding iron. Nicky had to feel the heat of it too! Not good! My only small consolation was that this was hardly the first two she'd felt my boner pressed against her in recent days, so she probably wasn't alarmed or upset.

To my surprise, Nicky wore a smiley smirk. Amidst all the hubbub of the group hug, she said softly, "Daddy, you really love me, don't you?"

"Of course I do!" I kissed her again to show that I meant it. I meant to kiss her cheek, but somehow we got jostled and my lips touched hers. That alarmed me and gave me goose bumps, but I remained in full control. I kept my lips shut tight and as soon as I realized what my lips were touching, I pulled back and broke contact.

I felt relieved that I kept control, especially considering that my erection was suddenly throbbing with great need. But still, I felt an electric, erotic shock, and goose bumps all over!

I let go of Nicky and let others give her a final hug.

As I drifted out of contact into the back row of the group hug, it occurred to me that her "you really love me" question might have been in reference to my erection hotly burning right through our clothes into her thigh. Shit! That was not good! And that was not my fault at all. But at least she took it in a light-hearted way. I think, like the jokes everyone made about my erection last night, she simply finds it funny that I have a boner all the time, and she was trying to make a veiled joke about it too. Thank God for that!

I further reflected, This is a good example of how my "limited hangout" plan is already paying off. Had that happened a couple of days ago, it would have been SUPER awkward. But after all the joking about my perpetual erection, plus everything she's seen and talked about with us, it's really not a big deal anymore. Right? I sure hope so! Ugh!

I'm a bad dad. I simply can't stop getting aroused around her, no matter what I try to do. She needs me as a caring and responsible father, not a pervert!

At least the two-plus days of temptation are finally over. Thank God!

Our group was blocking much of a well-trafficked corridor, so we couldn't really linger any longer. The group hug came to an end, and then we watched as Nicky went to the security line with her carry-on bag. She turned back to us and waved.

I moved to Mindy and put an arm around her while she and I faced Nicky. Cindy boldly staked her claim as my official mistress by standing on my other side so close that I put my other arm around her.

I noticed that my wife was starting to tear up. So, as all of us waved to Nicky, I said to her, "Don't worry. She's only going away for two weeks. You've seen her off a couple times this last year without crying."

Mindy replied while still waving her hand, "I know, but it feels different this time. We had such a GOOD visit. We shared so much. She opened up to us about her feelings on being shy, breaking up with Steve, and many other things besides. I feel like I love her and understand her even more than before."

I nodded. "I know." I stopped waving, because Nicky was moving further away and had her back turned to us. The others stopped waving too.

Cindy said, "She's a great kid. Or, I should say, a great woman. She's not a kid anymore."

I thought, Don't I know it! Nicky had her back to us as she put her check-in bag through the X-ray machine, and I just so happened to have a great, unimpeded view of her bubble butt. God, look at that ass! Even those baggy pants can't completely hide how it perfectly juts out. She's DEFINITELY not a kid anymore! She's all woman, and I need to treat her as such. In a totally platonic, fatherly way, of course!

What I mean is, I need to get this idea that she's a "pure and innocent angel" out of my head. The brutal truth is she's probably going to have sex with one or more men in Hawaii. Ugh! Why does that burn me up so much? This is the point when, as a parent, I have to let her go. She said she wants to "live a little" now that she's done with Steve, and she should. Let her spread her wings and fly. That's a hell of a lot better than having her cling to her crush for me.

Before long, Nicky was through security and completely out of sight, so the rest of us turned around and headed back to our cars. I felt a great sadness seeing her go.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, markgr, and Ecchi Spud, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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