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Chapter 42

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Sue Ellen sidled up to me on our way out, and spoke to me quietly. "Master, we kind of overdid it last night by staying up way too late. Normally I'd be glad to go to church with y'all, but I think us girls really ought to go back home and sleep it off."

I nodded. That made sense. I also found it interesting that she was already thinking of the Cooper house as "home."

She grinned impishly, and lowered her voice a little more. "By the way, I just love calling you 'Master' in a public place like this, even if I almost have to whisper. Goose bumps!"

That made me smile. It was a nice little ego-boost.

She whispered shyly, "Can I say it again?"


She whispered even more quietly, yet with fervent passion, "Master!" Then, she was inspired to add, "Master, I'm your eternal sex slave. One of your slaves, that is. I love you and live to serve your mighty cock! I know it's stiff and I wish I could be taking care of it right now, because your pleasure is my pleasure!"

She looked around nervously, like she couldn't believe she'd just gotten away with saying that in a public place without getting arrested. Seeing that no one had heard her but me, she beamed with a "pinch me, I'm dreaming" face.

We'd just left the terminal building and were heading through a long passenger overpass over traffic to the parking lot. Knowing that Nicky was long gone and that we were surrounded by total strangers, on a whim, I boldly put my hand on Sue Ellen's nearest ass cheek and fully cupped it. I said, "By the way, I love calling you 'slave.'"

She squealed in lusty delight, and not at all quietly. "Oh, Gaawwwd! Mindy! Help me! Look what he's doing to me!"

Mindy, as well as all my other women, had already noticed. My wife plastered herself against the other side of Sue Ellen and said in a low, husky voice, "Help you? Ha! You're lucky I don't rip all your clothes off to help him fondle you better."

Sue Ellen's jaw dropped. She kept on walking with us, but it looked like she was suddenly on the verge of a big climax. Her face turned cherry red too.

I was having fun with the spontaneous situation, and I brazenly kneaded her ass cheek as best I could while walking down the busy overpass.

Mindy held Sue Ellen's arm as they walked beside me. She didn't bother to lower her voice as she said, "Now that Nicky's gone, we've got to do an even better job of serving our master's cock!" She hollered like an old timey gold prospector. "After all, there's cum in them thar balls!"

Sue Ellen's blush intensified and spread down to her chest. She looked around in great fear to see who may have overheard that.

But no stranger was listening, or even passing by that close. Everyone else was busy with their own worries and hurries, and we were walking as a close-knit group so people steered clear. At most, maybe a few people glanced with curiosity for an extra second or two at the blushing busty teenager in the middle of our unusually attractive group of women. If anyone saw the way I was cupping and kneading her ass cheek we couldn't really tell, because those people would be behind us by then.

Mindy suggested to Sue Ellen, "Do you want to rethink about going to church? If you ride in our car, I'll drive and you can sit in the back with Dan and blow him all the way there!"

Before Sue Ellen could answer that, I said, "Nope. Ain't going to happen. We're going to CHURCH. Remember?" I also finally took my hand off her firm ass. "Besides, doing that in the car is dangerous."

Mindy was bummed at that. She let go of Sue Ellen and grumbled to me, "Spoilsport." However, she knew my feelings about the sanctity of church, so she let it drop.

I feigned having a heart attack to emphasize my shock. As I staggered around theatrically while clutching my heart, I said, "Lord have mercy! This could be the big one! Min, there's at least one place where your fantasies have limits?! Dear Lord, I'm coming! I see a tunnel... and a bright light at the end of it!"

Mindy grumbled, "That's because I'm throwing you in front of a speeding subway train for your overacting crimes against humanity."

Sue Ellen, though, seemed to float on air instead of walk after that. She stared at me even MORE adoringly than ever before!

I found the situation highly erotic, even though my penis had slowly gone flaccid due to our mundane surroundings. We had come to the end of the overpass, and then we had to ride an escalator back down to ground level. I waited until we were off the escalator and starting to walk through the parking lot itself before I said matter-of-factly to Sue Ellen, "Oh, by the way, I believe you have something that belongs to me." I held a hand out expectantly.

Sue Ellen stopped walking and looked at me in confusion, forcing me to stop walking too.

I thought, Nicky's gone. Time to have a little fun! I said in a pretend bored voice, "I'm referring to your bra, of course."

I watched as Sue Ellen gasped and shivered all over. If she didn't have a physical orgasm right then and there, she certainly had a mental one. She had to close her eyes because she was so overcome. But she quickly recovered, reached into her top, and somehow magically pulled her bra out a few seconds later.

As she handed it to me, she said, "Master, I'm SO WET for you right now!" Her voice was soaked through with the promise of sex. She muttered in a nearly inaudible whisper, "God, I love you so much!"

The rest of our group had stopped to witness this little event. I heard Michelle mutter behind me, "That is so fucking HOT!"

Also from behind, Ruby asked me, "Do you want my bra too?!"

I ignored that question. I palmed Sue Ellen's bra and resumed briskly walking. I figured our group needed to keep moving or we'd probably end up having an orgy right there in the parking lot!

I thought, All my women seem to love this undies removal ritual I have going with Cupcake. I don't want the Hellions to get resentful, or Cindy for the matter. I should do something with them too. Something similar, but different. Hmmm...

After all that, we split back into two groups to drive off to our different destinations. I drove my car from the airport to church without incident. Cindy, Mindy, and I talked about some trivial matters.

Mindy couldn't stop smirking and smiling though, and I knew it was because she was inordinately pleased by our little interactions with Sue Ellen on the way back to the car.

I must admit I was pretty darn pleased too. A part of me realized I probably shouldn't have behaved like that in a public place, but it was so ridiculously easy to make Sue Ellen very happy and horny, so why not? Who did it harm? And it certainly helped to take the sadness of Nicky's departure off everyone's minds.

I went to church, and it was predictably uneventful. That was a nice relief for me. I was somewhat surprised that both Mindy and Cindy attended with me. Typically, Mindy only came with me from time to time as some sort of spousal obligation, and Cindy had never attended our church before.

That made me curious. On the car ride back home, I said to them as I drove, "I found it interesting that both of you came to church today. I doubt that's due to a sudden burst of religious interest. So what gives?"

Mindy said a bit smugly, "Sometimes, a wife simply wants to stand by her man." She spoke from the back seat since she'd sat in the front on the way to the airport.

Cindy said even more smugly, "And sometimes, a mistress slash cock slave simply wants to stand by her man."

Mindy added with glee, "And sometimes, it's hot when a wife and a mistress stand on either side of their man, their master!"

Cindy spoke with growing excitement, "Sometimes, it's super hot! Like today! My pussy got moist and throbby just from looking around and seeing all the curious faces glancing furtively at me, all the people wondering who I was and what my relationship with Dan was but not being able to find out."

Mindy bubbled with excitement. "I got wet too! It's like I could read their minds: 'Both those women are acting like they belong to the same man. That can't be, can it? And they're so beautiful and well endowed! I wonder what it would be like to see the three of them in bed together.'"

Cindy practically squealed, "But they'll never know! They're not part of the Cooper family harem. They'll never experience the joy of-"

I interrupted, "Okay, that's enough. I can guess what'll happen if I let you keep talking like that. Ladies, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but there is a time and a place for everything. This is not the place to get all horny, especially when I'm driving."

There was a child-like groan of disappointment from both women.

I said, "And there will be no more getting hot and horny in church again. Is that clear? If that's how it's going to be, then I'll go alone."

Mindy said, "We weren't really THAT horny. It was just the occasional idle thought crossing our minds. Right, Cin?"

"Right. Master, your harem is newly formed. We're still buzzing with excitement from being enslaved and forced to constantly bob and choke on your cock and so much more. You can't expect us to go into church and have all our harem-related thoughts flip off like a switch."

I responded, "Fair point. Although, for the record I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. We'll have to sort this out before we go to church again. Maybe a lot of the 'buzz' will have died down by then. Now, in a blatant attempt to redirect the conversation to something non-arousing, I'm embarrassed to ask my new mistress such a basic question, but Cindy, are you religious? I can't remember ever talking about that with you."

She replied, "No, not really. I was raised in a Christian household and the values stuck, but not the faith part. I found out from Sue Ellen that it's basically the same with her. So you're basically living in a den of heathens. However, I'll still go with you to church any time. I love being in public with my man!"

I frowned. "That raises a difficult issue. I know nobody spoke to you before or after church, and that's good, because what would we say to them? We're going to need some kind of cover story."

I was about to go into that issue in more detail, but I changed my mind. "I want you two to think about that, but let's not discuss it anymore until later. We've got a big family meeting coming up, and it's better that we all discuss it there."

We made it home without further incident, just making small talk the rest of the way.

The girls were all sleeping again when we got home, so I decided to let them keep resting. Mindy, Cindy, and I took care of some mundane tasks in the meanwhile.

It was noon by the time the family meeting began. We all gathered in the living room. I obligingly sat in the Dream Chair.

I had announced in advance that the meeting was to be entirely serious and without any hanky panky. That was met with the expected grumbling from everyone not named Dan, but they all agreed to try to behave. At my insistence, we "adults" (Mindy, Cindy, and I) still wore our formal church clothes while the girls wore the same "normal" clothes they'd had on at the airport. Sue Ellen presumably was still sans bra, but I figured that didn't matter much for the group.

The new furniture had been strategically placed so the others easily formed a semi-circle around the Dream Chair. I spoke while sitting, but with the chair tilted all the way up.

"Okay, ladies, this is our first formal harem meeting. I was calling it a family meeting earlier, but I realized it's really more appropriate to call it a harem meeting. In the past, when we Coopers had a family meeting, it was very much a round-table open discussion kind of thing. This will be different. I'm your master, and it's up to me to lead. I welcome your input, but I'm setting the agenda and I will be making the final decisions. Is that clear?"

The others nodded.

Michelle exclaimed, "Not only is it clear, but it's totally hot! Daddy's taking control!"

I pretended not to hear that, because I didn't want to get sidetracked. "Okay, we've got a lot to discuss, some good, some bad. The bad mostly has to do with the way that you're constantly undermining me. And when I say 'you,' I mean all of you with the possible exception of Sue Ellen."

All eyes turned towards Sue Ellen after I said that. She blushed and looked away demurely. But she couldn't entirely hide a touch of pride in being singled out as the most loyal slave.

I shifted slightly in the Dream Chair, making the leather creak. That drew the attention back to me, and I said as decisively as I could, "I am going to take firm action to bring this harem of mine under my ACTUAL control and not just theoretical or nominal control. You talk about wanting to be my slaves. Now we'll get to see if you're serious or if that's just hot air. I think you will be surprised by just what I'm willing to do to get my way." I stared sternly at them, one by one, letting my ultimatum hang in the air.

None of them could meet my eyes. They all looked sheepish and shamed.

I looked over to the Gruesome Twosome. "You two are especially going to be in for it. As if our sex boycott conflict isn't bad enough, I found out that you tricked me with your high-tech spying. There's going to be a price to pay for that."

They hung their heads shamefully.

I turned to Mindy. "And you're going to be in my doghouse too. Big time! You knew about their continued spying, but you made me think it ended when the peephole was covered up. That was a TERRIBLE thing for a spouse to do. Such betrayal! I feel like I can't trust you anymore."

Mindy also dropped her head in shame. "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have done that."

"No, you shouldn't have. I can't even begin to put into words how disappointed and upset the three of you in particular have made me. You repeatedly pushed Nicky and me into sexual situations, despite the fact that I repeatedly warned you not to! We're damn lucky her visit wasn't a total disaster. And I'll bet that even now you cling to some kind of crazy fantasy that I should have sex with her!"

Mindy mumbled, "I, uh... I'm trying to do better, but I, uh... I have to be honest. I do have conflicted feelings about that."

I groaned unhappily. "It figures! As if I didn't notice already!"

I sighed heavily. "I'm not going to get all worked up about it now, though. That's because I have also decided that my campaign to put down all this rebelliousness will start tomorrow, not today. There are several reasons for that. One is that Sunday is God's day of rest, and I think we could all use some rest after Nicky's very eventful visit. Plus, I'm not ready to wade into a big emotional drama only a couple of hours after she got on the plane."

When no one said anything in response, I continued, "A second reason is that I think it's high time that I face facts and admit that it's silly for me to expect the women in this harem to sleep in different houses. Ruby, it's pretty much already official that you're going to be living here on a permanent basis. I want to formally confirm that. And I also want to extend an invitation to Cindy and Sue Ellen to live here permanently too."

Cindy and Sue Ellen both stood up out of their seats in a flash. It looked like they both wanted to rush me, but then they somehow held themselves back. Cindy clutched her hands to her chest. "You're kidding!"

I smiled, happy to see them reacting so strongly. I'd recently confided to Cindy about my plan to have her sleep with Mindy and me from now on, so I was surprised she was acting as astonished and thrilled as Sue Ellen. But then again, saying it in front of everyone turned it from an idea that might happen soon to reality that was happening today.

I told Cindy, "No, I'm not. It's a done deal as far as I'm concerned. We should spend a part of the day helping you two move in. That is, if you accept the offer."

Suddenly, neither Cindy nor Sue Ellen could contain themselves anymore. They screamed, "Yes! Yes! Forever, yes!" and the like while running across the room to me with open arms.

It was somewhat awkward that they were standing and I was sitting in the Dream Chair. It was such a comfy chair that trying to rise out of it was as tough as getting out of a bean bag chair. I was about halfway up and out of it when the two of them basically tackled me right back into it.

The two of them didn't stop with profuse thanks and some hugs and kisses - it was like an instant, frantic orgy, right on top of me! Within seconds, they'd divested themselves of most of their clothes while smothering me in love and body parts at the same time.

I wasn't in the best of moods, but their loving and joyous reaction to my announcement was cheering me up. So I let them have at it for a while.

I thought, Nicky's gone, so why not live a little? Sure, I want the meeting to continue but I don't have to be anal about it. We can get back to business in a few minutes, no problem.

It was a lot of fun when Cindy and Sue Ellen seemingly tried to outdo each other with the passion of their kisses. Then the two of them actually shared a three-way kiss with me, which was certainly interesting and unusual. I felt two tongues in my mouth at the same time!

But, after two minutes at most, both of them somehow wound up kneeling between my legs, taking turns engulfing their way down my cock! I looked down my body and was surprised to see that not only had my fly been unzipped not long after their "attack" began, but my pants had been pulled down enough so that both of my balls were exposed as well. Or at least they would have been exposed if it weren't for the two hands holding and fondling them!

I looked to my left side and saw Mindy kneeling right next to my chair with the grandest smirky smile I think I'd ever seen on her. (Or maybe not - she was the smirk queen after all.) I realized she was there because she'd been adjusting a couple of levers on the chair. One tilted the back of the chair way back. Another effectively split the lower part of the chair in two, creating a large gap between my legs so that two women could kneel side by side with ease. Mindy was busy adjusting another lever that tilted the entire chair even further back, so I was practically facing the ceiling.

I turned my head to Ruby, because she began talking to Mindy. As she fondled her big globes through her clothes, she said, "Now, this is more my kind of harem meeting!"

Min chuckled. "Indeed. It is inspiring, isn't it?"

"Are you kidding me?! Look at Cindy bobbing deeper and deeper, with her cheeks caved in like that! And look at how Sue Ellen is playing with Cindy's nipples while she waits for her turn, helping the heighten the experience. That right there is the beauty of the harem in a nutshell. All of us, enslaved together, working as one to serve our master. And in so doing, the pleasures, the rewards, are far greater than any 'normal' person in a 'normal' relationship will ever know!"

Mindy was about to speak, no doubt to agree, but she didn't get a chance, because Ruby then exclaimed, "OH MY GOD! Check it out! Cindy pulled off but then, like one second later, Sue Ellen was diving and bobbing down just as deep! Look at her go! She's crying tears of struggle already, and Cindy is too! Neither of them have become accustomed to his size yet. They have to be in pain stretching their lips around his jaw-breaker. But do they care? NO! All that matters is serving the King! Making Daddy moan and groan in delight!"

Mindy still didn't speak, but then again she didn't need to. She was transported to some cucquean nirvana as she finally started fondling herself too, after taking some of her clothes off.

I realized I needed to take firm control of this situation or my harem meeting would fall apart only a couple of minutes after it began. Things were getting far too arousing. I clapped my hands together loudly to get everyone's attention. "Okay! That's enough! Slaves, back to your seats! All of you! Even you, Cindy. Even you, Sue Ellen. NOW!"

Sue Ellen happened to be the one bobbing down my cockhead while Cindy was licking along the side down to the base in a corkscrew pattern. They both froze and stared up at me.

Making eye contact with them, I said, "That's right. All the way off and back in your seats. Now! That's an order from your master!"

To my pleasant surprise, they actually disengaged from me and moved quickly back to where they'd been sitting before, and without complaint. However, they were buck naked and they'd left all their clothes scattered on the floor near me.

I looked around and saw that the other women had taken most, if not all, of their clothes off too. They'd been standing near my Dream Chair, apparently waiting for a chance to get in on the action.

I stared them down, one by one, until they all returned to their seats too.

Cindy and Sue Ellen were a curious mix of hurt and excited. They were hurt that I'd dismissed them, but at the same time they would remember that I'd just told them they could move into the Cooper house. So that got them excited until they would remember how I'd just dismissed them. And so it went back and forth.

I spoke up to stop that dissonance. "Cin, Cupcake, relax! I'm not upset at you. I understand your enthusiasm, and I love you for it. But remember that I said at the start this has to be a non-sexual meeting. Otherwise, we'll never get anything done. There will be time for fun and celebration after. Okay?"

I saw their expressions improve, and they nodded.

Then Sue Ellen said lustily, "Master, that's all well and good. But we've seen you hold an intelligent conversation plenty of times lately while getting your cock sucked. So why not now?" I noticed she was clutching at her breasts with both hands and squeezing them tight, like she was worried they were going to fly away.

Cindy added, "And we're just so excited! This is how we express ourselves, by having fun with your cock! We're COCK slaves, after all. When you make us feel good, we want to make you feel good." She pointed to my crotch. "You can't just sit there with your big, thick cock fully engorged and exposed and expect us to take it. That's pure torture!"

Sue Ellen added, "And it's how we express our love for you. And our thanks and appreciation. And we have so much love to share!"

"Good point," I said. I tilted my chair part of the way back up so I could better make eye contact with everyone. Then I pulled my pants up and zipped up my fly. My legs were still spread apart but that wasn't uncomfortable (and I didn't know how to operate most of the chair's levers!) so I left them like that.

That brought a collective sigh of frustration from all the women.

A topless Michelle stood up, looking indignant. "Daddy, you can't do that! That's the ultimate cock block. That's just MEAN! You're totally spoiling the magic of the moment. Why not carry on with the meeting while both of them take turns blowing you? You know you can do it just fine! This is their special moment!"

As she spoke she blatantly fondled her jutting torpedoes with both hands and shot me a smoldering look, probably in an effort to weaken my resolve.

She added, "The King can handle anything. I could do this to you for hours!" Seeing that I was staring at her rack, she pushed her tits together, creating a long line of cleavage, and then she craned her head down and stuck her tongue out like she was trying to lick a dick poking through it.

I wasn't going to let them get to me that easily. "I know you can, Shelle, but I'M the master here, and this is how I'm going to do it. Some more unpleasant things may come up in this meeting, and how can I talk about something upsetting while getting my cock sucked by one mouth, much less two? As I said, there will be PLENTY of time for fun afterwards, so have patience! Cin, Cupcake, you two are cordially invited to play with my cock for as long as you want once the meeting is over, okay?"

That put smiles back on their faces. They happened to be sitting side by side on the same sofa, and they high-fived each other.

Not for the first time, I wondered and marveled at their enthusiasm. What about all the other men in the world? Why me? Girls, why not find some great lover and marry him so you don't have to share? Although, I suppose that sharing is actually part of the appeal. They seem to love all aspects of the harem life.

I halted my idle musings and resumed the meeting, "Okay. Now, ladies, please put your clothes on as I continue. Please remember how I specified full clothing for this meeting too."

Ruby raised her hand, so I called on her. "Yes, Ruby?"

She was topless, like the others, and she didn't seem to be in any hurry to do anything about it. In fact, perhaps inspired by Michelle, she was caressing her big tits with great interest, like she'd just discovered she had them. "Master, I have a request. It's nice and polite when you call us 'ladies,' but we don't really want nice and polite. You should call us 'slaves.' A lot!"

I looked around the room. The others all nodded except for Mindy, but she smiled mirthfully and approvingly at the others. She said, "Hon, I know that technically I'm not one of your slaves, but I'm a slave-wife and that's pretty close. So don't feel like you can't say 'slaves' if I'm part of the group you're talking to. You can and should."

I was well aware that I had a boner threatening to rip through my pants. But I spoke calmly, "Okay, request noted. No promises though. Old habits are hard to break. Now, as you continue to put on your clothes..."

I paused and waited until some of them actually started to pick up some of their tossed-aside articles of clothing. The Hellions finally stopped erotically fondling their huge racks too, although they didn't make any attempt to cover them up.

I nodded. "That's better, slightly, but I guess it'll do. Now, as I was saying, we have to figure out the logistics of Sue Ellen and Cindy moving here. Cindy, as my official mistress and the closest thing to my second wife, it goes without saying that I want you in my bed every night from now on. Mindy on one side of me, and you on the other - I could die happy just like that!"

Cindy bit her lip and looked frustrated.

I asked her, "What?"

"Pleeeaase can I suck your cock for a little while? I know what you just said about that, but... That's literally some of the best news I've ever heard! It's almost cruel for you to say stuff about sharing one bed like that, make my heart soar and then not let me bob on you some!"

Such comments weren't exactly helping my outrageous bulge in my pants go down. But I replied, "Hang in there, my love. Of course I'm feeling horny and I want that too, but we have to draw lines or we'll never get anything done and the harem will fall apart."

Mindy interrupted me. "Honey, please! I understand you wanting to maintain order in this meeting and all, but have a heart. You just told her she's going to be sharing a bed with your for years to come! That's practically as big as a marriage proposal for most people. Please, let her at least lick you for a while."

I replied, "I'm very, very tempted. But please, Cin, just hold that feeling in and then let it out once we get past the more difficult topics, okay?"

Cindy was chomping at the bit, but she managed a nod.

I went on, "There's a reason harems have masters, just like armies or countries have leaders. It would be total chaos otherwise, with everyone trying to push their own agendas. Think of all the in-fighting and bitterness that would result. We're in danger of ruining everything!"

The dead silence was telling. Clearly, they knew I had a point.

I said, "So, Cin, you'll be in my bedroom, and Sue Ellen, I think the logical thing is that you should take the upstairs guest room. That'll officially be your room from now on. Sound good?"

Sue Ellen nodded. She bit her lip and it looked like she was afraid to speak. Probably she was struggling to keep her ecstatic emotions in check, since I'd made clear I was determined to stick to the meeting's agenda.

I pointed out, "That'll put you between Nicky's old room and Michelle's room. And we actually should call that room Michelle's and Ruby's room now. Don't you agree, Ruby? Or would you prefer to sleep somewhere else?"

When I looked to Ruby, I noticed she was starting to take her panties off, and that was all she still had on! I gave her a disappointed glare.

Ruby sheepishly let go of her panties, and replied, "Of course I want to sleep with you, Master! But, failing that, sleeping with Michelle is pretty great. But are these sleeping arrangements going to be permanently fixed?"

"Good question. Definitely not. This is more the default setting. Think of your rooms as your place to have some privacy and keep your stuff. But it's not necessarily where you're going to sleep every single night. I'm the master of this amazing harem, and I plan on taking full advantage of that fact. I'll be fucking all of you, endlessly, in every possible combination! Some nights - many nights, actually - I'm sure we'll have a big orgy with all of us sleeping on the big bed in the master bedroom."

Ruby exclaimed excitedly, "Awesome! And isn't it so great that it's called the 'master bedroom' already? But Daddy, you need to say that with a capital 'M': the Master bedroom!"

I chuckled, as if it mattered how I spelled the words in my mind. "Fine, whatever. Anyway, variety is the spice of life, and like I said, I'm planning on taking full advantage of my harem. Mindy and Cindy, most nights I imagine I'll sleep with one or both of you. Usually both, I should hope. But not every night. For instance, I might get a hankering to wander down the hallway and fuck the shit out of Michelle and Ruby all night long."

There was such a great gasping in of air in response to that that I was almost blown out of my Dream Chair!

But before the hysterics could get started again I firmly put my rebellious daughters in their place by loudly adding, "AFTER the sex boycott and related obedience issues are resolved, of course."

Michelle somehow had stripped down to just her panties when I wasn't looking. One of her hands flew to her pussy and she started rubbing herself through that tiny piece of fabric.

Shoot! I should probably put a stop to that kind of thing and make them all put ALL of their clothes back on, but I'm having a lot of fun riding an erotic buzz. Besides, with Nicky safely on her airplane to Hawaii, what does it matter if we let our hair down some?

In fact, I decided to up the ante with my provocative comments, just to get more of a reaction. I looked to Mindy. "Or, Sweetheart, I might invite Cupcake to my bed and fuck her and Cindy all night while keeping you handcuffed at the foot of the bed."

Mindy stood up and leaned forward aggressively, like she was ready to rush at me and strike. "You'd do that?!"

I was suddenly nervous. I was guessing that as part of her cucquean fetish she sometimes got off on being denied sex, but maybe I was wrong about that. I hedged, "Maybe. It's possible. If it's something that you'd enjoy, that is."

Mindy stared at me wild-eyed, suddenly panting hard. I still didn't know if she was going to try to hit me or what. Finally, she said, "I wouldn't say 'enjoy.' But want? Yes! Definitely! Oh, yes! Especially if you do that until I get super horny, and THEN you fuck the hell out of me!"

I smiled widely with relief. I hadn't been mistaken after all. She remained standing, and a hand had migrated to her panties too. At least she was still wearing her bra.

I nodded for her to sit back down, and she did (while keeping her hand on her pussy). I said, "That can most definitely be arranged. Anyway, consider the sleeping arrangements fluid."

Ruby breathlessly murmured, "Yeah, wet pussy fluid!"

Mindy quipped, "I think we need to install some emergency life boats here and there around the house, so nobody accidentally drowns from all the pussy gushing."

I grinned a little at that, but I tried to suppress my mirth so I could stay on track. I declared, "I'm the master here, and I have the right to fuck any of you and otherwise use your bodies for my pleasure at any time, in any room, in front of anyone, for any reason, or no reason at all! You'll never be safe. There's no safe room, or safe word, or safe day. You are all my cock slaves, period! Most of the rules even hold for Mindy, including the big five."

My slaves all clutched at their heaving chests. Clearly, they were going to remember that, probably word for word!

Michelle stood up and started to proudly recite the rules, just like she was a die-hard patriot reciting the pledge of allegiance. "'Pleasure his cock,' 'no jealousy,' 'share his cock,' 'Master's needs come first,' and 'wives get first dibs.'" But instead of saluting a flag, she clutched at her bare tits and panty-clad pussy.

After just a few words in, the others all stood up and joined in, saying all the words together in perfect time.

When they finished, they all remained standing. Each one was staring at me with a strange intensity. There was no doubt in my mind that they had taken those rules to heart.

I was starting to get concerned. I wanted to up the general arousal level some, but saying that pledge together seemed to double their arousal in mere seconds! I realized I was in danger of letting the meeting slip out of hand. I said, "Why all the standing? Sit back down, please!"

Michelle said pleadingly, "How can I sit? I need to jump and run around the room! I'm too excited! This is like... the Plan realized! All our dreams have come true!"

Since Ruby was standing next to her, the two of them held hands. It looked like Michelle was rubbing her pussy with her free hand.

Ruby corrected her, "Almost all. We're getting closer. But Daddy still hasn't fucked us yet. That's the biggest thing of all!"

Michelle spoke confidently. "No, but HE WILL! And boy, will he! I can feel the throbbing in my cunt right now! Ruby, he's gonna fuck us so much that our blood will run pearly white from all the sperm flooding into all our orifices at all times! We're his helpless sex pets! His personal cum dumps! His hot cunts! His busty fuck toys! There's nowhere to run and hide from the power of his unstoppable COCK! It's all coming TRUE! Every last dream and fantasy is coming true! We are so eternally ENSLAVED! So deliciously FUCKED!"

She was most definitely fingering herself now. She'd even pushed her panties to the side. And the steady rubbing motion was making her huge torpedoes wobble.

Ruby nodded eagerly, which also set her nearly-as-massive bare tits rocking. "You're right! It's BETTER than our dreams! Way better!"

I was going to stand up, but getting out of the Dream Chair was like trying to rise from a giant marshmallow. So instead I waved my hands in a downward motion. "Calm down! Everybody just sit down and calm down. This is not how I thought the meeting would go."

Michelle waved her hands in the air as she sort of writhed anxiously in place. At least that stopped her pussy fingering, although her big bare tits kept on swaying in constant motion. "Then what the hell were you thinking?! How can you talk like that and not expect us to get all hopelessly horny?! I don't think my cunt is EVER going to be dry again! EVER! All I'll have to do is think about you coming into my room in the middle of the night and fucking Ruby and I over and over until we DIE!"

Ruby helpfully explained, "Daddy, not actual 'die,' more like 'seems like we're on the verge of death with powerful orgasms, it's so god-damn fantastic!'"

I chuckled. "Yeah, I figured." I waved my hands in a downward motion some more, hoping that would calm them, but it wasn't having any effect I could see.

Frankly, I was getting far too aroused myself! I complained a lot about my slaves being willful, the Gruesome Twosome in particular, but I was also to blame at times for thinking with my penis too much. That was a problem I needed to control as well.

I decided on sterner measures to get the meeting back on track. "Anyway, things are getting a little too intense here. I'm going to go to the kitchen and get myself a Coke. I'll probably stay in there a few minutes just to make sure everything cools down here."

There was a collective "Awwww!" of disappointment from all of them.

"If I come back in here and find any of you masturbating or kissing each other or the like, then I'm going to call off the rest of the meeting and you won't get to find out about my other good news announcements. And by the way, I haven't seen anyone actually put any clothes back on and a lot of clothes coming off, so I expect some progress there too."

Sue Ellen bit her lip. "My heavenly days! He's taking total control of all of us just by leaving the room!"

Michelle nodded. "It's way hot! I think I'm gonna scream or cry! Or both!"

Ruby exclaimed, "I think I'm gonna CREAM and cry!"

So I went to the kitchen and sipped on a bottle of Coke.

Phew! It wasn't easy to leave the room and not just fuck at least one of them right there and then. But I'm determined to take actual control of the harem and not merely theoretical control, just like I'd told them. And I figured part of "taking total control of all" of them IS having the ability to "just leave the room." If everything I try to do is overwhelmed by sheer lust and enthusiasm, I won't have any actual control. No one will. It'll be chaos. True, it would be a very orgasmic and orgiastic chaos, but it would be chaos just the same.

After I finished my Coke, I thought, Aaaah. That did wonders to help calm and cool me, although I must admit I didn't cool down enough for my dick to go flaccid. How can that happen when I can't entirely forget who is in the other room and how beautiful and horny they all are? And now I've gotta go back in there and try to get through the rest of the meeting without an orgy breaking out. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, SeaDawg77, Concerned, Johnny Galt, markgr, and Ecchi Spud, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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